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Frederick County, Maryland

Equity WIP-2

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber WIP-2; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity WIP-2
Clara V. HARSHMAN, et al vs Ellen HARSHMAN, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5119 Cornelius HARSHMAN d/ 14 Aug 1885, intestate widow - Clara V. (age 32) d. Ellen HARSHMAN, a minor d/ Ada HARSHMAN, a minor d/ Minnie HARSHMAN, a minor d/ Orpha HARSHMAN, a minor d/ Pettie HARSHMAN, a minor s/ Ray HARSHMAN, a minor LAND - "Osceola", 62 acres, in Lewistown District between Lewistown and Catoctin Furnace on the Frederick to Emmitsburg Turnpike, 2.5 miles from Lewistown; adjoined lands of Americus C. WILES and Daniel LEATHERMAN. Improved with a 2-story frame house, nearly new, bank barn with shed, wash house, smoke house and a young orchard with a well and cistern near the house and also a cistern at the barn. To Cornelius HARSHMAN from Noah FLICKINGER & w/ Elizabeth P. at $5,500 in Apr 1883 [AF-9, 651]. Previously to FLICKINGER from Nelson D. RAMSBURG & wife in Apr 1876 [TG-5, 168]. Mortgaged to Ezra HARSHMAN at $2,000. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 8 Dec 1885 from: - John W. BUSSARD - all the children were under age 15; Cornelius borrowed the money from his brother Ezra HARSHMAN to purchase the property. - John T. HARSHMAN - brother of Cornelius; said widow went to live with her father. - Ezra HARSHMAN Trustee was John T. HARSHMAN. Sale was held 6 Mar 1886 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - John L. BROOKS at $3,877.26; however, he objected to the sale claiming fraud without specifics. He was ordered to pay $150 as cost for the resell. Private sale was then made to: - Andrew H. ALBAUGH at $3,800 cash money; however, he was unable to raise the money and asked to pay $25 towards resale of the property. Another Sale was held 26 Feb 1887 at City Hall in Frederick; high bidder was: - G. Carlton LEATHERMAN at $3,316.14 Distribution of $3,691.14 (also included sale of crops) - Court costs, $548 - Ezra V. HARSHMAN, mortgage, $2,000 - Clara V. HARSHMAN, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $163.30 - Each child's 1/6 share of remainder, $163.30 Closed 28 Apr 1887. ===
Jacob V. McDONNEL, et al vs Chloe F. McDONNEL, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5125 Jacob McDONNEL d/ 31 Oct 1885, intestate widow - Mary A. d/ Elizabeth J. (McDONNEL) w/o Thomas Hanson JACKSON s/ Jacob Vincent McDONNEL & w/ Clara V.* d/ Cloe F. McDONNEL, a minor d/ Zara Jane (McDONNEL), dec'd w/o George P. WILES ..........Mary C. WILES, a minor ..........Infant (died a few days after Zara in 1870) LAND A - House & Lot #95 in Creagerstown (McDONNEL home) on the west side of Main St. Improved with a 2 1/2-story brick house with a well at the door, a granary, corn crib, hot pen, bake over, wash house, summer and stabling for four horses and four cows. To Jacob McDONNEL from Mary M. SEABROOK, w/o John H. SEABROOK, at $1,310 in Feb 1883 [AF-5, 722]. Previously to SEABROOK from John A. LYNCH, trustee in Equity #3249 for Lots #91-94, known as "Town Tract" and" Joseph's Friendship" [Nov 1867 Deed DSB-2, 104]. B - 1 acre on Frederick-Creagerstown road (included w/ C at sale) To Jacob McDONNELL from Frederick HANKEY & w/ Mary Amanda at $20.25 in May 1844 [ES-6, 192]. C - "Joseph's Friendship", "Fourth Dividend" and "Town Tract", 57 acres, adjoining Creagerstown; between Creagerstown and Woodsboro Pike and road to Frederick; adjoining land of Greenberry PUTMAN. Improved with a hay shed (100' long), an orchard and well of soft water; divided into five fields; fencing of locust posts and well limed. To Jacob McDONNELL from Abraham GRUSHAN & w/ Ann at $900 in Jun 1841 [ES-6, 190]. Previously to GRUSHAN from George HALE & w/ Barbara in Aug 1839 [HS-9, 465] and also from James STEVENS & Matilda STEVENS in Nov 1838 [HS-7, 494]. D - "Friendship", "Third Dividend" and "Long Point", 103.75 acres; lies along Hunting Creek, 1/2 mile west of the bridge and on road between Creagerstown and Frederick. Tract is mostly timbered of oak, hickory, locust and pine. To Jacob McDONNELL from Michael JACOBS & w/ Matilda at $1,700 in Mar 1852 [ES-1?, 199]. Previously to Michael JACOBS from: ...Abraham FAW for "Friendship" in 1812 [WR-41, 350]. ...Philip H. CRAMER for "Third Dividend" in 1824 [JS-21, 544]. ...Henry KUHN for "Long Point" in Aug 1819 [JS-10, 15]. E - Lot #82, 6+ acres, in Creagerstown. Improved with a 2 1/2-story brick house with basement, opposite the other house (A), on the east side of Main St; has cistern and well, little barn and orchard. To Jacob McDONNELL from Frederick HANKEY and Jacob L. MILLER, agents for Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Mechanicstown, Creagerstown, Utica and Bethel Churches at $500 in Oct 1865 [JWLC-3, 486]. Previously to Lutheran Congregation from Jacob McDONNELL & wife in Mar 1861 [WBT-14, 345]. SOLD F - "Third Division", 115 acres (known as the Cramer farm), in Creagerstown District, on Frederick to Creagerstown road. Included right-of-way for road on SW side of tract. To John J. PUTMAN from Jacob McDONNEL & w/ Mary M. at $3,750 in Mar 1876 [TG-5, 440]. Previously to Jacob McDONNEL from Ephraim MYERS and William MYERS, exec/of David MYERS, and David C. POWELL [ES-10, 572]. - also part of 'D' above, 57 acres - along Hunting Creek and south of road from the bridge to MYER's Mill. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Subpeonas delivered by Sheriff George W. GROVE. Testimony was heard 15 Jan 1886 from: - Jacob V. McDONNEL - Henry J. KRISE Trustee was Jacob V. McDONNEL. Sale was held 27 Feb 1886 in Creagerstown; high bidders were: - William J. SPEAK for 'A' at $600.05 - Mary A. McDONNEL for 'E" at $1,100 Bids on other properties failed to receive a sufficient bid. 2nd Sale was held 17 Apr 1886; high bidders were: - Clara V. McDONNEL for 'B & C', 58 acres, at $37.10/acre ($2,151.80); however, it was asked that Charles E. SPEAK be substituted as the purchaser. - Franklin P. MICHAEL for 'D', 47 acres, at $15.50/acre ($728.97). Total sales, $2,880.30, subject to surveys. Distribution of $4,601.65 - Court costs, $333.81 - Mary A. McDONNEL, widow, $853.56 - Jacob McDONNEL, son, $853.56 - Elizabeth J. JACKSON, daughter, $853.56 - Cloe F. McDONNEL, daughter, $853.56 - Mary C. WILES, granddaughter, $853.56 Closed 30 Mar 1887. *Note - Frederick County Marriage Licenses - Jacob V. McDONNELL, 25, farmer to Clara V. ROUTZAHN, 22 dated Oct 26, 1875 by George Diehl in Frederick City ===
Dietrick ZECK vs J. Hiram TAYLOR, admin/of Mary LEFEVRE, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5163 Mary LEFEVRE d/ 4 Dec 1885, intestate Her heirs are unknown. Admin/ J. Hiram TAYLOR. LAND - "Carolina", 169 perches, 1 1/2 miles west of Emmitsburg, on road from Crystal Forrest to Mount St Mary's College; adjoining lands of Lewis M. MOTTER and Jacob ZURGABLE. Improved with a small house. To Mary LEFEVRE and her sister Margaret HOLLIDAY from Lewis M. MOTTER & w/ Allice at $250 in Nov 1852 (but not recorded until Mar 1863) [BGF-8, 351]. Margaret died some years ago, intestate, whereby Mary became her sole heir. Testimony was heard 15 Jul 1886 from: - J. Hiram TAYLOR, age 58, Emmitsburg District; stated Margaret HOLLIDAY was a single lady and died some years ago; her only heir was her sister. He didn't know if Mary LEFEVRE had any heirs, if so they are unknown. He lived a mile from the property and had known Mary for 30 years. - Henry STOKES, age 61, Emmitsburg Trustee was Eugene L. ROWE. Sale was held 18 Sep 1886 at the Emmit House in Emmitsburg; high bidder was: - Samuel WELTY at $175 Distribution after court costs: - Dietrick ZECK, for partial claim, $46.22 Closed 23 Dec 1886. ===
64-78 - GRIM, HAFER - Apr 1886- #FC #PA
Jonas GRIM vs Mary Susan GRIM, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5186 Joseph GRIM Jr. d/ 7 Jan 1886, intestate widow - Mary Susan (age 35-40) s/ Jonas GRIM s/ Israel GRIM d/ Cecilia GRIM (age 21 in Aug 1886) s/ William GRIM, a minor s/ Jacob GRIM, a minor s/ John GRIM, a minor d/ Amanda GRIM, a minor d/ Mary GRIM, a minor d/ Bessie GRIM, a minor LAND - "Sandy Spring", 73.5 acres in Woodsboro District; on road from Woodsborough & Johnsville to the York Road; adjoined lands of William ROWE and John LIPY. Improved with a 1 1/2-story log house, a large recently built bank barn, spring house, corn sheds and orchard with water convenient to both house and fields. To Joseph GRIM from John SMITH of M. & w/ Elizabeth at $1,675 in Apr 1867 [DSB-1, 429]. Previously to SMITH from John W. BARRACK, trustee of William ILER & w/ Mary in Apr 1864 [JWLC-1, 44]. Mortgaged to William HAFER at $2,000; however, he recently died in Pennsylvania and his exec/Admin is Warren HAFER who lives in Adams Co, PA. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 18 May 1886 from: - Jacob STITELY of J., age 60, resided in Johnsville - Jonas GRIM, age 23, Frederick County Trustees were John C. MOTTER and Jonas GRIM. Sale (second) was held by BUTTS Store in New Midway but again didn't receive a sufficient bid. On 23 Feb 1887, private sale was made to: - Joseph GRIM Sr. at $2,447.88 Distribution: - Court costs, $330.87 - William Warren HAFER, Admin of William HAFER, mortgage claim, $2,117.01 Closed 9 May 1887. ===
79-124 - TODD, ROGERS, MICHAEL, SNOOK - Aug 1886- #FC #HC
John G. ROGERS, mortgagee vs William H. TODD & wife - Report of Sales - Equity #5226 William H. TODD & w/ S. Catharine were indebted to John G. ROGERS of Howard County at $7,500 in Jun 1881, but mortgage was not filed until Aug 1886. LAND - "Bits United", 74.5 acres and "The End of Trouble", 1.75 acres. To William TODD from Mary GEPHART, trustee, in Jul 1835 [JS-50, 165]. (Devised to William H. TODD by his father, William TODD.) To William H. TODD from: - Peter G. SCHLOSSER, trustee in Mar 1862 [BGF-7, 478]. - Jacob M. BUCKEY & wife in Jun 1864 [JWLC-1, 664]. - Henry R. HARRIS, executor in Jul 1874 [TG-2, 343]. SALE was held 11 Sep 1886, in front of the mansion house in Utica Mills; property advertised in lots as: - Lot #1, 65 acre farm; improved with an 11-room large stone mansion, a bank barn (90' long) and fruit trees. - Lot #2, Wood lot of 23 acres (was to be sold in two sections); 1 mile west of Lewistown. - Lot #3, Wood lot of 64 acres (was to be sold in two sections, 31 & 33 acres). - Lot #4, 1.5 acres with large frame & stone house with a large store room in Utica Mills. - Lot #5, 2.5 acres with a large stone house, adjoining the mill lot; on road to Lewistown. - Lot #6, 2.5 acres with large brick mill with three burrs driven by two voss shont wheels with a 32' head and fall of water with water rights to mill, millrace and mill dam; also has a small tenement house; in Utica, 8 miles north of Frederick City. High bidders were: - Ezra MICHAEL for Lot #2, 23 acre wood lot at $4.75/acre, $109.50 - John G. ROGERS for Lot #3, 64 acre wood lot at $3/acre, $192 - John G. ROGERS for Lot #1, 5 & 6, the farm and mill at $6,000 - John G. ROGERS for #4, the store house and 2.5 acres at $916 Total sales, $7,217.50. Objections were made to the sale of #1, 5 & 6 because it was to be divided into lots, but was sold together at the sale, thereby causing loss to the mortgagors. Also #4 was sold to Catharine TODD at the same bid but the mortgagee reported himself as the purchaser. Testimony was heard 13 Nov 1886 from: - John H. HILL, age 40, resided in Utica Mills; stated he had bid for Catharine TODD, but Mr ROGERS told the auctioneer to substitute him for Mrs. TODD; then Mr ROGERS and his brother and the auctioneer got into a carriage and drove off to Frederick together. - Harry R. SNOOK, age 23, resided in Utica Mills; stated Mr ROGERS hurried the auctioneer because they had to catch a train. - William H. TODD, age 60, resided in Utica Mills. - George Washington MILLER, age 52, resided near Lewistown. - Benjamin F. HAUSE, age 56, resided in Howard County. - John L. HILL, age 47, resided in Howard County, teacher, surveyor, auctioneer and farmer. Was auctioneer for the sale and claimed, regarding Lot #4, Mr TODD had told him to let Mr. ROGERS have it. - John G. ROGERS, age 37, Howard County, lawyer in Ellicott City. His uncle was John C. ROGERS; his brother was R. D. ROGERS; the auctioneer was John L. HILL; and Benjamin F. HAUSE was a miller. Stated Mr. TODD had asked him to deed the store property to them and take the rest for the mortgage. Mrs. TODD told him it had been their home for many years and they wanted to remain there. In a later converstion with Mrs. TODD, she told him times were hard, they had lost their only son and very recently also lost a daughter (one of their daughters was Grace who had been ill). Mr. Charles SNOOK had offered $900 for the store property for Mrs. TODD because they were old friends and neighbors. ROGERS discovered the insurance and taxes had not been paid and the grain elevator, large bin and other items had been removed after the sale; he evidently declined the offer. The court overruled the objections. William P. MAULSBY Jr., Esquire, was appointed trustee to convey the deeds. John G. ROGERS then had to petition the court to have the TODDs removed from the property as they had refused to leave the premises. Closed 10 Feb 1887. ===
