Frederick Co, MD - Equity TG-5

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity TG-5

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber TG-5; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity TG-5
George THOMAS of Henry vs FOUT heirs Baltzer FOUT, dec'd (Will) s/ Peter S. FOUT, dec'd & w/ Susanna s/ George H. FOUT & w/ Lucretia s/ Mary A.E. FOUT s/ Bradley T. FOUT & w/ Mary E. s/ Susan C. FOUT w/o William P. RICE s/ Julia M. FOUT w/o William P. GROVE - Rockingham Co, VA LAND - "Rocky Creek", 146 acres; on road from Frederick to Lime Kiln Switch, passing KEEFER's old mile site known as Cemetery Road, 1 mile from Frederick; adjoined land of Daniel SCHOLL. Improvements: 2-story weatherboard house, frame barn, new corn house, wagon shed, hog house, milk house; three wells, two with pumps; a young apple orchard, two peach orchards. To the heirs of Baltzer FOUT from George THOMAS of Henry, trustee for Estate of Baltzer FOUT, at $13,929.97 in Apr 1863 [BGF-8, 631]. Dec 1866 - Susan FOUT RICE conveyed her share to Susanna FOUT, George H. FOUT, Bradley T. FOUT, Mary A.E. FOUT and Julia M. FOUT for $2,000 in Dec 1866. Dec 1866 - Mortgage Susanna FOUT, George H. FOUT, Bradley T. FOUT, Mary A.E. FOUT and Julia M. FOUT indebted to Daniel SCHOLL. Daniel SCHOLL died and Margaret E. SCHOLL became his administratrix in Oct 1873, and his only heir. Margaret remarried to James M. HOOD. Jan 1870 - Mortgage Susanna FOUT, George H. FOUT, Bradley T. FOUT and Mary A.E. FOUT issued a mortgage to Daniel SCHOLL for $1,400. Apr 1871 - George H. FOUT conveyed his share to Susanna FOUT, George H. FOUT, Bradley T. FOUT and Mary A.E. FOUT at $2,036.54. June 1873 - Mortgage Susanna, Mary A.E. and Bradley FOUT indebted to George H. REIZER for $1,000. Nov 1873 - Mortgage Susan FOUT, Mary A,E. FOUT and Bradley T. FOUT indebted to George THOMAS of H. for monies due to Catharine J. TREGO, Eleanor C. TREGO, Basil N. TREGO and John T. TREGO Jr. for $1,049.71. THOMAS served as surety on the debt and had paid the interest on it for them. 1874 - 1875 - Multiple Judgments against Charles B. FOUT, Susan FOUT and Bradley T. FOUT. Nov 1875 - Julia M. FOUT GROVE conveyed her share to Susan FOUT, Bradley T. FOUT and Mary A.E. FOUT and they became indebted by mortgage to her for $2,000. Daniel BAKER of F. vs Charles B. FOUT, George H. FOUT, Bradley T. FOUT and Susan FOUT for $722.53. Daniel BAKER of F. died; Mary A. BAKER was his admin. She has since remarried to Randolph DUDDERER; also filed another judgment. Sale was held 12 Jun 1877 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - James M. HOOD at $107.80/acre or $15,806.60. Margaret E.S. HOOD was substituted as the purchaer. 1st Distribution of $7,406.17; court costs, $850.17 - Charles W. ROSS, trustee, assignee of James M. Hood and wife, mortgage, $2,137.37 - Julia M. GROVE, 1/5, $883.63 - Charles W. ROSS, trustee, assignee of James M. Hood and wife, mortgage, $1,859.90 - George H. RIZER, mortgage, $1,065.50 - Julia M. GROVE, (adding back) $883.63 - George THOMAS of H., partial mortgage, $1,492.73 Closed 14 Aug 1877. ===
Caroline SAYLOR, admin/of Ezra SAYLOR - Title Ezra SAYLOR d/ Mar 1864 (Will written 10 Mar 1864) widow - Caroline - Woodsboro s/ John D. SAYLOR Three other children mentioned, but not named. (see below) Exec/ bro/ George SAYLOR Witnesses: George W. SHANK, Henry ANDERS, Henry HUFFMAN LAND - Lot #47 of "Monocacy Manor", 77+ acres (k/a Grinder Farm; on turnpike from Woodsboro to Frederick, 1 1/2 miles from Woodsboro and 9 1/2 miles from Frederick; adjoined lands of John FULTON and Jacob HARMAS. To Ezra SAYLOR and George SAYLOR from John SMITH (of Middleton), trustee of Michael GRINDER and Samuel GRINDER, insolvent petitioners, in Dec 1843. George SAYLOR sold his half to Ezra on 1 Apr 1853 at $2,300, but never conveyed it. - Wood lot, 10 acres; 1 mile east of the farm; adjoing land of Lewis SMITH. George SAYLOR and wife issued Deed of Trust for his creditors to Frederick J. NELSON in May 1873. George SAYLOR d/ Jan 1874, intestate w/ Mary A. - leaving no children bro/ Emanuel SAYLOR & w/ Susan - Woodsborough bro/ Henry SAYLOR, dec'd .......Ezra J. SAYLOR - Woodsborough .......Benjamin F. SAYLOR - Woodsborough .......C. Elizabeth (SAYLOR) w/o J. Michael HOLBRUNER - Woodsborough .......Sarah Ann SAYLOR (Jr) - Woodsborough .......Mary Ellen (SAYLOR) w/o Jasper K. MORNINGSTAR - Woodsborough sis/ Sarah SAYLOR - Woodsborough sis/ Polly SAYLOR w/o Charles WOOD - Woodsborough bro/ Ezra SAYLOR, dec'd .......Elizabeth "Lizzie" SAYLOR w/o Noah FLICKINGER - Woodsborough .......John D. SAYLOR - Woodsborough .......Sarah Jane SAYLOR - Woodsborough .......Laura V. SAYLOR, a minor - Woodsborough Caroline SAYLOR was admin/of Estate of Ezra SAYLOR with sureties Joseph McKOSKREY, Jacob H. BOWERS and N. FLICKINGER in July 1873. Sale was held 10 Sep 1874 on the premises; high bidders were: - Simon W. STOUFFER for farm at $106.75/acre or $8,006.25 - Sarah J. SAYLOR for wood lot at $100 Guardian was Edward YOUNG. Testimony was heard from: - George W. SHANK, age 57, Woodsboro; in partnership with George SAYLOR - Columbus A. CRAMER, age 55, Woodsboro - Caroline SAYLOR, widow - Benjamin F. SAYLOR, age 33, Woodsboro - Arthur A. FLEMING, age 59, Woodsboro Trustee was Noah FLICKINGER to execute the deed to Simon W. STAUFFER. Closed 27 Mar 1876. ===
David W. NAILL vs Estate of Washington M. NAILL Washington M. NAILL d/ 24 Feb 1876, intestate (Frederick County) widow - Ruth Ann (age 41) d/ Margaret Grace NAILL w/o Joshua C. GIST - Carroll County d/ Mary Flora NAILL w/o Charles F. MYERS - Carroll County s/ David W. NAILL (Jr.), a minor - Kansas d/ Susan NAILL, a minor - Carroll County s/ James H. H. NAILL, a minor - Carroll County d/ Orlanda NAILL, a minor - Baltimore County s/ John NAILL, a minor - Frederick County LAND - in Frederick and Carroll Counties: - part of "Howard's Discovery", 61 acres; starts at Buffalo Road, two perches from the old Liberty Road and runs to Sam's Creek and the mill dam. To Washington M. NAILL from D.W. NAILL and John W. WALKER, trustees in Feb 1858 (Carroll County Circuit Court decree of David W. NAILL & Others vs Daniel L. SHUEE & Others on 24 Feb 1854). Previously 40 acres of "Howard's Discovery" was conveyed to Paul MAURER from Joshua HOWARD in 1813; and the other section to Paul MAURER from Ann WILLIS. - "Legh Castle", 20+ acres; starts on the east side of road to Franklinville. Previously to Paul MAURER from Joshua HOWARD. - "Casper's Loss", 1 1/4 acre; adjoins previous tracts. To Washington M. NAILL from Thomas DEVILBISS & w/ Mary A. in Sep 1860. Washington M. NAILL & wife sold to: - Morgan M. NICODEMUS, "Howard's Discovery", 3/4 acre, in 1871. - Joseph A. MASON, "Howard's Discovery", 1/2 acre, in 1871, on south side of old Liberty Road. - Stephen C. CHIPLEY, "Howard's Discovery", 1/4 acre, in 1869; near the mill dam and south side of old Liberty Road. - David ENGLE of Peter, "Howard's Discovery", 86 perches, in 1870; near the mill dam and south side of old Liberty Road. Adm/ John E. NAILL with sureties, Jacob L. NAILL and Josiah NUSBAUM. Guardian was Clay C. BUHRMAN. Testimony was heard on 21 Oct 1876 from: - H. Clay NAILL, age 46, Frederick city - John E. NAILL, age 30, Liberty District Trustees were John E. NAILL and William P. MAULSBY Jr. The first sale was unsuccessful; 2nd Sale was held on the premises on 7 Apr 1877; high bidders were: - George W. DEVILBISS for the 'mill property' of 57 acres at $4,250 - Isaiah DEVILBISS for 20 acres of woodland at $10/acre Total sales, $4,455. Distribution of $4,786.98 (includes sale of crops) - court costs, $537.41 - Ruth A. NAILL, widow, in lieu of dower, 2/15, $566.61 - multiple creditors were paid 17% of their claims Closed 29 Aug 1877. ===
Joseph ROUTZAHN & William D. BOWERS, mortgagees vs Jonathan ROUTZAHN & wife Jonathan ROUTZAHN & w/ Catharine conveyed Deeds of Mortgage to Joseph ROUTZAHN, William D. BOWERS and Jacob KEFAUVER in 1874; for Jonathan ROUTZAHN as guardian in bond for Josephus E. CRONE of $8,400 (sureties were Joseph ROUTZAHN, Jacob KEFAUVER and John E. CRONE). Jonathan also owed notes to Charles H. COBLENTZ, Thomas CLAGETT and Jacob KELLER; William D. BOWERS was also a surety on note. (included 155 acres of wheat) LAND - in Middletown Valley - 41 acres To Jonathan ROUTZAHN from Joseph ROUTZAHN in 1852 [ES-1, 176]. - 202 acres To Jonathan ROUTZAHN from Daniel ROUTZAHN in 1853 [ES-4, 444]. - 10+ acres of mountain land on South Mountain near New Baltimore. To Jonathan ROUTZAHN from Samuel SLIFER and William SLIFER, as executors, in 1856 [ES-10, 434 (under name of Jonas ROUTZAHN)]. - 2 acres, at east end of home farm; adjoined land of J. DOUB and Charles H. LIGHTNER. Improved with 1 1/2 story log house, stable and excellent spring known as 'Deer Springs'. To Jonathan ROUTZAHN from John SMITH in 1856 [ES-10, 435]. Also To Jonathan ROUTZAHN from Elizabeth SMITH in 1859 [BGF-4, 106]. - 4 acres To Jonathan ROUTZAHN from Hanson RAMSBURG in 1870 [CM-6, 146]. - 49 acres, adjoined the home farm To Jonathan ROUTZAHN from George H. KEFAUVER in 1871 [CM-6, 179]. --- Sale was held 6 Mar 1875 in front of the Valley Register Building in Middletown on 6 Mar 1875. High bidders were: - Joseph L. ROUTZAHN for 49 acres at $2,456.56; petition transferred the purchaser to John Randolph SHAFER. - John R. SHAFER for 11 acres of mountain land at $546.25; (signed by Thomas SHAFER who was substituted purchaser). - Daniel H. ROUTZAHN for 'Deer Springs' property at $230 Total sales, $3,232.81. Distribution of $13,367.44; court costs, $233.90 - Joseph L. ROUTZAHN, partial mortgage claim, $3,133.54 Closed 3 Jul 1877. ===
Frederick Town Savings vs John W. CHARLTON Mortgage to bank from John W. CHARLTON with Sebastian RAMSBURG and Isaac WALKER as sureties in 1847 for $3,000. Daniel CULLER also held a mortgage and there was also a judgment owed to Peter Light WILSON who transferred it to the Jefferson Circuit Benevolent Society. John W. CHARLTON d/ 23 Mar 1873 (Will written 17 Dec 1870) s/ David E. CHARLTON s/ Usher L.B. CHARLTON d/ Caroline J. CHARLTON d/ Mary L. CHARLTON d/ Olivia S. CHARLTON w/o John W. RAMSBURG d/ Susan C. CHARLTON s/ John W. CHARLTON - Carroll County d/ Margaret E. CHARLTON - Ohio Exec/ son David E. CHARLTON Witnesses: Isaac WALKER, George W. CRUM, M.W.E. HOUSE (Children's names not listed in Will except for son David) LAND - Speach's part of "Fieldera", 69 acres; 2 miles south of Jefferson on new road from Jefferson to Parker's Mill, 2 1/2 miles from Catoctin Switch/Depot of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road and the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal; adjoined lands of Frederick MILLER and Tobias HORINE. Improved with a large 2-story house with back building attached, sonsisting of three rooms and passage on first floor and four room on second floor, with basement and cellar; also has stable, wagon shed, corn house and a spring near the house and running water in the yard; has good fencing with 5-6 acres in meadows. To John W. CHARLTON from Sebastian RAMSBURG & w/ Eve in Jun 1847 [WBT-5, 204]. - and also "Speace's Mill Property", 14 acres; To John W. CHARTLON from Lewis RODRICK & wife in Apr 1847. Formerly owned by Christian DILL, then sold to Lewis RHODERICK by Abraham LAKIN and William LAKIN in Jun 1831 [JS-36, 391]. (2 acres with the mill tenant house were then recently conveyed to Richard CHILCOTE and Son) Trustee was David E. CHARLTON. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick city on 11 Aug 1877; high bidder was: - Charles W. MILLER (now 81 acres) at $2,940.30 Distribution: court costs, $387.52 - Frederick Town Savings, mortgage, $1,101.66 - P. Light WILSON/Jefferson Circuit Benevolent Society, judgment, $1,008.58 - Daniel CULLER, mortgage, $304.94 - each child's 1/8 share of balance, $17.20 Closed 3 Nov 1877. ===
