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This page contains a list of folks who are willing to help you with your research. Some have materials on hand while others are willing to visit local research facilities such as the County Clerk or libraries on your behalf. Please be sure to thank them for their assistance.

Please be considerate when sending your lookup request: no more than one or two names; provide enough information for a positive identification; and allow plenty of time for a response. Put the name of the book or other identifying information in the subject line to help prioritize messages. NOTE: Library lookups are generally only offered to persons outside of the St. Clair County area, who cannot travel to do the research themselves. Please do not request a library lookup if you live in the area and are capable of visiting a library yourself; our volunteers' time is every bit as valuable as your own. Visit your libraries, you'll be surprised what you find there.

If you have books, CD-ROMs or other resources, or live in St. Clair County and are willing to do simple lookups at local libraries to assist other researchers, please contact the county coordinator to volunteer your services. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!

It may be the case that some of these email addresses no longer exist. Unfortunately, in such instances, I have no better information so please don't email me with a request for an update or corrected email address as you will only get a quick note of regret in return. I only know if an email address changes if volunteers inform me of a change and I then promptly update this page.

Genealogy Look Up Forum is a website of volunteers who will do various types of genealogical look ups for those researching their family history. Please check our website out and bookmark it for future references. We also get new volunteers added weekly, so please keep checking back for new volunteers. The site even has a genealogy chat room with look up volunteers and very helpful chat members.


Family Tree Maker "World Family Tree" CDs: Family Tree Maker's "World Family Tree" CD collection, disks 1 through 22. These CDs contain family genealogies sent to Broderbund Software for inclusion in the series. Debbie is willing to look up surnames on them. Please keep your requests to one or two surnames each time, and allow her time to get to your request and respond.

Diana Hebner ~

  • City Directories for Marysville: Many (but not all) years are available, 1922-present. Specify a two or three year time span along with the name.

  • City Directories for Port Huron: Many (but not all) years are available, 1871, 1873, and 1922-present. Specify a two or three year time span along with the name.

  • The Heritage of Ira: A Sesquicentennial History, Algonac, Michigan ~ 334 pages with illustrations and bibliography; Reference Publications Inc., 1990 Includes a history of Ira Township, with some family genealogies.

Don ~

  • Old Church Registries that have great history in them.

Nancy ~

  • 1910 St. Clair County census Include in your request what city or township the ancestors were in, along with surname and first names of everyone you think may be there.  If the look-up is for Port Huron City, include the ward number (1, 2, 3, etc.).  The CD is indexed only by city or township and not by surname.  It is actual copies of the original census so there is the possibility of missing some due to poor writing.  

  • Plot book to Rosehill Cemetery in East China Twp. I would be very glad to help or to look up information in this book.

Suzanne Frantz ~

  • 1909 Port Huron City Directory: Include "1909 City Directory lookup request" in your subject line.

  • 1947 River District Directory and will offer to do look-ups.  This directory only contains: Algonac, Marine City, St. Clair and the townships of Casco, Clay, China, Columbus, Cottrellville, East China, Ira and St. Clair.

  • East China Township History: Agnes Griffor. General history of the township, with some notable names.

  • Michigan Place Names, Walter Romig, Detroit:  Wayne State University Press, 1986. 673 pp., includes an index of personal names.  Contains the origin of thousands of Michigan place names, including cities, townships, counties and post offices.

Suzette ~

1894 Census - Port Huron Twp ~ The index is now posted for Port Huron Township. If you would like someone looked up, just email me with the names and page numbers. Be extra careful to check for spelling variations in the census index. This enumerator was very creative with his spellings, ie. Allas (Alice) and Mary Allen (Mary Ellen), etc. 

Tom Kephart ~

  • That Noble Country, The Romance of the St. Clair River Region. This book contains 302 pages and includes a bibliography. Dorothy Marie Mitts, Philadelphia: Dorrance & Company, 1968. Miss Mitts wrote a weekly historical column for the Port Huron Times Herald for many years. This book is a collection of those essays.  The time frame is from prehistoric times to the early part of the 20th century.  It may be valuable if your St. Clair County ancestry includes some of the founders and notable persons who helped develop the area.

  • Remembrance of Things Past: A Fond Look Back at the Yesteryears on Russell Island in the St. Clair River ~ Harry W. & Katharine D. Theisen (Michael Padgett, illustrator), St. Clair, Michigan: Independent Printing Company, 1985; 89 pages, illustrated, includes a list of island residents as of the publication date.

Pat Love ~

  • Obituary lookups at the St. Clair County Library. Include as much information as possible, including death date. Pat is also willing to go to the courthouse and look up the death record.

Email the county coordinator any obituaries, photographs or other materials you wish to have posted at this site.

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