Maryland Chancery Court Abstracts


Chancery Court Abstracts

These are only some of the many abstracts from Chancery Court Records of Maryland, and are housed at the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis. The original records are on loose papers in folders and have never been published, microfilmed or scanned.

These are NOT wills, but are court proceedings to settle estates of people who mostly died without wills. A few may reference a will, but probably had problems in obtaining a clear title. Many people owned land which extended across the present-day Pennsylvania border; but after the Mason-Dixon line was established about 1765, people with Maryland holdings lost part of their land, perhaps as much as a hundred acres or more, as the land had been sold both as parts of Maryland and as parts of Pennsylvania lands, thereby requiring new surveys and court actions to settle disputes.

These abstracts are listed alphabetically by the main family concerned and most records are of Frederick County, except those noted otherwise.

(An "enfant" or minor was a person under the age of 21; courts appointed a guardian usually a family member or other relative to represent the minor's interest in their share of the property settlement.)

Many times these records provide family data on people with surnames other than those listed on the docket. These cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected with your search.

Chancery Court Abstracts
George ADAMS - Insolvency - 28 Dec 1792 - (SLAVES listed) [MSA S512- 57; 1/35/5/16-61] An Act of Assembly passed an Insolvent Act in Nov 1792 called Relief of Fundry George ADAMS was indebted to Frederick Lodowick HENOP and filed for insolvency. Land - "Rattle Snake Spring", 255 acres; - "Monocacy Manor" (part) At the hearing, he was asked if he had removed any property to Kentucky, namely a wagon, horses, Negroes and phaeton*. He was also asked if, in the Fall of 1792, he sent to Kentucky, by his brothers, several Negroes consisting of 200 men, SAMUEL, BENJAMIN, a yellow woman and two girls. He responded he hadn t; it was his brother Andrew and they had belonged to his father. He owed two bonds of $300 each to Gen WILLIAMS. *(Dictionary describes phaeton as "a light four-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle) =========================
GRAMMER, ADAMS, SPANGLER, ALLBAUGH Petition to Sell - 1 Mar 1793 [MSA S512- 1962; 1/36/2/55-1897; 3 folders] Frederick GRAMMER of Annapolis vs the heirs of Valentine ADAMS Valentine ADAMS of Frederick County, d/ c1790 intestate, leaving widow - Margaret & 7 children, - George ADAMS - Kentucky - Andrew ADAMS - Abraham ADAMS - Mary w/o John SPANGLER - Margaret w/o Abraham ALLBAUGH - Casper ADAMS, a minor - Peter ADAMS, (d/ c1785) - his 2 minor children, ...Peter ADAMS ...Rebecca ADAMS Land - "Black Walnut Bottom", 155 acres; - 3 lots in Frederick Town, #273, 275, 276, & of #57; this was owned free and clear. - "Dulaney s Lot", 193 acres, on Israel s Creek. Isaac MANTZ was named guardian of the minor children in 1792. Valentine was indebted to Frederick GRAMMER at the time of his death and sale was held on 14 Aug 1794 to settle estate. One of the purchasers was Allen QUYNN. (There were other folders not included in this abstract.) ========================================
John ASHBURNER - Estate - 9 Feb 1791 [MSA S512- 4818; 1/37/1/68-4649; 2 folders ] Bill of complaint filed by Edward STEVENSON, Henry STEVENSON and Joshua STEVENSON, all of Baltimore Co, MD. Edward STEVENSON passed bond to John ASHBURNER in 1776 for 340 pounds cm; but, in the year 1782, provided a new bond, because of depreciated currency, with penalty of 600 pounds sterling, conditioned to pay the sum of 460 pounds, eight shillings cm. Soon after the date of the last bond, Ashburner died; his administrator was Thomas LANGTON of Baltimore Town. Testimony from Samuel RIETER of near Taney Town. Also mentioned is Doctor STEWART of Bladensburgh. (incomplete) =========================
Abraham FAW vs John Frederick Magnus AMELUNG - Contract to Purchase - 11 Jan 1800 [MSA S512- 1845; 1/36/2/41-1767] Abraham FAW vs John Frederick Magnus AMELUNG, George Christian GABLER, Peter VALKMAN, George SCHNERTZEL, Samuel MOALE, and James LABES Abraham FAW was a merchant in Frederick Town and purchased and delivered a great amount of goods for John Frederick AMELUNG, who had an extensive glass manufactury in Frederick County prior to and after 1794. Faw, who had tract "Resurvey on Right and Good Reason", 93 acres, also sold this property to Amelung. Amelung became partners with John LABES and conveyed this land to Labes, which still had a lien on it due to monies Amelung still owed Faw. John Labes conveyed tracts "New Bremen" and "Adam s Bones" (which were conveyed to him by Amelung) to Abraham USHER on 26 Mar 1794. On 18 Sep 1795, Amelung conveyed to his son, John Frederick Magnus AMELUNG, tract "Resurvey on Right and Good Reason", 160 acres (from Thomas JOHNSON, Jr). Abraham FAW (of Montgomery County) claimed this was done without compensation and was intended to defraud Faw out of money due him. Amelung claimed it was compensation for land in Germany belonging to Amelung s wife. On 24 Jul 1799, John Frederick Magnuus AMELUNG entered into a contract to sell the lands conveyed to him by his father to George Christian GABLER. John LABES and John Frederick AMELUNG both filed under the Insolvency Act; but while pending, Amelung died and Samuel MOALE became trustee and obtained a deed to himself. Abraham USHER has since died and James USHER was his executor. James Labes estate was to be sold to pay off debts, first to George SCHNERTZEL, then to James USHER for the estate of Abraham USHER. Faw was trying to have lands previously owned by Amelung sold so Faw could retrieve his money owed him. Peter VOLCKMAN was listed as a son-in-law of Amelung. (not recorded) ===========================
George BAER Sr. - Estate - 25 Feb 1808 [MSA S512- 362; 1/35/5/45-316] George BAER & Susannah THOMAS vs George SCHNERTZELL George SCHNERTZELE was indebted to George BEAR, Sr. for $375 cm from 1805 by mortgage. Land - "Dixon s Struggle", located on southeast side of main road leading from Frederick Town to Harpers Ferry. George BAER, Sr., dec'd - (will, but copy not included) d/ Susanna THOMAS Executor was John BAER, but he denounced it. Administrator was George BAER; trustee was Henry BAER, relationships to the deceased were not given. =========================
Christian BAKER - Estate - 12 Feb 1796 [MSA S512- 3616; 1/36/4/62-3507; 3 folders] Christian BAKER d/ intestate, cordwainer (in 1787); shoemaker leaving widow (unnamed) and 4 minor children, - Susanna BAKER - Jacob BAKER - Catherine BAKER - Elizabeth BAKER Land - Lot 9 and 11 in "Tasker s Chance"; - Lot 111, 112, 243 and 244 in Frederick Town; - Lot 13 adjoining Frederick Town on main road to William s Ferry. Administrator was Henry GARNHART, Innkeeper. Jacob MILLAR claimed Baker owed him 20 pounds cm by note due 15 Mar 1790. There were also claims by: Christian COON(1790), Conrad DUTTERO (1786), Henry GARNHART and Henry LEATHERMAN, George BARE Sr (1794), Peter ENGEL Sr (1791), Henry McCLEERY (1793, jointly indebted with Henry LADDERMAN), Peter SHALHOUS (1790), Frederick BIRELY (1790), Martin WIDDRIGHT (1787 w/ Garnhart and Jacob RAMSBURG, farmer), Jacob SHISLER (claimed bond on parcel in Frederick County); Jacob HOFFMAN, blacksmith; John SMITH, tanner; John CREAGER, shinglemaker; Michael NULL, tanner; Nicholas HOLTZ, tanner; John BUCKIUS (1783, tailor); and others. Guardian and trustee was Henry KUHN/COON, merchant. Sales to: - George CREAGER - Lot 13, 7 acres, part of "Tasker s Chance" for 169.15.0; - Henry GARNHART - Lot 9, 5 acres, for 112.15.0; - Henry BROTHER - Lots 243 & 244 (62 x393 ), subject to claim of Dower, for 35 pounds; - Christian KUHN - Lot 111 in Frederick Town w/ brick house, subject to dower rights, for 300 pounds; all dated 20 Aug 1796. ===================
Jacob BANKER Estate - 15 May 1791 [MSA S512- 328; 1/35/5/42-284] Jacob BANKER d/ abt 1789 (will 20 Jan 1783; 3 Jun 1789) widow - Ester and 12 children (listed in order of birth) - Jacob BANKER (pt "Carolina" on Great Pipe Creek) - John BANKER - Peter BANKER - Christophel BANKER - Margaret (Banker) MEALEY - Abraham BANKER - Henry BANKER - Catherine (Banker) KISSLER - Magdalena BANKER - Mary (Banker) LOEHR - Judith (Banker) FUNK - Esther (Banker) BEAM Administrator was son, Henry; trustee was David SHRIVER. Land "Ohio"; "Hill Spring"; "Christopher s Lot"; containing 850 acres. - "Hill Spring", "Carolina", "Addition to Carolina", "Ground Oak Hill", "Bankers Amendment"; "Jacob s Lot"; "Mill Lot"; containing 180 acres. - "Carolina" (woodland), 33 acres, adjoining S.D. NAILS and Simon SLIDER. - "Banker s Amendment", 28 acres, adjoining NAILS and SLIDER; - "Resurvey on John s Lot". Petition of Abraham BANKHART listed his sister Margaret intermarried to Daniel NEALE, who divided and sold the surplus in two parcels; one of which was purchased by Andrew SHRIVER (s/o the trustee) for 104 acres at 1,150 pounds which included the mills (grist) and water and road rights. Abraham BANKHART purchased the other part, 169 acres, for 830 pounds which included the dwelling house and barn. Phillip NALE had expressed interest in the land for the mill. Captain Abraham SHRIVER testified for David SHRIVER in regard to placing conditions on the 10 Jun 1795 sale of property. =========================
TEMPLEMAN vs Thomas Brooke BEALE/BEALL Estate - 1806 [Montgomery Co, MD Chancery - MSA: S512-5341; MdHR: 17-898-5213; Loc: 1-37-2-7 dated 1806] John TEMPLEMAN of Allegany County, Maryland purchased a tract of land, Turkey Island, 13 acres, lying in the Potomak River within Montgomery County, from Samuel Brooke BEALL and Thomas Brooke BEALE, both formerly of Montgomery County for 150 pounds cm on 29 Jan 1795. Because Templeman had not been a Maryland resident that long, he didn't know that deeds had to be validated through the court. Since that time, Samuel Brooke BEALE has filed under the insolvent law and conveyed all his property rights to Roger PERRY of Allegany County as Trustee for benefit of his creditors. In addition - Thomas Brooke BEALE has since died leaving a widow, Harriett BEALE and six children - .....Sarah BEALE .....Isaac Brooke BEALE .....Thomas Heugh BEALE .....Gustavus BEALE .....Mary Heugh BEALE .....Thomas Tilghman BEALE All of Allegany Co, Maryland. Templeman was granted title on 11 June 1807. =========================================================
BEATTY s vs Daniel DULANEY - Title - 13 Jan 1791 [MSA S512- 458; 1/35/5/55-405] In 1753, Edward BEATTY had a special warrant for 100 acres on tract, "Nothing Venture Nothing Have"; in a short time he added 4 more acres to it. In 1752, there was a warrant to John CARMACK for 250 acres and in 1753, he surveyed 50 acres of tract "Hitt or Miss" and in 1755, warrant went to Beatty from Carmack. The petition was submitted by the sons of Edward BEATTY - - Elijah BEATTY - Ezra BEATTY - Ezekiel BEATTY - Edward BEATTY ===========================
George BECKENBAUGH - Estate - 29 Mar 1802 [MSA S512-5993; 1/37/3/13-5903; 2 folders] George BECKENBAUGH, dec'd (will 4 April 1800; 6 Sep 1800) widow - Elizabeth (later m/ Frederick HAAS) Executors were Michael ZIMMERMAN and Nicholas KEAFAVER. Land - Lots# 77, 78 with houses, and Lots# 96 (house) and #186 - in Creagerstown. Trustees were Michael ZIMMERMAN and Nicholas KEAFAVER; sale to - Frederick Charles HAAS for Lots 77 and 78 at 750 pounds cm (took out bond with Jacob HOLTZMAN); - Jacob BECKINBAUGH for Lot 96 at $305; - John LYDE? for Lot 186 at 24 pounds, 15 shillings cm. =========================
Elizabeth COUGH vs Rachel BISHOP, George HAIFLEIGH & w/ Catherine - 27 Jun 1833 [MSA - Box 150, 1/41/12/30] (Chancery #64, pg 389, Equity case# 1309 dtd 27 Jun 1833) John BISHOP, the Elder, d/ 2 Jul 1813, intestate widow - (now dec'd) and 8 Children - 1. John BISHOP (d/ @ 1829, intestate) ( all lived in Preston Co, VA) .....widow - Susanna 6 children .....1-1. Henry BISHOP (later moved to Garrett Co, Md) .....1-2. John BISHOP .....1-3. Joseph BISHOP .....1-4. Samuel BISHOP .....1-5. William BISHOP .....1-6. Rachel w/o John BETTEZ 2. Dedrich BISHOP (sold his share to brother Jacob on 30 Apr 1831) 3. Henry BISHOP (of Preston Co, VA; sold his share to brother Jacob) 4. Jacob BISHOP (lately d/ intestate) - Frederick Co, Md .....widow - Rachel and 6 minor children (named as guardian) .....4-1. Catharine w/o George HAIFLEIGH (named guardian of wife) .....4-2. Eve BISHOP .....4-3. Mary BISHOP .....4-4. Jacob BISHOP .....4-5. John BISHOP .....4-6. Hannah BISHOP 5. Christian BISHOP (of Preston Co, VA) 6. Elizabeth widow/o Martin COUGH 7. Catharine w/o David H. FRIES (sold her share to brother Jacob) 8. Eve w/o Henry LANTZ (of Preston Co, VA) Land - John Bishop, the elder, possessed land tracts consisting of 123 acres, 11 perches. - "The New Location"; purchased from Jacob SNIDER Jr (w/ Catharine) of Frederick Co, MD on Deed WR 13:529-531 recorded 25 Sep 1795 for 15 pounds, 9 shillings. - "Errors Corrected"; from Valentine BAIST of Frederick Co, MD on Deed WR 18:79-81 recorded 25 Feb 1799 for 200 pounds. - "Resurvey on Runneymede"; from Upton SCOTT of Annapolis, MD, a physician on Deed WR 20:547 recorded 27 Mar 1801 for 64 pounds, 5 shillings, 3 pence. - "Errors Corrected", "New Location", and part of "Friendship Agreement"; from Dedrich BISHOP of Frerick Co, MD on Deed HS 36:60-62 recorded on 9 May 1831 for $175.00 to Jacob BISHOP (his brother) of Frederick Co, MD recorded 9 May 1831 - all rights to the estate of John BISHOP Sr, dec'd. Adjoining lands of David FOUTZ, Jacob CORRELL, Peter SHOEMAKER and Peter BABELON and others, of 124 acres; signed in German by Dedrich & w/ Catharine. (Md Hist Soc Library - "The Mountain Democrat" of 9 Nov 1936 contained column called "Garrett County History of Pioneer Families" by Charles E. Hoye outlining the BISCHOFF family.) =================================================
KUHN, BLACK, GROFF vs BLACK - Petition to Sell - 12 Mar 1804 [MSA S512- 3030; 1/36/3/92-2946; 3 folders] Andrew BLACK d/ 1791 (will filed 31 Oct 1791), leaving widow - Catharine and children, - Joseph BLACK - Polly BLACK Appointed widow and son, Joseph, as executors. Joseph was not of age yet, so Catharine handled the affairs until then. When Joseph took over, he was accused of wasting the estate. He was indebted to Nicholas FRINGER to pay his sister Polly her share. He also had many creditors, some to cover a mortgage to Christian KUHN and Henry GROFF dtd 31 Jan 1804. Other transactions included Henry KUHN of Frederick Town, who served as trustee, Paul COONTZ, Patrick CRETIN s wife, and a note by Joseph BLACK and Christian KUHN/COON Sr. to Henry VALENTINE dtd 10 Sep 1799 and witnessed by Jacob VALENTINE. Joseph BLACK d/ Jun 1801 - lived in Taneytown, left widow - Elizabeth (administrator and guardian) and 3 children, - Elizabeth BLACK, a minor - Matilda BLACK, a minor - Andrew BLACK, a minor Land - Valentine s Good Will , 85+ acres; - Kingston Stead , 31+ acres. Total land was 117 acres, subject to dower; sale held 16 Mar 1806 with Christian KUHN as highest bidder for 540 pounds; finalized 9 Dec 1809. ===================================
Daniel BLACK - Carroll County - 1852 [MdHR 17,898-6100; MSA S 512-6184; Loc 1-37-3-40 dated 6 May 1852] Daniel BLACK had been found guilty of burning a stack of hay, the property of Amon MILLER and sentenced to 3 years and one month in the penitentary; his counsel requested a new trial, protesting it was not a felony but a misdomeaner and evidence was insufficient. Petition not recorded. ======================================================
George BONER - Insolvency - 28 Mar 1800 [MSA S512- 203; 1/35/5/33-181] George BONER filed as an insolvent debtor; Christian SMITH was made trustee in Nov 1799. All property, real and personal, was assigned to Christian SMITH for settlement. Pending in Kentucky courts for settlement was: 1 dark bay horse in holstein settlement in the case of Mr. BREWIT. The debt was due George BONER from John DOYLE and John KEYS for $210 current money. Creditors listed 15 May 1800 were - William LAMBKY, Jacob SHORB, Richard McALISTER, Adam GOOD, Christian SMITH, Major BOWEN, Joseph HUGHES, William EMMIT, esq, John & David McKALEB. =========================
Estate of John BOOSER - Washington County - 1794 [Washington County - MSA S 512-4911; Loc 1-37-1-77-4742 dated 3 Dec 1794] Henry SCHNEBELY, exec/of John BOOZER vs Christopher SIDES and George SHEPLER John BOOZER, deceased, was a native of Switzerland, very old and illiterate and scarcely able to speak or understand any English and always relied on Schnebely for assistance. Several years before Boozer s death, he made a will, and having no relations in this country, he devised all his property to his brothers and sisters in Switzerland, amounting to 800 pounds cm and appointed Schnebely as executor. About a year before Boozer s death, Christopher SIDES, a needy man of abandoned principles and character, moved into Maryland from Pennsylvania and placed himself on part of Boozer s land whereby he erected a cabin; and then introduced himself to Boozer and made false insinuations against Schnebely. Boozer died in 1791 and a month later, a bond bearing a day near the death of Boozer was presented by Sides for payment of 400 pounds out of Boozer s estate and Schnebely being suspicious of it s authenticity, didn t pay it. He also has heard from Jacob TEETER that Sides told him he has no occasion to work for he intended to possess himself of John Boozer s estate. In the Fall of the same year, Sides applied to Major Josiah PRICE asking if a will would prevent Sides from obtaining Boozer s land and Price stated he hoped Sides didn t mean to cheat Boozer out of his estate, whereby Side replied he might as well have it as Dr Schnebely and would have Thomas WORLEY handle it, but was afraid Worley would cheat both Sides and Boozer. In the Fall of the same year and before the execution of the said bond, Sides was seen at a place in Pennsylvania called Woodcock Valley, about 70 miles distant from his and Boozer s place but in the neighborhood of George ELDER and Tames (Thomas?) HALE, the subscribing witnesses of the said bond, men of profligate and infamous characters, fraud and dishonesty and with who Sides has been acquainted with before. During the same year, Side, Hale and Elder were seen riding together to the house of Jacob WEAVER of Washington Co, MD, a man of the same character as the others and a father of a woman with whom the said Sides lived in a state of illicit connection and who had children by Sides/Sites; and they were again seen together in Washington County about the time the bond was signed and written in English. The neighborhood of Hagars Town where Boozer resided at the date of this bond was thickly settled and inhabited by Germans who understood, spoke and wrote both Dutch and English and were of respectable character and were acquainted with Boozer. Sides since sold the bond to George SHEPLOR but George SHAVER warned against it. Sides and Weaver have both since moved from Washington County, back into Pennsylvania in the neighborhood where Hale and Elder reside. On 15 Apr 1797, hearing was held at the house of Nicholas SMITH, Tavern Keeper in Elizabeth Town (Hagerstown), to hear witnesses: William IJAMS, farmer of Washington Co, age 45; John BERRY, farmer, age 44; Daniel MILLER, farmer, age 31; Josiah PRICE, farmer, age 39; Daniel MILLER, farmer, age 31; Richard CROMWELL, farmer, age 47; Thomas WORLEY, age 50; John RAGAN, Inn Keeper, age 45; James KENDAL, age 25; Jacob HARRY, merchant, age 40; Jacob FRIEND Jr, farmer, age 30; William LEE, merchant, age 47; John LEE, merchant, age 36. (not recorded) =============================================
BROOKE, CHANDLER, STABLER, THOMAS vs William H. DORSEY, et al - Petition to Sell - 17 May 1790 [MSA S512- 1520; 1/36/1/58-1454] Basil BROOKE; George CHANDLER and w/ Deborah, and Elizabeth BROOKE, daughters of James BROOKE; and William STABLER and w/ Deborah, the devisee of Thomas BROOKE, deceased; and Mary BROOKE, widow; SAMUEL BROOKE, Mary BROOKE, Richard THOMAS and w/ Deborah, Margaret BROOKE and Sarah BROOKE, of full age; and Hannah BROOKE, Roger BROOKE, and Dorothy BROOKE, infants by Samuel BROOKE, their next friend, representatives of Roger BROOKE, deceased. Basil BROOKE, Roger BROOKE, Richard BROOKE, James BROOKE and Thomas BROOKE, jointly procured warrants for two tracts of land in Frederick, but now Montgomery County, containing 1,306 acres. Land - "Pembrook" and "Resurvey on Mount Radnor", near head of Patuxent River. Stipulation and agreement for warrants to be returned and patents issued in the name of Richard BROOKE, which was done, and property should now be sold and divided equally amongst the brothers - bro/ Thomas BROOKE, died and devised his interest to his .....niece - Deborah PLEASANTS, now w/o William STABLER. bro/ Roger BROOKE, d/ intestate, leaving .....widow - Mary and 8 children .....1 Samuel BROOKE .....2 Mary BROOKE .....3 Deborah BROOKE w/o Richard THOMAS .....4 Margaret BROOKE .....5 Sarah BROOKE .....6 Hannah BROOKE, a minor .....7 Roger BROOKE, a minor .....8 Dorothy BROOKE, a minor bro/ Basil BROOKE, surviving brother bro/ James BROOKE, dec'd his 2 children, .....1 Elizabeth BROOKE - Louden Co, VA .....2 Deborah BROOKE, now w/o George CHANDLER - Louden Co, VA bro/ Richard BROOKE d/ 1788, leaving child .....1 Anne BROOKE w/o William Hammond DORSEY Montgomery County Richard held the bond for the warrants and died not having sold the lands. It was decided to sell the lands through a private sale. =========================
BROWN, SHIRTS, MILLER vs BEAR s - Petition to Sell - 5 Sep 1812 [MSA S512- 167; 1/35/5/29-146] George Peter BROWN vs John BEAR and others Christopher BROWN/BRAWN/BROUNE died, leaving 9 children, s/ George Peter BROWN d/ Magdalena w/o Philip SHIRTS s/ Henry BROWN s/ Frederick BROWN s/ Jacob BROWN d/ Rosana w/o Solomon MILLER s/ John BROWN d/ Susanna BROWN d/ ______, dec'd w/o John? BEAR - their 7 children, .......Elizabeth BEAR, a minor .......Susanna BEAR, a minor .......Barbara BEAR, a minor .......Mary BEAR, a minor .......Philip BEAR, a minor .......Fanny BEAR, a minor .......Martin BEAR, a minor On 18 Feb 1813, guardian was John BEAR Land - "Oppa", 35 acres; - "Frankendall", 356 acres. The large parcel was to be divided into three pieces to benefit the heirs; and the small parcel was to be sold separately. Parcel 2 and 3 were divided with equal wooded, meadow and water sources; Parcel 1 was more wooded; all the land was located on a mountain. Public sale was held 14 April 1813 with the following distribution - "Oppa" - sold to George Peter BROWN for $1,391.25 "Frankendall" - 1 - sold to Joseph MILLER for $1,428 ................2 - sold to Jacob BROWN for $7,308 ................3 - sold to Henry SLUSSER for $5,198.40 Gross Sale Proceeds were $15,325.65; finalized 15 June 1814. =========================
