Frederick Co, MD - Equity JWLC-3

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity JWLC-3

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JWLC-3; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
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Equity JWLC-3
Michael W. FOUT, next friend of Eli J. HAMILTON, et al Petition to Sell Real Estate James W. HAMILTON d/ 8 Oct 1863 intestate widow - Susan E. s/ Eli Jacob HAMILTON, a minor - Baltimore city d/ Julia Maria HAMILTON, a minor d/ Lida Ann HAMILTON, a minor d/ Georgianna HAMILTON, a minor Land - Lot #6 in Berlin (now Brunswick); (previously to George W. JANNEY from Levin WEST in 1852); has a large warehouse, frame and log. - Lot #7, between Baltimore & Ohio Railroad & Lot #8 in Berlin, fronting First Street; (previously to George W. JANNEY from James GRAHAM in 1851); has log house, stable, frame & log warehouse. - Lot #29, also in Berlin; unimproved; All properties front the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and the Main Street and were conveyed to James W. HAMILTON & Anthony WRIGHT, from George W. JANNEY and w/ Mary in Jan 1857. In Jul 1857, Anthony WRIGHT conveyed all his interests to James W. HAMILTON. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. On 29 Feb 1864, testimony was heard from Samuel B. PRESTON who had known the parties 2-3 years and stated the death date of James W. HAMILTON. Also testifying was William GRAHAM who had known the parties for five years. Administrators were Samuel B. PRESTON and Michael W. FOUT with sureties as Hanson MARLON and H. T. DEAVER. On 10 Oct 1864, Samuel B. PRESTON stated the widow was 28-30 years old and her general health was good. Trustees for the sale were Michael W. FOUT and Samuel B. PRESTON; sale was held on 22 Oct 1864, high bidders were: - Theodore B. LEOPOLD for Lot #29 in Berlin at $800 - Edward T. HIBBS & Thomas J. NICHOLS for Lot #6 at $1,455 - Joseph WALTMAN for Lot #7 at $2,207 Total sales, $4,462. James H. HOBLITZELL of Baltimore city petitioned for payment of debt due him. Distribution of $4,462; court costs, $362.71 - Susan E. HAMILTON, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7 or $637.42 - George W. JANNEY, claim, $732.05 The balance went to numerous creditors. Closed 27 Apr 1866.
Samuel NICHOLAS, et al vs Jane FAULDERS Joseph NICHOLAS (NICHOLLS) d/ Dec 1864 intestate s/ Samuel NICHOLAS & w/ Rachel d/ Elizabeth w/o Solomon FAULDERS d/ Catharine ERICK d/ Malinda, dec'd, her children, .....Josiah MOSER .....Amanda E. MOSER .....Jane FAULDERS, now w/o Theodore DINSMORE - Ohio (Mentioned in records was John(?) FAULDERS, a minor - Ohio; should be Jane probably. Ohio Death Records show Martha Jane DINSMORE b/ 19 Jan 1847; d/ 31 Jan 1919 Tippecanoe, Miami Co, OH), widow; parents, Peter FAULDER {b/Eng} and Malinda NICHOLS {b/ PA}) Land - partly in Frederick and Washington counties - (Lot #4) "Washington Forest", 23 acres, adjoining land of John A. WAGNER; from David BARKMAN & w/ Mary Margaret BARKMAN, Suffiah BARKMAN, Mary BARKMAN, John H. GALLAHER & w/ Eliza E., all of Washington County in 1855. - (pt of Lot #2) "Washington Forest", 2 acres, on north side of road from Middletown to Hagerstown; from Samuel DOUB and w/ Lydia of Washington County in 1842. - (Lot #1) "I Am Glad It Is No Worse", 23 acres, in Frederick County; adjoins lands of Frederick ROWE, Lewis JONES, Joshua REIMER/RENNER, Adam REIMER/RENNER, Adam KOOGLE and Jacob TOMS; from Samuel FAHRNEY & w/ Barbara and Jonathan PERRY & w/ Elizabeth, all of Washington County, in 1859. The home tract contained a 2-story log house, good barn, springhouse, etc, spring of water near the door; on road from Wolfsville to Boonsboro, cropping the Old Hagerstown Road. - (Lot #5 & 6) "Rocky Dell", 96 acres, in Washington County, from Marmaduke W. BOYD & w/ Rebecca H. in Oct 1858; adjoins tracts "Westfehalia" and "Sweepstakes". - (Lot #3) "Sweepstakes", 23 acres, in Washington County, from Peter FAULDERS and w/ Malinda, Soloman FAULDERS and w/ Elizabeth in 1857; partly in Frederick County, on road from Wolfsville to Boonsboro. - (pt of Lot #2) "Support of Jerusalem", 6 acres, from John NEWCOMER of Washington County in 1845, as trustee in Washington County Chancery Court decree for Estate of Henry NEWCOMER in 1830; adjoins tract "Long Tract". - (pt of Lot #2) "Mount Aetna", 34 acres, parts in both Frederick and Washington counties, to Joseph NICHOLSON of Washington County from William PRICE and Franklin ANDERSON of WAshington County in 1840, as Deed of Trust to Robert HUGHES and Walter BOYD by John H. HUGHES in Estate of Daniel HUGHES Jr (for one undivided moriety). Adjoins tract "Long Tract"; on Old Hagerstown Road. The wooded lots were heavily timbered in Hickory, Chestnut and Oak. Trustee was George KOOGLE; sale was held on 10 Feb 1866, high bidders were: - John KOOGLE for Lot #1, 23 acres, at $1,210.25 - Joshua RENNER for Lot #2, 45 acres, at $1,102.50 (parts of "Mount Aetna", "The Support of Jerusalem" and "Washington Forest" - Solomon FAULDERS for Lot #3, 23 acres, at $59.36 - Samuel OCKER for Lot #4, 23 acres, at $98.81 - Solomon FAULDERS for Lot #5, 40 acres, at $80 - Solomon FAULDERS for Lot #6, 56 acres, at $112 Total sales, $2,662.92. Distribution of $2,662.92; court costs, $292.01 - Samuel NICHOLAS, 1/4 or $592.72 - Elizabeth FAULDERS, 1/4 or $592.72 - Catharine ERICK, 1/4 or $592.72 - Malinda MOSER's heirs, 1/3 of 1/4 or $197.57 ...Josiah MOSER ...Amanda E. MOSER ...Jane FAULDERS Closed 30 Apr 1866.
William KELLER, et al vs Charlotte R. KELLER, et al Sale for Estate of David KELLER was held 31 Dec 1864 in Middletown; high bidders were: - Ezra TOMS for the home farm, 164 acres, at $13,640.96 - Issac(?) KELLER for farm, 152 acres, at $12,983.75 - Hannah KELLER* for house & lot at $1,000 - Hannah KELLER* for Lot #1, 3+ acres, at $603.25 - Lawson ALEXANDER for Lot #2, 3 acres, at $715.50 - Thomas H. WILLIARD for Lot #3, 2 1/2 acres, at $502.50 - Daniel KELLER for mountain lot on South Mountain, 20 acres, at $832 Total sales, $30,277.96. Hannah KELLER (wid/of David KELLER) d/ Jul 1865, intestate s/ William KELLER & w/ Ann S. s/ Henry KELLER & w/ Sarah s/ Daniel KELLER & w/ Jene s/ Isaac KELLER & Catharine d/ Mary KELLER w/o Eli ROUTZAHN d/ Catharine KELLER w/o Lawson ALEXANDER d/ Lydia KELLER d/ Malinda KELLER d/ Elizabeth KELLER s/ John KELLER, dec'd ....Sarah KELLER s/ Jonathan KELLER, dec'd ....Thomas C. KELLER ....Amanda C. KELLER ....Mary J. KELLER w/o Washington BISER ....Charlotte R. KELLER, a minor Land - House & Lot in Middletown (Hannah's home), a 2-story weatherboard house on 66' x 330' lot with fruit trees, good stable, spring and smoke houses, pump of water near the kitchen door, in good repair. - Lot in Middletown, 3 acres, fenced. Guardian was Henry SCHLEY; Trustees were William KELLER and Henry KELLER. Testimony was heard from Eli ROUtZAHN, Henry KELLER and Enos DOUB. Sale held on 10 Mar 1866 at the premises in Middletown, high bidders were: - Lydia KELLER, Malinda KELLER and Elizabeth KELLER for House & Lot at west end of Middletown at $1,400 - Lawson ALEXANDER for Lot in centre of Middletown, 3 acres, at $555.80 Total sales, $1,958.80. Distribution of $1,958.80; court costs, $195.36; - each 1/11 share to the children, $151.22. Closed 7 May 1866.
John P. GAVER, et al vs Margaret HAYS, et al George GAVER, dec'd widow - Mary GAVER d/ Oct 1865 intestate d/ Catharine Ann HAYS d/ abt 1850, w/o Franklin G. H. F. HAYS ...Susan w/o William PALMER ...James W. GAVER - Pennsylvania ...Margaret HAYS, a minor - Pennsylvania ...Josiah HAYS, a minor s/ John P. GAVER & w/ Elizabeth s/ George W. GAVER & w/ Elizabeth s/ Joseph GAVER & w/ Mary A. s/ Henry GAVER & w/ Malinda d/ Ann Rebecca GAVER w/o Hezekiah POFFINBERGER d/ Mary Ann GAVER d/ abt 1857, no issue s/ Elias GAVER & w/ Henrietta d/ Susan M. GAVER w/o Ezra SMITH s/ Peter GAVER & w/ Caroline Land - Lot #5 of "The Land of Promise", 42 acres, to the widow and children of George GAVER, from Jacob JOHNSON & w/ Catharine in 1839. Adjoins land of John GAVER Jr. Peter & Caroline GAVER sold their share to Elias GAVER*. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; on 18 Jan 1866, testimony was heard from John P. GAVER, Charles HOOPER and Nelson RAMSBURG. Trustee was John P. GAVER; sale was held on 24 Mar 1866, high bidder was: - Elias GAVER at $2,549.79 Distribution: court costs, $224.24 - each 1/9 to surviving children/heirs, $258.39 ...John P. GAVER ...George W. GAVER ...Joseph GAVER ...Elias GAVER ...Peter GAVER's share to Elias* ...Henry GAVER ...Ann R. POFFINBERGER ...Susan M. SMITH ...Catharine HAYS (her husband's curtesy, 2/16, $32.29 each of her children, 1/4 of 14/16 of 1/9, $56.52 Closed 25 May 1866.
Charles GROSS, et al vs Elizabeth LAKIN & George W. CRUM George GROSS d/ 8 Apr 1859 intestate, single bro/ Charles GROSS & w/ Elizabeth bro/ John GROSS & w/ Maria A. - Green Co, Ohio bro/ Daniel GROSS - California sis/ Catharine w/o Henry SUTER sis/ Elizabeth wid/of Abraham LAKIN .....John T. LAKIN .....Charles H. LAKIN .....Abraham W. LAKIN, a minor .....Mary C. LAKIN, a minor (later married a Mr RHODE) .....Alexander H. LAKIN, a minor .....Daniel T. LAKIN, a minor .....Elizabeth A. C. LAKIN, a minor .....Albert D. LAKIN, a minor, dec'd .....Melvina G. LAKIN, a minor, dec'd Land - 186 acres, from John Q. A. KEMP, trustee, in Sep 1858. (Land previously from Jacob GROVE & w/ Eliza to David KEMP, William H. C. KEMP (w/ Rebecca), John Q. A. KEMP in 1845; also deed from Mountjoy B. LUCKETT). Property included a flouring mill, saw mill and distillery. The mill on 15 acres was known as 'Oakland Mills'; holding a mortgage on the premises were Charles GROSS, Andrew KESSLER Jr, Richard CHILCOTE, Robert K. THRASHER and William H. BOTELER. Property was located 4 milses south of Jefferson and within a mile of Catoctin Switch on the B & O Railroand and the C & O Canal and near the mouth of Catoctin Creek; then in the possession of Robert H. BOTELER. An inquisition with 15 male jurors was taken regarding Elizabeth LAKIN on 9 Feb 1856; she was said to be about 44 years of age and of unsound mind due to consequence of the death of two of her children. (By 3 May 1859, Elizabeth had been in the Maryland Hospital for 25 months.) In possession of Elizabeth LAKIN were: SLAVES: negro girls, MIMA, age 10; HARRIET, age 8 (both slaves for life) George W. CRUM was made trustee for Elizabeth LAKIN. Testimony was heard from William B. TABLER Guardian for Elizabeth LAKIN was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Trustee for the sale was Charles GROSS; after two failed public sales, private sale was made to: - Thomas HAMMOND at $4,000; however, he transferred the sale to Henry C. HAMMOND Distribution of $4,000; court costs, $315.64; - Charles GROSS, for claims, $2,827.22 - John Q. A. KEMP, for claims, $665.45 - MD state tax, $7.50 - each 1/5 share, $98.69 Closed 29 May 1866
John B. T. SELLMAN & wife vs Augustus BARNES, et al Henry HARTSOCK d/ Fall 1864 intestate widow - Lydia A. (CONNER) HARTSOCK d/ 2 Dec 1865 d/ Savilla C. w/o John B. T. SELLMAN - Carroll County d/ Lavinia E. HARTSOCK, now w/o Gustavus BARNES d/ Mary A. A. HARTSOCK, now w/o Jesse LAMBERT - Carroll County d/ Sarah V. HARTSOCK d/ Maria Teresa HARTSOCK, a minor Land - "Fathers Gift", 59 acres, Liberty District, to Henry HARTSOCK from Jacob ROOP Jr & w/ Mary Ann of Carroll County in 1854; (Previously, coneyed by Caspar DEVILBISS to Adam MARKEY in 1813 with water rights to John STRAWSBERGER.) - also "Conclusion", 5 acres, from Jacob ROOP Jr & w/ Mary Ann (to them from Jacob ROOP Sr & w/ Sarah). (Previously from Caspar DEVILBISS to John STRAWSBERGER.) Later Henry sold 19 acres (parts from both tracts) to Jacob H. NAILL. Henry made a marriage contract on 24 Aug 1854 to Lydia A. CONNER, his soon-to-be bride, granting her a life estate in real estate, then upon her death, to his heirs. Both of them had children from previous marriages and mentioned is Lydia's daughter, Mary CONNER. SLAVE - negro man EVAN, age 19 in 1854 (to serve until age 35). Guardian was Henry SCHLEY; testifying was Jacob H. NAILL and Washington BARNES. Trustee for the sale was John B. T. SELLMAN; sale held on 17 Mar 1866; high bidder was: - John W. WALTZ at $2,050 Distribution: court costs, $213.38 - each 1/5 share to Henry's children, $367.32 Closed 1 Jun 1866.
