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Debra A. Hoffman
Hoffman Genealogical Services
PO Box 755
New Windsor, Maryland 21776


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Twitter: @DebraAHoffman

 Specializing in Maryland research - Debra has over 30 years 
of experience conducting genealogical research. She has a 
certificate in Family History from Brigham Young University 
and, since 2009 she has completed courses at the Institute 
of Genealogy and Historical Research, the Salt Lake Institute 
of Genealogy and at the Genealogical Research Institute of 
Pittsburgh. Debra is a member of the Association of Professional 
Genealogists and belongs to the William Winchester Chapter 
of the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

Her research area covers Anne Arundel, Baltimore County & City, 
Frederick, Howard and Carroll counties. 
Fees: hourly, plus expenses.

Kenneth E. Zimmerman
Professional Genealogist

Specializing in Baltimore City/County, Carrroll County, 
Frederick County and Howard County
Josh Jenkins
Columbia, MD

Expert research of all 23 counties in Maryland and 
Baltimore City. I perform research at many Maryland 
facilities including the Maryland State Archives in 
Annapolis, Archives II in College Park, Maryland 
Historical Society in Baltimore and more. For over 
a decade, I have been a dedicated expert researcher 
that always strives to uncover new information. 
Please see my website for excellent customer 
testimonials and explore many of the services I provide.

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