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Personal Page - S


Personal Pages - S

Last Name, First/Middle/(Maiden) Names

Saph - Arnold

Schneider - Elsie, Lyell & Irma

Schott - Tommy

Schram - Kenneth

Schrepferman - John

Schultz - John

Schulze - w/o Agustus

Schwabm - Gus

Scupholm - Jennie A.

Seiter - Marion

Sharrard - Mr. & Mrs. Lafayette, Tamara A.

Sheldon - Jane (Huertes)

Sherwood - James

Sicher - Catherine, Elizabeth, George, Mary M.

Simmons - Alfred W.

Smith - Calvin H., S. S., Wesley

Snowden - Larry

Solis - George H.

Spar - Minnie

Spence - Marshall

Sprankle - Jacob

Squires - Reba H., William

Stacker - James W.

Star - Roy S.

Stein - Frederick

Steiner - Herman

Stevens - John & Lydia Heath, Thomas W.

Stonehouse - John, Sophia (Puterbaugh)

Sturdevan - Lisa

Stype - Olive

Sutherland - Ethel

Sweet - Mrs. N.

Swick - Orville


Arnold Saph
"Losing His Memory - Arnold Saph was superintendent of the poor in this city for 29 years. Two years ago he retired and was succeeded by Nelson Roberts. Since that time Mr. Saph has been gradually losing his memory. He is unable to call by name or even recognize the men with whom he was associated for so many years. He has even forgot that he was once poor master and one day recently while standing in front of the court house he stopped a citizen and said: 'Can you tell me what building that is.' When told he expressed surprise and said that it must have been built recently. He cannot recall the fact that he occupied an office in the building for a dozen years or more. The old gentleman can be seen on the street ever day apparently in good health. His age is 88 years."
Source: P.H.
Weekly Times, Thursday, 21-JAN-1892

Lyell & Irma Schneider
"Port Huron - Lyell and Irma Schneider were honored at a luncheon at Black River Country Club. The occasion was the couple's 50th wedding anniversary. The couple is planning a cruise this winter. The couple was married July 23, 1949, in St. Martin's Lutheran Church, Marine City, by the Rev. Edmund Schleicher. Their children and spouses are David and Kim Schneider of St. Clair, Robert and Muriel Schneider of Grosse Pointe Woods and John and Sandra Schneider and Thomas Schneider, all of Port Huron. They have eight grandchildren. Mr. Schneider is employed at Allstate Insurance Co."
Source: Times Herald, Sunday, 26-SEP-1999
Submitted by Rebecca Gregg

Tommy Schott & Chris McKenzie
"Port Huron - Tommy
and Chris Schott were honored at a picnic at the couple's home. The occasion was the couple's 25th wedding anniversary. Tommy Schott and Chris McKenzie were married Aug. 31, 1974, in Sturges Memorial Congregational Church, Port Huron, by the Rev. Benjamin Kim. Their children are Rhonda and Candi, both of Port Huron. Mr. Schott works at Eugene Welding. Mrs. Schott is a beautician and owner of Chris' House of Style."
Times Herald, Sunday, 10-OCT-1999
Submitted by Rebecca Gregg

Kenneth Schram & Lisa Sturdevan
"Port Huron - James and Linda Sturdevan announce the engagement of their daughter, Lisa, to Kenneth Schram, son of Marilou Schram of Bay City and the late James Schram Sr. The bride-to-be is employed at PM One, Ltd., as a site manager. Her fiance is employed at PWLC as a teen counselor. The couple will be married in October at Walt Disney World in Florida."
Times Herald, Sunday, 26-SEP-1999
Submitted by Rebecca Gregg

John Schrepferman & Catharine Fritz
Married: 04-AUG-1856, City of St. Clair
John Schrepferman, 28, residence: St. Clair
Miss Catharine Fritz, 23, residence: St. Clair
Witnesses: Andrew Schrepferman & Marcus Schornstine, both of St. Clair
Official: M.W. Miles, Justice of the Peace
Source: Marriage Certificate
Submitted by
Bill Craves.