Benjamin MOFFETT Jr & wife vs Benjamin J. SNOUFFER, et al Benjamin MOFFETT Sr d/ Sep 1865 intestate s/ Benjamin MOFFETT Jr & w/ Drusilla T. d/ Ellen E. MOFFETT w/o Benjamin J. SNOUFFER d/ Malinda (MOFFETT) SNOUFFER .....John Boone SNOUFFER, a minor .....Malinda SNOUFFER, a minor .....Virginia SNOUFFER, a minor Land - House & Lot #4 in Adamstown, from Daniel RHODES & w/ Susan in 1864. Begins at Cherry Alley and where SE limits of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road were, to lot of Gabriel WHITTER (Lot #5), the NE to Jefferson St, then NW to Lot #3 owned by James W. BIGGS, then SE back to Cherry Alley. (Surveyed by George THOMAS of H. on 25 Feb 1861.) Benjamin MOFFETT Sr was indebted to Elizabeth A. MOFFETT. Elizabeth A. MOFFETT d/ Mar 1865 with Will (not revealed in these proceedings). Benjamin MOFFETT Jr was administrator on both estates. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; Testifying was Benjamin J. SNOUFFER and Benjamin MOFFETT Jr with the latter being trustee for the sale. After a failed public sale, private sale was made to Philip A. W. RAMSBURG at $600. Distribution: court costs, $135.64 - Elizabeth A. MOFFET in partial pymt, $464.36 Closed 11 Jun 1866.
Thomas SMITH & w/ Francana vs James SWEENEY, et al James CALDWELL, dec'd (Will written 23 Feb 1828) bro/ Alexander CALDWELL bro/ John CALDWELL sis/ Elizabeth CALDWELL sis/ Mary CALDWELL After their deaths (by Sep 1865), plantation to go to William CALDWELL's children .....David CALDWELL .....Christina CALDWELL Land - "Resurvey on Dam Head", 132 acre plantation, in Emmitsburg District, on the Gettysburg and Emmitsburg Road, 1 1/2 miles east of Emmitsburg, (adjoing lands of Joseph CULBERTSON, Samuel MOTTER and Daniel LITTLE in 1866). There was a 1 1/2-story log house w/ attached kitchen, log barn with good well near the house and three never-failing springs on the premises, fruit orchards, 35 acres in timber. (William GREASON later purchased 29 acres of this.) Exec/ brother William CALDWELL Witnesses: Samuel BAUMGARDMER, Henry REAGY, Alexander H. McNAIL and John ARMSTRONG On 12 Apr 1834, David CALDWELL & w/ Barbara E. conveyed his interests to Christina CALDWELL who afterwards married James SWEENEY. Christina (CALDWELL) SWEENEY d/ 26 Mar 1854 intestate w/o James SWEENEY - Emmitsburg d/ Mary E. SWEENEY (age 23), now w/o William KANE - PA d/ Francana SWEENEY, now w/o Thomas SMITH - PA d/ Agnes SWEENEY, now w/o Moses ESTERLINE - PA d/ Martha Jane SWEENEY - PA d/ Christina SWEENEY (age 19), now w/o William KENNEDY - Out of State s/ William M. SWEENEY, a minor (probably Emmitsburg) d/ Columbia SWEENEY d/ 1863 intestate, no issue In 1856 Mary E. SWEENEY conveyed her interests to James SWEENEY, who being the widower, is entitled to life estate as tenant by curtesy. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testifying was James SWEENEY who gave the death date of his wife. Also testifying was William PEEPLES. Trustee for the sale was Charles W. ROSS; sale was held 31 Mar 1866 at the Taylor House in Emmitsburg, high bidders were Israel HYDER and Elbridge F. KRISE at $1,854. Distribution: court costs, $212.63 - James SWEENEY, curtesy share, $187.79 - M. E. KANE to assignee, James SWEENEY, 1/6 or $234.93 - Francana SMITH, 1/6 or $234.93 - Agnes ESTERLEIN, 1/6 or $234.93 - Martha J. SWEENEY, 1/6 or $234.93 - Christina KENNEDY, 1/6 or $234.93 - William M. SWEENEY, 1/6 or $234.93 - John A. LYNCH, per court order, $50.14 Closed 31 May 1866.
Charles J. BAER, mortgagee of Jacob APPLEMAN Jacob APPLEMAN & w/ Julia Ann were indebted by mortgage to Charles J. BAER in 1864 for money due to Joel KELLER. Land - House & Lot in "Keller's Addition to Middletown", then owned by Jacob APPLEMAN with alley on north and Elias COBLENTZ property on south, but sold to Zebiah Mary LORENTZ at $875 with a mortgage due to John Philip FLOOK. (Land previously part of tract "Resurvey on Watson's Welfare" and was conveyed to Jacob SPOHN by Adam KELLER & w/ Maria in 1832; SPOHN sold part to Lutheran Church in Middletown). Property was bounded on north by alley and on south by lot of Elias COBLENTZ; had 2-story log house with back building, stable, smoke house and well in the yard with good fruit trees. Creditors paid; closed 18 Sep 1866.
Alpheus R. APPLEMAN, et al vs Nancy APPLEMAN, et cl Philip APPLEMAN, dec'd (Will 19 Oct 1830; 28 Oct 1830) widow - Mary s/ John APPLEMAN s/ Jacob APPLEMAN daughters; but names not provided in Will. =========== John APPLEMAN, dec'd (Will written 14 Dec 1862) widow - Nancy s/ Alpheus R. APPLEMAN & w/ Anna d/ Florella w/o Jesse P. H. BROWN d/ Rebecca N. w/o Daniel W. RUDY s/ John P. APPLEMAN d/ Sardenia APPLEMAN s/ Asbury G. S. Philip APPLEMAN, a minor s/ William S.(Silas) APPLEMAN, a minor Execs/ wife and son Alpheus Witnesses: Jacob RUDY, Charles J. BEAR, Willaim P. ERVIN Note - (only child mentioned in the Will was son Alpheus.) Land - House & Lot, 1+ acre, on east side of road from Middletown past James KINNA's mill to Burkittsville, adjoining land of Joseph L. HUFFER (from William KEAFAUVER), John HERRING and Allen SPARROW; from David COBLENTZ, Elias COBLENTZ, Joseph COBLENTZ, execs/of John COBLENTZ, in 1854. (Ex 3) - Lots #32 & 33 in Middletown with free liberty to all the springs in said town; to Philip APPLEMAN, tanner, from Conrad CRONE Sr, farmer, in 1790. (Ex 5) - "Resurvey on Watson's Welfare" in Middletown, 1+ acre, next to land of John BISER of F., Peter G. SCHLOSSER and William CAINSON and on road leading from Middletown past James KINNA's Mill to Burkittsville; from Joseph L. HUFFER & w/ Catharine in 1855 (to them from William KEFAUVER in 1853). (Ex 6) - "Resurvey on Watson's Welfare" in Middletown, 8+ acres, located between where the bridge crosses Catoctin Creek and James KINNA's Mill (formerly Israel RAMSBURG's Mill) and by Isaac JOHNSON's land; from Grayson EICHELBERGER, as insolvent trustee for Thomas SPRINGER (w/ Mary), in 1852 (to them from David BOWLUS in 1836). (Ex 7) - "Pheasant Ridge", 15 acre mountain lot, adjoining land of Peter SCHLOSSER; from Catharine APPLEMAN, Elizabeth APPLEMAN and Sarah APPLEMAN in 1857 (from their Philip APPLEMAN Estate). (Ex 4) - 1/2 of Lot #31 in Middletown, adjoining tanyard of Philip APPLEMAN; to Philip APPLEMAN from Frederick STEMBLE (w/ Esther) in 1826 (1790 deed hadn't included widow's dower). (Ex 8) Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Jacob RUDY and Lloyd HERRING. Trustees were Alpheus R. APPLEMAN and Daniel W. RUDY; on 28 Apr 1866, sale was held in Middletown, high bidders were: - Allen SPARROW for the white house & lot (82x305)(eastern half & home place) at $1,000 - Hanson T. RUDY for brick house & lot (112x305) (western half) at $2,660 - John HERRING of C. for lots containing 3 acres at $538 - Thomas H. WILLIARD for 8 acres at $610.50 - Lewis C. COOKERLY for 14-acre lot at $797.84 Total sales, $5,606.34. Distribution of $5,606.34; court costs, $382.51 - to trustees to invest for support of widow and minor children during widow' natural life, $5,223.83 Closed 1 Aug 1866.
Howard MAYNARD vs Abraham ABAY & Others David HILL d/ 1841 intestate d/ Hester HILL, now w/o Abraham ABAY d/ Henny HILL, now w/o Jacob SMITH d/ Margaret HILL, now w/o Lott FISHER s/ Adam HILL - PA d/ Airy HILL, now w/o Lovelace DORSEY (husband residing in PA) Land - "Middle Plantation", 14+ acres, from Ruth MAYNARD in 1836 (to her from Thomas HUDSON in 1831); mortgaged to Howard MAYNARD in 1839 (Michael LEASE witnessed David's X as signature). Property located on roads, New Market to Mount Pleasant and New London to Frederick, about 6 miles east of Frederick and 2 miles from Mount Pleasant, adjoining lands of John FOX, Oliver D. LEASE; has fruit trees, spring near the small 1-story log house which has a meat house, and milk house. Testimony was heard from Nathan MAYNARD of T. and Benjamin MAYNARD (who testified that David HILL was a free negro) and Thomas U. LEASE who was the s/o Michael LEASE who died c1861. Trustee for the sale was Nathan MAYNARD; sale was held in Mount Pleasant at the store of Robert LEASE on 26 May 1866, high bidder was: - John FOX at $502 (exception is 1/4 acre which was sold by David HILL to Trustees of Primary School District #63, a/k/a Lease's School House. Distribution of $502; court costs, $134.35 - Howard MAYNARD, mortgage, $314.72 - each 1/5 share to the children, $10.58 Closed 21 Jul 1866.
Edward L. JACOBS, et al vs Oscar JACOBS, et al Michael JACOBS c/ Nov 1861 intestate widow - Matilda d/ Martha JACOBS d/ many years ago s/ Noah JACOBS d/ 1828 s/ Michael JACOBS d/ 1828 d/ Elizabeth JACOBS w/o Robert J. BARNETT - St Louis, MO d/ Ann Maria JACOBS w/o Marcellus CROUSE - Washington, DC d/ Martha A. JACOBS - Washington, DC s/ William JACOBS s/ Theodore J. JACOBS s/ Edward L. JACOBS s/ John A. JACOBS (d/ 1857 intestate) .....Oscar JACOBS, a minor s/ Joseph Michael JACOBS (d/ 1855 intestate) .....Daniel Thomas JACOBS, a minor .....Marcellus JACOBS, a minor .....Mary Olivia JACOBS, a minor d/ Mary Ann JACOBS (d/ 1840 Ohio) w/o Francis A. BLAIR .....Lewis M. BLAIR - Ohio d/ Rudannia H. JACOBS, a minor - Allegany County d/ Theodosia JACOBS, a minor d/ Mary Virginia JACOBS, a minor (Note - Last three children from this marriage; other children's mother was Anastasia KELLY; per descendant Anne Ingle.) Land - "Long Timber", 47 acres, near Mechanicstown, lying in the forks of the roads from Creagerstown to Mechanicstown and Creagerstown to Hagerstown, adjoining lands of Joseph KUHN, Jacob WELLER, Daniel FIROR, Elie MOLIN and Benjamin FIROR; from Mary DELAPLANE in 1853. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Frederick WHITE and Edward L. JACOBS (he gave locations and named deceased siblings) Trustee for the sale was Joseph DAVIS; sale was held on 25 Nov 1865 at John B. GILBERT's Hotel in Mechanicstown, high bidders were: - George W. FOREMAN for the farm, subject to the widow's dower rights, at $1,000 - William L. JACOBS for 15-acre mountain lot at $40 Distribution of $1,055.60; court costs, $207.31 - Matilda JACOBS, for claim, $183.32 - Elizabeth BARNET, 1/12 or $55.41 - Ann M. CROUSE, 1/12 or $55.41 - Martha A. JACOBS, 1/12 or $55.41 - William JACOBS, 1/12 or $55.41 - Theodore J. JACOBS, 1/12 or $55.41 - Edward L. JACOBS, 1/12 or $55.41 - Rodanna H. JACOBS, 1/12 or $55.41 - Theodosia JACOBS, 1/12 or $55.41 - Virginia JACOBS, 1/12 or $55.41 - Oscar JACOBS, 1/12 or $55.41 - Lewis M. BLAIR, 1/12 or $55.41 - Daniel T. JACOBS, 1/3 of 1/12 or $18.47 - Marcellus JACOBS, 1/3 of 1/12 or $18.47 - Mary O. JACOBS, 1/3 of 1/12 or $18.47 Closed 13 Jul 1866.
