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Mouthof White River School
1926  and 1929


From Karen Ray-

My mother, Eleanor Framke, lived in Montague 1925-1929 and attended the one room Mouth School, being taught by Mrs. Buttleman.  I have in my posession a very clear photo of what Mom calls an "Arbor Day Picnic".  The date is 1926 or 27.  The photo is students, their families, teacher & principal on the steps of the school.  Mom can recall many of the names, but not all. Hopefully others might recognize some of the names and enjoy the photo and be able to fill in names that are still missing.

I have found the best method to name persons in a group photo is to scan a copy of the photo, put a piece of white paper over the scan, hold up to a window & make a silhouette drawing.  Then I number the silhouettes & name them per number.

So, here is the photo, the numbered silhouette, and the names of those my Ma could recall.  I sure hope someone will see the photo & help w/the unknowns.  I'm sure once my Ma hears the names she will definitely remember them.

If you recognize anyone or have info to share, please email-
Karen Ray

                              MOUTH OF WHITE RIVER SCHOOL
                                          MONTAGUE, MICHIGAN
                                         ARBOR DAY PICNIC  1926

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1. (Given name unknown)  FLOYD
2. Martha (SURNAME unknown – came from Switzerland)
3. (Given name unknown) FLOYD
4. (Given name unknown) FLOYD
5. Eleanor FRAMKE
8. (Given name unknown) FLOYD
10. Mr. John Johleman – school principal
11. Lorraine BARNERD
12. Mildred GROW
13. Mary BARNERD
14. Mrs. GROW (or her sister)
15. Albert (SURNAME unknown – came from Switzerland)
16. (possibly) Mrs. BARNERD
19. Mother of the children from Switzerland
20. Daughter of 19 and sister to 2 & 15
21. Clayton (or Clinton) FLOYD
22. Mrs. PENNEY
23. Mrs. GROW (or her sister)
25. Mrs. Gertrude BUTTLEMAN – teacher
26. Cora STONE
27. Mrs. FLOYD
28. (Given name unknown) FLOYD
29. Mr. FLOYD
31. Mrs. MAHONEY
32. Jerome BARNARD
33. Martha MAHONEY
34. Grandmother to  33
35. Pauline FRAMKE (grandmother to 5, mother-in-law to 36)
36. Marie FRAMKE
38. (Given name unknown) CRISS
39. Mrs. CRISS
40. Mr. Pope
41. Mrs. Pope
44. this man or #45 -  Mr. Marley Jackson
45. this man or #44  - Mr. Marley Jackson
Some of the other people in the photo, but can’t put the face to the name are:  Mrs. JOHLEMAN, Mrs. LANGEMAN, Mrs. WEBBER, Joe MAHONEY, & Mrs. Mable MAHONEY  It is believed that the family from Switzerland was related to the WEBBER family.

The tree at right side of photo w/the hats hanging on it had just been planted that day in celebration of Arbor Day.

Some of the adults in the photo did not have children who attended the school, but were from the community & would attend functions held at the Mouth School.

Here is photo #2 and names of children as best remembered.  It was taken the same day as the one w/all the families & friends - Arbor Day 1926.  Ma is pretty sure it was 1926 rather than 1927.

                            MOUTH OF WHITE RIVER SCHOOL
                                        MONTAGUE, MICHIGAN
                                       ARBOR DAY PICNIC 1926

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1st row – David BARNERD, Eleanor FRAMKE, Lorraine BERNERD

2nd row – Unknown given name FLOYD, Unknown given name FLOYD, Albert UNKNOWN SURNAME, Martha UNKNOWN SURNAME, Mary BARNERD

Boy sitting between 2nd & 3rd rows – Paul BARNERD

3rd row – Mrs Gertrude BUTTLEMAN-teacher, Martha MAHONEY, Unknown boy, Unknown given name FLOYD, Mildred GROW

4th row – Clayton (or Clinton) FLOYD, Jerome BERNERD

Tree at the right was planted that day in celebration of Arbor Day.

Here is the 3rd photo of Mouth School.  It is clearly marked 1929.

                           MOUTH OF WHITE RIVER SCHOOL
                                      MONTAGUE, MICHIGAN
                                             SEPTEMBER 1929

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Girl on stump – Jean (Unknown Surname)

1st row – David BARNERD, Roy BAKER, Mary BARNERD, Lorraine BARNERD

2nd row – Dorothy BAKER, Mildred GROW, Eleanor FRAMKE, Paul BARNERD, Mrs. Gertrude BUTTLEMAN-teacher

3rd row – Martha MAHONEY

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