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FGS Holdings at Sloan Museum’s "Perry Archives" building
Compiled 5 May 1998 by Ruth Eigenauer
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Newspaper obituaries of the Genesee County, MI area, starting about 1950, organized alphabetically in approximately 150 three-ring notebooks. Later clippings include 4 and 5 generation photo’s, wedding anniversaries and 80, 90 and 100 year birthday articles. Years 1982-1985 are sparse.

FGS Cemetery, Census and Quarterly Publications

All FGS Publications are available for research or purchase (See Publications List for mail orders).

Flint/Genesee County annual directories of homes and businesses

Late 1800’s-1970’s Some early directories list spouse, widows, occupation, and children of working age.

Record Books of former area Funeral Homes, much detail information (property of Sloan Museum)

Algoe-Gundry Funeral Home
Groves Funeral Home
Howard A. Loss Funeral Home

Family Books (family histories and diaries)

Bigelow Family
Sarah Cushman Miles-Case diary
Clapp Family
Colburn & Gould Families
Covert (Bergen Covert Family)
Cross (Arthur Mac Lamb/Maude Mae Cross Family)
Cumming’s Family
Dodder Family
Eldridge Family
Farmer "Elisha" Family
Fox Family
Fuller Family
George Family
Gilbert Family
Goldthwaite Family
Gould - Colburn & Gould Families
Hempstead (Joshua Hempstead Family)
Henry (Matthew Henry Family)
Hill (George J. W. Hill Family)
Hughes Family
George Judson Family
Lovejoy Family
Arthur Mac Lamb/Maude Mae Cross
McNeil Family
Miles - Sarah Cushman Miles-Case diary
Papineau Family
Richard Family (1800-1980)
Rockefeller Family
Shaw Family
Skinner Family
Thorsby Family
Tilt Family
Tinker Family
Torrey Family
Thomas Family
Tupper Family
Tutt Family
Waite Family
Walworth Family
Wing Family

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Michigan Cemeteries
Genealogical Quarterlies


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