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Frederick County, Maryland

Equity TG-2

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber TG-2; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity TG-2
Fredericktown Savings Institution vs Anthony KIMMEL Anthony KIMMEL made a promissary note to the bank secretary, Lewis RAMSBURG, on 22 Mar 1860. Anthony KIMMEL d/ 24 Apr 1871, intestate w/ Sidney Ann (JAMES) s/ Anthony Z. KIMMEL & w/ Mary MORGAN Land - "Sidney Ann Kimmels part of Linganore", 442 acres; adjoined lands of A. Z. KIMMEL and Henry CLARY. Improvements were a 2-story stone house with back building of eight rooms and kitchen, a 3-story Switzer barn, corn cribs, ice house, smoke house, spring house, hog house and servants' quarters; also had fruit trees; divided into six fields and two meadows with running water in each field and under good fencing, 40 acres in timber of Hickory, Black and White Oak, Walnut and a large quantity of Locust trees. Soil is blue slate and limestone with several quarries and large deposits of copper and iron ore. To Anthony KIMMEL from George H. HAYS in 1838. Previously devised to Sidney Ann KIMMEL, w/o Anthony KIMMEL, by her father, Daniel JAMES, by his Will dated 6 May 1833; was then sold by the Kimmels to George H. HAYS. One farm was where Sidney then resided, on the north side of Old Annapolis Road and another farm was where Richard HOWARD then lived, and adjoined land where Daniel JAMES then lived. (Property later divided into Farm A and Farm B when sold.) - Farm B adjoined lands of A. Z. KIMMEL and Thornton POOLE and is on road to Liberty. Improvements were a 2-story frame house of five rooms and kitchen with a stone Switzer barn, corn crib, spring house and is divided into six fields with running water in each field and under good fencing with an apple orchard and other fruit trees; has 10 wooded acres, also with soil of blue slate and limestone and a large deposit of iron ore. Farms are 5 miles to depots on the B & O Rail Road. - "Friendship", 2 acres; from Adam NUSBAUM & W/ Rachel in 1853; previously from John MYERS. - "Hager", 4+ acres or 31 perches; to Grafton JOHNSON, a free negro, from Anthony KIMMEL in 1863 for Lease for 99 years, starting 1 Jan 1863 to 31 Dec 1962, at $5 annually; said lease was renewable. Land sold by Anthony KIMMEL: - 73 acres in New Market District; on the west side of the new cut road from Old Annapolis Road at the 'Tan-back stack bend' to the Mount Airy Depot of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road which is part of the tract purchased by Anthony KIMMEL at public sale from John H. McElfresh, trustee; (reserved 1 acre and the spring, then occupied by old Harry BUTTES, slave to the late Daniel JAMES, but reverted back to the estate upon the death of Buttes). Sold to John W. GILBERT by the KIMMELs in 1844. - 30 acres in New Market District; adjoining the Prospect Meeting House; on east line of Old Annapolis Road to Mount Airy Depot. Sold to Lewis CRAWFORD of Baltimore City in 1858. Previously from J. McELFRESH, trustee. - "Sidney Ann Kimmel Part of Linganore", 37 sq perches, (surveyed for Col. Anthony Kimmel in 1853). Sold by General Anthony KIMMEL to Henry CLARY in 1866. - "Pretty Sally", 1 1/2 acres, in New Market District. Sold by General Anthony KIMMEL to Rev. James PEARRE, Weeden CLARY, David DUDDERAR, Warner DEMPSEY, Frederick S. CLARY, Reuben S. CLARY, A. CLARY of J., John BARTHOLOW and Anthony Zaan KIMMEL, trustees of the 'Sidney Ann Chapel', in trust for the Methodist Episcopal Church South (and Cemetery), in 1869. Trustee was Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 22 Jul 1871, high bidders were: - Francis B. CARLIN, Esquire, at $50 for House and Blacksmith Shop on Old Annapolis Road at the western extremity of the Home farm, then in possession of George ZERTZBAUGH. - Grafton JOHNSON at $33.50 for "Hager", House and Lot in New London, then in possession of Grafton JOHNSON. No bids for the other properties. Sale was again held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 28 Nov 1874, high bidders were: - George William SMITH for home farm of 220 acres (Farm A) at $38/acre - George William SMITH for the 220 acre (Farm B) at $25.25/acre Exceptions included the removal of a log tobacco house claimed by Henry CLARY. - Zachariah R. LOUCKS of York Co, PA for 50 acres in Woodville District, at $6.75/acre; adjoining lands of Samuel GROVE and Aaron CLARY. There were no improvements. Total for these sales, $14,116.50. 1st Distribution of $4,936; court costs, $697.30 - Frederick Town Savings, mortgage, $3,640 - Frederick Town Savings, mortgage, partial, $598.70 Closed 27 Mar 1875.
31-45 - COLBERTSON, TANEY, SMITH - Sep 1868
John A. SMITH & w/ Cornelia V. vs Edward S. TANEY and Joseph COLBERTSON & w/ Sarah Joseph COLBERTSON & w/ Sarah, being indebted to Edward S. TANEY for $5,000, mortgaged their real estate to him in 1858. On 1 Jul 1859, Edward S. TANEY, being indebted to Cordelia V. SMITH, then Cordelia V. TANEY, for $5,000, assigned the Colbertson's mortgage to her. Land - "Rockdale Factory", 160 acres, included a woolen factory with valuable machinery on the waters of Middle Creek and 1 mile from Emmitsburg; 70 acres clear, the balance in timber. Previously from William HUNTER to William GREASON in 1805. John A. SMITH died on 9 Apr 1869. Testimony was heard from Dr. Charles SMITH, Edward S. TANEY Trustee was James McSHERRY. Sale was held at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg on 26 Mar 1870; but with no adequate bid, sale was held again on 14 May 1870; high bidder was: - Cornelia V. SMITH at $4,250; signed by Lewis ELDER for her. Closed 11 Jun 1870.
Joseph GRIM, guardian of Matilda GEISEY - Sale of Real Estate William H. GEISEY d/ intestate widow - Susan (age about 26) d/ Matilda GEISEY, a minor (age 5-6 years) Land - "Joseph's Friendship", 2 acres with House in Woodsboro District; from John B. STIMMEL, Elizabeth STIMMEL to William Henry GEISEY. (Previously from William LANDERS and Joshua BIGGS, trustees to Elizabeth STIMMEL in 1861; references 1816 Deed from Henry DARKIS to Fanny DUDEROW.) Court appointed Edward YOUNG, Esquire, as guardian for this case. Testimony was heard from Samuel EYLER, Joseph GRIM and Susan GEISEY. Trustee was Joseph GRIM. Sale was held at James SMITH's Hotel in Woodsboro on 18 Jul 1874, but didn't receive a sufficient bid. Later private sale was made to: - Samuel W. BARRICK at $320 Distribution: court costs, $120.73 - Susan GEISEY, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $45.71 - Joseph GRIM, guardian of Matilda GEISEY, $153.55 Closed 1 Dec 1874.
Ezra M. BRENGLE, creditor vs Lewis B. EADER Estate Lewis B. EADER d/ 2 Jan 1873, intestate widow - Catharine (age 71) s/ Peter M. EADER & w/ Sidney A. MURPHY (or BRUCHEY?) s/ Johnathan EADER & w/ Catharine P. BRIDWELL - Tennessee s/ William H. EADER & w/ Eliza KELLEY - Tennessee s/ Daniel R. EADER & w/ R. Anne - Tennessee s/ David N. EADER & w/ _____ - Virginia d/ Eliza C. wid/o William H. LEWIS d/ Anne M. w/o Joseph H. TALBOT - Howard County d/ Rachel L. EADER s/ Charles E. EADER, d/ 1863, intestate .....Ezra C. EADER, a minor .....Charles E. EADER, a minor .....Addie M. EADER, a minor Administrator was Peter M. EADER. Land - Lot in Frederick Towne from Charles MANTZ (surviving partner of firm t/a GOMBER & Mantz, partner Charles A. GOMER) & w/ Mary A. in 1856. (Previously sold by Willilam M. BEALL, trustee of Equity #1656, to Lewis B. EADER; then in Apr 1848, sold by M. E. BARTGIS, trustee of Chancery #2182 on Equity docket to Gomber & Mantz.) - Lot on east side of East St in Frederick city, adjoining lots of Ann C. EADER and Catharine EADER. (a portion of Lewis' lot only) From Lewis B. EADER & w/ Catharine to Ann C. EADER in 1865. Lewis' remaining portion included a brick blacksmith shop. - "Tasker's Chance", lot in Frederick; To Lewis B. EADER from Henry STEINER & w/ Susan in 1860. Guardian was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Peter M. EADER who was also appointed as trustee. Sale was held on the premises on 3 Dec 1874, high bidders were: - Catharine EADER at $20 for triangular lot of ground A second sale was held at the city Hotel in Frederick on 26 Dec 1874, high bidder was: - J. Christian BABEL at $415 for triangular lot of ground on east side of East St in Frederick Distribution of $436.41; court costs, $166.65 - balance paid 60% of claims to various creditors. Closed 27 Feb 1875 Note - Frederick County Marriage Licenses - Lewis B. EADER to Catherine BRENGLE on 4 May 1824 - Peter M. EADER, 25, blacksmith to Sidney A. BRUCHEY, 21 on 26 May 1870 - Eliza C. EADER and William H. LEWIS on 1 May 1862 - Anna M. EADER to Joseph H. TALBOTT on 21 Sep 1864
Bennet J. TYSON - Petition to Sell Real Estate James HUGHES d/ 2 Mar 1839 (issued deed to his daughter per his wife's Will) w/ Lucy (Will dated 28 Apr 1835) d/ Mary (HUGHES) ELDER Land - Brick House & Lot #26 & part of Lot #27 in Emmittsburg From James HUGHES (who had life estate in said property) in 1838. === Mary D. ELDER (d/ 2 Mar 1839 in Emmittsburg) w/o Joachim ELDER d/ Anne E. (ELDER) (d/ 1852) w/o Edward A. RIDER - Iowa .....George E. RIDER - Iowa .....Thomas J. RIDER - Iowa s/ James A. ELDER & w/ Mary Frances TYSON d/ Margaret A. (ELDER) (d/ 22 Feb 1862) w/o Bennett J. TYSON .....Maria TYSON, a minor .....Joseph TYSON, a minor .....Julia TYSON, a minor d/ Julia P. (ELDER) w/o Dr. James BUSSEY s/ Joseph E. ELDER & w/ Harriet SHILLING - Pennsylvania All of the heirs, except the Tysons conveyed their shares to Isaac S. ANNAN and James C. ANNAN (brothers) for $3,000, including $600 which was the portion accrued to the children of Margaret TYSON. Bennet J. TYSON, father and natural guardian of Maria, Joseph and Julia TYSON, agreed to the sale, pending approval of the court. Guardian appointed was John S. REPP, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Bennett J. TYSON and James A. ELDER. The court appointed Bennett J. TYSON to act as trustee to convey deed for his children's portion of estate. Closed 18 Jan 1875.
87-92 - FOGLE, REPP - May 1874
J. Hamiilton REPP - Report of Sales Adam FOGLE & w/ Sarah A. made a Deed of Mortgage to J. Hamilton REPP in 1872. Land - "Whiskey Springs", 65 acres, in 17th Election District, on road from Woodsboro to Johnsville, 2 1/2 miles from Woodsboro and 1/2 mile NW from Liberty Copper Mines. Soil was yellow slate with post and rail fencing; had a rough cast house with a barn, also a frame house and store with a well in the yard, a peach orchard of 250 young trees and an apple orchard, nine acres in timber. Conveyed to Adam FOGLE by John Henry FOGLE and George FOGLE, as execs/of William FOGLE of Henry in 1872 for $2,400. Sale was held 9 May 1874 on the premises; high bidder was: - J. Hamilton REPP at $45/acre or $2,929.78 John C. MOTTER was appointed trustee to convey the property. Distribution of $2,929.78; court costs, $443.60 - Hamilton J. REPP, partial payment of mortgage, $2,553.42 Closed 20 Jul 1874.
92-96 - HOFFMAN, KAILOR - Jun 1874
Thomas H. KAILOR - Report of Sales Charles HOFFMAN & w/ Mary executed a mortgage to Thomas H. KAILOR Sale was held 13 Jun 1874 on the premises; high bidder was: - Thomas H. KAILOR at $400; he postposed the sale and tried to obtain a higher bid, but being unable to do so, offered to pay $600. Distribution: court costs, $73.10 - Thomas H. KAILOR, mortgagee, partial payment, $526.91 Closed 18 Aug 1874.
William H. WAGNER, mortgagee - Report of Sales John LIPPY & w/ Susan issued a mortgage to William H. WAGNER in 1869. Land - "Arnold's Integrity", 13 acres (from a resurvey for Arnold HARDY in 1795); in Johnsville District; located 1/2 mile east of Ladiesburg and 4 miles north of Woodsborough, adjoining lands of William HOUGH and William CARMACK, then in occupancy of M. EYLER. Improvements were a 2-story log house, sufficient stabling and a good well near the buildings. From John DIFFENDAL, exec/of Peter DIFFENDAL to David F. DORCUS in 1865 (JWLC-3, 290); and from David F. DORCUS & w/ Martha A. to John LIPPY in 1869. Due to default, sale of the property was held 20 Aug 1874 on the premises; high bidder was: - William H. WAGNER at $500 Distribution: court costs, $89.50 - Willliam H. WAGNER, part of mortgage, $410.50 Closed 16 Nov 1874.