146-160 - GEYER, HAMMOND, GILLIS - Feb 1864
William P. MAULSBY, Adm/of John W. GEYER vs Eliza A. HAMMOND, et al Samuel GEYER d/ 1 Feb 1856 (Will written 7 Dec 1836) widow - Matilda Ann GEYER d/ 1 Jan 1860 s/ Dr. John Wesley GEYER d/ 20 Jun 1860 intestate d/ Eliza Ann wid/o Nicholas W. HAMMOND s/ James Milton GEYER d/ 1 Jul 1861, no issue d/ Emeline/Amelia Louisa w/o Joseph GILLIS - Ohio, then Louisville, KY Execs/ John W. GEYER & James Milton GEYER Witnesses: John H. M. SMITH, Arthur TAUZEY, John L. LAYTON Land - Lot #27 in New Market with large 2 1/2 story brick house covered with slate, has a back building, kitchen with garden, meat house, stabling and corn house; from Samuel GEYER to his children to Leonard PICKING (previously from Eli ELLIOTT, Thomas WOOD and William PLUMMER). - "New Market Plains", 41 acres, on road to Monrovia Depot on the east and on road to Friends Meeting house on the west (Quaker Road); has good fencing, two springs and thrifty young apple orchard; to Samuel GEYER from Nicholas N. PITTS in 1831. - 1 1/2 acre, to Samuel GEYER from Jesse POULTNEY in 1828, on County Road from New Market to D. REINHART's Mill. A mortgage was issued to Jesse WRIGHT by mother and siblings of John W. GEYER. Trustee was John RITCHIE with surety as William P. MAULSBY. Sale was held in New Market on 7 Apr 1864, high bidder was: - Nicholas W. HAMMOND for house and garden at $1,510 - Nicholas W. HAMMOND for 45 acres adjoining village of New Market at $3,026.25 (adjoining lots). Distribution of $4,436.69; court costs, $310.81; - J. W. GEYER, for claim, $1,560.55 - J. M. GEYER, for claim, $794.67 - Helen V. HAMMOND, Adm/of James M. GEYER, for claim, $358.08 - John W. GEYER, Adm/of Samuel GEYER, for claim, $64.97 - Jesse WRIGHT, for claim, $37.60 - Jesse WRIGHT, for claim, $686.85 - John LAYTON, for claim, $72.97 - Wm. P. MAULSBY, Adm/of John W. GEYER, 1/4 or $137.54 - H. V. HAMMOND, Adm/of James M. GEYER, 1/4 or $137.54 - Eliza A. HAMMOND, 1/4 or $137.54 - Amelia(?) L. GILLES, 1/4 or $137.54 2nd Distribution of $1,152.75; court costs, $9.71 - Helen V. HAMMOND, Adm/of J. M. GEYER, $210.15 - William P. MAULSBY, Adm/of J. W. GEYER, $125 - Wm. P. MAULSBY, Adm/of John W. GEYER, 1/4 or $201.97 - H. V. HAMMOND, Adm/of James M. GEYER, 1/4 or $201.97 - Eliza A. HAMMOND, 1/4 or $201.97 - Amelia(?) L. GILLES, 1/4 or $201.97 Closed 23 Oct 1866.
John COVER of T., prochien ami vs Jacob COVER, et al Jacob BIEHL d/ Jul 1864 intestate, leaving grandchildren - Jacob B. COVER, a minor - Carroll County - Margaret A. COVER, a minor - Carroll County - Tobias F. COVER, a minor - Carroll County - Samuel D. COVER, a minor - Carroll County - Millard F. COVER, a minor - Carroll County - Matilda F. COVER, a minor - Carroll County - Hanson COVER, a minor - Carroll County - Jesse COVER, a minor - Carroll County (parents' names were not provided) [Note - Carroll County Marriage Licenses list a John COVER to Susan BEAL (Frederick County) on Feb 5, 1843] Land - "Welsh's Cabin", 44 acres, from George LANDERS and John FULTON, exec/of John CARMACK, in 1853; along Little Pipe Creek and land of Samuel DIFFENDALL. - "MacKeys's Choice", "Long Snake", "Resurvey on Welsh's Cabin", "Slick", 237 acres continguous; "Long Snake" adjoining Haugh's Church and land of Eli PITTS, other land adjoining that of Margaret ROTH and George BIRELY (from Ludwig BIRELY), on road from Middleburg to Woodsboro, land of Mathias MARTZ and road to Haugh's Church, land of John MILLER (from heirs of Paul HAUGH) and by Haugh's Church; from David BIEHL in 1836. (previously to Jacob BEIHL and David BEIHL in 1833, from descendants of Adam SNOOK (died intestate) s/ John SNOOK & w/ Catharine s/ Adam SNOOK & w/ Nancy s/ Henry SNOOK & w/ Julian d/ Polly w/o Uriah REMPPY/REMBY d/ Elizabeth w/o William KOONTZ/KOONS d/ Susanna w/o William FORLEY/FURLEY d/ Catharine w/o Samuel KEEFER (previously to Adam SNOOK from Singleton DUVALL as trustee in 1825 and also from David FOUTZ, Mary FOUTZ and Jacob (?)Deall in 1854) - also "Wolfs Perish", and 21 acres, to Adam SNOOK from Jacob WOLF in 1807(previously to Paul WOLF in 1769); adjoins land of Peter DIFFENDALL (to him from Arnold HARDY). Guardian was Thomas M. HOLBRUNNER; testimoney was heard from David HAUGH and Lycurgus N. PHILLIPS. Trustee was John COVER of T.; sale was held 16 Mar 1865, but a high bid was not received. Private sale was later made to Benjamin F. BOND at $6,592.50. The property was in Woodsborough District and then adjoined land of Frederick BIRELY and David BIEHL and was contemplated to be on the route of the Western Maryland Rail Road. It was 4 miles from Union Bridge, soil is red land and has a large stone house with back building attached, large bank barn, corn house, wagon shed, grainary, spring house and excellent fruit orchard. Prior to the sale, Martin SLAGLE was residing on the premises; Robert McGINNIS lived close by. Distribution of $6,592.50; court costs, $321.55; - Margaret A. COVER, adm/of Jacob BIEHL, reimbursement, $1,071.03 - each 1/8 share to the grandchildren, $645.04 Closed 10 Nov 1866.
174-174 - EURY, WARNER - Oct 1866
Estate of Susan EURY, dec'd; William H. WARNER, trustee Supplemental of JWLC-2, 305 Distribution of $3,345.07; court costs, $139.72 Each 1/4 share, $801.33 to - William H. WARNER, assignee of John A. WARNER - William H. WARNER, - William H. WARNER, assignee of Hezekiah GROFF & wife - Andrew J. WARNER Closed 8 Nov 1866.
175-187 - TINGSTRUM, NORRIS, STUNKEL - Jul 1865
William H. TINGSTRUM, et al vs Jeanette TINGSTRUM, et al Frederick TINGSTRUM d/ 16 Jan 1865 intestate widow - Jeanette (age 41 & in bad health; died Feb 1866) s/ William H. TINGSTRUM & w/ Elizabeth d/ Charlotte w/o John NORRIS - Montgomery County s/ Benjamin Franklin TINGSTRUM d/ Mary Alice TINGSTRUM, a minor s/ Frederick A. TINGSTRUM, a minor d/ Anna E. TINGSTRUM, a minor s/ Charles C. TINGSTRUM, a minor d/ Emma T. TINGSTRUM, a minor Land - "Hill in the Middle", 57 acres; from Edward SHRIVER, John H. WILLIAMS, adms/of Charles SHRIVER, and Ann E. SHRIVER, wid/of Charles SHRIVER, in 1852. Adjoins land of Jacob BRUNNER, tracts "Addition to Carrollton" and "Leonard's Beginning" and land of Andrew MICHAEL (to him from Charles SHRIVER). It had a 2-story weatherboard house with 1 1/2 story log kitchen and a Switzer Barn 60x30 feet. - "Leonard's Beginning", 2 acres; on road from Tramellstown to the mouth of the Monocacy River; from Otho THOMAS & w/ Harriet in 1854. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from William H. TINGSTRUM and George W. SNOUFFER. Trustee was Grayson EICHELBERGER; sale was held 30 Jun 1866 at Point of Rocks, at the premises, 1 1/2 miles east of Point of Rocks near the Rail Road and Canal, adjoining land of George W. SNOUFFER and Otho THOMAS' heirs, high bidder was: - Mary STUNKEL for 46 acres at $1,849.50 Distribution: court costs, $274.01; - George W. SNOUFFER, claim, $253.70 - each 1/8 share to the children, $165.22 Closed 28 Aug 1866.
Jonathan ROUTZAHN vs Joseph BUTLER & Eliza BUTLER Adam BUTLER, a free negro, d/ fall 1863 intestate bro/ Joseph BUTLER, half brother on father's side sis/ Eliza BUTLER, half sister on father's side Land - House & Lot #25 in Berlin (Brunswick), from William KUHN in 1852. (Previously to Kuhn by Wm. SCHLEY, Esq & trustee for Francis JARBOE.) Indebted to Peter SHAFER with Jonathan ROUTZAHN as surety. Trustee was Grayson EICHELBERGER; sale was held on 1 Dec 1864 in Berlin, high bidder was: - D. Henry BURTNETT at $172.50. After paying part of the sales amount, D. Henry BURTNETT left Maryland and returned to New York. Property (now listed as Lot #35) was resold to Lewis SANDS at $181. Distribution of $181; court costs, $117.18 - Jonathan ROUTZAHN, claims, $63.82 Closed 30 Aug 1866.
195-213 - BENTON, SIMMONS, GARDNER, DAVIS - Jun 1865
John GARDNER vs Elizabeth A. BENTON, Adm, et al Samuel S. BENTON d/ Apr 1865 intestate, in Frederick County widow - Elizabeth A. d/ Henrietta S. BENTON d/ Rachel A. BENTON s/ Theodore S. BENTON s/ Samuel Morsell BENTON, a minor s/ Robert A. BENTON, a minor s/ Morgan S. BENTON, a minor Widow was administrator. Land - in Montgomery and Frederick counties - "Piedmont", "Resurvey on William's Chance", 159 acres; adjoined tract "Plummers Hunting Lot" and Isaac DAVIS' land; from Elias L. DELASHMUTT. Property located 2 miles SW of Hyattstown on road from Urbana to Barnesville and one mile from Mountain Church, includes 1 1/2 story log house, frame barn, orchard and is well watered. - "Backland", 202 acres, from Elias L. DELASHMUTT & w/ Eliza in 1849 (previously to them from Daniel KEMP & w/ Matilda and Robert DARNELL & w/ Henrietta in 1834). - and "Williams Chance" and "Labryith", 130 acres, (previously to Nathan B. HOLLAND from John GLISAN) - and "Strife", 60 acres, inherited by Samuel S. BENTON from his father. This property mortgaged to Jacob MARKELL and Joshua DILL in 1849. - "Wayman's Retreat" and "Bloomsburg", 20 acres, from Lewis M. NIXDORFF and Henry M. NIXDORFF, trustees for Equity Case for Samuel HENKS(?) & Others vs George SMITH, in 1864; adjoined land of Dr. HUGHES and tract "Remainder". On 7 Jul 1865, Samuel T. SIMMONS gave oath on the widow being age 54 and in general good health. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Edward G. GARDNER. Trustee was Elizabeth A. BENTON; on 21 Oct 1865, sale was held on the premises, high bidder was: - Isaac DAVIS of Frederick County for 159 acres at $3,424.26 Isaac DAVIS petitioned the court to nullify the sale, claiming the property was not deeded to the decedant and therefore the sale is null and void. Elizabeth A. BENTON (trustee and natural guardian of her minor children) obtained permission from the court for a private sale and, on 23 Feb 1866, sold the property to her three adult children for $3,000. Distribution of $3,000; court costs, $274.99 - widow, in lieu of dower, $1,261.28 - numerous creditors, $1,083.41 - each of the children then received 1/6, $29.64 Closed 29 Aug 1866.
