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(Note - All live in Washington County, MD unless otherwise noted. A minor was a person under the age of 21.)
These abstracts are only some of the many Equity Records of Washington County, Maryland. Many times these records provide family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.

Washington County, Maryland - Equity Court Abstracts
Richard WISE vs Christina BARR, et al - Settlement of Estate - 26 Jun 1846 [Equity #927, Book 3, 455-] David BARR d/ Apr 1846 intestate, leaving widow - Christina and 5 children - - Alfred BARR - Lewis A. BARR, a minor - Frances M. BARR - Ohio - Anna M. BARR, w/o Gilbert DAVIS - Ohio - Martha Jane BARR, w/o Dr. John A. WROE - Washington, DC Real estate consisted of a house and Lot #2 in Hagerstown.
John T. A. WASHINGTON, et al vs Henry BEDINGER, et al - Settlement of Estate - 1 Nov 1835 [Equity #502, Book 2, 910-914] Jacob BEDINGER of Jefferson Co, VA (now WV) died intestate, apparently without issue, as his heirs listed are his brothers and sisters - ALL live Out of State - bro/ Henry BEDINGER bro/ George M. BEDINGER sis/ Elizabeth (BEDINGER) MORGAN, dec'd - her 4 children .....Daniel MORGAN .....Olivia MORGAN .....Jacob MORGAN .....Elizabeth (MORGAN) w/o Matthew RANSON bro/ Daniel BEDINGER, dec'd - his 9 children .....Susan (BEDINGER) w/o Nathaniel E. CORNWELL .....Elizabeth (BEDINGER) w/o John T.A. WASHINGTON .....Daniel BEDINGER Jr. .....Henry BEDINGER .....Henrietta (BEDINGER) w/o Edmond I. LEE .....Edwin G. BEDINGER, a minor .....Virginia (BEDINGER) w/o William LUCAS .....Margaret (BEDINGER) w/o Seth B. FOSTER, both dec'd - their 2 children ----------Thomas M. FOSTER, a minor ----------Margaret FOSTER, a minor .....Mary (BEDINGER), dec'd, w/o John L. BRYAN/BRYANT - their 2 children ----------Sarah BRYAN, a minor ----------John L. BRYAN, a minor sis/ Mary (BEDINGER) MORGAN, dec'd - her 6 children .....Thomas S. MORGAN .....Joseph MORGAN .....Sarah Hamilton MORGAN .....Jacob B. MORGAN .....Abel MORGAN, dec'd - his 9 children ----------Abraham MORGAN ----------Mary MORGAN ----------Olivia MORGAN ----------Samuel MORGAN ----------James Guinton MORGAN ----------George MORGAN ----------Robert MORGAN ----------Sarah MORGAN ----------William MORGAN .....Benoni MORGAN, dec'd - his 5 childen ----------George Madison MORGAN ----------Washington MORGAN ----------Elizabeth MORGAN ----------Mary MORGAN ----------Sarah MORGAN Although Jacob Bedinger lived out of state, he owned 50 acres in Washington County, Maryland, half of which was in timber and located on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, immediately below the lands of Col. BLACKFORD. Robert M. TIDBALL was appointed trustee; surveyer was Marmaduke W. BOYD. Sale was held at the HERRY House, opposite Shepherdstown (WV)and near the premises, on the 30th of July 1836; highest bidder was John BLACKFORD for $2,269.68.
BETTS vs HUGHES - Settlement of Estate - 3 Feb 1858 [Equity #1483, Book 7?] Elizabeth BETTS d/ Dec 1856 intestate, leaving 9 children, - Daniel L. BETTS and w/ Ann - Illinois - John W. BETTS and w/ Mary E. - Luther D. BETTS and w/ Catharine - Illinois - Jacob A. BETTS - Illinois - Alfred H. BETTS and wife - Illinois - Elizabeth w/o Lewis GROSH - Susan w/o Elie STARTZMAN - Illinois - Rosanna BYER - Frederick Co, MD - Catharine, dec'd - w/o Hugh R. HUGHES, dec'd - her 2 children, .....Hellen R. HUGHES, a minor .....Mary E. HUGHES, a minor John W. SCHLOSSER was made guardian; William N. KELLER was witness and William LOGAN was register of wills. Elizabeth Betts owned three lots in Funkstown with a house, Lots #119, 120 and 121; Rosanna BYER bought the property at private sale for $630.
Henry BLESSING vs William BOONE - Petition for Title - 14 Jun 1831 [Equity - Book 2, 556-] George BOONE died 1825, leaving 14 children - William BOONE - George BOONE - lives out of state - Sarah w/o William GEARHART - Ann w/o David A. BERTOLET - Mary w/o William RUNYON - Elizabeth w/o Andrew TAYLOR - Harriet w/o Benjamin KLINE - Margaret w/o Jonathan EVANS - Rachel BOONE - Franklin BOONE, a minor - Daniel BOONE, a minor - Harriet BOONE, a minor - Margaret BOONE, a minor - Elizabeth BOONE, a minor George BOONE sold to Henry BLESSING a lot on Sharpsburg Street in Boonesborough with yearly payments. Monies were paid but deed was not conveyed before George Boone's death.
William BOOTH vs KENNEDY & Others - 20 Mar 1844 [Equity #814 - Book 4, 168-] John BOOTH d/ Dec 1840 intestate, leaving 4 children, - William BOOTH - Susanna H. KENNEDY (d/ abt Jul 1844) - her 5 children, .....Drusilla B. KENNEDY, a minor .....George L. KENNEDY, a minor .....Alexander KENNEDY, a minor .....W. B. KENNEDY, a minor .....BOOTH KENNEDY, a minor - Maria C. FRENCH - __________, dec'd, w/o Joseph VAN LEAR, dec'd - their children, .....Sarah D. VAN LEAR w/o George FRENCH .....Bartholemew B. VAN LEAR, a minor .....Mary Ann VAN LEAR, a minor .....Maria VAN LEAR, a minor .....Ann B. VAN LEAR, a minor The real estate consisted of land and mills in Washington County.
BOTELER vs BOTELER - Settlement of Estate - 8 May 1833 [Equity #419 - Book 2, 637-] Thomas BOTELER d/ 1832 intestate, leaving widow - Sarah and 7 children, - Washington BOTELER - Mary Ann BOTELER w/o Jesse MOORE - Thomas BOTELER - Bartholomew BOTELER - Hannah BOTELER, a minor - Henry BOTELER, a minor - Sarah E. BOTELER, a minor The widow chose monetary portion in lieu of her dower part of real estate. Lands were 600-700 acres.
BOVEY vs BOVEY - Settlement of Estate - 7 Nov 1843 [Equity #782 - Book 4, 329-350] Jacob BOVEY d/ May 1843 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth (age abt 60) and 6 children, - Simon BOVEY and w/ Elizabeth (RUDEISELL) - Rosanna BOVEY - Christiana w/o Henry WARNER - Solomon BOVEY and w/ Mary (BIGHAM) - Elizabeth w/o Jonathan JONES - David BOVEY (d/ Jun 1841) and w/ Catharine (MAUGINS) - their minor children - .....Emanuel BOVEY .....Martin BOVEY .....Jacob BOVEY .....Elizabeth BOVEY Property consisted of 80 acres conveyed to him by Thomas PHILIPS and wife; also had 14 acres near Hagerstown conveyed to him by Samuel ROHRER. Adam KINKLE was made guardian; testimony given by George I. HARRY (age 60 in 1844) and Philip WINGERT (age 58). The properties were to be sold free of the widow's dower and widow was to receive 1/9 of proceeds from sales. David's widow, Catharine, would not receive anything since David died before his father. On 1 Jun 1844, David G. YOST was made trustee. On 10 Oct 1844, sale was held for 5 lots: Lot #5, 3+ acres and house went to William JOHNSTON for $506; Lot #4, 3+ acres, went to William JOHNSTON for $210; Lot #3, 3+ acres, went to Alexander NEILL for $73.75/acre; Lot #1 and #2, 4+ acres, did not fetch enough and were sold at private sale to George FECHTIG at $65/acre. The farm of 70 7/8 acres was sold on 12 Oct 1844 for $28.50/acre to Richard McCARDLE. Total sales was $3,563.21. On 15 Jul 1845, John BEAR was made guardian. By 3 Nov 1845, David G. YOST had died, intestate and insolvent before collecting all the monies resulting to some loss to the estate. John BEAR was made trustee on 2 Dec 1845 and he and Martin BEAR were bonded. There was still 3/4 acre and undivided interest of 1/4 to a lane from Jonathan Street to the lots which were not sold, later being sold to Marmaduke W. BOYD for $40 privately. By 14 Apr 1849, the widow Elizabeth had died and Henry WARNER was her executor.
David ZELLER vs BROWNs - Settlement of Estate - 16 Apr 1835 [Equity #485 - Book 2, 907-910] Benjamin BROWN, dec'd, leaving 3 children, - George BROWN, a minor - Ann Maria BROWN, a minor - Amanda BROWN, a minor Samuel ZELLER was guardian; William PRICE, trustee; no mention of widow; real estate (no description given) was sold to Isaac MILLER for $351 on 6 Feb 1836.
David BUDERBAUGH vs BUDERBAUGH, METZGER, STONEBRAKER, et al - Settlement of Contract - Jan 1840 [Equity - Book 3, 99-101] Henry BUDERBAUGH of Franklin Co, PA, died intestate, leaving 15 children - 1 / David BUDERBAUGH 2 / Henry BUDERBAUGH (Jr) 3 / Mary w/o Jacob METZGER 4 / Catharine w/o Jacob STUDEBECKER 5 / Stephen BUDERBAUGH 6 / Elizabeth w/o Philip SWORD, deceased 7 / George BUDERBAUGH 8 / John BUDERBAUGH 9 / Jacob BUDERBAUGH 10/ Hannah w/o Daniel ZOUCK 11/ Susan w/o Jacob ZOUCK 12/ Sarah w/o Daniel ROYER 13/ Samuel BUDERBAUGH, a minor 14/ Daniel BUDERBAUGH, a minor 15/ Ann BUDERBAUGH, a minor (Name of David BRUMBAUGH was given in record heading, but in reading the documents, it indicates he was David BUDERBAUGH, s/o Henry Sr. All of the children appear to be listed in order with the exception of David who listed himself last, as orator.) There doesn't appear to be any mention of a widow. Henry Sr owned 164 acres of which 136 acres was located in Washington County, MD; the remaining acres were in Pennsylvania. David claimed he purchased the tract of land from Henry Sr for $6,160 in yearly payments and written contract was made, but Henry died shortly thereafter. Daniel ZOUCK was named guardian for the minors in April, but Daniel SCHNEBLY was made guardian in November. It seems to end here noting the minors should appear within six months after they arrive of age; dated Nov 1840.
Samuel B. McCLANAHAN, Christopher FLORA vs Christopher SMITH, et al - Settlement of Mortgage - 2 July 1824 [Equity Case# 145 - Book 2, 19-32] In 1813, Christopher SMITH purchased tract "Shadrack's Lot", 200 acres with a mortgage to Samuel Blair McCLANAHAN of Chester Co, Pennsylvania. Smith sold 70 acres to Peter FLORA and 65 acres to Christopher FLORA; the remaining acreage was divided into 91 lots and laid out as the town of Smithsburg. Some of the lots were already sold: Elizabeth LOGEN #39; Henry KAGEY #47, 55, 58; Solomon LOWER #26; David BASHORE #35; George MEYER #43; James MEYER #18, 66, 79, 86; Edward CARR #71; ALL of them live Out of State. Edward CARR has since died, leaving the following 6 children - ALL Out of State - Catharine CARR - James CARR - Mary CARR - Nancy CARR - John CARR - Edward CARR (Jr) Christopher SMITH filed under the insolvency act causing financial obigations to the people who purchased the lots from him. On the 22rd of Sep 1827, sale was held at the house of L.E. WILLIS in Smithsburg, Christopher FLORY buying Lots #58, 47, 55, 71, 26, 86 and 79 (prices ranged between $15-$30); Jacob BREISCH bought Lot #66 for $126; James MYER bought Lot #18 but neglected to comply with the terms of the sale and was then sold at private sale to Christopher FLORY for $120, the same as for Myer.