125-136 - HESS, KERRIGAN, ELDER - Jan 1887 #FC
George W. ROWE, mortgagee of John G. HESS & Others - Report of Sales - Equity #5262 John G. HESS & w/ Agnes J. and James M. KERRIGAN & w/ Margaret D. were indebted to George W. ROWE at $991 in Dec 1885 by mortgage. LAND - Lot #1 (60' frontage running back to alley) in Emmittsburg, east of the public square on the north side of Main St. Improved with a weather-boarded house, carriage shop with office attached, blacksmith shop & stable. To John G. HESS and James M. KERRIGAN from George W. ROWE in Dec 1885 [WIP-1, 16]. SALE was held 17 Jan 1887 on the premises; high bidder was: - James A. ELDER at $1,980 Distribution of $1,988.91 - Court costs, $229.05 - George W. ROWE, mortgage, $1,061.89 - Balance, subject to the court, $697.97 Petition of D. Henry REIMAN to collect 2nd mortgage claim (to Samuel E. BAILEY, but assigned to Henry SMITH and then assigned to Agnes J. HESS and then to D. Henry REIMAN) and for the interests of the estate of James M. KERRIGAN. 2nd Distribution of $697.97 - Court costs, $15.70 - D. Henry REIMAN, $1,250 2nd mortgage claim, partial, $682.27 Closed 21 Apr 1887. ===
137-148 - SHOEMAKER, MOTTER, ANNAN - Mar 1887 #FC
John C. MOTTER, assignee of James A. ELDER, mortgagee of John M. SHOEMAKER & w/ Amy A. - Report of Sales - Equity #5276 LAND - Farm, 182 acres, 3 miles SE of Emmitsburg and 1 mile east of Motters Station in 5th Election District; adjoining lands of Isaac S. ANNAN, Dr. Andrew ANNAN, Samuel SEBOLD and William KOONTZ. Improved with a large stone house, a large stone bank barn, wagon shed and fruit trees and is well watered. - Mountain land, 22 acres, south of Mount St Mary's College; adjoins lands of Mount St Mary's College and Felix WALTER. To John M. SHOEMAKER from John W. MUNSHOWER and Amy A. SHOEMAKER, exec/ of the Estate of Jacob MUNSHOWER in Apr 1879 [TG-11, 615]. Mortgaged at $900 to James A. ELDER; 2nd mortgage to William STANSBURY at $1,000. SALE was held 7 Mar 1887 on the premises; high bidder was: - Isaac S. ANNAN and James C. ANNAN, partners t/a I.S. Annan & Brother, at $4,500 Distribution: - Court costs, $309.31 - J. C. MOTTER, mortgage, $1,020 - William STANSBURG, 2nd mortgage, $1,065 - Amy A. SHOEMAKER, partial 3rd mortgage, $2,105.69 Closed 11 May 1887. ===
148-153 - MORRIS, MILLER, FOUT - Mar 1887 #FC
Joseph G. MILLER, mortgagee of William L. MORRIS & w/ Georgiana S. - Report of Sales - Equity #5282 LAND - Taskers Chance", 5 acres on the east side of Frederick City and opposite the east end of Fourth St. Improved with a new cottage style house, stabling, two large hot houses and fruit trees, a 'garden farm' and just outside the taxable limits of Frederick. To J. T. DUQUSETT, William L. MORRIS and Albert E. CUSTISS from L. M. NIXDORFF in Oct 1885 [DSB-1, 591]. Mortgaged at $250. SALE was held 19 Mar 1887 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - Charles B. FOUT at $295 Distribution after court costs: - Joseph G. MILLER, partial mortgage claim, $202.82 Closed 17 May 1887. ===
153-160 - HESS, BLAIR - Mar 1887 #FC - Emmitsburg
William G. BLAIR, mortgagee of John G. HESS & w/ Agnes J. - Report of Sales - Equity #5286 LAND - Two lots in Emmitsburg - Lot (65 x 160') on western end of Emmitsburg on south side of Main St; adjoining lots of I. S. ANNAN & Bro. on the east and heirs of Henry FOLLER on the west. Improved with three weather-boarded house, two of which are new and one not quite finished. To John G. HESS for John NECK in Sep 1886 (not yet recorded). - Lots #110 & 111 on eastern end of Emmitsburg on north side of Main St (23' wide running back to alley); adjoining lots of Miss Sallie HOCKENSMITH on east and Mary B. GELWICKS on the west. Improved with a new weather-boarded house. To John G. HESS from George T. GELICKS & Mary B. GELWICKS in Dec 1885 (not yet recorded). Mortgaged at $1,435. SALE was held 28 Mar 1887 at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg; high bidders were: - William G. BLAIR for B at $725 - William G. BLAIR for A, subject to prior mortgage to John WITHEROW: Sold in three parts, each with a house: - Western part, $100 - Middle part, $200 - Eastern part, $200 Distribution of $1,225 after court costs: - William G. BLAIR, partial mortgage claim, $1,065.54 Closed 17 May 1887. ===
160-170 - ZECK, ROWE, HICKEY - Feb 1887 #FC - Emmitsburg
Eugene L. ROWE, trustee of Dietrick ZECK (Deed of Trust) - Report of Sales - Equity #5274 LAND - Lot #18 in Emmitsburg Improved with a 2-story brick house and store room, warehouse, stable and wood shed. To Dietrick ZECK from Joshua SHORB & wife in Apr 1860 [BGF-5, 504]. - 2-acre Lot in the rear and north of other lot in corporate limits of Emmitsburg with good fencing. To Dietrick ZECK from Francis W. LANSINGER & others in Feb 1884 [AF-7, 695]. Sale (second one) was held 5 Mar 1887 on the premises; high bidders were: - Jame F. HICKEY for house & Lot #18 at $2,250 - George W. ROWE for the 2 acres at $260 Total sales, $2,515. Personal property private sales, $961.99. Distribution of $3,230.85: - Multiple creditors, balance, $2,724.52 Closed 13 Jun 1887. ===
171-179 - CLAGETT, SHRINER, WILCOXON - Jan 1887 #FC - New Market
Edward A. SHRINER, mortgagee of Clagett W. DORSEY & w/ Laura O. - Report of Sales - Equity #5265 LAND - parts of "Supply to the Barrrens", "Middle Plantation", "Wet Mine" and "Polly's Inheritance", 115 acres, in New Market District, near the Baltimore Turnpike, 6 miles east of Frederick; adjoined the farm of Daniel SWOMLEY. Improved with a log house, Switzer barn, corn house, spring house, and fruit trees; with 5 acres in meadow and 15-20 acres in Locust, Oak and Chestnut timber. To Clagett W. DORSEY & w/ Laura O. from Alvira V. HOOPER & h/ John H. HOOPER. Previously to Alvira V. HOOPER from Ruannah R. KEMP in Apr 1880 [AF-1, 488]. Prior to that, to Ruanah R. KEMP from Rezin DAVIS & w/ Annie in Mar 1879 [TG-11, 106]. Mortgaged at $900 and also a second mortgage at $125. SALE was held 29 Jan 1887 at the City Hotel in Frederick City; high bidder was: - William WILCOXON at $1,200 Distribution: - Court costs, $150.59 - Edward A. SHRINER, 1st mortgage claim, $945.45 - Edward A. SHRINER, partial 2nd mortgage claim, $103.96 Closed 1 Apr 1887. ===
Margaret E. CUSTARD, el al vs Melanacthon A. CUSTARD, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5227 Adam CUSTARD d/ nearly 40 years ago, intestate d/ Margaret E. CUSTARD d/ Martha A. S. (CUSTARD) w/o Fritchie HANSHEW d/ Mary (CUSTARD) w/o John L. MICHAEL s/ Melanchton A. CUSTARD & w/ Mary - Philadelphia, PA s/ George W. CUSTARD & w/ Annie - Philadelphia, PA d/ Annie V. (CUSTARD) w/o William F. GUYER - Washington, DC LAND - in Bentz Town, part of Frederick City, North side of West Patrick St, at the SE corner of row of new houses erected by Jacob HART and SW corner of entrance to the brickyard; had well and pump shared by lots. To Adam CUSTARD from Jacob HART & w/ Mary at $7,000 in Aug 1850 [WBT-13, 552]. (Plat page 194-195) INCLUDED deeds to Jacob HART from: - Moses WORMAN, James SIMMONS & Others, Justices of the Levy Court in Jul 1833 [JS-43, 344-346]. - Francis THOMAS in Apr 1837 {HS-5, 88-89]. - Andrew HEIM & w/ Mary in Mar 1840 [HS-11, 511-513]. - Daniel BENTZ & w/ Elizabeth in Jul 1836 [HS-4, 22-24]. - David BOYD & wife in Apr 1833 [JS-42, 352-353]. EXCEPTION: part deeded to Henry SMITH in Mar 1834 [JS-45, 342]. - Thomas RAMSEY & w/ Susanna in May 1846 [WBT-4, 207-208]. Testimony was heard 2 Feb 1887 from: - John B. THOMAS - claimed Adam CUSTARD had owned a house and storeroom and 18-20 acres lying north of West Patrick St in Frederick City. - Fritchie HANSHEW - John L. MICHAEL - has known the family since 1868, same year he claimed the decedent died. Trustee was Col. John B. THOMAS. SALE was held 23 Mar 1887 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidders were: - B. E. PHEBUS for Lot #2 & 3, on the north side of Patrick St, at $250 After not receiving sufficient bids for the other parcels, private sales were made to: - Frederick KRANTZ for Lot #1 of 3 acres at $120/acre or $438.75 - Joseph CRONISE for Lot #4 of 4 acres at $120/acre or $571.09; however, later John CRUM was substituted as the bidder - Luther C. DERR for Lot #5 at $1,275 - John L. MICHAEL, Mary C. MICHAEL, Margaret E. CUSTARD, Fritchie HANCHEW, and Martha A. S. HANCHEW for the House & Lot at $3,225 Total Sales, $5,959. Melancthon A. CUSTARD of Philadelphia, PA assigned his share to Patrick E. CARROLL of said city at $1,000 in Mar 1887 [WIP-4, 126]; however, he transferred it to John B. THOMAS of Frederick City at $675 in Apr 1887. Private Sales - Luther C. DERR for Lot #2 of 4 acres at $400 - Luther C. DERR for Lot #3 of 4 acres at $400 - Conrad RULAND for Lots #4 & 5, fronting north side of West Patrick St at $300 - George W. PHEBUS for #3, fronting north side of West Patrick St at $100 Total Sales, $1,200. 1st Distribution of $5,959: - Court costs, $414.80 - Each 1/6 child's share, $890.84 (Melancthon A. CUSTARD's share assigned to John B. THOMAS) 2nd Distribution of $1,200 - Court costs, $47.50 - Each 1/6 child's share, $192.08 (Melancthon A. CUSTARD's share assigned to John B. THOMAS) NOTES - Sale Ad not included for description of property. Closed 23 Jun 1887. ===
