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Boardman Township Cemetery

Compiled by Betty White

Located seven miles south of Kalkaska on US-131, in South Boardman, Michigan. A fire destroyed the records in 1928 so many names are missing from the cemetery records. After the fire, local citizens helped to record the names of many of the deceased in one block. There are many depressions in the earth, indicating there are possible burials with no record to identify them. Some of the people had tombstones and that information is now recorded.

Available at the Kalkaska County Public Library, Genealogical Section.

Aldridge, Blanch
Aldridge, Elbridge E.
Aldridge, Gordon D.
Aldridge, Leah V.
Allen, Virgel (Raymond)
Anderson, Anders B.
Anderson, Emma M.
Anthony, Charlotte
Anthony, Henry N.
Arnett, Mary Helen
Arnett, William H.

Babcock, Luella
Babcock, Ray W.
Bailey, Lyman
Baird, Eva Belle
Baker, Frank
Barber, Eva H.
Barber, Frank
Barber, Fred
Barber, Harriet
Barber, John G.
Barber, Sarah
Barnhart, Charles W.
Beckelic, James
Becker, Alice
Beckman, Henry Mugnus
Beckman, John D.
Beckman, Ruby L.
Beckwith, Rose Ann
Belcher, Kevin Larry
Bellinger, James A.
Bellinger, Lena V.
Bellinger, Lewis D.
Bellinger, Verle
Bird, Ada G.
Blackmer, Stanley
Blackmon, P.
Blanchard, Barbara A.
Blanchard, William H.
Blue, John
Bolton, James
Bonney, Bessie A.
Bonney, Chester W.
Borkowski, Richard
Bosner, George H.
Bosner, Ina A.
Brackenbury, Baby
Brackenbury, Frederick S.
Brackenbury, Josie M.
Brackenbury, Zina
Bradley, Dale D.
Breed, Gerald Lee
Breed, Joyce Marie
Breed, Lilly
Brockway, Bessie
Bromels, Bessie
Bromels, Edward
Bromels, Henry
Bromels, Josephine
Brott, Ada L.
Brott, Charles A.
Brown, Anna E.
Brown, Bertine L.
Brown, Otis E.
Brown, Sidney
Brown, Sidney R.
Brownlee, Robert
Bruce, Clara D.
Burkholder, John R.
Burns, Robert (Guyot)
Burrows, Jack
Bushong, Benjamin B.
Buston, Roger E.
Butler, Jane A.
Butler, Norman
Butler, Ward J.
Butler, William J.

Cady, Myrtle
Campbell, Donald S.
Campbell, Helen M.
Campbell, James J.
Carlton, Philip L.
Carson, Amy Bessie
Carson, Donald J.
Chase, John G.
Chumulswoski, Robert
Clark, Arista O.
Clark, Mary J.
Cluff, Martha A.
Cogswell, Paul Joseph
Colborn, Ada Coline
Colborn, Andrew S.
Colborn, Chester W.
Colborn, Ida E.
Colborn, Nettie Pearl
Colborn, Vernia Mae
Cole, Isaiah J.
Cole, Jessie Almira
Conroy, Frances A.
Cordy, Charles
Coster, James E.
Craft, James
Craft, Milton
Crawford, B. Clare
Creighton, John Wesley
Creighton, Lavircia A.

Dagle, John
Dagle, Mary
Dancingburg, Elizabeth
Dancingburg, George
Darling, Delora A.
Darling, Gilbert
Darling, Harold C.
Darling, Harold Jr.
Darling, John C.
Darling, Mary G.
Darling, Minnie Louise
Davis, James
Davis, Maila (Sibyl)
Davis, Robert W.
Dehart, Margaret
Deike, Kyle Chad
Dick, Baby
Dick, Bertha
Dick, Carrie
Dick, Daniel Ray
Dick, Forest E.
Dick, Frank R.
Dick, Iva B.
Dick, Lottie
Dick, Maryetta
Dick, Susan
Dick, William
Dorman, David F.
Dorman, Frank H.
Dorman, Rosetta R.
Doty, Byron H.
Doty, Christa Maurine
Doty, Christina
Doty, Cyrus B.
Duffy, Owen
Duncan, Frederick B.
Duncan, James
Duncan, James
Duncan, John
Duncan, Kate
Dunham, Albert
Dunham, Jonathan
Dunham, Sarah E.