Elizabeth CHENEY vs CHENEYs & others - Settlement of Estate - 16 Mar 1829 [Equity #290 - Book 2, 776-781] (Both spellings of Chaney/Cheney are used throughout the records.) John CHANEY, died without issue, leaving widow - Fanny (marriage licenses show Fanny O'NEAL on 21 Mar 1811) and 12 siblings, bro/ Jeremiah CHENEY bro/ Robert CHENEY and w/ Elizabeth sis/ Naomi (CHENEY) JONSON/JOHNSON/JOHNSTON - Out of State bro/ David CHENEY sis/ ________ (CHENEY) McCOY, dec'd - her 7 children, .....Mary "Polly" (McCOY) w/o Levi FOY/FAY - Out of State (m/ 19 Dec 1814*) .....James McCOY .....Naomi (McCOY) w/o John STONEBRAKER (m/ 31 Jan 1811*) .....Archibald McCOY (m/ Ann GOWER on 31 May 1806*) .....William McCOY .....John McCOY .....Jeremiah McCOY, dec'd - his 3 minor children - (m/ Mary WESTEBERGER on 1 Jun 1818*) ..........Emanual McCOY ..........Vincent McCOY ..........Mary McCOY sis/ ______ (CHENEY) DALEY, dec'd - her 3 children - all Out of State .....Amelia "Milly" (DALEY) w/o John SWEARINGER (m/ 15 May 1899*) .....William DALEY .....Naomi (DALEY) w/o John CARNEY sis/ ______ (CHENEY) LANE, dec'd - her 10 children - all Out of State .....Hannah (LANE) w/o Patrick/Andrew McCLEARY/McCLARY .....______ (LANE) w/o Henry DONALDSON .....Deborah (LANE) w/o John ISENBERGER .....Sarah LANE, later w/o Jacob MYERS .....Rebecca (LANE) w/o Richard CHENEY .....John LANE .....Elizabeth LANE .....David LANE .....Julian LANE .....Mary LANE bro/ _________ CHENEY, dec'd - his 6 children, .....Thomas CHENEY .....Drusilla (CHENEY) w/o Henry HECK (m/ 5 May 1827*) .....Rebecca (CHENEY) w/o William SNYDER .....Johnson CHENEY .....Eliza CHENEY .....Robert CHENEY, a minor sis/ _________ (CHENEY) O'NEAL, dec'd - her 4 children, (Rebecca CHANEY to William O'NEAL - 3 May 1800*) .....Elias O'NEAL .....Elizabeth O'NEAL (Rebecca O'NEAL to Lewis FLETCHER - 21 Nov 1817*) .....Leander FLETCHER, a minor .....William FLETCHER, a minor bro/ Robert CHANEY, dec'd - his 5 children - .....Naomi (CHANEY) w/o Michael FUNK (m/ 4 Jul 1817*) .....Mary (CHANEY) w/o Jacob KNODE Jr. (m/ 3 Feb 1825*) .....Robert CHANEY Jr .....Prudence CHANEY (m/ Edward L. BOTELER on 1 Sep 1832*) .....Matilda CHANEY (m/ Lemuel MOHLER on 5 Jan 1836*) bro/ William CHANEY, dec'd - his 3 children - .....Ellen CHANEY .....John CHANEY .....Samuel CHANEY bro/ Luke CHANEY, dec'd - his 3 children - .....Amanda CHANEY .....Iela CHANEY .....Lucretia CHANEY Lewis FLETCHER was guardian for the Fletcher children; John STONEBRAKER was guardian for Jeremiah McCOY's children. On 22 Feb 1830, testimony was given by Elias CHANEY, age 34, and George Ross BEALL; William Price was trustee. Sale was held at the Globe Tavern in Hagerstown on 25 Nov 1831 and Elias CHANEY purchased the real estate for #3,805 (description not given) and David H. KEEDY purchased 5 acres. About July 1833, the widow, Fanny CHANEY died, leaving her dower portion of the real estate to be sold which consisted of 45 1/2 acres. Elias CHENEY purchased this also. * (from Washington County, MD Marriage Licenses)
Solomon HELSER vs DICK's - Settlement of Estate - 4 Aug 1853 [Equity #1254 - Book 5, 661-] Christian DICK d/ 1847 intestate, leaving 4 children - David DICK & w/ Rachel - John DICK, a minor - James DICK, a minor - Mary Catharine DICK, a minor Christian held personal estate and two farms; David and Rachel sold their interests to Joseph EICHELBERGER.
Estate of William MUMMERT - 10 Sep 1872 [Equity #2420 - Book 15, 299-323] Land - part of tracts "Wolf's Lodge", "Lancefield", "Renches Luck", "Costtey", 150 acres; listed boundaries to land deeded to George BRAGMIRE (PRAGMIRE?) and Henry BRAGMIRE by Jacob DICK, by tract "Renches Luck", east bank of Licking Creek, north bank of Sam's Run. Said lands had been vested to Jacob DICK, d/ intestate, leaving 8 children, - Nancy GELWICKS being one of them. Christian DICK d/ c 1853 intestate, leaving s/ David DICK and W/ Rachel s/ John DICK (died in Ohio in 1855) s/ James DICK and W/ Clara D. s/ Mary C. DICK w/o William MOFFITT Christian died owning a 7/8 undivided part of real estate described in a Deed (SBNN-1, 299) dated 10 Apr 1858 by Frederick GELWICK to William MUMMERT and adjoining the lands of Jonathan SOOSE. Christian was in possession of the property for over 21 years with no dispute. The other 1/8 undivided part was owned by Nancy GELWICK. Nancy and her husband, Frederick GELWICK (of Franklin Co, PA) conveyed said 1/8 undivided interest to William MUMMERT. (Since Christian DICK owned 7/8 undivided interests, he probably purchased the interests from his other siblings and are probably recorded in the land records.) David and Rachel DICK sold their interest to Joseph EICHELBERGER in Apr 1854 (JN-9, 54); and Joseph resold these interests to William MUMMERT, but Joseph died before the deed was recorded. John DICK sold his interests to William MUMMERT but went to Ohio before the conveyance and died intestate, with no wife or children as heirs; administrator for John's estate was Solomon HELSER. William MUMMERT d/ 1870 intestate, leaving widow - Barbara and children - - Samuel MUMMERT and w/ Elizabeth - Jacob MUMMERT and w/ Ellen - Adam MUMMERT and w/ Surnia - Catharine w/o William GEHR - Hettie MUMMERT - J. Sidney MUMMERT - Daniel MUMMERT, a minor - Illinois
DOVENBERGER vs OSERMAN - 18 Jan 1865 [Equity #1885 - Book 11, 37-59] John DOVENBERGER d/ Jan 1865 intestate, leaving 11 children, - Jacob DOVENBERGER and w/ Catharine - Illinois - Henry DOVENBERGER and w/ Ann Maria - Illinois - John H. DOVENBERGER and w/ Maria - Illinois - Christian DOVENBERGER and w/ Elizabeth BUTTERBAUGH - Illinois - William C. DOVENBERGER and w/ Mary SHEPHERD - Aleatha w/o Peter LONG (m/ after Matilda's death) - Daniel DOVENBERGER and w/ Catharine - Virginia - Susan wid/o Warren ULLUM - Mary w/o William W. ULLUM - Sarah (Sally) Catharine, d/ 1854, w/o Thomas H. OSERMAN (AUSHERMAN) .....Sarah OSERMAN .....Amos B. OSERMAN .....John H. OSERMAN, a minor - Illinois .....William C. OSERMAN, a minor - Illinois - Matilda M., d/ 1854, w/o Peter LONG - her children, .....Mary C. LONG, a minor .....Matilda Ann LONG, a minor Property was in two farms totaling 260 acres in Tilghnington District, lying near the Potomac River with improvements which includes a chopping mill and saw mill, adjoining the lands of Jacob EAKLE and others. It's an eligible location for a warehouse which it had but was recently destroyed by fire. It's located on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, a short distance from Lewis WATSON's warehouse. Otho BAKER was appointed guardian; witnesses were Martin EAKLE, John E. KNODE, John W. EAVEY, William LOGAN; Elias EAKLE was appointed trustee to sell real estate, but heirs requested trustee be changed to William DOVENBERGER. Papers from Ogle Co, Illlinois were signed by Henry, John, Christian and Daniel DOVENBERGER and Thomas H. AUSERMAN. On 24 Oct 1865, four acres (part 3 of tracts) were sold to Lewis WATSON and Samuel BOYER for $1,525; 106 acres (part 2) was sold to William W. ULLUM and Susan ULLUM for $4,346; the "House Farm", 150 acres (part 3) was sold to William W. ULLUM and Susan ULLUM for $11,737.50; total allowing for adjustment of acreage amounted to $17,590.41. The "House Farm" was located 1 mile from Mercerville and 1 mile from Bakerville and 1 mile from the turnpike leading from Hagerstown to Sharpsburg; it contained a large, two-story brick mansion, large bank barn, wagon shed, corn crib and other out buildings, a well of never-failing water near the door of the house, a pump in each tagettier and fruit orchards and timber land - was found to have 132 acres. Part 2 adjoined the House Farm with two log dwellings, a log stable and other buildings, running water near the house and fruit orchards conveyed from Catharine HERSHEY - was found to have 124 acres. Part 3 consisted of a log and weatherboard house, a saw mill and plaster mill, together with walls of a warehouse on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Note - Wash. Co marriage licenses show these DOVENBERGER marriages - John to Mary EAKEL on 13 Sep 1813 - Christian to Elizabeth BUTTERBAUGH on 2 Feb 1846 - Mary Elizabeth to Wm. Wesley ULHUM on 6 Dec 1859 - Sarah to Thomas ASHAMON on 25 Mar 1843 - Matilda A. to Peter LONG on 4 Feb 1854 - Mary to Peter LONG on 18 Dec 1860 - Susan to Jacob Wesley SHOW on 22 Jan 1859
DUSANG vs DUSANG - 12 Apr 1837 [Equity - Book 3, 10-] John DUSANG died 20 Nov 1836, intestate, leaving 12 children, 1 - Jacob DUSANG 2 - Peter DUSANG 3 - Isaac DUSANG 4 - Henry DUSANG 5 - Elizabeth DUSANG 6 - Mary w/o John SCHILLING, deceased 7 - John DUSANG and w/ Catharine - live in PA 8 - Samuel DUSANG and w/ Mary - live in Indiana 9 - Joseph DUSANG - lives in Ohio 10- Magdalena DUSANG, a minor 11- Nancy DUSANG, a minor 12- Catharine DUSANG, a minor Property was part "Addition to Hager's Delight", 124 acres, located two miles from Hagerstown on the road to Forman's Ferry; highest bidder was John STOTTLER for $6,018. (Possibly name also spelled DUSING)
FUNKs vs ROHRERs, EAKLEs - Settlement of Estate - 31 Oct 1833 [Equity #434 - Book 2, 671-674] Fanny EAKLE d/ 1829 intestate, leaving 4 children by her first husband - Henry FUNK, d/ intestate - John FUNK (d/ intestate since his mother, no issue) - Daniel FUNK - David FUNK - Mary FUNK (died before her mother) w/o Jacob ROHRER .....- their minor children - All live Out of State .....Martin ROHRER .....Henry ROHRER .....Mary ROHRER and 2 children by her second husband *_________ EAKLE (d/ intestate), - Absalom EAKLE, a minor - Martin EAKLE, a minor Fanny had purchased 57 acres of land, lying in Pleasant Valley, before her first marriage and the balance after her second widowhood. David ROHRER was guardian; John NEWCOMER was trustee; land with improvements was sold on 1 Feb 1837 at sale to Lewis WATSON for $2,675. * Note - Marriage licenses show a Francy? FUNK to Henry EAKLE on 9 Oct 1810. (If deeds are traced back, Fanny's maiden name could be obtained since she purchased part of the property before she married.)
EARNST, NESBITT, GARDNER, MILEY, DRAPER, HYSINGER [Equity #1863 - Book 17, 288-304] - 28 Sep 1864
Jacob BOWERS vs EARNST - Settlement of Estate John EARNST d/ 17 Aug 1864, intestate, leaving widow - Adaline (pregnant) and children - Barbara EARNST, age 7 - John EARNST, age 5 - Kate EARNST, age 3 - Unborn child - later named William EARNST, b/ abt Nov 1864 Testimony was given on 21 Dec 1864 (as to the ages) by John G. EARNST, a brother to John EARNST, who was also made Trustee to sell the real estate. Charles J. Nesbitt was made guardian. The real estate contained 13 acres and adjoined the lands of William GARDNER and Daniel MILEY and was located 3/4 mile south of Clearspring on the Big Spring Road and was conveyed from Christian HYSINGER. Sale was made to Mount J. DRAPER for $2,765.
Joseph M. GARVER, Robert H. CUSHEN & w/ Susan E. vs James HENSEY & Others - 31 Oct 1833 [Equity #4173 - Book 33, 50 - Nov 1889 to 25 Apr 1896] Joseph GARVER d/ abt 11 Oct 1889, intestate, leaving 4 children s/ Joseph M. GARVER d/ Susan E. (GARVER) w/o Robert H. CUSHEN d/ Jane R. (GARVER) KEMP, d/ 1885 - her 3 children - .......Joseph M. KEMP, d/ 1889, leaving his only child, ----------Guy KEMP .......Fannie G. (KEMP), w/o James A. HENSEY - couldn't be found, lived in New Jersey .......Nettie KEMP, 18 d/ Anne Maria (GARVER) CUSHEN, d/ 1886 - North Dakota - 4 children, .....Edgar/Edward G. CUSHEN & w/ Sarah .....Anne L. (CUSHEN) w/o William QUARTON (or GURTON) .....Joseph CUSHEN, age 14 .....John CUSHEN, age 9 Land - tracts in Washington Co, MD - 4 acres near Breathedsville with dwelling; now occupied by tenant Henry SUMAN, adjoins lands of Lewis TRONE, Dr. Joseph P. CHANEY and others and the west side of the Washington County Railroad tract (also described as house and lot in Funkstown on north side of Main Street and western half of Lot# 11, has two-story brick building and stable). - mountain land situated on South Mountain, near Smoketown and adjoins land of Philip N. WINGERT, John N. SHOATS or MOATS, Solomon FAULKERS and others and has been in Garver's possession for many years (also described as 5 acres, being in Beaver Creek Election District, adjoining lands of Thomas FAULDERS, David BOWMAN, Albert MARTIN). J. Calvin HOFFMAN was named guardian. Property sold to: - William CUSHEN for mountain parcel at $17 - Mrs. Susan E. CUSHEN at $225 (The house received a bid for $225 dollars, but purchaser failed to pay; The trustees tried to sell it at a private sale, but could not get a higher bid.) Washington County Chancery Docket 7, # 4173 (Keedy, Lane as attys) Bill of Equity Filed and Order of Publication for "The Mail". Summons issued for James HENSEY and wife - can't be found; Nettie KEMP and Guy KEMP summoned. Petition and order of court issued to amend bill filed Jan 16, 1890 - published and filed against Henseys, Edgar and wife, Quartons. Guardian appointed was J. C. HOFFMAN, filed on Apr 7, 1890; testimony filed Jun 23, 1890; decree passed and filed Nov 7, 1890; Joseph M. Garber and Robert H. Cushen, trustees. Bond filed and approved Dec 16, 1890; Report of Sale filed Jan 30, 1891 (copy to "The Mail"), Final ratification of Sale filed Mary 6, 1891; Final Auditor's report filed Apr 9, 1891 and Apr 25, 1891.
