History of St. Clair County - Clyde Township

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Extracted from
History of St. Clair County, Michigan

by A.T. Andreas

History of St. Clair County

Clyde Township

[738] Clyde Township was organized in 1837, with Ralph Wadhams Supervisor. The Black River runs through the township from northwest to southeast, while Mill Creek waters the southwestern section. The land may be called a sandy loam - generally fertile. During the lumbering days Clyde was one of the centers of this industry; but for years past the pine forest has been gradually yielding its place to fields of grain, until now the township may be considered one of the best improved agricultural districts in the county.

The population of Clyde in 1845 was 483; in 1854, 1,038; in 1864, 1,123; in 1874, 1,039, and in 1880, 1,252. The equalized valuation is $386,493; the number of acres, 23,000, and the number of school children 423.

[739] The land buyers in this township, previous to 1837, are named as follows: Section 1, Charles Robinson, Royal H. Waller, David Spoor, Gurdon Bradley, E. B. Lyon, 1836. Section 2, Frederick H. Stevens, Abner Coburn, R. H. Waller, 1836. Section 3, A. I. Beard, A. Coburn, 1836; Allen Atkins, James Gardner, 1837. Section 4, H. Tingley, 1825; Ai Beard, F. H. Stevens, 1836; Clift Comstock, 1837. Section 5, Shubal Conant, 1824; H. Tingley, 1825; William Atkins, 1839. Section 6, Charles Peltier, J. H. Westbrook, John Baird, 1834; L. Stearns, H. Whitcomb, Ai Beard, Frederick H. Stevens, 1835; John Miller, John Clive, 1836. Section 7, Ai Beard, F. H. Stevens, 1835; Ebenezer Westbrook, Carlton B. Newbury, Charles S. Emerson and John Wright in 1836. Section 8, Jonathan Kearsley, Shubal Conant, 1824; H. Tingley, James Abbot, H. Whitcomb, J. W. Jaquith, Alonzo Crittenden, 1835-36. Section 9, Henry Chapman, S. Conant, 1824; O. W. Miller, R. Smart, Thomas Scott, John Biddle, Ai Beard, Abner Coburn, 1835; A. Coburn, all Sections 10-11. Section 12, Arnold Kinney, J. T. Townsend, A. B. Eaton, Henry Howard. Section 13, M. A. Bunnell, Zophar Wright, John Beebe, Abram Martin, N. R. Smith, 1835; W. P. Barber, Samuel Hall, John R. Jones, A. B. Eaton, N. R. Smith, A. Kinney, 1836. Russell Forsythe purchased all of Sections 14 and 15 in June, 1835. Section 17, Ignace Moross, 1824; Henry Chipman, 1824; R. A. Forsythe, 1825; James Abbott, 1834; N. Smith and Arnold Kinney, 1836. Section 18, Ignace Moross, Andrew Westbrook, 1826; J. H. Westbrook, 1835; Frederick H. Stevens, James Abbott, 1836. Section 19, A. & J. H. Westbrook, Abbott, Stevens, 1832-36. Section 20, purchased by R. Forsythe and James Abbott. Section 21, R. Smart, Thomas Scott, Henry Chipman, 1824; Henry Howard, Ralph Wadhams, Elliot Gray, 1831; Hiram Mann, 1832; John Truax, Henry Howard, John Drew, 1833; R. Forsythe, 1835; E. C. Bancroft, 1837. Section 22, R. Smart, O. W. Miller, Thomas Scott, H. Chipman, 1834; J. Kearsley, Henry Howard, Ralph Wadhams, Louis Benedict, 1835. Section 23, Abram Martin, Howard & Wadhams, L. Benedict, R. Forsythe, 1835. Section 24, Edward Petit, 1835; Ira Porter, Milo Mason, 1836. Section 25, Jeremiah Harrington, H. Tingley, 1825; E. Bingham, 1832; R. Chambers, Henry Martin, R. Forsythe, T. J. Alleyn, Ralph Wadhams, 1835. Section 26, Howard & Wadhams, H. Martin, Denis Kelly, L. Benedict, R. Forsythe, John Beebe, 1832-35. Section 27, J. Biddle, Smart, Miller, P. Scott, Benjamin Chipman, 1826; Abram Martin, 1832; Henry Howard, Ralph Wadhams, 1834. Section 28, Truax, Howard & Drew, John Whyte, 1832; L. Benedict, R. Forsythe and F. H. Stephens, 1835-36. Section 29, J. Abbott and F. H. Stephens purchased entire section in 1836. Section 30, John H. Westbrook, J. Abbott and F. H. Stephens. Abner Coburn purchased Section 31, January, 1836. Section 32, Franklin Moore, Reuben Moore, Abner Coburn, F. H. Stephens, 1836. Section 33, Norman R. Smith, 1833; F. H. Stephens, F. & R. Moore, Carleton B. Newberry, Arnold Kinney, 1836. Section 34, R. A. Forsythe, 1825; A. Kinney, F. H. Stephens, Chauncey Allen, N. R. Smith, 1835-36. Section 35, Ignace Moross, H. Tingley, 1825; A. Kinney, Levi Peters, L. Benedict and D. H. Allen, 1835-36. Section 36, Ebenezer Westbrook, Isaac Davis, H. Tingley, 1825; Phineas Davis, Jr., Joseph Coffin, 1833-37.