Augustus L. EADER & w/ Annie M. vs Isabella ENT, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5063 Jonathan EADER d/ 1837, intestate (no children) widow - Maria d/ Mar 1885 (widow's dower laid out in Equity #1621, as Lots #4 & 5) bro/ Thomas EADER, dec'd ..........Augustus L. EADER & w/ Annie M. ..........Isabella (EADER) w/o Charles J. ENT - Wilmington, Ohio ..........John W. EADER & w/ Mary Ella - Kent Co, Maryland ..........Annie C. (EADER) w/o Charles B. MANN - Baltimore City .........._____ (EADER), dec'd w/o Rev. John WELFLEY* - non-resident of Maryland. (died after childbirth and child dying shortly thereafter) bro/ William EADER, dec'd ..........Louisa EADER ..........Ann E. w/o Marion BANTZ - Winchester, Virginia ..........Alice w/o George W. B. SCHRINER ..........Helen M. EADER - Winchester, Virginia ..........Charles W. EADER (listed in Distribution) ..........Jane KELLER* (listed in Distribution) bro/ Davius EADER. dec'd - out of state, family unknown sis/ Elizabeth (EADER), dec'd w/o ______ KELLER ..........Louisa w/o George B. SHOPE . . . . . . . . . .Charles SHOPE & wife . . . . . . . . . .Marie SHOPE . . . . . . . . . .Alice SHOPE . . . . . . . . . .Henisle SHOPE . . . . . . . . . .Horace SHOPE, dec'd & w/ Claudia (BRADY) (child born shortly after Horace died, but also died; his widow has remarried) ..........Rebecca, dec'd w/o Edward LARE . . . . . . . . . .Edward LARE - Baltimore City . . . . . . . . . .other children unknown LAND - "Tasker's Chance, 5 acres, on East St (or Love Lane) and Church St in Frederick Town (Plat page 206) - Improved with a Lot (39 x 185') and a 2-story brick house (25 x 50' and covered with slate) and back building (33' long) on the east side of East St between Church and Patrick Sts; has brick stable on the east end of the lot. Presently occupied by Mr. FIRESTONE. - Lot adjoining above on the north is a vacant lot (33 x 185'). - Lots # 4 & 5 became the widow's dower Louisa & h/ George B. SHOPE conveyed their share to Andrew BOYD who conveyed all his estate to his wife for life and then to be sold per his Will which now places Louisa's share to Andrew's widow Caroline BOYD for life and then to David K. CARROLL and Charles BOYD, execs/of Andrew BOYD, all of Baltimore City. Caroline claimed Rebecca & h/ Edward LARE conveyed their share to David BOYD in Feb 1843 [HS-18, 353], but was conveyed to Andrew BOYD by John J. BOYD, exec/of David BOYD (Will dated 13 Mar 1863) [BGF-8, 443]. Andrew BOYD was then deceased and, by his Will, devised all his estate to her as his widow. Jane KELLER petitioned as having an interest in the estate, but no details of the claim (a Jane EADER married a Jacob KELLER in 1841); she is later listed in the Distribution. Trustee was Augustus L. EADER. Sale was held 26 Sep 1885 on the premises; high bidder was: - M. L. FIRESTONE at $1,479.50 Distribution: - Court costs, $328.98 - A. L. EADER, 1/5 of 1/4, $60.16 - Isabella ENT, 1/5 of 1/4, $60.16 - John W. EADER, 1/5 of 1/4, $60.16 - Annie C. MANN, 1/5 of 1/4, $60.16 - John WELFLY's heirs, 1/5 of 1/4, $60.16 - Louisa EADER, 1/6 of 1/4, $50.15 - Annie E. BANTZ, 1/6 of 1/4, $50.15 - Alice SHRINER, 1/6 of 1/4, $50.15 - Hellen M. EADER, 1/6 of 1/4, $50.15 - Charles W. EADER, 1/6 of 1/4, $50.15 - Jane KELLER, 1/6 of 1/4, $50.15 - Darius EADER's heirs, $300.83 - R. LARE, to assignee C. BOYD, 1/2 of 1/4, $150.41 - Charles SHOPE, 1/5 of 1/2 of 1/4, $30.08 - Maria SHOPE, 1/5 of 1/2 of 1/4, $30.08 - Alice SHOPE, 1/5 of 1/2 of 1/4, $30.08 - Henisle SHOPE, 1/5 of 1/2 of 1/4, $30.08 - Horace SHOPE's heirs, 1/5 of 1/2 of 1/4, $30.08 Closed 13 Nov 1886. *NOTES - Frederick Marriage Licenses: - EADER, Thomas to Margaret WEAVER - 3 Nov 1814 - EADER, Jonathan to Maria HARMAN - 1 May 1819 - EADER, William to Jemima BOOGHER - 23 Nov 1822 - EADER, Darius to Miranda PHILLIPS - 11 Jan 1823 - KELLER, Louisa to George B. SHOPE - 15 Aug 1829 - EADER, William to Ann STALLINGS - 30 May 1835 - EADER, Jane to Jacob KELLER - 14 Mar 1841 - EADER, Isabella A. to Charles J. ENT - 28 Apr 1847 - EADER, Amelia Margaret to Rev. John WELFLEY - 23 Mar 1853 - SHOPE, Charles B. to Catharine Sophia SALTER - 29 Jun 1858 - EADER, Augustus L. to Anna M. MANN - 10 May 1859 - EADER, Alice E., 23 to George W. B. SHRINER, 24, merchant - 2 Nov 1870 by D. Zacharias in FC (444) - EADER, Annie Elizabeth, 25 to Theodore Marion BANTZ, 29, merchant - 21 Feb 1871 by D. Zacharias in FC (62) ===
223-240 - RAILING, KEYSER, DARNER, PERRY - Jan 1886 #FC #BCY
Adam RAILING & George H. RAILING, execs/of Henry RAILING vs Sarah RAILING, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5155 Henry RAILING d/ 1885 (Will written 10 May 1879; filed 4 Jun 1885) widow - Sarah s/ Adam RAILING & w/ Louisa V.* s/ George H. RAILING & w/ Laura A. d/ Ann/Mary Catharine (RAILING) w/o ____ KEYSER* s/ Christian RAILING & w/ Margaret s/ Peter Z. RAILING - Baltimore City s/ Lewis D. RAILING & w/ Ida L. - Baltimore City Devised everything to wife, including Lot & House on Sixth St in Frederick City, and upon her death to his four sons, Henry, George H., Christian and Peter Z. Devised to daughter Ann C. KEYSER for life the frame house on Sixth St, adjoining that of Rebecca MOBBERLY. Upon her death to her children, except daughters, Mary and Anna. Devised to son Lewis D. the sum of five dollars only, he being a disobedient and undutiful son. Son Peter Z.'s share to be held by sons, Adam and George H., as trustees for use of Peter Z. during his natural life and then to his children, if any; otherwise, then to sons, Adam, George H. and Christian. To sell property not bequeathed for wife and daughter. Execs/ sons, Adam and George H. RAILING. Witnesses: Francis BRENGLE, John W. RINE, Robert STOKES LAND - "Addition to Frederick Town", Lots #225 & 226 on North Market St, on SW corner of North Market & West Sixth St in Frederick Town. Improved with a 2-story brick house and back building; lower portion of the front was currently used as a store room. Lot devised to daughter lies back of this lot and is on West Sixth St and is improved with a frame house. To Henry RAILING from George ESTERLY at $875 in Jan 1864 [JWLC-1, 118]. To George K. BRENGLE and Jacob YAGER & w/ Eustina in Aug 1875 [TG-3 or 5, 670]. To Henry RAILING from Robert STOKES, trustee in Equity #4202) in Dec 1876 [TG-6, 397]. To George W. HARRINGTON & w/ Mary from Henry RAILING & w/ Sarah in Feb 1883 [AF-7, 1]. To Henry RAILING from George W. HARRINGTON & w/ Mary H. at $2,500 in Apr 1884 [AF-9, 209]. Trustees were Charles V. S. LEVY and John C. MOTTER. Sale was held 10 Feb 1887 on the premises; high bidder was: - Thomas A. DARNER & w/ Lydia at $1,700; for Brick House & Lot (21.5 x 103.5') with rights to water closet. Distribution: - Court costs, $279.33 - Multiple creditors, $1,001.74 - Sarah RAILING, the widow, $418.93 for life & upon her death to sons, Adam, George H., Christian & Peter Z. RAILING NOTE - at folio/page 240, referred to Folio 344 for Supplemental Folio 344-345 Agreement was made to distribute $70 to the widow and the remainder to be divided equally between the four sons ($85.98 each) as listed in Will. Closed 10 Nov 1887. *NOTE - Frederick Co, MD Marriage Licenses - Mary Catherine Railing to Samuel Kiser - 19 Jun 1856 - Adam Railing to Louisa V. Perry - 17 Mar 1862 ===
Dennis RAMSBURG and Christoph SAUERWINE, mortgagees of Urias STONE & w/ Mary and William A. STONE - Report of Sales - Equity #5293 LAND - parts of "Resurvey on Harener's Fancy", "Vulvusume" and "Fancy", 19 acres, on the road from Frederick to Possumtown, near the village of Charlesville; adjoins the land of Henry WACHTER and Lewis S. RAMSBURG. Improved with a weatherboarded log house with a well near the door and stable. To Urias STONE from Henry A. STONE and Absalom STONE, execs/of Catharine E. STONE in May 1879 [TG-12, __] To William A. STONE from Urias STONE for 1/2 share in Aug 1879 [TG-12, __]. Mortgaged at $1,879 & indebted to Franklin Savings Bank of Frederick for $700. SALE was held 14 Apr 1887; high bidder was: - Charles J. SMITH at $1,042 Distribution: - Court costs, $130.62 - Dennis RAMSBURG and Christian SAUERWINE, for mortgage claim, $826.65 - William A. STONE, 1/2, $41.86 - Horace E. STALEY as partial judgment claim against Urias STONE, 1/2, $41.86 Closed 25 Jul 1887. ===
Willie R. ZUMBRUM & Others vs Joseph P. RINEHART, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5233 Israel RINEHART d/ 26 Apr 1867, intestate s/ David RINEHART & w/ Hannah s/ Daniel RINEHART & w/ Rebecca s/ William H. RINEHART d/ intestate, unmarried, no issue s/ Evan Thomas RINEHART & w/ Alice (McBLAIR) s/ Ephraim F. RINEHART & w/ Augusta s/ Israel C. RINEHART & w/ Lucinda LAND - undivided 1/4 share of "Resurvey on Forest in Need", known as the Quarry Lot, 2 acres; on road from Haugh's Church to Franklin's Tavern. To Israel RINEHART from Aaron HEDGES & w/ Catharine at $50 in Apr 1833 [JS-42, 436]. --- Daniel RINEHART d/ 23 Sep 1886 in Johnsville Disrict, intestate widow - Rebecca L. (age 47) d/ Mary V. (RINEHART) w/o Willis R. ZUMBRUM - Carroll County d/ Sarah Olivia RINEHART d/ Florence Jennie (RINEHART) w/o John D. ENGLE - Carroll County s/ Joseph P. RINEHART (recently married) & w/ Elizabeth - Arthur, Ida Co, Iowa s/ Thomas M. RINEHART & w/ Elizabeth - Dallas Co, Texas d/ Lucy N. RINEHART, a minor d/ Grace L. RINEHART, a minor LAND - 174 acres on Sam's Creek in Frederick & Carroll Counties; 1 1/2 mile south of Union Bridge; turnpike passes through the western boundary of the farm. Farm is divided into 9 fields with good fencing and 10 acres in timber, is well watered and has orchards of apple, pear and peach trees. Improved with a 2-story brick mansion house with basement and finished attic, a large 2-story dairy and wash house supplied by a spring, a stone bank barn, corn cribs, wagon, carriage and implement sheds, hog pens, colt stable, wood shed, work shop, smoke house, chicken house, etc. All buildings nested in the center of the farm. Near the Western Maryland Railroad. Included: - 38 acres in Frederick County & 3+ acres in Carroll County To Daniel RINEHART at $5,473.31 in Feb 1873 [CM-10, 151] from: - David RINEHART & w/ Hannah - Israel C. RINEHART & w/ Lucinda - Carroll County - William H. RINEHART - Carroll County - Evan Thomas RINEHART - Baltimore City - Ephraim F. RINEHART & w/ Augusta F. - Troy, Miami Co, Ohio Mortgaged to Edwin G. GILBERT of Carroll County at $2,500 in Apr 1877. - parts of "Resurvey on the Breeches", "Resurvey on Forest in Need", "The Oval and the Chance", 132 acres, in Frederick & Carroll Counties; on east side of road from Haugh's Church to Franklin's Tavern; To Daniel RINEHART from: - David RINEHART & w/ Hannah; - Israel C. RINEHART & w/ Lucinda of Carroll County; - Evan T. RINEHART and w/ Alice (McBLAIR) of Baltimore City; - Ephraim F. RINEHART & w/ Augusta F. of Miami Co, Ohio in Apr 1880 [AF-1, 714]. (From Estate of Israel RINEHART [defective Deed DSB-734]) Mortgaged to Mordecai C. McKINSTRY of Carroll County at $9,000 in Apr 1880. Also - 1/5 of father's share in Marble Quarry Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 9 Nov 1886 from: - David RINEHART, age 68, Union Bridge, Carroll County - Israel C. RINEHART, age 51, Carroll County Trustees were Rebecca L. RINEHART and David RINEHART. SALE was held 5 Jan 1877 on the premises; high bidder was: - Israel C. RINEHART for the home farm at $90/acre - Israel C. RINEHART for the 1/5 share of marble quarry at $90/acre Total sales, $15,695.59. Distribution: - Court costs, $756.09 - Mordecai C. McKINSTRY, mortgage claim, $9,495 - I. C. RINEHART, assignee of mortgage claim of E. G. GILBERT, $2,537.50 - Rebecca L. RINEHARET, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $363.37 - Balance to children of Daniel RINEHART, each 1/7, $363.37 However, an error was made of $100 on audit and the widow and children each received $12.50 less than noted. Closed 29 Apr 1887. ===