w/o Agustus Schulze
"January 13th, 1874 - From the day my wife left me I am not responsible for any debts she contracts after this date. - AGUSTUS SCHULZE."
Source: P.H.
Daily Times, 21-JAN-1875

Gus Schwabm & Clara Oftergeit
"The marriage of Mr. Gus Schwabm and Miss Clara Oftergeit was solemnized today, the 6th inst, in Detroit, Bishop Foley officiating. The bride whose home is in Saginaw, is a most estimable young lady, and for some time has held a worthy position in St. Mary 's hospital, Detroit. Mr. Schwabm's many friends in this city will be pleased to welcome him and his bride on their return home."
Source: St. Clair Historical Museum Collection
Submitted by Pat Love

Marion Seiter & Mary A. Griffiths
"Lexington - Marion and Mary Alice Seiter were honored at a surprise dinner at the Old Country Buffet in Port Huron. The occasion was the couple's 57th wedding anniversary. Marion Seiter and Mary Alice Griffiths were married Nov. 21, 1942, in Alexandria, La. They have two sons and daughters-in-law, Larren and Sandy of Lexington and Thomas and Sandee of Madison Heights. They have two grandchildren, Larren and Mike, and two great-grandchildren."
Times Herald, Sunday, 12-DEC-1999
Submitted by Rebecca Gregg

Mr. & Mrs. Lafayette Sharrard
"Goodland Couple Observe Golden Wedding Event - Imlay City, Apr. 3 - Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette Sharrard of Goodland Twp observed their fiftieth wedding anniversary in the home of their son, Earl Sharrard and family, here Sunday. The day was spent quietly receiving congratulations of relatives and friends. Mr. Sharrard is 73. He was born in Berlin Township July 25, 1860. Mrs. Sharrard was born in Capac, May 17, 1865. They were [married...] 31, 1884, in Capac and for the past 40 years have lived on their farm in Goodland Township. Mr. Sharrard is a successful farmer, raising blooded farm stock. Dinner was served by Mrs. Earl Sharrard. She presented the honored ones with a large wedding cake. Mr. and Mrs. Sharrard enjoy visits from their grandchildren."
Source: P.H.
Times Herald, Tuesday, 03-APR-1934

James Sherwood & Mary A. Wiltfong
"MARRIED. Also by the same [Rev. J. Donnelly Jr] on the 4th inst., at the Thompson House, Mr. Jas. Sherwood, and Miss Mary A. Wiltfong, both of Lexington."
Source: P.H.
Press, 10-JUL-1867

Catherine Sicher
Died: 26-FEB-1887
Source: Holy Cross Church
Submitted by
Helena Sicher.

Elizabeth Sicher
Died: 06-NOV-1890
Source: Holy Cross Church
Submitted by
Helena Sicher.

George Sicher
Died: 27-JUL-1887
Source: Holy Cross Church
Submitted by
Helena Sicher.

Mary M. Sicher
Died: 11-NOV-1889
Source: Holy Cross Church
Submitted by
Helena Sicher.

Alfred W. Simmons & Rosanna Sanderson
"Marriage Licenses. The following marriage licenses were issued at the county clerk's office on Saturday:...Alfred W. Simmons, aged 26, of Jeddo, and Rosanna Sanderson, aged 20, of Jeddo."
Source: P.H.
Daily Times, 02-JUL-1894, p 7

