Will Abstracts of Frederick Co, Maryland

Will Abstracts

Frederick County, Maryland

  • DOLL, Conrad of Frederick Town, weak - RB-1, 523-527 written 27 Oct 1814; prob/ 15 Nov 1814 son - George - 11 acres of Tasker's Chance where he now resides and 3 1/2 acres, part of three tracts: "Resurvey on Meadow", part of "Pipe Meadow"; part "Stumbling Block", adjacent to John BRENGLE and Jacob WEAST; also 30 acres of mountain land, part "Tryall", adjacent to John BAERS; 1/4 of two lotts in "Addition to George Town", DC on High Street and 5th Street, #202 and 203 and passage of 10 feet. daughters - Margaret and Elizabeth, each $90 plus each get half of 20 acres of mountain land, part "Tryall"; and money due from Christian WEAVER's estate. Solomon STICKEL and 6 grandchildren - Samuel, George, Thomas, Margaret, Susannah and William STICKEL exec/ son George DOLL and son-in-law Solomon STICKEL wit/ Philip ROHR, Henry BANTZ, Jacob SCHUSLER, Adam SCHISSLER ==========================
  • DOLL, George of Frederick Town, weak - GME-3, 149 - 29 Jun 1835; 9 Feb 1846 w/ Mary - house and lot on East Patrick Street, lot adjacent to lands of John BRENGLE, 3 1/2 acres 5 shares Bank Stock at Union Bank of MD in wife's maiden name, MOTTER nephews - Hyram STICKELL, Hyram MOTTER lot of unimproved in George Town, DC, NE corner of High St and 22nd St of #9, Sq 56 to nephew Hyram STICKELL sister - Elizabeth w/o Jacob MOTTER nephews and nieces - Hyram STICKELL (silver watch) Mary Ann ALBERT, Susan STICKELL, William STICKELL wit/ Lewis BIRELY, Joseph B. WEBB, Lewis A. BRENGLE ==========================================
  • DOLL, John, Frederick Town, weak - HS-2, 516 - 21 Sep 1821; 16 Oct 1821 w/ Susanna sons - David and Thomas exec/ wife and brother, Jacob DOLL wit/ John McDONALD, George LAMBRIGHT, George GEBHERDT =================================
  • DOLL, Mary, Frederick Town - TS-1, 132-133 - 9 Jun 1847; 17 May 1851 nephew - Jacob MOTTER sister - Anna Frances MOTTER exec/ Ezra HOUCK wit/ Charles I. JENKINS, Joseph DEOK, George RICE ================================
  • DOLL, Mary, Frederick County - TS-1, 171 - 7 Jul 1846; 27 Jan 1852 only child, Ann ETZLER - house and lot# 4 in Woodsboro exec/ Constable David F. YANTIS wit/ George W. SHANK, W. Harrison BAKER, Brook BAKER =============================
  • DOLL, Joseph, Frederick Town, weak - HS-2, 287-288 - 1 Feb 1810; 31 Aug 1819 w/ Charlotte - $100, house and lott only children mentioned were - Joseph DOLL, deceased (w/ Catharine) - George DOLL, deceased (w/ Catharine) son-in-law - Jacob BRUNNER wit/ Conrad DOLL, Philip ROHR, John McDONALD =========================
  • FRACK, Daniel, sick and weak (HS-2, 274-276) - 10 May 1819, pro/ 26 Jul 1819 w/ Catharine - half of dwelling (2 rooms, 1 above, 1 below) - 1/2 of garret and seller (cellar), 1/2 spring house, all stock, household and kitchen furniture, interest of 300 pounds on bond. d/ Mary, deceased w/o Jacob FOGLESONG - Lot #1 of 40 acres to her children s/ John FRACK - Lot #2 of 40 acres s/ Jacob FRACK - Lot #3 of 28 acres (Benjamin FROCK to pay Jacob $233.62 to make his share equal) s/ Henry FRACK - Lot #4 of 40 acres s/ Daniel FRACK - Lot #5 of 40 acres s/ Peter FRACK - Lot #6 of 40 acres s/ Benjamin FRACK - Lot # 7 and 8 of 138 acres with buildings, orchards, waters, etc; allotments of grains to wife of potatoes and apples; wife to have horse to ride to church or elsewhere; 540 pounds current money US; and layouts to siblings on yearly basis rotating. ex/ John LEYSTER, Michael FROCK, Sr, son Benjamin FRACK wit/ William COGHLAN, Charles ANGEL, John MILLER (John LEISTER renounced executorship) ===================