Charles W. MILLER - Sale of Real Estate Daniel P. ZIMMERMAN & w/ Catharine L. issued a mortgage to Jacob ANDERS (w/ Sarah) in 1866. Land - "Resurvey on Albaugh's Choice", "Addition to Albaugh's Choice", "Huckelbury Hills" and "Mother's Care", 145 acres. Previously part was "Charity's Choice" and "Addition to Albaugh's Choice" to Michael SMITH by Joseph G. HAYS, trustee of David SMITH in 1829. (Was farm of J. Hamilton DUDREAR, dec'd) - Located in Mount Pleasant District, 1 mile from Liberty Turnpike and less than 2 miles from Woodsboro Turnpike, adjoins lands of Jacob SNYDER and John CRUM; then in occupancy of Daniel FOGLE. Land is blue slate and lately limed with rail and post fencing. Improvements of 2-story log house, tenant house, frame barn with sufficient stabling, carriage house, corn house and hog pen; water in every field, with five young apple orchards. The Zimmermans conveyed said property in 1871 to David H. DUDROW (DUDROW indebted to Nancy BARRICK). David H. DUDROW & w/ Mary Frances mortgaged said property to Nancy BARRICK. David H. DUDROW d/ 27 Jul 1873, intestate widow - Mary Frances s/ Charles E. DUDROW, a minor s/ Hamilton M. DUDROW, a minor s/ Washington J. DUDROW, a minor d/ Ella V. DUDROW, a minor s/ Clarence C. DUDROW, a minor s/ Albert DUDROW, a minor On 22 Jun 1874, Jacob ANDERS assigned one of the notes to Charles W. MILLER. Guardian was Harry C. KEEFER, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Mrs. Mary F. DUDREAR and Charles W. MILLER. Trustee was Charles W. MILLER. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 4 Feb 1875; high bidder was: - Jacob ANDERS at $3,628.21 Distribution: court costs, $416.49 - Jacob ANDERS, mortgage claim, $2,118.51 - Charles W. MILLER, note claim, $557.50 - Mrs. Nancy BARRICK, partial mortgage claim, $535.72 Closed 11 Apr 1875.
119-123 - DELPHY, ROOT, WILHIDE, RUDSILL - Sep 1874
John ROOT - Sale of Real Estate Joseph DELPHY conveyed Deed of Trust to John ROOT in 1873 for creditors. Land - 75 acres in Mechanicstown District. Two deeds: from Joseph HARR in 1873 Sale of personal property, $186; - to Henry WILHIDE for farm, $275. Distribution of $463.64; court costs, $229.97 - ROOT & BLACK, mortgage claim, $94.04 - ROOT & GROFF, mortgage claim, $43.19 - G. G. SANDERS & Co, part judgement, $44.10 - Thomas RUDSILL, part judgement, $54.34 Closed 31 Dec 1874.
Thomas P. KARN vs William H. KARN & Others - Sale of Real Estate Philip KARN d/ Jun 1869, intestate s/ Thomas P. KARN d/ Matilda (KARN) w/o David H. HILLEARY d/ Mary (KARN), dec'd w/o George W. HOWE - Pennsylvania .....Ann (HOWE) w/o William MAUSBY(?) - Pennsylvania s/ William H. KARN & w/ Clarissa - Iowa s/ Lawson KARN, dec'd ...w/ Sarah (age then about 40) .....Reuben KARN, a minor - Baltimore City .....Olivia KARN, a minor - Virginia .....Mary/Minnie KARN, a minor .....Elizabeth KARN, a minor d/ Eliza (KARN), dec'd w/o Conrad CRONE, dec'd .....Carlton CRONE, single - Utah or elsewhere .....Amanda J. (CRONE) w/o Theodore H. BRASHEARS .....Josephus P. CRONE, a minor Ezra KARN was undertaker. Land - House & Lot on east end of Main St in Burkittsville, (an undivided 2/3 interest); adjoined lots of Dr. T. E. HARDY and Misses EASTERDAY. Improved with a 2-story frame house with a frame kitchen near the house. From Daniel G. BISER & w/ Albenia E. in 1867. Guardian was A. FEARHAKE Jr. Testimony was heard from Thomas P. KARN, who had cared for his invalid father the past nine years of his life and paid his expenses. Also testifying was Joshua AHALT and Dr. Thomas E. HARDY. Trustee was C. V. S. LEVY; sale was held 8 Aug 1874 on the premises; high bidder was: - Thomas P. KARN at $600 Distribution: court costs, $165.29 - Thomas P. KARN, for partial claims, $434.71 Notes - Frederick Co, MD - Marriage Licenses - Thomas P. KARN to Susan R. HITESHEW - Nov 10, 1846 - Matilda KARN to David E. HILLEARY - Oct 11, 1848 - Mary A. KARN to George W. HOWE - Mar 9, 1846 - William H. KARN to Clarissa OHR - Dec 26, 1837 - Lawson KARN to Sarah Elizabeth HILLEARY - Apr 12, 1853 - Eliza Ann KARN to Conrad CRONE - 15 Dec 1840 Closed 27 Mar 1875.
George W. B. SHRINER vs William STITELY & w/ Harriet Ann William STITELY & w/ Harriet Ann issued mortgage for $1,200 to George W. B. SHRINER. Land - "Resurvey on Cooper's Alley", 132 acres; the home farm of the late John FOGLE of Henry; 2 miles NE of Woodsborough. Improvements were a house and other buildings, watered by a spring, 1 1/2 miles from the Frederick & Pennsylvania Line Rail Road with a large deposit of iron ore. - From John RITCHIE and Nicholas FOGLE, trustees Of Equity Case of John W. BARRICK & others vs Nicholas FOGLE & others, in 1870. Conveyed 21 acres to Barbara FOGLE (w/o Isaac); she and Isaac FOGLE conveyed said part to Levi BUTT in 1870; he and w/ Amelia BUTT conveyed same part to Isaac FOGLE in 1870 (same day). Testimony was heard from George W. B. SHRINER. Trustee was Charles W. ROSS; sale was held 29 Mar 1873 at the SMITH Hotel in Woodsborough, high bidder was: - Nicholas FOGLE for the remaining 111 acres at $5,383.47 Distribution: court costs, $311.25 - George W. B. SHRINER, mortgage, $1,437 - remainder in hands of trustee, $3,635.25 subject to future order of the court. Closed 31 May 1873.
Alexius J. HARBAUGH, acting exec/of John HARBAUGH of C. - Sale of Real Estate John HARBAUGH of C., dec'd; real estate sold per his Will. Land - "Ludwig's Content", 208 acres; in Hauvers District in Harbaugh Valley, 1 mile east of Sabillasville. Adjoined lands of Jacob HARBAUGH, Henry HARBAUGH of C., Elias HARBAUGH of E./F. and John McCLAIN. Improvements were a 2 1/2 story brick house with 8 rooms and a kitchen, meat house, spring house and spring of water near the house, well in yard, corn house, wagon shed, carriage house, a large fram barn, hog pen and young orchard. Conveyed to John HARBAUGH of C. from John A. RODDY & w/ Catharine M. (for $4,800) in 1851 (ES-2, 14). (Previously from Ludwig HARBAUGH to Peter ZOLLINGER in 1808.) Exception was 4 acres that were sold. Sale was held 31 Jan 1872; high bidder was: - Israel WILLIARD at $7,405.20 To be paid 1/3 down the the balance in two payments over the next two years. Only the deposit was made. Israel WILLIAR / WILLIARD d/ 2 Dec 1873, intestate widow - Lavinia/Lurena and 9 children s/ Samuel WILLIAR & w/ Sabilla - Illinois s/ Josiah WILLIAR & w/ Sarah A. - Idaho s/ George W. WILLIARD & w/ Malinda E. - Illinois s/ John F. WILLIAR - Illinois s/ David F. WILLIAR & w/ Catharine s/ Cornelius A. WILLIAR & w/ Harriet d/ Anna Margaret WILLIAR d/ Mary Amanda WILLIAR w/o Samuel MOOREHEAD s/ James Calvin WILLIAR, a minor Lurena WILLIAR, the widow was administrator with sureties as D. T. WILLIAR. E. F. HARBAUGH and Perry EYLER. Guardian was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Lewis CRAWFORD who stated Israel WILLIAR had lived on the farm for 15 years, but had gone insane the last four years of his life. Also testifying was Sanford HARBAUGH Trustee was Lewis CRAWFORD; sale was held in front of the store of Lewis CRAWFORD in Sabillasville on 19 Dec 1874; high bidder was: - David CRAWFORD at $25/acre for the 204 acres, total $5,100. Distribution of $3,300; court costs, $389.60 - Alexius J. HARBAUGH, for vendor's lien, $2,908.40 - balance subject to future order of the court, $2 Closed 27 Feb 1875.
Tilghman T. HERSPERGER, trustee of Samuel AUSHERMAN & w/ Malinda - Trustee's Report Samuel AUSHERMAN & w/ Malinda issued a Deed of Trust for creditors to Tilghman T. HERSPERGER in 1874. Land - 192 acres; 2 1/2 miles west of Middletown; adjoined lands of Daniel SMITH, Ezra BEACHLEY and John KEPLER. Improvements of a large stone house with a spring is near the door, a large barn, new wagon shed, large corn house and has an apple and peach orchard. From Vincent SANNER & w/ Susan in 1868 (CM-1, 582). - 95 acres; adjoining lands of Henry C. McBRIDE, Daniel CASTLE of O. and Franklin YOUNG. Improvements were a log house and barn and was well watered. From Ezra DERR & w/ Lydia in 1869 (CM-4, 137). - mountain lot of 10 acres, mostly chestnut; adjoined lands of Joseph HUFFER and Lewis AHALT. From Jacob SIGLER, exec/of Daniel LEAZER in 1869 (CM-4, 382). Personal property consisted of livestock, blacksmith tools, cider mill, dorsey reaper and grain. Sale was held on 16 Sep 1874 on the premises; high bidders were: - Eli ROUTZAHN for 192 acres at $9,625 - John L. SIGLER for 10-acre mountain lot at $7.70/acre No significant bid was received for the other property; however, private sale was made 2 Nov 1874 to: - John M. SIGLER at $1,950 Distribution of $6,312.20; includes ...1st pymt of home farm, $3,900 ...Full pymt on Derr Farm, $2,065.40 ...Full pymt on mountain lot, $77.90 ...Payments on personal property, $768.90 - court costs, $672.41 - Tilghman T. HERSPERGER, partial mortgage on home farm, $3,027.26 - Ezra DERR, partial mortgage on Derr Farm, $1,853.18 - Eli ROUTZAHN, partial mortgage on home farm and personal property, $543.88 - Thomas J. LAMAR, partial mortgage on home farm and personal property, endorsed by William SLIFER, $146.12 - David M. WHIP, adm/of Daniel GAVER, partial judgment against Martin AUSHERMAN, Samuel AUSHERMAN, David AUSHERMAN and John E. GARROTT, lien on mountain lot, $25.05 - Lloyd H. HYATT, partial judgment against Martin AUSHERMAN, Samuel AUSHERMAN, David AUSHERMAN and John E. GARROTT, lien on mountain lot, $27.14 Closed 2 Feb 1875.
Ezra HOUCK, mortgagee of Thomas E. GETZENDANNER - Report of Sales Thomas E. GETZENDANNER & w/ Mary P. issued Deed of Mortgage to Ezra HOUCK in Jul 1872. (Mortgage was signed by the GETZENDANNERS in Baltimore City.) Land - Lot on north side of W Third St in Frederick City; adjoined land of Henry LORENTZ on the west and occupied on the east by Mrs. PETTIT. Improvements were a 2-story brick building with back building. From Ann E. GETZENDANNER in 1869 (CM-3, 21). Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 31 Oct 1874; high bidder was: - Henry LORENTZ at $2,250 Distribution: court costs, $114.90 - Ezra HOUCK, partial pymt of mortgage claim, $2,135.10 Closed 26 Dec 1874.
196-205 - ROTH, NACE, TALBOTT - Dec 1874
John H. NACE, mortgagee of Philip ROTH - Report of Sales Philip ROTH & w/ Anna of Lower Saucon Twp, Northampton Co, PA issued a mortgage to John H. NACE of Bethlehem, Northampton Co, PA for $13,000 in 1873. Land - parts of "Resurvey on Hobson's Choice", "Bunker Hill", "Sandstone Ridge", "Carrolton" and "Hill in the Middle", 215 acres, exclusive of the Rail Road, 1 1/2 miles from Point of Rocks; the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal and the Metropolitan Rail Road pass through it. Located in Buckeystown District, adjoining Carrollton Manor and adjoining lands of Carrolton Manor, Mrs. SHORT/SMOOT, N. T. TALBOTT and Henry MICHAEL. Farm is divided into 4 fields; improvements of a 1 1/2 story log house and barn; 50 acres are timbered, balance in red soil and a quarry of red sand stone of superior quality. The quarry is a short distance from the tracks of the Metropolitan Railroad & the canal. From Nathaniel T. TALBOTT to Daniel S. ROTH in 1872. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 3 Dec 1874; high bidder was: - Empire Trust Bank of Allentown, PA at $4,300 Distribution: court costs, $326.92 - John H. NACE, mortgagee, partial mortgage, $3,973.08 Closed 30 Jan 1875.
Charles E. KNAUFF & Others - Sale of Real Estate Jacob BRAGONIER d/ 5 Nov 1870 in Frederick City, intestate widow - Ann (age 73) s/ George H. BRAGONIER & w/ Mary Eliza (CARLTON) - Mexico, Missouri s/ William M. BRAGONIER & w/ Lydia Ann (HULL) - Pennsylvania s/ Charles A. BRAGONIER - Out of State since 1865 d/ Anna Mary (age 37) w/o Charles E. KNAUFF s/ Jacob B. BRAGONIER Jr (lunatic, confined to Montevue Hospital) s/ Alfred C. BRAGONIER & w/ Elizabeth (McGEE) Land - House & Lot in Frederick City on the north side of West Fourth St. Improvements of a 2-story brick house with back building (6 rooms and a kitchen), a dry cellar under the front of the building. Yard is paved with a hydrant and has fruit trees, pears, peaches, plums, apricots and a grapevine. Tenant at that time was Mr. BECKLEY. From Daniel GETZENDANNER Jr. & David C. WINEBRENNER in 1867, mortgagees of George W. LEASE & w/ Mahala A., in 1867 (JWLC-11, 154). Guardian for Jacob Jr was Harry C. KEEFER, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Charles E. KNAUFF, admin/of Jacob BRAGONIER's estate (age 49, in Frederick City & son-in-law) who provided ages, maiden names and locations. Also testifying was Anna Mary KNAUFF (daughter). Trustee was Charles E. KNAUFF; sale was held 5 Feb 1875 at the Groff House in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Jacob T. SMITH at $990 Distribution: court costs, $192.60 - Ann BRAGONIER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $79.74 - Charles E. KNAUFF, adm, (partial payment of debts he paid for estate of $800), $717.66 Closed 23 Apr 1875.
