Montgomery Co, MD - Chancery

Montgomery County, Maryland

Judgment Book - 1817-1823

These are abstracts from a Montgomery County Judgment Book. They appear to be similar to Chancery Records, but end upon the 'judgment' founded by the court to sell or divide the real estate; some cases include the sale, but there is no distribution listed. Many of them were filed to collect debts, but some of them were to divide an estate of a decedent, which then provides the names of the descendants. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Judgment Book - 1817-1823
Thomas SEDWICK ‐ Petition to Divide Land ‐ 14 Mar 1814 - by Augustus TANEY, Esquire William SEDWICK died 1813, intestate, leaving 8 children & 2 grandchildren s/ Thomas SEDWICK d/ Mary w/o Alexander CARRICO - Out of County s/ Joseph SEDWICK d/ Nancy, dec'd w/o William RILEY .......Anna RILEY (age 10) .......Rebecca RILEY (age 8) d/ Elizabeth w/o Frederick RILEY - Out of County d/ Kesiah w/o Eden BOWMAN d/ Sarah w/o Joseph HOPWOOD s/ William SEDWICK d/ Maria SEDWICK w/o ? Ninian MOCKBEE / MOCKABY - Out of County (He is mentioned as an heir; the husbands signed the response to the petition instead of their wives; so it seems he must have been the husband of Maria, since she is the only daughter not listed with a husband.) LAND - "Ray's Chance" 230 acres SALE to Rezin BOWMAN at $2,881. Closed 9 Aug 1817. =====
Henry BUSSARD, adm/of Daniel BUSSARD vs Horatio HOBBS, yeoman - Debt - 2 Dec 1815 Inventory of Horatio HOBBS included: LAND - House & 1-acre Lot in Unity. Closed 29 July 1817. =====
Christian SCHOLL vs Ninian BENSON, yeoman - Debt - 29 Jan 1816 Inventory of Ninian BENSON included: LAND - tract "Diamond", 120 acres Closed 15 Sep 1817. =====
Martia/Marcey Beall DOWDEN by her next friend Christian T. HEMPSTONE vs Zachariah DOWDEN, yeoman ‐ Debt ‐ 2 Mar 1815 Inventory of Zachariah DOWDEN included: LAND - tract"The Pines", 70 acres - "Resurvey on Brandy Hall", 11.75 acres Closed 21 Dec 1816. =====
16-20 - HOUSAR, TANEY - #MC
Roger B. TANEY and Augustus TANEY vs William P. HOUSAR and Philip HOUSAR, execs/of Marten HOUSAR - Debt - 8 Jan 1815 LAND - "The Dunghill", 150 acres Ended Mar 1817. =====
Joseph POOLE and Benjamin POOLE vs Nathan T. PACK (out of state) - Debt - 9 Oct 1813 LAND - "Doudens Luck", 90 acres - 30 acres (unnamed tract) near Poolesville Sheriff Arnold T. WINSOR. Ended 1 Feb 1817 =====
Gustavus WARFIELD and Charles A. WARFIELD, adm/of Charles A. WARFIELD vs Joshua PLUMMER - Debt - 22 Feb 1814 Inventory of Joshua PLUMMER included: LAND - "Ray;s Adventure" and "Resurvey on Ray’s Adventure", 70 acres Ended 8 Jun 1817. =====
29-34 - WEST, WADE, JONES - #MC
John WADE & w/ Ann - To Divide Lands - 28 Jul 1813 Thomas WEST died intestate ‐ 10 children: w/ Eleanor WEST (guardian of minor children) d/ Ann w/o John WADE d/ Sarah w/o Evan JONES of Nathan s/ William G. WEST s/ Richard WEST, a minor s/ Thomas WEST, a minor s/ Erasmus WEST, a minor s/ Henry WEST, a minor d/ Eliza C. WEST, a minor d/ Emmaline E. WEST, a minor s/ Julius WEST, a minor LAND - "Two Brothers", 144 acres; - "The Race Ground", 32.25 acres - "John's Last Shift", 39.5 acres - "Rocky Point Fortified", 12.75 acres - "Long Discovered", 5.25 acres - 1/2 acre unimproved Lot in Rockville The widow's dower land was laid off from "Two Brother" and "The Race Ground"; for 35 acres which included the house. It was decided the lands couldn't be divided equally, so would be sold; the widow then decided to have her section sold with the rest of the land. She would receive 1/8 share of the sales after costs. SALE was held 30 Sep 1817; high bidder was: - Eleanor WEST for the 262 acres at $15/acre; the Lot at $37; and for the 4+ acres of "Long Discovered" at $30.50/acre. Total sales, $4,109. Ann and John WADE conveyed her share to the widow. Closed Nov 1917. =====
Lloyd BELT Sr - To Divide Lands ‐ Nov 1816 Carlton BELT, dec'd of Montgonery County (Will written 8 Mar 1802; filed 16 Jun 1802) widow - Ann (later married William TRAIL), now dec'd (Will) s/ Carlton BELT (Jr) d/ Molly (Belt) w/o Joseph MAGRUDER ..........Carlton MAGRUDER ..........Lloyd MAGRUDER s/ Alfred BELT s/ Tilghman BELT s/ Aeneas BELT d/ Esther (Belt) w/o Daniel TRUNDLE s/ Lloyd BELT, a minor d/ Anna Campbell BELT, a minor d/ Elizabeth BELT, a minor d/ Henny Ann Campbell BELT, a minor, now dec'd Last eight children were by his then present wife, Ann; the last five children listed were minors when Will was written and they to receive the remaining estate upon their mother's death. Negro SLAVES - OZ or OZWALD, BIG MOSES, BELL, CHARITY, EVE, CANDACE, SUEY, HANNAH, LITTLE JOE, TOM and LITTLE MOSES. (to wife) - SALL and SOLOMON (to son Carlton) - NACE, LITTLE DAFTNEY, KIT (to daughter Esther) and PEG (to Esther as gift from her grandfather, Eneas/Aeneas CAMPBELL) - GRACE, JEM and MARY (to son Aeneas) - HENRY and PHILL (to son Alfred) - CANDACE, JEM and POFF (to son Tilghman) - JENY, ISAAC and DICK (to son Lloyd) - HARRY, JUDY and HANSON LANDY(?) (to daughter Ann) - JACK, ARCH and BELL or BELT (to daughter Elizabeth) - JACK or JACOB, SALL and BILL (CANDACE's child) (to daughter Henny) - JANE and ABRAHAM (to daughter Molly's children) To son Carlton - part of "The Whole Included", 100 acres, on south side of Stoney Branch and near the Sugarland Road and 'The Still House Spring' and MITCHELL's Cabbin; adjoined land of Thomas COWLEY, John YOUNG; surveyed by Thomas VEATCH s/o Hezekiah VEATCH. - "Money's Worth", 100 acres (of Carl Sr's brother John BELT), on draught of Bennett's Creek. Carlton Jr to pay his sister Molly. To son Eneas - 1/3 part of "Dispute", in Allegany County. To son Alfred - 1/3 part of "Dispute", in Allegany County. To son Tilghman - 1/3 part of "Dispute", in Allegany County. Exec/ wife Ann BELT Witnesses: Thomas VEATCH Sr, Johnn BEARD Sr, Christian HEMPSTONE and Hugh L. DUNN --- Ann BELT, but now w/o William TRAIL, dec'd - Montgomery County (Will written 28 Dec 1807; filed 23 Apr 1808) s/ Aeneas BELT s/ Alfred BELT s/ Tilghman BELT d/ Esther TRUNDLE s/ Lloyd BELT d/ Anne Campbell BELT d/ Elizabeth BELT d/ Henny Ann Campbell BELT SLAVES - OS (to husband) - CHARITY (to daughter Esther) - BIG MOSES (to son Aeneas, being unsound, not to sell without Exec) - TOM (to son Alfred) - LITTLE JO (to son Tilghman) - LITTLE LEICE (to son Lloyd) - ANN(?) (to daughter Anne) - LILEY (to daughter Elizabeth) - HANNAH (to daughter Henney) Land conveyed to Ann to be divided among the last five children listed above. Daughter Esther to be guardian of younger sisters to care for their morals and education. Ann mentioned she was pregnant at the time she wrote her Will but was not expected to deliver the child. Exec/ son-in-law Daniel TRUNDLE and son Alfred BELT. Witnesses: William HEMPSTONE, Thomas VEATCH Sr and John YOUNG --- LAND - "The Whole Included", 640 acres (previously part of "Cool Spring"). Conveyed to Carlton BELT. - "The Three Tracts Resurveyed", 55 acres; adjoined "Resurvey on Part of Poplar Spring" and the Potomac River. To Anne TRAIL from John Thompson VEATCH. Land Divided into 5 Lots: - Lot #1 - to Esther (Belt) w/o Daniel TRUNDLE for 87.75 + 38 acres = 125.75 acres - Lot #2 - to Elizabeth BELT for 144.75 acres - Lot #3 - to Lloyd BELT for 137.75 acres - Lot #4 - to Heirs of Henny Ann Campbell BELT, 135.75 acres* - Lot #5 - to Anne Campbell BELT for 134.75 acres Total acreage resurveyed to be 678.75 acres. (Individual surveys included) Lots valued at $4,072.50. *Upon the death of Henny Ann Campbell BELT; her seven heirs were: - Daniel TRUNDLE - Elizabeth BELT - Lloyd BELT - Ann C. BELT - Eneas/Aeneas BELT to David TRUNDLE by deed - Alfred BELT's to Ann C. BELT by deed - Tilman BELT's to Elizabeth BELT by deed Eneas BELT, being the eldest heir of Henny Ann C. BELT, elected to take Lot #4 and pay the others their shares. Guardian was Alfred BELT. File ended 18 Nov 1817 =====
Philip DUVALL, lessee agent vs Joshua PLUMMER - Property Line Dispute – Oct 1812 John DENN was lessee of Philip DUVALL and filed suit against Richard FINN, yeoman, who forced John DENN from the leased property (armed with swords, staves and knives), even though the term had not expired. Roger B. TANEY was Dern's attorney. Joshua PLUMMER then became tenant; his attorney was Francis S. KEY. Robert W. FLEMING, sheriff. Property lines seem to have been in dispute and a resurvey was ordered. LAND - "Addition to Rays Adventure", 2,725 acres. To John RAY in May 1775; and then to William RAY in Oct 1776. To Benjamin PENN from Martha CASE or CARR, relict of William RAY. Nicholas RAY had acted as agent for Martha, the widow. Land had been laid out for William & Martha RAY's four daughters, Sarah, Nancy, Rebecca and Martha RAY. Testimony was heard from: - John DARBY, age 50, on 5 Oct 1813 - Philemon PLUMMER Jr on 12 Oct 1814 - Ephraim ETCHISON on 12 Oct 1814 - Lewis DUVALL Sr on 12 Oct 1814 Those present were: J. ELGAO, surveyor; Arnold T. WINSOR, sheriff; Joshua PURDOM and Thomas APPLEBY, chain carriers; and Jospeh BURNS, poleman. There appears to have been a trial by a jury who found Joshua PLUMMER guilty of trespassing and ejectment. Lines were in a deed from Aden DARBY to Philip DUVALL. Plat pgs 57-60 in pdf. Ended Nov 1818. =====
Wilfred DILLEHAY and Anna M. LASKEY, lessee vs John BENNETT - Unlawful Eviction – Oct 1814 John DENN was lessee of Wilfred DILLEHAY and Anna M. LASKEY and filed suit against Richard FINN, yeoman, who forced John DENN from the leased property (armed with swords, staves and knives), even though the term had not expired. B. T. FORREST was Denn's attorney. Tenant who took possession of the land was John BENNETT. Multiple people attested to the property lines of the below tracts. LAND - "Strathnam", 100 acres; adjoined tracts "Resurvey of Happy Choice" and "Willson's Inheritance" and land of Johnn CECIL. Previously to John LEWIS Sr from James PERRY. The land was resurveyed. The court determined John BENNETT was guilty of unlawful ejection and ordered him to pay damages. Plat on pag 79 in pdf. Ended 12 Feb 1817. =====
81-86 - CLOPPER - #MC
The Vestry of Prince Georges Parish vs Francis C. CLOPPER, yoeman - Trespassing and Destruction of Property – Sep 1815 Francis C. CLOPPER was accused of destroying the Seneca Chapel on 1 Oct 1814. They used spades and pickaxes to demolish the windows, floors and pews and brought cattle through the site to further destroy it. LAND - "Good Pott", 1 acre. In Nov 1816, testimony was heard from: - William PLATT, age 63, testified William BENSON told him he had given land for the Seneca Church and a road to the spring. - Benjamin GRAY, age 68, testified to the same. - Zachariah MacCUBBIN, age 65, testified he heard William BENSON state the same shortly after he had purchased the farm about 1789. The court ruled against Francis C. CLOPPER and ordered him to pay damages. Ended Nov 1817. =====
