Clearwater Township Deaths

Clearwater Township Deaths

1918 – 1932

Kalkaska County, Michigan


     These deaths were copied from the “Register of Deaths” from October 30, 1918 – July 11, 1933, and copied from the typed record of Mrs. Nora Brewer Everett made on July 11, 1933. The transcription looks to contain the birth of the parents of the deceased. Copies of these death records that may contain correct and/or additional information may be obtained by sending $10.00 to the Kalkaska County Clerk, P.O. Box 10, Kalkaska, MI 49646. Be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope as a courtesy.


Alberts, Francis; died February 6, 1921; age 3 years, 1 month, 21 days; son of Whitney

     and Sarah (Marsh) born Michigan; buried Freesoil.


Atkinson, John F.; died October 18, 1925; age 55 years; born New York; son of Jesse

     John and Emma (Dunrea) born New York and ?; buried Long Lake.     


Ayers, Agnes; died October 6, 1924; age 1 month; daughter of Percy and Mamie

     (Vickers) born Michigan and Kentucky; buried Star Township.


Baily, Samuel; died May 22, 1920; age 82 years; Methodist Preacher; born Allegan

     County; son of Joe; buried Kalkaska.


Baker, Margarette E.; died May 11, 1921; age 52; wife of Jesse; born Michigan; daughter

     of Francis Margold and ? born France; buried Kalkaska.


Bales, Stillborn; died September 30, 1921; daughter of George and Ruth (Tomlinson)

     born Randolph County Indiana and Jay County Indiana; buried Clearwater.


Barber, William Henry; died May 6, 1932; age 71 years, 10 months, 14 days; born

     Lansing; son of John and Jenneth Barber born Hartford, Connecticut and Redfield,

     New York; buried Clearwater Cemetery.


Blissett, Archie Dine; died January 13, 1933; age 18 years, 3 months, 20 days; son of

     George Allen and Elretta (Laper) born Portage City, Wisconsin and Hanover,

     Michigan; buried Clearwater.


Boches (Bockes), Margaret Emily; died September 11, 1920; age 76 years, 4 months, 7

     days; wife of W.H. Bockes; born Ohio May 4, 1834; daughter of Zimri Cook and

     Elizabeth (Brown) each born New York; buried Williamsburg.


Brigham, Jesse; died June 3, 1925; age 83 years; 7 months, 24 days; born Stuben County,

     Indiana; son of ?? and Anna (Arnold); buried Kalkaska; wife Mary.


Brookmayer, William; died June 15, 1922; age 80 years, 8 months, 29 days; born

     Germany; son of Charles and Margaret (Eisenhardt) born Germany; buried Barker



Brown, Stillborn; died August 20, 1920; son of Herman and Maude (Chompony?) born

     New York and Ohio; buried Clearwater.


Burlingame, Stillborn; died July 13, 1921; son of Arthur and Margaret (Fahanctalk?) born

     Lake County Michigan and Paulding County Ohio; buried Clearwater.


Carothers, Frank; died November 7, 1927; born June 2, 1875; son of George W. and

     Catherine (Ullery) born Ohio and Indiana; buried Kalkaska.


Champney, Leona Rosebell; died August 7, 1931; age 22 years, 4 months, 4 days; born

     Clearwater; daughter of Frank and Hattie (Holly) born Ohio and Kent County,

     Michigan; buried Kalkaska.


Chaney, Edwin; died March 23, 1920; born April 14 , 1881 in Ohio; son of John C. and

     Susana (Howel); buried Clearwater.


Clapp, Clayton Welles; died July 29, 1919; age 14 years, 6 months, 18 days; born

     Jackson, Michigan; son of F.H. and Marie Wolcott (Welles) born New York City and

     Waterloo, Iowa; buried New York City.


Cole, Alvah Guy; died November 29, 1922; age 15 years; born Portland, Indiana; son of 

     Thomas William and Sylva (Crawford) born Ohio and Indiana; buried Clearwater.


Cummins, Roy Lester; died March 2, 1925; age 1 month, 16 days; son of Ed and Mary

     (Wilson) born South Haven and Chicago; buried Clearwater.


Cummins, Stillborn; died January 30, 1929; son of Edward and Mary Virginia (Wilson)

     born VanBuren County and Chicago.


Davidson, Fay Lathel; died October 10, 1927; age 3 months, 21 days; son of Aaron and

     Mary (Lambert) born Michigan; buried Boyne City.


Davison, Ebenezer; died March 6, 1920; age 79 years; born New York; son of Withman

     and Dimeras (Leigh) born New York; buried Clearwater Cemetery.


