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Frederick, Maryland
Saturday, June 8, 1901

Friday, September 15, 1905

Monday, March 16, 1908
  • Kills Woman and Himself
    George BENTZ Uses Pistol With Fatal Effect
    Mrs. Florence KING Victim
    - Leaving Husband and Child, She Ran Away From Frederick with Bentz, 
    Who Deserted His Wife and Seven Children
    The following dispatch was sent from York, PA on Saturday evening -
    George BENTZ, 48 years old, of Frederick, MD, at noon today shot and 
    killed Mrs. Florence KING, 35 years old, also of Frederick, whom he 
    represented to be his wife and then sent a bullet into his brain dying 
    almost instantly.
      The shooting occurred at the home of Charles O'BRIEN, where the 
    couple, who came from Frederick, MD, on Tuesday, were boarding.  
    Mr. O'Brien and his wife, their three children and Mrs. King were 
    seated at the dinner table at the time.  While the meal was in progress, 
    Bentz came from an upstairs room.  Instead of going to his place at 
    the table, he three himself upon the lounge in the sitting room.
       "Why don't you come out to dinner?" O'Brien asked him.  "I don't 
    want any", said Bentz.  "What's the matter with him?" asked O'Brien 
    turning to the supposed Mrs. Bentz.  The woman replied, "I don't know.  
    I am not going to live with him"
      At these words, Bentz came forward with a revolver.  He threw his 
    right arm about the woman, while she was seated at the table and drew 
    back her head.  Pressing the revolver to the left cheek of the woman, 
    he pulled the trigger twice.  As the woman fell, Bentz turned the 
    revolver upon himself and fired, with the muzzle against his left 
       News of the tragedy spread rapidly through the neighborhood and 
    hundreds of persons gathered about the house.  Coroner DEHUGG was 
    notified, and he impanelled a jury.
       It is said that the reason for the killing was that Bentz had been 
    despondent because of his unsuccessful efforts to secure work and was 
    also jealous claiming that the woman carried on flirtations with other 
    men.  Several days ago, it is said, Bentz accused her of a flirtation 
    with a man on a street car.  At that time he was heard to remark, "You 
    will have to do as I tell you or I will kill you."
      George Bentz, the man referred to in the above dispatch, was well 
    known in Frederick, where he lived all his life, until he left home 
    recently, deserting his wife and seven children for the woman whom 
    he killed.  The latter was the wife of Rufus KING, and lived on Bentz 
    Street, between Fourth and Fifth Streets, this city, before running 
    off with Bentz.  Besides her husband, she leaves a young daughter.
      Bentz was the s/o of the late George BENTZ, and for a number of 
    years drove a coal cart for William S. MILLER, but later worked at 
    the Frederick Brick Works.  He was a cousin of Charles and Alice BENTZ, 
    who were found dead in their home on West Patrick Street a little more 
    than a year ago and from whose estate he inherited between seven 
    hundred and eight hundred dollars.  After getting this money, Bentz 
    quit work and began dissipating.  Sometime ago he left Frederick with 
    Mrs. King and they were understood to have gone to Hagerstown, but 
    are said also, to have gone to Pittsburg.  
       Bentz was in town last week and while here is said to have secured 
    $10 from his mother.  He went to York on Thursday.  Besides his widow 
    and seven children, who live on B&O Avenue, he is survived by his 
    mother, a brother, Arthur BENTZ, and a sister, Mrs. Albert GOSNELL, 
    all living in Frederick.
       The remains of Bentz were received in Frederick at 10:20 o'clock 
    this morning and were taken from the station of the Northern Central 
    Railway to the undertaking establishment of F. OBENDERFER, East 
    Patrick Street.  After being prepared for burial, they will be taken 
    to the late home of Bentz on B&O Avenue, where funeral services will 
    be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.  Interment will be made in 
    Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
       What will be done with the remains of Mrs. King is not known yet.  
    A dispatch from Boyds, MD, under date of yesterday, says:  "William 
    H. WINCHELL, brother of Mrs. Rufus KING, who was killed by George 
    BENTZ at York, PA, left this morning for Frederick, to make an 
    investigation of the murder and to arrange for the disposition of 
    his sister's body.  Her husband, Rufus KING, lives here with Mr. 
    Winchell.  Mrs. King intended to return to her husband, it is said, 
    and this is believed to have been the reason why she told Bentz she 
    intended to leave him, which so enraged him that he killed her and 
    then himself.  The daughter of the Kings was brought here by the 
    mother and left in care of the father.  She is now about 14 and goes 
    to the Millersburg High School.  Mrs. King's body may be brought 
    here for burial, although she had expressed a desire to be interred 
    in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Frederick."