Daniel DULANY vs Normand BRUCE Foreclosure - 6 Sep 1790 [MSA S512- 1443; 1/36/1/51-1373] Daniel DULANY of Baltimore County filed petition against Normand BRUCE of Frederick County, indebted to him for 599 pounds sterling by security of mortgage in 1772. Land - "Long Snake", 212 acres; - "Good Hope", 300 acres on the Conococheague; - "Paradise", 335 acres; - "Buck Range", 340 acres on the Antietam; - "River Rhine", 180 acres; - "Jenning s Run" of 1,248 acres, consisting of "Mount Pleasant", "Pond Licks", "Lubberland", "Bear Camp", "Pumpkin Hall" and "Canaan"; - "Tom s Fancy", 100 acres, with Mill and improvements; - "Gloster" and "Richard s Folly", containing 404 acres; - 3 lots in Georgetown; - "Good Intent", subject to mortgage to Upton SCOTT of Annapolis, surgeon. Trustee, Laurence O NEALE; Parcels sold were: - 3 lots in Georgetown to Peter CASSANAVE on 4 Apr 1793 for 70 pounds, 2 shillings, 6 pence sterling. Judgement for the plantiff, April 1793. =========================
BURKHART, KELLER, SIMMONS, FISCHER Casper KELLER vs George BURKHART - Injunction/Judgement - 3 May 1785 [MSA S512- 3071; 1/36/4/1-2988] In 1779, George BURKHART was indebted to Casper KELLER for 482 pounds current money. Burkhart lent Samuel SIMMONS 130 pounds and Simmons sold mill and land resulting in these monies being in dispute as to who was to be paid. Burkhart then filed an injunction against Keller and placed a judgement against Adam FISCHER, sheriff of Frederick County. On 3 May 1785, the court ruled to stay the injunction and judgment until the High Court of Chancery could hear the cases. (not recorded) =======================================
Daniel BUZZARD - Estate - 10 Jun 1815 [MSA S512- 405; 1/35/5/50-351] DANIEL BUZZARD Sr. d/ Jan 1815 intestate, of Baltimore County widow - Eleanor of Baltimore County and 8 children 1. Daniel BUZZARD - Baltimore County 2. Henry BUZZARD - Baltimore County 3. Mary w/o James BEVARD - Frederick County 4. Rachel w/o John FLUHART - Anne Arundel County 5. Nancy BUZZARD, a minor - Baltimore County 6. Eleanor BUZZARD, a minor - Baltimore County 7. Matthew BUZZARD, a minor - Baltimore County 8. David BUZZARD, a minor - Baltimore County The deceased had land in Baltimore, Frederick, Montgomery and Anne Arundel Counties. Guardian was Henry WAYMAN of AA County; trustee was Henry BUSSARD, and Joshua TODD as surety. Commissioners - William HOBBS, Richard DORSEY, James HOOD, Edward WARFIELD, and Henry WAYMAN. Public Sale was held 24 Jan 1817 which netted $4,992.25; tract Meadow Mile didn t sell as bid was not high enough. Property sold to - John FLUHEART for 2 acres at $150; - Allen DORSEY for 4 acres at $165; - Samuel CLAREY for 116 acres at $988; - Jacob ZUCK for 1 acre at $140; - Allen DORSEY for 11 acres at $258.75; also house & lot $660; - James BEVARD for 115 acres at $1,380; - Eleanor BUSSARD for 3 acres at $10.50; - Eleanor BUSSARD of Eleanor for 100 acres at $1,200. Land that didn t sell included Pleasant Meadow Mill . Other tracts listed were: "Shivors Integrity", "Hobb s _____" from William HOBBS; and "Parr s Range" from RIDGELY and WAYMAN. A house and lot at Popular Springs in Anne Arundel County was sold to Adam DELAWDER for $1,005 on 25 Nov 1817. =========================
John CAREY - Estate - 28 Nov 1791 [MSA S512- 5359; 1/37/2/34-5230; 5 folders] On 1 Aug 1775, Cornelius THOMPSON and John THOMPSON obtained judgment against Josiah CLAPHAM and w/ Sarah, and John CAREY and w/ Mary for 1136 pounds 19 shillings and 5 pence, monies owed. In 1787, property of Josias CLAPHAM and w/ Mary was taken by the sheriff and sold for debts to Cornelius THOMPSON, John THOMPSON and Angus McDONALD and w/ Ann. John CAREY d/ abt 22 Sep 1787, leaving widow - Mary (previously widow of Isaac ELTING) and 3 sons, s/ John Dow CAREY s/ William CAREY s/ Robert T. CAREY Land - "Kemp s Discovery", 150 acres; - "Lovely Peggy", 88 acres; - "Rocky Creek", 74 acres; - house and lot in Baltimore Town. On 6 Aug 1791, William THOMPSON, Cornelius THOMPSON, John THOMPSON, Angus McDONALD and w/ Ann, prosecuted in High Court of Chancery against Josias CLAPHAM and w/ Sarah, and John CAREY and w/ Mary, for 1418 pounds 16 shillings and 6 pence. Testimony heard on 23 Aug 1792 from David PLUNKET of Baltimore, merchant, regarding the handwriting of William DEAKINS Jr. of George Town on Potowmack, merchant. John THOMPSON died 5 Mar 1751 (also stated as 13 Feb) and Isaac ELTING became executor; but he died 9 Jun 1756 (also stated as 1 Oct 1756). After Isaac ELTING died, his widow Mary became his executor and she later married John CAREY. Rudolph ELTING died 1 Nov 1759 and Sarah ELTING was his administrator. =========================
John CARTER - Estate - 22 Aug 1810 [MSA S512- 524; 1/35/5/61-472] Lewis BROWNING petitioned for his claimed interest to 1/6 part of the estate of John CARTER in this suit filed against Samuel LILLY. John CARTER, dec'd (will 6 Jan 1786; 16 Jan 1786) widow - Mary and children, sons - who he left real estate - John CARTER - Joshua CARTER - Solomon CARTER - David CARTER - William CARTER - James CARTER daughters - - Mary LUSTER - Sarah DAVIS - Elisabeth CHENOWETH granddaughter - Deborah DAVIS grandsons - John CARTER, William CARTER, Daniel CARTER Executor - Jeremiah BROWNING. Witnesses - John HAMILTON, Cassandra BROWNING, Rebacke HAMILTON. William CARTER sold his interest to Samuel LILLY. On 15 Jun 1801, Samuel LILLY delivered bond of conveyance to Alexander COULTER, then of Frederick County, now of Baltimore County. 1809 - Lewis BROWNING tendered money with interest for bond from Samuel LILLY to Alexander COULTER, then of Frederick County. On 15 Feb 1809, Alexander COULTER sold to Lewis BROWNING all right and title. File closed 14 Dec 1812. =========================
John CASTLE Estate - 31 Dec 1787 [MSA S512- 1835; 1/36/2/39-1757] John CASTLE died, leaving son/ John CASTLE, age 10 Land "Resurvey on Stoney Levell", 113 acres. Executor was James FLEMMING; guardian and trustee was Jacob STALEY. Decree recorded on 29 Apr 1788 stating only 25 pounds, 18 shillings and four pence, Continental money, is all that is left from the estate. On 2 May 1788, bonds were made by Jacob STALY, James FLEMMING and Henry LEATHERMAN. (Record appears incomplete. =========================
William Williams CHAPLINE Estate - 23 Oct 1790 [MSA S512- 877; 1/36/1/2-843; 7 folders] Joseph CHAPLINE, William PRICE, Sophia B. HAYES vs James CHAPLINE, Jacob HESS, Christopher ORENDORFF, David FURREY, John BUCHANAN, Robert SMITH, Jacob MUMMA, Henry NIGHKIRK, and Samuel M. HITE Bill of Complaint of William Williams Chapline of Washington Co, MD states, in 1773, he was in possession of tract "Resurvey of Hills and Dales and the Vineyards", lying on the West side of Big Antietam; and also one mill on Little Antietam and tract "Resurvey on Vineyard" lying in Frederick County, MD. Being indebted, his elder brother, Joseph CHAPLINE, prevailed him to convey all property to younger brother, James CHAPLINE, in trust until his debts were paid. Joseph, William W. and James were executors of their father s will and lived in the same house. James, in violation of the trust, sold part of the land, including the mill seat and meadow, to Jacob HESSE and Christopher ORANDORFF, both of Washington County; he also cut timber and leased out lands for large sums of money. Deed - 31 Mar 1787 - to Christopher ORENDORFF by James CHAPLINE, both of Washington County, for 75 pounds for "Resurvey on Hills, Dales and the Vineyard", being in Washington County next to Antietam Creek and next to "Resurvey on Smith s Hills", containing 10+ acres. Deed - 22 Apr 1795 - to John HOFFMAN by James CHAPLINE, both of Washington County, for 250 pounds cm for "Resurvey on Hills, Dales and the Vineyard", containing 50 acres, being in Washington County next to "Resurvey on Ellswicks Dwellings". Deed - 7 Nov 1815 to Robert SMITH by John BUCHANAN, both of Washington Co, MD. (Buchanan was named trustee on 2 Mar 1805 regarding insolvency proceedings for James CHAPLINE dated Nov 1802 and thus sold property to Smith on 5 Sep 1806, being "Resurvey on Hills, Dales and Vineyard" 165 acres, for six pounds and ten shillings per acre. Land in Washington County, MD and next to that of deed from Joseph and James CHAPLINE to Philip HAMMON and next to property of John HUFFMAN, Frederick ROHRER and Samuel FURRY. Testimony given on 5 Sep 1798 by - David FURRY, age 55; Frederick ROHOR, age 44; Jacob HESS, age 58; William ROBERTS, age 54; Abraham GROVE, age 28; and David GROVE, age 45. Testimony given on 17 Sep 1798 by: Peter THOMAS, age 45; Ludwick SPEACE, age 35; John WILHELMS, age 30; Catharine HUFFMAN, age 30; Jeremiah CHAPLINE, age 40; Joseph CHAPLINE of full age; Rachel MOUNDS, age 48. On 18 Sep 1798, those who testified were: John WADE, age 44; Simon PAUFFENBARGER, age 33; John NEIGHKIRK, age 48; John HUFFMAN, age 53. And on 8 Nov 1798: William GOOD, age 60; John O DANOLD, age 70. Then on 1 Dec 1798 came: Col. Charles BEATTY of full age. On 11 Feb 1799: Robert SMITH, age 61; Frederick ROHOR, age 44. The commissioners met on 8 Apr 1799 at the inn of Griffith HENDERSON in Hagerstown; and at the inn of Mathias KANODE in Sharpsburgh on 14 Aug 1799, testimony heard from William GOOD, age 60. On the 18th of Aug at same place, testimony by Jacob HESS, age 58; and Frederick ROHOR, age 44; David HARVEY, age 54; Abraham BAKER, age 57; Basil BEALL, age 46; John WILLHELMS, age 32; John HUFFMAN, age 53; Robert SMITH, age 60. On 2 Sep 1799, they met at the inn of John LANDLEY at the Crossroads and heard testimony from: Sarah CHAPLINE (sister of the parties); Simon PAUFFENBARGER, age 34; David GROVE, age 45; and on 13 Sep 1799 at same location, heard from: Philip GROVE, age 39; Christopher ORENDORFF, age 47. On 4 Oct 1799 at same location, heard from: Jeremiah CHAPLINE, age 40; William ROBERTS, age 55; Abraham GROVE, age 29; Peter HAMMOND, age 39; and on 4 Nov 1799: John NERBLE, age 63; Abraham BAKER, age 57. Sworn statements: Jonas HOGMIRE of full age testified to stone marker on 2 May 1816. On 5 Jun 1816, in the town of Sharpsburgh (Washington Co), appeared Joseph CHAPLINE, James CHAPLINE, Jacob HESS, Christopher ORNDORFF, David FURREY, John BUCHANAN, Frederick ROHRER (refused to be sworn), Robert SMITH (refused to be sworn) and Jacob MUMMA (refused to answer) for testimony. William Williams CHAPLINE d/ intestate (Joseph CHAPLINE, adm) Joseph CHAPLINE died with a will; his wife died soon after, but before John Jones HAYS. Joseph CHAPLINE, dec'd - Washington Co, MD (Will 28 Apr 1821; 12 & 17 Apr 1822) w/ Mary Ann Christianna Abigail CHAPLINE ...nephew - John Jones HAYS, 1,000 acres, named as executor witnesses: George SMITH, Hetty CRONIN, David ALLEN. ----- John J. HAYS, dec'd (will not dated, filed 28 Jul 1823) widow - Sophia B. HAYS and son/ John Jones HAYS (dec'd since his father, before Dec 1829) bro/ Adam HAYS, dec'd - his 6 children .......Theodotia HAYS .......Sarah CHAPLINE .......Jane CHAPLINE .......Joseph G.(?) HAYS .......Joseph Chapline HAYS, minor (guardian, Joseph C. HAYS) .......________ HAYS, minor (guardian, Joseph C. HAYS) bro/ Nathan HAYS bro/ Joseph C. HAYS (gave medical books, apparatus) uncle - Joseph CHAPLINE, dec'd aunt - Jane CHAPLINE aunt - Sarah CHAPLINE mother (was a CHAPLINE) Exec/ William PRICE; witnesses: Thomas B. HALL, Robert POTTENGER and Joseph SMITH. ----- James CHAPLINE d/ bef Dec 1829 intestate and insolvant, previously moving with his family to the Western Country with no administration because he had no personal or other estate. He did leave the following 6 children who were all non-residents - d/ Aletha (Chapline), now w/o William WALLACE d/ Romena (Chapline), now w/o John MISER s/ Joseph CHAPLINE s/ Heros CHAPLINE s/ Atlas CHAPLINE s/ Cyrus CHAPLINE ------ David FURRY of Washington County, d/ Mar 1809 (will 20 Sep 1807; 17 Mar 1809) widow - Magdalena and 3 children, s/ John FURRY - his children .....Martin FURRY .....Elizabeth FURRY d/ Barbary w/o John PLECHER d/ Nancy w/o Henry NIGHKIRK - (left Nancy land purchased from James CHAPLINE) Exec/ Daniel KEEDY and John KEEDY; Witnesses: John ROCKFIELD, Jacob GETTING and Henry GETTING. Daniel KEEDY has since died (before Dec 1829) leaving John KEEDY as surviving executor. Since Furry s death, Henry and Nancy (Furry) NEIGHKIRK have been in possession of the land. ------ Robert SMITH d/ c 1818 (will 20 May 1816; 28 Oct 1818) to John REYNOLDS and wife Mary (house in Hagerstown where they live) ......their son, John REYNOLDS Jr niece/ Susannah TAIS niece/ Margaret w/o Martin HITT - Ohio - their children .........Samuel Merrit HITT - Ohio .........Thomas Smith HITT - Ohio? negro slave, JOHN - to be freed 3 months after Smith s death Exec/ Samuel Merrit HITT and friend, Archibald M. WAUGH; Witnesses: Richard RAGAN, John KENNEDY and Hugh KENNEDY. Samuel Merrit HITT, who was devised lands, immediately took possession after the death of Smith, receiving the profits thereof. Archibald M. WAUGH has since died (before Dec 1829), leaving HITT as surviving executor. --- Christian ORNDORFF and Jacob HESS also died many years ago; but, their heirs are scattered over the United States and the names of most of them are unknown (this said Dec 1829). ==================================================
Thomas CHENOWETH - Estate - 14 Jan 1804 and 1 Nov 1822 [MSA S512-1233; 1/36/1/32-1166 - 14 Jan 1804] [MSA S512- 10444; 1/39/03/13-10592 - 1 Nov 1822]
Middleton SMITH - Foreclosure - 30 Mar 1822 [MSA S512- 10496; 1/39/03/19-10647 - 30 Mar 1822]
Nicholus O. RIDGELY vs CHENOWITH, COULTER, WALL, GRIFFITH, KELLENBERGER - Title - 20 Nov 1810 [MSA S512-4368; 1/37/1/12-4246; 6 folders - 20 Nov 1810] Thomas CHENOWETH of Frederick County, d/ 1801 intestate, leaving widow - ELISABETH (probably d/o John & Mary CARTER, Frederick Co, MD) and 11 children - 1/ Absolom CHENOWETH b/ 10 May 1775 - KY 2/ Mary CHENOWETH b/ 20 Sep 1776 (single in 1809) 3/ Ruth b/ 30 Jun 1778 w/o Michael WALL (m/ 29 Sep 1794) - Baltimore 4/ Rebecca b/ 28 Feb 1780 w/o Alexander COULTER - Baltimore County 5/ Elizabeth b/ 7 Feb 1782 w/o Eli R. GRIFFITH (he left his family and moved to KY) m/ 1800 .......Darius GRIFFITH (Frederick Co) .......Charles GRIFFITH (Baltimore Co) .......Harriet GRIFFITH (Baltimore Co) 6/ Sarah CHENOWETH b/ 13 Oct 1783 (sold her share to Eli GRIFFITH) 7/ Ellener CHENOWETH b/ 26 May 1785 (died 1801) 8/ Thomas CHENOWETH b/ 5 Aug 1787, a minor 9/ Chloe CHENOWETH b/ 23 Oct 1789, a minor; later w/o Jacob HOUCK 10/ Harriott CHENOWETH b/ 4 Dec 1793, a minor (died 1801) 11/ Enoch CHENOWETH b/ 25 Jan 1798, a minor On 30 Mar 1791, Thomas CHENOWETH purchased, from George Adam KELLENBERGER (who moved to Adams Co, Pa), lands in Frederick County. The land had not been conveyed before Thomas death; but was conveyed to Elizabeth upon Thomas death. But then, the administrator, Richard CHENOWETH ( brother?), found there were outstanding debts and the property had to be sold. Land - Grove s Purchase , Res on Joseph s Friendship and Addition to First Brother . Sale was held 1 Apr 1815 at Isaac SHRIVER s Tavern in Westminster (now Carroll Co, MD). Land was sold to Middleton SMITH. In 1822, foreclosure proceedings were taken against Smith. It appears Eli R. GRIFFITH, Elizabeth s husband, tried to cheat her sister Mary out of her property she owned in Baltimore. While Mary was near death (in 1808), she wanted to put Elizabeth s children in her will and leave them her property; but Eli told her she didn t need a will. He told her it would be better to make a land transaction and he would hold it. Instead, Eli immediately obtained money with a lien on her property. Mary recovered and later, when she was going to sell her property, she discovered she no longer owned her home. She brought suit against Eli to regain it; but, he filed bankruptcy and, after 30 days in jail, left his wife and children and is said to have moved to Kentucky. It appears Enoch moved to Alabama; but, in 1822, by letter to his mother, asks to tell his brother Thomas to sell off his property in Baltimore and move to Cincinnatti ASAP, because there is a good market for their trade, carpentry. =========================
Charles CHENEY vs Greenbury CHENEY and Thomas MacELEFISH - Contract to Purchase - 4 Apr 1770 [MSA S512- 1321; 1/36/1/39-1255; 2 folders ] Charles CHENEY, Sr, a planter, from Prince George s, but now Frederick County had son - Charles CHENEY, Jr, also a planter in Frederick County, deceased by 1770; grandson - Charles CHENEY III (s/o Jr), also a planter Land - "Cheney's Delight", 100 acres (previously in Prince George's County) Charles CHENEY, Sr. moved from his plantation to now Frederick County about 1740 and rented out the plantation to his brother, Greenbury CHENEY of Prince George s County, a planter. In 1758, Charles Sr. agreed to sell the land to his son, Charles Jr. for two thousand pounds inspected tobacco. Charles Jr made an agreement with Greenbury in 1758 (piece of paper is torn but it appears Charles Jr. was trading "Cheney s Delight" for all of Greenbury's land in Frederick County along with two thousand weight of tobacco. Greenbury CHENEY owned two tracts in Frederick County: - "Hopewell", 100 acres; conveyed to Jacob FUNK - "Cheney s Lott", 50 acres. Greenbury had conveyed it to Thomas MACELEFISH, a planter. Petition is to recover tracts from Greenbury to Charles CHENEY III, s/o Charles Jr. Greenbury CHENEY claimed he had a verbal agreement with his brother for the absolute purchase of the property for 12 pounds sterling, to be paid to William CHAPMAN of London Town, now deceased. He further states that Mordecai JACOB and Robert TYLER were appointed arbitrators, who on the 8th day of Jun 1768, awarded in Greenbury s favor. He also claimed he made an agreement with his brother (Sr) after his nephew s (Jr.) death and sold the land to Jacob FUNK at Charles Sr. s request. (No final statement in file as to the outcome.) =========================
WOLFE, MILLER, WESTFALL vs COBLENTZ and HESSON - Petition to Sell - 14 May 1814 [MSA S512- 5801; 1/37/2/85-5689; 2 folders] Peter WOLFE and w/ Magdalena; Peter MILLER and w/ Elizabeth; John WESTFALL and w/ Louise vs Jacob, Philip and Barbara COBLENTZ; Catherine, Baltzer, Anna M. and Jacob HESSON Philip COBLENTZ d/ intestate, leaving 9 children, - Magdalena (Coblentz) w/o Peter WOLFE - Elizabeth (Coblentz) w/o Peter MILLER - Louise (Coblentz) w/o John WESTFALL - John COBLENTZ - Ohio - Jacob COBLENTZ - Philip COBLENTZ - Catherina (Coblentz) w/o Baltzer HESSON - Barbara COBLENTZ - AnnMaria (Coblentz) w/o Jacob HESSON Land - "Ohio" (at Piney Creek), "Black Oak Levell", "Addition to Shuors/Shiers Bottom"; 273 acres contiguous, from Samuel OWINGS (w/ Deborah) of Baltimore County in 1799; neighbors were George STONER, George MILLER, Henry RINEDOLLAR. Sale was advertised in Bartgis Republican Gazette and in the Allegany Freeman in Cumberland, MD and in German newspapers in adjoining counties of Pennsylvania. Commissioners: Henry KUHN, William SHIELDS, Bernard WELTY, Thomas ADAMS, John GALT of Fredericktown. On 22 Mar 1815, sale made to Jacob COBLENTZ at $30/acre for a total of $8,190, with widow s 1/3 dower laid out; each 1/9 share was $873.70. Also mentioned, regarding appointment of a guardian on 4 Apr 1815 was: Apalonea CRAMER, Simon CRUMBAUGH ..vs.. Philepenia, Susanna, Catharine, and George DEVILBISS with Jacob CRAMER to act as commissioner. ==================================
Stephen COLLINS vs George COPPERSMITH Foreclosure - 13 Jun 1791 [MSA S512- 893; 1/36/1/3-859] John COPPERSMITH became indebted to William BARRELL for 158 pounds, 8 shillings and 8 pence cm on 31 May 1773, part which was paid in 1774. Land - "Resurvey on Timber Plenty", 128 acres. John COPPERSMITH died leaving a minor son, George COPPERSMITH. On 4 Feb 1792, George claimed he has been 21 for some time and is no longer a minor. Stephen COLLINS was administrator for William BARRELL of Philadelphia. ==============================
Richard Henley COURTS vs William RENNER - Injunction - 16 Jun 1789 [MSA S512- 804; 1/36/1/13-775] In 1785, Richard H. COURTS entered into partnership of Doctor of Physics with Charles Frederic NEWMAN, both of Frederick County. The partnership was dissolved the following year with Newman maintaining possession of the books for the Courts & Newman business. Newman has since died. Mrs. John GWINN of Tawney Town was listed as having an account with them. In Sep 1786, William Dent BEALE, _____ CARR and Richard Henley COURTS of Prince George s County were indebted to William RENNER for tobacco and monies. William Renner filed suit for payment and Richard H. Courts filed an injunction to allow for settlement. (not resolved) =========================
Peter MURSER vs Robert CRAWFORD - Contract to Purchase - 12 Oct 1781 [MSA S512- 3833; 1/36/5/2-3710] On 20 Nov 1778, Peter MURSER (farmer from Cumberland Co, PA) made an agreement with Robert CRAWFORD (farmer) to purchase Crawford s 300 acres of land including plantation (on which Crawford lived), lying on main road leading from Frederick Town to Westminster Town for 4,000 pounds common money (half paid then with bond for remaining half); witnessed by William WINCHESTER and Christian PIPER. After final payment, Crawford would not convey a deed to Murser. In December 1784, court ruled the deed be conveyed. (not recorded) ========================================
Robert CRAWFORD vs Philip GREENWOOD, Andrew HULL - Title - 26 Sep 1785 [MSA S512- 1159; 1/36/1/27-1085] Robert CRAWFORD of Baltimore County stated on 28 Aug 1781, he owned a valuable plantation and grist mill and saw mill in York Co, PA; and Philip GREENWOOD of Frederick County owned land in Frederick County on Burnt House Hundred and part of "The Deeps", containing 260 acres, with appurtenances and known by the name of Poplar Spring. Crawford stated Greenwood initiated the conveyance of Crawford s York County property (except the house where John GILL then lived and 20 acres adjoining the house) to Greenwood; and Greenwood s Frederick County property to Crawford, along with all the grains, and Greenwood would pay 200 pounds, witnessed by James MILLER and John RIDLE. John COOK of Virginia (where Greenwood was about to move) was indebted to Crawford for 500 pounds cm also. Crawford claims Greenwood canceled his sale to Crawford and conveyed the same land in Frederick County in the 1780 s to Andrew HULL. (not recorded) =============================
