Monroe County Cemeteries
Monroe County, Michigan Cemetery Listings

Below is the list of Monroe County Cemeteries. If you have a headstone photo of a person who is buried in one of the Cemeteres listed below, please contact Janet Kwasniak

Name of Cemetery Township Cemetery Photo Page
Ash Center (Old Ash) Cemetery Ash None Available
Bedford Memorial Cemetery Bedford BEDFORD
Brigham Cemetery Erie BRIGHAM
Carleton Cemetery Ash CARLETON
County Line Cemetery London None Available
Doty Cemetery Raisinville None Available
Erie Union Cemetery Erie ERIE UNION
Evergreen Cemetery Ash None
Gethsemane Cemetery Raisinville GETHSEMANE
Grafton Cemetery Ash None Available
Hitchcock Cemetery Bedford HITCHCOCK
Keeney Cemetery Erie None
King Cemetery Raisinville None Available
Lambertville Cemetery Bedford LAMBERTVILLE
LaSalle Twp (Protestant) Cemetery LaSalle LA SALLE
Logan Cemetery Summerfield LOGAN
Lulu Cemetery Ida LULU CEMETERY
Maple Grove Cemetery Dundee None Available
Maplewood Cemetery Ida MAPLEWOOD
McIntyre Cemetery Raisinville None Available
Monroe Twp Cemetery Monroe MONROE TOWNSHIP
Neriah Cemetery Ida NERIAH
North Side Cemetery Exeter NORTHSIDE
Oak Grove Cemetery Petersburg None Available
Old City (Burial Ground) Cemetery Monroe OLD CITY
Old St. Charles Cemetery Berlin OLD ST. CHARLES
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Resurrection) Bedford OUR LADY of MT. CARMEL
Pleasant View Cemetery Summerfield PLEASANT VIEW
Potter Cemetery Ash None
Rice Cemetery Milan None Available
Richardson Cemetery Ida RICHARDSON
Riverside Cemetery Berlin None
Roselawn Memorial Park Cemetery LaSalle ROSELAWN MEMORIAL PARK
St. Alphonse Cemetery Summerfield None
St. Anthonys Cemetery Bedford ST. ANTHONY'S
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery Erie ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery Monroe ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC
St. Joseph (Maybee Catholic) Cemetery Exeter ST. JOSEPH
St. Joseph Cemetery Ida ST. JOSEPH
St. Marys Cemetery Milan None Available
St. Patricks Cemetery Ash ST. PATRICK'S
St. Pauls Cemetery Monroe ST. PAULS LUTHERAN
Sandy Hill Cemetery Exeter None Available
Spaulding Cemetery Milan None Available
Summerfield Cemetery Summerfield None
Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery Monroe TRINITY LUTHERAN
Van Auken Cemetery Whiteford None Available
Whiteford Union Cemetery Bedford WHITEFORD
Wing (Petersburg Village) Cemetery Summerfield WING
Woodland Cemetery Monroe WOODLAND
Zion Lutheran Cemetery Monroe ZION LUTHERAN
Zion Lutheran Cemetery Ida ZION LUTHERAN