Frederick Co, MD - Equity JWLC-1

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity JWLC-1

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber WBT-1; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
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Equity JWLC-1
Basil DELASHMUTT & Others vs George W. ENGLE/EAGLE & Others William EAGLE/ENGLE d/ Mar 1862 intestate d/ Elizabeth Frances w/o Basil DELASHMUTT d/ Margaret Loretta w/o Thomas R. JARBOE s/ George William EAGLE & w/ Sarah Jane s/ Lycurgus EAGLE d/ Ann Amelia BELT, dec'd, her children, ..........Margaret E. BELT w/o John F. WAESCHE ..........Maria Edmonia BELT, a minor ..........John BELT, a minor Land - Division #2 of Lot #3 of "Carrollton", 198 acres, from St. George TUCKER of Philadelphia in 1785; adjoins roads from Greenfield Mills to Adamstown and Frederick to Nolands Ferry, also land of Benjamin MOFFIT Jr and John S. BELT. - Lot #12 of "Foul Play", 48 acres, from Bank of the US, Philadelphia in 1833; (plat was to Willy JAMES; previously from Estate of Rodger JOHNSON in 1832). - "Resurvey on Foxes Hall", 115 acres, from Thomas J. DAVIS in 1837 (previously from John H. HOPPE, trustee for Estate of George SNOUFFER, dec'd). Thomas J. DAVIS agreed to convey to Nathaniel N. CLABAUGH (w/ Susan Catharine) a portion which included the Greenfield Mills and other improvements, but Clabaugh assigned it to William EAGLE in 1837. - "New Bremen", 98 acres (120 acres to Dorcas HOWARD by J. N. CROMWELL in 1817); "Cumberland", 25 acres, and "Addition to Cumberland", 22 acres, from Frederick A. SCHLEY in 1833, he being trustee for Equity Court case in 1829 for Estate of mary Ann READ, dec'd. - "Potomac Island", from Thomas W. MORGAN, Sheriff to William EAGLE of Loudoun Co, VA in 1824; property previously owned by Samuel NOLAND, Robert G. McPHERSON and William LANGWELL and sold for judgment to Clement T. HILLEARY. (Land was inherited by Dade NOLAND, Samuel NOLAND and Lloyd NOLAND through the Will of Thomas NOLAND.) - "Resurvey on Foxes Hall", 188 acres, from Michael SNOUFFER (w/ Caroline E.) of Licking Co, Ohio in 1835; (previously owned by Jonathan MILLER). Guardian was George W. PADGET; testimony was heard from John B. THOMAS. Since the filing of the petition, George W. EAGLE has been declared a lunatic and William G. COLE was appointed his trustee. Maria E. BELT declared she was 18 years old on 18 Dec 1862. Trustees for the sale were Basil DELASHMUTT and Thomas R. JARBOE with sureties as Michael W. FOUT, Jacob M. BUSHEY, Elias S. DELASHMUTT and John S. W. JARBOE. On 14 Feb 1863, sale was held on the premises; high bidders were: - Michael W. FOUT for Lots #1 & 2, 378 acres, at $11,357.06, lies on the Monocacy River; sale was transferred to Elizabeth Frances DELASHMUTT. - Grafton DUVALL for the Manor farm on Lot #3, 188 acres, at $12,314.30. - Lycurgus EAGLE for the Three Spring Mill Farm, Lot #4, 158 acres at $4,122.95, lies on the Monocacy River. - John S. W. JARBOE for the mountain lot, "Foul Play", 28 acres, at $587.60. - Philip H. BUTCHER for the Broken Island on the Potomac River, 3 acres, at $27. Total sales, $28,458.91. Private sale made to Samuel MILFORD for part "Resurvey on Fox Hall", 1 acre, at $56.74. Distribution of $28,575.65; court costs, $1,139.83 - trustees, for future order of court, $1,000 - each child's 1/5 share, $5,275.16. Closed 3 Jun 1863.
31-36 - KEMP, NEWTON - Jul 1862
John M. KEMP vs William NEWTON William NEWTON, then of Jefferson Co, VA, was indebted to John M. KEMP. - Foreclosure Land - House & Lot #20 in Knoxville, located at the corner of Main and East Streets and along the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road. Trustee for the sale was Charles W. ROSS; sale was held on 2 Feb 1863 at the hotel of James REELY, Esquire, in Knoxville; high bidder was James M. KEMP at $251. Distribution after court costs of $59.18 left $191.82 to John M. KEMP in part payment of his mortgage claim. Closed 30 Mar 1863.