John DAVIDSON - Estate - 29 Jan 1796 [MSA S512- 1472; 1/36/1/54-1403; 6 folders] John DAVIDSON d/ intestate, late of the city of Annapolis widow - Eleanor DAVIDSON and 5 children - William DAVIDSON - Margaret DAVIDSON, a minor - Eleanor DAVIDSON, a minor, w/o Thomas HARRIS Jr. - Mary DAVIDSON, a minor - Samuel DAVIDSON, a minor In 1789, John DAVIDSON was a merchant in dry goods store, selling clothing and linen. Administratrix was the widow; guardian was Thomas HARWOOD. Land - "Tasker s Chance", 354 acres, near Frederick Town; - Lots# 18 (7+ acres), #19 (9 acres), #20 (10 acres), #21 (11 acres), and #22 (9+ acres); - Lot# 2 in Frederick Town with brick house on Patrick Street (lands confiscated from Daniel DULANEY, s/o Daniel DULANEY, and then purchased from State of Maryland and held by clear and valid deed in Oct 1781); - 150 acres in Washington, DC; - Lot# 98 in Town of Carrollsburgh in the city of Washington; - several lots and houses in the city of Annapolis; - "William and Mary", 2,000 acres, in Allegany County (formerly in Frederick, then Washington County, by warrant in Mar 1774) and lying to the west of Fort Cumberland, as joint tenant with John MUIR, on 5 Feb 1787; - 1,900 acres of mountain tract near Frederick Town, held in common with George CALVERT (w/ Elisabeth) of Maryland. Widow agrees to sell her dower rights with lands being sold. Other Land - "Port Royal" in city of Washington, from Samuel DAVIDSON of George Town in Montgomery County in 1792 for 4,500 pounds cm of Maryland (and to Samuel from James PEERCE in 1792). Trustees were William DAVIDSON, Thomas HARRIS and Samuel DUVALL. Sale on 29 Feb 1796, to: - Arthur SHAAFF, esquire (at private sale) for Lot 2 in Frederick Town at 1,000 pounds cm; - Lawrence BRENGLE Jr for Lot 18 at 247 pounds 17 shillings 6 pence; - Frederick BIRELY for Lot 19 at 272 pounds 5 shillings cm; - Benjamin OGLE for Lot 20 at 282 pounds 10 shillings cm; - Benjamin OGLE for Lot 21 at 385 pounds; - Lawrence BRENGLE Jr for Lot 22 at 292 pounds, 19 shillings, 9 pence; - Hugh REYNALDS (at private sale from commissioners) for 354 acres of "Tasker s Chance" at 5,310 pounds cm. =========================
SLUSSER, PIGMAN, STALEY, CRAFT vs DELAUTER, KUHN, MENSER, GLADHILL, McNEIL - Petition to Sell - 12 Mar 1821 [MSA S512- 11073; 1/39/03/87-11238; 4 folders] SLUSSER, et al vs Heirs of David DELAUTER, George DELAUGHTER, John BUZZARD and Samuel BUZZARD David DELAUTER, dec'd (will 13 Nov 1819; 29 Dec 1819), leaving, widow - Elizabeth and 10 children - 1. Jacob DELAUTER 2. Henry DELAUTER 3. David DELAUTER 4. Daniel DELAUTER 5. Mary w/o George KUHN 6. Susanna w/o Jacob MENSER 7. Catharine widow of Henry SLUSSER 8. Barbara w/o George GLADHILL 9. Peter DELAUTER, minor 10.Elias DELAUTER, minor Wife to receive 1/3 plus other items; 180 acres to two youngest sons. Will was left with executor, John McNEIL. Land - "Delauter s Luck", "Isaac s Range", "Lost/Last Choice", "Gilbert s Inheritance"; a plantation was rented to James CASTLE. The estate was not sufficient to cover all the debts; indebted to Peter SLUSSER, adm/of Henry SLUSSER for $209; also to Bean PIGMAN for $2,400; to John W. MAIN, Jacob KOONTZ and Jacob STALEY for $213; and to Elizabeth CRAFT, ex/of Frederick CRAFT for 100 pounds current money. [Other names in case listed were: George DELAUTER, Jacob DELAUTER, Catherine DELAUTER, Jonathan DELAUTER, Ann DELAUTER, Henry HAUPT and w/ Elizabeth, Samuel BUSSARD and w/ Mary, John BUSSARD and w/ Susanna. Commissioners: Christopher MICHAEL, Lewis BIERLY, Henry M____, John STAYLEY and Joseph SWEARENGEN. The widow s dower was laid off with a stone house; Sale held 21 Jun 1821 at Delauter s Grist Mill, Bean PIGMAN as trustee; - to Jacob MENSER for 94 acres at $2,444, but he wasn t able to pay for it; - to Jacob WOLFE for 111 acres at $900, subject to dower; - to Jacob WOLFE for 50 acres with Grist Saw Mill; but heirs thought bid wasn t high enough. It was later sold to David WOLFE; total sale was $3,344. Elizabeth was assigned as guardian on 28 Nov 1821. Son David assigned his rights to John McNEAL. Later, Commissioners named were: Frederick KISER, Christopher MICHAEL,Adam ROUTSONG, John STAYLEY and David BOWLUS. John BUSSARD and Samuel BUSSARD purchased real estate of Jacob MENSER from the Sheriff believing it to be clear; now cancelling contract so estate can be sold to settle accounts. On 7 Aug 1823, the decree for sale of estate was dismissed. ===================================
Christopher KETTLEMAN/KIDDEMAN vs Edward, William and Henry DIGGES Injunction/Judgment - 31 Oct 1765 [MSA S512-3022; 1/36/3/91-2938] Edward DIGGES died 1770 leaving eldest son, John DIGGES. John DIGGES died leaving sons - ...Edward DIGGES, eldest son ...William DIGGES ...Henry DIGGES Agreement dated 20 May 1752 by John DIGGES of Little Conowago in Baltimore County and Province of Maryland to Christophol KETTLEMAN of Lancaster County in the Province of Pennsylvania, wheelright, for 460 pounds cm of Maryland paid, for tract, "Willaim s Intention", 246 acres of land patent, on Mushomaloes Branch near Little Pipe Creek in Frederick County. Land - William s Intention (246 acres of land patent, deficiency of 100 1/2 acres; as the elder surveys were inaccurate). In Oct 1790, survey for John George KEDDEMAN listed tract "William s Intention to contain 140 acres, clear of elder surveys by course and distance, done by reference taken to the beginning from a line of "Ivy Church" and signed by E.E. Joel WRIGHT. (not recorded) ==============================
CHESTON, GOODWIN, PUE, DORSEY, GAITHER vs Edward DORSEY Petition to Sell - 8 May 1787 [MSA S512- 864; 1/36/1/19-831] James CHESTON, William GOODWIN, Milcah GOODWIN, Michael PUE, Eleanor DORSEY, Joshua DORSEY, Elijah GAITHER vs Edward DORSEY Caleb DORSEY, dec'd, of Anne Arundel Co, MD (Elkridge), Iron Master d/ Rebecca RIDGELY d/ Mary PUE d/ Mileah DORSEY d/ Eleanor DORSEY d/ Peggy Hile DORSEY d/ Priscilla DORSEY s/ Edward DORSEY s/ Samuel DORSEY granddaughters - Priscilla PUE and Elisabeth Goodwin DORSEY Edward DORSEY was the son and adm/of Samuel DORSEY of Caleb. Caleb owned an enormous amount of land and a multitude of slaves. Land - "Caleb s Delight Enlarged", 500 acres, in Frederick Co; - "Piles Delight", 500 acres, in Frederick Co; - "Moore s Morning Choice", 100 acres, in Anne Arundel Co; - "First Discovery", 234 acres, in Anne Arundel Co; - "Second Discovery", 116 acres, in Anne Arundel Co; - "Grecian Siege", 412 acres, in Anne Arundel Co; - "Hockley", 100 acres, in Baltimore & Anne Arundel County. Richard RIDGELY was one of the buyers of multi tracts; he was appointed guardian of Edward DORSEY in 1789. Ruth DAVIS, surviving exec/of John DAVIS of Anne Arundel County, and Sarah w/o William SAUDERS were involved in land indenture. =========================
George ADAMS vs Wiliam THOMAS & Margaret DYER, adms/of Edward DYER Injunction - 2 May 1789 [MSA S512- 96; 1/35/5/20-86] Edward DYER was indebted to Elias DORSEY of Baltimore County for 66 pounds cm on 29 Apr 1786; Dorsey reassigned this bond over to George ADAMS, but it wasn t dated. There was another note owed by Dyer to George ADAMS, Nicholas HAUER and Andrew ADAMS for 1,850 pounds cm written on 13 Apr 1789. Part of previous debt of George Adams was paid in Officers & Soldiers certificates. On 6 Jun 1791, Thomas BEATTY stated Mr. HOWAR had gone to the Western County; but his property remains and he is expected to return in a few months. Andrew ADAMS is better situated to be security, as his father has since died and he has considerable property left him. Beatty asks for postponement for himself as his mother is direly ill; and further states verification can be obtained from Capt. John SMITH. Edward DYER died 1787 and his administrators listed above ask for recovery against George ADAMS. Nicholas HOVER/HAUER? (security) is insolvent and has left the state; Andrew ADAMS (security) was never assessed with any property. (no decree; not recorded) =========================
William PATTERSON vs Hugh FERGUSON - Contract to Purchase - 11 Nov 1780 [MSA S512-4244; 1/36/5/51-4120] William PATTERSON of Baltimore Town issued petition against Hugh FERGUSON of Pennsylvania, being or pretending to be owner of land tract "Retirement Corrected", 1,500 of 2,000 acres, lying in Frederick County. Ferguson authorized his son, Josias FERGUSON of Frederick County, to sell said land and, on 23 Jun 1779, came to agreement with Robert CRAWFORD of Frederick County for the absolute purchase of 1,500 acres of said tract. At that time, Josias lived on the property as did tenants (to Hugh FERGUSON), Jonathan RILEY and John RILEY (w/ Margaret). When final payment of bond was presented, Hugh Ferguson refused to provide deed and wanted to take back the property; this meeting said to have taken place at Two Taverns. Hugh FERGUSON of Deep Run, Bucks Co, PA w/ (first name not given) son - Josias FERGUSON (w/ Mary age 38) (testimony given on 12 Apr 1787 stating her age) lived in Frederick Co, MD but later moved to Plumsted Twp, Bucks Co, PA son - John FERGUSON Land was later surveyed and divided - part for Patterson and the other part for John Ferguson, son of Hugh. Hugh Ferguson claimed his son Josias never had any power of attorney to sell said land. Josias claimed it was always expected the land would be divided between him and his brother John; and he sold his part (called "Hunter s Spring" with house and 50 acres cleared). Those testifying: James BARR and Robert BARR, both merchants of Philadelphia; David KEPHEART, age 57 in Sep 1786; James ARMSTRONG in Aug 1783; Richard WOOD, a Quaker; John PEBBLE (brother of William PEBBLE); Henry OBLEMAN who went with George BONER to Josiah FERGUSON s house; Adam GOOD: Hugh SCOTT; John UPTON; and Joseph GORDON. Witnesses for Crawford: Barnet MURRAY, George WARNER, Devault KEPHART, William PEBBLE, Thomas BARNES, John JONES, Mary STEVENSON, William UNCLES and Dennis SWEENEY. Meetings were mentioned in Taneytown and also of Westminster as Mr. Crawford s house (both in now Carroll Co, MD). Although there was testimony on both sides with validation of payment of monies, documents mentioned in hearing were not presented and the case was dismissed on 24 Dec 1789. =================================
David GRIFFITH - Estate - 3 Jan 1795 [MSA S512- 516; 1/35/5/61-464] David GRIFFITH, mason, dec'd (will 8 Apr 1788; 28 May 1788) widow - Hannah and 7 children, s/ Philip GRIFFITH s/ John GRIFFITH d/ Gean GRIFFITH d/ Elizabeth GRIFFITH d/ Mary GRIFFITH d/ Margaret GRIFFITH s/ David GRIFFITH Widow to have plantation until youngest son is 12, then to be sold at public sale. Executors were widow and friend, Benjamin CORNELL. Guardian was Thomas JONES; Land - "Resurvey on Owing s Chance", 122 acres, from Normand BRUCE in 1772 for 25 shillings cm per acre. Title was not issued and BRUCE claims there is still money due and requests sale of property. (not recorded) =========================
John ELDER vs Harmon GREATHOUSE and Lodwick WAMPLER Contract to Purchase - 3 Apr 1789 [MSA S512- 1756; 1/36/2/31-1685; 2 folders ] On 25 May 1783, John ELDER of Baltimore County delivered bond to Harmon GREATHOUSE for 510 pounds cm of MD and since paid it; but, Greathouse (a weaver) sold the bond to Lodwick WAMPLER who petitioned the court for a judgment against Elder which came to be 980 pounds of tobacco. Greathouse signed over the bond, which included John TOWSON s name jointly with Elder, on 4 Jun 1787. In Feb 1788, among the list of property taken of John Elder s was numerous livestock, and SLAVES - Negro men named SOCK, ROBIN; - Negro woman (can t read name) and her child GEORGE; - Negro boys named BEAL, JIM; - Negro girl named JENNY; - Negro women named SEW, and BETT. Harmon GREATHOUSE, age 75, testified in Baltimore County on 17 Jan 1792, verifying the payments of Elder and mentioning bond to include use for Abel BROWN, Hugh FINLAY and Thomas STAINS. On 5 Nov 1792, at the house of Daniel GRANT, known by Fountain Inn in Baltimore, testimony was heard from: Edward DORSEY of Ann Arundel County who mentioned a sale of a horse to Able BROWN, and a bond for purchase of a mill and land. Others who testified were Benjamin MUSGROVE, John ELDER Jr. of Baltimore County, Michael ELDER of Baltimore County (who testified Wampler took ROBIN, age 48-49; SUE, about 40; BET, about 16-17; a wagon and two horses.); and Edward WHEELER of Baltimore County; David GRATEHOUSE; Absalom BUTLER; Daniel BURKE; Thomas PHILIPS; James WELLS. (not recorded) ==================================
Andrew ETZLER vs Samuel R. HOBBS and John RINGLAND Jr Contract to Purchase - 20 Jun 1809 [MSA S512- 1728; 1/36/2/28-1659] Andrew ETZLER contracted to sell a house and lott in Libertytown to Samuel R. HOBBS for 1000 pounds current money (bonds). Hobbs is now insolvent. John RINGLAND, Jr. is now in possession of property under the pretense he had purchased it from Hobbs. An order was passed to sell the property for relief from debt. =======================
John FISHER - Estate - 3 Feb 1816 [MSA S512- 3228; 1/36/4/22-3141] Augustus LARNARD, executor of William LARNARD vs Sarah FISHER, et al John FISHER, since deceased, was indebted to William LARNED for 13 pounds, 7 shillings current money. His personal estate is not sufficient to cover his debts unless his real estate is sold. John FISHER died, leaving the following 9 heirs, - Honoria w/o Benjamin CECIL - Sarah FISHER - Priscilla FISHER - Elizabeth FISHER - Araminta HAMPTON - Anne Arundel County - Peregrine FISHER, a minor - John FISHER, a minor - Assenette FISHER, a minor - Larkin FISHER, minor Case was initiated in 1814 but dismissed 22 April 1825. (not recorded). =============================
Charles, Valentine, Jacob and John FLEGLE vs Lawrence and Mary BURKHART / BANKARD - Petition for Title - 11 Jan 1799 [MSA S512-1837; 1/36/2/40-1759; 3 folders] Valentine FLEGLE d/ 1801 in Frederick (now Carroll) County leaving 8 children, - Charles FLEGLE - Valentine FLEGLE Jr. - Jacob FLEGLE - John FLEGLE - Anna w/o Daniel ZACHARIAS - Catharine w/o John COVER - Polly w/o David STONER - Mary w/o Jacob DAGEY Land - Brown s Plague , Spring Garden , Resurvey on Molly s Industry , 149 3/4 acres, purchased 17 Nov 1773. Land was said to be near Krider s Church. The four brothers claimed the land had been divided off, for each to have a section upon their father s death. The three elder brothers had in fact lived on the land with Valentine Jr. and Charles having built log cabins on it. After Valentine Jr. asked to have the land deeded to him and Valentine Sr. refused, Jr. then moved to Reisterstown, outside of Baltimore, taking his cabin apart and rebuilding it there. All three of the brothers later moved off the land; but Jacob returned and moved into the house that Charles had built about a year before his mother died; he remained there until the summer of 1798 when Valentine, by jury, had Jacob evicted from the land. (Act of 1793, Chapter 43 - Dispossession of Tenant at Will). Valentine s wife died about 1797 and he, being alone and helpless (needing two canes to walk at times), hired a housekeeper. The siblings were concerned over losing their inheritance, and the children drove her off; however, Valentine was able to convince her to return and asked her to marry him. This happened about 18 months after the death of his first wife. The young woman he married, Mary FLYDON, was only about 20 yrs old, although he was in his 70 s. (Mary FLYDON had been poor and had been bound out as a servent to a Mr SWISHER.) This complaint had been filed as early as 25 Jul 1799 when Valentine Sr. gave testimony. Valentine sold part of the land to Henry BROWN in 1800, about a year after Valentine s second marriage. The proceedings continued even after his death until 1810. Depositions were taken at the tavern of Peter SHOEMAKER on 18 Nov 1805. Those who gave testimony were: John WAMPLER (age 32 then); John BENDER (age 50 then); John SLIFE (age 49 then); Dewalt YOUNG (age 48 then); Daniel ZACHARIAS (age 28 then, a grandson). Court was adjourned til the 29th of November at Taneytown in the house of Eli BENTLEY where John BENDER testified - about 24 years ago, Valentine, the father, had divided all his land into four parts for his four sons and set stones at the corners and had entered into a written agreement with them; and in return, they would maintain him in a separate house. He left this agreement in the house of Henry MYERS for safe keeping. At some point, Valentine went to Henry MYERS (only English clerk in the area and Chief of Writings for the neighborhood) under the pretense of wanting to hear it read; but snatched it and destroyed it. Unfortunately, the said Henry MYERS has moved on to an unknown location. Testimony revealed both, son John and son-in-law Daniel ZACHARIAS, had offered to have Valentine live with them. Valentine, however, Valentine felt his sons had treated him badly and didn t want to live with any of them. He wanted to disinherit them and had offered to sell his land to son-in-law Daniel ZACHARIAS. Court adjourned and again met in Jan 1806, back at Peter SHOEMAKER s Tavern. Depositions were heard from: John MARKER (age 50 then); William DURBIN Jr. (age 32 then); John MITTIN (age 63 then); George BROWN Sr. (age 74 then); Daniel KLINE (age 65 then); Henry BROWN Jr. (age 35 then); Henry STEVENSON (age 66 then); John DIFFEBAUGH (age 39 then); John WARNER (age 67 then); William DURBIN; Merryman STEVENSON (age 37 then - had a tavern about a mile from Valentine s house). - Testimony states Valentine s daughter, Catherine, and her girls had beaten Mary FLYDON and tried to run her off, in fear she would marry Valentine Sr. and take everything. Valentine was angered by this and, out of spite, went to have a will made in order to dissolve the agreement with his sons. He had decided to give his new wife everything and his children nothing. The court ruled to go by the wishes of the will and all property was given to his second wife, the now Mrs. Lawrence BURKHART (marriage license has BANKART). Final decree was issued 31 Mar 1810. (Application for the marriage license to Burkhart was made on the same day she filed Valentine's will.) =============================
Charity KEEFER - Estate - 22 Nov 1813 [MSA S512-3045; 1/36/3/93-2961]
Jacob FOOLWYDEE - Estate - 12 Mar 1818 [MSA S512-1887; 1/36/2/47-1818; 3 folders] Jacob KOONTZ and w/ Catherine, Anthony STARLIPPER and w/ Catherine, and Eve MILLER ..vs.. Jacob KEEFER/KEAVER Estate Charity, previously the widow of Jacob FOOLWYDEE, was then married to Jacob KEAVER/KEAFER when she died. Fulwyder left her a life estate; after her death, the property was to be divided with one half to Henry FULLWYDER s family and the other half to his wife s friends; ten pounds went to Evangelist Calvinist Church in Middle Town. There was a great variety of interpretation of the term wife s friends . Her second husband tried to claim the property and injunctions were issued and countered. Court action finally resolved the issue by dividing the property equally among the heirs of both Jacob FULWYDER and Charity KEAVER. Jacob FULWYDER, dec'd, (will 10 Aug 1792; 21 Sep 1792) leaving 7 siblings, bro/ Henry FULWYDER, dec - his 3 children - all of Kentucky .......Henry FULWYDER .......Abraham FULWYDER .......Polly (Fulwyder) w/o Hugh GABY bro/ Peter FULWYDER, dec - his 2 children, .......Henry FULWYDER - Frederick Co, MD .......Elizabeth (Fulwyder) w/o George LEASE - Kentucky bro/ Jacob FULWYDER - Kentucky sis/ Elizabeth, dec'd w/o John CARR .......her 4 minor children - all of Kentucky sis/ Mary w/o William COOPER - Kentucky sis/ Barbara w/o Samuel RYHER - Kentucky sis/ Anne w/o Thomas ENFIELD - Kentucky It was noted on 8 Jun 1813, John CARR had moved to an unknown place and left the four children behind in Kentucky. On 26 Sep 1817, the above were listed as being in Kentucky. Land - "Resurvey on Mentitancy", 55 acres; - "Goose Cap", 33 acres; - Lots 10, 11, 12 in Middle Town on "Apple Brandy", 14 acres. ----- Charity FULWYDER KEIFER/KEAVER* d/ 1811 intestate, w/o issue leaving 5 siblings, bro/ Jacob KOONTZ bro/ Henry KOONTZ, dec'd sis/ Eve MILLER sis/ Catherine w/o Anthony STARLAPER/STARLIPER sis/ Elizabeth, dec'd w/o _______ KELLER Henry and Elizabeth died after Jacob FOOLWYDER; but before Charity (1792-1811). Real estate sold on 9 Mar 1814 to: - Casper HERRING, Lots 11 12 w/bldgs for $1,104; - Frederick STEMBEL Sr, Lot # 10 w/bldgs for $800; - Jacob BOWLAS, "Goose Cap" in Middle Town for $1,956.50; - Philip COBLENTZ, "Martilany" in Frederick County for $1,131.09; - John Rezin MAGRUDER, 14 acres, not yet patented of Western Shore office in Frederick County for $714. Proceeds netted Jacob FULWYDER s heirs $389.79 each (1/7 of ); for Charity s heirs - $545.71 each (1/5 of ). * (See Contract/Purchase - YEAST, WILES vs FULLWILER, and others) ==================================
Ariana FRENCH, exec/of George FRENCH vs State of Maryland and James CLARKE - Title - 23 Jul 1805 [MSA S512- 1842; 1/36/2/41-1764; 4 folders] George FRENCH d/ (will 12 Dec 1798) (s/o Thomas FRENCH who d/ 1781) widow - Ariana of Georgetown, Territory of Columbia (Washington, DC) (d/ bef 1811, intestate) leaving children, - Thomas FRENCH (now dec'd) - George FRENCH - Catherine FRENCH, a minor (now dec'd) - Charles FRENCH, a minor (d/ after his mother and before 1811) ...widow - Marianna and ...d/ Mary Virginia FRENCH ..Robert FRENCH, a minor ..Elizabeth w/o John WEEMS (he d/ bef 1811) - Montgomery County (children, Thomas and Catharine died after their mother, but before 1811, intestate and no issue.) Land in Charles County; - "Beauty", 110 acres; - "Chance", 140 acres; - "Choice", 76 acres; - "Property", 148 acres; - "Tit for Tat", 73 acres. in Anne Arundel County - - "Blooming Plaines", 977 acres; in Frederick County - - "Wats Left", 24 acres; - "Durham", 384 acres; - "Rising Sun", 225 acres; - "Vale", 913 acres; - "Vale", 714 acres; - "Tom s Venture", 92 acres; - "Homminy Isle", 101 acres. All lands in possession of Thomas FRENCH of Baltimore County, including a contract dated 26 Feb 1777 for 1900 pounds current money, sold to James CLARKE of Baltimore Town; Clarke executed a bond on same day. The money was paid and property delivered to Clarke; and in May 1780, Thomas FRENCH moved to the island of Jamaica, which was under the jurisdiction of the King of England and with whom the United States of America was then at war. In 1781, a law was passed which confiscated all British property, diverting it back to the State; however, James CLARKE was entitled to said land on 3 Apr 1790 when he assigned it to George FRENCH (parts "Durham" and "George s Adventure"). On 6 Jun 1803, he assigned it over to Ariana FRENCH. (See Papers #1740 for return of Opinion of Court of Appeals reversing the Chancellor.) Lands were finally returned to the family by the Court of Appeals. ===================================
Isaac FREY - Estate - 25 May 1803 [MSA S512- 1844; 1/36/2/41-1766] Peter FREY vs John FREY Isaac FREY, dec'd (will 10 Dec 1782; 18 Apr 1803) widow - Margaret (land on the North side of the Creek (75 acres) and quarry) nephew - Isaac FREY, s/o Abraham FREY (land on the South side of Bear Branch when 21 years old) At the time, Isaac was Abraham s only son; but, since then, Abraham has died and now has another son, John. Abraham s son, at the time of Isaac s will, was named Peter, but the name in the will is Isaac. Testimony was given to indicate the name of Isaac s nephew was in error and Peter FREY was Abraham s only son at that time. (not recorded) ============================