John S. KAUFMAN & w/ Susan - Sale of Real Estate John LANDIS d/ Oct 1873 in York Co, PA, intestate widow - Louisa ("Lucy") (age under 40) - York Co, PA s/ Samuel LANDIS (age 31) & w/ Catharine (STEM or STEIN) - York Co, PA s/ Leander L. LANDIS (age 26) - York Co, PA d/ Susan (age 23) w/o John S. KAUFMAN d/ Martha J. LANDIS (age 16), a minor - York Co, PA s/ John J. LANDIS (age 3), a minor - York Co, PA Land - "McPherson's Range" (originally "Spring Plains"), 161 acres; in Woodsborough District and one mile from Woodsborough on Frederick to York Road; adjoined lands of Adam DIEHL and Michael SHANK. From Samuel BUSSARD & w/ Lydia in 1868. (Previously to the Bussards from Samuel GEISELMAN & wife in 1857; ES-10, 205). - "Spring Plains", 46+ acres; adjoined other tract; From Ezra CRAMER to Adam DIEHL in 1851; from Adam DIEHL and wife to Samuel BUSSARD in 1857 (ES-9, 401-402) in 1857; from Bussard to John LANDIS in 1868. - "Five Mill Seats", 10+ acres of mountain lot in Mechanicstown District; located 1 mile north of Western Maryland Rail Road. From Jesse ROSER & w/ Mariah in 1869. Guardian for Martha was John BEALER and Eli KINDIG was guardian for John J. John S. KAUFMAN testified the widow was under age 40 (as of Feb 1874) and her health was good. Testifying was John S. KAUFMAN and Samuel BUSSARD. Trustee was John S. KAUFMAN. After a failed sale and before another one was held, a good offer was received on 16 Jan 1875 for a private sale to: - John KLINE for all of the real estate at $14,596.20 The Rail Road passed through the property, nearest station was New Midway, 1/2 mile away. Neighbors then were Samuel BUSSARD, Nicholas FOGLE, Samuel RUBY and Jesse ROSSER. Land was limestone and had a lime kiln and quarry. Improvements were a 2-story frame house, bank barn with shedding, stabling and spring house, carriage house, hog pen and corn crib and has apple orchard; then occupied by John S. KAUFFMAN. Distribution of $4,865.40; court costs, $601.71 - Louisa LANDIS, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $1,999.21 - Leander LANDIS, 1/5, $452.89 - John J. LANDIS, 1/5, $452.89 - Susan KAUFMAN, 1/5, $452.89 - Martha J. LANDIS, 1/5, $452.89 - Samuel LANDIS, residue of 1/5 after judgements, $46.74 .....Josiah Q. STITELY, for judgement, $217.10 .....Nicholas FOGLE, for judgement, $139.05 Closed 1 May 1875.
John B. KUNKLE vs Estate of Benjamin WILLHIDE John B. KUNKLE and Jacob M. KUNKLE, were trading as partners as John B. KUNKLE & Brother; they held a mortgage against Benjamin WILLHIDE & his wife Mary B. WILHIDE for notes due them (1863). Jacob M. KUNKLE died before Jun 1872. Benjamin WILLHIDE d/ 1871, intestate widow - Mary Barbara s/ George W. WILLHIDE - Out of state s/ Arnold R. WILLHIDE s/ Frederick A. WILLHIDE d/ Amelia w/o B. Franklin HERBERT - Hagerstown, Washington Co, MD d/ (Mary) Ann w/o Samuel (S. or P.) ANDERS Land - Mechanicstown District, on road from Mechanicstown to Sabillasville (about midway between the two places). - "Poplar Grove", 39+ acres From Preston ROSS & wife in 1850. - "Creeger's Surprise", 176+ acres From John ROUZER in 1849. - "Piney Mountain", 517 acres From John CLEMSON & wife to Benjamin WILLHIDE & William KROM in 1849. - "Five Mill Seats", 285 acres. From John C. EYLER & w Cecelia in 1873 (previously from Jonas MATHEWS & wife to John C. EYLER & Edwin F. EYLER , with exceptions) Also livestock and wagons were included in the mortgage. Trustee for the sale was Lewis CRAWFORD. Sale was held 1 Feb 1873 on the premises, but no adequate bids were received. Second sale was held 29 Mar 1873 at the hotel of John B. GILBERT in Mechanicstown; high bidders were: - Leander R. WAESCHE for 279 acres of "Piney Mountain" at $474.40 (He was not able to pay, therefore the property will have to be resold.) - Frederick A. WILHIDE for 176 acres of "Creeger's Surprise" at $194.31 Third sale was held 10 May 1873 at the hotel of John B. GILBERT in Mechanicstown; high bidders were: - Arnold WILHIDE for the home place of 72 acres at $990 Improvements of house, stable, carriage house and two orchards. Sales for remaining mountain land (480 acres), with Locust and Chestnut trees, was divided into lots: - C. A. DAMUTH, 46 acres at $138.67 - Warner T. GREINER, 69 acres at $86.33 - Arnold WILHIDE, 114 acres at $257.57 - John R. ROUZER, 81 acres at $93.33 - John M. McAFEE, 104 acres at $104.40 - Henry WILHIDE, 30 acres at $34.90 - John W. KRISE, 36 acres at $122.40 Total for lots, $837.60. Total real estate sold, $2,498.81. Distribution of $959.40 (some balances of sales not yet due); - court costs, $329.17 - John B. KUNKEL, partial mortgage, $630.23 Closed 27 Mar 1875.
255-264 - BRIGHNER, RODDY - Sep 1871
Abraham RODDY vs Alexander BRIGHNER Alexander BRIGHNER & w/ Ellenore issued mortgage to Abraham RODDY in 1865. Land - "Carolina", 23 acres and 34 acres, in Emmittsburg District, 6 miles from Mechanicstown and 4 miles from Emmittsburg; adjoined land of Lucas FLACK. From Robert ANNAN & w/ Mary Jane in 1865 and from Ebeneezer SHIELDS, trustee for John JORDONE. The BREIGHNERs did not respond to subpeona; therefore, testimony was heard from Abraham RODDY and Martin SWEENEY. Trustee was James McSHERRY. Sale was held 30 March 1872 at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg; high bidders were: - Abraham RODDY for 23 acres at $200 (only bidder) Improvements of 1 1/2 story log house and barn. - Abraham RODDY for 34 acres, unimproved, at $100 Distribution after court costs: - Abraham F. RODDY, mortgagee, $187.40 Closed 28 Jun 1872.
Ezra MICHAEL, guardian of DIXON children, and John FISHER & w/ Catharine E. FISHER - Petition for Deeds Catharine E., w/o John FISHER, and Jane, w/o John DIXON, purchased land from Elias L. DELASHMUTT, trustee in Equity. Land - "Hill in the Middle", 23 acres. From Andrew MICHAEL To Charles SHRIVER in 1848. Later, they agreed to a division of land, 19 acres to Jane and 3 acres to Catharine. All monies were paid, but a deed was never recorded. Jane DIXON and her husband John are both now deceased; her children, - Anna Florence DIXON, a minor - Mary Margaret DIXON, a minor The court ruled that DELASHMUTT convey the two deeds. Closed 19 Jan 1875.
Nathan NELSON, mortgagee of George BARTHOLOW - Foreclosure Sale Land - 36 acres, unimproved; located 1 1/2 miles east of New London on the road from New Market to Prospect; adjoining lands of Mrs. Elizabeth BARTHOLOW, Mahlon JAMES and Abraham FISHER. To George BARTHOLOW from Joseph WOOD & w/ Evelina and Ruth H. WOOD in 1847. Mortgage to Nathan NELSON from George BARTHOLOW (w/ Elizabeth); witnessed by John SHULTZ and Joel HALL. Sale was held on 18 Apr 1874 on the premises; high bidder was: - Mahlon JAMES at $846 Distribution: court costs, $113.30 - Nathan NELSON, mortgage claim, $641.70 - balance, subject to court, $91 Closed 20 Jun 1874.
272-277 - HARRISON, KUNKLE, STERN, TITLOW - Feb 1875
Philip B. KUNKLE - Foreclosure Sale Josiah HARRISON & w/ Ann Rebecca issued mortgage to Philip B. KUNKLE on 1865 for $400. Land - Lot on the south side of East Patrick St in Frederick; adjoining property of Daniel TITLOW and Zephamiah HARRISON. Improved with a 2-story brick house. To Josiah HARRISON from Zephamiah HARRISON & w/ Mary in 1858. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick city on 16 Feb 1875; high bidder was: - Aaron STERN at $1,121 Distribution of $600; court costs, $131.78 - Philip B. KUNKLE, partial mortgage & interest, $468.22 Closed 10 Apr 1875.
Charles W. ROSS, for Frederick County Building Association, vs Jacob Warner SWOPE & w/ Catharine Matilda Jacob Warner SWOPE & w/ Catharine Matilda were indebted by mortgage, for advance on shares of stock for $570, to Frederick County Building Association. Land - Lot on west side of South Market St in Frederick City. Second house from corner of All Saints St, improved with a 2-story log house, adjoining the United States Hotel on the south. To Jacob Warner SWOPE from John ATTICK, acting exec/of Christian SEAMAN in 1864. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick City on 28 Nov 1874; hig bidder was: - S. C. SIMMONS, Esquire, at $855 Distribution: court costs, $128.75 - Frederick Co Bldg Assoc, mortgage claim, $210.51 - S. C. SIMMONS, 2nd mortgage claim, $196.10 - Lewis BENTZ, 3rd mortgage claim, $130 - S. C. SIMMONS, assignee of J. Warner SWOPE, $89.64 balance Closed 21 Apr 1875.
Charles W. ROSS, for Frederick County Building Association, vs Lloyd BENSON & w/ Elizabeth John A. LYNCH, as member, received an advance of $1,040 on shares of stock from the Frederick County Building Association, for the benefit of Lloyd BENSON & w/ Elizabeth for which they issued a mortgage in 1869. Land - "Araby" (previously called "Wet Brook Resurveyed"), 25 acres; 4 miles south of Frederick on the nort side of Georgetown Road, which extended to road from Gambrills Mills to Ijamsville, bounded by lands of Mr. LAYMAN on the west and Mr. THOMAS on the south and Jacob LEWIS. Tenant at that time was Henry HIGHT. Improvements were a 2-story log house, corn house, chicken house; was well watered by a small stream dividing the tract. To Lloyd BENSON from Jacob LEWIS & w/ Elizabeth in 1865. Foreclosure sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick city on 27 Feb 1874; no sufficient bid was received; rescheduled at the same place on 24 Oct 1874; high bidder was: - C. Keefer THOMAS, Esquire at $410.50 Distribution: court costs, $126.56 - Frederick Co Bldg Assoc, part of $608.76 mortgage, $283.94 Closed 20 Apr 1875.
John T. WILLIAMS, mortgagee vs Henry D. WOLFF Henry D. WOLFF & w/ Jane E. issued mortgage to John T. WILLIAMS for $550. Land - "Good Friday", 6 acres, in Ijamsville; adjoined lands of John W. WILLIAMS and Herbert THOMPSON. Improvements of a 1 1/2-story log house with slate roof, new 2 1/2-story log shop used as a pottery kiln, and shed. To Henry D. WOLFF from John T. WILLIAMS & wife in 1872 for $625. (Previously to John T. WILLIAMS from Samuel NIXDORFF in 1866.) Sale was held in front of store of SELLMAN & WILLIAMS in Ijamsville on 23 Jan 1875; high bidder was: - John T. WILLIAMS at $625 Distribution of $625; court costs, $94.95 - John T. WILLIAMS, partial mortgage, $530.05 Closed 27 Mar 1875.
297-303 - SHORB, DALLAS, DOUGHERTY - Oct 1865
William W. DALLAS & w/ Louise S. of Carroll County vs Margaret SHORB Louise S. DALLAS held mortgage for $7,00 of Margaret SHORB (w/o James A. SHORB). Land - "Clairvaux", 200 acres; 1/2 mile SE of Mount Saint Mary's College. To Joshua SHORB, trustee from President of Mount Saint Mary's College in 1859. (Previous parcels sold to Lewis ELDER, Charles A. MANNING, Emily HARPER, Mathew MORAN, George H. MILES, Jesse MESSER, J & D ADELSBERGER, Mary ROSENSTEEL, Mount Saint Mary's College and McBRIDE.) (BGF-5, 196) Trustee for sale was William P. MAULSBY. Sale was held at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg on 19 Sep 1874; high bidder was: - Charles M. DOUGHERTY at $8,200 Distribution: court costs, $351.80 - Charles M. DOUGHERTY, claim, $7,497 - Margaret SHORB, mortgagor, $351.20 Closed 11 May 1875.
James WHITEHILL, mortgagee vs Jacob BYERLY Jacob BYERLY was indebted to F. N. HOWARD for $1,500 with James WHITEHILL as surety in 1872; also indebted for $1,000 to the First National Bank and to Thomas N. HARWOOD for $1,500. Land - in Frederick City Sale was held on the premises on 7 Mar 1874 by auctioneer, Walter SAUNDERS; high bidder was: - Mrs. Catharine E. BYERLY (w/o Jacob BIRELY) at $4,600 However, Mrs. BYERLY failed to make payment. In addition, James WHITEHILL died in early July 1874. New trustees were Milton G. URNER and John RITCHIE. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick City on 27 Feb 1875, but no sufficient bid was received and was later sold at private sale to Mary BYERLY (w/o J. Davis BYERLY) at $4,000. However, Catharine E. BYERLY, w/o Jacob, then claimed dower; therefore, sale could not be made without Catharine's release of dower, which she did provided she and her husband received balance of proceeds after mortgage and court costs. Distribution of $4,000; court costs, $434.41 - First Nat'l Bank, $575.95 - Frederick Co Nat'l Bank, $1,099.67 - Thomas N. HARWOOD, $1,627.25 - Mrs. Catharine E. BYERLY, balance, $322.73 Closed 5 Jun 1875.
