Frederick Co, MD - Equity WIP-3

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity WIP-3

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber WIP-3; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity WIP-3
George W. ZEIGLER vs Louisa ZEIGLER, et al - Sale of Read Estate - #5450 (Washington Co #3927) - Jun 1888 Frederick ZEIGLER - land to his sons, s/ George W. ZEIGLER s/ Frederick K. ZEIGLER d/ Oct 1887, intestate .....widow - Louisa - Washington County ..........Frederick Scott ZEIGLER & w/ Kate - Washington County ..........Charles Clayton ZEIGLER & w/ Laura - Washington County ..........Louis Franklin ZEIGLER - Franklin Co, PA ..........George Henry ZEIGLER - Washington County ..........David Alfred ZEIGLER & w/ Emma - Washington County ..........Annie L. E. wid/o Frank LEITER - Washington County ..........Helen Kate ZEIGLER - Washington County ..........Louisa ZEIGLER - Washington County ..........Margaret V. ZEIGLER, a minor - Washington County ..........James Samuel ZEIGLER, a minor - Washington County LAND - 163.75 acres of mountain land in both Frederick and Washington Counties. To Frederick ZEIGLER from George LANTZ. SOLD to: - Joseph RIDENOUR for 27.25 acres in Aug 1821 - Jacob RIDENOUR for ____ acres Washington County authorized the sale for the remaining land and appointed Alexander ARMSTRONG and Samuel B. LOOSE as trustees. SALE was held 1 Jun 1888 at William KINDELS on the Old Mechanicstown Road; however, Mr LOOSE had sickness in his family and the land needed to be marked off. Sale was rescheduled 16 Jun 1888 in Smithsburg; high bidder was: - George W. ZEIGLER of Greencastle (PA) at $1.20/acre Total sales, $925.20. Referred back to Washington County on 12 Jul 1888. =====
Nicholas LOCHNER, et al vs William LOCHNER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5328 - Jul 1887 George LOCHNER d/ abt 1880, intestate s/ Nicholas LOCHNER & w/ Barbara M. d/ Annie w/o George CRAIG - Baltimore City s/ Caspar LOCHNER & w/ Annie s/ William M. LOCHNER & w/ Louisa - Baltimore City s/ Charles F. LOCHNER d/ before his father ..........George N. LOCHNER - Baltimore City LAND - Lot #231 (60 x 133') on north side of East Fifth St in Frederick and part of Lot #233. Improved with a house, presently under rent. To George LOCHNER from Mary Ann CLARKSON at $425 in Mar 1850 [WBT-12, 160]. Previously to her from Mark BISHOP, exec/of Mary/Nancy CARNES in Feb 1850. Mortgaged to Sophia RETTYERING in Mar 1852. William M. LOCHNER & w/ Louisa C. mortgaged his share to George T. DILL for $100 in Mar 1883. Testimony was heard 29 Aug 1887 from: - Adolphus H. HARRINGTON, age 33, Frederick City - Silas A. THOMAS, age 36, Frederick City - George T. DILL, age 64, Frederick City Trustee was John C. MOTTER. SALE was held 4 Nov 1887; high bidder was: - Mrs Susan R. FLEMING, w/o Charles F. FLEMING, at $901 Distribution of $912.26: court costs, $171.24 - Each child's 1/5 share, $148.20 However, William LOCKNER's share went to: - George T. DILL, $130.32 - John EISENHAUER, partial judgment, $17.88 Closed 17 Jul 1888. NOTES - Frederick Co, MD - Marriage Licenses - Nicholas LOCKNER to Barbara Ann BAUMGARDNER - Jan 12, 1861 - Anne E. LOCHNER to George W. GREGG - Dec 26, 1863 - William M. LOCHNER to Louisa C. NEWPORT - Feb 24, 1857 =====
Edward ROUTZAHN & w/ Sarah vs John ROUTZAHN, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5147 - Nov 1885 Ezra ROUTZAHN d/ intestate, unmarried sis/ Mary (ROUTZAHN) d/ intestate, w/o Thomas WILES, no surviving children. Their siblings: bro/ Edward ROUTZAHN & w/ Sarah bro/ Eli ROUTZAHN, dec'd ..........John ROUTZAHN & w/ Mary ..........Malichi ROUTZAHN & w/ ______ - Out of State ..........Simon D. ROUTZAHN ..........Lucinda F. ROUTZAHN ..........Samuel J. ROUTZAHN ..........Amanda C. (ROUTZAHN) w/o Daniel H. BEACHLEY Edward ROUTZAHN was adm/of Ezra ROUTZAHN. LAND - 14.5 acres in Middletown District, 2 miles from Harmony, along the road from New Cut Road to the Hamburg Road; adjoining lands of James V. BEARD and Adam BIDEL. - Undivided Half of "Full Bottle:, 9.5 acres (less part sold to Adam BRIETEL). - "Murdocks Mountain Reserveyed", 5+ acres; adjoined land of Samuel BOWDEN. Improved with a 1 1/2-story log house, stable, well near the door and choice fruit trees. To Mary WILES & Ezra ROUTZAHN from Eli ROUTZAHN & w/ Mary and Edward ROUTZAHN & w/ Sarah at $500 in Apr 1871 [TG-3, 94]. Previously to Catharine ROUTZAHN from Robert McFARLAND in Aug 1831 [JS-37, 266]. Trustee was John C. MOTTER. SALE was held 13 Nov 1886 at Robert TODD's Store in Harmony; high bidder was: - Edward ROUTZAHN at $750 Distribution after court costs: $559.05 - Jacob (should be Thomas?) WILES, curtesy share & repair claims, $175 - Edward ROUTZAHN, 1/2 share, $192.02 - Eli ROUTZAHN's children, each 1/6 of 1/2, $32 Closed 17 Jul 1888. =====
David STAUB & w/ Catharine vs Abraham J. GROSHON, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5302 - May 1887 Anna Matilda GROSHON d/ 1885, intestate w/o Abraham GROSHON d/ intestate d/ Catharine V. w/o David STAUB s/ Absalom J. GROSHON & w/ Mary - Carroll County s/ Thomas H. GROSHON & w/ Ellen s/ John C. L. GROSHON & w/ Susan d/ Kitty Ann E. w/o Samuel HAHN / HANN d/ Bessy Matilda w/o Robert EYLER LAND - 18 acres on road from EICHOLTZ' Mill to Creagerstown, near BLACK's Mill; adjoining lands of Eugene STAUB and Daniel POWELL. Improved with a rough-cast house and new stable, with sprin and orchard of varied fruits. - "The Two Brothers", 7 acres. To Anna Matilda GROSHON (w/o Abraham) from John P. BISHOP & w/ Louisa at $150 in Sep 1851 [ES-5, 733]. - "Fountain Low", 11 acres. To John GROSHON, trustee (for use of Anna GROSHON, w/o Abraham), from George CLEM & w/ Matilda at $125 in Mar 1845 [WBT-1, 340]. Previously to George CLEM from Sheriff George RICE in May 1843 [HS-20, 318]. Trustee was John C. MOTTER. SALE was held 24 Sep 1887 at MACKINSON's Hotel in Creagerstown; high bidder was: - Samuel HANN at $460 Distribution after court costs: $346.89 - Each child's 1/6 share, $57.81 Closed 12 Jan 1888. NOTES - Frederick Co, MD - Marriage Licenses - David STAUB, 22, laborer to Catharine GRUSHON, 20 dated Nov 1, 1866 by James Thomas at Mr. Grushon's - John C. L. GROSHON, 24, laborer to Sarah C. LORING, 23 dated Jun 11, 1867 by John N. Unruh in Mechanicstown - John C. L. GROSHON, 26, farmer to Susan R. A. MUMFORD, 20 dated Mar 4, 1869 by E. B. Williams in FC - Samuel HANN, 30 (wid) laborer to Kittie A. E. GROSHON, 24 dated Oct 5, 1876 by A. R. Kremer in FC - Robert E. EYLER, 20, laborer to Matilda GRUSHON, 27 dated May 1, 1884 by William Palmer in Creagerstown =====
Howard H. HOPKINS, assignee of William DOWNEY, mortgagee of John D. SHEARER & w/ Sarah A. - Report of Sales - #5418 - Apr 1888 LAND - part of tracts, "Sappington Hall" and "Hobbs Purchase", 42 acres, known as 'Monrovia Mills', situated at Monrovia Station on the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road, about a mile from New Market. Improved with a large steam and water-powered 4-story flouring mill with five run of buhrs and one roller, saw mill, steam egine, overshot water wheels and other equipment. Mill was erected in 1873 with storage capacity of 15,000 bushels of wheat. Also a frame and weather-boarded house, small barn and orchard. To John D. SHEARER from William DOWNEY & wife in Jul 1872 [CM-8, 605]. SALE was held 18 Apr 1888 on the premises; high bidder was: - Howard H. HOPKINS at $7,000 William DOWNEY was trustee to convey the deed. Distribution after court costs: - Howard H. HOPKINS, mortgage holder, $5,310 - Howard H. HOPKINS, 2nd mortgage holder, partial, $1,018.66 Closed 3 Jul 1888. =====
Charles M. HYATT, exec/of Lloyd H. HYATT, mortgagee of Daniel J. LIGHTER & w/ Mary M. A. - Report of Sales - #5407 - Mar 1888 LAND - parts of tracts "Resurvey on Watsons Welfare", "What Not" and "Smith Field", 45 acres, lies just west and NW of Middletown on the northern side of Main Street and the Baltimore to Hagerstown turnpike; adjoined tract "I Wish There Was More". Improved with a 1 1/2-story house with large attached back building, a summer kitchen with bake oven inside, barn, corn house, wagon shed, smoke house, with well and cistern near the door and fruit trees. To Daniel J. LIGHTER from Lloyd H. HYATT at $5,500 in Apr 1883 [AF-7, 109]. SALE was held 31 Mar 1888 in front of the Valley Register Office in Middletown; high bidder was: - John J. IFERT at $4,050 Distribution after court costs: - Charles M. HYATT, exec, for partial mortgage, $3,802.76 Closed 11 Jun 1888. =====
Charles A. NORWOOD, mortgagee of Joseph D. ANDES & w/ Mary A. - Report of Sales - #5351 - Oct 1887 LAND - "The Standing Stone", 73 acres, in Liberty District, near the Liberty to Woodsboro road, about midway between the two. Improved with a 2-story frame house with four rooms and a basement, log stable, hen house, hog pen and fruit trees. There are four springs of water, one supplying the house; 22 acres in timber, mostly chestnut and four fields and a meadow. To Joseph D. ANDES from John H. BELL & w/ Anna M. in Mar 1884. Previously to BELL from William Cyrus BEALL in Apr 1880 [AF-1, 513]. SALE was held 1 Oct 1887 in front of William T. WAGNER's store in Liberty; high bidder was: - Charles A. NORWOOD at $1,200 Distribution after court costs: - Charles A. NORWOOD, 1st mortgage, $899.60 - Charles A. NORWOOD, 2nd mortgage, partial, $135.91 Closed 16 Aug 1888. =====
John WITHEROW vs Oliver A. HORNER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5383 - Jan 1888 David W. HORNER d/ 14 May 1887, intestate s/ Oliver A. HORNER & w/ Anna E. s/ Winfield G. HORNER & w/ Olivette J. d/ Annie M. HORNER d/ May B. (Horner) w/o Martin C. DOTTERER d/ S. Carrie (Horner) w/o John S. McCULLOUGH - Cumberland Co, PA s/ David W. HORNER & w/ Medora A. - Adams Co, PA s/ Theodore B. HORNER & w/ Virginia M. - Adams Co, PA LAND - Lot #8 in Emmitsburg on north side of Main St and east of the public square, between lots of Winfield HORNER on the west and Charles D. EICHELBERGER on the east (occupied by George R. OVELMAN), with alley in back. Improved with a brick house and stable. To David W. HORNER from Laura B. DWEN (to her from Will of James A. Dwen) at $896 in Jan 1886 [WIP-1, 85]. Previously to James A. DWEN from John K. TAYLOR, trustee, in Apr 1883 [CM-10, 233]. By March 1888. John WITHEROW had died, testate, his executors were Silas M. HORNER, Theodore McALLISTER and J. Harvey COBEAN of Adams Co, PA. Trustee was Eugene L. ROWE. Sale was held 4 Jun 1888 at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg; high bidder was: - George P. BEAM at $1,002 George P. BEAM had to petition the court to gain possession as Winfield G. HORNER & w/ Olivette J. were living there and refused to leave. Distribtution after court costs and creditors' claims: - Each child's 1/7 share, $8.07 Closed 20 Jul 1889. =====