Robert FULTON - Estate - 31 Dec 1812 [MSA S512- 1846; 1/36/2/41-1768] Margaret FULTON vs Robert FULTON Robert FULTON died with a will and left, undivided, half to Margaret FULTON and the other half to his son, Robert FULTON. Margaret is asking for division of land and conveyance, but there is claim it was already divided. (Her relationship is not revealed in these records and a copy of the will was not included.) (not recorded) =================================
HUNTER, PURVIANCE vs Fielder GAUNT - Contract to Lease - 23 Feb 1790 [MSA S512- 2534; 1/36/3/36-2446; 2 folders ] Adam HUNTER of Virginia, heir and brother of James HUNTER, deceased, also of Virginia, and Samuel PURVIANCE and Robert PURVIANCE, both of Baltimore County vs Fielder GAUNT (Iron Master) Fielder GANT of Frederick County purchased NEGROES in 1763 from Annapolis, jointly with the Honorable Benedict CALVERT of the said James HUNTER, expecting to receive Mr. Calvert as a partner in the Iron Works. He later entered into a partnership with James HUNTER which has resulted in monetary disagreement. Fielderea Furnace Account - 1764, Virginia currency with William HUNTER; Pennsylvania currency with Thomas TAYLOR, William WILLIAMS; British Sterling used by Fielder GAUNT. Apr 18, 1764 - Servants - 10 boys, 3 women, little boy named COPPER; Various items and cargo; account of James HUNTER Letter to Fielder GANTT dated 19 March 1765 from James HUNTER from York River; (first letter dated 26 Feb 1765 was from King George County) he mentions he is leaving by ship to London; also business dealings with providing goods of cargo from James River to Fielderea Furnace and mentions the Virginia and Pennsylvania and British Sterling currencies; and about Small Pox breakout in the Fielderea area. Another letter from Hunter to Gantt dated 2 August 1765, written from Annapolis, mentions a business association for constructing a forge on Ketocton (Catoctin) and that Gantt's designs on Monocacy were defeated by Calvert & Company because the stream is only sufficient to carry a single hammer for five or six months of the year. Hunter's interest is in taking the pig iron to market. He also mentions he has heard Gantt treats his workmen intolerable and, if not for money, he would have no one to work for him; and stresses there should be a bond between master and servant and, if it is broken, the interest of the master will suffer. Hunter always lodged at the house of Robert PETER, Georgetown. In letter dated 20 April 1768, wagoners mentioned were Peter PEKENCASE, Martin EASTERDAY and Jacob BOULES. Decree from the Chancery court on 27 Feb 1790 ordered Fielder GAUNT to pay Adam HUNTER and Robert PURVIANCE, the surviving administrator of James HUNTER, the sum of 6,294 pounds, one shilling and one penny current money with interest from December 1769 plus court costs. Land tracts: "Fielderea" (8,150 acres to Gaunt by grant/patent) which was agreed to be conveyed to: - Christian EASTERDAY (600 acres); - John THRASHER (123acres); - Conrad SPACE (99 acres); - Christopher EDELEN (62 acres); - John SIMPSON and Abraham LEAKINS (560 acres to be laid off between the Kitockon Mountain and Creek); - Elias DELASHMUT (100 acres to be laid out contiguous to tract "Moreland" or "Children's Chance"); - Henry SHOVER (300 acres to be laid out to join tract "Baker's Ramble"); - Henry SHOVER (50 acres to join resurvey on tract "Addition to Hazell Thickett"); - Conrad GROSH and Michael RAYMER (100 acres to be laid off beginning at end of 177 or 178th line of "Fielderea"). Also - "Spit" (43 acres patented by Fielder GAUNT), - "Cut Knee" (315 acres from George Frazier HAWKINS to Gaunt and Hunter), - "Fouts Delight" (150 acres from Conrad LICKLIDER), - "Wells Invention" (416 acres from Robert LAMAR), - "Ore Bank" (104 acres from Thomas TAYLOR and James HUNTER), - "Addition to Hazel Thicket", "Unsills Delight" (241 acres from Henry UNSEL); - "Resurvey on Beauty" (32 acres was condemned). Also Fielderea Furnace with goods, chattels, utensils, implements, cattle, slaves, servants, etc. Deposition was heard from Thomas JOHNS of Montgomery County, age 52, who sat in on the arbitration between Gaunt and Hunter. Mr. Charles GRAHAM, one of the arbitrators, was absent and Johns went to Lower Marlboro in Calvert County to ask him to come to Annapolis. After his return when Johns and Gaunt were sitting at their lodging, Sheriff William STEWART of Anne Arundel County came into the room and arrested Gaunt by suit of Thomas TAYLOR. Thomas Johns went to Thomas JOHNSON and asked him to post the bail to keep Gaunt from going to prison which he did. =========================================
Thomas GILBERT - Trust Estate - 29 Jul 1795 [MSA S512- 3895; 1/36/5/11-3773; 2 folders] Thomas GILBERT d/ 1794 (will 27 Jul 1793; 29 Dec 1794), leaving widow - Hannah and 4 children, 1/ Rebecca (Gilbert) widow of William NIXON (her 5 children by 1st h/ Jacob ROADS .....Joshua ROADS .....Elizabeth ROADS .....Abraham ROADS, a minor .....Mary ROADS, a minor .....Susanna ROADS, a minor 2/ Elisabeth (Gilbert) w/o Michael HUMBERT - her 4 children .....William HUMBERT, a minor .....Michael HUMBERT, a minor .....Elisabeth HUMBERT, a minor .....Barbara HUMBERT, a minor 3/ Jeremiah GILBERT - his 11 children (possibly 2 marriages) .....Thomas GILBERT .....Catharine GILBERT .....Hannah GILBERT .....George GILBERT .....Sophia GILBERT .....Reubin GILBERT and later .....Jeremiah GILBERT, a minor .....William GILBERT, a minor .....Isaac GILBERT, a minor .....James GILBERT, a minor .....Sarah GILBERT, a minor 4/ Susanna (Gilbert) w/o Alexander WRIGHT/RAITH - her 4 children .....John WRIGHT, a minor .....Margaret/Peggy WRIGHT, a minor .....Martha WRIGHT, a minor .....Elisabeth WRIGHT, a minor SLAVES - negro girl, ALCE (to widow) Land - "Gilbert s Inheritance Enlarged", 392 acres; - "Smith s Mistake Rectified", 77 acres, conveyed from George DILTZHAVER in 1778 and to him from John STONE in 1777. Tenant on property was Francis GREEN. Executors were Jacob BURTON and Joseph JOHNSON; but they refused. Witnesses: William MARTENY, Jonathan MILLER, Solomon MILLER and Francis GREEN. Michael HUMBERT separated from his wife and moved to Pittsburgh, PA. Elizabeth later married John RIGGS. (One of Elizabeth s daughters appears to have died as on the distribution dated 4 Dec 1797, there is only one line for both daughters which says Barbara dead ^ sale ^ say Elizabeth indicating some confusion on the name of the surviving daughter.) Petition asked for Jeremiah GILBERT to be appointed administrator to carry out the will (Jeremiah had been given part of the tract). =================================
Peter HAMM vs Peter GROUND and Philip GROUND - Contract to Lease - 1787 [Washington County - MSA S 512-2185; Loc 1-36-2-88-2115 dated 1787] In 1774, Philip GROUND leased 150 acres on tract Nottingham from Samuel BEALL Jr, agent for Lacy EASTEP and Elizabeth BROOKS for 21 years. His brother, Adam GROUND was to purchase 50 acres of this part. Philip then sold all his rights in the remaining 100 acres of leased land to Michael SPELMAN in August 1784. (not recorded) ==========================================
John RINGLAND vs Bigger HEAD Title - 30 Dec 1790 [MSA S512-4414; 1/37/1/18-4292] Achor WORLEY and Ezekiel WORLEY of Bedford Co, PA conveyed land to Bigger HEAD (s/o Bigger HEAD and brother of John HEAD). Thomas HARRIS/HARRISON d/ (will), leaving a daughter, - Judith (d/ by Jan 1788) w/o Achor WORLEY .....Ezekiel WORLEY (eldest son) and 4 other children, all minors Land - "Resurvey on Boxes Search", 130 acres, on the Monocacy. Also, there was tract "Mary s Fancy", that had belonged to Susanna, w/o Bigger HEAD, which had been sold to John RINGLAND in 1785. (not recorded) ====================================
Nicholas HAUER - Insolvency - Aug 1799 [MSA S512- 2808; 1/36/3/69-2742; 2 folders] Nicholas HAUER, Sr - Insolvency by Act of Assembly - Relief of Fundry - advertised in Winter s newspaper on 2 Aug 1799. On 5 Sep 1799, the following was listed as his property being sold - in Georgetown Lot# 91 (owed Peter MANTZ and William WISTER) Lots# 220, 15, 290, 62, 278, 279, 130, 205, 206 Molatto SLAVES - WATL/WALT and CHARITY (wife), and their children - BET, MILL, NICH and Bet s child in Pennsylvania - Lot 2 and 13 in Middletown on Susquehana There was an enormous listing of his debtors and creditors; however, I found nothing to note any family relationships. ===================================
Frederick HEFFNER vs George CLEM, Henry LEYDAY, David SHAHAWN Injunction - 30 May 1789 [MSA S512- 2817; 1/36/3/70-2751A] Frederick HEFFNER had patent for property cited below; but David SHAHAWN moved in on 100 acres of it and Heffner went to court to reclaim possession. During this period, Shahawn entered into a contract for said land with George CLEM who cut down timber and hired Henry LEYDAY to cut down more for Adam REESE. Land Resurvey on Heffner s Fancy, 695 acres Shahawn filed for insolvency and moved away. Michael HEFFNER (s/o Frederick) testified in his father s behalf. (not recorded) ==================================
David SHAWHAN, George CLEM vs Frederick HEFFNER Injunction/Judgment - 14 Sep 1790 [MSA S512-5071; 1/37/1/95-4920] John HOWARD, now deceased, of Anne Arundel County, surveyed for David SHAWHAN and George CLEM, by warrant granted to Howard for 840 acres in the middle of Frederick County, tract "Rocky Hill". Certification was made and returned to the land office by Isaac BROOKE, Deputy Surveyor. It is believed Howard sold this land to Daniel SHAWHAN, deceased, father of David SHAWHAN, for 37 pounds on 20 Jul 1749. Daniel sold it to son David on 9 Nov 1770, who, in turn, sold his interest in it to George CLEM on 22 Apr 1784 for 110 pounds cm. Howard asked Daniel to show him the boundaries in 1762, which were by Frederick HAVANOR s tract, "Havanor s Fancy", and by land of James DICKSON, deceased. Howard then charged Daniel for a patent by bond and applied for a patent for their land and Daniel s part; whereby, later they would divide Daniel s part. Daniel didn t know a patent had already been done and now settlement on the divisions needs to be resolved. There is also a petition by George DICKSON in 1780, he being the brother of James DICKSON. =====================================
James DICKSON - Estate - 9 Jul 1792 [MSA S512- 1566; 1/36/1/62-1502; 5 folders] Petition of George DIXON against Frederick HAFFNER and Michael HAFFNER for conveyance of an undivided part in land which they have taken whole possession of since the death of their father in 1764. Frederick HAFFNER, dec'd, (will 25 Dec 1793; 1 May 1794) leaving 5 children, d/ Abigal SHELY d/ Catharine MILLER, dec'd, to her children d/ Elizabeth HEFFNER (given part of her late mother s things) s/ Frederick HEFFNER Jr. s/ Michael HEFFNER Land - "Resurvey on Havenear s Fancy" Will lists outstanding lawsuit with Geoge CLEM and George DIXON; and land to be conveyed to Peter ENGEL and Peter SNOOK. Executors were Thomas JOHNSON, esquire; Samuel DUVAL and Baker JOHNSON. Witnesses were Frederick CLINE, Frederick HEFNER and John HEFNER. George DICKSON was heir of brother James DICKSON and was entitled to half of tract "Haffner s Choice" (which was a resurvey on the tract "Discovery"); this after the deduction of 100 acres sold to Daniel MADDES per agreement between Frederick HAFFNER and James DICKSON. Frederick HAFFNER died before deed was conveyed. Land warrant for "Havener s Fancy" dated 1 Feb 1760; resurveyed on 10 Dec 1761, to include vacant lands, and then called "Resurvey on Havener s Fancy", 695 acres; next to tract "George and Margaret". (Mention made of Charles Lord Baron of Baltimore, our Great Grandfather of a Noble memory, his instructions to Charles CARROLL, esquire, in agreement bearing date at London on 12 Sep 1712 and registered in our province with a paragraph of our dear father s instructions, bearing date at London of 15 Dec 1738 and registered in our land office. David SHAWN (SHEHAWN - age abt 55 in 1798) and George CLEM lived on said property. Witnesses summoned on 20 May 1802 were: Norman BRUCE, age 66; John Ross KEY, John RAMSBERG, William RITCHIE, Tobias BUTLER, Samuel DUVALL, age 50 in 1798; Peter ENGEL (abt 46 in 1798), Peter WOLF, George MILLER; George MURDOCH, esquire, age 56 in 1798 of Frederick Town; Arthur WALLACE, George LEIGHTLITER, George CLEMM and Arthur FLEMMING. Statements made: James DICKSON was a married man and died without issue; Christopher EDELEN (witness to signatures on documents) died about 12 years ago (said in 1798); Stephen WEST is dead (witness to signatures). ==========================
John HENDERSON Estate - Montgomery County - 1817 [Montgomery Co, MD Chancery - MSA: S512; MdHR: 17-898-3151; Loc: 1-33-3-24 dated 1817] James N. LINGAN, now deceased, conveyed to John HENDERSON, his brother, in May 1807, land in Montgomery County of 420 acres. Henderson then retained possession and profits of the land; but, some years afterward, John HENDERSON, died without making any payment. John HENDERSON, deceased w/ Lydia and minor children s/ Richard HENDERSON d/ Sarah HENDERSON d/ Janet Lingan HENDERSON ------ James N. LINGAN, also died intestate, Montgomery County - leaving widow - Janet and 3 children, d/ Sarah w/o William B. RANDOLPH s/ George LINGAN, minor d/ Anne LINGAN, minor Bill Dismissed, not recorded. =========================================
William BRUCE, David LUCKETT vs Christian ORDENDORFF, George ADAMS, Mary HENOP - Title - 27 Feb 1784 [MSA S512- 686; 1/35/5/80-659] On 2 Aug 1783, Christian ORENDORFF Jr. of Washington County, MD, owned an undivided part of "Monocacy Manor" called "Rattle Snake Spring", 248 acres; found on plot as Lot #12, lying on bank of Monocacy; purchased by Orendorff and George ADAMS of Frederick County as tenants in common (part of confiscated British property). Orendorff made bond to David LUCKETT and William BRUCE on 2 Aug 1763 for 2,000 pounds current money. Property was never deeded from the State of Maryland. Deed of Clement HOLLYDAY and Nathaniel RAMSAY dated 7 Feb 1783 to Christian ORENDORFF and George ADAMS. On 9 Aug 1783, Orendorff sold his half to Adams for 200 pounds common currency (subject to lease to William CRUM). George Adams made a mortgage in Sep 1783 to Frederick Ludwick HENOP of Frederick County to resolve his debt to Michael MONTGOMERY. Orendorff claimed Montgomery had entered into an agreement with him and they each made bond for payment of tobacco; but Montgomery left the state without paying his part. Rev. Frederick HENOP d/ 29 Sep 1784 (as stated by sons) (will 20 Sep 1784), leaving widow - Mary HENOP (was pregnant when husband died) and 5 sons, 1. Frederick Weltner HENOP b/ 16 Mar 1776 2. Philip Lucas HENOP b/ 3 Apr 1778 3. Lewis/Ludwick Weltner HENOP b/ 26 Oct 1780 4. Daniel HENOP b/ 4 Dec 1782 5. John Weltner HENOP b/ 18 May 1785 (born after father s death) Executrix was the widow with minor sons; guardian was John ADAMS. Testimony heard from Adam ?WAGES of Anne Arundel Co, age 32, on 18 Nov 1789. Dr. Adam FISHER of Frederick Town went with George Adams to help resolve the property issue. Also at Adams house, besides the doctor, were Major Peter MANTZ and Mr. MIMM. On 10 Jun 1791, Capt. John ADLUM was appointed the children s guardian; response from the sons of Rev. Henop stated Valentine ADAMS (at that time affluent) was to hold security for George ADAMS, Michael MONTGOMERY and Christian ORENDORFF, but later refused; whereupon, George Adams and Montgomery pledged bonds, but Montgomery became insolvent and west West. Decree dated 9 Jul 1794 ordered Orendorff to pay 13,220 pounds of tobacco by 10 Jan 1795. =========================
Roger JOHNSON - Condemnation - 9 Apr 1788 [MSA S512- 2933; 1/36/3/81-2855] Johnson filed for condemnation so he could use 100 acres for iron forge between McLANES and tract "The Hope". Land - "Hope", "Right and Good Reason", "Two Bachelors", "Resurvey on Hope", combined into the forge on Bennett Creek. Appears to have been denied. (not recorded) ===================================
John JUSTICE - Estate - 2 May 1796 [MSA S512-2958; 1/36/3/84-2877] John JUSTICE, dec'd, of Frederick County (will 18 Oct 1775; 22 Oct 1776) widow - Margaret and 6 children, 1- Jacob JUSTICE - Out of State 2- Elizabeth (Justice) w/o Robert BURCHFIELD - Out of State 3- John JUSTICE d/ 18 Oct 1775? (record error?) - his children, .....John JUSTICE .....Jesse JUSTICE .....Griff JUSTICE .....Aquila JUSTICE .....Nicholas JUSTICE .....Margaret w/o Joseph DODSON .....Susanna w/o David BECKWITH .....Catharine w/o David WHITE .....Mary BRASLET 4- Hans JUSTICE - Out of State 5- Joseph JUSTICE 6- William JUSTICE Land - "Justice's Delight", 100 acres. Widow was given plantation; upon her death, property to be sold & equally divided. Executors were son John and trusty friend, Gabriel ISENBER. Witnesses: Gabriel ISENBURGH, Nicholas UMSTED, James BROUR. It was claimed Jacob, Hans JUSTICE and William & Elizabeth BURCHFIELD lessened the value of the property by removing timber and; therefore, may be due a lesser amount than their 1/6 share. ===================================
John KOONTZ vs SHUH/SHUE/SHOE/SHOEH Family - Foreclosure - Sep 1815 [4 Sep 1815 MSA S512- 3025; 1/36/3/91-2941; 2 folders] John KARHN d/ intestate, leaving widow - Magdalena and 8 children - 1. Jacob KARHN 2. Catherine YOUNG 3. Elizabeth KARHN 4. Barbary w/o John FRY 5. Frederick KARHN, dec;d 6. Magdalene/Margaret, dec'd w/o Solomon SHUE - her children, .....Jacob SHUE .....Solomon SHUE 7. Susanna KARHN 8. Ann KARHN Administrators were Jacob CARN and Solomon SHUE. His daughter Magdalena died before her father and her husband, Solomon SHUE, was guardian for their children. The sale of the estate brought $1,265.11 ($158.03 each). Final distribution dated 10 April 1806 gave the widow $208.01 and each living child $52.00. Solomon SHUE d/ before Sep 1815 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth (b/ 29 Sep 1777 per John KOONTZ) and 6 children, 1. Jacob SHUE, a minor 2. Solomon SHUE, a minor 3. Rebecca SHUE, a minor 4. Mary Ann SHUE, a minor 5. Christiana SHUE, a minor 6. John Alexander SHUE, a minor On 3 Nov 1815, Elizabeth SHUE was appointed guardian for her children; later, John FRY was appointed as guardian for Jacob SHUE; and Daniel HOLTZAPPLE for Solomon SHUE; administrator was John H. SIMMONS. Solomon owned a Flaxseed oil mill with a stone mill house and 28 acres in the neighborhood of Mr. Brown s factory. He was, however, indebted to John KOONTZ for the mortgage and a date of nonpayment is listed as 26 Sep 1811 (which may indicate a closer time to his death??). John KOONTZ had also signed as security for the minor s bond of Solomon s children. Elizabeth SHUE allowed the sale of her dower with the real estate to settle accounts. The estate was sold to John H. SIMMONS for $1,500 on 26 Dec 1815; but the debts still exceeded the proceeds. The widow did receive 1/7, $85, before disbursement of debts. (In Maryland German Church Records, Vol. 6, pg. 21, Soloman Schuck and Elizabeth Kuntz were married 1 Oct, 1805 at the Evangelical Reformed Church, Frederick Maryland) ==============================
Juliana KELLER vs John HARRISON - Contract to Purchase - 26 Jan 1783 [MSA S512- 3023; 1/36/3/91-2939] At a sale of confiscated property, John HARRISON purchased a lot which adjoins part of the same tract where Juliana KELLER, a self-described poor old Dutch Widow Woman , had lived for 28 years. At this same time, the lot where Mrs. Keller lived was also sold to highest bidder, William TYLER of Prince George s County, but afterwards he refused to give bond and did not want the property. It was to be placed at auction again. Mrs. Keller wanted to buy the property because it had been her home for so long, but was afraid she would not be able to afford it. Harrison approached Mrs. Keller regarding the purchase of the lot where she lived; she wanted only the upper part where she lived and he claimed to want only the lower part adjoining his property. They agreed to a joint purchase with Mrs. Keller bidding only if Harrison was overbidded, as he felt people would take pity on an old widow and they might purchase it cheaper. Then, Harrison and Keller had a dispute on the division (from Monocacy back to the Woods). So, Harrison proposed Col. Joseph SIM and George MURDOCK should divide the land and give the difference in value to Mrs. Keller; but, Keller objected to Sim & Murdock, feeling two county farmers would be more suitable. Thus, she selected Benedict STONER, leaving Harrison to name the other person. The agreement was made; but, after the sale, with Harrison being the highest bidder, Harrison now claimed he knew nothing of the agreement and stated Mrs. Keller would have to move out or he would burn her barn and destroy her cattle and horses; and she also was not to plant any grain. Mrs. Keller had two sons who had left home and had gone into the American Army; the eldest died very early in the war in the Battle of Long Island; the younger had been spared and returned. Land - tract part Addison s Choice. (not recorded - and no final resolution in file) ========================================
KEMPs, MAYNE vs WHITMORE - Contract to Purchase - 27 Nov 1809 [MSA S512- 3073; 1/36/4/2-2991] On 20 Jan 1798, Henry KEMP purchased two tracts of land from Michael WHITMORE; monies were paid but conveyance was never made. Henry KEMP of Gilbert, d/ intestate, leaving 6 children Frederick KEMP - John KEMP - Philip KEMP - Sarah KEMP - George KEMP - Catherine (Kemp) w/o Adam MAYNE administrator George SHOUP Land "Resurvey on Rock Hills" and "Puzzlesome Corrected"; 64 acres. Michael WHITMORE d/ intestate, leaving 7 children who all live in Louden Co, VA - Mary WHITMORE - Elizabeth WHITMORE - Michael WHITMORE - Catherine WHITMORE - George Nicholas WHITMORE - Susannah WHITMORE - Margaret WHITMORE Court ruled a proper deed be conveyed to heirs of Henry KEMP; finalized 2 April 1814. ===================================
John RAMSBERGH of George vs Heirs of Adam KEPLINGER - Petition to Record Deed - 3 Feb 1817 [MSA S512-4333; 1/37/1/8-4211] On 24 Mar 1790, John RAMSBERGH of George, farmer, petitioned for a deed for the same tracts, purchased from Adam KEPLINGER, farmer, for 679 pounds, 5 shillings. Keplinger was to have the deed recorded; but, he left it in a chest and it was not recorded in the timely manner of six months. Adam Keplinger was then deceased and his heirs had removed to different parts of the state or states, unknown to the petitioner. Adam KEPLINGER, dec'd of Frederick County - his 7 children, - Jacob KEPLINGER - Adam KEPLINGER - Joseph KEPLINGER - David KEPLINGER - Magdalena w/o Michael SHOUMAN - Catharine w/o Henry SNIDER - Elisabeth w/o John ROHR A clear deed was granted on 10 Apr 1818. ========================================