Joanna M. STEVENS, guardian - Sale of Real Estate John R. STEVENS of Liberty District, d/ 26 Feb 1874, intestate widow - Joanna M. (age 36) d/ Georgia R. STEVENS (age 6), a minor d/ Emma R. STEVENS (age 4), a minor Land - Two Farms, 94 acres, between Old Liberty Road and the turnpike. The home farm of 80 acres and the other wooded section of 14 acres. Located in LIberty District, 1 mile NE of Oak Orchard on the north side of Old Liberty Road, adjoining lands of Peter DUDDERAR, Joseph G. BAKER and Thomas DEVILBISS; then occupied by Eugene ECKER. Improvements of a log house, stabling and tenant house with an excellent spring near the house and a good orchard. - "The First Part of the Land of Perplexity", "The Resurvey on Brown's Delight" and "The Quilting Frolic", 57+ acres; To John R. STEVENS from Isaac C. NICODEMUS & w/ Susannah in 1867. - "The Quilting Frolic", 7+ acres & 5+ acres; adjoined lands of Conrad DUDDERAR. To John R. STEVENS from William DUDDERAR & w/ Margaret in 1844; witnessed by Isaac BROWN and Benjamin LINDSAY. - "Perplexity of Justice Delight", 3 acres; To John R. STEVENS from John DUDDERAR, Horatio STEVENS & w/ Rebecca in 1839. - Lot adjoining lot of Jacob HULL; previously that of James EMMITT, a colored man, now deceased. To John R. STEVENS from Catharine CARTER & husband James CARTER in 1852. Exception is wood lot, 14 acres and outlet. === Guardian was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard om 19 Dec 1874: - from George W. DUDDERAR (age 64 of Liberty District), testified to knowing the widow for 20 years and providing the ages. - William HARN (age 49 of Liberty District), testified he had known the widow all her life. - Peter LUGENBEEL (age about 40 of Liberty District), testified he had known the widow for the past 20 years. - Joanna M. STEVENS (age 36, widow, mother and guardian of the children) - George W. DUDDERAR, testified to the signature of Levi Z. BARNES, who attested to the marks on Bill of Sale from James & Catharine CARTER. - Levi Z. BARNES died c1850 in Frederick Co, MD, leaving his only child, Catharine w/o James CARTER DUDDERAR was a surveyor and prepared the paper marked "GWD" on 3 Sep 1874 at the request of Joanna M. STEVENS and her agents, Peter LUGENBEEL and William HARN Trustee was Peter LUGENBEEL. Sale was held 22 Feb 1875 on the premises; high bidder was: - John H. NICODEMUS at $2,101.05 Distribution: court costs, $239.68 - Joanna M. STEVENS, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $265.91 - Joanna M. STEVENS, as guardian, $1,595.46, the balance Closed 26 Apr 1875.
Ann R. SHAFER vs Johnathan ROUTZAHN Johnathan ROUTZAHN & w/ Catharine were indebted by mortgage to: - Ann R. SHAFER for $8,000 in 1870. - to George William SMITH for $2,000 in 1872 - David C. WINEBRENNER for $2,500 in 1873 - Joseph ROUTZAHN, William D. BOWERS and Jacob KEFAUVER (as his sureties) for $2,000 in 1874 Johnathan ROUTZAHN was guardian in 1874 for Josephus E. CRONE, with Joseph ROUTZAHN and Jacob KEFAUVER as sureties on guardian bond of $8,400. Judgment was obtained against Johnathan ROUTZAHN, Joseph ROUTZAHN and Ezra SMITH for $2,137.33 by Charles H. COBLENTZ in 1874. Multiple other Judgments were also obtained against Johnathan ROUTZAHN. Land - 1 1/4 miles south of Middletown, in Middletown Valley, on road from Middletown to Jefferson: - Home farm, 202 acres; improved with large brick house and back building, large Switzer barn, stabling, large double corn crib and wagon shed built with granary attached and holding 1500 bushels; post and rail fence, laid off in fields and well watered; also has a log house and two good springs near the house with milk houses attached; 25 acres in timber, black oak and hickory; also orchards of apple, peach, cherry and pear trees; several hundred locust rees are along the Jefferson Road. From Daniel ROUTZAHN & wife. - "Content", 4 acres of meadow land; from Hanson RAMSBURG in 1870. - "Nicholas Content", 41 acres; from Joseph ROUTZAHN & wife in 1852. - "Mantz's Management" "Wardroff" "I Have Lost the Most", 49 acres; from George H. KEFAUVER & w/ in 1871. - 10 3/4 acres; from Samuel SLIFER & William SLIFER, execs, in 1856 (ES-10, 434). In Oct 1874, Deed of Trust was made by Jonathan ROUTZAHN & w/ Catharine, then of Montgomery Co, MD, to C. V. S. LEVY & Joseph ROUTZAHN for creditors. Trustees were Ann R. SHAFER, David C. WINEBRENNER and Charles V. L. LEVY. Sale was held in front of the Valley Register in Middletown on 6 Mar 1875; high bidders were: - John R. SHAFER for the home farm, 202 acres and 4 acres, at $14,434.87 (signed by John W. RAMSBURG for John R. SHAFER) - Joseph L. ROUTZAHN for 41 acres at $1,640 - Joseph L. ROUTZAHN for growing grain at $520 Total sales, $16,594.87. Distribution: court costs, $1,104.36 - Ann R. SCHAEFFER, mortgage claim, $8,621.33 - D. C. WINEBRENER, assignee of George W. SMITH, mortgage claim, $2,660.83 - David E. WINEBRENER, mortgage claim, $2,655.83 - Balance to trustees, subject to order of the court, $1,552.52 Closed 17 May 1875.
Lewis C. COOKERLY & w/ Ann L. - Sale of Real Estate Sarah COOKERLY d/ 4 May 1874 in Middletown, intestate d/ Matilda E. (COOKERLY) w/o Michael H. MILLER - Amherst Co, VA She died after her mother with Will dated 11 Mar 1871 in Amherst Co, VA; her husband as heir to her estate and exec; her children, .....Sarah E. (MILLER) w/o William H. BURKE - Amherst Co, VA .....Henry MILLER, a minor - Amherst Co, VA .....Mary Alice R. MILLER, a minor - Amherst Co, VA .....Anna M. MILLER, a minor - Amherst Co, VA .....Ida M. MILLER, a minor - Amherst Co, VA d/ Ann Rebecca (COOKERLY) w/o Dr. William B. YOUNG - Dougherty Co, Georgia s/ Jacob C. COOKERLY & w/ Ann G. - Washington Co, MD s/ Lewis C. COOKERLY & w/ Ann L. LAND - 1/2 of Lot #27, 15 acres with house on Main St in Middletown. Improved with 2 1/2 story brick house about the center of Main St, with back building, a large store room (presently in occupancy of T. E. RUDY), a dry cellar under entire structure, a brick stable, smoke house, carriage house, granary, wood shed, cistern, a grapery and choice fruit trees; right of access to yard and water on adjoining property. To John HERRING of Caspar from Peter TABLER in 1824; land divided in Will of John HERRING, with part to Sarah COOKERLY. (Previously to Peter TABLER from Sheriff Thomas W. MORGAN and Henry FEET in 1822 [JS-6, 795].) - Lot #28 in Middletown; To Caspar HERRING, then devised from his Will to John HERRING. (Sold western part of Lot #28, then used as a hotel, to Henry K. YOUNG from John HERRING of C. in 1869. Bounded on west by an alley next to lot of Edward HERRING. Included water and passage rights.) - "Resurvey on Watson's Welfare" and adjacent "Smithfield", 38 acres; located on main road, adjoining lands of Michael KELLER and Adam KELLER. To John HERRING of C. from Catharine ROUTZAHN, widow and exec/of Benjamin ROUTZAHN in 1840; (Benjamin ROUTZAHN's Will GME-2, 377-379, 30 May 1839); claiming her right of dower, at $3,673.12. LAND SOLD - 7+ acres in Middletown District; adjoined land of Samuel G. HARBAUGH and SCHLOSSER's Tan Yard, to the Baltimore and Frederick Turnpike and along road from Middletown by RAMSBURGH's Mill to Burkittsville. To John BOWLUS from John HERRING in 1841. - 8+ acres (part of Benjamin ROUTZAHN Estate); located on Middletown to Burkittsville Road. Included right of way for HARBAUGH for road to west end of street directly in front of the German Reformed Church in Middletown, Harbaugh to maintain post and rail fence along west side. To Samuel G. HARBAUGH from John HERRING in 1841. - 15+ acres; on east side of road from Middletown past KEFAUVER's Mill to Burkittsville, adjoining land of Mrs. Mary SHEGGS. To John E. CRONE from Lewis COOKERLY, exec/of John HERRING of C. in 1874. Guardian was William H. BURKE, esquire, of Amherst Co, VA. Testimony was heard from Lewis C. COOKERLY and Morris H. ROUTZAHN. Trustee was Lewis C. COOKERLY. Sale was held in front of the Valley Register Building in Middletown on 27 Feb 1875; high bidder was: - T. Carlton RUDY for 1/2 Lot #27 & house (home of Sarah COOKERLY) at $4,322.50 No sufficient bid was received for 17 acres in rear of south side of Middletown; had alley on east side, used for crops. Distribution of $4,421.66; court costs, $347.68 - Lewis C. COOKERLY, 1/4, $1,018.49 - Jacob C. COOKERLY, 1/4, $1,018.49 - Ann Rebecca YOUNG, 1/4, $1,018.49 - Michael H. MILLER, 1/4, $1,018.49 Closed 3 May 1875.
Jonathan ROUTZAHN, trustee of Daniel RAMSBURG - Report of Sales Note - name was spelled RAMSBURG at beginning of file, later spelled as REMSBURG. Daniel RAMSBURG & w/ Catharine E. issued Deed of Trust in 1873 for benefit of creditors to Jonathan ROUTZAHN, which included terms: - Catharine E. RAMSBURG to receive $500 - pay mortgage debt of $1,000, interest to Malinda NEFF - pay $1,535.60 of trust money and pay interest annually to: Margaret S. MARKEY during her natural life and upon her death, to her children. LAND - "Ramsburg's Content" and "Laudan", 21+ acres; To Daniel RAMSBURG from Christian RAMSBURG in 1851. - 30 perches; To Daniel RAMSBURG from Christian RAMSBURG in 1853. - 6+ acres; To Daniel RAMSBURG from Christian RAMSBURG & wife in 1874. - 108 sq perches; To Daniel RAMSBURG/REMSBURG from John R. SHAFER & wife and Robert SHAFER in 1850. - 1/4 acre; To Daniel RAMSBURG from Joseph ROUTZAHN & wife in 1843 - small quantity; To Daniel RAMSBURG from George J. RAMSBURG & wife - 3 1/4 acres; To Daniel RAMSBURG from Henry SIGLER, exec/of Daniel LEAZER - 1/2 share of 27 acres; homestead of the late Michael ZIMMERMAN. To Daniel RAMSBURG and Benjamin RAMSBURG from William H. BLESSING & wife in 1872 (CM-6, 745). SALE was held 25 Feb 1873; high bidder was: - Samuel MENTZER for 3+ acres of mountain land at $62.24 (To Daniel RAMSBURG from Henry SIGLER, exec/of Daniel LEAZER) No sufficient bid was received for the 30 acres and undivided half interest (other half to Benjamin RAMSBURG) (To Daniel RAMSBURG and Benjamin RAMSBURG from William H. BLESSING & wife.); but private sale was made on 27 Feb 1873 to: - Daniel YOUNG at $3,000 Other half was sold at sale on 22 Mar 1873 to: - Benjamin RAMSBURG at $1,015 ($507 share to Daniel RAMSBURG) Total sales, $3,569.74 and personal property sold at $568.29. Distribution of $5,001.89; court costs, $665.56 - Catharine RAMSBURG, C.V.S. LEVY as atty, $421.67 balance due her - Malinda NEFF, mortgage, $1,142.50 - Margaret S. MARKEY, interest for 1 year, $91.45 (paid thru atty C.V.S. LEVY) - Margaret S. MARKEY, interest for 1 year, $91.21 (paid thru atty C.V.S. LEVY) - Benjamin RAMSBURG, trustee of Margaret S. MARKEY, $906.14 - Benjamin RAMSBURG, trustee of Margaret S. MARKEY, $651.60 - Balance to multiple creditors at 17% of claims, $953.43 Closed 19 Jun 1875.