David BARR & w/ Christina of Washington Co, MD - Petition Caspar MANTZ, Frederick Town, d/ Oct 1839 (Will written 29 Aug 1832) He left property for John H. McELFRESH in trust for sis/ Eleanor (Fr Co Marr Lic to John L. HARDING on 30 Mar 1820) sis/ Christina BARR (Fr Co Marr Lic to David BARR on 17 Aug 1813) sis/ Theresia (Fr Co Marr Lic to John H. McELFRESH on 27 Mar 1820) Land mentioned in Will for Eleanor - "Locust Level", 222 acres, on Baltimore & Hagerstown Turnpike Road, one mile east of Frederick where William EADER then resided (37 acres from Jacob HIMMEL; 17 acres from Joseph HALLER; 15 acres from Thomas C. WORTHINGTON, trustee) - "Altogether", adjoining lands of Nathan HAMMOND of Ormand, lies south of the Baltimore and Hagerstown Turnpike - Lot in Frederick on Market St, between dwelling of Mrs. HARDT and William M. BEALL, esquire Land mentioned in Will for Christina - Farm, 454 acres, pts of "Rockey Creek", "Cance Medley", "Small Hope", "Pierpoints Discovery", mountain lot on "Fielderia Manor" (purchases of Daniel MILLER, Hezediah COMS and Col. Henry KEMP by his father, Francis MANTZ), where John H. DIXON then resided. Later testimony revealed the property was on road from Frederick to Point of Rocks, adjoins land of Lewis KEMP, Grafton FOUT, Lewis FOUT, George SMITH, Isaiah MEALEY and Edward HOWARD. The farm has first quality limestone, is well watered by Ballenger's Creek and 6-8 springs, including White Oak Spring; fencing is post and rail and worm fences. There is nearly 10 acres of timer, 40 acres of first-rate meadow land and an excellent young orchard. It has a brick farm house, log barn and other necessary buildings. Tenant on the farm was Michael A. FULL. - Lot on Market St in Frederick, south of Patrick Street and adjoining residence of Israel W. SUMAN. - Brick & Stone dwelling on Market St in Frederick, adjoining the previous lot on the south, then occupied by William S. BROWN. - Lot on Market St in Frederick, adjoining the previous lot on the south, with a 2-story brick house and a 2-story brick back building (former residence of Caspar MANTZ, dec'd). - Building Lot adjoining the carriage depository of Henry BOTELER which had frame carpenter shop. - Building Lot adjoining the previous one on the south. - Mountain Lot #1 near Mt Zion Church, 9 acres. - Mountain Lots #2-6, adjoining the one above, 9 acres each, with right of way. - Bank Stock (Residents in the dwellings at the time the Will was written were: Juliana HEDGES and Cyrus MANTZ; lot was between vacant lot of William E. McPHERSON and house of Horatio WATERS.) SLAVES - mulatto girl MARIA (then in possession of his sister, Christina) Land mentioned in Will for Thersia - "Taskers Chance", 194 acres, from Samuel FLEMING, son and exec/of Arthur FLEMING - "Taskers Chance", 179 acres, from Estate of Joseph FLEMING, dec'd, where Joseph FLEMING then resided. - "Resurvey on Meadow", 7 acres, from Jacob REASER, exec/of William MICHAEL; through which the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road passes - "Chesnut Ridge", 50 acres, 6 miles NW of Frederick near Yollow springs - "Altogether"; lies on north side of Baltimore and Hagerstown Turnpike and adjoins land of Nathan HAMMOND of Ormond - "Mantz's Fatigue", 216 acres, in two parts, contiguous to land of Harry W. DORSEY (full description in Will of Frances MANTZ of 1822) - Lot on Patrick St in Frederick Town, adjoining dwelling of Mrs. OTT Stipulation that Theresia was to pay to Catharine CLARK, a free colored woman, $100 in quarterly payments during Catharine's natural life. Witnesses: Henry SCHLEY, Edward TRAIL, George W. TURBILT John H. McELFRESH d/ July 1841 intestate, widow - (not named) s/ Henry McELFRESH s/ Caspar McELFRESH, died unmarried d/ Anna Mary McELFRESH w/o Jacob M. KUNKEL d/ Ariana McELFRESH w/o Charles E. TRAIL Monies were still due to Christina, not yet paid. New trustee appointed was George SCHLEY of Washington County with sureties as Frederick A. SCHLEY, Dr. Lloyd DORSEY (he died circa Jan 1854) and William Bradley TYLER. Christina BARR d/ 13 Feb 1862 (w/o David BARR) s/ Alfred V. BARR s/ Louis A. BARR (d/ May 1862, unmarried) d/ Martha J. BARR w/o John A. WROE d/ Anna M. BARR, dec'd w/o Gilbert DAVIS ..........Mary C. DAVIS ..........Martha J. DAVIS s/o Thomas J. WHEELER ..........Lewis A. DAVIS ..........Edwin DAVIS ..........Iola DAVIS s/ Francis M. BARR, dec'd ..........William David BARR, a minor ..........Nancy J. BARR, a minor ..........Mary Louisa BARR, a minor Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 19 Feb 1863; high bidders were: - Israel W. SUMAN for the Lot on Market St at $1,700 - John LOATS for brick & stone dwelling at $1,760 - John F. GREEN for lot w/2-story dwellings at $2,565 - John H. WILLIAMS for the 4th lot at $1,870 - Henry BOTELER for building lot at $999 - John LOATS for 2nd building lot at $810 - Harman BUTLER/BOTELER & William ULRICH for mountain lot at $76/acre, minus the right of way - John ZIMMERMAN of J. for 2nd mountain lot at $71.50/acre - William H. HOOPER for 3rd mountain lot at $73.50/acre - William L. MILLER for 4th mountain lot at $60/acre - J. M. BUSHEY for 5th mountain lot at $60/acre - John HAGAN for 6th mountain lot at $77/acre - George H. RIGER for 1 acre at $118 - George W. SMITH for 105 acre farm at $65/acre - George SMITH for 144 acre farm without improvements at $83/acre - Henry C. DRILL for 144 acre farm at $93.60/acre Distribution of $46,101; court costs, $1,560.90 - Martha J. WROE, 1/5 or $8,908 - Alfred V. BARR, 1/5 or $8,908 - children of A. M. DAVIS, 1/5 of 1/5 or $1,781 each - children of Francis M. BARR, 1/3 of 1/5 or $2,969 each - Louis A. BARR's share, 1/5 or $8,908 went to ..........Martha J. WROE, 1/4 of 1/5 or $2,227 ..........Alfred V. BARR, 1/4 of 1/5 or $2,227 ..........children of A. M. DAVIS, 1/5 of 1/4 of 1/5 or $445 each ..........children of Francis M. BARR, 1/3 of 1/4 of 1/5 or $742 each Closed 18 Sep 1863.