The post office villages of Clyde are Ruby and Abbottsford (both forming one long hamlet), Atkins and Vincent. Among the first permanent residents were John Beard, Allen Atkins, W. R. Goodwin, E. Vincent, S. Kingsley, A. Kinney and James Gardner. Others are named among the patentees of the United States lands of the township.

Abbotsford, in Clyde Township, is a small center of population, five miles north of Thornton, on the old C. & L. H. R. R., now the G. T. R. R.

Atkins, a name given to a small post office village in Clyde Township. It is about ten miles northwest of Port Huron, and seventy miles distant from Detroit.

Ruby, in Clyde Township, is situated on Black River, fifteen miles west of Port Huron. It is one of the oldest of the new settlements of the county.

The principal officers of the township since its organization are named in the following list:


Ralph Wadhams, 1836-37; Commissioners' Board, 1838-41; Ralph Wadhams, 1842-52; [740] J. S. Kimball, 1853; E. Vincent, 1854-56; O. Westbrook, 1857; E. Vincent, 1858; Michael Plant, 1859; E. Vincent, 1860-62; Michael Plant, 1863; E. Vincent, 1864-76; Alexander McNaughton, 1877-79; Frank Kenney, 1880-81.


James J. Vincent, 1837; R. K. Greenfield, 1838; John H. Westbrook, 1839; William Perkins, 1840; Amos G. Throop, 1841; Solomon Kingsley, 1841; Norman R. Smith, 1841; Newell Smith, 1842; James J. Vincent, 1842; Michael Plant, 1843; Newell Smith, 1843; Walter Chase, 1844; Michael Plant, 1845; James J. Vincent, 1846; William R. Goodwin, 1847; Salmon Kingsley, 1847; John L. Kimball, 1847; Michael Plant, 1848; Walter Chase, 1849; Horace E. Bunce, 1850, William R. Goodwin, 1850; Horace E. Bunce, 1851; John S. Kimball, 1851; W. R. Goodwin, 1853; Horace E. Bunce, 1854; Michael Plant, 1856; James W. Andrews, 1857; Nathan Gilbert, 1857; W. R. Goodwin, 1858; Abel Stockwell, 1859; Michael Plant, 1860; R. N. Hewlett, 1861; David Baird, 1865; Michael Plant, 1868; Henry Kingsley, 1869; W. R. Goodwin, 1870; Oliver Westbrook, 1871; Michael Plant, 1872; David Baird, 1873; W. R. Goodwin, 1874; Henry Kingsley, 1874; David Baird, 1875; James Gardner, 1875; M. Plant, 1876; F. O. Reynolds, 1876; Wesley Davidson, 1877-81; William R. Goodwin, 1878; F. O. Reynolds, 1879; Michael Plant, 1880.


Alexander W. Atkins

Mrs. Eliza Lewis Atkins

William Bailey

Richard Bean

Fred A. Beard

Horace E. Beard

John Beard

Archibald Campbell

Walter Chase

Edward Clarkson

Henry Cook

G. W. Davidson

John N. Davidson

James Gardner

Martin Glyshaw

John Haken

John Heron

William Hudson

Alexander Jacobs

Asahel Kingsley

Henry Kingsley

Salmon Kingsley

Frank Kinney

John Kinney

Charles Lewis

George Lockwood

Alexander McNaughton

Daniel C. Merritt

George D. Morden

T. J. Peck

Michael Plant

Daniel Robins

William Ross

Jacob Schufelt

A. J. Shockley

Jacob Shufelt

David Sims

Walter J. Slingerland

Benjamin Smith

James Symongton

Edward Vincent

Oliver Westbrook