George William SMITH and W. Clayton CULLER - Report of Sales Philip CULLER and w/ Ann R., being indebted, issued a Deed of Mortgage to George William SMITH and W. Clayton CULLER. LAND - "Muelheim", 260 acres; home farm of Philip CULLER, located 3 1/2 miles SW of Frederick city, adjoins the other tracts. To Philip CULLER from his father, Henry CULLER Sr, by his Will dated 5 Nov 1859 (Will APK-1, 31). - "Muelheim", 53 acres; located 3 1/2 miles SW of Frederick on the Harpers Ferry Ridge Road to Point of Rocks Road, adjoining lands of David BORK/BOOK and Joshua J. ZIMMERMAN. Improvements were a 2-story house, large stable, a grist mill with saw mill attached and all machinery and burrs for making flour, crushing and chopping. It is situated on a stream of water and has 15 acres in timber. To Philip CULLER from Henry CULLER Sr in 1858 (Deed BGF-2, 638). - "Muelheim", 174 acres; farm was on the Harpers Ferry Ridge Road, 3 1/2 miles SW of Frederick city, then in occupancy of Henry CULLER Jr. It was divided into seven fields and was well watered with 12 acres in heavy timber. Improvements were a 2-story house with porticus, large bank barn, erected within the last three years; a young apple and peach orchard. To William L. CULLER from Henry CULLER Sr by his Will; then from William L. CULLER to Philip CULLER in 1865 (Deed CM-9, 152 ?). - Mountain land, 29 acres (divided into 4 lots, #4, 5, 6 and 8 per George SMITH, trustee of Henry CULLER Sr.) Lots #4, 5 and 6 were parts of "Fielderea Manor" and were part of 116 1/2 acres to Henry CULLER from Elizabeth HOFFMAN as exec & others in 1831. Lot # 8 was part of the 25 acres of "The Fair Thing", to Henry CULLER from Jacob and William RIDGELY, as execs, in 1816. Located on road to Mount Zion Church, adjoining lands of William HOFFMAN and others. Private sale on 8 Mar 1875, for a life interest of the land, 260 acres and 53 acres, to Mrs. Ann R. CULLER at $4,300. Public sale was held 13 Mar 1875 at the City Hotel in Frederick city; high bidder was: - Daniel CULLER for 173 acres at $60/acre - William H. KRANTZ for Lot #4, 6+ acres, at $23/acre - Jacob WILES for Lot #5, 5+ acres, at $30.50/acre - William HOFFMAN for Lot #6, 3+ acres, at $33/acre - John D. GETZENDANNER for Lot #8, 13+ acres, at $21.25/acre Total of all real estate sales, $15,398.35; personal property sales were $1,875.02. Distribution of $16,931.86; court costs, $1,019.54 - Charles C. SMITH, 1st mortgage, $3,614.92 - Michael LEATHER, 2nd mortgage, $5,313.33 - John STOCKMAN & Daniel STOCKMAN, 3rd mortgage, $2,129.33 - William D. STOCKMAN, claim, $648.60 - Mary Ann STOCKMAN, claim, $216.20 - John H. RENN, claim, $842.66 and $2,127.66 - Balance to trustees, subject to future order of the court, $1,019.62 Closed 13 May 1875.
404-407 - CLAY, WOOD, BURKE, BROWNING- Feb 1875
Joseph WOOD, mortgagee of Corban R. CLAY - Report of Sales LAND - "Wolf Den Spring", 40-acre farm; adjoined lands of Milton BURKE and Jeremiah T. BROWNING. To Corban R. CLAY from his father, George CLAY, by his Will. Also had two houses of tobacco. Sale was held 4 Feb 1875 on the premises; high bidder was: - Joseph WOOD at $286; subject to dower rights of Isabella CLAY, widow of Corban R. CLAY. The wagon was sold to pay the burial expenses. Total sale of real estate, horse, cow and wagon, $358. Distribution: court costs, $89.21 - Joseph WOOD, partial mortgage, $268.79 Closed 17 Apr 1875.
Jonathan BROWNING, trustee - Report of Sale Richard GALLAHER & w/ Mary C. issued Deed of Trust for creditors to Jonathan BROWNING in 1874 LAND - in Liberty - House & Lot #23 on south side (#1) of Main St in Liberty, near the Town Branch (formerly where Daniel GALLAHER resided until his death), lying east and adjoining the other lot; also adjoining Mrs. Lydia R. UNKEFER on the west and Job SWEADNER on the east. - Lot #92 on south side (#2) of Main St in Liberty, where Richard GALLAHER then resided, adjoining lots of Mrs. Harriet SCHLEY on the west and Samuel STEPHENS on the east. Improvements of a 2-story weather-boarded house with cellar pump at kitchen door, and stable. Sale was held on the premises on 14 Nov 1874; high bidders were: - Mrs. Anestasia GALLAHER (for #1) at $5 - Joshua BRASHEARS (for #2) at $700 (no sufficient bid at sale; later sold at private sale) - Personal property sold at $67.75 Distribution of $859.29; court costs, $160.10 - Albert JONES, judgment, $238.50 - Balance to multiple creditors at 32% of claim, $460.69 Closed 23 Jun 1875.
James C. CLARKE of New York City, NY, creditor vs James O. EASTERDAY and John EASTERDAY James O. EASTERDAY & w/ Susan E. issued Mortgage to James C. CLARKE in 1872 for $4,692.46. LAND - "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", 109 acres in Urbana District; adjoins land of Miss Emily HENDRY, C. P. EASTERDAY and Mrs. John ENGLAND, Gideon BUZZARD, Charles HENDRY and Thomas CLAGGETT. Farm is located on road from Ijamsville to Hyattstown and road from Urban to New Market; improvements of a 2-story log house with cellar under the whole house; other buildings including a blacksmith shop and three tobacco houses. There is sufficient wood land and land is well watered with springs on different parts of the farm, one within 20 feet of the house. Also has 120-tree apple orchard and a 300-tree peach orchard. To James O. EASTERDAY from J. E. R. WOOD and Charles W. ROSS, Equity trustees (previously to Thomas CLAGGETT from John W. HAMMOND, truste) Trustees were J. E. R. WOOD and Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held 6 Mar 1875 at the City Hotel in Frederick city; high bidder was: - James C. CLARKE at $2,819 (signed by his agent, J. Alfred RITTER) Distribution of $2,619.15; court costs, $317.18 - James C. CLARKE, partial mortgage, $2,301.97 Closed 31 May 1875.
423-435 - STINE, BYERS, WELTY - Feb 1875
Joseph BYERS vs Abraham F. STINE - Foreclosure Sale Abraham F. STINE & w/ Martha J. were indebted to Joseph BYERS for $1,000 in 1868. The Stines then resided in Pennsylvania, but later resided in Baltimore City, MD. Land - Lot #1 in "Shield's Addition to Emmitsburg", with a drug, grocery and merchandise store. Trustees for the sale were C. V. S. LEVY and John C. MOTTER. Sale was held on 20 Feb 1875 at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg; high bidder was: - Andrew WELTY at $1,750 Distribution: court costs, $225.50 - Joseph BYERS, claim, $973.43 - M.E. Church of Emmitsburg, claim, $50 - Martha J. STINE, balance, $502.48 Closed 24 Apr 1875
Amanda EICHELBERGER, exec/of Grayson EICHELBERGER vs Estate of Upton KOONTZ Upton KOONTZ was indebted to Grayson EICHELBERGER in 1857; whereby Upton KOONTZ & w/ Martha issued a mortgage to Grayson EICHELBERGER, who later died with a Will. === Upton KOONTZ, cabinet maker, d/ 1864 Emmittsburg, MD (Will written 22 Sep 1864) widow - Martha s/ Edward KOONTZ (eldest son) & w/ Catharine (LAMBERT) d/ Laura w/o Hilleary HAUN/HAUER - Missouri s/ James A. KOONTZ - Missouri d/ Emma S. KOONTZ - Baltimore City, MD s/ William H. KOONTZ (under age 21) - Missouri d/ Virginia, dec'd w/o Emanuel HOFFMAN - Pennsylvania d/ Martha KOONTZ father - Henry KOONS, dec'd, Taneytown, Carroll Co, MD Shop and Lot not to be sold during the lifetime of his wife; but afterwards, to be sold and divided equally among his children (children not named in Will, only eldest son). Declaration of payments of debts included in Will. Signed as - Upton KOONS Execs/ eldest son, Edward KOONTZ and brother-in-law, Jeremiah MARTIN Witnesses: Dennis McCERREN, James L. WISE, Francis A. BLAIR === Land - Lot #3 (60x180 to back alley) on north side of Main St in Emmittsburg; adjoined lot of Jacob ECKENRODE on the east and William LAUSINGER on the west (earlier neighbor was listed as John ZIMMERMAN). Improvements were a 2-story log house and a well. To Upton KOONS from James W. BAUGHER & w/ Catharine in 1856. Testimony was heard from Martin SWEENY (age 50, Emmittsburg District) and who provided the maiden name of Edward KOONTZ' wife. Also testifying was Daniel G. ADELSPERGER (age 40, Emmittsburg) Sale was held 20 Feb 1873 in fron of D. G. ADELSBERGER's Hotel in Emmittsburg; high bidder was: - Bennet TYSON at $900 Distribution of $930.36; court costs, $193.06 - Amanda EICHELBERGER, mortgage claim, $163.98 - Martha KOONTZ, widow, 1/10, $56.82 - additional court fees, $76 - balance to multiple creditors @ 72.78% of claims Closed 7 Jan 1875.
John C. WARRENFELTS, creditor vs Estate of Andrew DRAYER Andrew DRAYER/DRAHER d/ abt Sep 1869 (Will written 27 Mar 1869) widow (not named), d/ Oct 1870 d/ Christina (age 42) w/o William MILLER d/ Mary (age 40) wid/o Jon ALTMAN s/ Emanuel DRAYER, dec'd .....Noah DRAYER, a minor .....Anna DRAYER (age 15), a minor Devised land to: - d/ Christina - 12 acres on east section, adjoined land of Jonathan STOTTLEMYER. (A life estate only, upon her death, to her children; if no children, to her siblings.) - d/ Mary - 1/2 of estate - s/ Emanuel's heirs - other 1/2 of estate (Mary's husband's name not mentioned in Will) Exec/ John A. WILSON (renounced) Witnesses: Samuel HOOVER, Jacob LEATHERMAN, Lewis LAMAR === Land - "Leatherman's Chance", (2 parts); "Sweet Apple" (2 parts); and part of "The Three Brothers"; 60 acres; adjoined tract "Stoney Arabia" and land of Peter PALMER. To Andrew DRAHER from Lewis BAYSECKER and w/ Matilda in 1836; witnessed by Solomon FORREST and Wilson HAYS. Orphans Court appointed George K. SHELLMAN as administrator. Guardian was William Nash YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard from John A. WILSON, now married to the widow of Emanuel DRAYER and stepfather of his children (he provided the ages listed above and date of the widow's death). Also testifying was Jonathan D. ENGLISH. Sale ad described the property as 1 1/2 mile SE of Wolfsville, adjoining land of Wesley SENSENBAUGH and John A. WILSON; 47 acres, improved with 1 1/2-story log house, barn, spring house, fencing, fruit trees and a good spring near the house. Trustee for the sale was George K. SHELLMAN. Sale was held on 30 Dec 1871 at Leatherman's Store in Wolfville; high bidder was: - Hezakiah PALMER at $728 Distribution: court costs, $162.45 - multiple creditors, $529.66 - Mary ALTMAN, 1/2, $17.94 - Noah DRAYER, 1/4, $8.97 - Anna DRAYER, 1/4, $8.97 Closed 12 Apr 1872.
Charles W. ROSS, for Frederick County Building Assoc, and trustee under mortgage from Henry SKEEGS & w/ Marie - Report of Sales Henry SKEEGS (w/ Maria), a member of FC Building Assoc, received an advance of $2,080 on his shares of stock, due to be repaid, thus issuing mortgage in 1868. Land - parts of "Content", "New Germany" and "Sandy Spring", the home farm, 136 acres; adjoining "Baltzell's Content" and land of Peter HOUCK (from Michael STURM/STORM); Portion sold to Michael STULL. Farm now 125 acres; located 1 1/2 miles north of Bethel Church on road from Spout Spring turnpike to Lewistown; adjoining lands of Philip WACHTER, Abraham MICHAEL and Michael HOUCK. Improvements of a 2-story house, Switzer barn orchard and several springs of pure water. To Henry SKEGGS from Michael Skeggs STULL & w/ Louwesia for $4,200 in 1868 (CM-1, 655; witnessed by Henry EATON). Previously - to Michael STULL from Joseph PAYNE in 1856 - Deed of Trust to Joseph PAYNE from Daniel HOUCK in 1856 - To Daniel HOUCK from Ezra HOUCK and Peter HOUCK, exec/of Michael HOUCK in 1855. Foreclosure sale was held 6 Sep 1873 at the City Hotel in Frederick city; high bidder was: - Frederick County Building Assoc at $2,875 Distribution (Revised): court costs, $263.44 - Frederick Co Bldg Assoc, mortgage, $1,073.38 and $777.03 - Thomas CLAGETT, partial payment of judgment, $761.15 Closed 21 Jul 1875.
476-481 - HOOVER, MOTTER, WIESTLING, CAMP - Mar 1873
John C. MOTTER, trustee of Silas G. HOOVER - Report of Sales Silas G. HOOVER issued Deed of Trust for creditors to John C. MOTTER in 1872. LAND - 10 acres in Mechanicstown District; adjoining lands of Henry WEIGLE, John FLEAGLE, George W. FOREMAN and John W. PENNEL. Also included was a recently built forge, with capacity of 1,300 lbs of iron per day, with water power connected. Western Maryland Rail Road was within a 1/4 mile as was the village of Mechanicstown. Improvements were a large 2-story weatherboarded house and other out buildings. To Silas G. HOOVER from John HOOVER & w/ Sophia in 1870 (CM-4, 433). Sale was held at GILBERT's Hotel in Mechanicstown on 30 Nov 1872; however, no sufficent bid was received; rescheduled for 27 Dec 1872; high bidder was: - J. M. WIESTLING and Nash G. CAMP at $1,325 Distribution of $1,369.50; court costs, $190.95 - Balance to creditors. Closed 17 Aug 1875.
