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Let us write the stories of our ancestors

Have you never found an obituary for your ancestor? Well, don't despair, write one yourself! Prepare it just as you would for a newspaper submission, including as much information about the person as you like. After all, someone wrote each and every obituary published and you don't have to worry about being charged by the word. There is no charge for submitting posts to this web site, simply email it to the county coordinator. Sometimes what we write about our ancestors is the only historical record about them to be found.

I encourage you to be as factual as possible, noting in your "obituary" those facts that are undocumented. We all know that the tiniest scraps of information we have on our genealogy has at least some basis in fact, and we or others can build from those scraps. An example of an unpublished obituary is the one for Kirk Leonard at this page.

I also encourage everyone to submit additional information about individuals for whom these obituaries are written. I can add the additional information, with credits, to any of them, and the additional information may be a great boon to other researchers.

Alder, Eliza  |  Alder, William

Bauer, John Barber, Rhoda  |  Beach, H. A.  |  Beale, William Sr.  |  Bowie, Erva  |  Brown, Edward L.  |  Brownlee, Captain William  |  Burns, Frances  |  Benline, Pauline Krause

Christy, Kernol & Leslie  |  Clark, Amasa  |  Cole, Emma  |  Conkey, Wilhelmina Krause  |  Conklin, Jack  |  Conklin, Laura E.  |  Conklin, Melvin G.
Conklin, Melvin Granger  |  Cubitt, Cordelia (Lossing)  |  Cubitt, Emma  |  Currie, John  |  Currie, Justice  |  Currie, Marie

Dunford, Fred  |  Dunford, Sarah  |  Dunford, Thomas

Egan, Joseph

French, Senator Robert E.

Furtah, Alvina (Labadie)  |  Furtah, Dorothy Mae  |  Furtah, Frances  |  Furtah, Frederick F.  |  Furtah, Frederick J.  |  Furtah, Phillip C.
Furtaw, Anna  |  Furtaw, Christine  |  Furtaw, Donna Mae  |  Furtaw, Ida Mae  |  Furtaw, Joseph  |  Furtaw, Lawrence  |  Furtaw, Michael
Furtaw, Randy  |  Furtaw, Sophia  |  Fusee, Charles

Hamilton, Clara (Alder)  |  Hoskins, Rev. Asa  |  Hubbell, George

Joyce, J. Robert  |  Joyce, Mrs. Jesse Gilbert

Kelly, Margaret (Currie)  |  Kilroy, Lawrence  |  Kilroy, Reverend Lawrence  |  Krause, Anna  |  Krause, Lewis  |  Krause, Wilhelmina  |  Krause, William
Kronner, Michael

Langolf, Francis  |  Lashbrook, Bessie  |  Lashbrook, Mrs. Joseph  |  Lashbrook, Ruth (Rhoda)  |  Lashbrook, Walter  |  Lasher, Jerry
Leonard, Alton  |  Leonard, Glenford Sr.  |  Leonard, Kirk  |  Leonard, Matthew  |  Lindsay, Carolyn S.  |  Lindsay, James  |  Little, Ernest  |  Locke, Joseph  |  Lossing, Fred
Lossing, Fred C.  |  Lossing, Gordon  |  Lossing, Guy H.  |  Lossing, Howard  |  Lossing, Debbie Wire (Mrs. Gilbert)  |  Lossing, Mary (McAuley)
Lossing, Sylvia G.

May, Emma Krause  |  McCartney, Currie  |  Merchant, Martha (Peckham)  |  Moak, Nicholas I.  |  Munro, A.B.  |  Munro, Mrs. A.B. (Emily Hubble)

Nelson, William A.  |  Nestell, George  |  Nestell, Samuel  |  Nestell, Sarah  |  Nestle, Etta  |  Nestle Harvey  |  Nestle, Vera

Osborn, Olive D.

Pace, Mr. Frederick E.  |  Pemberton, Blanche

Rivard, Amelia (Furtah)

Saunders, John  |  Schnoor, Barney  |  Schnoor, Charity  |  Schnoor, Henry C.  |  Schnoor, Karl  |  Schnoor, Lucile and Dorothy  |  Simpson, James
Smith, Glenn H.  |  Smith, Muriel Etron Ruth (O'Dell) Smith, John P.  |  Smith, Myrtle L. (Thomas)  |  Smith, Stanley G.  |  Speaker, Armilda
Spears, Nancy  |  Springer, Hermann  |  Springer, Katherine  |  Stockwell, John  |  Stockwell, Rose (Schabel)

Warner, Stephen A.  |  Watson, Jennie May Hill  |  Wedow, J.F.  |  Widder, Celesta  |  Wiegand, Earl O.  |  Wiegand, Mildred E.  |  Wiegand, Tillie  |  Wittliff, Catherine  |  Wittliff, John  |  Wittliff, Theresa

Young, Rhea M. (Watson)

Necrologist's Report 1893 & 1894

Email the county coordinator any obituaries, photographs or other materials you wish to have posted at this site.

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