Kalkaska Early Births - Miscellaneous Years

Kalkaska Early Births - Miscellaneous Years

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Lane, L. G.; daughter

Billings, J. A.; son
Davis, Myron; baby
Douglas, A. E.; son
Ferguson, C. H.; daughter
Lancaster, Thos.; son
McKay, P. C.; baby
Miley; son
Morgan,Dr.; daughter
Pruden, R. B.; son
Stodard, Wm. A.; daughter
Valleau, John; daughter
Walker, George; daughter

Broomhead, Mr. and Mrs.; baby
Colson, Frank A.; daughter
Crothers, Tim; baby
Foote, G. H.; son
Totten, Will; son
Woodward, Bert

Billings, J. M.; son
Boyd, J. B.; daughter
Crawford, James; son
Crothers, John; daughter
Crothers, Thomas; daughter
Goodrich, L. A.; daughter
Lancaster, Thomas; daughter
McClung, J. F.; daughter
McKay, Pete; son
Parker, George; daughter

1884 - none provided

Bailey, Lewis; daughter
Barnard, Elliott; child
Bellinger, S. D.; son
Billings, J. M.; daughter
Crawford, James; son
Ferguson, C. H.; daughter
Friend, Jacob; son
Fry, George; son
Haynes, S. R.; son
Pipp, Will; child
Reynolds, Uriah; son
Tyler, H. E.; son
White, C. S.; son

Brady, H. L.; child
Buckle, Fred; son
Corpe, Austin; son
Cummiford, John; son
Fessenden, Chester; son
Funk, John; son
Goodrich, L. C.; daughter
Greacen, James; son
Kingsley, C. W.; son
Laubecher, Mr. and Mrs.; son
Oakes, F. W.; daughter
Watson, Edgar; daughter
Wilson, C. F.; son

Allen, Tom; daughter
Andrews, Michael; daughter
Annis, Joe.; daughter
Beaver, Adelbert; son
Brady, H. L.; daughter
Burlingame, George; daughter
Campbell, M.; daughter
Cole, Mr. and Mrs.; daughter
Dick, Wm.; daughter
Gray, J. C.; son
Greacen, James; daughter
Howell, Mr. and Mrs.; daughter
Inslee, William; daughter
Jencks, Elmer; son
Jenkins, Joseph; son
Lampman, O. A.; son
Parker, George; son
Peck, C.; son
Phelps, Will; daughter
Pierson, Charles; son
Rosenberg, D.; daughter
Ryckman, James; daughter
VanEtten, William; son
VanNorstrand, H. H.; son
Watt, John T.; infant

Catton, G. R. -- daughter
Cummiford, John -- son
Doan, Amos - daughter
Hoffman, John -- son
Hubbard, W. F. -- daughter
Ives, William -- daughter
Jamison, T. A. -- daughter
Jencks, C. C. -- daughter
Lampman, -- child
Lehner, M. N. - son
Magee, John - daughter
Metzgar, C. H. - daughter
Munyon, Charles - daughter
Murphy, J. N. -- son
Perkins, W. B. -- son
Pipp, W. H. -- daughter
Ramsey, C. E. -- daughter
Smith, Myron -- daughter
Tinklepaugh, F. S. - son
Utter, Robert - son
Wooden, G. W. - daughter

1889 Births
Barber, A. G.; son
Beebe, Enoch; daughter
Blom, C. S.; daughter
Crawford, James; daughter
Cross, B.; son
Davis, E. I.; son
Ferguson, Will; daughter
Harrington, C. W.; son
James; daughter
Lossing, L. B.; daughter
Palmer, A. E.; daughter
Peck, Elmer; (twins); son/daughter
Pierson, D.; son
Schuert, A. F.; son
Shafer, T.; son
Shoals, Charles; daughter
VanNorstrand, H. H.; son

1890 Births
Cohen, S.; daughter
Crawford, James; daughter
Cronin, C.; daughter
Downen, N.; daughter
Graves, W. H.; daughter
Gray, J. C.; daughter
Higgins, T. B.; son
Hilliker, Andrew; baby
Plant, John; son
Rogers, Harry; son
Ryckman, A. J.; daughter

1891 Births
Ayers, C. E.; son
Beebe, A. C.; daughter
Beebe, Enoch; daughter
Bellisle, T.; twins
Blom, C. S.; son
Catton, Geo. R.; son
Cutcheon, Chas.; son
Fletcher, W.; daughter
Hovey, C. A.; daughter
Hubbard, W. F.; daughter
Kryger, Chris; son
Martindale, Chas.; daughter
McDonald, J. A.; triplets
Parker, Geo.; daughter
Phinney, W. K.; son
Pipp, Will; son
Price, Howard; daughter
Smith, Jas.; daughter
Stratton, John; daughter
Sykes, Noah; son
Totten, W. D.; son
Vrooman, John; son
Wilson, W. J.; daughter