Ellis, Alvin R.
Ellis, Bessie
Ellis, C. Anna
Ellis, Carroll (Mike)
Ellis, Delores O.
Ellis, Effie L.
Ellis, Ettie A.
Ellis, Frederick D.
Ellis, Leo O.
Ellis, Seth M.
Ellis, Velma
Ellis, Wellington D.
Ely, Alta A.
Ely, Leulla G.
Etzcorn, Frank D.
Etzcorn, Mable E.
Evans, Mabel A.
Evers, Elna
Evers, Infant
Eves, Lura M.
Eves, Marvin William
Eves, William J.
Ewen, Florence M.
Ewen, William J.

Feriend, David Alexander
Filley, Jake
Fincham, Mary E.
Fisher, J.
Fisher, Matilda
Flagg, Maria O.
Flora, Chauncey E.
Ford, Willis P.
Franks, Betty J.
Fryling, Norma L.

Gardner, Anna
Gardner, Catherine
Gardner, Charles R.
Gardner, George M.
Gardner, Howard H.
Gardner, Oral C.
Gardner, Oral C.
Gardner, Orma
Gardner, Warren H.
Garrett, Heather Lynn
Garrett, Kourtni Marie
Gaultier, Christa Gail
Gaultier, Eleanor L.
Gaultier, Vere P. (Tony)
Genevieve, Neva
Gephart, Irene V.
Gerring, Ethel I.
Gerring, Frances J.
Gerring, Harry G. Sr.
Gerring, Harry O.
Gerring, Imogene
Gerring, Juanita
Gerring, Leslie W.
Gerring, Luke E.
Gerring, Mable M.
Gerring, Marjorie
Gerring, Paul C.
Gerring, Robert H.
Gibson, Adah L.
Gleason, Elizabeth
Gleason, Frances B.
Gleason, Henry
Glendening, Charles L.
Glendening, Mary J. (Patterson)
Goodman, Charles F.
Graves, Charles T.
Graves, Frances L.
Graves, Luella H.
Graves, William H.
Green, Nellie T.
Guffler, Tessie
Guyot, Jeanette
Guyot, Mitchell A.
Guyot, Robert M. (Burns)

Hainstock, Effie
Hainstock, Harry
Hainstock, Henry
Hainstock, Robert
Hainstock, Vernon
Hall, Bernard L.
Hall, Bridget Marie
Hall, Dean H.
Hall, Dolly
Hall, Donna L.
Hall, Doyle E.
Hall, Francis
Hall, George F.
Hall, Isabella
Hall, Issac
Hall, Margaret
Hall, Mary J.
Hall, Sarah J.
Hall, Thebis Lee
Hall, Thomas E.
Hall, Vernie M.
Halsted, Verna
Hambel, Lurah A.
Hamilton (Jefford) Minnie L.
Hamilton (Jefford) Robert Ivan
Hamilton, John Henry
Hamilton, Mary M.
Hank, Alvin E.
Hank, Lydia M.
Hart, Adaline M.
Hart, George William
Hart, Julia E.
Hart, Nina A.
Hart, Saloma D.
Harvey, Frederick D.
Harvey, Jessie B.
Harvey, Jessie M.
Harvey, Mable M.
Hayward, Baby
Hayward, Edith J.
Hayward, Eldred M.
Hayward, Foster
Hayward, Georgiana J.
Hayward, Johanna
Hayward, Paul A.
Hayward, Sarah M.
Hayward, William F.
Head, Ada
Head, George W.
Helms, Daniel
Helms, Elizabeth
Helms, Frank
Helms, Rhuana
Helsel, George W.
Helsel, John
Helsel, Kate
Helsel, Leon E.
Hill, Etta
Hill, James
Hittle, Calvin
Hittle, Elmer
Hittle, Emma Jane
Hittle, Mable
Hittle, Otis
Hobbs, Miller
Hogan, Fred L.
Hogerheide, Carl
Hogerheide, Edna M.
Hogerheide, Eman Sr.
Hogerheide, Kim
Hogerheide, Robert M.
Holstine, Basil E.
Holstine, Burton N.
Holstine, Ray
Hoppe, Bertha F.
Hoppe, Carl H.
Hoppe, Herman W. Sr.
Hoppe, Shawn Stanley
Horn, C. Ray
Horn, Jessie M.
Hosler, Fern Adel
House, Affia
House, W. M.
Howe, Henry
Howe, Lorin D.
Howe, Mary A.
Hudson, Belinda E.
Hudson, Clarence G.
Hudson, Gladys M.
Hudson, John R.
Hudson, Marie B.
Hudson, Mary E.
Hudson, Mary J.
Hudson, Ray R.
Hudson, Richard
Hudson, Sarah Elizabeth
Hudson, Vida L.
Hudson, Violet M.
Huff, Elmer W.
Hull, Martha (Rolle)
Hutchins, William R.