Joseph CHAPLINE vs Jacob MILLER, Peter HAMM, and heirs of Philip B. KEY - Contract to Sell - 13 Dec 1815 [Washington County - MSA S 512-1298; Loc 1-36-1-69-1230 dated 13 Dec 1815] Deed to Philip Barton KEY by Joseph CHAPLINE of one half undivided part in Washington Co, MD which he received through his father, Joseph CHAPLINE (IG-7, 41 and 120, Land Record of the Western Shore). Agreement between Joseph CHAPLINE and Peter HAM Sr, both of Washington Co, MD, tract Mount Pleasant, 126 acres, runs to John COONCE s field to the hollow at HYATT s field dated 3 Jun 1815. Philip Barton KEY w/ Anne KEY, (admin) d/ Eliza Rousby KEY d/ Mary KEY d/ Rebecca KEY d/ Louisa Key d/ Emily KEY d/ Ann Arnold KEY On 17 Apr 1816, John THRELKELD? was named guardian. Land - tract "Mount Pleasant", 165+ acres, surveyed by Jonas HOGMIRE on 21 Apr 1815, was sold by Cpt Joseph CHAPLINE to Jacob MILLER for $50/acre; begins at NE corner of Charles DOWNS field, next to road from John MUMMA s house to Jacob MUMMA s Mill and then runs along Chapline s land, then to Reel s land near Sharpsbourgh; land lies on the East side of road leading from Sharpsburgh to Hagerstown, next to Jacob REELES land. - tract "Mount Pleasant", 133+ acres, surveyed by Jonas HOGMIRE on 28 Dec 1815, sold by Cpt Joseph CHAPLINE to Peter HAM, lies next to "Resurvey on Smith s Hills". - Another tract,"Smith s Hills" may have been located in Montgomery Co, MD as no further mention of that land appears here. ==========================================
Richard LAWRENCE - Estate - 25 Mar 1807 [MSA S512-5199; 1/37/2/14-5055; 8 folders] Jeremiah TARLTON ..vs.. Joseph OTHO, Richard and Matilda LAWRENCE Richard LAWRENCE d/ c Feb 1802 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth* (later w/o Robert BENNETT) s/ Joseph LAWRENCE s/ Otho LAWRENCE s/ Richard LAWRENCE, a minor d/ Matilda LAWRENCE, a minor Land - Lawrence s Purchase , 313 acres, in Anne Arundel County. Richard LAWRENCE was indebted to Jeremiah TARLTON for 117 pounds, 6 shillings, 7 pence current money; Elizabeth, as administrator recovered some money and 362 pounds of Tobacco; but was not able to make the continual payments due. Richard LAWRENCE had been bound to Peggy LAWRENCE for 181 pounds on 4 Mar 1797. Other creditors were: James STEPHENS, William MARSHALL, George KEPHART, Adam MICHAEL, John NICHOLAS. Other business associates in 1797: Burgess NELSON, George SMITH (Blacksmith), William LEASE (Hauling to Baltimore); - in 1801, Henry NELSON (hauling mill goods), David WAY (Saddlery), Matthew STEENE (Blacksmith), Edward DORSEY of Eli, Austin BROTHERS, Jonathan DAVIS (hauling wheat), Henry THOMPSON, Thomas HICKSON (Shoe & Boot Maker), William COALE (Blacksmith), Charles HURSTON and Daniel McEVERS (Clothing Merchants), Greenberry SHIPLEY and surnames of HYATT, HOBBS, DUVALL, LARKIN, PLUMMER, WARFIELD, RATLIFF; - in 1802, George BROWN of Rocksbury Mills; Benjamin OGLE (Merchant), John Stephen HALL (grains), John CLAY (hauling to Baltimore and repairing wagon wheels), John GREEN (Merchant), Philip ROHR (Wagon Repairs), Luke MERCIER (hauling), Jacob CHAMPER (hauling grains to Baltimore), James GILLINGHAN (Blacksmith 1793-1800, Baltimore Co in 1803); Mordicai VORE/VOIR (shoemaker) in 1804; Benjamin, Amos and William FARQUAHAR of Frederick Co in 1808. Sep 1800 - Richard LAWRENCE ..vs.. Leavin LAWRENCE of Anne Arundel County Survey of "Dorsey s Grove", 1030 acres, plats, May 1802. By 25 Sep 1809, son Richard was of age (21) and Joseph LAWRENCE was guardian of Matilda (til 18). Land was in Frederick and Anne Arundel Counties and the family wanted to sell the Anne Arundel land to pay off debts. On 13 Mar 1810, Otho LAWRENCE was appointed guardian of Matilda; bonded as trustees were Otho LAWRENCE and Joshua DORSEY. Trustee was Otho LAWRENCE. *Elizabeth as Tenant in Dower later married Robert BENNETT of Frederick County, MD. She was about 40 years of age when she agreed to accept monetary compensation for her dower. After a failed sale, a private sale was made to Dr. Lloyd T. HAMMOND on 29 Mar 1811 for $7,102.22 ($22.66/ac); John Chew THOMAS extended bond with Hammond. By 15 Apr 1811, Jeremiah TARLTON was in Scott Co, Kentucky, when he claimed no receipt of judgment. On 21 Sep 1811, Basil OWINGS of Christopher was in Baltimore Co, MD when he also claimed no receipt of settlement. ==============================
BUCHANANs vs HENDERSON, LYDEBOTHAM, LEE, trustees of Andrew LEITCH's Estate - Foreclosure - 17 Jul 1787 [MSA S512- 675; 1/35/5/79-646] George BUCHANAN and Andrew BUCHANAN of Glasgow, Scotland, in the Kingdom of Great Britain, merchants, held mortgage for Andrew LEITCH of Dumfries in the Colony of Virginia, merchant (now deceased), for 531 pounds, 18 shillings and 8 pence Sterling money of Great Britain in 1775 (Prince George's County). Land - "Walnut Levell", 52 acres; - "Town Creek", 52 acres; - "Hard Bargain", 48 acres; - "Peru", 87 acres; all lying in Frederick County. Also, in Prince George's County - - "Miller s Beginning", 245 acres. Said lands were held by Andrew LEITCH and Francis DEAKINS as Tenants in Common. In addition, Andrew had part of tract "Conclusion", in Frederick County, conveyed to him by Daniel STEPHENSON, William DEAKINS (Sr. or Jr. - part of paper is missing), and James MILLER. Francis DEAKINS also had Andrew s part of tract "Deakin s Hall", 213 acres, lying in Prince George s County; and two lotts in the Town of Carrollsburgh also in Prince George s County: Lots 137 and 138. Major Andrew LEITCH d/ (date is blank), leaving 2 children - James LEITCH, a minor - Sarah LEITCH, a minor (by May 1793, she was w/o John ADDISON) By Act of Assembly passed in Annapolis on 25 April 1782, property to be sold for benefit of the said children; trustees appointed for Andrew LEITCH's estate were Richard HENDERSON, William LYDEBOTHAM and George LEE of Prince George s County. Sale made to Moses RAWLINGS and Joseph HUGHES in Jul 1788. In May 1793, testimony of George LEE of Charles County indicated, during the War with Britain, Andrew LEITCH entered the service for his country and was slain in it s defence. Since the War, all British property was to be confiscated and this property as well and is now vested to the State of Maryland. However, the Act of Assembly of 1782 discharged and released the indenture of mortgage. =========================
John DUBOIS vs Arnold LIVERS, etc - Foreclosure - 12 Oct 1768 [12 Oct 1768 MSA S512- 1533; 1/36/1/58-1468] William LIVERS d/ before Jan 1809 widow - Ann (adm) and 4 minor children - - Arnold LIVERS - David LIVERS - Joseph LIVERS - Mary LIVERS Land - "First Choice of Arnold s Delight"; and "Third Choice of Arnold s Delight" (five miles from Emmitsburg, 4 miles from Graceham, one and a half miles from St Mary s Seminary); property had new frame house, not quite finished, and a stream running directly through it; was near the mountains, fenced and ideal for tanyard. In Oct 1807, William LIVERS signed a note owing Thomas LIVERS 8 pounds, 15 shillings and 6 pence cm of MD and witnessed by Joseph LIVERS, saddler. On 2 Mar 1809, Thomas claimed the note had not been paid. William also owed Henry KUHN in Jan 1805, Peter SHOVER in Apr 1802. On 26 Mar 1813, bond secured by John DUBOIS and Samuel OGLE, with Samuel OGLE named as guardian of the minor children s interests. Trustee was Frederick A. SCHLEY and was selling 60 acres, clear of dower rights; on 11 Sep 1813, sale was made to the widow for $1,475. The widow received $223.54 and each child received $99.25; finalized 18 Sep 1813. =====================================
Alexander LOCKE - Insolvency - Washington County - 1799 [Washington County - MSA S512-3340; Loc 1-36-3-32-3247; dated 28 Mar 1799] George LOCKE testified on 18 Mar 1799 that he knew Alexander LOCKE, now a prisoner in the Goal (jail) of Washington County, and has known him since birth; Alexander was born in Maryland and has lived here since. William MARBURY testified he was acquainted with the family of Alexander LOCK which has long been settled in St Mary s County and believes he has always been a resident of this state. Alexander LOCKE testified his father was born in America and lived on the mouth of Wicomico, St Mary s County and there held the Naval Office until the day of his death at age 94. He (Alexander) accepted a commission in the Militia of Washington County in Williams Port. (not recorded) ============================================
LONG, ARNOLD, YOUNG, BUSS, ZEILE Petition to Sell - 16 Jun 1813 [MSA S512- 3094; 1/36/4/5-3012] On 17 March 1810, a decree was ordered to sell the real estate of John Adam LONG with Frederick A. SCHLEY appointed as trustee. Sale terms were paid down with the balance in one year and plaintiffs claim property cannot be sold under these terms. All of the children of John Adam LONG survived him; but since his death, (now 24 Jun 1814), three of his children have died, Mary ZEILE, Ludwick LONG and Conrad LONG. John Adam LONG, dec'd (will 6 Jun 1788; 24 Feb 1813) w/ Anna Maria (Mary) and 8 children, 1/ Peter LONG .....George LONG .....Maria w/o John ARNOLD .....Elizabeth w/o David YOUNG .....Catharine w/o Peter BUSS/BOOSE 2/ Mary (now dec d, d/ bef her mother) w/o Conrad ZEILE .....Jacob ZEILE .....Elizabeth ZEILE 3/ Ludwick LONG (now dec d) - widow, Margaret .....Rachel LONG .....Jacob LONG .....Elizabeth LONG .....Mary LONG .....James LONG 4/ Conrad LONG (now dec d) - widow, Mary .....Peter LONG .....Elizabeth LONG .....Peggy LONG .....Daniel LONG .....Barbara LONG .....Mary LONG (one of the daughters was Mary Magdalena) Witnessses: Thomas REESE, George MOATS and Andrew Hildebrand. Land "Ohio", 240 acres, lying on Piney Run within three miles of Littlestown, between there and Westminster, directly on the turnpike road leading to Baltimore. It has a number of never -failing springs and a rapid little stream called Piney Run running thru it. Has good dwelling house, barn and stables; half is in woodland of very superior quality. George LONG now lives on the land. ====================================
WOOD vs LYNN Contract to Convey - 16 Jun 1791 [MSA S512- 5761; 1/37/2/79-5649; 3 folders ] Joseph WOOD vs David LYNN Captain David LYNN of Montgomery County, purchased at public sale, Lot 53 (44 acres) and Lot 54 (19 acres) in Monocacy Manor on 10 Sep 1782 for 550 pounds with a 21 year lease. Commissioners for this sale were Col. Nathaniel RAMSEY and Clement HOLLADAY. The property had been confiscated and Thomas BEATTY was acting Sheriff. At the hearing, Baker JOHNSON was unable to attend because his son was gravely ill. Joseph WOOD was a farmer and there is mention of his insolvency. Testifying for him were: Peter MANTZ, Peter BEARD, Azel WATERS and Robert WICKHAM. William LAMARR testified for Lynn. ===================================
William BUCHANAN vs Legh MASTER - Contract to Purchase - 23 Jun 1775 [MSA S512- 252; 1/35/5/35-215B] William BUCHANAN, Baltimore Town, merchant, petitioned Legh MASTER, Frederick County, merchant, for payment of debt, 1400 pounds sterling with interest from the 14th of July 1773 by bond, in the penalty of 300 pounds sterling, condition for the conveyance to David SHRIVER and Leonard POWDER, two parts of tract "Content", and thus holding Buchanan harmless; however, this was not fulfilled and Master is preparing to leave this province which would cause loss to Buchanan. On 29 Nov 1757, William YOUNG of Baltimore County executed a deed and sale to Benjamin ARNOLD (Baltimore County farmer - wife Esther) for tract "Narrow Bottom", 50 acres; lies on the second branch of Little Pipe Creek in Frederick County (certificate originally returned to land office in April 1750 and said to be lying in Baltimore County and was so patented.). On 2 Jun 1750, a division of Baltimore County caused this tract to then be in Frederick County but was mistakenly recorded in the Baltimore County office agreeable to the patent instead of Frederick County and thus a deed was executed to Legh MASTER from William BUCHANAN (iron master). Appraisers assigned in Oct 1790 were William ROBERTS and Edward LAMB who valued it at 17 shillings/6 pence per acre; but by 8 Apr 1794, Lamb was deceased. On the 16th of June 1760, a deed was executed by Henry AMBROSE to Benjamin SWOPE for part of a tract in Frederick County. Also, two other deeds were executed by Matthias AMBROSE Jr, George MATTHEWS, and w/ Maria Barbara MATTHEWS on the 18th of March 1761, to Benjamin SWOPE. On 16 May 1761, the land office issued a patent to Swope for 30 acres on tract "Beauty Spot"; but the real name of the grantee and patentee was Benedict SWOPE and not Benjamin. Swope was in possession of the said land by his real name and, on 7 July 1768, conveyed all three parts to William BUCHANAN who has since conveyed them to Legh MASTER. Thomas WELCH s survey report was dated 2 May 1773 for Legh Master of Frederick Co and Buchanan of Baltimore Co - lands in Frederick County - pt "Arnold s Choice", 506 acres; - "Long Valley", 101 acres; - "Willson s Delight", 49 acres; - "Resurvey on Indian War", 100 acres; - "Jack s Purchase", 50 acres; - "Cobb s Choice", 50 acres, - "Beauty Spot", 30 acres; - "Edward s Fancy", 21 acres; - "Red Budd", 21 acres; - "Narrow Bottom", 50 acres; - "Bond s Meadow Enlarged" (two distinct parts), 110 acres; - "Bottom and Top", 50 acres; - "Content", 50 acres; - "Wilson s Chance" & "Mistake", 10 1/2 acres; - "Gabriel s Choice", 80 acres; - "York Company Defence", 1000 acres; - "Fire Lock", 14 acres, - "Brother s Inheritance", 2500 acres; - "Lookabout", 1,535 acres; - "Neglect", 65 1/4 acres; - "Brown s Plague", 11 1/4 acres; - "White Oak Bottom", 1 acre; - "Cool Evening", 25 acres. Lands sold were 6,437 acres with a deficiency of 289 acres. (Elder surveys were before the Mason-Dixon line was established, thus making differences in acreage) Other Maryland Land Indentures made 13 Jul 1773 - - "Lookabout", 1,535 acres, patented to Benedict SWOPE and conveyed to William BUCHANAN, except 360 acres of which was conveyed to Conrad ORENDORF, John BRECKER and John Windle HARMAN. - "Wilson s Delight", 1 acre, conveyed by George MATTHEWS to Benedict SWOPE and William BUCHANAN on 10 Sep 1763; later Swope transferred his interest to Buchanan. - "Bond s Meadow Enlarged", 50 acres, by John RIDGLEY to Benedict SWOPE and William BUCHANAN on 6 Oct 1764; of which Swope later conveyed his interest to Buchanan. On 16 Jan 1793, argument made regarding releases of dower for wives of John RIDGELY and William WILSON, as they are now both dead; also stated Matthias AMBROSE Jr was not married at time of conveyance of tract, "Arnold s Chance" to Benjamin/Benedict SWOPE, and the Swopes are now living in Kentucky and are about 70 years old (statement by Master and Buchanan). - "Brown s Plague", 11+ acres by George BROWN to Benedict SWOPE and William BUCHANAN on 12 Mar 1765; of which Swope later conveyed his interest to Buchanan. Two other tracts in Frederick County originally patented to Michael SWOPE and conveyed by him to William BUCHANAN: - "Brother s Inheritance", 2,500 acres, with exception of 675 acres conveyed by Swope to John ENGLAND; - "York Company s Defence", 1,000 acres, except 137+ acres conveyed by Swope to Joseph MURRAY. Three tracts in Frederick County conveyed by Samuel DURBIN to William BUCHANAN originally known as - "Jack s Purchase", 50 acres; - "Indian War", 28 acres; - "The Resurvey on Indian War", 72 acres. Land inherited by Samuel DURBIN through the will of his father, Samuel DURBIN. - "Gabriel s Choice", 80 acres, patented to Gabriel McKINSEY (w/ Sarah) of Allegany County (but formerly a Frederick County farmer), who conveyed it to William BUCHANAN on 25 Apr 1792; - "Edward s Fancy", 21 acres, patented to Edward STEVENSON and then conveyed to Buchanan as well as tract "Red Budd", 21 acres. - "Neglect", 65+ acres, originally patented to William BUCHANAN; and another tract "Firelock", 14 acres. On 16 Aug 1787, Legh Master made petition against William Buchanan, stating Master had purchased an iron furnace lying in Frederick County along with several tracts of land of which totaled about 7,000 acres, priced at one guinea per acre, together with four negro SLAVES, two men and two women, and some livestock for the consideration of 9,000 pounds sterling of which 7,000 had been paid. He also bought another 500 acres and a great number of slaves (not from Buchanan) which now total 39 SLAVES and still possesses all land, slaves and live stock and at present has 160 tons of pig iron and a large quantity of iron ore. Balance of debt in dispute. Master protested the remainder of money because land is less than was originally sold (due to Mason-Dixon line established). Buchanan filed an injunction for nonpayment taking property and slaves of Master thus causing losses to Master. Court petition to resolve issues, part of which is the deficiency of 142 1/2 acres of tract "Lookabout". Release of Dower on 20 Sep 1791 - Eve SWOPE, widow of Michael SWOPE, of Fairfax Co, VA to Legh MASTER, assignee of William BUCHANAN of Baltimore County. [On 8 Oct 1768, Michael SWOPE, shop keeper, was living in York Co, PA; and for 2,000 pounds paid him by William BUCHANAN, executed a deed to Buchanan, then iron master of Frederick Co, MD, for tract "York Companies Defence" and part "Brother s Inheritance", both lying in Frederick County. Eve was not then present to release her dower; thus this indenture to justify release.] Release of Dower on 18 Jan 1794 - Margaret ARNOLD, widow of Anthony ARNOLD of Frederick County to Legh MASTER, assignee of William BUCHANAN of Baltimore County. [On 13 Oct 1762, Anthony ARNOLD, executed sale for "Bottom and Top", 50 acres, at 5 shillings, to James WHITE, which White later conveyed to William Buchanan and by him to Master. Margaret Arnold did not release her right of dower of the 50 acres to White; thus this indenture now releases it for 5 shillings to be paid by Buchanan.] (Injunction dissolved 1794; not recorded) =========================
Legh MASTER vs William BUCHANAN - Contract to Purchase - 1784 [MSA S512- 253; 1/35/5/35-215A; 4 folders] Legh MASTERS of Annapolis in an agreement with William BUCHANAN of Frederick County, dated 13 Jun 1770; sale from Buchanan to Master included list of lands with houses, outhouses, furnace, banks of ore, tenements, and mills. Tenant then was Alexander McGEE. Exception to the sale was household furniture and SLAVES: - three negro men - BILL, CAESAR and JACK; - one negro wench - HESS. In Aug 1787, bond was held for Buchanan by James CLARKE, Joseph Morgan BOWEN and James SOMERVILL of Baltimore County. Land - "Robert s Eden", "Signature"; same values maintained. (not recorded). (see Contract of Purchase - Buchanan vs Master recorded previously. Injunction dissolved - Most of the file contains copies from the previous hearing.) =========================
Thomas Samuel POLE vs Ross McGUIRE - Injunction/Judgment - 22 Dec 1797 [MSA S512- 3596; 1/36/4/60-3489] Thomas Samuel POLE, adm/of Leigh MASTERS, dec d, stated Ross McGUIRE had instituted a suit against Legh MASTERS, which was removed by the General Court and referred to Upton SHERIDINE, arbitrator. Before the matter was resolved, Legh Masters died. On 5 Oct 1797, award was made against Thomas Samuel POLE as administrator of Masters estate for 300 pounds cm and costs. There were several suits taken out against Masters and his estate is not sufficient to pay the debts. Listed in the vast inventory of Legh Masters, in addition to large amount of livestock and other farm and household items, were the following NEGROES listed by name and age and value: SLAVES at Store and Granery in Frederick County - 1796 - OLD JOE, 60, 10 pds - OLD SMITH TOM, 60, 10 pds - HANNIBAL, 70, Superanuated - PHILIS, 85, - JOYCE, 80, - PEGGY, 80, - ANDREW, 26, 110 pds - BILL, 23, 100 pds - BOB, 20, 90 pds - CHARLES, 21, 90 pds - NED, 20, 80 pds - HAMPTON, 25, 100 pds - SAM, 15, 60 pds - STEPHEN, 15, 60 pds - GEORGE, 10, 45 pds - ISAAC, 10, 45 pds - JOE, 7, 35 pds - ABRAHAM, 20, 65 pds - DAPHNEY w/3 children JOHN, 6 wks old; PATIENCE, 9 yrs; and SALL, 3 yrs 75 pds - RACHEL w/2 children - BECKEY and NANCY 75 pds - YELLOW POLL w/2 children - DAVID and NELL 70 pds - YOUNG PEG, 16, 50 pds - NATHAN, 7, 35 pds - RUTH (Masters gave to Miss Pole who now claims her) - CHARLOTTE, 40, 20 pds Total - 32 - valued at 1,260 pounds Inventory also in Baltimore Town dated 15 July 1796 (both stores appear to be dry goods) Among items were a table and chairs listed as being at Mrs TOWSON s, valued at 9 pds. At the bottom of this inventory, listed was Creditor, James CLARKE; and Guardian, Legh Hoskins MASTER; and Master, Charles Legh HOSKINS. Inventory recorded (Inventory GM-3, 408) in Frederick County on 16 Sep 1801. (Dismissed, not recorded) =====================================
HARP, JOHNSON, YOUNG, JONES, MacKENZIE vs MacKENZIE - Title - 5 Jan 1790 [MSA S512- 2719; 1/36/3/59-2645] Joshua HARP and w/ Eleanor, Thomas JOHNSON and w/ Honour, Joshua YOUNG and w/ Orphay, of Anne Arundel County, and William JONES and w/ Mary, and Eli MacKENZIE, of Frederick County vs Henry MacKENZIE of Frederick County and Daniel MacKENZIE of Anne Arundel County Daniel MacKENZIE, dec d, of Anne Arundel County, had executed a warrant of a resurvey on tract "McKenzie s Lot", lying in Frederick County, and added to it 1,520 acres of vacancy. Afterwards, he assigned the same to Charles CARROLL, esq, (since deceased), to whom a patent was issued which combined the entire acreage into tract Molly s Fancy. The assignment was to secure payment from Daniel to Carroll. Daniel MacKENZIE d/ (will 3 Sep 1783; Sep 23, 1783), leaving widow - Mary (given all land in Anne Arundel Co) and 8 children, 1. Henry MacKENZIE 2. Daniel MacKENZIE - Anne Arundel county 3. Eli MacKENZIE 4. Aaron MacKENZIE - Anne Arundel county 5. Honour w/o Thomas JOHNSON - Anne Arundel county 6. Mary MacKENZIE, now w/o William JONES 7. Eleanor MacKENZIE, now w/o Joshua HARP - Anne Arundel county 8. Orphay w/o Joshua YOUNG - Anne Arundel county Daniel MacKENZIE, dec'd (age 66 on 7 Feb 1783), divided the land to his children (each to receive 100 acre plot on "Molly s Fancy" in Frederick County; except Aaron who would receive all the Anne Arundel property upon his mother's death), and ordered so much of the said land as necessary be sold to be used for the payment of his debts. Executors were Henry MacKENZIE and Daniel MacKENZIE. Witnesses: Charles FOX, Robert BURGOON, Jeremiah JONES, David CUMMING. All of the complainants conveyed all their rights and interests to the executors on 12 Nov 1785 to facilitate the equal division. Charles CARROLL of Carrollton also made order for lands to be divided on the death of his father, Charles CARROLL, on deed bearing date of 20 Oct 1785 (except parts thereof conveyed by him and his father to Henry MacKENZIE and Daniel MacKENZIE, having secured the balance of the debt to Carroll). The remaining land, 93 acres, lying next to Andrew HAUN s land and "Glaid (Glade) Spring", were to be divided as stated in Daniel MacKENZIE s will; John LOGSDON was to survey the said lands as he did in five segments (metes and bounds for each section). Need court assistance to obtain the conveyances. =================================
