Frederick Co, MD - Equity WBT-4

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity WBT-4

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber WBT-4; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
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Equity WBT-4
1-18 - McPHERSON, HAMMOND, KOONTZ - Mar 1849
Farmers Bank of Maryland vs Col John McPHERSON & Dr. William S. McPHERSON The McPHERSONs were residents fo Frederick County but now live in Baltimore City. John McPHERSON of William was security for their notes. In 1844, Col. McPherson made a deed of trust to William J. ROSS for all his property for benefit of his creditors and Dr. McPherson made deed of trust to James Dixon ROMAN of Washington County for the same purpose. In 1845 John McPHERSON of William conveyed to Charles S. HAMMOND all of his interest in real estate near Frederick in case the proceeds from the other McPhersons' sales were inadequate. From Will of Col McPherson (w/ Fanny), John, eldest s/o Dr. Wm. S. McPherson (w/ Harriet), was to inherit tract of land occupied by Jacob GETZENDANNER (after the death of his uncle James S. McPHERSON) along with a mountain tract "Carey's Mountain Tract", 150 acres. Charles S. HAMMOND died during this time and Gidean BANTZ was appointed trustee in his place. The deed to Hammond was later declared void by the court and the property ordered sold to cover debts of the other McPhersons. Properties sold to: - Godfrey KOONTZ for the homeplace, the interest of Dr. Wm. S. McPHERSON described in the deed of trust to Hammond, at $3,710; he also paid $598 for the interests of John McPHERSON, the s/o William. Only 75% of claims were able to be paid. Closed 23 May 1850.
Elizabeth COBLENTZ, Samuel RAMSBURG & Others vs Rebecca BOWLUS & Others Nicholas BOWLUS d/ 1827 (Will 3 Jan 1827) widow - Catharine (d/ 18 Jul 1848) d/ Elizabeth COBLENTZ d/ Maria w/o Samuel RAMSBURG d/ Catharine w/o Lawson LIGHTER s/ Samuel BOWLUS s/ Stephen BOWLUS s/ Nicholas BOWLUS, Jr, later died intestate, no issue s/ Lewis J. BOWLUS, later died - resided in Ohio .....w/ Rebecca Catharine (Williamson) ............Silas M. BOWLUS, a minor ............Amos S. BOWLUS, a minor d/ Charlotte Sarah BOWLUS, later died intestate, no issue He also stated his negro slave (unnamed) should not be sold out of the state of Maryland. Executor was Peter COBLENTZ Jr. who died in 1848. Witnesses: David BOWLUS, Daniel ROUZER, John HEMING(?). Land - Homeplace from Richard TEMPLIN. Neighbors were John RAMSBURG, Joel KELLER and Jonathan ROUTZAHN and land lied on Jefferson Road. Trustee was Stephen BOWLUS; sale was held at the tavern of H. R. SMELTZER in Middletown on 26 Dec 1849, high bidders were: - Samuel BOWLUS for the home farm of 165 acres at $10,268.75 - Daniel KEFAUVER for mountain lot, 22 acres, at $483.53 - Daniel KEFAUVER for mountain lot, 28 acres at $608.90 Total sales, $11,361.18. On 23 Feb 1850, James WILLIAMSON, a citizen of Middletown, appeared and testified that the widow of Lewis BOWLUS was one of his daughters, Rebecca Catharine BOWLUS and that she was born 4 Jul 1824. 1st Distribution: 1/6 or $553.23, each to the five living children and Rebecca C. BOWLUS, widow, $79.05 and $237.09 to each of her children, but to Samuel BOWLUS, their guardian. Closed 11 Apr 1850.
27-51 - KLINE, HARP, FREY, BAUGHMAN - Feb 1849
George KLINE & Others vs Paul KLINE & Others George KLINE d/ 10 Apr 1846 intestate widow - Elizabeth s/ Paul KLINE (wife dec'd) d/ Lydia (Kline) w/o Jacob HARP * s/ George KLINE and w/ Nancy - Washington Co, MD s/ Michael KLINE and w/ Mary * d/ Catharine (Kline) w/o Enoch FREY - Washington Co, MD* s/ Barbara (Kline) w/o Henry FREY d/ Matilda KLINE, a minor s/ James KLINE, a minor d/ Malinda KLINE, a minor Land - "Kline's Good Will", "Kline's Old Fields", "Lumpy Ridge", "Meadow Land", "Weaver's Last Reviewed(?), and "The Third Time of Asking", 196 acres, from his father, George Adam KLINE (w/ Catharine) in 1824. Land lies next to Jacob RIPLEY's land. - "Forest Purchase", 19 acres, from John LUDY (w/ Susannah) in 1832. - "Junick", 50 acres, from Jacob KLINE, trustee for Estate of Charles KLINE, in 1830 (Equity JS-7, 464); situated on South Mountain on the head waters of Katoctin Creek (previously from Henry AMBROSE in 1810) - and 4 acres of same tract which was conveyed to George KLINE and Christian KLINE with Samuel KLINE, John KLINE, Daniel KLINE and Charles KLINE, the latter ones were then all minors. *Between 1946 and 1846, Jacob HARP & wife and Michael KLINE & wife conveyed their interests to Paul KLINE; and it is believed that Enoch FREY & wife did as well but the deed has not yet been recorded. Guardian was John W. BAUGHMAN; the widow's dower laid was separated and laid off to include the dwelling and two stables with 89 and a half acres. Paul KLINE, being the eldest, had first choice to take the estate and give his siblings their just share (after his mother's dower was laid off). He chose to take the estate at the commissioners' valuation, $3,278.25, to be paid in thirds yearly. 1st Distribution: each 1/9 share, $107.16 (Paul received four shares since he purchased shares from three of his siblings as stated above). Final Distribution: each 1/9 share, $242.83 (Paul received four shares). Closed 20 May 1850.
George WACHTER vs Ann Susan WACHTER Michael WACHTER Sr d/ Nov 1844 intestate widow - Barbara (?) s/ George WACHTER Sr and w/ Maria s/ Michael WACHTER Jr, dec'd .....w/ Maria Margarett (d/ 19 Jan 1850) ...........Ann Susan WACHTER ...........Jacob WACHTER ...........Leander WACHTER ...........George M. WACHTER ...........Maria WACHTER, a minor (age 14) Land - "The Mountain Tract", 40 acres, from John WELKER (w/ Margaret) in 1816; (previously partitioned by John WELKER and George SCHLOSSER); adjoins "Oxes Chance" and Fishing Creek. - Lot #255 in Frederick Town, from Joseph PAYNE (w/ Sophia) in 1844 (Sophia was the sole heir of John COPPENHAFFER); lot previously devised from Jacob SNOWDIGLE by his 1800 Will to his son Jacob SNOWDIGLE who conveyed it to John COPENHAFFER, the father of Sophia, in 1804. Exception to lot is the part conveyed to Henry KELLER Sr in trust in 1841 from the Paynes. - "Better Than None", 74 acres, - sold 22 acres to Matilda SHAW of District of Columbia from George WACHTER (w/ Maria), Michael WACHTER (w/ Margaret) and Barbara WACHTER (Michael Sr's widow??) in 1847. - "Peace Established", 128 acres, from Conrad CRICKPAUSER (w/ Mary), farmer, to Jacob GOLLER, farmer in 1795; adjoined "Swingabeck", 100 granted to David EONCELLER in 1743; and also adjoined "Sandy Spring", "Resurvey on Stoney Hill" and "Shoemakers Choice", also "Content" to Peter BALZALL in 1769. Guardian was Abner CAMPBELL; testimony was heard from Henry GITTINGER. Trustee was George WACHTER; sale was held in Frederick Town at the hotel of Ezra SHANK on 11 May 1850. High bidders were: - Titus V. BARTGIS for mountain land, "Better Than None", 55 acres, at $838.65 - Isaac TITLOW for lot in Frederick Town on NW corner of Market and Sixth Streets at $1,250 Distribution after costs: $1894.37 - George WACHTER - $947.18 - Michael WACHTER Jr's children each received $189.43 (Michael Jr's widow should have received a share of her husband's share in lieu of her dower before the children's share was divided, but that is not listed.) Closed 8 July 1850.
Joseph WILHIDE and Sarah WILHIDE vs George HARMAN & Others Petition to sell real estate for payment to creditors. Joseph WILHIDE and wife Sarah made a deed of trust/mortgage in 1844 to Samuel WILHIDE, George HARMAN, John ARTHUR, Martin EICHELBERGER and Joseph EICHELBERGER for land listed: Land - "The Orchard Lot", 7 acres; - House & Lot on east side of North St in Mechanicstown (Thurmont); - House & Lot on south side of Main or Baltimore St in Mechanicstown - "Resurvey on Bush Forest", 25 acres - "Salt Trough Louge Nerigh", 150 acres, from Martin EICHELBERGER and Joseph EICHELBERGER - "Saint Elizabeth", 160 acres, on road from Mechanicstown to Creagerstown from Samuel WILHIDE - "Murdocks Resurvey on the Mountain Tract", 174 acres, from John COVER, trustee of Samuel STEIN. Samuel WILHIDE d/ Feb 1845 in Woodsboro (Will 24 Jan 1845; 18 Feb 1845) widow - Susanna (sister of George MILLER) d/ Margaret A. C. w/o Michael GRINDER - Woodsboro d/ Harriet w/o George AMON d/ Sabrina FULTON, dec'd .......Charles Henry FULTON, a minor .......Barbara Ann FULTON, a minor d/ Mary (not listed in Will) w/o George SNIDER s/ John Washington WILHIDE, a minor sister - Matilda CAULIFLOWER (gave house & lot on Harbaugh's Valley Rd George and Harriet AMON were living on the home farm of 170 acres on the Monocacy that was then titled to Samuel WILHIDE. Execs/ wife and her brother, George MILLER Witnesses: John D. CRUMBAUGH, John A. MARTIN and David F. YANTIS Guardian was George MILLER. On 19 Feb 1847, testimony was heard from Leonard PICKING and from George MILLER on 26 Feb 1847. Trustee was Grayson EICHELBERGER, but he renounced it; petitioners requested Joseph EICHELBERGER which the court approved; sureties were John P. ZIMMERMAN and M. ZIMMERMAN. After a failed public sale, private sales were made to: - Jonathan W. BARNES for "St Elizabeth" at $2,000. Creditors were paid, but balances remained. Closed 11 Oct 1850.
John Thomas SCHLEY vs STALEY's heirs and McDUELL - Foreclosure Daniel STALEY d/ abt 1846 intestate s/ Mahlon Franklin STALEY, a minor s/ Daniel Octavius STALEY, a minor d/ Ann Celinda STALEY, a minor s/ Lewis Van Lear STALEY, a minor s/ Joseph Edward STALEY, a minor s/ Fleet STALEY, a minor Administrator was Robert McDUELL. Land - "Richfields", 160 acres, (was included in "Taskers Chance"), on Monocacy River, from John T. SCHLEY (s/o John & Mary) (and previously to him from David SCHLEY) and adjoined lands of Dr. Edward GOLDSBORO, Walter POOLE and Stephen RAMSBURG; The land conveyed to David SCHLEY (w/ Georgiana M.) was from Sarah GOLDSBOROUGH, Edward G. GOLDSBOROUGH, Thomas DUCKETT (and w/ Catherine E. W.) in Frederick Co Deed JS-30, 297 in July 1828. - and also "Chesnut Level" and "The Good Wife", a mountain tract of 27 acres, to John Thomas SCHLEY from his parents, John and Mary SCHLEY (previously from William CAMPBELL to Valentine BUCKEY, now dec'd). SLAVES - negro TIM (Daniel STALEY purchased from John T. SCHLEY) Guardian was Hugh MULLEN. Testimony was heard from Henry McDUELL and James M. HARDING. Trustee was Robert McDUELL; on 6 Apr 1850, sale went to: - John MORGAN for the mountain lot at $283.50 - Philip T. CRAMER for "Richfields" at $8,800. Distribution after creditors and costs, $6025.47 - each 1/6 share to Daniel STALEY's children, $1,004.24. Closed 5 Nov 1850.
James & Rachel LEE vs Hezekia & Eliza BEALL & Others Petition to Sell Real Estate Thomas BALDWIN d/ abt Dec 1834 (Will 2 Mar 1833; 5 Jan 1835) widow - Casandra (d/ 1845) d/ ______ BALDWIN w/o ______ PRESTON s/ Samuel BALDWIN d/ Eliza BALDWIN w/o Hezakia BEALL Youngest 4 children, minors s/ Tyler BALDWIN, oldest son (d/ betw 1845-1847) d/ Rachel BALDWIN, 2nd daughter, w/o James H. LEE - VA s/ Thomas BALDWIN Jr d/ Minerva BALDWIN - VA Land - "None Such", 78 acres; - "Henry Elizabeth", 3 acres SLAVES - black man DAVE, black girl SAL (The daughter who evidently married a Preston and son Samuel are not mentioned in the will.) Exec/ William I. PRESTON, grandson (who were his parents??); when William presented the will, he stated he got it from Samuel BALDWIN, a son of the deceased, who is not mentioned in the will or in the testimony. William declined to act as executor and the court appointed Samuel BALDWIN as the administrator. Witnesses: Nicholas WHITMORE, Samuel B. PRESTON, Charles PRESTON The older children are possibly from a previous marriage. Since the death of Casandra, Thomas and Minerva lived with Eliza and her husband; after one year, Minerva went to live with Rachel and her husband. Tyler took sick and died at Eliza's; he had no will and was unmarried. Since her father wrote his will, Tyler and Rachel became of age. Guardian was M. E. BARTGIS; on 18 Sep 1847, testimony was taken at the house of Thomas H. ETCHENSON in New Market.; testifying was James D. LAWSON. On 30 Mar 1850, sales were made to: - John L. PENDUM of Montgomery Co at $441.69. Distribution after creditors and costs, $308.76; each 1/5 share, $61.75 to Eliza BEALL, Rachel LEE, Thomas BALDWIN, Minerva BALDWIN and William C. SAPPINGTON, Adm/of Tyler BALDWIN. Closed 14 Oct 1850.