  • FORTNEY, David, weak (TS-1, 124) - 6 Feb 1851; 7 Apr 1851 d/ Rebecca MYERS d/ Elizabeth Ann WINTER w/o Thomas WINTER d/ Mary MYERS d/ July Ann FORTNEY wit/ John ZIMMERMAN, Edward HOWARD, Abraham HARGATE =========================
  • HENNICKHAUSER, John Detrick of Middletown (GM-3, 146-149) 18 Oct 1796 by mark; pro/ 16 Nov 1796 w/ Mary Magdalena d/ Elizabeth d/ Eve s/ Henry HENNICKHAUSER (no children at writing of will) d/ Gartrout (no children at writing of will) exec/ wife and Samuel SHOUP wit/ John STONE, Adam HONING, Samuel MAYOR =============================
  • NEFF, Catharine, sick and weak (A-1, 567) - pro/ 12 Mar 1776 s/ John, residue s/ Jacob, 1 shilling the following to receive 6 pounds each d/ Margaret s/ Henry d/ Easter s/ Francis s/ Adam exec/ son John NEFF wit/ P. BAINBRIDGE, Barthalomew BOOKEE, John ARNOLD =====================
  • PERINS, John, tanner, farmer (A-1, 354) - 8 Jun 1769, 7 Jan 1770 s/ Edward s/ John s/ Joseph d/ Susannah d/ Mary ...grandchildren mentioned but not named wit/ Joseph SMITH, John REYNOLDS, Robert SMITH =========================
  • REID, John - July 8, 1811; July 15, 1811 Frederick County w/ Ann s/ George Nelson REID s/ William Perry REID s/ John Alford REID s/ Joseph REID s/ Archibald REID s/ Thomas REID d/ Mary REID d/ Ester REID d/ Ann REID exec/ was wife [from Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills & Inventories, Hardin County, Book B, Page 89; contributed by Shirley Middleton Moller] =========================
  • SHERTZ, Samuel, sick (GM-2, 34) - pro/ 3 Apr 1783 widow/ Elizabeth - to have plantation should she maintain children if they don't obey her, to be bound out d/ Elizabeth SHERTZ - cow, heifer, horse, 5 sheep when she marries s/ Philip SHERTZ - horse, cow Each child to have 15 pounds when of age, rest to widow. If any child wishes to inherit land, he shall care of his mother (includes list). Two youngest children to have one young beast each. exec/ Christian STOUFFER, David GARRINGER wit/ Jacob SCHERTZER, David GERRINGER When will was proved, Peter MANTZ appeared who translated the will from German. The widow elected to take her third. ===========================
  • SULLIVAN, Cornelius (HS-1, 202) 1 Mar 1816; 18 Mar 1816 w/ Catherine s/ Daniel SULIVAN s/ William SULIVAN s/ Michael SULIVAN s/ Abraham SULIVAN d/ Margaret BOARE d/ Mary SULIVAN - to wife during her widowhood until her death, then to be divided into two equal sections for sons Daniel and William and pay their siblings their respective shares. Exec/ son William SULIVAN and friend William DURBIN Jr. Witnesses: George CASSELL, Jacob CASSELL, Nicholas DURBIN and William DURBIN JR. [submitted by JS ==========================
  • TOM, Henry, farmer (A-1, 426-428) - 2 Feb 1772, pro/ 29 May 1772 w/ Margaret s/ ADAM TOM - plantation s/ William - 5 shillings sterling of Great Britain (full portion) d/ Clara? HOOVER rest of children unnamed wit/ Andrew STEPHEN, Nicholas BEARD, Balser FRANK ==============================
  • TOMS, Catharine (A-1, 375-377) - 4 Aug 1770, pro/ 28 Aug 1770 s/ Henry s/ Samuel - tract Humbert's Delight, 150 acres, Mistake My Friend (on North side of Andrew SEVENSTON's? Mill Creek) s/ John - 40 pounds PA currency s/ William - tract Tom's Folly and part Mistake My Friend (South side) and 3 children bound to her d/ Mary w/o Anthony TEARTURF (Deardorff?) exec/ Samuel and William wit/ Peter BAINBRIDGE, Benjamin EASTBURN, William HUMBERT ====================================
