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Frederick County, Maryland

Equity TG-1

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber TG-1; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity TG-1
George MURDOCK, d/ 25 Dec 1872 (Will written 7 Feb 1870) mother/ E.J.H. DANIEL ($10,000) cousin/ E.M. POTTS ($2,000 for Protestant Episcopal Orphan House in Frederick) - Florida M. (nee LICHLIDER) MYERS ($1,000) - Charles W. ROSE (residue of estate in Trust for natural son, William, child of Georgeanna MORGAN (after William's death, to his children; if no children, then to George MURDOCK's siblings: bro/ R.P. DANIEL bro/ J.J. DANIEL bro/ W.A. DANIEL sis/ S.C.L. ENGLE (failed to name an executor in his Will) Witnesses: W.J. ROSS, Walker Y. PAGE, Arthur POTTS Land - "Bell View" and "Resurvey on Locust Level", 210+ acres; from George Murdock POTTS & w/ Cornelia (by deed of partition from Will of Judge Richard POTTS) in 1865. Adjoins land of Hain DIXON (from Judge Richard POTTS), Mr SIMPSON and the turnpike which leads to Baltimore, located 1 mile east of Frederick on a high elevation with view of entire town. It has 1st class limestone and has been well limed (11,000 bushels having been spread. Improvements were a 2-story weatherboarded house with back building, large barn, new wagon shed with corn cribs, a new hog house and large grain shed and apple and peach orchards. - also "Middle Plantation", 31 acres; subject to dower rights of Lydia COVELL (conveyed to Richard POTTS from John HOUCK, trustee, in 1864; JWL-2, 223) and 10 acres wood lot, about 4 miles east of Frederick, a short distance from the Baltimore turnpike with a small house. - "Retreat", 222 acres; adjoins land of Henry RAMSBURG's "Spring Garden", Monocacy River, and Joshua DOUB's "Retreat"; from Richard POTTS & as exec/of William POTTS in 1845. Improvements were two 2-story weatherboarded houses with back buildings, one unfinished, a new 80x40' bank barn, new wagon shed and corn crib, brick stable and ice house. Located 5 miles north of Frederick on road from Woodsboro turnpike to STRAILMAN's Mill, about 1 mile from the turnpike and adjoins lands of Isaac NEIDIG's heirs, J. Oliver HOLTZ and Jonah ZIMMERMAN. It has first quality limestone and is a very productive farm in the Glade settlement. There is also an elegant orchard of choice fruit trees and the Frederick and Pennsylvania Line Railroad passes through the farm. Adjustment was made for 2+ acres for the Railroad. - "The Four Partners", 16 acres, an island in the Monocacy River, (BJF-8, 4) adjoins "Retreat". From Jeremiah H. CRAMER & w/ Elizabeth C., Ezra L. CRAMER & w/ Henrietta and Charles C. CRAMER & w/ Laura J. in 1862. The Cramers were devised the land from their father, Ezra CRAMER, in his Will; conveyed to him by Frederick A. SCHLEY, trustee, in 1833 (JS-41, 524). - "Discovery Resurveyed", 13 acres, wooded; from Isaac WALKER and Jacob WALKER, execs/of John WALKER, in 1847. Previously to John WALKER from John RITCHIE and Benjamin BIGGS, exec/of Abraham HAFF in 1817. Located in Mount Pleasant District, adjoining lands of Samuel NUSBAUM. Testimony was heard from Arthur POTTS, 38, Frederick City. Trustees were Arthur POTTS and Charles W. ROSS; sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick city on 15 Feb 1873, high bidders were: - Louis McMURRAY, Esquire, for "Bell View" and "Resurvey on Locust Level", 210 1/2 acres, at $92/acre. - J. Alfred RITTER, Esquire, for "Retreat", 222+ acres, at $85/acre; subject to lease to Joseph COVER, Esquire, expiring 1 Apr 1874. - J. Alfred RITTER, Esquire, for the wooded 13 acres at $23/acre - J. Alfred RITTER, Esquire, for the island at $170 - Julius HAFNER for "Middle Plantation" and 10 acres at $9/acre Total sales, $39,048.11. Distribution of $39,221.61; court costs, $1,606.68 - Heirs if E.J.H. DANIEL, $950.82 of the $10,000 legacy ...James M. DANIEL, 1/6, $159.30 ...Richard P. DANIEL, 1/6, $159.30 ...James J. DANIEL, 1/6, $159.30 ...William A. DANIEL, 1/6, $159.30 ...Sarah C.L. ENGLE, 1/6, $159.30 ...Sarah J. ADAMS, 1/6 of 1/6, $26.55 ...Eleanor P. MURDOCK, 1/6 of 1/6, $26.55 ...Emma J. SCOTT, 1/6 of 1/6, $26.55 ...Lilly D. MURDOCK, 1/6 of 1/6, $26.55 ...John Wallace MURDOCK, 1/6 of 1/6, $26.55 ...Alexina MURDOCK, 1/6 of 1/6, $26.55 - Charles W. ROSS, residuary legatee and trustee under the Will, $36,659.11 Closed 5 Feb 1874.
John WILSON Jr., Henry R. HARRIS, George F.B. CRUMBAUGH and Josiah ZIMMERMAN vs Henry M. STRAILMAN & w/ Catharine R. Henry M. STRAILMAN & w/ Catharine R. owed monies on notes held by John NELSON and Adam CUSTARD a note to Mrs. Ellen NELSON for $1,000. Other notes were owed to George F.B. CRUMBAUGH, John WILSON Jr., Josiah A. ZIMMERMAN and Henry R. HARRIS for benefit of Thomas CLAGGETT. Jacob STIMMEL, admin/of Henry STIMMEL, also had a judgement against Henry STRAILMAN. Land - Fountain Rock Mills, part of Monocacy Manor; from Grayson EICHELBERGER, trustee, (BGF-7, 668). - Lot on West Patrick St in Bentz Town in Frederick city from Samuel DIXON in 1865 (to Dixon from Charles COLE, exec/of George FAGIN). - Mountain Lot #9, 14 acres; from Charles W. GOLDSBOROUGH, James K. WATERS & w/ Ann M. in 1865. Fountain Rock Mills was previously sold. Trustee was John WILSON Jr. Sale was held 26 Jul 1873 at the City Hotel in Frederick City; high bidders were: - James E. STAUB for the lot in Bentz Town at $820 - George F.B. CRUMBAUGH for the mountain lot at $200 Total sales, $1,020. Distribution of $1,020; court costs, $133.21 - John WILSON Jr for Mrs WILSON's note, $257.50 - G.F. CRUMBAUGH, John WILSON Jr for Fred. Co. Bank, $264.25 - H.R. HARRIS, John WILSON Jr for T. CLAGETT note, $259.64 - John WILSON, J.B. ZIMMERMAN for Fred. Co. Bank, $105.40 Closed 25 Sep 1873.
28-41 - GIDDINGS, WEEDON - Feb 1871
Frederick County National Bank vs James GIDDINGS Land - "Corrington", 400 acres; includes tracts, "The Horse Shoe", "Fielderea Manor", "Resurvey on Maryland" and "Grimes Delight". Bank held note for $3,500. Conveyed to Giddings by Franklin Bank of Baltimore (HS-14, 336). In Sep 1841, James HOWARD & Others conveyed the tract, then 453 acres, to James GIDDINGS. Located in Petersville District, adjoining lands of Rev. Mr. STALEY and Jeremiah G. MORRISON, located about 2 miles SW of Burkittsville. Lies on road from Burkittsville to Knoxville and extends to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Tract is divided into 9 fields. The mansion is located in the centre of the land and is a 2-story brick 10-room house, surrounded by shade trees and ornamental shrubbery and gardens adjoining the lawn. It lies 2 miles from Knoxville, a station on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. James GIDDINGS conveyed a Deed of Trust in Jun 1870 for "Covington" to his son-in-law, James H. WEEDON for benefit of his wife and daughters, Alice and Mary. James GIDDINGS d/ between Jun 1870 and May 1872 widow - Louisa C. GIDDINGS s/ William GIDDINGS s/ Luther GIDDINGS d/ Fannie E. GIDDINGS w/o James H. WEEDON - Baltimore City s/ Charles G. GIDDINGS d/ Alice I. GIDDINGS d/ Mary F. GIDDINGS By May 1872, all Giddings children were adults and signed release for "Corrington" to be sold to pay debts. On 2 Apr 1873, James H. WEEDON made oath the widow, Louisa C. GIDDINGS was about 67 years old. Trustee was William J. ROSS. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick City on 3 May 1873, but failed to receive a fair bid. Private sale was then made to: - James H. WEEDON at $14,000 Distribution of $14,000; court costs, $866.29 - Louisa C. GIDDINGS, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $1,400 - Fred Co Natl Bank, mortgage, $2,410.18 - Wm. W. WENNER & Mortimer S. WENNER, execs/of Joseph WALTMAN, mortgage claim, $1,241.75 - Multiple creditors, $3,249.73 - James H. WEEDON, in trust, balance, $4,832.05 Closed 29 Sep 1873.
Christian Keefer THOMAS & Others - Petition Samuel S. THOMAS (Will written 23 Jul 1829; GME-1, 31) d/ Eliza THOMAS d/ Phoebe THOMAS d/ Mary THOMAS Lands to daughters, then to Samuel THOMAS. ===== Samuel THOMAS d/ 13 Aug 1834, intestate widow - Juliet C., d/ Apr or May 1873 s/ Christian Keefer THOMAS & w/ Evelina V. BUCKEY d/ Ann THOMAS w/o James S. SIMMONS s/ William Notley THOMAS s/ Bruce THOMAS d/ Adelaid/Adeline V. THOMAS, dec'd w/o Edmond W. STONE - Missouri .....Albert STONE, a minor .....Cecelia (Addie) J. STONE, a minor .....Samuel STONE, a minor All real estate was sold except part assigned to the widow. Land - "Thomas' Profit", 77 acres; and 40 acres of woodland; assigned as widow's dower. Located on road from Frederick to Point of Rocks, about 3 1/2 miles from Point of Rocks and 2 miles from Adamstown; adjoins lands of Ezra MICHAEL and PHOEBE THOMAS. Quality of land is good limestone, divided into 4 fields; improved with a 2-story log house. Bruce THOMAS sold his share to Michael KEEFER (& w/ Catharine A.) in 1854, whereby they conveyed it to Phoebe J. THOMAS in 1858. William Notley THOMAS sold his share to Joshua DILL in 1851; Dill died, and said share conveyed in Will into Deed of Trust to Joshua DILL's son, John. Joshua DILL d/ Jul or Aug 1868 (Will written 15 May 1861; filed 10 Aug 1868) widow - Mary d/ 14 May 1873 s/ John F. DILL (life estate) (age 54 in Nov 1873) .....Joshua A. DILL - West Virginia .....George H. DILL - Baltimore City .....Georgeanna S. DILL - Baltimore City .....Emma J DILL w/o Frank BENNETT - Baltimore City .....(unknown minor child) - West Virginia .....(unknown minor child) - West Virginia s/ Lewis H. DILL (age 52 in Nov 1873) & w/ Ellen s/ George T. DILL (age 51 in Nov 1873) d/ Henrietta DILL (d/ Jul 1872) w/o George R. WYSONG (died after her father & before her mother) .....Mary WYSONG w/o Sprecher HILL - West Virginia .....Eliza WYSONG .....William WYSONG, a minor d/ Mary M. DILL (d/ Aug 1861) w/o Theodore SHULTZ .....Henrietta D. M. SHULTZ, a minor .....Sophia K. SHULTZ, a minor .....Mary M. SHULTZ, a minor Execs/ sons and George R. WISONG and Theodore SHULTZ All renounced the duties, except George T. DILL who became acting executor. Witnesses: Edward SHRIVER, Charles H. BAUGHER, W. MAHONEY and Ulysses S. HOBBS Guardian was William N. YOUNG for William WYSONG and the SHULTZ children. Testimony was heard from Bruce THOMAS, who stated the dower property, since April 1873 (claimed as the death of Juliet C. THOMAS), was then in the possession of the children from a second marriage of Juliet C. THOMAS (now WALLING) s/ Monroe WALLING s/ Reverdy WALLING Also testifying was George T. DILL who provided ages and death dates of the Dill descendants. Trustee was C. Keefer THOMAS. Sale was held at the City Hotel on 17 Feb 1874; high bidder was: - Miss Phoebe J. THOMAS at $4,658.37 Distribution of $1,552.79; court costs, $372.65 - C. K. THOMAS, 1/5, $236.02 - Ann SIMMONS, 1/5, $236.02 - Phoebe THOMAS, assignee of Bruce THOMAS, 1/5, $236.02 - children of A. V. STONE, each rec'd 1/3 of 1/5, $78.67 - children of Joshua DILL, assignee of William Notley THOMAS, each rec'd 1/5 of 1/5, $47.20 Closed 30 Apr 1874.