Louis E. SMITH, et al vs Elizabeth SMITH, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5264 - Jan 1887 William SMITH d/ 13 Jan 1887, intestate widow - Elizabeth s/ Hiram J. SMITH s/ Lewis/Louis E. SMITH & w/ Anna A. s/ Henry E. SMITH d/ Mary Jane (Smith) w/o David L. SHONE / SHAWEN s/ Mahlon H. SMITH & w/ Martha - Ohio s/ William E. T. SMITH & w/ Laura E. d/ Susan M. (Smith) w/o Caleb L. WACHTER s/ Horace H. SMITH & w/ Clara M. d/ Annie M. SMITH, dec'd ..........Roy SMITH, a minor (age 8 or 9) LAND - 23 acres, in Buckey's District; adjoined "Carrollton", northern limits of Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road and lands of Lewis SPECHT, Joshua C. MICHAEL and John BELT, on road from Doub's Switch to Point of Rocks Road. To William SMITH from Francis T. SHROEDER & w/ Jane M. at $1,100 in Apr 1878 [TG-10, 217]. Previously to SHROEDER from Jacob BASFORD in Feb 1872 [CM-8, 86]. EXCEPTION - Conveyed acreage to: - Horace H. SMITH - 1.75 acres - Methodist Episcopal church, 1/2 acre - George W. BLESSING, .75 acres Guardian appointed for the minor was George SMITH. Testimony was heard 7 Feb 1887 from: - Lewis E. SMITH, age 50 - Horace H. SMITH, age 32 Trustee was Horace H. SMITH. SALE was held 19 Mar1887 on the premises; high bidder was: - Clara M. SMITH at $1,001 for the remaining 23 acres. Distribution after court costs, $722.35 - Elizabeth SMITH, the widow, 1/10, $72.23 - each child's 1/9 share, $72.23 Exception - William E. T. SMITH's share was issued to George W. BUCKEY for a partial judgement. Closed 24 Mar 1888. NOTES - Frederick Co, MD Marriage Licenses - SMITH, Mahlon H., 22 farmer to DANNER, Martha E., 23 dated 7 Nov 1865 by H. C. Pardoe in Middletown - SMITH, William T., 22 saddler to WELLER, Laura E., 19 dated 10 Mar 1869 by George Diehl in FC =====
Othetta T. RAMSBURG vs John H. RAMSBURG & Others - Sale of Real Estate - #5270 - Feb 1887 Josiah RAMSBURG d/ 26 Oct 1886 in Mount Pleasant, intestate widow - Mary A. (age 70) s/ John H. RAMSBURG & w/ Alice M. d/ Malinda A. C. RAMSBURG d/ Lucretia A. (Ramsburg) w/o J. Valentine ALBAUGH s/ Edward F. RAMSBURG, dec'd ..........John Nevin RAMSBURG, a minor ..........Mary C. RAMSBURG, a minor ..........Edward Josiah RAMSBURG, a minor ..........Frances Othetta RAMSBURG, a minor Administrator was John H. REMSBURG. LAND - "Finishing Stroke" and "Cullodan Wall", 170 acres, in Mount Pleasant District, on the Annapolis Road, about 2 miles SE of Mount Pleasant; adjoined land of William BUCK and D. E. STONE. Improved with a stone house, a Switzer barn, wagon shed, corn house, carriage house and spring near the house and young orchard. To Josiah RAMSBURG from Hannah OWINGS (widow), Charles S. OWINGS, Rebecca M. STONE (w/o D. E.) and Charlotte A. OWINGS (Estate of Washington OWINGS) at $5,000 in Mar 1871 [CM-7, 34]. Previously to Washington OWINGS and Charles S. OWINGS from George RINER in Oct 1867 [DSB-2, 21]. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 21 Feb 1887 from: - John H. RAMSBURG, - Edward A. GITTINGER Land for the widow's dower was laid out for 68 acres. The remaining 102 acres were to be sold. Trustee was Milton G. URNER. After a failed sale, the widow decided that the whole farm be sold, including her 1/3 dower, but 1/3 of the sale price be held in the land until her death and paying her 5% interest annually. SALE was then held 3 Feb 1888 in front of C. A. THOMAS' store in Mount Pleasant; high bidder was: - William WILCOXON, Esquire, at $4,350.78 for the 160.25 acres; neighbors then were John P. JONES, Dr. STONE and D. M. BARRACK. Distribution - to costs and creditors. Closed 29 Mar 1889. =====
William H. NICODEMUS, sec/of Franklin Savings Bank of Frederick, mortgagee of David BUTLER & w/ Arabella - Report of Sales - #5447 - Jul 1888 LAND - "Araby" and "Wet Work Resurveyed", 17 acres, in Urbana District, on the Monocacy and Urbana Turnpike, 4 miles from Frederick City near Monocacy Junction on the B & O Rail Road; adjoined lands of Christian H. ECKSTEIN, Caroline HOLLAND and Mrs. THOMAS. To David BUTLER from Christian Keefer THOMAS & w/ Evelina V. in Jun 1875 [TG-6, 380]. Previously to Lloyd BENSON from Jacob LEWIS and wife [JWLC-3, 291]. SALE was held 9 July 1888 at the courthouse door in Frederick City; high bidder was: -William G. BAKER at $450 Distribution after expenses: - Tyler BUTLER, Adm/of David BUTLER, dec'd, $258.72 Closed 15 Sep 1888. =====
WIP-3, 137-143 - GARMAN, HOOD - #FC
James M. HOOD for Mrs. Margaret E. S. HOOD, mortgagee of Jacob R. GARMAN & w/ Fanny - Report of Sales - #5448 - Jul 1888 LAND - "Tasker's Chance", 104 acre farm on mountain peak, 1 mile west of Frederick; adjoined lands of E. Louis CRAMER and Dr. Lewis H. STINER. Improved with a stone house, new Switzer barn, new wagon shed, an orchard and is under good fencing. Previously to Jacob R. GORMAN from John T. SINN & w/ Catharine C. in Apr 1871 [CM-6, 551]. Provision to pay note to Mrs. Margaret E. S. HOOD. SALE was held 12 Jul 1888 at the City Hotel in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Mrs. E. S. HOOD at $81/acre, $8,497.41; sold subject to prior mortgage of $4,600. Distribution went to the three mortgage claims. Closed 25 Sep 1888. =====
George E. SHIPLEY, et al vs Corrilla SMITH, et al - Petition for Partition of Land - #5322 - Jul 1887 Eleanor HENDRY d/ Rebecca A., dec'd w/o Thomas A. SMITH - Out of State ..........Corrilla E. J. SMITH - Out of State ..........Henrietta "Nettie" R. SMITH - Out of State ..........Charles H. SMITH - Out of State ..........Thomas L. SMITH ..........Arianna SMITH, a minor (age 19) ..........Borden C. SMITH, a minor (age 17 last May) ..........Ramsey W. SMITH, a minor (age 14 this Oct) ..........Mary W. M. SMITH, a minor (age 11 last Feb) d/ Mary Ellen ENGLAND, dec'd (Equity #4983) ..........Walter A. ENGLAND ..........Nathan J. ENGLAND ..........Hattie E. ENGLAND. a minor (age 19) ..........Charles E. ENGLAND. a minor (age 17) ..........Imogene ENGLAND. a minor (age about 15) ..........John W. ENGLAND. a minor (age about 14) d/ Martha C. w/o John D. ADDISON d/ Emily C. w/o George E. SHIPLEY LAND - "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", "Step in Easy", and "Joseph's Advance", 700 acres, in Urbana District, on west side of road from Urbana to Ijamsville. All tracts were contiguous except for the 24 acres of mountain land. To daughters listed above from Eleanor HENDRY with her to have life estate in Sep 1877 [TG-8, 251]. Previously to: - Eleanor HENDRY from Jane BURGER in Jul 1841 [HS-14, 15]. - Eleanor HENDRY from John MUSSETTER & wife for mountain land on Sugar Loaf Mountain in Dec 1863 [JWLC-_, 508]. - Charles HENDRY from George LORENTZ in Aug 1854 [ES-7, 308]; and "Joseph Advance" in 1852 [ES-1, 412]. - Charles HENDRY from Ruth HOWARD in Jul 1857 [BGF-1, 27]. Charles HENDRY devised his tracts to Eleanor through his Will dated 11 Jan 1872. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 13 Oct 1877 from: - Thomas A. SMITH - Singleton KING Land was divided by Adolphus FEARHAKE, surveyer into four sections: plat WIP-3, 164-165 - Division 1 - Martha C. ADDISON for "Joseph's Advance", "Slip in Easy" and "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", 134 acres. - Division 2 - Mary Ellen ENGLAND's heirs for "Slip in Easy", "Merry Makes One", 134 acres. - Division 3 - Thomas A. SMITH and his children upon his death for "Slip in Easy", "Merry Makes One" and "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", 159 acres. - Division 4 - Emily C. SHIPLEY for "Slip in Easy" and "Resurvey, "Daniel's Small Tract", and "Choice Improved", 152.75 acres; adjoined tract "Hampton". Mountain Lot Divisions: plat WIP-3, 163 - Lot #1 - Thomas A. SMITH for "Bloomsburg", 12 7/8 acres. - Lot #2 - Martha C. ADDISON for "Bloomsburg", 10 acres; ending on the old furnace road. - Lot #3 - Mary Ellen ENGLAND's heirs for "Bloomsburg", 8 acres; on the old furnace road. - Lot #4 - Emily C. SHIPLEY for "Bloomsburg", 8.75 acres. Closed 26 May 1888. =====
WIP-3, 168-176 - KELLER, BISER - #FC
Henry BISER and John C. MOTTER, trustees of George W. M. KELLER & Virginia A. R. KELLER, his wife - Report of Sales - #5422 - Apr 1888 LAND - National Steam Mills, 3 acres, and House and 1 acre, in Middletown District; located 1.25 miles NW of Middletown, on road from the turnpike to Myersville. Improved with a stone mill house and a newly built weatherboarded house, a stable, orchard and a well near the kitchen door. To George W. M. KELLER from Daniel KELLER & w/ Jane Jan 1833 [AF-9, 130 and AF-7, 144] SALE was held 27 Apr 1888 on the premises; high bidder was: - Virginia A. R. KELLER at $4,630 Personal property was also sold totalling $838. Distribution after costs: - William E. SMITH, mortgage claim, $3,100 - Balance to multiple creditors at 15% of claims. Closed 12 Sep 1888. =====
WIP-3, 177-182 - SPEAK, BIRELY - #FC
Samuel M. BIRELY, assignee of Elizabeth BIRELY, mortgagee of John T. SPEAK & w/ Isabel S. SPEAK - Report of Sales - #5430 - May 1888 LAND - "Pences Plenty and Fountain Low", a wooded 20 acres in Creagerstown District; adjoined the lands of John FISHER and Jeremiah MARTIN. To John T. SPEAK from John W. SHAW & w/ Sarah M. in Oct 1867 [DSB-2, 35]. SALE was held 12 May 1888 at the store of William J. CRAMER in Graceham; high bidder was: - Samuel M. BIRELY at $200 Distribution to Samuel BIRELY for partial mortgage claim, $128. Closed 9 Oct 1888. =====
Ella SNURR, ex/of Jacob CRONE, by her husband, Simon P. SNURR vs Mary May SNURR, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5440 - Oct 1887 Jacob CRONE d/ 6 Oct 1877, a bachelor (Will written 27 Jul 1887) Niece - Ella SNURR w/o Simon P. SNURR & their children: ..........Mary May SNURR, a minor ..........Henry Edward SNURR, a minor ..........Charles Philip SNURR, a minor ..........Grayson Jacob SNURR, a minor ..........Luther Ambrose SNURR, a minor ..........James Obadiah SNURR, a minor ..........Albert Simon SNURR, a minor Estate to Ella and, upon her death, to her children; however, if any of her sons drink whiskey, chew tobacco or smoke cigars, they to be barred from receiving any share. (Children's names from court records, not from the Will.) LAND - 27 acres, 1.25 miles from Middletown, on road from there to Mount Zion Church; adjoins lands of Henry RAMSBURG, Edward KEFAUVER and Ezra SMITH. To Jacob CRONE from Ezra SMITH of H. & w/ Mary E. at $2,302 in Apr 1886 [WIP-1, 330]. Previously to Ezra SMITH from: - John KELLER in Apr 1826 [JS-24, 525]; - John SMITH & w/ Anna Maria and Maria A. SMITH in Mar 1856 [ES-7, 502]. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 10 Jul 1888 from: - Ella SNURR, age 34, Middletown - Simon P. SNURR, age 37, Middletown, laborer - Tilghman F. GAVER, age 61, near Middletown, teacher - Charles A. HAGY, age 44, Middletown, marble cutter Trustees were Ella & Simon P. SNURR. SALE was held 18 Aug 1888 in front of the Valley Register newspaper office in Middletown; high bidder was: - Henry C. RAMSBURG at $1,628.35 Distribution after costs and expenses: - Ella SNURR, 5/16 in lieu of her life estate, $57.71 - Each of her children's 1/7 share, $18.14 Closed 15 Oct 1888. =====