Kinsey GITTINGS vs Thomas SCOTT Sr, yeoman - Trespassing and Destruction of Property – Feb 1816 Thomas SCOTT Sr, yeoman, was charged with cutting down and carrying away hundreds of trees and destroying grasses growing in the fields. SCOTT's inventory included: LAND - "Drane's Final Conclusion" The court found in favor of Kinsey GITTINGS. Closed Nov 1817. =====
Ephraim GAITHER, surviving obligee of Henry GAITHER, use of Henry C. GAITHER as adm/of Henry GAITHER vs Zachariah MUSGROVE - Debt – 29 Apr 1813 A judgment was brought against Zachariah MUSGROVE, but he has failed to pay it. Suit is to collect the debt; inventory was reported containing real estate: LAND - "Bear Garden Forrest Enlarged", 280 acres. Ended 12 Mar 1817. =====
Upton BEALL, lessee vs John LODGE, tenant - Trespassing & Unlawful Eviction – 14 Aug 1815 John DENN was lessee of Upton BEALL and filed suit against Richard FINN, yeoman, who forced John DENN from the leased property even though the term had not expired. Plantiff's attorneys were Roger B. TANEY and Augustus TANEY. Tenant who took possession of the land was John LODGE. LAND - Lot #23 of "The Exchange" and "New Exchange Enlarged", 3/4 acre, in Rockville, at intersection of Washington St and Commerce Lane. Testimony regarding boundary lines was heard 18 Feb 1818 from: - Dr. James ANDERSON - William HENLEY Land was resurveyed by William SMITH. It was originally surveyed on 20 Dec 1721 by Richard NELSON and granted for 1,620 acres in Nov 1735. At that time Rockville had been known as Williamsburg. Record ended with the survey - Feb 1818. =====
Lloyd MAGRUDER vs Richard SIMMONS - Trespassing & Unlawful Ejection – 10 Oct 1816 John DENN was lessee of Lloyd MAGRUDER and filed suit against Richard FENN, yeoman, who forced John DENN from the leased property even though the term had not expired. Richard SIMMONS then became tenant. LAND - "Resurvey on Friend in Need", 250 acres. Testimony regarding boundaries on 11 Feb 1818 from: - Thomas NICHOLLS of John, age 70; claimed boundary shown to him by Thomas BIRDWHISTLE and the land previously belonged to James LEE. - Gooshall DOUGLASS, age 55. A resurvey was ordered and upon the review by jury, Richard SIMMONS was determined not guilty and John DENN was ordered to pay costs. Closed Nov 1818. =====
Rezin HOLLAND - Petition for Sale of Real Estate – 20 Nov 1815 William HOLLAND d/ intestate widow - Catharine and 10 children s/ Rezin HOLLAND d/ Ruth HOLLAND d/ Ann HOLLAND d/ Deborah w/o George BARNSLEY d/ Ursula HOLLAND d/ Kezia HOLLAND d/ Sarah HOLLAND d/ Susanna w/o Richard SULLIVAN d/ Anne HOLLAND, a minor d/ Eliza HOLLAND, a minor Guardian was the mother, Catharine HOLLAND. LAND - "Holland's Addition", 80 acres - "Charles and Benjamin", 40 acres - "Friendship", 20 acres - "Richard and Nathan", 10 acres - "Charlotte", 10.75 acres Each child is given the opportunity to take the land and pay their siblings their share of the valuation, starting with the eldest then down to the youngest. All of them declined. The older children wanted to sell the land to relocate to North Carolina. SALE was made to: - Benedict H. DULEY for the 162.25 acres at $15/acre or $2,533.75. Sureties were Walter C. WILLIAMS and John ADAMSON. The widow was to receive 1/8 share of the proceeds in lieu of dower. Closed Nov 1818. =====
Adam BOONE vs Richard ANDREWS and Abijah MEDLEY - Debt – 21 Mar 1814 LAND - "Richard", 107 acres and "Sapling Ridge", 100 acres. Closed Mar 1819. =====
124-126 - DAWSON, DADE - #MC
Townsend DADE vs James M. DAWSON - Trespassing and Damages for Removal of Trees – 21 Feb 1819 Townsend DADE claimed $10,000 in damages for the thousands of trees removed. Court ruled in favor of the plantiff. Closed 2 Mar 1819. =====
126-130 - LODGE, ONEALE - #MC
State of Maryland, use of John LODGE, adm/of William LODGE vs William O. LODGE, yeoman - Judgment - 7 Feb 1817 Joanna LODGE and William O. LODGE owed $6,000 to the state from administrating the Estate of William LODGE. The bond was also signed by William ONEALE Jr and Laurence LODGE. LAND - "Turculim", 180 acres; also tobacco in seven tobacco houses. Closed 25 Nov 1818. =====
130-135 - ONEAL, LODGE, SLAVES - #MC
State of Maryland, use of John LODGE, adm/of William LODGE vs William ONEAL, yeoman - Judgment - 7 Feb 1817 Joanna LODGE and William O. LODGE owed $6,000 to the state from administrating the Estate of William LODGE. The bond was also signed by William ONEALE Jr and Laurence LODGE. LAND - Sold to: - Richard K. WATTS for House and 1/2 of Lot #2 in Rockville at $460. The balance of the property remained unsold. LAND - "Exchange" and "New Exchange Enlarged", 120.5 acres; from estate of William LODGE. - "Exchange", "New Exchange Enlarged", "Partnership" and "Sandusky", 173.5 acres with houses. - "Addition to Scotland", 25 acres with the mill; purchased from Lawrence ONEALE at $20/acre. SLAVES - negro man JAMES; FLORA, WILLSHIRE Closed 25 Feb 1819. =====
135-142 - ONEALE, WEST - #MC
Richard WEST, exec/of Sarah ONEALE vs William ONEALE, yeoman - Debt - 7 Nov 1816 Joanna LODGE and William O. LODGE owed $6,000 to the state from administrating the Estate of William LODGE. The bond was also signed by William ONEALE Jr and Laurence LODGE. Inventory of William ONEALE listed real estate as: LAND - House & 1/2 of Lot #2 in Rockville Ended Mar 1819. =====
142-145 - LODGE, ONEALE - #MC
State of Maryland, use of John LODGE, adm/of William LODGE vs Joanna LODGE - Judgment - 10 Apr 1817 Joanna LODGE and William O. LODGE owed $6,000 to the state from administrating the Estate of William LODGE. The bond was also signed by William ONEALE Jr and Laurence LODGE. Inventory included: LAND - "Addition to Dear Stones", 131.25 acres with a mansion house. Listed as spinster, tract was her dower in estate of William LODGE. Ended 25 Nov 1818. =====
145-147 - LODGE, WRIGHT - #MC
William B. WRIGHT vs William O. LODGE - Debt - 1 Jun 1818 Inventory: LAND - "Turculim", 180 acres. Ended 25 Nov 1818. =====
147-149 - LODGE - #MC
John LODGE vs William O. LODGE - Judgment - 1 Jun 1818 Joanna LODGE and William O. LODGE owed $6,000 to the state from administrating the Estate of William LODGE. The bond was also signed by William ONEALE Jr and Laurence LODGE. Inventory: LAND - "Turculim", 180 acres. Ended 25 Nov 1818. =====
149-153 - LODGE, LINSTID - #MC
Anna Maria LINSTID, adm/of Thomas LINSTID vs William O. LODGE - Collection of Judgment - 21 Jan 1817 Inventory: LAND - "Turculim", 180 acres. Ended 1 Dec 1818. =====
153-157 -ONEALE, ADAMS - #MC
The State of Maryland, use of Alexander ADAMS vs William ONEALE - Judgment - 7 Nov 1816 Inventory included LAND - part of Lots #71 & 72 in Rockville, 30 perches. - "Exchange" and "New Exchange Enlarged", 31.5 acres. Ended 17 Jul 1819. =====
George S. CLAIR, use of Zachariah WALKER vs Patrick MAGRUDER - Judgment - 4 Aug 1815 Inventory included LAND - an undivided tract "Dowels Park" & "Resurvey on Dowels Park", 40 acres, with a large merchant mill; valued at $8,000. Ended Nov 1819. =====
Lewis Grant DAVIDSON, exec/of Samuel DAVIDSON vs Patrick MAGRUDER, yeoman - Judgment Collection - 20 Apr 1816 By Will of Samuel DAVIDSON, Washington, DC, those bound for $33,332.79 were: - Patrick MAGRUDER - Montgomery County - Warren MAGRUDER - Montgomery County - Lloyd MAGRUDER - Montgomery County - William WILLSON - Montgomery County - George MAGRUDER - Washington, DC - Charles YOUNG - Washington, DC Judgment was made 1 Apr 1803 and $16,666.33 was to be paid by 1 Jan 1804. Inventory of Patrick MAGRUDER assets: LAND - "Dowels Park" & "Resurvey on Dowels Park", 40 acres, and stone merchant mill valued at $16,000. Sheriff Arnold T. WINSOR reported sale had finally been made at $3,562.25. Ended Nov 1819. =====
State of Maryland, use of Thomas Jefferson MIDDLETON by guardian, Jesse LEACH vs William ONEALE - Judgment - 11 Feb 1818 Judgment for $10,000 was made against William ONEALE. Inventory of William ONEALE included wheat, rye and LAND - "Cuckolo's Delight", 95 acres, valued at $812.25 Total assests, $1,307.25. Ended Nov 1819. =====
State of Maryland for use of Benjamin F. MIDDLETON by guardian, Jesse LEACH vs William ONEALE Sr, yeoman - Judgment - 11 Feb 1818 Judgment declared against William ONEALE for $10,000 plus costs. Inventory of William ONEALE included wheat, rye and LAND - "Cuckolo's Delight", 95 acres, valued at $812.25 Total assests, $1,307.25. Ended Nov 1819. =====
175-178 - NEEDHAM, O'CONNOR - #MC
Patrick O'CONNOR & w/ Mary - Petition to Divide Lands - 19 Nov 1816 William A. NEEDHAM d/ 1815, intestate d/ Martha (eldest) w/o Lawrence O'CONNOR s/ George W. NEEDHAM, a minor s/ William NEEDHAM, a minor d/ Mary w/o Patrick O'CONNOR LAND - "Friendship:, 218 acres. Guardian was Thomas M. MacCUBBIN. It was decided the land could not be divided equally. Martha, by her husband Lawrence O'CONNOR (she being the eldest), elected to take the estate, paying her siblings their share of the value. Deed was made to Lawrence O'CONNOR & w/ Martha. Ended 17 Mar 1820. =====
Henry C. WYRILL & w/ Ruth - Petition to Divide Lands - 10 Mar 1818 Lewis DUVALL d/ 8 Aug 1817 (Will) - widow s/ John DUVALL (eldest son) s/ Philip DUVALL (2nd eldest son) s/ Lewis W. DUVALL (3rd eldest son) s/ Hammond DUVALL (4th eldest son) d/ Elizabeth w/o Hezekiah OWENS (eldest daughter) d/ Ruth w/o Henry C. WYRILL d/ Aseneth DUVALL d/ Delilah w/o James LAWSON d/ Anne, dec'd w/o Levi DUVALL ..........Lewis R. DUVALL ..........John H. DUVALL ..........Samuel DUVALL ..........Joshua DUVALL ..........Ormond DUVALL ..........Nancy DUVALL ..........Elizabeth w/o Lewis OWENS ..........Mary Ann DUVALL ..........Philip DUVALL, a minor ..........Upton DUVALL, a minor ..........Susannah DUVALL, a minor d/ Hannah w/o Edward BENTON ..........Matilda BENTON, a minor ..........Hannah BENTON, a minor LAND - "Richardson's Range", 160 acres - "Rogues Harbour", 190 acres - "Hickory Ridge", 2.25 acres - "Buster", 50 acres Guardian apponted was James DAY. To be divided into Lots: - Lot #1, "Richardson's Range" and "Rogues Harbour", 50 acres - Lot #2, "Richardson's Range" and "Rogues Harbour", 156.25 acres - Lot #3, "Richardson's Range" and "Hickory Ridge", 74 acres - Lot #4, "Richardson's Range"120.25 acres - Lot #5, "Buster", 52 5/8 acres Total acreage, 455.25 acres. (Plat on page 183) The children elected to take parts of the estate, paying their siblings their share by signing bonds. Per Act of Assembly, the eldest son chose first and so on and then the eldest daughter and so on. - John DUVALL (eldest son) - Lot #2 - Philip DUVALL (2nd eldest son) - Lot #4 - Lewis W. DUVALL (3rd eldest son) - Lot #3 - Hammond DUVALL (4th eldest son) - Lot #1 - Elizabeth w/o Hezekiah OWENS (eldest daughter) - Lot #5 Ended 11 Mar 1820. =====