Upton STONER vs Mary BANKERD & Others - Sale of Real Estate John BANKERD, dec'd (Will written 20 Feb 1867) widow - Mary s/ William BANKERD s/ Josiah BANKERD - Baltimore City s/ Dennis BANKERD - Baltimore City s/ Alfred BANKERD d/ Mary BANKERD (later, w/o William ZUMBRUM) Exec/ son Alfred Witnesses: Samuel McKINSTRY, Archibald GRAHAM, Isaiah GREENWOOD === LAND - "Doubts Removed", Rectitude", "Brown's Choice", "The Resurvey on Justice's Delight" and Adventure", contiguous, 255 acres, in Liberty District; on road from McKinstry's Mill to Liberty and New Windsor Turnpike, 1 1/2 miles south of McKinstry's Mill and 2 1/2 miles north of Oak Orchard; adjoining farms of Upton STONER and Charles E. SMITH; then in occupancy of Alfred BANKERD. Land is blue slate and limestone with good fencing, laid out in fields with 55 acres in woodland. Improvements were a brick house, large barn barracks, two tenant houses, in good location of stores, mills schools and churches. Formerly, the estate of John BANKERD; to John BANKERD from Abaraham STONER & w/ Elizabeth in 1854 (ES-5, 201). Josiah BANKERD and Dennis BANKERD of Baltimore City t/a Bankerd & Bros. issued a note due to Frederick E. METZGER for $3,000 in 1870; sureties for the note were Upton STONER and Mary BANKERD. On 21 Oct 1871, Josiah BANKERD & w/ Ann E. and Dennis BANKERD, of Baltimore City, issued a mortgage to Upton STONER and Mary BANKERD; which is 2/5 shares on estate property of John BANKERD. Mary BANKERD was the widow of John BANKERD and, per his Will, is entitled to a life estate in said property. In 1873, METZGER recovered by a judgment against Upton STONER and Mary BANKERD. Upton STONER has paid $3,108.93 in full for the judgment. On 1 Apr 1873, Mary BANKERD conveyed her life estate interest to her daughter, Mary, w/o William ZUMBRUM of Carroll County. Upton STONER claims this was done to defraud and hinder him from recovering his monies he paid as surety on behalf of the BANKERDS. Testimony was heard from William R. CURRY, who was raised on the adjoining farm to the Bankerd estate, but now lived four miles away from there. Upton STONER and the Bankerds were "near relatives". Also testifying was: - Dennis BANKERD, 226 Frankllin St, Baltimore, MD, age 35. He stated, on 31 Aug 1874, his mother was in her 74th year and was in very poor health. - Josiah BANKERD, 131 Pine St, Baltimore, MD, age 40. Mr CURRY had been the Bankerds school teacher. He stated his mother was age 74 in March 1874. Mary BANKERD, the widow, died 21 Oct 1874; oath to this was made by Isaac C. NICODEMUS. Trustees for the sale were William R. CURRY and Milton G. URNER, Esquire. Sale was held at ALBAUGH's Store, McKinstry's Mills, in Carroll County on 4 Feb 1875; high bidders were: - Alfred BANKERD & William N.(or A.) ZUMBRUM at $3,800 for the 2/5 share. Distribution: court costs, $345.75 - Upton STONER, mortgage & int, $3,408.94 - Dennis BANKERD, 1/2, $22.65 - Josiah BANKERD, 1/2, $22.65 Closed 18 May 1875.
Edward BOWLUS, admin/of Elizabeth E. SPOHN, dec'd vs William CARTZENDAFNER & Others Jacob SPOHN, dec'd (Will written 13 Sep 1855; filed 2 Jun 1856) d/ Elizabeth Ellen (also executor) Witnesses: Jacob BEAR, John YOUNG of C., G. BOWLUS -------- Elizabeth Ellen SPOHN d/ March 1872, intestate sis/ Louisa, dec'd w/o Washington H. HARBAUGH - Ohio ........Laura L. HARBAUGH w/o A. P. SAWYER - Ohio ........Washington F. HARBAUGH & w/ Lucy C. - Ohio ........Morgan M. HARBAUGH - Ohio ........Julia P. HARBAUGH - Ohio sis/ Susan, dec'd w/o Daniel MILLER - Ohio ........Palestine MILLER & w/ Eliza - Ohio ........Daniel MILLER Jr & w/ Elizabeth - Ohio ........Dallas MILLER & w/ Priscilla - Ohio ........Milford L. MILLER & w/ Elizabeth - Ohio ........Georgiana MILLER - Ohio bro/ Hanson SPOHN, dec'd - Virginia .....w/ Elizabeth - Virginia ........Milford S.(or L.) SPOHN - Virginia ........Marion E. SPOHN - Virginia ........Orpha E. SPOHN, a minor - Virginia ........Mary Lee SPOHN, a minor - Virginia ........Edward H. SPOHN, a minor - Virginia sis/ Caroline CARTZENDAFNER, dec'd w/o William CARTZENDAFNER (he was living in Carroll Co, MD) ........Julia CARTZENDAFNER, now w/o Henry SMITH - West Virginia ........Virginia C. CARTZENDAFNER, now w/o George WERTENBAKER (they were living in Frederick Co, MD) ........Alda Emma CARTZENDAFNER - Carroll Co, MD sis/ Catharine, dec'd w/o Jesse HERBERT - Illinois ........Laura E. HERBERT w/o _____ BLESSING* - Ohio ........Mary Jane HERBERT - Illinois ........Margaret J. HERBERT, a minor - Illinois ........Lilly HERBERT, a minor - Illinois ........Elizabeth E. HERBERT, a minor - Illinois LAND - House & Lot #31 on Main St in Middletown. To Jacob SPOHN from Jesse HERBERT & w/ Ann Catharine for $800 in 1850 (witnessed by J. C. F. MILLER and H. R. SMELTZER). Previously to Jesse HERBERT from M. B. LUCKETT, trustee of Peter KEEFER (insolvency) in 1849; prior to that, to Peter KEEFER from Francis RICHMOND in 1831 (JS-36, 24). Administrator was Edward BOWLUS. Testimony was heard from John W. WHITE and Edward BOWLUS. Guardian was Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr, Esquire. Trustee was Edward BOWLUS. Sale was held in front of the Valley Register building in Middletown on 8 Mar 1873; high bidder was: - Elizabeth "Lizzie" BARRICK at $600 Distribution of $652.25; court costs, $335.60 - creditors, $209.67 - to children of Elizabeth SPOHN's deceased siblings, each siblings' 1/5, $21.40 Closed 11 Jul 1873. Note - Brown Co, Illinois Marriage Records show I. W. Blessing and Laura E. Herbert m/ 11 Jan 1872. 1900 Census for Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio has Ira William & Laura Blessing.
Ephraim ALBAUGH, creditor vs James H. GATTON Benjamin F. GATTON, widower, d/ 1862-1864, intestate s/ James Henry GATTON & w/ Susannah E. (POLAND/POLARD) s/ William F. GATTON d/ Harriet Ann GATTON d/ Amanda C. GATTON w/o Peter B. STOUFFER LAND - in Point of Rocks; partitioned off to children: - to Amanda C. GATTON from her siblings for $600 in 1866 for lots in Point of Rocks; from deed To B. F. GATTON from B. J. SNOUFFER IN 1859 (BGF-5, 317 and (WBT-13, 480); previously to B. J. SNOUFFER from James BELT & others in 1859. - to William F. GATTON from his siblings for $1,000 in 1866 for lots in Point of Rocks; from deed to Benjamin F. GATTON from James H. BESANT, trustee in 1856 (ES-8, 554). - to Harriet A. GATTON from her siblings for $713 in 1866 for lots in Point of Rocks; from deed to Benjamin F. GATTON from Robert GASSAWAY & w/ Cornelia in 1856 (ES-7, 300); and from Elias L. DELASHMUTT (tax collector) in 1848 (WBT-11, 326). - to Susannah E. GATTON, w/o James H. GATTON, from his siblings for $1,500 in 1866 for lots in Point of Rocks; from deed to Benjamin F. GATTON from James H. HANN & w/ Ann E. (ES-5, 344). --- James H. GATTON d/ 11 Feb 1867 widow - Susannah E. (Leesburg, Loudoun Co, Virginia) - infant, Henry Ann GATTON b/ Jul 1867 (born after father's death) Administrator was Dr. Lloyd T. DUVALL. Michael P. GALLIGHER was to give testimony for the infant, but delayed. Guardian appointed was George K. FOX Jr of Loudoun Co, VA. Testimony was heard from Ephraim ALBAUGH, P. B. STOUFFER, William F. GATTON, Dr. Lloyd T. DUVALL, George W. LEASE (claimed James H. GATTON had $600 in gold in the Frederick County Bank to pay off his debts). Ephraim ALBAUGH claimed a debt of $221 owed to him by James H. GATTON, but James had denied the debt. The court referenced the Act of Assembly of 1864, Chapter 109, Sec 2, which deemed Mr. ALBAUGH as an incompetent witness because GATTON was deceased and there was no proof to justify the claim. Case was dismissed with costs. Ephraim ALBAUGH appealed; the appeals court voided the deed to Susannah E. GATTON and ordered a sale of the real estate; trustee was William B. NELSON, Esquire. Susannah E. HOFFMAN, widow of James H. GATTON, released her dower rights in lieu of a monetary portion. Sale was held on the premises in Point of Rocks on 5 May 1869; high bidder was: - William D. HOFFMAN at $1,200 The property was then occupied by Greenbury EICHELBERGER, Esquire, as a tavern. Improvements were a 2-story frame tavern with a new stable and other necessary buildings and garden. 1st Distribution of $400; court costs, $397.77 - Balance remaining for next audit, $2.23 Closed 8 Jun 1872.
546-551 - RIDINGER, HESS - Feb 1873
John HESS vs Daniel HESS, admin/of Peter RIDINGER John HESS of Carroll County filing suit as creditor against the estate of Peter RIDINGER. Peter RIDINGER, Carroll County, d/ 2 Feb 1872 (Will written 13 Dec 1871; filed 5 Feb 1872) widow - Mary Jane and 7 children (all live in Carroll County) d/ Barbara RIDINGER, a minor s/ Abraham RIDINGER, a minor s/ John RIDINGER, a minor d/ Clara RIDINGER, a minor d/ Sarah E. RIDINGER, a minor d/ Anna RIDINGER, a minor s/ Samuel RIDINGER, a minor Will devised everything to his widow; if she should remarry, then all to be sold and divided evenly among the children. (Children's names were not listed in the Will.) Exec/ the widow; however, she renounced the executrixship and Administrator was Daniel HESS; however, he has refused to pay the claims. LAND - 15 acres in Carroll County and 7 acres in Frederick County Trustee for sale was Daniel HESS. Sale was held on the premises on 8 Mar 1873; high bidder was: - Mary J. RIDINGER, the widow, at $900 Account was submitted to auditor, Abner NEAL. Closed 14 Nov 1873.
Abraham TROXELL & w/ Isabella A. & Others - Sale of Real Estate John SHEELY d/ 19 May 1869, intestate s/ Jacob SHEELY d/ Susan E. SHEELY, now w/o Jesse N. MUMMA d/ Mary Ann SHEELY, dec'd w/o John K. WELTY .....Isabella A. WELTY w/o Abraham TROXELL .....Josephine E. WELTY w/o Samuel HAUN .....John J. H. WELTY, a minor LAND - "Benjamin's Good Luck", 61 acres, in Emmittsburg District; 5 miles SE of Emmittsburg; adjoining lands of Elias VALENTINE and Nicholas STANSBURY. Improved with a 2-story house, stabling, an orchard and good water; convenient to the Western Maryland Rail Road. To John SHEELY from Henry KLUTZ of Adams Co, PA for $800 in 1822 (JS-16, 471). (Surveyed by grantee Benjamin BIGGS in 1768 for 1,118 acres.) Guardian was H. C. KOEHLER. Testifying was Oliver MORRISON and William H. H. HARDMAN. Trustees were William P. MAULSBY Jr, Esquire, and John C. MOTTER, Esquire. Sale was held at Peter HOKE's Hotel in Emmittsburg on 18 Sep 1869; high bidders were: - Jacob SHEELY & Jesse N. MUMMA at $1,008 Distribution: court costs, $231.40 - balance to various creditors, $776.60 Closed 21 Apr 1875.
563-568 - BUTTS, ENNIS, KOONTZ, THOMAS - Jun 1875
George W. KOONTZ, assignee of Joseph Ennis, mortgagee of JAMES W. BUTTS & w/ Mary Jane - Foreclosure Sale LAND - Lot in Burkittsville, on east side of Main St, adjoining lots of Henry & Elizabeth BURKETT, Ezner L. KERN and Martin AUSHERMAN. Improvements were a 2-story log, weather boarded house with a 2-story back building, with fruit trees and a good well; also a stable. To James W. BUTTS from Joseph ENNIS & w/ Julia Ann in 1874. Trustee was Carlton SHAFER. Sale was held in Burkittsville on 5 Jun 1875; high bidder was: - George W. KOONTZ at $650 Distribution of $ 676.32; court costs, $89.68 - George W. KOONTZ, mortgage claim, $323.32 - Joseph ENNIS, mortgage claim, $171.78 - Joseph HIGHTMAN, mortgage claim, $64.55 - George W. KOONTZ, partial judgment claim, $13.49 - Emanuel SLIFER, partial judgment claim, $13.49 Closed 6 Nov 1875.
