Frederick Co, MD - Equity JWLC-2

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity Court Abstracts

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JWLC-2; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA C 2477-6; MdHR: T2936-34; Loc 2-70-10-34]

Equity JWLC-2
William SNOOK vs Jacob COLEMAN et al John SMITH of Adam of Ladiesburg d/ abt 1859 (Will written 15 Apr 1854) left life estate to Jacob COLEMAN and w/ Mary, and then to their children, s/ Samuel COLEMAN d/ Rachael COLEMAN s/ William COLEMAN s/ John COLEMAN d/ Catharine Margaret COLEMAN Exec/ William H. BOWMAN, neighbor Land - 5 acres with brick 1 1/2 story house with basement, stable, spring house, orchard and never-failing spring and is in close proximity to Western MD Rail Road and the turnpike from Woodsboro to Pipe Creek; located 4 miles from Woodsboro and a quarter mile SW of Ladiesburg, adjoining lands of Samuel BIRELY, Philip SOWERS and others. Testimony was heard from Ephraim CARMACK; trustee was William H. BOWMAN (then living in Claysville). Sale was held on 11 Jun 1864, high bidder was Samuel BIRELY at $251. Distribution: court costs, $99.73 - William SNOOK, $27.07 - left to discretion of the court, $124.20 Jacob & Mary COLEMAN relinquished their life estate in lieu of cash settlement. Remainder of Distribution: additional court costs, $21.79 - Wm. H. BOWMAN, $27.29 - John M. FOGLE, trustee of St Peter's Church, $2 - Jacob & Mary COLEMAN, 1/10, $7.21 - Samuel COLEMAN, 1/3, $21.63 - William COLEMAN, 1/3, $21.63 - John COLEMAN, 1/3, $21.63 Closed 14 Jan 1865.
Jacob WILLIAR vs Missouri BOYER and John BOYER Benjamin F. BOYER d/ 23 Jan 1863 intestate widow - Cornelia A. (lived in Hauver's District) d/ Missouri BOYER, a minor (age 5) s/ John BOYER, a minor (age 3) Land - "Resurvey on Mount Olivet", "Sweedland", "The Tied Dog", 48 acres, located in Hauver's District, about two miles south of Sabillasville, adjoining lands of John A. WILLIAR, Joseph SCHULTZ and John M. COON. There was a 2-story stone house, a 2-story spring house, a log penant house, log barn, a smoke house, a shop, a never-failing spring and an orchard. Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON; testimony was heard from Daniel BOYER, grandfather of the children. Boyer was the administrator of Benjamin's estate and was also the executor of the Will of Jacob WILLIAR who died 12 Sep 1863. Trustee was Daniel BOYER who held sale on 26 Dec 1863; high bidder was John BLICKENSTAFF at $2,219.50; however, he failed to make payment, therefore the property was resold to Jacob LEWIS at $2,340.12. On 28 Aug 1864, Daniel BOYER testified the widow was 25 years old and her general health was good. Distribution: court costs, $397.89 - Cornelia A. BOYER, in lieu of dower, 1/7 or $277.46 - Jacob WILLIAR mortgage claim, $1,133 - Daniel BOYER, as admin, $325.80 - Missouri BOYER, 1/2 of balance or $102.98 - John BOYER, 1/2 of balance or $102.98 Closed 12 Dec 1864.
Jeremiah O. FISHER & Others vs Alexander A. COOK & Others Jeremiah O. FISHER, John J. BOYD and Asbury McKendred BOYD, t/a Fisher, Boyd & Brother, petitioned against Jesse HERBERT who purchased real estate and then resold it to Alexander A. COOK who never finished paying the mortgage, but resold it to Samuel BOWLUS. Jesse HERBERT assigned his judgment against Cook to John SIFFORD & Henry LORENTZ for payment due them, but after paying them, reassigned the judgment to the complainants. Land - House & Lot #1 in Middletown, on east side of main road, part of "Smithfield"; to Jesse HERBERT from Isaac MICHAEL in 1857. Property previously belonged to the heirs of Frederick BISER. Alexander A. COOK is insolvent; Samuel BOWLUS (w/ Mahala) died intestate and administration papers were granted to Stephen R. BOWLUS on 2 Jan 1859, as Samuel issued a Deed of Trust to Stephen. Samuel was guardian for Silas M. BOWLUS and Amos S. BOWLUS and sureties for the guardianship were Stephen R. BOWLUS and John YOUNG. Trustee was Joseph M. PALMER; sale was held in Middletown on 21 Sep 1864; high bidder was Henry LORENTZ, Esquire of Frederick City, at $501. Distribution: after court costs, the balance of $382.94 went to Fisher, Boyd & Brother. Closed 14 Jan 1865.
Peter WILLIARD, William S. HERSHPERGER, exec/of Abraham WILLIARD vs Hanson RAMSBURG, Peter YOUNG of J., John HERRING of C., and others On 24 Aug 1858, Peter YOUNG of J. was indebted unto Abraham WILLIARD for $3,500 plus interest by mortgage for 32 � acres, lying on Catoctin Creek, one mile south of Middletown on the road to Petersville, previously conveyed by John KEAFAUVER. Property contained mill and other buildings, known as Shady Grove Mills. Other personal property sold was 7 tables, corner cupboard, 2 bureaus, 6 stoves, 1 safe, 34 yds carpeting, 1 yd superior carpeting, 5 looking glasses, 1 side board, 6 beds, bedsteads and bedding, 21 chairs, mantle clock, 2 chests, 2 stands, 6 window blinds, stair rods, copper kettle, 2 iron kettles, carriage and harness, horse, spring wagon, sleigh, wheat fan, a lot inch poplar boards, lot of hay, cider mill and trough, turning lathe, one half field of corn now growing to be 4 acres, 20 bushels of wheat in straw and unthreshed, a black horse, 2 cows, heifer and calf, and 28 head of hogs. The Mill was three stories high and brick. There was also a rough cast two-story dwelling and back building in good repair, an excellent barn nearly new, cooper shop, saw mill and other outbuildings. Land is first quality Middletown Valley soil divided into three fields and a valuable meadow with a never failing well of pure water near the dwelling; it has a very superior garden of choice fruit and a young and thriving orchard in full bearing on the premises. Peter YOUNG failed to pay interest and took out deed of mortgage to Hanson RAMSBURG, Samuel TOMS, Henry KEAFAUVER, Daniel KEAFAUVER, Jacob KEAFAUVER, and George KEAFAUVER. In Feb 1859, John HERRING of C. obtained a judgment against Peter YOUNG of J. Abraham WILLIARD d/ Jan 1859 (will 20 Dec 1858), leaving widow - Harriet and 9 children, �Francis Virginia WILLIARD �Mary Elizabeth WILLIARD �John Henry WILLIARD (+colt) �William Hamilton WILLIARD (+colt) �Julia Alice WILLIARD �Harriet Jeanett WILLIARD �Calla Hersperger WILLIARD �Narcissa WILLIARD �Tilghman Abraham WILLIARD SLAVES - colored man EPHRAIM (to wife during his remaining servitude); - negro boy NICK (execs to retain profits from his labor and apply to Narcissa's education until she is 16, then she too have full possession of him) Remainder of property to be sold at public sale, except Negroes, and divided - 1/3 to wife, remainder to be divided among children. However, property was not to be sold until the eldest son reached age 21. After that time, sale of real estate and Negroes (within the state). Executors were Peter WILLIARD and William S. HERSHPERGER; wit/ John E. GARROT, Peter WHIP, Ezra L. KARN, filed 15 Oct 1859. Trustees, to sell property of Peter YOUNG, were Samuel TOMS, Peter WILLIARD, Henry KEAFAUVER. Sold to Daniel MAIN on 25 Jan 1860 for $3,826.50.
59-63 - ESWORTHY, MARRIOTT, McALEER - Sep 1863
Alpheus W. MARRIOTT vs James A. ESWORTHY & w/ Mary Elizabeth Land - 40 acres Property sold to Hugh McALEER at $278.51. After court costs, Alpheus W. MARRIOTT received $228.07 in part for his mortgage claim. Closed 9 May 1864.
Leonidas WILLSON, surviving exec/of John WILLSON, dec'd vs Mary KOHLHOSS John WILLSON, dec'd (Montgomery County Will) Execs/ Leonidas WILLSON and William WILLSON of John, (William died between 1859-1860) Land - 10 acres, known as the Tan Yard place, three miles west of Hyattstown with a log house; from the heirs of Samuel FORD, previously of Montgomery County - widow, Ann FORD - Ohio Co, KY - Elizabeth & Thomas BAIRD - Ohio Co, KY - Nancy & Leonard HOOVER - Ohio Co, KY - Harriet & Nathan LYNN - Ohio Co, KY - Mahala's husband, Jesse WARD - Ohio Co, KY - Cassandra & Basil WARD - Ohio Co, KY - John P. FORD - Ohio Co, KY - Samuel J. FORD - Ohio Co, KY - Sabrina's husband, Zachariah FIELD - Ohio Co, KY (previously to Samuel FORD from Joseph BENTON); adjoins lands of Perry MURPHY; sold to Benjamin KOHLHOSS (COLEHORSE) in 1855. Benjamin KOHLHOSS (COLEHORSE) d/ 21 Feb 1862 widow - Mary s/ George W. KOHLHASS - Washington County s/ Alexander KOHLHASS - Out of State s/ Frederick KOHLHASS - Out of State s/ James W. KOHLHASS - Out of State d/ Eliza KOHLHASS (married, husband unknown) - Out of State Testimony was heard from Isaac DAVIS who had known Benjamin KOHLHASS about 14 years; also testifying was Henry B. DUDERAR; both parties lived in Urbana District. Another witness was Nacy W. THOMPSON. Trustee was Leonidas WILLSON; sale was held on 19 Jul 1864; high bidder was Isaac DAVIS at $250 with additional $20 regarding mowing. Distribution of $270; court cost, $110.30 - Leonidas WILLSON, $159.70 Closed 7 Oct 1864.
John W. GILBERT & Others vs George Henry GILBERT Henry GILBERT d/ Feb 1862 (Will written 3 Feb 1857) s/ John W. GILBERT & w/ Rachel d/ Elizabeth w/o Jacob ZUMBRUM d/ Margaret Ann M. dec'd w/o John DOUTY .......Harry DOUTY s/ George Henry GILBERT, a minor (not all land was included in the Will) exec/ son John W. GILBERT witnesses: George ALDRIDGE, David PFOUtZ, Isaac BROWER Land - "Williams Beginning", 22 acres, from Basil DORSEY in 1822; adjoins land of William LOWE. - "Poole's Industry" and "Roberts Delight", 20 acres, from George Washington POOLE & w/ Catharine and Mary POOLE in 1837; adjoined land of Dennis POOLE. - "Resurvey on Point Lookout", "Pleasant Forrest" and "Williams Beginning", 31 acres, from John BAKER & w/ Mary in 1860 (previously to John BAKER from Harriet H. IJAMS in 1854). - "Poole's Industry", 4 1/2 acres, from E. Frederick KLEIN & w/ Anna Rosina in 1840. - "Resurvey on Point Lookout", 1 1/2 acres, from John BAKER & w/ Mary in 1857 (previously to John BAKER from Harriet H. IJAMS in 1854). Guardian was Levi VANFOSSEN; testifying was John BAKER who claimed Henry GILBERT had lived on the property since at least 1836. Trustee was John W. GILBERT; after a failed public sale, private sale was made to John LONG at $2,300. Distribution of sales and rents, $2,616.67: - court costs, $301.37 - J. W. GILBERT, for claim, $70.42 - John W. GILBERT, 1/4 or $531.22 - Elizabeth ZUMBRUM, 1/4, $481.22 - George H. GILBERT, 1/4, $616.22 - Harry DOUTY, 1/4 less $175.38, $500.68 - John DOUTY, curtesy share, 5/16 of 1/4, $115.54 Closed 16 Mar 1865.
Simon C. SIMMONS & Alice ROBERTSON - Petition Jacob MYERS of Baltimore City d/ Emelie A. MYERS, later w/o James H. ROBERTSON .....Alice ROBERTSON .....Alexander ROBERTSON, a minor .....Grace P. ROBERTSON, a minor .....Charles H. M. ROBERTSON, a minor Land - Lot #27 on west side of Calvert Street in Baltimore; Deed of Trust in 1840 to Alexander T. MILLER for use of his daughter and upon her death to her children. Property was sold to John T. RINGOLD of Baltimore City for $4,000. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from Simon C. SIMMONS who stated that Emelie A. ROBERTSON died in 1857 in Frederick County and that he is the guardian of her children. James H. ROBERTSON also testified. Approval was granted for the sale. Distribution of $4,000; court costs, $282.96 - each 1/4 share to the children, $929.26. Closed 6 Mar 1865.
100-112 - MARTIN, SHRINER - Mar 1864
William MARTIN & John J. MARTIN vs Samuel A. MARTIN & Others Joseph MARTIN d/ summer 1860, intestate s/ William MARTIN s/ John T. MARTIN s/ Samuel Albert MARTIN, a minor - Carroll County s/ George E. MARTIN, a minor - Carroll County s/ Josiah L. MARTIN, a minor - Carroll County d/ Emma E. MARTIN, a minor - Carroll County s/ Joseph J. MARTIN, a minor - Carroll County s/ Charles MARTIN, a minor - Carroll County Land - "Frenchman's Purchase", 164 acres, and a 5-acre adjoining field; adjoining land of John & Peter GRABILL and heirs of George ROWE; from Michael SLUSS, surviving executor of Capt. Michael ROWE in 1845. - "Union", 3 acres, from Samuel G. OHLER in 1850. Land was well-timbered farm, three miles east of Emmitsburg and 1/2 mile from Plank Road. It had a 2-story weatherboard house, spring near the door, log barn, work shop and young orchard. Surrounding neighbors in 1842 survey were: Robert ALLISON, Solomon SLAYBAUGH, Eli GROFF, heirs of John GRABILL and George ROWE. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Peter GRABILL and Samuel OHLER. Trustee was William H. MARTIN; sale was held on 17 Dec 1864, high bidder was: - Christian SHRINER for both parcels at $4,400. Distribution: court costs, $284.84 - each 1/8 share to children, $514.39. Closed 24 Feb 1865.