185-188 - MARK, HOLMES - #MC
Willliam HOLMES vs Elisabeth MARK, spinster & Robert MARK, yeoman - Judgment - 8 Oct 1818 William HOLMES claimed trepassing and damages of $500 for 500 oak trees that were cut down and removed by the Marks. Elizabeth MARK admitted to $400 of damages and payment and costs were made. Ended Mar 1820 =====
James C. NEILSON, Robert NEILSON (Baltimore County) and Samuel NICOLS vs Michael D. GITTINGS - Judgment - 20 Jun 1818 Judgment claim of $700 against Michael GITTINGS; his inventory included: LAND - "Drane's Final Conclusion". 124.25 acres - "Coolspring Culs", 100 acres Ended Mar 1820. =====
James C. NEILSON, Robert NEILSON (Baltimore Co) and Samuel NICOLS vs Michael D. GITTINGS - Judgment - 20 Jun 1818 Judgment claim of $202.38 for goods purchased against Michael GITTINGS; his inventory included: LAND - "Drane's Final Conclusion" and "Drane's Luck", 124.75 acres - "Coolspring Levels", 100 acres Ended Mar 1820. =====
199-219 - CONNELLY, BOWIE - #MC
John BOWIE vs John CONNELLY Sr, yeoman - Damages & Trepassing - 4 Nov 1816 Dr John BOWIE accused John CONNELLY of entering his land and erecting a mill dam which overflowed his land and destroyed his trees, 20,000 Hickory trees and 20,000 Oak trees valued at $10,000. CONNELLY had claimed he bought the land in question from Charles CARROLL of Carrollton. LAND - "Hermitage", originally granted to Willliam JOSEPH in Jun 1689 for 3,866 acres. The east line of "Hermitage" was also the end of the first line of "Joseph's Park" and the beginning of "Beall's and Edmonstone's Discovery". In Nov 1748, Thomas BUTLER conveyed tract "Addition to Adventure" which was part of "Hermitage", to Benjamin HARRIS; bordered land of Captain James EDMONSTONE's "Crib Portion". Was resurveyed by Lloyd ADAMSON who met with parties at Newport Mills on east side of Rock Creek. Testimony heard from: - William SAYER Sr, age 71, regarding the border lines of "Hermitage" and "Joseph's Park", as he was a chain carrier 38 years past. The stone planted was the dividing line between "Joseph's Park" and "Hermitage" and has also heard Daniel CARROLL (now dec'd) say the same. - Edward HARDING, age 62, claimed Dr Peter BECRAFT had shown him the lines some 40 years prior; was east line of "Hermitage". - James LEE, age 60, also a chain carrier; testified to the same; stated about 20-25 years ago, Allen BOWIE showed him the place on the hill that ran to his land, part of "Hermitage", he bought from Caleb LETTON. - Erasmus PERRY, age 58, as described in William SMITH's deposition, line was beginning of "Joseph's Park" and the east line of "Hermitage" and had never been disputed. There was a small stream that formerly emptied into Rock Creek on the east side within a few yards of the stone, but the course has been changed by a ditch dug at PERRY's direction. - William SMITH, age 70, stated 27 years ago, he was called to execute a commission on tract "The Swamp", which began at the end of the 700 perches line of "Hermitage", also the beginning of "Beall's and Edmonstone's Discovery" and also the end of the first line of "Joseph's Park". - Daniel BEALL, age 67, stated the line was shown to him by Charles and Isaac LOVELYS about 40 years ago. - Cephas LAZENBY, age about 50, stated the north line of "Hermitage" was shown to him by Henry LAZENBY, James SHAW and Allen BOWIE about 30 years ago. - Cephas LAZENBY, Michael CONNELLY and John CONNELLY Jr; The erection of the mill dam was done by them as they attested to, and John CONNELLY Sr had it built for his use. In Dec 1817, it was reported that John CONNELLY Sr had died; Michael CONNELLY was his adminstrator. Further Testimoy from: - Basil M. BEALL, age 53, claimed his father James BEALL of James was a surveyor and showed him the place for the beginning of "Bradford's Rest". The beginning of the east line of "Hermitage" was at the head of the Newport Mill Dam; his father said the end of the 3rd or 4th line of "Hermitage" ended at Newport Mill Dam and then reversed to the beginning of "Hermitage" and stopped at Charles HARDING's plantation. Testimony on 4 Jan 1819 from: - James A. SHAW, age 45, states the line was marked by a heap of stones (also mentioned by the others) and 30 years ago, his father had frequently warned him about cutting down anythig on the west or south side of the corner; his father said the heap of stones was the corner of Mr. BOWIE's land. Also stated the field was enclosed at least 27 years ago and cultivated by Allen BOWIE in his lifetime and, since his death, by his son Dick BOWIE. - Cephas LAZENBY, age 52, further testifies 20-30 years ago, he saw a line run for "Le Winnoxburgh", at a stone on the NW branch of the Eastern Branch of the Potomack and he understood that the stone was planted at the beginning of John CONNELLY's land and he was present at the planting of the stone and has frequently seen the land belonging to John CONNELLY, dec'd; line was run by an allowance of 2.5 degrees for variation. He also stated he had seen Allen BOWIE's servants cutting wood on the east side of the dam and he has seen them frequently cutting and he had generally used the land as his; Doctor John BOWIE, his son, has since used it as his. - James ORME, age 56, also stated knowledge of the east line of "Hermitage" shown him by William BLACKWINE (then an elderly man) about 41-42 years ago. - Nathan HOSKINSON, age 53, stone was proved by William SEARS and James ORME; he was shown the stone 29 years ago by Col. Thomas JOHNS as the east line of "Hermitage". - Ralph LETTON, age 42, about 30 years ago, he was with his father and John WILLCOXEN (both now dec'd), the latter showing them the boundaries of HEPBURN's land and the beginning of "Bradford's Rest". The plantiff was awarded $150 in damages and $250.31 for trespassing charges. Included Metes and Bounds for all mentioned tracts. Mentioned Will of John BOWIE Jr, devised to Allen BOWIE and by his Will to his wife for life and after her death to John BOWIE, the plantiff. Ended Feb 1820. =====
219-221 - LYLES, DIGGES - #MC
Edward DIGGES vs Robert LYLES - Damages & Trepassing - 19 Oct 1819 Robert LYLES was charged with entering Edward DIGGES' property, destroying his grasses and entering his house and stealing $1,000. LAND - "Happy Choice" To Edward DIGGES. Court ruled since DIGGES was the only witness, they could not rule in his favor. Closed Nov 1821. =====
Josiah BEALL vs William HOLMES - Trepassing & Ejectment - 21 Feb 1819 John DENN was lessee of Josiah BEALL. Richard FENN, planter, had tenant William HOLMES. William HOLMES was charged with forcefully ejecting John DENN from the property whose lease was still intact. LAND - "Layhill", 700 acres To Josiah BEALL. James BEALL of Prince Georges County died in 1725 w/ Sarah s/ John BEALL (eldest son) - tracts "Rovers Content", "Biffe" & "Good Luck", lies on east side of Cabbin Branch; also "Deremaldree" ..........Josias Fendall BEALL ..........James A. BEALL s/ Nathaniel BEALL - tracts "Easy Purchase" & "Addition to Easy Purchase" s/ James BEALL - tracts "Good Luck" on west side of Cabbin Branch and "Lone Head" s/ Robert BEALL - 1/2 of tract "Lay Hill" s/ Joseph BEALL (d/ 1801) - 1/2 of tract "Lay Hill" s/ Zephaniah BEALL - tract "Allison's Park" & "Cooper" d/ Sarah BEALL - tract "Beall's Manour" & 30 pounds sterling to be paid by his son-in-law Thomas ODELL upon her marriage. - Rev. Hugh COWN - 10 pounnds sterling yearly SLAVES - DEGON, HOCKELLY and PEAK; others not named to be divided among his children. Will written 21 Nov 1723; files 10 Jul 1725. Execs/ brother Alexander BEALL, son John BEALL and cousin William BEALL Sr Witnesses: Thomas APPLEGATE, Joseph PEACH, Mary BOYCE The widow renounced the Will and asked for 1/3 share of estate. Joseph BEALL died in 1801 and devised his share to Josiah BEALL. James BEALL (heir of James BEALL) devised his share to John BEALL. In 1810, John BEALL's heirs petitioned for recovery of trepass; a survey was ordered. The court rules that Robert and Joseph BEALL held land for life only and found for the defendant. Closed Nov 1820. =====
227-232 - CONNELLY - #MC
Thomas CONNELLY vs Edward CONNELLY - Debt - 14 Aug 1819 Thomas CONNELLY of Somerset County claimed debt of $1,492 against Edward CONNELLY, yeoman, who was not a resident of Maryland. Inventory of Edward CONNELLY included: LAND - tract "Carrolls Forrest", 290 acres ($3,480) - "Two Farms", 104 5/8 acres ($1,882.75) - "Addition to Girls Gift" (or "Girls Portion"), 83.25 acres ($832.50) Total value, $6,194.75. Lands previously owned by Edward's father, John CONNELLY. Court found in favor of the plantiff Thomas CONNELLY with payment to him or Michael CONNELLY. At the closing, the property remained unsold for want of buyers. Closed 6 Apr 1820. =====
233-237 - PERRY, MAGRUDER - #MC
Joseph MAGRUDER vs Elbert PERRY, yeoman - Destruction of Property - 25 Aug 1818 Joseph MAGRUDER claimed Elbert PERRY entered his land and cut down and removed 100 Hickory trees, valued at $400, and 100 Ash trees, valued at $100 and also took 1,200 fence rails, valued at $100 and destroyed his grasses in so doing. He claimed damages of $1,000. An assembly of 20 persons, drawn by ballot, some being stricken by attorneys, leaving a panel of: Arnold T. WINDSOR, Samuel HILTON, Bennett CLEMENTS, Lyde GRIFFITH, Thomas B. SCOTT, Archibald LEE, John THOMAS III, Basil OFFUTT, James HOLLAND, Lloyd MAGRUDER, Isaac RILEY and Solomon HILLARD. The panel found Elbert PERRY guilty. LAND of Elbert PERRY: "Dunghill", 11-15 acres, valued at $67.50; laid out in a long thin strip, crossed the old road from River Road. Inventory taken by Thomas L. OFFUTT, Absalom THRIFT, Thomas B. OFFUTT and George W. OFFUTT. After first failing, a sale was made at only $19.46. Closed Nov 1820. =====
William O. LODGE & John LODGE - Petition to Divide Lands - 15 Nov 1815 William LODGE d/ 1814, intestate widow - Johanna and 7 children s/ William O. LODGE s/ John LODGE s/ Lawrence LODGE s/ Henry LODGE s/ Brooke LODGE (unsound mind) d/ Johanna LODGE (unsound mind) d/ Elizabeth w/o William ONEALE LAND - 726 acres, including: - "Addition to Dear Stones", 177 acres* - "Magruder and Beall's Honesty" and "The Remnant", 100.25 acres* - "Bedfordshire", 13.5 acres* - "Hard to Come At", 3 acres* - "Grubby Thickett", 3 acres* - "Lucky Come", 6 acres* - "Addition to Stoney Grove", 63 acres - "Addition to Very Good", 12 acres - "Second Addition to Sapling Ridge", 1.75 acres - "Yorkshire", 26.5 acres - "Small Gleanings", 3.5 acres - "Pleasant Hills", 316.5 acres Trustee for Brooke and Joanna LODGE was Burgess WILLETT. The widow's dower land was laid off for 131.25 acres which included the mansion house. (from sections noted above with *) SALE was held 9 Feb 1818, but nobody was able to provide security for the bids. SALE was made 8 Oct 1818 to: - William ONEALE for 188 acres - Henry TOMLINSON for 117.5 acres - William HUDDLESTON for 101.25 acres - Jannard L. FARRE for 3.25 acres Total 410 acres sold. Closed 7 Mar 1821. =====