HAMILTON vs HAMILTON - Settlement of Estate - 5 Feb 1844 [Equity #805 - Book 3, 322-] Henry HAMILTON d/ intestate, leaving 4 children, - William T. HAMILTON - Ann Mary M. HAMILTON - James HAMILTON, a minor - Juliann HAMILTON, a minor Property consisted of a house and Lot #137 in Boonsborough.
HARPE vs HARPE - Settlement of Estate (Executor Dec'd) - 2 Oct 1858 [Equity #1527 - Book 7, 239-] George HARPE d/ 1844 - wrote will on 6 Sep 1841 w/ Catharine and 7 children, s/ John HARPE d/ Hannah HARPE s/ George HARPE s/ Jacob HARPE d/ Susannah HARPE, dec'd w/o Jacob LEATHERMAN - to her children s/ Daniel HARPE d/ Catharine HARPE Sons, John and Jacob Harpe were executors, but Jacob HARPE d/ Nov or Dec 1857 intestate, leaving widow - Lydia and 5 minor children, - John H. HARPE - Sarah Elizabeth HARPE - Lydia Ann HARPE - David HARPE - Mary Ellen HARPE Jacob's property consisted of the "Home Farm", 175 acres, with improvements near Chewsville on the road leading from Hagerstown to Smithsburg, adjoining the lands of John SPESSARD, Michael THOMAS and others; - also, a tract called "Forge Farm", 140 acres, with improvements near the Old Forge and adjoining the lands of David SPESSARD, John STOTTLER and others. - There was also another farm of 251 acres lying on the East side of the road leading from Hagerstown to Sharpsburg, about 4 or 5 miles from Hagerstown, adjoining the lands of Rowland SOUTH and others, in which he had a claim by virtue of an agreement with Jacob HARPE, David CLAGGETT, Samuel B. CLAGGETT, Hezekiah CLAGGETT and w/ Ann, by mortgage in 1851.
HESS vs HAMILTON - Settlement of Estate - 19 Mar 1834 [Equity #441 - Book 2, 677-] George HESS d/ Feb 1834 intestate with no issue. His parents predeceased him, leaving the following 7 siblings, bro/ Jacob HESS bro/ Henry HESS bro/ William HESS sis/ Barbara w/o Philip KELLER sis/ Eve w/o John WEITZELL sis/ Juliana HESS sis/ Mary w/o Henry HAMILTON, both d/ intestate - her 4 children, .....William HAMILTON, a minor .....Ann M. HAMILTON, a minor .....James H. HAMILTON, a minor .....Juliana HAMILTON, a minor Property consisted of house and Lot #6 and house and Lot #44, both in Hagerstown. George BRUMBAUGH was both guardian and trustee, bonded with David BRUMBAUGH Sr and David BRUMBAUGH Jr. On 12 May 1834, Lot #6 with brick house was sold to Jacob HESS for $875.50; on 7 Jun 1834, Lot #44 was sold to William HESS for $341.
Catharine HINESMAN & others vs Thomas HAMILTON & Others - 12 Jun 1844 [Equity #830 - Book 3, 871-] Joseph HINESMAN, dec'd (Will written 22 Nov 1815; filed 12 Oct 1822) d/ Catharine HINESMAN d/ Margaret HINESMAN d/ Elizabeth HINESMAN d/ Susannah RIDENOUR, died intestate, leaving 5 children - .......Peggy (RIDENOUR) HAMILTON, now a widow .......Maria (RIDENOUR) w/o Thomas HAMILTON .......Harriet (RIDENOUR) w/o John BLOYER .......Susan (RIDENOUR) w/o Thomas STAYLEY .......Eliza (RIDENOUR), dec'd w/o William McCORMICK ----------Susan McCORMICK, a minor ----------Henry McCORMICK, a minor ----------Thomas McCORMICK, a minor Will devised a life estate to his three single daughters (til their death or marriage) then, the property is to be sold and divided amongst all his daughters and heirs. Exex/ Philip KREIGH; witnesses: William LEWIS, Martin SHOWAKER, John SEITZ. The daughters found the repairs, taxes and upkeep of the house and two lots in Hagerstown to be a great burden and asked the properties be sold and divided equally amongst the four daughters/heirs. Note - Washington Co, MD Marriage Licenses list - John HAMILTON to Rebecca RIDENOUR on 30 Aug 1820 (maybe Peggy?)
HOFFMAN vs HOFFMAN - Settlement of Estate - Jan 1860 [Equity #1538 - Book 7, 383-392] Michael HOFFMAN d/ 1850, intestate leaving a - widow - Elizabeth d/ Aug 1858 - and 4 children - s/ Peter HOFFMAN and w/ Ann s/ Michael HOFFMAN and w/ Catharine - lives out of state d/ Mariah w/o Peter STRAW - lives out of state d/ Catharine w/o Henry MANNYBECKER - lives out of state Land - 13 acres; adjoined the lands of Edward COYLE and Joseph GONGER. - mountain land, 20 acres. Peter HOFFMAN was made trustee and sale was held on 14 May 1859 in front of McCLEARY's Tavern; high bidders were: - Henry COLLIFLOWER for mountain land, 10 acres at $140; 3 miles south of Smithsburg, adjoining lands of Samuel SHINDELS and Ephraim HANAMAKER. - John G. WINTERS for 10 acres mountain land at $68.50; adjoining other lot. - George PUNT for 13 acres at $338.25; w/ improvements, 1/2 mile from Smithsburg, adjoining lands of Edward COYLE and Joseph GONGER. Distribution: Each heir received $107.13. Finalized 3 Dec 1860.
Elizabeth GRAY (creditor) vs HOLTZ, WITMER - Settlement of Debts - 26 Aug 1830 [Equity #318 - Book 2, 524-] John HOLTZ d/ 1821 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine, about 30, and 4 minor children - John HOLTZ - Henry HOLTZ - George HOLTZ - Simon Peter HOLTZ Land - 140 acres conveyed from Jacob HOWER on 1 Jun 1819, - and part conveyed from Jacob and Gustave KERSHNER dated 31 Jul 1824. Administrator of Holtz' estate was John WITMER Jr. and he was also the guardian.
William T. HAMILTON vs John HOSE, et al - 8 Jul 1858 [Equity #1375 - Book 7, 144-168] On the 28th of Dec 1855, Samuel T. HAMILTON filed a complaint to obtain a debt of $160 which Peter HOSE owed to Sarah KELLER; Keller assigned this debt to Hamilton to collect. The debt was secured by Hose's real estate on 17 Nov 1846 and only interest had been paid to date. Peter HOSE d/ 12 May 1855, intestate, leaving 10 children - 1/ John HOSE 2/ Henry HOSE 3/ Nancy (HOSE) w/o John PLUMER 4/ Sarah (HOSE) w/o Samuel JOHNSON 5/ Mary (HOSE) w/o Hiram SPIELMAN 6/ Samuel HOSE - Out of State 7/ Margaret (HOSE) (d/ before her father) w/o Peter SMITH .....Daniel SMITH (her only child) - Out of State 8/ Susanna (HOSE) w/o Darlington TURNBOLT - Out of State (1860 census - Macon Co, IL) 9/ Elizabeth w/o Conrad WATSON - Out of State 10/ Catharine w/o Richard KENNEDY - Out of State John HOSE was appointed trustee to make sale of the property. Those bonded were John HOSE, Richard SHECKLES and John D. RIDENOUR. The property was situated on the "Easter Bank" of the Antietam Creek, two miles East of Hagerstown and adjoining the lands of John FUNK's heirs, William H. HAGER and others, containing 10 acres. The highest bidder was William H. HAGER for $720 on 9 Sep 1856. John PLUMER filed to collect a debt of $150 he claimed for boarding and washing for Peter HOSE, his father-in-law. Most siblings protested this claim. Henry HOSE testified to father's death date and claimed he was about 82 when he died. He further stated John PLUMER resided on the real estate of Peter HOSE for the past 12 years and Peter had health complaints 6-8 weeks before his death. Peter had grown sicker the two weeks before his death and John PLUMER had attended him during this time. Henry claimed his father said John Plumer should be paid for his trouble but no amount was mentioned. John Plumer is in possession of any personal property of Peter Hose and still lived on Hose's property after his death. A verbal contract between Plumer and Peter was for Peter to get every 4th bushel of crops, Plumer lives there and looks out for Peter. Solomon FUNK testified Peter Hose purchased his real estate from Solomon's father. John PLUMER was granted $31 with interest for his claim. Each heir received $32.20; finalized March 1860.
HUYETTs vs HUYETTs - Settlement of Estate - 30 Jul 1846 [Equity #931 - Book 3, 773-] Jacob HUYETT (of S.A.) d/ 1842 intestate, leaving 8 children - John H. HUYETT and w/ Catharine - Jeremiah HUYETT and w/ Susan - Sarah S. HUYETT - Jacob S. HUYETT - Daniel H. HUYETT and w/ Margaret - Leah (HUYETT) w/o John H.K. BREWER - Elizabeth (HUYETT) w/o Henry STOUCK - Mary (HUYETT) dec'd w/o Walter B. McCOY .......Sarah H. McCOY, a minor .......Susanna McCOY, a minor G. Howard HOLLINGSWORTH was appointed guardian; Jeremiah had already applied for solvency with John H. HUYETT as his trustee.
David CLAGGETT vs SHERRITT, WOOLFORD, HYATT - Settlement of Estate - 1 Jan 1836 [Equity #621 - Book 2, 914-917] Christopher HYATT died intestate, leaving 3 children - Ann (HYATT) w/o Thomas WOOLFORD - Elizabeth (HYATT) w/o Samuel SHERRITT - Catharine A. HYATT Christopher owned 4 Lots in Funkstown with a mortgage to David CLAGGETT and most of the property had already been sold to cover other debts.
KEEDY vs KEEDY - Settlement of Estate - Filed 27 May 1839 [Equity #506 - Book 3, 81-] John KEEDY d/ intestate, leaving 9 children - David H. KEEDY - Jacob KEEDY - John A. KEEDY - Out of State - Henry KEEDY - Out of State - Jonathan KEEDY - Out of State - Daniel G. KEEDY - Out of State - Mary KEEDY w/o Elias SHEETS - Susan KEEDY w/o Robert FOWLER - Elizabeth SCHLOSSER, dec'd - her 2 minor children .......John SCHLOSSER .......Martha SCHLOSSER Simon SCHLOSSER was guardian for the Schlosser children. Land - "Mill Seat", 100 acres; from Jonas HOGMIRE & w/ Susannah on 6 May 1801 (Liber O-6); - part "Silley's Discovery", and part "Bit for David", 5 acres; adjoins the previous tract; from William PRICE, esq, on 6 Mar 1837 (Liber SS-650); - House and Lot #31 in Boonsboro; from Michael BRANDNER on 3 Apr 1819 (Liber DD, 593-595).
John SHEAKLEY & w/Susan vs KELLERs - Settlement of Estate - Filed 20 Jul 1830 [Equity #317 - Book 2, 521-524] John KELLER died leaving 4 children - Susan w/o John SHEAKLEY - Ohio - Hannah KELLER - Ruth KELLER - Joseph KELLER, dec'd - his 2 children - .....Anna Maria w/o Thomas CRAMPTON .....Alfred KELLER, a minor (in 26 Apr 1827, he was 11 yrs old) Property consisted of tract "Celler's Establishment", 244 acres previously conveyed by John CELLER, deceased. David C. NEWCOMER was guardian, then later, Elie CRAMPTON was guardian for Alfred KELLER; Daniel REICHARD was trustee; on 26 Nov 1831, after two unsuccessful public auctions, the real estate was sold to Christian NEGLY of Franklin Co, Pennsylvania by private sale for $8,418 ($34.50/acre).
KING vs KING - Settlement of Estate - Filed 22 Feb 1860 [Equity #1610 - Book 17, 1-20] Christian KING d/ June 1859 on his farm, intestate, leaving w/ Elizabeth and 9 children - 1/ John R. KING and w/ Catharine 2/ George R. KING and w/ Magdalena 3/ Franklin L. KING and w/ Ellen 4/ Joseph KING 5/ Hiram KING - Out of State 6/ Samuel R. KING (d/ early 1860) & w/ Mary - Seneca Co, Ohio - their 6 children - .......Davenport S. KING and w/ Susannah C. .......Henrietta w/o Solomon H. REESE/RUSE .......William H. KING, a minor .......Savilla J. KING, a minor .......Martha A. KING, a minor .......Daniel R. KING, a minor 7/ Adaline w/o William KONOTHERS? - Out of State 8/ Jerome E. KING and w/ Rachael Ann (since father's death has been discharged w/ insolvency with Henry ZELLER as his insolvent trustee) 9/ Nancy w/o Jonathan GROSH (both deceased) - her 2 children, .......Jerome C. GROSH - Out of State .......Margaret w/o Christian HOSTETTER - Out of State Land - "Dutch Folly", 82 acres; on/near the turnpike road leading from Williamsport to Greencastle, PA, 1 1/2 miles from Williamsport, adjoining the land of Abraham LEITER, VAN LEAR's heirs, and David NEIKIRK. Testimony was heard from David NEIKIRK and Martin BEAR; Henry ZELLER was named trustee; sale was held in front of the Washington House in Hagerstown on 5 Feb 1861, high bidders were: - Abraham LEITER for the farm at $4,455. The widow, said to be over 56 years of age, was granted 1/10 in lieu of her dower; Mary w/o Samuel KING was also granted a share for her dower rights, 1/10 of 1/9. LEITER requested a survey and James BROWN, esq. surveyed the land and determined it contained 73 1/4 acres so allowance was made and sales price was changed to $3,966; finalized 22 Sep 1863.
