History of St. Clair County - Greenwood Township

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Extracted from
History of St. Clair County, Michigan
by A.T. Andreas

History of St. Clair County

Greenwood Township.

[787] Greenwood Township was organized in 1855, with L. Small, Supervisor. Greenwood Center and East Greenwood are post office villages and small centers of population. In 1864 the population was 625, now 1,568. The area is 22,773 acres, watered by Plum and Silver Creeks. The equalized value is $312,765, and number of children of school age, 589. Among the pioneers were William Shannon, James McKinney, James Middleton and John McCallen.

The lands of this township, with the exception of a few sections, were purchased from the General Government since 1847. Among the principal buyers of 1847-53, were James W. Sanborn, C. Carleton, Lorenzo M. Mason, Aloney Rust, Henry Fish, James Haynes, Lewis Brockway, Allen Fish, C.F. Davis, George Fitzgerald, Alvah Sweetser, W. Truesdail, Edward Ross, Timothy J. Wheaton, H.C. Benson, Elisha Jenkins, Cummings Sanborn, Joseph P. Campeau, H.W. Delavan, Buckminster White, John Beard, James Beard, George Thorn, W. Parker, Patrick Eagan, C. Brown, Sarah B. Adams, James Haynes, Matthew Furlong, Levi Gardner.


Lincoln Small, 1855-58; Samuel Jamieson, 1859-60; Patrick Fox, 1861-79; Jotham A. Vincent, 1880; Patrick Fox, 1881-82.


Roswell Ottman, 1857-64; Lincoln Small, 1858-61; Ebenezer Blake, 1858; William Gowan, 1859; William Black, 1862; William Watson, 1862; Patrick Fox, 1865-71; Hezekiah Coms, 1866; Henry Wells, 1868; Harvey G. Wilcox, 1868; Charles P. Farr, 1870; John Hislop, 1870; Joseph Bricker, 1871; Thomas Black, 1873; Hiram Peasley, 1874; Patrick Fox, 1875-79; J.M. Haviland, 1875-78; Joseph Bricker, 1876; William Bonser, 1877; Nicholas Vogilie, 1879, William Hill, 1880; Joseph Bricker, 1881; John H. Bricker, 1882.

The election of April, 1882, resulted as follows, the candidates being on a "people's ticket:" Patrick Fox, Supervisor, 96 majority; J.F. Benson, Clerk; Thomas Guillot, Highway Commissioner, 67 majority; N.E. Brochmer, School Inspector, 64 majority.

Greenwood Center in Greenwood Township, is comparatively a new settlement, sixteen miles northwest of Port Huron. The religious societies are represented by Methodist and German Lutheran congregations. A school and post office are found in the village.

East Greenwood, in Greenwood Township, is located on Silver Creek, within three miles of Black River, near the boundary of Sanilac County. It is twenty miles northwest of Port Huron.


The history of this township is contained in the following personal sketches of the most prominent citizens:

V. E. Boehmer

Henry Burger

Charles Eggert

Charles Farr

Andrew Lohr

Charles W. Pohley

Paul Willey


Through oversight, or because received too late, the following biographies were not inserted in their proper connection.

T. Barron

Capt. L. R. Boynton

Chester Carleton

Capt. H. W. Davis

Capt. Phil Ellery

R. S. Holland

Mrs. Charlotte Montross

E. S. Petit

Thomas Shoulters

Chris H. Walter

H. N. Wright