Adam KOHLENBURG Jr vs Samuel B. PRESTON, adm, & Others Sarah JOHNSON, free colored woman, d/ Fall of 1860 s/ Greenberry HOWARD - Baltimore city s/ John Edward JOHNSON d/ Eliza Ann w/o John W. SNOWDEN d/ Lucinda McABEE - DC s/ Henry Adolphus JOHNSON, a minor s/ James William DORSEY, a minor (possibly now dec'd) Although Sarah left a Will, written 24 July 1858 and devising the property to her two minor sons, the Will was only attested by two witnesses, (instead of the required three witnesses for real estate), therefore, she was considered as dying intestate and her property was distributed according to the Act of Direct Descents. Exec/ Richard P. T. DUTROW (who declined, then Samuel B. PRESTON was appointed administrator). Witnesses: J. D. THOMAS and J. R. CROWN, both of Adamstown. Land - House & Lot #9 in "Rhodes Addition to Knoxville", from John H. MILLER & w/ Mary M., Henry C. DRILL and Jeremiah G. MORRISON in 1865. Located on Frederick and Harpers Ferry Ridge Road. House was a frame dwelling with a stone basement. Guardian was William STOKES; testimony was heard from Richard P. T. DUTROW, Samuel B. PRESTON and Joseph H. SHEID. Trustee was Samuel B. PRESTON; sale was held on 5 May 1866 in Knoxville, high bidder was Job MILLER at $214. Distribution of $301.50; court costs, $132.49 - balance to creditors. Closed 5 Sep 1866.
Abraham MICHAEL, et al vs William MICHAEL, et al John MICHAEL d/ Apr 1864 intestate s/ Abraham MICHAEL & w/ Caroline (HOUCK) s/ William MICHAEL & w/ Elizabeth - Illinois s/ George MICHAEL & w/ Maria - Baltimore County d/ Phoebe w/o John DeGRANGE d/ Mary Ann, dec'd w/o Solomon RAMSBURGH .....Isaiah RAMSBURG - Illinois .....Carlton RAMSBURG - Illinois d/ Elizabeth w/o Henry FLOOK d/ Sarah Ann w/o William SUMMERS d/ Loretta MICHAEL - Virginia d/ Malinda w/o Harman KEPHART - Virginia d/ Catharine MICHAEL d/ May 1864 intestate, single, no issue d/ Julianna w/o Jacob MORT d/ Ann Rebecca MICHAEL, later w/o John L. ROTHENHOFFER Land - "Butler's Trouting Stream", 102 acres, adjoining land of Lewis RAMSBURG and John NEIGHBOURS and Nathan NEIGHBOURS and Hamburg Road; from David DELAUGHTER & w/ Emeline in 1850. Exception was 2 acres sold to Owen FORREST. Located 8 miles NW of Frederick near the village of Hamburg; 35 acres are cleared and the balance is wooded in Chestnut, Hickory, Red Oak and Black Oak with a spring near the house, has a large two-story house with basement, good stable and other buildings. Trustee was Abraham MICHAEL with sureties as Ezra HOUCK and Phillip WACHTER Jr; sale was held on 12 Nov 1864 at GROFF's Hotel in Frederick, high bidder was Henry CULLER at $580. Petition made by trustee to announce the whereabouts of George MICHAEL were now unknown and Ann Rebecca MICHAEL was now married to John L. ROTHENHOFFER. Distribution of $580; court costs, $174.74 - Conrad FEEZER & wife, claim, $15.17 - Sarah ALBAUGH, claim, $15.17 - Abraham MICHAEL, claim, $110.02 - each 1/11 share to the surviving children, $24.08 - each 1/2 of 1/11 share to RAMSBURG grandchildren, $12.04 Closed 5 Sep 1866.
238-249 - LAYMAN, GAMBRILL, THOMAS, LEWIS - Apr 1866
James H. GAMBRILL vs Henrietta LAYMAN, et al Leonard J. LAYMAN d/ 20 Oct 1865 widow - Henrietta and 8 minor children, d/ Florence L. LAYMAN d/ Mary E. LAYMAN d/ Clementine LAYMAN s/ Charles W. LAYMAN s/ Isaac H. LAYMAN s/ Leonard J. LAYMAN s/ Richard L. LAYMAN d/ Ida M. LAYMAN Land - "Araby", parts of Lot #1 & 14, 56 acres; three miles south of Frederick on the Georgetown Road and the Ijamsville Road, adjoining lands of James H. GAMBRILL and C. Keefer THOMAS; mortgaged to James H. GAMBRILL and Nicholas WORTHINGTON. Nicholas WORTHINGTON died and John T. WORTHINGTON was his administrator. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from B. A. CUNNINGHAM regarding the mortgage, David O. THOMAS validating the family members and Perry B. McCLEARY on the handwriting. Trustee was Charles W. ROSS; sale was held on 14 Jul 1866 at Araby Mills and, after not being able to sell the property in lots, sold it in entirety to - Jacob LEWIS at $1,772.03 Distribution - court costs, $214.68 - James H. GAMBRILL & John T. WORTHINGTON, mortgage, $1,398.07 - Henrietta LAYMAN, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $19.66 - each 1/8 to the children, $17.45 Closed 19 Sep 1866.
249-261 - HILDERBRAND, STALEY, SCHLEY - May 1866
Frederick HILDERBRAND, et al vs George H. HILDERBRAND, et al Joseph HILDEBRAND, dec'd (Will 12 Jan 1842; 7 Feb 1842) s/ John HILDEBRAND (28 acres) s/ Ezra HILDEBRAND (68 acres) Land - "Resurvey on Fry's Habitiation", 96 acres, by patent to Joseph HILDEBRAND in 1803, (previously was "Fry's Habitation", which had been granted to Jacob FRY for 80 acres in 1746 and 93 acres to Melchor STALEY in 1764). Adjoined Peter STALEY's "Altogether" and tracts of John RAMSBURG and Stephen RAMSBURG and by road from Fredericktowne to SHOUP's Mill. === Ezra HILDERBRAND d/ Jan 1863 (Will 11 Jan 1863; 2 Feb 1863) widow - Ann Mary (d/ 25 Apr 1866) s/ Frederick HILDERBRAND s/ John J. HILDERBRAND s/ Joseph Daniel HILDERBRAND & w/ Ann s/ George Henry HILDERBRAND, a minor s/ Samuel Thomas HILDERBRAND, a minor d/ Mary Jane HILDERBRAND, a minor Exec/ Cornelius STALEY Wit/ Cornelius STALEY, Joshua STULL, William MAIN Land - "Resurvey on Fry's Habitiation", 68 acres, from his father, Joseph HILDERBRAND (who died Jan 1842) (Property was acquired by Joseph HILDERBRAND by patent in 1806.) On road from Frederick to Rocky Springs, had log house with kitchen attached, good barn, two springs near the house, small apple orchard and other fruit trees. - "Altogether", 8 acres, from William F. JOHNSON & w/ Elizabeth in 1853 (to JOHNSON from William TYLER in 1853). On 15 May 1866, Henry SCHLEY was appointed as guardian. Testimony was heard from Cornelius STALEY, who had known Ezra for 40 years; also William MAIN. Trustee was Cornelius STALEY; sale was held at GROFF's Hotel in Frederick on 11 Aug 1866, high bidder was: - William H. HILDEBRAND for 76 acres at $60.25/acre Distribution of $4,579; court costs $351.77 - each 1/6 share to the children, $704.53 Closed 17 Oct 1866.
Adam KOHLENBURG, et al vs Thomas DIXON, et al Mathias GEIGEAS d/ 1861 intestate s/ Charles T. GEIGEAS (only son & eldest child) - Alexandria Co, VA d/ Mary E. w/o Adam KOHLENBURG d/ Martha A. GEIGEAS d/ Susan w/o Charles W. McABEE d/ Elizabeth R. w/o Alexander MUSGROVE d/ Elvira W., now w/o Thomas E. DIXON Charles conveyed his share to Elvira & Thomas DIXON. Land - "Resurvey on Two Bachelors" (aka "Southern Division"), 74 acres, in Urbana District, from Charles JOHNSON in 1859 (by Will of Roger JOHNSON's Will dated 17 Feb 1831). Located 3 miles west of Urbana, on road from SIMMON's Mill to Urbana, adjoining lands of George HOUSE, D. J. HUGHES, and Dr. JOHNSON. It had two log houses with kitchen attached, good barn, smoke house and divided into fields with good fencing; had a spring near the house. Trustee was Charles W. McABEE; sale was held 1 Aug 1866, high bidder was John McPHERSON, as agent for F. R. McPHERSON, for 71 acres at $15/acre. Distribution of $1,065; court costs, $240.07 Each 1/6 share to the children, $137.48. Closed 30 Oct 1866.
Martin GROVE, et al vs Leonard S. GROVE, et al Jacob GROVE d/ 1834 s/ Martin GROVE & w/ Sarah s/ William GROVE & w/ Mary A. s/ Samuel L. GROVE & w/ Ann R. d/ Mary M. GROVE wid/o Stephen HOUSE s/ John D. GROVE, d/ c1856 .....Anne E. GROVE, wid/o Greenberry FOUT .....Mary A. GROVE, dec'd w/o Charles MANTZ - Frederick city ----------Isabella MANTZ w/o John JOHNSON - Pendleton Co, WV ----------Laura MANTZ w/o James MEYER - Iowa ----------Emma/Emena MANTZ - Frederick city ----------John E. MANTZ, a minor ----------Mary MANTZ, a minor ----------Charles MANTZ Jr., a minor ----------McPherson MANTZ, a minor .....Elizabeth Virginia GROVE, w/o Dr. Fullerton A. GROVE .....Lewis GROVE d/ after father -------wid/ Lurissa - Pennsylvania ----------Emory GROVE, a minor ----------John GROVE, a minor .....(Thomas) Jefferson GROVE & w/ Jane - Hardy Co, WV .....William GROVE d/ after father -------wid/ Josephine (now) ZIMMERMAN - Washington County ----------John GROVE, a minor s/ Jacob GROVE - Washington County s/ Leonard S. GROVE & w/ Rebecca s/ George W. GROVE & w/ Elizabeth s/ Daniel GROVE & w/ Julia A. Land - "Resurvey on Stoney Ridge", 25 acres mountain land, from Jacob BERGESSER & w/ Margaret in 1810. John D. sold his share to his siblings; Jaocb sold his share to brother Samuel. Mary M. HOUSE, George W. GROVE, Daniel GROVE, Leonard GROVE & spouses conveyed their shares to John FLOOK of H. (w/ Mary) and Lewis McBRIDE (w/ Sarah) on 15 May 1866. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Samuel L. GROVE and Charles MANTZ; also from Samuel AHALT and Joseph L. HUFFER (regarding land only). Trustee was Sameul L. GROVE; sale was held 8 Sep 1866 at the shop of Jacob YOUNG in Broad Run, high bidders were: - William H. NORRIS for Lot #1, 4 acres, at $301.75 - Joseph BUTLER for Lot #2, 4 acres, at $276.25 - Joshua NORRIS for Lot #3, 3 acres, at $263.50 - John FLOOK of H. for Lot #4, 2 acres, at $160.26 - John FLOOK of H. for Lot #5, 4 acres, at $372.38 - John FLOOK of H. for Lot #6, 3 acres, at $350.31 - Samuel WALKER for Lot #7, 1 acre, at $94.50 Total sales, $1,818.95. Distribution of $606.31; court costs, $191.58 - each 1/9 share, $46.08 Closed 1 Dec 1866.
Robert McDUEL & wife vs John McDUEL, et al Henry McDUEL d/ 12 Mar 1866 intestate widow - Magdalena bro/ John McDUEL (d/ 29 Sep 1866) & w/ Eliza - Columbia Co, Wisconsin ........Ann Lydia wid/o Nathan LEAKE - Washington, DC ........Eliza Bartilla w/o George DORRANCE - New York City ........Virginia M. F. w/o John CUSACK - New Orleans, LA bro/ George McDUEL, dec'd, his children, ........Ann Selinda SMALLWOOD, widow - Out of State ........Elizabeth Susan w/o George E. KENNEDY - Out of State ........Sarah Jennette w/o William Nathan KAY - Out of State ........John L. McDUEL & w/ _________ - Out of State bro/ Robert McDUEL & w/ Julia Maria sis/ Jane McDUEL (d/ 21 Sep 1866) w/o Michael EARLY - Columbia Co, Wisconsin former husband, Archibald BAKER .........1/ Ann (BAKER), dec'd w/o Robert SHORTLEY - Wisconsin --------------Margaret SHORTLEY --------------George SHORTLEY, a minor --------------Julia Ann SHORTLEY, a minor --------------William SHORTLEY, a minor --------------John SHORTLEY, a minor --------------Martha Jane SHORTLEY, a minor .........2/ John BAKER - Washington Territory .........3/ Thomas BAKER - California .........4/ Jane (BAKER) w/o Thomas BENNETT - Iowa .........5/ Magdalena (BAKER) w/o Barnard CASTON - Wisconsin .........6/ Robert BAKER, dec'd - Wisconsin --------------Thomas BAKER, a minor --------------Rachel Jane BAKER, a minor Land - "Finks Purchase", "Friends Good Will", "Kemps Long Meadow", "Fielderia Manor", "The Two Sisters", 161 acres, from Daniel L. BISER, trustee for Philip FINK Estate, in 1838; located 1 mile from Burkittsville on road to Middletown, adjoining lands of Dr. John GARROTT, Emanuel FINK, Peter WHIP, Peter WILLIARD, Joseph L. HOFFER, Henry HILLEARY, Joshua AHALT, Henry SHAFER. (surveyed for 198 acres by William H. HILLEARY) The property had a 3-story brick house with 12 rooms, a stone Switzer barn 96 feet long, corn house, wagon house, carriage house, dry house, smoke house, bake oven, spring house with dwelling above, has nine fields, spring near the door and orchards. Free of dower, but subject to road claimed by Joshua AHALT. - 2 acres, from John FINK Jr in 1838. - 3 acres, from Otho F. HARLEY & w/ Catharine in 1838; starts at north corner of Isaac RAMSBURG's farm and along land of heirs of John BISER. - from John D. GARROTT & w/ Matilda in 1841; adjoined land of John FINK Sr. and Henry BURKITT and on road from Middletown to Burkittsville. - 26 acres, from Jonathan TOBY - from David B. HOUSE On 13 Jul 1866, Samuel AHALT made oath that Magdalena McDUEL, widow of decedant, was 51 years old and in general good health. Trustee was Robert McDUEL; sale was held on 11 Sep 1866 at the store of John BARNES in Burkittsville, high bidder was John LANE for 198 acres at $25,772.50. Soon after sale, word was sent that John McDUEL died intestate, leaving his widow Eliza (age 74) and children noted above and also Jane EARLY died leaving husband Michael (age 70) and children as noted above. Distribution of $25,772.50; court costs, $1,101.21 - Magdalena McDUELL, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $3,083.91 - inheritance tax, $323.81 - Robert McDUELL, 1/4 or $5,315.89 - Eliza McDUELL (wid/o John), $533.58 - John McDUELL's children, each 1/3, $1,594.77 - Michael EARLY (wid/o Jane), curtesy 1/9, $590.65 - Jane (McDUELL) BAKER EARLY's children, each 1/6, $787.53 - George McDUELL's children, each 1/4, $1,328.97 Closed 1 Dec 1866.