Estate of Brian PHILPOT Sr. Brian PHILPOT Sr. d/ 1848, intestate widow - Harriet W. d/ Jun 1870; and 9 children s/ Brian PHILPOT Jr. (age 50)* & w/ Adaline M. DURY - Illinois s/ John PHILPOT (age 40)* d/ Ann West PHILPOT (age 25)* s/ Edward PHILPOT d/ 1867, intestate & w/ Maria .....George PHILPOT - Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD .....Thomas PHILPOT - Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD .....Edward PHILPOT - Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD (d/ bef 16 Dec 1870) .....Elizabeth PHILPOT - Rye, Westchester Co, NY d/ Elizabeth PHILPOT (age 39)* w/o Dr. John REID d/ Sarah S. PHILPOT d/ 1867, intestate s/ Gowen Blanchard PHILPOT (age 23)* d/ Catharine T. PHILPOT (age 33)* w/o William H. HULL - Allegany Co, MD s/ Thomas B. PHILPOT (age 27) - Allegany Co, MD Land - "Resurvey on Maryland" and part "Fielderea Manor", 175 acres. Deed from Mountjoy B. LUCKETT and Thomas JOHNSON, trustees to Benedict BOONE in 1850 (WBT-11, 261), for benefit of Brian PHILPOT. Conveyed to Benedict BOONE (w/ Sarah) in Trust in 1839, who transferred remainder of unsold property to the heirs in 1858. - 2 Lots in Old Town, Baltimore City SLAVES - RICHARD, black boy, age 19-20; - JOE, a mullatto boy, about 15 (to serve until 35) - JOSHUA, black boy, about 15 - CHARLES, black boy, about 17 - MARY, black girl, about 17 - CAROLINE, copper colored girl, about 12 Brian & Adeline M. PHILPOT of New York, but then in Philadelphia, conveyed their 1/9 share to Dr. John REID in 1853 for $300. Edward PHILPOT & w/ Maria also conveyed their 1/9 share to Dr. John REID in 1859 for $400. Gowen Blanchard PHILPHOT conveyed his 1/9 share to Ann West PHILPOT in 1860 for $200. John REID conveyed their 2/9 share to James REID of Washington, DC, in 1861 at $700. James REID of Washington, DC, but now tarrying in Frederick Co, conveyed the 2/9 share to Elizabeth REID, w/o Dr. John REID in 1865 at $1,000. John REID & w/ Elizabeth conveyed 1/3 (3/9) share to Harriet W. PHILPOT, John PHILPOT, Ann W. PHILPOT, Gowan B. PHILPOT, Catharine T. HULL and Thomas B. PHILPOT in 1869 for $3,000. Mortgage to Nancy C. JOHNSON of Virginia by Harriet W. PHILPOT, John PHILPOT Ann W. PHILPOT and G. Blanchard PHILPOT for $1,500. Ann W. PHILPOT conveyed the 1/9 share back to Gowan B. PHILPOT in 1870 at $200. Guardian for Elizabeth PHILPOT was William LIFE, Esquire, of Rye, Westchester Co, NY. Guardian for George PHILPOT and Thomas PHILPOT was William N. YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Benedict BOONE who gave approximate ages listed above. Also testifying was John P. WEST. Trustee was Gowan B. PHILPOT. Sale was held on the premises on the old Frederick and Harpers Ferry Ridge Road, adjoining the village of Knoxville on 17 Feb 1872; high bidder was: - Ann W. PHILPOT and John PHILPOT for 175 acres w/ house at $6,125 Distribution of $6,125; court costs, $453.65 - Nancy JOHNSON, for mortgage, $1,566 - John PHILPOT, assignee of Elizabeth & John REID, assignee of Brian & Edward PHILPOT, 1/6 of 3/9, $315.07 - Ann W. PHILPOT, " " " , 1/6 of 3/9, $315.07 - Gowan B. PHILPOT, " " " , 1/6 of 3/9, $315.07 - Catharine T. HALL, " " " , 1/6 of 3/9, $315.07 - Thomas B. PHILPOT, " " " , 1/6 of 3/9, $315.07 - John PHILPOT, 1/9 less $416.97, his portion of mortgage, $213.17 - Ann W. PHILPOT, 1/9 less $416.97, her portion of mortgage, $213.17 - Gowan B. PHILPOT, 1/9 less $416.97, his portion of mortgage, $213.17 - Catharine T. HALL, 1/9, $630.15 - Thomas B. PHILPOT, 1/9, $630.15 - Sarah PHILPOT, to her siblings .....Brian PHILPOT, 1/8 of 1/9, $78.76 .....John PHILPOT, 1/8 of 1/9, $78.76 .....Ann W. PHILPOT, 1/8 of 1/9, $78.76 .....Elizabeth REID, 1/8 of 1/9, $78.76 .....Gowan B. PHILPOT, 1/8 of 1/9, $78.76 .....Catharine T. HALL, 1/8 of 1/9, $78.76 .....Thomas B. PHILPOT, 1/8 of 1/9, $78.76 - children of Edward PHILPOT .....George PHILPOT, 1/3 of 1/8 of 1/9, $26.25 .....Thomas PHILPOT, 1/3 of 1/8 of 1/9, $26.25 .....Elizabeth PHILPOT, 1/3 of 1/8 of 1/9, $26.25 Closed 8 Jun 1872.
93-97 - MATHIAS, WILSON, GROVE - Apr 1871
Evan WILSON vs Eliza Ann MATHIAS Eliza Ann MATHIAS conveyed a Deed of Trust to Evan WILSON, for benefit of creditors. Land - 90 acres, in New Market District from John W. GILBERT and W. SALMAN. Sale was held 6 Apr 1871; high bidder was: - Samuel E. GROVE at $1,400 Personal property also sold. Distribution of $1,463.34; court costs, $219.46 - Reuben HENRY, mortgage, $834.90 - Asbury MULLINIX, judgement, $351.89 - Samuel E. GROVE, partial mortgage claim, $57.09 Closed 11 Nov 1872.
Peter BAILE vs Robert J. PARKER & Others Robert J. PARKER & w/ Mary J. and Mary E. LEAKLE mortgaged real estate to George W. DEVILBISS who reassigned it to Peter BAILE. Land - "Perplexity", 2 1/4 acres, and "Sarah's Venture", 36 perches. Located on Liberty and New Windsor Turpike, 1 mile west of SNADER's Mill, adjoins land of Peter DUDDERAR, Luke ENSOR and Daniel DANNER (to Danner from Jacob LANDIS). Improvements were 1 1/2-story log house, log stable, choice fruit and a spring. Sale was held 26 Aug 1871 on the premises; high bidder was: - J. William H. BRIGHTWELL at $505; however, Brightwell stated he was unable to comply with the terms and asked the property be resold. Second sale was held at Oak Orchard at ECKER's Store on 10 Feb 1872; but only received a high bid of $325. Therefore, on 15 Feb 1872, private sale was made to: - Martin L. DEVILBISS at $400 Distribution: court costs, $137.19 - Peter BAILE, mortgagee, $223.57 - Peter BAILE, 1/2 of claim, $19.62 - Mary E. YEAKLE, 1/2 of claim, $19.62 Closed 20 Jul 1872.
Richard W. SIMPSON - Petition Rachel SIMPSON was indebted to Richard W. SIMPSON for $1,433. Rachel SIMPSON d/ Sep 1870, intestate d/ Lurena Ann SIMPSON w/o Dr. George B. AIKEN - Baltimore City d/ Sophia SIMPSON w/o Gustavus CRAPSTER - Taneytown, Carroll County s/ Dr. Thomas W. SIMPSON s/ Richard W. SIMPSON (complainant) d/ Ida W. SIMPSON s/ Edward B. SIMPSON - Pennsylvania s/ George W. SIMPSON - Nebraska or beyond Land - House & Lot in Libertytown, adjoining lots of F. S. JONES and Thomas ROHRER. Trustee was Richard W. SIMPSON. Private sale made on 12 Apr 1872 to: - Abner C. DEVILBISS at $1,800 Distribution: court costs, $173.10 - Richard W. SIMPSON, mortgage, $1,604.24 - each 1/7 share to children of Rachel SIMPSON, $3.25 Closed 1 Jun 1872.
Evelina H. BIRELY of Baltimore City vs John ALEXANDER and Martin S. ALEXANDER Land - Land between Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, beginning at the Lock House at Lock #29 on the canal, running down between the railroad on the north side and the canal on the south side, until reaching the junction of the canal and railroad at its eastern extremity, 1+ acre. Previously to Valentine BIRELY from George P. RAMSBURG & w/ Mary G. in 1856 (ES-7, 616); A mill and saw mill were mentioned. - also, "Hempston's Bottom", 11 acres of bottom land, cut off from the farm of George P. RAMSBURG by the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal between and bounded on the north by the canal and the Potomac River on the south, at creek at west end of bottom through the culvert near the Catoctin Depot of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and divided by creek from "Hempston's Bottom" (of Joseph WALTMAN from heirs of William GRAHAM), to eastern terminus which intersects land of Benjamin MOFFITT Jr. To Valentine BIRELY from Joseph WALTMAN in 1856 (ES-7, 615); to Joseph WALTMAN from heirs of William GRAHAM. Both properties in 1866 Agreement of Sale to John ALEXANDER and Martin S. ALEXANDER from Evelina BIRELY, widow of Valentine BIRELY, with monies still due to Mrs. Birely. Trustees were William P. MAULSBY Sr (Carroll County) and Charles W. ROSS. Private sale was made on 19 March 1873 to: - Evelina H. BIRELY at $1,000 After court costs, Evelina H. BIRELY received the remaining $879.51 as payment for notes. Closed 1 Jun 1874.
Henry Clay PRESTON, et al vs Thomas PRESTON, et al Thomas PRESTON, an aged man (age 65), Monrovia (devisee for life) his children by Mary BALDWIN s/ Henry Clay PRESTON - Iowa s/ George E. W. PRESTON - Illinois d/ Ann E. PRESTON s/ Howard F. PRESTON, a minor s/ William A. PRESTON, a minor d/ Mary C. PRESTON, a minor Land - "Rocky Hill", 4 acres (house & lot); located 1 mile SW of Monrovia and the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road. Improvements of a 2-story house with stabling, fruit trees and a spring of pure water near the house. Devised to Thomas PRESTON as life estate by Mary BALDWIN in 1863; upon his death, to his children. Previously to Mary BALDWIN from Jesse PLUMMER as exec/of Michael UMBERGER (Jesse PLUMMER, trustee, Equity Case of June 1857, guardian of Ann E. UMBERGER & others); before that to Michael UMBERGER from Joseph PEAREE & w/ Cinderella in 1847 (WST-3, 631); to Joseph PEAREE from Ann Marie & John TRIMBLE in Apr 1838. Guardian was Arthur POTTS, Esquire. Testimony was heard from John P. THOMPSON and Thomas PRESTON (the father), who claimed the family wanted to sell the land to move west where land is cheap and work plenty. Trustee was William DOWNEY. Sale was held on the premises in New Market District on 20 July 1872; high bidder was: - William E. HYATT at $800.01. Distribution: court costs, $147.79 - William DOWNEY, trustee, $652.22 for benefit of Thomas PRESTON during his life and afterwards, for benefit of his children. Closed 17 Sep 1872.
Andrew ANNAN vs Edward WENSCHOFF Edward WENSCHOFF d/ Dec 1871 (Will written) widow - Catharine s/ Edward WENSCHOFF d/ Catharine WENSCHOFF w/o Henry HOFFMAN d/ Elizabeth WENSCHOFF, dec'd w/o Henry HOFFMAN .....Jackson HOFFMAN, a minor .....Edward HOFFMAN, a minor Exec/ wife Witnesses: D. AGNEW, William SIRENHART, Frederick STAMBAUGH Land - "Harris Delight" and "Chestnut Oak"; from Samuel FLEGLE of C. & w/ Rosanna in 1870. Mortgage to Samuel FLEGLE of C. by Edward WENSCHOFF & w/ Catharine for $2,400. Mortgage was assigned to Andrew ANNAN. Previously to Samuel FLEGLE of C.from William Henry DOTTERER & w/ Catharine in 1857 (one part) and from John TROXEL & wife. Guardian was Walker Y. PAGE, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Anthony McBRIDE. Trustee was William P. MAULSBY. Sale was held 25 May 1872 at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg; high bidder was: - Andrew ANNAN at $2,535 Distribution: court costs, $240.82 - Andrew ANNAN, mortgage, $2,294.18 Closed 13 Jul 1872
John W. PHEBUS & Others vs Estate of Peter PHEBUS Peter PHEBUS d/ summer of 1839 (Will written 13 Jun 1839) widow - Elizabeth d/ Feb 1872 s/ James H. PHEBUS s/ George PHEBUS (d/ abt 1852) .....Anna PHEBUS w/o John HOUCK d/ Mary Margaret PHEBUS w/o Abdiel L. STRAILMAN s/ John W. PHEBUS d/ Jane PHEBUS (1st h/ George MOLDER), now w/o _____ SMITH - Montgomery Co, Ohio d/ Elizabeth PHEBUS s/ Benjamin F. PHEBUS d/ Catharine N. PHEBUS, dec'd w/o Charles BURKE .....Frank BURKE, a minor .....Anna Mary BURKE, a minor Exec/ wife; upon her death, then son George Witnesses: Godfrey KOONTZ, John BENDER, Johan ROELKE Land - (A) Lot #57 on south side of W South Street, Frederick, on "Long Acre" (part of "Taskers Chance"); (to be divided into 2 lots, one of which has a 2-story brick house with kitchen attached and the other with a 1-story brick house); (home place); from Stephen STEINER (w/ Elizabeth) in 1826. - (B) Lot #8 on south side of W South St in Frederick; adjoins Lot #26, then in possession of Mary LAMBERT. From Andrew HEIM & w/ Mary in 1839; Previously to Jacob SHELLMAN from George BENTZ in 1796. - (C) "Jacob's Well", 1 3/4 acre (was part of "Resurvey on Locust Level"); 1 1/2 miles east of Frederick, on southern edge of road from Frederick Town to Baltimore and adjoins land of George ZEILER. Improvements were a log house, blacksmith shop, formerly used as a tavern stand and fruit trees. From John D. HUMMELL & w/ Catharine. Previously from Jacob BRENGLE to Nicholas LEASE in 1829; then to Catharine LEASE, now Catharine HUMMELL (per Will of April 1820). Guardian was Arthur POTTS, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Daniel DERR and William TREGO. Trustees were John W. PHEBUS and Benjamin F. PHEBUS. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 15 Feb 1873, but was postponed because of insufficient bids; rescheduled, high bidders were: - Mary M. STRAILMAN (w/o Abdiel S.) for 1/2 of (A) at $408 - Mary M. STRAILMAN for 1/2 of (A) and house at $361.50 On 1 Apr 1873, private sale was made to: - John SMITH of D. for (C) "Jacob's Well" at $770 On 4 Mar 1874, private sale was made to: - John MICHEL for (B) at $255 Total sales, $1,794.50. Abdiel L. STRAILMAN & w/ Mary M. and John MICHAEL petitioned that Mary M. STRAILMAN became purchaser of House & Lot on "Long Acre" and has now resold it to John MICHAEL and asks the conveyance be in his name. Distribution of $1,398.71; court costs, $229.21; - each 1/8 share to the children, $146.18. Closed 13 May 1874.
