Muskegon Marriages Index
Muskegon County Marriage Records - Liber II
Abstracted Records from the Marriage Books
Transcribed by William Moore

Notes from Bill:
These are taken from the microfilm of the actual official county records.  If anyone wants a copy of the record, they can be obtained from the county,  Hackley Library, the Genealogy Society or Bill can make a copy, since  paper copies of the actual microfilm images can be made.

Most of the handwriting is very legible - a few names were hard to decipher, I have done my best based on my recognition of local names.  Whenever a  spelling is obvious in the record, but different from the normal spelling, I  have retained what the record showed and have resisted the temptation to alter history.  I am not sure what "not a widow"  "a maid" or "spinster" means for some listed ladies.

If you would like to be listed as a researcher for any of the listed marriages, email Patti with the names of the spouses, your name and email. Please include in the note that they are from the transcribed marriages.

Currently, there are 548 Marriages listed.

Ackerman - Avery
Bachelor - Bjornsta Black - Buel Buker - Bytwerk
Cady - Compton Conklin - Cysson(?)
Dacy - Dykema
Eakermans - Eyke
Fagan - Furgerson
Gaffield - Gustavis
Haan - Hildebrand Hill - Hutchinson
Israelson - Israelson
Jackson - Jurgensen
Kain - Kuizenga
Lalande - Lyons
Magnuson - Mills Mills - Myers
Nefer - Notingham
Obeke - Owen
Palmer - Polhamer Polite - Prow
Rackey (Tuttle) - Ruprecht
Salamanson - Sipps Sissing - Stinson St'Jermmedebauvay - Switzer
Tallant - Tyndal
Underhill - Utter
Valiere - Vos
Wagenaar - Wiersema Wiersum - Wyn
Yeager - Yter
Zack - Zuidema

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