Christian H. JACKSON vs John W. JACKSON, et al William JACKSON d/ c1864 intestate s/ Christian H. JACKSON s/ John W. JACKSON & w/ Amanda E. s/ Joel T. JACKSON & w/ Emily - Pennsylvania d/ Mary Catharine w/o Michael ROBERTS d/ Sarah Rebecca w/o Frederick WILES s/ Enos Augustus JACKSON & w/ Rebecca - Pennsylvania s/ Hanson T. JACKSON & w/ Josephine d/ Martha Elizabeth JACKSON d/ Maria Jane w/o Franklin STOTTLEMIRE Land - "Stouder's Look Out" or "Chestnut Hill", 21 acres; (Mortgages to oldest two sons and George W. POLE of Washington county); located 2 1/2 miles west of Woodsboro, near the Monocacy and adjoining lands of John SMITH of M. Property has log house, spring house, large barn, spring near the house and a variety of fruit trees. Testimony was heard from Philip CRAMER and John W. JACKSON; trustee was Grayson EICHELBERGER. Sale was held at SMITH's Hotel in Woodsboro on 3 Nov 1866, high bidder was Christian H. JACKSON at $1,000 Distribution: court costs, $192.78 - Christian H. JACKSON, mortgage, $166.51 - George W. POLE, mortgage, $283.58 - Christian H. JACKSON, part of mortgage, $357.03 Closed 10 Jan 1867.
John HANSHEW vs Barbara BUTLER, et al Ormond F. BUTLER d/ 1863 intestate widow - Barbara BUTLER and 11 children s/ Richard BUTLER & w/ Deborah Ann - Baltimore city s/ Charles BUTLER & w/ Sarah A. s/ William BUTLER - Washington County s/ Ormond BUTLER & w/ Alcinda - Baltimore city s/ George BUTLER & w/ Martha - Virginia s/ Robert BUTLER & w/ Mary - Virginia d/ Anna w/o George A. BREADY d/ Sarah w/o Henry BAKER d/ Amelia w/o George FRENCH - Virginia d/ Harriet w/o John NEIR - Virginia d/ Christiina MOCCABEE - Washington County Land - House & Lot, in the NW corner of East Fourth St and Middle Alley in Fredericktown, to John HANSHEW of Baltimore city, from Michael HAUSER (w/ Susannah) in 1814. HANSHEW sold said lot to Ormond F. BUTLER in 1817. Testimony was heard from David J. MARKEY; trustee was Grayson EICHELBERGER. Sale was held 29 Jun 1866 at the Dill House in Frederick city, high bidder was: - Joseph A. WHEELER at $750 However, WHEELER failed to pay for the property and it was resold at public sale to Samuel DIXON at $695, but he also failed to comply with the terms. It was sold again at public sale to Henry LORENTZ at $695, who paid in cash. Distirbution: court costs, $262.27 - Mrs Barbara BUTLER, widow's dower, 1/10 or $43.27 - John HANSHEW, for claim, $134.08 - each 1/11 share to the children, $23.21 Closed 10 Jan 1867.
322-323 - TANEY, DOYLE, MAYNARD, BALDNER - Sep 1866
Michael BALDNER vs Felix B. TANEY, et al Supplemental of BJF-2, 703 dated 10 Sep 1866 Dennis H. MAYNARD, trustee, announces Mrs. Harriet TANEY, widow of Joseph TANEY, has recently died. 2nd Distribution of $1,267.01 - court costs, fees, etc, $428.66 Each 1/6 share to the children, $139.72 - Mary DOYLE - Harriet TANEY - Dorothea TANEY - Henrietta TANEY - Joseph TANEY - Helen TANEY Closed 1 Dec 1866.
323-333 - GARROTT, CRAMPTON - Oct 1865
John E. GARROTT vs Oscar P. CRAMPTON, et al John D. GARROTT d/ 21 Jun 1863, intestate widow - Matilda and 2 children, s/ John E. GARROTT & w/ Annie R. d/ Olivia (d/ 2 Apr 1865) w/o Oscar P. CRAMPTON .....John D. G. CRAMPTON, a minor .....Matilda CRAMPTON, a minor .....Benjamin E. P. CRAMPTON, a minor .....Oscar P. CRAMPTON Jr., a minor (d/ summer 1865) Land - divided between heirs in 1865 (widows dower part not listed). **Olivia's part - pts of "Alexandria", "Forrest of Neadwood" and "Fielderea", 200 acres, in Petersville, on road to Middletown and crosses road from Burkittsville to Jefferson, adjoins lands of O. F. HARLEY, Jacob HEIGHTMAN, Peter SLIFER, Tobias HORINE and Henry SHAFER. Conveyed to John D. GARROTT by Erasemus GARROTT in 1856. - "Millers Farm", "Gavers Recovery" and "David's Purchase", Lot #3, 40 acres of 300 acres, adjoins SW corner of Alexander McDADE's lot. ** John E.'s part - Lot #1, 179 acres; & Lot #4 & 5, 1 acre (then occupied by John E. GARROTT and includes part of the 'Burkett Estate' which was surveyed and laid off for Matilda GARROTT in 1863); (The Burkett Estate was conveyed to John D. GARROTT by George BEAR, trustee, in 1841 and by Ezra SLIFER & wife in 1847, surveyed in 1863 for 144 acres.) - "Millers Farm" and "Gavers Recovery", 226 acres; conveyed to John D. GARROTT from Joseph HUFFER & wife in 1833; also part of "Millers Farm", 25 acres, from Erasemus F. GARROTT in 1836; also part of "Millers Farm", 46 acres, from Erasimus F. GARROTT in 1856; also part of David's Purchase", 2 acres, from Joseph ENNIS in 1857. Located on road from Burkittsville to Knoxville and runs to Main St in Burkittsville on north side of an alley. Olivia and her husband conveyed their share to her brother; however, a deed was not conveyed before her death. Administrators were John E. GARROTT and Oscar P. CRAMPTON with sureties as Erasemus GARROTT and Matilda GARROTT. Guardian was William MAHONEY; testimony was heard from Erasmus F. GARROTT, William HILLEARY (surveyor) and Oscar P. CRAMPTON. Trustee was Daniel L. BISER who was given authority to convey said lands to John E. GARROTT. Closed 16 Mar 1866.
Rachel A. ZIMMERMAN, mother and next friend of Charles W. ZIMMERMAN, et al Isaiah W. ZIMMERMAN d/ 30 Jun 1865 intestate widow - Rachel Ann s/ Charles Wesley ZIMMERMAN, a minor d/ Alice Virginia ZIMMERMAN, a minor s/ George Willis ZIMMERMAN, a minor Land - "Spring Garden", 114 acres (possibly only 88 acres then), in Mount Pleasant, adjoins sw corner of James LONG's land and sw corner of Samuel D. WALKER's land to sw corner of Simon C. STAUFFER's land; from Christian RAHTER & w/ Charlotte in 1863. Exceptions were lands conveyed by George W. DEVILBISS & w/ Ann M. to George CRAMER in 1859 and also from DEVILBISS to Rosanna ZIMMERMAN in 1859 (previously to Devilbiss from E. L. DELASHMUTT, trustee, in 1859). Property located about 2 miles se of Walkersville on road from Woodsboro & Frederick Turnpike (near Methodist Episcopal Church) to Mount Pleasant and south side of mill race and adjoined lands of William H. ZIMMERMAN and Z. DUVALL. It had a 2-story brick house with back building attached, good well near the door, log barn, corn cribs, hog pen, carriage house, meat house and orchard; land was of first quality blue slate. Israel's Creek and the railroad were on the western and eastern borders. Oliver D. LEASE was then living on the property. Land was mortgaged to Christian RAHTER who assigned said mortgage to Jacob FEIZER who assigned it to John D. CRUMBAUGH. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from William H. ZIMMERMAN who stated the widow, Rachel Ann, was age 27 and in good health; also testifying was Jared HAUKS. Trustee was William H. ZIMMERMAN; public sale was held 8 Feb 1866 on the premises, high bidder was: - Adam NUSBAUM for 83 acres at $7,844.88 ($94/acre) Distribution: court costs, $448.21 - Rachel A. ZIMMERMAN, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7 or $1,120.69 - Wm. H. ZIMMERMAN, for CRUMBAUGH's note, $1,060 - Rachel A. ZIMMERMAN for estate payments, $378.04 - each of the children's 1/3 share, $1,612.71 Closed 14 Nov 1866.
Mary E. HOOVER vs John W. HOOVER, et al Elizabeth HOOVER d/ Sep 1864 intestate, in Franklin Co, PA widow of Christian HOOVER s/ John W. HOOVER (married Elizabeth BLACK) - Pennsylvania s/ Jacob HOOVER (married Susan FISHER) - Pennsylvania s/ Augustus C. HOOVER (d/ Dec 1865 intestate in Frederick Co, MD) .....w/ Eliza (BYERS)(b/c1836) - Pennsylvania .....Caleb HOOVER, a minor - Pennsylvania .....John HOOVER, a minor - Pennsylvania .....Anna Mary HOOVER, a minor - Pennsylvania .....Milton Weigle HOOVER, a minor - Pennsylvania d/ Lovenia HOOVER wid/o Frederick RECKER d/ Magdalena HOOVER, dec'd w/o Nathaniel FISHER .....John M. FISHER, a minor .....Elizabeth Sarah Ann FISHER, a minor d/ Anna HOOVER w/o Abraham HORST - Washington County d/ Mary E. HOOVER - Washington County Land - "Branksource Hall", 18 acre small farm; to Elizabeth HOOVER, widow, from John W. HOOVER of Franklin Co, PA, as trustee, in 1855; (previously from Henry PEITZELL to Frederick TROXELL in 1819 and from him to Christian HOOVER and John HOOVER in 1830). (Elizabeth conveyed an undivided share to Mary E. HOOVER of Washington County in 1860.) Located 1 mile east of Graceham on road to Hoover's/Hood's Mill with 1 1/2 story weatherboard house of 7 rooms with attached kitchen, stable, good water and orchard. - "Mountain Tract", Hoover's Lot #3, 19 acres; to Elizabeth HOOVER from Jacob HOOVER in 1857. Located west of Mechanicstown. In April 1864, Articles of Agreement were written up by Elizabeth HOOVER and Mary E. HOOVER to sell to Augustus C. HOOVER their shares, then adjoining lands of George A. HOOVER and Jeremiah MARTIN. Elizabeth also made agreement to sell the mountain land to Augustus as well, then adjoining lands of Nathaniel FISHER and David FISHER. Adm/of Augustus C. HOOVER was Nathaniel FISHER; guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from George HOOVER, William BLACK and Nathaniel FISHER. Trustee was Nathaniel FISHER; sale was held at GERNAND's store in Graceham on 6 Oct 1866, high bidders were: - Washington SAMPEL for "Branksource Hall" at $1,120 - William WHITE for "Mountain Tract" at $130 (stopped at page 361; waiting for missing pages to be replaced, will update then)
Andrew J. HESSON & wife vs Catharine HESSON, et al William HESSON d/ Sep 1865 intestate widow - Catharine (b/ c1816) s/ Jacob A. HESSON d/ before his father .....Frank HESSON, a minor s/ Andrew J. HESSON d/ Susan Alice HESSON d/ Sarah E. HESSON, a minor d/ Catharine J. HESSON, a minor d/ Lydia A. HESSON, a minor Land - "Bell's Hill", 86 acres, (being parts of "Resurvey on State Ridge" and "Peters Delight"); adjoins Peter THOMAS' "Peace All Round" and tract "Arnolds Delight". - also "Rock Oak Bottom", 39 acres; - also "Resurvey on Five Mill Seats", Lot #5, 34 acres; - also "Resurvey on Five Mill Seats", Lot #6, 20 acres; (mentions a natural channel from a spring on lands of John LONG); to William HESSON from Samuel DIFFENDALL & w/ Christianna of Carroll Co, MD in 1853. - Mountain lots, "Rock Oak Bottom" and Lots #5 & 6, 75 acres, to John R. STONER from William HESSON & w/ Catharine in 1864. Guardian was Thomas M. HOLBRUNER; testimony was heard from Henry BLACK who testified the widow was about 50 years old and in good health. Also testifying was William C. LANDERS/LAUDERS. Trustee was Andrew J. HESSON; sale was held 24 Nov 1866, high bidders were: - John MURDOCKfor 84 acre farm at $5,000 - Henry BLACK for 16 acres of mountain land at $105 Distribution of $5,105; court costs, $354.07 - Catharine HESSON, widow, in lieu of dower, $638.12 - each 1/6 share to the children, $685.46. Closed 19 Feb 1867.