Dempsey, Patrick Joseph; died July 9, 1931; age 77 years, 3 months, 22 days; born

     Ireland; son of Peter and ?? (Lyon) born Ireland; buried Barker Creek.


Dennison, Millard; died May 17, 1926; age 69 years; born Otsego, Michigan; son of

     Collins and Mary Ann (Holt) born New York; buried Kalkaska.


DeWitt, Otto; died June 3, 1927; age 74 years; born Holland; son of Jacob; wife Susan;

     1853; buried Clearwater.


Dockery, Patricia; died December 21, 1923; age 2 hours; daughter of Thomas M. and

     Alice M. (Arnold) born Kalkaska and Grand Traverse Counties.


Dunbar, Harold R.; died August 20, 1929; age 30 years, 3 months, 1 day; born Michigan;

     son of Rolla C. and Minnie (Seller) born Wisconsin and Michigan; buried Traverse



Dundas, Jane; died July 4, 1925; born Ireland, March 24, 1847; daughter of William

     Rennick and Margaret Dundas born Ireland; buried Clearwater.


Ferris, Baby; died December 7, 1924; age 1 days; daughter of Lew and Mattie L. (Birch)

     born Michigan and Kentucky; buried Mancelona.


Findley, Ennis; died March 14, 1919; age 72 years; born Jay County, Indiana; son of

     William and ?? (Arnolds); buried Kalkaska.


Finney, Joseph; died May 2, 1919; age 76 years, 7 months, 12 days; born Ohio; son of

     John and Rebecca (Byris) born Ohio and ?; buried Clearwater Cemetery.


Finney, Providence; died February 23, 1920; age 70 years, 8 months, 15 days; wife of

     Joseph Finney; born Ohio; daughter of Bennett Dynes and Prudence (Whittaker) born

     Ohio and Kentucky; buried Clearwater Cemetery.


Fleming; died December 21, 1923; age ?; daughter of Thomas and Ethel (Finney) born

     Kentucky and Indiana.


Frederick, Lura; died July 8, 1921; age 67 years; wife of John; born Stuben County, New

     York; daughter of Francis Peck born New York and ?; buried Clearwater.


Gable, Ella; died May 8, 1925; age 30 days; daughter of John P. and Marine (Williams)

     born Michigan and Halifax, Pennsylvania; buried Kalkaska.


Gardner, George D.; died July 12, 1926; age 82 years; born Ohio; son of Stephen B. and

     Catherine (Hand); buried Clearwater.


Ghering, George; died May 15, 1924; age 48 years; wife Mary; born Fulton, Ohio; son of

     ? and Elizabeth Miller born Switzerland and Ohio; buried Clearwater.


Gibbons, Alma Monel; died February 23, 1919; age 14 years, 6 months, 17 days; buried 

     Grayling; daughter of Ashley and Fanise (Richardson) b Wisconsin and New York.


Gillett, Mary; died November 1, 1919; age 76 years; husband Eli; born Kent, England;

     daughter of William Bolton and Pricella (Buckman) each born England; buried



Green, Elnore Elaine; died May 1, 1922; age 14 days; daughter of Elmer E. and Bertha A.

     (Bailey) born New York and Luce County Michigan; buried Clearwater.


Gregory, Floyd; died November 3, 1924; age 2 hours; son of Floyd and Beatrice

     (Watson) born Michigan and Mancelona; buried Mancelona.


Grove, Gilbert; died May 25, 1926; age 95 years; born Ohio; buried Traverse City.


Guy, Malena Francelia; died April 1, 1927; age 59 years, 8 months, 25 days; born 

     Pennville, Indiana; daughter of James Crawford and ?? born Ohio and Blackford,

     Indiana; husband Charles F.; buried Rapid City.


Guy, Mary; died April 14, 1931; age 70 years, 14 days; born Paulding County, Ohio;

     buried Clearwater.


Hagerman, James Perry; died October 28, 1932; age 78 years, 10 months, 2 days;

     husband of Martha Jane.


Hagerman, Martha Jane; died November 22, 1925; age 73 years, 1 month, 17 days; born

     Williams County, Ohio; daughter of Sanders Fletcher and Sarah (Laughlin) born

     Pennsylvania; buried Rapid City.


Harris, Charles Leroy; died February 28, 1921; stillborn son of Earl and Helen (Blunt)

     born Michigan; buried Mancelona.


Harter, William; died August 5, 1921; age 61 years; born Purnam County, Ohio; son of

     Samuel and Hester (Anderson) born Virginia and ?; buried Clearwater.


Hollis, George R.; died November 25, 1930; stillborn son of William Adelbert and Lena

     Amelia (Peters) born Michigan.