Charles W. ROSS, trustee in Insolvency of William H. BOTELER and Lingan BOTELER, Lewis M. NIXDORFF, trustee, plantiffs vs Eliza A. BOTELER & Others - Report of Sales - Equity #5272 LAND - 281 acres, in Petersville District, on road to HAMMOND's Mill (road from Harpers Ferry, Ridge Road to Catoctin Switch); adjoined tract "Richard and Elizabeth" and land of Lewis A. EASTERDAY. Improved with a 1 1/2-story house of 5 roooms and kitchen, log barn with shedding, double corn crib, stone dairy, meat house and 1 1/2-story 'quarter' with spring in the yard; divided into 6 fields with running water in each and 50 acres in timber; ideal for dairy farm. To Lingan BOTELER, William H. BOTELER, Eliza A. BOTELER and Sarah E. BOTELER from Thomas H. CLAGGET & w/ Lula of Loudon Co, VA at $14,060.31 in Oct 1866 [JWLC-4, 382]. Mortgaged at $14,060.31 to Thomas H. CLAGGETT. On 18 Sep 1877, H. D. CLAGGETT and A. H. ROGERS, admin/of Thomas H. CLAGGETT, released all of the mortgage except $5,000 and assigned it to Lewis M. NIXDORFF as trustee. Mortgaged (2nd) at $5,000 to Caroline LAMAR (w/o Richard J. LAMAR) who in turn assigned it to William GRAHAM on 31 Mar 1874. Sarah E. BOTELER d/ (Will JRR-1, 492 dated 22 Apr 1867) and devised all of her real estate to: bro/ Lingan BOTELER bro/ William H. BOTELER sis/ Eliza Ann BOTELER Exec/ Lingan BOTELER Witnesses: Charles GROSS, Thomas HILLEARY Sr, Tilghman HILLEARY Jr. --- JUDGMENTS against William H. BOTELER were: - Fredericktown Savings for $1,051.17 in Dec 1876. - Ann CLAGGETT, Samuel CLAGGETT and Charles W. ROSS, admin/of Richard C. MARTIN at $595.59 in Dec 1885. - Margaret E. BOTELER at $325 in Oct 1886 - John W. HILLEARY, trustee at $678.83 in Dec 1886 (this one also against Lingan BOTELER). William H. BOTELER applied for Insolvency on 9 Feb 1887 and all his interests were placed with trustee Charles W. ROSS which became permanent on 19 Feb 1887 [Insolvency #4675]. Lingan BOTELER also applied for Insolvency the same time with the same trustee becoming permanent the same day [Insolvency #4676]. Trustee was Charles W. ROSS. SALE was held 9 Apr 1887 at the Court House in Frederick; high bidder was: - William GRAHAM at $26/acre, $7,311.36 Distribution: - Court costs, $661.94 - Lewis M. NIXDORFF, trustee of Mary SUMAN, assignee/of Thomas CLAGGETT, mortgagee, $5,705 - William GRAHAM, assignee of 2nd mortgage, partial claim, $944.42 Closed 25 Jul 1887. ===
303-318 - CLABAUGH, STOVER - Jan 1887 #FC
Absalom STOVER, mortgagee of William R. CLABAUGH - Report of Sales - Equity #5263 LAND - part of tracts, "Link Together" and "Bear Den", 32 acres in Woodsboro District, 1 mile south of Ladiesburg, along the Pennsylvlania Line Rail Road; adjoined lands of Robert BARRICK on the SW and Col. L. N. PHILIPS on the SE and the F & P Rail Road on the NW. Improved with a new weather-boarded house, hog pen, wash house and fruit trees; divided into fields. To William R. CLABAUGH from Absalom STOVER [AF-4, 363]. SALE was held 22 Jan 1887 at the Court House in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Absalom STOVER at $1,700 Distribution: - Court costs, $226.01 - Absalom STOVER, mortgage claim, $881 - Margaret C. CLABAUGH (w/o William R.), mortgage claim, $340 - William B. THOMAS, judgment, $145.10 - Eugene L. ROWE for Jacob F. WAYBRIGHT's judgment, $107.89 Closed 4 Aug 1887. ===
319-331 - SMITH - Sep 1886 #FC
Catharine SMITH vs Susan C. SMITH, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5228 Charles L. SMITH d/ 21 Apr 1884 in Woodsboro District widow - Susan C. (age 30ish) s/ George SMITH, a minor s/ Charles F. SMITH, a minor (born after his father's death) LAND - part of tract "Whiskey Spring", 1/2 acre, in Johnsville District, on road from Johnsville to Woodsboro and near Coppermine Schoolhouse. To Charles L. SMITH from Charles V. S. LEVY and John C. MOTTER, trustees (Equity #4503 in Dec 1879 of Margaret Ann SMITH & others vs William Henry SMITH & others) in May 1881 [AF-4, 728]. Previously to Charles SMITH from Samuel S. KLING & wife for 50 acres in Apr 1868 [CM-2(?), 9]. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 15 Nov 1886 from: - William H. SMITH, age 57, Woodsborough District - Daniel D. SMITH, 48, Johnsville District Trustee was Frank L. STONER. SALE was held 1 Jan 1887 on the premises; high bidder was: - Susan C. SMITH at $200 Distribution: After court costs, several creditors were paid at 18% of claim. Closed 1 Jun 1887. ===
331-341 - MOBBERLEY, GORSUCH, WOOD - Feb 1887 #FC
Thomas GORSUCH, Pres/of First National Bank of Frederick, mortgagee of Eldred W. MOBBERLEY & w/ Louisa - Report of Sales - Equity #5271 LAND - 113 acres in New Market District, on road from New Market and Urbana Road to Baltimore-Frederick Turnpike, 1 1/2 miles from Ijamsville and Monrovia; adjoined lands of Nicholas WORTHINGTON, heirs of Louis F. DEITRICK, John T. WILLIAMS and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. Improved with a 2-story stone house, nearly new bank barn, wagon shed and corn house and fruit trees; a spring near the house and another one on higher ground (to convey water through pipes throughout the house). To Dr. Eldred W. MOBBERLY from William NORRIS, trustee in Jun 1853 [ES-3, 194]. - 90 acres To Dr. Eldred W. MOBBERLY from Orrelance H. OWINGS & w/ Sarah M. in Aug 1857 [ES-9, 587]. EXCEPTION - sold 9 acres to John S. MASON [AF-4, 640]. Mortgaged at $4,700. SALE was held 19 Feb 1887 at the City Hotel; high bidder was: - Melvin P. WOOD at $3,873.75 Objections by Eldred W. MOBBERLEY; however, audit stood. Distribution after court costs awarded to: - First National Bank, partial mortgage claim, $3,491.01 Closed, but not dated. ===
341-343 - SIMMONS, FUNK, BAKER - May 1887 #FC
William G. BAKER, trustee under Will of James H. SIMMONS - Permission for Mortgage - Equity #5306 James H. SIMMONS (Will written 7 Feb 1886) adopted daughter - Maggie Howard SIMMONS (now w/o Hamilton FUNK) nephew - Glenville H. SIMMONS ($500) brother-in-law - Samuel S. SIMMONS ($500) widow/of dec'd brother-in-law - Rosanna SIMMONS ($300) Mount Olivet Cemetery - $100 Exec/ William G. BAKER Witnesses: A. J. McKENNA, Charles F. THOMAS, Edward L. KELLER James H. SIMMONS provided a trust for his adopted daughter and petition was to obtain a mortgage for her and her husband to enable the purchase of lands sold by the executor to her at $11,560, the assessed value. So granted 27 May 1887. ===
David ARNOLD, et al vs Mary J. ARNOLD, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5170 Ezra ARNOLD d/ 22 Feb 1886 near Burkittsville, intestate widow - Mary J. (age 42) s/ Millard O. ARNOLD & w/ Hattie A. E. d/ Sophronia Mahalia E. (ARNOLD) w/o Burr F. MAGAHA s/ Calvin E. ARNOLD & Alta C. s/ Emory J. ARNOLD d/ Etta ARNOLD, a minor s/ Avarie ARNOLD, a minor s/ Samuel ARNOLD, a minor Admin/ Thomas ARNOLD LAND - parts of "Hawkins Tenement", "The Last Pen and Ink" and "Fielderea Manor", 127 acres in Petersville District, 1 1/2 miles south of Burkittsville; adjoins Tilghman HILLEARY's 'Fairfax Farm'; within 3 miles of the Railroad Station at Knoxville. Improved with a stone house with mountain spring water carried by pipes through the house, a large bank barn, wagon shed, corn crib and fruit trees; good fencing, laid off in fields that are well watered. To Ezra ARNOLD from David ARNOLD, John ARNOLD (of Loudoun Co, VA) and Mahlon ARNOLD, trustees (Equity #3082 & #4174) in Jul 1876 [not recorded]. - 3 acres, on eastern end of Burkittsville, on east side of road through Burkittsville; adjoined land of Otho T. HAILEY, James HOLMES, heirs of Dr. John D. GARROTT and John STILY. Improved with a large frame house, fruit trees and spring and well. To Ezra ARNOLD from Michale BOYER & w/ Elizabeth in Jul 1870 [TG-5] Mortgages to David ARNOLD, Mahlon ARNOLD, John ARNOLD, Joshua ARNOLD, Amanda C. AUSHERMAN, Jacob HIGHTMAN, Thomas HIGHTMAN and Adam J. BOYER (of Washington Co) by Ezra ARNOLD & w/ Mary J. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 12 Mar 1886 from: - David ARNOLD, age 64, Petersville District, a brother - Mahlon ARNOLD, age 50, Petersville District, a brother - Thomas ARNOLD, age 45, Middletown District Truste was Thomas ARNOLD. SALE was held 10 Apr 1886 at the square in front of John HIGHTMAN's store in Burkittsville; high bidders were: - Millard ARNOLD for the farm at $49/acre, $6,247.50 (Acknowledgement of sale also signed by Joshua ARNOLD who will loan the money to Millard) Neighbors at time of sale were Outerbridge HORSEY, James DALL and Thomas HIGHTMAN. The house and lot in Burkittsville didn't sell; however, private sale was later made to: - William ENNISS at $1,400 Distribution of $7,910.01 - Court Costs, $456.60 - Joshua ARNOLD, mortgage, $466.78 - Mahlon ARNOLD, mortgage, $564.36 - David ARNOLD, mortgage, $770 - John ARNOLD, mortgage, $1,492 - Amanda C. AUSHERMAN, mortgage, $417.08 - Mary J. ARNOLD, widow, in lieu of dower, 2/15, $499.09 - Thomas ARNOLD, adm, reimbursed for expenses paid, $583.40 - Each child's 1/7 share, $380.10 Closed 19 Sep 1887. NOTES - Frederick Co, MD Marriage Licenses - Ezra ARNOLD to Louisa BOYER - 14 Mar 1855 - Ezra ARNOLD, 43 (wid), farmer to Mary J. GUYTON, 31 - 18 Feb 1875 by Emanuel Slifer - Millard O. ARNOLD, 23, farmer to Hattie E. A. PEARL, 20 - 26 May 1881 by M. L. Shuford near Burkittsville - Calvin E. ARNOLD, 23, farmer to Alta C. SIGLER, 19 - 14 Oct 1884 by J. W. Kipe (Elder of WC) near Burkittsville - Flonie E. ARNOLD, 26 to Burr F. MAGAHA, 30, farmer - 29 Jan 1884 by N. L. Beaner at Ezra Arnold's ===
Mary C. BRANDENBURG & Others vs Samuel J. KINNA, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5242 Samuel KINNA d/ 14 Jul 1886 w/ Susan KINNA d/ 8 Mar 1886 d/ Mary Catharine (KINNA) w/o George W. BRANDENBURG s/ Jacob Franklin KINNA - Brown Co, Dakota (SD) s/ Samuel J. KINNA & w/ Alice L. d/ Magdalena Elizabeth (KINNA) w/o Daniel GLADHILL s/ John Harry KINNA & w/ Sarah A. B. - Lonoke Co, Arkansas LAND - "Jacob Plains", 21 acres on Haw Bottom Road, a mile east of Harmony and four miles north of Middletown; adjoined land of James KINNA. Improved with a 1 1/2-story log house, log stable and spring house, fruit trees and a spring. To Samuel KINNA, held in trust for his wife Susan KINNA, (his life estate and after her death, to her children) from Richard H. MARSHALL, trustee (Equity case #2735, Central Bank of Frederick vs Sampson KINNA, Thomas KINNA & Others; also Equity Case #2072, Adam ROUTZAHN & Others vs Andrew POFFENBERGER, Joshua POFFENBERGER & Others) in Jun 1862. - Mountain land, 19 acres, 3/4 mile from the home place and 1 mile east of road from Robert RIDGELY's to Samuel EARLEY's. To Samuel KINNA from James KINNA [Deed not recorded]. Testimony was heard 13 Aug 1887 from: - Samuel J. KINNA, age 43, resided in Harmony, son of decedents. - Robert PETTINGALL, age 65, Frederick City, close friend of family. Trustee was Clayton O. KEEDY. SALE was held 8 Oct 1887 in front of T. M. BRANDENBURG's store in Harmony; high bidders were: - Samuel J. KINNA for the home place at $600; Neighbors at time of sale were: David SUMMERS, Robert PETTINGALL and Josiah DOUB. - William L. CULLER for the mountain land at $25; Neighbors at time of sale were Adam BIDEL, Henry COBLENTZ, Hanson BUSSARD and William CULLER. Distribution of $625: - Court costs, $142.25 - Each child's 1/5 share, $96.55 Closed 13 Dec 1887. NOTES - Frederick Co, MD Marriage Licenses - Samuel KINNA to Susan POFFENBERGER - 10 Apr 1837 - John H. KINNA to Sarah A. B. RAZINGER - 23 Aug 1856 - Samuel J. KINNA, 39 (wid), iron & steel worker to Alice Lucinda GREEN, 29 dated 17 Jun 1883 by A. M. Smith at Lutheran Parsonage (Ref 284) - Magdalena E. KINNA, 29 to Daniel GLADHILL, 53 (wid), wagon maker dated 30 Jan 1872 by G. W. Statton in FC (Ref 178) ===