Nathaniel ROUTZAHN & w/ Mary B. of Virginia - Guardianship Monies Orphans Court of Baltimore City lists Jacob RIDDLEMOSER as guardian for Mary B. (RIDDLEMOSER) who owed monies due her as a legatee of Michael RIDDLEMOSER. Her siblings were also due their legacies as well; some of the monies had been paid. Jacob RIDDLEMOSER d/ c1850 in Mount Pleasant, intestate widow - Amelia d/ 24 Dec 1873 in Mount Pleasant, intestate Children by Jacob & his 1st wife s/ Ephraim RIDDLEMOSER & w/ Julia s/ Samuel D. RIDDLEMOSER d/ c1863 wid/ Elizabeth d/ soon after husband ...Susan Rebecca RIDDLEMOSER w/o Andrew POFFINBERGER - Washington County ...Ellen RIDDLEMOSER w/o William W. PERRY - Washington, DC ...Ann E. RIDDLEMOSER w/o Charles E/B. BARBER d/ Ann M. RIDDLEMOSER (d/ c1871) wid/o John CHAMBERS ...Ann Selma CHAMBERS w/o James McDONALD - Baltimore City ...John F. CHAMBERS - Philadelphia, PA s/ John D. RIDDLEMOSER d/ c1860 wid/ died soon after husband ...(unnamed son, maybe John) RIDDLEMOSER - Washington, DC Children by Jacob & 2nd wife, Amelia d/ Mary B. (RIDDLEMOSER) w/o Nathaniel B. ROUTZAHN - Virginia d/ Anna L. (RIDDLEMOSER) w/o Lewis C. COOKERLY d/ Amelia R. RIDDLEMOSER s/ Clinton A. RIDDLEMOSER s/ Joseph A. RIDDLEMOSER & w/ Mollie Lydie - Washington County d/ Martha Joanna RIDDLEMOSER d/ Charles F. RIDDLEMOSER d/ 1860, single, w/o issue, intestate (assigned his claim to his mother on 13 Dec 1859) s/ Jacob Edward RIDDLEMOSER d/ 1862 near Winchester, VA single, w/o issue, intestate d/ Ann E. (RIDDLEMOSER) wid/o Alexander A. STAMBAUGH s/ William A. RIDDLEMOSER & w/ Elizabeth - Washington County d/ Margaret F. (RIDDLEMOSER) w/o Daniel W.(Washington) BOWERS s/ James L. RIDDLEMOSER After Jacob's death, his widow Amelia was his administrator; after she died, Clinton A. RIDDLEMOSER became her administrator. LAND - parts of "The Plough" and "Addison's Choice", 8 acres; on the Liberty Road in Mount Pleasant. Improved with a large 2-story stone rough cast house with 3 rooms and hall on first floor and 5 rooms on second flour with basement and kitchen with cellars attached, also a barn, etc. Has Monocacy Valley in view from 1-15 miles, village has schools and churches. Also, a 2-story log tenement house with garden and 1/2 acre lot and water rights. To Jacob RIDDLEMOSER from Henry SIMMS & w/ Martha E. in May 1844. Previously to SIMMS from Nicholas BRENGLE & wife in May 1844. - "Middle Plantation", 3/4 acres; lying in the forks of the Old Annapolis Road and road from Frederick Town to Liberty Town, in Mount Pleasant. Improved with dry goods and grocery store; house has seven rooms. To Jacob RIDDLEMOSER from Henry SIMMS & w/ Martha E. in Nov 1842. Previously to SIMMS from George RICE in Apr 1833 [JS-44, 131]. - part of "Middle Plantation", 2 roods & 23 perches (abt 1/2 acre, in Mount Pleasant. To Jacob RIDDLEMOSER from Philip DETRICK & w/ Maria in Nov 1843. Previously from Thomas BEATTY to William BENTLY/BEATTY in May 1774; afterwards to Peter OGLE from Abraham STONER. - Except 37 perches sold to John W. BURTON & w/ Catharine who sold the same to James L. RIDDLEMOSER in Apr 1852. On 5 Jun 1875, testimony was heard from: - Ephraim RIDDLEMOSER - stated Jacob E. RIDDLEMOSER was killed in battle. - James L. RIDDLEMOSER - claimed it was his uncle who died in Baltimore and left the monies to the children of his father. All of the children of age received their monies, but his father was made guardian to manage the monies for the minor children. His father, having no money of his own, invested the children's money into the property he purchased. (It appears the last four children may not have been born when Michael RIDDLEMOSER died and left legacies to the children, as they are not listed in the distribution.) - Margaret F. BOWERS Trustee was Dr. Joseph A. RIDDLEMOSER. Sale was held in Mount Pleasant at the store of James L. RIDDLEMOSER on 8 Jan 1876; high bidders were: - Edward E. BUCKEY for the store room and house at $900 - James L. RIDDLEMOSER for the adjoining 1/2 acre at $65 No sufficient bid for the 8 acres. Second sale was held the same place on 24 Feb 1877; high bidder was: - Clinton A. RIDDLEMOSER, Amelia R. RIDDLEMOSER and Martha J. RIDDLEMOSER at $1,500 Distribution of $2,551; court costs, $367.37 - Mary B. ROUTZAHN, partial claim, $148.02 - Ann L. COOKERLY, partial claim, $222.89 - Amelia R. RIDDLEMOSER, partial claim, $302.12 - Clinton A. RIDDLEMOSER, partial claim, $302.12 - Joseph A. RIDDLEMOSER, partial claim, $302.12 - M. Joanna RIDDLEMOSER, partial claim, $302.12 - James L. RIDDLEMOSER, per order of court, $12.98 - Mary B. ROUTZAHN, 1/6 of Charles F.'s share, $48.19 - Ann L. COOKERLY, 1/6 of Charles F.'s share, $48.19 - Amelia R. RIDDLEMOSER, 1/6 of Charles F.'s share, $48.19 - Cliinton A. RIDDLEMOSER, 1/6 of Charles F.'s share, $48.19 - Joseph A. RIDDLEMOSER, 1/6 of Charles F.'s share, $48.19 - M. Joanna RIDDLEMOSER, 1/6 of Charles F.'s share, $48.19 - James L. RIDDLEMOSER, per order of court, $10.82 - Nathaniel ROUTZAHN, per order of court, $128.08 - Mary B. ROUTZAHN, 1/6 of J. Edward's share, $25.87 - Ann L. COOKERLY, 1/6 of J. Edward's share, $25.87 - Amelia R. RIDDLEMOSER, 1/6 of J. Edward's share, $25.87 - Clinton A. RIDDLEMOSER, 1/6 of J. Edward's share, $25.87 - Joseph A. RIDDLEMOSER, 1/6 of J. Edward's share, $25.87 - M. Joanna RIDDLEMOSER, 1/6 of J. Edward's share, $25.87 Closed 9 Oct 1877. Notes - Washington County Marriage Index - William A. RIDDLEMOSER & E.A.M. GEORGE on 5 Jan 1847. ===
159-164 - MARKER, HOOVER, FOX, LEVY, URNER, HARP - May 1876
C.V.S. LEVY and Milton G. URNER, trustees, under Mortgage from Wesley MARKER and John H. HOOVER - Report of Sales Wesley MARKER & w/ Charlotte and John H. HOOVER & w/ Amanda M. conveyed a mortgage to C.V.S. LEVY and Jacob FOX in Mar 1875. LAND - 30 acres in Beallsville, Jackson District; adjoining lands of Samuel GLADHILL, John HORINE and George HORINE. Improved with brick house, rough cast; then in possession of Wesley MARKER. Previously owned by Eli MICHAEL. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 6 May 1876; high bidder was: - George HARP at $1,375 Distribution of $1,442.74; court costs, $133.22 - Emily J. FOX, adm/of Jacob FOX, dec'd, mortgage, $887.47 - C.V.S. LEVY, mortgage, $416.47 - Wesley MARKER and John H. HOOVER, balance, $5.38 Closed 27 Jul 1877. ===
Catharine GROVE vs Susan ALBAUGH, et al 2nd Report of Sales of John RITCHIE and James McSHERRY, trustees LAND - 2/3 of 1/2 of Lot# 57 on North side of East Patrick St, Frederick, known as east half; adjoining lot of David FRAZIER on the east. Improved with a 3-story brick house and back building. Interest of William H. ALBAUGH acquired from Thomas V. HICKSON in Deed ES-5, 405; and from Susan ALBAUGH by her Will dated 15 Aug 1855. Sale was held at City Hotel in Frederck on 22 Sep 1877, along with Equity order by Charles W. ROSS, Esquire and Trustee for other parties; high bidder was: - David FRAZIER at $2,600; subject to tenancy of Dr. Francis T. BURCK Amount for Ritchie & McSherry's claim, $866.66. Distribution of $908.33; court costs, $137.30 - Susan ALBAUGH, wid/of Wm. H. ALBAUGH, in lieu of dower, 1/9, $100.92 - Catharine GROVE, sister of decedent, 1/2, $335.05 - Samuel ALBAUGH, dec'd brother of decedent; his children: ...James ALBAUGH, 1/8, $41.88 ...Susan RILEY (w/o Wm. J. RILEY), 1/8, $41.88 ...Elizabeth NETHERTON (w/o Albert NETHERTON), 1/8, $41.88 ...Mary ALBAUGH, 1/8, $41.88 ...Sarah Catharine ALBAUGH, 1/8, $41.88 ...Margaret Ellen ALBAUGH, 1/8, $41.88 ...John W. ALBAUGH (a minor), 1/8, $41.88 ...Margaret Alice ALBAUGH (a minor), 1/8, $41.88 Closed 30 Nov 1877. ===
John W. A. SHAFER, et al vs Samuel L. GROVE, et al - Trustees' 3rd Report John W. A. SHAFER, Hamilton J. SHAFER and E. TALBOT SHAFER, trustees of Estate of Henry SHAFER LAND - House & Lot in Burkittsville; then in occupancy of Eli AUSHERMAN Sale was held 18 Dec 1875 on the premises; high bidder was: - Eli AUSHERMAN at $495 Another house and lot in Burkittsville didn't receive an adequate bid. 2nd Report - 1/3 Funds & Interest Received from: - Peter H. SHAFER for Farm, $3,567.61 - Martin T. SHAFER, $1,808.62 - Ann R. GROVE, $1,503.70 - Samuel B. MENTZER, $135.31 - George W. NORRIS, $70.60 - P.H. SHAFER for mountain land, $124.25 - O. HORSEY, $224.11 - John M. MORRISON, $112.91 - Ann R. GROVE, for mountain land, $117.34 - M. T. SHAFER for mountain land, $115.62 - P.H. SHAFER for mountain land, $114.05 - P.H. SHAFER for farm, $4,238.34 - Mr YOUNG for rent, $40 - Mr AUSHERMAN for rent, $50 Total Receipts, $12,222.46 - Court Costs, $384.27 - Albenia E. BISER, 1/9, $1,315.35 - John W. A. SHAFER, 1/9, $1,315.35 - Peter H. SHAFER, 1/9, $1,315.35 - Martin T. SHAFER, 1/9, $1,315.35 - Hamilton J. SHAFER, 1/9, $1,315.35 - E. T. SHAFER, 1/9, $1,315.35 - Caroline GAVER, 1/9, $1,315.35 - Henrietta SHAFER, 1/9, $1,315.35 - Ann R. GROVE, 1/9, $1,315.35 Albenia E. BISER and husband Daniel G. BISER petitioned the court in claiming she had not been paid the full amount alloted to her. Henrietta SHAFER also did the same. 4th Report of Sale - private sale on 7 Mar 1877 to: - Jacob V. CUNNINGHAM for 2-story log house, weather-boarded with Lot in Burkittsville at $425 Sale on 21 Feb 1874, the trustees reported that John M. MORRISON had failed to make all his payments for 5 acres of mountain land. Audit Report: Monies received for sales, $1,002.14 - court costs, $308.18 - J.W.A. SHAFER, reimbursement for overpayment, $78.65 - Albenia E. BISER, 1/9, $68.36 - J. W. A. SHAFER, 1/9, $68.36 - Peter H. SHAFER, 1/9, $68.36 - Martin T. SHAFER, 1/9, $68.36 - Hamilton J. SHAFER, 1/9, $68.36 - E. Talbott SHAFER, 1/9, $68.36 - Caroline GAVER, 1/9, $68.36 - Henrietta SHAFER, 1/9, $68.36 - Ann R. GROVE, 1/9, $68.36 Closed 5 Dec 1877. ===
Philip B. KUNKEL - Petition William H. HOWARD and Elizabreth M. HOWARD were indebted to Franklin Savings Bank in 1862 with sureties as James M. GANNON and Philip B. KUNKEL; therefore, the Howards issued a mortgage to indemnify them. LAND - Lot on west side of Carroll St in Frederick; adjoined lots of Samuel L. GOUVERNEUR on the north and James M. GANNON on the south, on NE corner of brick house of John HANE and NE corner of Lot of Hugh McALEER. Improved with a frame house. From Eveline H. BIRELY in Dec 1861. Sale was held at the City Hotel on 8 Feb 1876; high bidder was: - Philip H. PYFOR at $463 Distribution: court costs, $110.53 - Franklin Savings Bank, part of balance on note, $222.68 - Philip B. KUNKEL, part of claim, $129.79 Closed 11 Apr 1876. ===
