Canadian Marriages of County Residents

Canadian Marriages of County Residents

The following information was submitted to the Lois Wedge/Helen collection by Mrs. Egon Nielson.

Index to The Forest Free Press - 1898-1907, by E. Nielsen.

(Dates in brackets indicate the issue of the paper where the item appeared.)

Lewis ATKINS of Port Huron & Mattie LYMAN of Thedford married 14 May 1887 (16 May 1907)

Dr. Charles BURKE of Port Huron & Rozella BRADY of Deckerville, Michigan (13 July 1905)

Charles CHILDS of Port Huron & Alice DUNCAN of Warwick (28 Sept 1905)

George CLARKE of Port Huron & Catharine AITKIN of Forest (6 July 1905)

Bella COLLINS & Walter JAMIESON both of Port Huron (13 July 1905)

Rev. J.E. COOK of Fargo, Michigan & Florence DORAN of Filion, Michigan (16 Feb 1905)

Lillian Mae EASTMAN of Port Huron & Samuel McCOLL of Warwick (17 Feb 1898)

George HUNTER of Capac, Michigan & Maud BELL of Arkona (22 June 1905)

Emily PANZENHAGEN of Port Huron & James ATKINSON of Sarnia (11 April 1907)

Samuel DeWitt PEPPER of Port Huron, formerly of Forest, & Catharine MacDONALD (19 Sept 1907)

Allan PHILLIPS of Port Huron & Etta SMITH of Warwick (28 Nov 1907)

Fred RAYNOR of Port Huron & Jennie WILSON of Thedford (8 June 1905)

John LANG of Port Huron & Elizabeth MACK of Plympton, married 27 Sept 1887 (26 Sept 1907)

Margaret LITTLEWORTH & Frank LEMLINE, both of Port Huron, married 27 June 1887 (27 June 1907)

William F. SMITH of Port Huron & Henrietta CURTIS of Warwick (28 Sept 1905) *see their marriage in Methodist records

Frank J. WAKEFIELD of Port Huron, formerly Bosanquet & Ada M. WIGHT of Widder (30 Nov 1905)

Mr. and Mrs. William WHITING of Port Huron celebrated their Golden Wedding (21 Nov 1907)

Willard E. WINTER of Port Huron & Maggie PIERCE of Alvinston (16 Oct 1902)

Forest Free Press are on microfilm at Lambton County Library, Wyoming, Ontario. (You could likely find there the name of bride's parents, date of marriage & where performed.)

Marriage Register for Forest Methodist Church - 1896-1913

Recorded below are marriages from the register where the address of an individual is given as Port Huron or St. Clair County.

ABBREVIATION KEY: b=born, R:residence, P=parents, W=witnesses, O=officiated by

29 March 1899, at Forest
Arthur WIGHT, 24, b. Darlington Twp, R: Port Huron, P: William Wight & Sarah Ann Rumford
Mary Ellen WAKEFIELD, 25, b. Bosanquet Twp., P: William Wakefield & Sarah Jane Wilkinson
W: Jessie & Mary Whiting, O: Richard Whiting

1 May 1900, likely at Forest but not stated
William Arthur VOLLETT, 49, b. Tarrytown, NY, R: Port Huron, Michigan, P: William Vollett & Mary Ann Whitaker
Agatha Christianna GIDLEY, 39, b. Eagle Harbor, Michigan, R: Port Huron, P: John Gidley & Mary Ann Warren
W: A.R. Willoughby & Mary Adeline Harrison, both of Forest

25 Sept 1905, at Forest
William Franklin SMITH, 23, R: Port Huron, P: Thomas Timothy Smith & Emma E. Dennis
Henrietta CURTIS, 25, b. Warwick, P: William Henry Curtis & Elvira A. Smith
W: A.P. Wilton, of Caradoc & Elizabeth Daniels, of Forest, O: Stephen Bond

26 Sept 1905, at Forest
Charles Ernest CHILDS, 28, R: Port Huron, P: Joseph A. Childs & Amelia Allison
Alice Edna DUNCAN, 27, R: Warwick Twp, P: Joseph Duncan & Jane Harrington
W: F.B. Gidley & Lottie E. Duncan, O: Stephen Bond

21 Feb 1906, at Forest
Charles H. BEACH, 25, b. Ohio, R: Port Huron, P: Everett Beach & Lydia Ferguson
Maud MARTIN, 22, b. England, R: Port Huron, P: Sam Martin & Maria S. Loyd
W: Jennie Bond & E. Maud Bond, O: Stephen Bond

Register of Marriages, Sarnia Township 1869-1896

Recorded below are marriages from this register where the address of the individuals is given as Port Huron or St. Clair County, Michigan. Also included are those whose address was given as Michigan only.

30 Dec 1873
Byron MUDGE, 26, R: Michigan, b. Canada, bachelor, Agent
Anna M. BROOKS, 21, R: Plympton, b. Canada, spinster
W: Ben Mudge, O: J.W. Chesnut

7 Jan 1875
Austin DEMMOTT, 22, R: Michigan, b. Michigan, bachelor, Farmer
E.A. BRITTANY, 22, R: Sarnia Twp, b. Canada, spinster
W: G.D. Wilson, O: G.G. McRobbie

3 Nov 1875
George WATERWORTH, 26, R: Michigan, b. England, bachelor, Engineer
Margaret P. FERGUSON, 26, R: Point Edward, b. Scotland, spinster
W: William H. Gorman, O: L.S. Johnston

24 Dec 1877
William BRIGHT, 27, R: Point Edward, b. Ontario, bachelor, Brakeman
Rachel GAMBLE, 20, R: Port Huron, b. Ontario, spinster
W: Thomas Davidson, O: Isaac Barefoot

16 Dec 1886
John Franklin McCORMICK, 27, R: Port Huron, b. Port Huron, bachelor, Harness Maker
Isabella Bolton PURVIS, 27, R: Port Huron, b. Sarnia Twp, spinster
W: H. Haas? & S. Robins

11 Nov 1891
John Archibald MUNRO, 25, R: Enniskillen, b. Michigan, bachelor, Farmer
Martha BEATTY, 24, R: Sarnia Twp, b. Ontario, spinster
W: Susannah Beatty & George Paxton, O: W.D. Pomeroy

29 April 1891
James R. ROSE, 27, R: Point Edward, b. Montague Twp, Lanark County, bachelor, Brakeman
Clara Ida WEES, 24, R: Sarnia Twp, b. Richmond, Michigan, spinster
W: Minnie Wees & D. Lamont, O: Jos. Ward

29 Dec 1892
William J. CROCKARD, 33, R: Sarnia Twp, b. Michigan, bachelor, Farmer
Caroline COLE, 33, R: Sarnia Twp, b. Sarnia Twp
W: James Crockard & Emmeline Steed, O: J.C. Tibb

Register of Marriages for Wyoming, Ontario 1896-1899

27 April 1897
Matthew MITCHELL, 25, R: Sarnia, b. St. Clair, Michigan, bachelor, Miller, P: John Mitchell & Lydia Porter
Ellen B. CARR, 31, R: Plympton Twp, b. Plympton, spinster, P: James Carr & Margaret Portell
W: Edmund Carr & Emma Porter