Frederick Co, MD - Equity TG-6

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity TG-6

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber TG-6; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity TG-6
1-7 - MAUGHT, SHRINER, SAHM - Jun 1878
Edward A. SHRINER, agent & attorney for Mary C. SHRINER, mortgagee of Samuel MAUGHT - Report of Sales Samuel MAUGHT & w/ Nancy issued Deed of Mortgage to Mary C. SHRINER for $2,000 in Feb 1877. LAND - Lots# 126, 127, 128 on NW corner of Market & Fourth Sts in Frederick city. Improved with a 2-story brick house with back building, part of which was used as a store room by Peter SAHM, then occupied by him & his wife and Nancy MAUGHT. Also, a stable. To Samuel MAUGHT from Lewis H. STEINER & w/ Sarah S. in Apr 1869 [CM-3, 279]. Sale was held on the premises on 8 Jun 1878; high bidder was: - Mary C. SHRINER at $2,500 (signed by her and G.W.B SHRINER) Distribution: $2,500; court costs, $258.35 - Mary C. SHRINER, mortgage + int, $2,108 - Mary C. SHRINER, partial 2nd mortgage, $133.65 Closed 1 Aug 1878. ===
8-15 - MAUGHT, SHRINER, KRANTZ - May 1878
Edward A. SHRINER, agent & attorney for Mary C. SHRINER, mortgagee of Samuel MAUGHT - Report of Sales Samuel MAUGHT & w/ Nancy issued Deed of Mortgage to Mary C. SHRINER for $2,000 in May 1877. LAND - 50 acres, on Spout Spring Turnpike, 4 1/2 miles from Frederick; adjoining lands of Lewis M. NIXDORFF and Philip BERGER, William MAGE, Frank LEWIS, Samuel T. HILDEBRAND and the heirs of Samuel T. McDEVITT. Improved with a house, grist mill, new bank barn and fruit trees. To Samuel MAUGHT from Marietta V. STUP & her husband George J. STUP for $1,750 in Mar 1874 [TG-1, 289]. Previously to Marietta V. STUP from Cornelius STALEY, exec/of Joshua STALEY, in Jan 1874 [TG-1, 285 or 289]. And also the same lots from previous petition, but those lots were sold on previous petition: Sale was held on the premises on 8 Jun 1878; high bidder was: - Frederick KRANTZ at $1,745 Distribution: court costs, $152.22 - Mary C. SHRINER, partial mortgage claim, $1,592.78 Closed 1 Aug 1878. ===
Edward KOONTZ, assignee of German Building Assoc, mortgagee of James L. LAMBRIGHT & w/ Ann - Report of Sales James L. LAMBRIGHT & w/ Ann "Nancy" issued a mortgage to George MYER, pres of German Building Assoc, for $300. LAND - House & Lot on Bentz St, between 4th & 5th Sts in Frederick City. Improved with a 2-story weatherboarded house and a 1-story house with yard, all paved. To Ann KOONTZ from from Alexander WOODWARD & w/ Ellen in Apr 1866 [JWLC-4, 31]. Sale was held 26 Jan 1878; high bidder was: - Theodore SHULTZ at $495.50 Distribution: court costs, $85.63 - Edward KOONTZ, partial mortgage/int, $421.50 - Balance $20.60. Closed 24 Apr 1878. ===
Eliza C. LEWIS, guardian of Ezra C. EADER & Others vs Ezra C. EADER & Others - Ann C. EADER, now dec'd s/ Ezra C. EADER, a minor s/ Charles C. EADER, a minor d/ Ada M. EADER, a minor s/ Willie M. EADER, a minor d/ Annie E. EADER, a minor It appears Eliza C. LEWIS was a paternal aunt. LAND - House & Lot on east side of East St in Frederick City; near Patrick St. Improved with a 2-story brick house; adjoined the lots of Godfrey KOONTZ on the north and Peter M. EADER on the south. At time of sale, property occupied by Mrs. Elizabeth BARNES. To the EADER children from their mother, Ann C. EADER in Jun 1874 [JWLC-2, 428]. Guardian appointed was H. Clay NAILL, Esquire. Testimony on 18 Dec 1877 was heard from: - Eliza C. LEWIS, age 52, Frederick County - Peter M. EADER, age 33, Frederick City Both had known the parties since birth. Trustee was Milton G. URNER. Sale was held 27 Feb 1878 at the Dill House in Frederick; high bidder was: - August MEHRLING at $1,150 Distribution: court costs, $178.40 - each child's 1/5 share, $194.32 Closed 7 May 1878. ===
Jacob M. BUSHEY vs John V. HANE - Report of Sales LAND - "Araby", 26 acres & 23 acres in Urbana District; on road from Gambrill's Mill to Ijamsville. Improved with a log house and stable with orchard, 20 acres in timber. Then in occupancy of Abdiel L. STRAILMAN & w/ Mary. To John V. HANE from Catherine M. REAL (26 acres) [CM-5, 421]. To John V. HANE from Sarah R. CRONISE, exec/of John V. HANE (23 acres) [CM-6, 715]. Sale was held 27 Apr 1878 at the City Hotel in Fredeick, high bidder was: - Joseph CRONISE for both parcels at $830 Distribution: court costs, $117.50 - Jacob M. BUSHEY, mortgage claim + int, $618.80 - John V. HANE, balance, $93.70 Closed 5 Jul 1878. ===
R. Emory SIMMONS, father - on Petition Cpt R. Emory SIMMONS (petitioner) w/ Sarah E. d/ Dec 1864, intestate d/ Susan Elizabeth SIMMONS, a minor d/ M. Virginia SIMMONS, a minor s/ James Samuel SIMMONS, a minor s/ Lynn T. SIMMONS, a minor (d/ at 13 months, shortly after his mother) LAND - "Resurvey on Simpson's Chance and "the Grove", abt 131 acres in Liberty and Johnsville Districts. - To Rezin E. SIMMONS for 73/96 undivided share at $6,160.29 in Mar 1860 from: Sophia SIMMONS, Mary R.D. & John T. WORTHINGTON and Ann S. & George W. POLE. - To Sarah E. SIMMONS (w/o Emory) for 23/96 undivided share at $2,081 in Mar 1860 from Serena SIMMONS. Except 1 1/2 acre sold to Richard VALENTINE and Henrietta VALENTINE, but not conveyed. Sold by R. Emory SIMMONS per contract to Richard R. BUCKEY on 2 Jan 1878 for $10,250; but Emory only owns a 73/96 undivided share and his children own the other 23/96 share with Emory having a curtesy share. Court's help is needed to provide a clear deed to BUCKEY since the children are minors. Exceptions to sale, reserved for R. Emory SIMMONS and his family were house, garden and orchard, stabling, pasture and shedding for two horses, two cows and four hogs for one year and growing crops. Also reserved was the family burying ground on the farm with right of egress. Guardian was H. Clay NAILL. Testimony was heard on 4 Feb 1878 from: - R. Emory SIMMONS, age 48, Frederick County - Jonas URNER, age 55, Frederick County - Elhanan W. URNER, age 53, Frederick County Distribution of $10,191.16; court costs, $420.66 - R. Emory SIMMONS, 73/96 share, $7,430.26 - R. Emory SIMMONS, to invest under order of the court during his natural life and after his death, to be divided equally among children of Sarah E. SIMMONS, 23/96 share, $2,341.04 Closed 17 Jun 1878. ===
Abraham LOHR, trustee of John LOHR & wife - Report of Sales John LOHR had issued mortgages to: - Savilla GORSHON for $470 in Apr 1875. - John W. MURDOCK for $1,100 in Sep 1875. - Warner T. GRIMES for $500 in Mar 1877. John LOHR & w/ Jannie E. issued Deed of Trust for benefit of their creditors to Abraham LOHR. LAND - Lot# 13, 60x150', near Mechanicstown, fronting the turnpike from Mechanicstown to Emmitsburg and adjoining the Depot of the Western Maryland Rail Road Station. Improved with large 3-story brick house, used as a store and a house of public entertainment. Also has a large stable, and garden with good water at the door. To John LOHR from William B. KYSER in Sep 1871 [CM-7, 540]. Sale was held on the premises on 8 Dec 1877; high bidder was: - Simon LOHR at $2,100 1st Distribution of $955 (includes sale of personal property) - court costs, $210.72 - Savilla GROSHON, 1st mortgage, $496.32 - John W. MURDOCK, partial 2nd mortage, $247.96 Closed 12 Apr 1878 ===
Thomas PERRILL - on Petition Thomas PERRILL d/ 6 Aug 1860 (Will GH-1, 513, written 16 Apr 1859) w/ Mary Ann (died many years ago) bro/ Philip PERRILL d/o 12 Aug 1877 bro/ James PERRILL .......Thomas PERRILL Devised House & Lot to brother Philip (he then living there), upon his death to Thomas' wife, Mary Ann, in trust to sell after Philip's death. Monies to then be divided as follows: - Burchard VILLIGES, friend, 1/2 - now living in PA - Thomas PERRILL, nephew (s/o brother James), 1/2 (only partial Will was quoted) LAND - House & Lot, 10 acres in Urbana District, on road to Greenfield Mills; adjoining lands of Joseph MOBBERLY, Alfred DAVIS and William TRAIL. Improved with a log house and good fencing. To Thomas PERRILL from Rebecca HOPKINS Frederick J. NELSON was appointed trustee. Sale was held 29 Sep 1877 on the premises; high bidder was: - Joseph O. MOBERLY at $200 1st Distribution of $75; court costs, $75 Balance of sale monies to be paid yearly in two payments. Closed 4 Dec 1877. ===
71-76 - DYER, DUNGAN, SAHM, YOUNG - Dec 1875
Peter SAHM, trustee of Jane R. DYER & h/ Edward H. DYER - Report of Sales LAND - Lot on west side of North Market St in Frederick city. Improved with a 2-story log house; retained egress for alley. To Willliam H. DUNGAN & Jane R. DUNGAN (now DYER) as tenants in common, in Feb 1853 [ES-1, 628-629]. Previously to Martha FOGLER from Ezra DADYSMAN, exec/of Henry FOGLER in Jun 1873 [HS-20, 236-237]. Sale was held at Groff's Hotel in Frederick city on 4 Dec 1875; but sale was withdrawn due to lack of sufficient bid. Sale was again held at the same location on 22 Jan 1876; high bidder was: - John R. YOUNG at $635 Distribution of $635; court costs, $139.15 - numerous claims of creditors, $120.76 - Jane R. DYER, $375.09 Closed 5 Jun 1976. ===
WAESCHE Bros & Co vs John W. SEFTON & William SEFTON - Request for Sale to Satisfy Mechanic's Lien Leonard R. WAESCHE, James T. WAESCHE and Albert FOREMAN, partners t/a WAESCHE Brothers & Co contracted with John W. SEFTON to build a house and furnish the materials on a house in Mechanicstown in July 1871. John W. SEFTON was the reported owner of the lot; however, Willliam SEFTON was the real owner. John W. SEFTON had not paid the $1,165.78 due with interest from Oct 1872. William SEFTON d/ abt Sep 1877 widow - Mary Ann (abt 70) d/ Mary Ann SEFTON s/ Martin F. SEFTON & w/ Nathalie S. d/ Savilla (SEFTON) w/o Frederick WHITE s/ John W. SEFTON & w/ Deborah L. d/ Margaret (SEFTON) w/o Charles E. FOREMAN d/ Sarah E. (SEFTON) w/o Joseph WHITE --- John W. SEFTON issued a Deed of Mortgage to Frederick WHITE and William SEFTON. Martin F. SEFTON and Frederick WHITE are admin/of William SEFTON, dec'd. Frederick WHITE & w/ Savilla made Deed of Trust to William J. BLACK and Dr. William WHITE in Jun 1873; sureties were James W. WHITE and Jacob BUFFINGTON. LAND - Lot 5/8 acre, in Mechanicstown, in back of the UB Church, adjoining the woods. House is 2-story (34' square) frame house with four rooms on 1st floor and passage with pantries between the rooms and five rooms upstairs. Also has a store room. Adjoins property of Dr. William WHITE on the east and William SEFTON on the west. - mountain land in Mechanicstown District and Hauvers District. Testimony was heard on 5 Feb 1875 from: - Leonard R. WAESHE, had resided in Mechanicstown since May 1867 - Alfred A. TROXALL, plasterer - Mrs. John W. SEFTON - James T. WAESHE - Ephraim CARMACK, attorney in Mechanicstown; conversation he had with William SEFTON indicated William had given a lot to to his son John and one to his daughter and offered one to his son Martin. - John A. FLEAGLE, age 46, Mechanicstown - stated John W. SEFTON did hauling with a 4-horse team (mules he thought); Fleagle also did hauling with a 3-horse team. - Joseph WOLFE, age 62, Mechanicstown - was driver for John W. SEFTON's team. - Frederick WHITE, age 52, Mechanicstown, son-in-law of William SEFTON and brother-in-law of John W. SEFTON - John W. SEFTON, age 39, Mechanicstown - John H. TAYLOR, age 47, Emmitsburg; had been a house carpenter for 25 years - Charles W. HALLER, builder for 30+ years, Frederick City - John R. ROUZER, testified to family of William SEFTON - Calvin L. FIROR, testified to family of William SEFTON Deductions for hauling by John W. SEFTON were to be deducted from his bill, which left a total of $440 with interest still due. It was ordered unless the money was paid, the house and lot would be sold, as testimony from numerous people stated William had given the lot to his son John W. Trustee was C.V.S. LEVY. Sale was held at GILBERT's Hotel in Mechanicstown on 1 Jun 1878; high bidder was: - Deborah L. SEFTON at $805, guaranteed by Van B. OSLER who had bid on the property for her. The survey showed the lot adjoined land of Col. John R. ROUZER on the east and W.T. GRIMES on the north, with remainder of lot on the west and alley on the south. Distribution: court costs, $319.43 - WAESCHE Bros & Co, claim, $476.08 - John HEL, use of John C. MOTTER, partial claim, $9.49 Closed 1 Oct 1878. ===
