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"Retrospection" by J.B. Pope, a History of Early Minco from 1890-1939.  In September of 1939, Minco held a commemorative celebration in honor of Meta Chestnutt, a lady who established a college for women in Minco on the site of the present day Armory.  The Minco Minstrel recorded the celebration, and included a history of early Minco with an article by J.B. Pope, who had a law office just west of the Coffee Cup Cafe.  (click on link)

El Meta Bond College Construction began in the spring of 1894 and finished that fall, and was located where the armory now stands.  The women's college was operated by Meta Chestnutt-Sager until 1920, when the state ceased funding for private schools. The name "Bond" was included in the school name for Mr. Bond who was influential in establishing the school.  A stone memorial to the school with bronze plaque is located behind the armory.

PHOTO GALLERY OF OLD MINCO.   Photos from 1890 and on.