To Appoint a Trustee for Daniel McCOY, a Lunatic - Washington County - 1801 [Washington County - MSA S512-3535; Loc 1-36-4-54-3427, filed 12 May 1801] John McCOY & Joseph McCOY claim Daniel McCOY is their brother who is upwards of 50 years of age, owns a tract of land containing 100+ acres and is unstable in mind and unable to make contracts. They ask for a writ of lunacy and to appoint a trustee to handle his affairs. Appearing on 8 April 1801, was John McCOY, Joseph McCOY, Jacob NINOD?, Martha Maria McCOY and Tomis McCOY and made oath to the petition. The jurors however found Daniel McCOY not to be an idiot or lunatic. (not recorded) ========================================
Baker JOHNSON vs Christopher MAYER - Contract to Purchase - 21 Jun 1782 [MSA S512- 2915; 1/36/3/79-2835] Land possesed by Elias BRUNNER, called 'Shefferstadt', part of tract "Tasker s Chance", 303 acres, was jointly purchased for 1600 pounds on 21 Mar 1771 by Capt. Stephen RAMSBURGH and Christopher MOYER/MYER, farmer. Agreement was Moyer would have the part of the land containing the buildings and Ramsburgh would have 125 acres adjoining John BRUNNER s. At that time, the dividing line could not be distinguished and Ramsburgh agreed for Elias Brunner to convey the whole 303 acres to Moyer, taking Moyer s bond for him to convey the 125 acres to Ramsburgh within two months; and then Ramsburgh would settle his son, Elias RAMSBURGH, upon this parcel. Ramsburgh believed this would be accomplished within the two month allotted time per agreement. Christopher Moyer had been married to Stephen Ramsburgh s daughter for some time and had made improvements of dwelling house and barn, and clearing and fencing land as needed. Moyer procrastinated in conveying the deed because of the uncertainty of the division lines; so, Elias Remsburgh had Charles BEATTY lay out the 125 acres in the presence of Moyer and a fence was then placed on this line. Again, now Spring of 1779, request was made to Moyer by both Stephen and Elias Ramsburgh to have the deed conveyed, but he didn t. The Ramsburghs then sold the property to Baker JOHNSON (for 4,500 pounds) on 20 April 1779 to avoid family conflict, whereby Moyer claimed he needed a survey and in the Spring of 1780, Col. Francis DEAKINS, well known for his accuracy and integrity in surveying, surveyed the land in the presence of Moyer, Baker Johnson and others according to the original bond agreement. Moyer again refused to execute a deed claiming the courses were reversed and said he would get a surveyor at his own expense. On 2 Jun 1780, Moyer procured Peter MANTZ to survey the land and Johnson attended; both Mantz and Col. Deakins plots agreed exactly. A deed was drawn up for Moyer and his wife to come to town to sign but Moyer then claimed he needed the rest of the land surveyed to determine if his acreage was still the same and the 125 acres should then be re-examined, thus continually claiming delay because he couldn t get the surveyor to come. On the 6th of May 1782, Baker Johnson spoke to Peter Mantz and they both went to Moyer s house along with Jacob SCHISLAR; and Mantz resurveyed it again with the same outcome. A time was set up for Moyer and his wife to once again sign the deed; but, instead of bringing his wife, he claimed Stephen Ramsburgh told him not to execute the deed until all the fencing was removed. Perhaps it was eventually resolved as it is listed as not recorded . ===============================
Joseph MURRAY - Estate - 10 Feb 1790 [MSA S512-3558; 1/36/4/56-3450; 2 folders] Joseph MURRAY d/ Dec 1787 (will 23 Dec 1787; 29 Jan 1788) widow Anne (later m/ Daniel KILER) (she was also known as Nancy KYLER by 15 Aug 1791) s/ James MURRAY one shilling sterling only d/ Honour MURRAY and her son, .....Joseph MURRAY Jr. (was of age by 20 May 1791 or before) d/ Sarah/Sary MURRAY, a minor Executrix was the widow; executor and trustee for his children, good friend, Samuel LANE Jr. Witnesses: Peter BEALE, Jacob HAYNES, Edward STEVENSON and Conrad SWITZ. Land "Resurvey on Mount Pleasant", 183 acres, from James MURRAY; - "Mountain Stage", 62 acres. Letters of Administration were granted to Cpt. Adam MARKELL and he has taken on the burden of executorship. On 20 Jul 1791, trustees were Adam MARKELL, Conrad DUDDERO and Tobias MOORE, yeomen. Acknowledgement signed on 6 May 1793 by Cornelius HOWARD, son and executor of William HOWARD, deceased, debt for wheat of 4 pounds, 10 shillings owed to Howard. John MIERS (distiller in 1788) was one of the main creditors of Murray. Adam MARCKEL had an answer to petition, for having sale less than property value, certified in Anne Arundel County. Also owed Henry MYERS for brandy; Catherine CRUMPACKER for bacon and flaxseed. On 21 Jun 1792, sale made to Peter BAIL for "Mountain Stage" at 10 shillings and one penny per acre; however, there was a transaction linking William BUCHANAN with a claim to this property as well. =====================================
Henry MYERS - Estate - 26 Dec 1797 [MSA S512-1688; 1/36/1/73-1619] Henry MYERS, farmer, d/ 1796, leaving widow - Catherine and 7 minor children, - Catherine MYERS - Hannah MYERS - Eve MYERS - Elizabeth MYERS - Mary MYERS - John MYERS - Esther MYERS Land - "England s Chance", "Brother s Inheritance". Administrators were the widow and Daniel LEISTER of Baltimore. Guardian was Daniel LEISTER on 20 Apr 1798. On 9 Sep 1800, court ruled Jacob ENGLAND was to pay the estate and a deed was to be issued to Jacob ENGLAND (w/ Catherine). ===================================
LEISTER, MEYERS vs Jacob RIFFLE - Foreclosure - 5 Jun 1798 [MSA S512- 3233; 1/36/4/22-3146] Daniel LEISTER and Catherine MEYERS, adms/of Henry MEYERS, farmer vs Jacob RIFFLE, farmer Jacob RIFFLE mortgaged his property to Henry MEYERS on 25 Apr 1789. Henry MEYERS d/ 1796, leaving widow - Catherine and 7 children. - Catherine MEYERS, a minor - Hannah MEYERS, a minor - Eve MEYERS, a minor - Elizabeth MEYERS, a minor - Mary MEYERS, a minor - John MEYERS, a minor - Esther MEYERS, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Brown's Delight"; from Peter MORE in 1780. (Not recorded) ====================================
George YEAST, George WILES vs Jacob FULLWILER, Michael EKENBERGER, Catherine EKENBERGER, Eve NAGLE and Elizabeth NAGLE - Contract to Purchase - 26 Dec 1786 [MSA S512- 5978; 1/37/3/9-5892] On 11 Jun 1761, George YEAST and George NAGEL (now deceased), purchased, from Conrad HOGMAYER of Washington Co, MD, a land warrant for 63 acres of tract "Tan Bark"; Yeast was to have 29 acres and Nagel the remaining 34 acres. Monies were paid; but, in order to save the expense of two patents for so small a parcel, they agreed that Hogmayer should assign the warrant for the 63 acres to Nagel solely, who would obtain patent for the whole parcel and then convey to Yeast his portion. Before the conveyance was made, George Nagel died. The land adjoined that of Peter BRUNER. George WILES settled on 14 1/2 acres of the property and made improvements. (It's not totally clear; but there seems to have been a transaction with George Yeast on the part that wasn t reconveyed). George NAGLE d/ intestate, leaving widow - Margaret (who since married Jacob COONS) and four daughters - - Charlotte w/o Jacob FULLWILER* - Catherine w/o Michael EKENBERGER - Eve NAGEL - Elizabeth NAGLE Since Nagle s death, Wiles has approached the family and asked for the conveyance; but, they have refused and even took out a trespass order against him. They are also claiming dower rights on Wiles portion; filed on 21 Nov 1783. Case was dismissed (not recorded). * (See Estate of Jacob FOOLWYDEE) =============================================
Estate of Henry & Hannah NEFF - Sale of Real Estate - 29 Jan 1841 [MdHR 17,898-11359-1/3; MSA S 512-11184; Loc 1-39-04-07, 29 Jan 1841] George TRUMBO of Carroll County, Augustus GROVE of Worcester County, Louis GROVE of Washington County, all of the State of Maryland; and John WINEBRENNER and wife Hannah of Pennsylvania - Petition Henry NEFF, the Elder of Baltimore County died abt 1 Jul 1796 (will written 4 Nov 1795; filed 18 Jul 1796, stating he was about 75 years old, giving tract Rochester to d/ Susannah, except part which he conveyed to s/ Henry; witnesses: Stephen WINCHESTER, John YINGLING and Joseph HOWARD). widow - Hannah died about 1 Jul 1827 leaving the same ten named children. 1/ John NEFF (died since his father, intestate) leaving 9 children - .......Peter NEFF, Allegany Co, MD (has since died, assumed w/o issue) .......John NEFF, Allegany Co, MD .......Elizabeth w/o Thomas WRIGHT - Allegany Co, MD .......Susannah w/o William WRIGHT - Allegany Co, MD .......Ann (now dec'd) w/o _______ COOMBS - Allegany Co, MD ----------Sarah COOMBS, a minor ----------Margaret COOMBS, a minor ----------Elizabeth COOMBS, a minor ----------John COOMBS, a minor ----------Susannah COOMBS, a minor .......Hannah (has since died) w/o _______ KOONTZ - Allegany Co, MD ----------Sarah KOONTZ ----------Catharine KOONTZ w/o Salem HUMBERSON ----------Jacob KOONTZ - Out of State .......Sarah w/o Isaiah FROST .......Henry NEFF (has since died) - his 2 children, ----------John NEFF 3rd - Out of State ----------Sarah NEFF - Out of State .......Jacob NEFF (has since died) - his 3 minor children, ----------John NEFF - Allegany Co, MD ----------Sarah Ann NEFF - Allegany Co, MD ----------Mary NEFF - Allegany Co, MD 2/ Mary Molly (Neff) TRUMBO/DRUMBO, dec'd, leaving 4 children, .......George TRUMBO - Carroll Co, MD .......Mary TRUMBO, dec'd w/o Abraham LAMMOTT - Carroll Co, MD (5 children) ----------Elizabeth LAMMOTT ----------Angaline LAMMOTT ----------George Wesley LAMMOTT ----------William Henry LAMMOTT ----------Lewis I.A. LAMMOTT .......Elizabeth TRUMBO, dec'd w/o Jacob GROVE (3 children) ----------Augustus G. GROVE (minister) - Worcester Co, MD ----------Louis I. GROVE - Washington Co, MD ----------Hannah w/o John WINEBRENNER - PA .......Hannah TRUMBO wid/o John Lewis WAMPLER - Westminster, Carroll Co, MD - she d/ 1838 (will Jun 1838; 15 Oct 1838) 3/ Susannah NEFF d/ 26 Feb 1840 - Carroll Co, MD (will written 26 Dec 1839 stated her share to be divided amongst her relatives except - William DURBIN and his heirs to be excluded; mentions her niece Hannah, w/o John NICODEMUS) 4/ Henry NEFF (Jr) d/ abt 24 Mar 1830, w/o issue - Baltimore Co, MD (will written 14 Mar 1830 for his share to be divided amongst his heirs, ..also freed his SLAVES - - PRISS, GEORGE, JACK and SALL 5/ Elizabeth (Neff) REESE, dec'd, leaving 3 children, .......Andrew REESE (has since died) - Carroll Co, MD (2 children) ----------John REESE ----------David REESE .......Elizabeth (Reese) w/o William DURBIN - Allegany Co, MD .......Catharine (Reese) (now dec'd) w/o Nicholas DURBIN - Carroll Co, MD (3 children) ----------Andrew R. DURBIN ----------Susannah DURBIN ----------Mary DURBIN 6/ Ann (Neff) NICODEMUS, dec'd, leaving 7 children, .......Henry NICODEMUS (now dec'd), leaving 11 children - Carroll Co, MD ----------Isaac C. NICODEMUS ----------Margarett NICODEMUS ----------Mary (Nicodemus) w/o Thomas STEVENSON ----------John NICODEMUS ----------Sarah Ann NICODEMUS ----------David NICODEMUS, a minor ----------Susanna NICODEMUS, a minor ----------Eliza NICODEMUS, a minor ----------Jesse NICODEMUS, a minor ----------Hanson NICODEMUS, a minor ----------Catharine NICODEMUS, a minor .......Andrew NICODEMUS - Carroll Co, MD .......Rebecca (Nicodemus) w/o John PRUGH - Out of State .......Sarah (Nicodemus) w/o Levi DEVILBISS - Frederick Co, MD .......Lydia (Nicodemus) w/o Isaac CASSILL - Out of State .......Anna (Nicodemus) w/o Frederick CRONISE - Frederick Co, MD .......John NICODEMUS - Carroll Co, MD 7/ Jacob NEFF, dec'd, leaving 3 children, .......Margaret (Neff) w/o Burgess MAGRUDER - Allegany Co, MD .......Mary (Neff) (not Sarah) w/o Emanuel EASTER - Allegany Co, MD .......Hannah (Neff) dec'd w/o Robert A. ROBERTSON - Allegany Co, MD ----------Anna N. ROBERTSON, a minor (her only child) 8/ George NEFF - Out of State 9/ Hannah NEFF, d/ 18 Oct 1839 - Carroll Co, MD (will dtd 17 Dec 1838 gave estate to sister Susannah for life, then to be divided amongst relatives except - George TRUMBO and William DURBIN to be excluded.) 10/ Conrad NEFF - Out of State * - Distribution listing mentions will of Hannah WAMPLER - Mary LAMMOTT for 1/3 of 1/4 of 1/9 to George TRUMBO, trustee, $26.14; - Jacob GROVE, Legatee under same will, $100, $10.05 - Angelina LAMMOTT, $100, $10.05 - George W. LAMMOTT, $20, $2 - William H. LAMMOTT, $20, $2 - Louis I. A. LAMMOTT, $20, $2 George TRUMBO was appointed trustee to sell the properties, securities were George TRUMBO, John FISHER and Abraham WAMPLER. Two years after this, 12 Jul 1843, John NICODEMUS brought a complaint for contempt against Trumbo because he had not yet sold the property or made any report to the court. One who testified was Andrew POUDER of Carroll Co, MD. Land - Farm composed of two tracts, "Friendship Compleated", and "Rochester" (now in Carroll County), 217+ acres, lies along the Washington Road; and "Martin s Spring", 177 acres (now in Allegany Co, MD and purchased before the Elder Henry s will). Indenture recorded 27 Jan 1785, written 17 Nov 1784 by Jacob HARMAN (wife Margaret) and Nicholas POUL (wife Elizabeth) of Frederick Co, MD to Henry NEFF of Baltimore Co, MD for 5 pounds specie, tract "Martin s Spring", formerly in Frederick County but then in Washington County, MD, 177 acres with houses, buildings, gardens, orchards, waterways, timber, etc. Indenture written 7 Jan 1802 by Henry NEFF to Hannah NEFF, both of Baltimore Co, MD, for $1,333.33, tract "Friendship Completed", 200 acres, previously conveyed by William ROBERTS in Oct 1756; and also part "Rochester", 17 1/2 acres, previously conveyed by Charles CARROLL of Carrollton on 8 Nov 1790. By 12 Apr 1844, George TRUMBO had divided the Carroll Co, MD land into 15 lots and sold to the highest bidders: Lewis TRUMBO (2 lots), Jacob RIGHTER, Daniel CASSELL, Jacob GROVE (7 lots including the largest one of 64 acres), Jacob BEAVER, Benjamin DAVIS, Basil HAYDEN and Jacob RENAULD. The outcome of the Washington Co, MD property is uncertain. ===========================================
Thomas OGLE - Estate - 13 Jan 1793 [MSA S512-5364; 1/37/2/36-5236; 11 folders] Thomas, William and Margaret DYER, adm/of Edward DYER, deceased vs Heirs of Thomas OGLE On 26 Jul 1787, judgment, of Thomas OGLE, George ADAMS and Valentine ADAMS for 917 pounds, 8 shillings and 2 pence cm and 731 pounds of tobacco, to be paid to Edward DYER. George and Valentine ADAMS were unable to pay the debt and Thomas OGLE had not paid the debt before his death either. Thomas OGLE, farmer, dec'd (will 6 Apr 1789; 18 Nov 1890) widow - Sybilla and 5 minor children, - Thomas OGLE - Margaret OGLE - Joseph OGLE - John OGLE - Mary OGLE (sons to be bound out at age 15 to learn trades) Executors were the widow and his friend, George Jacob SCHLY. Land - "Peace and Plenty" on Owens Creek (178+ acres with mill seat for widow s dower); - Lot# 54 in Frederick Town (1/4 part for widow s dower). May 1788 - David McMECHEN, Alderman of the City of Annapolis, made oath that original bond on ammended judgements, dated 4 Jun 1787, was obtained for Edward DYER, as trustee for John HAMILTON and Samuel EDMONDSON, late officers of the Army. Edward DYER directed McMechon to pay Samuel EDMONDSON 388 dollars in certificates and all interest, with the balance to be paid to Hamilton. On 7 April 1794, Sybilla OGLE was named guardian over her minor children. Thomas BEATTY was High Sheriff at this time. Sybilla stated she has heard Thomas DYER has died but has no direct knowledge of this. On 19 May 1798, James DEAN, exec/of Thomas KERR, a creditor of Ogle s, made application for Tobias BUTLER to be Trustee. A degree against Thomas BEATTY is mentioned in 1798 on a payment receipt. Jacob SIES, one of the creditors against Thomas Ogle was a blacksmith; 1784-1789, John PRUTSMAN sold grains, built a smokehouse and waggon repairs; in 1795, Eleanor DAVIDSON, executrix of John DAVIDSON s estate of Ann Arundel County, claimed monies for linen sales; 1782-1795, Daniel CASSELL, leather goods; Thomas SCHLEY Sr, now deceased, for cash loans from 1775 until 1781, filed on 21 Oct 1794; other creditors were Andrew BOYD in 1782 and Vachel STEVENS of Annapolis, Anne Arundel County in 1785. There is also a promisary note signed by Thomas OGLE of Delaware State to Christian COON dated Dec 1782 witnessed by David McMECHEN of Baltimore Town. Sale held on 11 Jul 1794 for tract on Owens Creek and on 5 Aug 1794 for part of lot in Frederick Town with highest bidders as: - Henry COON for 125 acres and Guy ELDER for 275 acres (not exactly specified as to which property). - Sybilla OGLE for 13 acres and 1/4 acre known as Lot #7 of "Tasker s Chance", conveyed to Ogle s heirs by Thomas BEATTY; at 314 pounds cm on 28 Mar 1801. On 11 May 1796, Margaret FISCHER, widow of Adam FISCHER, and executrix, claimed monies due from bond to her late husband against the estate of Thomas OGLE; said bond filed 15 Oct 1794. ====================================
Henry PITESELL - Estate - 10 Feb 1791 [MSA S512- 4239; 1/36/5/49-4115; 2 folders] Elizabeth PRUTZMAN vs Henry PITESELL Henry PITESELL d/ 1786 w/ Mary, d/ about 1763, leaving two young daughters, d/ Elizabeth PITESELL, a minor d/ Mary PITESELL, a minor Land Tracts - "Resurvey on John s Delight", "Paraphrase". Elizabeth continued to live with her father after her mother s death, taking on the housekeeping duties until 1780-1781, when her father married Juliann WELLER. From this second marriage came son, Henry, who was a minor in Feb 1791. Elizabeth s father had promised her a 100 acre tract on "Resurvey on Smith s Hap", where Daniel FRY was a tenant and where John BROWN once resided, which is near Weller s School Road. The suit continues for some time for her to obtain title to this property. (Two folders with numerous papers, perhaps 30-40) [A small slip of paper written in German was in the first folder; it appeared to be a recording of the birth of Henry & Julianne s son; in part, it read - Johann Heinrich PEIZEL, Jr., born 13 May 1783 in Graceham; sponsors were Jacob & Elizabeth WELLER] ====================================
Henry PITSELL/BEITZELL - Estate - 8 Jun 1795 [MSA S512-3120; 1/36/4/9-3036] Christian LEFEFER/LEFEVER vs Henry PITSELL, s/o Henry PITSELL, Sr. Henry BEITZELL, a farmer, was bound to Christian LEFEVER for 100 pounds in gold or silver on 10 Dec 1784. Henry PITESELL, farmer d/ May 1785 or 1786 intestate, leaving son, Henry. Petition was made in October 1790 to sell real estate for settlement of accounts. On 14 May 1795, Yelles STOUFER was administrator. On 9 Nov 1795, John WOLLOR (WELLER) was named guardian for son Henry PITESOLE, a minor. Sale was advertised in Winter s Newspaper in Frederick Town in August 1796. Trustees were Tobias BUTLER and Richard BUTLER. Land - "Resurvey on Paradise", 74+ acres, from Charles BEATTY of Montgomery County to Tobias BUTLER of Frederick County, as trustee of Henry BITESELL/PITESELL, on 3 May 1797. (Pitesell died before the land was conveyed.) On 20 May 1797, sold to Frederick WILHITE for 151 pounds, 2 shilling cm. ====================================
George LUTHER vs George CHANDLER and Peter SHRINER/SHRIVER - Title - 8 Apr 1789 [MSA S512- 3226; 1/36/4/22-3139] Joseph PLUMMER, planter, late of Frederick County but now in Berkeley Co, VA (WV), owned tract, "The Land of Promise", 1,777 acres; but conveyed 150 acres to Samuel WATERS (son-in-law of PLUMMER) who occupied said land for several years. In 1781, Waters sold 90 acres of this section, near the top of the hill on the south side of Bush Creek, to George CHANDLER of Montgomery County; said section adjoined part of "The Land of Promise" which was conveyed by Plummer to John COWMAN. In Sep 1782, Waters sold to George LUTHER, part of "Land of Promise, 101 acres, conveyed to Waters from Plummer, lying next to Edward CROW s and, on 4 March 1783, Plummer executed a deed to Luther for this land without mention of the Samuel WATERS' transaction. George Luther claimed Plummer also executed a deed to Chandler for part purchased from Waters on 6 March 1781 whereby part of the metes and bounds were incorrectly stated. In 1787, Chandler sold, to Peter SHRINER, his parcel from Waters, at which time Luther discovered the mistake and approached Chandler regarding a correction of this; but Chandler refused and Shriver/Shriner also refused. George Chandler stated his deed was the earlier deed and the mistake was thus on the latter deed and he knew nothing about any agreement of land having to adjoin Cowman s land; but only that a mill seat was to be included which it was. Testimony given by Moses PLUMMER, chain carrier. Plat shows parts of "Land of Promise" owned by John COWMAN, lying next to Adam CLAY s part which adjoins George LUTHER s part, and CHANDLER and SHRINER s part (also shows overlapping between Chandler and Luther s sections). Surveyed by William BALLINGER, but not dated.(dismissed) ============================
Francis RAWLINGS Jr. - Estate - 14 Jul 1791 [MSA S512- 325; 1/35/5/42-281] Francis RAWLINGS Jr. d/ 1780, intestate, of Anne Arundel County widow - Sarah (now w/o Henry BALDWIN) Administrator was the widow. Rawlings had a lease to David KERR, on a plantation near Annapolis with negroes and stock, for a five-year term. Said lease was transferred to Lewis DuVALL of Frederick County. Sarah RAWLINGS BALDWIN died before July 1791, whereby, Henry BALDWIN then became administrator for the Rawlings estate. Bill dismissed, not recorded. =========================
John RENNER - Estate - 27 Jan 1811 [MSA S512- 1744; 1/36/2/29-1673] Peter ENGLE vs Daniel RENNER and Nathan BAKER John RENNER d/ 1799 intestate, leaving as eldest, a daughter, - Catherine w/o Michael KESSELRING who elected to take the estate. About 1808, Daniel RENNER, s/o John, instituted a suit to recover his share and assigned it to Nathan BAKER. In 1809, Daniel RENNER, for use of Nathan BAKER, recovered Judgment against Peter ENGLE for 600 pounds cm for damages and 387 pounds of tobacco. It was claimed Daniel owed the estate fees for boarding, washing, lodging and other things charged to Daniel, which he agreed to pay. By 1 Jan 1811, Daniel RENNER had left the state of Maryland to parts unknown. Peter ENGLE, Baltzer FOGLE and Conrad SHAFER were bound to Daniel RENNER for 1500 pounds current money, dated 21 Jan 1811. ================================
Trust Estate of Richard RICHARDSON - 2 Nov 1761 [MSA S512-3784; 1/36/4/84-3670] Richard RICHARDSON d/ c 7 Jan 1761 (will), leaving 8 children d/ Sophia w/o Edward MATTHEWS s/ Samuel RICHARDSON s/ Richard RICHARDSON, age 18 s/ Thomas RICHARDSON, age 16 d/ Milcha RICHARDSON, age 14 s/ John RICHARDSON, age 9 s/ William RICHARDSON, age 6 d/ Lucretia RICHARDSON, age 4 Cousins: Samuel RICHARDSON and Richard THOMAS Land tract "Henry", 280 acres; - "Addition to Mill Lott" and "Ballengor s Endeavour", 1,003 acres; - "Josiah", 100 acres; - "Small Gains", 20 acres. Executors had renounced and refused to sell the property for division; this was listed as not recorded and dated 27 Oct 1761. =====================================