John W. PHEBUS & Others vs Estate of Elizabeth PHEBUS - Sale of Real Estate Elizabeth PHEBUS d/ Feb 1872; wid/o Peter PHEBUS s/ James H. PHEBUS & w/ Elizabeth WILLS s/ George PHEBUS (d/ abt 1852) .....Anna PHEBUS w/o John HOUCK d/ Mary Margaret PHEBUS w/o Abdiel L. STRAILMAN s/ John W. PHEBUS & w/ Elizabeth BOLI d/ Jane PHEBUS (1st h/ George MOLDER), now w/o _____ SMITH - Montgomery Co, Ohio d/ Elizabeth E. PHEBUS s/ Benjamin F. PHEBUS & w/ Elizabeth HERGESHEIMER d/ Catharine N. PHEBUS, dec'd w/o Charles BURKE .....Frank BURKE, a minor .....Anna Mary BURKE, a minor Land - House & Lot, 5 1/2 acres; on W Patrick St in Frederick; adjoining tavern property of David F. LAMBERT on the west and John ZIMMERMAN on the south, fronting turnpike leading to Hagerstown; - also Lot and double 1-story brick house with basement on West South St; then occupied by James H. PHEBUS; adjoining lot of David H. HALLER and Christian ROELKE (ref: BGF-1, 5); to Elizabeth PHEBUS from Alpheus W. MARRIOTT in 1872. - "Long Acre", 5 acres, (part of "Tasker's Chance"); located on southern edge of road from Frederick Town to Boonsboro; adjoining stone house occupied by John LAMBERT as a tavern, Jacob BENTZ and George H. RIZER; located on south side of Hagerstown Turnpike. Improvements were a 1-story brick house and kitchen. It was formerly used as a brick yard and was then in possession of C. P. CASSELL and is under lease to him until April 1875. From Gideon BANTZ & w/ Ann Maria in 1846; exception is two parcels sold by Gideon BANTZ to Israel MYERS and Thomas HOWARD. - Lot #168 on W South St in Frederick Town (except part conveyed to Alice HARPER); adjoins lot of David H. HALLER and David FRAZIER; improved with a double 1-story brick house with basement (west side); then in possession of Ezra WATSON (colored). From Horatio WATERS & w/ Margaret in 1841. Previously to Margaret WATERS by her father, Peter MYERHEFFER, in his Will written 19 Jan 1831. Guardian was Arthur POTTS, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Daniel DERR and William TREGO Trustees were John W. PHEBUS and Benjamin F. PHEBUS. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 15 Feb 1873, high bidders were: - Elizabeth PHEBUS for west half of Lot #168 with improvements at $710 Distribution of $710; court costs, $194.15 - Simon C. SIMMONS, partial claim Closed 15 Jul 1874. (Continued in TG-6, 415) ==================
189-194 - WASKEY, LORENTZ, HEIM, THOMAS - Feb 1872
Henry LORENTZ, mortgagee of Perry WASKEY & w/ Sarah E. WASKEY - Foreclosure Land - "Fielderea", 13 acres; from Lloyd DORSEY & wife in 1845. - "Fielderea", 28 acres; from Patrick McGILL Jr & others in 1849. - "Fielderea", 25 acres and from Lloyd DORSEY & wife in 1855 - "Fielderea", 11 acres; from Jonathan A. THOMAS & wife in 1860. - "Chestnut Hollow", 10 acres; from Arabella W. McGILL and Sarah A. McGILL in 1855. - "The Mountain", 15 acres; from William H. BLESSING, trustee in 1859. - "The Mountain", __ acres; from Elizabeth THOMAS in 1867. Exception was 2+ acres sold to Amelia F. F. HEIM & Others in 1859. Exception was 12+ acres sold to Ezra M. THOMAS in 1866. Total of 97 acres. Sale was held 27 Mar 1872 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - Henry LORENTZ at $2,131 Distribution: court costs, $213.72 - Henry LORENTZ, partial mortgage, $2,017.28 Closed 17 May 1872.
194-200 - ABBOTT, LOATS, SINN - Apr 1872
John LOATS, mortgagee of George A. ABBOTT & w/ Clementine ABBOTT - Foreclosure Land - part of Lots #159, 160, 161 in Square #40 on west side of South Market St in Frederick City; adjoining brick house of Horatio WATERS on the south and lot of Henry BOTELER on the north. Mortgaged to John LOATS in 1868. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 4 Apr 1872; high bidder was: - John F. SINN at $900 Distribution: court costs, $148.60 - John LOATS, mortgagee, $751.40 Closed 1 Jun 1872.
201-220 - ROOT, SAYLER, BIRELY, McGINNIS, DAVIS - Apr 1872
Harriet V. ROOT and Laura A. ROOT - Sale of Real Estate Daniel ROOT of R. d/ Mar 1872, intestate widow - Ann Elizabeth and 5 children d/ Harriet Virginia ROOT d/ Laura A. ROOT d/ Mary K.(or H.) ROOT, a minor s/ Richard E.(or S.) ROOT, a minor d/ Emma A. ROOT, a minor Land - parts of "Seventh Dividend", "William's Hill", "Bushy Neck", 158 acres, in Johnsville District; adjoins land of David BIRELY and John BIRELY; located within 1 mile of York Road Station on the Western Maryland Rail Road and within 1 mile of Ladiesburg Station on the Frederick and Pennsylvania Line Rail Road. Land is slate, in meadows and timbered. Farm has an apple orchard, cherries and other fruit, a never-failing spring near the 2-story log house and bank barn. From Samuel BIRELY, trustee of Chancery Court, in 1849. - part "Seventh Dividend", 3 1/2 acres; adjoining land of John DIFFENDALL (from Michael JORDON in 1795). From Samuel D. McGUINESS & w/ Sarah J., John L. McGINNIS of Frederick County, William L. McGINNIS & w/ Alice J., and Francis A. McGINNIS of Carroll County in 1870. Exceptions: - 10 acres of "Seventh Dividend" sold to Frederick BIRELY in 1849. - 7 1/3 acres of "William's Hill", in Johnsville, sold to John H. HAUGH of Johnsville in 1864. - 3 1/2 acres of "William's Hill", in Johnsville, sold to Samuel D. McGINNIS and John T. McGINNIS of Frederick County and William L. McGINNIS and Francis A. McGINNIS of Carroll County in 1870. - 10 acres sold to Samuel DAVIS (not yet conveyed) On 23 Apr 1872, Daniel P. SAYLER, of Double Pipe Creek, stated the widow, Ann Elizabeth ROOT was about 48 years old and her general health was good. The widow and children recommended Daniel P. SAYLER, their relative, be appointed trustee to sell the real estate. Guardian was Herman C. KOEHLER, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Daniel P. SAYLER, claiming the widow, Ann Elizabeth ROOT, was his sister-in-law. Also testifying was David BIRELY. Trustee was Daniel P. SAYLER. Sale was held 10 Aug 1872 on the premises, but no sufficient bid was received; rescheduled on 22 Feb 1873; high bidder was: - Harriet Virginia ROOT at $2,100 Distribution: court costs, $187.40 - Ann E. ROOT, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $239.07 - each 1/5 share to the children, $337.78 Closed 12 Sep 1874.
220-227 - ABBOTT, BROMETT, BARTGIS - Apr 1872
Michael BROMETT vs George A. ABBOTT & w/ Clementine ABBOTT Deed of Trust for creditors was made to Michael BROMETT by the Abbotts. Land - Lot on west side of South Market St in Frederick (from John STIMMEL & wife in 1865). - Lot in Frederick (from Amelia MARKELL & Others in 1865) - Lot on west side of South Market St in Frederick, lying between lots of Horatio WATERS and Henry BOTELER (part of Lots #159, 160, 161, in Square #40) - Store occupied by George A. ABBOTT on SE corner of Market and Church Sts in Frederick Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick City on 20 Apr 1872; high bidders were: - Mrs. Matilda E. BARTGIS for House & Lot on South Market St in Frederick at $2,200 (signed by her husbannd, Hiram BARTGIS) Adjoins lots of Miss Mary LITTLE and Mrs. George DILLER; house is 2-story brick with frame back building, has a hall, parlor, dining room and kitchen on first floor and four rooms on the second floor with good garret on back building, good dry cellar under front house, yard and fruit trees. - Matilda E. BARTGIS for the rear vacant lot at $300; fronts on Mantz St, adjoins that of Thomas M. MARKELL and Miss Matilda LITTLE. Total sales, $2,500 Additional sales for personal property, including fixtures from a tobacco store at private sale for $1,816 Distribution of $4,276.67; court costs, $1,450.68 - balance to multitude of creditors at 27% of claims. Closed 2 Sep 1872.
227-233 - OHLER, LORENTZ - Apr 1872
Henry LORENTZ, mortgagee of Frederick OHLER & w/ Mary C. - Foreclosure and Report of Sales Land - "Resurvey on Boxes", 130 acres; along the Monocacy River, one mile south of Bridgeport in Emmitsburg District, improved with a 2-story stone house, stone Switzer barn (15x45') and two wells; from Solomon OHLER and Charles W. ROSS, trustees (Equity Court). Henry LORENTZ reassigned the mortgage to William WHITE in 1871 who reassigned it back to Lorentz in 1872. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 27 Apr 1872; high bidder was: - Henry LORENTZ at $3,250 Distribution: court costs, $202.25 - Henry LORENTZ, mortgagee, in part, $3,047.75 Closed 21 Jun 1872.
233-240 - WACHTER, STIMMEL, CRAMER - May 1872
Jacob STIMMEL, adm/of Henry STIMMEL vs George WACHTER of J. In 1871, Deed of Mortgage was issued to Henry STIMMEL for $1,781.80 by George WACHTER of J. and w/ Mary Ann. Henry STIMMEL died intestate later in 1871. Land - 140 acres, in Creagerstown District; from John WACHTER, trustee of Jacob WACHTER, dec'd, in 1865 (JWLC-2, 517). Sale was held 23 May 1872; high bidder was: - Michael WACHTER at $2,808 Distribution of $2,966.40: court costs, $191.95 - Jacob STIMMEL, adm, for mortgage, $1,951.34 - Peter CRAMER, judgement, $180.17 - Eli CRAMER, judgement, in part, $642.91 Closed 28 Jul 1873.
Charles W. ROSS, trustee of John Q. ADAMS & w/ Julia Ann Deed of Trust for creditors to Charles W. ROSS by John Q. ADAMS & w/ Julia Ann. Land - "Arnolds Integrity" (surveyed for Arnold HARDY in 1795), "Linked Together" and "Addition to Arnolds Integrity", 230 contiguous acres in Woodsboro District, 1/2 mile from Ladiesburg; improvements of a 2-story house of eight rooms, cellar under the whole house, new bank barn (74x45'), wagon shed, smoke house, spring house and never-failing spring of pure water near the house and running water in the barn yard and a fine orchard. Farm is divided into nine fields under good fencing with running water in nearly all fields, 50 acres are in timber, the balance well limed. Located half a mile from a station on the Frederick & Pennsylvania Line Rail Road which will be completed to Ladiesburg by day of sale. To John Q. ADAMS from David F. DORCUS & w/ Martha/Matilda A. in 1869. Exception: parts sold to - Frederick CRUM for 2+ acres in 1870 - Mary E. BAKER for 1+ acre in in 1870 Farm of A. B. KIMMEL is where ADAMS was tenant when petition was filed. Sale was held on 22 Jun 1872 on the premises; high bidder was: - William CARMACK at $6,900 Distribution of $2,543.37; court costs, $241.16 - William CARMACK, mortgage, $2,420 - balance to multiple creditors People who were securities on his various notes were William ADAMS and Absalom STOVER, for whom he wrote a Deed of Mortgage. Distribution of $4,956.54; court costs, $245.29 - balance to various claimants. Closed 21 Feb 1874.
254-260 - JONES, WILSON - Jul 1872
John P. JONES, mortgagee of John JONES & w/ Ruth Anna Land - "Avignon Farm", "Addition to Whiskey Ridge", "Nathans Undertaking" and "Providence", 171+ acres, in Mount Pleasant District, on the Old Annapolis Road, 3 miles east of Mount Pleasant, adjoining land of Nathan NELSON and John P. JONES. Quality of land is blue slate, eight acres in meadow, the rest in timber. Improvements were a large 2-story stone house, a frame Switzer barn, a tenant house, a grist mill built of stone with an attached saw mill, situated on the Linganore. Conveyed 61 acres to Mary JONES by Peter Light WILSON & w/ Mary and John JONES & w/ Ruth Anna (JWLC-4, 658). (John JONES held one undivided half part of 171 acres). Mortgage to William JONES & w/ Mary by John JONES & Others in 1865 (JWLC-3, 61). Sale was held 13 Jul 1872, high bidder was: - Peter Light WILSON at $2,700 Distribution by trustee, John P. JONES; court costs, $282.02 - John P. JONES, mortgage, $1,075 - Nathan JONES, claim in part, $293.64 - William JONES, claim in part, $535.47 - James T. JONES, claim in part, $513.87 Closed 4 Sep 1872.
John A. KOONS, trustee for creditors of Mary Ann EILER - Report of Sales Deed of Trust for creditors to John A. KOONS by Mary Ann EILER and her next friend (and husband), William ILER/EYLER of J. in 1872. Land - "Resurvey on Good Neighborhood", House & Lot, 18 3/4 acres, in Johnsville District. From Jacob STITELY (of John) to Mary Ann ILER in 1865. Sale was held on 14 Sep 1872; high bidder was: - Samuel BIRELY at $291 Distribution: court costs, $73.34 - Samuel BIRELY, partial claim, $217.66 Closed 1 May 1873.
Mary Ann STANSBERRY of Carroll County - Sale of Real Estate Abdiel S. MAGERS d/ 1 Apr 1872 in Emmitsburg, intestate sis/ Mary Ann STANSBERRY/STANSBURY - Carroll County sis/ Suranda GALLIGHER, dec'd (all children and residences unknown) .......s/Edward GALLIGHER - Out of State Land - "Resurvey on Mary's Fancy" (now called "Boston"), 49 acres; on the banks of the Monocacy, on west side of road from Bruceville to Emmitsburg and below Baumgardner's coal house and by Abraham FORNEY's land (from Jacob SHORB in 1832); crosses mouth of Piney Creek. Improved with a house. From Francis SPALDING & w/ Elizabeth to Abdiel S. MAGERS in 1839. In 1849, Abdiel S. MAGERS sold said land to Peter BUMGARDNER, excepting 4 acres reserved for MAGERS. - 4 acre wooded lot by the Monocacy, 5 miles east of Emmitsburg; from Ephraim BUFFINGTON & w/ Louisa in 1861. Testimony was heard from Nicholas STANSBURY and Obijah CLOSE. Trustee was Nicholas STANSBURY. Sale was held on 20 Jul 1873 on the premises, but due to lack of bids, was rescheduled to 30 Aug 1873 and sold in two parcels; high bidders were: - Abraham SHEETS for part "Mary's Fancy", 5+ acres, at $725; adjoining land of William CRAPSTER, 4 miles SE of Emmitsburg. - Josiah CLUTZ for the 4 acres at $68 Petition for claim was filed by Dietrick ZECK. Distribution of $809.31; court costs, $217.04 - William W. CRAPSTER, claim, $160 - John C. MOTTER, claim, $10 - balance to numerous creditors, paid at 45%. Closed 28 May 1874. Note - Marriages found - Seranda MAGERS & John GALLEHER - 7 Jul 1827, Baltimore Co, MD - Mary Ann MAGERS & James KEEFER - 27 Apr 1820, Frederick, MD - Mary Ann MAGERS & James STANSBURY - 16 Feb 1827, Frederick, MD - Abdiel E. MAGERS & Ruth PHILLIPS - 21 Sep 1822, Frederick, MD
Daniel L. BEACHLEY Catharine LINEBAUGH, widow, d/ Dec 1871 in Myersville, intestate s/ John H. LINEBAUGH & w/ Margaret J. PATTON - Ohio d/ Sarah A. w/o Daniel F. BEACHLEY - Washington County d/ Mary S. w/o Freeland KNODLE d/ Catharine M. w/o Martin L. MAYSELLIS - Washington County d/ Louisa C. LINEBAUGH d/ Charlotte M. w/o Charles D. ROUTZAHN d/ Alice A. LINEBAUGH, a minor s/ Howard N. LINEBAUGH, a minor Land - 2 Lots on "New Saxony", 5+ acres and 1 acre; on road to Beallsville in Myersville; improved with 1 1/2-story brick house and a small barn, a young orchard and good spring; from in Ezra V. MARKER & w/ Elizabeth in 1866. Administrator was George KOOGLE, Esquire. Guardian was Herman C. KOEHLER, Esquire. Testimony was heard from George KOOGLE (age 44, lived in Myersville), Henry A. SCHILDTNECHT and Daniel F. BEACHLEY of Washington County. Trustee was George KOOGLE. Sale was held in front of Joseph BROWN's store in Myersville on 1 Jan 1874; high bidder was: - Mrs. Mary S. KNODLE at $550 Distribution: court costs, $128.90 - various creditors, $276.22 - each 1/8 share to the children, $18.11 Closed 30 Apr 1874.
