JUSTIN, Captain William H.

City of
St. Clair
Wednesday, Jan 11, 1865



Captain Justin of the 8th Michigan Light Artillery, having served out his term of enlistment, honorably and been promoted to the rank of Captain, returned to his home in this county a few days ago. A copy of remarks made by Captain Justin to his company on taking his leave has been furnished to us by a member of the Battery .

Camp Barry , Nashville , Tenn.
Jan 1st, 1865

Mr. Editor,

            The following remarks of Captain Justin on bidding farewell to his comrades in this Battery , may have to you and many of his readers a particular interest.

“Fellow Soldiers, most if not all of you are aware of the fact that my connection with this Company is at an end. It seems proper at such a time that I should address to you a few parting words. There are many things of which I should like to speak, but as I know it is not pleasant standing in the cold of a January evening, I will be brief.

Over three years have now passed since I joined this Company as a private soldier. During those three years we have seen much hard service and I may be permitted to add, our share of fighting. During these three years ties of friendship have been formed between myself and various members of this Battery, lasting and indestructible; friendship that has been tired as by fire where the battle raged the hottest-where the shot and shell fell like hail stones in our mist; Friendship to be broken never this side, of the grave.

            During these three years, I have always, whether as private, corporal, sergeant, Lieutenant or Captain tried honestly and faithfully to perform my duty to the best of my knowledge; how well I have succeeded, it is better you to speak.

            In view of these circumstances you will believe me when I say that to me the men of this Battery seem more as brothers than otherwise. I shall ever look back upon the years spent with you as nothing but the pleasantest of my life. I should like to remain an linger with you, but my affairs at home now await me after three years of service under our Grand Old Flag.

            In conclusion I would say be good soldiers, be men in every sense of the word, and your record will be such as you and your children will be justly proud to look back upon. I believe that the war will soon be over and I anticipate with sincere pleasure the time when as formerly, I shall again meet you at your own homes in Michigan .”

The above remarks were received with much feeling by the company and at there close, three hearty cheers were given for captain Justin.

Michigan Battery