  • Deaths
    - William F. WILLARD died on March 5 in St. Anthony's Hospital, 
    Denver, Colorado, of pneumonia, aged 48 years, 8 months and 7 days.  
    His mother, Mrs. Charles HARGETT, of near Jefferson, and a sister, 
    Mrs. Ada DONALDSON, of Washington, survive him.  His remains were 
    brought to Jefferson where the funeral took place on Saturday morning 
    at 10 o'clock.  Sevices were held in the M.E. Church of that place, 
    conducted by Rev. David N. DITTMAR.  The pallbearers were Warren 
    DARNER, Raymond SHAFF, Olin RICE, Daniel SLAGLE.  Interment was made 
    in the M.E. Cemetery, M. R. ETCHISON was the funeral director.
    - Philemon Cromwell DUDREAR died at 3:30 o'clock this morning of 
    general debility, aged 78 years, 3 months and 20 days.  He is survived 
    by a widow.  The funeral will take place from the residence of his 
    granddaughter, Mrs. John BAUMGARDNER, Jr., 427 North Market Street, 
    on Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.  Services will be held at the 
    house and interment will be made in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
    - William Elias SCHROEDER, agent of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 
    at Frederick Junction, died suddenly at his home at that place at 
    10:30 o'clock this morning of paralysis of the heart.  Mr. Schroeder, 
    who lived in the station building, was in his office this morning, 
    and shortly before his death, complained of feeling unwell and was 
    accompanied upstairs by George SCHNEIDER, the assistant agent.  
    While Mrs. Schroeder was preparing a tonic for him, he fell dead.  
    Dr. B. C. PERRY, of Urbana, was at the station waiting for a train.  
    He was summoned by Mr. Schneider, but found that Mr. Schroeder was 
    already dead.  
       Mr. Schroeder was a s/o the late Frederick, and Mrs. Sophia 
    SCHROEDER and was born in this city on august 28, 1852.  He learned 
    telegraphy at the office of the Western Union Telegraph Co. in this 
    city and entered the employ of the Baltimoe and Ohio Railroad in 
    1872.  He was chief operator at Frederick Junction for 24 years and 
    after the death of Edward HATHEY??, a little more than a year ago, 
    was appointed to succeed him as the company's agent at that point.
       Besides a widow, Mr. Schroeder is survived by his mother, Mrs. 
    Sophia SCHROEDER, North Market Street, this city; and the following 
    brothers and sisters:  George A. SCHROEDER, Edward T. SCHROEDER. 
    Frank J. SCHROEDER, Albert A. SCHROEDER, Misses Sophia and Maria 
    SCHROEDER, of this city; and Mr. Clarence F. SCHROEDER of Grafton, 

Thursday, August 17, 1911
  • Death Removed Doctor SCHLEY
    Prominent Resident and Oldest Druggist in City Expires.
    First Sickness Nearly Year Ago, Since Which Time He Has Gradually 
    Grown Worse - - Was Interested in Many Affairs in City.
    After an an (sic) illness of over six months, Dr. Steiner SCHLEY, 
    a prominent citizen and the oldest druggist living in this city 
    passed to his rest.  He died last night about eleven o'clock in 
    the sixty-third year of his age.  His death was due to a compli-
    cation of diseases.
    Born on April 24, 1849 in Frederick Dr. Schley resided here all of 
    his life.  His early education was received at Frederick College 
    which he attended for several sessions.  His father, Dr. Fairfax 
    SCHLEY, was a doctor of medicine and practiced his profession in 
    this city for a number of years.  In 1855 his health became so bad 
    that he was forced to give up his practice, so he opened up a drug 
    During the Civil War, Mr. Steiner SCHLEY was taken from school and 
    placed in his father's drug store where he remained for a number of 
    years.  After he had learned the drug business very thoroughly, he 
    was sent to the Baltimore College of Pharmacy from which institution 
    he graduated in due course of time.  Returning to Frederick, he 
    again entered his father's store.
    In 1876 Dr. Schley turned the store over to his two sons, STEINER 
    and Lewis H. SCHLEY, by whom the business was conducted.  About a 
    year after the store had been turned over to them, Lewis Schley was 
    killed in the wreck at Point of Rocks which brought grief into many 
    homes in the city.  Dr. Steiner Schley has been conducting the drug 
    store up to the present.  His genial manner and readiness to make 
    friends caused many of his acquaintances to gather at his store day 
    by day for a little chat.  In 1885 Dr. Schley married Miss Lillian 
    KUNKLE, of Frederick county.
