Frederick Co, MD - Equity TG-3

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity TG-3

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber TG-3; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity TG-3
Charles W. ROSS - Report of Sales William H. JACOBS & w/ Susan R. issued mortgage to Frederick County Building Association as a loan against his stock. LAND - Lot #9 on "Middle Plantation", 45 acres, in Mount Pleasant; on road from KRANTZ's Mill to Mount Pleasant; adjoining land of John BEALL and George C. POTTS. Improved with a log house and log barn. From Louisa BRENGLE in 1870. Sale was held at the City Hotel on 30 May 1874; failed to receive a bid; was rescheduled on 24 Oct 1874; high bidder was: - John REIFSNIDER and Aaron ANDERS, t/a Anders & Reifsnider, at $410 Distribution: court costs, $117.19 - Frederick County Bldg Assoc, $289.49 - Balance, subject ot order of court, $3.32 Closed 20 Apr 1875.
Abraham HEMP, el al vs David HEMP, el al Julianna HEMP d/ 6 Apr 1874, intestate s/ Abraham HEMP & w/ Hannah s/ David HEMP & w/ Eliza Jane - Dayton, Ohio s/ William A. HEMP & w/ Sarah d/ Ellen w/o William H. LAKIN s/ John HEMP, dec'd ...w/ Martha ......Frederick B. HEMP ......Albert HEMP ......Alma C. HEMP, a minor ......Henry HEMP, a minor ......Ellen HEMP, a minor d/ Ann Rebecca wid/o Jacob FEASTER LAND - Lot #9 (60x181') on the north side of Main St in Jefferson, the 3rd lot west of road from Jeffeerson to Middletown. From Sebastian RAMSBURG (ES-1, 371-372). Previously to Ramsburg from Christian WEAVER in 1850. - Lots #7 & 8 in Jefferson (JS-39, 257) From John LOATS and Henry WILLIAR(D), trustees in Equity case of Basil NORRIS vs Louisa WILLIAR, exec/of John WILLIAR (BGF-4, 151) for $454 in 1859. She sold to John N. MERLING a part of Lot #7 in Jefferson in 1875. Testimony was heard from Ezra M. THOMAS, David CULLER and Abraham HEMP. Trustee for the sale was Abraham HEMP. Sale was held on 20 Feb 1875 at the store of Isaac WALKER in Jefferson; high bidder was: - Frederick MILLER for House & Lot #9 at $351 - Frederick MILLER for Lot #8 at $705 Distribution of $1,055; court costs, $283.85 - each 1/6 child's share, $128.52 Closed 8 May 1875.
Ephraim F. HARBAUGH, trustee of D. F. WILLIAR - Petition David F. WILLIAR & w/ Catharine issued a Deed of Mortgage to Ephraim F. HARBAUGH for benefit of creditors. Ephraim had paid off liens on the property amounting to $1,130.67. LAND - in Sabillasville - Lot #1, 6 acres with large 2-story weatherboarded log house, suitable for two families, with smoke house, bake house, cooper shop, large bank barn, well near the house, orchard; also new store house; located at Sabillasville Station of the Western Maryland Railroad. - Lot #2, adjoins Lot #1, 1 1/2 story log house, garden, hog pen and corn house. - Lot #3, with 1 1/2 story log house, brick oven, garden and well near the door. - Lot #4, with 1 1/2 story log house, brick oven and garden. - Lot #5, 5 acres, with large warehouse; also 14-acre mountain lot. Sale held on the premises in Sabillasville on 24 Oct 1874; high bidders were: - Catharine WILLIAR for House & Lot #285 (70 perches) at $250 and 14-acre mountain lot at $40 and Lot #5 at $60 - David H. NEWCOMER for 7 acres with houses and warehouse at $2,000 (balance of property) Other items sold at $935.40 Distribution of $3,528.78 - Catharine WILLIAR, in lieu of dower, $300 - Balance to multiple creditors Closed 21 May 1875.
36-56 - HALLER, KNODE, LORENTZ - May 1874
William L. HALLER, admin/of Jacob HALLER, dec'd Jacob HALLER d/ Aug 1873 (Will) widow - Ann E. (executrix); she d/ 20 Apr 1874 Martin R. KNODE & w/ Angeline were indebted to Jacob HALLER. LAND - parts of tracts, "Resurvey on Wild Cat Hills", "New Market Plains" and "Resurvey on Meadows", 88 acres in New Market District; adjoining lands of J. B. GOSNELL, John BAKER, John RUSSELL and Mrs. MUSSETTER. Farm is on road from Frederick to Ijamsville and road from Frederick Turnpike to New Market and Urbana and runs through the farm; also adjoins the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road. Improved with a 2-story frame house, orchard, well watered and sufficient woodland. Martin R. KNODE, Esquire, then resided on the premises. Charles W. ROSS and J.E.R. HOOD were appointed trustees. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick City on 16 Mar 1875; high bidder was: - Martin R. KNODE at $1,562, but sale was transferred to Henry LORENTZ. Distribution: court costs, $209.70 - William WHITE, assignee of James RUSSEL, lien, $900.60 - Frederick Co Building Assoc, lien, $89.14 - William L. HALLER, adm/D.B.N.C.T.A. of Jacob HALLER, partial, $362.47
Ezra MICHAEL, guardian of DIXON children vs Annie FLORENCE DIXON and Mary M. DIXON John DIXON & w/ Jane, both dec'd d/ Anna Florence DIXON (age 12) d/ Mary Margaret DIXON (age 8) LAND - "Hill in the Middle", 19 acres, in Buckeystown District near Point of Rocks; adjoins tract "Leonard's Beginning". Improved only with a small 1-story, one room house (14x18'). From Elias L. DELASHMUTT, trustee, to minor children in 9 Feb 1875. Previously to Andrew MICHAEL from Charles SHRINER in 1848 (WBT-8, 83). Equity Case of John DIXON & w/ Jane vs H. Adolphus MICHAEL & Others, (tract"Hill in the Middle", 23 acres), trustee, Elias L. DELASHMUTT, conveyed to Jane DIXON (w/o John DIXON) and Catharine E. FISHER (w/o John FISHER) for $1,100 in 1867. Later an agreement of partition was made; however, both Jane DIXON and her husband died before conveyance was made (before 19 Jan 1875). Articles of Agreement for sale of property made by Elias L. DELASHMUTT - to Frances ODEN (with consent of her husband, Nathan ODEN) for $500 on 12 Feb 1875. Court appointed A. FEARHAKE Jr, Esquire, as guardian. Testimony was heard from Ezra MICHAEL who knew the mother and claimed she died about three years ago and also gave children's ages. Also testifying was Elias L. DELASHMUTT who also knew Jane DIXON and said she died in Buckeystown District and the children now both reside in Frederick City. Trustee for conveyance of Deed was Ezra MICHAEL. Distribution of $500; court costs, $44.65 - Annie F. DIXON, to Ezra MICHAEL, as guardian, 1/2, $227.67 - Mary M. DIXON DIXON, to Ezra MICHAEL, as guardian, 1/2, $227.67 Closed 16 Jun 1875.
68-76 - WISNER - May 1874
Michael WISNER, trustee of Andrew WISNER - Trustee's Report Deed of Trust from Andrew WISNER & w/ Ann Maria to Michael WISNER in 1874 for benefit of creditors. LAND - Large Steam Tannery, on 1 1/2 acres in Middletown. Improvements of a 2-story brick building (32x75'), a 1 1/2 story frame mill and engine house (23x40'), engine room being 20x25' and built of stone and brick, a brick 2-story s_eat house and basement. Capacity of tanning 2,500 hides annually. It had an 8-horse power steam engine, a new 15-horse power boiler, 32' long and 32" in diameter with smoke stack, 66' high, a new bark mill, capable of grinding one cord of bark per hour, bark sheds sufficient to store away 400 cords of bark; 1 superior roller nearly new, and all tools and appliances for working. There were 25 handles with capacity to hang 1,000 hides, 8 leaches which are piped to handles and junks, and others. Also has a 2-story rough casted house with basement within a few yards of the tannery, a spring house and excellent spring, two wells with pumps, which can be run by hand or steam power, a large stable, etc, and fruit trees. Sale was held on the premises in Middletown on 2 May 1874; high bidder was: - Henry M. WISNER at $200 Personal property sold at $324.15 Distribution to creditors. Closed 19 Jun 1875.
