Maps - Hundreds of Early Frederick Co, Maryland


were early districts and they got their name because when there were 100 people, a Hundred was established with a constable and it was given a distinct name, such as Sugar Loaf Hundred, Pipe Creek Hundred, Monocacy Hundred, etc. When first established, it probably consisted of a greater area; but as time passed and the population increased and more Hundreds were established, the Hundred would decrease in area. (This may well be similiar to the townships one finds in Pennsylvania today.) These Hundreds were later replaced with districts which usually were named after the town it included and/or a district number.

Land Tract Names
Many times tracts of land started out containing hundreds or thousands of acres and later were divided off and sold to different people. When an area was resurveyed (perhaps including parts of several different tracts), it many times was given a new tract name. So, a land tract by one name may have been part of an earlier land tract by a different name. Some of the equity court abstracts show examples of this.

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