Peter L. STORM & wife vs George W. CROMWELL & Others Peter STORM, Frederick Town d/ (Will written 27 Apr 1821, signed by x) w/ Mary (d/ Nov 1862) s/ Peter Leonard STORM & w/ Isabella d/ Mariann Elizabeth STORM, dec'd w/o George W. CROMWELL .....Oliver Franklin CROMWELL & w/ Martha J. - Illinois .....Georgeanna M. E. CROMWELL .....Lenora Lydia CROMWELL w/o Lewis STEIN .....Charles C. CROMWELL, a minor d/ Lydiann Rebecca STORM w/o Jacob DADYSMAN, both dec'd .....Almira Eugenia DADYSMAN w/o Charles W. EADER Exec/ wife Witnesses/ George W. ENT, Henry STEINER Jr., David F. SHAEFFER Land - House & Lot #179 in Hallerstown section of Frederick Town; from Jacob HALLER's heirs: George BECKENBAUGH (then owner of George HALLER's share), Margaret & Isaac SUMAN, Jacob HALLER, Catharine HALLER, Mary & Zephemiah HARRISON and Philip HALLER in 1819. Lot fronts Market Street and lies between lots of Michael HALLER, Christopher HALLER and Caspar SHAFF (previously to Jacob HALLER from Michael HALLER in 1805). Philip HALLER and sister Catharine HALLER conveyed their interests to Peter STORM's children in 1826. - Lots #180 & 181 in Frederick Town; from John CROMWELL (w/ Catharine) in 1820 (previously to Cromwell from John HOFFMAN and wife). Lots adjoined Haller's other lot and those of Henry FOUTS. Grayson EICHELBERGER was trustee; sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick Town on 5 Nov 1864; high bidders were: - P. L. STORM for Lot #1 at $600 (has brick stable, adjoining lot was already owned by him) - Almira E. EADER for Lot #2 at $1,000 (has 2-story brick house) - J. W. L. CARTY for Lot #3 at $1,800 (has 2-story brick house) - Michael McALEER & Hugh McALEER for Lot #4 at $300 - J. W. L. CARTY (at private sale) for Lot #5 at $10 Total sales, $3,710. Lots on east side of South Market St, Fredericktown, surveyed to be: Lot 1, 2 & 3 were all parts of Lots 179, 180, 181. Lot 4 was part of Lots 180 & 181, a vacant lot at the rear of the McALEER's property, then occupied by William B. TABLER, Esq. and adjoining the Barracks. There was a well between Lots 1 & 2. J. W. L. CARTY's lot lay between Lots 3 and 4. At that time, the lots were on the southern limit of Fredericktown, at the edge of the US Barracks. Distribution of $3,710; court costs, $367.74 - Peter L. STORM, 1/3, $1,147.42 - Almira E. EADER, 1/3, $1,147.42 - George W. CROMWELL, curtesy share, 1/8 of 1/3, $143.42 - Oliver F. CROMWELL, 1/4 of 1/3 less curtesy, $250.99 - Georgeanna W. CROMWELL, 1/4 of 1/3 less curtesy, $250.99 - Leonora L. STEIN, 1/4 of 1/3 less curtesy, $250.99 - Charles C. CROMWELL, 1/4 of 1/3 less curtesy, $250.99 Closed 12 Jan 1865.
David ARNOLD, John ARNOLD & Others vs Sarah ARNOLD & Others John ARNOLD (s/o David) d/ Jul or Aug 1860 widow - Sarah David ARNOLD & w/ Mary John ARNOLD Ezra ARNOLD & w/ Louisa Huldah, dec'd w/o Hanson AUSHERMAN Sarah P. w/o John D. FINK Joshua ARNOLD Mahlon ARNOLD Thomas ARNOLD Martin ARNOLD (Mahlon is his trustee) Land - "Discontentment", 138 acres, from John H. McELFRESH, trustee for minors, George WILLIARD, Ezra WILLIARD and Rosanna WILLIARD, in Equity case of John ARNOLD vs John SHAFER in 1833. (Land previously to John WILLIARD, John SHAFER and William JARBOE by George WARNER in 1825) - 49 acres, from Daniel S. BISER as trustee for the heirs of Mary GAVER, dec'd w/o David GAVER, by Will of Daniel BISER, in 1836; except for 2 acres conveyed to Peter WILLIARD. Note - Mortgage for two tracts above, to Richard H. MARSHALL with sureties as John AUSHERMAN, Israel RAMSBURG, John FINK and David ARNOLD. - 90 perches, in front of Ausherman's School House, runs to division line between David ARNOLD and John AUSHERMAN - "Resurvey on Mason's Folly", 108 acres, from Henry SHAFER and w/ Mary in 1837; next to lands of Christiann WARE and Jacob COLEMAN (both having been deeded by Abraham LEMASTER in 1804 and 1800). - "Resurvey on Mason's Folly", 2 acres, to John ARNOLD, Jacob KUFFMAN/HUFFMAN and John AUSHERMAN from John LOCKER (w/ Mary Ann) in 1830. - "Second Resurvey on the Irregular Figure", 2 acres, from Peter WILLIARD & w/ Elizabeth in 1856. A portion of 105 acres was deeded to him by John ARNOLD and Jacob FLOOK of John, as trustees, in 1849, then known as "Kemps Long Meadow", "Second Resurvey" on the "Irregualr Figure" and "Philips Bargain"; lies by Broad Run Branch. - Lot next to "Discontent"; Lot on road from Middletown to Burkittsville; Lot on public road on the 'Shafer Farm', 1 acre; from Samuel AHALT in 1838. - "David's Purcahse", 60 acres (except part held by Tunker Society as a burying ground) (except part lying south of public road from Lee's Mill to the mountain which was conveyed to Mr HORSEY), from John HEFLEBOWER of Washington County in 1855; next to "Unkle's Gift" and Peter MILLER's farm. - "David's Purchase", 1/2 acre, from Emanuel SLIFER in 1853; with access allowed to graveyard. - 60 acres, south of Burkittsville; Articles of Agreement by David ARNOLD and John ARNOLD, trustees for John ARNOLD Sr, to Daniel G. BISER in 1862; allows access to graveyard. - "Hawkins' Tenement", 130 acres, and Lot previously of Isaac DRAPER that adjoins this tract; adjoining lands of James L. HAWKINS, William LEE and others; Articles of Agreement from David ARNOLD in 1838. - 4 acres, from Outerbridge HORSEY, trustee of Mary D. GOUVERNUR (late Mary D. LEE) in 1856. Said land was part of Estate of William LEE, adjoins land to Thomas S. LEE from William LEE in 1842. - "High Up", 28 acres (1/2 undivided share of 57 acres); Willed by George COST Sr to Catharine MULLENDORE and Margaret BISER; from John AUSHERMAN (w/ Lydia) in 1851. Adjoined "Stricken's Teacher" and "Shepherd's Mountain". - Lot #10 in Burkittsville, from George W. PADGETT (w/ Mary) of Washington County in 1839. Lot was near Keller's Store House and by Crop Road. Trustee was John H. McELFRESH with order that William JARBOE, John SHAFER, John WILLIARD, Henry WILLIARD, Catharine HARLEY and Otho HARLEY convey deed to John ARNOLD, the complainant. Trustees were David ARNOLD and John ARNOLD; heirs agreed to set $6,000 aside in the hands of the trustees for the interest to be in support of the widow. Private sales: - Ezra ARNOLD for 127 acres at $5,081.50 - Joshua ARNOLD and Thomas ARNOLD for the 'Home Farm', 193 acres, at $13,567.10 - Joshua ARNOLD and Thomas ARNOLD for small tract of mountain land, 28 acres, and another of 7 acres (adjoining Peter ARNOLD & John GAVER) at $300 Total sales, $18,948.60. Distribution of $23,093.91; court costs $1,008.45 - to trustees for benefit of Sarah ARNOLD, widow, $6,000 - David ARNOLD, 1/9 or $1,787.27 - John ARNOLD, 1/9 or $1,787.27 - Ezra ARNOLD, 1/9 or $1,787.27 - Sarah FINK, 1/9 or $1,787.27 - Joshua ARNOLD, 1/9 or $1,787.27 - Mahlon ARNOLD, 1/9 or $1,787.27 - Martin ARNOLD, 1/9 or $1,787.27 - Thomas ARNOLD, 1/9 or $1,787.27 - Henson AUSHERMAN, surviving husband, 3/16 of 1/9, $335.11 - Children of Huldah AUSHERMAN, dec'd, 13/16 of 1/9, $1,452.16 Closed 13 Apr 1865.
William H. KELLER & Others vs Amanda C. KELLER & Others David KELLER d/ Nov 1863 intestate widow - Anna (age 65-70) s/ William KELLER & w/ Ann E. s/ Henry KELLER & w/ Sarah s/ Daniel KELLER & w/ Jane s/ Isaac KELLER & w/ Catharine d/ Mary w/o Eli ROUTZAHN d/ Catharine w/o Lawson ALEXANDER d/ Lydia KELLER d/ Malinda KELLER d/ Elizabeth KELLER s/ John KELLER, dec'd (d/ c1844) .....Sarah KELLER .....(Unnamed daughter) KELLER, dec'd s/ Jonathan KELLER, dec'd (d/ c1862) .....Thomas C. KELLER .....Amanda C. KELLER (age 21 by Oct 1864) .....Mary J. KELLER, a minor .....Charlotte R. KELLER, a minor Land - parts of "Buck's Horn", "Robert BURGH", "Flint Stone", "Pott Luck", "Resurvey on part of Ram's Horn", "Burtons Discovery" and "Suisse"(?), 174 acres, (then occupied by Henry KELLER) from Jacob RINGER (w/ Elizabeth) in 1822 (previously to Ringer from William CHENEY in 1803). Exceptions are 11 acres of "Ram's Horn" sold to Mathias BRANDENBURG by Jacob RINGER; 2 acres of "Resurvey on part of Ram's Horn" sold to John BROWN by Jacob RINGER. Home farm was located 1 1/2 miles SE of Myersville and 4 miles NW of Middletown, adjoining lands of Jacob BISER and Ezra TOMS. There were two houses, a large Switzer barn, wagon shed, carriage, corn, spring and smoke houses and a spring in the yard. - "Gerinrincus", 20 acres, from Andrew EAVEY & w/ Elizabeth of Washington County in 1833. Lies next to "Mount Missory" and land of Valentine MOSER. - "Catoctin Farm", 155 acres, (where Daniel KELLER was then residing) from Samuel TOMS of Jacob & his w/ Margaret in 1835 (to Toms by patent in 1803). Located 1 mile south of Myersville on Old Hagerstown Road, adjoining land of Jacob BISER. It had a new brick house, Switzer Barn, wagon shed, carriage, dorn, smoke and spring houses, fenced with an elegant orchard. - Lot #4 of "Win's Addition to Middletown", from Lloyd HYATT & w/ Matilda Ann in 1849. House & Lot on west end of Middletown, then occupied by the widow. It had a 2-story weatherboard house with stable, corn, smoke and wash houses, a water pump and choice fruit trees. - parts of "What Not" and "Southfield", 8 acres, from John SIFFORD, as trustee for the widow and heirs of Michael KELLER, in 1850 (to Michael KELLER from Peter YOUNG in 1825). Land separates parcels of Peter YOUNG, John YOUNG and Michael KELLER and runs along the middle of North St in Middletown and to SW corner of Adam KELLER's lot and to Jonathan YEAST's lot. To be divided into lots which adjoin Middletown at the central part of the town. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; Testimony was heard from Enos DOUB, Samuel DERR and Ezra TOMS. Trustees were William KELLER and Henry KELLER; sale was held 31 Dec 1864 in Middletown in front of the Valley Register, high bidders were: - Ezra TOMS for 164 acre 'home' farm at $13,640.96 - Isaac KELLER for 152 acre farm at $12,983.75 - Hannah KELLER for House & Lot in Middletown at $1,000 - Hannah KELLER for Lot #1 in Middletown, 3 acres, at $603 - Lawson ALEXANDER for Lot #2 in Middletown, 3 acres, at $715 - Thomas H. WILLIARD for Lot #3, adjoining Middletown, 2 acres, at $502.50 - Daniel KELLER for mountain lot on South Mountain, 20 acres, at $832 Total sales, $30,277.96. Distribution of $10,092.66; court costs, $499.18 - widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10 or $959.34 - each child's 1/11 share, $784.92 Closed 17 Apr 1865.
Margaret GETZENDANNER vs Charles W. MILLER, adm, & Others - Petition to Sell Widow's Dower Christian GETZENDANNER d/ Mar 1863, intestate, Frederick Town widow - Margaret (age about 35) s/ Charles D. GETZENDANNER, a minor d/ Maria E. GETZENDANNER, a minor s/ George J. GETZENDANNER, a minor - Corydon, Harrison Co, Indiana s/ William H. GETZENDANNER, a minor d/ Mary M. GETZENDANNER, a minor s/ Thomas S. GETZENDANNER, a minor - Corydon, Harrison Co, Indiana s/ Christian E. GETZENDANNER, a minor Adm/ Charles W. MILLER Land - House & Lot in Frederick Town, on the east side of South Market St, located on NW corner of Lot #158 then owned by Horatio WATERS; from William J. ROSS and Worthington ROSS, by Deed of Trust from George W. ENT, in 1850 (previously from John McPHERSON and William HANE). Property was located near the ticket office of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road and adjoined the property of George A. COLE and John DUVALL and had a front stable. Guardian was Thomas M. HOLBRUNNER for the minors in Maryland and Henry JORDAN of Corydon, Harrison Co, Indiana for the minors in Indiana. Testimony was heard from Thomas M. HOLBRUNNER who testified to the age of the widow; also testifying was P. L. STORM who was cashier of Central Bank of Maryland. Trustee for the sale was Joseph W. L. CARTY; sale was held on 28 Feb 1865 at the United States Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was John B. HIMBERY at $1,535. Distribution: court costs, $74.69 - Margaret GETZENDANNER, in liew of dower, 1/7 or $208.61 - Central Bank, $370.98 - Margaret GETZENDANNER, her claim, $124.50 - Quynn & Rotter, $4.85 - each child's 1/7 share, $107.35 Closed 26 Apr 1865.