Samuel NICHOLS & Others - Petition to Divide Lands - 9 Mar 1820 Samuel NICHOLS d/ 1813, intestate widow - Priscilla NICHOLS (Will) s/ Samuel NICHOLS (Jr) - Virginia d/ Priscilla w/o John SWINK - Virginia s/ Cephas NICHOLS d/ Peggy w/o Amos SKINNER - Virginia d/ Aseneth w/o Bennett CLEMENTS d/ Naomi NICHOLS d/ 1814 (Will - her share to siblings, Priscilla & Wesley) s/ Wesley NICHOLS, now dec'd, intestate d/ Polly NICHOLS w/o Thomas STONESTREET s/ Andrew NICHOLS, dec'd .......Andrew McHenneys NICHOLS, a minor - Lynn Twp, Massachusetts .......Susannah NICHOLS, a minor - Lynn Twp, Massachusetts Exec/ Jesse LEACH Polly & Thomas STONESTREET conveyed their share to the widow in 1810. LAND - "Wickham & Pottinger's Discovery", 200 acres - "Addition to Discovery", 17 acres - "Piney Grove", 157.5 acres Guardian was F. S. KEY. SALE was made to: - Amos SKINNER at $5,227.25 Closed 31 May 1831 =====
249-254 - CONNELLY, BOWIE - #MC
John BOWIE vs Michael CONNELLY, adm/of John CONNELLY, yeoman - Trespassing & Destruction of Property - 12 Feb 1817 LAND - "Hermitage" To John BOWIE. John BOWIE claimed John CONNELLY came on his property, cut and consumed grasses and brought his cattle to trample feed upon his crops and also used spades and dug up his property. He claimed damages of $1,000. He also claimed damages for cutting down and carrying away 500 Hickory trees, 500 Oak trees, 500 Ash trees and 500 Poplar trees, valued at $1,000. John CONNELLY died and therefore, suit was against his administrator, Michael CONNELLY. The court decided in favor of John BOWIE for $25 & $20. Closed 31 May 1821. =====
254-257 - MILLER, NICHOLLS - #MC
Thomas C. NICHOLLS vs George MILLER and Henry MILLER - Stolen Property - 3 Jan 1820 Thomas C. NICHOLLS claimed the MILLERs removed his livestock, farm equipment and a tavern sign; valued at $500 and damages for the costs of loss of use at $100. Court found in favor of Thomas C. NICHOLLS for $600. Closed 26 May 1821. =====
257-261 - HYATT, DAVIS - #MC
George DAVIS vs Samuel HYATT, yeoman - Debt - 2 Oct 1818 Samuel HYATT was indebted to George DAVIS for $400. The court found in favor of George DAVIS. LAND of Samuel HYATT: - "Resurvey on Discovery", 120 acres - "Tradesman's Valley", 30 acres Valued at $233. A buyer had not yet been found when the file ended in March 1820. =====
261-263 - READ / REID, TRUNDLE - #MC
Daniel TRUNDLE vs Robert READ, yeoman - Debt - 22 Feb 1820 Debt claimed of $65 against Robert Read. Sheriff was Brice SELBY. LAND of Robert REID: - "Gattons Good Luck", but now called "Mount Aetna", - "John's Delight, 40 acres; valued at $400. Closed 12 Jan 1821 =====
264-270 - BEALL, LODGE - #MC
John LODGE vs Upton BEALL, yeoman - Wrongful Eviction - 31 Oct 1818 John DENN was leasee of John LODGE and was forced from the leased property by Richard FENN, yeoman; LODGE is claiming $5,000 in damages. LAND - "Exchange" & "New Exchange Enlarged", 1/4 acre in Rockville. Warrant of Resurvey ordered and testimony was heard from: - Solomon HOLLAND - stated a log house was built on Lot #23 by Benjamin RAY Jr about 1796 and RAY occupied part of the house and he occupied the other part. - Henry LANSDALE - stated a log house was built on Lot #23 by Nathaniel PORTER and William SWEARINGER and Benjamin RAY Jr was the employee; it was built about 1796 and RAY had lived there for maybe two years; afterwards it was rented to Basil BEALL and then back to Benjamin RAY Jr. - Adam ROBB, age 52 - stated Benjamin RAY Jr built the house and lived there and had tenants, didn't have dates but knew that RAY had died there. Mrs. Eleanor RAY gave Upton BEALL possession of the house. Claimed RAY had told him he had built the house and would take it with him should it fall on the division line of lot between him and William LODGE. Both RAY and LODGE had owned the land before the house was built. - Brice SELBY - stated Mrs. RAY gave possession the log house to Upton BEALL about 1813 and William LANOS had occupied it as tenant. The court found in favor of Upton BEALL with costs to be paid by John DENN. Closed Nov 1821. =====
271-279 - PETER, BEVERLY - #MC
Sarah PETER & Others, heirs of David PETER vs George MAGRUDER & Others - Trepassing & Ejectment - 25 Oct 1819 On 10 Jan 1819, Richard FENN entered the property with force and arms and drove John DENN off the property. Damages claimed at $20,000. Tenants who took possession were: George MAGRUDER, Barton DULY, Aquila DULEY, William MAHONEY and Walter GREENFIELD. LAND - parts of tracts, "Carderock", "Hay Park", "Dowls Discovery" and "James Park Ferry Landing", 2,043 acres. Heirs of David PETER widow - Sarah PETER, mother of: - Jane (PETER) w/o James B. BEVERLY - Elizabeth PETER, a minor - William C. PETER, a minor - George Hamilton PETER, a minor - James PETER, a minor Leased to John DENN for ten years in Jan 1819: - 1/3 undivided part from Sarah PETER. - 1/7 undivided part from Jane & James B. BEVERLY - 1/7 undivided part from Elizabeth PETER by her mother, Sarah PETER - 5/21 undivided part from William C. PETER by his mother, Sarah PETER - 5/21 undivided part from George Hamilton PETER by his mother, Sarah PETER - 5/21 undivided part from James PETER by his mother, Sarah PETER The court ruled for the plantiff regarding the lands "Dowls Discovery" and "James Park Ferry Landing", but found in favor of the defendants for lands "Hay Park" and parts of "James Park". Closed Nov 1821. =====
279-282 - BELT, WILLSON - #MC
Samuel WILLSON vs William BELT - Judgment - 8 Oct 1818 Judgment against William BELT (sureties, John L. BELT and Richard R. WATERS). LAND inventory of William BELT: - "Gainkirk" and "Resurvey on What You Will" 305.25 acres; adjoining tracts, valued at $3,052.50 Closed 6 Aug 1821. =====
282-298 - CANBY, CULVER, KEMP - #MC
Henry CULVER, exec/of Peter KEMP vs William CANBY, yeoman - Debt - 15 Feb 1819 Suit against CANBY for $300 due from Will of Peter KEMP. Thomas CANBY posted bail for William CANBY. Sureties for the note owed by William CANBY were Whitson CANBY and Bernard GILSIN (or GILPIN). Court ruled in favor of Henry CULVER for $300 plus $600 in damages and costs. LAND inventory of William CANBY: - "Gray's Delight", 50 acres - "Addition to Brook Grove", 53 acres Valued at $1,030. Land not yet sold for want of a buyer. Closed Nov 1821. =====
298-302 - BELT, BROWNING - #MC
Evan BELT for use of Samuel BROWNING vs William BELT - Judgment - 27 Feb 1818 Evan BELT was adm/of Otho BELT, dec'd. Court found in favor of the plantiff for $90.80 claim and $200 in damages. LAND inventory of William BELT: - "Gainkirk" and "Resurvey on What You Will" 305.25 acres; adjoining tracts, valued at $3,052.50 Closed 6 Aug 1821. =====
Cassin BROOKINS, use of Zadok WARFIELD vs William BELT - Judgment - 2 Nov 1818 Court awarded Cassin BROOKINS the debt of $190 plus $400 in damages and costs. (Sureties for BELT were Nicholas HARDING and Abraham DAWSON) LAND inventory of William BELT: - "Gainkirk" and "Resurvey on What You Will" 305.25 acres; adjoining tracts, valued at $3,052.50 Closed 6 Aug 1821. =====
307-311 - BELT, WATERS - #MC
Nathaniel M. WATERS and Horace WATERS vs William BELT - Judgment - 4 Aug 1818 Debt of $240.25 owed by William BELT with sureties as Thomas B. JOHNSON and Nacey WATERS; witnessed by Basil WATERS. Other sureties for William BELT for the judgment were John S. BELT and Richard R. WATERS. Court awarded debt of $240.25 and $500 in damages plus costs. LAND inventory of William BELT: - "Gainkirk" and "Resurvey on What You Will" 305.25 acres; adjoining tracts; valued at $3,052.50 LAND inventory of John L. BELT: - "Spring Garden", 160 acres, valued at $1,600 Closed 13 Oct 1821. =====
Benjamin H. MULLICAN vs Dennis LACKLAND, yoeman - Judgment - 15 Feb 1819 Benjamin H. MULLICAN obtained a judgment against Dennis LACKLAND (sureties were Rodolph MAGENNISS and Thomas T. W. VINSON) for $560.60 plus damages. LAND of Dennis LACKLAND: - "Pooles Right", 14 acres, with improvements; valued at $3,000 Monies received for Benjamin H. MULLICAN were $633.85. Closed Mar 1821. =====
John B. CLAGGETT vs Nicholas CLOPPER - Judgment - 2 Jun 1819 Judgment against CLOPPER for $2,820. LAND inventory of Nicholas CLOPPER: - "Clever Wall", 342 acres; valued at $2,736 Closed 11 Dec 1821. =====
John A. T. KILGOUR vs David CLAGETT, John BRADDOCK, Joseph MAGRUDER, William BRADDOCK and Robert WILLETT, yoemen - Judgment - 21 Oct 1819 Judgment rendered for $2,820. LAND inventory of David CLAGETT: - "Three Brothers Industry", 202 acres; valued at $1,010 - "Allison's Park", 28 acres; valued at $140 SLAVES - negro boy FRANK, valued at $150 - negro woman and child HANNAH, valued at $175 Closed 19 Dec 1821. =====
325-334 - LACKLAND - #MC
Samuel W. LACKLAND vs Dennis LACKLAND, yoeman - Judgment - 20 Feb 1819 Court awarded the note of $500 plus $1,000 in damages and costs. Sureties for Dennis LACKLAND were George L. LACKLAND and James C. LACKLAND. LAND inventory of Dennis LACKLAND: - "Pooles Right", 14 acres, with improvements; valued at $3,000 Closed 24 Dec 1821 =====
John BENSON vs Dennis LACKLAND, yoeman - Judgment - 11 Feb 1817 Court awarded the note of $1,300 plus $2,000 damages and costs. LAND inventory of Dennis LACKLAND: - "Pooles Right", 14 acres, with improvements; valued at $3,000 Closed 12 Nov 1821. =====
John C. DICKERSON vs John S. BELT, William BELT and Azel WATERS - Debt - 11 Mar 1820 Debt awarded for $40.71 plus costs. LAND inventory of John S. BELT: - "Spring Garden", 160 acres; valued at $1,600 Closed 18 Oct 1821. =====
James WILLINGS, use of Leonard HAYS Jr and Otho THOMAS vs David CLAGETT - Debt - 7 Jun 1820 Sureties for David CLAGETT were Joseph MAGRUDER and Carlton MAGRUDER. Court awarded $105 for the note and $200 in damages. Sheriff was William CLEMENTS. LAND inventory of David CLAGETT: - "Clagetts Folly", 60 acres; valued at $660 Closed 25 Jan 1822. =====
346-347 - CLAGETT - #MC
Samuel CLAGETT vs David CLAGETT - Debt - 18 Sep 1820 Sureties for David CLAGETT were Camden RILEY and John HIETER. Court awarded debt of $220 and $500 in damages. LAND inventory of David CLAGETT: - "Clagetts Folly", 60 acres; valued at $660 Closed 25 Jan 1822. =====
347-351 - BELT, WATERS - #MC