Margaret SCHINDLER vs Daniel BRANDENBURG, et al Joel BRANDENBURG was indebted to Margaret E. SCHINDLER for $400 in 1874 on a note to Ann C. SCHINDLER. Joel BRANDENBURG d/ Jan 1877, intestate widow - Malissa (age abt 39) - no children bro/ Daniel BRANDENBURG & w/ Lydia sis/ Lydia BRANDENBURG w/o Edward L. HERRING sis/ Sarah BRANDENBURG w/o John H. MICHAEL sis/ Cornelia BRANDENBURG w/o Jonathan MAIN sis/ Mary Ann BRANDENBURG w/o Isaiah ROUTZAHN - Warren Co, Indiana LAND - House & Lot in Middletown, on the east end, on the north side of Main St; between the Lot of Charles W. KOOGLE on the west and Lewis P. COBLENTZ on the east; then in occupancy of Dr. J.E. BEATTY. The lot is 104x183; improved with 2-story weatherboard and brick house, stable, wash house, smoke house, corn crib, wagon shed, young fruit trees and a well at the door. From Isaac BRANDENBURG for $1,000 in Jan 1869. Previously to Isaac BRANDENBURG from Henry LORENTZ, trustee, in Nov 1859 [BGF-4, 689]. - "Mantzylvania", 4 acres of mountain land; on the east side of the public road from the Baltimore Turnpike to the New Cut Road, 2 1/2 miles NE of Middletown; adjoining land of Daniel BRANDENBURG. Timber of white oak and black oak. From Isaac BRANDENBURG for $225 in Apr 1874. Previously to Isaac BRANDENBURG from Peter COBLENTZ, exec/of Nicholas BOWLUS in Apr 1832. Testimony was heard from: - Margaret E. SCHINDLER, daughter of Ann C. SCHINDLER. - Mrs. Malissa BRANDENBURG - Ann C. SCHINDLER Trustees were Malissa BRANDENBURG and Charles V.S. LEVY. Sale was held in front of the Valley Register office in Middletown on 6 Jan 1878; high bidders were: - Joseph TRAPNELL for the house & lot at $1,34 - George H. KEAFAUVER at $153 Total sales, $1,687. Distribution of $1,704.72 (includes int); - court costs, $206.03 - Melissa BRANDENBURG, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $214.10 - Margaret SCHINDLER, claim, $378.66 - Melissa BRANDENBURG, claim, $94.66 - Melissa BRANDENBURG, claim, $432.35 - Melissa BRANDENBURG, claim, $144.67 - Melissa BRANDENBURG, admin/claim, $234.25 Closed 27 Sep 1878. ===
180-191 - WHITEN, BALL, HAMLIN, COBLENTZ - Dec 1878
Benjamin WHITEN & w/ Eliza A. vs Isaac WHITEN & Others Benjamin WHITEN d/ 1862, intestate s/ Benjamin WHITEN & w/ Eliza Alice d/ Annie w/o Jerry BALL - Washington County d/ Sarah WHITEN s/ Isaac WHITEN & w/ Sarah s/ John WHITEN & w/ Prisilla, both now dec'd .....Benjamin Calvin WHITEN - Texas s/ George WHITEN & w/ Eliza s/ Thomas WHITEN s/ William WHITEN & wife - Baltimore County s/ Edward WHITEN & w/ Sarah - Washington County s/ Robert WHITEN & w/ Josephine s/ Joseph WHITEN & w/ Annie LAND - "Fielderia Manor", 1 acre; on the Hagerstown Turnpike, about 5 miles west of Frederick city. Improved with a 2-story log house. To Benjamin WHITEN from Thomas HAMLIN and Margaret HAMLIN for $240 in 1850; witnessed by A.W. MARRIOTT and James L. NORRIS [WBT-13, 89]. Previously to William MEEDE from George SCHLEY, trustee of SHAVENS, in Apr 1839. Trustee was Edward Y. GOLDSBOROUGH, Esquire. Sale was held on the premises on 2 May 1878; high bidder was: - Benjamin WHITEN at $200; however, he failed to make payment. Sale was again held on the premises on 20 Jul 1878; high bidder was: - Edward L. COBLENTZ at $154.25 Distribution: court costs, $97.64 - each 1/10 share to children/grandchild, $5.66 (son of decedent, Benjamin, didn't receive a share, because of costs of 2nd sale) Closed 12 Oct 1878. ===
191-203 - GARROTT, MORRISON, WILLIARD - Sep 1877
Hannah GARROTT, guardian of Henry C. GARROTT, and mortgagee of William L. MORRISON & wife William L. MORRISON & w/ Mary A.S.J. issued mortgage to Hannah GARROTT (wid/o William), being indebted to her as guardian for Henry C. (or S.?) GARROTT (infant s/o William GARROTT, dec'd, circuit order in Baltimore City, Apr 1877), for $3,675 in May 1871. LAND - "Resurvey on Merryland", 248 acres, in Petersville District, two miles from Knoxville; adjoined land of Robert McDUELL. Improvements of a 2-story frame and stone house, tenant house, log barn, spring house, corn house; 200 acres were cleared, the balance wooded. (Two tracts, 209 acres and 117 acres; except 49 acres conveyed to Ezra WILLIARD [CM-7, 99-100]) To William L. MORRISON from T. Parker SCOTT, trustee, in May 1871. Sale was held in front of the hotel of James REELY/RULY in Knoxville on 13 Oct 1877, but no sufficient bid was received. Sale was again held at the same place on 8 Nov 1877; high bidder was: - William L. MORRISON at $5,704; however, he failed to make payment. Sale was again held at the same place on 28 Mar 1878; high bidder was: - Henry C. GARROTT at $4,464; road to Mrs. Hannah GARROTT's mountain lot is reserved. William L. MORRISON objected to the sale, but the court overruled him. Distribution of $4,464; court costs, $ 903.79 - Hannah GARROTT, guardian of Henry S. GARROTT partial mortgage, $3,560.21. Closed 5 Nov 1878. ===
203-208 - BRAGONIER, BOWLUS - Feb 1876
Noah BOWLUS, trustee of Alfred C. BRAGONIER - Report of Sales Deed of Trust issued by Alfred C. BRAGONIER & w/ Elizabeth R. to Noah BOWLUS in Nov 1874. LAND - House & Lot in Middletown; recently refitted and repaired at large expense; with fruit trees. To Alfred C. BRAGONIER from Lloyd H. HYATT in Apr 1867 [DSB-1, 262]. Sale was held on 19 Feb 1876 in front of the Valley Register Building in Middletown. - Edward BOWLUS for House & Lot at $900 Distribution of $1,453.42 (includes personal property) - court costs, $210.30 - Balance to multiple creditors, $1,243.12 Closed 4 Mar 1878. ===
209-218 - FRALEY, YOUNG - May 1878
Augustus FRALEY, next friend & natural guardian of Lewis H. FRALEY, et al Adeline A. (YOUNG) FRALEY d/ July 1872, Frederick city w/o Augustus FRALEY s/ Lewis H. FRALEY (age 15), a minor d/ Cora S. FRALEY (age 14), a minor d/ Ada M. FRALEY (age 12), a minor LAND - Lot (31x340) on west end and south side of West Patrick St in Frederick city area known as Bentz Town; adjoined by lots of A. Jackson WILCOX on the east and Jacob M. BENTZ on the west and lot ran back to the jail lot. To Adaline A. FRALEY from Philip B. KUNKEL & w/ Ann C. and Henry BOTELER for $1,300 in Aug 1863. Previously to KUNKEL & BOTELER from Samuel CARMACK, trustee of Conrad KING (insolvent debtor) in Mar 1862. Guardian was H. Clay NAILL, Esquire. Testimony was heard 10 Aug 1878 from: - George LAMBERT, 25-year house carpenter, Frederick city; described the badly deteriation of the house and stable. - J. Marshall MILLER, clerk to tax collector, Frederick Co; described the state and county taxes still due on the property. - Lewis S. CLINGAN, city tax collector, Frederick City; described city taxes still due on property. - Augustus FRALEY, father, provided ages of children; stated he was married to decedent in 1861 by Rev. Dr. DIEHL in Frederick City Trustee was C.H. ECKSTEIN. Case adjourned 14 Sep 1878, pending further outcome. ===
219-223 - TUCKER, MILLER, STUP - Feb 1868
Charles W. MILLER, trustee Daniel T. TUCKER & w/ Mary Ann issued two Deeds of Trust to Charles W. MILLER in Sep 1866 for the purpose of dividing among her children the balance of her estate after her death and after debts are paid. Mary Ann TUCKER w/o Daniel T. TUCKER s/ Edward Francis TUCKER d/ Laura Virginia TUCKER d/ Anna Mary TUCKER d/ Alice Lucretia TUCKER LAND - "Fielderea", Lot# 4, House & 5 acres, 4 miles west of Frederick, near the Turnpike; adjoining lands of Col. VERNON & Mrs. E. GETZENDANNER. Improvements were a 2-story log house with 4 rooms, a stable and hog pen, fruit trees and grape vines. To Mary Ann TUCKER from Joshua SHANKEL & wife in Apr 1849. Sale was held 5 Feb 1868 at the Dill House in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Joseph STUP at $340 Personal property sold for $141.06; Total sales, $481.06. Distribution: court costs, $265.84 (included funeral expenses for Mary Ann TUCKER) - multiple creditor claims, $57.44 - each child's 1/4 share, $39.44 Closed 13 Jul 1868. ===
224-226 - GITTINGS, WILLIARD, SHAFER - May 1868
Ezra WILLIARD - Petition William T. GITTINGS & w/ Mary issued Deed of Trust for their creditors to Ezra WILLIARD in Mar 1868. LAND - 145 acres on three parcels adjoined the lands of Columbus O'DONNELL. To William J. GITTINGS from Lewis WEST and Benedict BOONE, trustees, in Oct 1860. Exception of 13 acres previously sold to GITTINGS from O'DONNELL. Sale was held at the store of William HILLEARY in Petersville on 22 Apr 1868; high bidder was: - George SHAFER at $85/acre, $12,327.51 Personal property sold at $1,800. 1st Distribution of $4,307.28; court costs, $636.53 - Joseph WALTMAN, mortgage claim, $3,317.05 - Balance held by trustee, $353.70. Closed 18 Aug 1868. ===
227-232 - REMSBURG - Mar 1869
George W. REMSBURG - Petition Hanson REMSBURG & w/ Susan R. issued Deed of Trust for their creditors to George W. REMSBURG in Feb 1869. Payment due to Christian REMSBURG from Dec 1848 for $1,000, assigned to Lewis REMSBERG, partially paid. LAND - 133 acres, located 1 1/2 miles south of Middletown; adjoining the lands of John R. SHAFER, heirs of Conrad CRONE and Tilghman F. GAVER. Improvements of a 2-story brick house with 1 1/4 story back building, a Switzer barn (40x80), granary, corn house, wagon shed, carriage house, spring house, smoke house, blacksmith shop, with 2 springs near the house and a cistern near the kitchen door; 10 acres in timber, 8 acres in meadow, remainder cultivated, recently limed, divided into 7 fields under fencing, mostly post and rail, with running water in nearly all of them. It is considered one of the finest wheat farms in the valley. Sale was held on the premises on 19 Mar 1869; high bidder was: - John W. REMSBURG and Asa C. REMSBURG at $115/acre, $15,278.47 Personal property was sold for $3,517.67. Distribution of $19,893.44; court costs, $1,214.47 - multiple creditors, $12,951.27 - Hanson REMSBURG, balance, $5,727.70 Closed 15 Jun 1869. ===
James W. PEARRE, trustee of Mary McMASTER - Report of Sales Mary McMASTER and her husband, Samuel McMASTER, issued a Deed of Trust for their creditors to James W. PEARRE. Sale was held on the premises in Libertytown on 18 Sep 1869; high bidder was: - George W. STRAWSBERGER, agent for William RINEHART and Jacob RINEHART, for Lot# 231 at $428.50 - Jacob MABERRY for Lot# 230 at $501 - Jacob MABERRY for Lot# 229 (a vacant lot) at $85 - Albert ROBERTS for Lot# 228 (a vacant log) at $78 (later private sale) - John B. RUNKLES for Lot# 227 at $61 - John B. RUNKLES for 1 1/4 acres, adjoining Liberty Town, a/k/a 'Brick Yards' at $100 Total sales, $1,253.50 + personal property, $79.15. Distribution of $1,332.65; court costs, $183.30 - Israel COOK, mortgage claim, $234 - John RINEHART, mortgage claim, $600 - multiple creditors at 22% of claims, $315.35 Closed 18 Jan 1870. ===
237-242 - FREBUSH, BIRELY - Dec 1875