William STRINE & Others vs George W. ILER & Others Conrad ILER d/ Nov 1849 (Will 27 Apr 1848; 29 Jan 1850) widow - Ann Maria d/ Elizabeth ILER w/o William STRINE - PA d/ Catharine ILER w/o George STITELY d/ Adeline ILER w/o Josiah STITELY d/ Sarah ILER w/o Thomas A. MILLER s/ George Washington ILER d/ Mary Ellen ILER, a minor s/ Samuel ILER, a minor s/ Johnn ILER, a minor d/ Semptia Florentine ILER, a minor * Children were not named in the will, only Washington as executor. Execs/ Widow and son Washington ILER. Witnesses: George LOCK, Eli OTTO, Frederick LOCK. Land - "Resurvey on Fogles Defence", 6 acres and stable, near Woodsboro; adjoins lands of John FOGLE, Benjamin STRINE, William ILER, George LOCK and Abraham ENGLE (late his home farm). Conrad previously advanced parts of land to George and Sarah as their shares. Guardian was John SMITH of M. Testimony was heard from Nicholas FOGLE on 8 Apr 1850. Trustee was Thomas A. MILLER, sureties were William MILLER and George W. ILER. Sale was made to Jacob HIDER at $120.50. On 4 Oct 1850, Peter KEMP testified he had known the widow since she was a child and she was 47 years old and generally healthy; she was awarded 1/8 share. Distribution after costs, $37.63; the widow, $15.06; each 1/7, $3.22. (George & Sarah had already received land.) Closed 18 Dec 1850.
Emanuel FINK vs Joseph FINK & Others (See WBT-1, 676 for previous record) John FINK Jr, dec'd, Emanuel FINK as trustee. Distribution after costs and payments to creditors, $530 - 1/7, $75.71 each to the siblings of John FINK Jr, dec'd: Emanuel FINK, Joseph FINK, Elizabeth GALWITH, Sarah KOONTZ, Susanna KARN; children of George FINK: Joseph, Daniel, George W., and Elizabeth; cildren of Rebecca ROHRER: John H., Emanuel, Catharine, Jacob, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Samuel. Lewis KEMP of Kemp, Bucky & Company of Baltimore City, obtained a judgement against Joseph FINK, petitioned the court and received Joseph's share. Closed 5 Oct 1850.
George BALTZELL vs Lewis MEDTART, trustee & Others Jacob MEDTART, dec'd d/ Margaret RUTH s/ Lewis MEDTART d/ Elizabeth JONES s/ Joshua MEDTART* d/ Mary DEBRULES Land - Lot on "Taskers Chance", 36 acres, on road leading to Liberty and Woodsboro; adjoins lands of Ezra STALEY, Jacob MICHEL and others. After Jacob MEDTART's death, his children each held 1/5 undivided share ( Mary DEBRULES' share was held in trust for her by Lewis MEDTART, trustee). In 1835, Margaret & Joshua conveyed her interests to Lewis; Lewis and Elizabeth then mortgaged their shares (now 4/5) to George BALTZELL who later purchased them from sheriff's sale so they could pay off their mortgage. At that time, the sheriff was Norman B. HARDING. A deed from Joshua to Lewis had not been conveyed. Joshua MEDTART* d/ Mar 1844 intestate s/ Jacob C. MEDTART - Baltimore City d/ Frances S. (Medtart) w/o Jesse K. MEDTART - Baltimore City d/ Josephine Louisa (Medtart) w/o Charles D. HINCKS - Baltimore City d/ Mary Ann MEDTART (died abt Oct 1849) - Baltimore City s/ Luther L. MEDTART (died after his father) - Baltimore City d/ Emma (Medtart), a minor, now dec'd and w/o Thomas BUTLER - Baltimore City .......s/ Murray BUTLER s/ Henry Clay MEDTART, a minor - Baltimore City Guardian was Charles S. CARTER; Mary Ann MEDTART died about Oct 1849 and Emma Medtart BUTLER died between Oct 1849 and May 1850. Testimony from Lewis MEDTART indicated Frances had three or four children and Josephine had four children; all of the children were under twelve. Trustee was William J. ROSE; sale was held 8 Aug 1850 at the hotel of Ezra SHANK, high bidders were: - Richard POTTS for Lot #1 of 5 acres at $714.66 - Richard POTTS for Lot #2 of 5 acres at $549.37 - Andrew BOYD for Lot #3 of 5 acres at $598.96 - Daniel SCHOLL for Lot #4 of 5 acres, Lot #5 of 6 acres & Lot #6 of 4 acres at $1,291.50 - Daniel SCHOLL for Lot #7 of 4 acres at $397.03 Total sales, $3,451.52 Distribution after costs, $3,222.34 - 1/5, $644.46 to Lewis MEDTART as trustee for Mary DEBRULER - 4/5, $2,577.87 to George BALTZELL Closed 3 Oct 1850.
Jonathan GETZENDANNER & Abraham GETZENDANNER vs David GIBBONS & G. W. HARBAUGH (should be Washington H. HARBAUGH) The Getzendanners held a mortgage for David GIBBONS that he sold to Washington H. HARBAUGH. Petition to sell real estate to pay mortgage. Land - "Talsbirely" and "Fielderia", 13 acres, with house. Trustee was Madison NELSON; sale was held at the tavern of Michael and Peter HAGAN; sale went to Abraham GETZENDANNER at $305. Closed 12 Jul 1850.
Alpheus W. MARRIOTT vs John HOUCK Jr & Others Elias W. BOTELER d/ abt Jun 1849 intestate widow - Minerva T. s/ John BOTELER, a minor d/ Ann BOTELER, a minor Land - "Polly's Inheritance", 166 acres, from Nathan HAMMOND (son of Vachel & Mary) in 1844. Administrator was John HOUCK Jr.; sureties were Henry HOUCK and Joshua DOUB; guardian was John W. BAUGHMAN. The widow mentioned that John HOUCK Jr was "connected by marriage" to her. The widow's dower land was laid off for 77 acres. Sale was made to Thomas H. ETCHENSON for $1,580 by trustee, John HOUCK Jr. Payment made to Nathan HAMMOND. Closed 3 Mar 1851.
Frederick MAIN Jr vs Samuel AHALT & Others Rebecca McGEE, dec'd widow of Patrick McGEE (Will 23 Feb 1848; 23 Oct 1849) s/ James Fenton HOPKINS, a minor d/ Elizabeth Rebecca McGEE, a minor s/ James William McGEE, a minor s/ Thomas Patrick McGEE, a minor (died after his mother) Executor/ Peter SCHLOSSER Witnesses: John BISER, Eli HYATT and James KINNA. Peter SCHLOSSER died before property was conveyed in sale to Frederick MAIN Jr. Administrator was Samuel AHALT; guardian was William H. HITESHEW. Land - Lot on "Resurvey on Ram's Horn", from Ann BRANDENBURG in 1841, adjoining lands of Frederick MAIN and Enos DOUB (previously from Frederick STIMBLE to Peter MICHAEL in 1830).
John TROXELL & Others vs John WOLFE & Others John TROXELL, Harriet TROXELL and Magdalena TROXELL held a mortgage for John WOLFE. Some time later John WOLFE (w/ Catharine) conveyed part of the mortgaged land (35 acres) to Felix B. TANEY. The Troxells have since transferred the mortgage to Jacob YOUNG and George YOUNG and William BOTELER and the mortgage payments are delinquent. Land - "Resurvey on Harris' Delight", 181 acres. Testimony was heard from Michael C. ADELSBERGER; trustee was Samuel MAXWELL. On 28 Sep 1850, a failed public was held and later private sale was made to John TROXELL at $2,656.50. Distribution: to the YOUNGs, $1,518.36; to John TROXELL, $1,078.31. Closed 17 Feb 1851.
Richard JOHNSON of William vs James Washington WOOD and Others James E. WOOD d/ Oct 1849 intestate widow - Sarah Ann and 6 minor children s/ James Washington WOOD s/ Stephen Oliver WOOD s/ Joseph Edwin WOOD d/ Mary Amanda WOOD s/ Columbus WOOD d/ Ann Dallas WOOD Land - Lots 29, 33, 27 in Knoxville, mortgaged to Richard JOHNSON of Wm. Francis KNOTT was constable of Petersville; guardian was Sarah Ann WOOD. Testimony was heard from George W. WEST. Trustee was Richard JOHNSON of Wm., but he died 1 Jan 1851, having Michael KEEFER as his executor. who was then chosen as the trustee. Sale was held on 22 Feb 1851, high bidders were: - Ellen H. PICARE/PICAVE for Lot #27 at $75 - Sarah WOOD for Lot #29 at $200 - William NEXTON for Lot #33 at $75 Total sales, $350. Distribution after costs, $265.91 to Michael KEEFER as exec/of Richard JOHNSON for mortgage. Closed 15 Apr 1851.
Henry LORENTZ, pro chien anni of Jacob M. BOYER and Others vs Estate of Thomas BOYER Jacob BOYER of Frederick Town, dec'd (Will 10 Jul 1834; 10 Dec 1834) s/ Thomas BOYER and his minor children, ..........Jacob Michael BOYER ..........Ann Maria Eleanor BOYER ..........Imogene BOYER ..........Rebecca BOYER ..........Edward Keller BOYER ..........Eliza Amelia BOYER s/ Henry BOYER (eastern half of lot, adjoined by Peter R. SHAFFNER and Dr. BALTZALL) d/ Rebecca BOYER SLAVE - STEPHEN - Catharine, now w/o George STEDDING, boot & shoemaker (no relationship given) Land - 1/2 of Lot #57 in Frederick Town with 2-story brick & frame house, fronts Patrick & Church Sts (south side) and one door east of Frederick Female Seminary, adjoining lot of Henry DOYLE (to children of Thomas BOYER) - Lot in Washington City. Exec/ George BALTZELL Witnesses: John ENGLEBRECHT, Peter R. SHAFFNER, David F. SHAFFNER Guardian was Gideon BANTZ; trustee was John SIFFORD, sureties were Michael McCARTNEY and Henry LORENTZ Sale was held on 18 Mar 1848 at Gilbert's Hotel in Frederick, but no sufficient bid was received; private sale was made to Rev. Thomas LILLY, principal of St John's Literacy Institution for 1/2 of Lot #57 at $1,500; the other half was sold at private sale to William NEIDHARDT at $1,150. Rev Lilly later objected, stating possibility of not obtaining a clear title; case was placed on hold in Feb 1849.
Arnold LIVERS vs George SPALDING & Others Arnold LIVERS SR d/ intestate widow - Mary d/ intestate s/ Arnold LIVERS Jr d/ Mary w/o George SPALDING - Carroll County d/ Caroline w/o John F. ELDER d/ Cecelia w/o Patrick NOLAND, both dec'd .......Mary Frances NOLAND, a minor .......Cecelia Maria NOLAND, a minor Land - "Arnold's Delight", 360 actes, in Emmitsburg District near Owings Creek. Deeds - Lands of the deceased Arnold LIVERS per his Will - to Mary LIVERS, widow of Arnold LIVERS, from heirs, Arnold LIVERS (of Baltimore City), Joseph LIVERS (w/ Margaret), William LIVERS (w/ Ann), Thomas LIVERS, Isaac KEEPERS and w/ Helen, Nathaniel ELDER and w/ Hannah, William BRAWNER and w/ Mary in 1802, provided yearly payments be made to Mary. - "Arnold's Delight", 96 acres, confiscated from Thomas LIVERS for debts owed to Samuel GREEN, conveyed to Mary LIVERS from Sheriff George CREAGER Jr. in 1808. - "Arnold's Delight", 28 acres, (2/7 of undivided lot), to Arnold LIVERS (of Baltimore City) from Thomas LIVERS (w/ Susannah) in 1803. - Lot #2 of "Five Mill Seats", 26 acres, from Arnold LIVERS of then Frederick County in 1842; - Lot #9 of "Five Mill Seats", 41 acres, from Benjamin McHENRY in 1835. In deed to Mary LIVERS from William & Mary BRAWNER in 1809, it lists the children of Arnold LIVERS Jr, dec'd, and Mary LIVERS Jr - Katherine LIVERS (no other mention of Katherine in records) - Mary LIVERS - Arnold LIVERS - Caroline LIVERS - Cecelia LIVERS In 1803, William LIVERS conveyed his 1/7 interest to Arnold LIVERS of Baltimore City. Guardian was Dr. Jeringham H. BOONE. Testimony was heard from Michael CROUSE. Trustees for the sale were Arnold LIVERS, John F. ELDER and George SPALDING. After a failed public sale, private sale was made to John A. RODDY for the farm containing 210 acres at $4,200; Willaim P. ELDER bought a 41 acre mountain tract at $20 (the latter sold at public sale). Distribution after costs, $4,019.10: each 1/4 share, $1,004.77 to Mary SPALDING, Caroline ELDER, Arnold LIVERS (his share to executors of Isaac BAUGHER on an assignment); remaining share divided equally between Mary F. NOLAND and Cecelia M. NOLAND. Arnold LIVERS Jr had filed for insolvency and had Daniel SEISS as his trustee who petitioned to receive Arnold Jr's share instead of BAUGHER; court approved his petition. Closed Feb 1851.