Charles S. SIMMONS, mortgagee of Richard H. THOMPSON - Report of Sales Richard H. THOMPSON & w/ T. Marcella LAND - tract "Good Luck", 1/2 acre, in Buckeystown, 6 miles from Frederick with turnpike passing the door; 3/4 mile from Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road. Improvements of 2-story brick house (36x42') and wing (20x32') attached, nine rooms with hall through center of house; good stabling, carriage house, meat house, etc. From Bruce THOMAS & w/ Eveline V. in Aug 1871. Sale was held in front of DELASHMUTT's Store in Buckeytown on 17 Apr 1875; high bidder was: - James S. SIMMONS at $1,700 Distribution: court costs, $148.50 - Charles S. SIMMONS, mortgage & int, $1,551.50, the balance Closed 2 Jul 1875.
83-94 - GARROTT, ARNOLD, HYATT, WHIPP - Feb 1875
David ARNOLD, mortgagee of John C. GARROTT & w/ Annie R. - Report of Sales John C. GARROTT & w/ Annie R. were indebted by mortgage to David ARNOLD, Oscar P. CRAMPTON, Martin L. SHAFER, David SHAFER, Josephus KARN, Joseph HIGHTMAN, John HUFFER, Joseph B. GARROLL and George DIEHL in Jan 1874. LAND - "Miller's Farm", "Geaver's(?) Recovery", Burkittsville; - Lot #1 & 4 in Burkittsville, and in Petersville District. Sale was held on the premises on 27 Feb 1875; high bidder was: - Joshua ARNOLD for Lot #4, 179 acres, at $73/acre; improved with a large 2-story house, large bank barn, two tenant houses. Adjoining lands of Joseph ENNIS and Samuel AHALT. - Mrs. Matilda GARROTT for an undivided half of 140 acres, (assigned to Matilda GARROTT, widow of John D. GARROTT) and her dower at $3,500; improved with a large 2-story stone house, bank barn, and apple and peach orchards. Adjoined land of Luther HORINE and Peter SHAFER. - Matilda GARROTT for Lot #1, a 40+ acre wood lot, at $10/acre; Adjoining land of David ARNOLD and David GILSON. Total sales, $16,972. Distribution: court costs, $735.79 - multiple creditors, $9,080 - David ARNOLD, assignee of Matilda GARROTT for mortgage & interest of J. E. GARROTT & wife, $1,554 - Lloyd H. HYATT, mortgage & interest, $787.40 - David M. WHIP, note & interest, $1,146.99 - Matilda A. GARROTT, mortgage claim, $3,667.82 (remaining balance) Closed 8 May 1875.
Christian WINEBRENNER, mortgagee of Adam HOLBRUNNER - Report of Sales LAND - Lot #27 with brick house in Woodsboro Foreclosure sale was held 20 Mar 1875 on the premises; high bidder was: - John W. SHAW at $1,025 Distribution: court costs, $95.35 - Christian WINEBRENNER, mortgage, $775.83 - Balance due to Mortgager, subject to further order of the court, $119.52 Closed 15 Jul 1875.
Abraham SHAFF & Others - Sale of Real Estate George SHAFF d/ 5 Mar 1875, intestate w/ Julia A., d/ Nov 1862, intestate s/ Abraham SHAFF & w/ Mary M. (STOCKMAN) s/ Luther SHAFF & w/ Mary Ellen S. (WISE) s/ John SHAFF & w/ Rebecca (HARGETT) s/ Solomon SHAFF & w/ Sarah A. (KELLER) s/ Francis "Frank" SHAFF & w/ Elmenora (RHODES) s/ Jacob C. SHAFF d/ Mary E. (SHAFF) w/o Isaac N. FRY d/ Anna M. (SHAFF) w/o Charles B. GROVE LAND - - "Resurvey on Wells Invention", 60 acres, in Jefferson District. Located 1 mile NW of Jefferson near road from Jefferson to Middletown, adjoining land of Joel HORINE and Col. Thomas JOHNSON. Improvements of a 2-story log house with dining room and kitchen in back building, a meat house, spring house and spring in yard; a corn house, frame barn with shedding and fruit trees. Provision on Dam attached to a mill race to remain same height; adjoined property sold by Edward BUCKEY to Mary EASTERDAY. To George SHAFF from Edward BUCKEY (Deed of Trust to him from George W. HOFFMAN in 1845) in Apr 1849. Previously to George W. HOFFMAN from Thomas JOHNSON & wife in 1838. - "Resurvey on Wells Invention", 15 acres, in Jefferson District; adjoined land of William B. LAMAR. Located on road from Jefferson to Burkittsville and on road to B. LEWIS' grist mill, adjoining land of Basil LEWIS, Daniel SHAFF and A. KESSLER; a half mile from the above mentioned farm; timbered with Black Oak, White Oak and Hickory. To George SHAFF from Lloyd DORSEY & w/ Rebecca Ann Law DORSEY, Isaac SIMMONS (of Baltimore City) & w/ Elizabeth Ruth, and Mary S. TORRANCE (of Baltimore City) in Oct 1850. Previously to James TORRANCE from Perry RICE in 1813. - "Abraham's House", 1 acre & House in Centerville, on Ridge Road in Jefferson District; located 1 mile from Jefferson on Frederick to Harpers Ferry Road; improved with a small log house, well set in young Timothy. To George SHAFF from Jacob STEIN, Mary J. STEIN, Harriet STINE, Addison DARE & w/ Rosana, John HEIM & w/ Sarah C., Hulda A. STEIN, Joseph Hilleary DEANER & w/ Susan, and James HOLMES & w/ Mariah. Previously to Philip STEIN from Walter C. MEAD & Others in 1854. - Lot #2; House & Lot on east side of the Methodist Protestant Church in Jefferson (designated on the town plat as Lots #3, 4 & 5, fronting Main Street (JS-39, 257). Located on west end of Jefferson; improved with a 2-story weatherboarded log house with 1-story back building with dining room and kitchen, a good cellar under the front house, water with a good pump near the kitchen door, a good dairy, meat house and fruit trees. - Adjoining lot has a blacksmith shop, designated as Lot #4 and fronts Main Street (59x189'). - Adjoining unimproved lot, designated as Lot #3, fronting Main Street, (24x189') Exception is 10 feet on west side of the Methodist Church which was conveyed to George WILLIARD as inlet to his tannery; however, 10 feet included (to John ERVIN from George WILLIARD & wife in 1842) from Williard Lot #6. To Julian SHAFF, w/o George, from John ERVIN in April 1861. Previously to John ERVIN from Chritian SIFFORD & wife. Trustees were Abraham SHAFF and Luther SHAFF (although the other heirs had recommended John W. REMSBURG). Sale was held at William L. CULLER's store in Jefferson on 21 Nov 1874; high bidders were: - Charles B. GROVE for the 60-acre farm at $2,400 - Daniel SHAFF for the 15-acre lot at $900 - Francis SHAFF for Lot with blacksmith shop at $210 - Isaac N. FRY for Lot on west side of previous lot at $100 - Wyndham JOHNSON for House & Lot in Centreville at $215 Total sales, $3,825 Later private sale (unable to sell at public sale) was made to: - Effie M. CULLER for House & Lot by the church at $651 on 2 Jan 1875. Jacob C. SHAFF objected to the sale, claiming dividing the lots made it sell at a lesser value and claimed he would have paid more for the three adjoining lots than what was received; however, the court approved the sales. Wyndham JOHNSON failed to comply with the terms and property was resold on 27 Feb 1875 at William L. CULLER's store in Jefferson, high bidder was: - Francis SHAFF at $154 It was also reported that Charles B. GROVE also failed to comply with the terms. Distribution of $2,754.85; court costs, $269.70 - each 1/8 share to children, $310.64 Abraham SHAFF & Rufus SHAFF petitioned for sale of another lot not included in prior sales. - Lot #6 (50x181') on Main Street in Jefferson. To George SHAFF from John LOATS and Henry WILLIARD, trustees in 1857 Equity Case (Basil NORRIS vs Louisa WILLIARD, admin/of John WILLIARD, dec'd) Depositions taken on 14 July 1875 from: - Abraham SHAFF, age 57, lived in Jefferson; stated his parents' death dates; testified the well and meat house was partly on the adjoining lots (adjoining lot of Julia Ann SHAFF was just sold). He also listed the maiden names of his sisters-in law. - Ezra M. THOMAS, age 52, lived near Jefferson; testified to the well and meat house being partially on adjoining lot. Filed on 24 Aug 1875 - continued in Equity Case #3955 to Folio 761.