  • TOMS, Daniel, sick (HS-2, 364-365) - 12 May 1820, pro/ 19 Jun 1820 ..John TOMS, minor s/o John TOMS, deceased part tract The Land of Promise, 24 3/4 acres (John is illegitamate s/o Mary MARKER) bro/ Samuel TOMS bro/ William TOMS bro?/ Michael TOMS bro/ Abraham TOMS ..George HARB (HARP?) ..Susanna w/o Jonathan MILLER ..Michael TOMS Mortgage to Jacob SUMMERS and Daniel GAVER exec/ Samuel and Abraham TOMS wit/ Jacob LIGHDERT, Jacob POFFENBERGER, David BOWLUS ======================================
  • TOMS, Samuel of W. (TS-1, 214-216) - 9 Nov 1851, pro/ 27 Dec 1852 w/ Mary - property West side of Catoctin Creek s/ Jacob, eldest d/ Mary (no right to purchase land) d/ Lydia d/ Caroline exec/ son-in-laws, William METZGER and James GLADHILL Had property from Tobias HORINE and Daniel MAIN, trustees of Tobias HORINE, deceased; lies along Old Hagerstown Road next to Jacob TOMS, John HARP, Joseph GAVER. wit/ Enoch POFFENBERGER, Joseph BROWN, George BOWLUS Widow claimed dower rights for her share when sold. Owned tract The Year of Plenty known as "Horine Farm" then in possession of Jacob ZENTMYER Sr. valued at $7,600 but asked for new appraisal by Jacob S. TOMS and Elizabeth TOMS; William METZGER and Lydia; James S. GLADHILL and Caroline. ===================================
  • WAGONNER, Adam, weak - (GM-1, 166-167) - 27 Oct 1779, pro/ 4 Dec 1779 w/ Sophiah s/ William WAGONNER s/ Christopher WAGONNER brother's daughter, Catherine WAGONNER, provided she stays til of age. wit/ George TRUCKS, Matthias MORT ===================
  • WAGNER, Frank G. (GH-1, 51-52) - 7 Apr 1855, pro/ 24 Apr 1855 (name also shown as Francis) bro/ Joseph E. WAGNER sis/ Margaret E. SAPPINGTON sis/ Elizabeth HITSELBERGER and her children executor to purchase house and lot and deed exec/ Richard GALLAGHER wit/ Edward F. WILLIAMS, Francis S. JONES, Augustus A. SAPPINGTON ==============================
  • WAGNER, John (GMRB-1, 391-397) - 7 Mar 1807, pro/ 2 Aug 1808 w/ Mary - Negro man JOE and Negro woman HAGAR s/ John - 100 pounds s/ Jacob - 240 pounds s/ David - 1 pound, 5 shillings 140 pounds to each daughter below d/ Mary - Negro girl, HARIOT d/ Catharine d/ Susannah d/ Nancy - Negro girl, LIDDY d/ Sally d/ Rachel the 2/3 division goes to the children above and to d/ Elizabeth - only receives interest as long as husband lives d/ Dorothy - only while living, then to children if any exec/ wife and son John wit/ Abraham CRAPSTER, Robert CUMMING, George OVELMAN Codicil - Property on main road adjoining east side of property presently possessed by Michael BRINKMAN. To lay off 1 acre and erect dwelling house and stable for wife; single children may live with her free of rent. If after death of wife, any unmarried children may retain possession til marriage or death unless wife chooses to sell. Dated 11 Jun 1808 wit/ Robert CUMMING, George OVELMAN, Henry WINDROOD ==================
  • WAGNER, John, sick and weak (GME-1, 13-15) - 2 Dec 1828, pro/ 22 Dec 1828 w/ Catharine - 1 of 2 houses and lot in Libertytown and lot of 4 acres bought from Frederick UNKEFER; also wood lot of 8+ acres from Upton HAMMOND; all grain (wheat, rye, corn, clover seed, hay), furnishings and 2 cows s/ Willilam WAGNER, eldest son - $400 when 21 s/ Richard, one of two youngest - $400 when 21 d/ Mary Ann, oldest daughter - $50, bed and bedding d/ Agnes - $50, bed and bedding d/ Rachel - $50, bed and bedding d/ Dorothy Elizabeth, one of two youngest - $50, bed and bedding exec/ David WAGNER, John R. CURTIS wit/ Edward NUZUM, Elias A. GRUSHON, William JACKSON (1st two appeared) ============================