Joshua DILL vs Ann M. C. HINDFELT Conrad ABB, now deceased widow - Ann M. C., now Mrs. HINDFELT s/ John ABB s/ Henry ABB d/ Margaret (ABB) w/o Henry BLUMENOUR - Out of State d/ Catharine (ABB) w/o Henry RHULE - Out of State Land - Lot #198 on SE corner of 5th St and Middle Alley, fronting 5th St, in Fredericktown; adjoining lots of John OTT and Julia POWELL; to Joshua DILL from Elizabeth EBBERTS (wid/of Joseph EBBERTS), Joseph M. EBBERTS & w/ Catharine, William EBBERTS & w/ Ann Maria, and Catharine E. & Adam GAULT in 1850 (previously to Joseph EBBERTS by Christian EBBERTS, Mathias EBBERTS, Jacob EBBERTS and Michael EBBERTS in 1817). Testifying was George T. DILL. Trustee was Frederick J. NELSON, sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick city on 22 Dec 1866, high bidder was: - James P. KENNEDY at $495 After claims against the estate, there wasn't any remaining balance. Closed 13 Mar 1867.
384-398 - WINEBRENER, BARRICK, HARRIS - Nov 1866
Elizabeth A. WINEBRENER, mother and next friend of John A. WINEBRENER, et al vs John A. WINEBRENER, et al George A. WINEBRENER d/ 12 Sep 1866 intestate widow - Elizabeth A. s/ John Albert WINEBRENER, a minor s/ Samuel C. WINEBRENER, a minor s/ George Clinton WINEBRENER, a minor s/ James Talbot WINEBRENER, a minor s/ Noah WINEBRENER, a minor d/ Mary WINEBRENER, a minor Land - "Prosperity", 153 acres, located one mile north of Walkersville, near the Glade Church, adjoining lands of Henry R. HARRIS, Ezra E. BARRICK and Noah CRAMER. It is limestone land with six acres in good timber. It has a 2-story brick hous and back building, three good tenant houses, Switzer barn, wagon shed, corn house, graneries, ash house, smoke house, grain shed, divided into nine fields and two meadows, with water from the Glade stream which passes through the center of the farm, the garden spot of "Glade Valley". There is a free school 1/4 mile away, and has four churses within one mile and is seven miles from Frederick and one mile from the Woodsboro Pike. It has a Lime Kiln and a fine young orchard. [28 acres, from Christian WINEBRENER & w/ Phebe in 1863, (previously to Christian from Margaret BARRICK, William BARRICK & w/ Leah M., and John W. BARRICK & w/ Catharine S.)] Mortgaged to Richard H. MARSHALL, but later assigned to D. C. WINEBRENNER in Dec 1866; judgment to Hugh McALEER. Guardian was Joseph L. CARTY; testimony from David C. WINEBRENNER and Christian WINEBRENNER who both testified the widow was about 30 years old and in good health. Trustee was D. C. WINEBRENNER; sale was held on the premises on 25 Jan 1867, high bidder was: - Henry R. HARRIS for the 153 acre farm at $23,103 1st Distribution of $16,768.43; court costs, $755.55 - Elizabeth A. WINEBRENNER, widow, 1/7 or $2,398.06 - D. C. WINEBRENNER, mortgage claim, $8,536 - each of the children's 1/6 share, $849.47 Closed 19 Mar 1867.
399-404 - SMITH, WOOD, STULTZ, WAYS - Feb 1866
William H. WAYS vs Washington SMITH, et al William SMITH d/ 20 Jul 1865 intestate, unmarried bro/ Washington SMITH sis/ Sophia w/o Jacob G. WOOD sis/ Elizabeth w/o Ephraim STULTZ Adm/ Washington SMITH Land - "Charles and Elizabeth", Lot #3, 50 acres; from VanBuren DIXON (previously owned by Thomas H. HOWARD). Farm is located on the Frederick to New Market Turnpike, about four miles from Frederick. Mortgage to William H. WAYS. Trustee was William P. MAULSBY; sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick city on 10 Mar 1866, high bidder was: - William H. WAYS for $1,025 Distribution: court costs, $133.97 - William H. WAYS for partial claim, $891.03 Closed 27 Apr 1866.
Perry G. RICE & Others vs Benjamin RICE, & Others Estate of Perry RICE; Perry G. RICE, trustee Distribution of 3rd Payment, $2,741.87 - court costs, $132.53 - Rebecca LAMAR, 1/13 or $200.71 - Anna CECIL - Elizabeth RHODES - Perry G. RICE - Leven RICE - C. A. L. RICE - Mary THOMAS - C. A. L. RICE, wid/legatee of George B. - James M. RICE (s/o James, dec'd), 1/3 of 1/13, $66.90 - Edward T. RICE (s/o James, dec'd), 1/3 of 1/13, $66.90 - Reuben D. RICE (s/o James, dec'd), 1/3 of 1/13, $66.90 - Hanson T. RICE (s/o William, dec'd), 1/5 of 1/13, $40.14 - Rachael RICE (d/o William, dec'd), 1/5 of 1/13, $40.14 - William RICE (s/o William, dec'd), 1/5 of 1/13, $40.14 - Harriet RICE (d/o William, dec'd), 1/5 of 1/13, $40.14 - Mary RICE (d/o William, dec'd), 1/5 of 1/13, $40.14 - Perry RICE (s/o Thomas, dec'd), 1/3 of 1/13, $66.90 - Sarah A. SCHINDLER (d/o Thomas, dec'd), 1/3 of 1/13, $66.90 - Edward SCHAEFFER (s/o Thomas, dec'd), 1/3 of 1/13, $66.90 - George WILLIARD (s/o Martha, dec'd), 1/8 of 1/13, $25.08 - Abraham WILLIARD (s/o Martha, dec'd), 1/8 of 1/13, $25.08 - Catharine E. FAGAN (s/o Martha, dec'd), 1/8 of 1/13, $25.08 - Martha BATSON (s/o Martha, dec'd), 1/8 of 1/13, $25.08 - Harriet BASSFORD (s/o Martha, dec'd), 1/8 of 1/13, $25.08 - Mary J. SPEAKE (s/o Martha, dec'd), 1/8 of 1/13, $25.08 - Luther RENN (s/o Martha, dec'd), 1/8 of 1/13, $25.08 - Lauretta BASSFORD (s/o Martha, dec'd), 1/8 of 1/13, $25.08 - Willamina RICE (wid/o John C.), 1/10 of 1/13, $20.07 - John T. RICE (s/o John C.), 1/3 of 9/10 of 1/13, $60.21 - John W. RICE (s/o John C.), 1/3 of 9/10 of 1/13, $60.21 - Martha E. RICE (s/o John C.), 1/3 of 9/10 of 1/13, $60.21 Closed 18 Mar 1867.
406-415 - CAIN, HILT, BUSSARD, GLAZE - Feb 1866
Nicholas HILT vs Charles Wesley CAIN William CAIN d/ c1840 intestate widow - Catharine d/ Nov 1865 d/ Lydia (CAIN) w/o Nicholas HILT - Carroll County s/ Joseph CAIN & w/ Ellen s/ John CAIN, dec'd .....w/ Mary Ann CAIN .....Charles Wesley CAIN .....Sophia Catharine CAIN .....Francis Jackson CAIN .....Mary Ellen CAIN d/ Mary Ann (CAIN) w/o Randolph BUSSARD Land - pts "Resurvey on Hobb's Purchase" and "Hazard and Never Four", 54 acres, partly in Montgomery County, adjoining land of Zephaniah HARRIS; from Benjamin WATSON of Montgomery County in 1815. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Brooke BUXTON and William M. GLAZE. Trustee was William M. GLAZE; sale was held on the premises on 22 Nov 1866, high bidder was: - Joseph CAIN at $700 Distribution: court costs, $139.85 - Lydia HILT, 1/4 or $139.78 - Joseph CAIN, 1/4 or $139.78 - Mary A. BUSSARD, 1/4 or $139.78 - Mary Ann CAIN, wid/of John, in lieu of dower, 2/15 of 1/4, $18.63 - Charles W. CAIN, 1/4 of 2/15 of 1/4, $30.28 - Sophia C. CAIN, 1/4 of 2/15 of 1/4, $30.28 - Francis J. CAIN, 1/4 of 2/15 of 1/4, $30.28 - Mary E. CAIN, 1/4 of 2/15 of 1/4, $30.28 Closed 18 Mar 1867.
416-417 - STULL - Mar 1867
Estate of Jacob STULL of A., dec'd; Frederick A. STULL, trustee 3rd Distribution of $5,569.06; court costs, $247.85 - Eve STULL, widow, 1/9 or $618.78 - MD tan on 1/6 share of Louisa STULL, dec'd, $11.74 - Frederick A. STULL, 1/5 or $438.13 - William H. STULL, 1/5 or $438.13 - Elijah S. STULL, 1/5 or $438.13 - Daniel T. STULL, 1/5 or $438.13 - Edward J. STULL, 1/5 or $438.13 Closed 6 Jun 1867.
Lawson H. MAIN & w/ Martha M. vs Lauretta C. MAIN Frederick MAIN Jr. d/ 24 May 1862 intestate widow - Elizabeth s/ Lawson H. MAIN & w/ Martha M. s/ Isaiah MAIN & w/ Amanda (BOWLUS) d/ Mary Elizabeth MAIN w/o Henry BISER s/ Joshua H. MAIN d/ Amanda Charlotte MAIN w/o Charles W. KOOGLE d/ Susan Ann Rebecca MAIN d/ Lauretta Catharine MAIN, a minor d/ Emma MAIN d/ 1863 at age 8 Land - Exhibits 1 - "The Sun is Down and the Moon is Up", 155 acres (home farm), includes parts of "Wolfanbuttle", 15 acres, "Oakland Mills", "Rifle Gun" and "Michael's Fancy" and "Great Friendship:; adjoining lands of Enos DOUB and Eli BRANDENBURG and Jacob LORTZ's stable; from Peter MICHAEL & w/ Mary in 1836. Isaiah MAIN was then living there. It had a 2-story brick-cased house with an excellent spring near the door, good barn, wagon shed, corn, spring and smoke houses and a blacksmith shop. Also included two right-of-ways. 2. - "Michael's Fancy", 80 acres, from Henry MICHAEL & w/ Sophia of Madison Co, Indiana in 1859; adjoining #1 and lands of James KINNA, Peter BISER and on public road. 3. - also right-of-ways over "Oak Land Mills" and "Rifle Gun"; by James KINNA & w/ Elizabeth in 1847. 4. - also right-of-ways over "Great Friendship"; by Daniel BISER & w/ Elizabeth in 1845; on road to Middletown. 5. - "Arabia", "Cherry Chase", "Thrader's Luck", "Goose Bill", "In War a Tory, in Peace a Rebel", 99 acres; from John DERR in 1857. Located 1 1/4 miles north of Middletown with county road running through it, adjoins lands of Daniel BECHTOL, Mrs. John CRONE; is well watered, has a rough-cast log house, good barn, wagon shed, wash and spring houses and an orchard. and "The Old Story Over Again", 4 acres; and "Resurvey of Cherry Chase", 5 acres; adjoining land of Jacob DOUB and BECHTEL's farm; (previously to John DERR from Jonathan DOUB & w/ Elizabeth in 1837 & from John BECHTEL and Daniel BECHTOL, trustees, in 1859). and "Murdock's Mountain Resurveyed", 15 acres, 1/4 mile north of High Knob; adjoins lands of John ROUTZAHN, and Jacob DUTROW. Wood mostly Chestnut with some Rock Oak and has a county road running through it. 6. - House & Lot in west end of "Grove's Addition to Middletown"; from Joseph WISE, trustee, and w/ Elizabeth WISE in 1862. (Joseph WISE previously sold this to Elizabeth COBLENTZ, from David MILLER & w/ Susannah, but Coblentz never paid, was then sold to Frederick MAIN. This was the decedent's residence and consisted of a brick-cased 2-story house with back building, a good stable and cistern. (Was sold with the adjoining lot) 7. - Lot adjoining #5; from Joseph WISE and w/ Elizabeth WISE in 1862. Also adjoins house of John W. HERBERT. Administrator was Elizabeth MAIN; Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from Enos DOUB and Daniel DERR (testified a portion of land had been sold to George W. SUMMERS Jr. in 1859, tract "Michael's Fancy", 61 acres, adjoined land of Enos DOUB, Peter BISER, Christopher BITTIS and James KINNA and on road to Kinna's Mill). On 28 Jul 1866, Adam ROUTZANG made oath that the widow, Elizabeth MAIN, was then age 55 and in good health. Trustee was Lawson H. MAIN; sale was held on 26 Jan 1867 in Middletown, high bidders were: - John Joshua IFERT for the 108 acre farm, 1 1/4 miles north of Middletown, at $10,825 - Isaiah MAIN for the 155 acre farm, 2 1/2 miles north of Middletown at $12,284.50 - Elizabeth MAIN for the house and adjoining land at east end of Middletown at $1,340 - Daniel BECHTOL for 10-acre mountain lot at $260.31 Total sales, $24,709.81. Distribution of $24,709.81; court costs, $1,007.52 - Elizabeth MAIN, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/9, $2,633.59 - each surviving child's 1/7 share, $3,009.31 Closed 18 May 1867.