Perry G. RICE & Others vs Benjamin RICE & Others Perry RICE d/ 1841 (Will written 27 Jan 1841) w/ Martha (d/ 5 Apr 1864) and 13 children d/ Rebecca w/o Marene T. LAMAR - Kentucky d/ Anna w/o Samuel CECIL d/ Elizabeth wid/o Elisha RHODES s/ Perry G. RICE & w/ Louisa s/ Levin RICE & w/ Ann s/ Benjamin F. RICE & w/ Rebecca A. - Marion Co, Indiana d/ Mary w/o Perry G. THOMAS s/ James RICE d/ 1823-1824 .....James M. RICE & w/ Margaret .....Edward T. RICE & w/ Maria .....Reuben D/R. RICE s/ William RICE d/ abt 1854 - Ohio .....Hanson T. RICE .....Rachael RICE .....William RICE .....Harriet RICE .....Mary RICE s/ Thomas RICE d/ abt 1826 .....Perry A. RICE d/ 1863 - Pennsylvania --------widow & minor children unknown .....Sarah A. RICE w/o John SCHINDLER - Ohio .....Mary A. RICE (d/ abt 1862) w/o _____ SCHAEFFER ---------Edward Thomas SCHAEFFER/SHAFFER, a minor d/ Martha RICE d/ abt 1849 w/o Isaac WREN, & w/o ____ WILLIARD .....George WILLIARD & w/ Polly (BUZZARD) .....Abraham P. WILLIARD - Ohio, then Missouri .....Catharine E. WREN w/o Thomas FAGAN .....Martha WREN w/o John D. BATSON .....Harriet R. WREN w/o Jacob BASFORD .....Mary Jane w/o Jacob SPEAKE .....Luther Rosser WREN/RENN .....Luretta w/o George BASFORD s/ George B. RICE d/ abt 1849 - Iowa .....w/ Catharine Ann L. RICE .....Edward S. RICE .....Mary J. E. RICE .....Catharine A. V. w/o Henry M. SLAGLE .....Martha E. D. RICE .....George H. L. RICE .....Joanna L. H. RICE .....Milton G. RICE, a minor .....Martin F. B. RICE, a minor .....Perry H. RICE, a minor .....Levin F. B. RICE, a minor .....America M. J. RICE, a minor .....Olin W. RICE, a minor .....Hiram F. RICE, a minor s/ John C. RICE, dec'd - Iowa .....w/ Williamina .....John T. RICE .....John W. RICE .....Martha E. RICE Land - "Resurvey on Wells Invention", 7 acres, from Samuel CECILL & w/ Anna in 1835. Improvements were a weatherboard house, stable, spring house, spring convenient to the house and orchard. (adjoins the farm) - "Resurvey on Wells Invention", 115 acres, from Benjamin S. LAMAR in 1815; next to land of William B. LAMAR; located 2 miles west of Jefferson and 1/2 mile north of road from Jefferson to Broad Run, adjoining lands of Mr ROUTZAHN, John CULLER and Levin RICE. It consisted of a log house, barn, spring house and other buildings and had water in all fields and an orchard. (to be resurveyed before sale) - "Lawrence Neglect" and "Resurvey on Anchor and Hope", next to lands of Benjamin HOUSE and Washington HOFFMAN. (This tract was not mentioned in sale or equity, only in Will.) SLAVES - negro girl BECK Execs - sons Perry G. RICE, George B. RICE and Levin RICE Witnesses - Joseph DARNER, John DARNER, Peter BOYER, D. S. BISER Note - Descendants listed are from Equity documents, not from the Will. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testifying was Dewalt WILLIARD, Luther RICE and Isaac WREN. Trustee was Perry RICE; sale was held on 4 Feb 1865 at Mr IJAM's store in Jefferson; high bidders were: - Levin RICE for the 103-acre farm at $6,328.75 - Mary A. THOMAS for the 7-acre lot at $900 - Luther M. RICE for the 5-acre wood lot at $115 Total sales, $7,343.75. Distributionof $2,447.92; court costs, $273.71 - each child's 1/13 share, $167.24 On Feb 1865, Catharine A. L. RICE, widow of George B. RICE, filed petition for claim of the share to Benjamin RICE as he sold his share to George B. RICE in 1843 and George B. RICE left a Will leaving his estate to his wife; court so awarded. Closed 27 Apr 1865.
Daniel BARRICK & Others vs Maranda E. RAMSBURG & Others Cornelius BARRICK d/ 16 Mar 1864 at Utica Mills, died intestate a widower and father of 14 children d/ Maria RAMSBURG, dec'd .....Maranda E. RAMSBURG - Illinois .....Hester A. RAMSBURG - Illinois .....Isaiah C. RAMSBURG, a minor - Illinois .....Emely J. RAMSBURG, a minor - Illinois .....Simean W. RAMSBURG, a minor - Illinois .....Charles W. RAMSBURG, a minor - Illinois s/ Enos BARRICK, dec'd .....Presly BARRICK, a minor - moved out of state .....Noah BARRICK, a minor - moved out of state .....John BARRICK, a minor .....Charles BARRICK, a minor s/ William BARRICK - Illinois d/ Susan w/o William WORKING - Virginia s/ Dennis BARRICK & w/ Mary - Illinois s/ Daniel BARRICK & w/ Lucy Ann s/ Edward BARRICK & w/ Julia Ann d/ Sophia w/o Jacob ROUTZAHN - Illinois s/ Albert BARRICK & w/ Sarah - Illinois s/ Joshua BARRICK & w/ Eliza - Illinois s/ Robert BARRICK - US Army; & w/ Catharine E. s/ Simon BARRICK - Illinois s/ Isaiah BARRICK - US Army; & w/ Jane R. d/ Mary Jane w/o Presley T. LIGHTNER Land - "Seven Bits United", 1 acre, from Jacob CRONICE (w/ Catharine CRONISE) in 1820. - "Seven Bits United", 15 acres, from Jacob FIROR & w/ Magdalene in 1842. Testimony was heard from Edward BARRICK and Daniel SNOOK. Trustees were Daniel BARRICK and Edward BARRICK. Sale was held on 14 Jan 1865; high bidder was: - Benjamin BAKER at $2,900. Distribution: court costs, $238.14 - each 1/14 child's share, $190.13 Closed 25 Apr 1865.
229-238 - WATERS, GIBSON, DORSEY, THOMAS - Nov 1864
Lewis M. THOMAS & wife vs Harry W. DORSEY & w/ Ann P. DORSEY Dr. William WATERS d/ 1861 intestate d/ Susan w/o Dr. Joshua Gregg GIBSON - Jefferson Co, VA/WV d/ Ann P. w/o Dr. Harry W. DORSEY (he is out of state) Land - Lot #115 on Second St in Frederick City; from Joshua DILL & w/ Mary in 1837. (Previously to Francis CLEINARD by Edward SALMON in 1789.) Property was situated on the corner of Second St and Kleinhart's Alley. Susan & Joshua GIBSON conveyed their undivided interest to Susan THOMAS, w/o Lewis M. THOMAS in 1864. Trustee was Godfrey KOONTZ; sale was to be private and purchaser was Susan THOMAS at $6,300. Ann P. DORSEY petitioned the court and stated her husband left her in 1862 and moved out of state and therefore the proceeds should go to her for her support. Distribution: court costs, $258.02 - Ann P. DORSEY, $3,000 - Susan THOMAS, $3,041.98 Closed 28 Apr 1865.
Peter BUSSARD vs David SMITH & Others Jacob SMITH d/ abt Jun 1852 intestate, never married bro/ David SMITH - Clearspring, Washington County bro/ John SMITH Jr sis/ Mary (SMITH) WARNER BURNS, dec'd .....1st h/ John WARNER, dec'd ...............John WARNER (Jr), a minor - Washington County .....2nd h/ George BURNS ...............George BURNS (Jr), a minor ...............Emanuel BURNS, a minor sis/ Margaret SMITH sis/ Elizabeth SMITH sis/ Catharine Drusella SMITH sis/ Amelia SMITH sis/ Amanda SMITH bro/ Joseph SMITH, a minor (age 15-16) Adm/ Samuel MAUGINS Land - in Middletown Valley in Hauver's District Petition did not specify tract names; only stated land was from Jacob J. FORREST (12-14 acres), Isaac GEHR, Michael SWOPE (10-12 acres) and Samuel MAUGINS (12-14 acres). Property was divided into lots: - Lot #1 - 'home place', 13 acres with house, two stables, spring house, spring and orchard, adjoins land of John SMITH and is 1/4 mile from road from Smithsburg to Wolfsville. House is on the east side of road, 3 miles north of Wolfsville and 3 miles from Smithsburg. - Lot #2 - 28 acres, adjoins land of John SMITH - Lot #3 - 14 acres, adjoins land of John SMITH - Lot #4 - 36 acres, timbered, lying on west side of Smithsburg to Wolfsville Road, adjoining land of John MAUGANS. Testimony was heard from William TOMS and George BUHRMAN. Trustee was Joshua DILL with sureties as George T. DILL and Louis H. DILL; sale was held 20 Apr 1854, high bidders were: - Peter BUSSARD for Lot #1, 13 acres, at $110 - John P. SMITH for Lot #2, 28 acres, at $60 - B. F. OSWALD for Lot #3, 14 acres, at $46 - W. A. RIDDLEMOSER for Lot #4, 36 acres, at $60 Total sales, $276. Distribution of $323.31; court costs, $132.61 - creditors received balance. Closed 27 May 1857.
Hiram McCLAIN & Others vs John F. CLAIN John McCLAIN d/ Jan 1862 intestate s/ Hiram McCLAIN (eldest son) & w/ Barbara s/ Peter E. McCLAIN & w/ Martha A. E. d/ Catharine Ann McCLAIN w/o Oliver S. HARBAUGH s/ John F. McCLAIN - Out of State s/ Silas McCLAIN, a minor - Ohio s/ Simon McCLAIN, d/ 1858 .....Ellen Emma Jane McCLAIN, a minor s/ Joseph McCLAIN, d/ before his father .....Mary Ellen McCLAIN, a minor Land - Lot #36-38 in Sabillisville, aka Harbaugh's Valley; from Henry HARBAUGH of John & w/ Martha in 1838 (annual ground rent to Peter ZOLLINGER). (Part was sold to John BIRELY at $850; this was probably the one with the double house and barn.) - "Ludwick's Content", 4 acres, from Henry HARBAUGH of C., exec/of Estate of John WILLINAN & his widow, Sharlotte WILLINAN, in 1850; located NE from Sabillisville on the bank of Friends Creek. - "Elias and Catharine Harbaugh's Home", 10 acres, from Henry HARBAUGH of E. and w/ Ann R. in 1859. (mountain tract) Adjoined lands of Israel WILLIAR and William D. BROWN. - "Elias and Catharine Harbaugh's Home", Lot of 111 perches, from Jacob HARBAUGH & w/ America in 1860; adjoining land of George HARBAUGH of E. and lying on the creek below his saw mill. Administrator was Hiram McCLAIN with sureties as Leonard HARBAUGH and Jacob HARBAUGH. Guardian was Thomas L. HOLBRUNER; testimony was heard from Lewis CRAWFORD and Jacob L. WILLIAR. Trustee was Hiram McCLAIN; sale was held on 25 Jan 1865, sales to - Jacob F. WILLIAR, for the 2nd & 4th parts as listed above, at $169.64 Not being able to sell the other properties, they were sold at private sale to Lewis CRAWFORD for the mountain tract at $50 and a lot of "Ludwick's Content" of 95 perches at $5. Total sales, $1075.64. Distribution of $410.64; court costs, $141.44 - each child's 1/7 share, $38.45 Closed 28 Apr 1865.
David W. DUDDERAR vs John F. DUDDERAR & Others David DUDDERAR d/ 1859 (Will) w/ Margaret (d/ Feb 1863 intestate) and 9 children s/ John F. DUDDERAR & w/ Eveline s/ Dennis W. DUDDERAR & w/ Ann Rebecca - Carroll County s/ David W. DUDDERAR d/ Sarah w/o Jeremiah SHUEY - Carroll County d/ Susanna w/o Jesse T. CLARY d/ Ellen R. w/o Upton RUNKLES (in US Army) - Carroll County d/ Hannah M. w/o Benjamin W. BUCKINGHAM d/ Elizabeth BARNES, dec'd .....Margaret M. BARNES, a minor d/ Margaret BARNES, dec'd .....Sarah E. BARNES, a minor - Carroll County Land - "Black Walnut Ridge", 25 acres; next to land from Conrad DUDDERAR to John CLEMSON Sr. Land was divided into lots for sale. Guardian was Jesse T. CLARY; testimony was heard from David W. DUDDERAR and George W. DUDDERAR (stated he has known all the children since they were born). Trustee was David W. DUDDERAR; sale was held on 25 Feb 1865 at the trustee's home, only a quarter of a mile from the property, high bidders were: - Archabald GRAHAM for Lot #1, 8 acres, at $887.53 - Hannah M. BUCKINGHAM for Lot #2, 9 acres, at $857.34 - Jesse T. CLARY for Lot #3, 7 acres, at $886.32 Total sales, $2,631.19. Distribution: court costs, $259.65 - each 1/9 share to children, $263.50 Closed 2 May 1865.