Josiah A. STALEY of Ohio - Petition to Sell Real Estate John STALEY of J. d/ Sep 1872, intestate widow - Joanna s/ Josiah A. STALEY - Ohio s/ John H. STALEY, a minor d/ Mary J. STALEY, a minor s/ Milton Grant STALEY, a minor d/ Lottie Elizabeth STALEY, a minor Land - 1 acre on Shookstown Road, Frederick, adjoining lands of Charles BRUNER and David MAIN. Improvements were 1 1/2-story weatherboard house, stabling, chicken house, spring of water near the house and choice fruit trees. Property from Jacob WALTERS (Will SMS-3, 152, written 9 Sep 1842) who devised said property to his wife, Christianna. Christianna made an agreement after Jacob's death, on 22 May 1847, with John LEWIS, wo was engaged to marry her, and appointed Lewis BRUNER as their trustee. They opted to sell the real estate, which they did for $200 to Martin MILLER Jr. Martin MILLER & w/ Susan R. (live in PA) sold it to John STALEY; monies paid and deed conveyed; however, John failed to have the deed recorded at the courthouse and it then could not be found. Guardian was Arthur POTTS. On 23 Jan 1873, Elizabeth FOX gave oath the widow, Joanna STALY was 42 years of age and her general health was good. Testimony was heard from Henry BRUNER who stated John STALEY of J. had lived on the land for 19 years. Also testifying ws Joshua BRUNER and Joanna STALEY. Trustee was Henry BRUNER. After a failed public sale, private sale was made to: - Charles H. SMITH at $350 Records indicate the widow and minor children also moved to Ohio, to Seneca County, whereby she then became the guardian of the minor children. Distribution of $350; court costs, $273.79 (includes debts) - Joana STALEY, widow, $30.13 - only the minor children received $11.52 each Closed 5 Jul 1873.
319-326 - STOUFFER, BRENGLE, CLEM, PALMER - Feb 1873
Francis BRENGLE vs William H. STOUFFER - Foreclosure Deed of Trust to Francis BRENGLE from William H. STOUFFER & w/ Eleanor T. in 1872. Land - 6 acres in Creagerstown District; on the Frederick-Emmittsburg turnpike, 1 1/2 miles south of Lewistown and 7 miles north of Frederick; Improved with a 1 1/2-story weatherboard house, stabling, hen house, fine garden, apple and peach orchard and well. from Philip H. CLEM & w/ Catharine A. in 1865 (JWLC-2, 406 or 416). Foreclosure Sale was held 23 Nov 1872 on the premises, but failed to obtain a sufficient bid. At the request of William H. STOUFFER, private sale was made to: - Thomas F. PALMER at $900 Sale ad also mentioned sale of 4 1/2 acres, adjoining above property, belonging to John W. MATHEWS. Distribution of $901.05 (included personal property); - court costs, $278.32 - George GREASEY, mortgage, $224.67 - William H. STAUFFER, balance of $398.06 Closed 30 Jun 1873.
Joseph HAYS vs Isaac OHLER - Foreclosure Deed of Trust to Joseph HAYS by Isaac OHLER & w/ Isamiah in 1872. Land - 93 acres in Emmitsburg District (5th), 3 1/2 miles east of Emmitsburg on south side of road from Plank Road to NULL's Mill (also later noted as JAMISON's Mill). Adjoined lands of Lewis F. SHRIVER, John HOCKERSMITH, Isaac BOLLINGER and heirs of Reuben FLEMMING. Also later noted as Jacob BOLLINGER on the east and John HOCKINSMITH on the west. From Adam BOWERS & w/ Mary Ann in 1863 (Deed BGF-8, 539). Improvements were a 2-story log house with a 1-story back building, a log barn with wagon shed, corn crib, smoke house, blacksmith shop, two good wells near the house and orchard with a variety of small fruits. The public road passes nearly through the centre of the farm, which is divided into nine fields. Soil is good quality of red land. Public Sale was held on 25 Mar 1872 on the premises, but no sufficient bid was received. Personal property sold for $482.07. Private sales was later made to: - John HOCKINS for 83 acres at $1,200 - Isamiah OHLER for 10 acres at $800 (listed as on north side of road from Plank Road to JAMISON's Mill, adjoining lands of Lewis P. SHRIVER on the west and north. Other personal property sold for $308.44, which included livestock, farm equipment and house contents. Total sales, $2,801.93. Distribution of $2,546.66; court costs & claims, $2,027.82 - Balance to numerous creditors at 45.7% Closed 7 Aug 1873.
335-351 - HARDING, ROSS, MARKEL - Feb 1873
Charles W. ROSS, trustee vs James M. HARDING - Foreclosure Land - Lot 31x270', on south side of West Patrick St in Frederick, with rights to alley; extends towards Carroll Creek. Adjoins lot of Jacob BIRELY and Mahlon TALBOTT. Improvements were a 2-story brick house with back building, containing 12 finished rooms, including bathroom, gas through the house and hydrant into the kitchen, situated in the centre of the business portion of the city, adjacent to the Central Hotel. Tenant then was Mrs. Sarah MOYAN. Conveyed to James M. HARDING from George KOONTZ, trustee for insolvent Joseph TALBOTT & w/ Jane of Baltimore City in 1840. Previously to TALBOTT from Mary J. THOMAS in 1836. Mortgage from James M. HARDING & w/ Sarah A. and Marshall F. HARDING to Frederick County Building Association (Charles W. ROSS as their trustee). Foreclosure sale was held 22 Feb 1873 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - George MARKEL at $4,105 James M. HARDING d/ 12 Jun 1873 widow - Sarah A. (46 years old by petition filed 2 Apr 1873). Distribution of $4,105; court costs, $300.47 - Frederick Co Bldg Assoc, mortgage, $451.72 - Sarah A. HARDING, widow, $475.56 - J. A. RITTER, mortgage, $1,217.48 - J. A. RITTER, mortgage, $1,055 - Nathan O. NEIGHBORS, mortgage, $102.50 - Trustee, subject to future order of court, $502.27 2nd Distribution of $502.27; court costs, $26.75 - J. Alford RITTER, claim, $71.70 - Charles W. MILLER, guardian of Sarah F BLOOMENOUR, $53.32 - Charles W. MILLER, guardian of Kate M. BLOOMENOUR, $53.32 - Sarah A. HARDING, claim, $136.05 - Dr. George JOHNSON, claim, $33.95 - J. Alfred RITTER, claim, $17.67 - balance to numerous other claims. Closed 10 Jun 1873.
Charles H. MAULSBY, mortgagee of Rhoda CLEM & husband/ Peter S. CLEM - Report of Sales Land - "Sure Bind, Sure Find", 20 acres; - parts "Loss Gained", "Sure Bind, Sure Find", 20 acres; - parts "Loss Gained", "Sure Bind, Sure Find", 13 acres; adjoins land of Jacob STALEY, Luther J. LEATHER and Henry MORNINGSTAR. Located 1 mile NE of village; improved with a 1 1/2 story log house with a porch the length of the house, a log stable,, a stone spring house, stone meat and wash house, a never-failing spring near the house and fruit trees. Foreclosure sale was held at Utica Mills, in front of the mill, on 1 Mar 1873; high bidder was - - Charles H. MAULSBY at $200, subject to prior mortgage of $800 However, the defendants claimed the sale was fraudulant. Upon another sale in August, the same bidder purchased said property for $50. Closed 2 Sep 1873.
359-364 - HYDER, ETZLER, REPP, HARTSOCK - Mar 1873
George W. ETZLER, mortgagee vs Jesse HYDER & w/ Amanda M. C. - Foreclosure Land - 2-story frame House & Lot on south end of Johnsville, 2 1/2 acres; adjoins lot of James HYDER; from Wesley REPP & wife in 1869. Foreclosure sale was held on 1 Mar 1873 at Lott HARTSOCK's store in Johnsville; high bidder was: - Lott HARTSOCK at $650 Distribution: court costs, $129.77 - George W. ETZLER, mortgage, $509.84 - Lott HARTSOCK, part payment of judgement, $10.39 Closed 11 Jun 1873.
364-381 - STRAILMAN, MURDOCK, SHANK - Mar 1873
Charles W. ROSS, admin/of George MURDOCK, dec'd - Report of Sales Henry M. STRAILMAN was indebted to George MURDOCK. Land - Fountain Rock Mills, part of "Monocacy Manor", 30 acres; on road from the Retreat School House to Biggs Ford Road, running by the mill, adjoining lands of Aaron BAKER and NEIDIG heirs, 5 1/2 miles north of Frederick and 1 1/2 miles from the Woodsborough Turnpike. Improvements were a 3-story merchant mill with overshot wheel and two run of burrs for making all grades of flour. Also, a 2-story brick house (built in 1869) with frame back building, corn house, wagon shed, stables sufficient for 3 horses and 5 cows, a spring house. Also, a small 1 1/2-story log tenant house; a orchard of apple and peach trees and never-failing spring of water. Conveyed to Henry M. STRAILMAN from Grayson EICHELBERGER, trustee of Joseph A. LICHLIDER in 1862. (Previously to Joseph A. LECHLIDER from James M. WEDDLE/WADDELL & w/ Harriet Jane in 1857 on ES-9, 322; and before that was from Richard B. BROWN & w/ Sophia in 1854). Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick City on 15 Mar 1873; high bidder was: - John William SHANK at $6,125 cash; subject to water rights to D. C. JOHNSON Several petitions were filed against Henry M. STRAILMAN. Additional land: - Lot in Bentz Town in Frederick City conveyed to STRAILMAN by Samuel DIXON in 1855. (Previously to Samuel DIXON by Charles Cole, exec/of George FAGIN in 1855.) - Lot #9, mountain tract, 14 acres; to Henry M. STRAILMAN from Chalres W. GOLDSBOROUTH and James A. WATERS and wife in 1865. Distribution of $6,125; court costs, $346.54; balance went to various mortgages and notes. Closed 13 May 1873.
Mary C. SHRINER, assignee of Hugh McALEER, mortgagee of Charles W. GRIFFIN - Report of Sales Charles W. GRIFFIN, dec'd widow - Mary Ann Land - 21 acres; about 2 miles from Frederick, on the road from Frederick to Noland's Ferry, commonly known as New Designed Road. The mill, known as the New Richmond Mill, was burned; and formerly owned by Michael KEEFER, Esquire. Situated on Ballengers Creek, the walls still standing; adjoins land of William H. RAMSBURG, George MARKELL, and Mrs. FOUT. Improvements were a 2-story weatherboard house, a frame stable, spring house and wagon shed; apple orchard and other fruit trees. Conveyed to Charles W. GRIFFIN from Leander Z. DOLL & wife in 1869. (Previously to Charles W. FLOCKER/FLECKER from James C. CLARK & Others in 1863, Liber BGF-8, 391.) Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick City on 12 Apr 1873; high bidder was: - William H. RAMSBURG at $1,100, free from dower of Mary Ann GRIFFIN, the widow of Charles W. GRIFFIN. Distribution of $1,100; court costs, $131.30 - Mary Ann GRIFFIN, widow, in lieu of dower, $96.87 - Mary C. SHRINER, assignee, $871.83 Closed 21 May 1873.
388-395 - BOOZEL, SWEADNER, HAMMOND - Apr 1873
Daniel SWEADNER, mortgagee of Abraham BOOZEL & wife - Report of Sales Land - "Hope for the Best", 37 acres and 159 acres; in Liberty District, adjoining lands of Mahlon DAVIS on the west and Adam NUSBAUM and Mahlon RHODERICK on the south and Dawson V. HAMMOND and Peter HINES on the east and the Frederick & Liberty Turnpike on the north, about 1 mile from Liberty. Conveyed to Abraham BOOZEL from Daniel SWEADNER & w/ Clementina in 1871 at $16,000. (Previously to Daniel SWEADNER Jr. from Daniel SWEADNER Sr. and wife in 1863, Liber JWLC-3, 447; and to Daniel SWEADNER Sr from Thomas HAMMOND, trustee in 1836, Liber HS-12, 168, 37 acres; and to Daniel SWEADNER Sr from Nathan C. HAMMOND & w/ Mary in 1836, HS-12, 165, 159 acres.) Improvements were a 2-story brick house, a barn, corn crib and a large orchard on one part; a log house and barn on the other part. Exception is 1/3 acre to Liberty & Frederick Turnpike Road Company. Mortgaged to Daniel SWEADNER by Abraham BOOZEL & w/ Magdalena in 1871. Sale was held 26 Apr 1873 on the premises; high bidder was: - Daniel SWEADNER at $11,406.41. Distribution: court costs, $433.59 - Daniel SWEADNER, mortgage, $10,969.95 - Abraham BOOZEL, balance, $2.87 Closed 28 Jun 1873.
