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Pam Davis Family Information

My Great Grandparent are Samuel M. Moore and Mary R. Loomis or Mary P. Loomis depending on what document you are looking at.  My Grand mother Myrtie (Moore) Smith said that her motherís name was Mary Pamela and she changed the P to an R because her brotherís teased her with Mary Pee.

Samuel was born with the last name of More, but the story goes that when Mary and Sam married she changed the spelling to Moore because she was quality not quantity. 

Samuel (b. May 9, 1836) and Mary (b. Dec. 25, 1840) were born in New York and moved to Casnovia Township, Muskegon County in 1872. I have found them both on the New York Census before they were married.

Mary Loomis was listed as 19 years old and a schoolteacher in June of 1860 living with her parents Martin and Phoebe (Safford) Loomis.  I found Samuel More on the 1850 census living with his father James More and siblings. This would be in New York.

In the book the History of Muskegon County at the Hackley Library in Muskegon under Casnovia Township, page 108 it lists:

 Samuel M. Moore was born Otsego Co., N.Y., May 9th, 1836, and settled on section 23, Casnovia, in June 1872. He was married June 30th 1861, to Mary Loomis, who was born Dec. 25th, 1840.  They have two children.

Now I do not know who gave this information.  I have them married in 1860 with their first child being born in 1861.  I thought that Samuel was born in Oswego County, New York.

Their children were Alton George Moore b. New York June 3, 1861 d. Casnovia, MI August 2, 1926. Martin Moore b. January 3, 1864 New York d. Casnovia, MI. December 15, 1874. Ada Moore b. Casnovia, MI June 23, 1872 d. November 27, 1874. All of the above are buried at Seaman Cemetery.  Myrtie Ileta Moore b September 24, 1878 Dubuque, Iowa d July 12, 1965 Sparta, MI. 

Sam and Mary had Alton and Martin when they moved to MI., Ada was born June 23, 1872 so Mary must have traveled while she was pregnant.  Martin and Ada died in 1874 of Typhoid Fever.  My Great Grandmother Mary (Loomis) Moore went to visit cousins (wish I had a name) in Iowa and discovered that she was pregnant. She stayed there until my Grandmother Myrtie was born September 24, 1878.

Samuel brought cemetery plots at Seaman Cemetery. Now Mary, Martin and Ada are buried there according to a page I copied from the library.  There was no marker as they were too poor to afford one.  My mother remembers going to the cemetery in the horse and buggy with her parents Myrtie (Moore) Smith and Franklin B. Smith to visit the graves.  My cousin Ellen (Murray) Tibbe, my Mom and I went to the caretakers (of the cemetery) house and he said that Samuel was not buried there.  I mentioned something about a backhoe to find out for sure.  He called Ellen a few days later and said that he had found that Samuel was buried there, now I have found a death record for Mary in Kent County, Martin and Ada in Muskegon County, but I can not come up with a death record for Samuel in either Muskegon or Kent Counties.  We had a stone placed there a few years ago with all four names and dates on it, now I am beginning to wonder if Samuel is really buried there.  No one in the family remembers that he died anywhere else than his home.  I have a mystery to solve. Any suggestions?  He died March 15, 1904.

Myrtie Moore married Franklin B. Smith April 28, 1897. I have a scrap of paper that John from the Hackley Library gave me and I think it says John H Maynard married them at Sparta.

Franklin B. Smith is the son of Edwin Franklin Smith and Jemima Elizabeth Bowman. Edwin and Jemima came to Casnovia from Ohio in 1881. Edwin had a General Store in Casnovia. 

They had Gerald Smith, Ellsworth Smith and Florine Ileta Smith. Florine is my Mom and she married Morton R. Thompson October 19, 1935.

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