270-280 - BLACK, KELLY, WELTY, CLARK, GUTHRIE - Feb 1850
Patrick KELLY, Adm, Will amended of Catherine BLACK, & Others vs Frederick BLACK Catherine BLACK, dec'd (Will 28 Oct 1846; 30 Dec 1846) s/ Jeremiah BLACK (w/ Elizabeth) s/ Frederick BLACK (w/ Mary) - Waynesboro, Franklin Co, PA .....grdau/ Mary Jane BLACK .....grdau/ Catherine BLACK (d/ bef Jul 1850) .....grson/ Bernard BLACK d/ Polly Jane (Black), now w/o Patrick KELLY d/ Rebecca (Black), now w/o Andrew WELTY s/ William K. BLACK Witnesses: Augustine TANEY, Philip HARDMAN and Jacob MOTTER. Executors/ sons, Jeremiah BLACK and Willaim K. BLACK, but William rejected the duties. Jeremiah sold his mother's 1/2 interest to Frederick BLACK for $1,250, however, no part has yet been paid. Jeremiah BLACK died before his duties were completed (between Oct 1840 and Sep 1849); Patrick KELLY was his administrator. Land - "Shield's Addition", 1/2 undivided share of Lot and brick house in Emmittsburg, 1 1/2 acres, operated as Black's Tavern, from Frederick BLACK (w/ Mary) in 1840, adjoining "Shields Addition" and "Carrollsburg"; (previously from Samuel BAUMGARDNER, esq, to Frederick BLACK and Jeremiah BLACK in 1836). Trustee for sale was Patrick KELLY. After a failed public sale, private sale was made on 27 Jan 1851 to John CLARK and Adam GUTHRIE at $1,050. Distribution was not given. Closed 22 Mar 1851.
280-293 - MAIN, MUMFORD, KELLER, PALMER - Feb 1850
George Adam MAIN & Others vs Mary Ann MAIN & Others Frederick MAIN d/ May 1850 (Will 4 Jul 1845; 13 May 1850) s/ John Adam MAIN d/ 1 Sep 1847 intestate .....w/ Lydia (32)* and 10 children, ...........George Adam MAIN (23)* ...........Susanna MAIN (21)* w/o Richard MUMFORD ...........Mary Ann MAIN, (19)* a minor ...........John Frederick MAIN, (16)* a minor ...........Francis Edward MAIN, (13)* a minor ...........William Henry MAIN, (11)* a minor ...........Sarah Ann Caroline MAIN, (7)* a minor ...........Jacob Israel MAIN, (5)* a minor ...........George Washington MAIN, (4)* a minor ...........Sampson Cornelius MAIN, (2 1/2)* a minor d/ Elizabeth MAIN s/ Joshua MAIN s/ George MAIN s/ William MAIN d/ Susanna MAIN d/ Catharine MAIN s/ John Frederick MAIN s/ Daniel MAIN Exec/ sons John Adam and Daniel. Witnesses: Jesse HERBERT, Daniel KELLER and George BOWLUS Land - "Pleasant Retreat", 3 acres, from Daniel KELLER in 1845 (to Daniel from his father Jacob KELLER). - "New Bremen", 109 acres, to John Adam MAIN from his father, Frederick MAIN. Guardian was Lydia MAIN; testimony by Peter PALMER gave the ages of the widow and children on 29 Jul 1850.* Trustee for sale was George Adam MAIN, sureties were Daniel MAIN and Peter BISER. On 23 Nov 1850, sale was made to Frederick MAIN and Daniel MAIN for the farm at $1,002.32. They also purchased the other 3-acre plot at $102.12. Distribution after costs, $931.74: each 1/10 share to John Adam MAIN's children, $93.17. Closed 24 Feb 1851.
John F. SIMMONS & Others, creditors vs B. A. CUNNINGHAM, adm/of Thomas I. MYERS Michael MYERS d/ Nov 1815 intestate widow - Elizabeth d/ Catharine (Myers) w/o George EICHELBERGER - Jefferson Co, VA (WV) d/ Polly MYERS s/ Madison F. MYERS and w/ Harriet s/ Thomas I. MYERS d/ 3 Nov 1850 intestate .......w/ Catherine and 3 children ...............Cleopatra MYERS, a minor ...............Talleyrand Dessaix MYERS (son), a minor ...............Trevania Elizabeth MYERS, a minor d/ Charlotte (Myers) w/o John EIKER - Adams Co, PA d/ Miranda (Myers) w/o John ZIMMERMAN d/ Martha Josephine (Myers) w/o Abraham Brian EIKER - Adams Co, PA Land - "Lisbon" (from Christian SHRYOCK to Michael MEYERS in 1793). - "Bonehim Securehim" from Charles A. BEATTY in 1796; - "Hampton Plains" from Samuel LILLY & Ignatius LILLY in 1797; - "Stoney Cabbin" from William B. HEAD in 1801; - "Long Looked For, Come At Last" from Samuel LILLY and Ignatius LILLY in 1802; - "Bonehim Securehim" from Charles BEATTY (w/ Eunice) in 1810; All combined in a farm of 163 acres near Lewistown. Administrator for Thomas I. MYERS was Benjamin Amos CUNNINGHAM. Thomas I. MYERS possessed 6/7 of his father's property before his death. He had purchased his siblings' shares except for Polly's. The widow of Nicholas MYERS was entitled to right of dower. Land transactions of Thomas I. MYERS - - "1/2 acre of "Rocky Fountain" from Davis RICHARDSON and w/ Elizabeth in 1848 (previously from Milicent WARRING); on eastern edge of the B&O Rail Road. - Monocacy Mills, 7 acres, near Buckeystown, to Thomas I. MYERS, David BREADY and Ezekiel C. WYSHAM (the latter of Baltimore City); 1/2 from Daniel BUCKEY (w/ Caroline M.) of Baltimore City in 1842; the other half from Henry KEMP, William M. KEMP, trustees and Daniel BUCKEY, exec/of Christian KEMP in 1843; (Originally from Ignatius DAVIS to Christian KEMP, now dec'd, and Daniel BUCKEY of Baltimore City in 1825.) Ezekiel C. WYSHAM (w/ Isabella) of Baltimore City sold his 1/3 to Thomas I. MYERS in 1846. Guardian was Caspar MANTZ; testimony was heard from Joseph C. KELLER. On 3 Jan 1851, Greenberry RIDGE testified he knew Elizabeth, the widow of Michael MYERS and that she was about 77 years old and in general good health. Trustee was Benjamin A. CUNNINGHAM; On 20 Mar 1851, sale of the farm was made to George LAYMAN at $2,811.43; On 7 May 1851, sale of Thomas' 2/3 of Monocacy Mills was sold to Theodore C. DELEPLANE at $5,600; and the 1/2 acre was sold to Davis RICHARDSON at $62. Total sales, $8,473.43. Distribution after costs, $7,944.96: - Elizabeth MYERS, widow, 1/10, $281.14; - Catharine MYERS, widow, 2/15 minus 1/10, $1,021.84; the balance was paid to creditors. Closed 22 Jul 1851.
William KELLER vs Peter SCHLOSSER, adm/of Enos ROUTZONG, & Others Robertson EASTBOURN / EASTBURN, dec'd, of Frederick County widow - Sarah - (Washington County in 1832) d/ Elizabeth PERRY (d/ bef Apr 1832), no issue d/ Sarah w/o Elias CHENEY - Washington County Land - "Resurvey on Ram's Horn" and "Timber Ridge Enlarged", 221 acres; Surrounded by "Resurvey on Pammire", "New Swabia", George COBLENTZ's "Double Trouble", "Rome", Christian KIGN's "Resurvey on Timber Ridge Enlarged" (to him from Benjamin EASTBOURN), Frederick MAIN's land, on west side of Grindstone Run where Michael HOFFMAN's land lies, by main road leading to Hagerstown, John STOTTLEMIRE Sr's Lot #2 of "Resurvey on Panmire" and "One Horn". The Cheneys and the widow sold the estate to Enos ROUTZONG in Apr 1832 for $8,840. Enos ROUTZONG d/ Jun 1850 intestate (lived abt 5 miles north of Middletown) widow - Lydia and 9 children s/ Cyrus ROUTZONG (age 21 on 12 Oct 1850) & w/ Lydia (d/o John HARP) s/ John H. ROUTZONG, a minor (age 20 on 12 Oct 1850) d/ Mary Ann ROUTZONG, a minor (age 17 on 12 Oct 1850) s/ Ezra ROUTZONG, a minor (age 13 on 12 Oct 1850) d/ Sarah Elizabeth ROUTZONG, a minor (age 10 on 12 Oct 1850) s/ George David ROUTZONG, a minor (age 8 on 12 Oct 1850) s/ Carlton Peter ROUTZONG, a minor (age 6 on 12 Oct 1850) d/ Lucinda Catherine ROUTZONG, a minor (age 4 on 12 Oct 1850) s/ Enos Schlosser ROUTZONG, a minor (age 3 months on 12 Oct 1850) Administrator was Peter SCHLOSSER, but he died about Sep 1850 and was replaced by Samuel AHALT. Land - "Resurvey on Panmure", 105 perches, from Michael HOFFMAN and w/ Sophia in 1839. - "Resurvey on Rodenpillars Ramble", 16 acres, from Jacob LONGMAN and w/ Susanna in 1841; (This is half of the mountain tract previously conveyed to them from William PRICE and Lela CHANEY in 1836). - "Honesty is the Best Policy", 17 acres, from George STOTTLEMYER and w/ Mary Ann in 1848; (previously to George STOTTLEMYER and Jonathan PERRY from Jacob F. MILLER & Others in 1845 as Lot #2); a mountain lot lying north of road leading from Boonsboro to Wolfsville. - "Ram's Horn", 1 acre, from Jonathan MOSER and w/ Catharine in 1836 (recorded Sep 1850); (previously from Enos ROUTZONG and w/ Lydia in 1836). Guardian was Luther M. ROUTZAHN; testimony was heard on 12 Oct 1850 from John H. YOUNG. On 26 Nov 1850, Elizabeth SCHLOSSER made oath that Lydia ROUTZONG, the widow, was between 40 and 45 years old and her general health was good. Trustee was Samuel AHALT; sale was held on 1 Feb 1851 at Holtz's Tavern in Middletown with high bidders as: - George SHANK, John SHANK and Peter SHANK for the 203 acre farm (home place) at $57.61/acre. - Joseph GAVER for 17 acre mountain lot at $25/acre - Joseph LONGMAN for 16 acre mountain lot at $3.01/acre - Cyrus ROUTZONG for house and 1 acre lot in Myersville at $421.50 Total sales, $12,632.30. Distribution after costs of $12,017.40: - Lydia ROUTZONG, the widow, 2/15, $1,602.32 - numerous creditors were paid, leaving a balance of $221.66. Closed 16 Jun 1851.
Joshua DOUB and George G. MILLER, d/b/a Doub & Miller vs Catherine DELAUGHTER & Others Henry DELAUGHTER d/ early 1846 (Will signed but not dated) widow - Catherine s/ George DELAUGHTER s/ Henry DELAUGHTER (Jr) s/ David DELAUGHTER s/ Israel DELAUGHTER and w/ Elizabeth d/ Mary Ann DELAUGHTER, now w/o Charles HOOPER s/ Philip DELAUGHTER - Ohio s/ Lewis DELAUGHTER - Ohio Execs/ son David DELAUGHTER and Lewis RAMSBURG / REMSBURGH of M.; however, they refused it and administrator was Jacob ZENTMYER Jr. Witnesses: Peter GROSSNICKLE Jr, John P. GAVER and Samuel GREEN (Not all of the children were mentioned in the will.) Land - "Last CHOICE", 65 acres, in two tracts, one from David DELAUGHTER Sr in 1815 and the other from Elias DELAUGHTER and Peter DELAUGHTER in 1841; located in Middletown Valley. (Seven acres of "Last Choice" were willed to son Israel.) - "Murdocks Mountain Land" and "Sheep Pasture", 3 mountain tracts of 40 acres, two from Peter GROSSNICKLE in first tract and the other from Daniel BLICKENSTAFF in the latter tract. Trustee was Joshua DILL; on 1 Feb 1851, sale was held, high bidders were: - Henry DELAUGHTER Jr for 32 1/2 acres at $1,074.06. Only a portion of the real estate needed to be sold to pay off the debts, so the widow was able to keep the rest of the property. Closed 4 Jul 1851.