  • WAGNER, Mary, weak (HS-2, 277-278) - 7 Apr 1819, pro/ 28 Jan 1828 d/ Sally WAGNER (also exec) wit/ John GLISAN, George OVELMAN, Henry BAKER =======================
  • WAGNER, Sally (GME-1, 377-380) - 18 May 1832, pro/ 24 Jul 1832 in declining health - Elihu H. ROCKWELL - $1,000; - $20 for use of Sunday School in Liberty - Trustees of Union Church of Liberty - $20 - Wall around family burying ground to be repaired with stones and grave stones placed. bro/ David WAGNER - $1,000 in trust for clothing and education for nephew Thomas LYON until he's 21; Thomas' father not to obtain possession of money sis/ Rachel WIESTLING - $600 in trust for niece Adriana LYON niece/ Rachel WAGNER d/o bro/ John WAGNER - $100 balance to sister Rachel WIESTLING and her as executrix. wit/ Henry BAKER, Rachard G. DORSEY, Abraham JONES ===================================
  • WAGNER, William (GH-1, 11-12) - 19 Jan 1855, pro/ 6 Feb 1855 w/ Catharine s/ Joseph L. WAGNER - when 21, 1 full set tinner's tools and full set patterns and unworked material exec/ wife wit/ Francis C. JONES, Edward F. WILLSON, R. N. NORWOOD =============================
  • WINTER, George (A-1,33) - 23 Dec 1749, 3 Mar 1750 w/ Mary Eve, children mentioned but not named ================================
  • WINTER, George (TS-1, 57) - 1 Feb 1849, 12 Feb 1850 w/ Mary Magdalena - Emmitsburg and children - - Mary w/o James I. McKEEHAN - Samuel WINTER & children - Barbara WINTER (minor) - Ann Eliza WINTER (minor) He owned lot and 2 houses in Emmitsburg. ex - Henry WINTER & Andrew EYSTER wit - James HOSHELHORN, George WINTER Jr, George W. ROW, Joshua MOTTER ======================================
  • WINTER, George (JKW-1, 275) - 22 Mar 1893, 21 Nov 1894 s/o Jacob WINTER, Emmitsburg Left everything to children of following brothers and sisters - - Henry WINTER, dec - Polly EYSTER, dec - Margaret RICKENBAUGH, dec - Jacob WINTER, dec Exec - Edward H. ROWE =====================================
  • WINTER, Jacob, Emmitsburg (GME-3, 212) - pro/rec 11 Jan 1847 children - George, Jacob, John, Henry, Rebecca, Mary =====================================
  • WINTERS, Magdalena (GME-2, 236) - 4 Aug 1825, 20 Feb 1837 - sister - Frances CONLY? - children of son, John WINTERS (Lewis, Mary, Earhart) ==========================
  • WINTER, M. Francis (WBC-1, 35) - Apr 1892, 8 Sep 1904 Artist, Presb Ch, Emmitsburg, MD - Mother and two sisters ==========================
  • WINTERS, Erhart (HS-2, 293) - 6 Jan 1819, prob/ 27 Sep 1819 w/ Mary Magdalena d/ Susanna s/ David WINTERS (& exec) He left $200 to each child; money due him from his brother Jacob WINTERS, deceased, from the estate of Pennsylvania. (Notice there is no mention of son John; land records show Erhart as leasing land; no mention of real estate) signed - Erhard WINDER wit - Jacob MATHIAS, John BROWN, William DURBIN Jr, William DURBIN ======================
  • WINTER, Susanna - Will - Fred Co, MD - WBC-1/441, 12 Mar 1907, 24 Sep 1907 - mother - Mary A. WINTER Emmitsburg, MD - sister - Columbia WINTER - Mrs Martin (Rose OHLER) VALENTINE & her d/ Mary VALENTINE - Catherine ..Martha Belle ROWE ..Anabel E. Rowe HARLMAN d/o Rev A.S. HARLMAN of Baltimore ..Mrs J. Rowe OHLER ..Ida ZIMMERMAN, nephew Luther ZIMMERMAN - Ida Ohler GILLELAN, her d/ Carrie, Ruth, Rhoda ===============================
These abstracts are some that crossed my path during my research. Perhaps they will be of help to one of you.

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