Mary SHEFFER & Others vs William H. BOWLUS & Others From the Will of Philip SHEFFER - to son Daniel, the farm where he now resides, 150 acres, purchased from Philip COBLENTZ; and 15 acres of mountain land from Daniel SHOEMAKER. === Daniel SHEFFER d/ Nov 1863 intestate widow - Mary Margaret SHEFFER d/ Mary Catharine w/o William H. BOWLUS d/ Sarah Elizabeth w/o John W. KOOGLE d/ Susan Rebecca w/o Luther A. T. HORINE d/ Martha Jane w/o Mathias S. AHALT s/ George Philip SHEFFER, a minor s/ Maurice Edward SHEFFER, a minor d/ Laura Frances SHEFFER, a minor Land - "Molley's Delight", "Turkey's Plains", "Quaker Mistake" and "Adam's Expense", 158 acres, from John ROUTZAHN of George & w/ Mary in 1857; located next to lands of John ROUTZAHN, John LEASER, Daniel SHOEMAKER, Jonas SHEFFER, George ROUTZAHN of George, Benjamin ROUTZAHN, Jonas BECKLEY, George A. MAAIN and lying on Old Hagerstown Road. Located 1 mile north of Bolivar, then in the occupancy of Henry ROUTZAHN, containing 174+ acres with a large brick house, large Switzer barn and a fine orchard, in Middletown Valley. - "Resurvey on Mendall", "Pickall", "I Hope It Is Well Done", "Shuttle" and "Moritetancy", 23 acres, from Sarah SHEFFER in 1854 (to her from Adam KOOGLE & w/ Catharine in 1843); adjoining lands of Jacob SMITH (from Michael MILLER), Jacob LIGHDERT (from Jonas SMITH), John J. SMITH, Joshua D. KOOGLE, Daniel KOOGLE and Sarah FLOOK and on Baltimore and Frederick Turnpike Road. Located along turnpike at Bolivar, then in the occupancy of David MARTZ, with a fine brick dwelling and good barn and storehouse, lying along the turnpike immediately south of the Mountain House - "Resurvey on Mattataney", "Deep Hole" and "Addition to Deep Hole", 1/2 of 16 acres, from William METZGER as trustee of George A. MAIN & w/ Caroline in 1858; adjoins land of Joseph GAVER. Described as "Flanham", 8+ acres, on South Mountain on west side of turnpike road, joining lands of Daniel BECHLEY and William H. JONES and south of the Mountain House. Administrators were John W. KOOGLE and George L. ROUTZAHN. Guardian was Thomas M. HOLBRUNER; testimony was heard from Jonas SHEFFER and George L. ROUTZAHN. Trustee was Mary SHEFFER; sale was held on 21 Jan 1865 in Middletown, high bidders were: - John W. KOOGLE for 8+ acres of mountain land at $429.37 and at private sales to: - William MILLER for the 'Routzahn farm", 174 acres, at $10,555 - John W. KOOGLE for 23 acres at $2300 Total sales, $13,284.37 A payment was referenced to Jonas SHEFFER, as surviving executor of Philip SHEFFER, for the trust fund of Esther SMITH of $1,645.52 plus interest of $909.65. Distribution of $13,284.37; court costs, $626.39 - Sarah SHEFFER, a claim, $641.90 and $341.09 - Mary SHEFFER, in lieu of dower, 1/8 or $1,459.37 - each child's 1/7 share, $1,459.37 Closed 2 May 1865.
Central Bank of Frederick & Margaret GETZENDANNER vs Charles W. MILLER & Others Supplemental of JWLC-2, 177 Town of Corydon, Harrison Co, Indiana Guardianship of the minor heirs of Christian GETZENDANNER, dec'd; widow - Margaret s/ Charles D. GETZENDANNER (over 15) d/ Maria E. GETZENDANNER s/ George J. GETZENDANNER s/ William H. GETZENDANNER d/ Mary M. GETZENDANNER s/ Thomas S. GETZENDANNER s/ Christian E. GETZENDANNER Request for guardian as Thomas C. SLAUGHTER and surety as William A. PORTER. Distribution to the minors was $751.39 in the hands of appointed trustee James W. L. CURTY (should be Joseph W. L. CARTY) in Frederick Co, Maryland. Distribution approved for each child's 1/7 share as $107.33. Closed 22 Jun 1865.
John A. WARNER & Others vs Hezekiah GROFF & Others William EURY d/ 1856 (Will written 4 May 1855) w/ Susanna (d/ 1861 intestate, w/ children by 1st husband, _____ WARNER ...s/ John A. WARNER & w/ Susan (FISHER) ...s/ William H. WARNER & w/ Mary E. (BUCKINGHAM) ...d/ Julia A. (WARNER) w/o Hezekiah GRAFF - Ohio ...s/ Andrew J. WARNER - California nephew - William H. EURY bro/ Samuel EURY as Executor Witnesses: George W. DUDDERAR, Benjamin LINDSAY, Thomas EDWARDS (Note - Susanna's children by her first marriage were NOT listed in the Will, but were from court documents.) Land - "Resurvey on Gallaway", 101 acres, (was comprised of parts of "Gallaway", "Better Than None" and "Friendship") to wife Susanna from the Will of William EURY; located in Linganore in Liberty District on road from Liberty to Mount Airy, 3 miles from Liberty and 6 miles from Linganore, adjoining lands of John BAKER, C. W. DORSEY and Samuel ROOP. Land was of blue slate and limestone, was divided into fields, all with running water and was well timbered; was convenient to mills, Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road and had a comfortable log dwelling, log barn, spring house, meat house, orchard of apples, pears and peaches. - "The Valley Farm", 3 acres, to Susanna EURY from Thomas EDWARD and w/ Martha Ann in 1856; located next to "Good Luck". Court appointed a commission to divide the land into four portions; they were: Claggett W. DORSEY, Samuel ROOP, Jesse ROOP, Charles A. LAWRENCE and Thornton POOLE. The commission determined that the land could not be divided equally. The land is then first subject to the heirs by order of birth if they choose to take it, giving monies to the other heirs for their share of the appraised value at that time. Both John A. WARNER (eldest son) and William H. WARNER (2nd eldest son) refused to take the property. The other two heirs were out of state and did not appear and decree was made to sell the property and divide the proceeds; William H. WARNER was trustee. After not being able to sell the home farm at public sale, private sale was made to John BAKER at $4,581.85; however, John A. WARNER protested, stating the property would have brought more at a public sale. Private sale was voided and public sale was held on 3 Dec 1864, high bidder was Beale BUCKINGHAM at $4,581.85. 1st Distribution of $1,527.28; court costs, $254.31 - each Warner child's 1/4 share, $318.24 Closed 28 Apr 1865.
Amos HYDER & Others vs Joseph RINEHART John William HYDER d/ c1800 intestate w/ Elizabeth s/ John HYDER & w/ Catharine d/ Mary HYDER d/ Catharine HYDER s/ William HYDER s/ Jacob HYDER* "Resurvey on Cooper's Alley", "Hoyles Adventure", "Long Bottom Enlarged" and "Fogle's Conclusion", 48 acres, Son Jacob purchased all the land shares from his siblings and mother by 1817. === Jacob HYDER* d/ Oct 1860 intestate w/ Sarah (65 & in fair health on 23 Jun 1864 when she waived dower) s/ Amos HYDER s/ Theodore HYDER s/ Jacob W. HYDER s/ Isaac HYDER & w/ Catharine s/ Henry HYDER & w/ Mary d/ Elizabeth Ann w/o John ALBAUGH d/ Harriet w/o John MILLER d/ Catharine w/o Moses DIEHL d/ Mary Ann w/o William H. BOWMAN d/ Sarah w/o Edward CRAMER d/ Adeline w/o Joseph WOLFE - Carroll County d/ Margaret (d/ Mar 1860) w/o Daniel RINEHART .....Joseph P. RINEHART, a minor .....Thomas M. RINEHART, a minor .....Mary V. RINEHART, a , a minor .....Sarah C. RINEHART, a minor .....Florence J. RINEHART, a minor Administrator was Isaac HYDER with sureties as Nicholas FOGLE and John ALBAUGH. Land - 122 acres contiguous: - "Long Bottom Enlarged", 31 acres, and "Resurvey on Good Neighborhood", 5 acres, to Jacob from William GRIMES & w/ Mary in 1832 (previously from John ILER & w/ Margaret); adjoining land of Conrad ILER. - "Resurvey on Good Neighborhood", 19 acres, to Jacob from William GRIMES & w/ Mary in 1838. - "Sandy Spring", 10 acres, to Jacob from Conrad ILER & w/ Ann Maria in 1843; located on south side of road from Iler's Mill to Woodsboro and runs by the Primary School house - "Resurvey on Fogles Defence", "Resurvey onCooper's Alley", "Resurvey on Iler Correction", 7 acres, to Jacob from Thomas A. MILLER, trustee for Conrad ILER Estate in Equity Case of William STRINE & Others vs George W. ILER & Others, in 1850. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Nicholas FOGLE and William H. BOWMAN. Trustee was Isaac HYDER; sale was held 2 Jan 1865, high bidder was: - Jacob W. HYDER at $4,666.75; sale data stated the farm was 2 miles from Woodsboro on the road to Johnsville, had 'rough cast' 2-story house, nearly new, with barn, spring and apple orchard. Distribution: court costs, $303.73 - widow Sarah HYDER, 1/10 or $436.30 - each child's 1/12 share,, $327.22 Closed 1 May 1865.
Frederick A. STULL & w/ Louisa C. vs William H. STULL & Others Jacob STULL of Adam d/ Sep 1864 intestate w/ Eve (then age 53 & in good health) and 6 children, s/ Frederick A. STULL d/ Louisa C. STULL s/ William H. STULL, a minor s/ Elijah T. STULL, a minor s/ Daniel Z. STULL, a minor s/ Edward J. STULL, a minor Land - two sections of "Rocky Hill", 100 acres & 23 acres, from Jacob MARKELL in 1846; runs to a dividing line between John STULL and his brother Adam STULL, dec'd, (previously resurveyed for Christopher STULL in Nov 1786). The home farm was 6 miles north of Frederick near the Bethel Church with a public road through it and adjoined the land of Philip WACHTER. It had a log house, smoke house, good barn, spring house, spring near the door with fields recently limed, good fencing and an adundant supply of running water. It had a choice orchard and a quarry of limestone. The 23 acres were near Holtz's Old Tan Yard and adjoined the land of Jacob ZIMMERMAN; timber consisted of black oak, white oak and hickory. - "Leonard's Lot", 130 acres, from John STULL of Adam & w/ Susanna in 1852 (Previously from Nicholas HOLTZ & w/ Susanna in 1834). - and also "Havener's Fancy", 32 acres, (to John STULL from John MORGAN and w/ Louisa in 1841). Located 6 miles north of Frederick, within 1/2 mile of Broadrup's Mill, with 2-story weather board & stone Switzer barn, spring near the house and an orchard. - "Malingah", 3 acres, from Simon SNOOK & w/ Susan Elizabeth in 1841 (previously to Snook from Jacob REESE and John REESE and their wives in 1839). Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Michael STULL and Urias RAMSBURG. Trustee was Frederick A. STULL; sale was held on 4 Feb 1865 at Groff's Hotel in Frederick, high bidders were: - Eve E. STULL for 162 acre farm at $7,452 - Jacob WALKER for 100 acre farm at $5,850 - Jacob E. ZIMMERMAN for 4 acre wood lot at $253.69 - John A. J. ZIMMERMAN for 5 acre wood lot at $451.30 - Theodore SHULTZ for 5 acre lot at $576.42 - Lewis H. STULL for 5 acre wood lot at $393.75 Total sales, $14,917.16. The small lots were from the Markell tract. Distribution of $4,972.38; court costs, $323.16 - each child's 1/6 share, $774.87. Closed 11 May 1865.
356-364 - HOWE, DONSIFE - Aug 1864
Henry C. DONSIFE vs Albert HOWE Jr. & w/ Mary Ann Land - Lot #32 in Woodsboro to Albert HOWE Jr & w/ Mary Ann from Joseph SHANK & wife in 1860; mortgaged to Henry C. DONSIFE. The lot was on Main St and had a 1-story log house with an attic, cased with brick, a frame coach maker shop, a paint shop above and a blacksmith shop. In 1864, Mary Ann HOWE appeared in court, but her husband was out of state. Trustee for sale of the property was Henry C. DONSIFE Jr. Sale was held on the premises on 4 Mar 1865; high bidder was: - Henry C. DONSIFE at $900 Distribution: after court costs, Henry C. DONSIFE received $774.11. Closed 4 May 1865.
364-376 - DERR, McLEAN, LIGHTNER - May 1864
Central Bank of Frederick vs Eliza Ann DERR & Others Frederick DERR d/ Dec 1863 intestate w/ Eliza Ann (age 24) s/ John Wesley DERR, a minor - (out of state in US Army) s/ David Frederick DERR, a minor s/ Albert Josiah DERR, a minor d/ Harriet A. Minerva DERR, a minor d/ Hannah Rebecca DERR, a minor d/ Amanda Sophia DERR, a minor Land - "The Case of Necessity", 7 acres, from Samuel DEVILBISS of John & w/ Mary in 1848. Located near Lewistown with a two story log house, good stable and a spring of fine water. Administrator was Daniel DERR with sureties as George ENGLEBRECHT and John M. EBBERTS. Guardian was Thomas L. McLEAN. Testimony was heard from Daniel DERR, a brother of Frederick DERR. Also testifying for the bank was Peter L. STORM. Trustee for the sale was Daniel DERR. Sale was held on 11 Feb 1865, high bidder was: - Coleman LIGHTNER at $550. Distribution: court costs, $189.07 (which included $6 for bringing the decedent's body to Frederick) - Eliza Ann DERR, in lieu of dower, 1/7 or $51.56 - balance went to various creditors. Closed 17 May 1865.