James P. BARNES & Others vs Heirs of Mathias BARNES Mathias BARNES d/ Apr 1849 intestate widow - Susanna and 8 children d/ Mary Elizabeth BARNES, now w/o John Thomas WALTZ d/ Sarah "Sally" Ann BARNES, a minor d/ Margaretta BARNES, a minor d/ Ruth A. BARNES, a minor d/ Prudence Ann BARNES, a minor s/ John Wesley BARNES, a minor d/ Ellen Jane BARNES, a minor s/ Emory Gere BARNES, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Shipley's Discovery", 6 acres, from Basil D. DOWNEY (w/ Lydia) of Ohio in 1841; located three miles NE of New Market and adjoining lands of Joseph G. HAYS and Philip HARDING. Administrator and guardian was the widow. Mathias had mortgaged his property to Sir Pratby JAMES in 1846, but Sir Pratby JAMES d/ Jan 1850 (Will - 13 May 1843; 22 Jan 1850), leaving sole heir - Anthony Z. KIMMELL, a minor - Uncle Joseph JAMES (gave him the home farm) - Sarah HANNA (no relationship mentioned) - Sidney Ann KIMMELL (after the deaths of Uncle Joe & Sarah, she to receive what they were given) - Aunt Sarah NELSON SLAVES - To Free all his negroes when they reach age 31. - negro boy WILLIAM (to Uncle Joseph JAMES) Exec/ Henry NELSON Witnesses: William HIGGINS, George W. WEBB and Howard G. MAYNARD Guardian of Anthony Z. KIMMELL was his father, Anthony KIMMELL. In Nov 1850, testimony was heard from Darius H. BARNES who claimed Mathias died in the Spring of 1848. Testimony was also heard from Nathan STEVENS, Francis BARNES, Isaac BROWER. Trustee for the sale was Isaac BROWER; sale was held 18 Jan 1851, high bidder was James W. HOWARD at $630. Distribution (1st of 3): after costs, the widow received $34.78. Closed 7 Jul 1851.
402-416 - RINEHART, HOFFMAN, HINKS - Feb 1850
William C. HOFFMAN vs Andrew H. RINEHART & Others - Foreclosure Andrew H. RINEHART and w/ Rebecca E. had mortgaged their property to William C. HOFFMAN (w/ Dorothea R.). Rinehart later conveyed a deed of trust to Charles D. HINKS of Baltimore City for the real estate and their personal property as Rinehart filed for insolvency. Land - Lot #10 of "Carrolton Manor", 27 acres and mill, from William C. HOFFMAN (w/ Dorothea R.). Located on eastern bank of Tuscarora Creek, next to land of David SPECHT and the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company. Trustee for the sale was Charles D. HINKS; sale was held on 28 Aug 1850 at the tavern of Ezra SHANK in Frederick; high bidder was William C. HOFFMAN at $1,825. Distribution after costs, $1,600.81: to William C. HOFFMAN in part for his mortgage claim.
Sophia E. BARRICK - Petition Enos BARRICK d/ 19 Apr 1850 intestate widow - Sophia s/ Presley Jones BARRICK s/ Noah J. BARRICK s/ John P. J. BARRICK s/ Charles R. E. BARRICK Land - "Spring Garden" and "Federal", 1 acre lot and house, from Abraham GETZENDANNER (w/ Mary E.) in 1844, near Walkersville, on main road leading from Woodsborough to Frederick Town and at the 'mouth' of road leading from Walkersville to the Glade Church; neighbors were Isaac WALKER and Abraham GETZENDANNER. Guardian was Abner CAMPBELL, esquire. On 23 Apr 1851, Raphael JONES testified the widow was about 29 (on 29 Oct 1850). Trustee was Abraham GETZENDANNER; sale was made to Raphael JONES at $651. Distribution after costs, $529.96: the widow's 1/7, $75.71; each child received $113.56. Closed 22 Aug 1851.
423-424 - STALEY - Apr 1851
John T. SCHLEY vs Daniel STALEY Heirs (See page 92 of this book for previous record.) Robert McDUELL as trustee for sale of Daniel STALEY's real estate, received proceeds from Philip CRAMER, but previously stated an incorrect amount. The correct Distribution after costs, $5,922.35: - 1/6 or $987.05 to each of his children: Mahlon F. STALEY, Daniel O. STALEY, Ann C. STALEY, Joseph E. STALEY, Fleet STALEY and Lewis V. STALEY. Closed 10 Oct 1851.
Cornelius SHRINER, creditor vs Margaret LUGENBEEL & Others William LUGENBEEL d/ 31 Jan 1847 intestate widow - Margaret s/ John Henry LUGENBEEL d/ Ann E., now w/o William N. WOLFE s/ Thomas E. S. LUGENBEEL d/ Sarah M., now w/o Jeremiah GREENWOOD d/ Susanne LUGENBEEL, a minor s/ Peter LUGENBEEL, a minor s?/ Sidny C. LUGENBEEL, a minor d/ Mary L. LUGENBEEL, a minor Administrator was John H. LUGENBEEL. Land - Lot #25 of "Legh Castle" (or "Legh Hunt"), 9 acres in Frederick and Carroll counties; the second parcel is in Frederick County of 19 acres; from Cornelius SHRINER, Basil SHRINER (w/ Louisa) and Abraham H. SHRINER (w/ Juliann) in 1839; lies on the head waters of Linganore Creek; previously the land belonged to the Shriners' father, Michael SHRINER. - "Addition to Charles' Choice", "Kemps Good Luck" and "Three Brothers Lot", 112 acres. Guardian was Henry D. MERCER. On 4 Sep 1850 in Liberty Town, testimony was heard from John H. LUGENBEEL. Trustee was Cornelius SHRINER; sales went to: - John H. LUGENBEEL for "Legh Castle" at $217.48 - John H. LUGENBEEL for the rest of the real estate at $3,949.73 Distribution after costs of $4,049.66: - the widow, 2/15 of $217.48 or $28.99 - to Cornelius SHRINER in part for his claim, $4,020.67. Closed 26 Jan 1851.
Joshua DILL vs George M. EICHELBERGER (w/ Jane) & Others Land - Eastern half of Lot #228 in Fredericktown fronting Church St, from George A. COLE and w/ Anne F., also from William C. SMALLWOOD, David BOYD and Lawrence J. BRENGLE, trustees of Primary School District of Fredericktown #72, to George M. EICHELBERGER in 1840 (previously to George A. COLE from Daniel KOLB and w/ Caroline). Eichelberger had purchased the property for Henry G. WATERS who was a clerk in his office at the Register of Wills. The down payment was made with wages due to Waters. At that time, his son, Thomas G. WATERS, was also living there. George M. EICHELBERGER and w/ Jane conveyed the property to Joshua DILL in 1844 for Henry G. WATERS to cover Dill as he was surety on Waters' notes. Henry G. WATERS was also indebted to Jacob ENGLER who died (George KUHN and John MARTIN were his administrators) and petition was filed for the sale of the real estate to obtain collection of the debt. He also still owed $100 on a note to the bank that Joshua DILL later paid as a surety to the note. On 6 Sep 1847, at a sale held at the Eagle (Cookerly's) Hotel, John Thomas LINN purchased the property from James M. DAYHOFF, constable. It had been owned by Henry G. WATERS who died intestate during the summer of 1848 (his administrator was George KOONTZ); but was then occupied by Mary, widow of Thomas G. WATERS. Mary tried to claim the property; however, it had never been in her or her husband's name. Testimony was heard from Col. George M. EICHELBERGER and Godfrey KOONTZ, an officer of the Fredericktown Branch Bank. Linn failed to make payments on the property, claiming the reason was not being able to obtain title; however, he still failed to bring payment to the courts by the alloted time. George KOONTZ was appointed trustee to resell the property. On 5 Apr 1851, at the tavern of Ezra SHANK, sale was held with high bidder as Godfrey KOONTZ at $310. Creditors were paid. Mary WATERS refused to give up possession of the property; therefore, petition was filed for eviction. Closed 8 Jul 1851.
George W. AIMAN/AMON & Others vs Charles H. FULTON and Barbara A. FULTON Samuel WILHIDE d/ Feb 1845 (Will written 24 Jan 1845) widow - Susanna (died early 1851) d/ Harriet w/o George W. AIMAN d/ Margaret w/o Michael GRINDER d/ Mary w/o George SNIDER s/ John Washington WILHIDE (b/ Apr 1829) d/ Salina, dec'd w/o John FULTON .......Charles Henry FULTON .......Barbara Ann FULTON sister - Matilda CAULIFLOWER to wife - - farm, 170 acres, near the Monocacy river (where the Amons lived) - timber land, 40 acres - House & Lot in Woodsboro (where Samuel lived) To daughter Margaret - House & 5 lots in Woodsboro where the Grinders then lived; farm occupied by Frederick WILHIDE on Creagerstown Road, 58 acres; Wood lot, 21 acres. To sister Matilda - House & Lot, then occupied by Lawrence BALTZELL, on Harbaugh's Valley Road Execs/ wife and her brother, George MILLER; Witnesses: John D. CRUMBAUGH, John A. MARTIN and David F. YANTIS Guardian was David SCHLEY; testimony was heard from Julius C. HULL. Trustees were George W. AIMAN and John Washington WILHIDE. After a failed public sale, private sales were made to: - Daniel FIERO for the 40 acre mountain lot at $500 - John Washington WILHIDE for house and lot in Woodsborough at $1,000 - John Washington WILHIDE for the farm at $20/acre The farm was surveyed by Singleton O'NEAL, the county surveyor, and was found to contain 140 acres. Total sales was then $4,370. Distribution after costs of $4,111.15: - John W. WILHIDE, his legacy of $1,600 plus $208.27 in interest; - 1/5 or $460.57 to each of Samuel WILHIDE's children with Salina's children each getting half of her share. Closed 30 Jul 1851.
472-479 - HAYS, MERRICK, PERMET - Jan 1851
William ANDERSON & the Harpers Ferry Savings Institution vs Mary A. M. HAYS & Others Joseph G. HAYS d/ 1850 intestate d/ Mary Ann Matilda HAYS s/ William Henry HAYS d/ Cynthia Susan HAYS d/ Maria Elizabeth HAYS, a minor d/ Eleanor S. HAYS (d/ abt 1850 intestate, single) All of them then lived in Virginia (which would today be Jefferson Co, WV); however, in 1840, Joseph lived in Frederick Co, MD. Land - 80 acres, from James HIGGINS and w/ Elizabeth A. in 1838. Trustee was William M. MERRICK of Frederick City. On 29 Jul 1851, sale was mad to Perry PERMET at $2,100. Proceeds went to Harpers Ferry Savings for the three notes owed to them. Closed 12 Nov 1851.
479-484 - KEHLER, BENDER, CARLIN, HOUCK - Feb 1851
John BENDER & Others vs Frederick KEHLER Henry KEHLER Sr, d/ Jul 1851 intestate d/ Elizabeth w/o John BENDER d/ Sarah w/o Henry CARLIN s/ John N. KEHLER s/ Jacob KEHLER s/ Henry KEHLER Jr s/ John KEHLER s/ Frederick KEHLER Trustee was Ezra HOUCK with George HOUCK as surety. Sale was held at Shank's Hotel in Frederick on 4 Oct 1851 for properties in Frederick Town with high bidders as: - Henry CARLIN for 2-story brick house and lot on west side of North Market St (late residence of Henry KEHLER Sr) at $1,325 - John BARTGIS for 1-story log & weatherboard house and lot on corner of Market & Fifth Sts for $751 - Jacob KEHLER for 1-story log house and lot on West Fifth St (then occupied by Henry KEHLER Jr) at $305 - Leonard OFFENDARFER for 1-story and a half og house and lot on West Fifth St (then occupied by John BENDER) at $505 - William TASKER, Perry G. WALKER, Robert E. PROBEE, Isaac PROUGHT, John BUSH, Samuel POWELL and James WEEMS, in trust for the Beneficial Society of the Laboring Sons of Frederick, for 2 unimproved lots on East Fifth St & Chappel Alley (Lots 239 & 240) at $265 Total sales were $3,151. Jacob KEHLER filed for insolvency in Jul 1840; his appointed trustee was John BENDER. Distribution after costs of $2,979.89: each 1/7 share, $425.69 (Jacob's share to his trustee). Closed 12 Nov 1851.