Edwin JOHNSON vs Thomas JOHNSON, exec/of William Cost JOHNSON Thomas JOHNSON, as trustee of Richard JOHNSON, dec'd, sold 73 acres to William Cost JOHNSON. Only 1/3 as down payment was paid, balance remained unpaid. In Jun 1859, William Cost JOHNSON sold the real estate and personal property to Thomas JOHNSON for $12,000 (notorized in Washington, DC). --------------- William Cost JOHNSON d/ Apr 1860 (Will written 21 Oct 1857) Opened Will with "I believe in that providence that helps those who help themselves." brother - Thomas JOHNSON (all real and personal property) - James and Sophia "If James and Sophia desire my brother is bound in honor to allow them to occupy my mountain lot on the Catoctin Mountain as long as they live and to give them from my estate $500." - George, Robert and Caroline (slaves?) - shall be free niece - Jane (library and all things, curiosities in the house) - Mrs. JEWELL or her daughter Elizabeth of New York - $500 - Mrs. RANDALL or her daughter Mary - $1,000 - Capt. W. A. RIND - $1,500 - Jewelry, silverware and fire arms to be distributed among the family as Edwin may decide. Signed as W. Cost JOHNSON Exec/ nephew, Edwin JOHNSON Witnesses: W. H. RIND, Miss Mary A. RANDALL ------------------- LAND - farm "Harmony Grove", 90 acres, 1/2 mile west of Jefferson, at the forks of Harper's Ferry and Sharpsburg Road. Property had several springs and a stream running through the centre. Improvements were a 2-story brick house with a wing and back building, a large garden, a well of the best water near the kitchen door, large variety of fruit trees and rare ornamental trees and shrubbery; enclosed with good fencing; 15 acres were in timber of white oak, black oak and hickory. Formerly the farm of William Cost JOHNSON. Thomas JOHNSON claimed to be the owner of said land by deed to him from William Cost JOHNSON and as devisee under the Will of William Cost JOHNSON; and as such, held a public sale on 20 Mar 1868, a day earlier than advertised. Agreement dated 6 Apr 1868 - Edwin M. JOHNSON to sell to Thomas JOHNSON for $2,500, the farm "Harmony Grove". Personal property belonging to William Cost JOHNSON was to be included, except for a double-barreled shot gun, Mexican saddle, fishing rod and quartz-head cane. Immediate possession was to be given to Thomas with him paying $500 as down payment and two yearly payments of $1,000. Only the down payment was made. Testimony was heard from: - Ezra M. THOMAS who had known the parties for over 30 years, acting as Power of Attorney for Edwin M. JOHNSON. He stated Edwin M. JOHNSON had lived on and farmed the said property for 13-14 years prior to 6 Apr 1868 and, after the agreement between him and his father of that date, delivered possession to his father, Col. Thomas JOHNSON who has had possession and control of it since. - Abraham HEMP and Andrew KESSLER, who were arbitrators who tried to help resolve the situation. - Edwin JOHNSON who claimed his uncle William Cost JOHNSON had put him on the farm about five years before his death and not as a tenant of his father. Trustee for the sale was John RITCHIE, Esquire. Sale was held in front of Isaac WALKER's store in Jefferson on 30 Jul 1874; high bidder was: - Daniel R. HERRING at $109.65/acre Distribution of $9,788.31; court costs, $585.84 - Ezra M. THOMAS, trustee for Edwin JOHNSON, agreement funds and interest, $2,632.66 - Thomas JOHNSON, balance, $6,569.81 Closed 26 Dec 1874. NOTES - Will Abstracts Richard Johnson - Will GME-1, 1; (6 Feb 1828; 17 Sep 1828) widow - Eleanor d/ Susan d/ Louisa d/ Isabella s/ Richard s/ John s/ Charles Edward (youngest; public sale after he turns 21) SLAVES/Servants to be liberated/freed after his death date for: - GODFREY and VIOLETTA - after 2 years - RACHEL - after 4 years - DARCUS - after 10 years - DANIEL - after 10 years - HENRY - after 12 years - WILLIAM - after 14 years - JANE - after 15 years - HARRIET - after 17 years - JOSEPH - after 24 years - ELIAS - after 24 years If needed to pay off debts, then the above-names servants to be sold at public sale for the terms of their servitude and no longer. Exec/ widow Witnesses: Fayette JOHNSON, James A. JOHNSON, Martin JOHNSON ===== Richard JOHNSON - WILL TS-1, 103 (31 Dec 1850; 7 Jan 1851) - natural son by Sarah WILLIAMS - brother Thomas JOHNSON's children: .....Edwin JOHNSON .....Francis R. H. JOHNSON .....Jane JOHNSON .....Thomas JOHNSON .....Wyndham JOHNSON .....Fanny JOHNSON .....Catharine Virginia JOHNSON .....Mary Bedder JOHNSON Exec/ brother-in-law, Michael KEEFER Witnesses: William J. ROSS, M. B. LUCKETT, Lloyd DORSEY ========
593-597 - JONES, ANDERS - Jan 1874
Jesse ANDERS of Carroll County vs Thomas JONES Thomas JONES & w/ Margaret Dafney JONES issued Deed of Mortgage to Jesse ANDERS LAND - 8+ acres and 2+ acres; To Thomas JONES from Jesse ANDERS, exec/of Moses JONES in 1870. Sale was held on the premises on 10 Jan 1874; high bidder was: - Jesse ANDERS at $1,475 Distribution: court costs, $119.98 - Jesse ANDERS, partial mortgage claim, $1,355.52 Closed 13 Aug 1875.
Outerbridge HORSEY and C. V. S. LEVY vs Joseph HIGHTMAN In 1873 Joseph HIGHTMAN & w/ Mary E. conveyed real estate, secured by a mortgage to Jacob HIGHTMAN. Martin AUSHERMAN & w/ Mary L. were indebted, by mortgage for a House & Lot in Burkittsville, to Jacob HIGHTMAN Sr. in Mar 1873 (assigned to petitioners Dec 1874). In Apr 1873, a portion of real estate, on Lot #5 with a log house, (from Emanuel FINK, trustee of John FINK, dec'd) was conveyed to P.F. WILLIARD; at the same time, P.F. WILLIARD & w/ Mary A. executed a mortgage to Martin AusHERMAN. In July 1873, P.F. WILLIARD and w/ Mary A. conveyed a portion of said real estate to Martin AUSHERMAN. Martin AUSHERMAN erected a building, Union Church, on a portion of said real estate, the part not conveyed to P.F. WILLIARD, except for one corner which is a few feet over. LAND - Lot on north side of Main Street in Burkittsville. Improved with a 1-story stone building and basement, known as the Union Church. Foreclosure sale was held 9 Mar 1875 on the premises in Burkittsville where the Union Church stood; high bidder was: - Andrew J. WILCOXEN at $900 Distribution: court costs, $109.60 - C.V.S. LEVI & O. HORSEY, mortgage, $646.97 - WILCOXEN & MARKEY on mechanics lien, partial, $142.43. Closed 20 Aug 1875.
Charles HENDRY, mortgagee of Alexander JAMISON & w/ Teresa - Report of Sales LAND - "The Remainder", 156+ acres, farm in Urbana District; 2 miles south of Urbana and 1 mile from Georgetown Road. Improvements of a 2-story log house and kitchen, barn and stable; well watered, with an orchard and under good fencing. To Teresa JAMISON from Nicholas WORTHINGTON, trustee in June 1863 (BGF-9, 19) for $2,200. Exception is 5 acres sold to George RHODES. Alexander JAMISON & w/ Teresa were indebted by mortgage to Charles HENDRY in 1867. Deed from James W. LAWSON, William P.A. LAWSON, Gabriel L. LAWSON, Henry C. LAWSON and John H. LAWSON, composing firm of James M. LAWSON & Brothers and George RHODES to Charles HENDRY to transfer mortgage to Charles HENDRY in July 1872. Sale was held 11 Oct 1872 on the premises; high bidder was: - L. J. HARDING at $2,700, but failed to comply. Resold to Charles HENDRY at $2,550 cash; however, he petitioned to be released from sale and to substitute Peter ARNOLD at $2,700. Distribution of $2,700; court costs, $180.90 - Charles HENDRY, mortgage, $2,486.06 - Teresa JAMISON, balance, $33.04 Closed 26 Apr 1873.
Josephus E. HARLEY & Henry F. HARLEY vs Catharine HARLEY, adm/of Otho F. HARLEY & Others Otho F. HARLEY, dec'd widow - Catharine (d/ abt Jan 1875) s/ John A. HARLEY s/ George W. T. HARLEY s/ Henry T. HARLEY s/ Josephus E. HARLEY s/ Cornelius F. HARLEY d/ Mary A. WILLIARD LAND - "Resurvey on Maryland", 161 acres, (remaining portion of "Philpot Farm", Lots #19 & 20). Located on road from Petersville to Berlin (Brunswick), 1 mile from Petersville and 1 mile from Berlin, adjoining lands of C. F. WENNER and WALTMAN's Estate. Farm is divided into 7 fields, 1/2 acre wooded; improvements were a log house and barn. A good wheat farm, well watered with improvements as a weatherboarded house, barn, smoke house, spring house and dairy and peach orchard. - "Resurvey on Uncle's Gift" and "Forest of Needwood", Lot #2, 83+ acres (residue not assigned to Catharine HARLEY, the widow of Otho F. HARLEY, as dower). - (widow's dower) - "Shepherd's Mountain", 20 acres; - Lot #1 of "Resurvey on Uncle's Gift", "Resurvey on part of Forest of Needwood", 97 acres; near Burkittsville, adjoined land of O.P. CRAMPTON. Improvements of large 2-story brick house, large brick barn, double corn house and wagon shed, brick spring house and dairy, good tenant house, smoke house, with spring. Trustees were Catharine HARLEY and Josephus E. HARLEY. Sale was held 26 Feb 1874 on the premises in Petersville District, near Burkittsville; high bidders were: - Samuel AHALT for the 83+ acres at $7,539.21 ($90.50/acre); no sufficient bid was received for the "Philpot Farm". By 12 Jan 1875, the widow, Catharine HARLEY, had died. Trustee for the sale of the widow's dower was Josephus E. HARLEY. Sale was held 6 Feb 1875 on the premises; high bidder was: - Daniel SHAFER for the "Philpot Farm" at $9,671.62 ($60/acre) No sufficient bid was received for the remainder of widow's dower. Distribution of $14,451.62 ($9,671.62 from Daniel SHAFER and $4,780 from Martin A. RHORBACK) - court costs, $748.40 - creditor claims, $5,938.92 - John A. HARLEY, son, 1/6, $1,294.05 - George W. T. HARLEY, son, 1/6, $1,294.05 - Henry T. HARLEY, son, 1/6, $1,294.05 - Josephus E. HARLEY, son, 1/6, $1,294.05 - Cornelius F. HARLEY, son, 1/6, $1,294.05 - Mary A. WILLIARD, daughter, 1/6, $1,294.05 Closed 17 Apr 1875
George E. TALBOTT & w/ Mary F. vs James L.B. GOSNELL & w/ Adeline and John STEWART, Esquire - Sale of Real Estate James L.B. GOSNELL 1st w/ Sally Ann (McSHERRY), d/ Mary Forrest (GOSNELL), now w/o George E. TALBOTT s/ Lemuel W. GOSNELL - Martinsburg, WV d/ Sally A. L. GOSNELL (died before age 21) LAND - "Resurvey on Seth's Folly", "The Meadows", "New Market Plains", "Paris the Third", 206 acres; on Bush Creek. To James L.B. GOSNELL of Baltimore County from Orrelland H. OWINGS & w/ Sarah M. of Carroll County in 1857. Deed of Trust of James L.B. GOSNELL & w/ Adaline of Frederick County to John STEWART, Esquire (of Baltimore City), in trust for benefit of Mary Forrest GOSNELL, Lemuel W. GOSNELL and Sally A.L. GOSNELL, minor children of James S.B. GOSNELL and Sally Ann GOSNELL, formerly Sally Ann McSHERRY, 1st w/o James S.B. GOSNELL. Land belonged to Sally Ann (McSHERRY) GOSNELL and trust was to secure property for her children. Court ordered the lands be deeded to Mary F. TALBOTT and Lemuel W. GOSNELL, but subject to the lease of $240 yearly, issued by John STEWART to J.L.B. GOSNELL for 99 years, renewable forever. Closed 16 Jun 1875.
632-648 - STALEY, MEALEY, SHOOK - Aug 1874
Charles E. MEALEY, natural guardian of Florence Hester Ann Elizabeth MEALEY - Sale of Real Estate George STALEY d/ Dec 1870 (Will 2 Nov 1865; filed 3 Jan 1871) widow - Hester Ann, d/ July 1874 s/ John Wesley STALEY, dec'd ...w/ Sarah s/ William A. STALEY & w/ Susan (not Louisa) s/ Edward Marion STALEY d/ Jane (STALEY) MEALEY, dec'd w/o Charles E. MEALEY .......Florence Hester Ann Elizabeth MEALEY Exec/ son William A. STALEY Witnesses: Samuel B. SHOOK, Daniel SHOOK, David BUSSARD === LAND - part "Shoup's Conclusion", 4 acres, in Shookstown, with a house and blacksmith shop. To George STALEY from Peter SHOOK Sr. (w/ Elizabeth) in 1828. Previously to Shook from Elizabeth SHOUP in 1822. William A. STALEY d/ Sep 1874 (Will) widow - Susan (age then 40-45) s/ George S. STALEY s/ Sylvester Milton STALEY d/ Hester STALEY, a minor d/ Nannie STALEY, a minor d/ Estelle STALEY, a minor d/ Catharine STALEY, a minor d/ Blanche STALEY, a minor d/ Olivia STALEY, a minor Execs/ widow and son Witnesses: === Guardian was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Charles E. MEALEY, father of Hester Ann, who stated there was another granddaughter, but her name was unknown. Also testifying was Frederick KRANTZ, who testified to the same. Trustee for the sale was John C. MOTTER, Esquire. Sale was held on the premises on 24 Apr 1875; high bidder was: - Edward M. STALEY at $950 Evidently, Edward M. STALEY failed to comply with terms and there was a resale which only netted $800, costs to Edward. (New buyer is not listed) Distribution of $800; court costs, $304.65 - Florence Hester Ann MEALEY, $168.45 - Edward M. STALEY, $168.45, less $81.50 (also still owes the other two heirs, $43.47 each to cover difference in sale) - Susan S. STALEY & S. Milton STALEY, execs/of William A. STALEY, $168.45 Closed 18 Jan 1876. (file appears to be incomplete)
Aloysius F. ORNDORFF & w/ Julia A. - Petition for Sale of Real Estate Joseph RIDDLEMOSER d/ 24 Jul 1861, intestate widow - Mary (age then 75-76) (she moved to Taneytown in Carroll Co in winter 1873) s/ Henry RIDDLEMOSER & w/ Harriet - Union Co, Iowa s/ Joseph RIDDLEMOSER (Jr.) & w/ Caroline - Baltimore City s/ George W. RIDDLEMOSER & w/ Mary V. - Luzerne Co, Pennsylvania s/ Jacob Alfred RIDDLEMOSER, dec'd ...w/ Lydia A. (now w/o Hezekiah LATSHAW) - Adams Co, PA .......Charles Edgar RIDDLEMOSER, a minor - Pennsylvania d/ Eliza (RIDDLEMOSER) w/o Francis M. BUDDY - Baltimore City d/ Mary A. (RIDDLEMOSER) w/o Lewis ELLIOTT - Carroll County d/ Julia A. (RIDDLEMOSER) w/o Aloysius F. ORNDORFF LAND - Lot #14 & house in "Shield's Addition to Emmittsburg. Improvements ow a 2-story house, shop, frame stable and carriage shed, a good well of water near the door. To Joseph RIDDLEMOSER from all the heirs except Jacob on 30 March 1861, who were listed as heirs of Ephraim RIDDLEMOSER. (Deed in error, says to Henry RIDDLEMOSER Sr, but there is no Henry Sr) Previously to Ephraim RIDDLEMOSER from Samuel WELTY in 1858 (BGF-3, 1). Guardian was Jacob KLINK, Esquire of Adams Co, PA. Testimony was heard from James A. ORNDORFF and Daniel G. ADELSPERGER. Administrator was Joseph RIDDLEMOSER Jr. with sureties as James L. RIDDLEMOSER and Philip BUDDY. Trustee was Aloysius F. ORNDORFF. Sale was held in front of the Emmitt House in Emmittsburg on 5 Oct 1875; high bidder was: - Samuel WELTY at $865, subject to the widow's dower Distribution: court costs, $164.66 - each 1/7 share to children, $100.04 Closed 2 Feb 1876.
