The first papers to be printed in St. Joseph County started in the late 1830's. Below is a list of papers and where they were printed. If you have any knowledge of other papers from St. Joe County, please email me and let me know. As I learn more about the various papers in the county I will be adding publication dates and location of papers for research.

Burr Oak
Burr Oak Acorn (Burr Oak, Mich.)

Centreville Democrat (Centreville, Mich.)
The Centreville Observer (October 11, 1890)
St. Joseph County Republican (Centreville, Mich.)
St. Joseph County Observer (Centreville, Mich.)
Western Chronicle (Centreville, Mich.)

Weekly Mercury and St. Joseph County Advertiser (Constantine, Mich.)
St. Joseph County Advertiser and Constantine Weekly Mercury (Constantine, Mich.)
Constantine Advertiser Record (Constantine, Mich.)
Livingston County Press (Howell, Mich.)

Sturgis Journal (Sturgis, Mich.)
Sturgis Journal Times (Sturgis, Mich.)
Sturgis Times (Sturgis, Mich.)
Michigan Democrat (Sturgis, Mich.)

Three Rivers
Three Rivers Reporter (Est. 1861)
Western Chronicle (Centreville, Mich.)
Western Chronicle and St. Joseph County General Advertiser (Three Rivers, Mich.)
Three Rivers Daily Hustler (Est. 1895)
Three Rivers Daily Commercial (1914 - Dec. 2, 1984)
Three Rivers Commercial-News (Dec. 3, 1984 - present)

White Pigeon
Michigan Statesman and St. Joseph Chronicle (White Pigeon, M. T.)
White Pigeon Republican and St. Joseph County Advertiser (White Pigeon, Mich.)
Weekly Journal (White Pigeon, Mich.)
White Pigeon Journal (White Pigeon, Mich.)
White Pigeon News (White Pigeon, Mich.)


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