1858 St Joseph County Atlas


This index is an alphabetical listing of all property owners, businesses, villages, churches, cemeteries, etc., which appeared on the original 1858 wall map for St. Joseph County, Michigan, published by Geil, Harley & Siverd.

Most listings are followed by a code which stands for the township and section number in which it appears on the map; village codes do not include section numbers. A section number followed by a W (West) indicates that there is more than one of the same section numbers within that section.

Bordering the original wall map are photographs of residences and businesses of the time and a business directory. These have been included in the index, beginning on page 52.

BUR= Burr Oak
CEN = Centreville
COL = Colon
CON = Constantine
FAB = Fabius
FAW = Fawn River
FLF = Flowerfield
FLO = Florence
LEO = Leonidas
LOC = Lockport
MEN = Mendon
MOO = Moorpark
MOT = Mottville
NOT = Nottawa
PAR = Park
PKV = Parkville
SHE = Sherman
STU = Sturgis
THR = Three Rivers
WHI = White Pigeon

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1858 Misc Info

The Three Rivers Genealogical Society would like to sincerely thank Donald Stuck and Patricia Rice for allowing the Society the use of their copies of the wall map in preparing this index.

Transcribed by
Carole Lynn Mohney Carr
Proofed and Edited by
Josephine Reed Foster Garzelloni
USGenWeb Project
St. Joseph County, Michigan
April, 1999


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