John MURDOCK & William MILLER, trustees of George L. ROUTZAHN - Petition George L. ROUTZAHN issued a Deed of Trust for benefit of creditors to John MURDOCK & William MILLER, trustees, of Washington County, on 9 Feb 1874. LAND - "Little Good", "Adam's Expense" and "Quaker's Mistake", home farm, 160 acres; located on road from Boliver to Myersville, adjoining land of Susan SCHILDTKNECHT and Jonas BRANDENBURG. To George L. ROUTZAHN from George ROUTZAHN in 1856 (ES-10, 511) (devised to him per Will of his father). Previously to George ROUTZAHN from Henry SCHILDTKNECHT. - 46 acres; adjoins home farm (no deed); from William MILLER. - 50 acres near the home farm (an undivided half interest) (no deed); from William MILLER. - "Adam's Expense", 8 3/4 acres of timber land; adjoining land of Catharine HORINE. To George L. ROUTZAHN from John HORINE & w/ Catharine in 1869. Sale was held on the premises on 7 March 1874, high bidder was: - Otho B. SMITH for the home farm at $10,880 - Otho B. SMITH for the 46 acres at $2,371.50 - Otho B. SMITH for the 50 acres at $775 - Otho B. SMITH for the 8 3/4 acres at $481.25 Total sales, $14,507.75. Distribution of $15,084.25 (includes grains sold); - court costs, $1,096.26 - L. METZGAR, mortgage, $2,737.50 - William MILLER, mortgage, $10,080 - William MILLER, mortgage, $722.49 - William MILLER, mortgage, $448 Distribution of Personal Property, $934.78 - court costs, $333.56 - multiple creditors, paid 16% of claims, $601.22 Closed 1 May 1876.
Barbara HOSSLER & Others - Sale of Real Estate Christian HOSSLER d/ early 1862, near Liberty, intestate widow - Barbara s/ Thaddeus S. HOSSLER & w/ Catharine d/ Maria C. w/o John H. GARBER d/ Lavinia w/o William S. DIEHL d/ Sidney Ann w/o Henry SAYLER d/ Lucy Ann w/o Moses TROSTLE - Pennsylvania d/ Elizabeth (d/ spring 1872) w/o John CARL - Adams Co, PA .....Martin C. CARL, a minor - Adams Co, PA .....Calvin CARL, a minor - Adams Co, PA .....Ellen CARL, a minor - Adams Co, PA .....Sarah CARL, a minor - Adams Co, PA .....Lily CARL, a minor - Adams Co, PA d/ Amanda (d/ 1867-1868) w/o Abraham DIEHL (no children) LAND - "Middle Plantation", 61 3/4 acres, on road from Frederick to Libertytown; adjoins tract "Hendrick's First Choice"; located 3 miles SW of Liberty, west and bordering Liberty & Frederick Turnpike, adjoining lands of Samuel NUSBAUM, Jacob SNYDER and Reuben LONG; then in occupancy of Thaddeus HOSSLER. Improvements were a 2-story house, a tenant house, barn, corn house, spring house, hog house, carriage house, two apple orchards, pear and cherry trees, three springs of water, with 10 acres in Chestnut and Rock Oak timber. To Christian HOSSLER from Abraham SNYDER in 1859. Previously to Snyder from Abraham NUSBAUM in 1828. Guardian for minor children was J.A.C. RINDLAUB, Esquire, of Adams Co, PA. Testimony was heard from - John H. GARBER, age 30, of Johnsville District in Frederick County; he stated the widow was about 63, resided in Johnsville and was in good health; also gave info on Amanda and Elizabeth. - William S. DIEHL, age 41, resides in Johnsville District; whon stated the deceased had left a Will. Trustees were M.G. URNER and Thaddeus HOSSLER. Sale was held on the premises on 12 Feb 1875, high bidder was: - Jesse W. SHIVERS at $1,392.46 Distribution: court costs, $196.22 - Barbara HOSSLER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $119.62 - Barbara HOSSLER, claim, $49.88 Advancements due from children: - Lucy Ann TROSTLE, $100 - Lavinia DIEHL, $100 - Thaddeus S. HOSSLER, $41 - Maria C. GARBER, $29 - Mary E. CARL, $100 Disbursements to children (1/6 minus advances): - Lucy Ann TROSTLE, $132.79 - Lavinia DIEHL, $132.79 - Sidney Ann SAYLER, $232.79 - Thaddeus S. HOSSLER, $191.79 - Maria C. GARBER, $203.79 - Elizabeth CARL, $132.79 .....John CARL, in lieu of curtesy, $16.59 .....each of her children, 1/5, $23.23 Closed 21 Dec 1875.
John W. MILLER & w/ Julia Ann - Sale of Real Estate John MILLER d/ 1857 intestate widow - Sarah d/ 5 Apr 1874 s/ Daniel V. MILLER & w/ Mary A. - Washington County s/ Josiah N. MILLER d/ Sarah A.E. MILLER w/o John BOWERS s/ John W. MILLER & w/ Julia Ann d/ Matilda C. MILLER w/o Jacob E. PALMER s/ George MILLER, dec'd .....Julia Ann MILLER w/o William L. BRUNER - Montgomery County .....Ann Rebecca MILLER w/o Edward A. BRUNER .....Thomas L. MILLER & w/ Laura J. - Sharpsburg, Washington County .....Winfield T. MILLER & w/ Susie E. - Allegany County .....John Peter MILLER - Illlinois LAND - "John Miller's Resurvey", 102 acres; (originally 359 acres, taken from "Hill in the Middle", "Resurvey on Havener's Fancy", "Resurvey on Ramsburg's Chance", "Cronice's Chance"). Located on SW side of road from Woodville School House to Frederick Town, adjoins land of Frederick BAKER, runs to Emmittsburg Turnpike, and to land of the widow of Daniel HILDERBRAND. Improved with a 1 1/2 story stone house and log barn, spring house, smoke house, and orchard. Exception is 3/4 acres conveyed to the Methodist Church. Prior to John MILLER's death, he sold 88 acres to Simon SNOOK. Part of real estate was sold to Daniel SUNDAY by trustee William J. ROSS by Equity to pay off debts. Part of "John Miller's Resurvey" was sold to John W. MILLER. Julia & William L. BRUNER, Ann Rebecca & Edward A. BRUNER, Winfield T. MILLER and John P. MILLER conveyed their shares to Sarah A.E. BOWERS (w/o John) in 1872. At that time, neighbors were Oliver HILDEBRAND and Isaac MICHAEL. In Feb 1874, Julia & William L. BRUNER, Ann Rebecca & Edward A. BRUNER, Thomas L. MILLER & w/ Laura J., Winfield T. MILLER, John P. MILLER, Sarah A.E. & John BOWERS and Matilda C. & Jacob E. PALMER conveyed their interest of any future portion and widow's dower to John W. MILLER. At that time, the surrounding neighbors were Simon P. CRAMER, Frederick A. STULL, T.E.R. MILLER and Lewis SNOOK. Testimony was heard from J.C. PALMER who provided the location of John Peter MILLER. Also testifying was Richard HARPER and John W. MILLER. Trustees for the sale were John W. MILLER and Jacob E. PALMER. At that time, the premises was occupied by John BOWERS; neighbors were on the north, John W. MILLER; on the west, Charles BROADRUP and William Oliver HILDERBRAND; on the south, Charles BROADRUP and William H. FRY; and on the east, Isaac MICHAEL. Located on road from Emmittsburg Turnpike to Bethel Church, 5 miles from Frederick. Sale was held on 4 Dec 1875 at HARPER's Store in village of Hansonville; high bidder was: - Matilda C. PALMER at $3,072.85 1st Distribution of $1,024.23; court costs, $374.04 - Jacob E. PALMER, for taxes paid, $114.11 - Daniel V. MILLER, 1/6, 89.35 - Josiah N. MILLER, 1/6, 89.35 - John W. MILLER, 1/6, 89.35 - Matilda C. PALMER, 1/6, 89.35 - Sarah A. E. BOWERS, 1/6, 89.35 - Sarah A. E. BOWERS, $71.48 as grantee of 4 of brother George MILLER's children - Thomas L. MILLER (s/o George), $17.87 Closed 8 Apr 1876.