S. S. Smith et al
At the Union: S. S. Smith, Detroit; T. Seward, St. Clair; P. Hartman and wife, Detroit; Thomas Foley, Emmet; Capt. A. Fox, Detroit; J. Spinks, Marine City; John Patterson, Columbus; H. Searls, Detroit; J. Cl--e, Jeddo; C. Lutes, Richmond; F. Ha--e, Greenwood; H. Haffe, Greenwood; ?. Rankin, St. Clair; S. Wesley, Detroit; Geo. Hoet, Hartsuff; R. W. Ashley, Davison; Mrs. H. Dorsey, Atkins; Wm. Thomas, Three Rivers; C. W. Rae, Jones; H. P. McCabe, Emmet; M. F. Brown, Kalamazoo; J. A. Fisher, Detroit; H. C. Whitney, Mayville; Daniel Smith, Bay City; David Dean, M. D., Benzonia; E. ?. Bailey, Richmond; Geo. B. Gotham, Mio; E. McLauren, Detroit; Geo. Rumball, Marlette, John Martin, Avoca; John B. Lutes, H. Fuller, Richmond; R. W. B?ck, Detroit.
At the Huron: J. M. Blakely, Alpena; H. Weller, R. F. Reuine, Mrs. E. H. Hunt, Detroit; A. Wilkenson, Alpena; H. Thompson, St. Clair."
Source: P.H.
Daily Times, 29-JUN-1894, p 7

Wesley Smith
"On His Way. Wesley Smith, a former well-known character of the city, was given lodging at the county jail Sunday night, after he had shown a desire to pass the night in the Harrington hotel boiler room. He said he was on his way to Ruby, for which place he departed on being released this morning."
Source: P.H.
Daily Times, Monday, 20-DEC-1909, p 5

Larry Snowden & Yvonne Fleury
"Port Huron - Larry and Yvonne Snowden celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary with a trip to Traverse City. Larry Snowden and Yvonne Fleury were married Sept. 18, 1954, in St. Edward's-On-the-Lake Catholic, Church, Lakeport, by the Rev. John R. Hogan. Their children and spouses are Carole and Doss Spotts of Spokane, Wash.; Douglas and Debbie Snowden, Tamara and Don Reynolds and Scott Snowden, all of Port Huron; and Guy Heinz of Avoca. A daughter, Deborah Heinz, died earlier. They have 17 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Mr. Snowden retired from Mueller Brass. Mrs. Snowden retired from Michigan National Bank."
Times Herald, 10-OCT-1999
Submitted by Rebecca Gregg

George H. Solis & Emma Grace Rooney
"The happy wedding of Miss Emma Grace Rooney and Mr. George H. Solis on Tuesday evening, 20th inst., chronicles the settlement in life of two of St. Clair's most popular young people, a matter in which they are most heartedly congratulated, especially so, as the arrangements do not take them away from St. Clair society. The young people are well known to the residents of our city, the bride being the third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Rooney, and groom a rising young business man of the firm of Solis & Carpenter, and eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Solis. The ceremony occurred at the Congregational church, which was profusely decorated with ferns and flowers, and was crowded to the doors. The Rev. Watson B. Millard officiated. The bride was beautifully attired, wearing a pure white grosgrain silk princess gown, en train, and cream and white muslin de-soir over dress. Attended upon her was the maid of honor, Miss Celene Clare Trim of Ypsilanti, dressed in cream China silk, en train, with lace and ribbon trimmings; also four bridesmaids, Misses Frances Holbert, Pamelis Whiting, Blanche Morrill, and Elizabeth Rooney, attired in pink silk mull Josephine ___resses. The groomsman was Mr. S. A. ___Jasmund, and the ushers were Messrs, C. H. Jerome, Alva Bently, John P. Whiting, and Renben Moore. Mr. Francis Bacon presided at the organ, and played some excellent selections during the ceremony, the marches being the wedding march from Lohengrin and Mendelssohn's Wedding March. The bride received a large number of handsome and useful presents, fitting tokens of the high esteem in which they are held. Following the ceremony was a reception at the residence of Mr. T. J. Rooney, and an old time Virginia reel by the bridal party, after which the happy couple left for the east. On their return they will make their home with Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Mcqueen on Front St. for the present. Among those from out of town who attended the ceremony were Mr. and Mrs. Grant Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Hamlin, and Miss Florence Stewart, Chicago; Mrs. Porter Stewart, Miss Nellie Stewart and Mr. F. H. Jerome, Saginaw; Mr. Alva Bentley, Mr. EcEwen, Mrs. McConnell and Mr. and Mrs. M. H. von Jasmund, Detroit; Mrs. Jane Kinney, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Boice, Miss F. Boice and Miss Ella Plant, Port Huron. The Republican will therefore be fully sustained in extending the best wishes of St. Clair residents for the happiness and continued prosperity of the newly married couple."
Source: St. Clair Historical Museum Collection
Submitted by Pat Love