Albert W. BARTGIS, et al vs Charles W. BARTGIS, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5260 Titus V. BARTGIS d/ Nov 1886 in Middletown, intestate s/ Albert W. BARTGIS & w/ Lydia A. s/ James M. BARTGIS & w/ Emma d/ Mary J. (BARTGIS) Frederick County w/o George T. WALKER - Washington, DC (since May 1886) s/ Charles W. BARTGIS & w/ Anne E. - Montgomery County s/ Byron C. BARTGIS & w/ Lilly A. - Berkeley Co, WV s/ John E. BARTGIS & w/ Emma - Berkeley Co, WV LAND - "Resurvey on Turkey Range", House & Lot on the eastern suburbs of Middletown. Improved with a 2-story brick house with back building, stable for seven horses, a well of soft water near the door and cherry, apple and peach trees. To Titus V. BARTGIS for his natural life and upon his death to his children: Albert W., Charles W., Byron C., Mary, James W. and John BARTGIS. To Titus V. BARTGIS from Shadrack A. and Joseph H. HEDGES in May 1868 [CM-3, 428]. Previously to Shadrack HEDGES from Jacob THOMAS of J. in Jul 1836 [HS-3, 532]. - Small strip of land, 4' wide, ran from West corner of lot to lot owned by heirs of Mrs. Sophia BOWLUS (but now owned by Eli H. HYATT). To Titus V. BARTGIS from Jacob WILHIDE & w/ Amy at $20 in Apr 1874 [WIP-1, 158]. Previously to Amy WILHIDE from John ROUTZAHN & wife in Apr 1871 [CM6, 730]. Testimony was heard 7 Jun 1887 from: - Albert W. BARTGIS (paid taxes on property for 1884) - Mary J. WALKER; upon the death of her father, she was left alone with possession of the said property and leased it to Millard F. COOK for one year; he to make needed repairs including the back roof with expenses subtracted from the rent. She also held a judgment against her brother, John BARTGIS. Trustee was Clayton O. KEEDY. SALE was held 17 Sep 1887 in front of the Post Office in Middletown; high bidder was: - Charles E. IFERT at $660; Neighbors at time of sale were: Samuel LIGHTER and Mary LORENTZ. Distribution: - Court costs, $146.07 - Each child's 1/6 share, $85.65 (John E. BARTGIS's share to Mary J. WALKER per judgment) Closed 8 Nov 1887. NOTES - Marriage Licenses Frederick Co, MD - Mary J. BARTGIS, 28 to George T. WALKER, 38, of DC - 27 Feb 1885 by J. L. Kilgore in Frederick (Ref 530) - Albert W. BARTGIS, 26, shoemaker to Lydia A. BLICKENSTAFF, 21 dated 8 Dec 1880 by Edw. Smith of WC in Wolfsville (Ref 16) - Charles W. BARTGIS, 25, laborer to Annie E. ALEXANDER, 21 dated 24 Oct 1880 by S. V. Leech in Frederick (Ref 20) - James W. BARTGIS, 22, saloonist to Emma F. JONES, 18 dated 20 Jun 1883 by George Diehl in Frederick (Ref 50) Berkeley Co, WV - Byron C. BARTGIS, 22, drover of Frederick Co, MD (s/o T. V. & Mary J. BARTGIS) to Lillie WOOD, 23 of Berkeley Co, WV (d/o Robert & Catharine WOOD) dated 24 Jul 1879 in Martinsburg, Berkeley Co, WV ===
403-410 - HUMM, BROWN, STULL - Sep 1887 #FC
Samuel H. BROWN and John W. HUMM, mortgagees of Levi A. HUMM - Report of Sales - Equity #5356 LAND - part of tract "Taskers Chance", 35 acres, on road from Frederick to the Bethel Church, 3 miles north of Frederick; adjoined lands of Joseph CRONISE and C. SAUERWINE. Improved with a 2-story stone house, bank barn, water near the house and fruit trees; land divided into fields. To Levi A. HUMM from John W. HUMM, trustee, in Apr 1885 [AF-9, 744]. Previously to W. Irving PARSONS from Adam RAILING & wife in Apr 1884 [AF-9, 79]. SALE was held 7 Sep 1887 on the premises; high bidder was: - William H. STULL at $780; however, substituted buyer was Eugene A. STULL. Distribution of $1,651.61 - Court costs, $388.06 - Samuel H. BROWN and John W. HUMM, partial mortgage, $1,263.55 Closed 5 Jan 1888. ===
411-416 - WOLFE, DAY - Jul 1887 #FC
Rufus K. DAY, mortgagee of William WOLFE & w/ Hester A. - Report of Sales - Equity #5330 LAND - 76.5 acres, on road from Hyattstown to Monrovia; adjoined lands of Eli DAVIS and heirs of Gabriel LAWSON. Improved with a 1 1/2-story log house with frame back building, stable and tobacco house with stream of water running through. To William WOLFE & w/ Hester A. from Mary WOLFE & Others in Sep 1878 [TG-10, 445] SALE was held 30 Jul 1887 on the premises; high bidder was: - Rufus K. DAY at $1,100 Distribution: - Court costs, $127.50 - Rufus K. DAY, partial mortgage, $972.50 Closed 20 Jan 1888. ===
416-426 - ZELLERS, BIRELY, BAER - Oct 1887 #FC
John William BIRELY, mortgagee of John F. ZELLERS & w/ Doris - Report of Sales - Equity #5352 LAND - Lot on south side of East South St in Frederick City; adjoining Maj. B. F. WINCHESTER on the east and west. Improved with six 15 x 150' lots, each with a 2-story brick house of six rooms and cellar. The western most house has an alley on the west and other houses have an alley in common with the house adjoining; each house has hydrant in the yard; area is known as 'Zeller's Row'. The eastern part (60 x 150') of lot is vacant. To John F. ZELLERS from B. F. WINCHESTER in Oct 1868 [CM-2, 642]. Sale was held 15 Oct 1887 at the City Hotel in Frederick City; sold starting with western most lot; high bidders were: - C. E. ZELLERS for House & Lot, #84 East South St at $510 - C. E. ZELLERS for House & Lot, #86 East South St at $510 - C. E. ZELLERS for House & Lot, #88 East South St at $510 - C. E. ZELLERS for House & Lot, #90 East South St at $510 - C. E. ZELLERS for House & Lot, #92 East South St at $510 - C. E. ZELLERS for House & Lot, #94 East South St at $510 - C. E. ZELLERS for Vacant Lot, East South St at $190 Distribution of $3,255 - Court costs, $362.85 - J. William BIRELY, mortgagee, $2,800.73 - C. Edward ZELLERS & Peter BAER, partial 2nd mortgage, $91.42 Closed 19 Dec 1887. ===
Joseph M. MILLER and Daniel F. SNOOK, partners t/a Miller & Snook vs George W. McCORMICK & w/ Emma C. and John W. CRUM - Report of Sales - Equity #5298 The McCORMICKs left the state. LAND - Lot #3, 1/4 acre in Walkersville; adjoined land of George CRAMER and Thonas GEISINGER. Improved with a 2-story weather-boarded frame house (14 x 16') with cistern near the door and fruit trees. To George W. McCORMICK from George CRAMER & w/ Catharine in Mar 1885 [AF-9, 664]. Other mortgages to John W. CRUM and Sarah J. McCORMICK. Trustees were Charles V. S. LEVY and Joseph M. MILLER. SALE was held 19 Nov 1887 at the Railroad Station in Walkersville; high bidder was: - Maurice LONG or JONES at $806 (name as Jones in one place and Long in another) Neighbors then were Noah CRAMER and Mr WACHTER. Distribution: - Court costs, $141.59 - John W. CRUM, mortgage claim, $654.90 - MILLER & SNOOK, partial mortgage claim, $9.51 Closed 11 Feb 1888. ===
John Hanshew MARKEY, et al vs David J. MARKEY and Henry E. HANSHEW - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5333 Mrs. Catharine GARNHART, dec'd (formerly Mrs. Catharine MAHONEY) s/ David J. MARKEY (devised all her estate to him) Exec/ son Witnesses: John HANSHEW, Henry E. HANSHEW, Josiah HARRISON (Will GH-1, 474, written 28 Jan 1856) LAND - House and lot on Market St in Frederick City. To Catharine MARKEY (w/o David MARKEY) from Jacob GANTZANG at $3,000 for part of Lot #110 in May 1818 [JS-6, 435]. (signed as Jacob GONZO) (Other part was conveyed to Frederick MARKEY; had alley between.) To John HANSHEW from John HANSHEW and David J.MARKEY & w/ Susan in Mar 1846. - 10-foot alley. To Catharine GARNHART from Thomas W. MORGAN & w/ Mary Ann for $5 in Jun 1832, less half portion conveyed back to him in Jun 1832 [JS-39, 204]. David J. MARKEY (Will devised estate to wife) widow - Susan MARKEY d/ Jul 1887, intestate d/ Mary E. w/o Rev. Alexander E. GIBSON - Baltimore City s/ John Hanshew MARKEY & w/ Ida (WILLIARD) s/ Frederick A. MARKEY & w/ Cornelia (CREAGER) d/ Rebecca B. w/o David C. WINEBRENNER d/ Susan C. w/o Martin N. ROHRBACK s/ Henry S. MARKEY & w/ Isabella (SCHAEFFER) - San Francisco, CA d/ Lucy MARKEY, widow s/ David J. MARKEY Jr. Notes - It was the wish of Aunt SCHOLL that Harry should have the clock she gave me; carry out her wishes. - Request wife give one or both of sons the priviledge of purchasing the factory and lumber yard at a fair valuation and not sell it at public sale, wish it to be retained in the family as long as can be. Exec/ wife Witnesses: A. HENDERSON, George W. CRAMER, A ROBERTSON (Will JPP-2, 102 written 3 Jul 1871) David J. MARKEY Sr and Jr and John HANSHEW were engaged in a lumber yard and factory business and made improvements to the lots and petitioned the lots. LAND - Houses & Lots in Frederick City EXHIBIT 1 - Mrs. Susan MARKEY (Plat WIP-2,480) Lots on Bentz St between Second & Third Sts - 3 lots: - Lot #346 - fronting West Third St, in occupacy of Christian STONER. - Lot #345 - corner of West Third & Bentz Sts, in possession of John HANSHEW. - Lot - Lumber yard (34 x 150'), corner of Bentz & West Second Sts. Improved with a large factory, sheds, office, with engine. boiler and other equipment for manufacturing building supplies, large lumber yard attached. Subject to 2-year lease from Apr 1888. To John HANSHEW and David J. MARKEY from Dr. William TYLER & w/ Mary B. at $1,800 in Apr 1835 [JS-48, 400]. Previously to William TYLER from Francis KLINEHART in Jun 1827 [JS-28, 281]. Partitions: - John HANSHEW to David J. MARKEY & w/ Susan in Jun 1839 [HS-9, 138]. - John HANSHEW to David J. MARKEY in Sep 1862 [BGF-7, 695]. - John HANSHEW to David J. MARKEY & w/ Susan in Jul 1866 [JWLC-4, 183]. EXHIBIT 2 - MARKEY & HANSHEW (Plat WIP-2,481) - Lot #343 on north side of West Third St & corner of Bentz St in Frederick City. Occupied by Bartholomew McCANN. (Also listed as south side of West Fourth St, 32 x 103'; to John HANSHEW from Hanshew & Markey & Susan MARKEY at $300 in Mar 1946 [WBT-4, 67].) To David J. MARKEY and John HANSHEW from Mary A. ENGLISH, Adm/for heirs of Richard ENGLISH (her husband) at $1,005 in Mar 1846 [WIP-4, 66]. Previously to John RITCHIE in Apr 1792 [WR-10, 572]; then sold upon his death to John FAUBLE who sold it to Richard ENGLISH in Nov 1837 [HS-6, 58]. Developed into 7 lots: - Lots on corner of West Third & Bentz Sts in Frederick City. Improved with 7 well-built houses, all are row houses and have water, gas and alley ways from the street: Lot #1 - Corner of Third & Bentz Sts; 2 1/2-story brick house of 8 rooms & stabling. Lot #2 - Lot east & adjoining previous lot on Third St; 2 1/2-story brick house of 7 rooms. Lot #3 - Lot east & adjoining previous lot; 2 1/2-story brick house of 7 rooms. Lot #4 - Lot east & adjoining previous lot; 2 1/2-story brick house of 7 rooms. Lot #5 - Lot east & adjoining previous lot; 2 1/2-story brick house of 7 rooms. Lot #6 - Lot east & adjoining previous lot; 3-story brick house of 12 rooms. Lot #7 - Lot east & adjoining previous lot; 3-story brick house of 11 rooms. Improved with a double 2-story brick house of 11 rooms with water, gas and all modern conveniences, large yard, garden and stabling LOTS SOLD by John HANSHEW & David J. MARKEY & wife for parts of Lot #343, on east side of Bentz St between Third & Fourth Sts to: - Mary B. HUGHES at $300 in Dec 1851. - Henry BORGER at $250 in May 1855 [ES-6, 492]. - William H. BORGER at $300 in May 1855 [ES-7, 458]. - Henry RUSSELL at $250 in Aug 1859 [BGF-4, 389]. EXHIBIT 3 - Mrs. Susan MARKEY - Lot A (Plat WIP-2,482) - Southern half of Lot #342 To John HANSHEW and David J. MARKEY from Ann Mary DOLL at $800 in Aug 1847 [WBT-6, 303]. (Property devised to Anna M. DOLL and Israel MYERS by Will of John MYERS dated 17 Jan 1824; then conveyed by Israel to Anna in Mar 1826) SOLD: - David J. MARKEY & wife and Henry E. HANSHEW (sole heir of John HANSHEW) & w/ Mary Elizabeth to Eugenia C. VERNON, Charlotte A. VERNON, Evaline S. VERNON and Emma E. VERNON at $2,400 in Apr 1880 [AF-1, 609]. - Lot A on east side of North Market St between Second & Third Sts; adjoining lot of heirs of Ezra HOUCK. Improved with a 2-story brick house with two store rooms and dwelling of 8 rooms. Adjoined the late Frederick SCHROEDER's brick workshop. - Lot #109, lot fronts east side of north-south alley at rear of Frederick BUSING's lot. Previously to David J. MARKEY from Frederick BUSING & w/ Christianna at $300 in Feb 1850 [WBT-11, 17]. - Lot #110 Agreement in Feb 1861 between D. J. MARKEY and Frederick SCHROEDER - previously Catharine GARNHART granted privilege to Frederick SCHROEDER to build over part of alley (and attached to house occupied by Henry HILTON as tenant) with stipulation of 60 days notice if building should be removed. Since Catharine's death, this agreement extends that privilege [BGF-6,464]. LAND - Lots in Baltimore City ...fronting Etting ST, 165' NW from west corner of Etting & Hoffman Sts. ...fronting NE side of Division St, 180' NW of NW corner of Division & Hoffman Sts. To David J. MARKEY from Thomas H. RIDGLY in May 1876; subject to lease from RIDGLY to Robert LAWSON [GR-739, 235, Baltimore City]. The partnership of HANSHEW & MARKEY was dissolved many years ago and John HANSHEW died many years ago leaving an only son, Henry E. HANSHEW of Montgomery County, providing him with an undivided 1/2 part. Trustees were John Hanshew MARKEY and David C. WINEBRENNER. Private sale was made Dec 1887 to: - Mary A. STERN of Baltimore City at $2,304.76 SALE was held 3 Dec 1887 at the City Hotel in Frederick City; high bidders were: - Laura CHAPLINE for Lot #7 at $2,200 Private sale was made to: - Charles V. S. LEVY, Esquire, trustee for wife and children of Worthington R. JOHNSON, for the home place of David J. & Susan MARKEY (SE corner of West Third & Bentz Sts) at $3,400 1st Distribution of $2,304.76 - Court costs (1/2), $312.21 - Each child's 1/8 share, $249.06 2nd Distribution of $2,200 - Court costs (1/2), $236.07 - Henry E. HANSHEW, 1/2, $981.96 - Each child's 1/8 of 1/2 share, $122.74 (plats on pgs 480-482, followed by descriptions and survey) Closed 10 Jul 1890. ===