Washington H. STOTTLEMYER & Joseph STOTTLEMYER - Petition Joseph STOTTLEMYER d/ 1864 (Will written 26 Mar 1864) d/ Amanda Elizabeth HIMES s/ Washington Hamilton STOTTLEMYER (eldest son) s/ Joseph STOTTLEMYER (Jr) (second son) s/ Denton Lee STOTTLEMYER (under age 25 when Will was written) Land - "Low Spring" & "Bakers Lot", 21 acres, and wood lot on "Hays Farm", 15 acres, next to land of Samuel FORREST, Absalom FORREST and Henry KUHN (to daughter Amanda). - "Wilson Hays", "Forrest Lot", includes all land north of the Tobacco House and to corner of the Little Meadow (to son Washington). - tract from Wilson HAYS & part of tract "Proaching", from decedent's father, including all land south of the Tobacco House (to son Joseph). - Home place, small farm of 35 acres, adjoining land of Solomon FORREST & Jacob SWOPE, 2 miles north of Wolfsville on Mechanicstown Road. Features were 1 1/2 story log house with back building attached, frame barn, choice fruit orchard and spring near the door. - Wood Lot, 13 acres, 1/2 mile north of farm, adjoining land of Hiram WOLF; from John STOTTLEMYER. Timber was hickory, oak and chestnut. - Lot in Cavetown, Washington Co, MD, from John SWOPE; adjoining land of Elijah SWOPE. Lot fronts Hagerstown Turnpike. Executor was Joseph STOTTLEMYER of D. who renounced the duties Witnesses: Joseph STOTTLEMHYER of D., Jacob P. SWOPE, Jonathan D. ENGLISH Trustee appointed was Washington H. STOTTLEMYER; sale was held in Wolfsville on 18 Feb 1865, high bidders were: - Daniel W. FORREST for smalll farm at $1,030 - John E. HURLEY for wood lot at $145 - George J. BROWN for Lot in Cavetown at $200 Total sales, $1,375. Distribution: court costs, $150.26 - in reserve for Denton Lee STOTTLEMYER when age 25, $500 - W. Hamilton STOTTLEMYER, 1/2 or $362.37 - Jospeh STOTTLEMYER, 1/2 or $362.37 Closed 13 May 1865.
Samuel BOSSARD & William H. WAGNER vs Philip CRAMER & Others John LEGORE d/ 1 May 1864 intestate w/ Eliza d/ Barbara E. LEGORE, a minor (turned 21 in 1864) s/ John LEGORE, a minor (age 18) d/ Eliza Jane LEGORE, a minor (age 16) d/ Mary A. LEGORE, a minor (age 14) s/ James William LEGORE, a minor (age 9) and (infant) Emma LEGORE, a minor (b/ 20 Mar 1864) Land - "Spring Plain" and "Stoney Ridge", 15 acres, 1/2 mile north of Woodsboro, on road to Taneytown (Carroll County), adjoins land of David DORCUS/DARKIS, William CARMACK, Michael SHANK and Jacob DARCAS; from David DORCUS & w/ Anna in 1862. The property had a 2-story frame house, a new barn, three large lime kilns, a quarry of 1st quality limestone. Property mortgaged to Ezra SMITH who reassigned his interest to Philip CRAMER; 2nd mortgage to Samuel BOSSARD and William H. WAGONER. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from William SHANK and David F. DORCUS who testified regarding legal documents and Benjamin SMITH who validated the family members including the name of the infant. Michael SHANK testified to the ages of the children. Trustees for the sale were Samuel BOSSARD and William H. WAGNER; sale was held on 15 Oct 1864, high bidder was: - John ADAMS at $3,595 On 29 Nov 1864, Samuel BUSSARD testified that the widow, Eliza LEGORE, was 40 years old and in good health. Distribution: court costs, $294.79 - Philip CRAMER, assignee of SMITH, mortgage, $2,167.20 - Samuel BOSSARD/BUZZARD, partial mortgage, $412.81 - William H. WAGNER, partial mortgage, $546 leaving balance of $174.21 Closed 11 Jan 1865.
Robert S. CARLISLE & wife vs William L. MORRISON & wife Barton PHILPOTT d/ abt 30 years ago w/ Amelia d/ abt 30 years ago d/ Mary Amelia PHILPOTT w/o Charles CARLISLE, both now deceased .....Robert S. CARLISLE & w/ Sallie .....Armistead M. CARLISLE (d/ 3-4 years ago, intestate, single and w/o issue) .....Charles C. CARLISLE (d/ 3-4 years ago, intestate, single and w/o issue) .....Mary Amelia L. J. CARLISLE w/o William L. MORRISON d/ Violetta G. PHILPOTT w/o Henry BOTELER (d/ 12-15 years ago) Land - Lot #1 in Div #12 of "Resurvey on Maryland", 102 acres, conveyed by the Chancellor of Maryland for 300 acres to Barton PHILPOT and w/ Amelia, Elizabeth PHILPOT and Violetta GWYNN in 1819 by Court of Chancery (previously granted to John COLVILLE in 1733, a plot made by Charles BEATTY). Land was bound on one side by road from Burkittsville to Frederick-Harpers Ferry Ridge Road, on the other side was land of John N. KERKINSON(?) - mountain lot of 20 acres Violetta G. PHILPOTT sold her share of 50 acres to Charles CARLISLE before her marriage. In 1865, after the death of Henry BOTELER, Armistead M. CARLISLE and Charles C. CARLISLE and Violetta G. BOTELER conveyed all their interests to Robert B. CARLISLE and Mary Amelia S. J. MORRISON. Valuation of the 102 acres, $8,186.66 and mountain land, $296.25, totals $8,483.91 - Court costs, $141.57 - Robert B. CARLISLE, 1/2 or $4,170.66 - Mary A. L. J. CARLISLE, 1/2 or $4,170.66 Robert B. CARLISLE, being the eldest son, elected to take the property and pay his sister her 1/2 share. Closed 27 Jun 1865.
409-413 - COOPER, ADAMS, THOMAS - Jun 1865
David COOPER of Austin Twp, Lander Co, Nevada, previously of St Paul, Ramsey Co, Minnesota, was appointed guardian (surety was John R. IRVIN) of the Estate of Eleanora Minnie COOPER, a minor (under age 14 in 1864), who was living in Ramsey Co, Minnesota. He is petitioning the court for monies due the minor from the Estate of Mrs. Margaret THOMAS, the sum of $1,800. This was bequeathed to her by the Will of Valentine ADAMS, Eleanora being an heir of William X. (or H.) K. ADAMS with trustee as Fannie(?) E. C. ADAMS. The trustee Adams was ordered to pay the monies to David COOPER in behalf of the minor. Closed 12 Jun 1865.
Petition of John T. WORTHINGTON, next friend of Laura WORTHINGTON & Others John H. WORTHINGTON (Will written 24 Jul 1856) w/ Ann H. (200 acres during her natural life, grave yard mentioned) s/ John Thomas WORTHINGTON & w/ Mary R. s/ Nicholas WORTHINGTON SLAVES - HEZ, ABRAM, RACHEL, MATILDA and ISAAC (to wife and upon her death, divided equally between sons) - BILL, HARRY, DAVID, JIM and MARTHA MAHALA (to son Nicholas) - JACK, EPHRAIM, MANUEL, WESLEY, KESSIA (or HESSIA) of JANE and MARGARET (to son John Thomas) Land to son John Thomas - "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", 169 acres, on road from Urbana to Monrovia and road from Frederick to Georgetown and adjoins tract "Lost and Found". (Sold to Nicholas by Ann H. WORTHINGTON, John T. WORTHINGTON & wife in 1863; testimony by Abraham H. SIMMONS claimed Nicholas sold this to Allen M. YOUNG before his death.) - Land in Montgomery Co, MD to son John Thomas - "Watkin's Range", "Addition to Watkin's Range", "Owens Resurvey", 200 acres, from John H. WORTHINGTON in 1854. - "Bordley's Fancy" and "Foul Play", 91 acres, (an undivided 1/4 share) of mountain land on east side of Sugar Loaf Mountain (John H. owned an undivided 1/2); to John H. WORTHINGTON and Charles WORTHINGTON of J. from James P. EGAN and w/ Mary A. of Muskingham Co, Ohio in 1855. Land to son Nicholas - "Resurvey on Hope" (or "The Hope"), 200 acres, from John C. MOTTER and w/ Ann E. in 1856 (previously from Sophia SIMMONS in 1854); located 1 1/2 miles from Urbana on road to Mount Hope Church and Buckeystown, adjoining land of Ignatius DAVIS (to him from James SIMMONS Sr.), Thomas DARNALL, Thomas SPRIGG, Robert DUVALL, Fredrick W. KRAMER and Upton WORTHINGTON. House was 2-story frame, barn, orchard and spring. - "Bordley's Fancy" and "Foul Play", 91 acres, (an undivided 1/4 share) of mountain land on east side of Sugar Loaf Mountain and by lands of Horace MURPHY (John H. owned an undivided 1/2 and gave half to each son; Charles' half went to Charles E. WORTHINGTON and Nicholas WORTHINGTON of C.). Conveyed to John H. WORTHINGTON and Charles WORTHINGTON of J. from James P. EGAN and w/ Mary A. of Muskingham Co, Ohio in 1855. (Previously from John W. RICKETTS and wife and others in 1853; and from Henrietta BURNETT, wid/o William BURNETT in 1855 and to Wm. BURNETT of Montgomery Co, Md from Pres of Bank of the United States in 1833. - Deed to Nicholas (then of Montgomery Co, MD) from his father John H. WORTHINGTON in 1854, land from John H.'s father, James WORTHINGTON of John of Montgomery Co, MD. - "Watkin's Range", "Addition to Watkin's Range", "Owens Resurvey", 200 acres, lies on waters of Senaca Creek in Montgomery County. Located 4 miles from Damascus, adjoining lands of Isaac MATHEWS (formerly owned by Philemon SMITH Jr), William P. DARBY and Benjamin R. FISH and near the Mount Airy Depot on the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road. Exec/ son Nicholas Witnesses: Thomas E. HAMMOND, Oliver B. HAMMOND, John McPHERSON Codicil on 26 Apr 1858 to equalize distribution. ======= Nicholas WORTHINGTON d/ Nov 1864 intestate w/ Henrietta and three minor children d/ Laura WORTHINGTON s/ Claude WORTHINGTON d/ Fanny WORTHINGTON On 8 Feb 1865, John T. WORTHINGTON testified that Henrietta, wid/o Nicholas would be 21 years old on 25 May 1865. Guardian was Thomas M. HOLBRUNNER. Testimony was heard from Sebastian G. COCKEY, Abraham H. SIMMONS and John J. JAMISON. Trustee for the sale was John T. WORTHINGTON; sale was held on 6 May 1865 at B. HENDRY's store in Urbana, high bidders were: - Thomas A. SMITH for the home farm, Hopeland Farm, 200 acres, in Urbana District at $39.62/acre with Daniel T. JONES as surety. - Charles WORTHINGTON for the 1/4 share of mountain lot at $50 On 13 May 1865, sale was held at the court house in Rockville, for the Montgomery County land, with high bidder as: - Rufus T. DARBY at $8/acre - Benjamin R. FISH for "Owens R. Survey", 10 acres, at $50 Total sales thus far, $8,551 Distribution: court costs, $441.93 - Henrietta WORTHINGTON, widow's dower, 1/7 or $1,158.58 - each of the children's 1/3 share, $2,317.16 Closed 12 Sep 1865.
Jacob SENSENBAUGH & Others vs Ann Eve SENSENBAUGH & Others Mary Magdalina SENSENBAUGH d/ Nov 1862 intestate, in Catoctin District s/ Jacob SENSENBAUGH - Ohio d/ Catharine w/o Christian SMITH - Indiana/Ohio s/ Joseph SENSENBAUGH s/ John SENSENBAUGH, dec'd .....Elizabeth SENSENBAUGH .....Simon Peter SENSENBAUGH .....George Adam SENSENBAUGH - Indiana .....Malinda SENSENBAUGH w/o Henry TOMS .....Barbara Ellen SENSENBAUGH .....John Wesley SENSENBAUGH .....Ann Eve SENSENBAUGH, a minor - Funkstown, Washington Co, MD .....Savilla SENSENBAUGH, a minor .....James Calvin SENSENBAUGH, a minor .....Catharine SENSENBAUGH, a minor .....Benjamin Franklin SENSENBAUGH, a minor Land - 38 acres, 2 miles from Wolfsville, on road to Smithsburg; parcel was divided into two lots: Lot #1 had 18 acres, log house, log barn, spring house, orchard and good fencing. Lot #2 had 20 acres with only 1/3 cleared, the balance being in timer such as Rock Oak, Chesnut and White Oak. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Daniel WARRENFELTZ who stated Joseph SENSENBAUGH was then living in the decedant's home. Trustee was Daniel WARRENFELTZ; sale was held in Wolfsville on 1 Oct 1864, high bidder was - Joseph SENSENBAUGH for Lot #1, 18 acres, at $925.62 - Paul CLINE for Lot #2, 20 acres, at $1,004.07 Total sales, $1,929.69. Joseph SENSENBAUGH petitioned the court for payment of $1,000 for 33 years of maintenance of his mother, funeral expenses and real estate taxes. Distribution of $643.23 - court costs, $182.50 - Joseph SENSENBAUGH, part of his claim (less fee), $410.70 - Fred. J. NELSON, for prof. services, $50 Closed 21 Sep 1865.