John W. BIRELY, Pres, Peoples Building Assoc of Frederick County - Petition Philip FREBUSH & w/ Rachel issued a Deed of Mortgage for $1,040 (advance on stock) to People Building Assoc in Feb 1870. LAND - Lot, fronting Second St in Frederick City, on SW corner of Second & East Sts. Improved with two houses; fronts 150' on the Pennsylvania Railroad, suited for Depot or warehouse. To be offered in six lots, Lots# 1-4 fronting East St (20x42' each) and Lots# 5-6 frontng Second St (21x70' each). To Philip FREBUSH from James ELLIOTT & wife and James M. HOOD in Feb 1870 [CM-4, 508]. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick City on 18 Dec 1875; high bidder was: - W. C. BIRELY for all of the lots at $604 Closed 15 Jan 1876. ===
George W. WEST vs John H. RENCH, et al Sarah Margaret RENCH d/ 24 Dec 1874, intestate s/ John H. RENCH & w/ Eleanora C. - Cumberland, MD s/ Charles W. RENCH - Baltimore city s/ Horace H. RENCH & w/ Kate - Pennsylvania s/ Benjamin RENCH & w/ Mary - Pennsylvania s/ Joseph W. RENCH & w/ Sarah - Illinois d/ Emily RENCH w/o Warren ALLISON - Virginia d/ Martha RENCH w/o John Wm. RENNER - Virginia d/ Julia RENCH w/o William ALLEN - Berlin, Frederick Co, MD s/ Adam RENCH - Allegany Co, MD d/ Annie RENCH, a minor - Berlin, Frederick Co, MD Adm/ John H. RENCH LAND - Lot #40 (or #20), south half, in Berlin (now Brunswick). To Sarah M. RENCH from William W. WENNER and Mortimer S. WENNER, execs/of Joseph WALTMAN, in Mar 1873 (unrecorded). George W. WEST assigned to Lingan BOTELER and Joseph TRAPNELL, partners, t/a Boteler and Trapnell, in Oct 1877. Some creditors paid: E.W. GONDHART & son for coffin; BOTELER & TRAPNELL for burial goods; Dr. George W. WEST; Dr. John W. HILLEARY. On 16 Feb 1877, Charles RENCH was in the Maryland Penitentiary and subpeona was refused. Guardian was Edward YOUNG, esquire. Testimony was heard on 3 Apr 1877 from: - George W. WEST, Frederick County; listed death date for Sarah M. RENCH; her husband died 1863-1864, before Sarah. Trustee was Noah BOWLUS. Sale was held 15 Jun 1877 in Berlin; high bidder was: - William GRAHAM at $246 Distribution: court costs, $134.49 - Balance to various creditors, $111.51. Closed 9 Mar 1878. ===
William A. BROWN & wife vs John H. BROWN, et al Elizabeth BROWN d/ 21 July 1876, intestate wid/of George Adam BROWN (d/ c1856) s/ John H. BROWN & w/ Ellen - West Virginia s/ Francis S. BROWN & w/ Susan s/ William A. BROWN & w/ Eleanor d/ Catharine w/o Alexander CARR d/ Amanda M. w/o John F. STINE d/ Mary E. w/o Curtis STOUP d/ Hester A. w/o Samuel WALTZ s/ Joshua J. DOLL, dec'd & wid/ Ellen DOLL .......Ellick DOLL .......Catharine DOLL .......Washington DOLL .......Almetta May DOLL d/ Elizabeth, dec'd wid/o David FRIZZLE .......George W. FRIZZLE .......Jacob H. FRIZZLE .......Maria C. FRIZZLE .......Laura E. FRIZZLE, a minor .......Anna B. FRIZZLE, a minor .......William C. FRIZZLE, a minor .......Amanda V. FRIZZLE, a minor LAND - "Salsburg Helped", 2 acres; on Turnpike to Hagerstown, 3 miles west of Frederick. Improved with house, garden and fruit trees. To Elizabeth BROWN from Jonathan GETZENDANNER & w/ Elizabeth in Aug 1850 [WBT-11, 504]. Previously to Abraham GETZENDANNER from Lewis RAMSBURG, exec/of Stephen REMSBURG. Guardian was Edward A. GITTINGER, esquire. Testimony was heard on 25 Jan 1877 from: - William A. BROWN, age 32, market gardner, Frederick County; His mother had been living with him; Dr. Joseph E. BEATTY was her doctor; her last illness was kidney disease; she had been sick from Apr 1874 until her death on 21 July 1876. William and his wife cared for her as she could not be left unattended; William also paid the expenses and taxes for her. - Amanda M. STINE, Frederick County Trustee was Noah BOWLUS. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 23 Jun 1877; high bidder was: - William A. BROWN at $340 Distribution: court costs, $133.15 - William A. BROWN, partial claim, $104.85 Closed 8 Apr 1878. ===
275-280 - WALKER, HAUKS, CRUM - May 1874
Jason HAUKS, adm/o Jared HAUKS, mortgagee of Mary & Jacob WALKER - Petition Mary & Jacob WALKER issued Deed of Mortgage to Jared HAUKS for $400 in Dec 1871. LAND - "Mackey's Luck", 22 acres, in Mount Pleasant District; adjoined the lands of John DILLER and Jacob DILLER; 7 miles NE of Frederick, 1 mile from Woodsborough Pike and near Walkersville (in 1874, adjoined farms then of Mary WALKER and Mr CRUM). (Lot# 15, 3+ acres to Jeremiah THOMAS from Adam DEVILBISS in Oct 1847 [WBT-13, 55]; 1 acre to Jeremiah THOMAS from Jacob DILLER in Oct 1862 [BGF-8, 570]) Improved with one or more log houses. To Mary WALKER from Jared HAUKS & w/ Charlotte in Oct 1871; adjoining lands of Jared HAUKS from Ephraim CREAGER and Esau D. CREAGER. Jared HAUKS d/ 1873, intestate; Adm/ Jason HAUKS Sale was held 21 May 1874 on the premises; high bidder was: - Solomon CRUM at $300 Distribution pending payment. Closed 20 Jun 1874 ===
280-284 - THOMAS, HAUKS - May 1874
Jason HAUKS, adm/of Jared HAUKS, mortgagee of Jeremiah THOMAS - Petition Jeremiah THOMAS & w/ Delia issued Deed of Mortgage to Jared HAUKS for $280 in Mar 1872. LAND - "Mackey's Lot", Lot# 15, 3 acres, in Mount Pleasant; adjoining lands of John DILLER and Jacob DILLER. Located 7 miles NE of Frederick, 1 mile from Woodsborough Pike and near Walkersville. Improved with one or more log houses. (in 1874, adjoined farms then of Mary WALKER and Mr CRUM) To Jeremiah THOMAS from Adam DEVILBISS (constable) in Oct 1847 [WBT-13, 551]. - "Mackey's Lot", Lot# 15, 1 acre to Jeremiah THOMAS from Jacob DILLER & w/ Eliza A. in Oct 1862 [BGF-8, 570]. Sale was held 21 May 1874 on the premises; high bidder was: - Jason HAUKS at $60 Closed 20 Jun 1874. ===
285-293 - WILLIAR, CRAWFORD - May 1878
Lewis CRAWFORD, adm/De Bonis Non of Israel WILLIAR vs Peter McLAIN & w/ Nancy - Petition Israel WILLIAR d/ intestate widow - Lavinia Adm/ Lavinia WILLIAR, but was removed and Lewis CRAWFORD became the admin. LAND - 18 acres in Hauver's District, 2 miles from Sabillasville and 1 1/2 miles from Monterey Spring, hear the Western Maryland Railroad. Adjoined land of J. Lee CHAPMAN, Western Maryland Rail Road and went to state line. Improved with a log house. To Peter McLAIN from Israel WILLIAR & wife in Mar 1872 [CM-8, 582]. Mortgage of $333.50 was held by Israel WILLIAR. Trustee was Lewis CRAWFORD. Sale was held in front of Crawford & Bro. in Sabillasville on 2 Sep 1878; high bidder was: - Daniel CRAWFORD at $200 Distribution: court costs, $96.49 - Lewis CRAWFORD, for Israel WILLIARD, $103.51 Closed 23 NOv 1878. ===
293-297 - WATERS, MOTTER, SOGGINS, HART - Apr 1878
John C. MOTTER vs Matilda WATERS & Others - Report of Sales LAND - "Small Gains", 1/3 acre with 1-story log house; on road from Frederick to Noland's Ferry in 1st District of Frederick County, on NE corner of Thomas NORRIS' lot; then occupied by John HART. Adjoined land of William MARITT and Matilda WATERS, and line of Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road. Devised to Alexander BARBER by Will of Sarah MARITT. Previously to Sarah MARRITT from Henry WARING. Deed of Mortgage issued by Matilda WATERS, John HART & w/ Caroline to Philip SCOGGINS for $103.61 (John C. MOTTER agent). Sale was held on the premises on 25 Apr 1878; high bidder was: - William SCOGGINS at $200 Distribution of $203: court costs, $72.71 - Philip SCOGGINS, mortgage, $100.29 - Matilda WATERS, mortgager distr/share, $10 - John HART and Caroline HART, distr/shares, $20 Closed 24 Sep 1878. ===
John REIFSNIDER, mortgagee of James WIEMS & wife - Report of Sales James WIEMS & w/ Margaret issued Deed of Mortgage to Andrew BOYD and John REIFSNIDER who were sureties for their debt due to John SMITH for $250 in Apr 1869. LAND - Lot on East St (50x150') in Frederick Town; 18' from road to Monocacy; adjoining lot of Richard POTTS. Improved with a 2-story brick house with cellar; adjoined lot of John STANTON on the south and Mr. ADAMS on the north. To James WIEMS from George TRUSCOTT & w/ Hannah Rosetta for $450 in May 1853 [ES-4, 98-99]. Previously to TRUSCOTT from Francis THOMAS, Equity trustee, (Equity ES-1, 605-606 dated 12 Feb 1853) Exception was part of lot sold to Fannie E. HILL for $850 in Apr 1869; located on east side of East St in Frederick Town [CM-3, 400]. In Dec 1874, Fannie sold the same to John STANTON for $500; with right-of-way. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 11 May 1878; high bidder was: - William ADAMS at $490 Distribution: court costs, $103.11 - John REIFSNIDER, surviving mortgagee, $150.80 - ANDERS & REIFSNIDER, claim, $7.55 - Caroline BOYD, exec/of Andrew BOYD, $23.42 - James WEIMS' legal reps, balance, $205.12 Closed 10 Dec 1878. ===
John W. SENSENBAUGH & wife vs Jacob SENSENBAUGH, et al - Sale of Real Estate Joseph SENSENBAUGH d/ 18 Jul 1877, intestate, unmarried, w/o issue bro/ Jacob SENSENBAUGH & w/ Catharine - Indiana bro/ John SENSENBAUGH, dec'd .......George A. SENSENBAUGH & w/ Catharine - Indiana .......Elizabeth w/o Alexander GROVE .......Malinda w/o John H. TOMS .......Barbara E. SENSENBAUGH - Washington County .......Anne E. w/o Isaac HOFFMAN - Washington County .......Sybilla w/o Aaron CRAVER .......Catharine w/o Peter C. PRYOR .......James C. SENSENBAUGH & w/ Amanda C. .......Benjamin F. SENSENBAUGH - Indiana .......John W. SENSENBAUGH & w/ Amanda sis/ Catharie (SENSENBAUGH) dec'd w/o Christian SMITH .......Peter SMITH & wife - Indiana .......Levi SMITH & wife - Indiana? .......Martin H. SMITH & wife - Out of State .......Lucy SMITH w/o William JOHNSON - Out of State .......Elizabeth SMITH w/o John H. RIDDLE - Out of State .......Magdalena SMITH w/o Benjamin HARDMAN - Out of State .......Phoebe SMITH w/o John AUGUSTINE - Out of State LAND - parts "Third Time for Asking", "Snyder's Addition" and "Forrest's Purchase", 31 acres; near Wolfsville in Catoctin District. To Joseph SENSENBAUGH from John SENSENBAUGH & w/ Magdalena for $200 in Oct 1837. - "Timber Land", 18 acres, in Catoctin District, 2 miles north of Wolfsville on road to Smithsburg; adjoining lands of the heirs of John SENSENBAUGH. To Joseph SENSENBAUGH from Daniel WARRENFELTS, trustee for Estate of Magdalena SENSENBAUGH, in Mar 1866. Due to out of state residents, testimony was heard on 3 Jul 1878 from: - John O. HAYS, didn't know the children of the deceased siblings; gave locations of heirs and stated some of the heirs resided in Iowa and Oregon. - Jacob WILLIAMS, knew the parties in petition except for Catharine SMITH and her children and Jacob SENSENBAUGH. Truste was John W. SENSENBBAUGH who had the land divided in lots. Sale was held 19 Oct 1878 on the premises; high bidders were: - Mahlon R. WOLFE for Lot# 1, 20+ acres, at $17.50/acre - Daniel SMITH for Lot# 2, 10+ acres, at $8.50/acre - Samuel C. PRYOR for Lot# 3 (Home Place), 13+ acres, at $24/acre (included right-of-way thru Lot# 3 for purchaser of Lot# 4) Improvements of a log house, log barn, spring, fruit trees and 5 acres in timber. - Noah ECCARD for Lot# 4, 5 acres, at $31.50/acre Total sales, $930.93. Distribution: court costs, $224.94 - Jacob SENSENBAUGH, 1/3, $235.33 - Catharine SMITH's heirs, 1/3, $235.33 (her children each received 1/7 of 1/3, $33.61) - John SENSENBAUGH's heirs, 1/3, $235.33 (his children each received 1/10 of 1/3, $23.53) Closed 23 Dec 1878. ===
330-343 - MARSHALL, BOWERS, MILLER, SMITH - Dec 1878