Nathaniel M. WATERS and Horace WATERS vs William BELT, John S. BELT and Richard R. WATERS - Judgment - 28 Dec 1819 Court awarded debt of $245 and $500 in damages. LAND inventory of William BELT: - "Gainkirk" and "Resurvey on What You Will" 305.25 acres; adjoining tracts, valued at $3,052.50 LAND inventory of John S. BELT: - "Spring Garden", 160 acres; valued at $1,600 William BELT's property proceeds received, $203.25. John S. BELT's property remained unsold. Closed 31 Jan 1822. =====
James B. HIGGINS vs William BELT, John S. BELT and Richard R. WATERS - Judgment - 2 Feb 1821 Claim of $285 and $400 in damages. Continued. Closed 11 Nov 1822. =====
Horatio JONES - To Divide Lands - 22 Nov 1819 NOLLEY JONES d/ intestate widow (not named), now w/o Matthew REID s/ Horatio JONES d/ Sarah JONES w/o Elijah JONES s/ Zachariah JONES d/ Marbly/Milly w/o Rezin C. MEDLEY d/ Rebecca JONES, a minor s/ Westley JONES, a minor Guardian was Joshua PURDOM; he also purchased Horatio's share. LAND - "Solomon's Roguery", 54.75 acres. Commission of William DARNE, Abraham S. HAYS, Leonard HAYS and William TRAIL who were appointed to determine if the land could be divided equally. (plat shown on page 356) The widow released her dower rights and was to receive 1/8 share to one-half part of the land. Closed Nov 1822. =====
Michael CONNELLY & Others - Petition to Divide Lands - Nov 1819 John CONNELLY d/ intestate s/ John CONNELLY d/ Sarah WHELAN s/ Michael CONNELLY d/ Margaret w/o Burgess CUBIN d/ Ann WHALEN s/ Thomas CONNELLY s/ Edward CONNELLY s/ James CONNELLY s/ Patrick CONNELLY, dec'd .....widow - Mary, now w/o William PETTITT ........Ann CONNELLY, a minor ........Mary CONNELLY, a minor ........Bridget CONNELLY, a minor LAND - "Connelly's Lot", 290 acres; adjoined "Hermitage" and the mill race and north bank of Northwest Branch and "Saint Winnoreburgh". - 81.25 acres To John CONNELLY from Samuel LAZENBY - "The Two Farms" (1/2 undivided part). To John CONNELLY from Evan THOMAS. Commission to appraise lands: Thomas GITTINGS, Edward HARDING, Nathan HOLLAND, Henry HARDING and Dr. Benjamin DUVALL. They determined the lands could not be divided equally. Lands valued at $12/acre. SALE was made to: - Daniel BRENT for 133.75 acres at $10.05/acre, $1,344.23 (M&B given) - Ann WHALEN for 153.25 acres at $10.25/acre, $1,570 (M&B given) - Michael CONNELLY for "Two Farms", 104.5 acres at $21.37/acre, or $2,236.35 - William CULVER for the Lazenby Lot at $10.20/acre, $828.75 Total sales, $5,980.15 Closed 22 Nov 1822. =====
362-366 - JONES - #MC
Harry JONES of William - Petition to Divide Lands - 10 Mar 1819 William JONES of Nathan d/ c1819, intestate s/ Harry JONES of William s/ Galon JONES, a minor s/ John JONES, a minor d/ Ann JONES, a minor Guardian was Jesse LEACH. Commission appointed: William WILLSON, Burgess WILLETT, Evan JONES of Nathan, Thomas Perry WILLSON and John BRADDOCK. They determined the land could not be divided equally. LAND - "Wheel of Fortune", "Come by Chance" and "Partnership", 782 acres. Surveyed by Lloyd ADAMSON. Harry renounced his right to take the estate (pay siblings their share). He and the guardian requested a sale of the property. SALE was held 16 Dec 1819; high bidder was: - John JONES of Nathan for 78.5 acres at $22.25/acre, $1,746.62; $100 to be paid then and the balance yearly over three years. Proceeds to be divided equally among the four children. Closed 15 Mar 1821. =====
William SCOTT - Petition to Divide Lands - 1 Dec 1820 Kinsey GITTINGS d/ intestate widow - (not named), now dec'd s/ Berry GITTINGS s/ Michael D. GITTINGS s/ Richard GITTINGS, a minor s/ Jeremiah GITTINGS, a minor d/ Sarah GITTINGS, a minor d/ Deborah GITTINGS, a minor Guardian was Elisha D. BERRY. Commission: William WILLSON, Samuel WILLSON, Artaxerxes FISHER, Thomas FISHER and Zachariah GATTON. They determined the land could not be divided equally. (Divided acreage had to be at least 50-acre divisions); Valued at $22.26/acre. LAND - 216 acres As the eldest male, Berry GITTINGS chose to take the estate, but sold it to: - William SCOTT; payment to be in four annual equal payments. The amount of sale was not disclosed. Proceeds to be divided equally among the six children. Closed Mar 1822. =====
Basil GRIFFITHS vs William PLUMMER - Trepass & Ejectment - 17 Feb 1815 Basil GRIFFITH leased land to John Denn in Jan 1798 for a term of 30 years. Richard FINN , yoeman, trespassed onto this property and forced John DENN from it. Basil claimed damages of $500. Philemon PLUMMER, yeoman, claimed title to the land in question. He was then made the defendent. LAND to Basil GRIFFITH - "Resurvey on part of Leekes", 350 acres, from Stephen GARTRELL in Aug 1753. - "Gittings Hah Hah" (surveyed in July 1724 for Thomas SPRIGG and Richard SIMMONS for 517 acres) - "Leeke's Lot", 50 acres from Henry LEEKE in Jan 1745. Testimony Oct 1816 through May 1817 from: - James HOLLAND, age 53, stated some forty years prior Major GREEN took up a vacancy between "Gittings Hah Hah" and "Bodeleys Choice". He claimed the fence was the dividing line between the 150 acres willed by Stephen GARTRELL to his daughter Mary HOLLAND and now owned by him; and the part of the "Resurvey on Leeks Lot" is now owned by him and Basil GRIFFITH. - Slingsby LINTHICUM, age 55, claimed he was present with Richard GREEN and John HOLLAND where GREEN had a plot showing the loss of land in consequence of the variation. - Henry LEEKE, age 73, stated about 23 years prior Colonel ORME ran the lines for "Gittings Hah Hah". - Beal GAITHER, age 64, claimed in 1791 or 1792, a line was run between Basil MULLICAN and Joseph LEEKE and was surveyed by Archibald ORME. - Nathan MUSGROVE, age 56, claimed line stated by John HOLLAND was disputed by Philemon PLUMMER; stated the land inside the fence had been occupied by the HOLLAND family for 30-40 years. - Edward PENN, age 77, claimed about 45 years ago he was overseer for Sarah GARTRELL for two years and she told him not to cut outside of the fence next to Philemon PLUMMER for that part belonged to PLUMMER. - John PLUMMER, age 57, stated lines were run about forty years ago. - Philemon PLUMMER Junior, age 53, claimed a large rock on the plantation of Philemon PLUMMER Senior marked IB is the beginning of part of "Brook Grove", conveyed by the SNOWDENs to Plilemon PLUMMER Sr. - Benjamin GATRELL, age 42, stated the white oak trees were a boundary of "Grays Lot". - James BROWN, age 56, claimed he saw the line drawn between Joseph LEEKE and Basil MULLICAN and stones were planted at the 2nd and 3rd lines of the disputed tract. At the Nov 1820 hearing, it was noted that Philemon PLUMMER had died and William PLUMMER appeared as devisee Properties were resurveyed by Lloyd ADAMSON; Included plat and metes & bounds. Court decided John DENN, lessee, should receive $204 from William PLUMMER; dated 16 Nov 1822. =====
388-393 - HODGES, CARROLL - #MC
Charles CARROLL of Carrollton's, lessee vs Walter HODGES, tenant - Trepass & Ejectment - May 1820 John DENN was lessee of Charles CARROLL of Carrolton leased land to John DENN for 15 years. Richard FENN forcefully ejected John DENN from the property and damages are claimed for $20,000. FENN claimed Walter HODGES was the tenant. LAND - "Final Conclusion", 267.75 acres The court found against Walter HODGES. Closed 4 Nov 1822 =====
William WILLSON & w/ Anna Maria vs Elisha D. BERRY, yoeman - Debt - 13 Feb 1819 William WILLSON and his wife, the former Anna Maria LINSTED, claimed a debt owed to his wife by Elisha D. BERRY for $124.88 in Jun 1817; now claiming $300 for debt and damages. Besides BERRY's signature on the note were signatures of Elema BEALL and Hosea EDMONDSTON. Evan JONES of Nathan was mentioned as a witness. Court found in favor of the WILLSONs on 8 Mar 1820 for $124.88 and $300 in costs and damages against Elisha D. BERRY with his sureties as Alexander YOUNG and Jannaro L. FARRE. Elisha D. BERRY's Land: - "Charles and Benjamin", 252.75 acres (of 500 acres); lies on road from Rockville to Baltiimore City; adjoined land of John BIRDSALL. Valued at $6,000 for the total 500 acres. Devised to him by the Will of his father, Richard BERRY. SALE held 30 Aug 1822 by Sheriff William CLEMENTS; high bidder was: - Henry B. GRIFFITH and Richard H. GRIFFITH at $2,000 (Plat with metes & bounds on page 399) =====
State of Maryland, use of Matilda MIDDLETON vs William ONEALE - Debt - 17 Feb 1818 William ONEALE owed Matilda MIDDLETON $335.84 on a debt of $10,000 from Mar 1812. LAND of Willliam ONEALE: - "Exchanged" and "New Exchange Enlarged", 120.5 acres (by Act of Direct Descents); valued at $2,410 by commission: Charles SPATES, Caleb LEE, Joseph GALLOWAY and Henry ALLEN. Report of Sale to James CASE on 12 Apr 1822, amount not disclosed. =====
404-411 - WYRILL, GRAYSON - #MC #DC
William GRAYSON, use of Johnn W. GRAYSON vs William WYRILL, yoeman - Debt - 18 Nov 1820 William GRAYSON of Washington, DC filed Petition against William WYRILL for $1,575 debt and $2,000 in damages; noted dated 1 May 1816. Inventory of William WYRILL: - Corn, fodder, tobacco and apples; valued at $118.06. - "The Addition to Rays Adventure, 173.5 acres; valued at $867.50 Court found in favor of plantiff and periodic payments were to be made to William GRAYSON. Closed 10 Jul 1822. =====
411-415 - LYLES, RAMSAY, BELT - #MC
Tobias BELT, use of Johnn RAMSAY vs Robert LYLES - Debt - 24 Oct 1820 In May 1819, Robert LYLES owed debt of $536. Tobias BELT, exec/of Jeremiah BELT, filed petition for collection of debt and claimed damages of $600. Witness was William BENNETT. Judgment rendered 13 Nov 1821 for the costs and damages. LAND of Robert LYLES: - "Mount Zion", 120 acres; valued at $1,200 by commission of Samuel HILLARD, Robert THOMPSON, Joseph A. MURPHEY and Jacob SMITH. No sale disclosed; closed 7 Jun 1822. =====
415-425 - TRAIL, OWINGS - #MC
Luther OWINGS vs Notley TRAIL, yoeman - Debt - 10 Feb 1819 Petition by Luther OWINGS against Notley TRAIL for note of $400 plus damages of $500. LAND of Notley TRAIL - for two undivided 1/3 parts of: - "Gibsons Choice", 66.5 acres - "The Quince Orchard", 100 acres Tracts were adjoining. To Notley TRAIL from Luther OWINGS at $420 in Jan 1817. Valued at $420 by commission: Joseph CLAGETT, Joshua RAWLINS, Proverb BUNEP, Thomas PENNFIELD. SALE was made 13 Jul 1822 to: - Luther OWINGS by John A. F. KILGORE, his attorney, at $233.33 =====
William WILLSON & w/ Anna Maria (Linstid) WILLSON, adms/of Thomas LINSTID vs David CLAGETT - Debt - 13 Feb 1819 Claim against David CLAGETT for debt of 17 pounds, 3 shillings and ten pence and damages of $200. LAND of David CLAGETT: - "Newton", 48 acres; valued at $580 by commission: Thomas OFFUTT, Nathaniel POPE, Lawson L. OFFUTT, William A. OFFUT. SALE was held 13 Oct 1822; high bidder was: - John BRADDOCK at $120 =====