Joshua MOTTER & Lewis M. MOTTER vs William WELTY & Others William WELTY, John J. WELTY, Elias WELTY, Mary A. WELTY, Sarah WELTY, Catharine WELTY and Susanna WELTY were indebted to Joshua MOTTER, Lewis M. MOTTER and Isaac MOTTER as execs/of Lewis MOTTER, dec'd, which they assigned to Mary M. MOTTER who has since died leaving a Will with executors as Joshua MOTTER and Lewis M. MOTTER. Land - "Resurvey on Benjamin's Good Luck", 223 acres, previously conveyed by Caspar WELTY to Elizabeth WELTY, Mary WELTY, William WELTY, Sarah WELTY, Catharine WELTY, Susan WELTY, John Jeremiah WELTY and Elias WELTY in 1828. Property was located 4 miles SE of Emmitsburg and adjoined land of Joseph TROXEL and in the occupancy of Elias WELTY and the heirs of Caspar WELTY. Wiliam WELTY transferred his interest to Elias WELTY; John J. WELTY transferred his interest to Mary A. WELTY. Trustee was Grayson EICHELBERGER. On 30 Jan 1863, sale was held at the store of Joshua MOTTER in Emmitsburg, high bidder was Daniel MORRISON for 206 acres at $10.55/acre or $2.173.70, (exceptions were for portion of 12 acres sold to William BIGGS and a portion of 4 acres to Jospeh TROXEL). Distribution: court costs, $242.97 - Joshua MOTTER, for mortgage, $673.97 - Joshua & Lewis M. MOTTER, exs/of Mary M. MOTTER, for judgment, $1,053 - Elias WELTY, 2/7 or $58.21 - Mary A. WELTY, 2/7 or $58.21 - Sarah WELTY, 1/7 or $29.10 - Catharine WELTY, 1/7 or $29.10 - Susannah WELTY, 1/7 or $29.10 Closed 27 Apr 1863.
Barbara ROBERTSON vs Bradley F. JOHNSON & Others Land - House and Lot in Frederick Town at the corner of Briens Row on the SE corner of Second & Court St, fronting on Court St and running back on Second St until it adjoins the lot of Edward SHRIVER (but lately bought of the heirs of Mrs. Eliza NELSON) (opposite Dr. WATERS); sold to Bradley T. JOHNSON, Esq. at $3,500 on 1 Dec 1855; however, he only paid $1,500 of it at the time of the purchase. (Previously from John McPHERSON, trustee of John BRIEN, to R. E. DORSEY and from him to Barbara ROBERTSON in 1846). At that time, Col. James M. SCHLEY was residing there. The house was a two-story brick with basement above ground, completely finished with a fine celler under the whole house. The basement has two offices, a breakfast room and kitchen; first floor has a double parlor with folding doors, a sitting room and a roomy pantry; second floor has four large chambers, the attic is furnished for servants' use. The house has marble mantles and all modern conveniences. In May 1861, Bradley T. JOHNSON made a Deed of Trust to William J. ROSS, Esquire, for the benefit of Jane C. JOHNSON, w/o Bradley T. JOHNSON, after which Bradley T. JOHNSON left the state of Maryland with his family. Frederick County Sheriff was Michael ZIMMERMAN. Trustee for the sale was Grayson EICHELBERGER with surety as John LOATS. Sale was held on the 14th of Feb 1863 at the Dill House in Frederick; high bidder was James W. PEARRE at $3,500. Distribution: court/admin costs, $306.92 - Barbara ROBERTSON for mortgage, $2,055.14 - Grayson EICHELBERGER, trustee of Joseph A. LECHLIDER for judgment, in part, $1,137.94 Closed 4 May 1863.