John W. GETZENDANNER, agent for Charlotte E. GETZENDANNER, mortgagee of William L. CULLER & w/ Mary M. - Report of Sales - Equity #5374 LAND - Lot #32 (75 x 265') on east side of Main St in village of Jefferson, opposite the Lutheran Church. Improved with a 2 1/2-story weatherboarded house with fruit trees. Then occupied by Victor CULLER.. To Mary M. CULLER from George W. HAWKER & w/ Julia A. C. in Feb 1871 [CM-6, 281]. To William L. CULLER from Thomas J. McGILL in Mar 1862 [BGF-7, 353]. To William L. CULLER from Arabella W. McGILL and Sarah A. E. McGILL in Apr 1866 [JWLC-3, 351]. SALE was held 7 Jan 1888 on the premises; high bidder was: - Charlotte A. ZIMMERMAN at $1,115 Distribution after court costs: - John W. GETZENDANNER, agent for Charlotte E. GETZENDANNER, partial mortgage claim, $1,043 Closed 7 Mar 1888. ===
John McGILL and Samuel McGILL, trustees for heirs of Dr. Thomas J. McGILL - Report of Sales - Equity #5259 Dr. Thomas J. McGILL d/ intestate s/ Rev. John McGILL & w/ Virginia Beverly s/ Dr. Samuel McGILL & w/ Eliza Randolph s/ Dr. Wardlow McGILL & w/ Georgia P. d/ Eleanor W. w/o Joseph A. WILLIAMSON d/ Elizabeth R.W. w/o William Pinckney MASON d/ Sallie K. w/o Cornelius H. HILL d/ Arabella A. B. (d/ 19 Nov 1886) w/o Allan B. MANTZ ..........infant MANTZ LAND - House & Lot on west side of Record St in Frederick City. To Dr. Thomas J. McGILL from W. Y. PAGE, exec/of Dr. William TYLER. - "The 2nd Resurvey on Luckett's Merry Midnight", 176 acres, in Jefferson District. To Dr. Thomas J. McGILL from Clarisa H. LUCKETT. - "Catoctin Ridge", 112 acres, in Jefferson. To Dr. Thomas J. McGILL from William LYNCH, exec/of Henry BOTELER. Deed of Trust by trustees for heirs in Oct 1886; signed by: - Rev. John McGILL & w/ V. B. in Hanover Co, VA in Oct 1886. - Dr. Samuel McGILL & w/ Eliza Randolf in Loudoun Co, VA in Oct 1886. - Joseph A. WILLIAMSON & w/ Eleanor W. in Frederick Co, MD in Oct 1886. - Dr. Wardlow McGILL & w/ Georgia P. in Brincombe Co, NC in Nov 1886. - W. Pinckney MASON & w/ Elizabeth R. in Brincombe Co, NC in Nov 1886. - A. B. MANTZ & w/ Arabella in Wake Co, NC in Nov 1886. - C. H. HILL & w/ S. K. in Wake Co, NC in Nov 1886. Arabella MANTZ died 19 Nov 1886 leaving will, devising her estate to her husband A. B. MANTZ; John McGILL was executor. John McGILL signed the 3rd Report of Sales in Feb 1887 in Richmond, VA. SALES to: - Milton G. URNER for the Lot on Record St at $5,750 - George SOUDER for the 176 acres at $8,250; and right of way over upper field , part of "Hawkin's Merry Peep of Day". - John W. CASTLE for the 112 acres at $4,000 Distribution of $18,431.25 - Court costs, $829.02 - Each child's 1/7 share, $2,514.60 Closed 8 Mar 1888. ===
513-518 - HAUPT, STARR - Feb 1888 #FC
Jesse W. STARR, mortgagee of Martin L. HAUPT & w/ Mary J. - Report of Sales - Equity #5392 LAND - "Fielderea", 66.25 perches, Lot in Jefferson District. Improved with a 2-story stone and frame house. To Martin L. HAUPT from Ezra M. THOMAS & wife in Dec 1885. To Martin L. HAUPT from James A. SMITH & w/ Catharine C. in Sep 1885 [AF-11, 447]. SALE was held 9 Feb 1888 at L. O. PHIP's store in Jefferson; high bidder was: - Mary HAUPT at $251; however, being unable to pay, substituted her brother-in-law, Charles S. HAUPT as the purchaser. Closed 13 Mar 1888. ===
Andrew N. CRAMER vs Susan Catharine SCHAEFFER & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5280 Thomas M. SCHAEFFER d/ 12 Feb 1887 in Lewistown, intestate widow - Susanna Catharine (age 45) d/ Anna Mary C. SCHAEFFER d/ Cordelia Idella SCHAEFFER, a minor s/ Franklin Clay SCHAEFFER, a minor d/ Mamie Martha SCHAEFFER, a minor s/ Harry Elroy SCHAEFFER, a minor Admin/ Marshal E. SCHAEFFER LAND - 5 acres in Lewistown District. Improved with a 2-story weather-boarded log house, stable, wash house, choice fruit and a well near the house. To Thomas M. SCHAEFFER from Nelson D. RAMSBURG & w/ Eliza A. at $125 in Mar 1874 [AF-4, 403]. Previously to Nelson D. RAMSBURG from Alexander RAMSBURG & wife. - parts of "Case of Necessity" and "Derr's Purches", 32 perches. To Thomas M. SCHAEFFER from Jacob RAMSBURG & w/ Elizabeth at $5 in Jan 1866 [AF-4, 408]. Previously to Jacob RAMSBURG from Samuel DEVILBISS of John & wife in Dec 1846. - parts of "Case of Necessity" and "Derr's Purchase", 5 acres. To Thomas M. SCHAEFFER from Albert L. POWELL & w/ Lavinia F. at $550 in Apr 1887 [DSB-2, 49]. Previously to Albert L. POWELL from David SHAFFER & w/ Rachel in Sep 1858 [BGF-2, 585]. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 8 Apr 1887 from: - Marshal E. SCHAEFFER, age 34, resided in Lewistown - Jacob H. HINEA, age 60, Lewistown Trustee was Marshal E. SCHAEFFER. Sale was held 29 Oct 1887 on the premises; high bidder was: - Joseph M. WACHTER at $1,199 Distribution: court costs, $193.17 - Franklin Savings Bank, mortgage claim, $549.50 - Susan C. SCHAEFFER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $57.04 - Balance to multiple creditors, $399.29 Closed 14 May 1888. NOTES - Frederick Co, MD Marriage Licenses - Thomas SHAFER to Susan C. HOUCK - 8 Mar 1864 ===
Daniel H. ROUTZAHN and Charles V. S. LEVY, trustees of Joseph L. ROUTZAHN & w/ Ellen A. E. - Title - Equity #5288 Joseph ROUTZAHN d/ before Nov 1886, intestate widow - Elizabeth d/ Lauretta A. DUDERAR* d/ Rebecca E. ROUTZAHN d/ Charlotte BOWERS* s/ Daniel H. ROUTZAHN* s/ Joseph L. ROUTZAHN & w/ Ellen A. E.* s/ Edward L. ROUTZAHN, dec'd* ..........Phebe E. TODD* ..........H. Eddistta ROUTZAHN Each child held 1/6 share in their father's estate. Joseph L. ROUTZAHN's Deed of Trust for his creditors was to Daniel H. ROUTZAHN and Charles V. S. LEVY in Nov 1886 [WIP-1, 650]. Lien had been placed against Joseph L. ROUTZAHN for agricultural implements, machinery and hardware then, in store room on SE corner of Market & Third Sts in Frederick City, by Johnston Harvester Company in Sep 1866; there were also other judgments. LAND - Lot on North Market St in Frederick City. Previously to BOWERS & ROUTZAHN from Joseph GROFF [CM-7, 251]. SOLD to David H. SMITH from William D. BOWERS and heirs of Joseph ROUTZAHN, at $1,000. - 1/2 undivided share in Lot on East Patrick St in Frederick City. Previously to Joseph ROUTZAHN and William D. BOWERS from James WHITEHILL [CM-2, 291]. - also part of adjoining Lot; from Mary A. HILTON [CM-7, 383]. SOLD to William D. BOWERS from heirs of Joseph ROUTZAHN at $6,000. Distribution of $4,608.82 went to court costs and a multitude of creditors at 7.88% of their claims. Closed 24 Apr 1888. * NOTES - Frederick Co, MD Marriage Licenses - Charlotte E. ROUTZAHN to William D. BOWERS - 17 Mar 1856 - Lauretta ROUTZAHN to Cromwell DUDERAR - 5 Jan 1859 - Daniel H. ROUTZAHN to Margaret C. FULTON - 24 Dec 1861 - Edward L. ROUTZAHN to Harriet A. WINEBRENNER - 28 May 1860 - Joseph L. ROUTZAHN, 23.1, farmer to Ella A. E. COBLENTZ, 20.11 (farmer's daughter) dated 30 Nov 1865 by F. A. Rupley near Middletown - Phebe E. ROUTZAHN, 22 to Robert R. TODD, 24, merchant dated 1 Apr 1885 bu S. M. Hench at Glade Church ===
548-564 - RIGGS, PEACH, KURFMAN, MOTTER - Mar 1887 #FC
William PEACH vs John Albert RIGGS, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5281 Worthington Asbury RIGGS d/ 12 Aug 1885 in Mount Pleasant, intestate widow - Delila "Lylie" Ann d/ 16 Dec 1886 s/ John Albert RIGGS & w/ Cordelia s/ Joseph Merrick RIGGS (b/ 2 Sep 1865) (whereabouts unknown) s/ Stewart V. RIGGS, a minor (b/ 2 Feb 1869) Adm/ widow LAND - ""Discovery Resurveyed", 2 acres (home place), 1/2 mile SE of Mount Pleasant, on road from Liberty Pike to New Market and close to the Annapolis Road; adjoined lands of Charles NUSBAUM, Dr. William WAGNER and Charles SNYDER. Improved with a 2-story weatherboarded log house, stable, fruit trees and spring of water. Then in occupancy of John Albert RIGGS. To Asbury RIGGS from Dennis WATERS & w/ Maria at $350 in Aug 1870 [CM-5, 576]. Previously to WATERS from Richard THOMPSON & wife in Nov 1864 [JWLC-2, 243]. - Lot #9 of "Resurvey on Mackey's Luck", 3 acres, 1 1/2 miles north of Mount Pleasant, near road from Liberty Pike to DRONENBERG's Mill; adjoined land of Anthony GRAHAM, Solomon CRUM and Ephraim ZIMMERMAN. Improved with a 2-story frame house, fruit trees and spring. To Worthington Irving RIGGS from John A. RIGGS & w/ Cordelia at $170 in Apr 1885 [AF-11, 349]. Previously to John A. RIGGS from Samuel HOKE Sr in Sep 1880 [AF-2, 300]. W. Asbury RIGGS was indebted to Samuel HOKE Sr. who assigned the notes to D. E. STONE who assigned them to William PEACH. John A. RIGGS & wife conveyed their share by mortgage to F. Marion FAUBLE and P. F. PAMPEL who assigned mortgage to Henry PAMPEL. Guardian was John C. MOTTER. Testimony was heard 26 May 1887 from: - Dr. Daniel E. STONE; claimed W. Asbury RIGGS died in the summer of 1885. - Clinton A. RIDDLEMOSER - Samuel HOKE - John Albert RIGGS, age 30, Mount Pleasant Trustee was Milton G. URNER. SALE was held 30 Jul 1887 on the premises; high bidders were: - William Henry KURFMAN for the home place at $390 - John A. RIGGS for Lot #9 at $105 Distribution of $390; court costs, $148.76 - William PEACH, claim, $114.40 - Dr. J. H. LIEB, $52 Balance of $74.94 to: - Henry PAMPEL's Estate, for John A. RIGGS 1/3, $24.94 - Stewart RIGGS, 1/3, $24.94 - Merrick RIGGS, 1/3, $24.94 John A. RIGGS was not able to pay for Lot #9 and asked to substitute - John C. MOTTER as purchaser - 7 Apr 1888. Closed 14 Apr 1888. ===