Rosanna MARSHALL & Others vs Sarah Elizabeth MARSHALL, et al Thomas MARSHALL d/ Dec 1876 or Jan 1877, intestate widow - Rosanna d/ Elizabeth w/o Jacob BOWERS d/ Mary w/o Coleman BOWERS s/ Thomas MARSHALL (Jr.) & w/ Jane R. s/ Levi MARSHALL (died before his father) .......Sarah Elizabeth MARSHALL, a minor - Washington County .......James Thomas MARSHALL, a minor - Washington County LAND - Lot# 146 in Lewistown; adjoined lots of Mrs. Lydia GREEN and Coleman BOWERS. Improved with a weatherboard log house. To Thomas MARSHALL from John H. THOMPSON & w/ Elizabeth for $300 in Aug 1869 [CM-4, 1-2]. - also adjoining parcel, 16x30' To John H. THOMPSON from Henry WILLIAMS. Guardian was Edward A. GITTINGER, Esquire. Testimony was heard 15 Apr 1878 from: - George W. MILLER, age 44, Frederick County - Henry M. MAIN, age 35, Frederick County Trustee was George W. MILLER. After two failed sales, sale was again held 27 Jul 1878 on the premises; high bidder was: - Edward L. SMITH at $143 Distribution: court costs, $122.01 - Balance to creditors. Closed 24 Sep 1878. ===
344-351 - SIMMONS, BAKER - Dec 1878
James H. SIMMONS, mortgagee of Baker H. SIMMONS - Report of Sales Baker H. SIMMONS & w/ Theresa A. issued Deed of Mortgage to James H. SIMMONS for $2,300 in Dec 1865. LAND - "Woodland", 147+ acres, in Urbana District; then in occupancy of Baker H. SIMMONS and Edwin A. SIMMONS as tenant. Adjoined lands of H. D. ORDEMAN and Jacob WALKER. Improved with a 2-story frame house, frame bank barn, a sprin house with good spring, meat house, tenant house, orchard and running water in most of the nine fields. Three tracts: - 127 acres from Francis THOMAS, trustee [WBT-3, 443]; - 9 acres from Jacob LEWIS & wife [ES-1, 594]; - 11 acres from Samuel BOYER & wife [ES-9, 261]. Sale was held 19 Oct 1878 on the premises; high bidder was: - James H. SIMMONS at $2,876 William G. BAKER was appointed trustee for the conveyance. Distribution: court costs, $188.58 - James H. SIMMONS, mortgagee, partial, $2,687.42 Closed 19 Dec 1878. ===
351-363 - FOGLE, WELSH, WAGNER - Feb 1877
Warner G. WELSH vs Jacob FOGLE of William & w/ Susan LAND - "Woods Chance", 1 acre, in Woodsboro District; on road from the Liberty Copper Mines to Woodsboro, 1/2 mile from the mines and 2 1/2 miles from Woodsboro. Improvements of a 2-story stone house with basement, two rooms above and two rooms below, inclosed with a post fence with a spring near the door, and apple and pear trees. Bill of Sale To William H. WAGNER from Jacob FOGLE of Wm. and w/ Susan for $150 in Oct 1866 (intended to be a mortgage). Previously to Susan FOGLE from Michael TILLINGER/FILLINGER in Nov 1864 [JWLC-2, 608]. Susan FOGLE testified she had been separated from her husband for a long time and that she was the sole owner of the real estate. Testimony was heard 28 Jun 1877 from: - Warner G. WELSH - stated Dr. William H. WAGNER assigned the papers over to him. Stated in 1874, Mrs FOGLE rented it to John EYLER. Then with Mrs FOGLE's permission, he rented it to Henry SMITH. EYLER had never paid the rent, only gave his note to Mrs FOGLE. Trustee was F. J. NELSON, esquire. Sale was held 1 Sep 1877 on the premises; high bidder was: - Luther WELSH at $200 Distribution: court costs, $114.15 - Warren G. WELSH, partial claim (of $119.91), $85.85 Closed 24 Dec 1878. ===
William H. NICODEMUS & Others vs Bradley T. NICODEMUS, et al Isaac C. NICODEMUS d/ 28 Sep 1877, intestate widow - Susannah (age 60 in Jan 1878) s/ William H. NICODEMUS & w/ America Eugenia s/ John Hamilton NICODEMUS & w/ Martha E. d/ Eliza Jane NICODEMUS w/o George D. KOONTZ s/ Peter NICODEMUS & w/ Emily/ Emma T. s/ Jesse NICODEMUS & w/ Elizabeth s/ Isaac C. NICODEMUS (Jr.) & w/ Martha E. s/ Bradley T. NICODEMUS, a minor d/ Sarah Eugenia NICODEMUS, a minor LAND - parts of "Chittam Castle", "The Mistake Rectified", "Pleasant Fields", and "Resurvey on Charles' Choice", 132 acres, in Liberty District; adjoined lands of Conrad DUDDERAR, Michael BARTHOLOW and tract "Addition to Pearre's Retreat". - "Quilting Frolic", 29 acres; adjoined lands of Timothy SAUNDER, Daniel DANNER To Isaac C. NICODEMUS from William DUDDERAR & w/ Margaret for $5,201.12 in Apr 1844. - "Perplexity", 2+ acres; Isaac C. NICODEMUS from Daniel DANNER & w/ Deborah for $135 in Sep 1850. Previously to DANNER from Jacob LANDIS. - Lot# 2 of "The Mill Lot" being part of "Shrinera", 36 acres; a/k/a Shrinera Mills, flouring and merchant mills, on Linganore Creek, one mile south of Unionville; adjoined lands of Charles A. LAWRENCE, Andrew ALEXANDER and Samuel EURY. Improved with a 2-story house and barn with 5 acres attached to the mill. Mill had two runs of burrs and a hominy machine; mill was new and had year round water power. From Philip B. KUNKEL, trustee for Equity Case# 4340. - Lot# 11 of "McDaniel's Chance", 1+ acre; from Philip B. KUNKEL, trustee for Equity Case# 2736. Both to Isaac C. NICODEMUS from Philip B. KUNKEL, trustee, for $2,750 in Apr 1863. - "The First Part of the Land of Perplexity", "Resurvey on Brown's Delight" and "The Quilting Frolic", 67 1/2 acres; adjoined tract "Traveller's Rest" and "Sarah's Venture". To Isaac C. NICODEMUS from John R. STEVENS, exec/of Horatio STEVENS, for $2,396.25 in Jul 1867. SOLD - "The Quilting Frolic", 2 acres. To Nathaniel H. NAILL from Isaac C. NICODEMUS & w/ Susannah for $300 in Jun 1863. Guardian was H. Clay NAILL, esquire. Testimony was heard 4 Jan 1878 from: - Peter DUDDERAR, age 52, lived near Oak Orchard; had known the parties all his life; gave death date of decedant as 28 Sep 1877 (different from original petition). - John H. NICODEMUS, lived near Oak Orchard. Trustee was W. H. NICODEMUS. Sale was held 27 Mar 1878 on the premises of the mill; high bidders were: - W. F. WELLER for mill property at $4,000 (may have included 9 acres) - Eliza J. KOONS (private sale for 3rd parcel, 33+ acres) at $2,600 - Jesse NICODEMUS (private sale for 2nd & 4th parcels, 58+ acres, south of turnpike) at $100/acre and for Lot# 1, 7 3/4 acres, at $30/acre - Susannah NICODEMUS for 3rd parcel of 23 acres (north of turnpike, but a portion south of turnpike) at $3,300 and for Lot# 2, 7 3/4 acres, at $30/acre (adjoins land of Luke C. ENSOR) - Isaac C. NICODEMUS for 1st parcel, 50+ acres (south of turnpike), at $4,135 and for Lot# 3, 7 3/4 acres at $30/acre, except for mill race. Total sales, $20,615. * turnpike is the New Windsor-Liberty Turnpike W. F. WELLER was not able to comply with terms; Bradley T. NICODEMUS asked to substitute as buyer at same price. Distribution of $22,532; court costs, $909.53 - Susannah NICODEMUS, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $2,061.50 - W. H. NICODEMUS, 1/8, $2,445.12 - Advance $600 = $1,845.12 - John H. NICODEMUS, 1/8, $2,445.12 - Advance $600 = $1,845.12 - Eliza J KOONTS, 1/8, $2,445.12 - Advance $135 - $2,310.12 - Jesse NICODEMUS, 1/8, $2,445.12 - Advance $100 = $2,345.12 - Peter NICODEMUS, 1/8, $2,445.12 - Advance $482 = $1,963.12 * - Isaac C. NICODEMUS, 1/8, $2,445.12 - Bradley T. NICODEMUS, 1/8, $2,445.12 - Sarah E. NICODEMUS, 1/8, $2,445.12 * last page 394 wasn't scanned, pending Archives to complete Closed 1879? ===
David O. SMITH & Others vs Clara C. SMITH & Others - Sale of Real Estate Jacob SMITH, dec'd - blacksmith (Will exerpt) s/ Henry SMITH (later died w/o issue) s/ John SMITH * s/ Samuel SMITH (later died w/o issue) d/ Elizabeth SMITH (under age 18) d/ Margaret SMITH (under age 18) Devised the real estate to his three sons; if one or more died w/o issue, their share to go the the surviving son(s). --- John SMITH (of Jacob) * d/29 Dec 1876, intestate widow - Mary Ann (age 50) s/ David Owen SMITH & w/ Georgiana F. d/ Mary Virginia HAINES, widow s/ Clayton S. SMITH d/ Clara C. SMITH, a minor s/ Granville M. SMITH, a minor s/ Franklin E. SMITH, a minor LAND - "Tasker's Chance", 117+ acres; 1 mile NE of Frederick on the Frederick and Monocacy Turnpike. Improvements of a new large brick mansion of 14 rooms, halls, garret and cellar, a new bank barn, large corn crib, hog house, wagon shed, ice house, carriage house, poultry house, blacksmith shop, tenant house and excellent water; under first class fincing with a young apple orchard, a peach orchard of 500 trees of the best varieties and a large vineyard. Then occupied by Mrs. M. A. SMITH. To John SMITH from Joseph G. MILLER & w/ Sarah C. for $21,200 in Nov 1873. Previously to MILLER from Henry CULLER in Dec 1864. - "Hard Dealing", 167 acre farm (home place of John SMITH) ; 2 miles west of Frederick near Fair View, on county road to Mount Zion Church; near the Frederick and Hagerstown Turnpike at NE corner of bridge; adjoining lands of Mrs. HEDGES, Charles GILPIN, S. J. ZIMMERMAN, Benjamin KEYSER and Joseph FLEMING. Improvements of a 2-story weatherboarded house, bank barn, wagon shed, carriage house, tenant house, Washington Dairy, a never-failing spring and choice fruit. Then occupied by David O. SMITH. - House & Lot, 5 3/4 acres, on public road, 1/2 mile south of the Hagerstown Pike; adjoining land of Mrs. James SMITH. Improvements of a 2-story house, stable and fruit trees and grapevines. Then in occupancy of David GIBBONS. - "Fielderea", mountain lot, 55 acres; 4 miles west of Frederick near Fair View; adjoining lands of E. Y. GOLDSBOROUGH. (to be divided into 7 wood lots). To John SMITH from John Ludwig DEIDERLY 1 - 10 acres; on road from Baltimore Turnpike across the Catoctin Mountain by farm of Lawson LIGHTNER and by land of John HAGAN and Emma HEDGES. 2 - 14 acres; by land of Emma HEDGES and on road from Baltimore Turnpike across the Catoctin Mountain by farm of Lawson LIGHTNER. 3 - 11 acres; by land of Dr. Grafton CLAGETT and on road from Baltimore Turnpike across the Catoctin Mountain and by land of John HAGAN. 4 - 4 acres; on road from Baltimore Turnpike across the Catoctin Mountain and by land of John HAGAN and Dr. Grafton CLAGETT. 5 - 6 acres; by land of John HAGAN and Dr. Grafton CLAGETT and by road. 6 - 9 acres; by land of John HAGAN and road and William E. MERCER's tract. 7 - 4 acres; by land of Emma HEDGES (w/o Andrew A. HEDGES). Guardian was Henry Clay NAILL, esquire. Testimony was heard 3 Jan 1878 from: - Joseph G. MILLER, age 59; has known the parties since infancy; stated Henry and Samuel died w/o issue; John had lived on property past 35 years. - David Owen SMITH, age 32, resided near Frederick City; stated he understood his uncles Henry and Samuel died before they became of age. Trustees were Mary A. SMITH and Joseph G. MILLER. Sale was held at the City Hotel on 23 Mar 1878; high bidders were: - Samuel M. SUMMERS for the 'Home Place" , 167 acres, at $70.05/acre; allowance for road to wood lots. - John HAGAN for Lot# 4 and House at $456 - George William SMITH for Lot#5, 6+ acres, at $31/acre - W. E. MERCER for Lot# 6, 9 acres at $42/acre Other farm and wood lots didn't sell. Total sales thus far, $12,740.11. Distribution of $4,246.70; court costs, $1,240.72 - each child's 1/6 share, $500.99 Closed 5 Jul 1878. Note - first page missing, wasn't scanned; pending completion from Archives ===