George T. WHIP Sr vs William CULLER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5364 - Jan 1888 Mary M. (Hawker) CULLER d/ 1885 in Jefferson, intestate w/o William L. CULLER - Kansas City, Missouri s/ William Victor CULLER & w/ Lilly - Jefferson s/ George M. CULLER - Jefferson d/ Lettie M. WHIP, widow - Jefferson d/ Nellie B. CULLER, a minor - Jefferson s/ Ralph E. CULLER, a minor - Jefferson d/ Hattie E. CULLER, a minor - Jefferson LAND - 64.5 acres of timberland and 5.5 acres of bottom land in Jefferson District; includes: - Lot #23 of "Fielderea", 18 acres, 1 mile SW of Jefferson; adjoining lands of Ezra M. THOMAS, A. KEMP and John W. LONG. To Philip HAWKER from George COOK & wife [BGF-7, 139]. Previously to Henrietta COOK from Thomas WINTER, exec/of David FORTNEY in Aug 1852 [ES-1, 439]. - "Fielderea", 14 acres (adjoined the 18 acres on the east), Previously to Philip HAWKER from Jacob WASKEY & wife [HS-20, 461]. - "Fielderea", 2 acres (adjoined the 18 acres) To Philip HAWKER from George REMSBURG & w/ Catharine [WBT-1, 483]. - "Well Enough", 8 acres, 1 mile south of Jefferson along the mountain; adjoined land of Nelson TUCKER. To Philip HAWKER from William HALE & wife [BGF-4, 614]. - Meadow and woodland, 5 acres, located 1 mile south of Jefferson and bordering western side of Jefferson to Point of Rocks road; adjoined lands of Robert THRASHER and Abraham SHAFF. To Philip HAWKER from Arabella W. McGILL and Sarah A. E. McGILL [ES-2, 654]. All parcels above ...To Mary M. CULLER from George W. HAWKER & w/ Julia A. C. in Feb 1871. (Philip HAWKER died intestate leaving his only heirs, widow Margaret A., now dec'd, and children: George W. HAWKER and Mary M. HAWKER who married William L. CULLER) [CM-6, 281]. In Oct 1887, William V. CULLER & wife conveyed their share to Henry CULLER. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 9 Mar 1888 from: - George T. WHIP, age 70, Frederick County - Henry CULLER, age 70, Frederick City - William V. CULLER, age 31, Jefferson Trustees were George T. WHIP and George M. CULLER; however, WHIP declined and John C. MOTTER replaced him. SALE was held 24 May 1888 at the store of Lewis WHIP in Jefferson; high bidders were: - William L. E. KEMP for 18 acres at $15.50/acre - George W. HAWKER for 14 acres at $18.10/acre - George W. HAWKER for 2 acres at $21.50/acre - Abner D. DOTY for 5 acres at $60/acre - George T. WHIP for 8 acres at $25/acre Distribution: - George T. WHIP, balance on note, $491.08 - George M. CULLER, 1/6, $37.63 - Lettie M. WHIP, 1/6, $37.63 - Nellie B. CULLER, 1/6, $37.63 - Hattie E. CULLER, 1/6, $37.63 - Ralph E. CULLER, 1/6, $37.63 - Henry CULLER, assignee of William V. CULLER, 1/6, $37.63 Closed 7 Aug 1888. =====
WIP-3, 219-226 - DORSEY, SHANK, KROM - #FC
George W. SHANK, assignee of Mary M. FOX (w/o Hezekiah), mortgagee of Louisa C. DORSEY & husband, John DORSEY - Report of Sales - #5404 - Mar 1888 LAND - 14 acres, in Woodsboro District; adjoined land of Mr PUTMAN and Mrs. Ezra SMITH. Improved with a small log house and barn. To Louisa C. DORSEY & her husband John DORSEY from Peter HAHN & w/ Cecelia in Jan 1884 [AF-9, 301]. SALE was held 29 Mar 1888 on the premises; high bidder was: - John J. KROM at $950, subject to prior mortgage of $200 KROM held a judgment against DORSEYs. Distribution: - George W. SHANK, assignee, mortgage claim, $569.25 - John J. KROM, partial judgment claim, $229.75 Closed 25 Oct 1888. =====
George W. HILDEBRIDLE vs Samuel E. HILDEBRIDLE, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5360 - Dec 1887 Elizabeth HILDEBRIDLE d/ 21 Oct 1887, intestate s/ Samuel E. HILDEBRIDLE & w/ Annie s/ George W. HILDEBRIDLE s/ Lewis C. HILDEBRIDLE, a minor s/ Frank C. HILDEBRIDLE, a minor s/ Harry C. HILDEBRIDLE, a minor LAND - 2 acres in Woodsboro District, on the east side of the Monocacy River, 1/2 mile west of Dublin; adjoined lands of George F. B. CRUMBAUGH. Improved with a log house and stable with fruit trees and a well near the house. To Elizabeth HILDEBRIDLE from George F. B. CRUMBAUGH & w/ Margaret C. at $1,000 in Apr 1878 [TG-9, 451]. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 28 Jan 1888 from: - George HILDEBRIDLE, age 23, Frederick County - Jacob BRENGLE, age 46, Frederick City Trustee was John C. MOTTER. SALE was held 24 Mar 1888 at JOHNSTON's Store in Walkersville; high bidder was: - George F. B. CRUMBAUGH at $589 Distribution: each child's 1/5 share, $57.86 Closed 2 Nov 1888. =====
Lewis O. WHIP (for WHIP minor children) vs Frederick Whip FRIDAY - Sale of Real Estate - #5344 - (Ref to Equity #5327) Salome FRIDAY d/ about 1 Jan 1887 in Jefferson (Will JPP-2, 295; written 28 Dec 1886) d/ Susan Ann E. MARRIOTT, widow (life estate with payment of $400 to children of John M. FRIDAY upon her receipt of sale proceeds from Will of Frederick FRIDAY) ..........Mary Frances Salome MARRIOTT, a minor ..........Lilly Catharine MARRIOTT, a minor ..........Edith Nellie MARRIOTT, a minor ..........Norcie MARRIOTT, a minor ..........Mary Luella MARRIOTT, a minor ..........Nina "Nannie" Virginia MARRIOTT, a minor ..........Amanda Grace MARRIOTT, a minor ..........Howard Silas Milburn MARRIOTT, a minor ..........Ada "Addie" Ruth MARRIOTT, a minor s/ John Milton FRIDAY (died before his mother) & w/ Ellen ..........Frederick Whip FRIDAY, a minor ..........Lorenna Blanche FRIDAY, a minor (Marriott children listed in court records, not in Will) Exec/ Lewis O. WHIP Witnesses: E. Smith RICE, Samuel M. CULLER and J. J. CULLER --- LAND - House & Lot #23 in Jefferson, on east side of Main St; adjoined lot of Mrs Julia ETCHISON on the west, then occupied by John H. FEASTER. Improved with a 2 1/2 story weatherboarded house. To Salome FRIDAY from Martin S. GROVE, mortgagee of Harriett JOHNSON and her husband Lewis JOHNSON, at $418 in Apr 1873 [CM-10, 320]. Previously to Harriet JOHNSON from Andrew KESSLER and John G. ETCHISON, execs/of Rhoda HENRY in Feb 1866 [JWLC-5, 562]. Trustee appointed was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 29 Nov 1887 from: - Lewis O. WHIP, age 45, resided in Jefferson; stated William H. LAKIN was trustee for the daughter Susan A. E. MARRIOTT. - Michael CULLER, age 67, Jefferson Trustee was Lewis O. WHIP. SALE was held 4 Feb 1888; high bidder was: - William F. EASTERDAY at $791 Distribution after expenses: - Frederick Whip FRIDAY, 1/2 of $400 - Lorenna Blanche FRIDAY, 1/2 of $400 - W. H. LAKIN, trustee of Susan A. E. MARRIOTT, the balance, $232.20 Closed 5 Oct 1888. =====
WIP-3, 257-290 - WHALEN - #FC
Beall H. WHALEN, et al vs Ellen A. WHALEN - Sale of Real Estate - #5216 - Aug 1886 Isaac C. WHALEN d/ Aug 1886, intestate, no wife or children bro/ BEALL H. WHALEN sis/ Ellen A. WHALEN sis/ Sallie WHALEN sis/ Rachel V. WHALEN sis/ Mary E. WHALEN sis/ Elizabeth C. WHALEN sis/ Hannah M. WHALEN bro/ Thomas C. WHALEN bro/ John W. WHALEN, dec'd & w/ Susan . . . . . Mary WHALEN, a minor . . . . . Lona "Loney" WHALEN, a minor LAND - 1/2 undivided share owned by each - Beall H. WHALEN and Isaac C. WHALEN, t/a B. H. WHALEN & Brother, for: - House & Lots #61 & 62 on North Market St in Frederick City; between lots of Lewis S. CLINGAN and John WHALEN. Improved with building containing two store rooms; one being leased by H. H. QUYNN as a boot and shoe store; the other being leased to Charles A. CASTLE as a saddle and harness store; backyard has hydrant. The upper stories were occupied by DELAPLAINE & Co as a printing office and leased to SCHLEY & DELAPLAINE. From Elias E. DELASHMUTT & w/ Susie R. at $9,000 in Mar 1886 [WIP-1, 196]. Mortgage to Thomas CLAGETT at $6,000 in 1886. - House & Lot on NE corner of East Patrick & East Sts in Frederick City. Improved with a 3-story brick house; 3 rooms and kitchen on first floor, 4 rooms on the second floor and 3 rooms on the third floor, supplied with gas and water and all necessary outhouses. From Catharine EADER at $2,675 in Aug 1885 [AF-11, 280] Previously to EADER from Will of her father, Nicholas BRENGLE in Aug 1848 [Will GME-3, 357]. - "Middle Plantation", 25 acres of wooded land in two tracts, in New Market District. From Benjamin F. SCHELL at $300 in Jan 1885 [AF-11, 202] Guardian was W. Nash YOUNG. Testimony was heard 31 Jan 1887 from: - Henry W. FROMKE, age 42, shoemaker, Frederick City - Robert DEAN, age 65, farmer, Frederick County - Jacob BRADY, age 64, farmer, New Market District - Lewis S. CLINGAN, age 50, harness manufacturer, Frederick City - William H. WAYS, age 72, merchant, Frederick City - Beal H. WHALEN, age 38, merchant, Frederick City Testimony was heard 1 Feb 1887 from: - Charles B. FOUT - Charles B. BARBER Trustee was Frederick J. NELSON. SALE was held 19 Mar 1887 at the Carlin House in Frederick City; high bidders were: - Beall H. WHALEN for N. Market St property at $3,530, subject to mortgage of $6,000 - Beall H. WHALEN for the E. Patrick St property at $1,300 - Beall H. WHALEN for the New Market property at $120 Total Sales, $4,950. The trustee refuted the sale as being adequate for the East Patrick St Property. Testimony was heard 14 Apr 1887 from: - Beal H. WHALEN, resided on East Patrick St, opposite the New Gas House. He and Isaac were joint owners and they paid $2,675. They put up a fence, top being iron and the foundation as stone and brick; iron work was done by BUCKEY and FIRESTONE; stone work done by Joseph BURCK. For the New Market property, they paid $300 and $9,000 for the DELASHMUTT property. - Milton E. WOODWARD, age 44, Frederick City. - Captain P. L. HITESHEW, age 46, 83 S. Market St.; also opposite of the house was the Rail Road and a hotel with a bar room. - John B. THOMAS, senior member of John B. THOMAS & Son Real Estate; he felt the location decreased the sale price. - Wesley BALTZELL, age 49, Frederick City, carpenter and builder; the EADER property is where Beall and his sisters resided. He felt the Gas House hurt the value of the property. - Charles W. HALLER, age 70, Frederick City, builder. - C. W. HALLER; claimed two years prior, Frederick WERTHEIMER asked him to value the property and this was after the Gas House had been built; he valued it at $3,000. (by written response) - N. J. BLUMENAUER, age 32, Frederick City, plumber; he put in a pipe line from the curb throught garden and yard and put in a hydrant and sink in the kitchen. He estimated the house was worth between $3,000-$3,500, more if not for the Gas House. - Oscar F. FIRESTONE, age 35, Frederick City, member of firm of BUCKEY & FIRESTONE, founders and machinists. He also estimated the value of the Patrick St property between $3,000-$3,500. The court ruled the E. Patrick St property to be resold and ratified the other two properties. SALE for the E. Patrick St property held 28 May 1887 at the Carlin House in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Beall H. WHALEN at $1,500 Distribution: - Beall H. WHALEN, as surviving partner, $6,000 - Issac WHALEN's share (as partner, $6,000) 1/9 share to each sibling, divided equally, after costs. Closed 21 Feb 1888. =====
James W. FLANNIGAN and Mary Ann FLANNIGAN vs Albert HOVIS, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #4847 - Sep 1882 Catharine FLANNIGAN, widow d/ 29 Jan 1882, intestate s/ James W. FLANNIGAN d/ Mary Ann FLANNIGAN s/ John Felix FLANNIGAN, dec'd & widow/ Minerva Ann (age 45) ..........Adam Hugh FLANNIGAN ..........John O. FLANNIGAN ..........Noah E. FLANNIGAN ..........Lycurgus L. FLANNIGAN ..........Harvey J. FLANNIGAN ..........Ernest W. FLANNIGAN d/ Margaret HOVIS, dec'd widow ..........William H. HOVIS & w/ Ann - Baltimore County (now in Frederick County) ..........Francis E. HOVIS & w/ Salome - Pennsylvania ..........John A. HOVIS & w/ Jane - Pennsylvania ..........Ann Catharine w/o Isaac FOX - Pennsylvania ..........James Alexander HOVIS & w/ Emma May - Pennsylvania ..........Albert HOVIS & w/ Lucinda - Pennsylvania ..........Mary E. w/o Jeremiah LEASURE - Pennsylvania ..........Lewis M. HOVIS - Pennsylvania LAND - "Loss Gained", 106 acres. To Catharine FLANAGAN from L. P. M. BALCH, trustee of Equity #621, in May 1833 [JS-43, 185]. Previously to Jacob STALEY of Malchan from George KOONTZ in Apr 1810 [WR-37, 65]; then from Jacob STALEY of M. to his son Jacob STALEY by Will. - "Sure Bind, Sure Find", 109 acres. To Jacob STALEY of Jacob from Philip MORNINGSTAR in Aug 1822 [JS-16, 442]. Some parcels had been sold by Catharine FLANNIGAN to: - Henry WILHIDE, 8 acres of "Sure Bind, Sure Find", in Apr 1836. - Henry WILHIDE, 20 acres of "Sure Bind, Sure Find", in Jun 1833. - Philip DICK - John CLEM, 13 acres of "Sure Bind, Sure Find", in Jun 1833. - Michael ISANOGLE, 4 acres of "Loss Gained", in Mar 1852. Land now at 74-75 acres. Testimony was heard 22 Sep 1883 from: - James W. FLANNIGAN, age 55, unmarried - Henry W. LAINHART - Michael WACHTER Trustee was James W. FLANNIGAN. SALE was held 13 Dec 1884 on the premises; high bidder was: - Mary Ann FLANNIGAN at $18.50/acre, $1,387.50 DISTRIBUTION after expenses: - James W. FLANNIGAN, claim for farm work, $360 - Mary A. FLANNIGAN, claim for house work, $216 - James W. FLANNIGAN, 1/4 share, $140.30 - Mary A. FLANNIGAN, 1/4 share, $140.30 - John F. FLANNIGAN's heirs, each 1/6 of 1/4 share, $23.38 - Margaret HOVIS' heirs, each 1/8 of 1/4 share, $17.53 Closed 7 Jun 1888. =====