430-434 - BERRY, SCOTT - #MC #SLAVES
William SCOTT vs Elisha D. BERRY - Debt - 26 Oct 1819 William SCOTT was acting administrator for Kinsey GITTINGS and claimed debt against Elisha D. BERRY for $1,433.98 with interest; BERRY's co-signer was Richard BERRY Sr. Damages claimed at $3,000. INVENTORY of Elisha D. BERRY: - negro boy ABRAHAM, age about 17; valued at $350 - negro girl MARY, age about 10; valued at $180 - bay horse; valued at $75 - bay D; valued at $20 - brown mare; valued at $75 - waggon; valued at $70 - LAND tract "Charles and Benjamin", 500 acres; valued at $4,000 Total valued at $4,720 by commission: Moses BARNESLEY, John THOMAS, William STARKEY, Joseph THOMAS. Inventory not yet sold as of Nov 1822. =====
William H. HEMPSTONE and Daniel DUVALL vs Robert LYLES - Debt - 10 Oct 1820 The court ruled for Robert LYLES to pay the claimed debt of $69.56 and damages of $200 plus court costs on 1 Jan 1919. LAND of Robert LYLES: - "Mount Zion", 120 acres As of 2 Nov 1822, the land remained unsold. =====
William H. HEMPSTONE and Joseph A. JOHNSON, use of Samuel HARDEN vs Robert LYLES, yoeman - Debt - 3 Nov 1819 John B. DYSON pledged bail for Robert LYLES. The court ruled for Robert LYLES to pay the claimed debt of $135.29 and damages of $300 plus court costs on 19 Feb 1819. LAND of Robert LYLES: - "Mount Zion", 120 acres with improvements; valued at $1,200 Lands remained unsold on 15 Jul 1822. =====
Nancy HARRIS, use of Samuel HARDIN vs Robert LYLES - Debt - 3 Nov 1819 Joseph A. MURPHY pledged bail for Robert LYLES. The court ruled for Robert LYLES to pay the claimed debt of $48.05 and damages of $100 plus court costs on 19 Feb 1819. LAND of Robert LYLES: - "Mount Zion", 120 acres with improvements; valued at $1,200 Ended 1 Jun 1822 =====
448-451 - POWER, LEE, GITTINGS - #MC
Mary POWER, et al vs Daniel LEE - Sale of Real Estate - 9 Nov 1816 Francis POWER d/ Spring 1816 widow - Mary and 6 children 1. Treacy POWER, a minor (age 12) 2. Frederick POWER, a minor 3. John POWER, a minor 4. Susan POWER, a minor 5. Margaret POWER, a minor 6. Francis POWER, a minor LAND - "Clean Shaven", 106 acres, adjoined "Hardens Choice". EXCEPTION - Sold 3 acres to John BLACK. Agreement of Purchase to Daniel LEE at $2,060. Trustee was Augustus TANEY. SALE on Mar 1817 to: - Thomas GITTINGS for 103 aces at $20.10/acre, $2,070.30 Distribution to pay monies due to Estate of Francis POWER. Closed July 1817. =====
Thomas GITTINGS vs Samuel B. BEALL & Others - Title - 18 Nov 1815 Benjamin GITTINGS d/ 1805 s/ Thomas GITTINGS (sole heir) LAND - "The Benjamin", 88 acres; adjoined land where a negro, Bacon PARKER, lived and ran to a bridge and along the main road; adjoined land of Mr WILLSON and Marvin DUVALL. To Benjamin GITTINGS from: - Sarah BEALL wid/of Richard BEALL (she died by 1815) - Samuel B. BEALL - residence unknown in 1815 - Thomas B. BEALL, dec'd by 1815 ...widow - Harriett, now w/o John ALDRIDGE .......Isaac B. BEALL .......Thomas BEALL .......Gustavus BEALL - Washington, DC .......Tally BEALL, dec'd w/o John BERNETT (or BENNETT) . . . . . . .Sarah B. BERNETT, a minor .......Mary BEALL - Washington, DC - Robert B. BEALL - Washington, DC - Walter B. BEALL - Washington, DC - Polly BEALL, dec'd w/o William D. BEALL - no children * Signed by the BEALLs in Feb 1792 (except for Polly who had probably died before it was issued). - "Labyrinth" (or "Maiden's Choice"), 82 acres; on main road from Walter BEALL's Mill to George Town and crosses Arnold Road and intersects Bladensburg Road to a bridge before Benjamin MORES'. To Benjamin GITTINGS from Samuel B. BEALL; statement dated 25 Oct 1794. (Adjoining was part of "Labyrinth" conveyed to Richard BEALL of Samuel from Arch BEALL & w/ Jane.) Surveyed by Col. Archibald ORME on 10 Dec 1792. Total acreage was 170 acres (metes and bounds on page 454). Any changes and costs to be paid by the BEALLs. Note for balance of money due to Samuel B. BEALL was believed to be assigned to Benjamin BERRY of Prince Georges County but papers weren't found. On 25 Nov 1817, the court ordered the BEALL defendants convey title to Thomas GITTINGS, but allowed liberty for the minor until she becomes of age. =====
Nathaniel HOWSE vs Perry BOWMAN and Matilda BOWMAN - Division of Real Estate - 4 Dec 1816 John HOWSE, dec'd (Will written 8 Nov 1808; filed 25 Mar 1809) widow - Mary s/ Nathaniel HOWSE d/ Loradia w/o Charles DAVIS s/ Richard HOWSE d/ Luceretia w/o Roby PENN d/ Mary w/o Charles BROWN s/ John HOWSE d/ ____ BOWMAN .......Perry BOWMAN .......Matilda BOWMAN d/ Ann w/o Benjamin WILLETT Jr. s/ Reuben HOWSE To wife Mary until their son Reuben becomes of age; then to be divided into nine equal shares after the widow's dower of 1/3. SLAVES - not named LAND - "Addition to Brooke Grove", "Fair Hill", "Resurvey on Brooke Park" and "Piney Grove", 391.5 acres. - "Rays Adventure", to son-in-law Charles DAVIS until Reuben becomes of age: Exec/ brother Edward HOWSE Witnesses: Charles Alexander WARFIELD, James HOWSE, Ephraim GAITHER of William, . --- Guardian was Richard P. BOWMAN. Trustee was Edward HOUSE. SALE was held 29 Apr 1817; high bidders were: - Joshua STEWART for the 391.5 acres at $15.25/acre - Mrs. Mary HOWSE for "Philemon and Sarah", 20 acres at $20/acre - Benjamin WILLETT Jr for remainder of "Ray's Adventure", 75 acres, at $7.10/acre Total Sales, $6,681.75. Closed 29 Nov 1817. =====
464-468 - LANSDALE, PORTER - #MC
David PORTER vs Richard LANSDALE - Title - 14 Jul 1817 LAND - "Yorkshire" and "Resurvey on James and Mary", 120 acres; adjoined "Resurvey on the Grove". - "Resurvey on James and Mary", 4 acres. To David PORTER of Washington, DC from Richard LANSDALE at $3,575 in Sep 1816. However; he failed to have the deed recorded and Richard LANSDALE is now residing in New York. The court approved for the deed to be recorded. Closed 12 Jan 1818. =====
Robert SMITH vs Robert BEALL & Others - Title - Mar 1816 NOTES - Montgomery County Wills - James BEALL of Ninian, planter (14 Apr 1778; 22 May 1780) w/ Ann bro/ Robert BEALL (1/3) * bro/ Benjamin BEALL (1/3) .......Lloyd BEALL .......Ninian BEALL .......Cephus BEALL .......Nancy BEALL bro/ John BEALL (1/3) .......Sebert BEALL .......Ruth BEALL --- - Robert BEALL (Will 4 May 1788; 4 Jul 1788) * widow (unnamed) - Plantation and Children: 1. Basil BEALL 2. Kinzey BEALL 3. Benjamin BEALL 4. Zadock BEALL 5. Middleton BEALL 6. Axy BEALL 7. Verlinda DENT 8. Sarah ADAMS 9. Lucy OFFUTT .......Rezin Beall OFFUTT Execs/ wife and John DENT --- LAND - an undivided 1/3 part of "Resurvey on Beckwiths Range", 304 acres, at east fork branch of Rock Creek; patented to James BEALL of Ninian in Sep 1757. To Lloyd BEALL and Cephus BEALL at 203 pounds, 1 shilling and nine pence, on 10 Nov 1791 (Oct 1791 Chancery Court ruling) from:: - John DENT & w/ Verlinda - Kentucky - Alexander ADAMS & w/ Sarah - Kentucky - Thomas SCOTT & w/ Achsa BEALL, now dec'd - Basil BEALL, now dec'd - Kinsey BEALL - Virginia?? - Benjamin BEALL - Tennessee - Zadok BEALL - Tennessee - Middleton BEALL - Kentucky - Zephaniah OFFUTT, guardian & father of Rezin B. OFFUTT - Virginia?? However, the deed was never recorded. Then Deeded to Robert SMITH from Lloyd BEALL and Cephus BEALL at 508 pounds, in Aug 1795 [G-75]. Cephus BEALL, now dec'd - Washington County Lloyd BEALL, now dec'd - Montgomery County ...his daughter, Maria w/o Thomas A. BROOKE - Montgomery County On 7 July 1818, the court validated the unrecorded deed. NOTES - Members of the Beall family - Ninian, Thomas, Alexander, James and Robert were natives of St Andrew's Parish, Fifeshire, Scotland, where their births or baptisms are registered in the parish archives. The naming of their Maryland plantations also attested to their Scottish heritage. The Scottish spelling was "Bell" and was so used in early Maryland records. Why "a" was inserted is unknown but, after the first generation, "Beall" was consistently used by all members of the family. The Scottish research was conducted by the late Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone and phonograph, although he was not a scion of the Fifeshire. [Libray of Congress: Parish Register of St Andrew's, Fifeshire, Registration House, Edinburgh] =====
George REID & Others vs Thomas GATTON - Petition to Void Deed - 5 Nov 1816 James GATTON (with his w/ Elizabeth releasing her dower) conveyed a deed to his son, Thomas GATTON in Aug 1799. James GATTON made his Will on 7 Sep 1807 (filed 12 Nov 1807). s/ John GATTON d-in-law/ Mary Ann GATTON s/ James GATTON Jr, has since died with no issue s/ Thomas GATTON d/ Susanna REID, now dec'd .......George REID .......Anney w/o Edward SANDERS .......Nancy w/o Thomas H. PHILLIPS .......William REID .......Rebecca REID .......Sarah REID .......Susannah REID .......Aleathea REID .......Nancy REID Real Estate devised to children, Thomas, James and Susanna, divided equally. (Susanna's children were from court records) Exec/ son James GATTON Witnesses: Hezekiah VEATCH, Thomas VEATCH, Richard VEATCH --- LAND - "Hickman's Discovery", 14 acres; "Pheasants Nest", 16 acres; "Gatton's Good Luck", 10 acres; and "Resurvey on Gatton's Good Luck", 157.25 acres; totaling 197.75 acres. Petition claimed the deed was an intent to defraud, no monies were paid, and James GATTON Sr continued to live on the property until his death; asked the Will be accepted the deed voided. The court stood with the deed and dismissed the case; thereby nullifying the Will and leaving Susanna's heirs without her half from the Will (as James had died leaving no issue). Closed 21 July 1818. =====
John RABBITT Jr vs Mary RILEY & Others - Petition for Title - 17 Feb 1818 LAND - "Enster Rectified" and "Enster Divided", 220 acres To John RABBITT Jr from George RILEY at $7/acre, $1,540 in Oct 1814. Previously to Richard BEALL from James BEALL of Robert in Sep 1760. - "Hermitage", 162 acres, belonged to To John RABBIT from John WILCOXEN at $662. Both John RABBITT and George RILEY died before the sale and deed were completed. George RILEY d/ intestate widow - Mary, now w/o Arnold T. WINSOR s/ Sarah Martha Camden RILEY, a minor d/ Tabitha Ann RILEY, a minor d/ Mary George RILEY, a minor Guardian for the minor children was their mother. John RABBITT' d/ intestate s/ Henry RABBITT s/ William RABBITT d/ Jane (Rabbitt) w/o William WILLBURN s/ John RABBITT (Jr) d/ Martha RABBITT s/ Edward RABBITT d/ Mary RABBITT s/ Joseph RABBITT d/ Christiana RABBITT s/ Thomas RABBITT, a minor d/ Helena RABBITT, a minor Guardian was John RABBITT Jr. Court approved Title to heirs of John RABBITT with liberty of minors until six months after they become of age. Title to be conveyed by Arnold T. WINSOR and his now wife Mary. Closed 23 Nov 1818. =====
