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Report of the Pioneer Society of the State of Michigan Together with Reports of County, Town and District Pioneer Societies
1877 pages 285-301 Muskegon

Part 1- The Formation of the County

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That townships numbered
9, 10, 11, and 12 north, of ranges numbered 15, 16, 17, and the fractional townships lying west thereof to Lake Michigan, and township 10 north of range 13, and townships 9 and 10 north, of range 14, be and the same are hereby organized into the county of Muskegon.

SECTION 2. The county-seat of said county shall be and is hereby located at the village of Muskegon, upon such grounds as shall be donated to the county for that purpose, such
location to include at least one acre of land, and Thomas J. Rand, George A. Kilbourn, and Joseph D. Davis, of said county, are hereby appointed commissioners to select such location.

SECTION 3. At the State election to be held in November, 1860, the electors of said county may elect one Representative to the House of Representatives of this State.

SECTION 4. At the annual township election to be held in April next, the proper county
officers for said county shall be elected, whose terms of office shall expire on the first day of January, 1861, and when their successors are elected and qualified; said officers so elected, on of before the first of June next, shall take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed to be taken by county officers in this State, and shall enter upon the discharge of such duties on the first day of June, aforesaid.

SECTION 5. The supervisors now in office in and for the towns of Muskegon, Norton,
Cazenovia, White River and Revenna are hereby constituted a board of canvassers for said county for the first election of county officers of said county, and required to meet at the village of Muskegon on the second Tuesday in April next, to canvass the votes cast in the townships of said county of Muskegon for county officers, to which board the proper township officers are required to make returns of such votes on of before the day of meeting of said board, as provided in this section; and said board is also authorized, and it is hereby made their duty to approve bonds of the county officers.

SECTION 6. Said county is hereby created and declared a body corporate and politic, with all the powers and duties conferred upon of required of organized counties by the constitution and laws of this State.

SECTION 7. The county register of said county shall make transcripts of all records in other counties, necessary to be and appear upon the records of the said county of Muskegon.

SECTION 8. All acts and parts of acts contravening the provisions of this act are hereby
declared inoperative and void within the county of Muskegon hereby organized.

Approved February 4, 1859.

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