Edward Johnson


Portrait And Biographical Record Of Northern Michigan
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Record Publishing Co., 1895

Edward Johnson is a contractor for painting and house decorating, and the manufacturer of Johnson's Mixed Paints. His business is large and constantly increasing, and he enjoys an enviable reputation as a skilled workman, and one who carries out to the letter his contracts and agreements. He has finished most of the fine residences in Manistee, as well as in adjoining towns. With the exception of the years 1892-93, when he worked in Chicago, he has spent his whole mature life in this city, where his services are always in great demand.

A native of northern Norway, Mr. Johnson was born June 30, 1856. He obtained the elements of his education in the schools of the Fatherland, and since coming to the United States has finished his studies in the English tongue. His parents were Isaac and Annie Johnson. The former died in Norway, at the age of forty-eight years, and his widow subsequently married Robert Johnson, who, though bearing the same name, was not a relative of our subject's father. Mrs. Johnson's third marriage, which united her with her present husband, was celebrated in this city, where she is still living. At the age of twelve years, or in 1868, Edward Johnson accompanied his mother to the United States, and came direct to Manistee. He is an only child, there being no others by his mother's succeeding unions.

At the age of eighteen years, Edward Johnson began serving an apprenticeship to the trade which he has since followed, and has steadily worked his way upward from the subordinate position he formerly occupied, until he is accounted one of the leading and influential citizens of this place. In local political affairs he is independent, but on questions of national importance he is a straight Republican. For the past year he has been manager of the Manistee Opera House, receiving for his service two per cent. of the gross receipts. During the busy season he gives employment to twenty or more hands, and in the winter time retains some five or six assistants. He makes a specialty of the piano finish on hardwood, and excels in his manner of treating frescoes. Fraternally he is identified with the following organizations: the Knights of the White Cross, Knights of the Maccabees, Benevolent Order of Elks, and the F.F. He has held various official positions with the latter organization and with the Maccabees.

Mr. Johnson has been twice married. His first union was with Miss Sarah Thompson, with whom he lived eight years, but the marriage proving uncongenial, a separation and a divorce followed. They were the parents of three children, Albert, Jennie and Edward, the eldest of whom lives with our subject, while the others are with their mother. The present wife of Mr. Johnson is Ida, daughter of Michael Brown, an early settler of this city. Mrs. Johnson is a native of Manistee, and received her education in the public schools.

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