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Hackley Public Library
Visit Hackley Public LibraryNow On Line
231-722-7276 (Genealogy Extension - 233)
Muskegon County Public Library Branches
Historical and Genealogical Societies-
The Greater Muskegon Historic Assoc.
374 Catawba
Muskegon, Michigan 49442
      Info from Board Member Tammy Huston-
          Anyone is welcome to join the Historic Association.  Our dues are $5.00 a person and we meet at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday's at Mills Ice Cream & Family Restaurant. You can help even if you do not live close by as we can always use researchers, and writers. Areas of great interest to our group are the Indian Cemetery and Stables (Clay and Sixth).  We would like to see the stables totally restored to the way it looked like in the beginning including a wooden sidewalk. I am currently putting together our History of Muskegon which dates back to the 1600s. Which will also be in book form. 
          You can attend as many meetings as you can and the off ones you can always receive an agenda and notes through the web as I will gladly send them to you.
Hackley Heritage Association, Inc.
484 West Webster Ave. (Location)
P. O. Box 32 (Mailing Address)
Muskegon, MI 48443
231-722-7578; 231-759-2505
    Montague Museum and Historical Assoc.
    Church & Meade Streets
    Montague, MI 49437
    Phone: 231-894-6972
    Muskegon County Genealogical Society
    Hackley Public Library
    316 West Webster Avenue
    Muskegon, MI 49440
    Hours: Library: Sept-May: Tue-Wed 9:00-8:00; Thur. 9:00-6:00; Sat. 9:00-5:00 (Summer hours vary)
Family History Center
1725 Giles Road
Muskegon, MI
    Muskegon County Museum also MLive Museum information page
    430 West Clay Avenue
    Muskegon, MI 49440
    231-728-4119; 231-722-0278
      Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-4:30
          The Museum has an extensive collection (both artifact and archival) that has been used by many types of researchers, especially those doing genealogical research.  Our collection includes files of businesses (many with bio information, photos of business (location) and owner (employees).  Many City directories which provide a wealth of information, tax records, plat maps, books and many other items that can be used for research and verification purposes.
          Our archival collection also includes some 10,000 photos that relate to Muskegon County.  Our collection is computerized that enables searching to be much easier.  We employee a full time archivist (Mon-Fri) that is available by appointment and able to assist in the research.  By this I mean, Barb can pull information for a set appointment and offer a wealth of information.  I am sure that you are well acquainted with Barb Martin as she too is a member of the Genealogy Club in Muskegon.
          We have 2 other employees within our collections department that can assist with research information on artifacts within our collection.
        However, we encourage anyone interested in researching the history of Muskegon County, businesses located here, or individuals that lived here to contact us be telephone (231) 722-0278 or by mail at Muskegon
      County Museum, 430 W. Clay Muskegon MI 49440.
          Due to the nature of time involved in individual research requests,
      appointments are always necessary and most beneficial to the researcher.
        Chris Zahrt
      Muskegon County Museum
      Special Projects Coordinator
    Muskegon Museum of Art
    296 West Webster Ave.
    Muskegon, MI 49440
    Tel 231-720-2570
    Fax 231-720-2585
Vital Records
Muskegon County Clerk's Office
990 Terrace
Muskegon, MI 49442
      The Muskegon County Clerk's office is open for research on Wednesdays 1:00 P. M. to 4:00 P. M.
      Identification required: Driver's License
      Birth Records, Death Records, Marriage Records and Divorces from 1867 to Present. Certified Copy/Additional: $13.00/$4.00. Other Copy Fees: $1.00 per page.
Land Records
    Muskegon County Register of Deeds
    Register of Deeds
    Michael E. Kobza Hall of Justice
    990 Terrace Street
    Second Floor
    Muskegon, MI 49442
    Phone 231.724.6271
    Fax 231.724.6842
                        Hours: M-F 8-5 (Closed Holidays)
                        Recording Hours: 8-4:30 PM
      "Official Recorder and Depository of Land Management Documents  Since 1858"
       Copy, real estate records, per page $1.00
       Copy, U.C.C. filing, per page $1.00
       Copy, State or Federal Tax Lien, per page $1.00
       Copy, Plats of Record $2.00
       Fee for certification of any the above copies, per document $1.00
       Search Fee of any of the above copies, minimum fee $1.00

      Click on "Section Of Land" for information on how sections are broken down and measurements.

Michigan Vital Records

State Archives and Library

The Michigan Historical Center (Archives of Michigan, Michigan Historical Museum and State Historic Preservations Office) and the Library of Michigan are now part of the 
Michigan Department of History, Arts and Libraries.
Michigan Department of History, Arts and Libraries
Michigan Historical Center
Archives of Michigan  <---  Name
702 W. Kalamazoo Street
P. O. Box 30740
Lansing, MI  48909-8240
Phone: (517) 373-1408
Fax: (517) 241-1658
TDD: (517) 373-1592  <-- TDD
Please call for current hours.
Department of History, Arts and Libraries offices are located in the
Michigan Library and Historical Center building two blocks west of the
State Capitol between Allegan and Kalamazoo Streets at
702 West Kalamazoo Street
Lansing MI 48909

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