485-495 - KEMP, BUCKEY, THOMAS, SHREVE - Feb 1844
Daniel BUCKEY vs Benjamin SHREVE Daniel BUCKEY was the acting executor of Christian KEMP of Baltimore County. Walter B. KEMP, a named executor, had renounced the trust. Buckey sold the land to Benjamin SHREVE Jr. of Loudon Co, Virginia in 1841, at $11,895, subject to the dower rights of Harriet KEMP, widow of Christian KEMP; however, Shreve has not been able to make the payments. Land - "Kemps Coney Island", 183 acres, lies in the Potomac River. In 1844, Shreve was living in Montgomery Co, MD. Trustee for sale was Daniel BUCKEY; however, he was ill at the time of sale and Jacob M. BUCKEY attended in his place with Joshua DILL as auctioneer or cryer. Sale was made to William S. MILLER who stated he was bidding for Christopher H. THOMAS and w/ Eveline V., Mary R. BUCKEY, Isabella W. BUCKEY and Jacob M. BUCKEY and w/ Harriet C. who were entitled to 4/5 of the purchase, being daughters of Eveline BUCKEY, d/o Christian KEMP. The other 1/5 was to Daniel G. BUCKEY, their brother. In 1847, Daniel BUCKEY lived in Baltimore City. By Oct 1848, Daniel BUCKEY, the acting executor, had died. The court then appointed William S. MILLER as the trustee. Distribution after costs, $7,391.88: 1/5 or $1,478.37 each to Harriet C. BUCKEY, Eveline V. THOMAS, Mary R. MILLER, Daniel G. BUCKEY and Isabella W. BUCKEY. Closed June 1851.
495-495 - BARNES, BROWN, WALTZ - Jul 1851
John P. BARNES & Others vs John T. WALTZ & Others Supplemental (see WBT-4, 381) Estate of Mathias BARNES by trustee Isaac BROWN 2nd Distribution: Susan BARNES, $55.22 in lieu of her dower; creditors paid the balance total of $148.15. Closed 24 Nov 1851.
Robert NELSON vs Isaac WALKER and Jacob WALKER Jacob WALKER, with brother Isaac WALKER as his surety, borrowed money from Robert NELSON in 1849. Jacob became insolvent and made a deed of trust to his brother Isaac for all his property, personal and real. Land - the Hill Farm, sold to Abraham SHRINER for $1,391; - the Home Farm, sold to Ezra CRAMER at $9,775 minus amounts due on mortgage. John STAUFFER and Christian WINEBRENNER petitioned the court stating in 1848 Benjamin NEIDIG conveyed land to Jacob WALKER for $5,400 with John STAUFFER as a surety; note was assigned to Nicholas HOLTZ. Winebrenner was also a surety on a $500 note to Neidig also assigned to Nicholas HOLTZ. Both sureties paid the notes to George GITTENGER as guardian or agent of legatees of Nicholas HOLTZ. Jacob WALKER's wife, Mary, received $504.05 in lieu of her dower; balance to creditors. Closed 30 Dec 1851.
George M. EICHELBERGER vs Ezekiel HUGHES A mortgage payable to Jeremiah HUGHES and made by Ezekiael HUGHES with monies obtained from Frederick County Bank, George M. EICHELBERGER as their agent was validated in 1842. Land - tract near Emmittsburg on both sides of Turkey Run, from George M. EICHELBERGER (w/ Jane), (previously from John and w/ Sarah C. OBERMYER to G. M. EICHELBERGER and Patrick OWINGS and of which Eichelberger purchased at public sale). - Lot #82 in Frederick Town on NW corner of Market & Church Sts, from Valentine BRUNER, trustee for John BRUNNER, dec'd, in 1836. - part of Lot #81 in Frederick Town on SW corner of Lot #82, from Margaret RUTH of Richland Co, Ohio in 1839; (property willed to Margaret from her father, Jacob MEDTART in 1820). Trustee was Grayson EICHELBERGER; on 15 May 1848, sale was made to - Christian STEINER for Lot #81 at $1,170 - George M. EICHELBERGER for Lot #82 at $3,000 Distribution to creditors. Closed 22 Aug 1851.
Peter GOODMANSON, surviving exec/of Caspar QUYNN & Others vs Heirs of Thomas WHITTER Thomas WHITTER d/ 1849 intestate widow - Susan E. and 7 children d/ Ann Elizabeth w/o Alexander JUDY d/ Rebecca w/o Frederick FIRESTONE s/ Edward J. WHITTER, a minor s/ Thomas L. WHITTER, a minor d/ Mary I. WHITTER, a minor d/ Sarah E. WHITTER, a minor d/ Fanny WHITTER, a minor Land - Lots #156, 157 and 158, on NW corner of Market & South Sts in Frederick Town, from George McCAHAN and w/ Mary A. (now of Baltimore City) by agreement. - Lot #277 in Frederick Town, from Joshua DILL, trustee in Equity case of Sophia HALLAR, Sarah C. HALLAR & Others vs John T. RIGNEY and wife, in 1848. - 2/3 of Lot #277 in Frederick Town, from Cpt. A. GOMBER and Peter GOODMANSON, exec/of Caspar QUYNN in 1849. The widow was the administrator; guardian was Caspar MANTZ. Testimony was heard from John A. POTTER. Trustee was Joshua DILL; on 3 Apr 1850, sales went to: - George L. BRENGLE for south half of Lot #277 at $2,070 - David O. THOMAS for western part of Lot #277 at $162.50 - Joseph ROUTZAHN for eastern part of Lot #277 at $135 - John W. DERR for the other lots at $840 total sales, $3,207.50. In 15 May 1850, Jacob HANE testified that the widow was healthy and would be 38 on the next August 26. In lieu of her dower, she received 1/7, $429.42; creditors paid. Closed 6 Mar 1851.
John ARNOLD vs Peter ARNOLD & Others - Supplemental Peter ARNOLD, exec/of David ARNOLD On 8 Mar 1851, sale was held at T. BISER's store in Burkittsville, sales to: - Joseph ENOS for home farm of David ARNOLD of 160 acres at $6,208 - Peter ARNOLD for Lot #1 of 31 acres at $611.62 - Andrew ROYSER for Lot #2 of 7 acres at $190.62 - Tobias HORINE for Lot #3 of 9 acres at $241.40 - Peter ARNOLD for Lot #4 of 9 acres at $133.87 - John HEFFLEBROWER for Lot #5 of 8 acres at $111.23 - Henry BRENNEMAN for Lot #6 of 8 acres at $100.34 - D. ARNOLD for Lot #7 of 13 acres at $146.74 - David SMITH for Lot #8 of 8 acres at $41.03 - David ARNOLD for Lot #9 of 12 acres at $181.99 - Joshua AHALT for Lot #10 of 12 acres at $90.79 - David ARNOLD for Lot #11 of 2 acres at $85 There remains 60 acres not yet sold due to lack of bidders. Trustee was Peter ARNOLD 1st Distribution of $1,786 after costs: - John ARNOLD, $403.78 - Lydia GOODMAN, D. ARNOLD, John ARNOLD, each $134.59 - Sally JACOBS, John HEFFLEBOWER, L. MILLER, each $163.14 - Catharine BROOKS, Jacob MILLER, John MILLER, Peter MILLER, Sally HIGGINS, Mary CHAMBERS, Lydia CASTLE and Julia ELGIN, each $61.17 Closed 22 Jan 1852.
Arthur QUYNN, exec/of John QUIN vs Jacob BOLLER & Joshua DILL John QUIN died, living in Chester Co, PA. Jacob BOLLER, who was in bankruptcy, was indebted to John QUIN. Testimony was heard from M. ADELSPERGER. Trustee was E. L. LOWE; sale was held in the tavern of Mrs. AGNEW in Emmitsburg on 5 Jan 1845. High bidders were: - J. E. PEARSON & George W. TROXELL (w/ Lewis ELDER as surety) at $765. Distribution to A. QUIN, $671.72 (after costs were deducted). Closed 24 Jul 1848.
Joseph L. KUHN vs William BIGGS & Others Henry KUHN d/ bef Mar 1840 widow - Elizabeth s/ Zebulon KUHN d/ abt Jun 1841 (Will written 31 May 1841) .....w/ Catharine E. M. ............Joseph KUHN ............Louisa KUHN ............Eliza KUHN ............Benjamin F. KUHN ............Ellen KUHN Zebulon's House & Lot in Woodsborough to wife and daughters. Execs of Zebulon's Will / William BIGGS of J. and L. PICKING (the later refused it). (Children were not named in the will.) Land of Henry KUHN - 150 acres to son Zebulon where he then resided. On 25 Mar 1840, Elizabeth KUHN, Henry's widow as executor, sold 346 acres to Zebulon. Friends of Henry, Godfrey SEISS and John STEWART, were to value the property. William BIGGS testified he had known the family since their birth; Cyrus MANTZ also testified. On 19 Aug 1844, sale was held with high bidders as: - William STONER for Lot #1 of 9 acres at $12/acre There were no bidders for the farm, so another sale was scheduled on 1 Sep 1845; high bidders were: - Leon PICKING for the farm, Lot #10 marked A #1 of 194 acres at $9/acre - Margaret HAUG for Lot #2 of 54 acres at $10.55/acre There were no bidders for the balance of the estate, so on 17 Jan 1846, he sold at sale to: - Margaret HAUG for Lot #3 of 15 acres at $18.35/acre or $292.06 - Margaret HAUG for Lot #6 of 13 acres at $20/acre or $268.25 - George OVELMAN for Lot #4 of 15 acres at $21.05/acre or $325.35 - Jeremiah MARTIN for Lot #5 of 13 acres at $16.10/acre or $212.32 - Warner T. GRIMES for Lot #7 of 13 acres at $15/acre or $201.18 - W. T. GRIMES for Lot #8 of 13 acres at $16/acre or $211 There was no bidder for Lot #11 of 132 acres. Distribution of $1,510.80: Court Costs $103.89; Cyrus MANTZ $934.26; Zebulon's five children, $86.53 each. On 13 Jan 1847, sale was held again and Lot #11 of 132 acres was sold to Elizabeth KUHN at $786.28. Distribution after court costs, $723.34; to Zebulon's five children, $144.66 each. William BIGGS died 1 Apr 1848 before he finished the duties of his trust and with monies from the sales still being last in his possession. John B. STIMMEL was then made trustee. No further distributions at this time. Closed 24 Jun 1849.
Charles C. TUCKER vs S. George TUCKER Charles CARROLL of Carrollton, dec'd son/ _______ CARROLL (dec'd) and w/ Harriet ------Margaret BAYARD ------Harriet LEE ------Louisa JACKSON ------Elizabeth C. (Carroll), w/o Dr. A. B. TUCKER - Philadelphia (both dec'd) .................Charles Carroll TUCKER .................S. George TUCKER, a minor Land - "Carrollton Manor", 775 and 300 acres; and 1 undivided moriaty of Lot #3, then in the possession of Mrs. Emily TAVIST (husband, Enoch), the executrix of Charles CARROLL of CARROLLTON. It consists of 12 small lots laid out at Noland's Ferry on the north side of the Potomac River and contained 2 acres. It was conveyed to Charles & George from Richard H. BAYARD and w/ Sophia, Harriet CARROLL (widow), Louisa C. JACKSON (widow), all of Philadelphia; and John LEE and w/ Harriet in Sep 1850. The road from Frederick to the mouth of the Monocacy ran through the middle of the large tract of land. The New Design Road and the road from Frederick to Noland's Ferry are also mentioned in the resurvey. Richard H. BAYARD was also the exec/of Elizabeth TUCKER's will. Guardian was Robert BOONE, esquire; testimony was heard from John LEE, esquire. Land was divided for the two sons of Elizabeth TUCKER by Davis RICHARDSON, Otho THOMAS, Samuel DUTROW, Robert BOON and B. Amos CUNNINGHAM.