John MURDOCK vs Noah BOWLUS and John C. HAGAN, execs of John HAGAN - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5304 John HAGAN d/ 19 Jan 1883, testate s/ John C. HAGAN & w/ Kate ..........Marshall Kane E. HAGAN (age 24) - Pennsylvania ..........Clarence Lee HAGAN, a minor (age 20) ..........John Sifford HAGAN, a minor (age 18) ..........Clara Kate HAGAN, a minor (age 16) ..........Eugene HAGAN, a minor (age 12) ..........Thomas Benton HAGAN, a minor (age 10) ..........Ralph Ritchie HAGAN, a minor (age 6) s/ Frank T. HAGAN & w/ Amanda - Washington County ..........Washington C. HAGAN, a minor ..........Mollie M. HAGAN, a minor (age 2) s/ Eugene HAGAN & w/ Rosa - Baltimore City ..........May HAGAN, a minor s/ William HAGAN, dec'd daughter-in-law - Elizabeth SMITH ($1,000) - Baltimore City (later married Pleasant W. PRATT and lived in Montgomery County) ..........William E. A. HAGAN ($1,000) - Baltimore City (later assigned his interest to Noah BOWLUS) - Mary SHANKLE (housekeeper; $50 plus other household items) - Noah BOWLUS - $500 in trust for Mary SHANKLE - John SMOTHERS (colored faithful hired man; $200) Devised land to sons for life, then to their children (as noted below). Execs/ Noah BOWLUS and John C. HAGAN Witnesses: Henry LORENTZ, F. R. CARLIN, M. N. ROHRBACK, Edw. BOWLUS Codicil - Revoked bequest to grandson William HAGEN and substituted: $1,000 to be paid six years after decedant's death by John C. HAGAN with interest to be paid annually starting in two years. Also daughter-in-law Elizabeth SMITH, $1,000 to be held in trust by John C. HAGAN with interest payments yearly; upon her death, to William HAGAN. If anyone were to contest these provisions of the Will, then he is to have nothing. - Signed 2 Jan 1883 (last digit written over, could be 1881) Witnessed by: Jessa D. KAUFFMAN, William T. M. GROVE, William C. KAUFFMAN [Will JPP-1, 344, written 8 Apr 1878; filed 23 Jan 1883] --- LAND - for son John C. HAGAN - "Prospect Hill", farm of 99 acres, on Frederick-Hagerstown Turnpike, 1/2 mile west of Frederick City. To John HAGAN from George SMITH, trustee (Equity #2818 in Feb 1859, Andrew HEIM vs George SMITH, adm/of Christian SMITH) at $8,470.25 in Oct 1861 [BGF-7, 146]. - and 88 acres of mountain land in Sugar Loaf Mountain in Urbana District; the latter from William FRICK in 1851 and adjoins land of Levi COOLEY, Eliza PORTER, Lee SIMMONS, Daniel WHIP and Samuel WHIP. ...Legacy of $1,000 to be paid to John HAGAN's grandson William HAGAN by John C. HAGAN. - for son Frank HAGAN in trust to Noah BOWLUS and John C. HAGAN; 'Bowlus Farm' on "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" and "Resurvey on Dent's Neglect", 136 acres; adjoined tract "Four and a Half Gallons of Rum" and land of Daniel & Jane RAMSEY. To John HAGAN from John SIFFORD, trustee (Equity #2586, Estate of Peter HAGAN, dated 21 Feb 1855, John HAGAN, Michael P. HAGAN and William KELLER vs Stephen HAGAN, David SCHAFER & w/ Macy, George SMITH, Henry HAGAN, Robert RINGER & w/ Catharine) in Feb 1855 [ES-6, 286]. ...Surveyed for Peter HAGAN by Peter COBLENTZ in Mar 1832. ...To Peter HAGAN from Sarah EASTBURN & Others in Apr 1829. - for son Eugene HAGAN - "White House" and 20 acres. (Home place of John HAGAN and formerly known as the Old Hagan Tavern Stand) on Frederick-Middletown Pike at Catoctin Mountain, 3 1/2 miles west of Frederick; being parts of "Fielderea Manor" and "Salisbury Plains Helped"; adjoined land of John C. KAUFFMAN and William BROWN. Improved with a 2-story stone house with 1 1/2-story back building, a frame barn, corn crib, wagon shed, large granary, stone smoke house and well near the door with a spring near the house. (if no children, then to John C. and Frank HAGAN; he to pay $250 to estate). To John HAGAN from Michael P. HAGAN & wife [CM-3, 75]. To Peter HAGAN from Henry NIXDORFF for the Old Tavern Stand in Dec 1841. SALES from 17 July 1883 (Lots from John C. HAGAN's part) to: - Philip COBLENTZ for Lot #1 st $171.09 - G. F. SMITH for Lots #2, 3 & 18 at $421.62 - G. H. MULL for Lot #4 at $590 - John C. KAUFFMAN for Lots #5, 6, 7 & 10 at $769.99 - John C. KAUFFMAN for Lot #11 at $197.32 - Daniel E. KEFAUVER for Lots #8, 12-15 at $534.66 - John H. BAST for Lot #16 at $135 - John L. SMOTHERS for Lot #21 at 140.37 - Daniel GIBBONS for ___ at $1,800 (on 18 Mar 1884) (the latter in trust for Frank HAGAN) Distribution after costs and expenses: $2,300 - to trustees for Frank HAGAN, $1,800 - to Noah BOWLUS for Mary SHANKLE, $500 [Admin JPP-3, 67] Payment was made to St John's Cemetery. Claims filed by Sarah A. WHITE and George W. DEAN, admin/of William WHITE. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 16 Dec 1887 from: - Noah BOWLUS, age 57, Frederick, attorney - John C. HAGAN, age 50 - provided names and ages of his children. Trustees appointed were Clayton O. KEEDY, Charles V. S. LEVY and William WILCOXON. SALE was held 13 Mar 1888 in front of the Court House; high bidders were: - Jacob N. GIBBONS for the 'White House' at $1,380 - George William SMITH for 20 acres, part of John C. HAGAN's farm, at $2,080 Neighbors then were Peter BEAR and George H. RIZER on the east, D. V. STAUFFER on the south, John C. HAGAN's farm on the west and the turnpike on the north. Total sales, $3,460. (Plat on pg 601) Distribution of $3,460; Court costs, $421.44 - John MURDOCK, claims, $1,588.90 - Sarah A. WHITE & George W. DEAN, adm/of Wm. WHITE, claims, $666.36 - Mary SHANKEL, claim, $37.11 - John C. HAGAN, claim, $167.09 - Eugene H. HAGAN, notes, $318.25 - Mary M. HAGAN, claim, $260.85 Closed 1 Jun 1888. ===
605-615 - JOHNSON, WHITE - Apr 1887 #FC
Sarah A. WHITE & George W. DEAN, Admin/of William WHITE, mortgagee of Arthur JOHNSON & w/ Mary J. - Report of Sales - Equity #5294 LAND - "Mountain Fields", "Hooks Neglect Recovered by a Hard Struggle", 120 acres, in Buckeystown District; on road from Frederick to Poijnt of Rocks, 2 miles SW of Adamstown; adjoined lands of Henry JOHNSON and Mrs. A. E. WALLIS. Improved with a stone house. log stable and orchard. Tenant then was Mr BASSFORD who had 20 acres in Rye. To Arthur C. JOHNSON from Daniel L. SCHAEFFER & w/ Eliza A. in Apr 1871 [CM-6, 570]. Morgtage to William WHITE who died 1880, intestate, single, leaving only his sister, Sarah A. WHITE. SALE was held 16 Apr 1887 at the City Hotel in Fredeick City; high bidder was: - Joseph C. JOHNSON at $2,525; and $2,000 for the rye crop. However, he was unable to comply with the terms. Second SALE was held 25 Feb 1888 in the same place; high bidder was: - Sarah A. WHITE at $3,100, cash Distribution of $3.100; court costs, $446.81 - Sarah A. WHITE, partial mortgage claim, $2,653.19 Closed 18 May 1888. ===
Joseph FOGLE vs William MORT, admin/of Mary FOX, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5324 Mary FOX d/ Aug 1886, intestate* 1st husband - Baltzer MORT (dec'd) 2nd husband - William H. FOX (age 60) d/ Sarah w/o Jacob HANLEY* s/ William MORT & w/ Susanna* s/ Frank MORT & w/ Margaret - Carroll County* d/ Gemima (MORT) w/o William RODGERS d/ Anna (MORT), now dec'd w/o Henry BOOZER (age 30)* ..........Arthur BOOZER, a minor ..........Ella BOOZER, a minor ..........Anna Mary BOOZER, a minor s/ Millard FOX Adm/ William MORT with sureties as Franklin MORT and John J. HANDLY. LAND - "Linked Together", 4.75 acres, 1/2 mile from Ladiesburg, on road from Ladiesburg to Johnsville; adjoined land of Joseph FOGLE. Improved with a 1 1/2-story weatherboarded log house. To Mary MORT from John W. BARRICK, trustee (Equity #2938 dated 30 Dec 1860, Baltzer MORT estate), at $104 in Oct 1863 [JWLC-1, 121]. Previously to John W. BARRICK, trustee of Baltzer MORT, dec'd, from William H. BOWMAN & w/ Mary Ann in Dec 1862. Guardian was Jacob ROHRBACK, Esquire. Testimony was heard 28 Oct 1887 from: - William MORT, s/o decedant - Adam D. BIRELY Trustee was Robert BIGGS. SALE was held 20 Dec 1887 at the depot at Ladiesburg; high bidder was: - Franklin MORT at $280.50 Distribution after court costs: - William H. FOX, curtesy share, $15.58 - Joseph FOGLE, notes, $77.48 - William MORT, claim for estate expenses, $27.77 - William MORT, 1/5, 3.87 - Franklin MORT, 1/5, 3.87 - Jemima RODGERS, 1/5, 3.87 - Millard FOX, 1/5, 3.87 - Anna BOOZER's husband and children, 1/5, 3.87 (Note - No explanation why Sarh HANLEY didn't receive a share; was clearly listed as 1/5 shares and not 1/6; however, a marriage license listed below may indicate this Sarah's maiden name was DELAPLANE and thus indicate she may have been illegitimate and if so would disallow inheritance. This is not notated in the equity records, but would explain why she didn't receive a share.) Closed 1 Mar 1888. NOTES - Frederick County Marriage Licenses - Baltzer MORT to Mary DILLAPLANE - 4 Nov 1850 - Mary MORT to William H. FOX - 7 Nov 1864 - Sarah DELAPLANE to John Jacob HANDLEY - 28 Jul 1862 - William MORT, 23, laborer to Susan M. STRINE, 23 - 1 Sep 1874 by A. W. Lentz in FC - Annie MORT, 20 to William H. BOOZER, 28, laborer / York Co, PA dated 7 Oct 1875 by A. W. Lentz in FC - Franklin MORT, 27, carpenter to Margaret A. CLABAUGH, 26 dated 2 Sep 1880 by D. M. Lemoth in Woodsboro - Maggie J. MORT, 25 to George W. RODGERS, 27, rail road employee dated 28 Feb 1884 by D. M. Lamoth in Woodsboro ===
David E. STEM vs Allie May SHIVERS, Susan SHIVERS. admx/of George SHIVERS - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5255 George W. SHIVERS d/ 1 Oct 1886, intestate widow - Susan (age 42) d/ Allie May SHIVERS, a minor (age 10) Admin/ Susan SHIVERS with sureties as Peter EVES and Ephraim EVES. LAND - "Leigh Castle", 14 acres, in Lingnore District, 1.25 miles south of David E. STEM's Store at Sam's Creek and on Buffalo Road, from Sam's Creek to Mount Airy Bethel Church; adjoined tract "Warfield's Inheritance" and lands of Isaiah DEVILBISS and George KLEES. Improved with a weather-boarded log house, barn, wagon shed with a spring with good dairy near the house; under post and rail fencing and has every kind of fruit trees and plants and grapevines. To George SHIVERS from William ECKER & w/ Augusta Ann at $1,200 in May 1870 [CM-5, 723]. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 3 Jan 1887 from: - Isaiah NUSBAUM - Susan SHIVERS Trustees were Susan SHIVERS and Milton G. URNER. SALE was held 12 Feb 1887 on the premises: high bidder was: - Isaiah NUSBAUM at $1,400 Afterwards, NUSBAUM objected to the sale because he had only bid on the sale for the benefit of the widow who wanted to purchase it but couldn't because she was one of the trustees; however, she is now unwilling to purchase the property from him at the same price. The co-trustee validated NUSBAUM's objection. Private Sale was made 1 Apr 1888 to: - William DEVILBISS at $1,875 1st Distribution of $937; court costs, $129.35 - Susan SHIVERS, widow, in lieu of dower, 2/15, $107.75 - Balance to creditors. Closed 20 Jun 1888. NOTE - Frederick County Marriage Licenses - George W. SHIVERS, carpenter to Susanna LUTZ - 20 Feb 1866 by A. M. Kester in Liberty Town === Page 647 is blank ===