Marshall Spence & Margaret Krafft
"Spence-Krafft. The marriage of Miss Margaret Krafft, of the Krafft road, and Marshall Spence of Detroit, was soleminized on Monday at St. Stephen's church rectory, Rec. Fr. McManus officiated. Following the ceremony the bridal party went to the bride's home on the Krafft road, where a bountiful wedding repast was served to a large number of relatives and friends of the young couple. Mr. and Mrs. Spence will leave tonight for Detroit, where they will reside."
Source: The
Weekly Herald, 23-NOV-1906, p 7

Jacob Sprankle & Nellie Newell
04-NOV-1891, Port Huron -
[Corrected Version]
Jacob Sprankle, 23, W, r/b Canton, OH, R.R. Conductor, P: Franklin Sprankle & Catherine Sprankle
Nellie Newell, 21, W, r/b Port Huron, P: Michael Newell & Julia Meagher
Witnesses: Joseph Beckton & Mary Eichhorn, both of Port Huron; C. Rohonise, Min.
Additional Information:
The bride's mother (Julia Meagher) was married in St. Clair County on 27-NOV-1866 to Michael Newell. She was also a witness to the marriage of Patrick Ronan and Bridget Meagher on 21-NOV-1864 in Port Huron.
Submitted by
Charles Lowe.

William & Reba H. Squires
"DIVORCES - GRANTED - Reba H. Squires from William Squires, extreme cruelty. Plaintiff awarded custody of two minor children and $15 week for their support."
Times Herald, Wednesday, 23-MAY-1951

James W. Stacker & Clara Allen
"MARRIED. In the township of Burtchville, on the 15th inst., by John McNeil, Esq., Mr. James W. Stacker, of Burtchville, and Miss Clara Allen, of Port Huron City."
Source: St. Clair
Republican, 23-NOV-1869, p 1

Roy S. Star & Katherine "Kate" Ann Porter
Married: 18-OCT-1916, Port Huron
Roy S. Star, (res) Port Huron, b. MI, (occ) Photographer, P: John A. Starr & Euphemia Hensworth
Katherine Ann Porter, (res) Port Huron, b. MI, (occ) Steno, P: William Porter & Hattie Burgess
Submitted by

Herman Steiner & Madeline Cline
04-NOV-1916, Port Huron, (Lic.) 03-NOV-1916, Record #14149 - 3/284
Herman Steiner, 22, White, r: Port Huron, b: NY, Machinist, no prev. marriage, P: Mathias Steiner & Elizabeth Lottermoser
Madeline Cline, 21, White, r: Port Huron, b: MI, Operator, no previous marriage, P: Abe Cline & Genevieve
Witnesses: Bertha Steiner & Thos. Lotermoser, both of Port Huron; John E. Mealley, minister
Submitted by
Kay Mitchell.