KINKLE vs KINKLE - Settlement of Estate - Filed 13 Aug 1836 [Equity #148 - Book 2, 32-] Jacob KINKLE d/ Aug 1821, leaving widow - Margaretta and 6 children - Jacob KINKLE - Henry KINKLE - Adam KINKLE - Elizabeth KINKLE - John KINKLE - Conrad KINKLE Jacob, the deceased, wrote his will on 1 Jun 1821. Real Estate consisted of Lots #347 and 348 in Hagerstown.
KLINE, HARP, FRY, LIDAY, NEWCOMER, LEUSENBAUGH Jacob HARP & others vs George KLINE & others - Settlement of Estate - 19 Oct 1847 [Equity #984 - Book 3, 338-353] George KLINE d/ Apr 1846 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth (now lives in Frederick Co, MD) and 10 children, - Lydia w/o Jacob HARP - Paul KLINE and w/ Ruan - Frederick Co, MD - George KLINE and w/ Nancy - Michael KLINE and w/ Mary - Frederick Co, MD - Catharine w/o Enoch FRY - Peter KLINE (d/ by June 1848) - Frederick Co, MD - Barbara w/o Henry FRY - Frederick Co, MD - Matilda KLINE, a minor - Frederick Co, MD - James KLINE, a minor - Frederick Co, MD - Malinda KLINE, a minor - Frederick Co, MD Land - "Resurvey on Scotch Lott", "Resurvey on Eavey's Delight", "Cadiz", "Eavey's Good Luck", "Wife's Portion", "Stull's Portion", 85+ acre farm; on the pike about 3 miles west of Boonsborough with Beaver Creek running through it, lying by lands of Isaac HILDEBRAND and John HAMMOND with stone marked "H.H.K.". - "Mount Aetna", 20+ acres of mountain land. Conveyed from Samuel NEWCOMER and wife by deed dated 14 Apr 1845. - House & Llot on Main Street in Smithsburg; adjoining the property of Henry LIDAY. Samuel NEWCOMER held the mortgage but is now living in Illinois. Paul KLINE purchased Michael KLINE's interest in the estate. George KLINE, the son, claimed a 5-year lease which doesn't expire until 1850. Properties subject to widow's dower and was surveyed to section off dower; guardian was John LEUSENBAUGH. By June 1848, Peter KLINE had died, single with no children, so his interests would be divided amongst the other heirs. Lydia, being the eldest, had first choice to purchase the properties; she and her husband chose to take the house and lot in Smithsburg. Paul, being the second eldest, turned down the option; George, being the third eldest, chose to purchase the farm and mountain land. Proceeds of sales were divided equally among the surviving children.
J.W. HAMMOND vs LeFEVER - Settlement of Estate - 10 Oct 1864 [Equity #1860 - Book 10, 598-] George LeFEVER d/ 20 Apr 1859 with a will He left tract "LeFever's Inheritance", conveyed to him by his father, David LeFEVER, and part "Woodland Hills", totaling 300 acres, to his son, David LeFEVER. David LeFEVER d/ 25 Nov 1859 with a will leaving his widow - Elizabeth, who d/ Aug 1863, leaving 4 children - Mary C. (LeFEVER), now w/o John Washington HAMMOND - Henry C. LeFEVER, a minor - Susan M. LeFEVER, a minor - Ann C. LeFEVER, a minor
WOLFORD, SMITH vs LONG, DOWNES, SCHLEY, STAKE - Settlement of Estate - 28 Oct 1868 [Equity #2134 - Book 13, 112-130] On 6 Dec 1856, The Washington County Bank obtained a decree against Joseph LONG, Nathaniel LONG and others to make sale of parts of lands of Isaac LONG, deceased, as necessary for payment of his debts. On 3 Feb 1857, George SCHLEY and E.G.W. STAKE, esq, as trustees, sold 167 acres to Nathan LONG consisting of a farm, dwelling house, barn and other buildings. Nathan LONG d/ between 1859-1860 intestate, leaving widow - Rebecca (now w/o William WOLFORD) and 8 children, - Elizabeth, now widow of Charles G. DOWNES - Mary w/o Joseph SMITH - George W. LONG - Isaac LONG, a minor - Nathaniel LONG, a minor - Anna LONG, a minor - Simon Peter LONG, a minor, d/ 1862 - Emanuel LONG, a minor, d/ 1865 George W. Long and Elizabeth Downes sold their interest to Rebecca. George SCHLEY and E.G.W. STAKE were also appointed trustees to sell the property for Nathan LONG, subject to the widow's dower. On 3 Feb 1857, sale was held at the tavern of William E. DOYLE, high bidders were: - Benjamin LONG for Mountain Lot #181, 18+ acres, @ $16.50/acre with Charles G. DOWNS as surety (?). ..David WOLF and Henry J. LOWMAN for Mountain Lot #179, 30+ acres, @ $14.10/acre, Joseph R. LONG and Nathaniel LONG as sureties. ..Simon LONG for Home Farm of Isaac LONG, dec'd, of 288 acres, @ $50.50/acre ($14,545.00) with David NIKARK as surety. ..Nathaniel LONG for farm where he was living, 170 acres, @ $35.60/acre ($6,052.00). All sales pending future survey, all sold free and clear of widow's dower.
Frederick A. SHRUM vs Martha J. and Mary E. LOWRY - Settlement of Estate - March 1864 [Equity #1605 - Book 17, 20-25] Thomas LOWRY d/ 1844, intestate, leaving 4 children and widow - Elizabeth (who has since married Frederick SHRUM) d/ Susan M.(LOWRY) w/o George RYMAN s/ William LOWRY d/ Martha J. LOWRY, a minor - lives in Virginia d/ Mary E. LOWRY, a minor - lives in Virginia Land - House and Lot in Hagerstown on East Church Street, Lot #141. Daniel CARVER was appointed trustee; widow realeased her dower rights; sale made to Jacob BOWARD? for $300.
McCLAIN vs McCLAIN - Settlement of Estate - Filed 19 Mar 1836 [Equity #511 - Book 2, 917-] James McCLAIN Sr d/ 1816 (will written 5 Sep 1815 in Liber B, 498-501), devising 250 acres to son, John McCLAIN. John McCLAIN d/ Jun 1827, intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 10 children d/ Maria w/o John TICE - Ohio s/ Reuben M. McCLAIN - Missouri s/ Josiah McCLAIN d/ Jan 1835 intestate, leaving wid/ Elizabeth and their 5 minor children - .......Amelia "Milly" McCLAIN .......Upton McCLAIN .......Otho McCLAIN .......Sophia McCLAIN .......Ann Elizabeth McCLAIN s/ Otho G. McCLAIN s/ Richard McCLAIN s/ Owen McCLAIN s/ Joseph McCLAIN, dec'd s/ Andrew McCLAIN (almost 21) d/ Elizabeth McCLAIN, a minor d/ Lucretia McCLAIN, a minor Andrew KERSHNER held a mortgage for Josiah McCLAIN.
DEIBERT, MYERS, MILLER, BROWN (creditors) vs McCOYs - Filed 13 Oct 1822 [Equity - Book 1, 395-405] James McCOY died intestate leaving widow - Elizabeth, and the following 8 children - Michael McCOY - Andrew McCOY - Joseph McCOY - Eleanor McCOY, a minor - Elizabeth McCOY, a minor - Mary McCOY, a minor - Washington McCOY, a minor - Catharine McCOY, a minor Property was in Sharpsburg.
McGOWAN, STEINER vs Jacob WOLF, Adm/o Richard BARTLETT - filed 31 Oct 1823 [Equity #132 - Book 1, 949-] William McGOWAN d/ Feb 1816 intestate in Berkely Co, VA (now WV) widow - Catharine (now w/o John STEINER in Apr 1820) - and minor children, only one named was Elias McGOWAN Guardian of the unnamed McGowan children WAS Richard McMICKON. Administrator of McGowan's estate was Richard BARTLETT who sold the property and maintained the monies. Bartlett gave Catharine a note for the monies but told her, if she kept the note after her marriage, it would become the property of her husband and her children would no longer have it. On his advice, she returned the note to him, but he died in Sep 1822. The administrator of Bartlett's estate is Jacob WOLF.
MIDDLEKAUFF vs WOLF - filed 12 Sep 1854 [Equity #1305 - Book 6, 37-] Jacob MIDDLEKAUFF Sr, d/ 1833 with a will, leaving w/ Esther (who recently died) and 5 children s/ Jacob MIDDLEKAUFF s/ Daniel MIDDLEKAUFF s/ John MIDDLEKAUFF d/ Susannah MIDDLEKAUFF (d/ after her father) w/o David WOLF, dec'd (10 children) .......David WOLF .......Daniel WOLF .......John WOLF .......Mary WOLF w/o Michael EMMERT .......Catharine WOLF w/o Valentine REICHARD .......Susan WOLF w/o Jacob MILLER - Illinois .......Samuel WOLF, a minor - Illinois .......Sarah WOLF w/o Elias FINFRUCK .......Margaret WOLF w/o Joseph DOUBLE .......Elizabeth WOLF, dec'd w/o Jacob REICHARD (5 children) ------------Benjamin F. REICHARD ------------David REICHARD ------------Catharine REICHARD ------------Frances REICHARD ------------Alburtis REICHARD d/ Elizabeth MIDDLEKAUFF (d/ before her father) w/o John WOLF (6 children) .......Mary WOLF w/o John WELTY - Illinois .......Daniel WOLF - Illinois .......John WOLF - Illinois .......Jacob WOLF - Ohio .......Elizabeth WOLF w/o Michael AVEY .......Susannah WOLF w/o Jacob DEARDORF - Pennsylvania Land - House & Lot #19 in Sharpsburg; conveyed from Jacob GRICE & wife on 1 Apr 1833 which was not included in the will; - House & Lot and tract of land purchased from Jacob AVEY joining the lands of Jonathan HILL, Peter BEELER; - tract purchased from Philip GROVE. Jacob's will gave - his son Jacob a plantation consisting of 152 acres; - his son Daniel received 220 acres conveyed from Isaac HOUSER Sr which lies next to lands of Henry ZUCK; - his son John received the 200 acre plantation purchased from Peter PALMER and lies next to land from John MIDDLEKAUFF, the father of Jacob Sr. Although Jacob Sr signed his will on 13 Oct 1832 and died in 1833, the will was not filed until 14 Feb 1854 as Esther was living on the property after the death of her husband, as provided, and it was then filed after Esther's death.
Samuel McCAULEY vs Jonathan MILLER, et al - Filed 8 April 1857 [Equity #1437 - Book 6, 187-208] Samuel McCAULEY held a judgement against Mary HANNA, w/o Robert HANNA, dated 14 Oct 1856, by her trustee Michael NEWCOMER and before George HILL, Esquire, a justice of the peace. On the 8th of Oct 1856, Samuel FALDER with wife Margaret and John NEWCOMER sold and conveyed to Michael NEWCOMER, trustee for Mary HANNA, all the parcel of land known as "Resurvey on Discontent, adjoining the lands of Mary (and Jacob) LICHTY and Samuel FALDER, containing about six acres (Liber JNN-12, 171-172, Wash. Co Land Records). The said property must be sold to settle the claim. Although Robert HANNA was still living, this property was conveyed to Mary 'in trust' and therefore Robert has no vested interest. Mary HANNA (w/o Robert HANNA) died Nov 1856, intestate (without a will), leaving no children, but 14 siblings or their children, bro/ Jonathan MILLER and w/ Louisa Ann bro/ Jacob MILLER and w/ Julianna bro/ Samuel MILLER and w/ Elizabeth bro/ David MILLER and w/ Lena bro/ Simon MILLER and w/ Catharine bro/ George W. MILLER sis/ Barbara MILLER, w/o Daniel POFFENBERGER sis/ Susan MILLER, w/o David PORTS sis/ Charlotte MILLER, w/o William KINZY sis/ Rose Ann MILLER, deceased, w/o Christian MONIGAN sis/ Sally MILLER (d/ c1856), deceased, w/o Joseph MONIGAN - their 5 children .......George MONIGAN, a minor .......Luther MONIGAN, a minor .......Daniel MONIGAN, a minor .......Ann MONIGAN, a minor .......William MONIGAN, a minor -and 1st husband - Levi HESS, deceased - their daughter .......Ellen HESS, a minor sis/ Elizabeth MILLER (d/ 1852), w/o Emmanual RUDY, dec'd, - their 4 children .......Elizabeth RUDY, later w/o John N. MARTZ) .......Emmanual RUDY, later w/o Elizabeth YOUNG) .......William RUDY, a minor .......Samuel RUDY, a minor - and 2nd husband - Martin EVERLY - their 2 children .......Theophilus EVERLY, a minor .......Emily EVERLY, a minor sis/ Isabella MILLER, w/o Stephen ADAMS - Illinois sis/ Nancy MILLER, w/o Levi MENDENALL - Ohio On 3 March 1858, Daniel ROOT, esquire, was appointed as guardian for the minors (under age 21). John W. COON purchased the property for $297 in 1858.