179-183 - SHOEMAKER, BIRELY, KOONS - Dec 1874
David BIRELY & Samuel BIRELY Elizabeth SHOEMAKER issued Deed of Trust for benefit of creditors to David BIRELY & Samuel BIRELY. LAND - "Resurvey on Good Neighborhood", 172 acres, near Ladiesburg. Previously to John SHOEMAKER from Peter FOX (WR-8, 601-602 in 1789 for 250 acres and WR-13, 532-533 in 1793 for 3+ acres). Sale was held in Ladiesburg, but after a failed sale, it was advertised again and sale was then held on the premises on 10 Oct 1874; high bidder was: - John A. KOONS at $3,461.25 1st Distribution of $1,800; court costs, $229.46 - Samuel BIRELY, mortgage claim, $1,040 - Samuel BIRELY, partial judgment, $530.54 Closed 13 Aug 1875. =====
183-204 - TROXELL, BIGGS, DAMUTH, FISHER - Jul 1875
William H. TROXELL, a minor, by his mother, Isabella A. TROXELL - Petition for Sale of Real Estate John TROXELL, dec'd (Will GH-1, 252, filed 19 Oct 1857) w/ Elizabeth s/ David TROXELL (w/ Juliana) s/ Frederick TROXELL (w/ Sophia B.) d/ Mary Ann "Polly" w/o Jacob BIGGS s/ Abraham TROXELL Will devised "Better for Worse" tract and the mountain tract to his son, Abraham with Abraham paying $1,500 to John's other children. Will signed 23 Nov 1842; Exec/ son, David TROXELL. Witnesses: John ZIMMERMAN of A., George ZIMMERMAN of A., Elijah F. F. ZIMMERMAN of A.ZIMMERMAN, Charles BROADRUP and John A. J. ZIMMERMAN. Deed transferred title to Abraham from his siblings on 14 Nov 1863. === Abraham TROXELL d/ 5 Feb 1875, intestate widow - Isabella A. d/ Elizabeth TROXELL s/ Frederick D. TROXELL s/ William H. TROXELL, a minor All lived in Creagerstown District. LAND - "Better for Worse", 139 acres; in Creagerstown District; Adjoined land of Thomas KARR/CARR. Located on Beaver Dam, about 6 miles south of Emmittsburg Railroad and 1 1/4 miles north of Rocky Ridge, on the road from David FISHER's to Bruceville; adjoined lands of Mary BIGGS, Miss HAINES, Noah MILLER and Jesse BITELER. Improvements of a new brick house, a stone barn with wagon shed and corn crib attached to the barn, a large wagon shed and two hog pens; a spring, timber and orchard. John WELTY then resided on the farm. To John TROXELL (s/o Frederick) & w/ Elizabeth from Conrad DUDDERAR (DUDRO) of Franklin Co, PA in 1809 (tract "Brooke's Grove" but resurveyed in 1875 and renamed "Better for Worse"). - "Resurvey on Buck Forrest", Lot #17, 115 acres; on west side of Beaver Dam in Creagerstown District. This tract, with timber, was separated from the Home Farm by the road leading to Bruceville and intersecting road from Emmittsburg to Rocky Ridge; adjoined lands of Mrs. Mary BIGGS, Joseph MARTIN, Levi WHITMORE and John HOBBS. Survey claimed tract was on both sides of road from GEOFF's Fording on the Monocacy River to Graceham; adjoined land of WHITMORE's and Jacob BIGGS; this part being 97 acres on north side of road; other 18 acres on south side of road were added to the Home Farm. To Abraham TROXELL from John COVER of Carroll Co, MD, trustee in 1854. - "Buck's Horn", Mountain lot, 50 acres; 2 miles north of Mechanicstown; adjoined lands of John ROUZER, Jerry MARTIN and Bernard COLLIFLOWER. Guardian was Clay C. BUHRMAN, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Amon T. NORRIS and David FISHER. Trustee was George W. ROWE. Sale was held on the premises on 26 Nov 1875; high bidders were: - Charles A. DAMUTH for 97 acres of "Black Forest" at $976.38 - David FISHER for Lot #1 of mountain land, 12 acres, at $258.87 - David FISHER for Lot #2 of mountain land, 10 acres, at $111 - Jacob DAMUTH for Lot #3 of mountain land, 8 3/4 acres, at $131.25 - John W. TROXELL for Lot #4 of mountain land, 18 acres, at $86.60 No sufficient bid was received for the Home Farm, 139 acres + 17 acres of "Black/Buck Forest"; so on 18 Jan 1876, private sale was made to: - George W. KRISE at $3,739.80 Total sales, $5,303.99 (subject to interest). 1st Distribution of $5,168.63; court costs, $412.31 - Isabella A. TROXELL, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $5,303.90 less $412.31 = $611.46 - each of Abraham TROXELL's children's 1/3, $1,381.62 Closed 5 Jun 1876.
Horatio WATERS & w/ Olivia - Sale of Real Estate Horatio WATERS d/ 3 July 1867 (Will written 29 Aug 1864) widow - Margaret (d/ summer of 1875) s/ Cyrus WATERS d/ fall of 1867 ...w/ Emily S. - Baltimore City ......Stephen Gambrill WATERS - Baltimore City ......Horatio WATERS (of C.), a minor - Baltimore City ......Emily Jane WATERS, a minor - Baltimore City s/ Horatio WATERS (of H.) & w/ Olivia R. (d/o Samuel R. HOGG, dec'd) Exec/ wife Witnesses: Joseph W.L. CARTY, J. Ijames DUVALL, Thomas M. HOLBRUNER LAND - Lots #156, 157 & 158 on east side of South Market St in Frederick City; improved with a 1-story double brick house; adjoins lot of Wm. REICH on the south and John DUVALL on the north; then in occupancy of Oscar HOOPER. To Horatio WATERS from John McPHERSON in 1822. Previously to John McPHERSON from Samuel CHAPLAIN & w/ Elizabeth in 1815. - (He also owned a lot on East Patrick St in Frederick that was previously sold by the widow.) Guardian was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard from John C. HARDT, age 48, of Frederick City and Horatio WATERS, age 42, of Frederick City. Trustees for the sale were John C. HARDT and James McSHERRY. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 26 Feb 1876; high bidder was: - David A. CASTLE for House & Lot at $885 Distribution: court costs, $197.07 - Olivia WATERS, w/o H. WATERS, 1/4 of 1/2, $214.56 - Joseph CRONICE, partial judgment against Horatio WATERS, $319.40 - Cyrus WATERS's children - each 1/3 of 1/2 share, $114.65 Closed 26 May 1876.
H.K. HOFFMAN, George R. STALEY, William J. ARMSTRONG & J.E. CHADWICK, t/a Hoffman, Staley & Company of Baltimore City and the Chambersburg Woolen Manufacturing Company of Pennsylvania vs John B. PICKING Lydia STAUFFER & her husband John STAUFFER (now out of state) conveyed a lot to Mary A.E. PICKING on 17 Mar 1869. Mary's husband John B. PICKING has occupied and controlled the said property. Complainants claim no money transferred for the said property. LAND - Located by the Frederick and Emmittsburg Turnpike. Previously to Lydia STOUFFER from William C. LANDERS & wife in 1864. John B. PICKING of Mechanicstown District, dec'd (Will written 25 March 1870; filed 4 April 1870) widow - Mary Ann Elizabeth Exec/ wife Witnesses: Joseph F. LIVERS, Mechanicstown; Mark F. LIVERS, Mechanicstown, Edward McCLOSKEY, Emmittsburg. Testimony was heard from Mary U.E. PICKING. Trustees were C.V.S. LEVY and Milton G. URNER. Private sale was made to: - Mary A.E. PICKING at $325 (by William J. BLACK, agent) Distribution: court costs, $110.35 - Hoffman Staley & Co, claim, $25.14 - James GETTY, claim, $150.03 - Chambersburg Woolen Mfg Co, claim, $39.49 Closed 19 Jun 1876.