Joshua STEWART vs James B. PLEASANTS & Others - Petition for Title - 13 Jan 1817 LAND - "Addition to Brooke Grove", "Brooke Piney Grove" and "Fan Hill", 400 acres, on Seneca Creek. To Henrietta Mariah PLEASANTS from her father Thomas PLEASANTS (now dec'd). To Joshua STEWART from Henrietta Mariah PLEASANTS of Goochland Co, Virginia at $10,200 in Oct 1809. Henrietta has since married Benjamin BATES of Hannover Co, Virginia and they have both died without conveyance of deed. Heirs of Henrietta Mariah PLEASANTS (d/o Thomas PLEASANTS and later w/o Benjamin BATES) bro/ James B. PLEASANTS sis/ - Deborah STABLER (widow of William STABLER)* sis/ (Mary, dec'd w/o Edward STABLER)* - William STABLER, a minor - Washington, DC - Elizabeth STABLER, a minor - Washington, DC - Anna STABLER, a minor - Washington, DC - Robinson STABLER, a minor - Washington, DC - Thomas L. STABLER, a minor - Washington, DC bro/ William H. PLEASANTS - Goochland Co, VA sis/ Elizabeth Anne PLEASANTS - Goochland Co, VA Deborah STABLER stated William Henry PLEASANTS was exec/of Margaret PLEASANTS and was also the brother of Henrietta who authorized him to sell the property. She claimed all of the money had been paid by Joshua STEWART. It was noted Deborah was a Quaker. Court approved title to Joshua STEWART. Closed 24 May 1819. NOTES - Other Research indicates Henrietta had a sister Mary (dec'd), who married Edward STABLER in 1794. The name of the sister and her spouse weren't noted in the Judgment record, but the children were. Also the spouse of Deborah was found on FindaGrave. =====
Thomas Croft WRIGHT for Bank of Columbia vs John OTT & Mary OTT - Petition for Title - Mar 1819 LAND - "Owens Resurvey", 136.25 acres. Previously to OBER from Elbert PERRY & w/ Rebecca in 1814. Consigned by John OWENS to Mathias PIGMAN was 10 acres. Consigned by Samuel CROW to William BERNARD was 10.3 acres. - "Abel's Levels", 16.5 acres. Previously to OBER from Jesse CROMWELL. To John OTT of George, of Georgetown, Washington Co, District of Columbia from Robert OBER (w/ Katharine) of Georgetown, Washington Co, District of Columbia in May 1814 (Deed of Trust) [L-387-389]. Robert OBER was indebted to the Columbia Bank for $14,800. - "Philima and Sarah", 234 acres; adjoining "Resurvey on Brooke Park" (patented to Richard BROOKE of James). EXCEPTIONS - 15.5 acres (NE corner) to William REDMAN from William BERNARD. - 20 acres (southern end) to John MERRYMAN from William BERNARD with MERRYMAN then having possession. Dr. John OTT d/ Apr 1818, intestate - Washington Co, DC s/ John OTT (Jr), a minor d/ Mary OTT, a minor bro/ David OTT - Washington, DC (was guardian) Contract had been made with Joshua STEWART, Benjamin WILLETT and William G. PENN for sale to William G. PENN to convey to Daniel KINTZ and William REDIN, both of George Town, DC. Court appointed David OTT to convey the Deed to KINTZ & REDIN. Closed 22 May 1819. =====
Harry W. DORSEY vs Robert JONES & Others - Petition for Title - Oct 1818 LAND - Lot #27 on tracts "Exchange" and "New Exchange Enlarged", 3/8 acre, in Williamsburg (now Rockville). Improved with large brick building. To Nathan COOK from William T. BEALL of Washington, DC at 1,000 pounds in 1803. Because BEALL had written the amount on the deed in figures and not words, he felt it wouldn't be accepted, so failed to file the deed. William T. BEALL later died widow - Eleanor, since married Robert JONES - Anne Arundel County d/ Elizabeth BEALL, a minor - Anne Arundel County s/ Alfred BEALL, a minor - Ohio s/ Uriah BEALL, a minor - Ohio --- Nathan COOK also died widow - Rachel, now w/o Harry W. DORSEY d/ Harriett w/o William ROBINSON/ROBERTSON d/ Rachel COOK s/ Zadok COOK s/ Nathan COOK (Jr) d/ Elizabeth COOK Deed was accepted; closed 19 Jul 1819. =====
Henry SCHROEDER, creditor vs William BELT & Others - Sale of Real Estate - 26 Oct 1815 Henry SCHROEDER of Baltimore City filed petition against the heirs of Richard WATERS, as one of the parties in a debt to Lewis BROWNING. Lewis BROWNING assigned the notes to Henry SCHROEDER of Baltimore. Meshick BROWNING, Abraham DAWSON, merchants, and Richard WATERS, farmer, executed two bonds dated 14 Dec 1804 in favor of Lewis BROWNING for $1,500 and penalty of $750; also $1,300 and penalty of $650 in Nov 1806. Default suits were brought against Meshick BROWNING and Abraham DAWSON in 1810, but abated against Richard WATERS because of his death. Both BROWNING and DAWSON are now insolvent. Dr Richard WATERS d/ May 1810 widow - Margaret (House & 130 acres) d/ Elizabeth "Betsey" w/o William BELT (part of personal property) s/ Richard R. WATERS, a minor - Georgetown, Washington, DC (132 acres) s/ Somerset WATERS, a minor - Washington, DC (132 acres) d/ Ann S. WATERS, a minor (200 pounds when age 16) s/ Nacey WATERS, a minor (132 acres) d/ Rachel WATERS, a minor (not mentioned in Will) Exec/ wife Witnesses: Betsey PLUMMER, Lucetta WATERS Will written 20 Feb 1805; filed 26 May 1810. Because the Will only had two witnesses, it was declared void because three witnesses were required for real estate. LAND - 400 acres; from his father, Richard WATERS. - 100 acres, adjoining. In 1814, suit was filed against Margaret WATERS, exec/of Richard WATERS against the real estate of her husband and included her dower in said land. Guardian for the minor daughters was Bruce SELBY. The widow testified her husband had acted as a surety on the bonds only and Meshick BROWNING, Abraham DAWSON, merchants, were the ones to benefit of the monies for their business. She also stated SCHROEDER had failed to maintain the judgments against them, who were the ones who used the monies and didn't believe they were insolvent. She also stated she was not present for those proceedings (thus her dower in land was not included). Zadok MAGRUDER was appointed trustee to sell the property, subject to the widow's dower. SALE was held 18 Jan 1819; high bidder was: - Richard R. WATERS at $10/acre, $4,000 He resold part of the land to Joshua W. DORSEY. Closed Nov 1820. =====
513-516 - MAGRUDER - #MC
George MAGRUDER vs Warren MAGRUDER - Petition for Title - 11 Jan 1817 Land was acquired to build a mill by George MAGRUDER; however, Warren MAGRUDER claimed he thought George wanted to purchase if for Patrick MAGRUDER, whom he claimed had 'ruined' him, and refused to deliver the deed as per previous agreement. Patrick had adjoining land. All three were brothers. LAND - "Hobson's Choice", 7.5 acres, on branch called Capt. John; adjoined land of Zachariah WHITE. To George MAGRUDER of Georgetown, DC from Warren MAGRUDER at $2,000 in Mar 1813. Court ruled for title be provided to George MAGRUDER. Closed 2 Nov 1819. =====
517-519 - MULLICAN - #MC
Elizabeth MULLICAN vs Harriet MULLICAN - Sale of Real Estate - 28 Feb 1818 William MULLICAN of John, dec'd widow - Elizabeth d/ Harriet MULLICAN, a minor s/ Zachariah MULLICAN, a minor s/ James Nicholas MULLICAN, a minor s/ John Harbin MULLICAN, a minor LAND - "The Gift", 92.5 acres, being part of "Chestnut Ridge" Guardian was Upton BEALL. Trustee was Zadok MAGRUDER. In Nov 1819, case was discontinued until further order of the court. =====
William DARNE and Charles GASSAWAY, creditors vs Sebastian K. G. HENDERSON & Others - Sale of Real Estate - 14 Apr 1819 James HENDERSON, dec'd widow - Sarah s/ Sebastian K. Graff HENDERSON, a minor d/ Sarah Ann HENDERSON, a minor Guardian was Andrew GRAFF. Trustees were John A. T. KILGOUR and George GRAFF. Case to be continued; dated Nov 1819. =====
522-525 - BALL, LEACH, ONEALE - #MC
John BALL vs Eleanor BALL - Petition for Trustee - May 1819 John BALL petitioned the court to render his mother, Eleanor BALL, as non compos mentis, and asked for a trustee to manage her affairs. Testifying to her mental condition was Jesse LEACH. An inquisition of 12 people visited her house and declared her a lunatic and didn't have lucid intervals. LAND - "Scrub Hill" and "I Will Not Yet I Will", 65 acres. Trustee was Jesse LEACH to take custody of Eleanor and her property. Court ordered her real estate be sold to provide for her care on 19 Jul 1819. Sale was made on 24 Feb 1820 to: - William ONEALE of John at $9.75/acre; however, he was unable to comply. Sale again held 5 Sep 1820; high bidder was: - John S. BALL at $8.87/acre =====
526-530 - MAGRUDER - #MC
Jane MAGRUDER - Sale of Real Estate - 24 Jan 1820 Edward MAGRUDER d/ 1819 (Will written 6 Nov 1818; filed 9 Nov 1819) widow - Jane s/ Elie MAGRUDER .......Elizabeth Mentioned plantation and slaves (not named). Edward failed to authorize his executor to sell his real estate in his Will. Exec/ wife Witnesses: Edward HUGHES, Greenbury GRIFFITH, Joseph NEALE --- Trustee was Jane MAGRUDER. Sale was held 1 May 1820, but she didn't feel the bid was sufficient. She asked the court to appoint another trustee as she wished to bid on the property herself. Trustee then appointed was Zadok MAGRUDER, Esquire. Sale was held 3 Mar 1821; high bidder was: - Jane MAGRUDER at $7/acre Closed 14 Jan 1822. =====
530-534 - TRAIL, CLOPPER - #MC #DC #PA #Graveyard
Francis C. CLOPPER, now of Philadelphia vs Monica TRAIL & Others - Petition to Record Deed - 4 Nov 1815 Deed to Francis C. CLOPPER from Archibald TRAIL (& w/ Monica) at $1,275 in Mar 1814. (Deed was never filed) Archibald TRAIL, dec'd widow - Monica s/ Henry TRAIL d/ Elizabeth TRAIL - Washington, DC d/ Ann TRAIL - Washington, DC s/ David TRAIL, a minor s/ Archibald TRAIL, a minor LAND - "Rock Head", 58.5 acres, on the east side of Seneca. Previously to James TRAIL in Apr 1744 (then PG Co). EXCEPTION - a square of about 20 feet for TRAIL family GRAVEYARD. - "Pleasant Valley" and "Pleasant Fields", 17 acres. To James TRAIL from William BENSON in Apr 1788 Court approved the deed be recorded. Closed 17 Jul 1820. =====
Daniel LEE vs Samuel B. BEALL & Others - Petition for Title - Mar 1816 Richard BEALL of Samuel d/ c1778 (Will written 12 Feb 1775) s/ Samuel B. BEALL - (in parts unknown) s/ Thomas B. BEALL, now dec'd .....unnamed widow, now w/o John ALDRIDGE .......Isaac BEALL .......Thomas BEALL .......Gustavius BEALL - Washington, DC .......Mary BEALL - Washington, DC .......Sarah "Sally" BEALL, now dec'd w/o John BENNETT . . . . . . .an unnamed minor child s/ Robert B. BEALL s/ Walter B. BEALL s/ Aza BEALL - Allegany County d/ Polly BEALL, now dec'd, no issue The children had agreed to partitions of land and resided on their portions, but no deeds were ever issued. On 21 May 1795, Thomas B. BEALL granted a deed to Daniel LEE at 300 pounds for his portion of the estate; land then being used as pasture by Richard JAMES and Benjamin GITTINGS. Agreement between Thomas B. and Aza BEALL for Asa to receive monies. Survey was ordered for Thomas B. BEALL's portion; done by Thomas GITTINGS. LAND - parts of "Labryinth", 70 acres, along road from Bladensburg to Rockville and land of Zadok WILLSON, Thomas GITTINGS and Henson CLARKE. (plat on page 529, but pdf page 539) Court ordered deed to be conveyed to Daniel LEE. Closed 17 Jul 1820. =====