John H. LIGHTER & Others vs Martha J. LIGHTER Henry LIGHDER Sr, dec'd (from Will, in part) widow - Catharine s/ Peter LIGHDER Land - "We Could Not Agree", plantation, 118 acres; life estate to widow, then to son Peter. ===== Peter LIGHTER d/ 24 Feb 1863 intestate (wife deceased) s/ John H. LIGHTER & w/ Mary (KESSLER) s/ Simon P. LIGHTER (d/ 11 Mar 1866) & w/ Amanda E. (SNYDER) .....Mary Jane LIGHTER, a minor and only child (also d/ c1865) s/ Daniel J. LIGHTER d/ Ann C. (LIGHTER) w/o David H. KOOGLE d/ Elizabeth (LIGHTER) w/o John Carlton MOTTER (he abandoned her in 1861 and is believed dead) d/ Malinda (LIGHTER) w/o Tilghman H. GAVER d/ Mary E. (LIGHTER) w/o Thomas C. RUDY d/ Martha J. LIGHTER, a minor (age 19 in March 1867) Land - total of 208 acres in two separate tracts; lies west of Middletown on south side of turnpike. - "We Cannot Agree", 118 acres; from the Will of Henry LIGHTER (w/ Catharine). - "Mind All", "I Hope It Is Well Done", 82 acres, to Peter LIGHDERT from George BOWLUS in 1846, as trustee in Equity Case between Daniel SHAFFER and George BETERBRENNER against Jacob EVERHART Jr. John EVERHART, DAniel EVERHART and others. Adjoins lands of Jacob SMITH's (s/o Jacob) "Now I Know It" and tract "Resurvey Learning" and is on north side of Old Sharpsburg road and by Mathias FLOOK's land (now Daniel FLOOK's), then on north side of Baltimore and Frederick Turnpike, along Daniel & Adam KOOGLE's land. - "Christy's Folly", 1 acre, and "Oxford", 1 acre; "Oxford, adjoins George STOTTLEMYER's land and is on big road from Catoctin Ridge to Sharpsburgh and lies between MARSHALL's and BEAL's land; from Phineas PRITCHARD & w/ Catharine in 1838. - "Mount Pelier", mountain lot, 41 acres, to Peter LIGHTER from Jacob LIGHTER (w/ Catharine) in 1845. Located 1/2 mile south of the Old Sharpsburg Road and 1 mile from the Mountain House, adjoining lands of Jonas BEACHLEY, heirs of John YOUNG of P. and others, well set with Chestnut and Rock Oak Timber. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Benjamin PATTINGALL and Perry J. LEVY. Trustees were John H. LIGHTER and Simon P. LIGHTER. Upon Simon P. LIGHTER's death, Amanda, his widow, released her dower rights. On 19 Mar 1866, Ezra A. SNYDER testified Amanda was age 26 and in good health. The heirs agreed that John H. LIGHTER, surviving trustee, be allowed to sell the home farm at private sale to: - John KESSLER at $80/acre. The mountain tract to be sold at public sale on 9 Feb 1867: - George SHAFER for Lot #3, 13 acres, at $21.50/acre - George SHAFER for Lot #2, 14 acres, at $26/acre - Daniel KOOGLE of C. for Lot #1, 13 acres at $30/acre Total sales for mountain tract, $1,062.15. Distribution of $17,542.15; court costs, $244.37 - Amanda E. LIGHTER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7 of 1/8, $308.81 - each of the surviving children's 1/7 share, $2,426.98 Closed 1 May 1867.
459-470 - DYER, MILLER - Feb 1866
Fredericktown Savings vs Elizabeth W. DYER & Others Joseph A. DYER d/ c1863 intestate widow/ Elizabeth W. (age about 30) - Kate E. DYER - Willie H. W. DYER - Uneva/Union Mabel DYER - Fannie V. DYER Land - part of Lots #251-254 on SE corner of Market & 7th Sts in Fredericktown; adjoining lot of Catharine HEFFNER; from Horatio WATERS & w/ Margaret in 1855; mortgaged to John RAMSBURG and Horatio WATERS. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from John RAMSBURG who also was the trustee for the sale. Sale was held on 11 Aug 1866 at the Dill House in Frederick, but lacked a suffiecient bid; a later sale went to: - Charles W. MILLER at $730 Distribution: court costs, $118.51 - Lewis RAMSBURG, Sec. for bank, $365.70 - Elizabeth W. DYER, widow, 1/7, $25.11 - each child's 1/4 share, $52.67 The widow refused to give up possession of the home and MILLER had to petition the court to gain possession. Closed 7 May 1867.
470-484 - HAMMOND, WOOD, HARDING - Aug 1866
Jane E. HAMMOND vs Thomas H. HAMMOND, et al - Petition for Division for Dower Land Philip HAMMOND d/ 10 Apr 1865 (Will written 8 Apr 1865) widow - Jane E. (renounced the Will and elected to take dower) d/ Cordelia HAMMOND, a minor s/ Nicholas W. HAMMOND, a minor s/ John W. HAMMOND, a minor d/ Christianna HAMMOND, a minor d/ Leah Jones HAMMOND, a minor s/ Philip T. HAMMOND, a minor s/ Eldrege J. B. HAMMOND, a minor s/ William Lee HAMMOND, a minor Execs/ brothers, Richard T. HAMMOND (renounced) and Thomas H. HAMMOND Witnesses: Joel HALL, John HARDING and Luther DEVILBISS Land - in New Market district - "Norris Purchase", 100 acres, from William W. WALKER & w/ Mary E. in 1857 (previously to William M. PLUMMER by Joel NORRIS & w/ Rachel in 1845 and then by William W. PLUMMER & w/ Harriet S. to William W. WALKER in 1857); adjoins Benjamin HALL"s "Resurvey on Hall Choice" . - "Norris Purchase", 77 acres, from Mary WOOD, Susanna S. WOOD, Shepherd WOOD, Lydia Ann WOOD, Elizabeth WOOD and Pemberton WOOD in 1853 (previously from John NORRIS & wife to Thomas WOOD in 1834). Adjoins tract "Peace and Plenty" and lands of George BURKHART and heirs of Basil DORSEY. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Basil HARDING; adm/ Thomas H. HAMMOND with sureties as Richard T. HAMMOND and Nicholas W. HAMMOND. Dower land to the widow was laid out for 67 acres with two-story house on the Wood property. Closed 18 Jun 1866.
484-490 - WATT, WALTMAN, URNER, OGLETON - Oct 1866
Joseph WALTMAN vs Thomas WATT & Ann Elizabeth WATT Land - House and Lot - mortgaged to Joseph WALTMAN by Thomas WATT and Elizabeth WATT; Waltman was also trustee in the insolvency of Thomas WATT. Trustee for sale was Milton T. URNER; sale was held 19 Jan 1867 in Knoxville, high bidder was: - James Perry OGLETON at $66 Sale fell short to pay administration costs. Closed 5 Jun 1867.
Caroline SCHROYER, et al vs Ephraim MOSER & Others John SCHROYER d/ 22 Mar 1866 intestate wife dec'd d/ Caroline SCHROYER d/ Mary Ann (SCHROYER), dec'd w/o Samuel HOFFMAN - IL .....James W. HOFFMAN .....Daniel HOFFMAN, a minor - IL .....Ellen HOFFMAN, a minor - IL .....Caroline HOFFMAN, a minor - IL s/ Daniel SCHROYER & w/ Elizabeth s/ Lawson SCHROYER & w/ Willemina d/ Sarah Ann (SCHROYER) w/o Frederick ECKARD s/ Lewis W. SCHROYER & w/ Delilah d/ Susan Elizabeth (SCHROYER) w/o Ephraim MOSER - Washington County d/ Catharine Ann SCHROYER Land - "Honesty is the Best Policy", Lot #2, 16 acres; from Joseph WASTLER & w/ Catharine in 1860; (previously from Philip COBLENTZ to Jacob MARTIN). - "Weavers Lot", 50 acres, from Jacob ZENTMYER Jr, exec/of Jacob ZENTMYER Sr, in 1855; adjoined lands of Henry DUSING. - "Weavers Lot", Agreement for Sale of undivided interests from Joseph POFFENBERGER and John POFFENBERGER, both of Washington County, in 1860, for land where John SHROYER then lived. (Mention of Lenard KORETZ' heirs) - "Weavers Lot", Lot of 31 acres, from John SHROYER and Daniel BURNS to Lewis SCHROYER in 1865. - 105 acres, from Jacob MUMMA (died w/out conveying deed) Jacob MUMMA's heirs - Sanner MUMMA - Washington County - Col. John MILLER - Washington County Testimony was heard from Lawson SCHROYER, William METZGER and Jacob DERR. Trustee was Lawson SCHROYER; sale was held on 21 Jan 1867, high bidders were: - Catharine A. SCHROYER and Caroline SCHROYER for the home farm of 70 acres at $1,069.71 - John D. DUBLE for Lot #1, 7 acres at $199.87 - John D. DUBLE for Lot #2, 8 acres at $272.25 - John D. DUBLE for Lot #3, 12 acres at $214.33 - John D. DUBLE for Lot #4, 6 acres at $ 65.00 - John D. DUBLE for Lot #5, 7 acres at $ 76.87 - John W. STOTTLEMYER for Lot #6, 16 acres at $215.32 - Elizabeth M. & Daniel SCHROYER for Lot #7, 22 acres at $113.72 Total sales, $2,227.09. The home farm contained 63 acres and was 2 miles south of Wolfsville on road leading to Boonsborough. It had a stone house, log barn, wash house, orchard and spring near the dwelling. It adjoined lands of Daniel DUSING and Enoch DOUB. There was an adjoining 22 acres of cleared land. Lots #1-6 were timber lots. Distribution of $2,227.09; court costs, $252.73 - Lawson SCHROYER, for overpayments, $560.34 - each 1/8 share to the children, $176.75 Closed 22 Jun 1867.
John DIXON & w/ Jane vs Henry Adolphus MICHAEL, et al Andrew MICHAEL d/ Phoebe MICHAEL (d/ c1852) w/o Guisbert MICHAEL, both dec'd .....Henry Adolphus MICHAEL .....Jane (MICHAEL) w/o John DIXON .....Frances (MICHAEL) w/o John WARNER (he lives in VA) .....Catharine (MICHAEL) w/o John FISHER Henry was declared a lunatic and confined to Maryland Hospital in Baltimore City. Land - "Hill in the Middle", 23 acres, from Charles SHRIVER & w/ Ann E. to Andrew MICHAEL in 1848 and devised to his daughter Phoebe MICHAEL through his Will. It contained 1-story log house and kitchen, garden and good fencing; was 2 miles from Point of Rocks and joined the lands of Curtis GRUBB and Otho THOMAS. Guardian for Henry was Robert G. McPHERSON. Testimony was heard from Arthur DELASHMUT. Trustee was Elias L. DELASHMUT; sale was held on 4 Jun 1867 at the hotel of George W. BERRY in Point of Rocks; high bidder was: - Jane DIXON and Catharine E. FISHER at $1,100 Distribution: court costs, $163.54 - each 1/4 share, $234.11 Closed 30 Aug 1867.
James G. LINTHICUM vs Horace L. MURPHY, et al William MURPHY, dec'd, leaving 7 children s/ Horace L. MURPHY of Montgomery County .....w/ Charlotte D. d/ Ann MURPHY Land - Home Farm, 99 acres, from George A. PEARRE and James PEARRE, execs/of William PEARRE; 5 miles south of Urbana on road leading from A. R. SIMMON's Mill to Mouth of Monocacy. It had a log house, partly weather-board, log stables, tobacco house, meat house, hen house, dairy, corn house, young apple orchard and a good spring convenient to the house. - "Stony H___" (to Alexander PEARRE from William BUCHAN in 1802). Lies on road from SIMMON's to Barnesville. Mortgage by Horace L. MURPHY and w/ Sharlotte D. of Montgomery County to James G. LINTHICUM of Baltimore City in 1864. Mortgage by Horace L. MURPHY to John T. WORTHINGTON with John J. JAMISON as surety in 1861. Trustee was John W. LINTHICUM; sale was held on 2 Mar 1867 at and for the Home Farm, high bidder was: - John W. WILSON at $1,600 Distribution: court costs, $162.58 - John J. JAMISON, $567.50 - James W. LINTHICUM, $869.92 Closed 3 Jun 1867.