Mary CLEMSON vs Ephraim H. MAYNARD & Others Basil DORSEY, dec'd, of Anne Arundel County (Will dated 31 May 1763) d/ Ariana w/o Thomas SOLLERS of Baltimore County d/ Elizabeth w/o Ephraim HOWARD - Frederick County d/ Eleanor w/o Upton SHEREDINE - Frederick County ======= Ephraim HOWARD d/ between 1817-1819 intestate widow - Elizabeth and 7 children s/ Dennis D. HOWARD (d/ Jan 1851) d/ Henrietta HOWARD (d/ 1842) d/ Elizabth HOWARD (d/ 1841) d/ Sarah HOWARD (d/ 1834 Baltimore) w/o Jacob GRUBER d/ Juliet HOWARD (d/ 1837) d/ Eleanor (Howard) w/o Henry MAYNARD (d/ abt 1837) ........Ephraim H. MAYNARD & w/ Eveline WHITEHILL ........George W. MAYNARD (d/ Dec 1848) ---------Dennis H. MAYNARD & w/ Sarah BENNETT ---------Elizabeth G. MAYNARD w/o Charles S. SIMMONS ........Basil MAYNARD ........Elizabeth MAYNARD w/o James CHAMBERLAIN ........Eleanor MAYNARD w/o Hanson CLARY ........Juliet MAYNARD, dec'd - 1st H/ Lewis WARFIELD ----------Anna M. WARFIELD w/o Joshua TROXELL - near Emmitsburg ----------Basil WARFIELD ----------William WARFIELD ........................Juliet's 2nd H/ __________ HODGKISS ----------Thomas H. HODGKISS ----------Lydia HODGKISS (d/ May 1849), dec'd w/o Dawson V. HAMMOND ----------------Lydia Ellen HAMMOND, a minor d/ Mary (Howard) wid/o James CLEMSON ........Hanson T. CLEMSON ........Joanna CLEMSON w/o Richard O. SIMPSON ........Dennis H. CLEMSON ........Howard CLEMSON ........Juliet CLEMSON w/o Isaac BROWER Land - "Howard's Paradise", 575 acres; tract was a resurvey of "Howard's Range" (to Basil DORSEY from John HOWARD of Gideon); "Middleway" (to Basil DORSEY from his brother Edward DORSEY); "Howard's Rest" (to Basil DORSEY from William GEECELY?); and "Level Bottom"; conveyed in 1769 by Deed of Partition by Will of Basil DORSEY to his daughters (the above 575 acres was Elizabeth's part). and is the same as conveyed by Ephraim HOWARD and wife to Abraham CRAPSTER, merchant, (w/ Margaret) in 1790 and resurveyed by Crapster to Ephraim HOWARD. Part was a resurvey of "Duke's Woods" except for parts conveyed by Ephraim to George COOPER and Jeremiah KITZMILLER. Land conveyed to Ephraim HOWARD - "Resurvey on Woods Lot", 24 acres, to Ephraim from Thomas DORSEY in 1780 - "Gaithers Chance" and "Howard's Range" from Jacob STRIPE, blacksmith, (w/ Ann) in 1781; ("Howard's Range" was originally granted to John HOWARD for 856 acres in 1749. - "Spring Garden", 270 acres, from Elizabeth SNELL, w/o George SNELL, and widow & executrix of Absalom WARFIELD in 1770 (except 92 acres sold to John YOUNG in 1774) - Lot #39 in Liberty from Robert CUMMINGS, trustee for insolvent Benjamin MUSGROVE and for the benefit of Thomas BEATTY in 1796 Mary conveyed her interests to her siblings; Eleanor & Henry MAYNARD conveyed all their interests in 1820 to the first five mentioned siblings. Sarah died in 1834 without issue and her share descended to her siblings. Juliet died in 1837 and, by her will dated 16 Feb 1820, devised her share to Dennis, Elizabeth and Sarah; but Sarah had already died. Elizabeth HOWARD died 1841 without issue and, by her will dated 16 Feb 1820, devised all her estate to her brother Dennis HOWARD and sisters, Sarah and Juliet. Henrietta HOWARD died 1842 and, by her will dated 16 Feb 1820, devised her estate to Dennis, Sarah and Juliet, Dennis died Jan 1851 Mary CLEMSON petitioned that she is entitled to 1/10 of Dennis D. HOWARD's estate and that her sister Eleanor is entitled to 1/10. Dennis D. HOWARD d/ Jan 1851 (Will dated 3 Apr 1844) Freed SLAVES - Devan a/k/a Vanzey LAWSON, Daniel LAWSON, Samuel LAWSEN, Ephraim LAWSEN, Wesley CARTER, Amy ANTHONY, Lydia CARTER - each to receive $300 - Children of Lydia CARTER, Hetty & Rachel - Wm. H. HARRISON & Philip WHITE, sons of Hetty, to be set free when 21 (to Dennis MAYNARD) - LUCY & DEBBY, two aged female slaves to be well taken care of during the remainder of their lives. Devisees: (relationship not given in will) - Ephraim H. MAYNARD & w/ Eveline WHITEHILL - George W. MAYNARD (d/ abt 1849) ------Dennis H. MAYNARD & w/ Sarah BENNETT ------Elizabeth MAYNARD w/o Charles S. SIMMONS - Basil MAYNARD - Elizabeth w/o James CHAMBERLAIN - Lydia HODGKISS (d/ abt 1849) w/o Dawson V. HAMMOND -------Lydia Ellen HAMMOND, a minor - Thomas H. HODGKISS - FL - Anna M. WARFIELD w/o Joshua TROXELL - near Emmitsburg - Basil WARFIELD - William WARFIELD Exec/ Thomas H. HODGKISS and Dennis D. MAYNARD Witnesses: E. H. ROCKWELL, W. A. ALBAUGH, J. W. ALBAUGH Guardian was George RICE; testimony was heard from Elihu H. ROCKWELL Thomas HAMMOND and Col. Thomas SAPPINGTON. Trustees were Dawson V. HAMMOND and Dennis H. MAYNARD. Sale was held on 6 Aug 1851 at the tavern of Daniel ROOT in Liberty Town; high bidders were: - Henry CARTER for Plat #1, 216 acres, at $11,901.65 - Allen PAYNE for Plat #2, 190 acres, at $8,551.68 - Henry BAKER for Plat #3, 54 acres, at $2,808 - Basil DORSEY for Plat #4, 20 acres, at $1,243.50 - Solomon BAKER for Plat #5, 1+ acres, at $107.66 - Israel COLLENBERG for Plat #6, two Lots in Liberty at $25,182.50 Total sales, $12,882.66. Distribution of $11,844.14 (after costs): - Mary CLEMSON & Eleanor MAYNARD, $2,369.22 each - Thomas SAPPINGTON, Register, $236.92 for collateral tax - Ephraim H. MAYNARD, Basil MAYNARD, Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas HODGKISS, Ann M. TROXELL, Basil WARFIELD, William WARFIELD; $1,026.66 each - Dennis H. MAYNARD and Elizabeth SIMMONS; $513.33 each - Dawson V. HAMMOND, $320.83 for curtesey as surviving husband - Lydia E. HAMMOND, $705.83 Additional Sales - to Henry CUSTER for 109 acres at $3,187.82 2nd Distribution of $2,400; $2,272.56 after costs: - Mary CLEMSON & Eleanor MAYNARD, $227.25 each - Thomas SAPPINGTON, Register, $45.45 for collateral tax - Ephraim H. MAYNARD, Basil MAYNARD, Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas HODGKISS, Ann M. TROXELL, Basil WARFIELD, William WARFIELD; $196.95 each - Dennis H. MAYNARD and Elizabeth SIMMONS; $98.47 each - Dawson V. HAMMOND, $81.55 for curtesey as surviving husband - Lydia E. HAMMOND, $135.40 Petition filed Apr 1851 for Additional Real Estate of Dennis D. HOWARD Land to Dennis D. HOWARD - "Hammond's Chance", 150 acres, from Frederick A. SCHLEY as trustee for John HAMMOND, dec'd, in 1816. - "Gaithers Chance", 5 acres, and "Howard's Range", 2 acres, from Christian KINZEY (w/ Nancy) and Carroll HAMMOND in 1837. - "Leigh Castle", 49 acres, from Frederick A. SCHLEY as trustee for Jonas URNER, in 1822. - "Ridgely Grist Park" and "Justify Me", from Paul BENTAHEN, Marshall, of Baltimore City in 1823 in suit against Charles A. WARFIELD, William L. YOUNG and Samuel O'MOALE, merchants. Charles A. WARFIELD held an interest in the estate of Louisa V. SNOWDEN, dec'd, and formerly Louisa V. WARFIELD, sister of Charles; she owned 638 acres of land in Anne Arundel County - "Pleasant Fields", "Woods Lot", "Resurvey on Woods Lot", "Dillings Begrudge", 19 acres, from Eleanor MURDOCK, Mary C. MURDOCK, George W. MURDOCK, Eleanor POTTS, Richard POTTS and w/ Ann L., all of Frederick Co, MD; and William B. TYLER and w/ Harriet of Loudoun Co, VA in 30 Dec 1811. Guardian of Lydia E. HAMMOND was David SCHLEY, testimony was heard from E. H. ROCKWELL. Trustees were Dawson V. HAMMOND and Dennis H. MAYNARD; sale was held at the tavern of Daniel ROOT in Liberty on 6 Aug 1851, high bidders were: - John A. WORTHINGTON for Plat #1, a wood lot in Carroll Co of 48 acres at $729.93 - Joshua TROXELL for Plat #2, 130 acres near Liberty Town at $5,200 - Basil DORSEY for Plat #3, 143 acres near Liberty Town at $5,310.88 - Basil DORSEY for Plat #4, 1+ acre near Liberty at $91.87 - Solomon BOHN for Plat #5, 11 acre near Liberty at $756.11 Total sales, $12,088.81. Distribution of $3,980.49 (after costs): - Ephraim H. MAYNARD, Basil MAYNARD, Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas HODGKISS, Ann M. TROXELL, Basil WARFIELD, William WARFIELD; $442.27 each - Dennis H. MAYNARD and Elizabeth SIMMONS; $221.13 each - Dawson V. HAMMOND, $138.22 for curtesey as surviving husband - Lydia E. HAMMOND, $304.06 Petition was filed by D. H. MAYNARD as executor for the benefit of the two elderly slave women for their care; DEBBY was listed as having cancer. The court awarded $2,500 for the care and support of LUCY and DEBBY. Private Sales to: - Valentine NICODEMUS for 64 acres at $2,304 - Thomas P. WILLIAMS for 20 acres at $500 - Francis PENN for 10 acres at $300 - William BRIEN for 22 acres at $503.52 - Valentine NICODEMUS & Thomas P. WILLIAMS for 10 acres at $263.75 - Ephraim H. MAYNARD for 38 acres at $500 Distribution of $1,585.46 (after costs): - Ephraim H. MAYNARD, Basil MAYNARD, Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas HODGKISS, Ann M. TROXELL, Basil WARFIELD, William WARFIELD; $176.16 each - Dennis H. MAYNARD and Elizabeth SIMMONS; $88.09 each - Dawson V. HAMMOND, $55.05 for curtesey as surviving husband - Lydia E. HAMMOND, $121.11 Closed 2 Feb 1852.
589-595 - DUVALL, SLAVES, DAVIS, BELT - Nov 1850
Lloyd T. DUVALL and Alfred BELT vs Julia DUVALL Daniel DUVALL (Will 3 Apr 1843) widow - Ann C. (home farm) s/ Lloyd T. DUVALL (Trammelsburg farm) d/ Julia DUVALL d/ Ann E. DUVALL d/ Mar 1846 intestate, single d/ Susan V. DUVALL d/ Mar 1846 intestate, single s/ Danial B. DUVALL (age 11 in Nov 1850) nephew - Daniel DUVALL (s/o his bro/ Thomas DUVALL) (gave plantation on Bush Creek during life of his father) SLAVES - negro man AARON and his wife ANN (to widow) - negro man TERXENT(?) and BILL (s/o Ann) (to s/ Lloyd) - negro woman SARAH & her youngest son, JACOB (to d/ Ann E.) - negro man Henry CRAMPTON (to d/ Susan) - negro girl MARY (to d/ Julia) - negro boy HENRY (s/o Ann) (to s/ Daniel B.) - negro boy CH. (s/o Sarah) (to s/ Daniel B.) Execs/ Lloyd T. DUVALL and Alfred BELT (brother-in-law) Witnesses: P. McGILL, J. Benjamin MOFFITT and B. SHREVE Jr. Land - 166 acres - "Addition to Swedes Folly", Resurvey on "Swedes Folly" and "Hook's Neglect"; also "Rock Hall" (devised to d/ Ann E.) Mention is made for the sale of the real estate after the death of the testator's sister, Mary DAVIS; the real estate presently was left in the possession of his children.
Denton HAMMOND and wife vs Ormond W. HAMMOND & Others Ormond HAMMOND, dec'd (Will 31 Dec 1821) s/ Edward HAMMOND s/ Ormond HAMMOND s/ Grafton HAMMOND d/ Sep 1846 intestate ......widow - Mary E. A. R. and 8 children .......................Elizabeth R. w/o Denton HAMMOND .......................Ormond W. HAMMOND, a minor .......................Mary V. HAMMOND, a minor .......................Anna W. HAMMOND, a minor .......................Oliver B. HAMMOND, a minor .......................Eugene HAMMOND, a minor .......................Grafton B. HAMMOND, a minor .......................Denton HAMMOND, a minor, d/ Mar 1850 intestate, w/o issue Land of Ormond HAMMOND - "Hammond's Desire" (to divide between two sons) - "Locust Thicket" and "Gombers Range" (to Grafton) Exec/ son Grafton HAMMOND Witnesses: George SHEATENHELM, Nathan HAMMOND, Adam SPONSELLER ===== Land of Grafton HAMMOND - "Locust Thicket", inherited from father - "Locust Thicket", 68 acres, from Thomas DUNAWIN & w/ Catharine in 1838. The Dunawins inherited this real estate from her father, Michael ECKMAN who died intestate, leaving son, Jacob ECKMAN (conveyed his share to his sister) and daughter, Catharine ECKMAN w/o Thomas DUNAWIN. - "Middle Plantation", 160 acres, from Ormand HAMMOND Jr in 1826; next to tract "Cloudy Weather". - "Wet Time", 110 acres, from Sophia DEAN in 1831. The real estate was inherited by Sophia from her father, Samuel PENNYBACKER (Will HS-3, 82). All lands were continguous and along the county road and turnpike road. Guardian was William P. ANDERSON; testimony was heard from Alpheus W. MARRIOTT. On 22 Nov 1850, John J. WILSON testified he knew Mary E. A. R. HAMMOND the widow of Grafton HAMMOND, and she was 43 years old and in good health. On 21 Nov 1850, Arthur LARIZY testified he knew Elizabeth, the widow of Ormond HAMMOND, and she was 70 years old and in good health. Trustee was George SMITH; on 18 Jan 1851, sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick, high bidders were: - Ormond W. HAMMOND for 195 acres of the home farm at $17/acre - John T. SINIS(?) for 152 acres of the Sheets' farm at $10.12/acre - ______ KEEFER for Lot #1, 12+ acres at $5.75/acre - Elias L. DELASHMUTT for Lot #2, 12+ acres at $10/acre - O. W. HAMMOND for Lot #3, 10+ acres at $10/acre - O. W. HAMMOND for Lot #4, 10+ acres at $5/acre - Elias L. DELASHMUTT for Lot #5, 12+ acres at $12.37/acre - John HAMILTON for Lot #6, 12+ acres at $16.25/acre - Robert DEAN for Lot #7, 11+ acres at $14/acre - Jesse WRIGHT for Lot #8, 12+ acres at $14/acre - James M. DAYHOOF for Lot #9, 14+ acres at $20.25/acre Total sales, $6,288.18 Distribution of $5,899.89 (after costs) - Elizabeth HAMMOND, widow, 1/10 or $331.92 - Mary E. A. R. HAMMOND, widow, 2/15 or $690.90 - Grafton's still living children each received $696.72 Grafton's widow, Mary E. A. R. HAMMOND filed a petition for her daughter, Elizabeth, w/o Denton HAMMOND, to obtain the funds from her father's estate for her and her two children, rather than give the funds to her husband as she was totally dependent on her father's support, court approved. Bond of $1,400 was paid for this by Mary and Wm. M. B. WILLSON and John J. WILLSON. Closed 7 Apr 1851.