73-93 - WACHTER, CLEM, CRAMER, REESE - Jun 1862
John WACHTER & w/ Susan E. vs Wesley N. WACHTER & Others Jacob WACHTER d/ Nov 1861, intestate s/ John WACHTER & w/ Susan E. (CLEM) s/ Jacob WACHTER (died about1841) .....Wesley N. WACHTER, a minor - Middletown s/ George WACHTER & w/ Mary Ann (CRAMER) d/ Catharine WACHTER w/o Samuel CLEM s/ Michael WACHTER & w/ Rebecca (REESE) s/ David F. WACHTER (died before his father) ..........Edward WACHTER (d/ 13 Oct 1862), a minor - Middleburg, Carroll Co, MD ..........David WACHTER, a minor - Middleburg, Carroll Co, MD s/ Lewis M. WACHTER & w/ Maria (CLEM) d/ Rebecca WACHTER Land - lies in Utica Mills, Creagerstown District; all adjoining, lies between Fishing Creek and the Monocacy River. - "Good Luck", 100 acres, from Lemuel ROOT (w/ Mary Magdaline) in 1809 (to ROOT from John CALF); lies on NE side of Fishing Creek. - "The End of Trouble", 22 acres, from Jacob CRIST (w/ Lydia) in 1819; adjoins "Good Luck" and "Loss Gained". - "Ogle's Necessary Compact", 16 acres, from Samuel DEVILBISS of John (w/ Mary) in 1831; (to Samuel from Will of John DEVILBISS of CASPAR written 15 Oct 1827). - "Sure Bind, Sure Find", 25 acres, from Jacob HOLTZ (w/ Susanna) in 1831, (adjoins "Good Luck"); exception os a small lot conveyed to Henry WILHITE/WILHIDE (w/ Catharine); (previously conveyed to Holtz by Philip MORNINGSTAR in 1798. At that time, George WACHTER was living on the farm which was near the road from Frederick to Creagerstown and adjoins lands of Henry SHIELDS, Edward GETZENDANNER, George WACHTER and Michael WACHTER. The one and a half story house was part log and part frame with kitchen attached, a log barn with wagon sheds, carriage house, granery, spring house, smoke house and corn crib, orchard and never failing spring near the house. Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON; testimony was heard from George LAYMAN, Daniel SNOOK and Sarah A. YINGLING. Trustee for the sale was John WACHTER with sureties as Daniel SHOOK and Henry SHIELDS. A sufficient bid was not received and private sale was made to George WACHTER of J. at $4,332.56, survey showing a total of 144 acres. Distribution: court costs, $284.17 - 1/8 or $506.04 each to - John WACHTER - Wesley N. WACHTER - George WACHTER - Catharine CLEM - Michael WACHTER - Lewis WACHTER - Rebecca WACHTER - David WACHTER, s/o D. F. WACHTER Closed 2 Jun 1863.
93-101 - KELLER - Dec 1862
Thomas C. KELLER vs Amanda C. KELLER & Others Jonathan KELLER d/ Apr 1862 intestate s/ Thomas Carlton KELLER d/ Amanda Catharine KELLER, a minor d/ Mary Jane KELLER, a minor d/ Charlotte Ann R. KELLER, a minor Land - "John's Addition", 35 acres, on Catoctin Creek, from James MICHAEL and w/ Elizabeth in 1857; located 3/4 mile SE of Myersville, adjoining the lands of David KELLER and Eli DELAUDER. It is well watered and contains fruit trees, has a one and a half story log house, a stable and spring house and fields of wheat. Guardian was Henry KELLER who also testified and then was appointed as trustee for the sale with sureties as William KELLER and Daniel KEAFAUVER. Sale was held 7 Mar 1863 at BUHRMAN's store in Myersville; high bidder was Thomas C. KELLER at $1,825.80. Distribution: court costs, $163.40 - each child's 1/4 share was $415.60 Closed 3 Jun 1863.
Upton WORTHINGTON vs Benjamin F. SCHWARTZ Benjamin F. SCHWARTZ and w/ Susan (d/ between 1854-1861) were indebted by mortgage to Philemon M. SMITH Jr. who assigned his claim to Upton WORTHINGTON. Land - 2 lots in "Nixdorff's Addition to Urbana"; from Henry NIXDORFF and wife in 1854; located 8 miles south of Frederick with a 2-story frame house with back building attached and stable, railing fence and garden with fruit trees. Trustees for the sale were Upton WORTHINGTON and Sebastian G. COCKEY. On 21 Mar 1863, sale was held in Urbana, high bidder was Samuel BOYER at $485. Distribution: court costs, $96.36 - Upton WORTHINGTON, for mortgage claim, $385.60 - Benjamin F. SCHWARTZ, $3.04 Closed 16 Aug 1863.
Elizabeth PASS & Others vs Jacob MAUGINS & Others John MAUGANS d/ 1862 intestate d/ Elizabeth PASS d/ Catharine w/o John P. FOX d/ Nancy w/o Jacob PALMER d/ Rebecca w/o David BEACHTOL s/ Daniel MAUGANS and w/ Elizabeth s/ Samuel MAUGANS and w/ Mary s/ Jacob MAUGANS and w/ Rebecca s/ John MAUGANS Jr, dec'd ..........Nancy w/o William WOLFE ..........Maria w/o John F. SMITH ..........Martin MAUGANS ..........John MAUGANS ..........Jacob MAUGANS, a minor ..........Levi MAUGANS, a minor ..........Manda MAUGANS, a minor Land - "Good Hope Enlarged", 221 acres, to John MOGGINS from Christian GILBERT (w/ Margaret) of Washington Co, MD in 1810 (372 acres by patent in 1806); lies next to tract "The Third Time of Asking" granted to George Adam KLINE in Oct 1799 and to tracts "Sniders Addition" and "Piney Meadow", "Rock Oak Valley" (George COON's) and Catoctin Creek. It is located 3 miles north of Wolfsville on road leading to Smithburg and adjoins lands of Paul KLINE and advertised as 164 acres of land with a never-failing spring of water near the house. There was chesnut and oak timber, an orchart, two houses, each one and a half stories with kitchen attached, a log barn with wagon shed, spring house and smoke house; both Jacob MAUGANS and Samuel MAUGANS were living on the premises at the time the sale was advertised. Guardian was Joseph W. S. CARTY; testimony from Paul KLINE indicated he had known the deceased for 30 years and that the deceased had resided in Hauvers (now Catoctin) District near Wolfsville and Jacob MAUGINS was then residing there (Jan 1863). Jacob PALMER was appointed as trustee for the sale with sureties as Isaiah DOUB and Leander WACHTER. On 21 Mar 1863, sale was held on the premises, but no sufficient bid was received. Later, at private sale, Rebecca MAUGINS, w/o Jacob MAUGINS, with her own money purchased the property at $2,400. Distribution: court costs, $191.30 - each 1/8 share to the children, $276.08. Closed 25 Sep 1863.