WIP-3, 316-334 - BAKER, MUSSETTER - #FC #MO
James BAKER of Missouri, mortgagee vs John BAKER & w/ Ann - Sale of Real Estate - #4966 - Sep 1882 John BAKER owed his son James money on Deed of Mortgage and John also had judgments against him. He is now 80ish and unable to maintain the farm and is willing sale be made to pay off the debts. LAND - 107 acres in New Market District, on New Market-Ijamsville Road, 1 mile NE of Ijamsville and 1 mile south of the Baltimore-National Turnpike; adjoined lands of Abel RUSSELL, Christopher RIGGS, George R. DENNIS and William ULRICK. Improved with a log house and orchard. - 5.25 acres from Christopher MUSSETTER & wife in Dec 1844 [HS-23, 339]. - 22 acres from John MUSSETTER, exec/of Christopher MUSSETTER in Aug 1855 [ES-6, 674]. - 5 acres from Ellizabeth MUSSETTER in Dec 1877 [TG-8, 513]. - 71 acre, formerly owned by Ann MUSSETTER and willed to Sarah BAKER, John's former wife [Will GME-3, 31]. Mortgaged to son James BAKER with life estate in Apr 1878. SALE was held 25 Sep 1884 on the premises; then adjoining lands of John T. QUYNN, John RUSSELL and Col. John B. THOMAS; high bidders were: - James BAKER for 71 acres at $115 - James BAKER for 35 acres at $30/acre Total sales, $1,165. DISTRIBUTION after expenses: - OGBORN & SULLIVAN, judgment, $132.96, $97.23 - Louis F. DIETRICK, judgment, $321.25 - James BAKER, mortgage claim, $887.77, $530.79 Objections from both sides regarding the distribution. Testimony heard 10 Nov 1885 from: - James BAKER mentioned his brother Elias BAKER and possibly others not named. Distribution stood as presented. Closed =====
Charles V. S. LEVY, assignee of mortgagee of Simon P. PERKINS & w/ Martha - Report of Sales - #5465 - Sep 1882 Deed of Mortgage by Simon P. PERKINS & w/ Martha to Joseph ENNIS for $150 in Jul 1884. Joseph ENNIS died and William ENNIS was his executor who assigned the mortgage to Charles V. S. LEVY. LAND - 1 acre, on road from Burkittsville to Knoxville, at the foot of the mountain; adjoining lands of Henry BYRMAN and mountain land of Luther A. F. HORINE. Improved with a 2-story log house with basement, a spring of mountain water on the lot and a small apple orchard, smoke house and hog pen. To Simon P. PERKINS from Lucy SMOTHERS in Oct 1882 [AF-5, 607]. SALE was held 20 Aug 1888 at the store of J. HIGHTMAN & Son in Burkittsville; high bidder was: - Tilghman P. ALEXANDER at $270 Distribution after costs and payment of mortgage: - Simon P. PERKINS, $43.65 Closed 4 Dec 1888. =====
Clayton O. KEEDY, assignee of George B. OSWALD and Daniel E. OSWALD, execs/of David OSWALD, mortgagee of Jacob WILLIAMS - Report of Sales - #5478 - Sep 1888 LAND - in Catoctin District - 20 acres with a copper mine, 2 1/2 miles NW of Wolfsville; on road from Smithsburg to Frederick City; adjoining lands of James SENSENBAUGH, Daniel E. OSWALD and Paul KLINE. Soil is suitable for growing peaches and grapes; some of the land in timber. To Jacob WILLIAMS from Grayson EICHELBERGER, trustee (Equity Case #3408, David WOLF of S. & Others vs Andrew J. WOLF & Others; however, upon EICHELBERGER's death, Milton G. URNER became trustee in Jul 1871) [CM-7, 231]. ...Mortgage from Jacob WILLIAMS & w/ Catharine to David OSWALD of Washington County for $240. - "Piney Meadow" and "Good Hope", 33 acres; adjoined land of George KOONS and Paul KLINE. Improved with a 1 1/2-story log house, stable and corn crib, with a spring near the house and running water in the field; some of the land in timber. To Jacob WILLIAMS from Samuel WOLF and Henry BARNS in Aug 1840 [HS-11, 347] ...Second Mortgage from Jacob WILLIAMS Sr. granted to Lewis LAMAR in Aug 1883 at $200. Advertised in The Catoctin News, Charles J. STOTELMYER, publisher and proprieter. SALE was held 29 Sep 1888 in front of MAUGAN's Store in Wolfsville; high bidder was: - Dr. Lewis LAMAR for both tracts at $585 Distribution after costs: - Clayton O. KEEDY for mortgage to OSWALD, $407.26 - Dr. Lewis LAMAR, partial mortgage claim, $92.33 Closed 10 Dec 1888. =====
Peter HOKE & w/ Frances A. vs Helen J. ROWE and Frederick W. TROXELL, execs/of Catharine A. ROWE, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5453 - Jul 1888 Joseph ROWE, dec'd (Will) Exec/ Joshua ROWE LAND - House & Lot #23 in Emmittsburg, in "Shield's Addition to Emmitsburg "on south side of Main St. Sold by Joshua ROWE to Elias J. ROWE on 1 Apr 1862; however, Elias died before the title was executed. Then, in Jun 1865, the property was conveyed to Catharine A. ROWE at $1,000 by the heirs of: Elias ROWE, dec'd - Joshua ROWE - James A. ROWE & w/ Sarah H. - Charles F. ROWE & w/ Ann Eliza - Nathaniel ROWE & w/ Elizabeth - Mary A. & h/ Deitrick ZECK - Frances A. & h/ Peter HOKE - Sarah J. TROXEL --- Catharine A. ROWE d/ 1 Dec 1880 (Will JPP-1, 40; written 6 Jul 1877; filed 8 Dec 1880) bro/ Joshua ROWE d/ 7 Jan 1888 House & Lot to her brother for life; upon his death to: sis/ Frances A. w/o Peter HOKE niece/ Helen J. ROWE nephew/ Frederick W. TROXELL & w/ Mary (KEENE) - Baltimore City Execs/ niece and nephew Witnesses: Quincy E. ROWE, Albert S. ROWE, J. Taylor MOTTER --- The HOKEs did not wish to hold the property jointly and asked for sale to divide equally. Trustee was Eugene L. ROWE. SALE was held 24 Sep 1888 in front of the premises; high bidder was: - Harvey MARTIN and Jacob SMITH at $1,210 At the time of the sale, the property was occupied by J. K. WRIGLEY, M. D., tenant, with lease to expire 1 Apr 1889. Improved with a brick & log, weatherboarded house, large enough for two families; also had stable, hog pen, corn crib and smoke house. 1st Distribution of $403.34; after court costs: - Frances A. HOKE, 1/3, $92.94 - Helen J. ROWE, 1/3, $92.94 - Frederick W. TROXELL, 1/3, $92.94 Closed 24 Nov 1888. =====
Elias GROSSNICKEL vs Allan J. ECCARD and Cyrus L. ECCARD - Report of Sales - #5395 - Feb 1888 LAND - "The Range About The Three Miserable Nobs", 12.5 acres (plat shown). To Alllan J. ECCARD and Cyrus L. ECCARD from Elias GROSSNICKEL at $300 in Mar 1876. Previously to Elias from Noah ECCARD & wife. In 1876, Dennis O'HARA resided on the property before the sale. Allan J. ECCARD is now insolvent and Cyrus L. ECCARD moved out of state several years ago and there is still $200 owed plus interest. Trustee was Elias GROSSNICKLE. Private Sale was made to: - Clara LIZAR, w/o David, at $250 Distribution after costs: - Elias GROSSNICKLE, partial lien claim, $162.30 Closed 6 Dec 1888. =====
John B. THOMAS, assignee of Willliam E. SMITH, mortgagee of John T. MEREDITH & Others - Report of Sales - #5449 - Jul 1888 LAND - parts of "Dorsey's Search", "Peace and Plenty", "Good Meadow" and "Well Timbered", 186 acres, in New Market District. Located near the dividing line of Basil D. DOWNEY and his brother William DOWNEY and on road from Baltimore-Frederick Turnpike to the Old Annapolis Road. Improved with a 2-story weatherboarded house, barn and orchard. Previously to John T. MEREDITH from Basil D. DORSEY for 250 acres in Apr 1850 [WBT-12, 500]. (Parts were sold to William DOWNEY in Nov 1874 [TG-2, 252] and James A. MEREDITH in Jan 1882 {AF-4, 484]. EXCEPTION: The DORSEY Family Grave Yard (M&B) and the Servants Grave Yard (M&B); included road to the grave yards. Mortgaged at $4,000 to William E. SMITH in Apr 1884 by the above listed heirs of John T. MEREDITH: - John T. MEREDITH (d/ May 1888) & w/ Margaret - James A. MEREDITH & w/ Lucinda C. - Rachel R. w/o John Cook MOBBERLY - Anna M. MEREDITH - Sarah W. MEREDITH - Robert MEREDITH Mortgage was assigned to John B. THOMAS in Jun 1888. SALE was held 14 Jul 1888 at the Court House door; high bidder was: - William DOWNEY at $30.50/acre, $5,673 Distribution after costs: - John B. THOMAS, assignee of mortgage, $4,260 - Isaac S. RUSSELL, coffin/funeral expenses, $45 - Joseph WOOD, judgment of John T. MEREDITH, $204.57 - William E. SMITH, partial 2nd mortgage claim, $622.13 Ended 19 Dec 1888. =====
John C. MOTTER, trustee of Daniel P. SAYLOR & w/ Belle - Report of Sales - #5391 - Feb 1888 Daniel P. SAYLOR & w/ Belle issued Deed of Trust for benefit of their creditors. LAND - Mill property, 1+ acres, in Woodsboro District, on road from Broad Run School House to Stull's Ford, 1/2 mile from Woodsboro and Creagerstown Turnpike. Improved with a newly-built roller-process 2-story frame merchant mill with basement; has 8 sets of rollers and other new machinery; run by steam power of 35 horse power. To Daniel P. SAYLOR from William DELAPLANE [AF-5, 388]. - House & Lot , 12 acres, west of Woodsborough. Improved with a weatherboarded log house of 8 rooms, shed, 2 wells and fruit trees. To Daniel P. SAYLOR from Owen LEDGEWOOD & Others [AF-11, 116]. SALE was held 3 Feb 1888 on the premises; high bidders were: - Augustus WOLF and David L. HAMAKER, t/a Wolf & Hamaker, for the mill property at $1,850 - Michael ANDERS for the House & Lot at $1,002 Personal property sold at $112.75. Distribution of $4,041.85 after court costs: - Lydia A. BLESSING, mortgage claim, $2,360 - Frick Engine Company, mortgage claim, $600 - H. Clay HULL, judgment claim, $77.25 - Multiple other creditors rec'd 3.3% of their claims. Closed 8 Dec 1888. ===
Samuel MARTIN, et al vs Henry MARTIN, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5497 (Washington County #3912) - Nov 1887 Emanuel MARTIN d/ 23 Oct 1887 in Washington County, intestate s/ Samuel MARTIN & w/ Lethe A. E. s/ Joseph MARTIN & w/ Margaret A. s/ Henry MARTIN & w/ Mary E. s/ Christian MARTIN & w/ Sarah E. - Green Co, Ohio s/ Emanuel MARTIN Jr d/ Catharine E. MARTIN s/ John W. MARTIN, dec'd & wid/ Cora B. . . . . . Arthur G. MARTIN, a minor . . . . . Emanuel K. MARTIN, a minor s/ David MARTIN, dec'd & wid/ Mary Ann . . . . . Flora B. MARTIN . . . . . Emma K. MARTIN . . . . . Mary Alice MARTIN All are of Washington County except as noted above. LAND - 371 acres, mostly in Leitersburg District in Washington County: A - Home Farm, 132 7/8 acres, 1 mile east of Leitersburg near road from there to Smithsburg. Improved with a 2-story stone house with a stone kitchen attached, tenant house, large frame bank barn, wagon shed, corn crib, hog pen, carriage house, spring house, blacksmith shop with spring near the door and orchard near the house; a stream runs through the farm. To Emanuel MARTIN from David M. DEITRICH & w/ Catharine B. in Mar 1862 [Wash Co Land JN-16, 181]. B - 'Peter Bell Farm', 123 acres, adjoined A on the west and about a mile from there. - 116 acres. Improved with a large stone and brick house , tenant house, bank barn, wagon shed, corn crib, bake house, wash house, springhouse, blacksmith shop and orchard with well near the house and a spring. Little Antietam also runs through the farm. To Emanuel MARTIN from David H. WILES, trustee of Peter BELL in Jan 1879 [Wash Co Land 77-381]. - 3 acres + 3 acres. To Emanuel MARTIN from David STUTE and Isaac G. BELL, trustees of Peter BELL in Apr 1879 [Wash Co Land 78-124]. C - 'Jacob E. BELL Farm', 97 acres, 1.5 miles from Leitersburg, along the road from Leitersburg to Smithsburg. (less 1/2 acre conveyed to School Board in Apr 1885) Improved with a 2-story birck house of 7 rooms and kitchen, large stone bank barn, wagon shed, corn cribs, smoke house, bake house, spring house, hog pen, carriage house and orchard with well; a small stream flows through the farm. To Emanuel MARTIN from Jacob E. BELL & w/ Ann M. in Apr 1874 [Wash Co Land WMKK-6, 449]. D - Timber land (chestnut), 12+ acres in Catoctin District in Frederick County; along the road from Smithsburg to Wolfsville, 1.5 miles from Wolfsville; adjoined land of Paul CLINE. E - "Sweepstakes", 6 acres of timber land in Washington County, on west side of road from OSWALD's Tannery to Pondsville, 2 miles from the tannery and 2 miles SE from Cavetown. Tract is well timbered with chestnut. To Emanuel MARTIN from Philip BEAVER & w/ Barbara Ann in Aug 1868 [Wash Co Land LBN-2, 823]. All tracts are within 3 miles of the Western MD Rail Road. Trustees were Samuel MARTIN and Joseph MARTIN. Sale was held 20 Nov 1888 in front of the Court House in Hagerstown; high bidders were: - Catharine E. MARTIN for A (132 acres) at $60/acre, $7,972.50 - Henry MARTIN for B (122 acres) at $40/acre, $4,911.20 - John A. NEWCOMER for C (97 acres) at $75/acre, $7,275 - Catharine E. MARTIN for 12 acres of mountain land at $33/acre, $417.45 - John HOOVER for 6 acres of mountain land at $15/acre, $90 Ended 24 Dec 1888. =====
