History of Manistee County - Published 1882


With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches
of Some of Its Men and Pioneers.
Published 1882 by H.R. Page & Co., Chicago

Biography Index With link to biography transcriptions, and some photograph links
History of Manistee County

Manistee County Organized
Pre-Historic Remains, General Intelligence and Morality
Acts of Early Supervisors
Election Statistics,Vital Statistics, Liquor Traffic
Woman Suffrage In Manistee County
Manistee County Agricultural Society
History of Manistee City Gen. Cutcheon's History, The Indians, First Whites, The Old House, Capt. Humphry, Reservation, Other White Visitors, Early Settlers, More Early History
History of Manistee City
(Continued) More Early History, The Bar, Manistee In The War, Fire of 1864, Close Of The War - Growth, The Temperance Movement, Churches, Population, Representative District, Finis, Scattering Notes From 1864 to 1868, The Bridge, Manistee in 1868, Sawmills and Lumber
Incorporated as a City
Press of Manistee
Manistee River Improvement Company
The Great Fire of 1871
Bird's-Eye View of Manistee in 1873, List of Business Houses on River Street, Marine List
Manistee Banking Business, U.S. Life Boat Station, Lonely Relics, Public Buildings, Business Blocks
Elegant Residences, Church Societies, Public Schools
Tug Lines
Societies, Heavy Tax Payers of Manistee, The Manistee Light Guard, Lumberman's Exchange
Manistee Railroads, The American Express Company, The Manistee Water Company, Boom Companies
Manistee Lumber Interests
Manistee Salt Interests
Manistee Harbor

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