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These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber WIP-6; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA T2936, Loc 2-70-10-61]

Equity WIP-6

Estate of Thomas M. MEALEY Thomas M. MEALEY d/ 28 Oct 1889, intestate, never married bro/ William MEALEY and w/ Laura - Cockeysville, Baltimore Co, MD sis/ Marian w/o Malakiah ETZLER sis/ Lydia w/o Charles BROWN sis/ Catherine w/o William POOLE sis/ Mary L. w/o Franklin A. DIXON - 640 Cannery St, Baltimore, MD sis/ Susan BURRALL, dec'd - her son, ........William BURRALL & w/ Emma - Baltimore Co, MD sis/ Jemima BAKER, dec'd - her 5 children, ........Harry BAKER and w/ Addie ........Thomas BAKER and w/ Clara ........Frank BAKER, a minor ........Hattie BAKER, a minor ........Ida BAKER, a minor sis/ Lucretia w/o Thomas OGLE Guardian appointed 10 Feb 1890 was Adolphus FEARHAKE. Land - in New Market District; adjoining lands of Thomas A. OGLE and William RICHARDSON. From Frank & Mary L. DIXON dtd 21 Mar 1882 for $320.90. (Previously by Nathan NELSON, dec'd) - Frederick City - from Augustus & Rebecca JACKSON dtd 28 Dec 1880 for $225; lot on West side of Klinehart's Alley; previously by Joshua DILL. - in Liberty District; on Old Annapolis Road. From William H. & Sarah C. POOLE, dtd 25 Jul 1877 for $475. Previously by Anthony & Sidney Ann KIMMEL. Testimony was heard on 28 Jan 1890 from: - Thomas OGLE, 52 years old and lived near New London (New Market District); stated Thomas MEALEY died at me on 28 Oct 1889 and had no will; Mealey owned three lots with a combined value of $1,000 approximately; Mealey was never married. - Archie W. OGLE, age 25, who lived near Pearl, also testified. The public sale was held at the Carlin House in Frederick City on 18 Mar 1890; high bidders were: - Thomas DARNER for the Frederick City property at $175 - Thomas A. OGLE for the New Market property at $155 - Edward CRUMRINE for the Liberty property at $400 described as being on Old Annapolis Road in the village of Clarysville with a two-story log dwelling, a blacksmith shop, stable, etc. On 18 Nov 1890, audit report was ordered to be submitted. ===
Amos W. DEMPSEY & w/ Eliza J. vs Sarah E. LINDSAY, et al Warner DEMPSEY d/ 16-17 yrs ago, intestate widow - Margaret A. d/ Apr 1890, intestate s/ Amos W. DEMPSEY & w/ Eliza J. - Howard County d/ Sarah E. w/o C. Irving LINDSAY - Unionville, Frederick County s/ Franklin W. DEMPSEY (d/ aft his father) ...w/ Martha L. (age abt 50) - Howard County .......Mary DEMPSEY, now w/o Thomas ETZLER - Liberty, Frederick County .......Ambrose B. DEMPSEY & w/ Mary - Howard County .......Annie V. DEMPSEY - Howard County .......Samuel E. DEMPSEY - Howard County .......Morgan H. DEMPSEY, a minor - Howard County .......Rosa M. DEMPSEY, a minor - Howard County .......Elsie E. DEMPSEY, a minor - Howard County .......Effie D. DEMPSEY, a minor - Howard County .......Mattie R. DEMPSEY, a minor - Howard County Land - "Long String", 3/4 acre; from Basil SHELTON & w/ Rachel in 1858. Adjoins land of Hanson CLARY. - "Long String", 8+ acres; from Elihu H. ROCKWELL, trustee for Thomas SAPPINGTON's creditors, in 1862. - "Long String", 2 acres; from Franklin W. DEMPSEY & wife to Margaret A. DEMPSEY. Located 1/2 mile from Woodville, near road from Mt Airy to Unionville. Improved with 1 1/2 story log house, double shop, tobacco house, etc, with a young orchard and spring near the house. Previously occupied by Conrad KING. Amos & his wife had cared for his mother, who was of unsound mind, for the past several years and also paid the funeral expenses; he asked to be reimbursed from the sale. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard from: - Weedon CLARY, age 61 of Woodville District - William CLARY of P., age 57 of Woodville District - Annie B. BLOOM of Poplar Spring, Howard County, a neighbor of Amos W. DEMPSEY for four years. Trustee was Clayton O. KEEDY; sale was held 25 Oct 1890 in front of Oliver CLARY's store in Woodville; but after receiving an insufficient bid, sold the property at private sale to: - Robert SELLMAN at $300 Distribution not listed. Closed 28 Nov 1890. ===================== To Be Continued =====================

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