666-676 - SADLER, LEE, PRESTON, FOWLER - Nov 1874
James SADLER & Others - Sale of Real Estate William Henry SADLER (died before his wife) w/ Harriet d/ July 1864, intestate s/ James SADLER d/ Cassandra SADLER s/ John SADLER & w/ Ida - Baltimore City d/ Mary (SADLER) w/o John LEE - Baltimore City d/ Cordelia SADLER, a minor - Baltimore City (guardian, William T. PRESTON) LAND - "Resurvey on Chestnut Hill", 7/8 acre; adjoining Elias BRUNNER's "Chestnut Level"; from Charles H. BURKHART, trustee to Albert W. BURKHART in April 1864 (JWLC-1, 349). - "Chestnut Level", 1 rood and 33 perches; adjoining Elias BRUNNER's "Chestnut Level" and running to Hamburg Road; Adjoining properties located about 5 miles from Frederick city. Improvements of a log house. From Charles BROADRUP to Albert W. BURKHART (BGF-1, 288). All to Harriet SADLER from Albert W. BURKHART on 13 Jun 1864; life estate to her and after her death to her children by William Henry SADLER. Appointed guardian was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Albert BURKHART and Frederick V. MEASEL. Trustee was William T. PRESTON. Sale was held on the premises on 11 Mar 1875; high bidder was: - Calvin G. FOWLER at $246.25 Distribution: court costs, $102.93 - each 1/5 share to children, $28.66 Closed 8 Jan 1876.
John W. A. SHAFER & Others John SHAFER, dec'd of Frederick Co, MD (Will written 1 May 1821) w/ (not named) s/ John SHAFER (Jr.) (Grist mill & 25 acres) s/ George SHAFER (plantation where he then lived, on road from Middletown to New Tow Trap [Jefferson], 110 acres) s/ Henry SHAFER (plantation "Resurvey on Mason's Folly", 110 acres, bought from Abraham LEMASTER) s/ Peter SHAFER (Home plantation, "Ascension Day", 260 acres) d/ Catharine SCHROYER ($2,000) d/ Elizabeth KEPLER ($2,000) .....Mary WILLYARD ($200 of mother's share) d/ Mary WILLYARD ($2,000) d/ Margaret JARBOE ($2,000) SLAVES - negro man BEN & his wife FAN (to widow; after her death to Peter) Land - part of "Ascension Day", adjoining Joel JACOB's land not devised. - Mountain land, 35 acres to Henry, balance equally divided between other three sons. Execs/ sons John, George and Henry Witnesses: Michael RULLON(?), Joseph SWEARINGER, (other name in German) === Henry SHAFER d/ Nov 1871, intestate w/ Mary d/ Ann Rebecca w/o Samuel L. GROVE d/ Caroline wid/of Daniel GAVER s/ John W. A. SHAFER s/ Martin T. SHAFER s/ Peter H. SHAFER & w/ Elizabeth s/ Hamilton J. SHAFER & w/ Eliza A. E. d/ Albinia E. w/o Daniel G. BISER - Baltimore City s/ Elias Talbot SHAFER d/ Henrietta SHAFER LAND - "Alexandria", "Sword's March" and "Fielderea Manor", 193 acres From Tilghman BISER, trustee for John BISER estate, dec'd (see Equity HS-3, 65-89 in Feb 1836 decree), for $11,036.02 in 1839. - Lot #5 of "Resurvey on Maryland", 5+ acres; on road from Petersville to Burkittsville; adjoined "The Forest of Needwood" and "Alexandria" and land of John H. HILLEARY. From Sarah BOONE (w/o Benedict), Arabella SCHRODER, Henry B. SCHRODER & w/ Priscilla at $571 in 1863 (Previously to them from J. BOONE, trustee, and Thomas H. BELT Jr. in 1860; BGF-6, 306). - "Forest", 155 acres; by side of lane to from Mountain Road to the mansion; adjoins land of Jacob GOODMAN, David and John ARNOLD, Henry McDUEL, John AUSHERMAN, George T. WHIP and by Middletown & Burkittsville Roads. From Thomas R. JARBOE & w/ Margaret Lauretta for $9,317.62 in 1857. (Previously to Jarboe from Jonathan TOBEY & wife in 1856; exception of 5 acres to Samuel P. WETNIGHT. Exception is 1/4 acre sold to John FINK, but deed not yet recorded. Located on road from Burkittsville to Fink's School House and New Baltimore. - "Ascension Day", 72 acres. From John SHAFER (w/ Elizabeth), George SHAFER (w/ Elizabeth), Peter SHAFER, John WILLIARD (w/ Mary) and William JARBOE (w/ Margaret) of Frederick Co, MD and Peter KEPLER of Indiana and Catharine SCHROYER of Pennsylvania for $5,534.50 in 1829. - Lot #8 in Burkittsville and one portion of Lot #7; from alley to Main St. From George BAER, trustee, for $356.50 in 1845. - "Keep Trieste", Lots #3 & 4, 41 acres (originally 13,000 acres and Antietam Iron Works, in Washington Co, MD). From Jonathan MEREDITH and John Spear NICHOLAS, trustees of Baltimore City in case of Robert GILMOR vs John McPherson BRIEN & wife and Others, for $110,000 in 1849. Exception is 6 acres sold to Dewalt WILLIARD from Henry SHAFER & w/ Mary for $240 in 1855; near house of William JENNINGS. Trustees were John W. A. SHAFER, Hamilton J. SHAFER and E. Talbott SHAFER. Sale was held at the home farm on 21 Feb 1874; high bidders were: - Peter H. SHAFER for 155 acres at $9,400.80 - Albinia E. BISER for home farm (except a large house and 15 acres), 188 acres at $13,218.01 (on road from Burkittsville to Petersville) - Martin T. SHAFER for Brick house and 15 acres (part of home farm) at $4,763; (next to Oscar P. CRAMPTON's farm) - Ann R. GROVE for farm of 72 acres at $3,960 - Charles E. SLIFER for 2-story weather boarded log house with lot in Burkittsville (SE part, then in possession of Lewis YOUNG) at $700; - Other lot didn't receive an adequate bid. - Samuel B. MENTZER for mountain land, Lot 1, 5 acres at $203.58 - William H. NORRIS for mountain land, Lot 2, 4 3/4 acres at $203.06 - Samuel RAMSBURG for mountain land, Lot 3, 5 acres at $149.13 - Jacob SIGLER for mountain land, Lot 4, 5 acres at $151.91 - George W. NORRIS for mountain land, Lot 5, 5 acres at $188.78 - Daniel B. L. SMELTZER for mountain land, Lot 6, 5 acres at $191.01 - William H. NORRIS for mountain land, Lot 7, 5 acres at $173.75 - Mountain land on "Keep Trieste" - Peter H. SHAFER for Lot 1 - 5 acres at $327.20 - Outerbridge HORSEY for Lots #2 & 3 - 4+ & 5 acres at $591.18 - Ann R. GROVE for Lot 4 - 5 acres at $309.04 - Martin T. SHAFER for Lot 5 - 5 acres at $304.50 - Peter H. SHAFER for Lot 6 - 4 acres at $300.33 - John M. MORRISON for Lot 7 - 5 acres at $303.38 Total sales, $35,436.99. Albinia E. BISER failed to pay monies for purchased home farm; although she and her husband moved into the property from Baltimore and were still residing there. Due to nonpayment, Second sale was held on the home farm premises on 5 Sep 1874; high bidder was: - Peter H. SHAFER for the 188 acre home farm at $11,513.14 Albinia was liable for the difference in the sale price and fees. She and her husband opposed the liability claiming she was not able to enter into contract without her husband's approval. Testimony from J. W. A. SHAFER & H. J. SHAFER indicated the husband was present at the sale and the couple moved into the house and thus should be liable for the difference in the sale price. Also, Peter H. SHAFER petitioned the court on 10 March 1875 to have Albinia and Daniel BISER evicted from the property he now owned. Caroline petitioned the court on 15 May 1875 for an accounting of sales, expenses, etc, since no accounting had yet been filed. Charles E. SLIFER also failed to comply with terms. Those properties need to be resold, along with the Burkittsville lot that wasn't sold yet. 1st Distribution of $25,406.18; court costs, $2,131.57 - Peter H. SHAFER, 3/4 of agreed sum, $1,500 - C.V.L. LEVY & W. P. MAULSBY Jr., Esquires, other 1/4, $500 - Martin T. SHAFER, 3/4 of agreed sum, $750 - C.V.L. LEVY & W. P. MAULSBY Jr., Esquires, other 1/4, $250 - H.J. SHAFER, 3/4 of agreed sum, $562.50 - C.V.L. LEVY & W. P. MAULSBY Jr., Esquires, other 1/4, $187.50 - J.W.A. SHAFER, 3/4 of agreed sum, $750 - C.V.L. LEVY & W. P. MAULSBY Jr., Esquires, other 1/4, $250 - Henrietta SHAFER, $750 - J. E. HARLEY, claim, $20 - Ann Rebecca GROVE, each 1/9 share less $333.25, $1,631.41 - Caroline GAVER, each 1/9 share less $55.56, $1,917.17 - John W. A. SHAFER, each 1/9 share, $1,972.73 - Martin T. SHAFER, each 1/9 share, $1,972.73 - Peter H. SHAFER , each 1/9 share, $1,972.73 - Hamilton J. SHAFER, each 1/9 share, $1,972.73 - Albinia E. BISER, each 1/9 share, $1,972.73 - Elias Talbot SHAFER, each 1/9 share less $55.56, $1,917.17 - Henrietta SHAFER, each 1/9 share less $55.56, $1,917.17 - Trustees, charge of Mrs. GROVE's share, $500 - Albinia E. BISER, 1/9 less $475, $1,497.73 - Trustees, charge of Mrs. BISER's share, $400 - George K. SHELLMAN, Esquire, use of S. C. SIMMONS, paid by trustees from Mrs. BISER's share, $75 Closed 14 Feb 1876.
728-734 - BRENGLE, DENNIS, KOLB - Feb 1876
George R. DENNIS, president of Central National Bank vs Louisa BRENGLE - Report of Foreclosure Sales LAND - parts of "Resurvey on Locust Level" (Lots #10 & 20); Previously to Jacob BRENGLE (d/ before Nov 1874) from William COOK and Benjamin DULANEY in 1801. - Recent survey divided land into Lot #1, 26 acres, with Lime Kilns, a house, and Rail Road Switch of Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road. To Louisa BRENGLE from Gideon BANTZ and Ezra HOUCK, trustees, for $3,200 (ES-1, 388-389 in Aug 1852). - Other Lot #2, 1 acre, with house, west of the Lime Kilns. Large quantities of lime were sold to Pittsburg and Wheeling for use in manufacture of glass. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick city on 12 Feb 1876; high bidders were: - Daniel KOLB of Washington, DC for Lime Kiln property at $4,300 Other property not sold because sale covered the mortgage. Distribution: court costs, $344.56 - Central National Bank, $3,240.32 - Philip H. PYFER, lien, $179.18 - George S. GROSHON, partial lien ($335.17), $179.18 Closed 21 Apr 1876.
George RICHARDS, creditor vs Thomas J. CLAGETT Thomas J. CLAGETT d/ 7 June 1873, intestate widow - Ann P. s/ Thomas J. CLAGETT (Jr.), a minor d/ Mary CLAGGETT, a minor d/ Honora M. CLAGGETT, a minor Administrator was Dr. John W. HILLEARY. LAND - part "Antietam Works", Lot #66, 25+ acres; in Washington Co, MD, near the summit of Elk Ridge in Rohr_____ District. To Thomas J. CLAGETT from John MEREDITH and J. Spear NICHOLAS of Baltimore City, trustees in case of Robert GILMOR vs John McPherson BRIEN & Others in March 1848), sold at $214.30 in Jun 1850 by authority of Isabel A. BRIEN. Previously property was sold at private sale to John McPherson BRIEN (his devisee in trust was Isabel A. BRIEN) at $110,000 for 13,000+ acres, known as Antietam Iron Works. Guardian was John S. REPP. Testimony was heard from Samuel CLAGGETT and Thomas CLAGGETT. Trustee was John W. HILLEARY, M.D., who also testified the widow, Ann P. CLAGGETT was 50 years old and in good health. Sale was held at the Hagerstown Junction of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road at Weaverton in Washington County on 2 Jan 1875, but received no bid. Christian FREULINGER of Brownsville, Washington Co, MD was showing the property. Sale was again held, this time at Burkittsville on 3 Apr 1875; high bidder was: - Richard MARTIN, Esquire at $278.21 Distribution: court costs, $213.69 - partial payments to multiple creditors. Closed 1 May 1876. ================== The End of TG-2 ==================

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