Catharine LILLY, assignee of Isaac HYDER who was mortgagee of William ULRICH - Report of Sales William ULRICK & w/ Francis E. were indebted for $750 to Isaac HYDER in Dec 1872. LAND - (A) House & Lot# 92 on north side of Main St; bordered by lots of Mrs. Barbara SMITH on the west and by lot occupied by James McGUIGAN on the east. Improved with a 2-story brick house with garret. - (B) Lot in Carrolsburg and Silver's Fancy, 2 1/2 acres, on north side of North Alley in Emmitsburg; adjoined by lots of Michael C. ADELSBERGER on the west and lot formerly owned by Joshua SHORB on the east. To Francis E. ULRICK from John D. NICUM. - (C) 6 acres; 3/4 mile north of Emmittsburg near Poplar Ridge; adjoining lands of George P. BEAM and William S. GUTHRIE on the west; formerly owned by John BARRY, dec'd, on the south side and the Poplar Ridge Road on the east side. [ES-10, 36] Sale was held at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg on 14 Jul 1877; high bidders were: - Mary J. KELLY at $750 (A) - William S. GUTHRIE at $300 (B) Total sales, $1,050. The ULRICKS petitioned the court, claiming properties were sold at half of their value. Mary J. KELLY also petitioned the court, claiming the ULRICKS had refused to vacate the property that she had purchased. Court issued eviction. 1st Distribution of $525; court costs, $164.32 - Catharine LILLY, assignee of mortgage, partial, $360.68 Closed 30 Nov 1877. ===
John W. BIRELY, Pres/of Peoples Building Assoc, mortgagee of John BOWIE & Others - Report of Sales John BOWIE & w/ Lettie and Hilleary DEMAR & w/ Mary E. issued a mortgage for $1,040, payable to People Building Assoc in May 1871. LAND - 47 3/4 acres, in New Market District; adjoining lands of Col. George R. DENNES and John HOFFMAN. Improved with a log house and barn. From Christopher SAUERWEIN & wife in May 1871. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 28 Dec 1876; high bidder was: - Christopher SAUERWEIN at $601 Distribution: court costs, $124.74 - Peoples Building Assoc, $466.55 - Christopher SAUERWEIN, partial of 2nd mortgage, $9.71 Closed 17 Jul 1877. ===
202-206 - BRASHEARS, NULL, SWEADNER - Mar 1877
George NULL, mortgagee of Joshua BRASHEARS - Report of Sales Joshua BRASHEARS & w/ L. Jane issued mortgage for $200 to George NULL in May 1875. LAND - House & Lot Sale was held on the premises in Libertytown on 2 Mar 1877; high bidder was: - George NULL at $205 John SWEADNER was made trustee to convey the deed. Distribution of $205; court costs, $52.45 - George NULL, partial mortgage, $152.55 Closed 21 Dec 1877. ===
George R. DENNIS, Pres/of Central National Bank - Report of Sales John PHLEEGER, now dec'd, & w/ Susanna were indebted to the bank for $1,500; also for $700 (sureties were Christian THOMAS and J.W. STARR); also $200 (sureties were Albert S. PHLEEGER and Christian THOMAS); and as John PHLEEGER & Son for $400 and $750 (sureties were Christian THOMAS and C.A. BUCKEY); and $1,300 as principal and surety for Frederick K. PHLEEGER (with Lewis H. AHALT as co-surety); and $750 and $250 (C.A. BUSHEY as co-surety). LAND - 'Phleeger's Mill Property', 25 acres; on Ballinger Creek on road from Frederick to Point of Rocks, 3 miles from Frederick; adjoins land of Christian THOMAS. Improved with large 6(?)-story stone grist mill, containing five run of burrs with saw and chopping mill attached; and a large 2-story brick house; on the finest wheat growing area. From Daniel BUCKEY, acting exec/of Christian KEMP in Jun 1840 [HS-11, 224-226]. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 8 Sep 1877; high bidder was: - William T. WELLER at $4,800, subject to mortgage to Edward ZIMMERMAN, Esquire for $4,200; and exempting the crops of corn and tobacco. Distribution of $4,800; court costs, $393.38 - Central National Bank, partial, $4,406.62 Closed 20 Nov 1877. ===
Richard P. JACKSON, mortgagee of Albert F. MILES - Report of Sales Albert F. MILES & w/ Mary M. were indebted to Richard P. JACKSON of Georgetown District of Columbia for $651 in Jul 1872. LAND - "Principal", 123 acres; north of Bennett's creek From Samuel PLUMMER. Exception was 37 acres sold to HARRIS. Sale was held 22 Sep 1877 on the premises; high bidder was: - Eleanor HENDRY through her agent, John D. ADDISON, at $1,050 Distribution: court costs, $152.67 - R.P. JACKSON, mortgage, $715.92 - Eleanor HENDRY, extx, partial mortgage, $181.41 Closed 11 Dec 1877. ===
Josiah RAMSBURG and John W. HARGET vs Othetta T. RAMSBURG, adm/of Edward F. RAMSBURG & Others Edward F. RAMSBURG, with William H. RAMSBURG as surety, was indebted to Margaret E.S. HOOD, w/o James M. HOOD for $2,000. He was also indebted, along with Josiah RAMSBURG & John W. HARGET as sureties, to Central National Bank for $1,500. Edward F. RAMSBURG d/ 21 Apr 1877, intestate widow - Othetta J. (age 27) s/ John Nevin RAMSBURG, a minor d/ Mary Catharine RAMSBURG, a minor s/ Edward Josiah RAMSBURG, a minor d/ Frances Othetta RAMSBURG (born after her father died) LAND - "Altogether", 207 acres, near Ijamsville. Located on the south edge of the Baltiimore & Ohio Rail Road and north side of Bush Creek, being dividing line between Henry NIXDORFF's land and this tract. Also adjoining lands of Col. John MONTGOMERY and John MONTGOMERY, dec'd, tracts "The Resurvey on Bealls Good Will" and "The Rights of Man" - To Tideman HULL from James A. BAUGHMAN & w/ Mary M. for $7,248.50 in Oct 1867. - To Edward F. RAMSBURG from William H. DERR of Baltimore City and Eliza HULL (w/o Tideman) for $3,313.60 on 2 Dec 1876 (as mortgaged property of Tideman Hull on 24 Mar 1873 [CM-9, 590]). Othetta J. RAMSBURG was administrator with sureties as John W. HARGATE and Josiah RAMSBURG. Guardian was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard on 1 Oct 1877 from: - James M. HOOD - Philip M. ENGLEBRECHT - John H. RAMSBURG Trustees were Josiah RAMSBURG and John W. HARGET. Report filed 8 Nov 1877 listed the sale of real estate with high bidder as: - Lewis F. DETRICK of Baltimore City at $3,700 Distribution: court costs, $310.03 - Josiah RAMSBURG & John W. HARGATE, mortgage, as assignees of James M. & Margaret E.S. HOOD, $2,104.33 - Othetta F. RAMSBURG, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $183.66 - Josiah RAMSBURG & John W. HARGATE, balance for partial payment of bank note paid by them, $1,101.98 Closed 2 Jan 1878. ===
Charles T. REMSBURG & Others vs Ninian H. REMSBURG & Others - Sale of Real Estate Henry REMSBURG d/ c1866 (Will written 24 Apr 1865) widow - Elizabeth (age about 80) s/ William P. REMSBURG & w/ Eliza - Washington County s/ Ninian H. REMSBURG & w/ Sophia - Ohio d/ Lydia A.R. w/o Daniel BRANDENBURG d/ Georgiana L. w/o William E. SMITH d/ Catharine A.C. w/o Francis T. HOPWOOD s/ Charles Thomas REMSBURG & w/ Margaret R. d/ Adeline (d/ c1874, intestate) w/o John W. REMSBURG .....Morgan H. REMSBURG, single .....George Edward REMSBURG, single - Texas .....Lloyd A. REMSBURG, single - Illinois .....Asa M. REMSBURG, single - Texas .....Anna REMSBURG, a minor .....Emory REMSBURG, a minor .....Elizabeth R. REMSBURG, a minor - House & Lot in Middletown; from William T. ERVIN (to wife). - Plantation, 158+ acres (home place, to youngest son Charles); includes land on west side of Jefferson Road; from John BAKER. - Mountain land, 23 acres (to son Charles with him making payments for both tracts)(from Will of Henry's father) - Mountain land, 22 acres, in Washington County; adjoining "Lamb's Field" (to sell) SLAVE - Allen Dorsey SPEAKS (Colored Indentured Servant boy) (to son Charles) (children's names not provided in Will, only Charles) Execs/ wife and son Charles Thomas REMSBURG Witnesses: Ezra MINNICK, John DERR, David COBLENTZ LAND - "Resurvey on Turkey Range", 2 acres (not listed in Will). Adjoined land of George BOWLUS and east side of KELLER's Lot to county road. At time of sale, notice stated the location was the southern suburbs of Middletown, adjoining land of Peter SHAFER Sr. From Josiah REMSBURG, exec/of Henry LIGHTER, in Jun 1865. Previously to LIGHTER from John SIFFORD in Oct 1848. Guardian was Clay C. BUHRMAN, Esquire. Testimony was heard on 8 NOv 1877 from: - John H. REMSBURG - gave age of the widow as about 80 and stated the age of Adeline's husband, John W. REMSBURG was 60+. - Francis T. HOPWOOD - testified the same Trustee was Charles T. REMSBURG. Sale was held 12 Jan 1878 in front of The Valley Register Office in Middletown; high bidder was: - Peter SHAFER Sr. at $361.86 Distribution: court costs, $123.56 - Elizabeth REMSBURG, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $23.83 - each child's share, $30.63 (John W. REMSBURG, curtesy share, 1/9 of 1/7, $3.40 and his children each rec'd, 1/7 of 8/9 of 1/7, $3.89) Closed 1 Apr 1878. Note - Marriage License Records of Frederick County - Henry RAMSBURG & Elizabeth BOSLEY on 4 May 1819 - Adeline V. RAMSBURG & John W. RAMSBURG on 22 Mar 1843 - Lydia A.R. REMSBURG & Daniel BRANDENBURG on 10 Feb 1851 - Kate A.C. REMSBURG & Francis R. HOPEWOOD on 20 Apr 1871 - Georgeanna L. RAMSBURG & William E. SMITH (age 28) on 17 Jan 1877 ===
257-263 - ESSICK, NULL, ROWE - Oct 1877
George W. ROWE, assignee of George NULL who was mortgagee of George W. ESSICK - Report of Sale George W. ESSICK & w/ Eliza J. were in default of their mortgage. LAND - tract "Transylvania", 100+ acres, 5 miles east of Emmitsburg on the Monocacy Creek, 1/4 mile from road from Emmitsburg to Littlestown; adjoined lands of Henry EYLER and Washington SHOEMAKER. Improved with a brick house and log barn. To George W. ESSICK from George NULL & wife in Apr 1869. Sale was held at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmittsburg on 6 Oct 1877; high bidder was: - Eugene L. ROWE at $1,800 Distribution: court costs, $144.35 - George W. ROWE, assignee (partial of $1,774.04), $1,655.65 Closed 10 Jan 1878. ===
264-280 - NORRIS, GIBBONS, MERCER - Nov 1877
Jacob N. GIBBONS, mortgagee of George W. NORRIS - Report of Sales George W. NORRIS & w/ Lavinia were indebted to Jacob N. GIBBONS and David W. GIBBONS for $650 in Apr 1874. In 1877, David assigned his interest to Jacob. A second mortgage was also issued for $304.50 in Apr 1876 (the NORRIS' then listed as of Baltimore City). LAND - 33+ acres, 3 1/2 miles SW of Fredrick on road to Mount Zion Church and 1 mile south of the Hagerstown Pike; adjoining land of Joseph ZIMMERMAN. Improved with a 2-story log and frame house with back building, a frame barn and a never failing spring near the house. There is a stream of water running through the center of the farm; also has peach and apple orchards and a variety of small fruits. To George W. NORRIS from Jacob N. GIBBONS & w/ Mary E. and David W. GIBBONS in Apr 1874 [TB-1, 349]. Sale was held in front of the Dill House in Frederick on 17 Nov 1877; high bidder was: - William E. MERCER at $1,655 George W. NORRIS filed petition to obtain $100 as an exemption which is allowed by law. William E. MERCER had judgments (by assignment from Henry LORENTZ) against George W. NORRIS and petitioned against any exemption. Distribution of $1,655; court costs, $169.21 - Jacob N. GIBBON, mortgage, $717.17 - William E. MERCER, assignee of Henry LORENTZ, judgment, $281.68 - Jacob N. GIBBONS & David W. GIBBONS, mortgage, $322.16 - Mrs. Levinia NORRIS, in lieu of dower, 1/14, $11.77 - George W. NORRIS, exception under law, $100 - William E. MERCER, assignee of Henry LORENTZ, partial judgment, $53.01 Closed 1 Feb 1878. ===