Thomas PUSEY & Others vs James CLABAUGH & Others Susan (SELMAN) COST d/ 1857 intestate, w/out issue husband/ Henry COST (d/ Oct/Nov 1864 intestate) bro/ William SELMAN d/ intestate .....William O. SELMAN - Montgomery County .....Mary (SELMAN) w/o Daniel T. JONES .....Robert SELMAN .....John J. M. SELMAN .....Howard G. SELMAN .....Francis M. SELMAN .....Gassaway SELLMAN, dec'd --------William S. SELLMAN --------Henry C. SELLMAN --------Almira SELLMAN sis/ Sarah (SELMAN) (d/ intestate) w/o George PUSEY .....Thomas PUSEY .....Elizabeth (PUSEY) w/o John KEAGLE .....Catharine (PUSEY) w/o Robert J. JAMISON - Carroll County .....Margaret (PUSEY) w/o James CLABAUGH - Carroll County sis/ Elizabeth (SELMAN) (d/ intestate) w/o Cornelius GRIMES .....Margaret w/o Adam C. WARNER .....Gassaway S. GRIMES .....Susan DADE, dec'd --------Susan R. DADE --------Serena A. DADE --------Mary C. DADE --------Robert J. DADE --------Ann M. DADE Land - 153 acres on Annapolis Road in New Market; to Susan COST by Will of Gassaway SELMAN. Trustee was Joseph DAVIS of Carroll County; sale was held 18 Feb 1865 at the premises, high bidder was William O. SELLMAN at $935.58. Distribution of $467.79; court costs, $126.65 - William O. SELMAN, 1/7 of 1/3 or $16.24 - Mary Jane (SELMAN), 1/7 of 1/3 or $16.24 - Robert SELMAN, 1/7 of 1/3 or $16.24 - John J. M. SELMAN, 1/7 of 1/3 or $16.24 - Howard G. SELMAN, 1/7 of 1/3 or $16.24 - Francis M. SELMAN, 1/7 of 1/3 or $16.24 - Gassaway SELLMAN's children, 1/7 of 1/3 or $16.24 - Elizabeth KEAGLE, 1/3 of 1/3 or $37.90 - Catharine JAMISON, 1/3 of 1/3 or $37.90 - Margaret CLABAUGH, 1/3 of 1/3 or $37.90 - Margaret WARNER, 1/3 of 1/3 or $37.90 - Gassaway S. GRIMES, 1/3 of 1/3 or $37.90 - Susan DADE's children, 1/3 of 1/3 or $37.90 Distribution of $478.31; court costs, $38.69 - William O. SELMAN, 1/7 of 1/3 or $20.93 - Mary Jane (SELMAN), 1/7 of 1/3 or $20.93 - Robert SELMAN, 1/7 of 1/3 or $20.93 - John J. M. SELMAN, 1/7 of 1/3 or $20.93 - Howard G. SELMAN, 1/7 of 1/3 or $20.93 - Francis M. SELMAN, 1/7 of 1/3 or $20.93 - Gassaway SELLMAN's children, 1/7 of 1/3 or $20.93 - Thomas PUSEY, to compensate for previous omission, $37.90 - Thomas PUSEY, 1/4 of 1/3 or $27.16 - Elizabeth KEAGLE, 1/4 of 1/3 or $27.16 - Catharine JAMISON, 1/4 of 1/3 or $27.16 - Margaret CLABAUGH, 1/4 of 1/3 or $27.16 - Margaret WARNER, 1/3 of 1/3 or $9.76 - Gassaway S. GRIMES, 1/3 of 1/3 or $9.76 - Susan DADE's children, 1/3 of 1/3 or $9.76 Closed 10 Jul 1865.
453-464 - WALKER, McLEAN, RIDDLEMOSER - Aug 1864
Abraham BUCKWALTER & John W. WRIGHT vs Rebecca T. WALKER & Others Abraham BUCKWALTER & John W. WRIGHT were flour merchants in Baltimore city and sold flour for Samuel D. WALKER, a miller in Frederick County. Walker was indebted to them and they held a mortgage on Walker's real estate. Samuel D. WALKER d/ Jul 1862 w/ Rebecca B. (d/ between 1857-1860) d/ Rebecca T. WALKER, a minor - Baltimore city d/ Ella B. WALKER (d/ 12 Aug 1864), a minor d/ Mary A. WALKER, a minor s/ William H. C. WALKER, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Mackey's Luck", Lots #11 & 12, 47 acres, conveyed to Rebecca B. WALKER by William J. ROSS, trustee of Josh JONES; located in Mount Pleasant, adjoining lands of Daniel BURRIER and Ephraim CREAGER. - 15 acres, conveyed to Rebecca B. WALKER by William TODD. Guardian was Thomas L. McLEAN. Testimony was heard from Jacob WALKER who stated death date for Samuel WALKER. Trustee was Grayson EICHELBERGER; sale was held on 8 Apr 1865 at the Dill House in Frederick; high bidder was - James L. RIDDLEMOSER at $468.57 Distribution of $470.91; court costs, $140.51 - Buckwalter & Wright, in part of claim, $330.40 Closed 9 Sep 1865. ?
John HOCKENSMITH vs Robert E. HOCKENSMITH & Mary C. HOCKENSMITH William HOCKENSMITH d/ 27 May 1864 wife was deceased s/ Robert Eli HOCKENSMITH, a minor d/ Mary Columbia HOCKENSMITH, a minor Land - part of tract "John & Sarah", 17 acres, on the Plank Road from Emmitsburg to Taneytown; from Emanuel BROUGH & w/ Maria C. in 1861. (Previously from Edward L. TANEY in 1860.) Land was 1 1/2 miles from Emmitsburg, adjoining lands of Solomon SLAYBAUGH; had a 2-story weatherboard house with back building attached, a good cellar with well near the door, log barn with stabling, smoke house, orchard and divided into four fields. A Mrs. SMITH was then residing on the property. Administrator was John HOCKENSMITH with sureties as John SLUSS and Samuel G. OHLER; guardian was John H. KELLER. Testimony was heard from John HOCKENSMITH, brother of William, who provided death date for William; David AUGNEW also testified. Trustee was John HOCKENSMITH; sale was held on 28 Jan 1865, high bidder was: - Singleton HAINES at $1,700 Distribution: court costs, $179.43 - to trustee in part for claims of payments made for estate, $1,520.57 Closed 11 Sep 1865.
475-498 - CRONE, RAMSBURG, MAIN - Feb 1864
Eliza CRONE, next friend of Carlton Henry CRONE & Others - Petition Conrad CRONE d/ 1860 intestate w/ Eliza Ann - Middletown s/ Carlton Henry CRONE s/ Josephus Philip CRONE d/ Amanda Isabella CRONE Land - "Resurvey on Turkey Range", 5 acres, to Henry CRONE and Conrad CRONE from Samuel G. HARBAUGH and w/ Catharine in 1842 (resurveyed in 1786 for Charles MARTEND). Located on Middletown and Jefferson Road. (1) - "Cool Spring", 27 acres, to Henry CRONE and Conrad CRONE from Christopher MICHAEL, exec/of Frederick STEMBLE (Will dated 17 Sep 1838), in 1844. Adjoined tract "David's Well". Sold to the Crones in 1841 from the house of James STEPHENS in Middletown. A mountain lot on road from Bolivar to Rocky Springs on South Mountain. (2) - "Resurvey on Virgin's Delight" (granted to Nathaniel WALKER in 1762), and "Pile Hall" 201 acres, in Jefferson District on road to Middletown, adjoining lands of John CULLER, Martin L. GROVE, with 2-story log house with back building attached, stabling, saw and chopping mill, orchard and streams in most fields; to Henry CRONE and Conrad CRONE from Jacob FEASTER in 1857; included water right-of-way for mill. (3) - 108 acres, to Conrad CRONE Jr from John CRONE and Henry CRONE, execs/of Conrad CRONE Sr, in 1842. Adjoining land of Christian RAMSBURG and on road from Middletown to John MICHAEL's Mill. Located 3/4 mile south of Middletown, with neighbors (at time of sale) Henry RAMSBURG and Hanson RAMSBURG with 2-story brick house, Switzer barn, wagon shed, water near the door and water in fields. (4) -----1/2 sold to Henry CRONE from Conrad CRONE and w/ Eliza in 1844. By then the mill was known as PATHINGALL's Mill. (5) - to Conrad CRONE from John FEASTER Sr and w/ Elizabeth in 1857 (previously from Jacob FEASTER and others to John FEASTER in 1822). (6) - "Handsome Wife", "The Head of Handsome Wife", 1 5/8 acres, to Margaret CRONE from David BOWLUS (w/ Sophia) in 1823. Adjoins tracts, "Looking Land", "Resurvey on Turkey Range", 5/8 acre, and on road from Middletown to New Town Trap (Jefferson). (7) - "Keller's Lot", Bowlus' Good Will" and "Little Left", 39 acres, to Henry CRONE and Conrad CRONE from John SIFFORD (previously to Jacob RUDY from John W. RAMSBURG); next to SW corner of the African Church graveyard. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from John W. RAMSBURG and Hanson RAMSBURG. Trustee was Hanson RAMSBURG; sale was held 28 May 1864 in Middletown, high bidders were: - Daniel MAIN for 1/2 of (3) and 1/4 acre of (6) at $6,473.18 * - Eliza Ann CRONE for Lot #5 of (4) and (7) at $5,164.21 - Eliza Ann CRONE for 22 acres of (2) at $142.28 * - Asa C. RAMSBURG for 5 acres of (2) at $34.36 * Sales for Conrad CRONE's shares totaled $11,814.03. Henry CRONE, brother of Conrad, recently died and sale was held for his undivided shares at same sale; John W. RAMSBURG was executor. *(also bought Henry CRONE's half) On 5 Aug 1864, Hanson RAMSBURG testified the widow, Eliza Ann CROUSE was about 42 years old and enjoying excellent health. Distribution of $11,814.03; court costs, $612.74 - Eliza A. CRONE, widow, in lieu of dower, 2/15 or $1,493.50 - Eliza A. CRONE, adm of estate, for overpayments, $1,004.84 - each 1/3 share to children, $2,900.98 Closed 16 Sep 1864.
Daniel STOTTLEMYER vs William HIMES & Others Nelson STOTTLEMYER d/ Aug 1860 intestate w/ Hannah (now dec'd) and 12 children s/ George W. STOTTLEMYER & w/ Rebecca s/ James C STOTTLEMYER & w/ Mary Jane s/ Nelson W STOTTLEMYER & w/ Sarah Ann s/ Daniel STOTTLEMYER & w/ Mary C. s/ William H. STOTTLEMYER & w/ Amanda C. s/ Wilson STOTTLEMYER & w/ Catharine d/ Elizabeth A. (d/ c1861 Frederick Co) w/o William HIMES ...Hannah C. HIMES, a minor - Indiana ...Samuel C. HIMES, a minor ...Elizabeth A. HIMES, a minor ...Eliza A. HIMES, a minor ...Martha E. HIMES, a minor ...Amanda M/C. HIMES, a minor d/ Mary L. w/o Christian HARMAN d/ Catharine w/o Joshua LANE d/ Sabelian w/o George HARMAN d/ Mahala w/o Moses L. HURLEY d/ Sarah Ann w/o Benjamin SHUFF Land - "Resurvey on Almost Night", 25 acres; located 1 mile from Wolfsville, adjoined lands of Daniel STOTTLEMYER and heirs of David STOTTLEMYER. In 1862, the widow and children transferred all their interests to Daniel STOTTLEMYER, except for Elizabeth and William HAINES. (granted to Peter RUDY in 1784). Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Joseph STOTTLEMYER of D. and Joseph STOTTLEMYER. Trustee was Joseph STOTTLEMYER of D.; on 23 Jun 1865, sale was held at the residence of Daniel STOTTLEMYER, high bidder was Daniel STOTTLEMYER at $550. Distribution: court costs, $118.55 - Daniel STOTTLEMYER, 11/12 or $395.49 - William C. HIMES, curtesy share, 2/5 of 1/12 or $13.48 - each of the HIMes children, 1/6 of 3/5 of 1/12 or $3.74 Closed 17 Oct 1865.
Joseph SMITH & wife vs Elizabeth WOLFE & Others Garret WOLFE d/ Aug 1859 intestate wife died 1852 or 1853; leaving 9 children d/ Catharine w/o Joseph SMITH d/ Elizabeth WOLFE s/ John WOLFE - Ohio d/ Mary wid/o John KOONS - Pennsylvania s/ Samuel WOLFE - Virginia s/ Amos WOLFE - Pennsylvania s/ Daniel WOLFE - Indiana s/ William WOLFE, now dec'd - Virginia s/ Solomon WOLFE, now dec'd (had heirs, but names unknown) - Pennsylvania Land - "Harbaugh's Chance", 32 acres, lies on PA border; from Christian HARBAUGH (w/ Mary Elizabeth) in 1811. Testimony was heard from John McLANE. Trustee was Ulysses HOBBS with sureties as Christian GETZENDANNER and Michael ZIMMERMAN. Sale was held in Sabillasville on 4 Nov 1861; high bidder was: - Reuben SHOVER at $96 (sureties were Lewis CRAWFORD & Jacob F. MILLER). Distribution of $48; court costs, $43.57 - each 1/9 share to the children, $.49. Closed 28 Mar 1866.
Perry G. RICE & Others vs Benjamin RICE & Others Supplemental of JWLC-2, 190 2nd Distribution of $2,590.78; court costs, $123.30 - each 1/13 share, $189.90 ...Rebecca LAMAR ...Anna CECIL ...Elizabeth RHODES ...Perry G. RICE ...Levin RICE ...C. A. L. RICE ...Mary THOMAS ...Catharine A. L., wid/of George B. RICE ...children of James RICE (James M., Edward T., Reuben D.) ...children of William RICE (Hanson T., Rachel, William, Harriet, Mary) ...children of Thomas RICE (Perry A. RICE's children, Sarah A. SCHINDLER, Edward SCHAEFFER) ...children of Martha WILLIARD (George, Abraham, Catharine E. FAGAN, Martha BATSON, Harriet BASFORD, Mary J. SPEAKE, Luther RENN, Luretta BASFORD) ...Williamina RICE, wid/of John C. and their children, John T., John W., Martha E. RICE) Closed 2 Mar 1866.
523-524 - McCLAIN, HARBAUGH - Feb 1866
Estate of John McCLAIN Supplemental of JWLC-2, 256 Distribution of $703.84; court costs, $53.48 - each 1/7 share, $92.90 to children, Hiram, Peter E., John F., Silas McCLAIN, Catharine A. HARBAUGH, and grandchildren, Emma E. J. McCLAIN and Mary E. McCLAIN Closed 26 Mar 1866.
525-527 - KELLER, ROUTZHAN, ALEXANDER - Jan 1866
Estate of David KELLER Supplemental of JWLC-2, 155 Distribution of $21,244.92; court costs, $682.79 - each 1/11 share, $1,869.28 to William, Henry, Daniel, Isaac, Lydia, Malinda, Elizabeth KELLER, Mary ROUTZHAN, Catharine ALEXANDER, John KELLER's daughter Sarah; Jonathan KELLER's children, Thomas C., Amanda C., Mary J. and Charlotte R. KELLER. Closed 2 Mar 1866.