John P. HEFFNER & Others - Sale of Real Estate Perry G. RICE d/ 20 Mar 1875 in Frederick City, intestate (wife was dec'd) s/ Luther M. RICE & w/ Mary E. - KANSAS s/ Alverta w/o John S. JOHNSTON/JOHNSON - Virginia s/ Alexius J. RICE & w/ Mary A. - Indiana s/ William D. RICE & w/ Mary Frances - Indiana s/ Marion T. RICE & w/ Altazena - Indiana s/ Perry F.M.RICE & w/ Lydia - Kansas s/ Archibald C. RICE & w/ (Francis) Ellen - Ohio d/ Martha E. w/o John P. THOMAS - Missouri d/ Sarah J. RICE s/ Levin/Loren T.R. RICE, dec'd .....Walter RICE, a minor d/ Drusilla, dec'd w/o John P. HEFFNER .....Lulie Sophia HEFFNER, a minor .....Ellen Jane HEFFNER, a minor LAND - House & Lot #18 (37x264') in central part of Jefferson; adjoined lot of Sarah KELLER (w/o David KELLER) with shared egress. Improved with a 2-story brick house with back building attached and contained a parlor hall, dining room and kitchen on first floor and cellar under the house and a stable, convenient water and fruit trees. To Perry G. RICE from John H. KELLER & w/ Annie Minerva in 1868. Previously to Annie Minerva KELLER from Andrew KESSLER Jr & w/ Laura S. in 1865. - "Anchor and Hope", "Resurvey on Anchor and Hope", farm, abt 160 acres; located about 2 miles NW of Jefferson on road to Broad Run (has one of the best wheat crops in the valley); farm is divided into fields under good fencing and has Middle Creek running through the farm. Improvements were a 1 1/2 story log and weatherboarded house of three rooms and a kitchen on first floor; a bank barn, nearly new, a corn house, wagon shed, hog house, spring house and orchards of apples, peaches, pears, cherries and also has grapes. Adjoins lands of Levin RICE, Stephen A. BOWLUS, Daniel SHAFF, Andrew KESSLER. Being in Middletown Valley, there is a good mill nearby. To Perry G. RICE from Peter BOYER & w/ Mary in 1845; consists of: - "Laurence's Neglect", to Peter BOYER from George B. RICE and Perry G. RICE, acting exec/of Perry RICE Sr.; - "Struggle", 126 acres, contiguous to the others tracts; located along the east bank of Catoctin Creek and by land of Benjamin HOUSER. To Perry G. RICE from Peter BOYER & w/ Mary in 1845. - "Resurvey on Wells' Invention" and "Daughter's Portion", 23 acres; located on north margin of Catoctin Creek; with right-of-way thru land of Andrew KESSLER & w/ Loretta/Laura S. To Perry G. RICE from Andrew KESSLER & w/ Loretta S. in 1866. Previously to Kessler from execs/of Thomas LAMAR (of 278 acres). Guardian was Clayton C. BUHRMAN, Esquire. Testimony was heard from John P. HEFFNER, age 41, of Frederick City; and John H. KELLER, age 47, of Frederick City. Trustee was John P. HEFFNER. Sale was held in front of Isaac WALKEL's(?) store in Jefferson on 20 Jan 1876; high bidders were: - Stephen R. BOWLUS for the home farm, 155 acres at $5,425 - Martin F.B. RICE for the House & Lot at $860 Total sales, $6,285 1st Distribution of $2,286; court costs, $270.11 - Alexius J. RICE, 1/8, $251.98 - William D. RICE, 1/8, $251.98 - Marion T. RICE, 1/8, $251.98 - Archibald C. RICE, 1/8, $251.98 - Martha E. THOMAS, 1/8, $251.98 - Sarah J. RICE, 1/8, $251.98 - Walter RICE, 1/8, $251.98 - Lulie Sophia HEFFNER, 1/16, $125.99 - Ellen Jane HEFFNER, 1/16, $125.99 Those not receiving a share, because of previous advances made to them which exceeded a distribution, were: - Luther M. RICE, advancements with interest, $1,220.46 (part was for the Kansas farm) distributive share in trust fund, 1/11, $183.26 - Perry F.M. RICE, advancements with interest, $393.75 distributive share in trust fund, 1/11, $183.26 - Alberta JOHNSON, advancements with interest, $714.20 distributive share in trust fund, 1/11, $183.26 Closed 3 Aug 1876.
Charles W. ROSS - Report of Sales Anthony Z. KIMMEL & w/ Mary conveyed Deed of Trust, for benefit of their creditors, to Charles W. ROSS in 1871. LAND - Farm D, 140 acres, "Bungtown", on Old Annapolis Road in Liberty District; adjoined lands of William MOLESWORTH and Abram FISHER. Improved with a new 2-story brick house with back buildings, seven rooms and kitchen with a barn and brick outbuildings with a peach and apple orchard. - Farm E, 180 acres, "Bungtown", in Liberty District; adjoins Farm D and lands of Thornton POOLE and Jesse ROOP; divided into 6 fields and a meadow under good fencing with 40-50 acres in timber, consisting of Hickory, White & Black Oak, Ash, Walnut, Maple and Poplar. Improvements of a 5-room house and kitchen, frame Switzer Barn and outbuildings; well-watered and has apple and peach trees. Quality of soil is limestone and has a large limestone quarry at one end of farm; survey plat shows land adjoining GATRELL's land on the south and a mill on the east. - Farm F, 134 or 167 acres + 34 acres, "Bungtown", on Old Annapolis Road in New Market District; adjoining lands of George MOLESWORTH, Solomon CLARY and William H. THOMPSON. Land is divided into four fields with the balance of 80 acres in timber, Chestnut, Hickory, White & Black & Rock Oak. It is well watered and has three tobacco houses with hewed logs and shingle roofs. A Plat to General Anthony KIMMELL and his son, Anthony Zaurr KIMMELL, Linganore, Frederick Co, MD for 1,300 acres (date not shown); part of this tract was included in lands sold. Exceptions are parts of "Sir Pratley James", "Linganore" and patent of 1854 (GGB-8, 305-307, Land Ofc of Maryland), and "Hendrick's Hap", 405 acres per Certificate of Resurvey from Land Office on 27 Sep 1853. Also, "Addition", 2 acres (to KIMMEL from Adam W. DEVILBISS, trustee in 1864, JWLC-1, 525). Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick City on 22 Jul 1871, but after a failed sale, it was again held the same place on 19 Feb 1876; high bidders were: - Edgar C. DELAUDER at for Farm D at $32.50/acre; situated on Old Annapolis Road in Woodville District, adjoining lands of Abram FISHER and William MOLESWORTH. - Henry P. NUSBAUM for Farm E at $25/acre; adjoined lands of Thornton POOLE and Jesse ROOP. - John J. MOLESWORTH for Farm F at $11.12/acre; situated on Old Annapolis Road in Woodville District (formerly part of New Market District), adjoining lands of George MOLESWORTH and Sol CLARY. Total sales, $10,909.47. Distribution of sales and interest, $10,951.51; court costs, $312.51 - Fredericktown Savings Bank, mortgage & interest, $4,188.92 - Henry BUSSARD, judgment, $2,370.98 - George M. TYLER, partial mortgage, $4,079.10 Closed 29 May 1876.
258-265 - BURUCKER, BUSHEY, CRAMER, LOATS - Feb 1876
Jacob M. BUSHEY - Report of Sales John S. BURUCKER & w/ Christina S. W. issued Deed of Mortgage to Jacob M. BUSHEY in 1872. LAND - Lot (31x190') on north side of West Third St in Frederick Town; improved with a 1 1/2 story brick house with small back building, three rooms on first floor and three on second floor, also a smoke house; adjoined lots of H. LORENTZ, and C.V.S. LEVY, Esquire. Previously from Grayson EICHELBERGER to John GEORGE SINN and from SINN to Charles W. MILLER in 1865 and from MILLER to Christina S. W. BURUCKER in Dec 1869. Petition claiming the transfer from Charles W. MILLER to Christina S.W. BURUCKER was fraudulent and requested it be resold. James McSHERRY, Esquire, was trustee for that sale. Sale was held 26 Feb 1876 on the premises; high bidder was: - George W. CRAMER at $1,815 Distribution: court costs, $145.95 - Jacob M. BUSHEY, mortgage, $1,318.12 - John LOATS, costs in trials, $47.85 - John LOATS, partial judgment, $303.08 Closed 22 Apr 1876.
266-276 - MILLER, BIRELY - Aug 1875
Jacob BIRELY vs Lycurgus MILLER & wife Lycurgus MILLER & w/ Lucinda E. issued a Deed of Mortgage to Jacob BIRELY & w/ Hannah Mary in Apr 1871; however, MILLER never had the deed recorded. (Acknowledged by Daniel ROOT of R., Justice of the Peace) LAND - "Resurvey on Mackey's Choice", 5 acres, in Woodsboro District, on a private road leading from the farm house where Jacob BIRELY resided to the 'Hagerstown Road'. From Jacob BIRELY in Apr 1871, same time as mortgage. Testimony was heard from: - Jacob BYERLY who stated the MILLERs were now living in the Western States and had lived there since the Spring of 1874, but had lived in Frederick County for 3-4 years prior. - Frederick BIRELY also testified to the same facts. Trustee was David BIRELY. Sale was held at the Rail Road Depot in Ladiesburg on 20 May 1876; high bidder was: - Jacob BIRELY at $147.24 Distribution: court costs, $94.30 - Jacob BIRELY, partial payment of mortgage, $52.94 Closed 7 Sep 1876.