John G. STONE vs Sarah A. MILLER, et al - 16 Dec 1858 [Equity #1542 - Book 7, 392-408] Peter MILLER d/ 8 Jan 1854, intestate, leaving widow - Sarah A. (also died intestate) - and 8 children, - Daniel MILLER - Sarah Ann MILLER - Christianna MILLER, a minor - John Lewis MILLER, a minor - Mary Louisa MILLER, a minor - Henry MILLER, a minor - Edward MILLER, a minor - Susan Margaret MILLER, a minor The land was in Clear Spring with an 1836 deed; part of land was for use of the C & O Canal. William McCORMICK, the administrator died; George W. SMITH was named guardian of the minors. Sale was held in Clear Spring at Smith's Hotel on 25 Feb 1860; sale went to Christian HAWBECKER for $920.
Estate of John MILLER - 7 Apr 1871 [Equity #2298 - Book 14, 355-367] John MILLER d/ Jun 1870 intestate, leaving widow - Nancy and 5 children, - Benjamin MILLER and w/ Nancy - Sally MILLER w/o John DRAPER - David MILLER, d/ abt 1842 intestate, leaving his only child, .......Mary A. MILLER w/o Samuel SNYDER - John MILLER, d/ abt 1861 intestate, leaving his only child, .......Sarah Ann MILLER w/o Adam JACOBS - Elizabeth MILLER, d/ May 1867 intestate, w/o William H. MILLER - leaving her 5 children .......Jacob MILLER and w/ Martha J. - Freeport, Stephenson Co, IL .......Ruhanna MILLER w/o George W. McKEE / McKEY - Carroll Co, IL .......Benjamin F. MILLER and w/ Helen - Carroll Co, IL .......Sarah F. MILLER w/o George W. STOHL - Marshall Co, IOWA .......Josephine w/o N.W. ISENBISE - Carroll Co, IL Property included 3 acres with improvements lying adjacent to the village of Ringgold, adjoining the property of Henry NEWCOMER and Elie SHOCKEY.
Estate of Thomas MUCH - 19 Jun 1820 [Equity - Book 1, 270-] Thomas MUCH, died intestate, leaving 10 children - Frederick MUCH - John MUCH - Catharine w/o Mathias ROHR - Mary w/o John TRAM - Jacob MUCH - Adam MUCH - lives out of State - Henry MUCH - Conrad MUCH - George MUCH - lives out of State - Abraham MUCH (Several pages were missing from these copies.)
NEWCOMER vs John TALLY and wife Sarah - Settlement of Estate - 4 Feb 1830 [Equity - Book 2, 518-521] Henry NEWCOMER d/ 1828 intestate, leaving widow - (unnamed) and 9 children - John NEWCOMER - Michael NEWCOMER - Sarah w/o John TALLY - Nancy w/o John TICE - Henry NEWCOMER - Barbara NEWCOMER - Elizabeth w/o John KELLER - Mary w/o Samuel EMMERT - William NEWCOMER, a minor Land - lying in both Washington and Frederick Counties. David NEWCOMER was guardian for William; John NEWCOMER was trustee. High Bidders were: - Michael NEWCOMER for the mill property w/ 27 acres at $6,200 on 18 Sep 1830. - Henry SCHIMEL for 6 acres of mountain land at $20. - Micahel NEWCOMER for 108 acres, being the widow's dower, subject to the life estate of the widow, at $2,500 on 12 Mar 1831; and also 104 acres of mountain land at $220. - William DRAPER for 57 acres of mountain land at $220.50
Jacob and Catharine MILLER vs PALMERS - Settlement of Estate - 1 Aug 1867 [Equity - Book 12, 211-] Sarah PALMER d/ Apr 1866 intestate, the widow of Joseph PALMER Sr who died abt 1835 - 4 children, - Elizabeth PALMER w/o Jacob MILLER - Joseph PALMER and w/ Sarah - Samuel PALMER and w/ Susan - David PALMER (d/ c 1856) and w/ Eveline LONG - their 4 children, .....Sarah PALMER, a minor .....Scott PALMER, a minor .....Catharine PALMER, a minor .....Annie PALMER, a minor Land - "Resurvey on the Three Springs", 25 acres; in or near Tilghmanton District, being part of tract conveyed to her by Elias MOATS, exec/o John MOATS. She sold one acre to Elizabeth MILLER.
John WALTERS vs POFFENBERGERs - Settlement of Estate - 10 Aug 1847 [Equity - Book 6, 353-] Andrew POFFENBERGER d/ Spring 1847, leaving 6 children, - Ann Sophia w/o John WALTERS - Pennsylvania - Benjamin POFFENBERGER and w/ Louisa - Sarah POFFENBERGER, a minor w/o Samuel BOWSER - Martha POFFENBERGER, a minor - Amelia Julian POFFENBERGER, a minor - Pennsylvania - Charles POFFENBERGER, a minor - Pennsylvania Benjamin has applied under the insolvent laws and has appointed William S. DAVIS as his trustee. Thomas HARBINE was appointed as guardian. Testimony was given on 30 Nov 1847 by Daniel SOUTH and Jacob ISENMINGER; Andrew's wife died before him. Property consisted of a two-story stone house and half lot on Front Street in Funkstown, adjoining properties of Frederick GROSH and Gottlieb GROSH.
Jonathan D. PRATHER vs John R. SNYDER - 12 Jun 1859 [Equity - Book 10, 581-598] Samuel PRATHER d/ 1846, intestate, leaving 4 children, - Jonathan D. PRATHER - Ruth S. PRATHER - Ann E. w/o Herman F. PERRY - Catharine R. (died after her father) w/o John R. SNIDER - Ohio and her 5 children - all of Merrill Co, Ohio .....Elizabeth E. LONG .....Sarah L. SNIDER, a minor .....Ann M. SNIDER, a minor .....Denton J. SNIDER, a minor .....Samuel P. SNIDER, a minor One of the land tracts contained 225 acres and was conveyed from Lancelot JACQUES Jr, trustee, by deed dated 10 Sep 1824 (Land Rec HH, 171-172); another tract contained 24 acres conveyed to Samuel by Perry PRATHER & w/ Elizabeth on 1 Nov 1835 (RR, 143-144); also a house and lot in Clearspring conveyed to him by Jacob ROOD (ROOT?) on 22 Mar 1828 (JJ, 886-887).
ZENTMYER, BOWERS, RIDENOUR vs STEFFEY - 14 Aug 1848 [Equity #1031 - Book 4, 118-140] Francis PROTZMAN d/ 1835, intestate, w/ Mary Doratha d/ March 1848 - leaving 8 children, - Ludwick PROTZMAN, he and wife are both deceased - his 7 children, .......Polly (PROTZMAN) w/o John P. STEFFEY (STEPHEY) .......Francis PROTZMAN and w/ Mary .......Rebecca (PROTZMAN) w/o John FISHACK .......Susan (PROTZMAN) w/o Jonas KOHLER .......Elizabeth (PROTZMAN) w/o George BARKDOLL .......David PROTZMAN .......Lewis PROTZMAN - lives in Missouri - John S. PROTZMAN and w/ Sarah - lives in Franklin Co, PA - Daniel PROTZMAN and w/ Margaret - lives in Huntingdon Co, PA - Peter PROTZMAN and w/ Susan - Barbara (PROTZMAN) BOWERS - Mary (PROTZMAN) w/o Jacob ZENTMYER - lives in Frederick Co, MD - Sarah (PROTZMAN) w/o John D. RIDENOUR - Elizabeth PROTZMAN, d/ after her father, intestate, unmarried, no issue Land - Farm consisting of various pieces of tracts: - "The Gleanings", 100 acres; (from Peter HOOVER in Nov 1797, with part being of tract "The Forrest" conveyed Feb 1797 by Christian GOOD); - "The Forrest"; from John BEARD in Mar 1803; - "Resurvey on Webb's Discovery", 2 tracts/1 deed from Maurice BAKER in Aug 1809; - 3 tracts/1 deed from Christian LANTZ dated May 1813; Contains a total of 207 acres, adjoining the lands of Jacob WINTERS, Daniel STEFFEY, Jonas BEALL and others. - He also owned 10 acres on the road from Smithsburg to Waynesboro, PA, conveyed to him by John O. HARROW. In 1839, Daniel and Margaret PROTZMAN conveyed their undivided interest to the widow; John S. and Sarah PROTZMAN conveyed all their undivided interest to Peter PROTZMAN in 1843. Will of Mary Dorotha PROTZMAN d/ (will written 18 Jan 1837; filed 14 Mar 1848) d/ Elizabeth PROTZMAN - a bed, chest and negro woman, NANCY (to care and nurse Elizabeth during her lifetime, afterwards, Nancy to be set free) SLAVE - to negro woman NANCY - bed, chest or box for her clothes and $50 (money to be put in interest until she is free and then given to her) d/ Barbara s/ John H. d/ Ann Mary s/ Daniel s/ Peter d/ Sarah s/ Ludwick's heirs - all her movable property and monies. Daughter Elizabeth to be kept by one of her siblings during her lifetime. Peter was named executor of her will; witnesses: George BEARD, John OSWALD and J.P. STEPHEY. In Jun 1849, the plat shows the land adjoins Mr BOWERS, Daniel WINTERS, Jacob BELL, Jonathan BELL and Jacob NEWCOMER. John D. Ridenour was appointed trustee; sale held on 3 May 1849, high bidders were: - Jonas KOHLER for 10 acres, at $1,220, with Nicholas LEISTER as surety on bond; lying next to lands of Peter MONG, RENNER and others. - Philip BECK for farm, surveyed by Isaac H. DURBORROW, of 212 acres; at $11,662.12, with John J. BREISCH as surety on bond. The total sales was $12,882.12. Several distributions were made accordingly; but the shares for Polly and John P. STEPHEY were distributed "for the use of Solomon STEPHEY" as per order of the court passed on the petition of Solomon (must be in a separate record as explanation not included here); finalized 15 May 1852.
KERR, ROEDER vs ROEDER - Settlement of Estate - 29 Mar 1870 [Equity - Book 14, 33-49] Note - The index shows the name as REEDER, the record spells it ROEDER. Frederick Augustus ROEDER d/ 4 Jul 1861 intestate, leaving 7 children, - Mary Louisa w/o John J. KERN/KERR - Matilda E. ROEDER - Herman A. ROEDER - James R. ROEDER, a minor - Amelia ROEDER, a minor - Albert T. ROEDER, a minor - Julia Ann ROEDER, a minor Land - Property consists of 2 parcels of land, 7 miles west of Hancock, - 201+ acres; conveyed by Joseph GRAVE, trustee, in Sep 1847 (JN-2, 789-790); - 53 acres; conveyed by Andrew G. BOYD in June 1853 (JN-8, 24-25). In 1847, Frederick was listed in the land indenture as being from Harpers Ferry, VA (now WV).
REEL, KEYFAUVER vs REEL - Settlement of Estate - 6 Feb 1875 [Equity #2455 - Book 16, 364-386] Jacob REEL d/ 1844 with a will filed 12 Nov 1844 leaving son, Henry REEL, a tract of land, 115 acres, lying 1 1/2 miles west of Sharpsburg, adjoining the lands of Col. MILLER, William HEBB and others. Henry REEL d/ 12 Jan 1873, leaving widow - Barbara Ann and 8 children, - Elizabeth REEL w/o Jacob M. KEYFAUVER - Jacob REEL and w/ Annie C. - Melvin J. H. REEL - Josephine REEL, a minor - Ida REEL, a minor - Annie Lety/Lily REEL, a minor - William REEL, a minor - Oscar REEL, a minor The property now goes to the children of Henry after the widow's dower for Barbara Ann is laid out, according to Jacob REEL's will. The bill asks the property be sold and distributed amongst the heirs equally, as it is not susceptible to division.
RESH vs RESH - Settlement of Estate - 14 Mar 1848 [Equity #1010 - Book 4, 139-] Joseph RESH died intestate, leaving 13 children, - Samuel RESH and w/ Mary - Peter RESH and w/ Sarah - John RESH - Benjamin RESH and w/ Nancy - Esther w/o Isaac ROW - Mary Ann w/o Lewis BLACK - Moses RESH - Daniel RESH and w/ Susan - Jacob RESH and w/ Elizabeth - live in PA - Susan RESH - Joseph RESH (Jr) - Fanny w/o Amos MILLER - live in PA - Elizabeth (d/ after her father) w/o Jonathan JONES - her 2 children, .....David W. JONES, a minor .....Mary Ann JONES, a minor Joseph (Sr) owned 147 acres conveyed to him by John WOLGOMOT on deed dated Nov 1813.
George FECHTIG vs RICHARDSONs - Settlement of Debts/Estate - 1 Jul 1865 [Equity #1936 - Book 11, 458-468] Samuel RICHARDSON (colored), d/ Jun 1864 intestate, in Newville, PA leaving 2 children, - Mary Ann HITE - Geneva, NY (separated, husband in VA) - Samuel RICHARDSON, dec'd, leaving his 8 children - all live in PA .....John Henry RICHARDSON and w/ Elizabeth .....George M. RICHARDSON and w/ Ann .....Mary Ann w/o Benjamin DEEMER .....Samuel C. RICHARDSON and w/ Mary .....James N. RICHARDSON, a minor .....William RICHARDSON, a minor .....Georgiana RICHARDSON, a minor .....Thomas J. RICHARDSON, a minor Property included a log house and Lot #189 in NW part of Hagerstown, above the jail. George FECHTIG, a creditor, gave testimony stating Samuel built the house and lived there about 20 years; his wife and son both died before him. Jacob BOWARD also testified; highest bidder was Parrish SOPHIS (colored) who paid $338.