Ann NUSBAUM & Others vs Samuel KEEFER & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5315 Daniel NUSBAUM d/ Mar 1886. intestate bro/ Philip NUSBAUM d/ 24 May 1887 in Woodville, intestate sis/ Ann NUSBAUM sis/ Rachel (NUSBAUM) w/o Lewis KIEFER / KEEFER, both dec'd ..........Mary Catharine (KEEFER) w/o William DEVILBISS ..........Samuel KEEFER ..........Ludwig KEEFER ..........Philip N. KEEFER bro/ Jacob NUSBAUM, dec'd ..........Isaiah NUSBAUM & w/ Margaret L. ..........Susan (NUSBAUM) w/o John T. BOND - Carroll County ..........Elizabeth A. (NUSBAUM) (d/ between Mar 1886 & Apr 1887) dec'd w/o Jacob L. NAILL - Carroll County . . . . . . . . . .Fanny Irene NAILL . . . . . . . . . .John Ecker NAILL, a minor . . . . . . . . . .Daisy Alberta NAILL, a minor ..........Fanny M. (NUSBAUM) w/o William H. BAKER ..........Mary E. (NUSBAUM) w/o David FRANKLIN - Carroll County ..........Laura A. (NUSBAUM) w/o Francis BARNES LAND - "Resurvey on Joshua's Lot Rectified", 575 acres, (Plat WIP-2, 688) in Woodville District, three miles SE of Unionville and five miles from Mount Airy, on road from WHITEHILL's Mill to Mouint Airy; adjoined lands of Perry CRAWNER and Thomas RUNKLES. Improved with a weatherboarded house, a nearly new Switzer barn, fruit trees and 12 acres in timber. The Home farm, 147 acres, was then in occupancy of Miss Ann NUSBAUM. The Old Home farm, 86 acres, adjoining the above home farm on the north; Improved with a log house and log barn and fruit trees. To brothers, Daniel NUSBAUM and Philip NUSBAUM (each 1/2 share) from: - Joseph McDANIEL at $1,000 in Sep 1829 for 126.75 + 9.5 acres; and adjoining "Resurvey on Gilboa" and land of heirs of Nathan HARRIS [JS-32, 539]. - Cordelia H. DOWNEY at $2,122 in Aug 1838 for "Resurvey on Joshua's Lot Rectified", 353.75 acres [HS-7, 552]. - Mary RUNKLES (wid/of John RUNKLES) at $185 in Jul 1838 for "Resurvey on Joshua's Lot Rectified", 30 acres [HS-7, 551]. - Isaac BROWN, trustee (Equity in Mar 1851 of Mary UPCRAFT vs Mary COCHRAN DEMMITT) at $411 in Nov 1854 for "Resurvey on Joshua's Lot Rectified", 48.25 acres [WIP-4, 388]. Exception - Sold to: - John WOLF at $200 in Mar 1834 for 9.5 acres [JS-45, 405]. - Isaac BROWN at $20 in Apr 1837 for 3.25 acres (RUNKLES) [HS-5, 38]. - "Stripes Purchase" (formerly "Cold Friday"), 100 acres, on New Liberty Road, 2 miles east of Unionville; adjoining land of William H. BRIGHTWELL (Philip NUSBAUM farm). Improved with a log house, barn, 6 acres in timber. To Philip NUSBAUM from Ann NUSBAUM, widow/adm of Jacob NUSBAUM Estate (1828 Will), at $1,500 in May 1886 [WIP-1, 377]. Previously to Jacob NUSBAUM from Peter KEMP of Montgomery County in Aug 1800 [WR-20, 124]. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER, Esquire. Testimony was heard 25 Jul 1887 from: - Isaiah NUSBAUM, age 54, Linganore District; neither Daniel or Philip NUSBAUM were ever married. - Peter LUGENBEEL, age 52, Linganore District Trustees were Peter LUGENBEEL and Milton G. URNER. SALE was held 28 Jan 1888 on the premises; high bidders were: - Ann NUSBAUM for the 'Home Farm', 147 acres, at $20/acre; included right-of-way by Lots #16-20. - Philip N. KEEFER for the 'Old Home Farm', 86 acres, at $12/acre - Ferdinand SHEEN for Lot #3, 8.25 acres, at $14/acre - W. M. GAITHER for Lot #4, 19 acres, at $11.50/acre - William DEVILBISS for Lot #5, 15 acres, at $12.25/acre - William DEVILBISS for Lot #6, 22 acres, at $10/acre ('Strawberry Field') - H. F. RUPRECHT for Lot #7, 9 acres, at $13.25/acre - Thomas P. SAPPINGTON for Lot #8, 13 acres, at $17/acre - Samuel A. EURY for Lot #9, 16 acres, at $12.75/acre - Samuel KEEFER for Lot #10, 26 acres at $14.25/acre - Isaiah NUSBAUM for Lot #11, 16 acres at $20/acre - William DEVILBISS for Lot #12, 12 acres at $22/acre - H. F. RUPERCHT for Lot #13, 14 acres at $21.25/acre - H. F. RUPERCHT for Lot #14, 22 acres at $20.25/acre - Hiram B. JONES for Lot #15, 13 acres at $10.50/acre - Albert JONES for Lot #16, 19 acres at $7/acre - Clayton R. DEVILBISS for Lot #17, 11 acres at $28.50/acre - W. H. BAKER for Lot #18, 11 acres at $30/acre - G. R. SAPPINGTON for Lot #19, 8 acres at $40/acre - Philip N. KEEFER for Lot #20, 28 acres at $10/acre ('Beu_ Field') - R. C. SAPPINGTON for Lot #21, 7 acres at $19/acre ('Middle Lot') - Warner G. WELSH for Lot #22, 16 acres at $11/acre - Thomas W. HARN for Lot #23, 14 acres at $15/acre All lots had right-of-way to Buffalo Road. - Samuel KEEFER for Lot #24, (Philip NUSBAUM farm), 100 acres at $15/acre The Eastern line of Lots #11, 12 & 13 was found to overlap the lands of Thomas JONES, Catharine FAQUAHAR, William W. FAQUAHAR and Joseph W. FAQUAHAR. The land was on a steep hill, but the adjoining land owners agreed if those two acres of overage were granted to them, they would allow a right-of-way for those lots to Buffalo Road. Total Sales, $10,663.21. Distribution after Court costs: from Daniel NUSBAUM's share, $4,262.08 - Philip NUSBAUM, now dec'd, 1/4, $1,065.52 - Ann NUSBAUM, 1/4, $1,065.52 - Mary C. DEVILBISS, 1/4 of 1/4, $266.38 - Samuel KEEFER, 1/4 of 1/4, $266.38 - Ludwig KEEFER, 1/4 of 1/4, $266.38 = Philip N. KEEFER, 1/4 of 1/4, $266.38 - Isaiah NUSBAUM, 1/6 of 1/4, $177.58 - Susannah BOND, 1/6 of 1/4, $177.58 - Jacob L. NAILL, curtesy share, 1/8 of 1/6 of 1/4, $22.19 - Fanny I. NAILL, 1/3 of 7/8 of 1/6 of 1/4, $51.79 - John E. NAILL, 1/3 of 7/8 of 1/6 of 1/4, $51.79 - Daisy A. NAILL, 1/3 of 7/8 of 1/6 of 1/4, $51.79 - Fanny M. BAKER, 1/6 of 1/4, $177.58 - Mary C. FRANKLIN, 1/6 of 1/4, $177.58 - Laura A. BARNES, 1/6 of 1/4, $177.58 from Philip NUSBAUM's share + his 1/4 share above, $6,729.51 - Ann NUSBAUM, 1/3, $2,243.17 - Mary C. DEVILBISS, 1/4 of 1/3, $560.79 - Samuel KEEFER, 1/4 of 1/3, $560.79 - Ludwig KEEFER, 1/4 of 1/3, $560.79 = Philip N. KEEFER, 1/4 of 1/3, $560.79 - Isaiah NUSBAUM, 1/5 of 1/3, $448.63 - Susannah BOND, 1/5 of 1/3, $448.63 - Fanny M. BAKER, 1/5 of 1/3, $448.63 - Mary C. FRANKLIN, 1/5 of 1/3, $448.63 - Laura A. BARNES, 1/5 of 1/3, $448.63 Closed 20 Jun 1888. Note: (Pages 661 thru 668 are out of order, but are inserted after pages 669-672) ===
699-707 - LEATHER, BAUGHER, DUTROW - May 1887 #FC
John D. BAUGHER, mortgagee of Luther J. LEATHER & w/ Mary Ann - Report of Sales - Equity #5316 LAND - "Loss Gained", 31.25 acres in the 20th District, 1/2 mile NE of Utica Mills; adjoining lands of Urias RAMSBURG, E. C. HILL and E. E. SHAW. Improved with a new frame house (18 x 20), a new barn, corn house, hog pen, a young orchard and spring and spring house. To Luther J. LEATHER from: - John SANDERS Jr & w/ Martha for 24 acres in Oct 1870 [CM-6, 48]. - Christina BOWERSOX (wid/of Henry) for 6.5 acres in Mar 1873 [CM-10, 7]. SALE was held 18 Jun 1887 on the premises; high bidder was: - George W. LEATHER at $1,050; however he was unable to obtain the funds. RESALE on 3 Sep 1887 on the premises; high bidder was: - Granville M. DUTROW at $800 Distribution after Court costs: - John D. BAUGHER, mortgage claim, $667.12 Closed 26 May 1888. ===
Lewis W. ENGLEBRECHT vs Benjamin Kurtz ENGLEBRECHT, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5359 Philip M. ENGLEBRECHT d/ Apr 1878 (Will JRR-1, 377, written 21 Apr 1878) widow - Selina Virginia d/ Nov 1883, intestate (his estate to her for life) s/ Lewis W. ENGLEBRECHT s/ Benjamin Kurtz ENGLEBRECHT (of unsound mind; confined to Monteview) s/ Abraham Lincoln ENGLEBRECHT, a minor (age 21 in Feb 1888) d/ Harriette E. ENGLEBRECHT, a minor s/ Jacob L. ENGLEBRECHT, a minor (children listed in Equity records, not from the Will) Witnesses to the Will: Charles SMITH, Isaac P. SUMAN, Tobias W. HALLER LAND - part of Lot #7 on north side of West Patrick St in Frederick City, adjoined the Carroll Creek bridge, with an alley on the east side. (Philip's father Jacob's home) Then occupied by William H, RICE. Improved with a 2-story brick house Inherited from his father Jacob ENGLEBRECHT. Previously to Jacob ENGLEBRECHT from Joseph TRAPNELL in May 1826 [JS-25, 273]. - "Birmingham", on southern half of Lot on the west side and at south end of South Market St extended in Frederick City. Included use of hydrant; alley on west end. (Philip's home) Improved with a 2-story brick house with basement and back building; oppposite the School for the Deaf. To Philip M. ENGLEBRECHT from William S. BENNETT in Apr 1856 [ES-8, 406]. Previously to BENNETT from Jacob MARKELL at $50 in Apr 1856 [ES-8, 407]. - House & Lot #4 (16 x 118.5') on east side of South Market St in Frederick City; runs back to ZELLER's lot. Improved with a 2-story brick house with back building. To Selina V. ENGLEBRECHT at $950 in Jan 1880 [AF-1, 172]; from heirs and children of: Peter Leonard STORM (Will SGC-1, 625, written 24 Feb 1875) d/ Selina V. w/o Philip ENGLEBRECHT s/ John P. L. STORM d/ Lydia A. R. w/o Lewis H. MILLER d/ Clara L. w/o Charles B. FOX s/ Luther W. STORM & w/ Alice O. s/ William B. STORM s/ Richard P. STORM --- Legal Guardian for Abraham and Jacob was John C. HARDT. Guardian appointed for Henrietta was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 7 Jan 1888 from: - William B. STORM, age 34, Frederick City - John C. HARDT, age 60, Frederick - Dr. S. S. MAYNARD, age 50, physician at Montevue Hospital; diagnosed Benjamin as an imbecile and incapable of caring for himself. Trustee was Charles W. ROSS. SALE was held 18 Feb 1888 at the courthouse door; high bidders were: - Abraham L. ENGLEBRECHT for Philip's home at $1,250 - Augustus H. EBERT and John EBERT for the late Jacob's home at $850 - Lewis W. ENGLEBRECHT for Lot #4 at $1,025 Total sales, $3,125. Distribution after court costs, $2,917.35 - Each 1/5 child's share, $583.47 Closed 2 Jun 1888. ===
Isaac S. ANNAN & Others, assignees of Edward McINTIRE, mortgagee of J. Thomas BUSSEY - Report of Sales - Equity #5389 NOTE - Abstract of Will JPP-1, 9; written 9 Aug 1880; filed 24 Aug 1880 Julia P. BUSSEY, Emmitsburg s/ Francis A. ROWE s/ Edgar BUSSEY d/ Mary Regina BUSSEY d/ Mary Helen BUSSEY To daughters: Piano forte; they to be educated at St Joseph's House. To son Francis - Lot on north side of Emmitaburg; adjoined by land of Joseph SNOUFFER on the north and Dr. James M. EICHELBERGER on the east and James A. ELDER on the south and Evangelical Lutheran Church on the west. Other Real Estate to be sold when son Francis reaches maturity. If son Francis shall die before maturity, $500 to be paid to Mrs. Elizabeth BLACK who shall be able to live with my children, rent free. No one else to live in the home except my husband; anyone else shall pay room and board. Exec/ Edward McINTIRE Witnesses: James A. ELDER, Martin SWEENEY, Thomas J. BOND LAND - Lot on NW corner of the public square in Emmitsburg; adjoined lot of Charles S. ZECK on the east and James A. ELDER on the west. Improved with a 2-story house, part then used for store room and had a new back building and small shed. Mortgage to Edward McINTIRE by J. Thomas BUSSEY in Trust for the children. 2nd Mortgage by J. Thomas BUSSEY to Mary E. PATTERSON for $850 in Jun 1883. Mrs. Mary E. PATTERSON died 25 May 1887; her executor was James A. ELDER. On 12 Jan 1888, McINTIRE assigned the mortgage, as exec/of Julia P. BUSSEY, to ANNAN & HORNER & Co. Petition filed by Isaac S. ANNAN, James C. ANNAN, Andrew ANNAN and Oliver A. HORNER, as partners, trading as Annan, Horner & Co, who then held the mortgage of $833. SALE was held 6 Feb 1888 on the premises; high bidder was: - ANNAN,HORNER & Co. at $3,101 cash Distribution after court costs: - ANNAN, HORNER & Co, 1st mortgage claim, $1,784.44 - James A. ELDER, exec/of Mary E. PATTERSON, 2nd mortgage claim, $1,033.90 Closed 7 Apr 1888. ===
738-743 - HURD, SHAW, SHRINER, DILLER - Mar 1888 #FC
Edward Derr SHRINER, mortgage of Sophia HURD and Mary HURD - Report of Sales - Equity #5405 LAND - Lot in Mount Pleasant. Improved with a 2-story frame house. To Sophia HURD, Mary HURD and their sister, Sarah SHAW (now dec'd) from Jacob DILLER in Mar 1880. SALE was held 17 Mar 1888 on the premises; high bidder was: - John DILLER at $650 Distribution after court costs and $200 mortgage was paid: - "To Estate of the two deceased, now in the Orphans Court and gave to their brother", $250.07 Closed 29 Jun 1888. ===
744-748 - SLAGLE, NICODEMUS - Apr 1888 #FC
Franklin Savings Bank vs Henry M. SLAGLE & w/ Catharine A. V. - Report of Sales - Equity #5421 LAND - To Henry M. SLAGLE from George W. SLAGLE & w/ Mary A. C. in Apr 1861 [BGF-6, 619]. SALE was held 23 Apr 1888 at the courthouse door in Frederick City; high bidder was: - William H. NICODEMUS, sec/trustee for the bank, at $2,285 Distribution after court costs: - Franklin Savings Bank, partial mortgage, $2,089.98 Closed 23 Jun 1888. ================== The End of WIP-2 ==================

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