Jane LONG and JOhn D. KELLER vs Ann Elizabeth KELLER, et al William KELLER d/ Nov 1876 in Frederick County, intestate widow - Ann Elizabeth (age about 54) s/ John D. KELLER & w/ Mary C. d/ Lauretta F. KELLER w/o John E. SHAFER d/ Manzella C. KELLER s/ Charles S. KELLER & w/ Missouri - Washington County d/ Martha A.M. KELLER s/ Simon P. KELLER, a minor s/ Calvin R. KELLER, a minor s/ William H. KELLER, a minor Adms/ John D. KELLER and Charles T. KELLER LAND - "Fielderia Manor", 8 acres + 5 acres, on Catoctin Mountain. From Thomas WEBSTER & w/ Lucy Ann in 1868 at $1,316.25. - "Fielderia Manor", 19 acres + 9 acres; along the turnpike from Frederick to Middletown. From Thomas WEBSTER, trustee for case of Thomas WEBSTER, father and guardian vs Charles E. WEBSTER & Others, in Sep 1868 at $3,441.25. - "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained", and "Fielderia", 30 acres; on the Hagerstown Turnpike, 4 1/ miles west of Frederick. Improvements of a 2-story stone house with back building, a large stone barn, apple trees and a well at the front door and has an excellent sprin about 200 yards from the house. -From Heirs of Hugh OWENS: Nancy McCORT, John McCORT, Mary Jane HAYES, Elizabeth "Lizzie" A. CAMPBELL and Michael HALPIN, all of Baltiimore City, and Michael HALPIN, Atty for George McCLENAHAN and Thomas P. HALPIN in Jul 1874 at $2,075 [Will GH-1, 34][Deed CM-10, 428]. Guardian was Clay C. BUHRMAN, Esquire. Testimony was heard from: - James F.N. JAY - George B. HOLTER - John D. KELLER Trustee was John D. KELLER. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick City on 12 Jan 1878; high bidder was: - Thomas Mc. WILES at $2,002 Distribution of $2,618.83 (includes $616.83 from John D. KELLER for crops) - court costs, $219.86 - balance to various creditors Closed 7 May 1878. ===
301-306 - SMELTZER, ORDEMAN, McCLAINE - Jan 1878
Herman D. ORDEMAN, mortgagee of Jacob R. SMELTZER - Report of Sales Jacob R. SMELTZER & w/ Ann E. issued mortgage to Herman D. ORDEMAN for $2,000 in Jun 1874. LAND - "Principal", 161 acres; in Urbana District, 1 mile from Hyattstown on road from SIMMON's Mill to Urbana and 5 miles from Urbana; adjoined land of Mr WHIP. Improved with a log and frame house, bank barn, tobacco warehouse, apple orchard, and spring with 30 timbered acres. - From William McCLAINE & w/ Harriet in Dec 1853 [ES-3, 389-390] Sale was held 21 Jan 1878 on the premises; high bidder was: - Herman D. ORDERMAN at $1,451.25 Daniel T. ORDEMAN was appointed as trustee to convey the deed. Distribution: court costs, $118.94 - Herman D. ORDEMAN, partial mortgage, $1,332.31 Closed 1 Apr 1878. ===
307-312 - SMITH, HOUCK, BUDDY, McSHERRY - Feb 1878
Ezra HOUCK, mortgagee of Emanuel SMITH - Report of Sales Emanuel SMITH issued mortgage to Ezra HOUCK for $3,500 in Feb 1873. LAND - Lot# 2 on south side of West Third St in Frederick city; adjoining lots of Edward HOWARD on the east and Miss PETINGALL on the west. Improvements were a 3-story brick house w/ brick back building. - From Philip BUDDY & w/ Sophia M. in Oct 1863 for $3,500 [BGF-9, 226]. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 2 Feb 1878; high bidder was: - James McSHERRY at $3,200 Distribution: court costs, $71.60 - Ezra HOUCK, partial mortgage, $3,118.40 Closed 8 Apr 1878 ===
Eugene L. DERR & Others vs Elizabeth DERR & Others John DERR, dec'd (Will written 14 Dec 1829) w/ Elizabeth s/ John DERR Jr. d/ Catharine w/o Jacob REECE d/ Elizabeth w/o Jonathan GETZENDANNER d/ Polly w/o Daniel GETZENDANNER SLAVES - SANDY and WEST, negroes (to serve son John for 4 years, then to be set free) - TONEY, old and faithful slave (may be set free, but son John to provide for him - LENDY, negro woman, to be free upon decedant's death - HARRIOT, then age 13 - BILL, then age abt 10 - ASBURY, then age 7-8 - ANN, then age abt 4 - DAVID, then age abt 3 - JANE, then age abt 18 months - ELLEN, then age abt 17 & her child, abt 6 months old From Harriot to Ellen - To serve until age 30, then set free. - BAKER (boy, to serve son John until age 20, then set free) Monies - Two payments of $1,000 to daughter Elizabeth - Two payments of $1,000 to daughter Polly LAND - "Taskers Chance", 273 acres; adjoined the widow MARSH's land. (home place to son John) - "Taskers Chance", 70 acres; located on south side of main road from Frederick Town to the late General WILLIAMS' ferry on the Monocacy River, bounds the river. - Lot# 1 of "Mackey's Luck", 87+ acres; adjoined Major MANTZ's Lot# 2; (patented to Doctor David ROSS, dec'd). To John DERR from David ROSS (w/ Henrietta Maria) and Horatio ROSS of Bladensburgh in Prince George's County for $513 in Mar 1799. (to son John) - "Deer Bought", 1 acre and 1/4 acre; adjoined "Bear Den". From John STONER to Thomas DERR in Mar 1817. - 4 acres; From William E. WILLIAMS to Thomas DERR in Jul 1815. All of the above to John DERR Jr. from Thomas DERR for $4,891.25 in Mar 1830. (Will of Sebastian DERR written 29 Oct 1796 devised the home place to son Thomas.) - Lots# 1 and 3 of "Middle Plantation", 100 acres. From Richard POTTS (trustee for Chancery Court Degree dated 24 May 1828, Susan F. WILLIAMS, widow of William E. WILLIAMS and guardian of Elizabeth C. WILLIAMS, William F. WILLIAMS, Mary S. WILLIAMS and Otho H. WILLIAMS) sold at $1,000 to John DERR in Apr 1931. - Tract lying on the Monocacy River (from John CRAPS) and lots adjoining (from YEATMAN & others), 87+ acres (to daughter, Catharine); upon her death to her children, if none, then to her siblings (except John). - Frederick Town property (from L.P.W. BALCH, Esquire, trustee of Ezra STONER - to be sold - Frederick Town lot (from Christian BRENGLE) - to be sold Exec/ son John Jr. Witnesses: L.P.W. BALCH, John STONER, Thomas DEVILBISS Codicil - provided additional yearly monies to daughters, Elizabeth & Polly (all monies to be paid by son John Jr.) dated 13 Mar 1833; witnessed by L.P.W. BALCH, John STONER, Lewis B. EADER. ---- John DERR (Jr.) d/ Jul 1866, intestate widow - Elizabeth d/ Mary L. DERR s/ John P. DERR (d/ Dec 1869 intestate, after his father) widow - Annie C.N. - Baltimore City (sold her dower) (no children; estate to his siblings) d/ Alice V. DERR d/ Margaret A. (DERR), dec'd w/o Edward A. SHRINER .....Edward D. SHRINER, a minor s/ Eugene L. DERR & w/ Fanny (GROVEMAN) s/ William R. DERR & w/ Frances B. (GITTINGER) - Baltimore City s/ Charles W. DERR, single - Boulder Co, Colorado s/ Ezra L. DERR, single --- LAND - "Taskers Chance", 338 acres; on west bank of Monocacy River and below the south side of the bridge. - "Middle Plantation", 100 acres; - Lot#2 on "Mackey's Luck", 91 acres; (Each sibling was due 1/8 share after widow's dower; son John was to take the property and make payments to the siblings yearly for their shares, but he died before that was completed John P. DERR had been indebted to Mary L. DERR and Alice V. DERR for loans of $2,000 and issued mortgage to them for his rights to his father's estate. Elizabeth DERR, widow, Mary L. DERR, Alice V. DERR, Eugene L. DERR, William R. DERR and Charles W. DERR issued Mortgage (for their shares in John DERR's Estate) to Mary C. SCHRINER for $4,700 in Mar 1871. William R. DERR & w/ Frances issued Mortgage (for his share) to Mary C. SCHRINER for $3,000 in Mar 1871. William R. DERR issued Mortgage (for his share) to Ezra HOUCK for $3,000 in Oct 1871. William R. DERR and Thomas GITTINGER were engaged as partners in business in Baltimore City t/a Gittinger & Derr and were declared bankrupt in 1873; John H. FOWLER was assignee. Charles W. DERR owed David C. WINEBRENNER $4,200 in Mar 1877 and issued a mortgage to him for his share. Annie C.N. DERR, widow of John P., released her dower to the siblings of her husband for $1,226.49 in Mar 1871. Elizabeth, the widow of John P. DERR, requested her dower land (1/3) be laid off. Total lands valued at $45,792.96. Surveyor was William H. HILLEARY who surveyed the lands of "Tasker's Chance" and alloted 97 acres as the widow's dower; was the northern division, south of the Liberty Pike and lying west of the Monocacy River. Commissioners were: Joseph CRONICE, Isaac CRONICE, Theodore SHULTZ, Samuel HOKE and William J. WORMAN. John DERR's land surveyed as: - "Taskers Chance", 342 acres; located 3 miles NE of Frederick City on Woodsborough Turnpike. .....Lot# 1 of "Taskers Chance", 168 acres; lying west of Lot# 2 with house, 10 acres in timber; improved with a 2-story stone and weatherboard house with 10 rooms, a large Switzer barn, wagon shed with corn cribs, stone tenant house, a well near the buildings. It is within 1/4 mile of grist and saw mills. .....Lot# 2 of "Taskers Chance", 97 acres with house (home place and the northern section which became the widow's dower); and 76 acres remaining in the southern section with no buildings but divided into three fields. - "Middle Plantation", 97 acres; adjacent to Mount Pleasant. .....Lot# 1, 11 acres; south of turnpike road and Dr. RAMSBURG's lot is in NW corner. .....Lot# 2, 14 acres; south of turnpike road to Hoke's road. .....Lot# 3 (A,B.C), 11 acres; south of turnpike road; spring in A and runs through B. .....Lot# 4, 6 acres; south of Lot# 3, on Hoke's road; spring runs through it. .....Lot# 5, 61 perches; on Hoke's road, south side of bridge. .....Lot# 6, 14 acres; wooded. .....Lot# 7, 17 acres; wooded, next to Jacob DILLER's land. .....Lot# 8, 20 acres; wooded, next to Jacob DILLER's land. - "Resurvey on Mackey's Luck", 69+ acres; adjacent to Mount Pleasant and was north and south of the Liberty Turnpike; adjoined "The Four Friends" and John W. BURRIER's lot and adjoined the African Church lot. All have running water except Lot# 3. Lots were U shaped around J.W. BURRIER's land, his land north of Liberty Turnpike. .....Lot#1, 11 acres, wooded; adjoined John W. BURRIER's lot; ran north of Liberty Turnpike and east of New Market Rd. .....Lot#2, 22+ acres, wooded; lying sourth of Liberty Turnpike and east of New Market Road. .....Lot#3, 11 acres; south of Liberty Turnpike with New Market Road on eastern border. .....Lot#4, 9+ acres; south of Liberty Turnpike. .....Lot#5, 15 acres, with house and spring, north of Liberty Turnpike. .....Lot#6, 1+ acre, with house and spring; south of Lot# 4, Branch Spring ran through it. Guardian was H. Clay NAILL, Esquire; however, several of the Derrs requested that Eugene L. DERR be made guardian. ON 20 Dec 1877, testimony was heard from: - Eugene L. DERR - Charles W. DERR Trustee was Eugene L. DERR; Henry R. HARRIS was auctioneer. Sale was held 26 Feb 1878 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidders were: - Edward A. SHRINER for Lot# 1 of "Tasker's Chance" at $106.50/acre - Elizabeth DERR for southern part of Lot# 2 of "Tasker's Chance" at $90/acre Sale was held 276 Feb 1878 at BUCKEY's Store in Mount Pleasant; high bidders for parts of "Middle Plantation" were: - George A. STEVENS for Lot# 1 at $25/acre - George A. STEVENS for Lot# 2 at $21/acre - Theodore A. STEVENS & John B. STEVENS for Lot# 3A, 5+ acres at $29/acre - Theodore A. STEVENS & John B. STEVENS for Lot# 3B, 5+ acres at $27/acre - Ezra L. DERR for Lot# 3C, 1 rood, 15 perches at $250 (private sale) - Theodore A. STEVENS & John B. STEVENS for Lot# 4 at $18/acre - Mr SCHULTZ for Lot# 5 at $22.37 (for a road, no money paid) - George A. STEVENS Lot# 6 at $9.75/acre - Alice V. DERR for Lot# 7 at $28/acre (private sale) - Mary L. DERR for Lot# 8 at $25/acre (private sale) High bidders for parts of "Mackey's Luck" were: - Edward A. SHRINER for Lot# 1 at $30.50/acre - Ezra L. DERR for Lot# 2 at $20/acre (private sale) - John W. BURRIER for Lot# 3 at $20.75/acre - Jerry THOMAS for Lot# 4 at $29.75/acre - William COSLEY for Lot# 5 at $476 - Jerry THOMAS for Lot# 6 at $29.75/acre Total sales, $29,127.20. Distribution: court costs, $1,421.51 from Estate of John DERR: - Mary L. DERR, 1/8, $3,463.21 - Alice V. DERR, 1/8, $3,463.21 - Eugene L. DERR, 1/8, $3,463.21 - Ezra S. DERR, 1/8, $3,463.21 - Edward D. SHRINER, 1/8, $3,463.21 - Charles W. DERR's 1/8 share to: David C. WINEBRENNER, partial mortgage, $3,463.21 - William R. DERR's 1/8 share to: .....Mary C. SHRINER, mortgagee, $3,378 .....Ezra HOUCK, partial mortgage, $85.21 - John P. DERR's 1/8 share to: .....Mary L. DERR, note + int, $1,554 .....Alice V. DERR, note + int, $518 .....Mary L. DERR, 1/7 share of John P. DERR, $198.74 .....Alice V. DERR, 1/7 share of John P. DERR, $198.74 .....Eugene L. DERR, 1/7 share of John P. DERR, $198.74 .....Ezra S. DERR, 1/7 share of John P. DERR, $198.74 .....Edward D. SHRINER, 1/7 share of John P. DERR, $198.74 .....Ezra HOUCK, for Wm. R. DERR's 1/7 share, $198.74 .....David C. WINEBRENNER, for Charles W. DERR's 1/7 share, $198.74 Closed 3 Jun 1878. ===