John W. PHOEBUS and Benjamin F. PHOEBUS, trustees - Report of Sales - Continuation of TG-1, 174 - Equity# 3760 - Estates of Peter & Elizabeth PHOEBUS LAND - "Long Acre" (part of "Taskers Chance"), Lot# 22 on West Patrick St in Frederick town. Private sale was made to Bernard DUVALL for "Long Acre" lot at $125 LAND - House & Lot on West South St, Frederick; adjoining lots of Mr. BAKER and Elizabeth PHOEBUS; then in occupancy of James H. PHOEBUS. Improvements of a 1-story brick house with basement. On 24 July 1877, Circuit Court dismissed complaint of James H. PHOEBUS and determined the house and lot be sold. - 5-acre lot on West Patrick St in 'Battle Town' in Frederick (divided into 22 lots, 36' wide); adjoined land of George LAMPERT and running back to George H. RIZER's. Lot# 4 was improved with a 1-story brick house with back building attached and hydrant in the yard). Sale was held 29 Jul 1878 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - Mrs. Elizabeth C. PHOEBUS (w/o James H. PHOEBUS) for House & Lot on West South St at $655 - Mrs. Annie E. HOUCK for Lot#1, $185; Lot# 2, $150; Lot# 3, $145 Later, private sale made to: - Elizabeth A. PHOEBUS for Lot# 4 at $400 Total sales, $1,660. Distribution of $1,023.33; court costs, $256.88 - James H. PHOEBUS, son, 1/8, $98.80 - Benjamin F. PHOEBUS, son, 1/8, $98.80 - John W. PHOEBUS, son, 1/8, $98.80 - Jane SMITH, daughter, 1/8, $98.80 - Elizabeth A. PHOEBUS, daughter, 1/8, $98.80 - George SKILL, s/o M. STRAILMAN, daughter, 1/8, $98.80 - Ann E. HOUCK, d/o George PHOEBUS, son, 1/8, $98.80 - Anna M. GERLOCK, d/o C. PHOEBUS of George PHOEBUS, son, 1/16, $47.90 - Francis BARKSON, s/o C. PHOEBUS of George PHOEBUS, son, 1/16, $47.90 Closed 4 Jan 1879. Note - In TG-1, 174-189, BARKSON was listed as BURKE. Also see TG-1, 153-173 - Peter PHEBUS Estate ===
424-429 - BEALL, WOOD, HAMILTON, NICHOLS - Feb 1877
Joseph WOOD, trustee of James H. BEALL - Petition James H. BEALL issued Deed of Trust for benefit of his creditors to Joseph WOOD in Jan 1877. James H. BEALL had sold the mill property before the Deed of Trust was issued; he sold it to John HAMILTON, but deed was not conveyed; so Joseph WOOD sold the mill property to John HAMILTON for $1 over the agreed upon amount. The mill property was fully covered by liens. Sale were to: - Randolph NICHOLS for 1 acre at $20; however, he asked that John BELL be substituted as buyer. - John BEALL for 16 acres at $75 Personal property was sold for $301.80 Total proceeds from sales, $397.80. Monies still pending. Closed 10 Jan 1878. ===
Hamilton LINDSAY, exec/of Margaret JUSTICE, et al vs William JUSTICE, et al David JUSTICE d/ 1864 (Will written 28 May 1858; filed 24 May 1864) w/ Margaret (life estate and 1/2) - d/ Feb 1878 (Will, exec/ Hamilton LINDSAY) bro/ William JUSTICE sis/ Abigail (JUSTICE) wid/o Adam GARBER sis/ Catharine (JUSTICE) GARBER, dec'd ..........Ann E. (GARBER) w/o Levin J. GOSNELL ..........William H. GARBER ..........Mary Jane (GARBER) w/o George W. TRUMP ..........Israel GARBER ..........Barbara Ann (GARBER) w/o _____ SHOEMAKER ..........Martha C. (GARBER) w/o _______ HOOPER - Carroll County ..........Luther M. GARBER ..........Margaret M. (GARBER) w/o John POOLE sis/ Elizabeth (JUSTICE) BAKER, dec'd ..........George W. BAKER - Carroll County ..........Andrew J. BAKER - Carroll County ..........Eliza Ann BAKER w/o Wesley HARRISON - Carroll County ..........Permilla J. BAKER w/o Silas FISH - Carroll County ..........Francis A. BAKER - Carroll County ..........Thomas D. BAKER - Carroll County Exec/ (He failed to name one) Witnesses: Daniel DANNER, Clagett W. DORSEY, William H. BRIGHTWELL LAND - "Resurvey on Woods Lot", 25 acres, in Liberty District (#8), 3/4 mile west of Unionville; adjoined lands of George GAITHER, George D. NORRIS and the heirs of Benjamin LINDSAY. Improved with a log house, barn and fruit trees. To David JUSTIS from Andrew LUGENBEEL for $1,350 in Oct 1829 [JS-33, 68]. ----- Margaret JUSTICE * d/ Feb 1878 (Will written 22 Mar 1866; filed 4 Mar 1878) sis/ Barbara DUDDERAR, dec'd (1/2 to her children) * ..........William DUDDERAR ..........George W. DUDDERAR ..........Rosanna DUDDERAR ..........Alice M. (DUDDERAR) w/o George P. LONG sis/ Sarah LINDSAY (1/2 to her children) * ..........Hamilton LINDSAY ..........Granville LINDSAY ..........Rebecca (LINDSAY) w/o Edward D. DANNER ..........Josephine (LINDSAY) WILSON, dec'd ----------------Benjamin C. WILSON ----------------Sarah Catharine (WILSON) w/o Henry/Harry W. DOUTY ..........Julia Ann (LINDSAY) dec'd w/o William H. PEARRE ----------------Earnest PEARRE ----------------Walter PEARRE ..........Sarah Marion (LINDSAY) dec'd w/o James W. PEARRE ----------------Josephine PEARRE ----------------Claudia PEARRE ----------------Albert L. PEARRE ----------------Olivia PEARRE - Florence GARBER (wearing apparel) Exec/ Hamilton LINDSAY ( sureties were James W. PEARRE and George D. NORRIS Witnesses: John DOUTY, Benjamin G. FRANKLIN, G. R. SAPPINGTON ----- William DUDDERAR sold his share to Hamilton LINDSAY for $50 in May 1878. Trustees were James W. PEARRE and Hamilton LINDSAY. Sale was held 25 May 1878 on the premises near Unionville; high bidder was: - George GAITHER at $1,425 Inventory list of personal property sold listed; total sales, $101.95. Distribution of $1,590.50; court costs, $330.06 - William JUSTICE, 1/4, $133.75 - Abigail GARBER, 1/4, $133.75 - Catharine GARBER, 1/4, $133.75 (each of her children rec'd 1/8 of 1/4, $16.71) - Elizabeth BAKER, 1/4, $133.75 (each of her children rec'd 1/6 of 1/4, $22.29) Closed 14 Feb 1879. Note - Frederick County, Maryland - Marriage Licenses * Margaret LUGENBEEL & David JUSTICE on 12 Sep 1817. Sarah LUGENBEEL & Benjamin LINDSAY on 21 Dec 1829. Barbara LUGENBEEL & George W. DUDDERAR on 8 Aug 1832. ===
John ROUZER vs James D. DOUGHERTY & Others Ann/Nancy DOUGHERTY d/1872-1873, unmarried, w/o issue bro/ James D. DOUGHERTY - Out of State (but may have returned) sis/ Hannah (DOUGHERTY) WILHIDE sis/ Rose (DOUGHERTY), d/ Nov 1877, intestate, wid/o William REILLY ..........John H. REILY ..........William D. REILY ..........Francis Marion REILY - Out of State (but may have returned) ..........Mary Isador (REILY) w/o Charles GROFF - Logansport, Cass Co, IN ..........Virginia (REILY) w/o Jacob LEIDIE/LYDIE/LIDIE LAND - "The Mountain Tract", 6 3/4 acres in Mechanicstown, 1/4 mile from the water tank; adjoined lands of Edward BAXTER, of Mr TROXELL, at NE corner of John B. KUNKLE to lot of Joseph ROWE and road to the mountain. Improvments were a log house, stable, spring house, fruit trees and a fine spring of pure mountain water with a branch running through it. To James D. DOUGHERTY, Nancy DOUGHTERY, Hannah WILHIDE and Rose REILLY (wid/o William REILLY) from John ROUZER & w/ Emma K. for $900 in July 1867 [DSB-1, 570]. Previously to ROUZER from John W. HOOVER. James D. DOUGHERTY, Ann DOUGHERTY, Hannah MIDDLETON and Rose REILLY issued a mortgage to John ROUZER for $700 in July 1867. They sold said property to John FITZGERALD, but didn't convey a deed. John FITZGERALD had made payments to John ROUZER, but balance is still due. John FITZGERALD d/ 1877 (Will written July 1877) widow - Mary (life estate, then to their sons) s/ John FITZGERALD JR s/ James FITZGERALD Exec/ son John Witnesses: Edward BAXTER, George SIPES, Ephraim CARMACK The widow renounced the Will on 1 Feb 1878 and asked for her dower share. Testimony was heard ***** Missing pages 458 & 459 ***** More testimony was heard on 26 July 1878 from: - John REILEY Trustee was John ROUZER. Sale was held 9 Nov 1878 at GILBERT's Hotel in Mechanicstown; high bidder was: - Warner GRIMES at $315 Distribution: court costs, $128.06 - John ROUZER, partial mortgage, $186.94 Closed 8 Feb 1879. ===
466-481 - MEALY, SMITH, WOOD, DOWNEY, HAMMOND - Sep 1873
James MEALY and Ormand MEALY by guardian, Charles WOOD vs Charles MEALY John SMITH, dec'd, devised land to his d/ Lydia (SMITH) w/o Milton MEALY. LAND - 86 acres in New Market District; on New Market to New London road; adjoining lands of Joshua RUSSELL, Nicholas W. HAMMOND, James MEREDITH, William DOWNEY, Margaret WRIGHT and Mrs. Maria BRENGLE. Lydia (SMITH) d/ March 1864 w/o Milton MEALY d/ 25 July 1873 s/ Charles MEALY (age 33 in 1874) s/ Ormand F. MEALY, a minor (age 21 in 1874)- California s/ James MEALY, a minor Ormand F. MEALY sold his share to Thomas M. MEALY for $375 on 12 Jan 1874 (evidently he was then of age). Testimony was heard on 24 Jun 1874 from: - Isaac N. WOOD - stated Ormand F. MEALY was then living in California. - Charles WOOD - Joseph WOOD - Howard G. MAYNARD Trustees were Charles WOOD and J.E.R. WOOD. Sale was held 3 Oct 1874 on the premises; high bidder was: - Jesse W. DOWNEY for 56-acre farm at $35.25/acre, $1,993.70 - Thomas M. MEALY for detached 8 acres at $35.25/acre, $295.75 (Section was widow's dower in estate of Walter C. HAMMOND) Total sales, $2,289.45. 1st Distribution of $760.15; court costs, $343.05 - James MEALY, to his guardian Charles WOOD, 1/3, $140 - Ormand MEALY, to assignee Thomas M. MEALY, 1/3, $140 - Isaac N. WOOD, to assignee Charles E. MEALY, 1/3, $140 Closed 4 March 1875. ===
Lewis J. CRAVER & Others vs Susan R. CRAVER & Others Peter CRAVER (Will written 22 Jan 1868) s/ Simon Peter CRAVER s/ David CRAVER - Out of State s/ Ezra CRAVER - Out of State s/ Joshua CRAVER (d/ 1863, before his father) ..........1/ George CRAVER ..........2/ Charles CRAVER - Out of State ..........3/ Martin CRAVER - Out of State ..........4/ Thomas CRAVER - Out of State ..........5/ Joshua CRAVER (Jr.) - Out of State ..........6/ Harriet E. CRAVER ..........7/ Phoebe A. (CRAVER) w/o Richard R. HARPER ..........8/ Hester (CRAVER) SHAWEN, dec'd w/o William SHAWEN ......................a/ Mary Elizabeth (SHAWEN) w/o William HAINES - Out of State ......................b/ Lewis H. SHAWEN, a minor (of age by Jun 1878) ......................c/ Charles W. SHAWEN, a minor ......................d/ Viola S. SHAWEN, a minor ......................e/ David C. SHAWEN, a minor ......................f/ Ann M. SHAWEN, a minor d/ Mary Ann (CRAVER) wid/o George MILLER - Montgomery Co, MD Estate to his son Simon Peter and he to pay legacies to siblings. Exec/ son Simon Peter CRAVER Witnesses: Samuel P. HAFFNER, Henry S. HEDGES, Frederick A. STULL ----- LAND - "Cronice's Chance", 14 acres, and "Resurvey on Ramsburgh's Chance", 34 perches. To Peter CRAVER from John RITTER of Adams Co, PA in Sep 1837. - "Resurvey on Ramsburg's Chance", 2 acres. To Peter CRAVER from John MILLER & w/ Sarah in Oct 1835. - "Manfelt", part "Resurvey on Ramsburg's Chance", "Resurvey on Puzzle" and part "Fancy", 84 acres; located 6 miles north of Frederick city. To Peter CRAVER from Simon Peter CRAVER & w/ Susan Rebecca for $1,322 in Sep 1863. Previously to Peter CRAVER from Jonathan BEALE in May 1811 [WR-39, 469-472]. Dr. Thomas E. MILLER purchased the shares of all of Joshua CRAVER's children except those of Harriet and Hester. Simon Peter CRAVER d/ 13 Nov 1873, intestate widow - Susannah Rebecca s/ Lewis J. CRAVER s/ Daniel/David S. CRAVER d/ Margaret (CRAVER) w/o Carlton OLAND d/ Caroline/Clara (CRAVER) w/o Charles OLAND d/ Mary CRAVER d/ Cordelia (CRAVER) w/o William WACHTER d/ Susan CRAVER, a minor d/ Emma CRAVER, a minor s/ Howard CRAVER, a minor s/ Charles CRAVER, a minor LAND - "Better Than None", Lot #5, a 4+ acre mountain lot; on the eastern slope of Catoctin Mountain and on south side of Fishing Creek, a short distance above Three Springs; adjoining land of George McCORMICK. To Simon P. CRAVER from Jacob MORT & w/ Julia Ann in Mar 1857. - "Resurvey on Hog Range", Lot #5, a 16+ acre mountain lot; on the eastern slope of Catoctin Mountain and on south side of Fishing Creek, a short distance above Three Springs; adjoining land of George DUTROW. To Simon P. CRAVER from Charles BROADRUP & w/ Susanah in Apr 1864. Previously to BROADRUP from Jacob STALEY, trustee of Christian WIDRICK, in Aug 1854. - "Manfelt", part "Resurvey on Ramsburg's Chance", "Resurvey on Puzzle" and part "Fancy", 84 acres; 1 miile NW of Hansonville. Improvements of a log house and frame barn; adjoining lands of John W. MILLER, Charles BROADRUP and Joseph L. GREEN. Daniel S. CRAVER was then living on the farm. To Simon P. CRAVER from Peter CRAVER for $1,322 in Sep 1845. Previously to Peter CRAVER from Jonathan BEALE in May 1811 [WR-39, 469-472]. Guardian was H. Clay NAILL, Esquire. Testimony was heard 15 Jun 1878 from: - Thomas E. R. MILLER - Frederick A. STULL Trustee was Dr. Thomas E. R. MILLER. Sale was held 31 Aug 1878 at the HARPER's Store in Hansonville; high bidders were: - Christian EYLER for 71 acres at $30/acre, $2,154 (where Simon P. CRAMER formerly resided; adjoining lands of John W. MILLER and Charles BROADRUP) - Jacob E. PALMER for mountain Lot# 1 of 4 acres, at $22 (on eastern slope of Catoctin Mountain near Fishng Creek - Jacob D. RICE for mountain Lot# 2 of 16 acres, at $35.45 (on eastern slope of Catoctin Mountain near Lot#1, but not adjoining) Total sales, $2,211.45. On 6 Feb 1879, Dr. Thomas E. R. MILLER stated the widow of Simon P. CRAVER, Susannah R. CRAVER, was about 50 years old and was in reasonable good health. 1st Distribution of $737.15; court costs, $293.82 - Ezra CRAVER (under Will of Peter CRAVER), $253 - Joshua CRAVER's children, each 1/8 share, $23.79 (Dr. Thomas E. R. MILLER was assignee of his son's shares and of daughter Phoebe's share = 6/8) (Hester's children each received 1/6 of 1/8, $3.96) Closed 7 Feb 1879. ===