    Held in High Esteem.
    Dr. Schley was prominent in many of the activities in the city and 
    held a high place in the esteem of the citizens.  He was a near 
    cousin of Admiral Winfield Scott SCHLEY, U. S. N., retired.  The 
    Maryland School for the Deaf was of especial interest to him and 
    he was a great favorite among the children who attended that 
    institution.  For a number of years, he has been a member of the 
    Board of Directors of that school, having succeeded his father on 
    the Board.  He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the 
    Central National bank and the Mutual Fire Insurance Company.  For 
    a number of years he has been on the Board of Visitors of Frederick 
    College, his alma mater.  He was an active member of the United Fire 
    Company.  Dr. Schley was a charter member of Lynch Lodge, N. 163, 
    A. F. and A. M., a member of Enoch Chapter, No. 23, R. A. M., and 
    Enoch Council, No. 70.  He was a past eminent commander of Jacques 
    de Molay Commandery, No. 4, Knights Templar.
    Member of Sons of Revolution.In early manhood Dr. Schley joined the
    Evangelical Reformed church and all during his life he was a consis-
    tent member of that denomination and a teacher in the Sunday school 
    for a number of years until failing health forced him to give up his 
    class.  Through his revolutionary ancestry, he was a member of the 
    Sons of the American Revolution.
    He is survived by his widow and two children, Miss Lillian K. SCHLEY 
    and John Reading SCHLEY.  He is also survived by two sisters, Mrs. 
    Jennie S. MILLER and Miss Agnes SCHLEY, both of this city.
    The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 5 p.m. with services 
    at the house.  Interment will be made in Mt. Olivet cemetery.
    - submitted by VC

Saturday, August 19, 1911
  • Funeral of Doctor SCHLEY
    Remains of Late Druggist Laid to Rest in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
    The funeral of Dr. Steiner SCHLEY took place yesterday at 5 o'clock 
    from his late home, West Church street.  The services were conducted 
    by Rev. Henri L. G. KIEFFER and Rev. S. S. MILLER.  A quartet composed 
    of Prof. Geo. E. SMITH, Ralph BOWERS, Charles HENDRICKSON, and C. Will 
    FOUT sang "Lead Kindly Light" and "Abide With Me."  There were many 
    beautiful floral tributes.
    The directors of the Central Bank and the Mutual Fire Insurance Company 
    and members of the Board of Visitors for the Maryland School for the 
    Deaf and many prominent citizens attended.  The pallbearers were 
    Messrs. George R. DENNIS, E. C. RENN, George BIRELY, W. C. DUGAN, 
    Thomas A. CHAPLINE and Dr. Bernard C. STEINER.  Burial was made in 
    Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  Thomas P. RICE was the funeral director.
    (My Notes:  Dr. Steiner Schley's father was Fairfax Schley, his 
    grandfather was Benjamin Henry Schley, his great grandfather was 
    John Thomas Schley, his great great grandfather was George Thomas 
    Schley and his great great great grandfather was John Thomas Schley 
    who built the first house in Frederick.)
    - submitted by VC

June 15, 1925
  • Marriages
    - Luther H. MARTIN, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert F. MARTIN, 
    of Loys, and  Miss Hilda E. HOFFMAN, daughter of Mrs. HOFFMAN, 
    of Creagerstown, were married by Rev. C. A. SHILKE on Saturday 
    evening at 7:30 o'clock, in the Lutheran parsonage, at Walkersville, 
    by ring ceremony.  They were unaccompanied.  The bride was becomingly 
    attired.  She has been a clerk in the general store of Clarence FOX, 
    East Church street, extended.  The groom is an employee of the Union 
    Manufacturing Company, of Frederick.  After the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. 
    MARTIN motored to Creagerstown, where they remained overnight with Mr. 
    and Mrs. Harvey TROXEIL.  From there they went on a short trip to 
    Howard county, where they will visit friends.  Upon their return they 
    will reside at Creagerstown.
    - Allen B. MARTZ, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel MARTZ, of near Lewistown 
    and Miss Carrie B. HANN, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie HANN, 
    of Creagerstown, in the Lutheran parsonage, Walkersville, Saturday 
    evening, at 8 o'clock.  The ceremony was performed by the bride's 
    pastor, Rev. C. A. SHILKE.  They were unaccompanied.  Miss HANN has 
    been making her home with Mrs. Wm. BAIR, of Utica, where she was 
    employed.  After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. MARTZ returned to the home 
    of Mrs. BAIR, Utica, where an old fashioned serenade was given them.  