John W. BUZZARD, George LEATHERMAN and Joseph BROWN - Report of Sales Daniel MICHAEL & w/ Mary A. issued Deed of Trust to the complaintants as trustees for benefit of their creditors in Feb 1872. LAND - Farm To Daniel MICHAEL from George GROSSNICKLE & wife in 1865 (JWLC-2, 32). Sale was held in front of Joseph BROWN's store in Myersville on 21 Feb 1872; but was withdrawn; later private sale was made to: - Elias GAVER at $8,731.25 Personal property was also sold at $1,183.28. Distribution of $15,797.96; court costs, $1,663.27 - Mary A. MICHAEL, for dower, 1/10, $852.50 - Milton G. URNER (States Atty), $10,550 - Mary A. MICHAEL, for dower in Baker real estate, 1/10, $85.31 - multiple creditors, $1,230.60 - John W. BUSSARD, 30% of claim, $1,312.90 - Jacob SUMMERS of J., 30% of claim, $85.37 - James MICHAEL, 30% of claim, $84.82 - Francis BRENGLE, atty of Joshua McLAIN, $18.50 Closed 6 Oct 1876.
John P. GALLION & w/ Harriet, adms/of Robert W. PHELPS - Sale of Real Estate Robert W. PHELPS d/ Nov 1872 or 1873, intestate, no children sis/ Ann (PHELPS) SIMPSON, now dec'd - Illinois .......George SIMPSON & wife - Illinois .......Elizabeth SIMPSON w/o Marine DUVALL - Montgomery Co, MD .......James T. SIMPSON - Illinois or California .......John SIMPSON & wife - Illinois sis/ Almeda (PHELPS) SNYDER, now dec'd .......Olivia J. (SNYDER) w/o Thomas U. LEASE .......Sarah M. (SNYDER) w/o Isaac A. LANDIS - Ohio .......Annie E. SNYDER - Frederick Co, MD .......Oliver P. SNYDER, now dec'd (FC Will)* ---------w/ Annie Mary ------------d/ Almeda SNYDER, a minor ------------s/ Oliver SNYDER, a minor sis/ Elizabeth PHELPS, d/ before her brother sis/ Deborah PHELPS, d/ before her brother sis/ Harriet PHELPS w/o John P. GALLION sis/ Corilla PHELPS, d/ before her brother sis/ Rachel PHELPS, d/ before her brother LAND - "New Market Plains", 2 acres, in New Market District; adjoining "Plummer's Addition to New Market". Located on south side of the turnpike town of New Market. From George PHELPS to Robert W. PHELPS in Dec 1834. - "Hunting Lot" and "Dorsey's Partnership", Lot #36, 2 acres, in Plummer's part of New Market, adjoins other lot. From George PHELPS to his daughters, Elizabeth PHELPS, Deborah PHELPS, Harriet PHELPS, Corilla PHELPS and Rachel PHELPS in March 1835. Previously to George PHELPS from Ruth PLUMMER in 1799. --- * Oliver P. SNYDER, dec'd (Will written 7 Feb 1874) widow - Annie Mary d/ Almeda SNYDER and any other children there may be Exec/ wife, Annie May SNYDER Witnesses: William DOWNEY, R.G.D. RICE, Charles SALMON --- Guardian was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard from: - Thomas U. LEASE, age 44, New Market, acted as agent for the administratrix. - William W. OGBORN, age 49, New Market Trustee was Thomas U. LEASE. Sale was held on the premises on 27 Jan 1876; high bidders were: - Mrs. Harriet GALLION for Robert's 2-acre lot at $700 - Mrs. Harriet GALLION for the adjoining lot at $273.37 Total sales, $973.37. Distribution: court costs, $215.04 - Harriet GALLION, adm, for overpayments, $209.64 - Harriet GALLION, 7/15, $256.05 - Ann SIMPSON heirs, each 1/4 of 4/15, $36.58 - Olivia J. LEASE heirs, each 1/4 of 4/15, $36.58 Closed 20 Jun 1876.
John W. BUZZARD, George LEATHERMAN and Joseph BROWN vs Jacob BAKER Daniel MICHAEL & w/ Mary A. issued Deed of Trust to the complaintants as trustees for benefit of their creditors in Feb 1872. Land was sold to Jacob BAKER by Daniel MICHAEL in Mar 1871, but agreement was not to convey deed until all payments had been made. Baker was delinquent in payments. Daniel MICHAEL died between Feb 1872 and May 1874. LAND - "Only a Name", 11 acres (or includes 2 1/2 acres of "Only a Name"). To Daniel MICHAEL from Ezra HESSONG & w/ Juliann in 1864. - "New Saxony", Lot #10, 23 1/2 acres; To Daniel MICHAEL from John SIFFORD, trustee (Equity 2943) in Deed of Trust from Adam ROUTZONG and w/ Mary A. for benefit of their creditors, in 1856. Sale was held on 13 March 1875 in front of Joseph BROWN's store in Myersville, but received no adequate bid was received. Later, private sale was made to: - Daniel BAKER at $1,000 (no data to indicate which or if both properties were included) Distribution: court costs, $139.01 - Trustees/complainants, partial claim, $853.09 ($860.99 - $7.90, cost of judgment) Closed 20 Oct 1876.
Lott HARTSOCK, trustee of Mary Ann KIRBY, Eliza CREAGER & h/ Adam CREAGER - Petition to Sell Real Estate John KIRBY d/ 1 May 1874 (Will written 13 Apr 1874) sis/ Mary Ann KIRBY estate to Mary and after her death to - Eliza CREAGER w/o Adam CREAGER Exec/ Eliza CREAGER Witnesses: J.S.L. RODRICK, David ALBAUGH, Peter EVES Eliza and husband Adam CREAGER were the administrators with sureties as Daniel BURRIER and Charles BURRIER. === LAND - "Resurvey on Albaugh's Choice", 5 3/4 acres & 10+ acres; adjoins Union Chapel graveyard. To John KIRBY and sister Mary Ann KIRBY from Ephraim EVES and w/ Mary Jane in 1867. - "Resurvey on Albaugh's Choice", 112 acres; in Liberty District; adjoined land of Peter EVES. Located on road from Liberty to Israel's Creek Church, about midway, near the Union Chapel and adjoins land of Josiah VALENTINE, Solomon FILLER and Theodore CREAGER. To Thomas KIRBY from Suratt D. WARFIELD, trustee (in Equity Case dated 5 Mar 1839 of Mary ANGEL and Jacob ANGEL, Margaret HAINES and John HAINES and Others vs Upton KOONTZ, Catharine Ann KOONTZ and Emily Jane KOONTZ) in 1840. Land inherited by John KIRBY and sister Mary Ann KIRBY from their father, Thomas KIRBY. They sold parts of this property to: - Jacob William CRAMER for 14 acres at $80/acre in 1867. - Theodore Luther CREAGER for 89 acres at $1,716 in 1867. On 17 Jul 1874, it was determined that Mary Ann KIRBY was of unsound mind and incapable of governing herself; Lott HARTSOCK was appointed to act as her trustee. At the time of John KIRBY's death, he was indebted to Dr. John T. SIM for medical services and also indebted to Lott HARTSOCK. Court appointed John S. REPP, Esquire, as guardian ad litem for Mary Ann KIRBY. On 5 Feb 1875, testimony was heard from: - Lott HARTSOCK - Daniel BURRIER Trustees were Lott HARTSOCK and Daniel BURRIER. Sale was held on the premises on 10 Apr 1875; high bidder was: - Charles V. CRUM for remaining 24 acres at $1,211.51; about 10 acres in timber, the rest cleared and under good fencing; Improved with a log house, good barn, meat house, bake oven, well, apple orchard and other fruit trees and is near churches, schools and mills. Distribution of $1,211.51; court costs, $245.07 - Lott HARTSOCK, trustee for Mary Ann KIRBY, 1/2, $482.97 - multiple creditors, $312.61 - Lott HARTSOCK, trustee for Mary Ann KIRBY, $170.36 (during her life, then to Eliza CREAGER) Closed 12 Jun 1876. ===