John RITCHIE & Others - Appointment of Trustee to Replace Col. John RITCHIE under Will of Thomas BEATTY Sr. Thomas BEATTY Sr. d/ Jan 1816 (Will written 28 Dec 1810; filed Feb 1816) s/ Thomas BEATTY Jr., dec'd - Georgetown, Washington, DC .....widow - Mrs. Anna SEMMES, (later married Joseph SEMMES of Georgetown, DC) ..........1/Thomas Alexander Contee BEATTY ..........2/Eleanor Harrison BEATTY d/ 16 Apr 1875 in Washington, DC, intestate ................wid/of Alexander SEMMES; wid/of Basil BRAWNER .........................a/ John Harrison SEMMES ......................... b/Anna Jane BRAWNER d/ 13 Apr 1876, intestate, childless ...................................w/o J. N. DICKSON (m/ 28 Sep 1870) - Washington, DC ..........3/Jane Contee BEATTY ..........4/John BEATTY d/ Catharine (BEATTY), dec'd w/o Col. John RITCHIE (d/ Nov 1826) ..........1/ Thomas RITCHIE & w/ Mary Ann ..........2/ Mary "Polly" RITCHIE wid/of David OTT (d/ c1828) - Washington, DC (Mary died childless in Frederick City in 1845 with a Will) ...........3/ Dr. Albert RITCHIE d/ 1858 in Frederick County (Will) .........................a/ John RITCHIE .........................b/ Albert RITCHIE of Baltimore City ...........4/ Armalanah (RITCHIE) w/o Rev. Daniel NEWELL d/ Henrietta (BEATTY) w/o Rev. William PARKINSON - New York City ..........1/ Dr. William B. PARKINSON d/ May 1856, w/o issue (Will) ...............married Emma VALENTINE in March 1851 - New York City Exec/ son-in-law, John RITCHIE Witnesses: Cornelius RIDGE, Jacob BECKENBAUGH, Frederick C. HASE, Samuel SCOTT Codicil - His son Thomas died and he now made provision for his son's widow. Lots# 169 & 169 in Creagerstown was also devised to her. Signed on 16 Jul 1815. [HS-1, 150] Witnesses: Jacob BECKENBAUGH, Cornelius RIDGE, Samuel GRIMES and Frederick C. HASE Note - relationships, names and deaths taken from Equity court testimony, not from the Will. --- His executor sold his estate as was directed; however, some real estate remained unsold at the time of John RITCHIE's death in Nov 1826. LAND - "Flowery Meads", 528 acres in Garrett County (but previously in Allegany County), 5 miles SW of Frostburg. - Acquired by Thomas BEATTY Sr, James BEATTY and John C. BEATTY by patent in June 1795 (combined "Mill Seat", 75 acres, and "Cranberry Swamp", 57 acres, plus 396 acres of vacant land, on north side of Savage River). - James BEATTY of Lafayette Co, KY, conveyed his interest to Thomas BEATTY for 300 pounds cm in Dec 1796 [JL-B, 336-337, Allegany County]. - John Conrad BEATTY of Allegany Co, MD, conveyed his interest to Thomas BEATTY for 300 pounds in Apr 1797 [JL-B, 335-336, Allegany County]. (There had been an agreement of sale previously to Peter D. EVAMOR and Patrick MURDOCK by John C. BEATTY for his share.) - "Last of All", 47 acres near Mechanicstown on Catoctin Mountain. Acquired by Thomas BEATTY Sr by patent in Apr 1792 Mary (RITCHIE) OTT (Will GME-3, 110, written 8 Nov 1844; filed 22 Jul 1845) bro/ Thomas RITCHIE & w/ Mary Ann bro/ Dr. Albert RITCHIE d/ 1858 in Frederick County (Will) sis/ Armalanah (RITCHIE) w/o Rev. Daniel NEWELL niece - Mary Ott RITCHIE - William M. BEALL & w/ Frances - Susan McCLANAHAN - Miss Ellen BEALL (resides with her til Mary's death) - servant girl, JULIA (SLAVE?) Exec/ brother Albert and friend and relative, William M. BEALL Witnesses: John C. FRITCHIE, Henry HENSHEW, Jacob ENGELBRECHT --- Dr. Albert RITCHIE acquired the share of Mary (Ritchie) OTT by her Will and was also the Executor of it. Albert also acquired the share of Thomas RITCHIE & w/ Mary Ann of Monroe Co, PA for $300 by deed in May 1852: - "Rich Glade", 306 acres; To John RITCHIE by Maryland patent in Sep 1793. - "Hunting Ground", 199 acres; To John RITCHIE by Maryland patent in Sep 1793. - "Elk Lick", 210 acres; to John RITCHIE by Maryland patent in May 1797. - "Addition to Hunting Ground", 532 acres; To John RITCHIE by Maryland patent in May 1797. - "Constitution Vale", 301 acres; To John RITCHIE by Maryland patent in May 1797. - "Flowery Meads", 528 acres, heavily timbered; 2 miles south of National Road and 5 miles from Frostburg between Big Savage Mountain and the Savage River in Garrett County. To Thomas BEATTY, James BEATTY and John Conrad BEATTY by Maryland patent in Jun 1795 (Thomas RITCHIE being a child of John RITCHIE and grandson of Thomas BEATTY) Dr. Albert RITCHIE d/ 1858 in Frederick County (Will GH-1, 284 written 22 Oct 1857; filed 25 Jan 1858) s/ John RITCHIE s/ Albert RITCHIE of Baltimore City d/ Mary Ott RITCHIE, dec'd d/ Mary Louise RITCHIE s/ William RITCHIE SLAVES - servant Margaret BACON, to daughter Mary Louise, to serve until 1 Jan 1868, then to be free and given $36 Monies for purchase two or more lots in Mount Olivet Cemetery and for removal of remains of deceased relatives: his father, mother, two wives and children, sister Mrs. Mary OTT and reinterred to Mount Olivet Cemetery; and to enclose the same. Sons John and Albert to be guardians of daughter Mary Louise and son William; also to be trustees for the Wills of William N. RITCHIE of Tallahassee and Mary OTT and carry out provisions for Mrs. Mary Ann RITCHIE, relict of the late Rev. Thomas RITCHIE and sister Mrs. Armalanah NEWELL, relict of the late Rev. Daniel NEWELL. Execs/ sons John and Albert Witnesses: Jacob BAER, William WATERS, William T. WOOTTON --- On 9 Jul 1856, Emma PARKINSON of Jersey City, NJ, exec/of William B. PARKINSON filed his will in New York City, New York Co, NY (New York City - Will written 27 Aug 1851; approved 9 Sep 1858). New trustee was John RITCHIE, esquire. Sale was held 15 Aug 1877 in front of McNEILL & McCULLOH's Drug Store on Main St, near the centre of Frostburg, MD, but could not achieve a sufficient bid for "Flowery Meads", nor for numerous private bids. Later an offer was received from: - Richard BEALL of Frostburg for 350 acres on the western side of "Flowery Meads" at $4,000; lies about 5 miles SW opf Frostburg in Garrett County. Sale was held 24 Nov 1877 at GILBERT's Hotel in Mechanicstown, for "Last of All", but a severe storm caused them to cancel the sale. Incomplete at this time, but filed 23 Feb 1878. ===
543-552 - SHRIVER, MASON - May 1878
Trust Estate of William SHRIVER Jr. - Report of Sale John T. MASON R. of Baltimore City was trustee under Deed of Trust from William SHRIVER Jr. for benefit of Shriver's creditors. LAND - Farm "Haylands", 250 acres, near Emmittsburg. Improvements of a large house, stable and barn. To Shriver from Robert MICKLE, Ferdinand E. CHATORD and Sallier MILES in Jun 1872 [CM-8, 569]. Sale was held 23 Jul 1878 on the premises; high bidder was: - Andrew K. SHRIVER for the farm of 250 acres at $10; subject to mortgage of $9,000 and right of dower of the w/o William SHRIVER, Jr. Personal property was sold totaling $1,147.84. Total sales, $1,157.84. Distribution of $1,246.54; court costs, $515.86 - Balance paid to multiple creditors at 7.44% of claims. Closed 21 Feb 1879. ===
Aloysius F. ORNDORFF, trustee of Salome HOVIS and her husband, Francis E. HOVIS Salome HOVIS and her husband, Francis E. HOVIS, issued Deed of Trust to Aloysius F. ORNDORFF on 1 May 1877. LAND - "Carrollsburg", 115 acre farm and mill, 1 mile west of Emmittsubrg on SE side of road from Emmittsburg to Harbaugh's Valley and NE of bridge across a mill race; adjoined land of John K. TAYLOR, James HOSPELHORN, Benjamin KEILHOLTZ and Andrew ANNAN. Included right-of-way to creek for Dr. Andrew ANNAN. Improvements of a 2-story log house, a frame weatherboarded barn and a 3-story brick merchant mill with good water power and a tenant house. Tenant then was Charles GRIMES. To Salome HOVIS (then Salome FOX) from John CLARK & w/ Eliza of Adams Co, PA in Oct 1870. Previously to Clark from William J. ROSS and Bradley T. JOHNSON, trustees for benefit of creditors of Sameul D. YOUNG in 1861 [BGF-6, 390]. Sale was held in front of the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmittsburg on 24 Sep 1877, but no sufficient bid was received. After failed sale, private sale was made to: - John DONOHUE at $4,000 Personal property was sold at $904.85 John DONOHUE filed a petition from Baltimore City to have the HOVIS' and Charles GRIMES evicted as they had refused to vacate the property. The HOVIS's claimed fraud and said the property could have been sold for much more. They also claimed that DONOHUE immediately resold the property to Daniel HARTMAN who was a party to having the sale stopped and is the one demanding possession although there is nothing to validate his ownership. The court overruled their objections as insufficient. Distribution of $5,024.85; court costs, $526.82 - Multiple creditors, $4,163.39 - Mrs. Salome HOVIS, balance, $334.64 Closed 30 Oct 1877. ===
Frederick Town Savings Institution vs William J. ROSS, surviving trustee, & Others Equity of Redemption to Franklin WATERS in trust to hold for Mary E. HILLEARY, w/o John H. HILLEARY; upon her death, to the HILLEARY children. [WBT-11, 315] Upon Franklin WATERS becoming incapacitated (Maryland Hospital for the Insane) William J. ROSS became the trustee for the trust. Deed of Trust to William J. ROSS and Worthington ROSS from John H. HILLEARY & w/ Mary E. for $6,000 on 22 Dec 1853; and mortgage then to Fredericktown Savings. [ES-4, 341] Worthington ROSS died in 1854. LAND - "Merryland", Lot# 6 of 300 acres, in Petersville District, but now called "Fertile Plains", adjoining Petersville, 3 miles from Knoxville and 2 1/2 miles from Berlin; on west margin of Petersville to Burkittsville road, on corner of John W. PAGE's lot and adjoining lot of H. B. SCHRODER. Improvements of a brick house with 4 large rooms and 2 halls on first floor with back building containing dining room, pantry and kitchen with a cellar under the back building and a large garret over the entire building; also a new barn (92x38), a corn house, carriage house, meat house, poultry house, two dairies and blacksmith shop. It also was well watered and had five springs running through every field and 35 acres in timber. To Thomas HILLEARY (father of John HILLEARY) by State of Maryland [JS-4, 300]. (Divided into Lots# 1 for 125 acres & #2 for 171 acres) - "Brothers Good Will", To Thomas HILLEARY from Frederick NICODEMUS [WR-20, 458]. SLAVES, livestock and farming implements, etc - All were sold. Mary E. HILLEARY d/ Aug 1878 w/o John Hanson HILLEARY d/ Mary E. "Mollie" HILLEARY w/o Wellington HAMMOND s/ Thomas HILLEARY & w/ Annie d/ Susan R. HILLEARY w/o Ignatius Brooke JAMISON s/ John H. HILLEARY Jr. - Lake Co, Colorado d/ Ida Franklin HILLEARY Thomas HILLEARY filed for insolvency in Jan 1873 and his trustee was Thomas M. WOLFE. John H. HILLEARY Jr. sold his share to Thomas M. WOLFE on 14 Jan 1873. The court transferred trustee from William J. ROSS to Wellington HAMMOND. Thomas HILLEARY Jr issued Power of Attorney to I. Brooke JAMISON in Nov 1878, but revoked it in Mar 1879. John H. HILLEARY Jr. of Lake Co, Colorado issued Power of Attorney to I. Brooke JAMISON in Oct 1878. Trustees for the sale were Lewis MARKELL and Wellington HAMMOND. Sale was held at the City Hotel on 15 Feb 1879; high bidder was: - William A. HEMP for west part of Lot #6, "Resurvey on Maryland", 296 acres, at $55/acre, $16,292.72 Distribution: court costs, $1,111.05 - Fredericktown Savings, mortgage claim, $6,093 - Mrs. Mary E. HAMMOND, 1/5, $1,817.73 - Mrs. Susan K. JAMISON, 1/5, $1,817.73 - Miss Ida HILLEARY, 1/5, $1,817.73 - John H. HILLEARY Jr., 1/5, $1,817.73 - William H. HEMP, assignee of Thomas M. WOLFE, solvency trustee of Thomas HILLEARY Jr, 1/5, $1,817.73 Closed 5 Apr 1879. Note - Pages 582 & 583 were missing ===