Daniel Saylor COVER vs Sarah K. SAYLOR, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5188 - Apr 1886 Rev. Daniel P. SAYLOR d/ Jun 1885 (Will written 18 Aug 1884) w/ Sarah K. (age 40) - books & papers, etc d/ Elizabeth Rohrer SAYLOR, a minor (age 2) (child of his old age) - $4,000 children by 1st wife: d/ Anna Eliza (Saylor) w/o Joseph S. EMMETT - cancelled $300 note - Washington County d/ Mrs Margaret Ellen "Ellie" (Saylor) WHITE, widow - cancelled $300 note ..........1st husband - John M. COVER ..........her son - William F. "Will" COVER - rented the farm nephew/ Elder Daniel R. SAYLOR - Swiss German Bible To place an iron fence around the grave yard attached to the Rocky Ridge Church. Church records to successor in pastorate at church. As an executor of the Will of Charles WILLIAR, he holds in trust for - Charles' widow (BOWERS) - $1,000 - Cecelia WILLIAR (nee BUHRMAN), daughter - $1,300 Exec/ wife Sarah SAYLOR Witnesses: Daniel R. SAYLOR, William F. COVER, Charles H. DILLER --- LAND - in Frederick and Carroll Counties, now 93 acres. (Plat WIP-3, 423) - "Prosperity", "Resurvey on Pike Creek Hills", 372 acres, along Double Pipe Creek and near Double Pipe Creek Station on the Western Maryland Rail Road; adjoined land of John MILLER (now Amon T. NORRIS), George H. WAESCHE and William MILLER, also Dorcus GROFF and Jacob WILLHITES. Also included is a small corner from Josiah EYLER which has no deed. Improved with a 2-story stone house with back building, bank barn, corn crib, hog pen, wagon shed, fruit trees and a spring with pipes to the house by windmill power; divided into five fields with running water. To Daniel P. SAYLOR from Joshua SMITH, trustee for Estate of George H. WAESCHE Equity #2382), at $13,000 in Sep 1853 [ES-5, 40]. EXCEPTIONS by Daniel P. SAYLOR & w/ Sarah to: - Henry C. McKINSTRY, (acreage not listed) on Woodsborough to Pipe Creek Mills road in Sep 1853. - Margaret Ellen COVER (w/o John M), "Prosperity", 116.75 acres in Aug 1866; on east edge of Double Pipe Creek and on road from Woodsboro to Keys School House in Carroll County [Carroll Co Land WAMK-34, 148]. - Anna Eliza EMMETT (w/o Joseph S.), "Prosperity", 101.75 acres in Aug 1866; next to Margaret's part [WAMK-34, 39]. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 15 Jun 1886 from: - William F. COVER, age 26, grandson - Thomas J. KOLB, age 41, Trustee was William F. COVER. SALE was held 25 Sep 1886 on the premises at Double Pipe Creek; but no sufficient bid; later Private Sale was made to: - Joseph A. WAESCHE at $5,900 Distribution of $5,938.35 after costs: - Daniel Saylor COVER, claim, $618.75 - Sarah K. SAYLOR, claim, $399.16 - Sarah K. SAYLOR, widow, $4,46514 (balance during her widow hood per Will) The widow, Sarah K. SAYLOR was then living in Waynesboro, Franklin Co, PA. The trustee, William F. COVER, asked the court to take charge of the widow's portion; new trustee appointed was Aaron F. ROHRER. Closed 13 Jul 1887. =====
WIP-3, 429-443 - STOTTLEMYER - #FC
Margaret J. STOTTLEMYER vs Harvey L. STOTTLEMYER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5190- Apr 1886 Pointon STOTTLEMYER d/ 5th or 7th of Apr 1886 in Wolfsville (Will written 4 Apr 1886) widow - Margaret Jane d/ Susan STOTTLEMYER ($75) s/ Edward STOTTLEMYER ($75) s/ David Arthur STOTTLEMYER ($75) s/ Harvey L. STOTTLEMYER, a minor s/ Lemuel C. STOTTLEMYER, a minor d/ Clara J. STOTTLEMYER, a minor Balance of estate to widow and minor children in equal portions. Exec/ the widow, but no power of sale. Witnesses: Melvin J. LEATHERMAN, John J. SUMMERS, Uriah M. PALMER and Lawson D. HARSHMAN --- LAND - in Catoctin District, 1.5 miles south of Wolfsville: - "Seven Fold", 2 acres, on road from Christian HARSHMAN's to Tunkers Church and on west side of Hezekiah CLINE's Spring Branch; close to Harshman's Blacksmith Shop. Improved with a new frame barn and fruit trees. To Pointon STOTTLEMYER from Hezekiah PALMER & w/ Susan at $100 in Jan 1874 [TG-2, 21]. - "Conrad's Travel by Night", 6 acres; on Wolfsville and Church Hill Road; adjoined land of Cornelius HARSHMAN (later Lawson HARSHMAN). To Pointon STOTTLEMYER from Joshua LONGMAN, exec/of George LONGMAN, at $115 in Mar 1884 [WIP-1, 314]. Previously to George LONGMAN from Daniel HARSHMAN & wife in July 1878 [TG-9, 682]. EXCEPTION: 1/2 acre for school house - "Seven Fold", 7 acres, on road from Tunker Church to BISER's Mill in Election District 6; adjoining land of Ephraim GILBERT (later John J. SOMERS). Except a road to Jacob HARSHMAN's fields. To Pointon STOTTLEMYER from Christian HARSHMAN & w/ Mary at $100 in Feb 1873 [CM-9, 604]. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 18 May 1886 from: - Luther WARRENFELTZ, age 35, Wolfsville - Lawson P. HARSHMAN, age 46, Catoctin District Trustee was Margaret Jane STOTTLEMYER. SALE was held 7 Aug 1886 on the premises; high bidders were: - Luther WARRENFELTZ for 2 acres at $306 - Luther WARRENFELTZ for 7 acres at $149 - Lawson P. HARSHMAN for 5.5 acres at $147.25 Distribution of $602.25 after costs: - Widow and 3 minor children, each 1/4 share, $112.86 Closed 3 Jan 1889. =====
Lewis KOESTER & Others vs George W. WHALLEY & Others - Sale of Real Estate - #5415 - Apr 1888 Christina KOESTER d/ 10 Apr 1888, intestate (life estate from husband) widow of Henry KOESTER (Will written 8 Feb 1864; filed 29 Feb 1864) s/ Aron Lewis KOESTER & w/ Alice H. d/ Martha E. w/o Thomas G. HALLER - Clinton, Clinton Co, Iowa d/ Sophia WHALLEY (died before her mother) ..........George W. WHALLEY & w/ Jennie Adella) - Georgetown, DC ..........Nanny C. WHALLEY, a minor - Georgetown, DC LAND - Lots #15 & 16 on west side of South Market St in Frederick City; adjoined the bridge over Carroll's Creek. (M&B included) Improved with a 2-story brick house and 2-story back building, then rented to Charles E. HALLER. To Henry KOESTER from Alexander B. HANSON & w/ Susan W. at $2,500 in Jan 1865 [JWLC-1, 85]. Previously to HANSON from James WALLING & w/ Caroline in Aug 1841 [HS-14, 95]. - two adjoining Lots on north side of West Patrick St in Fredericktown; on west side of alley and lot of Adam CUSTARD (on eastern side). Improved with 2-story brick house on eastern side; and 2-story brick house with back building on western side. To Henry KOESTER from George SMITH (trustee for Jacob HART & w/ Mary [ES-5, 326]) at $1,400 in Mar 1855 [ES-5, 664]. Henry KOESTER's Will mentioned three properties, one being his residence; another where William WHALEY resided and the third where Mrs SMELTZ lived. Guardian was W. H. WHALLEY, Esq, Washington, DC; but court later appointed Joseph W. GAVER as guardian. Testimony was heard 30 May 1888 from: - John L. MICHAEL - John N. FAUBEL Trustee was F. Marion FAUBEL. SALE was held 22 Sep 1888 at the City Hotel; high bidders were: - Lewis KOESTER for House & Lot on South Market St at $2,400; then occupied by Charles E. HALLER. - Lewis KOESTER for House & Lot on W. Patrick St (eastern side) at $1,200 - George W. BURRALL (and Johanan BURALL) for House & Lot on W. Patrick St (western side) at $1,210 Total Sales, $4,810. Distribution of $4,985 after costs: - Each child's 1/3 share, $1,430.87 Closed 8 Jan 1889. =====
WIP-3, 465-471 - CRUM, LEASE, LORENTZ - #FC
Henry LORENTZ, assignee of Robert LEASE, mortgagee of Adam CRUM & w/ Jemima - Report of Sales - #5485 - Nov 1888 LAND - "Middle Plantation", 16 acres, two miles east of Mount Pleasant, near the Old Annapolis Road; adjoining lands of Joseph BAUMGARDNER, Hezekiah MURPHY, D. H. ROUTZAHN and George Wm. BUCKEY. Then in occupancy of the widow of Adam CRUM. Improved with a 2 1/2-story log house with kitchen attached, meat house, hen house, hog pen, corn huse, stable, spring near the door and orchard. Previously to Adam CRUM, with mortgage to Robert LEASE, from Joseph ROUTZAHN & wife in Aug 1871. SALE was held 10 Nov 1888 on the premises; high bidder was: - Henry LORENTZ at $450; whok also held a judgment against Adam CRUM for $187. Distribution after costs: - Henry LORENTZ, assignee of mortgage, $296.25 - Henry LORENTZ, partial judgment, $54.28 Closed 11 Jan 1889. =====
Henry D. CRAMER & Others vs Edward CRAMER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5365 - Dec 1887 Henry CRAMER - Will GME-3, 93, written 8 Feb 1845 s/ Noah CRAMER ("Prosperity", 148 acres) d/ Catharine w/o John F. BEST d/ Phebe w/o Christian WINEBRENNER ($1,000) d/ Margaret Elizabeth CRAMER ($1,000) s/ Jacob CRAMER ($3,000, already given him with note) s/ Henry David CRAMER ("Pleasant Plane", 151 acres, the home place; also 30-acre mountain lot in Creagerstown District) Execs/ sons Jacob and Henry David CRAMER Witnesses: Abram GETZENDANNER, Henry R. HARRIS, George CRAMER --- Noah CRAMER d/ 10 Dec 1887, intestate, no issue w/ Catharine - died some years before bro/ Henry D. CRAMER & w/ Mary PARSONS sis/ Phebe w/o Christian WINEBRENNER sis/ Margaret SMITH, widow bro/ Samuel CRAMER (d/ before Noah) ..........Edward CRAMER & w/ Sarah HYDES ..........George H. CRAMER & w/ Annie GERNAND ..........Ezra D. CRAMER & w/ Amelia DUDDERAR ..........John W. CRAMER & w/ Rebecca SPARR ..........Noah CRAMER ..........Louisa w/o Charles GILBERT ..........Emma B. CRAMER bro/ Jacob CRAMER (d/ before Noah) ..........Catharine w/o George W. BEST ..........Margaret E. w/o Peter FEISER - York, PA sis/ Catharine (d/ before Noah) wid/o John BEST ..........Henry L. BEST & w/ Mary Jane LAMBRIGHT - Tiffin, Ohio ..........George W. BEST & w/ Catharine CRAMER (cousins) ..........Mary BEST (non compos mentis), confined to Monteview ..........Noah BEST & w/ ___ TOMS - Ohio LAND - "Prosperity", 160 acre farm, 2 miles north of Woodsborough; adjoined lands of Reverdy J. WINEBRENER and Mrs. Clarissa HARRIS. Improved with a large house, Switzer barn, wagon shed and corn house, all recently built, and fruit orchard. To Noah CRAMER from Will of Henry CRAMER. - Home Farm, 34 acres, (where Noah CRAMER died); one mile south of Walkersville, in Mount Pleasant District; adjoined land of Ezra HOUCK. Improved with a large