395-400 - HEFFNER, RENNER - May 1873
Emanuel RENNER, mortgagee of George W. HEFFNER & w/ Adaline - Report of Sales Land - "Resurvey on Bear Den", 2 acres; 2 1/2 miles NE of Woodsborough, near the York Road, adjoins land of Robert BARRICK and Absalom STOVER. Improvements were a new 1 1/2 story frame house, small stable and a spring of water near the house. Sale was held 8 May 1873 on the premises; high bidder was: - Emanuel RENNER at $275 Distribution: court costs, $63.75 - Emanuel RENNER, mortgagee, $186.40 - balance, subject to order of the court, $24.85 Closed 19 Jul 1873.
400-406 - ROTH, TALBOTT, NACE - Jun 1873
Nathan T. TALBOTT, mortgagee of Daniel S. ROTH & w/ Isadora C.B. - Report of Sales Land - "Resurvey on Hobson's Choice", "Bunker Hill", "Sand Stone Ridge", "Carrollton" and "Hill in the Middle", 215 acres; 1 1/2 miles from Point of Rocks, the Chesapeake & Ohio Canan and the Metropolitan Rail Road passes through it. It is exclusive of the Rail Road; and is in Buckeystown District; adjoins lands of Mrs. SNOOT, Nathan T. TALBOTT and Henry MICHAEL and tract Carrollton Manor. Conveyed to Daniel S. ROTH from Nathan T. TALBOTT of Montgomery County in 1872. Improvements were a 1 1/2-story log house, and barn; 50 acres are wooded and there are four fields. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick city on 28 Jun 1873; high bidders were: - John H. NACE of Pennsylvania at $4,730 Distribution: court costs, $306.21 - Nathan T. TALBOTT, mortgagee, $4,334.39 - John H. NACE, in part of judgement, $89.40 Closed 6 Sep 1873.
George W. ROWE and Eugene L. ROWE, partners, t/a George W. ROWE & Son, and Detrick ZECK and Joseph BOLLINGER vs Frederick G. MEALS & wife Frederick G. MEALS & w/ Henrietta L. of Emmitsburg, had a deed of mortgage to Emmittsburg Building Association (John MOTTER as agent) in 1868; who assigned said mortgage to George W. ROWE & Son. Land - West part of Lot #4 in "Shield's Addition" in Emmitsburg, fronting Main St on the north side and running back to an alley; improvements were a 2-story brick house with two back buildings, then in the occupancy of Mrs. Matilda ALLISON. Conveyed to Frederick G. MEALS by Mrs. Susan KEILHOLTZ in 1868. 2nd mortgage to Detrick ZECK in 1868. 3rd mortgage to Joseph BOLLINGER in 1871. Trustee was C. V. S. LEVY. Sale was held at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmittsburg on 1 Dec 1873; high bidder was: - Charles S. ZECK at $765, with Dietrick ZECK as surety Distribution (redone after objection): court costs, $124.60 - George W. ROWE & Eugene L. ROWE, partners and assignee of Emmittsburg Building Assoc, mortgage, $347.60 - taxes, $5.55 - Dietrick ZECK, mortgage, $132.25 - Joseph BOLLINGER, mortgage in part, $155 Closed 20 May 1874.
Peter SHAFER and John LONG vs Estate of Joseph DARNER Joseph DARNER d/ 1864 (Will written 23 Sep 1864) widow - Susan s/ Joseph Robert DARNER, single d/ Mary V. DARNER w/o Oliver H. FLOOK - Indiana d/ Sarah E. DARNER w/o Charles W. CORUN Exec/ brother-in-law, John LONG Witnesses: Elias COLENTZ, Peter CULLER and Ezra MINNICK (only child named in Will was son Robert for a colt) Land - "Resurvey on Good Luck", "Now For It", "Resurvey on Meadow Recovered", 95 1/2 acres, in Jefferson District, about 3 miles from Middletown, adjoining lands of F. K. STONE and John ROUTZAHN. Valley land is all cleared and improved with a 2-story log house with back building, a log barn, corn house, wagon shed, carriage house, meat house, dairy and a small stream running through the farm. Also an apple orchard and other fruit trees; divided into four fields. Robert DARNER was then living on the farm. Laid out on public road #221 and stone marked 1752 (which separates this land from that of Frederick R. STONE), adjoining land of John ROUTZAHN, Henry SMITH, George SMITH, tract "Catch As Catch Can", and Martin S. GROVES' land. Conveyed from John SMITH & w/ Anna Maria in 1863; previously to Smith from David COBLENTZ & wife in 1856. Trustee was John Long. Sale was held at YOUNG's Hotel in Middletown on 28 Feb 1874; however, no sufficient bid was received. On 17 March 1874, private sale was made to: - James WATERS at $5,730 Distribution: court costs, $367.53 - Peter SHAFER, claim, $1,087.07 - John LONG, claims, $34.37 - James WATERS, trustee, for investment, $4,241.03 Closed 6 May 1874.
John GARDENER & w/ Susan and Sarah BECKENBAUGH - Petition Mary BECKENBAUGH, d/ Oct-Nov 1872, intestate widow of John BECKENBAUGH s/ Peter BECKENBAUGH (age 48) & w/ Lavinia - Ohio d/ Sarah BECKENBAUGH (46), single s/ Henry BECKENBAUGH (42), single - Ohio d/ Catharine (BECKENBAUGH) WILSON (40), widow - Baltimore City d/ Susan (BECKENBAUGH) (38) w/o John GARDNER d/ Rebecca (BECKENBAUGH) (34) w/o Thomas KINNA - Howard County s/ John Thomas BECKENBAUGH (32) & w/ Elisabeth - Ohio d/ Elizabeth BECKENBAUGH (26), single - Ohio Land - House & Lot in Middletown on "Banando's Addition to Middletown". Conveyed to Mary BECKENBAUGH in 1864 from: Heirs of Nancy WILLIARD - Thomas H. WILLIARD & w/ Sarah A. - Mary C. STAUB - Ann Elizabeth A. WILLIARD - Lewis A. WILLIARD & w/ Cornelia A. - Hamilton H. POWER & w/ Genevieve M. Previously conveyed to Joseph POWER from John W. W. WILLIAMSON & w/ Mary C. in 1845. Testimony was heard on 23 Jan 1874, from Thomas KOOGLE, Daniel C. MILLER and John GARDNER, all of whom testified to the heirs' ages. Trustee was John GARDNER. Sale was held 21 March 1874 at the Valley Register Building in Middletown; high bidder was: - Ann Maria DONSTON/DOUSTON at $411 Distribution of $439; court costs, $131.62 - various claims, $126.32 - each 1/8 share to heirs, $22.63 Closed 10 Aug 1874.
Joseph BYERS, mortgagee of Joseph T. FLORENCE & w/ Margaret Josephine - Report of Sales Land - "Carrollsburg", 4 1/2 acres; in District 5, on road from Emmitsburg to Waynesboro, about 1 mile west of Emmittsburg, adjoining lands of Milly O. BROWN and Bastion FLORENCE. Conveyed to Joseph T. FLORENCE from Joseph HAYS, exec/of Mary C. BROWN, deceased daughter of James MYERS. Previously to James MYERS from John ADELSBERGER, exec/of John ADELSBERGER in 1843. Sale was held 4 Oct 1873 at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmittsburg, high bidder was: - George W. ROWE & Eugene L. ROWE, partners, t/a George W. ROWE & Son, at $540 Distribution: court costs, $88.05 - Joseph BYERS, mortgage claim, $371.80 - balance to other claims Closed 30 Jan 1874.
Farmers & Mechanics National Bank vs Christopher THOMAS Christopher THOMAS was indebted to Jacob M. KUNKLE for notes from himself and Nathan STEPHENS and Nancy STEPHENS. Kunkle assigned the notes to the bank. Land - Lot #14 in Knoxville on "Resurvey on Maryland", 5,240 sq ft, (surveyed and divided by Cornelius KNODE in 1847); with a weatherboard house. Conveyed to Christopher THOMAS from Catharine RHODES in 1851. Previously to Rhodes from Henry BOTELER in 1845. - Lot #13 in Knoxville on "Rhodes Addition to Knoxville"; from Peter RHODES & w/ Elizabeth in 1864. - Lot #5 in Knoxville on "Rhodes Addition to Knoxville"; with use of water in well on Lot #6; with a weatherboard house; tenant then was Mr. KERCHIVAL; from Violetta G. BOTELER and Joseph ENNIS, exec/of John ENNIS, in 1865. Previously to Ennis from Grafton DARBY in 1857; anf to DARBY from George RHODES & wife in 1848. In 1870, Christopher THOMAS conveyed above land to wife Anne B. THOMAS. Testimony was heard from John W. BIRELY (age 58), Frederick city, cashier; George W. LEASE (age 52), Frederick city, summons server; James BARTGIS, Chief Deputy to Sheriff Hiram BARTGIS; Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr. (age 34), Frederick city, Deputy Clerk Trustee was Milton G. URNER. Sale was held at James REELY's Hotel in Knoxville on 8 Aug 1874; high bidders were: - Annie B. THOMAS for Lots #13 & 14 at $351 - Annie B. THOMAS for Lot #5 at $201 Total sales, $552. Distribution: court costs, $183.07 - Farmers & Mechanics bank, $336.14 - Christopher THOMAS, balance of $32.78 Closed 12 Oct 1874.
458-470 - DEVILBISS, SHRIVER - Oct 1871
Jane R. DEVILBISS - Petition for Dower Land John H. DEVILBISS d/ 1 Oct 1871 (Will written 30 Sep 1870 or 1871) widow - Jane R. s/ Preston T. DEVILBISS, minor under age 14 d/ Florence DEVILBISS d/ Ida E. DEVILBISS Exec/ David Marshall DEVILBISS Witnesses: T. W. SIMPSON, Mathew JONES, Andrew W. BAKER Land - on the Linganore Branch in Liberty District; - "Venus", 98 acres; just north of Liberty Road and off of road to Linganore PO from Poole's Store (possibly present-day Green Valley Road (Rt 75)). to John Hanson DEVILBISS from Adam DEVILBISS & w/ Annie in 1864; previously to Adam from Adam W. DEVILBISS, trustee and David DEVILBISS & w/ Elizabeth in 1842. - "Resurvey on part Deer Bought" and "Ushers Freehold", 196 acres; to John H. DEVILBISS from Abner C. DEVILBISS in 1867. Tracts are contiguous with Mill Road running North to South down the middle. Guardian was Herman C. KOEHLER for the son. Testimony was heard from Abner C. DEVILBISS (a brother to John H.) Also testifying was Adam W. DEVILBISS. The widow's dower was laid out for 11 acres on "Resurvey on part Deer Bought" and bordering "Ushers Freehold"; also 98 acres of "Venus", except for 2-acres conveyed by Adam DEVILBISS & wife to Cornelius SHRIVER. Closed 18 May 1872.
470-475 - BOWER, MUSSER, LEWIS - Mar 1871
John B. MUSSER, trustee of William BOWER & w/Mary Deed of Trust for creditors was made by William BOWER and w/ Mary to John B. MUSSER. Land - 50 acres; 4 miles south of Frederick on road from Georgetown Road to Buckeystown and about 1 mile from the Monocacy Junction, adjoing lands of C. Keefer THOMAS and Daniel BAKER of F. Improvements of a 2-story log house with garden, barn and stable, a peach orchard of 1,000 trees and an apple orchard. Conveyed to BOWER from William H. BURGER & w/ Irma M. in 1868. Sale was held on the premises on 24 Feb 1871; high bidder was: - Jacob LEWIS at $2,605 Personal property of farm equipment and household good were also sold totaling $329.98; making total sales $2,934.98. Distribution of $2,605 all went to mortgages and debts. Closed 2 Jul 1872.
475-479 - FALCONER, DORSEY, BARBOUR - Jun 1871
Cordelia H. DORSEY, mortgagee of Reuben FALCONER - Report of Sales Land - 2 weatheroard Houses & Lots in western end of New Market; bounded on the north by the Baltimore & Frederick Turnpike, on the east by John MORENTZ, on the west by heirs of PHELPS, and on the south by John Zebulon CLARY. Sale was held 20 May 1871 on the premises; high bidder was: - Rachael E. BARBOUR at $650 Distribution: court costs, $106.75 - Cordelia H. DORSEY, mortgagee, $543.25 Closed 15 Jul 1871.
Mary McNULTY and Perpetua McNULTY - Petition Cornelius McNULTY, dec'd (Will written 31 Aug 1838) bro/ Edward McNULTY ($1,000) bro/ Torence McNULTY ($1,000) bro/ James McNULTY ($1,000) .......James McNULTY ($500) sis/ Mary (McNULTY) O'BRIEN ($1,000) bro/ Philip McNULTY ($1,000) bro/ Hugh McNULTY ($1,000) bro/ John McNULTY ($1,000) - Mt St Mary's College ($2,600) - Adam FLACK of Ohio ($200) - Service of the poor ($500) - Saying Masses for the dead ($50) - John WELTY, grandson of John WELTY Sr ($25) - Mary Ann w/o Dennis McNULTY (his home farm of 46 acres) Exec/ James A. SHORB Witnesses: Jonathan RECKER, Frederick RECKER, Daniel HUTTON ===== Mary Ann McNULTY d/ 1844 w/o Dennis McNULTY d/ 1861 s/ Cornelius McNULTY - Left Frederick County 16 years ago and has not been heard from since, unknown if dead or alive ...w/ Mary - (wife and children in Frederick County ......Edward McNULTY, a minor ......Mary McNULTY, a minor ......John McNULTY, a minor d/ Mary E. McNULTY, single s/ Edward J. McNULTY & w/ Margaret E. s/ Patrick McNULTY (widower without children) d/ Catharine McNULTY w/o William KNOTT s/ Jerome McNULTY, single - Illinois d/ Perpetua McNULTY, single s/ Dennis McNULTY & w/ Genevieve Land - 46 acre farm, in Mechanicstown District; located 2 1/2 miles north of Graceham and 2 1/2 miles from Mechanicstown and 1/4 mile east of the Mechanicstown to Emmittsburg turnpike and near the Western Maryland Rail Road; adjoined lands of John A. RODDY, Nicholas LOHR, Henry BARTON, Henry YOUNG, Ross WITHMORE, Henry MARTIN and Michael CROUSE. In 1863, Edward McNULTY was living on the premises. Improvements were a weatherboard house, log barn, apple orchard, peach and cherry trees, a good spring and a well near the house. Children who conveyed their shares to others: - Cornelius to his father - Edward to John A. RODDY, single - Patrick to Patrick KELLY who conveyed it to Anthony McBRIDE & w/ Mary Catharine and Edward S. TANEY & w/ Clara E. who reconveyed it to Mary E. McNULTY - Catharine to John A. RODDY - Jerome to John A. RODDY - Dennis to Lewis ELDER & w/ Anastacia who conveyed it to John A. RODDY Guardian for the minor children was Adolphus FEARHAKE, Jr, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Anthony McBRIDE and James I. DWEN. Trustee for the sale was C. V. S. LEVY. Sale was held at GILBERT's Hotel in Mechanicstown on 27 Oct 1873; high bidder was: - John A. RODDY at $1,656 Distribution: court costs, $215.31 - John A. RODDY, 4/8, $720.34 - Mary McNULTY, 2/8, $360.17 - Perpetua McNULTY, $1/8, $180.08 - C. V. S. LEVY, atty for Joshua MOTTER, per court order, $62.30 -John A. RODDY, 1/2 of 1/8, $58.89 - Mary McNULTY, 1/4 of 1/8, $29.44 - Perpetua McNULTY, 1/8 of 1/8, $4.78 and widow and children of (son) Cornelius - Mary McNULTY, widow, 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/8, $1.84 - Edward McNULTY, 1/3 of 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/8, $4.29 - Mary McNULTY, 1/3 of 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/8, $4.29 - John McNULTY, 1/3 of 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/8, $4.29 Closed 30 Jan 1874.