1892 Births
Bemus, O. E.; son
Farrar, Albert; son
Fryhover, Joe; son
Hollis, Henry; son
Kerns, A.; son

1893 Births
Blom, C. S.; daughter
Copeland, Will; daughter
Dean, Chauncey; son
Doherty, A. B.; son
Ferguson, C. H.; son
Goodrich, L. C.; daughter
Hartwell, Ernest; daughter
Hill, Eli; daughter
Lamb, J.; heir
McClelland; son; McFarren, Frank; daughter
Miller, Josiah; son
Moore, Mr. & Mrs.; daughter
Palmer, W. H.; daughter
Sidnaw, Albert; child
Treat, Nelson; son
Vinton, S. M.; daughter
Wells, Miner; daughter
Wilson, W. J.; daughter

1896 Births
Bartholomew, O.; twins
Beaver, Minot; son
Beebe, Enoch; daughter
Caldwell, Allan; daughter
Campbell, Albert; son
Carroll, George; son
Clark, Aldis; son
Davis, Will; son
Dean, Chauncey; son
Elliott, Mr. & Mrs.; son
Fudge, Arthur; son
Funk, John; son
Gates, William; son
Greenman, Ralph E.; son
Hagni, L.; son
Hoag, Menzo; son
Hough, W. H.; son
Jencks, C. C.; son
Johnson, Elmer S.; twins; son and daughter
Moore, Charles; son
Peach, Newell; son
Puffer, George; little one
Reily, Harry; son
Ritter, Albert; son
Scaford, Mr. & Mrs.; daughter
Sherwood, Harry; daughter
Shoels, Frank; daughter
Sieting, Charles; son
Six, Charles; daughter
Sloughten, Frank; child
Spence, Jas.; son
Thompson, Burt; daughter
Thompson, Charles; daughter
Watson, Charles; son
Wealch; daughter
Whipple, Fred; son

1897 Births
Barber, Charles; son
Bassett, F. H.; son
Beach, John; daughter
Bonnel, Arthur; son
Bow, George; son
Chaney, Sam; son
Collar, David; son
Davis, Warren; child
Dean, Martin; daughter
Dick, Thom.; son
Duells, Ben; son
Eddy, Wm.; Grandchild
Gilman, Eugene; son
Glazer, L.; son
Harding, Ed.; son
Irish, Frank; baby
Kryger, C.; daughter
Luther, E. L.; child
Myers, Frank; daughter
Neihardt, S.E.; twin sons
Nelson, Thomas; daughter
Newport, George; daughter
Perrin, E. N.; daughter
Phelps, C. M.; daughter
Rice, Thos.; daughter
Sherwood, C. L.; son
Shiels, Neil; son
Simonson, M.; daughter
Totten, W. D.; son

1898 Births
Bird, Rolla W.; daughter
Chaney, Mr. & Mrs.; child
Douglas, A. E.: son
Fudge, Arthur; son
Gosling, Harry; son
Groner, John; daughter
Johnson, Wm.; son
McCool, Dan; son
Reamer, Charles; son
Schallaski, Otto; daughter
Simpson, John; son
Six, Sam; son
Spencer, Byron R.; son
Totten, Will; son
Whipple, Fred; daughter

1900 Births
Beebe, Orrin; son
Chaney, Wm.; daughter
Cole, Rev. & Mrs. E. L.; daughter
Fessenden, Wilford; son
Halley, H. H.; son
Hoover, W.; son
Irish, Frank; twins
Johnson, E. F.; son
Lawcocks, Mr. & Mrs.; baby
Nelson, Tom; daughter
Rose, Will; daughter
Sherwood, Chas.; twins
Whipple, Mr. & Mrs.; son

BOYNE: Garfield News - "Born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Boyne on Feb. 28, a son, who is called Max Bermont." March 4, 1920

KNISS: Sigma News - "Mr. and Mrs. George Kniss are the proud parents of a seven pound baby boy, born Saturday. Both mother and son are doing fine." April 22, 1920

MARTIN: "A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Martin of Wilson township on Friday, March 12. Mrs. Martin is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Crovenger." March 18, 1920

PACKER: "Rapid City - Clyde Packer is going to strike for higher wages. Another boy has come to his house to stay August 19, 1920 PLANCK: Local Brevities - "Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Planck welcomed an 8-pound girl on Wednesday, May 12." May 13, 1920

PUFFER: "East Boardman - Orange: A little daughter came to gladden the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lensa Puffer Sunday." August 19, 1920

SAXTON: Rapid City - "Word has just reached Rapid City from Troy, Ohio, that the stork has left an 8-1/2 pound girl at Mr. and Mrs. Saxton's home and she has been named Laura Belle." August 12, 1920

UTTER: "Grandpa Robert Utter received a telegram from his son Harry of Detroit last Saturday which read as follows: 'Arrived at 3:00 a.m., nine pound baby boy, named Robert." May 13, 1920

WAGENSCHEUTZ: "Born May 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wagenscheutz a daughter weighing 9 pounds. The little one has been named Dorothy Trinket." May 13, 1920

WAINWRIGHT: "Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wainwright, Jr., on March 16, an 8 pound boy. The little fellow has been named George." March 18, 1920

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