John ROBERTS - Insolvency - 26 Dec 1787 [MSA S512- 4369; 1/37/1/12-4247] Meeting was held in Taneytown with creditors and John ROBERTS asked for a discharge with Mr. ASHMEAD acting as his security. (not recorded) ==================================
Josiah RUSSELL - Estate - 20 Aug 1798 [MSA S512- 5063; 1/37/1/95-4912; 3 folders] George Jacob SCHLEY vs Estate of Josiah RUSSELL George Jacob SCHLEY became surety for Josiah RUSSELL for 200 pounds to Jacob BAYER on 20 Jan 1778, for Bayer s house and Lot# 63 in Frederick Town. On 8 Apr 1778, Josiah Russell and Adam FISHER, both of Frederick Town, became bound to Catherine BOYER for 500 pounds cm of Maryland. Russell owed Schley for an outstanding debt of 330 pounds, 17 shillings continental money. Josiah RUSSELL died without any known heirs and afterward, Abner RITCHIE was named Trustee to sell the real estate. The property was sold on 2 May 1799 to Abraham GAFFSON/HOFFSON with William M. HAFF/HOFF as his surety. There was also a petition of Zachariah KOONE, administrator of Ann HORSEY/HERSEY of Somerset County (from 8 Oct 1801), for a remaining debt, of 27 pounds, 17 shillings, 9 pence and penny, in the real estate of Josiah and Mary RUSSELL, deceased. ===================================
Horatio GATES vs State of Maryland Title - 24 May 1791 [MSA S512- 2074; 1/36/2/67-2007] Daniel JUIFER(?) (of Thomas), late agent of Maryland, sold confiscated property of a British subject, William SABETIER, for 400 pounds to Horatio GATES. Land - "Alexandria", and "Forrest of Needwood", 340 acres. Samuel DUVALL did a survey which only proved to be 298 acres. An allowance in price needs to be made with the title. =======================
Philip Richard FENDALL vs Patrick SIM, Joseph SIM and Patrick Sim SMITH Title to Slaves - 15 Jun 1790 [MSA S512-1848; 1/36/2/41-1770] Richard LEE, deceased, of Charles County Administrator was Philip Richard FENDALL of Alexandria, VA Patrick SIM was indebted to estate of Richard LEE and bill of sale was to be made by Sim for a 6-year-old bay gelding and all his SLAVES, some of which are named: - JOHN, CHARLES, NAT, MOSES, BILLY, JAMES, TOM, WILL, NAT s/o BILLY, JACK s/o NAT, NELL, KATE, SAL, MARY, JENNY, HENNY, YOUNG HENNY, MAGDALEN, NANCY and BETT and all others in his possession. Patrick SIM executed bill of sale of Negroes to Joseph SIM and Patrick Sim SMITH dated of 6 May 1790. Fendall is disputing this document and claims it to be fraudulent, as Patrick SIM was at Fendall s house that day in Alexandria, Virginia and Joseph SIM was in Prince Georges County. (not recorded) ==========================
Jacob SHEETZ - Estate - 19 Oct 1829 [MSA S512-10837; 1/39/03/58-10994] Jacob SHEETZ d/ Jan 1825 intestate, leaving widow - Hannah and 6 children, 1. Jacob SHEETZ 2. Elizabeth w/o William KOONTZ 3. Isaac SHEETZ - Out of State 4. Abraham SHEETZ 5. Sarah w/o George STEITLE 6. Eli SHEETZ - Virginia Land - Rich Bottom , 134 acres, patented in the Western Shore Land Office 4 May 1818. Land was resurveyed to include - "Deep Bottom", - "Third Addition to Brooks Discovery on the Rich Lands" - "Rabbit Harbour". Petition was filed by Eli SHEETZ; trustee was Jacob ZUMBRUM. On 24 Mar 1830, sale made to Abraham SHEETZ for $2,985.52. Auditor s Report filed 29 Dec 1830. ====================================
Evan SHELBY vs Andrew BLAIR - Contract for Payment - 4 Oct 1773 [MSA S512-4690; 1/37/1/47-4521] Andrew BLAIR, farmer, and Evan SHELBY became indebted in Jan 1762 to Edmund MORAN and William McLELLAN, merchants, for 390 pounds PA currency with interest to Robert McRAO. Evan has paid most of his and is petitioning for payment from his partner, as he has heard Andrew BLAIR intends to sell his whole estate and move beyond the Alleghany to Redstone or some other remote settlement. (not recorded) ==================================
Henry SHOUP - Estate - 17 Aug 1796 [MSA S512-4699; 1/37/1/48-4530; 2 folders] Henry SHOUP d/ 1790, leaving 7 children, 1. Elizabeth SHOUP 2. Magdalena SHOUP 3. Henry SHOUP Jr (represented by Wendel HESSON) 4. Catherine w/o Christian CRUMRINE -Louden Co, VA by 1797 5. Balser SHOUP, minor 6. Jacob SHOUP, minor 7. Mary SHOUP, minor Guardian was Adam GOOD. In Oct 1797, Catherine transferred her rights to John GWINN, trustee; but, by 13 Dec 1797, John GWINN was deceased and trustee then named was Richard BROOK. Jacob was apprenticed to Benjamin BIGGS of Taneytown. Land - "Ohio", from Samuel OWINGS in 1770; - "Unity", from John STORM; but no deed was recorded. Property was sold at the home of Adam GOOD near Taneytown on 27 Aug 1803 for $301 to Peter BOOSE/BUSE. ===================================
SHOUP vs SHOUP, SHUCK - Petition for Title - 26 Jan 1811 [MSA S512- 4727; 1/37/1/56-4558] In 1762, Martin SHOUP owned "Shoup's Choice". Martin SHOUP died, leaving land to 2 sons, 1/ George SHOUP - Ohio 2/ Christian SHOUP, now dec'd (will 26 Jul 1790; 8 Jan 1791) .....w/ Elizabeth (later m/ Peter SHUCK) and minor children, .......Elizabeth SHOUP (soon died) .......(unborn) SHOUP, (also later named Elizabeth SHOUP) Land - "Martin s Good Luck", resurveyed on 17 May 1790 for 218 acres and name changed to "Shoup s Conclusion" with 1 acre being a vacancy; but Martin died before the patent was issued. =======================================
Casper SMITH - Estate - 12 Dec 1798 [MSA S512- 4762; 1/37/1/61-4593] Captain Daniel SMITH vs Stephen WINCHESTER (Baltimore Co), Normand BRUCE, Bernard ONEIL (Montgomery Co), William DIGGES (Prince Georges Co), Christiana & George J. SMITH, and Hampton Company. County Ironworks - Hampton Company consisted of Benedict CALVERT, Normand BRUCE, William DIGGES, Jr, Bernard ONEIL, Casper SMITH (father of Daniel). Benedict CALVERT died with a will, leaving wife Elizabeth who also died. They possessed a tract of land, pt Carolina , which they and the Hampton Company gave Stephen WINCHESTER full authorization to sell. Daniel SMITH purchased the property, consisting of 786 acres, for 740 pounds current money on 7 Sep 1796. Casper SMITH, dec'd, farmer (will 14 Dec 1770; 7 Jun 1780) widow - Christina and 8 children, - George Jacob SMITH (oldest) - Christian Henry SMITH - Daniel SMITH - Matthew SMITH - Peter SMITH - Maria Elizabeth SMITH - Marry SMITH - Maria Christiana SMITH Suit was filed because property had not been recorded. ===========================================
Richard SNOWDEN Estate - 14 Dec 1773 [MSA S512-5326; 1/37/2/29-5196] Hugh THOMAS and w/ Elizabeth, and Arnold NEWTON and w/ Elizabeth vs John EDWARDS Richard SNOWDEN of Anne Arundel County died after writing his will on 5 Jan 1763. His executors were his sons, - Thomas SNOWDEN (eldest son who later died), leaving his eldest son, Henry SNOWDEN - Samuel SNOWDEN - John SNOWDEN Land - "Beall s Manor", 100 acres, in Frederick County. Richard made an agreement to sell the land to Francis EDWARDS. Francis EDWARDS, dec'd (will 17 Feb 1765; 19 Mar 1765), leaving widow - Elizabeth and 2 children d/ ________ w/o Hugh THOMAS - their child, .....Elizabeth "Betsey" THOMAS, now w/o Arnold NEWTON s/ John EDWARDS Later the widow died and John EDWARDS obtained possession of the bond given to his father from Snowden. He conveyed the property to William HOLMES, who took possession and profit from the property under the pretense he had purchased it. (not recorded) ======================================
John SOWERS - Estate - 8 Dec 1795 [MSA S512-4672; 1/37/1/46-4505] John SOWERS, dec'd, of Manor Hundred (will 31 Dec 1784; 19 Feb 1785) widow - Sophia (now w/o ______ NEIMAN) and 6 children, - John SOWER - York Co, PA - Catherine SOWER, now w/o Jacob EPPERLY - Montgomery Co, VA - Jacob SOWER - Margaret SOWER, now w/o Philip COPPEL - Rowan Co, NC - Juliana SOWER - Philip SOWER Executors were the widow and Allen FARQUHAR. Witnesses: Frederick LOWER, Michael OVELMAN?, and Nicholas COPBLE. Land - "Come by Chance", 149 acres. Estate went through Chancery Court because the will didn t elect anyone to handle the sale of the property which was to take place upon his youngest son reaching the age of 15. Allen QUYNN was named trustee but died about 17 Mar 1799, insolvent; later Joshua DeLAPLANE was named trustee. Son John sold his land rights to Hugh HAGAN on 30 Apr 1796 and remaining interest rights to Isaac MANTZ and Charles SCHELL on 27 Mar 1802. The Epperly s assigned their rights to George FOX on 14 Dec 1801, who then transferred them to Isaac MANTZ and Charles SCHELL on 20 Jan 1802, verified by Abraham CRAPSTER. Sophia NEIMAN sold her dower rights to Isaac MANTZ and Charles SCHELL for 37 pounds 10 shillings cm of Pennsylvania on 18 May 1802. On 4 Apr 1796, sale made to John DEAL for 560 pounds 6 shillings, with bond held by Christian SAILOR and Abram HARDMAN. On 13 Dec 1815, distribution made as follows: Sophia, 1/3 or $376.35; each 1/6 share was $125.45. ====================================
SPRIGGS vs SPRIGGS, BELT, HERSTON, JOHNSON - Petition to Divide - 12 Dec 1810 [MSA S512- 4896; 1/37/1/76-4727; 3 folders ] Cpt. Thomas SPRIGGS d/ 10 Jul 1810 1st w/ Martha, married 1772 or 1773 (not married when daughter was born, but was acknowledged) d/ Ann b/ 1771 .....Ann m/ Robert JOHNSON - their daughter, ------------Julia JOHNSON 2nd w/ Lucy BELT d/ Delila, dec w/o Charles HURSTON - NY - her child, .....Maria HURSTON, a minor d/ Lethenia (Spriggs) w/o John SPRIGGS (m/ Mar 1803 and moved to western country) s/ Otho SPRIGGS d/ Harriot (Spriggs), a minor (later m/ Stephen DORSEY by 5 Aug 1812) (Harriet s 2nd husband was Eli P. BENTLEY, a merchant of Anne Arundel Co, MD whom she married by 4 Mar 1817) Land - "Mount Zion", "Poplar Springs", "I Am Looser Still", "Fat Oxen", "Beall s Good Will" (Montgomery Co, MD), "Additional Defense" Lot 23 (Anne Arundel Co, MD). Lethenia & John SPRIGGS claim, after their marriage and their move to the western country, her father offered to give them a plantation, if they would return. After their return in 1804, he purchased, from Lenox MARTIN, part of "Beall s Good Will", 120-130 acres, for them and put them in possession of it; and they are still in possession of it. Spriggs also purchased, from Levi HAYS, another adjoining tract, also as a gift to them; part of two tracts, "Mount Zion" and part of "Beall s Good Will", 92+ acres, and also put them in possession of it and since; but, they never obtained legal title of lands from Lenox MARTIN although they did from Levi HAYS - (testimony from 28 May 1811). On 11 Jul 1816, there is mention of John SPRIGGS living in Montgomery Co, MD. In Dec 1816, Lucy Belt SPRIGGS denied knowing anything about such an agreement between her husband and daughter Lethenia; but did state her husband always claimed Anne as his daughter. There is record of Otho SPRIGG of Mt Hampton, Frederick County on 11 Oct 1816, mentioning two of the heirs - John SPRIGG and Robert LYLES (connection not known). Lethenia & John SPRIGGS were allowed to keep possession of plantation and the remainder of the land was divided among the remaining heirs. ====================================
Thomas SPRIGGS - Estate - 13 Sep 1819 [MSA S512-2078; 1/36/2/67-2011] Marcus Y. GRAFF and w/ Maria vs Estate of Thomas SPRIGGS Thomas SPRIGGS died, leaving widow - Lucy Belt SPRIGG and 5 children, d/ Lethenia w/o John SPRIGG - Montgomery County d/ Harriet w/o Eli P. BENTLEY d/ Delilah (died intestate) w/o Charles HERSTON - their child .....Maria HERSTON w/o Marcus Y. GRAFF d/ Nancy (died intestate) w/o Robert JOHNSON - their child .....Julia JOHNSON w/o Robert LYLES - Montgomery County s/ Otho SPRIGGS Land - in Fredrick County: - "Mount Zion"; - "Hickory Level" - "I am Loose Still"; - "Fat Oxen". in Montgomery County: - "Beall's Good Will"; in Anne Arundel County: - "Additional Defence", Lot 3 at Poplar Springs. Harriet and Julia transferred their shares to Otho; Thomas had already given "Mount Zion" and "Beall's Good Will" to Lethenia and John SPRIGG. ==============================
Edward STEVENSON heirs vs Charles CARROLL, Thorgood SMITH, Richard CATON, Christopher JOHNSON, and Joshua STEVENSON - Title - 2 Aug 1794 [MSA S512- 4841; 1/37/1/71-4672] Edward STEVENSON d/ 1784 (will), leaving heirs - Sarah STEVENSON - Susannah COOK, now w/o Thomas ROBERTS - Mary, now w/o Hooper CHAMBERLAIN - Edward STEVENSON - John STEVENSON - Samuel RISTOR - Joshua STEVENSON Stevenson owned numerous tracts of land containing hundreds of acres, some of which were: - "Resurvey on Cornwell/Comwell", 162 acres; - "Ridgeway s Farm", 122 acres; - "Resurvey on Dear Bought", 17 acres; - "Molly s Industry", 10 acres; - "Molly s Lot" - "Stevenson s Garden". Some of the land was in Baltimore County: "Stevenson s Wolf Pen", - "That or Nothing", - "Singary s Trouting Streat" (originally granted to Christian SINGARY). Stevenson was indebted to Charles CARROLL for 613 pounds, 7 shillings, and 4 pence in sterling when he died. All of the heirs conveyed their interests for settlement over to Joshua STEVENSON who was the administrator; witnesses were Mary STEVENSON and Abner CHAMBERLAIN. Some of the sales for the Frederick County property were: - John CARTHE and Henry PO__RS - 200 acres - John NICODEMUS - 80 acres - Joseph HAYNES - 120 acres - J. W. WILLIS - 7,500 acres Joshua STEVENSON Jr. of Frederick County signed over deed, dated 9 Nov 1796, to Christopher JOHNSON of Baltimore Town who was acting trustee for the Edward STEVENSON estate. Thorgood SMITH, Richard CATON, and Christopher JOHNSON, joint trustees, conveyed to Joshua STEVENSON Sr. for 2,345 pounds, 10 shillings, tract part "Stevenson s Garden", 418 acres; 101 acres were cancelled and resold. Then, "Stevenson s Garden Resurveyed" was sold: - J. SMELTZER 133 acres in 1795 - J. NICODEMUS 82 acres in 1796 - Joseph HAINES 123 acres in 1796 - Joshiah STEVENSON 520 acres in 1797 - Henry PETERS 201 acres in 1797 - Henry WILLIS 526 acres in 1800 ===================================
John STORM Estate - 11 Mar 1806 [MSA S512- 5069; 1/37/1/95-4918] Peter STORM, John ADAMS vs John WHITMORE Peter STORM and John ADAMS were executors of John STORM s estate. John WHITMORE was indebted to John STORM. Note - This was not recorded and nothing further is in the file, leading one to believe it was settled out of court. =========================================
John RAMSBERGH vs John Vandel STURRUM Heirs - Petition to Correct Deed - 13 Mar 1817 [MSA S512-4322; 1/37/1/6-4200 dated 13 Mar 1817] John RAMSBERGH, et al vs Heirs of John Vandel STURRME Johan Vandel STORM, dec'd - his children, - Michael STORM - Daniel STORM - Magdalena (Storm) w/o Harman YOST Land - "Good Wife", "Turkey Range" and "Resurvey on Turkey Range" (Middletown Valley area); sold to Peter RENTCH on 22 Oct 1765. The measurements of the land were incorrect and it was not until later this was found and corrected. By then, Johan Vandel Sturm was deceased and his heirs had left the state. Peter STERM (STORM?) testified the children had all moved out of state and were all deceased; had left heirs, but their names and locations were unknown. (13 May 1817) --------------- On 3 Mar 1784, same tracts were sold by Joseph, John & Andrew RENTCH, of Washington County, sons and heirs of Peter RENTCH, deceased, to Adam KEPLINGER of Washington Co, MD. Peter RENTCH, dec'd, leaving 9 children, 1/ Peter RENTCH 2/ Joseph RENTCH 3/ David RENTCH 4/ Catharine w/o Jacob GRUMBACK 5/ Esther w/o John BARSTLOCK 6/ Susannah RENTCH 7/ Elisabeth RENTCH 8/ John RENTCH, dec'd - leaving his only child, .......Elizabeth w/o Jacob CELLERY/CELLAY 9/ Andrew RENTCH, dec'd - leaving his 9 children, .......Peter RENTCH, dec'd .......Daniel RENTCH .......Susannah (Rentch) w/o Jonas HOGMIRE .......Elizabeth (Rentch) w/o John WOLGAMIDE .......Margaret (Rentch) w/o Henry GRUNBACK .......Catharine (Rentch) w/o Daniel MILLER .......Michael RENTCH, a minor? .......John RENTCH, a minor .......Mary RENTCH, a minor Guardian was George RAMSBERG. (See file above on KEPLINGER) ====================================================
John STULL - Estate - 27 Oct 1791 [MSA S512- 4715; 1/37/1/52-4546; 5 folders] Abijah SWEARINGHAM vs Otho WILLIAMS (of Baltimore Town) & Elie WILLIAMS, execs/of John STULL, all the rest of Washington County Isaac STULL of Frederick County possessed 1/2 part of tract "Resurvey on Whiskey". On 1 Jun 1769, he contracted with his brother, John STULL, for the sale; whereby, John issued bonds to his brother Isaac, conditioned for the payment. Before the conveyance was made, Isaac STULL died, unmarried and w/o issue - Washington county bro/ John STULL sis/ Susannah, w/o Charles SWEARINGHAM - her son, .......Abijah SWEARINGHAM/SWEARINGER bro/ Jacob STULL (if he returns within ten years) sis/ Margaret, wid/o Peter WHITE All lived in Washington County. Isaac died of smallpox in the house of John STULL; Susannah WEST nursed Issac during his final days (8-21 days of illness). Besides the nurse, others present when Isaac signed his will were: John WILT, Charles SWEARINGER, Thomas BROOKE (who wrote it) and Isaac s mother, who is now dead. Testimony was heard on 28 Sep 1792 at the courthouse in Elizabeth Town (Hagerstown); those giving testimony were: Margaret WHITE, age 56, the widow of Peter WHITE of Washington Co, sister to John Stall; and Mrs. Susannah Swearinger w/o Charles; Henry WILT of Cumberland Co, PA, labourer, age 43. The next day, at the same location, testimony was given by: John WILT Cumberland Co, PA, millwright, age 46. Thomas SMITH, a farmer of Washington Co, age 52, had a brother, James SMITH, who moved to Carolina about 13 years ago (8 Jan 1793), and since to Georgia; Thomas testified to finding a paper his brother left behind concerning the Stulls. Conrad HOGMIRE, a farmer of Washington Co, age 67, testified Jacob STULL moved away about 1760; and knew Charles SWEARINGER since 1740 when a little boy, always was his neighbor, living about 3 miles away, and knew him to be honest. He also stated John was abusive to his sister (Swearinger). In addition, he stated Colonel John STULL had an elder brother, Daniel STULL, who built the brick house where John lived. On 9 Jan 1793 in the same place, testimony was heard from Robert SMITH, a farmer of Washington Co, age 54. He stated John STULL died about 2 years ago and was an overbearing man; stated Charles SWEARINGER was a farmer of Washington County, age 57. He testified John STULL was away at the time Isaac signed his will; and John STULL s wife was ill and had very small children in the house. Mrs. Ruth BAINBRIDGE, sister to John Stull's first wife, attended her sister during her illness. (Notated as not recorded) Note - Of the five folders, this abstract was only done on folder 1, pages 1-33; there was much more to be found. ===========================================================
Otho H. WILLIAMS vs William THOMAS - Injunction - 15 Apr 1790 [MSA S512- 5893; 1/37/3/1-5790] On 15 Apr 1790, Otho Holland WILLIAMS of Baltimore County made complaint in Anne Arundel County against William THOMAS for an injunction to stop the cutting of timber on Dulany s Lott #1. Although David POE purchased this land in Frederick County and sold it to Williams, it had not been conveyed to him. William THOMAS of Frederick County was accused of committing great waste and destruction of wood and timber, which was decreasing the value of the land. (not recorded) ============================================
John THOMPSON Estate - 22 Sep 1787 [MSA S512- 867; 1/36/1/1-834; 5 folders] John THOMPSON d/ 5 Mar 1751, planter, leaving widow Yacomintye and 4 children, - William THOMPSON b/ 11 Mar 1739 - Cornelius THOMPSON b/ 20 Mar 1741 - John THOMPSON b/ 13 Dec 1743 - Ann THOMPSON b/ 1 Sep 1746, later w/o Angus McDONALD (he died long before 1787) John's will written 25 Sep 1748, spelled Thomson, in province of MD. Executrix was the widow; witnesses: William McKAY, Nicholas GARRETT and Mary MORFY. Land - "Thompson s Hop Yard", "Derby Island", and "Fair Island"; these lands listed in petition. Inventory of John Thompson, dated 8 Aug 1751, listed as Negro SLAVES - CATE, BEN, PEGG, GEORGE, PETER and NAN. Creditors listed: James PEARRE with Mary PEARRE as nearest kin; and Christopher LOWNDES with Cornelius ELTING as nearest kin. ------- Isaac ELTING was administrator of John THOMPSON s estate; but, Isaac ELTING d/ 9 Jun 1756 (or 1 Oct 1756), leaving, widow - Mary (later m/ John CAREY) son - Cornelius ELTING (only child at writing of will but made provisions if others) sis/ Elizabeth KERRIC/FERRIE sis/ Iacomintye THOMPSON, dec'd - her children, .......William THOMPSON .......Cornelius THOMPSON .......John THOMPSON .......Anna THOMPSON Isaac wrote his will on 18 Mar 1756; the spelling of his name on the will was ELTINGE Executors were Rudolph ELTING and Mary ELTING, the widow. Witnesses: John KIMBOL, Thomas BEATTY Jr and William BARNS. Multitude of land tracts including: - "Darby Island", "Mill Curn", "Fair Island", "Hills", "Invention", "Sinicor Foard" (Seneca Ford?), "Fortun", "Mill Road", "Isaac Eltinge", "Eltinge Chains", "Grubby Hill", and "Partnership", all in Frederick County; - "Frogg Island" at mouth of Rock Creek. Mill is on land at Rock Creek that wife and Rodolphus ELTINGE, as executors, are asked to sell. Inventory of Isaac ELTINGER dated Jan 1758 included the following Negro SLAVES: LEACH, ANN, JACK, TOM, MARGARET, HANNAH, PETER, DAW, JOE, NANN, DINAH, CATE and another CATE. Copy of indenture for lease of 7 years for 600 pounds of tobacco yearly to Isaac ELTINGER, millar, by William TRACY, planter, both of Frederick County, for Derby Island lying between Walter EVENS and Cornelius ELTINGER on Potomac River, witnessed by Rodof ELTINGER and dated 2 Mar 1750. Isaac also had another indenture for lease dated 11 Mar 1751, with Thomas BREASTER, planter of Fairfax Co, Virginia. -------- Rudolph ELTING d/ 1 Sep 1760, intestate, leaving widow - Sarah (later m/ Josias CLAPHAM) Sarah ELTING, the widow, as administrator, took possession of all the property, including that in trust for the children of John THOMPSON; and received profits from it, from the time of Rudolph s death until about 1 Aug 1761, when she intermarried with Colonel Josias CLAPHAM/CLAPPIN. During this time, Mary ELTING (widow of Isaac) intermarried with John CARY. William JONES made agreement with Sarah ELTINGE for the plantation at the Mill on 17 Jul 1761. Zachariah ELLIS gave testimony at this time regarding Fair Island and walnut timber. Josias CLAPHAM made oath that in 1762, he called upon William SMALLWOOD who lived on the plantation, formerly belonging to John THOMPSON, near the Great Falls in Maryland; and asked for rent which Smallwood claimed he had paid to Rudolph ELTING. On 29 Sep 1773, Samuel SCHOOLEY, a Quaker, made oath he had paid for repairs done on mill at Seneca Mill in Virginia currency. Testimony regarding waste of timber by Richard HOPKINS of full age, stated 13 or 14 years ago he assisted Rodolphus ELTING down the river with a raft of walnut logs, which was taken from the bank of Derby Island with about 16 or 17 logs, and they landed them at William PRITCHETT s landing, now Joseph EVANS , and rolled them on the bank (dated 13 Nov 1773). William NODAY testified he remembered William HOLLYFIELD rented Long Island, belonging to Isaac ELTING, for payment of tobacco for about two or three years; and part of the time, Matthew BRADLY worked on the island. He claimed he rented the island for three years and produced a receipt signed by Rodolpheus ELTING for 6 pounds Spanish money for his rent in 1757, and a receipt dated 21 Jul 1758 signed by Sarah ELTING also in Spanish money. The last year he used Virginia currency and grew tired of the place, because his labour was being destroyed by his neighbors creatures. He claimed Hollyfield and Bradly rented it before him and William ELLET after him; but, knows not about rent on the latter (This dated 13 Nov 1773). The court ruled on 4 May 1775 for the sum of 1,480 pounds, 16 shillings, 6 pence cm be paid to the Thompson heirs by Josias CLAPHAM and w/Sarah and John CARY and w/Mary; but, the latter parties opposed the amount of payment. On 26 May 1788, Commissioners of Montgomery County were appointed: Benjamin STODDART, William Hammond DORSEY, Charles WORTHINGTON and Thomas L. JOHNS. Distribution of Isaac ELTING s estate shows 1/3 to the widow; 1/3 to Elizabeth FERRIE, and the remaining 1/3 to the four Thompson heirs. ========================================