597-603 - MONAHAN, ORDEMAN - Dec 1878
Herman D. ORDEMAN, assignee of Daniel T. ORDEMAN, mortgagee of Owen MONAHAN LAND - Two adjoining Lots, 21 acres, in Licksville; adjoins land of P. H. BUTCHER. Improved with a 2-story frame house. From Levin C. BEALL, trustee to Owen MONAHAN, in Sep 1872 [CM-9, 483]. Sale was held 25 Jan 1879 on the premises; high bidder was: - Daniel T. ORDEMAN and Frederick A. ORDEMAN at $75 Distribution: court costs, $49.50 - Herman D. ORDEMAN, assignee, partial mortgage, $25 Closed 31 Mar 1879. ===
John F. STUP, et al vs Ira F. STUP, et al Joseph STUP d/ Sep 1878 in Frederick City (wife was dec'd) s/ John F. STUP s/ Edward L. STUP s/ Joseph C. STUP - Baltimore City d/ Alice E. STUP w/o Lewis RIDDLEMOSER d/ Clemantina M. STUP w/o William SMITH - Baltimore City s/ Francis STUP, dec'd ..........Ira F. STUP, a minor ..........Florence M. STUP, a minor ..........Anna M. STUP, a minor ..........Minnie V. STUP, a minor ..........Bertha V. STUP, a minor LAND - Lot# 2, "Fielderia", 11+ acres; 4 miles west of Frederick and 1/4 mile from turnpike; adjoining lands of William MERCER and John HAGEN. Lot is heavily timbered. To Joseph STUP from John S. MOTTER for $307.23 in Apr 1856 [ES-8, 434]. Previously to Henry MOTTER from Otho H. WILLIAMS & Others, Execs. - part of Lot# 4, "Fielderia", 4 acres; adjoins lands of J. D. GETZENDANNER and Prof. JACKSON. Improvements a a 2-story log house, newly weatherboarded; has apple and peach trees and grape vines. To Daniel L. TUCKER from Joshua SHENKEL & w/ Margaret Ellen for $356.50 in May 1849 [WBT-9, 91]. Previously to Margaret A. TUCKER from Jonathan GETZENDANNER & w/ Ann E. in Aug 1848 [WBT-7, 162]. (Margaret A. TUCKER later married Joshua SHENKEL.) - 3+ acres near Fairville. Parcels adjoined lands of Samuel KLINE, Widow FLEMING, John BAST and Francis STUP. Guardian was H. Clay NAILL, Esquire. Testimony was heard on 3 Nov 1878 from: - William E. MERCER - Scott W. McALLISTER; knew all parties except Clementina Trustee for the sale was Frederick J. NELSON, Esquire. Sale was held 8 Feb 1879 on the premises near Fairville; high bidder was: - John H. STUP for Lot# 4 at $250 - John H. STUP for Lot# 2 at $2.50/acre, $28.75 - Elias GROVE for 3+ acres at $4 Total sales, $282.75. Distribution: court costs, $131.37 - John F. STUP, 1/6 share, $25.22 - Edward L. STUP, 1/6 share, $25.22 - Joseph E. STUP, 1/6 share, $25.22 - Alice E. RIDDLEMOSER, 1/6 share, $25.22 - Clementina M. SMITH, 1/6 share, $25.22 - Ira F. STUP, 1/3 of 1/6, $8.40 - Florence M. STUP, 1/3 of 1/6, $8.40 - Anna M. STUP, 1/3 of 1/6, $8.40 (Note - although not mentioned in the record, the 1/3 of 1/6 seems to indicate Minnie & Bertha STUP didn't survive) Closed 11 Mar 1879. ===
Daniel T. LAKIN vs Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr, adm/of James ELLIOTT, dec'd & Others James ELLIOTT d/ 12 Apr 1878 in Frederick City, intestate w/ Sarah A. (died c1876 in Frederick City) d/ Agnes ELLIOTT w/o Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr. s/ Charles Houston ELLIOTT, a minor Adm/ Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr. LAND (1) - House & Lot# 87 on East Church St in Frederick City To James ELLIOTT from Thomas H. O'NEAL & w/ Emeline H. for $1,100 in Sep 1855. (2) - parts of Lots# 251-254, 3,000 sq ft, on east side of North Market St in Frederick City; at NW corner of Catherine HEFFNER's brick house at north end of Market St and NE to southern line of Seventh St; adjoining lot of Christian ALBAUGH. To James ELLIOTT from John William LAMBRIGHT & w/ Ann R. E. for $200 in Nov 1875. Previously to Ann R. E. LAMBRIGHT from Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council of Frederick [CM-5, 725]. (3) - parts of Lots# 156-158 in "Addition to Frederick", 6,231 sq ft, on east side of South Market St in Frederick City; adjoining lot of William REICH on the north and A. L. EADER, Esquire, on the south, to west line of George GILBERT's lot. Then occupied by George W. B. SHRINER. To James ELLIOTT from John H. KELLER, trustee (Equity case of Susan KUHN vs Gideon BANTZ, exec/of Elizabeth REITT, & Others) for $1,500 in Aug 1877. Guardian was H. Clay NAILL, Esquire. Testimony was heard 25 May 1878 from: -Adolph FEARHAKE - William H. NICODEMUS Trustee was Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr. On 12 Jul 1878 private sale was made to: - Mrs. Margaret BRENGLE for (2) at $975 Being unable to sell the other properties at public sale, it was approved to rent them for a year and then try to sell them. Closed 15 Mar 1879. ===
649-655 - FOGLE, ALBAUGH, SMITH - Mar 1879
Mary E. ALBAUGH, mortgagee of John H. FOGLE - Report of Sales John H. FOGLE & w/ Catharine A. issued Mortgage to Mary E. ALBAUGH for $1,200 and Christina SMITH for $1,600 in Feb 1872; by agent Elias ALBAUGH. LAND - "Fat Mutton Enlarged", 138+ acres, in Johnsville District; NW of Liberty Town, on Woodsboro to Johnsville Road, 2 1/4 miles from either place and 1 mile south of Ladiesburg Station on the Frederick & Pennsylvania Line Railroad; adjoined tracts, "Sandy Spring" and "Resurvey on Good Neighborhood"; neighbors, William ROWE, and David FOGLE. Land is well watered and timbered, with 30 acres in white oak, black oak, rock oak and hickory and the balance in meadows. Improvements were a 1 1/2 story weatherboarded log house, stables with threshing floor, attached corn crib, hog house, meat house, spring housem blacksmith shopm apple and peach orchards and a spring near the house and one near the stables and also running water in all of the fields. To John H. FOGLE from Andrew ANDERS in Feb 1872 [CM-7, 704]. Devised to William FOGLE (now dec'd) by Will of his father, Henry FOGLE. (Patent to Henry FOGLE in Sep 1803 [JC-6, 98]. Elias V. ALBAUGH was trustee. Sale was held 1 Mar 1879 at SMITH's Hotel in Liberty Town; high bidders were: - Mary E. ALBAUGH and Christina SMITH at $3,456.25 Distribution: court costs, $177.17 - Mary E. ALBAUGH, partial mortgage, $1,895.98 - Christina SMITH, partial mortgage, $1,383.17 Closed 5 May 1879. ===
John C. HARDT & Hiram M. KEEFER, t/a Hardt & Keefer vs Dawson V. HAMMOND, exec/of Thomas HAMMOND, et al Colonel Thomas HAMMOND d/c 6 Jun 1874, unmarried (Will written 28 May 1874) (data from Equity records, not the Will) sis/ Juliet (HAMMOND) ANGEL (92-acre home farm in Liberty District) bro/ Dawson V. HAMMOND & w/ Ann M. (devised to him the rest of home farm in trust for Thomas' niece Louisa GRIFFITH) bro/ Rezin HAMMOND, dec'd (children unknown) - Indiana bro/ John HAMMOND, dec'd (children unknown) - Indiana bro/Nathan HAMMOND, dec'd .........niece/ Louisa (HAMMOND w/o Lyde GRIFFITH ......................Mollie H. GRIFFITH, a minor ......................Thomas GRIFFITH, a minor ......................Rezin GRIFFITH, a minor ......................Lyde GRIFFITH Jr., a minor ......................Henry/Harry GRIFFITH, a minor ......................Jennie GRIFFITH, a minor ......................Johnson GRIFFITH, a minor .........nephew/ Upton HAMMOND, dec'd (farm where Upton resides) ......................Upton John HAMMOND .........nephew/ Burgess HAMMOND & w/ Drusilla (farm where Burgess resides except for two wood lots from DELASHMUTT) .........nephew/ William P. HAMMOND - Carroll County (farm where William resides, charged with $1,000 payment) .........niece/ Charlotte C. (HAMMOND) w/o Basil WOOD - Howard County (farm where Charlotte resides, charged with $500 payment) .........nephew/ Richard T. HAMMOND - Carroll County .........nephew/ Nathan HAMMOND - Out of State .........nephew/ Carroll HAMMOND - Out of State niece/ Mary HAMMOND (home on property devised to Louisa) niece/ Molly GRIFFITH (home on property devised to Louisa) Exec/ brother, Dawson V. HAMMOND Witnesses: James PEARRE, Nicholas H. METCALF, R. E. SIMMONS --- LAND - in Frederick, Carroll, Howard and Allegany Counties - "Resurvey of Gilboa" and "Spark's Delight Enlarged" in Carroll County, - "Headquarters" - "Hampton's Court" - "Chase Forest" - "Hammond's Good Luck", 284 acres - (354+ acres, in Carroll County) To Thomas HAMMOND from Vachel HAMMOND in Nov 1841 [JS-1, 151]. Thomas HAMMOND owed mortgages to: - Richard H. MARSHALL on 124 acres of "Hammond's Good Luck" for $1,077 in Dec 1872 - Thomas CLAGETT on 124 acres of "Hammond's Good Luck"for $2,000 in Nov 1872. - Ellen R. NELSON on 354 acres in Carroll County for $2,500 in Nov 1871; land was poor but rich in timber. Thomas issued deed to son Dawson for love and affection and $5 in Jun 1874. Petition claims it was fraudulent and asks for sale to pay creditors. Deeds - To Burgess HAMMOND from Dawson V. HAMMOND & w/ Ann M. for Farm in New Market District, 97 acres, where Burgess HAMMOND then resided in Aug 1874. Guardian was Clay C. BUHRMAN. Testimony was heard 10 Apr 1877 from: - John C. HARDT, age 49, lumber dealer, Frederick city - Dawson V. HAMMOND, age 56, farmer, Liberty District; land involved was: ..... 300 acres in Liberty District, then occupied by Lyde GRIFFITH & wife; ........ 60 acres in Mount Pleasant District, then in occupancy of Upton J. HAMMOND; ..... 120 acres in New Market District, then in occupancy of Burgess HAMMOND; ..... 110 acres in Carroll and Howard Counties, near Watersville on the line of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road, then in occupancy of Basil WOOD & w/ Charlotte ..... 100 acres in Carroll County, then in occupancy of William P. HAMMOND ..... 280 acres in Carroll and Frederick Counties, then in occupancy of Gustaves OWINGS and Belle HAMMOND ..... 