Holly, Joseph F.; died August 24, 1920; age 65 years, 10 months; born Michigan October

     24, 1857; son of James and Jane (Quish) born Ohio; buried Bellaire.


Hoopfer, Phoebe Amelia; died February 25, 1931; age 82 years, 3 months; husband

     Gilbert H.; born New Brunswick; daughter of Daniel S. Wiggins and Elizabeth

     (Stone) born same; buried Westwood.


Irish, Bertha S.; died May 19, 1921; age 47 years; born Ingham County; daughter of

     James H. and Eva M. (Strong) born Logan County Ohio and Jackson County

     Michigan; buried Clearwater.


Irish, James Fred; died November 6, 1921; born Ingham County March 9, 1884; son of

     James and Emaline (Stroope) born Ohio and ?; buried Clearwater.


Irish, James H.; died June 8, 1921; age 78 years, 2 months; born Logan County, Ohio,

     April 8, 1843; son of Talcott and Sally (McNeal); buried Clearwater.


Johnson, Francis Olin; died January 2, 1928; age 76 years, 1 month, 29 days; born Leon,

     Cattarasqua County, New York; son of Alvah and Lucretia M. (Nichols) born Otsego,

     New York and Middlebury, New York; buried Rapid City.


Jourdau, Mary; died January 29, 1919; age 37 years, 6 months, 0 days; wife of Edward;

     buried Clearwater; daughter of John Hilerbrout; born Austria


Justice, Willis; died February 14, 1926; age 3 days; son of John and Florence (Brancen)

     born Kentucky and Michigan; buried Mancelona.


Kirkpatrick, David; drowned July 3, 1921; age 18 years; son of D. Reid and Stella (Snell)

     born Indiana and Ohio; buried Clearwater.


Kirkpatrick, David Reid; died November 14, 1924; age 55 years; born Indiana; son of

     David K. and Elizabeth (Reid); buried Clearwater.


Kite, John Baker; died December 3, 1922; age 65 years; born Champaine County, New

     York; son of Benjamin F. and Isabelle (Offenback) born Ohio; wife of Lucina; buried



Lacure, Louis; died June 29, 1930; age 80 years, 10 months, 18 days; born Albany, New

     York August 11, 1849; son of ?? born Montreal, Canada and ??; buried Rapid City.


Lamb, Ann Eliza; died October 28, 1924; age 73 years; born Canada; daughter of Mr.

     Fowler born England and ??; buried Clearwater.


Lamb, Jacob; died January 6, 1920; age 70 years, 7 months, 26 days; born Canada; buried

     Clearwater Cemetery.


Lee, Gladis; died November 10, 1925; age 18 days; child of Robert and Ala (Brawkam)

     born Kentucky and Ohio; buried Alba.


Lee, Glenn; died November 6, 1925; age 14 days; child of Robert and Ala (Brawkam)

     born Kentucky and Ohio; buried Alba.


Letherby, John H.F.; died August 28, 1919; age 84 years; resident 40 years; born

     England; son of John and Mary (Hunt) born England and ?; buried Kalkaska.


Madagama, Mildred; died probably May 1924; born April 5, 1924; daughter of Edmund

     M. and Minnie (Snyder); Indiana; buried Mancelona.


Madayma, Stillborn; died May 19, 1923; Indian; born Mancelona Camp; son of Edmond

     and Minnie (Snider) born Michigan and Kalkaska.


Manley, Alice; died October 11, 1924; age 62 years;  born Oswego County, New York;

     daughter of Chris. VanBuren and Mary (Scriber) born New York and ?; buried



Mason, Charlotte; died March 11, 1930; age 73 years, 2 days; born Waukesha County,

     Wisconsin; daughter of Joseph Vorleg born England; husband John; buried



Mason, John; died July 28, 1931; age 73 years, 11 months, 8 days; born Canada; son of

     John and ?? (Field) born England and Canada; buried Williamsburg.


Mathews, Henry Edgar Defort; died February 12, 1919; age 58 years, 4 months, 28 days;

     husband Hancett; born New York; son of Mitchell and Sophia (Beneway) born

     Canada; buried Clearwater Cemetery.


Matthews, Victor; died May 15, 1920; age 73 years, 3 months, 15 days; born New York

     January 31, 1845; son of Mitchell and Sophia (Benaway) born Canada; buried

     Clearwater Cemetery.


McFarren, Celia; died March 29, 1919; age 52 years; born Wisconsin; daughter George

     B. Blisset and Sarah (Allen) born New York and Canada; buried Clearwater.


McMullen, Daniel; died April 23, 1921; age 59 years, 8 months, 14 days; son of John and

     Adeline born Ireland and ?; buried Oakwood (Traverse City?).