Moses THOMPSON and Elizabeth BALDWIN - Marriage Contract - 3 Jan 1812 [Actually found in Land Record P-420] - Articles of agreement made and concluded the fourteenth of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven between Moses THOMPSON of Montgomery County Maryland of the one part and Elizabeth BALDWIN of Frederick County and state aforesaid of the other part, Witnesseth whereas a marriage is shortly to be had and solemnized between the said Moses THOMPSON and Elizabeth BALDWIN, both of the counties and state aforesaid. It is therefore covenanted and agreed to by the said Moses THOMPSON to and with the said Elizabeth BAWLDWIN that, in case the said intended marriage shall be had and solemnized agreeable to law, that he the said Moses THOMPSON doth covenant and agree to give, grant, settle and assure and do by these presents give, grant, makeover and assure unto the said Elizabeth BALDWIN and the lawfull heirs of her body the following to wit five negroes: SLAVES - SAL, LARA, MILLY, DAVY and SUSANAH together with all the rest, residue and remainder of my property that I possess whether goods or chattles, To Have and To Hold unto her the said Elizabeth BALDWIN during her natural live, and after her decease, then to the children lawfully begotten by the said Moses THOMPSON and said Elizabeth BALDWIN, their heirs forever. In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seals this day and year first above wirten - Moses THOMPSON (seal) - Elizabeth (her X mark) BALDWIN (seal) Witnesses: Peter BURKHART, Thomas B. JONES On this 14th day of December 1811 before us, two Justices of the peace in & for Frederick County, appears Moses THOMPSON and Elizabeth BALDWIN and aknowledges the within instrument of writing to be the act and deed according to the true intent and meaning thereof and the act of assembly in such case made and provided. Acknowledged Before Peter BURKHART, Thomas B. JONES, State of Maryland, Frederick County. Sst I hereby certify that Peter Burkhart and Thomas B. Jones, Gentleman, before whom the acknowledgement of the within instrument of writing appears to have been made and who have thereto subscribed their names were at the time thereof Justices of the peace in and for the county aforesaid duly commissioned and sworn. In Testimony whereof, I have hereto subscribed my name and affixed the seal of Frederick County Court the 14th day of December 1811. - William RITCHIE, Clerk - Frederick County Court =====================================================
John TRAMMEL - Estate - 20 Jan 1797 [MSA S512- 447; 1/35/5/54-392] Ralph BRISCOE and w/ Sarah of Frederick County and Samson TRAMMEL of Montgomery County - Land Dispute On 19 Feb 1783, John YOUNG of Frederick County sold to John TRAMMEL, now deceased, 2 acres of "Duke s Woods" which is a mill seat along with other rights, but land not conveyed. John TRAMMEL, now dec'd (will 1 Jan 1784; 24 Feb 1784) friend - William DROWN/BROWN Sr. (tract "Trammell s Conoy Islands" (at lower end of plantation now in tenure of John UNGLESBY, on the bank of Potomack River) housekeeper - Cumfort WALKER (monies) nurse - Jemima TRACEY (monies) sister - Milcah PEARSON (100 acres of land and improvements) grand-daughter - Susannah MACKALL dau/of James MACKALL, dec'd (all lands lying in Fairfax Co, VA, except for the 100 acres to Milcah; but upon Milcah s death, to go to Susannah. Also, all the lands in Louden Co, VA purchased from William GLADDING with mill, etc; and all lands in Louden Co, VA lying upon Clerk s Run, purchased from John HANBY and Margaret ST CLARE, where John TUCKER and Thomas EDELEN now live. Also, part of lands called "Broken Islands"; also 1/4 of copper mines and lands purchased from Stephen RICHARDS; also SLAVES - negro woman LYE and her four children - PRISS, SINER, JACOB and AIREY) daughter - Sarah (Trammel) w/o Lindsey DELASHMUTT (lands) grandson - Trammel DELASHMUTT ( Conoy Island on Potowmack and timber and other lands; also SLAVES - negro woman ISSABELA and her seven children - MORRIS, GEORGE, TOM, CLEARY, LYE, DANIEL and RACHEL) Executors were Lindsey DELASHMUTT and w/ Sarah. Witnesses: Josiah CLAPHAM, John STEER, Isaac STEER, William JENKENS and Samuel S. THOMAS. ----------- John YOUNG, farmer, sold part of "Duke s Woods", 95 acres, to William HOWARD, now deceased, on 7 Dec 1784, which land overlaps Trammel s. William HOWARD, dec'd, farmer (will 14 May 1786; 19 Jun 1786) widow - Martha and 6 children, s/ Cornelius HOWARD d/ Ann HOWARD, now w/o Ellis HART d/ Elizabeth HOWARD, now w/o Richard BRIGHTWELL s/ Benjamin HOWARD d/ Margaret Young HOWARD, minor s/ Richard HOWARD, minor The widow was given 1/3 and land bought of John YOUNG. Executors were the widow and son Cornelius; witnesses were Joseph WOOD, Henry HARTSOOK, and Jonathan WOOD. (not recorded) =========================
Michael TROUTMAN, Joseph CARRICOE, Jacob FRESHOUR, Christian BRINGLE, John Henry DEVILBISS vs Peter ZELLER - Contract to Purchase - 30 Mar 1812 [MSA S512-5340; 1/37/2/30-5210] Petition to obtain decree for conveyence from Peter ZELLER on error in deed to John H. DEVILBISS recorded 21 Nov 1776 and dated 6 Jul 1776, for conveying the same to Michael TROUTMAN. Peter ZELLER has left the state to parts unknown and it can t be ascertained if he is living or dead. Deed to Michael TROUTMAN, shoemaker, recorded 21 Nov 1776 from Peter SELLER, shoemaker, for 140 pds cm, for Land - "Trifle", 21+ acres, next to "Miller s Chance"; - "Resurvey on Miller s Chance", 20+ acres; - "Miller s Chance", 7 acres; totaling 49 acres with buildings. Deed to Peter ZELLER (Celler), shoemaker, recorded 6 May 1776, written 12 Dec 1775 from Jacob MILLER (w/ Barbara) for 5 shillings sterling, tract "Resurvey on Miller s Chance", 27+ acres, same land as above. Troutman, not knowing of the mistake, conveyed said land to Joseph CARRICOE on 7 Sep 1805, who conveyed said land on 29 Nov 1805 to Adam FRUSHOUR who has since died, leaving a will and appointing Jacob FRUSHOUR and Christian BRENGLE as executors, who sold said land to John Henry DEVILBISS. Court ruled error to be corrected on 3 Nov 1812. =========================================
Michael UHL - Estate - 14 Aug 1797 [MSA S512-4457; 1/37/1/25-4330] Michael RIDDLEMOSER vs Jacob LESHIE, Adm/o Michael UHL (Riddlemoser had the petition filed in the corporation of Georgetown) Michael UHL d/ c1791, leaving widow - Mary and 3 children, s/ Frederick UHL s/ Michael UHL d/ _______ w/o Jacob LESHIE - PA Land - "Brother s Good Will", 200 acres. In 1786 contract, UHL agreed to sell to Michael RIDDLEMOSER (both farmers) the real estate ( at 3 pounds, ten shillings per acre) for payment of 700 pounds gold or silver, in six yearly payments with no interest. Both Uhl and Riddlemoser were Germans. The survey was said to be done by Uhl, but wasn t. Part of the land Riddlemoser claims as the most valuable is in conflict with land of Thomas HAWKINS from an earlier piece of land (tract name unknown). Executrix was the widow who first filed suit against Riddlemoser; but it was dismissed. Administrator was Jacob LESHIE and bond was made to him by Michael RIDLEMOSER of Frederick County, Michael Ridlemoser Jr. and Jacob MICKER of Baltimore County. In testimony by Jacob LESHIE, he stated Michael UHL and his family had moved to Virginia; but Uhl was now dead. (not recorded) ===================================
Nicholas UMSTEAD - Estate - 10 Oct 1797 [MSA S512- 5389; 1/37/2/40-5261] Nicholas UMSTEAD, dec'd (will 24 May 1795; 13 Feb 1797) widow - Ann and 12 children, 1- David UMSTEAD 2- Nicholas UMSTEAD 3- Mary ROOT 4- Catharine CROUSE 5- Margret JUSTICE 6- Enoch UMSTEAD 7- Ann BEATY 8- Elizabeth UMSTEAD 9- Ellioner JUSTICE 10- David UMSTEAD 11- Rachel UMSTEAD 12- Ruth UMSTEAD Executors were sons, David and Enoch. Witnesses: George PUSEY, Johannes ETZLER and Philip DEHOFF. Land - "Umstead s Inheritance", 173 acres; sold to John NORRIS on 4 Dec 1797 for 257.6.2 (pounds, shillings, etc) ======================================
WARFIELD vs WARFIELD Petition to Divide - 8 Oct 1790 [MSA S512- 5768; 1/37/2/80-5656] Charles WARFIELD d/ June 1790 intestate, leaving 10 children, 1/ Alexander WARFIELD, oldest son (adm/of Charles estate) 2/ Mary WARFIELD 3/ Sarah WARFIELD 4/ Elizabeth WARFIELD, a minor 5/ Nancy WARFIELD, a minor 6/ Elisha WARFIELD (male), a minor 7/ Lott WARFIELD, a minor 8/ David WARFIELD, a minor 9/ Dennis WARFIELD, a minor 10/Charles WARFIELD, a minor Guardian was Mrs. Elizabeth WARFIELD. Land - "Quilting Frolic", 606 acres by patent - "Little Piece", 3 acres - "Matthias", 100 acres - "Poor Man s Loss", 144 acres - "Brother s Generosity", 50 acres - "King Coale", 492 acres, and 46 acres in Washington County - "Butler s Ramble", 20 acres in Washington County ========================================
John MILLER and wife Elizabeth vs Joseph WOOD and Peter BEARD - Title - 5 Nov 1787 [MSA S512-3685; 1/36/4/72-3569] In 1779, Elizabeth WEBB (but now w/o John MILLER) purchased, from Peter GISE, a tract of 130 acres for 800 pounds cm and passed four bonds of 200 pounds each (witnessed by Joseph WOOD and Peter BEARD) for payment; he thereby gave her immediate possession. Elizabeth married John MILLER in 1781 but had paid off the purchase money before her marriage. Peter GISE died and his son, Nicholas GISE (who lived in Virginia), refused to convey the said land until the balance of 30 pounds was paid. Elizabeth and her husband borrowed from George DEVILBISS to pay the balance. Joseph WOOD destroyed the deed which was made to Elizabeth MILLER and fraudently had Nicholas GISE make a new deed to Joseph WOOD and Peter BEARD of which Joseph WOOD recorded in the records of Frederick County. Afterwards, the Millers then saw an advertisement in April 1785 saying the 130 acres, on the plantation where they lived, would be sold by Joseph WOOD and Peter BEARD. A night or two before the sale, Thomas REYNOLDS, a constable of the Hundred where the Millers resided (and a brother-in-law of Joseph Wood), arrested John MILLER after he was in his bed by a warrant granted by Joseph WOOD at the request of Thomas REYNOLDS and directed Miller to appear at William BENTLEY s sale on Miller s land. On the 13th of April, after the sale was over, Joseph WOOD (a magistrate) very late in the evening, set up to public sale for ready money, Miller s land when William BENTLEY bid 81 pounds; Wood said it was too little and he would give 100 pounds and then struck off the sale to himself. Wood then committed Miller to goal (jail) under pretense he owed a dollar. Reynolds took him in custody by foot, although he had a horse. After a mile or so, a son of Bentley came and informed Reynolds he must take Miller back to Wood; whereby, Wood demanded the bond of conveyance which Wood and Beard had given to Elizabeth Miller. Wood claimed he would send Miller to goal if he didn t hand it over. Miller, describing himself as old and infirm, 60 years of age, and his wife still older and more infirm, did so, because he knew Wood had the power to carry out his threats. Wood then sold the land to Daniel YANDERS for 150 pounds and then went to Millers house in his absence and took all the goods and effects of the Millers and put them in the cellar. Wood then turned over possession to Yanders who refused to allow the Millers back on the property to obtain their possessions. Land - "Resurvey on Good Neighborhod", "Pleasant View". (not recorded) =============================================
George WINTZ - Estate - 19 May 1796 [MSA S512- 1002; 1/36/1/15-964] John CRONICE and William MILLER vs George WINTZ Estate George WINTZ d/ abt 1791 intestate, leaving 6 children - George WINTZ - VA - Thomas WINTZ - VA - Jacob WINTZ - VA - Konnot w/o George MON - VA - Catharine w/o Jacob DERR - VA - Mary w/o Jacob WALTER - VA Administrator was Catharine WINTZ (widow?). All the children are said to have moved to the back parts of Virginia. Land - Lot #8 near Frederick Town, 8+ acres, (part was confiscated from Daniel DULANEY of Daniel and purchased by Wintz Oct 1781); mortgaged to John CRONICE and William MILLER for 250 pounds gold or silver which was not paid off before Wintz death. Creditors: Adam CREAGER in 1791 for Tobacco; Henry LEATHERMAN for monies; Conrad DOLL for a coffin. Trustee was Joshua DORSEY. Testimony confirming Wintz descendants was heard from Jacob HEINER Sr. of Frederick Town. =======================================
George WOOLSEY Estate - 13 Sep 1785 [MSA S512- 5890; 1/37/2/96-5787] George WOOLSEY d/ c Nov 1781 intestate, leaving widow - Catherine and brother - William WOOLSEY Land - "Lamb s Choice" and "Resurvey on Locust Neck", 368 acres, from Edward LAMB on 21 Mar 1979; - "Addition" and "Lamb s Choice", 155 acres, from William DOLL on 10 Dec 1779. Administrators were the widow, Catherine WOOLSEY, and David STEWART and William WINCHESTER Jr. Settlement in Irish money is mentioned for the widow, who is accused of fraudulently trying to keep her brother-in-law from collecting his share. =========================================================
Robert WOOD vs John TAYLOR - Contract to Purchase - 30 Mar 1782 [MSA S512- 5762; 1/37/2/79-5650] Robert WOOD filed bill of complaint against John TAYLOR of Philadelphia for dispute concerning time of recording deed for land. Land - "Wood s Design"; "Den of Wolves". Testimony was requested from Abraham FAW, William BEATTY, George SCOTT, William RITCHIE, John BRUNNER and Jeremiah ADAMSON of Frederick County and James YOUNG of Baltimore Town. (not recorded) ====================================
WORMAN, LUKENPEEL, DUDDERER. MYERS vs LUKENPEEL - Petition to Divide - 15 Mar 1812 [MSA S512- 5941; 1/37/3/6-5852; 3 folders] ANDREW WORMAN, d/ 9 Oct 1811 intestate, leaving 7 children, 1. Moses WORMAN 2. John WORMAN 3. William WORMAN 4. Sarah w/o John LUKENPEEL 5. Susannah w/o John DUDDERRER 6. Margaret w/o Adam MYERS 7. Elizabeth, dec'd w/o Peter LUCKENPEEL - their child, .......Elizabeth LUKENPEEL (age 4 on 18 Mar 1813) Land - "Good Neighborhood", 1+ acres; - "Grove", 14 acres; - "Resurvey on Charles Choice", 118 acres; - "Level Farm", 245+ acres; - "Three Brothers", Lot 57 & space for Tail Race and Grist Mill; - "Resurvey on Cold Friday Morning", 137 acres; - "That as None", 2+ acres; - Wood Lot, and "Pleasant Fields", together 3+ acres. In addition to the Frederick County land, there were lots in Baltimore City - - Lot on west side of Hanover St, 62 10 south from SW corner of Lombard & Hanover Street, from Isaac TYSON on 1 Sep 1807 (Rec 95-179, Balt Co); - Lot# 176, SW corner Lombard & Hanover running down Hanover St south and west, undivided. Lots were divided into three sections with a combined value of $15,000. It was decided on 26 Mar 1813 that the land could not be equally divided because some parts would not have timber and other parts would be without water. One of the properties contained a Brick Mill. The first two sons did not elect to take the property; the third son William did so on 24 Apr 1814. =====================================
TURNER vs WORTHINGTON, BEATTY - Contract to Convey - 13 Mar 1790 [MSA S512- 5341; 1/37/2/31-5211; 15 folders] Charles TURNER vs John WORTHINGTON and Thomas BEATTY Charles TURNER was the s/o Solomon TURNER (planter), deceased. On 1 Jan 1755, Solomon was in possession of two tracts of Land, "Solomon's Flower", 50 acres, and "Daniel's Small Tract", 6 acres. There was vacant land adjoining these tracts, so Solomon obtained a Warrant of Resurvey on the tract Solomon's Flower to take up the vacant land which added 1,240 acres making a total of 1,290 acres (bounded by Bennett's Creek); but he was unable to pay the one shilling sterling per acre payable to the Lord Proprietary. So, Solomon entered into an agreement with Capt. John WORTHINGTON, Jr. of Anne Arundel County on 28 Feb 1755 agreeing he would assign the Certificate of Resurvey to Worthington in order to enable Worthington to pay the monies due so a grant could be obtained. In return, after obtaining the grant and legal estate, Worthington would convey to Turner 400 acres of the said vacancy plus the original 50 acres. Bill of Sale dated 1 Oct 1766 - Solomon TURNER (wife Mary) sold for 30 pds cm rating Spanish milled dollars at seven shillings and six pence to Thomas BEATTY, Jr, farmer, all livestock and household goods, but to be void if payment is made by the next year. Sometime before 1775, Solomon obtained a Warrant of Resurvey from the Land Office on tract "Daniel s Small Tract" with liberty to add contiguous vacant land and thus made a similar agreement with John Worthington, this tract now 3,420 acres. Petition states after the hearing, Worthington was encouraging the executor of Mr. HAMMOND to sue and arrest Turner, and whereby Worthington was heard to boast that he himself might become the purchaser of the lands for little or nothing, Turner transferred his bond to Thomas BEATTY seeking his assistance. But instead of aiding Turner, Beatty sold Turner s interests in real estate and personal property (soon after bond was written) at private sale to Worthington for much less than their value, the pair cheating Turner out of everything he owned. Solomon TURNER died 3 Dec 1785. John WORTHINGTON of Anne Arundel county, died March 1790 leaving sons (all of Anne Arundel County) - Thomas WORTHINGTON - Nicholas WORTHINGTON - John WORTHINGTON - James WORTHINGTON Executors: Caleb DORSEY and Thomas WORTHINGTON. Some of the witnesses who gave testimony were Edmund PURDY, planter, 32; William PURDY Jr, planter, 32; William James TURNER, planter, 42; Philemon GRIFFITH, farmer, 35; Mary TURNER, spinster, 75; William DAVIS, Berkley Co, VA (now WV), farmer, 33; Comfort FRIZALE, Berkeley Co, VA (now WV), spinster, 34; Samuel BOGGOSS, planter, 49. Note - not abstracted was * William I. TURNER et al vs Thomas BEATTY and Thomas WORTHINGTON, et al (It continues for 15 folders and runs through April 1811.) =========================================
WORTHINGTON, BRASHEARS, BORDLEY, MIFFLIN, ROSS, ALEXANDER BORDLEY vs WORTHINGTON Contract to Convey - 11 Feb 1791 [MSA S512-5903; 1/37/3/2-5800; 6 folders] John WORTHINGTON, dec'd (will), leaving land to his sons, - Thomas WORTHINGTON - Nicholas WORTHINGTON - John WORTHINGTON - James WORTHINGTON Land - "Daniel's Small Tract"; adjoining William BRASHEAR's tract, "William and John"; both procured warrants of resurvey, Brashear s with a lot of vacant land and Worthington to get a great part of vacant land adjoining "Daniel s Small Tract". In 1766, Brashears filed a caveat to prevent Worthington from getting his warrant. In 1770, they made an agreement to void the caveat with Worthington conveying to John Beale BORDLEY, esquire, the tract "Resurvey on Daniel s Small Tract", 2,690 acres. Worthington had title though and claims on the vacant lands overlap. Bordley moved to the Eastern Shore in Queen Anne s County and later died with a will naming executors, John F. MIFFLIN, Elizabeth BORDLEY and Sarah BORDLEY. In 1791, David ROSS and wife Henrietta Maria filed against the Worthington heirs. Trustee was Henry ALEXANDER. ================================================
John YOUNG vs Richard COALE Contract to Lease Slaves - 21 Oct 1790 [MSA S512- 5966; 1/37/3/8-5880] Richard COALE was indebted to John YOUNG by a bond dated 10 Nov 1785; and several suits were filed against Coale by Young. Young had disposed of his land and, having no plantation to provide work for his Negroes, agreed to let Coale use them; but, Coale has not paid him for their use. (not recorded) =====================================
Robert FERGUSON vs Samuel CLELAND, John GWINN - Foreclosure on SLAVES - 15 Jan 1794 [Frederick County - MSA S512- 1841; 1/36/2/40-1763] SLAVES - SAM, JOHN, WILFRED, GUY, HENNY, MOLLY and ANNY --------------------------------
James LAWSON vs Attorney General - (Keep Trieste Furnace; also Occoquan Forge in Wash. Co.) - Foreclosure - 21 Feb 1800 [MSA S512-3121; 1/36/4/9-3037; 9 folders] SLAVES - in Frederick County - at "Ore Hill", "Gleanings", and "Keep Trieste Furnace" PETER BOATSWAIN ROGER GOLINGS HARRY GOLINGS WILLIE CESAR PETER HARRY SAMPSON JIM DICK WILL EBOE HARRY TOM ICYLY SAM SARAH MARY ANN BECK JEAN CASSIE in Washington County and Virginia - at "Little I Thought It", and "Occoquan Forge" ABNER HARRY GEORGE ELISHA JOE FORGE HARRY POMPEY TONEY ABRAM JOHN CHAISE JAMES FOX TOM PAD PORT TOBACCO TOM GILBERT SAM EBOE BEN KING GEORGE KILL AARON GEORGE DENNEY WILLOUGBAY YEMAN BOB NATE TOMANY KATE JEAN SALL AGNES MARY PEGG LUCK CLOE TANNER NELL [Erroneously in file [Henry Pitsell/Beitzell MSA S512-3120; 1/36/4/9-3036] - paper on James LAWSON vs State of Maryland - Interrogatory for State regarding money in mortgage dated April 1769 from John SEMPLE, formerly of Virginia, but now deceased (paper not dated). - possibly in Foreclosure. ----------------------------------
Elizabeth PERRY - Estate - 30 Jan 1802 [Washington County - MSA S512-1255; 1/36/1/33-1187] Slaves - MOLL CLARE ----------------------------
Denton JACQUES - Trust - 26 Jun 1809 [Washington County - MSA S512-3706; 1/36/4/74-3588] Slaves - NELL JACOB BOB JACK SONDON NACEY BEZAR MUTAR JUBA TOM ==============================================
Jacob BRENGLE vs Abraham WOODWARD, Stephen BASFORD, Harry G. WATERS, Henry SMITH, Thomas BURGER and Miles BURGER - (lot in New Market) - Petition to Sell - 11 May 1816 [MSA S512- 6712; 1/37/4/26-6660; 2 folders] SLAVES - HARRY, CHARLES, HANNAH =================================================== The End of This Partial Listing ===================================================

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