History of St. Clair County - Kimball Township

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Extracted from
History of St. Clair County, Michigan
by A.T. Andreas

History of St. Clair County

Kimball Township.

[734] Kimball Township was first settled by Barzillai Wheeler, the Kimballs and the Bartletts. Its organization was effected in 1855, when W.B. Verity was elected Supervisor. The town embraces 23,040 acres. The population in 1864 was 715, increased to 1,429 in 1880, whose real and personal property is valued at $251,325. The number of children of school age in the township in 1881 was 426. Smith's Corners, Thornton and Clyde Mills are the villages of the town. These villages, like the township, have made rapid advances in recent years, and a promise is given that the full resources of the district will be drawn forth by its thrifty, enterprising settlers.


Lands in this township were purchased so early as 1825, by a company comprising Oel W. Mulloy, R. Smart, Thomas Scott, John Biddle. Robert Forsythe bought 240 acres, on Section 2, that year. The buyers previous to 1836 are named as follows: Alexander Atkins, Henry Gill, N. Dexter, F.H. Stephens, Abner Coburn, Charles Butler, Henry Howard, Joel Perkins, Lewis Benedict, Allen Atkins, A.G. Throop, Gilbert Liddle, Ralph Wadhams, F. & R. Moore, Cyrus Moore, Frederick Wright, N. Dickinson, Lorenzo Allen, J.J. Garrison, William L. Remington, Charles H. Carroll, Justin Rice, James Burt, J.L. Beebe, T.B. Clarke, Ira Porter, C.B. Newberry, James Hanmer, Warren Hill, Hosea P. Cobb, Horace R. Jerome, Cummings Sanborn, Samuel Hutchins, John Landon, H.F. Daniels, F.G. Wilcox, H. Ensign, N. Waltrous, W. Steele, Chester Baxter, Thomas Palmer, J.M. Wilson, William Sweatt, T.G. Macy, William Thornton, Benjamin Morse, John Starkweather, Alva Blodgett, R. Henderson, Barzillai Wheeler, Benjamin Bissell, Daniel Stewart, James Ogden, James Bangs, Newell Smith.


William B. Verity, 1855; J.S. Kimball, 1856; William B. Verity, 1857; J.S. Kimball, 1858-59; William B. Verity, 1860-62; William Jenkinson, 1863-65; J.S. Kimball, 1866-68; M.D. Frink, 1869-74; P.M. Brown, 1875-78; Sylvester Casswell, 1879-80; Parker M. Brown, 1881; George Fish, 1882.


Hiram Thornton, 1857; George McCormick, 1858-67; Ira B. Kendrick, 1858; W.B. Verity, 1859; Stephen V. Thornton, 1860; Isaac L. Mudge, 1860; Elijah Rood, 1861; John Sweeney, 1862; William Worden, 1864; William Jenkinson, 1865; E.H. Brewer, 1867; John Cruikshank, 1868; Marshall D. Frink, 1868-72; William Bowie, 1869; Ira B. Kendrick, 1870; Patrick O. Loughlin, 1871; Horatio M. Maxwell, 1873; W.W. Allen, 1874; Stephen V. Thornton, 1875; Giles S. Cowles, 1876; Noah T. Farr, 1877; W.W. Allen, 1878; John Cruikshank, 1878-81; William Ruddock, 1879; Giles S. Cooley, 1880; John Byrne, 1880; George Fish, 1881; John Terney, 1882.

The entire "township ticket" was elected in April, 1882, as follows: Supervisor - George Fish; Clerk - William W. Allen; Treasurer - Sylvester Casswell; Commissioner of Highways - Daniel Pelett; Justice of the Peace - (to fill vacancy) John Turney; Justice of the Peace - (full term) William W. Allen; Drain Commissioner - Everett Whitney; School Inspector - One year, Warren B. Mallory; two years, Avory Schenck; Constables - John Bean, Everett Whitney, Avory Schenck, George E. Mallory.

Thornton, Kimball Township, is situated on Pine River, ten miles west of Port Huron, and five miles south of the hamlet of Ruby.


On the following pages are given brief biographical notices of prominent citizens, and old settlers of the town. They will prove as instructive and interesting as the legitimate history of the district, since they form the history of those who raised it to its present condition.

W.W. Allen

G.M. Ashley

William L. Atkins

John Bean

Joseph Boshaw

Mitchell Boshaw

Parker M. Brown

Hiram Bullock

Peter Burns

David Carlisle

V. E. Crane

Henry Dudd

Robert Fleming

William Fleming

Marshall D. Frink

Darius Harris

F. W. H. C. Jarvis

Antoine LaForest

Paschal LaForest

C. Mayers

Daniel O'Hara

James Pound

William Schenck

Merritt Sperry

Ivory H. Wakefield

Robert Wilson

William A. Worden