Will Abstracts of Washington Co, Maryland

Will Abstracts

Washington Co, Maryland

Partial List only -
These abstracts are some that crossed my path while doing my research.
Perhaps they will benefit somebody.

  • MORGANSTERN, Maria of Hagerstown (11 May 1868; 19 May 1868) bro/law – Robert SHUSTER, brewing apparatus s/ Ernst MORGANSTERN d/ Anna MORGANSTERN s/ John MORGANSTERN s/ George MORGANSTERN s/ William MORGANSTERN wit/ Lewis HEIST, Jacob RITTBUG, Jacob SCHNEIDER Admin/ Robert SHUSTER (24-551), see Orphan’s Court V-801, 22 May 1868 Distribution on 15 Jun 1869 - $170.74 ($25.26 1/5 each) ..Ernst, Annie, John, George, John MORGANSTERN =====
  • NEWCOMER, Andrew (D, 665-667 - 24 Jul 1847; 14 Sep 1847) w/ Elizabeth (renounces executorship) s/ Christian NEWCOMER – 50 acres where he now lives, balance is 90 acres s/ Catharine FUNK exec/ son Christian and son-in-law, John FUNK wit/ John DOUB, John DOUB Jr, John NEWCOMER =====
  • NEWCOMER, Christian Sr (C, 418-419; 28 Apr 1824; 10 May 1830) oldest son/ Andrew NEWCOMER – all Maryland lands, tracts Show Spring, Stull’s Forest, Abitt, Battarsons Resurvey d/ Elizabeth HESS s/ David NEWCOMER s/ Jacob NEWCOMER – youngest and already got his share wit/ Jacob NEWCOMER, Peter NEWCOMER Sr, Samuel NEWCOMER =====
  • NEWCOMER, Henry (A, 328-332) – 6 May 1795; 3 Aug 1795) w/ Barbara bro/ Christian NEWCOMER bro/ Peter NEWCOMER s/ Christian NEWCOMER – old mill and land (from Henry DICK), 62+ acres s/ Joel NEWCOMER – Tanyard and land (from Henry DICK), 62+ acres s/ Henry NEWCOMER – upper mill and land (lands were next to tract Stull’s Forest) s/ Daniel NEWCOMER, presently a minor – 2/3 of 416 acres by patent in Bedford Co, PA d/ ________ LOUDEN – other part s/ John NEWCOMER s/ Samuel NEWCOMER ========================
  • NEWCOMER, Samuel, sick and weak (B, 334-335 in German – 11 May 1811; 15 May 1811) - 2nd w/ Elizabeth Slave - black boy, Michael HOWARD, to be set free at age 31 on 17 Jan 1820 exec/ John WITMER and Peter NEWCOMER wit/ Joseph INGMAN, Andrew NEWCOMER, Daniel NEWCOMER Widow demanded her 1/3. =====
  • WINTER, Christian (E-409 - 8 Oct 1857; 23 Feb 1858) w/ Catharine E. - (one Slave) s/ Jonas WINTER d/ ____________w/o David Culbertson AUGHINBAUGH .......Mary E. AUGHINBAUGH =====
  • WINTERS, Elizabeth (E-298 - 28 Aug 1855) had 9 children; mentioned were: s/ John G. WINTERS d/ Elizabeth w/o Isaac DAVIS - Fred Co Land included =====
  • WINTER, George (Will rec 1798) wife - Ann d/ Catharine w/o ____hard (BURKHART?), d/ Margaret (KROOSE) d/ Elizabeth (HARBAUGH) s/ John WINTER s/ George WINTER s/ Daniel WINTER s/ Andrew WINTER d/ Susan WINTER d/ Ann Maria WINTER d/ Christiana WINTER Execs - John WINTER & Martin RIDENOUR =====
  • WINTER, Henry (F-570 - 18 Jan, 1868) w/ Elizabeth (to sell Iowa land) s/ William WINTER s/ Henry WINTER =====

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