    They expect to reside near Lewistown.
    - John C. DELAUTER, of Foxville and Anna Mae MCKENRICK, of Ringgold, 
    were married on Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the Evangelical 
    Lutheran parsonage by Rev. Dr. U. S. G. RUPP.
  • Deaths
    - Mrs. Francis Anna MILLER died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. 
    George A. SHOEMAKER, near Taneytown, Friday morning at 2:30 o'clock.  
    She was aged 74 years, one month and seven days.  She had been 
    confined since suffering a stroke of paralysis last winter.  She is 
    survived by her second husband, Thurgood MILLER, and by the following 
    children by her marriage to the late Charles A. HAINES:  Mrs. George 
    A. SHOEMAKER, near Taneytown, with whom she resided; Edward HAINES; 
    Theodore HAINES; Mrs. William ROBERTSON, Uniontown; Arthur HAINES, 
    New Windsor; and David HAINES, Union Bridge.  Also a brother, 
    Manasses STERN, Finksburg, and 18 grandchildren and 11 great
    -grandchildren also survive.  Funeral Monday with services at the 
    SHOEMAKER home at 10 o'clock a.m., Rev. J. H. HOCH, Uniontown, 
    officiating.  Interment in the Church of God cemetery, Uniontown.  
    The pallbearers were:  Edward FEESER, Walter MORELOCK, Oliver ERB, 
    Paul EDWARDS, John SHRINER, and Roy SMITH.
    - Mrs. Harriet E. DAMUTH, widow of James A. DAMUTH, died June 12 
    at the residence of her niece, Mrs. Melvin MERRITT, 1730 East Preston 
    St., Baltimore.  Funeral services and interment at the United Brethren 
    church, Thurmont, this morning at 11 o'clock.
    - Mrs. Emma METZBOWER, widow of John METZBOWER, died at the home of 
    her daughter, Mrs. David I. SCHMID, 5133 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore, 
    June 12.  
    Funeral this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock.  Interment in Baltimore cemetery.
  • Funerals
    - Mrs. Albina Ann KESSLER from the M. E. church in Jefferson Saturday 
    afternoon at 2:20 o'clock.  The prayer at the home of her daughter, 
    Mrs. M. R. ETCHISON, was made by Rev. Dr. G. Ellis WILLIAMS.  At the 
    church Rev. M. L. BEALL, of Appold M. E. church, Baltimore, assisted 
    by Rev. Mr. GRAHAM, of Doubs, officiated.  
    The pallbearers were:  M. J. DADE, T. C. DIXON, Walter STOCKMAN, 
    Samuel M. BOWLUS, D. L. SLAGLE, and A. A. BOYER.  Interment in the 
    M. E. cemetery, Jefferson.  Etchison & Co., assisted by C. E. Cline, 
    funeral directors.
    - John Jacob RHODERICK on Saturday at 1:30 o'clock from the home of 
    his niece, Mrs. Martin R. WAGNER, near Mt. Airy.  Services were held 
    at the house and were conducted by Rev. R. L. MOWBRAY, pastor of the 
    M. E. church at Walkersville.  Beautiful floral emblems were presented.  
    The pallbearers were George W. SHEETENHELM, J. C. GHARST, Dorsey LEASE, 
    William DUVALL, George BENNER, and Harry CRAMER.  
    Interment in Mt. Olivet cemetery.  Thomas P. Rice was the funeral director.
    - Mrs. Mary Houck HOLMES and Master Billie HOLMES, of New York are 
    visiting Mrs. HOLMES' aunt, Mrs. Eugene GROVE, Lime Kiln.  Mrs. 
    HOLMES was formerly Miss Mary HOUCK, this city.
    - Mr. Lewis A. RICE and son, Ralph, of Cranford, N. J., are visiting 
    Mr. RICE's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. RICE, West Third street.
    - Mrs. Catherine RINEHART, and baby, of Chewsville, spent last week 
    with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Elmer HARSHMAN.
    - Martin CRAMER, of Delaware, Ohio, spent several days here.  He was 
    called here upon the death of his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth CRAMER.
    - Russell H. GROSSNICKLE is spending ten days with his uncle, John 
    GROSSNICKLE, of North Manchester, Indiana.
    - submitted by AB

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