Antionette SALTER & Others vs Estate of Dennis STULL Dennis STULL d/ 8 July 1871 in Frederick city, intestate widow - Sarah S., age 50 d/ Antoinette w/o George SALTER d/ Ellen w/o Charles RIDGELEY s/ Singleton T. STULL, a minor d/ Indiana STULL, a minor s/ Carlton STULL, a minor s/ Daniel STULL, a minor Land - House & Lot #121 on south side of West Fourth St in Frederick (31x194'); improvements were 1 1/2 story house with 1-story back building attached; four rooms and kitchen and good cellar under the front building with a hydrant in the yard and fruit trees. Residing there was Mrs. Sophia Stull. Conveyed from Daniel ORDUER & w/ Susan in 1866 (CM-4, 196). (Previously to John HANSHEW and David J. MARKEY from Michael BALTZELL in 1841.) Guardian was William N. YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Theodore SHULTZ, Joshua STULL (brother of Dennis) and John WILSON. Trustees were Joshua STULL and Frederick J. NELSON. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 17 Feb 1872; high bidder was: - Anna M. MURPHY at $1,056 Distribution: court costs, $154.04 - Joshua STULL, assignee of Sarah S. STULL, widow, 1/8, $112.74 - each child's 1/6 share, $131.53 Closed 20 Apr 1872.
507-512 - GEISBERT, DAY, BAKER, JONES - Nov 1873
Edward BAKER, assignee of James T. DAY, mortgagee - Report of Sales Charles E. GEISBERT & w/ Sarah E. was indebted to James T. DAY by mortgagee which Day assigned to Edward BAKER Land - "Mount Hope", 80 square perches, in Buckeystown; on road from Frederick City to Noland's Ferry. Improvements of a 2-story log house and weatherboard kitchen, stable and fruit trees. Conveyed from David/Daniel T. JONES & w/ Mary C. in 1866 (JWLC-4, 39). Sale was held 1 Nov 1873 on the premises; high bidder was: - Edward BAKER at $500 Distribution: court costs, $78.95 - James T. DAY, claim, $240.64 - Edward BAKER, part of claim, $180.41 Closed 4 Feb 1874.
Matilda J. HITESHEW / HITESHUE / HIGHTSHEW W. S. BEALL & w/ Ann Martha were indebted by mortgage to Philip HIGHTSHEW in 1871. Upon Philip HIGHTSHEW's death, Matilda J. HIGHTSHEW became executor of his estate. Land - 7+ acres, in Bartonsville, 3 miles east of Frederick; improved with a 2-story weatherboard house and fruit trees. Conveyed to Ann Martha BEALL from W. R. WALKER & w/ Mary Ann in 1867 (DSB-1, 441). Foreclosure sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick City on 28 Feb 1874; high bidder was: - H. S. MARKEY for D. J. MARKEY & Co. at $425, with deed to A. J. WILCOXEN Distribution: court costs, $89.85 - Matilda J. HITESHEW, extrx, part of claim, $335.15 Closed 9 Jun 1874.
517-526 - SHIVERS, BUCKEY, HYDER, FOX - Mar 1874
Richard R. BUCKEY, trustee of Edward SHIVERS - Petition Deed of Trust to Richard R. BUCKEY from Edward SHIVERS for creditors of Shivers. Land - "Resurvey on Long Tail", 14 acres; located 1 mile SE of Johnsville, near the Liberty and Pipe Creek Turnpike; house had 6 rooms with kitchen, a log barn with stabling and shed, a dairy, wash house, meat house, a large carpenter shop an orchard and a spring near the house; adjoining lands of W. H. HYDER and D. K. SAYLOR; from George SHIVERS in (BGF-7, 669). - Adjoining 5 acres; from William H. HYDER & wife (CM-11, 231). Sale was held 26 Feb 1874 on the premises; high bidder was: - Baltzer FOX for the 14 acres at $1,400 - William H. HYDER for the 5 acres at $25, with emcumberances. Personal property was also sold. Distribution of $1,672.85; court costs, $265.79 - David MILLER, mortgage, $849.52 Balance to multiple creditors. Closed 18 Jul 1874.
Milton G. URNER vs Richard CHILCOTE & Others Deed of Trust was conveyed to Milton G. URNER by Richard CHILCOTE & w/ Harriet and William A. CHILCOTE & w/ Catharine in 1873, for benefit of their creditors in business trading as R. CHILCOTE & Son. Land - the fulling mill, "Union Mills", in Middletown Valley; located on the road from Jefferson to Catoctin Switch on the Baltiimore & Ohio Rail Road, 2 1/2 miles from each place and on branch of Catoctin Creek. The mill is a 3-story brick building, 47x35', with gearing of iron. It has 2 acres with a house, stable and large garden and fruit trees, adjoining the mill property. Conveyed from John CHARLTON in 1868 (CM-1, 230). - 2nd mill on 7 acres is located a few hundred yards below the other one and is part stone and part log and frame, 60 long and stone part is 25' wide and is 2 stories high; also has an orchard and 2-story log house, stable, carriage house, corn house, meat house, hen house, dairy and dry house. Conveyed from Sebastian RAMSBURG in 1843 (HS-17, 529). Also, machinery and stock. Sale was held 20 Mar 1874 on the premises; high bidders were: - Charles GROSS & Lewis RICE for the mill property of 2 acres at $600; also for the 7 acres at $1,100 Distribution of $1,769.01; court costs, $291.81 - Lewis RICE & Charles GROSS, mortgage assignees, $545 - Lewis RICE, part of 2nd mortgage, $922.26 Closed 30 Jul 1874.
532-538 - HOLLAND, SMITH, FOUT, SINN - Apr 1874
George William SMITH, exec/of George SMITH - Report of Sales George SMITH was executor of John J. SMITH Estate (Will 29 Apr 1869, CM-3, 616) and was the mortgagee of Richard W. HOLLAND. Land - Central Hotel, Lot #29 on Patrick St in Frederick Town, on the corner of Patrick St and Brewer's Alley (south). The hotel on Patrick St (30 feet) ran south, bounded on the east on Brewer's Alley (365 feet), adjoined land of Gideon BANTZ on the west. Hotel was a 4-story brick building with large back building and a large brick stable. It was then in the occupancy of Charles B. FOUT. Conveyed by George SMITH, exec/of John J. SMITH to Richard HOLLAND in 1869. George SMITH died 21 Sep 1872 and George William Smith was his executor. Sale was held on 18 Apr 1874 at the Central Hotel; high bidder was: - John T. SINN at $5,525 Distribution: court costs, $557.59 - George W. SMITH, balance of $4,967.41 for trusts in Will of John J. SMITH, per further order of the court. Closed 6 Jul 1874.
538-544 - REESE, BIGGS, EARHART, BOLLER - May 1874
Joshua BIGGS, mortgagee of Daniel M. REESE of Baltimore City - Report of Sales Land - "Benjamin's Advice", 29 acres; in Creagerstown District, 1 mile of Rocky Ridge Station of the Western Maryland Rail Road and adjoining lands of Gottleib Seigmund W. H. BOLLER. - "Pormonous Dwelling", 1 1/2 acre; then in the occupancy of J. B. Earhart. Improvements were a merchant flouring mill, known as Isabella Mills, a 3-story stone building with modern machinery, lying on Owings Creek; also an 1 1/2-story stone house and a 1 1/2-story log weatherboared house, two frame weatherboarded stables and two coopers shops, etc. Conveyed to Daniel M. REESE by Joshua BIGGS in 1872 Sale was held on the premises on 9 May 1874; high bidder was: - Joshua BIGGS at $6,400 Distribution: court costs, $349.94 - Joshua BIGGS, partial payment of mortgage, $6,050.06 Closed 14 Jul 1874.
545-547 - NASH, JAMISON, BUZZARD - Jun 1874
John J. JAMISON, mortgagee of John W. NASH - Report of Sales Land - "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", Conveyed to John W. NASH by Gideon BUZZARD Sale was held; high bidder was: - Brooke J. JAMISON at $90 Distribution: court costs, $46.50 - John J. JAMISON, balance of partial mortgage, $43.50 Closed 21 Aug 1874.
Josephus E. HARLEY & Henry T. HARLEY, creditors of Otho F. HARLEY Otho F. HARLEY d/ 2 Dec 1871, near Burkittsville, intestate (also stated death date as 4 Sep 1871) widow - Catharine (served as administrator) s/ John Hanson HARLEY & w/ Ella - Pennsylvania s/ George W. T. HARLEY & w/ Ann TICE s/ Henry T. HARLEY s/ Josephus E. HARLEY d/ Mary A. (HARLEY) w/o P. Fulton WILLIARD s/ Cornelius F. HARLEY - Out of State Land - some tracts in Petersville District: - "Resurvey on part of Uncle's Gift", 139 acres. Conveyed from John LEE & w/ Harriet C. in 1839. - "Resurvey on Uncle's Gift" and "Resurvey on Forest of Needwood", 31 acres; and "Resurvey on Uncle's Gift", 12 acres; on road from Jefferson to Burkittsville. Conveyed from Ezra WILLIARD & w/ Laura in 1860. Divided into Lot #1, 97 acres, with house and creek running through, and Lot #2, 83 acres. Lots divided by road from AHALT's Saw Mill to road from Cross Roads to Burkittsville. - "Resurvey on Merryland", 158 acre farm; with large house and spring, bordered by public road on the north, Old Berlin Road on west and road to Petersville on east. Neighbors were Mortimor S. WENNER and Joseph WALTMAN. Sold to Otho F. HARLEY, but not conveyed from Oscar P. CRAMPTON and Thomas A. CRAMPTON, trustees in Equity case of Benjamin P. CRAMPTON vs Martha V. CRAMPTON, Sarah Ann HAMILTON, et al, in 1869. Exception: Sold to Charles F. WENNER, 14 acres at private sale for $40/acre. - "Shepherd's Mountain", 20+ acres; adjoins "Fielderia Manor ". Conveyed from John WILLIARD, equity trustee, in 1839. - Lot on north side of Patrick St in Frederick City; bounded on the east by Mrs Robert JOHNSON and on the west by (QUINN & RITTER) the City Hotel, and formerly the property of John FAUBLE. Lot is 31 feet and extends back NW to Independant Hose Company. Conveyed from George W. T. HARLEY & w/ Ann S. in 1869. Previously from Peter NICHOLS & w/ Mary (JWLC-1, 78). Sale to Martin N. ROHRBACK by Catharine HARLEY and Josephus E. HARLEY, trustees, at $9,000 on 20 Feb 1874 at public sale. Improvements were a 3-story brick building with store room on first floor, had 12 other rooms and had gas throughout the entire front building with a hydrant in the yard. G. W. T. HARLEY was then living in the house. Otho F. HARLEY rented out farms to Henry T. HARLEY & Joseph E. HARLEY, who were claiming debts owed them from Otho's estate, but were denied as fraud by other heirs. Testimony was heard from Catharine HARLEY. Distribution of $12,039.21; court costs, $1,567.81 - Catharine HARLEY, adm for expenses paid, $260.57 Balance to multiple claims, mostly to Josephus E. HARLEY and Henry T. HARLEY. Closed 1 Aug 1874. ========= Also included in the 547-587 - HARLEY file, but not appearing to be relevant to that case, is this Trustee's Report on page 560:
Oscar P. CRAMPTON & Thomas A. CRAMPTON, trustees - Trustees' Report Sale held 2 Feb 1856; high bidders were: - John GRAHAM for old homestead farm at $11,702.50 - William GRAHAM for farm at $6,476.93 - Benjamin PHILPOTT for farm at $10,458.93 - George W. JANNEY & William ELLIOTT for 1/4 acre school lot at $35 Total sales, $28,622.37.