121-130 - JOHNSON, RICE - Dec 1862
Edward T. RICE vs Richard P. JOHNSON Land - parts of tracts, "The Zachariah" and "The Remainder", 244 acres, mortgaged by Richard Potts JOHNSON (and w/ Elizabeth L., now dec'd) to Edward T. RICE; (previously from Samuel P. RICHARDSON to Charles MILES in 1817, then from John J. JAMISON, trustee, to Edward T. RICE (w/ Maria) in 1857). Exception is 25 acres sold to Elijah PRICE by RICE. Property of 151 + 31 acres is located on road leading to Price's Mill and also on road leading to New Market. In 1862, Richard P. JOHNSON was living out of state. Worthington JOHNSON petitioned the court that he had previously filed for monies due him for Richard P. JOHNSON on a previous mortgage. Trustee for the sale was Grayson EICHELBERGER. The first sale was prevented because of rebel forces being by the inroad; sale was rescheduled at the Dill House in Frederick for the 12th os Sep 1863. High bidders were: - Worthington JOHNSON for 67 acres at $6,773.75. Distribution of $2,009.82; court costs, $140.10 - credit against acreage error, $673.75 - Edward T. RICE, in full of mortgage, $1,476.17 Closed 13 Nov 1863.
Richard H. PHILLIPS vs George G. BUTLER & W. H. HEATH Land - "Loudon" near Urbana, 23 acres, by Articles of Agreement to George G. BUTLER (w/ Adeline) and from Richard H. PHILLIPS of Stanton, VA in 1857; (previously to Phillips from Henry NIXDORFF in 1845). Property is located on the road to Urbana and Washington. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station is at Ijamsville, only two miles from the seminary. Dr. Thomas J. McGILL was in charge of inquiries. The property was used as a female seminary until the summer of 1858 when it was then leased to Harlow William HEATH. At that time, George G. BUTLER moved to Mississippi. Trustee for the sale was Grayson EICHELBERGER. Property was then known as 'The Landon House' or 'Shirley Female Institute'. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick; high bidder was Henry M. NIXDORFF at $2,400. Nixdorff assigned the sale to Samuel HINKS and asks that Hinks be substituted as the purchaser. Distribution: court costs, $319.72 - Richard H. PHILLIPS, in part, $2,080.28 Closed 24 Nov 1863.
Charles E. TRAIL & wife vs Philip STEIN & Others There was an outstanding note for $945 due to Henry McELFRESH by John STINE and G. BANTZ; McElfresh assigned the note to Ariana TRAIL, w/o Charles E. TRAIL, he being an administrator of Henry McELFRESH along with Jacob M. KUNKEL. John STEIN/STINE d/ 3 Sep 1861 intestate s/ John STINE s/ Philip STEIN s/ Henry STEIN & w/ Elizabeth s/ Michael STEIN & w/ Dorotha Ann d/ Charlotte B. w/o William KNILL/NELL d/ Melinda Christina w/o Christian FALK d/ Elizabeth, dec'd w/o Ezra BAKER ..........John BAKER, a minor Administrator was Joseph G. MILLER with sureties as Daniel GETZENDANNER and David E. MILLER. Guardian was Ezra BAKER. Land - "Murdock's Mountain Resurvey", Lot #6, 198 acres; from Martin EICHELBERGER & w/Maria C. of Jefferson Co, VA/WV in 1850; (previously to George SCHLOSSER and Martin EICHELBERGER, as tenants in common, from John COVER, trustee of Samuel STEIN in 1846; George SCHLOSSER & w/ Phoebe conveyed their share to Martin in 1847; a previous agreement regarding the timber was made between Schlosser, Eichelberger and David WILLHIDE in 1846). - "Murdock's Mountain Resurvey", Lot #5, 173 acres; from Jacob WIEST & w/Susan in 1846; (to Wiest from Richard POTTS). - "Murdock's Mountain Resurvey", Lot # ?, 229 acres; from Richard H. MARSHALL and George M. POTTS, execs/of Mrs. Eleanor POTTS, in 1846; a Deed of Partition in 1816 was made between Eleanor POTTS, Mary Charlton MURDOCK, George W. MURDOCK. Exception is 101 acres sold to William S. BANTZ in 1854. - "Murdock's Mountain Resurvey", Lot #4 & part Lot #8, 105 acres; from Peter GROSSNICKLE & w/Hannah in 1849; also Lots #1 & 2 on same tract, on north side of road leading through Hamburg, one mile south of Hamburg and seven miles NW of Frederick. It has a 2-story log dwelling, barn, stable, blacksmith shop. Philip STINE was then living on the premises. - House & Lot in Hamburg, from Jacob ZENTMYER, trustee. - 20 acres, from Cornelius STALEY and Joshua STALEY, trustees. - Lot #3 in Hamburg, "Butlers Trouting Streams", 45 acres, from Joshua DOUB and Joseph G. MILLER (to them from Lewis MEDTART); on road from Frederick Town to Hamburg. John STINE