John Q. CORRELL & w/ Alice Jane of Baltimore County - Petition to Sell Real Estate Christian CORRELL d/ intestate widow - Mary E. s/ John Q. CORRELL & w/ Alice J. - Baltimore County d/ Lydia E. w/o John W. CRABBS - Carroll County d/ Frances L. w/o Abraham E. NULL - Carroll County LAND - (A) in Frederick and Carroll Counties, now a total of 153 acres, parts contiguous to each other; in Emmitsburg District, 5 miles from Taneytown, near Bridgeport. To Christian CORRELL from Jacob CORRELL (w/ Elizabeth) in Dec 1827. - "Spark's Delight", "William and Ann", "Brooks Discovery on the Rich Lands", 200 acres; adjoining land of Leonard PAINTER and Frederick BLACK. Previously to Jacob CORRELL from John MEFFORD & w/ Catharine in 1793. Exception - 77 acres sold to Henry SPAULDING by Jacob CORRELL in 1797. - "Addition to Brook's Discovery on the Rich Lands", 27 acres; from George LUTZE (to him from Christian NEUSWINGER). - "William and Ann", 1/2 acre. - "Spark's Delight", 2 1/2 acres. These to Jacob CORRELL from Jacob NEWMAN in 1794. In 1876, neighbors in Carroll County were: S. SMITH, George HITESHEW and William RHINEDOLLAR; in Frederick County, they were: James OHLER, John SLUSS and Adam BISON(?). Land was first quality red land, under good fencing, 61 acres wooded. Improvements were a large 2-story brick house with back building, a brick barn (84x47'); has a pump at the house and one near the barn. In section in Carroll County is a log barn with a pump in the yard and a log house in good repair. - (B) "Resurvey on Peach Blossom", 123 acres; located on the NW bank of the Monocacy River; adjoined land of George Adam OHLER and road to Baltimore. From Joseph DANNER, trustee of William CURRINS, dec'd, in Feb 1833. - (C) "Brook's Discovery on the Rich Lands", 109 acres; located on road from Emmitsburg to Baltimore; adjoined land of Richard McDERMOTT, Lawrence BOWERS, George Adam OHLER and tract "Peach Blossom". To Christian CORRELL from Joseph DANNER & w/ Martha in Jun 1833. - (D) "William and Ann", "Addition to Brook's Discovery on the Rich Lands", 30 acres; adjoins "Spark's Delight" and "Peach Blossom" and road from Taneytown to Emmitsburg. To Christian CORRELL from Francis SPALDING & w/ Elizabeth F. in April 1834. - (E) "Resurvey on Peach Blossom" and "Addition to Brook's Discovery on the Rich Lands", 125 acres; on southern edge of road from Emmitsburg to Taneytown. From Christian CORRELL & w/ Elizabeth to Francis SPAULDING in Apr 1834; (witnessed by James SMITH and James RODGERS). - (F) Tract, 1/2 acre ; located on west side of Monocacy River, adjoining the Turnpike from Westminster to Emmitsburg, lying on the north side. To Christian CORRELL from David LAMBERT & w/ Leah in Aug 1847. - (G) Tract in Bridgeport (near Emmitsburg). To Christian CORRELL from Isaac HYDER & w/ Catharine in Apr 1865. Previously to HYDER from John CLABAUGH & w/ Annie M. in Jan 1864 (JWLC-1, 116). - (H) "Retirement Corrected", 156 acres, in Carroll County (JBB-12, 67). To Christian CORRELL from John Joseph BAUMGARTNER, trustee in Equity case in Carroll County dated 3 Apr 1848 of Charles RECK & Others vs Henry RECK & Others; on 1 Mar 1851. Conveyance from Christian CORRELL & w/ Mary E. to daughter Frances L. & Abraham E. NULL for $5,000 in Oct 1870; however, monies were never meant to be paid, but was an advance of her share of estate. - (I) "Good Gift", 10 acre mountain lot; located 1 1/2 miles from Emmitsburg. Located on north side of hill, 'Carrick's Nob'. To Christian CORRELL from Samuel DUPHORN & w/ Maria and John DUPHORN in 1838. - (J) "Resurvey on Carolina", Lot #4, a 7 acre mountain lot near Emmitsburg (adjoining I) To Christian CORRELL from Francis J. HOOVER, as exec/of John HOOVER, in 1843. --- On 22 Dec 1875, Stephen SMITH testified the widow, Mary E. CORRELL, was about 48 years of age and her general health was good. Trustees were John Q. CORRELL of Baltimore County and John W. CRABBS and Abrtaham E. NULL of Carroll County. Sale was held 14 Sep 1876 on the premises of the late residence of the deceased in Emmitsburg District, near Bridgeport; high bidders were: - Absalom SMITH at $15,990.75 ($54/acre) for A & B above, 296 acres; adjoined lands of James OHLER, John SLUSS and Adam BOWERS. Also, a 2-story frame house and store house attached and a stable and well, in Bridgeport; and another lot in Bridgeport, with a log framed brick cased house with a blacksmith shop attached and a well. (no acreage provided for latter two) - Peter L. RITTER for I at $200 - Lydia E. CRABBS for J at $143.50 Total sales, $16,334.25. Distribution: court costs, $1,082.58 - Mary E. CORRELL, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $1,906.46 - John CORRELL, 1/3, $6,115.07 - Lydia E. CRABBS, 1/3, $6,115.07 - Frances S. NULL, 1/3, less value of the land advanced to her, $6,115.07 - $5,000 = $1,115.07 Closed 8 Nov 1876. ===
353-377 - KRISE, SHAW, KROUSE, BIGGS - Mar 1875
Susanna E. SHAW of Carroll County - Petition to Sell Real Estate Solomon KRISE d/ 5 Mar 1874 intestate widow - Mary Ann (age 67) d/ Susanna E. wid/o Thomas SHAW - Carroll County d/ Elmira w/o James KROUSE s/ Elbridge F. KRISE LAND - "Resurvey on Frenchman's Purchase" (Home Place), 232 acres, in Emmitsburg District; then in occupancy of Elbridge G. KRISE. Adjoined land of William B. MORRISON, Jacob OHLER, Charles WEIRICK, Joseph HOBBS, Joseph TROXELL and William W. CRAPSTER. Located about 3 miles SE of Emmitsburg and 3 miles from the Rail Road; has 80 acres covered with oak and hickory; has apple and peach orchards and other fruit trees. Improved with a 2 1/2 story brick house (30x50'), brick barn (100x45'), wash house, smoke house, drying house, a dairy, spring of running water, two wells of 'living' water, one at house and the other at the barn. - "Resurvey on Frenchman's Purchase", 99 1/2 acres in Emmitsburg District; Land was on both sides of the road from MAXWELL's Mill to the Old Plank Road; adjoined William STANSBURY's land, Joseph TROXELL's land, and Samuel MAXWELL's land, near a school house, William W. CRAPSTER's land and John KNODE's land, then to a stone dated 100 years ago. - 47 acres; To Solomon KRISE from Joseph TROXELL. --- Elbridge responded that his sister, Susanna E. Shaw was advanced $1,932.35 and it should be charged against her share. Susanna responded that her sister, Elmira is now non compos mentis and uncapable of deciding her affairs. She also stated an agreement was made on 7 Nov 1874 for sale of tract "Home Place" to Elbridge by Susanna, Lydia and their mother, Mary A. Krise; and claimed the parties involved all feel the agreement should be voided and that land included in the sales. By 6 Sep 1875, James CROUSE had obtained a divorce from Elmira and is no longer a party to the petition. Guardian of Elmira CROUSE was Edward YOUNG, esquire. Testimony was heard from: - Elbridge F. KRISE who claimed his sister Elmira's condition was a result of her husband' ill treatment of her. - George W. SHAW who claimed Solomon KRISE had lived on the home place for 40 years. He also stated he felt Elmira was of unsound mind before her marriage. Trustees for the sale were Frederick J. NELSON and Charles W. ROSS. The widow's dower land was laid out which appears to be the upper farm of 99 1/2 acres which had buildings in better condition. Sale was held at the Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg on 8 Jan 1876; high bidder was: - Joshua BIGGS for the home farm at $5,812.50; Neighbors at time of sale were: William GARDNER, John WYRICK and William MORRISON. Notes, signed by Solomon KRISE and Elbridge F. KRISE, were still due to William B. MORRISON (exec/of Harriet MORRISON). Solomon KRISE was also indebted to Elijah CLOSE and John FUSS 1st Distribution of $1,937.50; court costs, $502.97 - Peter SELL, creditor, 53% of claim, $627.66 - William B. MORRISON, creditor, 53% of claim, $257.46 - John FUSS, creditor, 53% of claim, $253.45 - Elijah CLOSE, creditor, 53% of claim, $151.24 - William B. MORRISON, creditor, 53% of claim, $144.72 Closed 25 Apr 1876. ===
