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Like seventy five percent of America's museums, The Mayville Area Museum of History and Genealogy is a "small" museum, in that is has a regular operational staff of less than five people and serves a comparatively rural base. Better known as simply the "Mayville Museum", it paints a historical portrait and tells the pioneering story of Mayville, Michigan and it's surrounding villages of Fostoria, Silverwood, and tiny Juniata.

Located in the base of Michigan's "Thumb" region, the area was pioneered in the mid 1850s and supported a strong agricultural economy into the middle of the 20th century. With the decline of area farming in the 1970s, our area has become a bedroom community for autoworkers working in Saginaw, Flint and Pontiac, as well as many who are employed in health care and other area industries.

The Mayville Museum exists to chronicle the evolution of our community from forested frontier to 21st century living.

It is said that a walk through our museum is like walking down the streets of Mayville or Fostoria--you'll likely know or remember almost every person or name that you encounter. This is one of the wonderful benefits of small town living.

We urge you to make time to come (bring the whole family) and browse through our museum, soon. Now, take a few moments to take in the pages of our website.


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