died before conveyance of the latter three properties. Joshua DOUB died leaving widow - Sarah s/ William H. DOUB s/ Valentine D. DOUB d/ Mary J. E. DOUB w/o Perry B. McCLEARY Testimony was heard from Philip STEIN, s/o John STEIN, who corrected the names listed in the petition and gave the date of death of his father. Also testifying was Joseph G. MILLER. Trustee for the sale was Joseph G. MILLER with sureties as Daniel GETZENDANNER Jr and Frederick SHIPLEY. Sale was held 25 Oct 1862; high bidders were: - Henry STINE for house & lot in Hamburg at $23 - Christian FOLK/FALK for Lot #6, 45 acres near Hamburg at $95 - Philip STINE for Lots #1 (67 acres), 2 (70 acres and saw mill), 3 (61 acres), 4 (173 acres), 5 (127 acres) & 7 (20 acres, "Calf Pasture"), 520 acres; however, he was not able to comply and was then sold to John W. BUSSARD at private sale at $450 - Hugh McALEER for the home farm, Lot #8, 105 acres, at $969.76 Total sales, $1,537.76. William & Charlotte NELL protested the private sale made to John W. BUSSARD as not being sufficient. They stated they were willing to pay more, $1.12/acre. The trustee countered as saying the lots were mountain lots of little value, being very rocky and the timber having been cut off. The court ruled to void the sale to Bussard. It was resold to Hugh McALEER at $590. Distribution of $1,686.82; - court costs, $383.09 - Joseph M. EBBERTS, sheriff, in part of first lien, $1,303.73 Closed 30 Nov 1863.
167-168 - SHORB, BAUGHER - Mar 1864
James W. BAUGHER & Others vs Oscar BAUGHER & Others Supplemental of ES-3, 179 Petition of Joshua SHORB and Cornelia V. SHORB Joshua SHORB and Charles A. SHORB were in a partnership in merchandising, but after this partnership was dissolved, the property became Joshua SHORB's, but not all of the money had been paid and no conveyance was made. Land - House and Lot in Emmitsburg, known as the Baugher House. Charles A. SHORB d/ Feb 1863 (Will) widow - Cornelia V. Grayson EICHELBERGER, trustee, made the conveyance.
169-171 - COOPER, MILLER, SCHLEY, BAUGHER - Sep 1863
George SCHLEY & wife and James M. SCHLEY & wife vs William Henry SCHLEY & Others Supplemental of BGF-1, 490 On 9 Nov 1859, George SCHLEY and James M. SCHLEY, trustees, sold to James COOPER, the mansion house of the late Frederick A. SCHLEY, Lots #9, 10 and half of 11, fronting Court Square in Frederick, for $10,000. James COOPER d/ Mar 1863 widow - Jane Mary (MILLER) COOPER execs/ Jane Mary COOPER, Andrew G. MILLER and Daniel M. SMYSER George SCHLEY and James M. SCHLEY, trustees, sold the same to Joseph BAUGHER and the court authorized the conveyance. Distribution of $4,500; court costs, $176.47 - George SCHLEY, son, 1/4 or $1,080 - James M. SCHLEY, son, 1/4 or $1,080 - William H. SCHLEY, son, 1/4 or $1,080 - Buchanan SCHLEY, son, 1/4 or $1,080 Closed 20 Nov 1863.
171-183 - FARQUHAR, OGBORN, STIER, HOUCK - May 1863
Elizabeth FARQUHAR vs Susanna M. FARQUHAR & Others Petition for Sale of Real Estate John FARQUHAR d/ Jul 1861 (Will written 21 Jun 1861) widow - Elizabeth nieces & nephews, children of his two brothers .....Susannah M. FARQUHAR, a minor .....Charles W. FARQUHAR, a minor .....Anna E. FARQUHAR, a minor .....Granville S. FARQUHAR, a minor .....Floduards FARQUHAR, a minor .....Ella FARQUHAR, a minor bro/ Joseph FARQUHAR, as agent Witnesses: Caleb OGBORN Sr, Elian MOUNT, Joseph FARQUHAR Sr. Land - House & Lot of 5 acres, in Plummer's part of New Market, from Caleb OGBORN in Aug 1854 (to Ogborn from Isaiah WOLF in May 1854). - "Rich Hill" and "John's Contrivance", 23 acres, from Daniel PLAINE in Mar 1856 (to Daniel from Stephen PLAINE & wife in 1852). lies next to lands of Nancy PLAINE, wid/of David PLAINE, (to her from Samuel PLAINE), and of Zebulon CLAY (to him from Stephen PLAINE & wife) Guardian was Joseph FARQUHAR who also testified; he being the father of three of the minors and uncle to the others. William OGBORN also testified and he had known the minors since their infancy. Trustee for the sale was William W. OGBORN with sureties as Ephraim OGBORN and Joseph FARQUHAR. On 26 Sep 1863, sale was held on the premises in New Market, high bidders were: - Anna E. STIER for the 5 acres at $1,925 - Henry HOUCK for the 23 acres at $816.50 Total sales, $2,741.50. Distribution - court costs, $226.67 - William W. OGBORN, in trust for the widow during her life, $2,514.53 Closed 16 Nov 1863.