374-383 - BROWN, RANDALL, WOOD - Mar 1878
Alexander RANDALL, Atty/for Farmers National Bank of Annapolis as mortgagee of Joshua BROWN - Report of Sales Joshua BROWN, dec'd LAND - "Caroline", 226 acres in New Market District; adjoins lands of Dr. H.W. DORSEY, Pottinger DORSEY and Charles SALMON. Improvements of house, barn, wagon shed, recently limed, 1/4 mile from depot of Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road and on the Baltimore-Frederick Pike. Subject to mortgage of Cordelia H. DORSEY of $3,000. - From heirs of Hamilton STEIR & wife, also DOUD & STEWART as administrators and Margaret E. DULANEY [ES-2, 467-469]. Also from Joseph J. CAIN [TG-5, 483]. - "Moab", 165 acres; lies north of other tract and was 1/2 mile from Baltimore-Frederick Pike; then in occupancy of Mr. ETCHISON. Adjoins lands of Charles SALMON, Margaret WRIGHT and John DOWNEY. Subject to mortgage of James M. RICE of $2,246. Improvements of house, tobacco house, stable, 110 acres in timber; fields in good fencing, recently limed and is conveniently watered. [TG-2, 489] - From William DOWNEY & wife [ES-7, 415][DLB-1, 708]. - "The Land of Promise" (known as the Mill Farm), 145 acres; Includes a steam merchant and saw mill; adjoins lands of Norris BURGESS. From Benjamin TODD & wife in 1863 [BGF-8, 541]. Conveyed to John T. WATKINS in May 1871 and in Jun 1876 back to Joshua BROWN [CM-1, 14 & TG-5, 486]. Mortgage by Joshua BROWN to Farmers National Bank of Annapolis in Jan 1877 for: - House & Lot in State House circle, Annapolis; running back to Main or Church St. - 143, 120, in Deep Creek, 3rd District in Anne Arundel County - 130 & 185 & 79 acres in 3rd District in Anne Arundel County - 209 acres in 4th District in Anne Arundel County - "Carolina", 226 acres, in New Market, Frederick County - "Moab", - 140 acres Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick city on 26 Mar 1878; high bidder was: - Joseph WOOD for "The Land of Promise", 144+ acres at $1,445.50 Distribution: court costs, $208.92 - Farmers National Bank of Annapolis, partial mortgage, Balance, $1,236.58 Closed 3 Jun 1878 ===
383-389 - BROWN, RICE, ETCHISON - Mar 1878
James M. RICE, mortgagee of Joshua BROWN - Petition for Title LAND - "Resurvey on Moab", 165 acres, in New Market. Adjoined lands of Charles SALMON, Margaret WRIGHT and John DOWNEY and lies north of the homestead of the late Joshua BROWN; 1/2 mile north of Baltimore & Frederick Turnpike; then in occupancy of Mr. ETCHISON. Improved with house, tobacco house, large frame weatherboarded building with lower story as stable and upper story for rehanging of tobacco. Timber of chestnut, oak and hickory cover 110 acres. To Joshua BROWN from William DOWNEY & w/ Margaret J. in Nov 1855 [ES-7, 415] and in Sep 1867 [DSB-1, 708]. Joshua BROWN now deceased. Sale was held at City Hotel in Frederick on 26 Mar 1878; high bidder was: - James M. RICE at $10/acre or $1,650 Court ruled to uphold the sale after J. G. ETCHISON withdrew his petition for exception. Distribution: court costs, $131.55 - James M. RICE, partial 1st mortgage, $1,518.45 Closed 25 May 1878. ===
389-401 - BROWN, DORSEY, DIETRICK - Mar 1878
Cordelia H. DORSEY, mortgagee of Joshua BROWN - Report of Sales Joshua BROWN of Anne Arundel County issued mortgage to Cordelia H. DORSEY for $3,000 in Feb 1875; he is now deceased. LAND - "Carolina", 226 acres in New Market District; adjoins lands of Dr. H.W. DORSEY, Pottinger DORSEY and Charles SALMON. (Resurveyed for Meshack HYATT in Apr 1787.) Improvements of house, barn, wagon shed, recently limed, 1/4 mile from depot of Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road and on the Baltimore-Frederick Pike. Subject to mortgage of Cordelia H. DORSEY of $3,000. ..To Joshua BROWN of Anne Arundel County from Hamilton STEIR & w/ Achsah A. L. for 2 1/4 acres in Sep 1852 [ES-2, 468-469]. ..To Joshua BROWN of Anne Arundel County from Rhody DOUD of Montgomery County, administratrix & STEWART of Washington County, admin/of Frederick STIER in Apr 1852 for 222 acres [ES-2, 467-468]. Frederick STEIR & Margaret Ellen DULANY made contract to sell land to Joshua BROWN before STEIR died (bef 20 Apr 1852) intestate. ..To Joshua BROWN of Anne Arundel County from Margaret E. DULANY in Apr 1852 for 222 acres [ES-2, 469-470]. Sale was held at City Hotel in Frederick on 26 Mar 1878; high bidder was: - Lewis F. DIETRICK at $33/acre or $7,392 Distribution: court costs, $446.06 - Cordelia H. DORSEY, 1st mortgage + int, $3,112 - Samuel R. BROWN, per agreement, $478.45 - Farmers National Bank of Annapolis, partial 2nd mortgage, $3,355.49 Closed 28 May 1878. ===
Philip B. KUNKEL, mortgagee of Jacob NICKEL & w/ Elizabeth - Report of Sales LAND - West half of Lot# 344 on south side of W. Patrick St in Frederick city; runs to Carroll Creek. Improved with a 2-story brick house, then in occupancy of William CHAMBERS. Exception is portion of lot then covered by the brick back building of Valerius EBERT, Esquire, on the west. - From John HANSHEW in Jan 1864 [JWLC-1, 79]. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick city on 2 Mar 1878; high bidder was: - Nicholas YINGER at $1,090 Fredericktown Savings filed a petition for their mortgage from Jacob NICKEL & w/Elizabeth for their securities, George C. DERR and Michael H. HALLER, issued in Jul 1877. Distribution of $1,090; court costs, $164.62 - Philip B. KUNKEL, 1st mortgage + int, $695.60 - Fredericktown Savings, 2nd mortgage + int, $156.77 - Jacob NICKEL, balance of $73 Closed 24 Apr 1878. ===
John T. SMITH, et al vs Michael McCREA, et al John SMITH of L., d/ Jan 1875, intestate widow - Christiana d/ Margaret SMITH w/o William JOHNSON - Washington County d/ Elizabeth SMITH w/o Michael McCREA - Indiana d/ Catharine SMITH w/o Henry WOLFE s/ David SMITH - Washington County d/ Drucella SMITH w/o Ezra BROWN d/ Emeline SMITH w/o David TOMS d/ Mary "Polly" SMITH, dec'd w/o George BURNS - Washington County .....John WARNER (by 1st husband) .....Emanuel BURNS - Out of State .....George BURNS - Out of State s/ John T. SMITH & w/ Maria (MAUGANS) s/ Joseph SMITH & w/ Ann Maria (FARSHT) LAND - in Hauver's District: - "Leaning Rock" and "Forest's Purchase", 12 acres; From Jacob SMELTZER (w/ Christiana in Nov 1820 [JS-3, 53]. - "Forest's Purchase" and "Leaning Rock", 27 acres; adjoining tract "Valentine's Gift" and by land of Jonathan SMITH (from his brother John SMITH). From Henry MILLER (w/ Elizabeth) and Jacob EVERHART in Jun 1829 [JS-32, 394]. - "Long Ridge", 15+ acres; adjoined tracts "Foxes Chance" and "Forrest's Purchase" and "Sweepstakes". From Henry POORMAN of Washington County in Jun 1837 [HS-5, 371]. - "Sweepstakes", 53+ acres; adjoined tracts "White Oak Ridge" and "Forrest's Purchase". From Adam SHANK & w/ Mary Barbara of Washington County in Feb 1841 [HS-13, 498]. Testimony was heard on 1 Apr 1876 from: - Daniel WOLFE who provided maiden names of John's & Joseph's wives and added the child by Mary (Smith) Burn's first marriage. - James C. SENSENBAUGH Trustees were John T. SMITH and Joseph SMITH. Sale was held 24 Feb 1877 on the premises near Wolfsville; high bidders were: - Paul KLINE for 46 acres at $12.60/acre - Henry WOLFE for Lot# 1, 10 acres at $9.50/acre - Ann M. SMITH for Lot# 2, 6 acres at $15.55/acre - Ann M. SMITH for Lot# 3, 3 acres at $25.20/acre - Alfred SMITH for Lot# 4, 4 acres at $21.40/acre - David/Daniel SMITH for Lot# 5, 4 acres at $25.07/acre Total sales, $1,084.30. 1st Distribution of $361.44; court costs, $215.92 - Christiana SMITH, widow aged 76, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $108.43 - each child's 1/9 share, $4.12 (Mary (Smith) WARNER BURNS' children, each 1/3 of 1/9, $1.37) Closed 17 May 1878. ===
Margaret Ann STRINE, et al vs John W. STRINE William STRINE d/ Nov 1842 (Will written 21 Sep 1842) widow - Catharine, now dec'd s/ Benjamin STRINE (Decedant devised estate to him, he to care for decedant's wife, Catharine) Exec/ son Benjamin Witnesses: Ephraim CARMACK, Samuel KEEFER, William H. BOWMAN. --- Benjamin STRINE (d/ 27 Jan 1876, intestate) widow - Margaret Ann (age 50) (guardian of minor children) s/ John W. STRINE & w/ Mary (MILLER) s/ Francis T. STRINE & w/ Laura (MENTZER) s/ George H. STRINE & w/ Mary (WENRICK) s/ Amos STRINE & w/ Mary (REMSBURG) s/ Isaac E. STRINE d/ Catharine STRINE w/o Zachariah Taylor TOMS d/ Susannah M. STRINE w/o William MORT d/ Ann R. STRINE s/ Abraham Pierce STRINE, a minor d/ Anna (Ami'lisebeth) STRINE, a minor s/ Samuel M. STRINE, a minor --- LAND - "Fox Mounting", 26 acres, located 1 1/2 miles east of Woodsboro; adjoining land of Conrad ILER, John H. LOCKE and Joseph GRIM. From Peter ISER & w/ in Oct 1817. (Previously to Peter STRINE from William HITER) Guardian appointed was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard on 21 Jun 1876 from: - Jacob STITELY of J., Johnsville District - John H. LOCKE, Woodsboro District Trustee for the sale was Jacob STITELY of J. Sale was held on 4 Nov 1876; high bidder was: - Joseph GRIM However, he failed to comply with the terms. Private sale was made on 7 Feb 1877 to: - David E. FOGLE at $365 Distribution: court costs, $168.62 - Margaret A. STRINE, widow, $23.88 she assigned part to Jacob STITELY of J., $21.74 - Balance to numerous creditors, $150.76 Closed ===
451-483 - FICK, EICHELBERGER - Sep 1872