John W. Stevens & Lydia Heath Stevens
Stevens Observing Anniversary in Their Home - Marine City, March 6, 1946 - John W. Stevens, retired marine engineer, and his wife, Mrs. Lydia Heath Stevens, are quietly observing their seventy-first wedding anniversary today in their home, 418 South Third Street. Mr. Stevens, 92, and Mrs. Stevens, 89, were married March 6, 1875 in Algonac by the late Justice Kline. They live alone and Mr. Stevens is in good health but his wife has been ailing for a couple of years. He walks downtown every day and brings her back ice cream of which she is very fond. He was born June 15, 1853, in Fremont Township, Sanilac County, the son of John and Betsy Castor Stevens. He began his sailing career when a young man and retired in 1931 after 50 years' service on the Great Lakes. He worked as engineer of the Secin Steamship Company, of Marine City, and the Pittsburgh & Erie Steamship Co. The last boat he sailed on was the sand boat, James Prentice, owned by the Ralph Jex Company, Toledo. Mrs. Stevens, the daughter of George Washington Heath and Phoebe Oatman Heath, was born Feb. 8, 1857, in Clyde Township. Mr. and Mrs. Stevens are the heads of five generations and have been residents of the River district all their lives. They have five children: Mrs. Loren Black and Mrs. David Blanchard, both of Marine City, and George Stevens, Mrs. George Basney and John Stevens, Jr., all of Detroit, 20 grandchildren, 47 great grandchildren and 6 great great grandchildren.
 - Additional information: Their deceased daughter, Mabel Stevens Thomas, was not shown. Their daughter, Estelle Blanchard, died soon after this article came out, and Mrs. Lydia Stevens died the next year. Mr. Stevens lived to be almost 101 and passed away in 1954.
 - Source: local newspaper or one from Detroit
Submitted by
Cynthia Carrick.

I'd be happy to finally add all of these families to your research projects, as I have the STEVENS, THOMAS, HEATH AND OATMAN families in my computer, and one of the Thomas families had 17 children.  Just let me know how to do this.  Many thanks!  Cynthia Carrick, Charlotte, NC

Thomas W. Stevens
"PROBATE COURT - Monday, May 28th - Estate of Thomas W. Stevens, deceased. Commissioner's warrant and report received and filed."
Source: P.H. Daily Times, 29-MAY-1877

John Stonehouse
Born: 1805, Yorkshire, England
Parents: Robert Stonehouse & Ann Harker
Married: Sophia (Paterbaugh / Puterbaugh), Ontario, Canada
Died: St. Clair Co
Submitted by

Sophia Stonehouse
Born: 12-JAN-1815, Canada
Maiden Name: (Paterbaugh) Puterbaugh
Parents: John Puterbaugh & Catherine Van Buskirk
Married: John Stonehouse, Ontario, Canada
Died: St. Clair Co
Submitted by

Olive Stype
"FARGO...Miss Olive Stype has returned to her home in Ortenville, after visiting her grandparents, in this place..."
Source: The
Weekly Herald, 23-NOV-1906, p 7

Edward Sweet & Caroline Miller
license: #3839, filed: 19-SEP-1895, married: 19-SEP-1895, Smith Creek
Edward Sweet, 22, white, res. Wales Twp, b. Wales Twp, Farmer, P: Robert Sweet & Anna Shirkey, no previous marriage
Caroline Miller, 22, white, res. Smith Creek, b. Canada, no occup., P: Thomas Miller & unknown, no previous marriage
Witnesses: Cornelia Russ & Mary E. Mudge, both of Smith Creek
Israel Mudge, Minister

Mrs. N. Sweet
"PERSONAL MENTION. Mrs. N. ?. Sweet left Thursday morning for a stay of some weeks at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ramplin, in Grand Island, Neb."
Source: P.H.
Daily Times, 29-JUN-1894, p 7

Orville Swick & Wilma Burggraaf
"North Street - Orville and Wilma Swick celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a dinner at the St. Clair Inn. Orville Swick and Wilma Burggraaf were married May 17, 1949. Their children and spouses are Dave and Gloria Klinesteker of Lakeport; and Jim and Marcia Swick and John Swick, all of North Street. They have two grandchildren, Ginny and Jason Klinesteker. Mr. Swick retired from CSX Railroad with 42 years of service."
Times Herald, Sunday, 10-OCT-1999
Submitted by Rebecca Gregg