Inman, Annie L.
Irish, Polly (Pauline)
Isberg, Anna T.
Isberg, Eric
Ives, Baby Daughter
Ives, Baby Son
Ives, George
Ives, Susan E.
Ives, William Timothy

Jahnson, Fred J.
Jamison, Eva Bell
Jamison, Harry
Jeffers, Charles W.
Jeffers, Essie
Jeffers, Henry
Jeffers, Hugh E.
Jeffers, James Lester
Jeffers, Joseph W.
Jeffers, Josephine
Jeffers, Louisa
Jeffers, Mary A.
Jeffrey, William S.
Johnson, Armina G.
Johnson, Clyde A.
Johnson, Emily E.
Johnson, Glen O.
Johnson, Helen V. (Rolle)
Johnson, Nina E.
Johnson, S. K. (Stephen)
Johnson, Sara A.
Joice, Alta Pearl
Joice, Charles B.
Joice, Clark
Joice, Harlie Robert
Jones, Julia

Keane, M. Maude
Kellogg, Emily
Kerr, Arthur H.
Kerr, George A.
Kerr, Mary Helen (Swanson)
Kibby, Louis M.
Killingsworth, Charles M.
Kimball, Helen E.
Kimball, William H.
Kimble, Richard A.
Kimes, George W.
Kimes, Mary Catherine (Ash)
King, Mary J.
Knapp, Florence L.
Knapp, Frank R.
Knapp, Franklin B.
Knapp, Leland J.
Kolb, Lawrence J.
Kolb, Myrna L.
Krumlauf, Clara
Krumlauf, John
Krumlauf, Kathryn
Krumlauf, Ralph

Labonte, Donald S.
Lake, F. Mildred
Lake, George G.
Lamar, John
Larkin, Ella I.
Larkin, William J.
Larsen, Alexander
Larson, Ada L. (Tennant)
Larson, Alexander
Larson, Andrew J.
Larson, Elizabeth M.
Larson, Ellen
Larson, Hilda C.
Larson, William P.
Leach, Esther M.
Leach, Wesley H.
Leaderson, Annon
Leaderson, Bertha
Light, Robert P.
Ligman, Florence (Hall)
Lile, Allen D.
Lile, Cornelia
Limberg, Cecelia A.
Limberg, Thomas G.
Lindholm, Victor
Lisch, Elizabeth
Lisch, Erenest
Lisch, Herman
Lisch, Herman Z.
Lisch, Lorna G.
Lisch, Max Andrew
Lockwood, Emma L.
Lockwood, Roy C.
Long, Cecil E.
Long, Etta
Lossing, Lonzo B.
Lounsbery, Ada Adelle
Lounsbery, Albert L.
Lounsbery, Clifford
Lounsbery, Ira Eugene
Lounsbery, Stella F.
Lounsbery, Verne
Love, Charles W.
Love, Guy R.
Love, Hally L.
Love, John W.
Love, Mary J.
Love, Minine L. (twin)
Love, Minnie L.
Love, Vera L. (twin)
Love, William A.
Luce, Almeda
Luce, Cornwell
Luce, Ezra G.
Luce, Luella
Luce, Minnie L.
Luce, Sophia M.
Lumbert, Kenneth P.