John S. BOTELER & w/ Elizabeth C. vs George D. EDMONDSTON & w/ Eleanora - Division of Real Estate James MOBBERLY d/ bef 1830 widow - Elizabeth s/ John Isaac MOBBERLY, died w/out issue d/ Almeda MOBBERLY w/o Charles MILES d/ Elvira MOBBERLY w/o Henry SMITH of G. Land - "Resurvey on Four Tracts" (included "Resurvey on Maids Delight", "Stoney Ridge", "The Supply" and "Elisha's Chance", farm of 204 acres, in New Market District. Conveyed from Joab WATERS in 1795 (WR-13, 691). - "Small Hope" and "Hope" (a resurvey of "Hickory Plains" and "Resurvey on Hickory Plains"), 187 acres; adjoins "Resurvey on Ward's Delight". Conveyed from Abraham PLUMMER in 1803 (Liber 35, 53). Sheriff's sale sold the property and the widow purchased it. === Elizabeth MOBBERLY, dec'd widow (Will written 1 Jul 1847) d/ Almeda MOBBERLY w/o Charles MILES d/ Elvira MOBBERLY, dec'd w/o Henry SMITH of G.(d/ bef Jan 1874) .....Elizabeth C. SMITH w/o John S. BOTELER .....Elleanora F. SMITH w/o George D. EDMONDSTON .....George M. SMITH .....James H. SMITH Real estate to the two daughters of Elvira. s/ John Isaac MOBBERLY, died w/out issue SLAVES: - negro woman ANN, (to Almeda), after Almeda's death, to be freed, but not to be sold. - negroes, JOHN, GEORGE, HONEY, MARY and DENNIS (children of ANN) (to Almeda) - negro BASIL (to granddaughter Elizabeth C. SMITH) - negro NICK (to granddaughter Eleanora F. SMITH) - negro man GREENBERRY, to be sold to a Master of Greenberry's choosing - Servant man, GEORGE, devised $40, had previously been free by Elizabeth Land - 1/2 of land purchased by Elizabeth & daughter Elma from Sheriff Thomas CARTER by judgment. To son John as his undivided 1/3 share of land left by his father Exec/ Charles WORTHINGTON of James Witnesses: Henry W. DORSEY, John SMITH of G., John J. CAIN === Almeda and Charles MILES conveyed their share to Henry SMITH of George in 1830; who reconveyed it in 1863 to his two daughters, Elizabeth C. SMITH and Ellanora F. SMITH; as also did his sons, George M. SMITH and James H. SMITH. Adjoined lands of Thomas CLAGGETT, Lieblius GRIFFITH and P. H. GRIFFITH. Testimony was heard from: - Joseph WOOD, age 52, of New Market who lived a mile away from the Mobberlys. The land had two buildings, one with a new log house used as a small tenant house, currently occupied by a colored man; and the older one was a weatherboarded log house, the largest one, where Mr. BOTELER then lived. There was also a tobacco house. The tenant house is about 150 years from T__dle (Terdle/Tridle?) Town, a negro town. The SW boundary bordered McKINSTRY's land. - Lebbeus GRIFFITH, age 70, a neighbor and farmer. Land is on the Urbana-New Market road, but not the south and southeast division. - John E. BOTELER, age 42, a farmer in New Market. John claimed he had put up 9,000 rails and a corn house and the tenant house on the east side. He stated the tenant house was 24x18' and the home house was 24x20' with a log kitchen, 20x18', with the bark on the logs, built about 1775. This was told to him by George DORSEY (colored). His wife was the oldest sister and they had been in possession of the property for the past eight years. The woodland section was on Bennett's Creek. Other witnesses were: - James M. DAVIS, age 39, a farmer of New Market; - Thomas BAKER of T., age 65, a farmer of New Market; - Milton BURKE, age 40, a farmer of New Market - Joel HALL, age 65, New Market Surveyed land divided into tracts: - Elizabeth C. BOTELER, 189 acres; - Elleanora EDMONDSTON, 101 acres; included access to Urbana Road. Division was made with allowances for land that was less fertile and hilly. Closed 9 May 1874.
613-624 - PEARRE, MURPHY, LINTHICUM - Dec 1865
George A. PEARRE & James PEARRE, execs/of William PEARRE vs Horce L. MURPHY and James G. LINTHICUM William PEARRE, dec'd, of Montgomery County (Will) Land - "Stoney Hire", 111 acres and 5 acres; on east side of Sugar Loaf Mountain near a spring that falls into Bennett's Creek; adjoins William MURPHY's "Necessity Enlarged" and road from SIMMON's Mill to Greenfield. It was the farm of the late William PEARRE. His executors sold his real estate per the Will. Sale to: - Horace L. MURPHY of Montgomery County at $3,115.80, with surety as James G. LINTHICUM of Baltimore Testimony was heard from George A. PEARRE claiming the unpaid notes. He was appointed as trustee for the sale. Sale was held at the DILL House in Frederick city on 9 Jun 1856; high bidder was: - James PEARRE at $1,112.81 ($2/acre) However, he resold it to James G. LINTHICUM. Distribution: court costs, $116 - George A. PEARRE & James PEARRE, exec/of William PEARRE, $996.81 Closed 3 Dec 1866.
Samuel W. PLUMMER, et al vs Lyde GRIFFITH Lyde GRIFFITH of Montgomery County, d/ abt Jun 1839 (Will written 1 Jun 1836; filed 2 Jul 1839) s/ Henry GRIFFITH ("Griffith's Burgh", 200 acre home plantation) s/ Lyde GRIFFITH ("Griffith's Burgh", 250 acre, where the son lived) s/ Charles GRIFFITH ("Griffith's Burgh", 200 acres, where Walter APPLEBY then dwelt) s/ Walter GRIFFITH ("Griffith's Burgh", 300 acres, exception is life estate to Louisa) d/ Elizabeth (GRIFFITH) w/o Thomas GRIFFITH d/ Milsah (GRIFFITH) w/o Samuel RIGGS d/ Louisa GRIFFITH d/ Rachel W. (GRIFFITH) (d/ c1860) ($1) ...w/o Lemuel GRIFFITH (of bad character) (died c1855) .....Lyde GRIFFITH & w/ Louisa .....Henry A. GRIFFITH .....Charles A. GRIFFITH, died after his mother .......(Will devised his share to Mordecai's children) .....Mordecai J. GRIFFITH, died after his mother, intestate ----------Byron H. GRIFFITH (died at age 5 or 6) ----------Anna Mary GRIFFITH, a minor (age 12 in 1867) .....John A. GRIFFITH - Damascus, Montgomery County .....C. Columbus GRIFFITH - Montgomery County .....Ann (GRIFFITH) w/o William WATKINS - Montgomery County .....Mary Ellen (GRIFFITH) w/o Samuel W. PLUMMER (a trust was set up for Rachel & also $1,000 thru son Lyde, to insure Rachel and her children would receive the benefits) - grandson, Lyde GRIFFITH - $200 when of age SLAVES - negroes, MARIA, CHARLOT, KITTY, PLATER, EMILA, SAMUEL, ELISA, AMI and WILLIAM (in trust for sister Rachel GRIFFITH) - others mentioned, but unnamed, then with sons Henry, Lyde, and daughters Betsy and Milsah/Milcah (to be shared equally with all children except Rachel) Land - 160 acres in Montgomery County, where Benjamin KING then lived. (in trust to son Lyde for use of daughter Rachel only), after her decease, to her heirs. C. Columbus GRIFFITH was then in possession and refused to have the property sold. - "John and Catharine", "Resurvey on Moore's Delight" and "Griffith's Burg", 478 acres; comprised of: - 88 acres (where Ruth, widow of Samuel GRIFFITH then resided); - 360 acres (where John LAMAN, Thomas HILTON Jr. and Edward ___ then resided) - 15 acres of woodland (adjoining LAMAN & HILTON) (to daughters Elizabeth, Milsah and Louisa) (Household items to Louisa, Charles and Walter seems to indicate they may have been single at the time of writing the Will.) Exec/ son Lyde GRIFFITH Witnesses: Elijah P. ETCHISON, John A. ETCHISON, Perry G. ETCHISON === Codicil dated 8 Dec 1838 - Montgomery County - Charles to get 50 acres of Walter's land. - Farm now has quarry, to be sold and divided equally, but Rachel's to be placed in trust - 182 1/2 acres in Anne Arundel County, formerly belonging to Amelia WARFIELD, near the Savage Factory, to be sold and divided equally, but Rachel's to be placed in trust Witnessed by Gustave WARFIELD, Lloyd DORSEY, Henry L. MOORE === Charles A. GRIFFITH wrote his Will 7 May 1863 (Frederick Co, MD)' devised his estate to the children of his brother Mordecai GRIFFITH. His uncle Lyde GRIFFITH of Lyde was executor; witnesses were James W. HOWARD, Samuel W. PLUMMER, Thomas C. THOMPSON. === Rachel W. GRIFFITH, dec'd (Frederick Co, MD) (Will filed 12 Feb 1861) - Homestead farm to daughter Mary Ellen, including the interests she purchased from sons, Lyde and Columbus. - Farm known as Chrome Mine Farm,in Damascus, Montgomery County, on the Old Washington Road, adjoining lands of Col. Lyde GRIFFITH, about 8 miles from Woodbine Station. There is a small stream running through the far, 35-40 acres are set in prime wood. Improvemants were a 2-story log house with a stone basement, stabling, a tobacco house and a spring near the house. (Rachel's Will devised this to son Columbus, who was then living there.) SLAVES - negro woman MARY and her child; negro woman MARIA and negro TOM; all slaves for life (to daughter Mary Ellen) - negroes CHARLES and CLARISSA (to son Columbus) - negro woman ANN and her child (to son Mordecai) - negro boy GREENBURY (to her grandchildren, of son Mordecai) - slaves CHARLOTTE and HARRIET, to be hired out (proceeds to sons Henry A. and John A. and daughter Ann WATKINS) - negro woman CAROLINE (to son Charles A.) - negro WARNER (to son Lyde) - Release from judgement against William WATKINS Exec/ son Lyde GRIFFITH Witnesses: James T. JOHNSON, Philemon K. GRIFFITH, Harriet EWIN (Will without a written date in this record, but filed 12 Feb 1861) === Guardian was Joseph WOOD. C. Columbus GRIFFITH claimed his mother, Rachel devised the farm to him in her Will. Confusion if legal since her interests were set up in a trust. Testimony was heard from Joseph WOOD who stated that Mordecai GRIFFITH died, leaving no widow and only his daughter survives. Also testifying was Samuel W. PLUMMER who stated the same. The court declared the trust was setup for the sale of property after the death of Rachel and the proceeds to be divided equally, thus voiding the terms of Rachel's Will. Trustee was Joseph WOOD. Sale was held on the premises in Damascus on 26 Feb 1870; high bidder was: - Lyde GRIFFITH for the 160 acres at $1,400 Distribution: court costs, $302.39 - Anna Mary GRIFFITH, 2/8, $274.40 - Lyde GRIFFITH, assignee of Lyde GRIFFITH, Henry A. GRIFFITH, John A. GRIFFITH, C. Columbus GRIFFITH, Ann WATKINS and Mary E. PLUMMER, 6/8, $564.05 (after paying fees of $259.15) Closed 16 May 1870.
Otho GRIMES & wife vs Lucy GRIMES, et al Levi GRIMES d/ 8 May 1871, intestate (never married) sis/ Lucy GRIMES (age 56*) sis/ Harriet (GRIMES) (age 50*) w/o Percival GOUGH sis/ Orphia (GRIMES) (age 45*) w/o Henry LITTLE - Adams Co, Pennsylvania bro/ Otho GRIMES (age 42*) & w/ Sarah bro/ Wilson L. GRIMES (d/ 15 Jun 1867), his children, .....Levi F. GRIMES (age 30*) .....Mary S. GRIMES (age 27*) w/o John BROWN - Carroll County .....Sophia J. GRIMES (age 26*) w/o Alfred P. HITESHEW - Carroll County .....Martha A. GRIMES (age 24*) w/o Charles F. RINEDOLLAR - Carroll County .....Margaret E. GRIMES (age 23*) w/o George W. RECK - Carroll County .....Harriet L. GRIMES (age 22*) w/o William J. CRABBS - Carroll County .....William Oliver GRIMES, a minor - Carroll County Land - 4 acres, 5 miles east of Emmittsburg; on south side of road from Emmitsburg to Taneytown, adjoining lands of Jacob WISE and Christian CORRELL; to Wilson L. GRIMES and Levi GRIMES, as tenants in common, from Richard McDERMOTT & w/ Jane in 1833. Previously from Isaac ROW, trustee of Daniel HOCKINSMITH, dec'd. Wilson L. GRIMES & w/ Nancy conveyed their share to Levi GRIMES and Otho GRIMES in 1855. (Shares now 3/4 to Levi and 1/4 to Otho) Guardian was Arthur POTTS. On 17 Jan 1872, testimony was heard from Otho GRIMES who listed ages* of parties listed above. Also testifying was Isaac HYDER. Trustee was Isaac HYDER. Sale was held on the premises in Emmitsburg on 15 Mar 1872; high bidder was: - Jackson OHLER at $400 Petition filed by Emanuel Luther OHLER as exec/of James OHLER, creditor against Estate of Levi GRIMES for $12. Distribution of $413; court costs, $148.24 - Otho GRIMES, 1/4 as part owner, $66.19 - John C. MOTTER, filing creditor's petition, $15 - Emanuel L. OHLER, claim, $12 - Christian CORRELL, Claim, $2 - Otho GRIMES, Claim, $95.20 - Thomas BUCHANAN, Claim, $20 - S. G. GOUGH, Claim, $12 - William SMITH, Claim, $15 - Otho GRIMES, 1/5, $5.46 - Lucy GRIMES, 1/5, $5.46 - Orphia LITTLE, 1/5, $5.46 - Harriet GOUGH, 1/5, $5.46 - children of Wilson L. GRIMES, 1/5, $5.46 ($.78 each) Closed 29 Sep 1874.
John F. ILER, et al - Petition Peter ILER d/ Apr 1867, intestate widow - Nancy (d/ 24 Oct 1873) (administrator for Peter's estate) s/ John F. ILER s/ George W. ILER s/ Joshua ILER s/ Daniel ILER d/ Lovina A. ILER, a minor d/ Nancy L. ILER, a minor s/ Simon P. ILER, a minor s/ Solomon J. ILER, a minor Land - "Lyderman's Delight", "Margaret LYDERMAN's Delight", "Addition to LYDERMAN's Delight", "Crumbaugh's Chance", "Crumbaugh's Certainty", "Lock's Chance" and "Woodland", 105 acres, in Woodsboro District. Conveyed from John S. CRUMBAUGH & w/ Susanna in 1851 (WBT-14, 511). Guardian was Herman C. KOEHLER, Esquire. The widow released her dower in lieu of proceeds from the sale. On 16 Dec 1872, John BOSTION of Andrew made oath the widow Nancy ILER was about 52 years old and her general health was extremely delicate, her being almost entirely helpless from ill heath. Testimony was heard from John B. BAKER and John S. FOGLE. Trustee was John F. ILER. Sale was held 1 Mar 1873 on the premises, but no sufficient bid was received. Sale was rescheduled on 22 Jun 1873 at George W. SMITH's Hotel in the town of Liberty; high bidder: - John S. ZIMMERMAN at $1,167.60 Distribution: court costs, $177.10 - Nancy ILER, in lieu of dower, 1/9, $129.73 - Nancy ILER, per order of court, $749.76 - each child's 1/8 share, $13.87 Since the death of the widow, John F. ILER asked that the petition continue as if her death had not occurred. Nothing in record shows if the trustee distributed the widow's portion among her children, which is the usual case. Closed 11 Jun 1874.
John RITCHIE and Nathan O. NEIGHBORS - Report of Sales John CASSIN & w/ Alice made a Deed of Trust for their creditors to John RITCHIE and Nathan O. NEIGHBORS. Land - "The Beginning of Peace", farm of 100 acres; adjoined "Tasker's Chance", Charles HOWARD's farm (purchased from Dr. MORAN) and PRESTON's farm. Conveyed from Thomas H. O'NEAL & w/ Emeline H. in 1859 (BGF-4, 149, 420). Previously to O'NEAL from William S. BANTZ, trustee, in 1851 - "Wild Cat Hills", 21 acres (part of "Ivy Plain" and described in division of the late Nicholas HOLTZ's "Shaver's Rest", mountain land as Lot# 9). After a failed public sale, private sale was made on 11 Mar 1873 to: - Jacob V. SUMMERS at $11,100 Distribution of $11,217.75; After mulitple debts, the balance of $392.98 was left in the hands of the trustees. Closed 10 Jan 1874.