John ROUTZAHN & John H. REMSBURG, trustees of Joshua REMSBURG & wife - Petition and Report of Sales Joshua P. REMSBURG & w/ Louisa C. issued a Deed of Trust to John ROUTZAHN and John H. REMSBURG in Nov 1875. LAND - farm, 215 acres; located 1 mile north of Middletown; adjoining lands of Enos DOUB, Perry J. LEVY, Lewis COOKERLY, Daniel KELLER and Mahlon REMSBURG. Improvements were a large brick house, bank barn, wagaon shed, corn cribs, blacksmith shop, spring house, smoke house, orchard and spring near the house; 15 acres were timbered. To Joshua P. REMSBURG from Elizabeth CRONE, Josephus REMSBURG & Others in May 1868 (CM-2, 495). - Description of land not listed. To Joshua P. REMSBURG from John J. IFERT & w/ Cleantha R. in Jan 1874. - mountain lot, 10 acres; on South Mountain, about 5 miles west of Middletown, with chestnut and rock oak timber; adjoined lands of Howard FLOOK and John H. REMSBURG. To Joshua P. REMSBURG from John H. REMSBURG & w/ Mary E. in Sep 1867 (LBA-2, 448-449, Washington County). - undivided 1/2 share of mountain lot, 4 1/4 acres; on Catoctin Mountain, about 5 miles west of Frederick; with chestnut and rock oak; adjoined lands of Philip COBLENTZ. To Joshua P. REMSBURG from Josiah REMSBURG, exec/of Henry LIGHTER in Apr 1870 (CM-6, 462). Sale was held at the Valley Register Building in Middletown on 18 Sec 1875; high bidders were: - John H. BEACHLEY for 10-acre mountain lot at $130.15 After receiving no adequate bid for the farm, private sale was made on 31 Jan 1876 to: - Josephus REMSBURG for the farm at $10,500 - Philip COBLENTZ for an undivided half of a 4-acre mountain lot at $50 Total sales, $10,680.15. Josephus REMSBURG was unable to make payment for the farm; property to be resold. Private sale was made to: - Hanson F. RUDY at $10,000 Distribution of $12,997.94; court costs, $246.60 After multiple creditors were paid, the trustees agreed to accept the remaining balance (instead of their usual commission), $170.79. Closed 13 Oct 1876. ===
388-394 - MILLER, STORM, FOUT - Feb 1876
Jacob M. MILLER, assignee of John W. MILLER - Report of Sales Jacob M. MILLER was assignee of John W. MILLER, surviving mortgagee of John W. MILLER and Peter L. STORM, the latter two being sureties for Lewis H. MILLER on a note to the Central National Bank. LAND - Lot on south side of East South Street in Frederick Town. Improved with a 1-story rough cast house with back building, a weatherboarded stable and slaughter house. Lot adjoins lots of William REICH on one side and funs back to lot of Institution for Deaf Mutes. To Lewis H. MILLER (w/ Lydia A. R.) from George H. FOUT & w/ Lucretia in Oct 1866. Peter L. STORM died Oct 1873. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick City on 27 Nov 1875 and on 29 Dec 1875, both times not receiving a sufficient bid. Finally on 5 Feb 1876, the third sale was held; high bidder was: - John W. MILLER at $610 Distribution: court costs, $142.10 - Jacob M. MILLER, assignee of John W. MILLER, the surviving mortgagee, $467.90. Closed 9 July 1876. ===
394-400 - SNADER, DEATRICK, ENSOR - Jul 1872
Evan F. SNADER & Louis DEATRICK, mortgagees of Jesse W. SNADER - Report of Sales In June 1872, Jesse W. SNADER & w/ Sarah M. issued Deed of Trust for benefit of their creditors to Evan F. SNADER & Louis F. DEITRICK of Baltimore City. LAND - "Margaret's Fancy", "Caspar's Loss" and "Resurvey on the Deeps", located in Carroll and Frederick Counties; known as SNADER Mill. Previously to Joseph A. STOUFFER from Joseph STOUFFER and Hiram PLAIN in Apr 1859 (GEW-25, 326, Carroll Co). Sale was held on the premises on 14 Jun 1873; high bidder was: - Elijah C. ENSOR at $5,500 Distribution of $6,797.17; court costs, $617.86 (included personal property and collections) - Samuel McKINSTRY, mortgage claim, $1,933.20 - James PEARRE, mortgage claim, $2,416 - Louis F. DIETRICK, partial judgment claim, $1,830.11 Closed 12 Sep 1876. ===
401-405 - NICODEMUS, PAYNE - Dec 1871
Joseph PAYNE, mortgagee of Jacob NICODEMUS - Report of Sales In Jan 1871, Jacob NICODEMUS issued Deed of Trust for benefit of his creditors to Joseph PAYNE. LAND - House and 3 acres in Mechanicstown District, adjoined lands of Joseph LIVERS and John W. MURDOCK. To Jacob NICODEMUS From Margaret RECKER. Property also consisted of a threshing machine. Sale was held at GILBERT's Hotel in Mechanicstown on 13 Nov 1871; high bidder was: - Kate E. NICODEMUS at $110 Closed 5 Sep 1874. ===
David M. WHIP, admin/of Daniel GAVER, dec'd, and Lloyd H. HYATT and Martin T. SHAFER vs Martin AUSHERMAN & Others In Aug 1869, Martin AUSHERMAN, David AUSHERMAN, Samuel AUSHERMAN and John E. GARROTT issued notes for $1,000 to Daniel GAVER. Daniel GAVER d/ intestate and David M. WHIP became administrator of his estate. Whip obtained judgment against the Aushermans and Garrott for unpaid note. LAND - House & Lot (60-70' x 200') on Main St in Burkittsville; adjoins the Union Church; on north side of road from Jefferson to Crampton's Gap. Improved with a 2-story weatherboarded house of 8 rooms with a 20x30' store room. To Martin AUSHERMAN from John Q. LARMAN & wife in 1865 (JWLC-3, 285). Trustee for the sale was C.V.S. LEVY. Sale was held on the premises on 11 Dec 1875; high bidder was: - Martin T. SHAFER for House & Lot in Burkittsville at $1,025 - Andrew J. WILCOXEN for narrow strip (9' wide x 203') of land adjoining Union Church at $25 Distribution of $1,050; court costs, $269.14 - D.M. WHIP, admin, $82.89, $136.02 - Lloyd H. HYATT, claim, $150.28 - Martin T. SHAFER, claims, $153.29, $86.26, $172.12 Closed 15 Jul 1876. ===
Jacob SPECHT & Others David SPECHT d/ 8 Sep 1874 in Adamstown, intestate widow - Ann E. (age 54) bro/ Jacob SPECHT & w/ Sophia sis/ Catharine WAGNER, dec'd .....David C. WAGNER & w/ Elizabeth C. - Ohio .....Henry C. WAGNER & w/ Ella - Ohio .....Eliza (WAGNER) w/o John SHADE - Ohio .....Susan (WAGNER) w/o Isaac R. GEBHART - Ohio .....Mary (WAGNER) w/o Jacob BECHTOL - Ohio .....Hiram WAGNER (non compos mentis) - Ohio .....Elizabeth (WAGNER) VANDINE - Ohio sis/ Barbara (SPECHT) GRIMES, dec'd .....Catharine (GRIMES) w/o Henry IZOR - Ohio sis/ Susan (SPECHT) GERE, dec'd .....Rebecca (GERE) POYNER, widow - Ohio LAND - Lot #10 in Carrollton Manor, 251 acres; with use of the waters of the Tuscarora Creek, used by the mill property of the Bayards. To David SPECHT from Richard H. BAYARD & w/ Mary Sophia of Wilmington, Delaware in Jul 1837 (HS-5, 213). In Feb 1875, it was noted that Joseph F. KEMP was then guardian of Hiram WAGNER (age 34); Hiram being found of unsound mind in German Twp, Montgomery Co, Ohio. Frederick county court appointed Harry KEEFER as his guardian. Testimony was heard from: - William H. MICHAEL of Adamstown - Michael SPECHT of Adamstown - George W. PADGETT of near Adamstown The widow's dower land was laid off in two sections, 53 acres located on road from G. W. COPELAND's Mill to New Design Road; and 20 acres located on road from Adamstown to Licksville. Trustee was William MICHAEL. Sale was held on 10 Mar 1876 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - Thomas N. HARWOOD for 178 acres at $61/acre ($10,858), 1 mile south of Adamstown, near the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road depot and station. Land was limestone quality with 18 acres wooded; improved with a 2-story frame house, new bank barn, good fencing, apple orchard and other fruit trees. Jacob SPECHT, father-in-law of William MICHAEL, the trustee, objected to the sale as being insufficient and claimed the trustee should have sold it in two separate tracts and should have called off the sale if no bid of $70/acre was obtained. The court found no sufficient fault in the trustee's sale and overruled the objection. 1st Distribution of $4,219.33 (included $600 in rents); - court costs, $696.29 - Jacob SPECHT, 1/4, $880.76 - Catharine IZOR, 1/4, $880.76 - Rebecca POYNER, 1/4, $880.76 - Catharine WAGNER, 1/4, $880.76 (each of her children's share, $125.82) Closed 30 Jun 1876. ===
451- -
Charles E. CASSELL vs Melvin A. FLAUTT - Report of Sales Melvin A. FLAUTT issued Deed of Trust, for benefit of his creditors, to Chalres E. CASSELL in April 1874. To Be Continued ================== The End of TG-3 ==================

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