Charles WOOD & Others vs Adam L. WOOD, Et al Joseph WOOD d/ 1850 (Will written 23 Aug 1849) widow - Nancy (Ann) d/ Nov 1863 s/ Charles WOOD & w/ Mary (WENRICK) s/ John WOOD & w/ Sophia (SAYLOR) s/ Joseph WOOD, died intestate ...wid/ Ruth Ann WOOD - Baltimore City ........George H. WOOD ........Mary Ellen WOOD ........John W. WOOD ........Joseph E. WOOD ........Adam L. WOOD, a minor - Baltimore City ........Charles W. WOOD, a minor - Baltimore City ........Julia Ann WOOD, a minor - Baltimore City d/ Sarah w/o Frederick LOCK - Universalist Church in Baltimore (donated graveyard) Exec/ wife Witnesses: Brooke BAKER, Robert W. NELSON, George B. BAKER Land - "Monocacy Manor", 2 acres, House & Lot #29 from Christian WINEBRENNER (w/ Phebe) in 1848; located in Woodsboro district. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from George GASSAWAY who provided the maiden names of Charles and John's wives. Also testifying was George H. WOOD who testified that Ruth Ann WOOD was 47 years old. Trustee was Charles WOOD; sale was held 11 Nov 1864, high bidder was Mrs. Ellen NELSON at $2,026. Distribution of $2,026; court costs, $206.48 - each 1/4 share to children, $454.88 (Robert D. MORRISON Jr was trustee for Joseph WOOD Jr's insolvency) Closed 16 Jan 1866.
John B. T. SELLMAN & wife vs Lydia A. HARTSOCK, et al Henry HARTSOCK d/ fall of 1864, intestate widow - Lydia A. (CONNER) d/ Savilla C. w/o John B. T. SELLMAN - Carroll Co, MD d/ Lavina E. w/o Augustus (Gustavus) BARNES d/ Sarah "Sallie" Virginia HARTSOCK d/ Mary Ann HARTSOCK, a minor d/ Anne Maria HARTSOCK, a minor Land - 45 acres, from Joseph H. HARTSOCK in 1862 (to Joseph from Daniel SWEADNER and w/ Rebecca); located on south side of Linganore, adjoining lands of Samuel GLISAN Jr. Exception was made for Richard R. STEVENS for mineral rights. Deed included right-of-way over lands of John G. NORRIS. A "pre-nuptial" agreement was written on 24 Aug 1854 as both Lydia A. CONNER and Henry HARTSOCK had children from a previous marriage. Lydia had a daughter, Mary CONNER, from her previous marriage who would live with them. She also had a slave, negro man EVAN, age 19, to serve until age 35. It was witnessed on 24 Aug 1854 by William LOWE and acknowledged by M. BALTZELL, justice of the peace, but not recorded until 28 May 1858. Guardian was Charles W. MILLER; testifying was George W. DUDDERAR and Joseph H. HARTSOCK. Trustee was John B. T. SELLMAN; after a failed public sale, private sale was made on 5 Jun 1865 to Samuel GLISAN Jr at $1,489.74. Distribution: court costs, $195.38 - each child's 1/5 share, $258.87 Closed 5 Jan 1866.
555-562 - POOLE, KLINE, HOWARD - Aug 1865
John POOLE & Others vs Hanson POOLE, et al William POOLE d/ 1850 intestate widow has since died s/ John POOLE & w/ Ann d/ Ann w/o Stephen KLINE d/ Lucretia w/o George HOWARD s/ Hanson T. POOLE & w/ Elizabeth s/ William Henry POOLE & w/ Louisa C. Land - "Long Acre", House & Lot fronting north side of West Patrick St at west end of Bentztown in Fredericktown; to William POOLE from John BENTZ & w/ Rebecca of Berkeley Co, VA/WV in 1843 and certified in Allegany Co, MD (previously to Bentz from Ezra HOUCK and Daniel BENTZ). Property had a 2-story log house; back neighbor was Adam CUSTARD, west was John D. GETZENDANNER and east was Lewis H. MAIN. William H. & Louisa C. POOLE sold their share to Hanson T. POOLE. Trustee was John A. SIMMONS; sale was held on 28 Oct 1865; high bidder was: - Hanson T. POOLE at $1,615. Distribution: court costs, $175.95 - each 1/5 share to the children, $287.81 ...John POOLE ...Ann KLINE ...Lucretia HOWARD ...Hanson T. POOLE ...Hanson T. POOLE (share of Wm. H. Poole) Closed 19 Dec 1865.
Moses GRABILL, et al vs Aaron GRABILL Moses GRABILL (Sr) (Will written 12 Sep 1822) w/ Rachel s/ Moses GRABILL (Jr) (only son) - Mary GRABILL (relationship not noted in Will) (d/ bef 1865) Exec/ son Moses Witnesses: Brooke BAKER, Joseph WOOD, John SELER ================== Moses GRABILL (Jr) d/ May 1861 intestate w/ Sarah (d/ spring 1865) d/ Rachel LINK (d/ c1840) (h/ Adam LINK) .....George LINK & w/ Margaret (HESSON) .....Mary LINK .....Sarah LINK, later w/o Louis P. SCHOLL (abt Mar 1866) .....Daniel LINK & w/ Sophia E. (WACHTER) s/ Moses GRABILL (III) s/ Jacob GRABILL & w/ Caroline R.(TENTERMAN) s/ John D. GRABILL s/ Aaron GRABILL d/ Christianna GRABILL s/ William H. GRABILL & w/ Maria L.(HAMILTON) s/ Samuel N. GRABILL & w/ Jannette (SLAGLE) Columbus A. CRAMER was insolvent trustee for George LINK. Aaron GRABILL was declared of unsound mind by Dr. Richard T. HAMMOND, the family physician; Robert G. McPHERSON was made his trustee. Land - "Monocacy Manor", Lot #58, 143 acres, from the Will of Moses GRABILL Sr (to Sr from James CRAIK and Thomas MARSHALL in 1802); located on Israel's Creek. Part was sold to Michael FRIES in 1803 (60 acres). In 1865, neighbors were Ezra SAYLOR and John NORRIS, land content was limestone and slate with apple orchard. It had a 2-story stone house with smoke house, dry house, fine spring near the door, large frame bank barn and a tenant house. - "Monocacy Manor", Lot #47, 1 acre, from Michael GRINDER in 1828; part was sold off to Basil BAKER. - "Monocacy Manor", Lot #82, 100 acre,from Robert NELSON & w/ Mary in 1849. - "Hammond's Request", 124 acres, from Arthur DELASHMUTT & w/ Ruth and Elias L. DELASHMUTT & w/ Eliza in 1860; on north side and mouth of Linganore Creek and on east side of Monocacy River; next to lands of James ROBERTSON Samuel DIXON and Daniel DORSEY and on west side of road. In 1865, was in Mount Pleasant District, adjoining lands of Alpheus W. MARRIOT and ANDERS and REIFSNIDER. There are two apple orchards and a peach orchard, 12 acres in wood, has a weather-boarded 1 1/2 story log house with well near the door, small frame barn, corn house and spring house. (was the home farm) Testimony was heard from Dr. Richard T. HAMMOND, Henry ANDERS and Adam LINK. Trustee was William H. GRABILL; sale was held 18 Oct 1865 in Woodsborough on the premises, high bidders were: - A. L. WITHERS for 143 acres at $90/acre - A. L. WITHERS for 9 acre wood lot, adjoining lands of William ALBAUGH, John D. CRUMBAUGH at $37/acre Farm in Mount Pleasant didn't sell. Distribution of $13,203, court costs, $571.79 - each 1/8 share, $1,578.90. After two failed sales for the home place, William H. GRABILL petitioned the court to make Adam LINK the trustee so he would be able to purchase his father's farm which he purchased at private sale for $3,100. Distribution of $3,100, court costs, $147.76 - each 1/8 share, $369.03 Closed 2 Apr 1866.
583-586 - BEAM, JOHNSON - Sep 1865
George H. JOHNSON, mortgagee of William BEAM & w/Ann - Petition Land - on west side of South St in Mechanicstown (now Thurmont); adjoining lots of George H. JOHNSON and Leonard PICKING on the north and George M. ZIMMERMAN on the south and also by J. B. GILBERT and a public alley (previously to Ann BEAM by John YOUNG in 1854). After foreclosure, JOHNSON sold the property to Joseph H. JOHNSON at sale for $200. George H. JOHNSON received the proceeds of the sale. Closed 14 Mar 1866.
Peter BEARD vs Edward BEARD & Others - Partition of Land Abraham BEARD d/ 20 Jun 1865 intestate, no issue bro/ Peter BEARD bro/ John BEARD, dec'd ........Edward BEARD - Iowa ........Margaret w/o Joshua ZIMMERMAN ........John Alexander BEARD - Out of State ........Joseph H. BEARD & w/ Mary M. (SMITH) ........Peter A. J. BEARD - California ........James Guy Elder BEARD - Out of State sis/ Sarah Ann (BEARD) wid/o Jefferson GETZENDANNER sis/ Magdalena (BEARD), dec'd w/o William HOLTER ........George HOLTER & w/ Mary (COBLENTZ) ........Susan (HOLTER) wid/o Hanson POOLE ........William H. HOLTER & w/ Elizabeth (COBLENTZ) ........Samuel HOLTER ........Peter HOLTER & w/ Mahala (COBLENTZ) ........Sarah HOLTER ........Mary (HOLTER) wid/o John SCAAF ........Elizabeth (HOLTER) w/o James HIMES sis/ Catharine BEARD sis/ Julianna BEARD Land - "Castle Henry", 10 acres; from Jacob STOOP (w/ Magdalena) in 1822 (previously from Jacob BRUNNER). - "Resurvey on Black City", 12 acres; from John DeGRANGE, trustee for estate of Daniel RUNNER, in 1847. - "Lambeth", 1 acre; from Laura E. CLAGGETT in 1850; on road from Frederick Town to Harpers Ferry. - "Deer Spring", "Resurvey on Addition to Hazel Thicket", "Limestone Rock", "Resurvey on Mount Pleasant", "Jones Conclusion", totaling 120 acres with mill race; to Abraham BEARD and Peter BEARD from John DeGRANGE, trustee, in 1850; adjoined lands of Charity RUNNER, Daniel RUNNER and John RUNNER. (Sale previously made to David TRUNDLE of Otho who appealed to have sale vacated.) - "Neris Fancy", 105 acres, to John H. RENN by Francis T. BLESSING & w/ Henrietta M. BLESSING in 1863; adjoining lands of George W. BLESSING and George THOMAS of Henry, road from Jefferson to St Mathews Church.(66 acres of this was sold by John H. RENN and w/ Sarah Ann R. RENN to Abraham BEARD, Peter BEARD and Thomas B. KESSLER in 1863.) - and "Fielderea", Lot #24, 27 acres; to George W. BLESSING from Francis T. BLESSING in 1859. The commissioners chosen to assess the land determined it could not be divided equally into six shares. Peter BEARD, the only living brother, chose to take the property and give his siblings their monetary share. Total value of lands, $6,468.32; court costs, $185.55 - MD tax, $94.23 - US tax, $123.77 - each 1/6 share to siblings, $1,010.79 Closed 12 Mar 1866.
600-619 - STRASBERGER, MAYNARD, WOLFE - Aug 1865
Dennis H. MAYNARD of Carroll County vs John W. STRASBERGER, et al Dennis H. MAYNARD, Jemima A. FOX, Susan STRASBERGER, Ephraim STONER, Ephraim MYERS and John WOLFE held mortgages against John W. STRASBERGER and w/ Catharine. Land - "Resurvey on Spring Garden", "Resurvey on Winfields Delight", 3/8 acre, in Johnsville; from Dennis H. MAYNARD and w/ Sarah in 1862. Located on east side of road from Libertytown to Johnsville, next to Dr. Nathan NELSON. Trustee for sale was Dennis H. MAYNARD; sale was held on 2 Jan 1866, high bidder was John WOLFE at $1,350. Proceeds went to the mortgagees. Closed 12 Apr 1866.
William P. LAMAR, et al vs John LAMAR, et al Thomas LAMAR d/ 1 Aug 1864 (Will written 24 Jun 1864) d/ Ellen LAMAR s/ John LAMAR & w/ Rebecca - Ohio s/ William B. LAMAR & w/ Elizabeth d/ Mary A. (LAMAR) w/o Tilghman BISER d/ Loretta S. (LAMAR) w/o Andrew KESSLER d/ Elizabeth (LAMAR) SPENCER .....Alburtus SPENCER s/ Benoni S. LAMAR d/ abt 1858 .....Thomas Marion LAMAR .....Albert LAMAR, a minor - a southern state .....Anna M. LAMAR, a minor .....William B. LAMAR, a minor .....John C. LAMAR, a minor d/ Rebecca JOHNSON d/ abt 1847 .....Mary JOHNSON .....Cornelia JOHNSON w/o John L. T. JONES - Barnesville, Montgomery County .....Thomas P. JOHNSON - Ohio .....William B. JOHNSON - Ohio .....Emma JOHNSON, a minor NEGROES - boy JOHN; SALLY, CHARLES and JAMES (to Ellen); - NICK, CLEM and KIZ (to be freed upon the death of Thomas LAMAR) Execs/ Albertus SPENCER and William B. LAMAR Witnesses: F. A. HOFFMAN, Abraham HEMP, Cornelius COCHRAN Land - House & Lot #51 in Jefferson (life estate to Ellen LAMAR); then occupied by V. B. IJAMS. - House & Lot #58 in Jefferson (life estate to negroes NICK, CLEM and KIZ); from John LOATS and Henry WILLARD, trustees in Equity case of Basil NORRIS vs Louisa WILLARD, adm/of John WILLARD. - "Resurvey on Wells Invention", 124 acres, from Thomas LAMAR to George B. RICE in 1857 (previously from William Bishop LAMAR). Also, "Daughters Portion", 158 acres (previously from Jacob HOFF in 1811). Then, in 1863, same land to Thomas LAMAR from Catharine A. L. RICE and Edward S. RICE, execs/of George B. RICE. Guardian was Thomas M. HOLBRUNER; testifying were John DARE and John B. THOMAS (he testified to Benoni's children). William JOHNSON testified about Rebecca JOHNSON and her children. Trustees for the sale were William B. LAMAR and Albertus SPENCER; sale was held on 11 Mar 1865, high bidders were: - Andrew KESSLER for 162 acres on north side of road from Jefferson to Burkittsville at $7,774.01 - Andrew KESSLER for 115 acres on south side of Jefferson to Burkittsville road at $4,616.25 - Robert H. BOTELER for house and lot in Jefferson at $76 Total sales, $12,433.26. Distribution of $12,681.45 (includes interest); court costs, $607.55 - to trustees for overpayment of expenses, $1,421.24 - each 1/8 share, $1,456.58 (Benoni's share was $1,000 less because of a previous advancement) Closed 18 Apr 1866.