William W. WALKER & wife vs John Henry SMITH & Others Peter SMITH d/ 1848 (Will 15 Oct 1846) d/ Harriet SMITH w/o Daniel ETSHELER (ETZLER) .....Daniel ETZLER, Jr. .....Catharine ETZLER w/o Jacob KEATH/KEITH .....William ETZLER .....Mary ETZLER w/o David ALBAUGH .....Malakiah ETZLER .....Hezekiah ETZLER .....Nathaniel ETZLER .....George ETZLER .....Lydia ETZLER .....Harriet ETZLER s/ James SMITH d/ 1849 .....Mary Elizabeth w/o William W. WALKER .....John Henry SMITH .....Joshua Peter SMITH .....James William SMITH .....Charles Abner SMITH, a minor .....Basil SMITH, a minor .....Lavinia SMITH, a minor SLAVES - negro woman Maria BUSSARD; she was to be freed; he also gave her the house where he had lived that formerly was a blacksmith shop with one acre of ground, this in gratitude of her taking care of him. She was to have a life estate and, upon her death, to go to her children, Sarah and Margaret (who were to serve their mother until the age of 16 and then to be free); then, upon their deaths, property to go to the children of Peter's daughter, Harriet. Executor was his son who died before finishing the administration of his father's estate; William W. WALKER was James' administrator. Witnesses: John SMITH, Thomas SAPPINGTON, William EEVERS Land - on the north side of road from Fredericktown to Libertytown (devised to d/ Harriet and upon her death, to her children); on the south side of road from Fredericktown to Libertytown (devised to s/ James and upon his death, to his children); Guardian was J. P. HARDING; testimony was heard from Henry NELSON and Daniel ROOT. Trustee was William W. WALKER; on 12 Mar 1851, sale was held, high bidders were: - John T. RIPPON for 56+ acres on the north side at $351.14 - John T. RIPPON for 41+ acres on the south side at $67.40 Total sales, $518.54. Distribution of $137.19 (after costs & debts): - James SMITH's administrator, W. W. WALKER, $42.67 - Each of Harriet Smith Etzler's children, $8.95 Closed 16 Jul 1852.
James L. DAVIS & Others vs Davis RICHARDSON & Others Ignatius DAVIS d/ 1828 (Will 17 Apr 1825; filed 20 May 1828) widow - Catharine "Kitty" (d/ 5 Jan 1849) (possibly a 3rd wife) 1. Thomas J. DAVIS d/ abt 1848 in Georgetown, DC ......wid/ Isabella (she & her children live in Georgetown, DC) .................Thomas J. DAVIS, Jr .................Frances R. R. DAVIS .................William W. DAVIS .................Susan DAVIS .................Nelson W. DAVIS .................Isabella W. DAVIS .................Henry B. DAVIS 2. James L. DAVIS & w/ Elizabeth (HAMNER) 3. Richard W. DAVIS, now dec'd ......wid/ Susan (TILGHMAN) .................Louisa DAVIS, now w/o T. C. WORTHINGTON - Baltimore Co 4. Meredith DAVIS 5. Margaretta A. DAVIS wid/o William J. THOMSON 6. John J. DAVIS d/ May 1846, no issue .......wid/ Rosa, now w/o John N. STEELE - Out of State 7. Catharine L. DAVIS, dec'd w/o Dr. A. RITCHIE ..........John RITCHIE, a minor ..........Albert RITCHIE, a minor 8. Sarah Jane DAVIS d/ abt Mar 1827 9. George L. L. DAVIS & w/ Miss (CHAMBERS) - Baltimore city 10. Frances R. DAVIS w/o Robert READ - DC 11. Elie R. DAVIS (b/ 10 May 1825) - MO sons - Wooman J. DAVIS & Richardson E. DAVIS (in Will, but not listed in court records; evidently died after Apr 1827) nephew - Davis RICHARDSON Land - "Mount Hope" and "New Bremen", 200 acres and mansion house, (Will provided 1/2 to son Elie with a life estate to Elie's mother; other half to be sold after the death of the widow Catharine)*. Other Lands devised to family - Lot #87, 90 & 94, 160 acres contiguous, lying in New York, 8-10 miles from the Genesse River and next to land of James W. CURDY. (willed to nephew Davis RICHARDSON) - More land in Montgomery Co and also in New York, willed to three daughters, Margaret, Catharine and Sarah. - Land in Montgomery Co to daughter Frances, deeded from Richard WOOTTON, father of Margaret who was the mother of Frances. - "Wet Work", "Dry Work", on east side of Monocacy River and hundreds of other acres, to sons. - Lots in Poolesville to Dennis LACKLAND for benefit of his wife and children. - 'Union Mill', mill farm in Montgomery Co of 17 acres with cooper shop and other buildings; also "Sampson's Island", 31 acres in the Potomac River; to nephew Davis RICHARDSON. - lands from James LACKLAND, dec'd, 406 acres. Ignatius' will provided that all SLAVES, their children and grandchildren be set free. - CHANTZ, child of Big NULLY(?), to be free 25 Dec 1823; all her other children to be freed at the age of 28. - negro man JERRY (then in the possession of Mrs. Martha MAGRUDER, the d/o Ignatius' dear friend John NELSON, dec'd, and a father to another daughter whom Ignatius married), to be freed when Mrs. Magruder feels proper. - ELEANOR, w/o SOLOMON, to be free ten years from 1 Jun 1824; her children to be freed at age 28 - BOB (bought from John L. HARDING), to be free nine years from 4 Jan 1825; it would then be over 45; if he is unable to sustain himself, then he may return to my estate and be maintained by my executors. - Linny LUCAS, bought by D. RICHARDSON from Col. BROWN, dec'd, to be free 17 years from 14 Nov 1821; her children to be free at age 28. Two family bibles were mentioned, the red morocco covered one to his wife, Catharine, and after her death, to her eldest daughter then living unless she chooses otherwise. A marriage contract was also mentioned with land from the estate of T. W. James LACKLAND being his wife Catharine's portion. The other family bible was willed to his friend, Mrs. Elizabeth RICHARDSON with the register of the family ages to be cut out or copied to another book. The prayer book, also covered in red moracco, was willed to his daughter Frances, it formerly being her deceased mother's (his wife Catharine was still living when he wrote his will; therefore it appears Catharine was not his only wife). Ignatius recommended Col. Henry KEMP and Dennis LACKLAND along with his two male executors to assist in distribution of his property. Exec/ Catharine DAVIS, John H. SIMMONS and Davis RICHARDSON (Spouses, grandchildren and death dates and places were not listed in will.) Witnesses: D. BUCKY, Frederick L. POOLE, John TAYLOR, John C. DELAUNCY Davis RICHARDSON is the only surviving executor. Elie R. DAVIS left for the South Western states about 1846 and has not been heard from for three years and is believed dead. He was last known to be in Missouri in 1848. Guardian of the Ritchie boys was David SCHLEY. On 4 Feb 1851, testimony was heard from Albert RITCHIE. Trustee was Davis RICHARDSON; sale was held on 28 Mar 1851, high bidders were: - David T. JONES for 197 acres at $10,398.34; his sureties were Richard H. JONES and Daniel T. JONES. - Robert BOONE for 3 acres at $204.12 (land separate from other) - Daniel BAKER for 50 perches at $15 (also separate from main tract) Total sales, $10,617.46. Distribution of $10,093.12 (after costs): - Elie R. DAVIS, 1/2 or $5,046.55 - Children of Thomas J. DAVIS, 1/10 of 1/2 or $504.65 ($72.09 each) - James L. DAVIS, 1/10 of 1/2 or $504.65 - Richard W. DAVIS's share, 1/10 of 1/2 or $504.65 to James L. DAVIS for his claim against Richard's estate - Meredith DAVIS, 1/10 of 1/2 or $504.65 - Margaretta A. DAVIS, 1/10 of 1/2 or $504.65 - Catharine L. DAVIS' sons, 1/10 of 1/2 or $504.65 ($252.32 each) - John J. DAVIS' wife, 1/10 of 1/2 or $504.65 - George L. L. DAVIS, 1/10 of 1/2 or $504.65 (except $458.77 was paid to James L. DAVIS for debts owed by George) - Frances R. DAVIS, 1/10 of 1/2 or $504.65 - Elie R. DAVIS, $45.87; to Albert RICHIE, trustee under will of Catharine DAVIS, assignee of E. R. DAVIS in trust, $458.77. Closed 18 Jul 1851.
Henry H. STIENER & Others vs William H. CLEMENTS & Others Henry STIENER Sr d/ 1825, of Frederick Town (Will 5 May 1825; 18 Jun 1825) widow Rachel d/ Jun 1850 in Ohio d/ Henrietta w/o Thomas H. SHELLMAN - Hamilton Co, OH s/ John J. STIENER and w/ Frances H. - Hamilton Co, OH s/ Henry H. STIENER and wife - Pensacola, Escambria Co, FL d/ Mary C. STIENER, now w/o Robert M. SHOEMAKER - Hamilton Co, OH d/ Rachel STIENER, now dec'd, w/o issue s/ Josephus M. STIENER - Fort Graham, Navarro Co, TX d/ Elizabeth STIENER (d/ abt May 1850) w/o William H. CLEMENTS ......Henry S. CLEMENTS, Jr., a minor (age 10 in Nov 1851 - NY ......John B. S. CLEMENTS, a minor (age 3 in Nov 1851) - NY ......Elizabeth S. CLEMENTS, a minor - NY s/ Thomas M. STIENER (born after his father died) - Hamilton Co, OH Exec/ Rachel STIENER Witnesses: John P. THOMSON, George ENGLEBRECHT, Frederick A. SCHLEY (Spouses not listed in will) Land - 'Dublin Farm', 220 acres of "Monocacy Manor", lying on the Monocacy River, from heirs of William RANDALL (per Will dated 28 Jul 1817) (Hubert Nicholas A. RANDALL, William RANDALL, Priscila SOLLERS, Mary SIM, Harriet SIM) conveyed in 5 Jun 1824. - 2 Lots & Houses in Frederick Town fronting west side of Market St and between Church and Patrick Sts, being where the deceased then lived. In 1851, when John STIENER and wife conveyed his interest to Wm. H. CLEMENTS, all of them then living in Cincinnati, the houses were then occupied by George WEBSTER and David SCHLEY and bordered on the south by John T. THOMSON and on the north by a lot formerly owned by Fred A. SCHLEY. Wm. H. CLEMENTS and his children had gone to Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH by 1850 and he was guardian of his children. Trustee was Henry H. STEINER; sale was held at the city Hotel in Frederick Town on 22 Oct 1851, high bidders were: - David SCHLASINGER for House & Lot, that he then occupied, at $2,726 - Jacob BIRELY for adjoining House & Lot at $2,728 (occupied by J. H. GITTENGER) The farm didn't sell. Distribution after costs of $5,109.80: each 1/7 share, $729.97. Closed 30 Jan 1852.
John C. KAUFMAN & Others vs William KAUFMAN & Others Barbara KAUFMAN d/ 1849 intestate - widow of Conrad KAUFMAN s/ John C. KAUFMAN d/ Margaret KAUFMAN d/ Catharine KAUFMAN w/o Joseph ACLE - Out of State s/ J. Henry KAUFMAN & w/ Elizabeth JOHNSON - Baltimore s/ William KAUFMAN & w/ Emily DAYHOFF s/ Hiram KAUFMAN - Baltimore d/ Mary A. KAUFMAN - Baltimore s/ Jesse A. D. KAUFMAN & w/ Catharine SELSER d/ Caroline KAUFMAN, dec'd w/o Raymond KOLB - Baltimore .......Ann KOLB In 1848, William KAUFMAN filed for insolvency with Caspar MANTZ as his trustee. - Lot #250 in Frederick Town, on north side of East 6th St to Barbara KAUFMAN from John REICH (w/ Phoebe J.) in 1830. Trustee was John C. KAUFMAN; lot was divided into three parts and were sold to: - William KAUFMAN for 1st part fronting 6th St, 36'x180', w/ 2-story log dwelling at $400 - Josiah DAYHOFF for the 2nd part fronting 6th St, 34'x180', w/ 1 1/2-story log dwelling at $300 - Joshua DILL for the 3rd part fronting the east alley of N. Market St, 69'x218' at $80 Total sales, $780. William KAUFMAN was unable to meet the terms and had John SIFFORD and Henry LORENTZ under the name of Sifford & Lorentz to take his place. Distribution after costs of $551.45: each 1/9 share, $61.27. Closed 10 Jan 1852.