Mack, Clara D.
Mack, Thomas W.
Magoon, Doyle B.
Magoon, Iven W.
Magoon, John E.
Magoon, Luella
Managhan, Thomas
Mapes, Earl G.
Marks, George E.
Marsh, Ida
Martinson, Evelyn Marie
Martinson, Martin A.
Mason, Cora
Mason, George S.
Mason, Jim
Mason, Margurite C.
Mason, William J.
Maxey, Lola
McCarthy, John A.
McCarthy, Olive M.
McCaslin, Ada Mae
McCaslin, Charles
McCaslin, Jacob E.
McCaslin, Jane E.
McCaslin, Maude J. (Warren)
McClelland, Charles
McClelland, Martha Mary
McCoy, Walter A.
McCrory, Anna M.
McCrory, Carrie E.
McCrory, Dan
McCrory, George W.
McCrory, Jacob
McCrory, Ralph
McLaughlin, Alfred H.
McLaughlin, Henry R.
McLaughlin, Mary
McLean, G. W.
McNair, Charles
McNair, Earl H.
McNair, Jessie
McNair, Kate J.
McNair, Lee Roy
Meade, Andrew J.
Mettlesich, Johnnie
Metzgar, Edna
Metzgar, Frank
Meyer, Millie P.
Miller, Emma E.
Miller, Glen
Miller, Ida May
Miller, John
Miller, Lee J.
Miller, Linda M.
Miller, Nettie M. (Patterson)
Miller, Richard W.
Miller, Richard W.
Mills, Anne D.
Mills, Edwin F.
Mogg, Clara V. (Ellis)
Monette, Edna E.
Monette, Ernest J.
Monette, Garry R.
Monroe, Elliott L.
Monroe, Irma
Monroe, John H.
Monroe, Martha
Murphy, Baby Girl
Murphy, Claude E.
Murphy, Clyde M.
Murphy, Janette A.
Murphy, Mable L.
Murphy, Michael J.
Murray, Charles E.
Murray, Elon
Murray, George
Murray, George E.
Murray, Irene
Murray, Mary
Murray, Mary A.
Murray, Ruth L. (Ireland)
Myers, Arthur W.
Myers, Charles E.
Myers, Emery
Myers, Emory

Neihardt, Addie J.
Neihardt, Addie W.
Neihardt, Carol Ann
Neihardt, Maude M.
Neihardt, Robert E.
Neihardt, S. Emmett (Doctor)
Nelson, Cira
Newland, Chevon Marie
Newland, Richard G.

Nolff, Alba May
Nolff, Chrstian
Nolff, Daniel B.
Nolff, Harold C.
Nolff, John Arthur
Nolff, Opel M. (Allen)
Nolff, Stanley Harrison
Norton, Ruea M.

Oakley, Lizzie
Olin, Albert
Olin, Amanda
Olin, Casper D.
Olin, Della
Olin, Henry G.
Olson, Andrew G.
Olson, Anna C.
Olson, Harmon B.
Olson, Louis A.
Olson, Lura M.