John FEIDT, William GROSH vs Catharine RIDENOUR & Others - 3 Nov 1853 [Equity #1264 - Book 6, 630-647] David RIDENOUR d/ 15 Dec 1849, intestate, leaving widow - Catharine and 3 siblings, sis/ Elizabeth w/o John M. SCHECHT - Philadelphia, PA sis/ Susan, dec'd w/o Solomon SCHLENKER - Ohio - her 3 children, ......Daniel SCHLENKER, a minor - Ohio ......Samuel SCHLENKER, a minor - Ohio ......Catharine SCHLENKER, a minor - Ohio bro/ George RIDENOUR (both dec'd) - Ohio - his 6 children, ......Elizabeth RIDENOUR, a minor - Ohio ......Sophia RIDENOUR, a minor - Ohio ......Catharine RIDENOUR, a minor - Ohio ......Julia Ann RIDENOUR, a minor - Ohio ......David RIDENOUR, a minor - Ohio ......Susanna RIDENOUR, a minor - Ohio Real Estate consisted of the east half of Lot #10 in Clearspring and all of Lot #24. Feidt and Grosh were creditors of David Ridenour. Testimony was heard from Mrs. Rachel GARLINGER who claimed a daughter of George RIDENOUR, either Elizabeth or Catharine, was married to a man named RHOADS; the other's husband she cannot recall; but the sister Elizabeth Schecht lives in Philadelphia. Thomas HARBINE also testified. The last witness was Mrs. Elizabeth GEORGE who was a sister of Solomon SCHLENKER. Thomas HARBINE was made trustee; sale was made on 15 Apr 1854, high bidders: - John EICHELBERGER for half of Lot #10, occupied by Mrs. WORLEY, at $115 - Jonathan SOOSE for Lot #24, occupied by James DORRANCE as a Cabinent Maker Shop, and Andrew WARNER as a shoemaker shop, at $535 The widow received 1/8 in lieu of her dower, $81.25; it appears all the many creditors only received a percentage of their claims; finalized 12 May 1855.
Stephen BUTTERBAUGH (creditor) vs Elie SCHLOSSER - Settlement of Estate - 26 Nov 1845 [Equity Case# 902 - Book 3, 452-455] Elie SCHLOSSER d/ 1844 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine and only child, son - Elie SCHLOSSER, a minor The widow acted as guardian and released her dower rights in lieu of payment. The real estate was sold at private sale to: - John STONEBRAKER for $6,000 on 27 Nov 1846 (deed to Elie was dated 15 Mar 1842, Land Rec ZZ-170). Distribution: - the widow received $857 - Elie Jr received $1,289.
SCHLOSSER vs SCHLOSSER - Settlement of Estate - 17 Nov 1848 [Equity Case# 1044 - Book 4, 634-] Simon SCHLOSSER d/ 1843 intestate, leaving - widow - Martha and 6 minor children, - Mary SCHLOSSER - Elizabeth SCHLOSSER - Ann R. SCHLOSSER - Henry SCHLOSSER - John D. SCHLOSSER - Martha J. SCHLOSSER Simon owned a tract of land conveyed to him by John SCHLOSSER and wife on 6 Apr 1842 (Land Records, Liber ZZ-173, 4-5).
John DUFFIE & w/ Mary vs SMITHs - Request for Support - 12 July 1823 [Equity Case# 128 - Book 1, 944-949] Jacob SMITH (of Joseph) d/ abt Jan 1819 (will written 24 Sep 1818) leaving widow - Mary (now w/o John DUFFIE) and 5 children, - Sophia SMITH (b/ c1803) - Otho SMITH (b/ c1806) - Maria SMITH (b/ c1809; d/ 9 Oct 1823) - Josiah SMITH (b/ c1811) - Hezekiah SMITH (b/ c1814; d/ betw Sep-Dec 1818) At that time, he had Negroes, SLAVES - BENJAMIN ANTHONY, SARAH, PHEBE, NED, CHARLES and BENJAMIN. He had brothers, John SMITH and Michael SMITH, the latter his executor. At the time of his death, he left only four children, all minors: Sophia, 16; Otho, 13; Maria, 10; and Josiah, 8. His widow has since remarried to John DUFFIE and they are asking for additional monies for the support of the children and have since moved to Hagerstown. On 9 Oct 1823, Maria SMITH also died. Joseph SMITH (father of Jacob) died possessing a tract containing about 400 acres; Jacob is due 2/8ths of the undivided parcel.
Henry ZEIGLER and Jacob SMITH vs SMITHs - Settlement of Estate - 25 Apr 1833 [Equity Case# 417 - Book 2, 633-637] Henry SMITH d/ Feb 1828 intestate, leaving 9 children, - Jacob SMITH - Sarah w/o Henry ZEIGLER, a minor - Joseph SMITH, a minor - Mary SMITH, a minor and w/o John LOWMAN - George SMITH, a minor - John SMITH, a minor - David SMITH, a minor - Catharine SMITH, a minor - Ezra SMITH, a minor David FUNK was appointed guardian; John NEWCOMER was trustee. Land - 84 1/2 acres in two tracts (one a mountain tract). On 1 Jan 1834, sale was held at EDWARD's Hotel in Boonsboro; high bidders: - Jacob MARTZ for one lot of 66 1/2 acres at $11.50/acre; - Joseph LONGMAN for 18 acres of mountain land at $4/acre; Total sales, $836.75.
Barbara CALLAHAN vs SMITH and others - Settlement of Estate - 27 Sep 1847 [Equity Case# 983 - Book 3, 388-394] A full background was not provided for this record and is difficult to comprehend. The original bill stated the following were heirs (uncertain if children or siblings?) of the estate of Ann Maria SMITH, dec'd (entitled to an undivided 2/3 share) - Barbara CALLAHAN - Elizabeth w/o James M. WELSH - Out of State - Nicholas J. SMITH * - Out of State - Conrad H. SMITH - John SMITH, dec'd - his children - all of Miami Co, Ohio .......Catharine K. w/o Benjamin FLINN .......Sarah Ellen SMITH, a minor .......John W. SMITH, a minor .......Peter K. SMITH, a minor .......Daniel SMITH, a minor .......Otilia SMITH, a minor .......Jacob SMITH, a minor - Barnard S. SMITH, dec'd - his child .......Maria E. SMITH, a minor *(Nicholas stated in his answer he was an heir of Catharine SMITH, and not Ann Maria SMITH.) On 21 Feb 1848, Daniel CARVER testified he knew Elizabeth, Nicholas and Conrad personally and knew the others by reputation and letters, stating they were heirs of Ann Maria SMITH, dec'd, but the exact relationship was not stated. Land - Brick House & Lot #4 in Hagerstown on East Washington St. William H. HANDEY was guardian for Maria E. SMITH; authorization was given to Benjamin FLINN and Daniel McNEAL to appoint a guardian in Miami Co, Ohio; Rebecca SMITH (mother?) was guardian for the Smith children. Trustee was Daniel CARVER; sale made on 9 Dec 1848 to: - Barbara CALLAHAN at $964 Distribution: - each 1/6 of 2/3 share to the heirs was $74.27; - in addition, Barbara CALLAHAN was also entitled to the other 1/3 undivided share, $223.83. (There was no explanation of the origin of the thirds of shares or if any had been purchased or if all were inherited. Neither were any husbands listed for Ann Maria or Catharine or their death dates.) Finalized 26 Sep 1849.
SMITH vs SMITH - Settlement of Estate - 6 Nov 1869 [Equity Case# 2210 - Book 13, 471-] Captain David SMITH d/ Aug 1869 intestate, leaving widow - Ann Maria and 3 children, - Joseph C. SMITH and w/ Mary Louisa - Grafton F. SMITH - David M. SMITH and w/o Mary Ellen - Frederick Co, MD Property consisted of 3 lots in Sharpsburg, two have dwellings and the third is vacant and unimproved. There is also a farm near Sharpsburg of 135 acres with improvements. Property to be free and clear of widow's dower.
William THORNDELL & wife vs John C. SNIDER & Others - 15 July 1854 [Equity Case# 1295 - Book 5, 684-] Abraham SNIDER d/ Fall 1853, intestate, without issue leaving the following 5 siblings bro/ Henry SNIDER, dec'd - his 6 children, ......Mary w/o William THORNDELL - Union Town, PA ......John C. SNIDER and w/ Anna Mary - Ohio ......Susan THOMPSON - Virginia ......William SNIDER and w/ Rebecca - Virginia ......Elizabeth w/o John W. BARR - Pennsylvania ......Amelia (PA) w/o Jacob CRIST - Baltimore, MD sis/ Elizabeth KLINE, dec'd - her 4 children, ......John D. KLINE and w/ Jane ......Samuel KLINE and w/ Mary ......Susan MILLER ......Elizabeth w/o Solomon COLELESSER bro/ Peter SNIDER, dec'd - his 4 children, ......Jacob SNIDER and w/ Elizabeth ......John SNIDER and w/ Nancy ......Sarah w/o Samuel STOUFFER ......Peter SNIDER and wife - Ohio sis/ Mary DENNISON, dec'd - her 5 children, ......Abraham DENNISON and w/ Mary - Pennsylvania ......Mary w/o Jacob KNODE - Pennsylvania ......Sarah w/o Jacob KELLER ......Clarissa w/o Frederick COON ......Rebecca w/o James POTTER - Illinois sis/ Catharine WILLIAMS, dec'd - her 4 children, ......William WILLIAMS and w/ Eliza ......John WILLIAMS and w/ Margaret ......Elie WILLIAMS and w/ Elizabeth ......Elizabeth WILLIAMS Henry owned real estate purchased from Daniel EMMERT, deceased, conveyed to him after Daniel's death by his administrators, Daniel STOUFFER and Christian STOUFFER and Daniel's widow, Sarah EMMERT by deed dated 19 Feb 1849.
John STINE vs Mary E. WACHTELL & Roseann WACHTELL - Settlement of Estate - July 1864 [Equity Case# 1851 - Book 11, 416-432] Matthias STINE died c1830, intestate, leaving 5 children, 1/ John STINE - 1st w/ Magdalena BOVEY - 2nd w/ Sarah WACHTELL, both wives dec'd 2/ Mary "Polly" w/o Valentine WACHTELL (both died within same year after their son) .......Benjamin WACHTELL & widow Catharine (remarried George PENTICOFF - IL) their 2 daughters, ----------Mary E. WACHTELL, a minor - Stephenson Co, Illinois ----------Rose Ann WACHTELL, a minor - Stephenson Co, Illinois 3/ Catharine w/o Josiah KERSHNER, both dec'd - their 6 children ----------Ira KERSHNER & wife ----------Van KERSHNER & wife ----------Eliza KERSHNER wid/of ____________ ----------Ann KERSHNER w/o ___________ ----------Joshua KERSHNER, single ----------Helen KERSHNER w/o ________ 4/ Jacob B. STINE & w/ Polly HAINES 5/ George W. STINE & wife, both deceased - married in Ohio .......had one child, unknown if still living Land - 172 acres After Matthias' death, the said Jacob B. STINE (in 1830) and George W. STINE (in 1837) conveyed all their interests to John STINE and Valentine WACHTELL; Josiah and Catharine KERSHNER conveyed all their interest to John STINE in 1838. Testimony was given by Otho WACHTELL stating he believed Valentine's grandchildren lived in Illinois; Mary E. is about 12 years old and Rose Ann about 10 years old. Also, he claimed Mathias STINE left a Farm of about 147 acres situate in this county on the Conocheague Creek adjoining the lands of Col. SCHLEY and Peter KERSHNER, probably worth $15 per acre. Valentine WACHTELL had an interest in the Real Estate left by Matthias STINE. Otho heard Valentine say that he claimed 60 acres of the farm where John STINE now lives and the land where this deponent lives being the same lands left by Matthias STINE. Testimony was also given by John STINE, the complainant, stating that he knew Matthias STINE in his lifetime, he was the father of this deponent, he died about forty five years ago, intestate, at least no will was ever found; that Matthias STINE left a farm of about 166 acres, situate in this county, in the Clearspring District on the Conococheague Creek, adjoining the lands of John W. STOUFFER, Col. SCHLEY, and Valentine WACHTELL s heirs. It is worth about $15 per acre. The fencing is just tolerable and will be getting worse and so also with the buildings which are of log; the house is two stories high with a back building, the barn is also of log and tolerably old. Signed on the 14th day of February AD 1865. Wm. McKNEPPLER, Commissioner Sale on Tuesday, the 17th day of October, 1865, in front of the Court House, in Hagerstown at 11 o clock, A.M., all the tract of land lying on the West bank of the Conococheague Creek, adjoining the lands of John W. STOUFER, Col. George SCHLEY and Valentine WACHTEL s heirs, about 2 miles from the turnpike leading to Clearspring, and about 6 miles from Hagerstown, on the public road leading to the latter place, containing 166 acres of land, more or less. About 40 acres of it is timber, a large part of it very good timber, the balance is under cultivation. The improvements are a two-story log house, a log barn, and other outbuildings, there is an orchard, and well of good water near the house; there is also a good spring on the premises. This real estate will be sold altogether or in parcels to suit purchasers, and such parcels will be designated on the day of sale. Any person desiring to examine the premises will call upon John STINE who lives upon the same. There is about 15 acres of it sown down, and the crop thereon growing is, reserved. High bidders were: - Andrew E. STU___ (STUFFER/STOUFFER?) for 22 acres at $50/acre. - Rufus (H?.) WILSON for remainder of 150 acres (can t make out the amount).