Medacco, Kattie; Indian; died October 30, 1918; age 35 years; buried Kalkaska.


Middaugh, William; died December 19, 1929; age 48 years; buried Kalkaska.


Moran, Martin; died September 11, 1921; age 54 years, 1 months, 4 days; born Kentucky;

     son of Martin and Margaret (Camp) each born Ireland; buried Barker Creek.


Mosier, Ellen; died April 19, 1924; age 43 years; husband Theo.; born Michigan;

     daughter of Chris. Chisholm and Margarite (Hoffman born Scotland and Canada;

     buried Clearwater.


Newton, Opal Lois; died August 3, 1931; age 4 years, 6 months, 10 days; daughter of

     Lewis J. and Ola (Harger) born Hudsonville and Morenci, Michigan; buried Rapid



Norris; Fannie Maria; died January 2, 1932; age 84 years; 11 months, 20 days; born New

     York; husband Albert; buried Long Lake Cemetery.


Odiome, Jennie; died March 19, 1919; age 32 years; born Kalkaska; wife of Glen;

     daughter of John Leuce and Cornelia (Hoover), each born Holland; buried Kalkaska.


Ousterhout, Myria M.; died February 8, 1919; age 38 years, 2 months, 13 days; wife of

     Travers; buried Sterling; daughter of George Simpson


Packer, Oscar; died July 19, 1921; age 10 months and 4 days; son of Clyde and Eva B.

     (Pitman) born Rapid City and Indiana; buried Clearwater.


Parker, Levi D.; died November 8, 1924; age 52 years; wife of Emily; born Pennsylvania;

     son of Willard and Liddy (Brown) born Pennsylvania; buried Mancelona.


Paul, Clara C.; died November 12, 1924; age 8 months, 14 days; daughter of Eli and

     Clara (Prickard) born Michigan and Virginia; buried Mancelona.


Paul, Julius; died August 30, 1925; age 22 days; son of Eli and Clara (Prichard) born

     Michigan and West Virginia; buried Mancelona.


Peck, Elizabeth; died November 30, 1927; age 65 years, 4 months, 17 days; husband

     Elmer; born Ontario, Canada; daughter of John Way and Elizabeth Way born England

     and Canada; buried Clearwater.


Peck, William; died February 18, 1920; age 65 years, 7 months, 12 days; born Stuben

     County, New York; son of William and Caroline (Randall) born New York; husband

     of Carolyn; buried Clearwater.


Persons, George W.; died June 10, 1919; age 75 years, 1 month, 6 days; born New York;

     son James and Anne (Cole) born ? and New York; buried Kalkaska.


Psasha, John; died August 13, 1922; age 91 years; born Oceana County; son of John and

     Martha (Macopin); buried Kalkaska.


Rattray, Elizabeth Ann; died September 4, 1926; age 16 days; daughter of Milo and

     Angie A. (Peck) born Chelsea and Kalkaska County; buried Clearwater.


Rattray, Elizabeth; died June 3, 1927; age 73 years; born Scotland; daughter of Alex.

     Stephens and Belle (Wallace) born Scotland; husband John; buried Clearwater.


Reynolds, Stillborn; died April 11, 1919; daughter of Herbert and Dotty (Wise), born 

     Ohio and ?; buried Clearwater Cemetery.


Rickers, Julius P.; died May 1, 1929; born Danish Province February 15, 1857; son of

     Magnus T. and Catherine (Wilkins) born same; buried Clearwater.


Rickers, William; died November 26, 1928; age 71 years, 9 months, 11 days; born

     Holstein, Germany; son of Magnus and Catherine (Wilkins) born Germany; buried



Ritter, Donald D.; died November 3, 1920; age 3 months, 3 days; son of David and Virlie

      (Goss) born Kalkaska and Antrim Counties; buried Clearwater.


Rulison, Lydia; died September 27, 1919; age 73 years, 7 months, 24 days; born Canada;

     husband Charles; daughter Ellas Campbell and Malena (Chamberlain) each born



Seabolt, Elizabeth Francis; died April 28, 1932; age 76 years, 11 months, 29 days; born

     New York; daughter of Elsworth Babcock and Mary A. (Werry) born New York;

     husband Alonzo; buried Kalkaska.


Seabolt, Stillborn; died April 7, 1927; daughter of Frederick M. and Edith M. (Bennett)

     born Michigan; buried Clearwater.