Charles H. BURKHART vs Thomas ANGLEBERGER & Others Lydia ANGLEBERGER was indebted to Mary ADKINS. Lydia ANGLEBERGER d/ summer of 1862 intestate s/ Thomas ANGLEBERGER, a minor s/ George ANGLEBERGER, a minor s/ Howard ANGLEBERGER, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Chesnut Hill", House & Lot on 7/8 acre in Brookville, from Mary ADKINS in 1860 (to her from Elizabeth SMITH, Catharine FOX and John FOX in 1850). Administrator was Charles H. BURKHART with sureties as Joseph PAYNE and A. H. BURKHART. Guardian was William T. PRESTON who also testified along with John ZIMMERMAN of A. who testified to the signatures on the note, Lydia's by mark and Charles H. BURKHART as surety. Alphenia McPHERSON also testified to Mary ATKINS signing by mark. Trustee was Charles H. BURKHART with sureties as William T. PRESTON and Nathan O. NEIGBOURS. Sale was held on 2 Oct 1863, high bidder was Albert W. BURKHART at $222.25. Distribution: court costs, $101.18 - Charles H. BURKHART, his claim, $24.94 - each child's 1/3 share, $32.04 Closed 30 Nov 1863.
James BARTGIS & Others vs Robert BARTGIS & Others Matthias E. BARTGIS d/ c1849 intestate widow - Margaret (d/ c1860) and 9 children s/ James BARTGIS & w/ Mary s/ George W. L. BARTGIS & w/ Sophia s/ Hiram BARTGIS & w/ Matilda E. d/ Margaret w/o Dennis SCHOLL d/ Mary E. wid/o William ROGERS s/ John M. BARTGIS (d c1858) - Baltimore city ....w/ Mary Catharine - (lives on Gay St in Baltimore city) ..........Robert BARTGIS, a minor ..........Caleb BARTGIS, a minor ..........John BARTGIS, a minor s/ Dewit C. BARTGIS (d/ c1858 intestate) ....w/ Mary (lives in Frederick city) ..........John BARTGIS, a minor ..........Matthias BARTGIS, a minor d/ (daughter) BARTGIS (d/ since her father, intestate and single) s/ William BARTGIS (d/ since his father, intestate and single) Land - Lot #38 & house in Fredericktown, located between 5th and 6th Sts on Middle Alley with 1-story log house; from William H. ALBAUGH & w/ Susannah in 1832 (previously to Albaugh from Jacob ROUSE & w/ Susanna in 1831; and to Rouse from Peter DOFLER in 1802); adjoins John FAUBLE's lot. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from David M. LAMBERT who provided data on the deceased children. Also testifying was Charles F. SMITH who was a cousin of the widow of John M. BARTGIS. Trustee for the sale was Hiram BARTGIS with sureties as A. G. QUYNN and J. Alfred RITTER. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 26 Sep 1863; high bidder was John POOLE at $305. Distribution: court costs, $99.65 s/ James BARTGIS, 1/8 or $25.66 s/ George W. L. BARTGIS, 1/8 or $25.66 s/ Hiram BARTGIS, 1/8 or $25.66 d/ Margaret SCHOLL, 1/8 or $25.66 d/ Mary E. ROGERS, 1/8 or $25.66 s/ William BARTGIS, dec'd, to adm/ Hiram BARTGIS, 1/8 or $25.66 s/ Dewit C. BARTGIS, dec'd ....w/ Mary, 1/7 of 1/8 or $3.66 ..........John BARTGIS, 1/2 of 6/7 of 1/8 or $11 ..........Matthias BARTGIS, 1/2 of 6/7 of 1/8 or $11 s/ John M. BARTGIS, dec'd ....w/ Mary Catharine, 2/15 of 1/8 or $3.42 ..........Robert BARTGIS, 1/3 of 2/15 of 1/8 or $7.41 ..........Caleb BARTGIS, 1/3 of 2/15 of 1/8 or $7.41 ..........John BARTGIS, 1/3 of 2/15 of 1/8 or $7.41 Closed 22 Dec 1863.