SPESSART, SNYDER, EMMERT, STOUFFER vs STOUFFER - Settlement of Estate - 16 Apr 1831 [Equity #342 - Book 2, 553-556] Christian STOUFFER died 1828, intestate, leaving 11 children, - Catharine w/o John SPESSARD - Mary w/o Jacob SNIDER - John STOUFFER - Nancy w/o Emmanuel ROWLAND, dec'd - Lydia STOUFFER - Sarah w/o Daniel EMMERT - Samuel STOUFFER - Amelia w/o Jacob POFFENBERGER - Daniel STOUFFER, a minor - Christian STOUFFER (Jr), a minor - Jacob STOUFFER, a minor Frederick DORSEY was Daniel's guardian on 18 Aug 1831; later, Daniel EMMERT was listed as Jacob's guardian and John STOUFFER was listed as Christian's guardian; Thomas BUCHANAN was trustee. On 20 Oct 1831, Stouffer's four farms were auctioned from the Globe Tavern in Hagers Town, high bidders were: - Samuel STOUFFER for farm adjoining Funks Town, 146 acres, at $6,750.50 - John STOUFFER for farm within three miles from Hagers Town, lying on the road leading from Hagers Town to Sharpsburg, 101 acres, at $4,910.12 - John STOUFFER for farm, adjoining the last mentioned one and lying on the road leading from Funk's Town to Williams Port, 137 acres, at $5,992.12 - Jacob ADAMS for farm, tract "Duckett's Misfortune", 185 acres; on road leading from Hager's Town to Ohr's Gap, at $7,608.12 The grand total was $25,260.87; however, five acres of Adams' purchase had previously been sold, part to John STONEBRAKER 1832 and part to James and Francis BREATHED in 1823 and adjustment was made. No mention was made of a widow's dower which indicates Christian's wife probably predeceased him.
Catharine SUMMERS vs Elie SUMMERS and others - Settlement of Estate - 10 May 1853 [Equity #1243 - Book 5, 196-206] Jacob SUMMERS d/ Summer of 1838 (will 8 Jul 1838; 28 Aug 1838) widow - Elizabeth d/ Apr 1853 in Washington County, leaving 7 children, s/ Samuel SUMMERS d/ 1848 in Washington County - his 2 children, .......Simon Peter SUMMERS, a minor .......James Polk SUMMERS, a minor s/ Eli SUMMERS - Illinois d/ Catharine SUMMERS d/ Sarah w/o John ZITTLE (both since deceased) - her 2 children, .......Elizabeth Ann ZITTLE (18), a minor .......Mary Ellen ZITTLE (14), a minor d/ Elizabeth w/o John CASTLE d/ Amelia SUMMERS, later w/o Jonas NEWCOMER - Illinois (married and died in Illinois) - her 2 children, .......Amanda NEWCOMER, a minor .......Samuel Summers NEWCOMER, a minor d/ Mary, dec'd, w/o Stephen CARPENTER - her 2 children, .......Mary Ellen CARPENTER - Ohio .......Hiram CARPENTER - Ohio George FREANER was appointed as guardian; Jonathan SMITH testified. Joseph KNOX named trustee. Real Estate included two lots, one was the dwelling and barn with two lots being sold, one to John SMITH and the other to Jonathan SMITH with deeds not yet prepared; - the other was a tavern stand called the Brick Tavern with stable, smith shop, garden and two lots rented out with the stand. Sale was held in Boonsboro on 25 Jan 1854; high bidder was: - John MURDOCH at $1,550. Finalized on 16 May 1856.
Philip BRECKLEY vs Norborne B. ROBINSON, Baker TAPSCOTT, Edmund I. LEE - Settlement of Contract - 2 Mar 1838 [EQUITY#589 - Book 3, 47-] Baker TAPSCOTT died intestate leaving widow - Ellen M., and 3 children, - John B. TAPSCOTT, a minor - Elizabeth M. TAPSCOTT, a minor - Samuel B. TAPSCOTT, a minor Contract was located in Sharpsburg, Lot# 4, dated 1831 with business firm, N.B. ROBINSON.
THOMAS vs THOMAS - 2 Aug 1838 [EQUITY#589 - Book 3, 65-] Abraham THOMAS d/ intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth, and 6 children, - Jacob THOMAS - Lavinia THOMAS, a minor - Eliza Ann THOMAS, a minor - Josiah THOMAS, a minor - Sarah Ann THOMAS, a minor - Mary, deceased w/o John D. EAKLE - her child, .....Mary Elizabeth EAKLE, a minor Land consisted of a farm of 175 acres purchased from Jacob THOMAS.
ROHRER vs ROHRER - to settle Estate - May 1854 [Equity #1290 - Book 5, 398-411] Conrad THOMAS died 1836, leaving widow - Elizabeth (d/ bet 1851-1854) and daughter, - Elizabeth (THOMAS)(d/ bet 1851-1854) w/o Frederick ROHRER leaving her 6 children - .....Samuel ROHRER .....Martin W. ROHRER h/o Margaret - Illinois .....George C. ROHRER h/o Sophia .....Daniel F. ROHRER .....Leah E. (ROHRER) w/o Elias J. OHR .....Joshua ROHRER, a minor In Conrad's will (written 16 Dec 1823, filed 22 Nov 1836), he left his plantation and land adjoining South Mountain to his daughter after his wife's death. If his daughter should die before her children were of age, then his son-in-law would hold the land until they became of age, then the property was to be equally divided amongst his daughter's children. He named Jacob THOMAS and Abraham THOMAS, sons of his brother, Jacob THOMAS, as executors; however, Jacob renounced his part. Land - "Park Hall" and "Strife", 160 acres; located near Rohrersville, adjoining the lands of John MULLENDORE Sr, George HUFFER, Samuel BEELER and the heirs of John HUFFER, and the lands of Frederick ROHRER; from John M. ROHRER, Samuel ROHRER petitioned to have property sold and settlement made to heirs, claiming it was not susceptible for division and property's condition is declining. Andrew K. SYESTER was named guardian of the minor. Testimony was heard from Eli CRAMPTON and John N. STINE. Sale was held at the store of Josiah BUCK in Rohrersville on 30 Dec 1854 but could not get an adequate bid. After several attempts, finally, on 1 Feb 1855, they sold at private sale to: - George HAFFER for $8,000 except for the current crops. Each grandchild received $1,361.18 total from the three distributions. Finalized on 15 May 1857.
TICE vs TICE - to Settle Estate - 21 Oct 1865 [Equity #1951 - Book 11, 468-] Margaret N. TICE d/ 1847 intestate, leaving husband - Samuel TICE who d/ Nov 1861, and 5 children, - Samuel H. TICE - Edward L. TICE - Ellen V., now w/o Daniel MASON - Sarah E. TICE, a minor - Charles F. TICE, a minor Margaret owned 116 acres adjoining lands of Abraham SHUPP, to be sold and divided equally amongst the children.
THUM vs SCHINDEL, THUM - to Settle Estate - 26 Feb 1866 [Equity #1972 - Book 11, 31-37] Mary THUM d/ 1865 intestate, leaving husband - David THUM and her 3 children, - Lydia w/o Solomon TROUP - Jacob THUM & w/ Ann Rebecca - Marianaria w/o John T. TICE George SCHINDEL holds a lien on the property which was conveyed to Mary by Upton BRAGENIER and wife Matilda in 1851. The property adjoined the lands of Jacob BREWER of J. and Michael BOVEY's heirs and was located on the west side of Conococheague near a public road, slightly over an acre. Sale made to Jacob WAIGEL for $260 on 16 Oct 1866.
GILBERT vs TOMS - to Settle Estate - Jan 1860 [Equity #1546 - Book 17, 147-164] Benjamin TOMS d/ c1855 intestate, w/o issue; his father and a brother died before him, but he left a widow - Elisabeth and 11 siblings, bro/ William TOMS h/o Mary (Frederick County, MD) bro/ Abram TOMS h/o Susan (Frederick County, MD) sis/ Elizabeth (TOMS) w/o Christian MOSER (Frederick County, MD) bro/ Daniel TOMS h/o Mary (Frederick County, MD) bro/ Samuel TOMS h/o Susan (Frederick County, MD) sis/ Barbarah (TOMS) w/o Jacob DARNBAUGH (Washington County) sis/ Mary "Polly" (TOMS) w/o William BROWN (Frederick County, MD) sis/ Magdalena (TOMS) w/o John SENSENBAUGH (Frederick County, MD) sis/ Hannah (TOMS) w/o John ROBINSON (Iowa) sis/ Catharine (TOMS), dec'd w/o Mr POTTS - her child, ......Catharine POTTS (d/ after Benjamin) w/o Daniel STRASBURG - her son - William STRASBURG (Frederick County, MD) sis/ Susannah (TOMS) w/o John GILBERT (Washington County) Property in Cavetown District, 40 acres, 2 1/2 miles from Smithsburg on the road leading from Smithsburg to Mechanicstown (now Thurmont), adjoining the lands of Adam SHANK, Solomon SMITH, Jacob FAUCKLER; which has a house, barn and other improvements. Daniel F. STRASBURG was appointed guardian for William STRASBURG, a minor, on 17 Jan 1860. Jacob BOWMAN and John BOWMAN both testified they grew up with Benjamin and know the family: William was about 59, Abraham about 56, Samuel and Daniel were about 40+; Susan was about 50, Hannah about 48, Polly is about 50+, Magdalena was the youngest and is about 40; the widow, Elizabeth lives on the place and is about 40 years old. Catharine, deceased, was married to a POTTS and had a daughter, also deceased, who was married to William STRAUSBURG and had a son, William STRASBURG who is about 6-7 years old and lives in Chewsville. There was no will and letters of administration were issued to William ADAMS and Adam SHANK. Elizabeth TOMS, the widow, released her dower rights in lieu of payment. In Jan 1861, sale was made to highest bidder: - George ZIMMERMAN for $255; however, sale was not presented until six months later and was appealed by heirs as being below market value. On the 15th of July 1882, sale was held once again in Smithsburg, this time the high bidder was: - John C. HARBAUGH for $270. Deed dated April 1852 to Benjamin TOMS from Jacob BUCHMAN Jr & wife Eliza was on tracts, "Sweepstakes" and "Fountain Hill", contiguous, 31 acres. This established the acreage was incorrect at sale and abatement to Harbaugh was made which made the sale price $212.21. Distribution: - widow received $31.53 in lieu of her dower - siblings each received $1.09; finalized 29 Jun 1864.
Estate of David TROUP - 12 Nov 1836 [EQUITY#584 - Book 2, 804-] David TROUP died leaving a will widow - Ann, and 7 children, - John TROUP - Elizabeth w/o John WESLAND - Jacob TROUP - Peggy TROUP - David TROUP - Christian TROUP - Nancy TROUP
John ASH vs Elizabeth TROXELL & others - Settlement of Estate - 10 Nov 1847 [EQUITY#986 - Book 3, 354-362] David TROXELL d/ Jun 1847 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 5 children, - John TROXELL - Philip TROXELL, dec'd (widow, Mary) - his 4 children, .....Levy TROXELL .....Abraham TROXELL .....Philip TROXELL, a minor .....Mary Eliza (TROXELL) w/o Thomas O'BRIEN - Baltimore, MD - Elizabeth ROWLAND, dec'd - her children - .....Eliza (ROWLAND) w/o John DALY .....Upton ROWLAND .....John ROWLAND .....Isaac ROWLAND, a minor .....Jonathan ROWLAND, a minor .....Mary ROWLAND, a minor - Jacob TROXELL - Abraham TROXELL, dec'd (widow, Sarah) - his children in VA and Illinois .....David TROXELL .....Peter TROXELL .....John TROXELL, a minor .....Isaac TROXELL, a minor .....William TROXELL, a minor .....James TROXELL, a minor .....Elizabeth (TROXELL) w/o Perry PRATHER (Washington Co, MD) In 1826 or 1827, David Troxell purchased real estate from Andrew LINN, executor of Levi LINN of Pennsylvania, and there is a small amount left to be paid. In May 1843, David TROXELL became indebted to John ASH for real estate. Levi LINN of Pennsylvania died with a will, leaving widow - Mary and 8 children, - William LINN - Out of State - Andrew LINN - Out of State - Jane w/o William TROUP - Out of State - Daniel LINN - Out of State - Mary, dec'd w/o Peter DICK - her 3 minor children - .......Mary Ann DICK - Pennsylvania .......Isaac DICK - Pennsylvania .......Rebecca DICK - Pennsylvania - Sarah w/o William DICK - Out of State - Elizabeth w/o Benjamin PETERMAN - Out of State - THOMAS LINN, dec'd - his son - .......Caleb LINN - Out of State Executors were widow and son Andrew. By July 1848, Mary TROXELL, w/o Philip TROXELL, had died. Testimony was given by John MONTGOMERY and John BAKER; William T. HAMILTON was made trustee. High bidders were: - Jacob D. SHIVES for 73 acres on 10 Nov 1849 at Hancock for $248.20; - David MYERS for the other 90 acre tract at $310.50.
John S. HERSHBERGER & w/ Mary vs VARNERs - 25 May 1838 [EQUITY#584 - Book 3, 60-65] Daniel VARNER d/ abt 1828, intestate widow died within past three months d/ Mary Ann w/o John S. HERSHBERGER d/ Maria VARNER, a minor s/ John VARNER, a minor Adam SHOOP was named guardian on 25 Sep 1838; Daniel WEISEL was trustee. Land - part of "Reserve's Number Six", 1 acre and small tenement, one of the Reserves around Conococheague Manor; lying on road from Williamsport to Clear Spring. Highest bidder - Rudolph HERR Jr. for $181. Distribution: Each child received $49.35. Finalized 30 Sep 1839.