John M. FICK & wife vs Joseph H.W. FICK & wife Daniel Elijah FICK d/ 24-25 Oct 1863 in Creagerstown, intestate (he was single; law provides 1/3 to each brother) bro/ James M. FICK d/ Feb 1871 in Creagerstown (Will written 27 Jan 1871) (Estate to bro/ Joseph w/ legacy of $500 to bro/ John; also legacy due to George M. EICHELBERGER with Joseph H.W. FICK as guardian) bro/ Joseph H.W. FICK & w/ Margaret - Creagerstown bro/ John M. FICK & w/ Catharine E. - Creagerstown LAND - An undivided 1/3 of "Shepherd's Delight", 75 acres; in Creagerstown; crosses road from EICHHOLTZ' Mill down Hunting Creek to Utica Mills to tract "Sugar Camp" to bank of saw mill race. Located on road from George W. SHAW's mill to Samuel EICHHOLTZ' mill, 3 miles from Mechanicstown and 3 miles from Creagerstown and Graceham; adjoining lands of Mrs. Catharine CLEM, Samuel EICHOLTS, John WILHIDE and Joseph FICK; then in the occupancy of Joseph FICK. Improvements of a log house and barn, orchard and spring near the house. -To James M. FICK, Joseph H.W. FICK & Daniel Elijah FICK from John HAHN, exec/of Samuel C. EICHELBERGER in Aug 1863. Previously to Samuel C. EICHELBERGER from his father Samuel EICHELBERGER in Mar 1851 [WBT-14, 416]. Testimony was heard in Dec 1874 from: - John M. FICK, age 45, Creagerstown - Catharine E. FICK, age 31, Creagerstown - Henry A. BAKER, age 44, Mechanicstown Further testimony heard on 5 Aug 1875 from: - Joseph H. W. FICK, claimed Daniel was his youngest brother. Claimed Joseph, James and John together purchased the property, but John wanted out, so they gave him a note for the case he had paid and have since paid him. Claims Joseph and James paid off the purchase, but put Daniel on the deed to "keep" the place and farm it as his working off his share and Daniel could live on the property. Claimed he offered John $100 but he refused it; then offered him 10 acres for his legacy and he also refused it. Claimed John owed the farm $120 he thought. Claimed that John had told others that Joseph had forged James' Will. - John C. L. GROSHON, Creagerstown, 1/2 mile from John M. FICK - Samuel EICHELBERGER, father of Samuel C. EICHELBERGER - John R. STONER, age 48, farmer, near Mechanicstown; testified that Daniel E. FICK had lived and worked on the property in question. - Jefferson C. CRISE, Justice of the Peace, Creagerstown - David STAUB, age 64, Mechanicstown District; stated that Daniel E. FICK had said he had $300 in the property. - John WILHIDE, age 64, Creagerstown; claimed Daniel had moved on the property about 1858, worked there and remained there until he died. - Catharine FINK, age 34, Creagerstown District; w/o John M. FINK - John M. FINK, complainant; states he sold his share to brother Daniel and that Daniel had loaned Jim (brother, James) money on his first payment; also he has never received any monies of any share or from Will; claimed he didn't owe Joe any money as he never had anything to do with him. Trustees were Milton G. URNER and William H. HICKS, Esquires. Sale was held at the GILBERT House in Mechanicstown on 29 Jul 1876; high bidder was: - Joseph H.W. FICK at $1,600 Distribution of $1,688 (includes int); - court costs, $299.10 - John M. FICK, legacy + int, $600 - John M. FICK, (heir of Daniel FICK), 1/9, $154.32 - Joseph H. W. FICK, balance, $634.58 On 22 Oct 1877, Mrs. Margaret R. FICK claimed John M. FICK owed her $516.77 but there was no proof and her claim was never entered prior to settlement of the account; if it had been paid, it would have been paid out of her husband's share; court refused her claim. Closed 18 Jun 1878. ===
Albert B. HAUKS & Others vs Horace Rossell HAUKS Jared HAUKS d/ Mar 1873, intestate widow - Charlotte HAUKS (age 53) - Bedford Co, PA s/ Albert B. HAUKS & w/ Sarah (BAUMGARTNER) - Bedford Co, PA (Sarah's maiden name also spelled as BOMGARDNER) d/ Emily Jane HAUKS - Bedford Co, PA d/ Mary Ellen HAUKS - Bedford Co, PA s/ Coriolanus Scott HAUKS - Bedford Co, PA s/ Horace Rossell HAUKS, a minor - Bedford Co, PA (presently in school in Williamsport, PA) LAND - 130 acres, in Mount Pleasant District: - "Mackey's Luck", "Beatly's Luck", "Braden's Lot" and "Little Gap Stopped", 130 acres; Previously to Ephraim from Daniel CREAGER in Apr 1835 (JS-49, 166-168]. Previously "Mackey's Luck" to Ephraim from Henry STAUFFER in Dec 1877 [WBT-8, 268]. - Lot# 15, 17+ acre wood lot, detached from the Home Farm. Previously to Ephraim from Daniel CREAGER in Mar 1850 [WBT-11, 353]. All from Ephraim CREAGER & w/ Mary E. for $9,000 in 1864. Sold portion of "Mackey's Luck", "Braden's Lot" and "Little Gap Stopped", 113 acres; wagon road excepted. to Solomon CRUM for $7,500 in Apr 1872. Sold 17 acres (by Joseph PALM's lot) to Reuben G. STEVENS for $763 in Dec 1871. LAND - "McKey's Luck" and "Beatty's Venture", 137 acres, in Mount Pleasant District on road from Mount Pleasant to WALKER's mill. Located 1 1/2 miles from Walkersville and the same from Mount Pleasant, lying on the Mount Pleasant Road, known as the Esau D. CREAGER farm, adjoining lands of Ephraim ZIMMERMAN, Henry STAUFFER and Solomon CRUM. Improved with a 2-story stone house with kitchen attached, a large frame Switzer barn, large log stavle, wagon shed, corn crib, stone dairy, spring at the door, apple and peach orchard; then occupied by John DRONENBERGER. Previously to Esau CREAGER from Daniel CREAGER (Will probated 24 July 1854) From Esau D. CREAGER & w/ Ellen Amanda for $13,562.53 in Apr 1865. (certified by Jacob DILLER, J.P.) Guardian was C. C. BEUSCOTU, Esquire, of Williamsport, Lycoming Co, PA. Testimony was heard on 17 Dec 1873 from: - John Lewis NICODEMUS - provided maiden name of Albert's wife - Daniel BURRIER On 22 Dec 1873, Jason HAUKS made oath the widow, Charlotte was 53 years old and her general health was good; notarized in Bedford Co, PA. Trustee was Jason HAUKS. Sale was held on the premises on 26 Feb 1874 for 137 acres, but no sufficient bid was received. After second failed sale, private sale was then made to: - Charlotte HAUKS, the widow, at $6,900 Jacos HAUKS, trutees, certified the sale in Bedford Co, PA. Distribution: court costs, $396.45 - Charlotte HAUKS, in lieu of dower, 1/9, $722.62 - Albert B. HAUKS, 1/5, $1,156.18 - Emily J. HAUKS, 1/5, $1,156.18 - Mary Ellen HAUKS, 1/5, $1,156.18 - Coriolamus Scott HAUKS, 1/5, $1,156.18 - Horace R. HAUKS, 1/5, $1,156.18 Closed 17 Jun 1878. ===
500-514 - WHITE, BOWLEN, HARRIS - Aug 1874
Dr. George W. BOWLEN vs Addison WHITE & Others George W. BOWLEN, physican of Montgomery County is petitioning for medical fees due him against Addison WHITE of Montgomery County. LAND - 78+ acres in Frederick and Montgomery Counties. - "Resurvey on Little Worth", Lot# 27, 28 acres in Urbana District, Frederick County (plat by Willy JAMES in Dec 1832). To Addison WHITE of Frederick County from William N. HARRIS & w/ Sarah of Montgomery County for $159 in Apr 1847 or 1857. Sold 50 acres to Hezekiah W. TRUNDLE of Montgomery County. Addison WHITE & w/ Dorcas A. of Montgomery County conveyed deed to his son, Wiliam B. WHITE, also of Montgomery County for $300 in March 1874. Trustee was J.E.R. WOOD. Sale was held 6 Aug 1875 at HARRIS' store, near the premises; high bidder was: - Abraham S. HARRIS at $231 Distribution: court costs, $113.02 - E. G. HARRIS, judgment, $68.85 - George W. BOWLEN, partial claim, $49.13 Closed 21 Feb 1876. ===
John J. JAMESON, assignee of mortgage of Thomas CLAGGETT from Conrad P. EASTERDAY - Petition Conrad P. EASTERDAY, being indebted to Thomas CLAGGETT, issued a mortgage for $1,750 to him, who then assigned it to John J. JAMESON in Mar 1876. LAND - "Daniel's Small Tract", Lot# 1, 50+ acres; near Urbana; adjoins land of Joab W. DAVIS and Charles C. KIDD; on road from Ijamsville to Urbana. Improvements of a 2-story hous and frame barn. To Conrad P. EASTERDAY from Thomas CLAGETT & w/ Cynthia for $2,250 in Nov 1867. Previously to CLAGETT from John W. HAMMOND, trustee in May 1850 [WBT-12, 365-367] (mentions Joseph STIMMELL to have timber priviledges on 1 acre for six months). Sale was held 3 Apr 1876 on the premises near Urbana; high bidder was: - Brook J. JAMISON at $1,450 Catharine EASTERDAY, w/o Conrad, age 38, petitioned for dower. John J. JAMESON and Brook JAMESON, partners t/a Jameson and Son and J. V. JAMISON, J. J. FITZSIMMONS and Joseph O. MOBERLY, creditors, claimed Catharine EASTERDAY had paid $500 for the first payment and dispute her right of dower. Distribution of $1,450; court costs, $147.75 - Catherine EASTERDAY, in lieu of dower, $50 - balance to JAMISON and other creditors, $1,252.25 Closed 17 May 1878. ===
524-546 - HOUCK, MYERS, EICHELBERGER - May 1876
Dr. James W. EICHELBERGER vs Casper MYERS, exec/of Mary M. HOUCK, et al Henry HOUCK, dec'd (Will written 12 Apr 1851) widow - Mary Magdalene Exec/ Olover HOPP Witnesses: David AGNEW, James W. EICHELBERGER, John MILLER --- Mary Magdalene HOUCK d/ Sep 1873, Emmitsburg (Will written 7 May 1860) widow/of Henry HOUCK d/ Mary A. MYERS (left home 10-12 years ago, unknown if still living or dead or if married or not) s/ Vincent MYERS, single (devised estate for his support) s/ Casper MYERS & w/ Ann L. - Adams Co, PA s/ Joseph H. HOUCK (left home 13-14 years ago, unknown if still living or dead) ...w/ Catharine .......Mary G. HOUCK, a minor .......Joseph R. T. HOUCK, a minor .......William E. H. HOUCK, a minor d/ Barbara M. HOUCK, single s/ William Henry HOUCK & w/ Leah Exec/ son Casper MYERS Witnesses: Edward S. TANEY, Jacob HOKE, Olivas HAPP LAND - "Carrollsburg", Lot# 6, 10 acres; part in Emmittsburg District and part in Liberty Twp, Adams Co, PA. Adjoined tract "Fox Town". Devised to Mary M. HOUCK by her husband and complainant. Previously to Henry HOUCK from John HARRETT in Feb 1852. - 2+ acres in Emmitsburg District; lying on north side of Flat Run, joining land of Edward BOWIE on the east, bounded by Flat Run on the south SW, north and NW. To Mary M. HOUCK from Stephen ADAMS & w/ Anna Elizabeth in Apr 1857. Guardian was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard on 8 Jan 1877 from: - James W. EICHELBERGER - John T. HOPP provided month of death of decedent; stated Dr. EICHELBERGER had attended decedent; and claimed 1 acre of the property was in Pennsylvania. - Joseph HOPP Trustee was Charles D. EICHELBERGER. Sale was held 29 Sep 1877 on the premises; high bidder was: - Casper MYERS at $561 Distribution: court costs, $152.71 - Dr. James W. EICHELBERGER, partial claim, $408.29 Closed 18 Mar 1878. Notes - from Frederick Co, Maryland Marriage Records - Caspar MYERS & Ann ELINE - 6 Nov 1849 - Joseph HOUCK & Catherine BOYLE - 14 May 1852 - Henry HOUCK & Leah H. SLIFER - 7 Mar 1846 ===
William E. BOTELER vs Margaret BOTELER, et al - Sale of Real Estate Capt. Hezekiah BOTELER d/ Aug 1876 in Petersville, intestate widow - Margaret A. d/ Elizabeth D. (BOTELER) w/o Charles GROSS d/ Louisa E. (BOTELER) wid/o Arnold STEPHENS/STEVENS d/ Aletha Matilda (BOTELER) w/o Dr. Stephen BALCH - Jefferson Co, WV d/ Isabella (BOTELER) w/o Paxton P. MARSHALL - Jefferson Co, WV d/ Ann H. (BOTELER) w/o Thomas CLAGETT - Lexington City, Lafayette Co, Missouri s/ Robert H. BOTELER & w/ Margaret (MARSHALL) s/ William E. BOTELER (Dr.) & w/ Sydney M. s/ Zachariah G. BOTELER, d/ c1861 (no widow) .....George W. BOTELER, a minor LAND - 187 acres in Washington County; part of: - "Keep Treiste", 40 acres; adjoined land of Dr. Zachariah CLAGETT and Alexander GRIM. To Hezekiah BOTELER of Washington Co, MD from John McPherson BRIEN & w/ Isabel A. of Washington Co, MD for $405.56 in Jan 1873. - "King Cole", "Grim's Discovery" and "Boteler's Ramble", 102 acres; adjoined land of Tobias BROWN. To Hezekiah BOTELER of Washington Co, MD from Zachariah CLAGETT of Washington Co, MD for $243 in Feb 1822. - "King Cole", "Keep Trice", 150 acres. To Hezekiah BOTELER Jr of Washington Co, MD from Alexander GRIMM & w/ Elizabeth of Washington Co, MD for $2,700 in Mar 1822. - "King Cole", "Keep Trice" and "Grim's Discovery", 110 acres; adjoined land of Alexander GRIM. To Hezekiah BOTELER & w/ Alethea (d/o Zachariah CLAGETT) from Zackriah CLAGETT of Washington Co, MD for love and affection in Feb 1822. Also included: SLAVE - negro girl CASSANDA, age abt 21 SOLD by Hezekiah & wife to: - Barton BOTELER of Washington Co, MD at $11,677.50, for tracts, "King Cole", "Grim's Discovery" and "Boteler's Ramble", 194+ acres; then adjoining lands of Jacob NEISWANDER, Emory EDWARDS, George KNODE and George YESTY; on road at Brownsville. LAND - in Frederick County - Lot#20 of "Rhodes' Addition to Knoxville, 6,222 sq ft. To Hezekiah BOTELER from George