brick house, Switzer barn. Included: - part of "Dulaney's Lot", 17 acres, on east side of Frederick-Woodsboro Turnpike, at NW corner of JOHNSON's farm and SW corner of J. L. NICODEMUS' farm and SE corner of John HARDY's land. To Noah CRAMER from William LONG & w/ Sarah A. M. at $1,700 in Jan 1867 [JWLC-4, 688]. - part of "Dulaney's Lot", 17 acres, in Mount Pleasant District, on Frederick to Woodsboro Turnpike, at NW corner of John J. DINTERMAN's land and SE corner of Richard B. BROWN's land. To Noah CRAMER from John HARDY & w/ Ann S. at $2,000 in Mar 1875 [TG-3, 367]; (certified by Josephus LONG, Justice of the Peace). Previously to HARDY from Adam DIEHL & w/ Sarah and George M. POTTS & w/ Cornelia in Apr 1863. - Lot #D (25 perches & part of original Lot #19) on south side of Main St in Walkersville. Then occupied by William J. CARNS as tenant. Improved with a 2-story weather-boarded house. To Noah CRAMER from Jacob S. PERRY & w/ Martha Ann at $650 in Mar 1874 [TG-1, 454]. Previously to PERRY from C. V. S. LEVY, trustee of John STIMMEL in Jul 1872 [C-9, 294]. - part of "Monocacy Manor", 1/10 acre, House & Lot in Walkersville, near Rail Road Station; also use of well on part sold to C. M. LEWIS in Feb 1881; adjoined lot of Mrs. D. K. CRAMER. To Noah CRAMER from H. Clay STAUFFER & w/ Margaret V. at $400 in Mar 1881 [AF-3, 481]. Previously to STAUFFER from George CRAMER in Feb 1879. Not Listed as sold (unless conveyed to Henry R. HARRIS in exchange): - part of Lot #25 of "Monocacy Manor", 7 acres, in Woodsborough District. To Noah CRAMER from Henry R. HARRIS & w/ Clarissa for exchange of land in Apr 1869 [CM-3, 584]. - SOLD - part of Lot #25 of "Monocacy Manor", 18.5 acres, in Woodsborough District. To Henry R. HARRIS from Noah CRAMER & w/ Catharine A. at $1,725 in Mar 1869 [AF-4, 372]. - "Self Defence", 13.5 acres. To Noah CRAMER from Christian WINEBRENNER & w/ Phebe at $1,355 in Apr 1865 [JWLC-2, 611]. (Previously to Gen. O. A. WILLIAMS.) - "Self Defence", 6 acres, on west side of the Frederick & Pennsylvania Line Rail Road; adjoined land from Christian WINEBRENNER. To Noah CRAMER from Reverdy J. WINEBRENNER & w/ Annie L. at $600 in Mar 1885 [AF-11, 168]. Joseph GAVER was appointed guardian for Mary BEST. Testimony was heard 4 Jun 1888 from: - Solomon D. DEVILBISS, age 62 - George H. CRAMER, age 43, Walkersville - stated Noah BEST was not married to the TOMS woman because she was married to Henry MYERS, although she and Noah lived together. He also said Mary BEST had been in Monteview Hospital for two or three years. - David C. WINEBRENNER, age 53, Frederick City Trustees were David C. WINEBRENNER and John C. MOTTER, who had the land surveyed by William H. HILLEARY. SALE was held 15 Nov 1888 at the Station House of the Frederick and Pennsylvania Rail Road at Walkersville; high bidders were: - Margaret SMITH for the farm in Woodsboro District of 155 acres at $89.15/acre - David M. BARRICK for the home farm in Mount Pleasant at $5,665 - Sarah S. FOX for House & Lot on Main St in Walkersville at $310 - Charles W. GILBERT for House & Lot in Walkersville (Stauffer) at $318 Total Sales - $20,165.87. Closed 14 Jan 1889. (Plat WIP-3, 498) =====
George HILL & Others vs Margaret VALENTINE & Others - Sale of Real Estate - #5124 - Jan 1886 Elizabeth (HILL) PALM d/ c1871, intestate w/o William PALM d/ c1879 (had life estate in property) s/ George HILL & w/ Susan d/ Juliet BOYER, widow d/ Margaret w/o Daniel VALENTINE d/ Josephine, dec'd w/o Elijah BOOZE Sr. ..........Elijah BOOZE Jr. ..........Hetty w/o Dennis BOSTICKS - Baltimore City ..........Mary BOOZE (twin of Hetty) - Baltimore City ..........Rachel BOOZE, a minor (lives with Hetty) - Baltimore City ..........William BOOZE, a minor ..........Emma BOOZE, a minor (lives with Hetty) - Baltimore City d/ Arabella HILL, dec'd ..........Harvey MAGRUDER - Illinois s/ Henry HILL - Pennsylvania LAND - "Resurvey on Hunting Lot", 1 acre, located 1 mile north of Johnsville; adjoined the lands of Emanuel LUGENBEEL and on road from Johnsville to Middleburg. Improved with a house. To Elizabeth HILL from Abraham SAYLOR & w/ Amy at $20 in May 1850 [WBT-14, 423]. Guardian for the BOOZE minor children was John J. BISER, Esq. Testimony was heard 12 Jul 1886 from: - Daniel F. STRASBURGER, age 53, Johnsville - stated Elizabeth HILL died at her home near Johnsville 10-12 years ago. - Reuben S. GRABILL, age 32, Johnsville District Trustee was Frank C. NORWOOD. SALE was held 11 Sep 1886 in front of C. E. SAYLOR's Store in Johnsville; high bidder was: - Daniel W. VALENTIE at $120 Distribution after costs: - Each child's 1/6 share, $.53 Closed 5 Jan 1889. =====
WIP-3, 522-535 - CRAMER, SMITH, POWELL - #FC
Nora E. CRAMER vs Charles G. CRAMER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5378 - Jan 1888 Rebecca CRAMER d/ May 1887, intestate d/ Nora E. CRAMER s/ Charles G. CRAMER & w/ Ida R. d/ Mabel E. w/o William A. SMITH s/ George W. CRAMER, a minor s/ Eli D. CRAMER, a minor d/ Alberta R. CRAMER, a minor LAND - 1/2 acre at Utica Mills in Lewistown District; on east side of public road at corner of John W. SHOOK's lot. Improved with a 2-story frame house and stable. To Rebecca CRAMER from Michael ROBERTS & w/ Mary Catharine at $100 in Apr 1872 [CM-8, 229]. Guardian was John J. BISER, Esq. Testimony was heard 2 Mar 1888 from: - Edward BARRICK, age 61, Utica Mills - claimed George W. & Eli D. CRAMER went West. - John H. BAER, age 44, Utica Mills Charles G. & Ida Cramer assigned their share to Charles S. SNOOK for $85 in Oct 1888. Trustee was Nora E. CRAMER. SALE was held 17 Nov 1888 on the premises; high bidder was: - Elmer M. POWELL at $543; then adjoining lands of D. R. WACHTER and Benjamin GREEN. Distribution after costs: - Each child's 1/6 share, $63.94 Closed 28 Jan 1889. =====
James M. WELTY & w/ Ella M. vs Joseph A. HOBBS & Others - Sale of Real Estate - #5417 - Feb 1888 John HOBBS d/ Aug 1879, farmer (Will JRR-1, 437; written 6 Jun 1879; filed 2 Sep 1879) w/ Eleanor "Ellen" d/ 11 Feb 1888, intestate s/ John T. HOBBS d/ 1872 (Will SGC-1, 234 - written 22 Jan 1872; filed 28 Feb 1872; leaving estate to his father) s/ Lewis A. HOBBS (unsound mind), at Montevue Hospital s/ Charles F. HOBBS (mental instability, at Mount Hope Asylum/Retreat in Baltimore Co) & w/ Martha (Frederick County) s/ Joseph A. HOBBS & w/ Mary E. s/ Joshua HOBBS & w/ Catharine d/ Mary wid/o John WALTER Sr. - Prince Georges County d/ Elizabeth Catharine HOBBS d/ Ella M. w/o James M. WELTY d/ Rebecca Agnes HOBBS s/ Benjamin HOBBS & w/ Elizabeth "Betty" d/ Lydia (mental instability) w/o Alfred RIDDLEMOSER College of St Joseph in Emmitsburg to have control of son Lewis A.'s portion. Exec/ wife - but no power of sale in Will Witnesses: Elias U. KNODE, R. S. KNODE, William H. FLEAGEL --- LAND - Emmitsburg District A - "Buck Forrest", 145 acres; located 5.75 miles south of Emmitsburg and 2 miles north of Loy's Station on the Western Maryland Railroad and near the Creagerstown to Emmitsburg Road; adjoined land of (David WHITE in 1843) Charles A. DAMUTH, Charles A. DORSEY and William H. DORSEY of F. Then in occupacy of Benjamin HOBBS. Improved with a 1 1/2-story weather-boarded log house, frame barn, wagon shed, corn crib and hog pen. To John HOBBS from James COOPER of Adams Co, PA, trustee (for Estate of James COOPER in Nov 1839), at $1,812 in Mar 1843 [HS-18, 568]. - "Brooks Reserve", 183 acres & 4.75 acres; To John HOBBS from James COOPER of Adams Co, PA, trustee (for Estate of James COOPER in Nov 1839), at $4,575 & $112 in Mar 1843 [HS-18, 568]. SOLD - to John F. ELDER from John & Eleanor HOBBS for 187.75 acres at $3,000 in Apr 1843 [HS-18, 559]. B - "Henn's Choice", 112 acres, 3 miles south of Emmitsburg and near Motter's Station; adjoined land of (Elias LILLY in 1863) Isaac M. FISHER and Dr. Charles D. EICHELBERGER at NW corner. (Plat WIP-3, 560; resurveyed for 88 acres) Then occupied by Miss Rebecca A. HOBBS and James M. WELTY. Improved with a 2-story brick house, tenant house, bank barn, spring house, wagon shed, corn crib, hog pen and fruit trees. To Eleanor HOBBS (w/o John) and John T. HOBBS from Aloysius J. ALTHOFF and William A. ALTHOFF, exec/of Henry ALTHOFF, at $2,000 in Jun 1863 [JWLC-1, 50]. SOLD to: - Isaac M. FISHER from John C. MOTTER, trustee (Equity #4668 of Eleanor HOBBS vs Lewis A. HOBBS & Others) for 11 acres of Hobb's Farm at $?? in Dec 1881 [AF4, 383]; adjacent to Motter's Station on the NW side. - 'Saw Mill Place', 6 acres; adjoined land of William DORSEY. To Eleanor HOBBS (w/o John) and John T. HOBBS from Aloysius J. ALTHOFF and William A. ALTHOFF, exec/of Henry ALTHOFF, at $2,000 in Jun 1863 [JWLC-1, 50]. SOLD to: - to Anastasia ELDER from John & Eleanor HOBBS for 2.5 acres at $35 in Mar 1874; adjoined land of James CRATIN [TG-6, 468]. - George LIVERS from John & Eleanor HOBBS for 3+ acres at $65 in Jul 1877 [TG-8, 134]. Guardian ad litem for Lewis A. and Charles F. HOBBS and Lydia RIDDLEMOSER was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 7 Aug 1888 from: - Johnn H. SHIELDS, age 64, Emmitsburg, surveyor for 40 years. - James A. ELDER, age 58, Emmitsburg - stated Lydia RIDDLEMOSER was recently taken to Mount Hope Retreat in Baltimore County. - Christian T. ZACHARIAS, age 39, Emmittsburg - James M. WELTY, age 59, Emmitsburg District Trustees were Eugene L. ROWE and John C. MOTTER. SALE was held 29 Oct 1888 at Motter's Station on the Emmitsburg Rail Road; high bidders were: - farm(A) failed to receive proper bid - Charles D. EICHELBERGER for (part of B) 17 acres at $36.80/acre - Joshua HOBBS for (part of B) 70.75 acres at $28/acre - James M. WELTY for 13 acres mountain land at $40; on north side of CARRICK's Knob in Emmitsburg District; adjoined land of Edwin SPRINGER at NW corner. (Plat WIP-3, 555) - Joseph C. ROSENSTEEL for 34 acres mountain land at $1.25/acre; on south side of CARRICK's Knob in Emmitsburg District; adjoined land of Mount St Mary's College. (Plat WIP-3, 556) - Joshua HOBBS for 20 acres mountain land at $6.25/acre; in Mechanicstown District; adjoining lands of Christian ZACHARIAS and John FLOHR. (Plat WIP-3, 556) Later Private SALE was made 12 Nov 1888 to: - John T. COLLIFLOWER for (A) the 145-acre farm at $3,500 Total Sales - $6,349.50. Distribution of $6,373.47 after costs: - Elizabeth C. HOBBS, legacy, $200 - Rebecca A. HOBBS, legacy, $300 - Each surviving child's 1/10 share, $533.52 Closed 30 Jan 1889. =====