George EYLER & Others on Petition Jonas EYLER d/ 1825 (Will) widow - Rachel (d/ 1849) and 9 children - George EYLER - Nathan EYLER - Benjamin EYLER - John EYLER - Priscilla HAMMERS, a widow - Polly WILHIDE - Aramenta SMITH - __________ EYLER, dec'd (unknown son or daughter) ........Margaret SIFFORD ........Rachel BOLLER - Samuel EYLER, dec'd .......1/ Lydia DONALD .......2/ (son) EYLER ....................Malinda EYLER ....................Samuel EYLER ....................John F. EYLER .........3/ Mary YOUNG .........4/ John F. EYLER .........5/ (daughter) PURCELL, dec'd .....................Ann E. PURCELL .....................John PURCELL other grandchild: ........Ara E. EIGENBRODE (not listed in distributions) Exec/ John EYLER (he renounced the trust) Witnesses: John STEWART, Henry THOMEN Sr, Sophia MOSER (Full copy of will was not included; children listed from Equity testimony) Trustee was Jonas MATHEWS; sales were made to - William H. BOLLER for Lot #1 at $1,775 - George EYLER for Lot #2 at $168.17 - Jacob GERNAND for Lot #3 at $800 Total sales, $2,743.17. Distribution after costs, $2,453.51: each 1/9, $272.61. Closed 22 Nov 1851.
Frederick BISER and wife vs Jesse MAIN & Others George MAIN d/ 1849 intestate, had 11 children, widow - Salome s/ Mahlon MAIN, dec'd .........Milton MAIN, a minor .........George MAIN, a minor d/ Essey (Main) w/o Frederick M. BISER s/ Jesse MAIN d/ Salome MAIN, a minor s/ George J. MAIN, a minor s/ William H. MAIN, a minor s/ Lewis C. MAIN, a minor d/ Elizabeth C. MAIN, a minor s/ James A. MAIN, a minor d/ Mary M. MAIN, a minor s/ Joseph G. MAIN, a minor Land - "Houck's Reserve", 21 acres, next to land of Mary BOTTS; from the heirs of John HOUCK: Charlotte & Joseph T. FLEMING of Montgomery Co, Ohio; Catharine & Elias RAMSBERG, Mary & Jacob STONER, Elizabeth & Joseph STUP, Margaret & Emanuel SMITH, Ann Barbara & George STUP in 1843. - "All Bottles Full", 94 acres, from David MAIN and w/ Sarah in 1836; located next to "Rocky Ridge" and on road from Frederick Town to Hagers Town. Guardian was William BANTZ; testimony was heard from John C. KAUFMAN who claimed there were 12 children, but only named Jesse and Essey. Trustee was Joshua DILL; sale was held on 18 Apr 1850; high bidders were: - Mrs MAIN (the widow) for the farm of 106 acres at $2,120 - Mrs MAIN for the mountain land at $75 On 28 Jun 1850, David MAIN made oath that he was well acquainted with Salome MAIN, the widow, and that she was 40 years old and healthy. Lot NORRIS filed a petition as a creditor. (Supplemental continued in #2277 - Equity S-1, 271.)
Thomas MAUGHT & Others vs Joshua AHALT & Others John MAUGHT d/ 12 Sep 1848 intestate, in Knoxville, MD widow - Mary and 8 children s/ Thomas J. MAUGHT & w/ _____ (WOLF) s/ Andrew C. H. MAUGHT & w/ _______ (LONG) s/ Conrad MAUGHT & w/ _______ (NELSON) d/ Barbara MAUGHT d/ Sarah MAUGHT d/ Eliza MAUGHT d/ Catharine MAUGHT w/o Joshua AHALT d/ Susanna MAUGHT, a minor Land - "Fielderea" and "Good Luck", 46 acres with a merchant mill, saw mill and dwelling house, situated on Catoctin Creek and near the Ridge Road leading from Frederick Town to Harpers Ferry; to John MAUGHT and his brother Samuel MAUGHT (w/ Nancy) for $12,000 from heirs of Andrew FUNK in 1840. Later Samuel sold his half to John. (Land was conveyed to Samuel FUNK from A. D. BLESSING of George in 1838.) Guardian was M. KEIFER; testimony was heard from Martin W. E. HOUSE. Trustees were Thomas J. MAUGHT, Andrew C. H. MAUGHT and Conrad W. MAUGHT ; on 17 May 1850, sale was held; high bidder was: - William H. C. KEMP for the mill property at $6,000 Kemp petitioned the court saying he had sold the property to Joseph CARTZENDAFNER and requested that he be substituted. Distribution not given.
667-672 - WEST, SMITH, BOONE, JANNG(?) - Oct 1850
Levin WEST vs Horace WEST & Others Joseph WEST s/ Horace A. WEST - VA s/ Robert WEST - OH s/ Joseph WEST, a minor d/ Mary E. WEST, a minor s/ Eugene WEST, a minor Land - 1/2 share of Lot #6 in town of Berlin (now Brunswick); to Levin WEST and the heirs of Joseph WEST from Patrick McGILL and Thomas J. McGILL as exec/of Patrick McGILL Sr by his will in 1850. Guardian was George SMITH; testimony was heard from Robert BOONE. Trustee was Levin WEST; sale was held in Berlin on 2 Jan 1851, but lacked a sufficient bid. On 10 Jun 1851, private sale was made to George JANNG(?) at $700. Distribution after costs of $568.90 went to Levin WEST (1/2 was his share and the other half was for 1/2 of debts he paid in the partnership of Levin West & Joseph West. Closed 3 Jun 1852.
Mary UPCRAFT vs Maria DEMMIT & Others Robert UPCRAFT d/ c1841 intestate d/ Mary UPCRAFT d/ _______, dec'd ..........Maria w/o Henry DEMMIT ..........Hugh COCHRAN - Out of State ..........Hanna w/o Jacob H. NAILE ..........Martha w/o Moses DOTY/DOTZ ..........John W. COCHRAN - Carroll Co ..........Maranda CONAWAY ---------------Cecelius W. FAGLE - Carroll Co ---------------(unknown) CONAWAY(?) - Out of State ---------------(unknown) CONAWAY(?) - Out of State ---------------(unknown) CONAWAY(?) - Out of State Land - "Resurvey on Joshuas Lot Rectified", 48 acres; and "Cold Friday" (now called "Stripes Purchase"), 52 acres; Mary UPCRAFT was then living on the property. Creditors included Francis B. SAPPINGTON and Richard DORSEY, paracticing medicine under the firm of Sappington & Dorsey; they assigned the mortgage to Mary UPCRAFT. Testimony was heard from Isaac BROWER and Col. Thomas SAPPINGTON. Trustee was Isaac BROWER; on 19 Apr 1851, sales went to: - Daniel NUSBAUM for the 48 acres @ $8/acre - Mary UPCRAFT for the 52 acres @ $1/acre Distribution not listed.
679-682 - ZUCH, BUZZARD - Jan 1851
Henry BUZZARD of Carroll Co, MD vs Heirs of Jacob ZUCH Jacob ZUCH d/ abt 1821 iintestate widow and several young children moved west after his death. Land - "Worth the Taking", 150 acres, to Jacob ZUCK from Henry WAYMAN of Anne Arundel Co in 1820. Trustee was William C. SAPPINGTON; sale was held on 12 July 1851 in Wolfsville, but failed to obtain a sufficient bid. On 18 Sep 1851, private sale was made to Peter H. BUZZARD at $140. Distribution not recorded.
William THOMAS & wife vs Leonard M. KOHLENBERG & Others Etty ORME d/ 1849 (Will written 2 Mar 1838) s/ Nathaniel ORME s/ Jacob ORME & w/ Eliza s/ Roger B. ORME s/ Robert S. ORME & w/ Eliza s/ William ORME d/ Margaretta w/o Adam KOHLENBERG ..........Ann H. KOHLENBERG, now w/o William THOMAS ..........Leonard M. KOHLENBERG, a minor ..........Willamina E. KOHLENBERG, a minor ..........John A. KOHLENBERG, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Right & Good Reason", 222 acres, (deeded to her son Nathaniel ORME by Z. T. WINDSOR in 1836, then to her by her other four sons, heirs of Nathaniel in 1838). Etty devised her land to her grandchildren of her daughter; will was witnessed by R. E. TILLARD, James S. SIMMONS and R. H. SIMMONS. Guardian was William G. HOWARD; testimony was heard from Mr. Elisha HOWARD who also was the trustee. Sale was held at the tavern of M. KIEFER in Frederick Town, but wasn't sold until Jan 1851 to Thomas SINN and John HAGAN at $500.62 Distribution not recorded.
687-696 - CRABBS, EYLER - Jul 1845
Frederick CRABBS vs John EYLER, Jonas MATHEWS & Others Frederick CRABBS and w/ Christina were indebted by mortgage to John EYLER and Jonas MATHEWS. Testimony was heard from Isaac RAISON and Fred STULTZ (refused to testify because he was a member of the Church of the Brethren), Land - "Resurvey on Iler's Content", "Wolfe's Harbor", "Resurvey on Margaret & Jones Partnership", "Bowling Green", "Sugartur Valley", 459 acres; land is on South Mountain and runs from Piney Mountain and on road leading from Emmitsburgh to Harbaughs Valley and next to land of George FLAUTS. Trustee for the sale of the property was Grayson EICHELBERGER; 19 Aug 1850. (Continued to ES-3, 359)
696-700 - MAUGINS - Jan 1849
Michael KLINE, creditor vs Samuel MAUGINS & Others John MAUGINS Jr d/ 5 Jun 1848 intestate widow - Amy and 7 children d/ Nancy MAUGINS, a minor d/ Marie MAUGINS, a minor s/ Martin V. B. MAUGINS, a minor s/ John MAUGINS, a minor s/ Jacob MAUGINS, a minor s/ Levi MAUGINS, a minor d/ Amanda MAUGINS, a minor Administrator was Samuel MAUGINS. Land - "Mountain Lock", 36 acres, next to "Rock Oak Valley" (from a Special Warrant to John HEFFNER and Jacob HEFFNER in 1811).; 22 acres, from Jacob WILLIAMS; "Good Hope Enlarged", 14 acres, from John MAUGINS Sr.; "Sweepstakes", 23 acres in Washington Co, from Joseph F. ROHER and wife to John MAUGINS and Jacob MAUGINS. Trustee for the sale of real estate was Samuel MAUGINS with sureties as John MAUGINS and Daniel MAUGINS. On 15 Sep 1849 sales were made to: - Jacob MAUGINS for 22 acres at $24.75 - Adam FOGH(?) for 18 acres at $73.80 - Adam FOGH & Joseph KEMBER for 23 acres at $30.13 - Jacob SMITH for 36 acres at $162 Total sales $327.68; reported 23 Mar 1852. (Continued in ES-1, 102)
James IJAMS, Richard IJAMS & Others vs Alfred IJAMS & Others Plummer IJAMS Sr. d/ 1849 intestate s/ Plummer IJAMS, dec'd ..........Alfred IJAMS, a minor - VA ..........Oliver IJAMS, a minor - Baltimore, MD ..........John P. IJAMS, a minor - PA s/ James IJAMS s/ Richard IJAMS d/ Rebecca (IJAMS), dec'd w/o John W. CARPENTER ..........William Henry CARPENTER, a minor - VA ..........Julia CARPENTER, a minor - VA d/ Joshan (IJAMS) w/o William L. BROWN Rebecca died July 1849, after her father died. Land - "Duvalls Forest", "Mays Fall", "Good Friday" and "Resurvey on Paris", 175 acres, all contigious, from Joseph HEBBURD in 1819. - "Duvalls Forest" and "Good Friday", 46 acres, from John IJAMS in 1811. - "Duvalls Forest", 1 acre, from Joseph HEBBERD Jr. in 1812. - "Duvalls Forest" and "Good Friday", from Thomas P. IJAMS and Isaac IJAMS in 1805. - Two tracts, 32 acres and 46 acres, from William J. ROSS, trustee for Luke DAVIS and Ephraim DAVIS in 1839. Testimony was heard from John MONTGOMERY. Trustees were James IJAMS and Richard IJAMS; private sale was made to T. L. NIXDORFF for the store house in Ijamsville with 18 acres at $11,000. Public sale was held 26 Jul 1851, sales went to: - Nicholas HARTMAN for the two tracts at $872.95. Distribution not given. File ended 18 Feb 1852. ================== The End of WBT-4 ==================

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