528-529 - GROVE, FLOOK, HOUSE, McBRIDE - Aug 1867
Heirs of Jacob GROVE, dec'd; Samuel L. GROVE, trustee Auditor's Report Distribution of $1,258.08; court costs, $57.89 - John FLOOK of H. and Lewis McBRIDE, assignees of Mary HOUSE, 1/9 or $133.13 - Martin GROVE, assignee of John D. GROVE, 1/9 or $133.13 - Samuel L. GROVE, assignee of Jacob GROVE, 1/9 or $133.13 - John FLOOK of H. and Lewis McBRIDE, assignees of Leonard S. GROVE, 1/9 or $133.13 - Martin GROVE, 1/9 or $133.13 - John FLOOK of H. and Lewis McBRIDE, assignees of George W. GROVE, 1/9 or $133.13 - William A. GROVE, 1/9 or $133.13 - John FLOOK of H. and Lewis McBRIDE, assignees of Daniel GROVE, 1/9 or $133.13 - Samuel L. GROVE, 1/9 or $133.13 Closed 27 Aug 1867.
Catoctin Savings Institution vs Frederick Town Savings Institution & Others Land - House and Lot in Middletown to Levi BARRICK Jr from Levi BARRICK Sr in 1858. In 1860, a deed from Levi BARRICK Jr to Elizabeth BARRICK (a d/o Levi BARRICK SR), residence then of Levi BARRICK Sr; adjoined lot of Miss GEISINGER and on Main St. It included procurring water at the pump or well in the yard of Isaac BOWLUS. Promissory Note for Levi BARRICK Jr. with securities as William P. ERWIN of Washington County and William S. HERSPERGER. Another note with securities as William S. HERSPERGER and Abraham WILLIARD. Abraham WILLIARD has since died and administrators of his estate were William S. HERSPERGER and Peter WILLIARD and sureties as Peter WHIP and Henry H. BISER. Levi BARRICK Jr left the state of Maryland in 1865. Testimony was heard from Peter SCHAFFER Jr, treasurer of Catoctin Savings, and Daniel H. Rohr, bookkeeper of Frederick Town Savings. Trustee was Peter W. SCHAFFER Jr; sale was held in Middletown on 17 Aug 1867, high bidder was: - John H. T. RUDY at $770 At that time, Levi BARRICK Sr and James BISER wer living there. Distributionof $770; court costs, $178.78 - Frederick Town Savings, 80% of claim, $406.18 - Catoctin Savings, 80% of claim, $185.04 RUDY had to file court action against Levi BARRICK Sr and his daughter Elizabeth in order to gain possession of the property. Closed 30 Nov 1867.
Samuel W. PLUMMER & Mary E. PLUMMER vs Lyde GRIFFITH & Others Philemon GRIFFITH, dec'd (Will written 1837; filed 3 May 1838) s/ Lemuel GRIFFITH & w/ Rachel, dec'd, their 9 children ...Philemon GRIFFITH ...Lyde GRIFFITH & w/ Louisa ...Henry Augustus GRIFFITH ...Charles A. GRIFFITH, now dec'd ...Mordecai J. GRIFFITH, dec'd -------Biron H. GRIFFITH (died age 5-6) -------Anna Mary GRIFFITH, a minor (age 12) ...John Albert GRIFFITH ...Christopher Columbus GRIFFITH ...Ann GRIFFITH, now w/o William WATKINS ...Mary Eleanor/Ellen GRIFFITH, now w/o Samuel W. PLUMMER SLAVES - negro men, CORBEN and GEORGE (to grandchildren) Land - "Resurvey on Four Tracts", 278 acres, on NW side of road from New Market to Buckeystown by way of Zion Church and on waters of Bush Creek, adjoining tracts "Seth's Folly", "Ward's Delight" and "Elisha's Chance"; from Joab WATERS (w/ Ruth) in 1794. - also "Conclusion", 104 acres, also on the waters of Bush Creek (granted to Thomas BEATTY in 1787). - Grandson Philemon GRIFFITH conveyed his share to Henry A. GRIFFITH. - Ann & William WATKINS conveyed her share to Lyde GRIFFITH. - Lyde GRIFFITH conveyed his 2/9 share to his mother, Rachel GRIFFITH. - Columbus GRIFFITH conveyed his share to Rachel GRIFFITH. - Rachel GRIFFITH, by her Will, devised to d/ Mary Ellen a 3/9 share. - Henry A. GRIFFITH conveyed his 2/9 share to brother Charles A. GRIFFITH. - Charles A. GRIFFITH, by his Will (written 7 May 1863; filed 11 Nov 1863) devised to nephew Biron H. GRIFFITH and niece Anna Mary GRIFFITH, children of his brother Mordecai J. GRIFFITH, each 1/2 of his shares (3/9). - John A. GRIFFITH conveyed his share to Mordecai J. GRIFFITH. In conclusion, resulting shares were: - Anna Mary GRIFFITH has 5/9 - Mary Ellen PLUMMER has 4/9 Rachel GRIFFITH, dec'd (Will filed 12 Feb 1861) in part - d/ Mary Ellen GRIFFITH SLAVES - negro woman, MARY and her child; MARIA and negro man, TOM (slaves for life to daughter Mary Ellen) Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Joseph WOOD and Samuel W. PLUMMER. A commission to divide the land in two portions, for Anna Mary GRIFFITH (5/9) and Mary Ellen PLUMMER (4/9), was made up of William DOWNEY, Lewis F. DIETRICK, Thomas BAKER of F., Ulysses WATERS and Milton MEALEY. Division 1 for Anna Mary GRIFFITH had 209 acres; Division 2 for Mary E. PLUMMER had 166 acres. 1/3 of each was wooded; Div 1 had house and spring; Div 2 had house; both faced the county road. Closed 16 Oct 1867.
565-576 - MEALEY, PHLEEGER, PEUGH - Jul 1865
Central National Bank of Frederick vs Susan R. MEALEY Susan R. MEALEY d/ March 1865, intestate w/o Charles E. MEALEY d/ Susan R. MEALEY (died before her mother) bro/ Frederick R/K. PHLEEGER bro/ Lewis H. PHLEEGER bro/ Albert PHLEEGER, a minor bro/ William C. PHLEEGER, a minor bro/ Charles PHLEEGER, a minor bro/ Clayton PHLEEGER, a minor bro/ Francis PHLEEGER, a minor Land - "Rough and Smooth", 22 acres, and "Double Trouble", 11 acres, from Daniel MAIN; mortgage by Charles E. MEALEY and w/ Susan R. to John PHLEEGER and Josiah MEALEY. Exception os 29 perches sold to Philip BYERLY and 2 acres to Albert H. SUMAN. In Jun 1865, Charles E. MEALEY sold his curtesy interest to John PHLEEGER. Martin W. E. HOUSE and Joseph E. CARTZENDARFUR held a judgment against Charles E. MEALEY and Isaiah MEALEY. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from John PHLEEGER, father of Susan R. MEALEY, and from P. L. STORM, cashier of Central National Bank. Trustee was John PHLEEGER; sale was held 16 Feb 1866, high bidder was Abel M. PEUGH at $2,525. The property was a merchant mill in Jackson District near Myersville with two pairs of burs, a water wheel with 18 feet overshot. Near the mill was a 2-story weatherboarded house, with garden and orchard, a tenant house, barn, hogpen, corn house. Distribution of $2,525; court costs, $275.13 - Central Bank, $1,052.50 - HOUSE & CARTZENDAFNER for judgment against Charles E. MEALEY for curtesy share, $200 - John PHLEEGER, assignee of Charles E. MEALEY for balance of curtesy share, $503.10 - each of the brothers received 1/7, $70.61 Closed 14 Oct 1867.
Clarence C. CARTY, a minor, by John C. HARDT - Petition Henrietta MAYGUNICAL (or McGunicle) d/ 23 Nov 1863 (Will written 3 Feb 1858) s/ Joseph William Leonard CARTY d/ Mar 1867 intestate widow - Mary M. (was admin of husband's estate) .....Charles P. CARTY - Martinsburg, WV .....Clarence C. CARTY, a minor .....Alton B. CARTY, a minor .....Daisey E. CARTY, a minor .....Joseph W. L. CARTY, a minor Exec/ her son Witnesses: P. L. STORM, A. M. YOUNG and P. M. ENGLEBRECHT Land - "Birmingham", Lots 5-8 in Frederick City at south end of Market St extended and on west side; then occupied by John T. MOORE; from Jacob MARKELL in 1857. - Lots #179-181 in Frederick City on east side of Market St at NW corner with water rights to adjoining neighbor; from Grayson EICHELBERGER in 1865, by Equity case of Peter L. STORM & w/ Isabella vs George W. CROMWELL & others. - Lots #179-181 in Frederick City on ease side of South Market St; from Charles W. EADER & w/ Almira E. in 1865. - Lot or Lots on East side of Market St; from Mary M. STORM, Henry STEINER & w/ Susanna, Phebe SUMAN and Rebecca WILKISON in 1840; (part previously to Christopher HALLER from Michael HALLER in 1804; and part from Mary STORM and Peter Leonard STORM to Barbara HALLER and Alexander HALLER in 1829). Life estate to Henrietta MAYGUNICAL, mother of Joseph W. L. CARTY. Son Charles received an advance and is required to pay it back to the estate. On 11 Jun 1867, Moses LUGENBEEL testified that Mary M. CARTY, wid/of Joseph W. L. CARTY was 33 years old and in good general health. Guardian was Henry SCHLEY; testimony was heard from P. L. STORM, nephew of Henrietta McGUNIGAL, and also from William H. DUNGAN; trustee was William J. ROSS; sale was held on 7 Sep 1867 at the Dill House in Frederick city, high bidders were: - Charles SINCELL for Lot B (of Lots 179-181) at $1,000; said lot had a 2-story brick house, then in occupancy of George HAUER. - Mary M. CARTY for Lot C (of Lots 179-181) at $1,500; said lot had 2-story brick house, then in the occupancy of Charles MYERS. - Charles C. CARTY for Lot F (of Lots 179-181) at $1,200; improved with a double 2-story brick house, then in the occupancy of the widow of Joseph W. L. CARTY. - Mary HOUCK for Lot #8 at $1,100; improved with 2-story brick house, then in occupancy of John T. MOORE. (John M. HOUCK signed fro Mrs. Mary HOUCK) Distribution of $4,800; court costs, $320.85 - Mary M. CARTY, in lieu of dower, $685.71 - Clarence C. CARTY, 1/4 or $948.48 - Alton B. CARTY, 1/4 or $948.48 - Daisey E. CARTY, 1/4 or $948.48 - Joseph W. L. CARTY, 1/4 or $948.48 Charles P. CARTY had already received an advance greater than the shares his siblings were then receiving. Closed 2 Nov 1867.
Vincent SANNER Jr & w/ Ellen M. - Petition Daniel SMELTZER d/ 1865 or 1866 intestate widow - Mary B. d/ Ellen M. w/o Vincent SANNER Jr. d/ Sarah C. w/o Daniel C. YOUNG d/ Deborah F. w/o A. T. HORINE - Illinois s/ Daniel B. D. SMELTZER s/ Manasses G. SMELTZER, a minor - student at PA College d/ Amanda SMELTZER, a minor s/ Martin SMELTZER, a minor Land - "No Matter What" and "Apple Brandy", 214 acres, in Middletown Valley; from Joel KELLER & w/ Nancy in 1854 (previously to Joel KELLER from Daniel SMELTZER and Jacob R. SMELTZER, exec/of Henry SMELTZER, in 1854). - "Resurvey on Toms Gift", 1 acre, from Daniel BEACHLEY & w/ Hannah in 1855 (previously to BEACHLEY by Lloyd H. HYATT in 1853); adjoins tract "No Matter What". - "No Matter What", 6 acres, to Daniel BEACHLEY from Daniel SMELTZER and w/ Mary B. in 1855. - "Ebenezer", mountain land to Daniel SMELTZER and Charles F. NORRIS from George SHAFER and Samuel REMSBURG in 1850. The widow requested her dower share to laid out; commission of Eli ROUTZAHN, Jonathan ROUTZAHN, John KEPLER, Hanson T. RUDY and John ROUTZAHN were appointed to lay out her land. Land was divided into four divisions Div 1 - 69 acres, on "No Matter What" and "Toms Gift" Div 2 - 138 acres, on "No Matter What" and "Apple Brandy" Div 3 - 19 acres, mountain land on tract "Ebenezer" Div 4 - 9 acres, mountain land on tract "Ebenezer" Divisions 1 and 4 were laid out for the widow and included a 4-rooms and cellar in the northern portion of the house and 1/3 portion of the barn at the east end and other out buildings. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; Daniel D. B. SMELTZER, eldest son, elected to take the home farm at the valued $100/acre. Distribution of valuation of $20,752.50; court costs, $497.15 - each 1/7 share, $2,893.62. Closed 4 Mar 1867. ================== The End of JWLC-3 ==================

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