Frederick KOHLHASS & w/ Sarah E. vs Justus MARTIN & Others - Sale of Real Estate - #5123 - Dec 1885 Jane (MARTEN) KOHLHASS d/ 4 Nov 1885, intestate widow of Frederick KOHLHASS Sr (he died c1876) s/ Justus MARTIN, widower s/ Frederick KOHLHASS & w/ Sarah E. s/ Charles KOHLHASS & w/ Ellen J. - Montgomery County d/ Hannah w/o Lycurgus WARFIELD (married Sep 1, 1880) d/ Charlotte Ann, dec'd w/o Evin T. TRAIL (married c1853) ..........Susannah Rebecca TRAIL ..........Charles TRAIL ..........Margaret (Emily J.??) w/o Henry BAYLISS - West Virginia ..........Marietta TRAIL, a minor ..........Teresa J. TRAIL, a minor and w/o Charles J. SMITH ..........Mollie TRAIL, a minor ..........Hanson TRAIL, a minor ..........Ashwood TRAIL, a minor (not in distributions) ..........Ida TRAIL, a minor (not in distributions) ..........Notley TRAIL, a minor LAND - "Resurvey on Right and Good Reason", 88.5 acres in 7th Election District (Urbana), 1/2 mile SE of Park Mills on the Barnesville Road from Park Mills; adjoined land of Peter KEMP and tract "Locust Thicket". Improved with a 1 1/2-story weather-boarded house, small barn and fruit trees; divided into six fields and has some timber; land was slate and clay. Jane MARTEN (formerly KOHLERBURGH) held 4/9 share and Etty ORME held 5/9 share. Deed to partition land with Jane MARTIN to have southern portion dated May 1839 [HS-9, 307-309]. SOLD to: - Frederick KOHLHASS Jr from Frederick KOHLHASS Sr & w/ Jane for 4 acres in Sep 1867 [DSB-1, 660]. Hannah WARFIELD had remained at home to care for her mother before and after her marriage and her mother wanted her to receive money above the others for her services; request at $500. Guardian was William Nash YOUNG; but for Ida & Ashwood TRAIL, Joseph W. GAVER was appointed. Testimony was heard 20 Feb 1886 from: - Frederick KOHLHASS, age 42 - Sarah E. KOHLHASS, age 42 - Charles D. DIXON, age 30 - Hannah WARFIELD, age 33 - claimed her mother had eight children, but only four are living; only one of those deceased had children, Charlotte Ann TRAIL. She provided family names and marriage years. She stated after she and her husband first lived at Lime Kiln Switch for a couple of months and then lived with her mother for about eight months and then to a house about 200 yards from her mother for four months, then back to her mother's for a year; then to Park Mills where they have been since. Her mother was then living alone except for a boy about 12 years old named Willie (William) MARTIN who lived with her for about three months. After her father died, she was then single and living with her mother; also there was Clint HARDING (age 11) for about a year, and Dickey (Richard) MARTIN (age 12) lived there during the winter of her father's death and part of the next summer; John SPAULDING (age 35) lived there the next fall, winter and spring and then HARDING came and was there until her marriage. - Sarah SHILLING, age 36, Park Mills, married in 1870 and had nine children; lived a half mile from the decedent. Trustees were Charles V. S. LEVY and John C. MOTTER. SALE was held 3 Mar 1887 at the store of Thomas A. SMITH in Urbana; high bidder was: - Charles KOHLHASS at $810; adjoined land of James STEWART. Frederick KOHLHASS placed a claim against the estate of his mother claiming she owed him $143. Charles KOHLHASS failed to make payment for the property. The property was again placed for public sale, with expense charged to Charles, at the same location on 12 Apr 1888; high bidder was: - James B. DIXON at $625 Distribution after costs: - Justus MARTIN, 1/5 share, $69.44 - Frederick KOHLHASS, 1/5 share, $69.44 - Hannah WARFIELD, 1/5 share, $69.44 - Charlotte TRAIL's children each rec'd 1/8 of 1/5, $8.68) .......Rebecca TRAIL .......Charles TRAIL .......Margaret BAYLISS .......Teresa J. SMITH .......Marietta TRAIL .......Mollie TRAIL .......Notley TRAIL .......Hanson TRAIL - Charles KOHLHASS, balance of 1/5, $2.44 (after payment of resale expenses) Closed 11 Feb 1889. NOTES - Ashwood & Ida TRAIL were added to petition as an amendment and subpeona was delivered to their father Evin T. TRAIL and guardian was appointed for them; however, testimony did not list them, except for Hannah WARFIELD who placed Ashwood & Ida just before Notley and had seemed to list them in order by birth. It is unknown why they were not included in the Distributions as I found nothing in the records to indicate they had died and Hannah's testimony stated they were all living. In fact, John Notley TRAIL's obit lists his brother Ashford and sister Mrs Ida Baer as well as Charles and Mrs. Emily Baliss. - Census in 1880, Urbana - shows Evan T. Trail, 62; with children: Susan A. R., 21; Emma J. (Margaret?), 19; Charles T., 17; Mary, 15; Trecie J., 14; Edward H. (Hanson), 12; Ida M., 11; James A. (Ashford or Ashwood), 10; and Notley, 7. Frederick Co, MD Marriage Licenses - Charlotte Ann MARTIN to Evan Thompson TRAIL - May 7, 1853 - Justus MARTIN to Drusilla SMITH - May 25, 1864 - Frederick KOHLHASS to Sarah Elizabeth COOPER - Apr 12, 1864 - Charles KOHLHASS to Ellen Jane CARLISLE - May 16, 1865 =====
John C. MOTTER, assignee of Jeremiah W. ALBAUGH, mortgagee of Thomas MINOR & w/ Sarah - Report of Sales - #5495 - Dec 1888 LAND - 3 acres, in Mount Pleasant District, on Middle Road, from Frederick to New London; adjoined land of John FOX. Improved with a 1 1/2-story weather-boarded house, stable and fruit trees. To Sarah MINOR from George S. FOX & wife in Feb 1873 [CM-9, 586]. SALE was held 7 Dec 1888 on the premises; high bidder was: - John C. SHEETENHELM at $270 Distribution after costs: - John C. MOTTER, assignee of mortgage, $123.50 - David WERTHEIMER, partial mortgage claim, $79.28 Closed 7 Mar 1889. =====
WIP-3, 604-609 - SAYLOR, TROUT - #FC
John C. MOTTER, trustee of Susan SAYLOR - Report of Sales - #5433 - May 1888 LAND - 10 acres, in Woodsboro District, on road from Broad Run to Stull's Ford; adjoined lands of Calvin SMITH and George D. MARTZ. Improved with a weatherboarded house, stable and orchard of apples and peaches. To Susan SAYLOR from John H. SAYLOR & wife [AF-1, 724]. SALE was held 19 May 1888 at SMITH's Hotel in Woodsboro; high bidder was: - Emma V. TROUT at $650 Distribution to mortgage and other claims. Closed 15 Mar 1889. ===
John GAITHER & Others vs Sarah GAITHER & Others - Sale of Real Estate - #5071 - Apr 1885 Ephrain GAITHER (colored) d/ Jan 1885, intestate widow - Sarah (age 64) s/ John GAITHER & w/ Leah - Montgomery County d/ Charlotta wid/o Lewis LUCKETT (she later married Sardy WADES) d/ Mary wid/o Jacob JURICKS - Pennsylvania d/ Laura w/o Albert RICHARDSON - Pennsylvania d/ Emma w/o Richard T. BRICE d/ Jane w/o Benjamin JACKSON - Carroll County d/ Ellen, dec'd w/o Cornelius BUTLER, dec'd ..........Miranda GAITHER (age 16) ..........Florence BUTLER (age 12) - Carroll County LAND - "Pretty Sally", 21.5 acres, in Woodville District, near the Prospect Church; adjoined land of Robert MULLINIX (from Will of his father Thomas MULLINIX) and William SALMAN. Improved with a 2-story weatherboarded log house, log stable, chicken house, milk house, apple orchard and spring near the house. To Ephraim GAITHER from Christopher H. BRASHEAR & w/ Mary at $300 in Sep 1851 [WBT-13, 587]. Previously to BRASHEAR from Christian HARDING in Apr 1845 [WBT-2, 566]. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 25 Apr 1885 from: - William CLAY of P., age 51, Woodville District - Benjamin JACKSON, age 27, Woodville District The widow was entitled to 1/3 of the property as her dower and asked her part be laid out. Surveyor was Rufus A. RAGER who laid out 1 acre and 21 perches for the widow's dower; included right of way through the lane. (Plat WIP-3, 621) Trustee for sale was James W. PEARRE. SALE was held 1 Jun 1885 on the premises; high bidder was: - William CLAY of P. at $892.25; subject to the widow's dower. John SWEADNER petitioned for a judgment against Benjamin JACKSON for $140; Ephraim had signed as surety for Benjamin. Distribution after costs and claims: - Each child's 1/7, $31.05 Closed 1 Dec 1888. ===
Randolph G. STULL, trustee of Simon P. SAYLOR & w/ Sarah A. R. - Report of Sales - #5393 - Feb 1888 LAND - 140 acre farm (home farm) inn Woodsboro, on road to MARTIN's Mill; adjoined lands of George D. MARTZ and Eli SLAGLE. Improved with a 2-story stone house of 8 rooms with cellar and spring of pure water near the house, a bank barn, 12-15 acres in fruit trees; land is first-class bottom land. To Simon P. SAYLOR from the Will of Emanuel SAYLOR. [Jan 1887 Deed WIP-4, 393] - 55 acre farm, on east side of home farm; adjoins lands of Susan HOY and Henry KRISE. Improved with a 2-story weatherboarded house with well near the kitchen door; stone barn, wagon shed, corn house and has an orchard. Then in occupancy of John LONG. Mortgaged to James M. DELAPLANE at $1,000. SALE was held 14 Feb 1888 on the premises: high bidders were: - Sarah A. R. SAYLOR at $36.25/acre, $5,075; however, Sarah and her husband asked that George W. MYERS be substituted as the purchaser. - John A. SAXTON at $45.25/acre, $2,493 Total sales, $7,568. Randolph G. STULL, as trustee, asked for the widow to receive her dower allowance. He stated she was age 50 and her husband Simon was age 52 and in poor health with an incurable malady. Distribution of $8,423.64 (included personal property sales): - Randolph G. STULL, mortgage claim, $1,050 - Sarah A. R. SAYLOR, in lieu of dower, 1/14, $467.67 - Balance to creditors at 53% of claims. Closed 24 Jan 1889. =====
John B. THOMAS, assignee of Ann M. MANN, assignee of Parmelia SOWERS, mortgagee of Charles W. McDEVITT & w/ Christiana L. (ENGLE) - Report of Sales - #5230 - Oct 1886 LAND - "Conrad's Purchase", 88 acres (stone marked 1746); on the Alms House road, 4.5 miles west of Frederick; adjoined land of John TWENTY, John ENGLE, Peter SHAFER, John McDEVITT and Peter STALEY. Improved with a 1 1/2-story stone house, new bank barn, wagon shed, spring house and orchard with a well in the yard. - mountain land From Will of John ENGLE of 29 Jan 1877 to his son-in-law, (Charles) William McDEVITT. SALE was held 2 Oct 1886 at the Courthouse door; high bidder was: - William S. MILLER for 88 acres at $4,705 Neighbors then were Airy McDEVITT and George W. CUTSAIL. The rest of the property was not sold because the farm sale covered the debts. Distribution after court costs went to mortgage and judgments. Closed 27 Nov 1886. =====
Thomas L. THOMAS & Others vs Elizabeth C. STEPHENS & Others - Sale of Real Estate - #5409 - Apr 1888 John C. OSBORN d/ c1876 (Will JRR-1, 81, written 17 Feb 1870; filed 28 Aug 1876) w/ Margaret M. died before her husband - Ann Rebecca OSBORN (Sister Mary Margaret in convent) d/ Nov 1887 in Washington (DC?) - Joseph THOMAS, dec'd .......Elizabeth C. STEPHENS, widow - Illinois .......Mary M. (d/ c1878 in Tennessee, intestate) . . . . . w/o J. Clinton ROBERTS - Frederick County . . . . . . . . Ira N. T. ROBERTS, a minor - Illinois . . . . . . . . Lois M. ROBERTS, a minor - Illinois .......Thomas L. THOMAS & w/ Mary C. .......Anna R. (d/ c1883, intestate) w/o J. Ignatius (Nathan) FITZSIMMONS . . . . . . . . John O. FITZSIMMONS, a minor . . . . . . . . Mary E. FITZSIMMONS, a minor . . . . . . . . Annah J. FITZSIMMONS, a minor . . . . . . . . Emma F. FITZSIMMONS, a minor . . . . . . . . Jane E. FITZSIMMONS, a minor . . . . . . . . Leo T. FITZSIMMONS, a minor . . . . . . . . Charles J. FITZSIMMONS, a minor bro/ Daniel S. OSBORN, dec'd, his four children - Thomas S. REID, dec'd, his children - Catharine, dec'd w/o Covington BELL, her children - Frances, dec'd w/o Theodore JENKINS, her children - James Alfred REID's children by his 1st wife Codicil dated 24 Apr 1874: - John GAFFNEY for St Joseph Catholic Church on the Manor near Buckeystown - $200 - Scharlott HOLLADAY (old servant), occupancy of small old house near the spring for life and $100 Codicil dated 28 Apr 1874: - Ann Rebecca OSBORN, a/k/a Sister Mary Margaret ($250 paid her annually and upon her death, farm to be sold; to be held by Thomas L. THOMAS) Exec/ Joseph N. CHISWELL Witnesses: J. N. CHISWELL, Richard Thomas Jr, Dr. J. D. THOMAS, D. C. BREADY and George T. KOHLENBURG --- LAND - "Mount Rosa", 183 acres, on two lots in Carrollton Manor; 1/2 mile from Adamstown, on Trap Road from Jefferson to Nolands Ferry and Greenfield Mills where road intersects with Railroad on south side; adjoined land of William H. HOFFMAN and David SPECHT (in 1888, adjoined land of Jacob KLINE. Improved with a 2-story brick house of 7 rooms and kitchen, large Switzer barn, double corn house, wagon shed, meat house, apple orchard and well near the kitchen door, and has quarters for hands; also a 1 1/2-story weatherboarded tenant house and two springs near it. - Also other section of 30 acres on New Design Road and Trap Road. To John C. OSBORN from Daniel RHOADES & w/ Susan at $20,000 in Nov 1864 [JWLC-2, 193]. Previously to RHOADES from Richard H. BAYARD & w/ Mary Sophia in Aug 1852 [ES-2, 79]. Excluded for Daniel RHOADES - from 1st section on SE side of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad to road from Greenfield Mills to Jefferson for 30 acres. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 25 Oct 1888 from: - Robert M. ROBERTS, age 36 - stated the ROBERTS's children were living with their aunt Elizabeth STEPHENS. - William T. BESANT, Frderick City Trustee was Thomas L. THOMAS. SALE was held 15 Dec 1888 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - Mary C. THOMAS at $16,075 Distribution after costs: - Elizabeth C. STEPHENS, 1/4, $3,834.88 - Thomas L. THOMAS, 1/4, $3,834.88 - J. Clinton ROBERTS, 3/16 of 1/4, $719.04 - Ira N. T. ROBERTS, 1/2 of 13/16 of 1/4, $1,557.92 - Lois M. ROBERTS, 1/2 of 13/16 of 1/4, $1,557.92 - J. Ignatius FITZSIMMONS, 1/8 of 1/4, $479.36 - Each FITZSIMMONS child, 1/8 of 1/4, $479.36 Closed 16 Feb 1889. NOTES - Frederick Co, MD Marriage Records - Elizabeth C. THOMAS to William I. STEPHENS - 19 Sep 1859 - Annie R. THOMAS, 20 to James J. FITZSIMMONS, 31, farmer on 23 Nov 1869 - Thomas L. THOMAS, 26, farmer to M. K. THOMAS, 20 on 21 Oct 1874 =====