100 acres of woodland in Howard County, unoccupied Many of the notes to Col. HAMMOND were from sales of lots to soldiers in Garrett County, the purchasers abandoning the lots, nearly all being insolvent. Dawson then resold the lots. Remaining to be sold are 100 acres in Garrett County and 70 acres in Allegany County. - William J. ROSS - Burgess HAMMOND, age 60, farmer, Frederick county; claimed his Uncle Thomas HAMMOND sold him the land where he lives in the fall of 1852 and also bought the two wood lots from Elias DELASHMUTT for him. Burgess agreed to buy his brother Richard's stock and to move there, take possession and care for Burgess' step mother (there was no dower involved with said land). Land named "Locust Farm". Burgess stated he had met with his uncle when he was very ill that June and his uncle asked him to get into his handtrunk under his bed and get the deed forms he had there; he wanted to write a deed for Burgess, Upton J., William P. HAMMOND and Charlotte C. WOOD. Since Burgess didn't have his spectacles with him, he asked Doctor HOBBS if he would write the deeds. Upton J. stated he didn't want a deed. His uncle wanted someone to get Doctor SAPPINGTON who was a justice of the peace. The next morning Doctor Sidney SAPPINGTON, a justice of the peace, was present, but Dawson claimed if would be better for Burgess not to have a deed, that he was in the Will. Rueben FALCONER was the carpenter who built the house on the property where Burgess lived, but he has since died. - Charlotte C. WOOD; agreed that Uncle Tom had told them he had given the land to Burgess. - Basil WOOD (age 59 on 12 Nov 1862); agreed that Uncle had told them he had given the land to Burgess. Land was to be used for growing tobacco. He described the work he did to build the house on the WOODs property and putting up worm fencing, using some of his money and some from Uncle Tom. - William P. HAMMOND; he had rented the farm before Burgess got it and it was in poor condiditon then; since then, Burgess had made vast improvements and added a barn and other new buildings. - Elias L. DELASHMUTT; stated he had sold Burgess the two wood lots near the farm of 20 acres for about $300; Col. HAMMOND paid for them. Claimed Col. HAMMOND had told him the land that Burgess farmed was Burgess'; also stated Burgess' step mother was Mrs. Margaret HAMMOND (would then be Nathan's second wife). - Mrs. Drusilla HAMMOND, w/o Burgess; stated John HAMMOND (now dec'd) had come in to visit in 1852 and wanted Burgess to go back out west with him but Thomas HAMMOND objected and stated that John had a family and he didn't and, if Burgess would stay here, he would give him a farm. The farm here was literally falling down, but uncle Tom told Burgess he would pay expenses if he would fix it up and it would be his and never taken away from him. At that time, nothing would grow because the land was so poor, there was no barn and the stable fell down and snow fell into the house. Burgess bought Richard out with gold and took in his stepmother. Uncle Tom told Burgess this in the 'ordinary' room (house had but two rooms) and Drusilla' sister, Helen Marr McMACKEN, was there. Some of her money paid for some of the post and rail fencing. - Miss Drusilla HAMMOND, d/o Burgess - John W. DUVALL; validated he heard Col. HAMMOND state the farm was Burgess', some twenty years ago. Farm is next to Daniel SWAMELY's place. - Ephraim RICHMOND; had known Col. HAMMOND since 1828. Col. HAMMOND told him about the farm he bought for Lottie and that was what he gave to her and nothing more. He said he didn't give any of them deeds, but was in his Will. Stated in 1852 he occupied part of said land where he now resides. In 1832, Col. HAMMOND deeded him 44 acres of "Hammond's Good Luck", out of the 297 acres; tract was previously "Black Castle". Col. HAMMOND bought an 80-acre tract from his wife in 1834 and sold it in 1870 to Jacob HOUCK. In 1852, Col. HAMMOND had 17 grown SLAVES and unknown number of little ones. - John B. GARTRELL; spoke of the farm in Carroll County, some 12 years before, where Charlotte WOOD was then living; she stated the farm was for sale. Agreement was made for the purchase at $1,300 cash, contract made with Basil WOOD; went to Rueben WARFIELD to have deed drawn in favor of William FLEMING who was to pay the money. However, when they met at Col. HAMMOND's to complete the transaction, Mr. ALEXANDER was also there who was to sell to the WOODS his farm and Col. HAMMOND was to sign over the deed for the sale, but when asked to also sign a note on the new farm, Col. HAMMOND refused, stating he had already given Charlotte her share and she could do as she liked for that or sell or trade it, but he wasn't giving her more. Sale for Charlotte's property failed because they would not give possession of it. (Gartrell's wife was a Miss GOSNELL) - Hiram WOODWARD; he went to Baltimore to get materials for improvements for Charlotte's property, was paid for by Col. HAMMOND, except a small balance still due. - Andrew ALEXANDER; stated he withdrew the sale because Col. HAMMOND would not endorse the notes for his property. - Elias M. WOOD; had been living on the WOOD farm about 15 years. - Mrs. Charlotte C. WOOD; then living in Carroll County on Bertha GOSSELL's property, but is same property mentioned in petition. Charlotte took possession in Nov 1862 after her Uncle Tom paid cash for it for them. After Charlotte's oldest son died, she didn't want to live there anymore so went to her uncle who told her she could do with the place as she liked. She could sell it for $1,300 but wanted to buy ALEXANDER's place for $6,000-$7,000 and Uncle Tom refused to put more money out for another property. He had never seen their place but agreed to have a house built for them on the property already paid for that they had been living on. She claimed on June 2nd Uncle Tom had called all of them, who were given parts of his land, to come to his bedside and said he wanted to give them all deeds as he didn't want Dawson to sell them for a quarter of a dollar. Dawson got there the next day when the magistrates were there to validate the deeds and stopped it, then went to talk to his uncle for over an hour. Then he came out and said we didn't need any deeds that it was all in the Will and deeds would only cause litigation of the Will. The next night Dawson claimed Uncle Tom was failing fast and was too incompetent to sign any deeds or contracts. - Thomas CARR; stated Dr. Tom SIMS told him they were writing deeds and he was the one who suggested to Dawson that they be stopped. - Joshua WOOD (brother of Basil WOOD); 18-20 years ago he kept a store at Ridgeville and had rented the McELFRESH farm to the WOODs. The WOODs later moved onto the Aaron GOSNELL farm. - Dawson V. HAMMOND, only living brother of the decedent. - Dr. Greenbury R. SAPPINGTON, age 56, Unionville, physician; he had a conversation with Col. Thomas HAMMOND in Feb 1868 and had remarked it was a shame to put such a large family (WOODs) on such a poor place. Col. HAMMOND replied that Mrs. WOOD had bought the farm and he had never seen it; that he had told her to look for a samll farm not to exceed $1600-$1800 and he would buy it for her; she was satisfied with it and, if she sold it, would not own another one, so they had better keep it. A year or so later Carroll HAMMOND's farm was for sale and Greenbury suggested that would be a better farm for them and they could sell the other one. Col. HAMMOND responded he couldn't afford the give the price for the Carroll HAMMOND farm and make them a present of it. - Alpheus W. MARRIOTT; knew Col. HAMMOND since 1832. - Hugh McALEER On 11 Sep 1876, petition of creditors was filed against Col. Thomas HAMMOND by Ephraim RICHMOND, as admin/of Polly ANGEL ($3,500), and as an individual ($700); Upton H. RICHMOND ($162); and Thomas C. HAMMOND ($1290). On 11 Sep 1874, petition of creditors was filed against Col. Thomas HAMMOND by Mollie H. GRIFFITH ($1200) & H. C. HAMMOND ($275), which he assigned to Ellen BURNS, now dec'd (her extr/ Emma HAMMOND). Further testimony on 24 Jun 1878 from: - Godfrey KOONTZ, age 75, Register of Frederick City and Justice of the Peace; verified handwriting of Col. HAMMOND. - George NULL, age 58, carpenter, Liberty - John H. WILLIAMS, age 64, Pres/of Frederick County National Bank, Frederick City - Milton G. URNER The court ruled the lands devised in the Will to Burgess HAMMOND and to Charlotte C. WOOD would remain theirs; the other lands to be sold except for the home farm which would remain until after the other lands were sold and an accounting to the court was made. Trustee was Dawson V. HAMMOND, Esquire. --- SALE was held 4 Feb 1879 at Gustavus OWINGS in Carroll County; high bidders were: - Joseph H. HARTSOCK for Lot# 1 of "Resurvey on Gilboa", 232 acres, at $2,052.93; then in occupancy of Gustavus OWINGS; in Carroll County, 1 mile NE of CLARY and HOOD's Mills, 4 miles from Mount Airy on the B & O Rail Road; adjoining lands of Basil HOOD and James DOTY. Improvements of a large 2-story log house, log barn, large tobacco house, well watered, under good fencing with an abundance of choice timber. - Charles S. FRANKLIN for Lot# 2 of "Resurvey on Gilboa", 57 acres, at $711.95; then in occupancy of Thomas Benjamin BUCKINGHAM; bound by mortgage to Mrs. Ellen NELSON; in Carroll County and is well watered and has superior wood land. Improvements of a log house, large tobacco house and a young orchard. - John HOOD for Lot# 3 of "Resurvey on Gilboa", 65 acres, at $573.30; in Carroll County on Ridge Road from Mount Airy to Westminster; adjoins lands of John HOOD and Mr. DUVALL. Improved only with one tabacco house, has wooded land and is watered. - Washington A. PEDDICORD for Lot# 4 of parts of "Resurvey on Gilboa" and "Sparks Delight", 45 acres, at $363.55; then in occupancy of Arabella CONDON; in Carroll County; adjoins lands of James DOTY and Upton RICHMOND. Improvements of a 2-story log house; also has abundant water. - John ELGIN for Lot# 5 of "Resurvey on Gilboa", 12 acre wood lot, at $251.12; in Frederick County on west side of Buffalo Road, adjoined land of Philip and David NUSBAUM. - Isaiah DEVILBISS for Lot# 6 of "Resurvey on Gilboa", 6 1/2 acres, at $173.57; in Carroll County on east side of Buffalo Road, adjoined land of A. ALEXANDER and John ELGIN. - Francis W. GOSSNELL for Lot# 7 of "Resurvey on Gilboa", 6 1/2 acre wood lot, at $203.07; in Carroll County on east side of Buffalo Road, adjoined land of Mr. ALEXANDER and Mr. PFOUTZ. SALE was held 6 Feb 1879 at Watersville, a station on the B & O Rail Road in Carroll County for parts of "Head Quarters" and "Hampton Court", in Carroll County, but partly in Howard County, adjoining land of James H. STEELE; high bidders were: - James H. STEELE for Lot# 8 , 105 acres, at $857.22; then inoccupancy of William P. HAMMOND; located on the Rail Road near a Depot. - Charles T. MULLINIX for Lot# 9 of "Chestnut Hills", 97 acres, in Howard County at $685.59; near Long Corner PO; adjoined lands of Mr. BECRAFT, James PENN and J. T. SMITH. SALE was held 11 Feb 1879 at OGBORN's Store in Mount Pleasant; high bidders were: - Jacob P. HESSON for part of "Final", 58 acres (which is part of "Middle Plantation"), at $1,220.64; where Upton J. HAMMOND then lived; 1 mile SE of Mount Pleasant between Liberty and Middle Road; adjoined lands of Dr. Fairfax SCHLEY, John BELL, A. PRICE and John SHULTZ. Improvements of a 2-story frame house and bank barn. - John HOUCK for Wood Lots# 2 & #5 on "Wet Time", 25 acres, in New Market District, at $431.25; adjoining lands of Mr. BAIL, Mr. SPONSELLER and Curtis CROMWELL (from Elias DELASHMUTT & wife in 1860 & 1862). Total from all sales, $7,529.33. In April 1879, the court ruled for Charlotte C. WOOD to receive deed for her property in Carroll County; adjoined lands of Benjamin PENN, the heirs of Amos DAVIS, Reuben Henry and William H. GOSNELL. Distribution of $6,727.26; court costs, taxes, admin fees, $2,841.46 - Mrs. Ellen NELSON, partial mortgage, $2,207.30 - Mrs. Ellen NELSON, assignee of Charles S. FRANKLIN, notes, $474.64 - Balance now held by Trustee, $1,203.86, subject to further order of the Court. Closed 9 Jun 1879. (142 pages) ================== The End of TG-6 ==================

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