Estate of Valentine WACHTEL - 31 May 1858 [Equity #1503 - Book 17, 276-287] John WACHTEL died at his home in 1810, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 10 children, - Valentine WACHTEL d/ c1857 intestate .....s/ Benjamin WACHTEL d/ c1856 - his 2 daughters, ----------Mary E. WACHTEL - Yellow Creek, Illinois ----------Rose Ann WACHTEL - Yellow Creek, Illinois - Sarah w/o William THUMB - Jonathan WACHTEL and wife - Delaware Co, Indiana - Magdalena w/o Jacob KERSHNER (conveyed to Valentine WACHTEL) - Susan w/o Samuel (or John?) GIBNEY, both d/ intestate .....d/ Elizabeth GIBNEY w/o Henry HOOVER - Jacob WACHTEL and wife (conveyed to John WITMER) - John WACHTEL d/ c1833 & w/ Elizabeth, both deceased (6 children) .....s/ Otho WACHTEL (the witness) (conveyed to Valentine WACHTEL) .....d/ Mary (Polly) w/o David TROUP (conveyed to Valentine WACHTEL) .....s/ John and w/ Elizabeth .....d/ Nancy w/o J.B. SMITH (conveyed to Valentine WACHTEL) .....d/ Sallie w/o David LONG .....s/ Benjamin and w/ ________ CURLEY - Margaret d/ c1823 w/o George THUMB - no children (He remarried, moved to Tennessee and died some twenty years ago.) - Catharine d/ c1823, intestate, w/o Peter KERSHNER - no children Her husband afterwards died in the poorhouse. (Note there were two sons born to a Catharine Wachtel and Elias Kershner, unmarried, in 1801 and 1803; Oddly, Elias died in 1804 and Catharine married Peter Kershner in 1804) - Mary w/o Samuel KERSHNER, both deceased some 40 years, had children, names and whereabouts of children unknown Testimony was given by Otho WACHTEL, age 68, a grandson of John WACHTEL and s/o John WACHTEL, who stated there were 11 children, but only details of ten were given. Note - Census records indicate the 11th child may have been a son who evidently died before coming of age. PETER A. WITMER gave testimony also, since Jacob Wachtel had conveyed his interest to John WITMER, now deceased, leaving 6 children, s/ Henry B. WITMER, dec'd, his 2 children, .......George WITMER .......Rose SHARER d/ Elizabeth (WITMER) w/o George BASSET s/ Peter A. WITMER (the witness) s/ John T. WITMER s/ D.O. WITMER d/ Emma (WITMER) w/o Joseph HERR. ----- Two tracts of land, part Little Friendship" and Roofs Neighbor , lying near the Conococheague Creek, and containing about 140 acres. John Wachtel Sr's will stated the property was to be sold 10 years after his death. The deeds by which the interests were conveyed as hereinbefore set forth will be found as follows among the Land Records of Washington County: Liber-Folio WW-179, OHW 1-796, IN 1-776, IN 6-125, FF-785, FF-623. George Freaner, Auditor
Peter CROUSE, George STEFFEY & others vs John & Joseph WINDERS - Protest of Undated Will - 16 Nov 1839 [Equity - Book 3, 95-99] John WINDERS died leaving a widow and 9 children w/ Elizabeth .....Susan w/o Peter CROUSE .....Anna Mary w/o George STEFFEY .....Elizabeth WINDERS .....Anna w/o Jacob TRIDLE / TRITLE .....John WINDERS .....Joseph WINDERS .....Daniel WINDERS .....John D. WINDERS, a minor .....David WINDERS, a minor (Name later shows as WINTERS in other documents.) John WINDERS owned a 197 acre farm and an undivided half of a farm containing 69 acres in Washington County; also 41 acres of mountain land in Frederick County. He left an undated will which only included three of the children and it was believed he had written it many years before and did not want to exclude the other children. Daniel HUYETT was assigned as guardian; 70 acres were laid out for the widow's dower. On 19 Mar 1840, sale was held, high bidders were: - Jacob TRIDDLE for 35 acres at $2,485. - Elizabeth WINDERS, 3 pieces of land: 14 acres at $910 and 41 acres of mountain land at $615. - John and Joseph WINDERS for 107 acres at $5,885 The total sales were $9,953.28. Distribution: The widow also received, besides her dower acreage, $61.50 as her dower rights to the mountain land; each child received $1,058.09.
Estate of John WINTERS - 1856 [Equity# 1410, 28 Jul 1856] WINTERS, John d/ 1835 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth (d/ 1855) and 9 children, - John WINTERS h/o Margaret - Wash Co - Joseph WINTERS h/o Margaret - Wash Co - Elizabeth w/o Isaac E. DAVIS - Wash Co - John G. WINTERS h/o Susan - PA - Daniel WINTERS h/o Sarah - PA - David WINTERS h/o Ann M. - PA - Susan w/o Peter KROUSE, dec) - PA - Ann M. w/o George STEFFEY - PA - Anna w/o Jacob TRIDLE - PA Land - 70 acres in Cavetown, in possession of son, David.
WINTERS, COLLIFLOWER vs WINTERS Estate - Settlement of Estate - 21 Jan 1868 [Equity #2071 - Book 12, 449-461] John D. WINTERS d/ 1 Jan 1868 intestate, leaving widow - Sarah (age 46) and 7 children - all live in Cavetown area - Lucinda (age 25) w/o John Z. COLLIFLOWER (age 30) - Benjamin F. WINTERS (age 21) - Susan R. WINTERS * (age 21) - Mary Kate WINTERS, a minor (age 19) - Susan WINTERS, a minor (age 15) - Sarah A. WINTERS, a minor (age 13) - Daniel J. WINTERS, a minor (age 6) The bill heading did not list Susan R. as w/o Benjamin; however, the reading of the bill did - but - the distribution shows her as recieving 1/7 share along with the other children of John D. and Sarah Winters. Property consisted of a farm of 101 acres near Cavetown, adjoining the lands of Daniel HUYETT and Dr. RIDDLEMOSER. There are two houses, one weatherboard and one rough-cast; also a barn, stables and other buildings and another tract of mountain land, 5 acres in Cavetown District, 1/4 mile from the farm, adjoing the lands of John DIAMOND. Testimony was given by Joseph D. KROUSE; trustee was Henry S. HUYETT; Sale was held on 3 Mar 1868; Henry COLLIFLOWER purchased the farm for $8,109.00 with David WINTERS as surety; the mountain lot was sold to Benjamin I. HUYETT for $62.95. The widow received 1/3 before the children's share was distributed.
Michael NEIKIRK, et al vs Lydia WOLFKILL - Settlement of Estate - 15 Nov 1847 [Equity #988 - Book 3, 362-] Jacob WOLFKILL d/ 1840 widow, also deceased d/ Nancy w/o Michael NEIKIRK s/ Jacob WOLFKILL s/ Lydia WOLFKILL Real estate consisted of a tract of 60 acres, adjoining the lands of John MURRAY, Elizabeth WOR---, Andrew FUNK and John WOLFKILL; the other tract contains 53 acres of mountain land and adjoins lands of Jacob ADAMS and George McINTIRE and is called the Syster tract on South Mountain.
WOLGAMOT vs WOLGAMOT - 28 Jun 1834 [Equity #454 - Book 2, 687-690] John WOLGAMOT died 1833 intestate, leaving widow - Eve and 12 children, - John WOLGAMOT - Andrew WOLGAMOT - Susan w/o John A. KEEDY - David WOLGAMOT - Joshua WOLGAMOT - Out of State, parts unknown - Daniel WOLGAMOT - Mary Ann w/o John TEISHER/TISHER - Alfred WOLGAMOT - Henry WOLGAMOT - Elizabeth WOLGAMOT, a minor - Margaret WOLGAMOT, a minor - Nancy WOLGAMOT, a minor The widow released her dower in Chancery Docket 522. On 26 Aug 1834, Jacob KAUSLER, esq. was named guardian; property consisted of 800 acres which brought $13,095.68; each child received $1,049.04, 4 Apr 1837.
WYAND vs WYAND - Settlement of Account - 2 Oct 1872 [Equity #2419 - Book 15, 283-294] Simon WYAND d/ Jul 1872 intestate, leaving 6 children, - Joshua WYAND & w/ Anna C. - Daniel W. WYAND & w/ Mary E. - Caleb WYAND & w/ Sarah P. - Aaron C. WYAND & w/ Virginia - Barbara A. (WYAND) w/o Jacob C. ROHRER - Susan (WYAND)(d/ 1862) w/o Ezra WRIGHT - Indiana - her 2 children, .....Aaron S. WRIGHT, age 12 .....Martha Jane WRIGHT, age 10 Property consisted of the "Home Farm", 60 acres, located in the 8th election district, adjoining the lands of Martin EAKLE, Martin J. SNYDER and Benjamin ZIMMERMAN, where Simon lived for the last 40+ years of his life. 2nd - a farm of 80 acres, lying 1/4 mile south of Keedysville and conveyed to him by Joseph GEETING & w/ Mary Margaret, William GEETING & w/ Sophia and Ephraim GEETING & w/ Rachel, in Apr 1853 (JN-7, 559). The property was on tracts "Resurvey on Fellfoot Enlarged" and "Resurvey on Hills, Dales and the Vineyard"; neighbors were John RUSSELL, Joseph GEETING, Samuel COST and was on the west side of the Boonsboro and Sharpsburg turnpike. 3rd - House & lot located 1/2 mile south of Eakle's Mill; conveyed to him by George HORIELYDERD in Feb 1833 (NA-774). 4th - Mountain Lot of 5 acres; conveyed to him by Jacob FIERY, trustee, on Mar 1860 (JN-14, 536-537).
ZEIGLER vs ZEIGLERS - Settlement of Account - 13 Nov 1862 [Equity #1758 - Book 8, 349-362] George ZEIGLER d/ Sep 1862 leaving - widow - Ellenora (3rd wife) - and 9 children, - by 1st wife, _________ (dec'd) - 4 children d/ Mariah (ZEIGLER), dec'd (m/ Adam NAIL in 1844) - her 2 children, .....Joseph L. NAIL, a minor .....George D. NAIL, a minor d/ Barbara, dec'd w/o Samuel BURGER - her 6 children, .....Henry BURGER, a minor .....George BURGER, a minor .....David BURGER, a minor .....Louisa BURGER, a minor .....Jane BURGER, a minor .....Emma BURGER, a minor s/ George ZEIGLER Jr, dec'd, w/ Susan WOLFINGER - his 4 children, .....Alice ZEIGLER, a minor - Leitersburg .....Anna ZEIGLER, a minor - Leitersburg .....Jacob ZEIGLER, a minor - Leitersburg .....Albie ZEIGLER, a minor - Leitersburg s/ Jacob ZEIGLER, dec'd; no children, widow remarried - by 2nd wife(?), _____ (dec'd) - 2 children s/ David S. ZEIGLER & wife, Martha V. - Springfield, Ohio d/ Catharine (ZEIGLER) w/o Emanual ROHRER - by 3rd wife, Ellenora - 3 children s/ Samuel W. ZEIGLER, a minor s/ Milton ZEIGLER, a minor s/ Joseph ZEIGLER, a minor Property included 37 acres of "Poe's Part of Well Taught", located 1/4 mile from Leitersburg on the road from Leitersburg to Greencastle, adjoining the lands of Lewis ZEIGLER, David GILBERT and Christian STRITE, deceased; and also a house and lot in Leitersburg. Thomas TAGGERT was made guardian; widow released her dower rights in lieu of payment. George POE, a witness and trustee, testified Ellenora and George had been married about 16 or 17 years and she was 51, that David ZEIGLER lives near Springfield, Ohio; also Ellenora's children are Samuel W., Milton and Joseph. Adam NAIL testified he married Mariah ZEIGLER in 1844, but has known the family since 1842; that David married his wife in the West; and Mariah, Barbara, George and Jacob were by George's first wife, also indicated possibly a 2nd wife before Ellenora, both of them deceased. On 24 Jan 1863, sale was held in front of GARLINGER's Hotel in Leitersburg; high bidders were: - David NEWCOMER for 35 acres at $3,943.10 - Samuel STRITE for the balance of the acreage, divided by the Greencastle road and near STRITE's Mill, at $246.88. - Samuel SNOCHERBERGER for the lot and house on the extreme East end of Leitersburg, on the road leading to Smithsburg, at $615; but he relinquished it and it went to Ellen ZEIGLER (widow?) with Lewis ZEIGLER as her surety. Note - Washington Co, MD Marriage Licenses show: - George ZEIGLER marriage to Susan RUSSELL on 9 Oct 1821 - George ZEIGLER marriage to Eleanor BIGLER on 28 Jul 1840.
Alexander NULL (creditor) vs ZEIGLERS - 20 May 1863 [Equity #1781 - Book 8, 441-455] Lewis ZEIGLER d/ 3 Mar 1863, intestate, leaving 7 children, - George S. ZEIGLER - Samuel F. ZEIGLER and w/ Louisa - Cyrus James ZEIGLER and w/ Rebecca - Charles A. ZEIGLER and w/ Margaret - Mary w/o Josephus GROUND - Elizabeth (ZEIGLER), dec'd w/o David G. MARTIN - Baltimore, MD - her 3 children, .....Franklin MARTIN .....Louis MARTIN .....Virginia MARTIN - Lewis ZEIGLER Jr (he & wife both deceased) - his son, .....George H. ZEIGLER - soldier in Army Zeigler owned a parcel of land located 1/4 mile from Leitersburg with dwelling house, barn, distillery, wagon shed, spring house and other out buildings, containing about 25 acres; and also a parcel of mountain land located on South Mountain; and several small lots located near his late residence. Administrators were George S. Zeigler and Josephus Ground; it was determined the property would have to be sold to cover the debts. Testimony was heard from George POE and William LOGAN who stated 60 acres were purchased from Andrew LEITER and 6 more from sheriff's sale, bought 4 acres from Johnny BEAR and house and lot on the turnpike from BEAR's executors, which adjoined the lands of Zeigler's wife and George POE, was of good quality with improvements and totaled about 70 acres; Finalized 6 Jun 1864. ======================================= The End of This Partial Listing =======================================

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