W. CRUM, trustee, in Oct 1857. Previously to CRUM (trustee in Deed of Trust) from William B. TABLER in Jun 1857 [ES-10, 392-393]. - Lots# 12 & 13 in Section 25 and Lots# 1 & 30 in Section 26 and Lots# 9 & 10 in Section 35 and Lots# 16 & 17 in Section 50 and Lots# 16 & 17 in Section 52 for 20,000 sq ft in Weaverton, Frederick County. To Capt. Hezekiah BOTELER of Washington County, MD from Weaver Manufacturing Co for $677 in Jun 1852. - part of "Fielderia Manor", 105+ acres, on south side of Ridge Road leading from Frederick to Harper's Ferry, 4 miles from Berlin on the B & O Rail Road and the C & O Canal; adjoining land of Frederick SLAGLE (from John STICKLER) and "Selina Farm" and Fredrick SLAGLE (from James WILES). Improvements were a large 2-story brick house with back building attached, stable, carriage house, granaries and fruit orchard. Farm was then in the tenancy of Samuel GORDON. To Capt. Hezekiah BOTELER of Frederick County, MD from Joseph RODRICK & w/ Mary Ann and William A. HEMP & w/ Sarah A. L. for $4,500 in Feb 1863. Previously to HEMP from Joseph EASTERDAY and Francis A. KNOTT, trustee of Frederick SLAGEL in Feb 1857 [ES-9, 511-512]. (undivided half of HEMP was conveyed to RODRICK in May 1857) - "The World in Arms", 144+ acres and "The Everlasting Hills", 86+ acres (includes parts of "Sherer's Field", "Farmer's Mill Seat" and "Fielderia Manor"), located at NW corner of the Catoctin Bridge, 1/4 miles east of first listed tract. To Robert H. BOTELER from Rosene BISER for $9,688.87 in Mar 1876. Previously to BISER from Emanuel SLIFER, Ezra SLIFER, trustees, and Eleanor Ann BISER in May 1863 [BGF-8, 668]. On 2 Jan 1877, George W. CRUM made oath the widow, Margaret A. BOTELER, was over 56 and her health was reasonably good. Guardian was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard on 13 Dec 1877 from: - John A. LYNCH (nephew of Hezekiah BOTELER) - David E. CHARLTON - William E. BOTELER Trustees were C.V.S. LEVY and William E. BOTELER. Sale was held at D. E. HILLEARY's Hotel in Knoxville on 1 Mar 1877; high bidders were: - Philip PORTNER for Lot# 20 in "Rhode's Addition to Knoxville" at $15 No sufficient bids were received for the home farm or for 10 lots in Weaverton. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 6 Oct 1877; high bidders were: - Mrs. Mary A. LUCKETT for the home farm ("Fielderia Manor", 105+ acres) at $3,903.50 (by agent William GRAHAM) - Dr. Edward L. BOTELER for 49+ acres (formerly owned by Robert H. BOTELER) at $1,018.72 - C. H. HILL for ten lots in Weaverton at $50 Total sales, $4,977.22. Another sale was held in front of William CASTLE's store at Brownsville in Washington Co, MD on 29 Dec 1877; high bidders were: - Dr. William S. STONEBRAKER at $2,012.60 for 175 acre farm in Pleasant Valley District, on north side of road leading to Brownsville, 1/2 mile west of there, in Washington Co, MD; adjoining lands of Dr. Edward L. BOTELER, H. YOUNG and Isaac REMSBURG. Located along the B & O Rail Road, has young orchard, 25 acres in timber. Two tracts, 99 acres and 74 acres. Plat in Dec 1877 listed neighbors as Isaac REMSBURG, heirs of Dr. James H. CLAGETT, Daniel R. GROVE, George HAHN, Eliza HAHN, JOhn NICHOL, David HOLMES, Abraham BROWN, E. NISWANGER and Dr. E. L. BOTELER. 1st Distribution of $4,119.35; court costs, $604.36 - Margaret A. BOTELER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $312.33 - Margaret A. BOTELER, 2/3 of personal rents, $130.56 - multiple creditors, $3,072.10 Closed 27 Jun 1878. ===
596-606 - HULL, DERR, CRONICE, RAMSBURG - Dec 1876
William H. DERR, mortgagee of Tideman HULL - Report of Sales Tideman HULL was indebted to William H. DERR, Elisabeth DERR, George W. DERR, Mrs. Eliza HULL, Joseph CRONICE and thus issued a mortgage to them. LAND - 207 acres, in Urbana District; 40 acres in timber; adjoins lands of W. B. DORSEY, Aden ANDERSON, George R. DENNIS, the Hartman Station and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. Mr. NORWOOD then residing there. Improvements of a 2-story house and kitchen, barn, corn crib, spring house, apple and peach orchard with other fruit and three springs of pure water. From James A. BAUGHMAN & wife in Oct 1867 [DSB-2, 14]. - 4+ acres; located on east bank of the Monocacy River, opposite the Frederick Junction of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road within 3 miles of Frederick City; adjoins lands of James H. GAMBRILL, and Francis MARKELL. Improvements were a 2-story house, back building, kitchen, stable, ice house, apples, peaches, grapes and spring. Mr. MILLER then residing there. From W. R. JOHNSON & w/ Ann R. in Apr 1872 [CM-8, 400]. To be sold subject to a prior mortgage of $400. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 2 Dec 1876; high bidder was: - E. F. RAMSBURG for the farm at $16/acre, free of dower. The other tract failed to sell. Total sales, $3,313.60. Private sale for the 4 acres was made to: - Joseph CRONISE at $900, subject to mortgage in favor of W. H. WAYS. Distribution of $3,757.60; court costs, $408.84 - W. H. DERR, 68 7/10% of mortgage claim, $533.20 - W. H. DERR, 68 7/10% of mortgage claim, $17.96 - W. H. DERR, admin/of Elizabeth DERR, dec'd, 68 7/10% of mortgage claim, $393.95 - W. H. DERR, admin/of Elizabeth DERR, dec'd, 68 7/10% of mortgage claim, $799.80 - Charles W. MILLER & N. O. NEIGHBORS, in favor of Eliza HULL, $350 - Eliza HULL, 68 7/10% of mortgage claim, $183.20 - Joseph CRONICE, use of David BAKER, 68 7/10% of mortgage claim, $776.65 - Joseph CRONICE, use of Franklin Savings, 68 7/10% of mortgage claim, $294 Closed 17 July 1878. ===
Samuel HEFFNER & Others vs Harriet Loretta HEFFNER Catharine HEFFNER d/ Dec 1875 in Frederick City, intestate, (unmarried, no children) bro/ Samuel HEFFNER & w/ Sophia sis/ Sophia (HEFFNER) GILBERT, dec'd .......Susan Matilda (HEFFNER) w/o Michael SHANK .......Charles Wesley GILBERT & w/ Louisa .......W. H. GILBERT & w/ Annie .......Sophia GILBERT .......E. Marshall GILBERT & w/ Emma .......W. Clay GILBERT & w/ Ada .......Catharine L. GILBERT .......David Calvin GILBERT bro/ Ezra J. HEFFNER & w/ Martha J. - Ohio bro/ David HEFFNER & w/ Catharine M. - Ohio bro/ John HEFFNER, dec'd .......Valentine T. HEFFNER - Ohio .......Susannah E. (HEFFNER) w/o John B. WOODERMAN - Ohio .......Harriet Loretta HEFFNER, a minor - South Warsaw, Allen Co, Ohio sis/ Charlotte HEFFNER, dec'd .......Mary A. (HEFFNER) w/o Philip DICK - Indiana .......Dennis HEFFNER & w/ Sarah - Indiana .......Perry HEFFNER & w/ Elizabeth - Indiana .......John HEFFNER & Nancy J. - Indiana .......Catharine (HEFFNER) w/o Henry SNYDER - Indiana bro/ Michael HEFFNER, dec'd .......Edward HEFFNER & w/ Catharine - Ohio .......Joseph HEFFNER & w/ Elizabeth - Ohio .......John HEFFNER & w/ Hannah - Ohio .......Henry HEFFNER & w/ Margaret - Ohio .......Michael HEFFNER & w/ Amanda - Ohio .......Thomas HEFFNER & w/ Mary - Ohio .......G. W. HEFFNER & w/ Elizabeth - Ohio .......Ezra HEFFNER & w/ Ann - Ohio .......Daniel HEFFNER (d/ bef May 1878?*) - Ohio .......Lydia Ann (HEFFNER) w/o Martin GANTZ - Ohio .......Elizabeth (HEFFNER) w/o James H. YOUNG - Ohio .......Jane (HEFFNER) w/o John SNELL - Ohio Land - House & Lot on east side of North Market St in Frederick Town; adjoining lot of David CARLIN. To Catharine HEFFNER from Horatio WATERS & w/ Margaret in Apr 1850. Guardian was Andrew J. CHAPMAN, Esquire, of Allen Co, Ohio. Testimony was heard on 6 Jan 1878 from: - John P. HEFFNER, age 44 (s/o Samuel HEFFNER) - W. Clay GILBERT, age 29, Frederick City Trustee was John P. HEFFNER. Sale was held 30 Mar 1878, but no sufficient bid was received. He later sold the property at private sale to: - Jacob DADISMAN at $600 Distribution: court costs, $261.46 - each 1/7 share to the children, $48.40 *(Each deceased child's share was divided evenly among his/her children; however, Daniel was the only child of Michael HEFFNER who was not listed in the Distribution, indicating he had died as Michael's children each received 1/11 of his share.) Closed 14 Jun 1878. ===
John W. LOWELL, et al vs Charles B. LOWELL, et al William LOWELL d/ 14 Apr 1876 (Will written 20 Nov 1871) s/ James P. LOWELL & w/ Kate - Waynesboro, Franklin Co, PA (was also listed as living in Lancaster, PA and Virginia) d/ Catharine (LOWELL) MYERS - Lancaster Co, PA .......Charles B. MYERS, a minor (age 12 in May 1877) (214 Gough ST) Baltimore City .......Ellen MYERS, a minor s/ John W. LOWELL & w/ Kate of Lancaster Co, PA d/ Ellen (LOWELL) (d/ 10 Feb 1877) w/o Nimrod O. KOLB .......John W. KOLB, a minor .......James A. KOLB, a minor .......Mary B. KOLB, a minor d/ Rosa (LOWELL) w/o Edward L. COOPER - (214 Gough ST) Baltimore City s/ Charles B. LOWELL - Baltimore City (step) d/ May HAGAN, widow - (76 E. Pratt St) Baltimore City (devised 1/7 to each, but didn't appoint an executor) Witnesses: John NEED, C. H. ETCHISON, John A. WARFIELD Abraham A. MYERS was guardian of Charles MYERS and ELLEN MYERS of Lancaster Co, PA. LAND - House & Lots# 1 & 2 on north side of South St in Frederick City; adjoins lot of Lewis BYERLY on the east and William HOOPER on the west and runs back to the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road. Improvements of 1 1/2 story double brick house. To William LOWELL from James MEGHAN for $600 in Nov 1835 [HS-1, 101]. (Previously to MEGHAN from Horatio McPHERSON and William S. McPHERSON from estate of Sarah McPHERSON) Charles B. LOWELL conveyed his share to John W. LOWELL. Guardian for Charles B. MYERS was Edward A. GITTINGER, Esquire. Testimony was heard on 28 May 1877 from: - N. O. KOLB - Thomas BUTLER - M. E. DOLL Guardian for the KOLB children was H. Clay NAILL, Esquire. Trustee was James McSHERRY. Sale was held 13 Feb 1838 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - Christian LACKE at $800 Distribution: court costs, $499.32 - Charles LOWELL, 1/7, $42.95 - John LOWELL, 1/7, $42.95 - Rose COOPER, 1/7, $42.95 - Mary HAGAN, 1/7, $42.95 - James LOWELL, judgment to E. Rodney PURCELL, 1/7, $42.95 - Ellen KOLB, to her creditors, 1/7, $42.95 - Charles MYERS, 1/2 of 1/7, $21.47 - Ellen MYERS, 1/2 of 1/7, $21.47 Closed 25 Jun 1878. ===
647-659 - FOWLER, DILL, SADLER, STONE - Jan 1877
George T. DILL vs Sarah E. FOWLER et al Calvin FOWLER d/ 5 Oct 1876, intestate widow - Sarah E. (age 23) d/ Arianne A. E. FOWLER, a minor LAND - "Resurvey on Chestnut Hill", 1 3/8 acres; 4 miles west of Frederick near Brook Hill School; adjoined the lands of Charles BURKHART and Basil BRUCHY. Improvement of a log house. From William T. PRESTON, trustee in Equity case of James SADLER & Others vs John SADLER & Others, for $242.25 in Dec 1875. Previously to Harriet SADLER from A. H. BURKHART. Guardian was E. A. GITTINGER, Esquire. Testimony was heard on 8 Feb 1877 from: - George T. DILL, age 54 - D. Columbus KEMP, age 34 Trustee was D. Columbus KEMP. Sale was held on the premises on 2 Apr 1877; high bidder was: - George Henry STONE at $201 Distribution: court costs, $107.64 - Sarah E. FOWLER, widow, in lieu of dower, $13.34 - balance to various creditors Closed 1 Jun 1878. ===
