Portrait and Biographical Album of St Joseph Co, Michigan: 1885

A very special "Thank You" goes to Josie Garzelloni and Carole L. (Maudie) Carr
for their contribution of St Joseph Co, MI information and transcription efforts for
this huge body of work.

Bryarly, Harold Dale, Jr. - submitted by Paula Wilson-Case.

Buck, George - Submitted by Roger V. Buck

Hale, David Stephen - Submitted by William D. Walters, Jr.

Hale, Mary Freelove - Submitted by William D. Walters, Jr.

Howe, Amos - Special thanks to Vern Howe for transcribing the original article published by the Orange County California Genealogical Society.

McGaffey, Otis Sr. - Autobiography written in 1905

McMurtrie, John - submitted by William D. Walters, Jr.

McMurtrie, Mary Ann - submitted by William D. Walters, Jr.

Schellhous, Lorancie - written by himself in March 1873

Ward, Artemus - submitted by Marj Rohrsen

Wheeler, William - submitted by Jeni Huffstedtler



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