Miller, Somers, Wilson, Wynn Family Trees

Miller, Somers, Wilson, Wynn Family Trees

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Welcome to my genealogy web site! Hundreds of hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors.
I hope you will benefit from the information I present here.

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Sources used to obtain the information contained in these family trees consist of birth, death & marriage records; as well as national, state, county & city Census data; along with a few Wills, books and family stories; and also my personal knowledge or the personal knowledge of living persons. When no other sources are available, a consensus of information from other multiple family trees and genealogy databases was used.


Rev. Van & Mary Miller (1870s)

These are my great, great, grandparents from Indiana. I love this old photo of them pretending to be in a canoe.
Discovering this photo is what led me to search for other members of my family tree.

Some noteworthy names in these family trees...

Sir John Wynne, Baronet (1553-1637), descendant of Welsh King Rhodri ap Mawr Rhodri the Great
Lord Mayor Robert Wynne (1563-1609), Lord Mayor of Canterbury, England, died of The Plague
Major Joshua Wynne (1663-1715), Virginia Sheriff, Judge, Indian Interpreter; Murdered by Indians
Colonel William Wynne (1699-1778), Virginia Surveyor, Vestryman, Tobacco Farmer, owned 90,000 acres
Captain William Wynne II (1729-1808), Captain in American Revolution, built William Wynn's Fort in Virginia

Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727), Father of Modern Science
John Conduitt (1688-1737), Master of England's Royal Mint
John Mildenhall, Jr. (1560-1614), British explorer and first Englishman buried in India
Peter Grubb (1702-1754), owner of celebrated Cornwall Ore Hills, Pennsylvania
John Bartram (1699-1777), the Father of American Botony
William Bartram (1739-1823), America's first Ornithologist

John Bennet (1616-1695), 1st Baron Ossulston, England
Lord Charles Bennet (1674-1722), Lord Ossulston and the 1st Earl of Tankerville, England
Hon. John Wallop (1690-1762), 1st Earl of Portsmouth, England and Governor of the Isle of Wight
Hon. Henry Wallop (1743-1794), Royal Groom of the Bedchamber to the Duke of Cumberland and to King George III
Hon. John Charles Wallop (1767-1853), 3rd Earl of Portsmouth, England; declared insane

Captain Jean Baptiste Louis DeCourtel Marchand (1690-1722), French commander of Fort Toulouse in Alabama
Sehoy I (1702-1772), Indian princess of the prestigious Wind Clan (Hutalgalgi), the highest ranking tribe of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation
Red Shoes (1720-1784), Indian Chief of the prestigious Wind Clan (Hutalgalgi) of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.
Lachlan Liath McGillivray (1718-1799), Scot of the Clan MacGillivray Chiefs Lineage, part of the Clan Chattan Confederation of the Scottish Highland
Alexander McGillivray (1750-1793), Chief of the Upper Creek (Muscogee) Indians, one of the most powerful and historically important Native American chiefs among the Creek of the Southeast
Chief White Warrior (William McIntosh, 1775-1825), one of the most prominent chiefs of the Creek Nation
Chief Red Eagle (William Weatherford, 1780-1824), famous Indian Chief of the Wind Clan (Hutalgalgi), the highest ranking tribe of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation
David Moniac (1802-1836), first Native American graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point
Osceola (William Powell, 1804-1838), famous influencial leader of the Seminole Indians of Florida

Stephen D. Mendenhall (1803-1893), part of the American Underground Railroad, helping fugitives from the South on their way to freedom
Thomas Corwin Mendenhall (1841-1924), Seismologist, Meteorologist, Alaska's Mendenhall Glacier namesake
Charles Elwood Mendenhall (1872-1935), noted American Physicist
Dorothy Mabel (Reed) Mendenhall (1874-1964), famed American Pathologist
Thomas Corwin Mendenhall, II (1910-1998), President of Smith College, Massachusetts
John Talcott Mendenhall (1913-2003), published paper on medical aspects of the Lewis & Clark Expedition

Edward Paisley (1610-?), of Paisley, Scotland, where the paisley design pattern came from
Sir Henry Gore (born abt. 1694), of Gore Mount, Ireland
Thomas Sinclair Gore (1820-1858), founder of Gore's Landing at Rice Lake, Ontario, Canada
Frederick W. Barron (1810-1886), proprietor of the Barron School for boys, Gore's Landing, Ontario, Canada
William Sinclair Gore (1842-1919), Surveyor General for British Columbia, Canada
Thomas Sinclair Gore (1869-1955), Opera Star; Architect; builder and owner of the famed Hotel Geneve, Mexico City
Pauline Ingrid (Johnson) Gore (1874-1950), Opera Star
Marie Sinclair (Gore) Somers (1906-1969), Concert Pianist

Capt. Peter Summers (1757-1837), American Revolutionary War Soldier
Rev. Adam Miller (1781-1854), Renowned Baptist Minister of Cass County, Michigan
Rev. John Prior Miller (1809-1889), Famed Pioneer Minister in Michigan

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