Thomas E. YEARLEY, trustee of Thomas TRUNDLE - Report of Sales Thomas TRUNDLE issued a Deed of Trust for his creditors to Thomas E. YEARLEY of Baltimore City. LAND - "Three Springs Farm", 304 acres in Buckeystown District (was only leased). - parts "Foul Play" and "Littleworth", 43+ acres of mountain land on Sugar Loaf Mountain in Urbana District. Previously to Thomas TRUNDLE from Jud. D. T. JONES in Mar 1875 [TG-3, 89]. Sale was held 27 Feb 1877 on the premises and personal property was sold at $2,160, but the real estate didn't sell. Sale was again held on 22 Dec 1877 at City Hotel in Frederick; high bidders were: - Henry CULLER for the mountain lot at $56.55 CULLER resold it to Henry LORENTZ Distribution of $2,268.42; court costs & expenses, $1,946.36 - Thomas C. YEARLEY & Alex YEARLEY Jr, agents for the trustees of the Duchess of Leeds (for bal/Rent due, $522.71), $322.06 Closed 10 Apr 1878. ===
William F. JOHNSON, mortgagee of Lewis H. STULL & wife - Report of Sales Lewis H. STULL & w/ Ann E. issued mortgage to William F. JOHNSON on 7 Apr 1873 for $6,000. LAND - "Hodge's Delight", 233 acres; 5 miles north of Frederick, midway between Frederick city and Catoctin Mountain Turnpike and the Bethel Road; adjoined lands of Perry G. SMITH, Charles H. BURKHART, Heirs of Peter STALEY, and Ezra WACHTER. Improved with a 1 1/2 story log house, 1 1/2 story log tenant house, large barn and stables, wagon shed with corn crib, large grain shed and running water through the farm yard. - parts "Foxes Hall" and "Wild Cat Hill", 27 acres of mountain land; adjoined land of Lewis BENTZ and Samuel KEYSER (wasn't sold). Both To Lewis H. STULL from his father, Adam STULL in Jan 1873 [CM-9, 476]. Sale was held 13 Feb 1878 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - Anne E. STULL for the farm at $31.25/acre, $7,289.06 However, she resold the farm to Charles BROADRUP. Distribution: court costs, $732.67 - William F. JOHNSON, mortgage claim, $6,342 - Joseph Cronise, partial judgment, $214.39 Closed 20 Apr 1878. ---
Charles W. MILLER & Joseph M. EBBERTS, mortgagees of Smallwood THOMPSON & w/ Mary Ann - Report of Sale LAND - "Resurvey on Meadow", House & Lot on the south side of East Saints St in Frederick city; then occupied by Mary Ann THOMPSON, widow; adjoined lot of Lemuel MARKS on the east and a vacant lot on the west. Improvements were a 2-story frame house and basement of five rooms and a kitchen. To Smallwood THOMPSON from Samuel PETTINGAL in Nov 1842 [HS-18, 89]. After a failed public sale, private sale was made to: - Jacob NOTNAGLE at $600; however, he failed to make payment. Sale was held again on 13 Jun 1878 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - Lemuel MARKS at $472 Distribution of $472; court costs, $171.48 - Frederick Town Savings, mortgage, $267.50 - Charles W. MILLER, for estate of Smallwood THOMPSON, $33.03 (The differnce from NOTNAGLE sale and MARKS was $128 and costs for resale were $64.52 which were charged to Jacob NOTNAGLE.) Closed 8 Aug 1878. ===
William G. BAKER and Charles W. ROSS, trustees of Daniel T. JONES - Report of Sale Daniel T. JONES & w/ Mary issued Deed of Trust for their creditors to the complainants. LAND - Home farm, 310 acres; on road to Furnace Ford over the Monocacy River (new iron bridge) and near the Greenfield Mills, within 2 miles of Tuscarora and Dickerson's Stations of Metropolitan Branch Railroad, 4 miles from Adamstown, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 2 miles from Chesapeake & Ohio Canal; adjoined lands of Col. James C. CLARKE and L. C. BEALL, Esquire. Improvements of a frame and brick house, bank barn with hay and cattle shed attached, corn house, wagon sheds, blacksmith shop, new dairy, two poultry house, meat house, quarters and orchard of 100 apple trees. Also an abundance of limestone; has nine fields under fencing and well watered. - "Three Springs Mill", 17 acres with brick mill on road from Adamstown to Greenfield Mills, 3 miles from Adamstown and 1 mile from Greenfield Mills. Mill has two runs of burrs with bolting cloths; has saw mill attached. Improved with a large frame house, tenant house, blacksmith and wheelwright shop and fruit orchard. (under rent until April 1878) - 77 acres of 'bottom' land; adjoining the mill property, under good post and rail fencing, presently set in Timothy. Improved with a stable. - 4th: Log House & 4 acres; on east side of Monocacy River, 1/2 mile from Greenfield Mills; adjoining land of James F. BEALL; then in occupancy of Mr. TROUT. - 5th: House & 1 acre; on road from Greenfield Mills to Licksville; adjoining the home farm. - 6th: House & 5 acre Lot; on road from Furnace Ford to Licksville; adjoined lands of Major SNOUFFER. - 7th: 21 acre mountain lot of young chestnut in the Sugar Loaf Mountains; adjoining lands of Thomas N. HARWOOD. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 9 Jun 1877; high bidders were: - Frederick OLAND for the home farm at $31.10/acre - Thomas N. HARWOOD for the 77 acres at $22/acre - John W. STEVENSON (6th) at $300 - Joseph O. MOBLEY (4th) at $152 - Frederick OLAND (5th) at $150 - Daniel J. FOUT (7th) at $2.50 The mill property didn't sell. 1st Distribution of $11,538.40 (includes crops & farm equipment) - court costs, $1,168.97 - Mrs. Daniel T. JONES, 1/10 dower, $1,036.94 - balance to numerous mortgages & creditors, $9,332.47 Private sale was made Feb 1878 for the mill property to: - Archibald T. SNOUFFER at $1,500 2nd Distribution of $2,484.43 all went to creditors. Closed 25 Jun 1878. === *** Pages 711-713 are Blank ***
714-720 - HANE, SHAFFNER, HEFFNER, SMITH - Feb 1878
C. C. SMITH, Pres/of Citizen's Buildings Association of Frederick City, mortgagee of John V. HANE - Report of Sales Land - Lot# 265 on south side of East Patrick St in Frederick city; with right-of-way of alley. Then in occupancy of John V. HANE and George W. SHAFFNER; adjoined lots of Z. James GITTINGER, Esquire on the east. Improved with a commodious 2-story weatherboarded house. To John V. HANE from Julius HEFFNER & wife in Sep 1867. [DSB-1, 684]. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick city on 9 Feb 1878; high bidder was: - Citizen's Building Association at $1,070 Distribution: court costs, $182.88 - Citizens Building Assoc, $887.12 Closed 27 May 1878. ===
Herman D. ORDERMAN, mortgagee of Alexander MAXWELL & wife - Report of Sales Alexander MAXWELL & w/ Elizabeth issued a mortgage to Herman D. ORDERMAN for $1,000 in May 1867. LAND - "The Hope", 181 acres in Urbana District; on east side of Monocacy River and on roads from Park Mills to Adamstown and Greenfield Mills to Bennett's Creek then to Piney Hill; adjoined the land of Elias SPAULDING. Improvements of a frame house, spring house, a spring, orchard of 200 apple trees and has 30 acres timbered. To Alexander MAXWELL from Jacob LEWIS (Total tract, 313 acres) [BGF-5, 88]. Sale was held on the premises on 15 Dec 1877; high bidders were: - James S. MAXWELL and Wesley A. MAXWELL for 108 acres at $27/acre, $4,888.18; however, they failed to comply with terms. Sale was again held on 23 Mar 1878 on the premises; high bidder was: - Samuel T. WHIP at $22.62/acre, $4,096.05 On 12 Dec 1863, Alexander MAXWELL was appointed (through Equity) Trustee to execute certain trusts ($1,935.58) in the Will of: Thomas PERRILL d/ 12 Aug 1877 (Will GH-1, 513 filed 18 Aug 1860) w/ Mary Ann, dec'd bro/ John PERRILL, dec'd .......John PERRILL .......Thomas PERRILL .......Philip PERRILL .......Hezekiah PERRILL .......Regin PERRILL .......Emily (PERRILL) KOONTZ .......Ann (PERRILL) ANDERSON .......Mrs. (PERRILL) HARNER, dec'd widow (children unknown) .......Catharine (PERRILL) SHEFTNAGLE, dec'd (children unknown) Sureties for MAXWELL were E.M. BEALL and Thomas A. BAKER. On 18 Jun 1872, Alexander MAXWELL issued Deed of Mortgage to Thomas A. BAKER on the same property as was issued to Herman D. ORDERMAN. BAKER was then a non-resident of the state and the monies are still due to the PERRILL heirs. Alexander MAXWELL issued all his property to his son, John T. MAXWELL. E.M. BEALL is insolvent. Distribution of monies from W.H. OREM(?), adm/of Jacob OREM, former trustee for Estate of John PERRILL, $1,935.58 + int = $3,522.75; court costs, expenses, etc, $1,587.17 = $1,935.58 - James BEALL, assignee of Samuel F. BEALL, $600 - Rep/of Mary Ann PERRILL, dec'd w/o Thomas PERRILL, $200 - children of John PERRILL, dec'd brother, $1,135.58 --- Distribution by Special Auditor, William B. NELSON: Funds, $4,096.11; court costs, $733 = $3,363.11 - Herman D. ORDERMAN, mortgage + int, $557.50 - F.J. NELSON for children of John PERRILL, dec'd with interest, $1,175.32 - James F. BEALL, assignee/of Samuel PERRILL, claim, $600 - Reps of Mary A. PERRILL, dec'd widow, $200 - Daniel BAKER, judgment, $432.26 - Witter H. NICHALSON, judgment, $99.99 - John T. MAXWELL, under Deed of Trust from Alexander MAXWELL, balance of $298.04 Closed 20 Feb 1878. ===
Nancy BARRICK vs Dorothy A. DANNER & Others Abraham DANNER was indebted to Nancy BARRICK for $1,500 and thus along with his wife, Dorotha DANNER, issued Deed of Mortgage to BARRICK in Apr 1866. Abraham DANNER d/ July 1875, intestate widow - Dorothy Ann (age 71-72) - Pennsylvania s/ John T. DANNER & w/ Rachel - Iowa s/ William H. DANNER & w/ Harriet - Pennsylvania s/ Ezra DANNER - Iowa s/ Daniel W. DANNER - Ohio s/ James Michael DANNER - residence unknown since 1858 d/ Mary E. (DANNER) WILLIARD - Carroll County d/ Frances (DANNER) w/o Jacob Ephraim STITELY d/ Martha (DANNER) w/o Francis RECK - Carroll County d/ Catharine (DANNER) w/o Jeremiah FOX d/ Margaret DANNER, dec'd w/o Daniel DRACH .....Charles DANNER (born out of wedlock, so not able to inherit) LAND - parts of "Resurvey on Andrew's Chance", "Beard's Delight", "Addition to Hartzock's Adventure" and "Hickory Bottom", 143 acres in Woodsboro District, 1 1/2 miles east of Woodsboro on north side of Coppermine Road at Rocky Hill Church lot; adjoined lands of Peter BEARD, James W. SMITH, Solomon BEARD, Frederick LOCK and tract "Bend's Delight". Then rented to William CRAMER. Improved with a 2-story brick house, new Switzer barn, spring house, wagon shed, a spring convenient to buildings and fruit trees. To Abraham DANNER from John Philip BEARD in Apr 1856 for $4,000 [BGF-1, 610]. (Previously to John SMITH of M. from Solomon BEARD, trustee of John BEARD, dec'd, for 162+ acres, May 1853.) Also to Abraham DANNER from Christian BARRICK in Mar 1864. (possibly for additional 10 acres) [JWLC-1, 230]. Testimony was heard 22 Oct 1877 from: - Nancy BARRICK, Woodsboro - Peter SMITH, age 65, Woodsboro Trustees were Milton G. URNER and Frederick J. NELSON. Sale was held on the premises on 2 Feb 1878; high bidder was: - J.D. MYERS at $27/acre, $3,887.32 Distribution of $2,354; court costs, $364.59 - Nancy BARRICK, mortgage, $1,680 - Balance, $309.41, subject to future order of the court. Closed 3 Aug 1878 ===
John D. WHIPP, assignee of Thomas R. JARBOE, mortgagee of Daniel CORBINTON LAND - parts of "Burgundy" and "Freeland Manor", 1+ acre in Burkittsville; near Saw Village on the road from Burkittsville to YOUNG's saw mill. Adjoins lands of John FINK, and Peter SHAFER; then in possession of John HARVEY (colored), as tenant. Improved with a log house and fruit trees. To Daniel CORBINTON from Joseph DUFFIN & wife in Apr 1876 [TG-5, 276]. Sale was held in Burkittsville on 18 May 1878; high bidder was: - John D. WHIPP, assignee, $230 Carlton SHAFER was appointed trustee to convey the deed. Distribution of $230; court costs, $49.35 - John D. WHIPP, assignee, partial mortgage ($200 + Int), $180.65 Closed 22 Jun 1878. === ================== The End of TG-5 ==================

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