Pardee, Frances (Wonsey)
Parker, Juanita G.
Parker, Wilbert W.
Parmatier, Henry
Parmatier, Stone
Partlo, LeRoy F.
Partlo, Millie M.
Patrick, Howard M.
Patterson, Alice A.
Patterson, Arley V.
Patterson, Armeda
Patterson, Catherine
Patterson, Cora M.
Patterson, Fanny
Patterson, Floyd M.
Patterson, James
Patterson, James H.
Patterson, John C.
Patterson, Marjorie A.
Patterson, Seth S.
Patterson, Syble M.
Patterson, Theresa E.
Paxton, Donald L.
Perkins, Clarence E.
Petty, Ara Jay
Petty, James E.
Petty, Jeannette D.
Petty, Perry S.
Petty, Tessie L.
Petty, Viola
Phelps, William James
Philo, Alfred W.
Philo, Dorothy L.
Philo, F. Lucille
Philo, Hugh (CP)
Philo, Hugh W.
Philo, Mae I.
Philp, Kathryn C.
Philp, Thomas F.
Pierson, Edna
Pierson, Orma
Pierson, Prudy
Pierson, Sarah J.
Pierson, Vernie M.
Pope, Kate B.
Pope, Norman H.
Pozum, Michael
Price, Mary A.
Puffer, Faith
Puffer, George W.
Puffer, Roma A.

Quainton, Susie
Quainton, Vern

Radtke, Carl J.
Ranes, John N.
Ranes, Mildred G.
Rauh, Charles
Raymo, David J.
Raymo, Frances J.
Raymond, Nettie
Raymond, Virgel A.
Record, G. W.
Reid, Isabella
Rhodes, Ella May
Rhodes, Lois L.
Ricard, Ruel K.
Rice, Floyd A.
Rice, Minnie M.
Rice, Raymond K.
Rickard, Axchy
Rickard, George D.
Risk, Charles Garfield
Risk, Christeen
Risk, James M.
Roberts, Sarah Green
Roe, Dewey
Roe, Gladys
Roessler, Frank C.
Roessler, Ruth A.
Rolle, Metha M.
Rolle, Soren M.
Root, Richard
Root, Ruth Effie
Rose, Martha L.
Ross, Connie M. (Captain)
Roundsville, Charles H.
Roundsville, Mary
Russell, James J.
Russell, Jeney
Russell, Margaret M.

Schaefer, Dennis G.
Schaefer, Earl A.
Schaefer, Jana L.
Schamp, Huldah Ann
Schoenemann, Lavirn G.
Scott, Dorothy T.
Scott, Myra L.
Seekman, Glenroe Ellis
Sessions, Charles L.
Sexton, Bennett
Sexton, Effie D.
Sexton, Martin
Sexton, Terrence Scott
Shannon, Anna
Shannon, Ernest
Shannon, Fannie
Shannon, Fred
Shannon, Hugh
Shannon, Louis
Shannon, Phares
Shannon, Ralph C.
Shannon, Roy
Shannon, William
Sharp, Sylvia (Luce)
Sheffer, Robert D.
Sherman, Lura
Sherman, Mary
Sherman, Porter R.
Shingler, Alice
Shingler, Benjamin
Shotten, Stanley
Shuert, Albert F.
Shutts, G. W. S. (Stone)
Shutts, Goerge W.
Skillman, Emma
Skillman, Rollie
Skinner, Earl B.
Skinner, Elizabeth
Skinner, Flora M.
Skinner, John A.
Smith, Amy M.
Smith, Doyle E.
Smith, Flossie I.
Smith, Harmon
Smith, Irieta F.
Smith, Lloyd M.
Smith, Mabel C.
Smith, Mary
Smith, Orman
Smith, Sidney
Smith, William A.
Snyder, Fern A.
Snyder, Rex D.
Snyder, Steven D.
Snyder, Susan J.
St. Aubin, Carl
Staats, Joyce L.
Stahr, Mildred
Stahr, Ralph F.
Steel, Ella M.
Stockwell, Huldah
Stough, Robert F.
Strahan, Fay (Wolf)
Strickler, Anna M.
Strickler, Child
Strickler, Christian W.
Strickler, Ernest C.
Strickler, Grace M.
Sugden, Eva N. (Young)
Sullivan, Carrie
Sundlin, Anna
Swanson, LeRoy
Swanson, Millie
Swanson, Verna E.
Swanson, Viola M.
Swick, Bertha A.
Swick, Calista A.
Swick, Hiram H.
Sylvester, Elizabeth E.
Sylvester, William G.

Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Eunice
Taylor, Ezra
Taylor, Henry P.
Taylor, James
Taylor, Martha A.
Taylor, S. Adelaide
Taylor, William C.
Teal, Frederick
Tennant, Francis Peter
Tennant, Mae (Troup)
Tennant, Otto E.
Thomson, Jane
Thomson, Nancy M.
Tibbets, Arty M.
Tibbets, Edwin P.
Tibbets, Fred
Tibbets, Princess A.
Tracey, Baby
Tracey, Bessie
Tracey, Betty Jean
Tracey, Charles F.
Tracey, Ethel Suezanne
Tracey, Ethel V.
Tracey, Harold R.
Tracey, Harry
Tracey, Henry R.
Tracey, Jospeh W.
Tracey, Lynda
Tracey, Paul H.
Tracy, Catherine
Tracy, Glenor
Tracy, Lettie B. (Patterson)
Tubbs, Floyd
Twigg, Milton D.

Uitvlugt, Anna W.
Uitvlugt, Jacob H.
Uitvlugt, Woutrina A.
Ulp, Jessie Jean

Vanderhoop, Martin
Vanderventer, Adeline
Vannetten, Baby
Vannetten, William
VanWormer, Lawrence G.
VanWormer, Leland
Veeder, Robert
Vincent, Glenn W.
Vincent, Harold G.
Vincent, Margaret
Vinson, Charles P.
Vinson, Halle
Voorhees, Bertie Mae
Voorhees, Frank A.
Voorhees, Minerva May
Voorhees, Sylvia Ann

Wagar, Baby
Walgren, Leona M.
Walgren, Victor
Walsh, Lovisa
Warren, Ernest C.
Warren, Franklin A.
Warren, Fred
Warren, Guy L.
Warren, Martha L.
Warren, Muade J. (McCaslin)
Watson, Augusta M.
Way, Frank T.
Way, Howard T.
Way, Mattie A.
Wellman, Charles A.
Wellman, Mae
Wellman, Silas A.
Wells, Eber
Wells, Henry
Wells, Jane
Wescott, Charles
Wescott, Freeda
West, Eva S.
West, Jay L.
West, John C.
West, Martha A.
White, Allen E.
White, Bessie M.
White, Jerome
Whittemore, Laura C.
Whittemore, Paul E.
Wickens, Emma E. (Miller)
Wilkinson, Clellah
Williams, Jessica Morgan
Witzke, Herman
Witzke, Margaret (Katie)
Wolf, Baby Boy
Wolf, Baby Girl
Wolf, Cecil E.
Wolf, Elizabeth
Wolf, Fay (Strahan)
Wolf, Jacob W.
Wolf, Jean T.
Wolf, Sadie E.
Wonsey, Addie A.
Wonsey, Archibald
Wonsey, Archie E.
Wonsey, Baby
Wonsey, Bertine
Wonsey, Berton
Wonsey, Cora R.
Wonsey, Edmund
Wonsey, Erna Elias
Wonsey, George
Wonsey, Gilbert E.
Wonsey, Grant H.
Wonsey, H. Pearl
Wonsey, Ira
Wonsey, Johnie E.
Wonsey, Mable
Wonsey, Mark (LZ)
Wonsey, Mary L.
Wonsey, Mary M.
Wonsey, Olive C.
Wonsey, Pansy B.
Wonsey, Ray
Woodin, Niles Emery
Woodman J. Joan
Woodman, Dianne S.
Woodman, Earl M.
Woodman, Harry
Woodman, Jessie J.
Woodman, Maude E.
Woodman, Terrel D.
Woodman, Walter M.
Woodward, Addie
Woolhouse, Jeremiah
Wubbena, Garnet E.
Wubbena, Raymond J.

Young, Earl H.
Young, Frank S.
Young, Helen B.
Young, Lawson L.
Young, Lorence A.
Young, Mary A.
Young, Nettie J.
Young, William F.

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