688-697 - SMITH, BROWN, HAGAN, HILLEARY - Jan 1867
Martha BROWN, et al vs Robert BROWN Lucy SMITH d/ c1864 , no issue d/ Louisa BROWN, dec'd w/o Henry BROWN .....Lucy BROWN w/o Israel BROWN .....Martha BROWN .....Rachel BROWN .....Mary BROWN d/ c1864, single, no issue .....Robert BROWN (age 16 in 1867), a minor Land - Lot, 1 acre, in Petersville, adjoining the Catholic Church; and adjoined lot of Hanson SWIETZER. From Lucy SMITH (had life estate) to her grandchildren in 1861 (BGF-7, 197). Previously to Smith from Tilghman HILLERY & wife in 1852. Portion had been conveyed by SMITH to Eliza BROWN w/o John BROWN in 1861. Records indicated that Robert BROWN was living with Israel BROWN & w/ Lucy. Guardian was James A. DALL. Testimony was heard from Henry BROWN, son-in-law of Lucy SMITH; also from Outerbridge HORSEY. Trustee was Outerbridge HORSEY. Sale was held at the store of William HILLEARY in Petersville on 14 Mar 1868; high bidder was: - Patrick HAGAN at $100 Distribution: after court costs, - Martha BROWN, 1/4, $14.97 - Rachel BROWN, 1/4, $14.97 - Lucy BROWN, 1/4, $14.97 - Robert BROWN, 1/4, $14.97 Closed 10 Jan 1873.
John H. ALEXANDER, et al - Estate of Robert ALEXANDER Robert ALEXANDER d/ Aug 1873, intestate widow deceased s/ John Henry ALEXANDER s/ Jeremiah C. ALEXANDER d/ Ann Catharine w/o Andrew MARTZ - Washington County d/ Elizabeth w/o Samuel SHOEMAKER - Washington County d/ Mary Margaret w/o Joshua KEPHART - Altoona, PA Land - "Timber and Stone", 1 acre; adjoins tract "Thomas and Mary"; from William SLIFER & w/ Julia Ann in 1832. - "Thomas and Mary", 1 acre; from Frederick RUDY & w/ Susanna in 1838. (Resurveyed for Thomas OARE & w/ Mary in 1804 and conveyed to Peter RUDY in 1809 and then to Frederick RUDY) - "Thomas and Mary", 10 acres; from Susannah RUDY, widow of Frederick, Hanson T. RUDY, Jacob RUDY & w/ Eliza, Daniel RUDY & w/ Susan, Thomas SHAFER & w/ Lucretia, Joshua RUDY & w/ Phoebe, and Hanson T. RUDY as trustee for Rebecca RUDY, and Jacob RUDY, agent for George WEILAND and Susan WEILAND of Montgomery Co, Ohio in 1860. - Warrant of Escheat for "Water Enough", granted to A. C. HANSON for 15 acres on 10 Sep 1773. However, Hanson died intestate without heirs. Survey was made at 14+ acres and now called "Alexanders Mountain Farm" and granted to Robert ALEXANDER in July 1853. Adjoined tract "Betsy's Good Will". Trustee was Ezra MINNICK. Sale was held 9 May 1874 on the premises near New Baltimore in Middletown District; high bidders were: - Henry KEPHART for the first three mentioned tracts above, at $406 - John Henry ALEXANDER for "Alexander's Mountain Farm" at $117 John Henry ALEXANDER failed to pay for the purchase; therefore, the farm was resold at sale on 8 Aug 1874; high bidder was: - Jacob POFFINBERGER at $98.07 Distribution of $256.59 (half payment, balance the next year); - court costs, $144.56 Balance went to multiple creditors for payout at 33% of their claims. Closed 9 Jan 1875.
714-716 - BEARD, SMITH - Feb 1873
Jacob BEARD and John P. BEARD - Report of Sales Sallaina BEARD, being indebted, issued a Deed of Mortgage to Jacob BEARD and John P. BEARD Land - 40 acres Sale was held 8 Feb 1873 at James M. SMITH's Hotel in Woodsboro; high bidders were: - Jacob BEARD and John P. BEARD at $408.75 Closed 17 Mar 1873.
716-726 - WHITE, BLACK, SEFTON - Jun 1874
William WHITE & William J. BLACK - Report of Sales Frederick WHITE & w/ Savilla made a Deed of Trust to petitioners to sell for benefit of creditors. Land - House, store room & Lot on north side of Main St in Mechanicstown; adjoining that of Dr. William WHITE (east) and William SEFTON (west). Sales - House & Store room for $600 (private sale, buyer not listed) - Store goods sold for $1,125; - Post, rails and lumber for $461.53 - Household andold buggy for $146.20 Total, $2,074.64. Also, other bills paid and debts due were collected. Distribution of $4,221.64; court costs, $531.52 - Savilla WHITE, in lieu of dower, $250 - Balance to debts. Closed 8 Sep 1874.
727-736 - DELAPLANE, BAKER, SIMMONS - Feb 1874
George W. DELAPLANE & William G. BAKER, trustees - Report of Sales Theodore C. DELAPLANE & w/ Hannah H. issued Deed of Trust for benefit of creditors. Land - "Monocacy Mills", 7 acres, on the Monocacy River near Buckeystown, 6 miles from Frederick; convenient to the B & O Railroad. Improvements were a 2-story stone house, a miller's house, stable, corn house, ice house, etc. Previously from B. Amos CUNNINGHAM, trustee to Theodore C. DELAPLANE (WBT-14, 502). - "Wet Work", 60 acres; from William GROFF & w/ Ann (CM-1, 491-492). Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 8 Apr 1874, high bidder was: - Charles F. SIMMONS for the mill property at $15,000 - Edward BAKER for the 60+ acres at $3,636.37/acre Total sales, $18,636.37. Distribution: court costs, $738.74 - Mrs Hannah DELAPLANE, w/o Theodore C. DELAPLANE in lieu of dower, 1/9, $1,989.63 - George W. DELAPLANE, 1st & 2nd mortgages, $3,235.84, $2,564.11 Balance, along with other collections, to multiple creditors. Closed 14 Jul 1874.
737-752 - LOWE, BAKER, CARTZENDAFFNER - Dec 1872
Henry BAKER - Report of Sales Deed of Mortgage in 1868 to Henry BAKER by Joseph LOWE & w/ Susan R., with securites, Lewis ALBAUGH, Francis S. JONES, H. G. MAYNARD, Henry BAKER and Samuel A. LOWE (was indebted to Thomas N. HARWOOD for $4,000). Harwood transferred the note to his son, William Thomas HARWOOD. Land - "Resurvey on Drummine", Nathan's Undertaking, 28+ acres; by New London Copper Mining Co. to Joseph LOWE in 1865. Located in village of New London, on the road from New Market to Liberty. Improvements of a 4-story frame weatherboarded merchant mill, three pairs of burrs with 14' overshot wheel housed from the weather, a barrel house above, chipping and plaster mill, a frame saw mill, a 2 1/2 -story stone house, new stabling for six horses and 150 fruit trees. Sale was held 22 Jan 1873; high bidders were: - Joseph E. CARTZENDAFFNER & Edwin CARTZENDAFFNER, trading as J. E. CARTZENDAFFNER & Brother at $7,104 Objections to the sale by Joseph LOWE. Testimony was heard from Thomas N. HARWOOD, Howard G. MAYNARD, William Thomas HARWOOD, Henry BAKER, and A. Z. KIMMEL. The court overruled the objections and approved the sale. Distribution: court costs, $496.93 - William Thomas HARWOOD as assignee, $4,592.66 - Margaret W. DORSEY, Adm/of Thomas R. DORSEY, mortgage, partial, $2,014.11 Closed 6 Jun 1873.
Mary CLAGGETT, Sarah M. DUVALL and Laura E. GRAY - Petition to Sell Thomas J. CLAGGETT was indebted to Mary CLAGGETT for $5,754.99, to Sarah M. DUVALL for $1,810.41 and to Laura E. GRAY for $9,149.41. Thomas John CLAGGETT d/ 7-8 Jun 1873, intestate widow - Ann P. s/ Thomas J. CLAGGETT Jr, a minor d/ Mary CLAGGETT, a minor d/ Honora M. CLAGGETT, a minor Land - in Petersville District, two miles from Petersville and three miles from Burkittsville and one mile from the Frederick to Harpers Ferry Pike; adjoined lands of heirs of Henry SHAFER, and Tobias HORINE. Land contained a brick house and several tenements, a large bank barn, 100' long, carriage house and other buildings, with an apple and peach orchard. - "Waterloo", 261 acres; adjoining land of Henry SHAFER - "Fertile Meadow", 49 acres; adjoins "Waterloo"; from David CARTZENDAFFNER. - "Fielderea Manor", 30 acres; adjoins "Waterloo"; from Rebecca HILLEARY as exec/ of Elizabeth HILLEARY. Lot 1 had the creek running around it; the wooded area was surrounded by Broad Run Creek (with 1/3 included in Lot 2 and the other 2/3 in Lot 1); Lot 2 included the house and barn and was on the Frederick Road. Trustee was Samuel CLAGGETT. Guardian was Arthur POTTS, Esquire. Testimony was heard from R. C. MARTIN who stated Sarah M. DUVALL was then living in Louisiana and he had lived with the Claggetts. Also testifying was John W. HILLEARY. Sale was held on the premises in Petersville District on 17 Jan 1874; but no sufficient bid was received. Property was divided into lots and sold at private sales made to: - Ezra S. HORINE for Lot 1, 119 acre, at $37/acre - Richard C. MARTIN for Lot 2, 220 acres, at $52/acre Total sales, $15,850.60. Petition was made that Hamilton J. SHAFER be substituted as purchaser instead of Richard C. MARTIN, but was overruled by the court. Distribution: court costs, $1,091.02 - Mary CLAGGETT, mortgage, $7,015.33 - Sarah M. DUVALL, mortgage, $2,206.88 - Laura E. GRAY, mortgage, $3,839.75 - Balance, subject to order of the court, $1,697.62 Closed 14 Jul 1874.
Henry S. MARKEY, next friend of David J. MARKEY - Petition for Sale of Real Estate Jacob WALKER was indebted to the Farmers & Mechanics Bank, Ezra HOUCK, Mrs. Mary E. WORMAN, relict of W. D. WORMAN, Laura V. GETZENDANNER and C. Augustus CRAMER (trustee of GRABILL), with David J. MARKEY as surety. Jacob WALKER & w/ Mary, along with Lewis BRUNER & w/ Ann R., made a deed of mortgage to David J. MARKEY to indemnify him; however, they also made a deed of mortgage to Ann P. MARSHALL and Laura V. GETZENDANNER. Land - Lot #14 of "Mackey's Luck", 90+ acres, in Mount Pleasant District; 7 miles from Frederick, 1 mile west of Mount Pleasant, adjoining lands of Ephraim ZIMMERMAN, Jared HOUCK and Solomon CRUM. Land was blue slate, divided in fields with fencing and water throughout; also had iron ore deposits. Improvements were a 2-story weatherboarded house, a new Switzer barn (45x75) with wagon shed, corn crib and hog pen attached. From Laura V. GETZENDANNER in 1866. Also Mortgaged was 70 acres of wheat on farm of the late Wm. D. WORMAN, seven head of horses: bay horse John, black horse Lion, bay horse Rob, sorrel mare Ball, grey horse Mike, gray horse Bill, grey mare Pigeon. - "Carroll's Creek", 60 acre dairy farm; 7 miles west of Frederick, between the Hagerstown Turnpike and the Almshouse Turnpike; adjoins lands of Dr. Lewis H. STEINER and William H. RAMSBURG, then in possession of Jacob WALKER. Improvements were a 2-story stone house with a new 2-story brick back building, a new Switzer barn (45x75) with stabling for 30 cows, a never-failing spring in the cellar with stone ___ over it and water convenient to the kitchen door for dairy purposed; divided into four fields with post and rail fencing. In 1836, dower land laid out for Rebecca RAMSBURG, widow of John RAMSBURG, then conveyed to Lewis BRUNER and Mary WALKER (w/o Jacob) by John RAMSBURG, trustee, in 1866. - "The Hope", 170 acres, in Urbana District near Sugar Loaf Mountain; 9 miles from Frederick and 3 miles from Buckeystown on road from Urbana to Greenfield Mills, adjoining the farms of Capt. Ordeman B. SIMMONS and Samuel BOYER. Improvements were a brick mansion house (20x40) with a 2-story brick brick back building, a Switzer barn (35x55) with a wagon shed and corn crib attached, a stable, new hog pen, good dairy with excellent water, a tenant house, a never-dailing spring of water near the door; then in possession of M. Ephraim HENDRICKSON. To Mary WALKER, from John L. BOYER and Samuel L. BOYER, exec/of Samuel BOYER, in 1869. Also answering the complaint was Ezra HOUCK as president of the bank and Ezra HOUCK Jr & w/ Margaret R. Trustees were Milton G. URNER and Henry S. MARKEY. Sale was held at the City Hotel on 7 Feb 1874, high bidders were: - Julius HAFNER for the 170 acres at $5,467 - Solomon CRUM for the 90 acres at $2,002 Total sales, $7,469.40. The 60-acre dairy farm did not receive an adequate bid, but was later sold at private sale to Mrs. Catharine A. E. HOPWOOD at $9,000 (acknowledgment was signed by Francis T. HOPWOOD). Julius HAFNER, a naturalized German, protested the sale for "The Hope", claiming the house was not as advertised and was much in disrepair, and claimed the auctioneer, Levi VanFOSSEN, upped the bid fraudulently (he and Isaiah MEALY were the only bidders). Claimed the property was not worth the sale price and asked the sale be voided. The court found in Hafner's favor and voided the sale. Distrubution of $11,002; court fees and taxes, $870.72 - Ann P. MARSHALL, mortgagee, $5,424.17 - Ezra HOUCK, claim, $717.85 - Ezra HOUCK Jr, claim, $1,138.50 - C. A. CRAMER, trustee, claim, $1,158.83 - J. N. BIRELY, agt for bank, claim, $910.35 - D. J. MARKEY & Co, claim, $271.13 Closed 30 Apr 1874. ================== The End of TG-1 ==================

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