Shammers?, Charles; died probably October 1924; age 13 years; born Montcalm County,

     Michigan; son of Charles and Malice (Oliver) born New York and Canada; buried



Shavano, Simore; died August 15, 1925; age 6 months; son of Jacob and Agnes (Jackson)

     born Michigan; buried Mancelona.


Simmons, Lydia Rice; died March 18, 1932; age 85 years; born Indiana; daughter of

     Louis Rice and Esther (Warner) born New York and ?; husband J.B.; buried



Smith, Cora; died July 10, 1921; age 10 years, 2 months, 4 days; daughter of William and

     Mary (Russette) born Michigan; buried Mancelona.


Smith, Edward; died May 6, 1930; age 86 years, 2 months, 5 days; wife Anna; born New

York; son of Peter and Louisa (Blair) born Canada; buried Barker Creek.


Snell, Margarette; died August 21, 1930; age 77 years; born Dark County, Ohio; daughter

     of Elias Wenger and Katie (Sherk) born Pennsylvania; buried Winchester, Ohio.


Snyder, Orville; died September 28, 1925; age 9 months, 4 days; son of Jesse and Sara

     (Lombert) born Michigan and Kentucky; buried Mancelona.


Stratton, David W.; died May 10, 1921; age 75 years; born Ohio; son of Harrison and

     Clara (Conger) born Ohio and New York; buried Leetsville.


Stupon, Toney; died February 7, 1925; age 47 years, 3 months, 22 days; born Russia?;

     buried Mancelona.


Sutton, Stillborn; died January 12, 1931; stillborn son of Samuel Henry and Bertina May

     (Lavanway) born Antrim County; buried Rapid City.


Talowskie, Steve; died November 26, 1924; age 42 years; born Russia; buried



Thornberg, Sirrella R.; died August 8, 1924; age 48 years; born Rudolph County,

     Indiana; daughter of George W. Bales and Julia (Courtner) born Tennessee and ?;

     buried Clearwater.


Turk, Walter; died March 16, 1920; age 77 years, 4 months, 5 days; born New York; son

     of Alexander and Polly A. (Humphrey) each born New York; husband of Deborah;

     buried Clearwater.


Van, Wilberta Mary; died November 30, 1932; age 4 months; daughter of Charles and

     Mary (Lathron) born Antrim County and Fremont, Michigan.


VanBuren, Ethal May; died September 1, 1920; age 34 years, 11 months, 15 days; wife 

     of Charles E.V.; born September 18, 1885; daughter of Peter Riley and Millie

     (Chadman) born Michigan; buried Clearwater.


VanBuren, Mary E.; died August 29, 1919; age 74 years; wife of Charles; daughter of

     Stephen Scriber and Hattie (Palmer) born New York and ?; buried Kalkaska.


VanCamp, James; died April 28, 1923; age 67 years, 1 months; born October 27, 1855;

     son of Elius and Elizabeth born New York; buried Rapid River.


Vargason, Uriah; died December 15, 1919; age 84 years; husband Eliza; born

     Pennsylvania; son of Horace Howe and Polly born Scotland and Pennsylvania; buried

     Clearwater Cemetery.


Wakefield, Amos; died March 23, 1920; age 90 years; Indian; born Michigan; son of

     Fox; buried Kalkaska.


Warden, Sarah Jane; died December 23, 1919; age 77 years, 8 months, 10 days; born

     Ohio; daughter of Calvin House and Josephine (Bellas) each born New York; buried



Way, Lewis; died June 16, 1926; age 75 years, 7 months, 11 days; born Michigan; son of

     Lewis and Clarice (VanCamp) born Canada and ?; buried Oakwood Cemetery.


Way, Minnie A.; died March 26, 1923; wife of George; born May 5, 1868; daughter of

     James R. Dean and Mary (Harlon) born New York and Ohio; buried Clearwater.


Weiss, Roy; died November 20, 1924; age two years, 4 months, 20 days; son of William

     J. and Emma (Meyer) born Michigan and Germany; buried Grayling.


Wicker, Emma; died January 6, 1928; age 73 years, 2 months, 7 days; husband William;

     born Kentucky; daughter of Silas Forest; buried Mancelona.


Wilkinson, George E.; died December 1, 1922; born February 12, 1858 Springwater,

     New York; son of Barnum W. and Cynthia (Gray) born Rochester New York and

     Vermont; buried Clearwater.


Wilson, Cecelia; Indian; died August 10, 1925; age 1 year, 20 months, 10 days; daughter

     of Charles and Annie (Smith) born Michigan; buried Mancelona.


Zimmerman, Ethel Ellen; died May 13, 1926; age 2 days; daughter of Benjamin F. and

     Grace E. (Grove) born Indiana and Michigan; buried Clearwater.



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