David W. LEATHER, et al vs Lewis R. HARDING, et al John LEATHER d/ Apr 1865 intestate d/ Ann Rebecca w/o Lewis R. HARDING s/ David W. LEATHER & w/ Margaret s/ James L. LEATHER & w/ Drusilla d/ Margaret Jane w/o Greenberry WATERS d/ Henrietta L. w/o William HAUGH s/ Luther John LEATHER & w/ Mary s/ Edward E. LEATHER d/ Emily C. LEATHER Land - "The Hope", 201 acres, from George SMITH, trustee of John GITTINGER, a lunatic, in 1849 (free of dower of Rebecca H. GITTINGER). (Previously to Gittinger from David BUCKEY, Daniel BUCKEY and Rebecca C. KEMP, heirs of George BUCKEY in 1831). Mortgage to Herman D. ORDEMAN. Located three miles south of Urbana and four miles from Greenfield's Mills on county road and at fork of Bennett's Creek, with 2-story log house, spring near the door, good barn, wagon shed, spring house, etc; two orchards, 40 acres in timber and 20 acres in meadows with running water. Edward LEATHER was then living there; neighbors were Henry DARNALL and heirs of Thomas DARNALL. Trustee for the sale was James L. LEATHER; sale was held 6 Dec 1865, high bidder was Luther John LEATHER at $6,097.87; however, transfer of the buy went to James L. SIMMONS, Esquire, on 3 Mar 1866. Distribution of $6,097.87; court costs, $414.76 - Herman D. ORDEMAN, mortgage, $516.30 - each 1/8 share, $645.85. Closed 25 Apr 1866.
Frederick SCHROEDER vs Mary B. BUTLER & Others Adam STRICKSTRUCK, dec'd (Will written 12 Dec 1818; filed 13 Jan 1819) w/ Mary d/ Catharine STRICKSTRUCK s/ Jacob STRICKSTRUCK d/ intestate, w/o issue s/ Adam STRICKSTRUCK d/ intestate, w/o issue ================= Catharine STRICKSTRUCK d/ Jul 1864 intestate, single, w/o issue (exact relationship of heirs not given) - Mary Barbara BUTLER - George SHAWBAKER & w/ Matilda - Catharine RICE - Mary Ann w/o John STEIN - Elizabeth w/o Peter WILLARD - George SCICE (SICE) & w/ Nancy - Miami Co, Ohio - John SCICE (SICE) & w/ Juliann - Miami Co, Ohio Land - Lot #139 on NE corner of Third St and Middle Alley in Fredericktown, adjoining lot of Daniel LOEHR; to Adam STRICKSTRUCK from Michael CULP (KOLB) Jr (w/ Sophia) in 1896. (Previously to CULP from Jacob ZIMMERMAN in 1792). (Deed of Trust to Joseph G. MILLER for sale of real estate). Trustee for the sale was Joseph G. MILLER with sureties as Daniel GETZENDANNER Jr and David C. WINEBRENNER. Sale was held at the Dill House in Fredericktown on 30 Dec 1865, high bidder was William H. RAMSBURG at $800. Distribution of $800; court costs, $54.06 - each 1/7 share, $82.50 Closed 12 Apr 1866 Note - (FCML - Geo. SHAWBAKER to Matilda KEIFFER on 24 Dec 1844; Peter WILLYARD to Elizabeth RICE on 22 Sep 1827; John STONE of John to Mary Ann RICE on 11 Aug 1829)
656-672 - WARENFELS, MYERS, CLINE - Jan 1865
Jacob LUDY vs Margaret J. WARENFELS, et al John WARENFELS d/ Jan 1864 intestate w/ Margaret Jane (age 38) and 6 minor children s/ John C. WARENFELS s/ Luther H. WARENFELS s/ Charles M. WARENFELS s/ Soule (Samuel) J. WARENFELS d/ Mary S. WARENFELS d/ Effie G. WARENFELS Adm/ Daniel WARENFELS with sureties as Adam WARENFELS and John D. ENGLISH. Land - "Seven Fold", 7 acres; "The Three Brothers", 36 acres; from Jacob HOOVER and w/ Mary in 1853. - "Seven Fold", 23 acres, from Samuel WOLFE & w/ Barbara in 1862. - "Seven Fold", 23 acres, from Christian HARSHMAN & w/ Mary in 1862; on Bealsville to Wolfsville Road past the Tunker Church. Mortgaged to David MYERS (of Sharpsburg, Washington County)in 1862. Property was located 1 mile south of Wolfsville in Catoctin District, adjoining lands of Christian HARSHMAN, Joshua WARENFELS and contained a total of 64 acres. It had a 1-story log house, a large Switzer barn, orchards and spring. Trustee was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testifying was Daniel WARENFELS. Commissioners to lay out the dower land for the widow were: Jacob LEATHERMAN of G., Lawrence EASTERDAY, Samuel MAUGANS, Jonathan D. ENGLISH and Wilson L. HAYS. Trustee for the sale was Daniel WARENFELS; sale was held 20 Jul 1865 in Wolfsvile, but withdrawn after insufficient bid; later sold at private sale t to Hezekiah CLINE at $37.25/acre, pending survey. Distribution of $2,514.37; court costs, $324.63 - David MYERS, mortgage, $843.50 - Jacob LUDY, creditor, $53.35 - John W. BUSSARD, creditor, $123.58 - Daniel WARENFELS, reimbursement, $207.55 - each 1/6 share to the children, $160.29 Closed 27 Apr 1866.
Henry NELSON vs John BOSTIAN Sarah NELSON (w/o Henry NELSON) d/ Jun 1864 (Will written 28 Sep 1859) s/ Thomas C. NELSON .....grson/ Hamden NELSON .....grson/ Joseph NELSON s/ John H. NELSON s/ Stephen B. NELSON s/ Nathan NELSON (in trust with husband for this son) .....grdau/ Sally NELSON s/ James A. NELSON d/ Rachel C. JONES d/ Sophia E. NELSON s/ William C. NELSON s/ Prathy NELSON - Old colored woman, Dinah (?)NEALL Exec/ husband, Henry NELSON; and if he not able, then son, Thomas C. NELSON. Witnesses: George MARKELL, Francis MARKELL, J. M. HARDING. Land - "Monocacy Manor", 164 acre farm, lies on south side of Woodsboro and adjoins lands of John MILLER. Executor Henry NELSON (sureties Robert NELSON and John H. NELSON) sold the real estate to Isaiah BOSTIAN of Carroll County for $13,120 in 1864; however, Isaiah BOSTIAN, of Carroll County d/ Feb 1865 intestate left no wife or children, nor parents, but did leave siblings, bro/ John BOSTIAN - Carroll County bro/ James A. BOSTIAN - Carroll County sis/ Susan BOSTIAN, now w/o Emanuel SAYLOR sis/ Mary BOSTIAN, now w/o Benjamin FORMAN - Carroll County sis/ Sophia BOSTIAN, now w/o William SHILTS/SHILDT - Carroll County sis/ Martha BOSTIAN, now w/o Jacob MERING/MEARING - Carroll County sis/ Sarah A. BOSTIAN, now wid/o Harmon F. CRABBS (d/ 1863) - Carroll County sis/ Margaret BOSTIAN, dec'd w/o Daniel HAINES (d/ c1862), both dec'd - Carroll County .....Samuel HAINES, a minor .....Andrew HAINES, a minor sis/ Catharine BOSTIAN (d/ c1863) w/o Jacob BEARD - Carroll County .....Laura Susan BEARD, a minor .....Samuel P. BEARD, a minor .....James A. BEARD, a minor Administrator was James A. BOSTIAN of Carroll County. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony regarding the BOSTIAN family was heard from Michael SHANK; also testifying was Henry NELSON and Jacob KOONS. Trustees were James A. BOSTIAN and Joseph DAVIS; sale was held at the farm on 2 Dec 1865, high bidder was George FLICKINGER of Adams Co, PA at $8,466.46. 1st Accounting for Estate of Isaiah BOSTIAN, $12,869.01 - court costs, $677.18 - Henry NELSON, exec/of Sarah NELSON, $9,653.52 - each 1/9 share to the BOSTIAN siblings, $282.03 Closed 18 Apr 1866.
Lewis BRUNER, et al vs Elias RAMSBURG, et al John RAMSBURG d/ 1822 intestate widow - Rebecca d/ abt Jan 1863 (widow's dower was laid out for 58 acres). d/ Eliza RAMSBURG w/o Jacob ENGELBRECHT s/ Elias RAMSBURG & w/ Catharine s/ Peter RAMSBURG s/ John RAMSBURG & w/ Margaret Jane s/ Jacob RAMSBURG & w/ Ann Rebecca - Georgetown, DC d/ Catharine RAMSBURG w/o John M. EBERTS s/ William H. RAMSBURG & w/ Rebecca d/ Ann R. RAMSBURG w/o Lewis BRUNER d/ Mary RAMSBURG w/o Jacob WALKER Land - "Carroll's Creek", 187 acres, (from "Tasker's Chance"), adjoins W. 7th St in Frederick, house lies west of Carroll Creek. Adjoins land of William H. RAMSBURG and Dr. Lewis H. STEINER. William H. RAMSBURG was then living on the property. Only the 58 acres of the widow's dower remains which included the stone house, frame barn, never-failing spring under the dwelling. - "Conrad's Purchase", 6 acres mountain land, on road from Frederick to High Nob, 4 miles from Frederick; adjoins land of Ezra HILDERBRAND. - "Conrad's Purchase", 9 acres mountain land, on road from Frederick to High Nob, 4 miles from Frederick; adjoins land of Ezra HILDERBRAND. Trustee was John RAMSBURG; sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 30 Jan 1864; high bidders were: - Lewis BRUNER and Mary WALKER for the 58 acres at $8,240.75. - George B. HENSHEW for 6 acres of mountain land at $283.42 - George L. TWENTY for 9 acres of mountain land at $257.71 Total sales, $8,781.88. Distribution: court costs, $550.26 - each 1/9 share, $914.62 Closed 3 Apr 1866. (Possibly, was this Schifferstadt?)
703-715 - EICHELBERGER, MARTIN, FINK - Jun 1865
Martha R. EICHELBERGER, guardian vs George M. EICHELBERGER & others Samuel C. EICHELBERGER, Mechanicstown, d/ 10 Mar 1863 (Will written 25 Feb 1862) w/ Margaret Rebecca (age 24) s/ George Milton EICHELBERGER, a minor exec/ John HAHN Witnesses: John W. STRUP, G. A. GRAHAM, Eli POTTS Land - 144 acres, between Creagerstown and Mechanicstown and was three miles from the former. Guardian was John A. MARTIN; testimony was heard from Leonard PICKING, John MILLER, John HAHN and Daniel CASTLE of T. (or F.?). Trustees were William P. Maulsby and Samuel EICHELBERGER; sale was held on 16 Dec 1865, high bidder was James M. FICK at $2,232. Distribution of $1,116; court costs, $187.45 - Margaret R. EICHELBERGER, in lieu of dower, 1/7 or $159.43 - Samuel EICHELBERGER (maybe father of Samuel C.?), for payments made for estate, $71.88 & $213.07 - Martha R. EICHELBERGER, guardian of George M. EICHELBERGER, $484.17 Closed 8 May 1866.
715-731 - LEGORE, WAGNER, MYERS - Nov 1864
William H. WAGNER vs Eliza LEGORE, adm/of John LEGORE, et al John LEGORE d/ Apr or May 1864 intestate widow - Eliza d/ Barbara LEGORE - Carroll County s/ John LEGORE, a minor d/ Eliza Jane LEGORE, a minor d/ Mary LEGORE, a minor s/ James LEGORE, a minor d/ Emma Jane LEGORE, a minor Land - "Wolfe's Delight", 20 acres, from Susan CRAMER in 1864; mortgaged to Abraham MYERS. Property located one mile north of Woodsboro, next to lands of Abraham MYERS, A. HUMMER, M. SHANKS and Jacob DARCAS. Land included a limestone quarry. Adm/ wife Eliza LEGORE; guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. On 11 Jan 1865, Samuel BUSSARD testified that Eliza LEGORE, the widow, was 40 years old and in general good health. Later, Thomas M. HOLBRUNER was appointed guardian. Testimony was heard from Benjamin SMITH and Michael SHANK. Trustee was Dr. William H. WAGNER; sale was held at the Union Hotel in Woodsborough on 29 Apr 1865; high bidder was Abraham MYERS at $1,222. Distribution: court costs, $239.97 - Eliza LEGORE, in lieu of dower, 2/15 or $162.93 - Abraham MYERS, $180 - balance to various creditors. Closed 28 Apr 1866.
731-732 - STULL - Apr 1866
Frederick A. STULL, et al vs William H. STULL, et al Supplemental of JWLC-2, 341 Estate of Jacob STULL of A.; Frederick A. STULL, trustee 2nd Distribution of $5,270.72; court costs, $242.97 - Eve STULL, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/9 or $585.63 - State collateral tax, 1/16 of share of Louisa C. STULL, dec'd, $11.10 - Frederick A. STULL, 1/5 or $886.23 - William H. STULL, 1/5 or $886.23 - Elijah T. STULL, 1/5 or $886.23 - Daniel Z. STULL, 1/5 or $886.23 - Edward J. STULL, 1/5 or $886.23 Closed 2 Aug 1866.
William LAWRENCE, et al vs John CROCKETT, et al Supplemental of JWLC-1, 461 John C. DUVALL petitioned the court to be substituted as the buyer for real estate originally sold to William T. DUVALL, his brother, now dec'd. William had acted as agent for his brother and John actually made payment. Ruling that deed be conveyed to John C. DUVALL by William P. ANDERSON, trustee. Closed 14 May 1866. =================== The End of JWLC-2 ===================

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