Margaret SHANK, mortgagee of Moses GRABILL & w/ Sophia E. - Report of Sales - #5368 - Oct 1887 LAND - 58 acres, in Johnsville District, 1/4 mile south of Ladiesburg, on road from Ladiesburg to Johnsville; adjoined lands of Joseph HILDEBRAND and Catharine FOGLE. Improved with a 2-story weather-boarded house, recently remodeled, with 8 rooms, hall, pantry, cellar and on elevated ground with a mountain view; barn, corn crib, hogpen, springhouse, with spring near the door and a well; also 2 large fruit orchards. Property divided into 8 fields with post and rail fence; 5 acres in timber. To Moses GRABILL from Samuel RENNER & w/ Christiann in Apr 1883 [AF-7, 201]. Mortgaged at $1,500. SALE was held 1 Oct 1887 on the premises; Thomas J. WILSON was auctioneer; high bidder was: - Sophia E. GRABILL at $3,032.42 Lewis A. SHOEMAKER was the agent for Margaret SHANK and he hired William H. HINKS to represent him. HINKS claimed the sale had not been performed as stated in the mortgage and was to be auctioned in Woodsboro. SALE was held 3 Dec 1887 in front of Jacob M. NEWMAN's Store in Woodsboro; high bidder was: - Sophia E. GRABILL at $2,585.55; agent was Samuel MURPHY. Distribution of $2,585.55 after costs: - Margaret SHANK, mortgage, $1,689.37 - Sophia E. GRABLE, adm/of Moses GRABLE, $632.19 Pending two $20 claims by WILSON and HINKS. Closed 25 Mar 1889. =====
John T. BEST, mortgagee of George H. BRUNNER & w/ Virginia C. - Report of Sales - #5508 - Jan 1889 George H. BRUNNER died c1888. LAND - parts of tracts "Give and Take", "Rocky Spring" and "Duvalls Forrest", 99 acres, on the Monocacy River, 3.5 miles east of Frederick and 1-4 mile from the Baltimore Pike, west of Bartonsville. Adjoins lands of Mrs. Sophia BRUNNER and the heirs of Francis MARKELL. Improved with a 2-story frame house with five rooms and back building, barn, stable, large tobacco house, wagon shed, corn house, meat house, ice house and apple and peach orchards and a large vineyard with an acre of strawberry plants; two springs and Locust and other timber. To George H. BRUNNER from William R. WALKER & w/ Mary A. E. Previously to: ...William R.WALKER from Philip REICH & wife in Oct 1866 [JWLC-4, 559]. ...Mary A. E. WALKER from Adolphus FEARHAKE & wife in Dec 1866 [JWLC-4, 520]. Mortgaged to John T. BEST at $3,000; BRUNNERs surety was William R. WALKER. SALE was held 26 Jan 1889 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - John H. T. RUDY and Annie E. RUDY at $2,684.25. Monies to be paid by William T. GROVE, Catharine C. GROVE and Sarah A. GROVE, trustees under the Will of William A. GROVE for benefit of Annie E. RUDY, one of the legatees. Survey was made by William H. HILLEARY determining the acreage to be 94 acres [JSR-1, 115]. The GROVES were to be substituted as the purchasers and the sale price adjusted to $2,550.62. (Plat WIP-3, 691) Distribution after court costs: - John T. BEST, partial mortgage claim, $2,446.12 Closed 8 Apr 1889. =====
WIP-3, 694-702 - UNKEFER, DORSEY - #FC
John E. UNKEFER, mortgagee of Francis S. UNKEFER & w/ Elizabeth H. - Report of Sales - #5518 - Feb 1889 LAND - 163.5 acres, 1 mile north of Liberty on road to Woodsboro; adjoining lands of B. W. W. BURGESS and Mrs. L. A. SIM. Improved with a house, barn, corn house, spring house, meat house, orchard of varied fruit trees; 50 acres in timber and water in every field. John E. UNKEFER, trustee for Francis S. UNKEFER (Equity #3482 to distribute $1,521.32 in trust for Francis G. UNKEFER, per the Will of Matilda DORSEY - and Equity #3729 to distribute $705.98 to be held in truste for Francis S. UNKEFER; totals $2,227.30). The balance of the land purchase was loaned by John E. UNKEFER. Previously to Matilda DORSEY from Abdiel UNKEFER and Lydia R. UNKEFER in Apr 1860 [BGF-5, 421]. SALE was held 9 Feb 1889 in front of the Banner (newspaper) Office in Libertytown; high bidder was: - John E. UNKEFER at $388.70, subject to the mortgages F. C. NORWOOD was appointed trustee to convey the property. Distribution after costs: - John E. UNKEFER, partial mortgage claim, $243.86 Closed 13 Apr 1889. =====
Savilla S. BOLLER & h/ Israel BOLLER vs Celia Ann EYLER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - #5408 - Apr 1888 Henry HARBAUGH of John d/ c1870, intestate widow - Martha d/ Mar 1888 - 11 children: d/ Savilla S. w/o Israel BOLLER d/ Celia Ann w/o John C. EYLER d/ Mary Isabella HARBAUGH d/ Catharine w/o Thomas CLABAUGH s/ George M. HARBAUGH & w/ Susannah M. d/ Martha Delilah w/o George W. JACOBS s/ William H. HARBAUGH d/ Emma J. w/o George W. MILLER d/ Diana A. w/o Jonas WASTLER s/ John H. F. HARBAUGH & w/ Sarah/Susan V. d/ Manzella HARBAUGH - Florida (temporarily) LAND - "Resurvey on Margaret and Jonas Partnership", 120-acre farm, in Eyler's Valley on South Mountain, 3 miles north of Franklinville on road from there to Eyler's Valley; adjoining lands of George EYLER on the NE and NW, John EYLER on the SW, Frederick CRABBS on the south and Elizabeth McKISSICK on the SE. Improved with a 2-story log house with back building attached, a bank barn, spring house, hogpen, orchard and has spring near the house; 25 acres are in timber. To Henry HARBAUGH of J. from John A. VALENTINE & w/ Susan at $1,500 in Apr 1843 [HS-18, 550]. SOLD to: - Anthony BRIGHNER for 5 5/8 acre in Dec 1845 [WBT-3, 81]. (Provision not to build a house during the lifetime of Henry and Martha) Shares conveyed: - John H. F. HARBAUGH & wife to Israel BOLLER in Apr 1885 [AF-11, 104]. - Catharine CLABAUGH to Savilla S. BOLLER in Apr 1885 [WIP-4, 33]. (to compensate her for raising her children) George M. HARBAUGH made mortgage on his share to Susannah M. HARBAUGH, his wife, in Feb 1888 [WIP-5, 620]. Trustee was Israel BOLLER; farm was then occupied by William H. HARBAUGH. SALE was held 29 Sep 1888 on the premises; high bidder was: - William H. HARBAUGH for 114 3/8 acres at $1,830; however, he withdrew his bid claiming a higher price could be gotten if resold. SALE was held 1 Dec 1888 at the GILBERT House in Mechanicstown; high bidder was: - Abraham S. ZENTZ at $2,173.37 (then adjoining lands of William CLARK and John C. EYLER) Distribution after costs: - Each child's 1/11 share, $173.46 (with adjustments noted above) Isaac BOLLER died about April 1889. Savilla S. BOLLER was then appointed trustee to complete the distribution. Closed 13 Apr 1889. =====
Silas M. HORNER, Theodore McALLISTER and Harvey COBEAN, execs/of John WITHEROW, mortgagee of George B. DORSEY & w/ Laura E. - Report of Sales - #5518 - Feb 1889 John WITHEROW died 5 March 1888, testate, with executers as noted above. LAND - Lot in south end of Mechanicstown (now Thurmont), on road to Lime Kilns; runs back to old Factory Race, adjoining lots of John FLEAGEL and John ROUZER on the north and Nelson DORSEY on the south. Improved with a 2-story log house with back building, hog pen, etc. To George B. DORSEY from Charles A. DAMUTH, mortgagee. Mortgaged at $350. Previously to Michael DORSEY from John ROUZER. SALE was held 16 Feb 1889 on the premises (then in occupancy of George FLEAGLE); high bidder was: - Edward BAXTER at $425 Neighbors then were John FLOHR on the north and George B. DORSEY on the south. Distribution after costs: - Execs/of mortgagee, partial mortgage claim, $346.26 Closed 23 Feb 1889. =====
Edward BOWLUS, surviving mortgagee of Robert THOMAS & w/ Malinda E. - Report of Sales - #5367 - Dec 1887 LAND - Lot #4 (east half) on Main St in Middletown. Improved with a 2-story brick house with back building attached, stabling, fruit trees and a well near the kitchen door; also has two glass-front store rooms in the basement. To Robert THOMAS from Willliam ZITTLE & wife in Sep 1853 Mortgage to Edward BOWLUS and Eli H. HYATT at $1,900. SALE was held 17 Dec 1887 in front of the Valley Register office in Middletown; high bidder was: - Alexander C. WEAVER at $1,805; as agent for wife Ella O. WEAVER Petition obtained to have Malinda E. THOMAS removed from the premises, as she had refused to vacate the property. Robert had made a mortgage to his wife for a claimed debt in Feb 1882. Distribution of $1,805 after costs: - Edward BOWLUS, mortgage claim, $951.10 - Malinda E. THOMAS, partial mortgage claim, $681.61 Closed 8 Mar 1888. Page 735 is blank. =====
John W. KOOGLE and David H. KOOGLE, mortgagees of George W. CASTLE & w/ Susan R. - Report of Sales - #5516 - Feb 1889 LAND - Lot, 2.5 acres, 1 mile west of Middletown; adjoining lands of Josephus RAMSBURG. Improved with a 2 1/2-story rough cast house, wash house, smoke house, cooper shop, fruit trees and a well near the door. To George W. CASTLE from Rebecca CASTLE, et al in Apr 1880 [AF-2, 504]. Mortgaged at $725. SALE was held 16 Feb 1889 in front of the Valley Register office in Middletown; high bidder was: - George D. KEHNE at $650; however, he was not able to comply and asked for Martin L. KEPLER be substituted as purchaser. Distribution after costs: - John W. KOOGLE and David H. KOOGLE, partial mortgage, $588.83 Closed 2 May 1889. =====
Peter W. SHAFER, assignee of Peter SHAFER Sr, mortgagee of William E. KEFAUVER & w/ Marietta F. - Report of Sales - #5506 - Jan 1889 LAND - "Ascension Day", 115 acres in Middletown Valley, 3 miles SW of Middletown, on road from Burkittsville to Jefferson; adjoining lands of John R. SHAFER, Thomas SHAFER and Charles SHAFER. Improved with a brick house (40 x 28') with back building, bank barn (80 x 30'), shedding, corn house, saw mill, chopping mill and well at the kitchen door; farm is also well watered. To William E. KEFAUVER from John R. SHAFER and Catharine FLOOK, execs/of John H. FLOOK, in Feb 1881 [AF-2, 685]. Mortgaged at $3,000. SALE held 19 Jan 1889 in front of the Valley Register office in Middletown; high bidder was: - Daniel KOOGLE at $3,976.98 (Surveyed and showed land to be on Catoctin Creek) Distribution after costs: - Peter W. SHAFER, mortgage claim, $3,531 - Peter SHAFER, partial judgment claim, $207.80 Closed 13 May 1889. ================== The End of WIP-3 ==================

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