William SCOTT & w/ Rachel vs Benjamin DULANEY & Others - Agreement Validity - Nov 1815 - Exhibit B - Richard ROBERTS desires to sell his title to the lease where his father lived and died. He had life estate and wished to sell the lease for $80 on 1 Mar 1808 and would then put 'his' name for life estate lease. Signed B. DULANEY, by Richard ROBERTS. In Jun 1808, Benjamin DULANEY of Alexandria, District of Columbia issued Life Estate Lease to William SCOTT & w/ Rachel - 273 acres, adjoined THOMPSON's Coolspring. Lease to provide annually 2,000 pounds of crop tobacco of the first quality in Hogsheads at George Town Warehouse and to plant 100 apple trees and maintain them. [Liber 2, 380]. However, they had become aware of a prior lifetime lease, which now renders their lease useless. Further, they have been informed the interest to said lands have been conveyed in undivided shares on 6 Feb 1813 to Benjamin DULANEY's three daughters (1,500 acres): - Elizabeth DULANEY w/o Joseph FORREST - 300 acres - Rebecca DULANEY w/o Timothy WINN - 600 acres (They conveyed her share to Elias B. CALDWELL, Washington, DC) - Ann B. DULANEY w/o Thomas TINGEY - 600 acres Witnessed by Daniel DULANEY, Sarah A. T. DULANEY and Marie DULANEY; Agent and POA, George BEALL Jr and Silas BUTLER. Benjamin DULANEY - Fairfax Co, VA (death reported 15 Jul 1820) w/ Elizabeth - Fairfax Co, VA s/ Benjamin F. DULANEY s/ Daniel F. DULANEY - Fairfax Co, VA s/ John P. DULANEY s/ James H. DULANEY - Loudoun Co, VA s/ Bladen DULANEY - Boston, Suffolk Co, MA s/ William A. B. DULANEY, a minor d/ Louisa DeBUTTS - Washington, DC d/ Julia, now dec'd w/o Thomas CLAGETT - Charles Co, MD .......Mary E. CLAGETT w/o David M. FORREST - Washington, DC .......Benjamin D. CLAGETT d/ Maria H. "Mary" w/o William HERBERT Jr - Alexandria, DC d/ Elizabeth, dec'd w/o Joseph FORREST - Washington, DC .......Dulaney FORREST, a minor .......French FORREST, a minor .......Sophia FORREST, a minor .......Moreau FORREST, a minor .......Josephine FORREST, a minor .......James FORREST, a minor .......Julia FORREST, a minor .......Bladen FORREST, a minor .......Zachariah FORREST, a minor d/ Rebecca w/o Timothy WINN - Washington, DC (Their share conveyed to Elias B. CALDWELL, Washington, DC) d/ Ann B., dec'd w/o Thomas TINGEY (no issue) - Washington, DC Guardian was Joseph FORREST. Testimony from: - Bladen DULANEY - claimed not to know of SCOTT's lifetime lease, but thought it to be year to year; in addition much waste has come to the land. - Kinsey GITTINGS - acted as POA for Joseph FORREST and Timothy WINN. - Daniel F. DULANEY - Thomas CLAGETT Court ordered the lifetime lease be recorded for the SCOTTs; they to abide by the yearly terms. Closed 23 Nov 1821. NOTE - Alexandria, now Virginia, was then part of the District of Columbia. =====
561-563 - GITTINGS, SCOTT - #MC
William SCOTT vs Berry GITTINGS - Validation of Deed - 11 Jan 1822 Deed was not recorded within the six-month requirement. LAND - "Dranes Final Conclusion", 114.75 acres To William SCOTT from Berry GITTINGS (w/ Rachel) at $2,000 in Nov 1820. Deed was approved to be recorded. Closed 15 Jan 1822. =====
John HEPBURN and Sarah C. HEPBURN vs John BENSON - Trespass & Eviction - Dec 1820 John DENN, lessee of John HEPBURN and Sarah C. HEPBURN, claimed to be unlawfully evicted from the leased land by Richard FINN; John BENSON had claimed to hold title. LAND - "Resurvey on Hanover", 500 acres. It appears John DENN failed to appear and pay court expenses, therfore, Court ruled in favor of John BENSON with DENN to pay costs. Closed Mar 1823. =====
567-568 - SPRIGGS, JAY - #MC
William JAY vs John SPRIGG, yeoman - Trespass & Theft - Apr 1821 Claim of William JAY against John SPRIGG for destruction and removal of 500 oak trees and 500 hickory trees, valued at $100 and $300 respectively and claims damages of $1,000. Land of William JAY - "Hopewell". Claim was disputed and court ruled court costs to be paid by William JAY. Closed March 1823. =====
569-574 - JAMISON, HEPBURN - #MC
John HEPBURN and Sarah C. HEPBURN, lessee vs Francis JAMISON - Trespass & Unlawful Ejection - 21 Apr 1821 John DENN was lessee of the HEPBURNS for LAND - "Resurvey on Hanover", 500 acres Francis JAMISON claimed tenancy and Richard FENN was accused of damages when he forced John DENN from the farm; damages claimed were listed at $5,000. Later, FENN claimed Christian T. HEMPSTONE was the tenant in possession. John DENN failed to appear in court; therefore, court found in favor of the defendant. Closed Mar 1823. =====
George JANNEY, use of Farmers and Mechanics Bank of George Town vs Micaijah WELDING - Judgment - 4 Oct 1821 Claim against Micaijah WELDING for $833 plus damages at $1,600. LAND of Micaijah WELDING - "Beall's Industry", 100 acres with grist and saw mill, known as 'B___t's Mill'; valued at $3,000, lying on North West Branch. To John J. STULL from George JANNEY in Jun 1821. SALE was held 6 March 1823; high bidder was: - John J. STULL =====
State of Maryland, use of Henrietta PEARCE and John ANDERSON vs Lawson CLARKE, Henry CLARKE Jr and Hanson CLARKE, yoemen - Claim Against Estate - 2 Aug 1819 Henry CLARKE Sr (Will written 18 Dec 1806; filed 9 Jun 1807) widow - Anne s/ Lawson CLARKE s/ Henry CLARKE Jr s/ Hanson CLARKE d/ Ann WILSON d/ Henrietta PEARCE s/ Judson CLARKE s/ Johnson CLARKE s/ Leven CLARKE s/ Baley E. CLARKE Land to sons: - Henry Jr - parts of "Charles and William" and "Fenwick", where Jr then lived; on north side of road from Bladensburgh to Montgomery Court House. - Lawson - plantation where Lawson then lived; from Richard JAMES. - Hanson - parts of "Charles and William" and "Fenwick", where father Henry then lived. - Judson - parts of "Charles and William" and "Hills and Dales". - Johnson - parts of "Charles and William" and "Hills and Dales". Trustees: Lawson CLARKE, Henry CLARKE Jr. and Hanson CLARKE. Witnesses: Thomas SIMPSON, Henry C. PEARCE, Obed SWEARINGEN --- Will states the remaining property was to be divided equally and claim is for shares never received. Claim of $10,000 owed and $20,000 in damages against the trustees. The court granted Henrietta Pearce $416.46 on 29 Nov 1821. LANDS of Lawson CLARKE - parts of: - "White Oak Valley", 145 acres, valued at $1,160. - "Charles and William", 45.5 acres, valued at $364 - "Hills and Dales", 71 acres, valued at $355 - "Labyrinth", 58 1/8 acre, valued at $290.62 Total 319 5/8 acres; valued at $2,169.62. SALE was held 27 Feb 1823; high bidder was: - John ANDERSON at $450 =====
John A. T. KILGOUR vs David CLAGETT - Judgment - 8 Jan 1821 Claim of $2,820 plus damages of $3,000. LAND of David CLAGETT - parts of: - "Three Brothers Industry", part of "Hop Yard" - "Smithfield" and "Clagett's Folly", 70 acres with grist mill and saw mill Total 280 acres; valued at $1,456. SALE was held 10 Feb 1823; high bidder was: - John BRADDOCK at $430 =====
William ROBERSTON and Harriet ROBERTSON - To Divide Lands - 3 Aug 1820 Nathan COOK d/ prior to Aug 1820 widow - Rachel, now w/o Harry W. DORSEY d/ Harriet w/o William ROBERTSON d/ Rachel COOK - later w/o Zadok MAGRUDER s/ Zadok COOK, a minor s/ Nathan COOK (Jr), a minor d/ Elizabeth COOK, a minor LAND - "Resurvey on Turley's Choice" and "Cooke's Inheritance" (Cooke's Range", resurveyed to include vacant land), 1,000 acres. - "Addition to Crabb's Purchace", 16.75 acres. - "Ann's Garden", 50 acres. - "Resurvey of Charles and John's Choice", 210.5 acres. - "Small Purchase", 337.5 acres. - "Resurvey on Small Purchase", 693 acres. - "Cook's Choice", 87.5 acres. - "Fair Rosamond Power", 391.5 acres. - "Lucky Range", 14.5 acres. - "Cape Horn", 80 acres. - "Resurvey on Hill", 61.5 acres. - "Round Marsh", 31 acres. - "Green Marsh", 5.5 acres. - "Dublin", 40 acres. - "Resurvey on Dublin", 40 acres. - "Fellowship", 50.25 acres. - Lot #27 and Buildings in Rockville (formerly Williamsburgh). - "Needwood", 411 acres. - "Crabb's Purchase", 456 acres. Guardian appointed was Harry W. DORSEY. Metes and Bounds given for widow's dower and portions awarded to each child; listed on pages 591-597. Closed 25 Nov 1823. =====
598-601 - HILTON, DOUGLASS - #MC
Samuel DOUGLASS vs James HILTON - Debt Dispute - 26 Sep 1821 James HILTON claimed Samuel DOUGLASS owned him $400. HILTON confiscated the stock and grains of DOUGLASS. DOUGLASS claimed damages. Court appointed commission; it was decided that damages of $117.25 be awarded to James HILTON. Closed 26 Nov 1823. =====
601-604 - ADAMS, BINGHAM - #MC
Julius A. BINGHAM vs Malinda ADAMS, admin/of John ADAMS - Debt Dispute - 25 Jan 1822 Julius BINGHAM owed $1,200 to John ADAMS. ADAMS took the printing press items, valued at $500 and thus harmed BINGHAM and asks for damages of $1,000. Court awarded BINGHAM to pay $64 in rent to ADAMS. Closed 8 May 1824. =====
Charles McELFRESH vs Levy PHILLIPS - - 15 Aug 1822 McELFRESH claimed damages for his grasses being destroyed against PHILLIPS in the amount of $1.000. Court found in favor of PHILLIPS. Closed 10 Nov 1823. =====
John BRADDOCK, use of Arnold T. WINSOR, use of Jesse LEACH vs Iver CAMPBELL, surviving obligee of John & Iver CAMPBELL - Judgment - 14 Feb 1820 John claimed debt of $454 and damages of $800 against Iver CAMPBELL.
611-617 - Jesse LEACH vs Iver CAMPBELL - Judgment - 3 Feb 1820 LEACH claimed debt of $365 and $750 in damages owed by CAMPBELL.
617-626 - Craven P. BEEDING and Thomas BARNES, use of James SACKLAND, use of Jesse LEACH vs Iver CAMPBELL, surviving obligee of John & Iver CAMPBELL - Judgment - 3 Nov 1819 Claim of $300 for fabric materials.
626-628 - John BRADDOCK, use of Jesse LEACH vs Iver CAMPBELL - Judgment - 11 Nov 1820 Claim of $296 and $600 in damages. LAND of Iver CAMPBELL: - Lots #40 & 41 in Rockville; from Honore MARTIN in Oct 1814, with improvements; valued at $7,000. - Also contents of a Bar Room and beds and bedding, dining table. Also, one negro man GEORGE, $75. Total valued at $574.50. Sale was held 19 Aug 1823; high bidder was: - Benjamin L. FOREST for the Lots at $826 =====
629-631 - SPRIGG, JAY - #MC
William JAY vs John SPRIGG - Trespassing & Damages - 21 Apr 1821 Claimed John SPRIGG removed 500 oak trees and 500 hickory trees, valued at $500 and $300. LAND of William JAY - "Hopewell", Commission claimed John SPRIGG was not guilty. Closed 4 Mar 1822. =====
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