John HAMILTON & Others vs Ellen & Lucretia HAMILTON Margaret Ann JACOBS d/ 24 Nov 1862 intestate bro/ John HAMILTON & w/ Elizabeth E. sis/ Eliza w/o Thomas H. WEBB sis/ Mary J. w/o John O'Hare sis/ Louisa P. w/o Reuben N. PLUMMER sis/ Catharine DOYLE, dec'd, her daughter, ..........Ellen (DOYLE), now w/o William ROBERTS bro/ Woodward HAMILTON, dec'd, his children, ..........John W. HAMILTON ..........Catharine & Leonard METCALFE ..........Glovina & George METCALFE ..........Georgeanna & John SIX ..........Ellen HAMILTON, a minor ..........Lucretia HAMILTON, a minor Land - Lot #6 on tract "Duvalls Forrest", 1 acre, in the village of Bartonsville, from Adolphus FEARHAKE & w/ Elizabeth "Betsey" in 1851; (surveyed for Jacob LEASE who, by his Will written 3 Oct 1840, devised it to Betsey). Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON; testimony was heard from Michael H. HALLER who stated that Margaret Ann JACOBS never had any children and that her sister Catharine and brother Woodward both died before Margaret. Philip REICH also testified and stated that Margaret's husband built the log house on the lot where they lived (1 1/2 story with 3 rooms and kitchen on first floor and two rooms on second floor, had stable and various fruit trees). Trustee for the sale was Charles W. ROSS with William J. ROSS as surety. Sale was held on the premises on 17 Oct 1863, high bidder was Elizabeth STULTZ at $400. Also signing the Acknowledge of Sale was Ephraim STULTZ (by mark) along with Elizabeth. Distribution of $400: court costs, $110.48 - each 1/6 to the siblings, $48.25 Closed 23 Dec 1863.
David J. MARKEY vs Henry W. RUPRECHT & Others Henry W. RUPRECHT was indebted to Christina SCHOLL from a note to Fredericktown Savings (name changed to Central Bank of Frederick) with Christina SCHOLL and David J. MARKEY as sureties and mortgage made to them in 1855. There were also judgments against Ruprecht by Thomas J. BRIGGS and Charles H. TAYLOR, both of whom have left the state of Maryland. Land - Lot #137 in Fredericktowne (also mortgaged to Adam RICHIE and Joshua DILL); from Joshua DILL and wife in 1849 (to them from Elizabeth THOMAS). Property has 1-story frame house with stable and shed - Lot(s) on south side of East Fourth St in Fredericktowne; has two 2-story frame houses and another lot - Lot on Chapel Alley; has 2-story log house with cellar; also has second house and another lot Henry W. RUPRECHT and wife Hannah lived on the north side of East Third Street (Lot #137) and he had a store room on Market Street in Frederick. It seems he dealt with horse-hair stuffed mattresses and furniture. Christina SCHOLL has since died and David J. MARKEY is her administrator with Abraham KEMP and Ezra HOUCK as his sureties. In 1862 a mortgage was made by RUPRECHT (Sr) and wife Hannah for the same property to Henry F. RUPRECHT and Henry W. RUPRECHT Jr. Trustee for the sale was David J. MARKEY with sureties as John HANSHEW and Valentine S. BRUNNER. On 24 Oct 1863, public sale was held at the Dill House; high bidders were: - Julius GRAHE for House & Lot on East Fourth St at $600 - Charles WISSNER House & Lot adjoining the previous sale at $600 - Henry F. RUPRECHT for lot on sourth side of East Fourth St and adjoining the previous property at $190 - John W. PAYNE for House & Lot on Chappel Alley at $450 which adjoined the above property - Henry F. RUPRECHT for Lot on Chappel Alley at $280 Total sales, $3,485. Distribution: court costs, $298 - Central Bank, $408.23 - David J. MARKEY as exec, $719.32 - Fredericktown Savings, $75.77 - Mutual Insurance, $131.05 - David J. MARKEY, $288.16 - Fredericktown Savings, $406.94 - Franklin Savings, $213.33 - David J. MARKEY as exec, $442.20 - Henry W. RUPRECHT Jr, 32% on note, $318.98 - Henry F. RUPRECHT, 32% on note, $184.02 Closed 18 Dec 1863.
234-236 - McNULTY, LANDERS, KELLEY - Nov 1863
William C. LANDERS, trustee of Dennis McNULTY Supplemental of BGF-3, 333 Report of additional sale to Joseph KELLEY for 13 acres at $239.17. Also interest on sale notes were received; total receipts, $273.78. All monies were paid to various creditors. Closed 23 Dec 1863.
Sophia SIMMONS - Petition Sophia SIMMONS was mortgage holder for Israel MATHIS/MATHEWS and w/ Eveline in 1861. Land - Lots #227 thru 231 on North St in Liberty; to Mathews from Daniel SWEADNER, trustee of Silas WATERS, dec'd, in 1857. On 24 Oct 1863, public sale was held at the Joseph A. LECHLIDER's Hotel in Liberty; high bidder was Mary McMASTER for the lots at $525. Distribution: court costs, $96.31 - Sophia SIMMONS, her claim, $415.55 - Israel MATHEWS, the balance, $13.14 Closed 12 Feb 1864.
Joshua DILL & Hugh McALEER vs James A. ESWORTHY & Martha ESWORTHY - Foreclosure Land - "Middle Plantation", 38 acres, to James A. ESWORTHY and Martha ESWORTHY from Joshua DILL, trustee and Nathan ESWORTHY (just turned 21) in 1855 by Deed of Trust between James ESWORTHY, Jonathan ESWORTHY, James A. ESWORTHY, Martha ESWORTHY, Joseph W. ESWORTHY, Priscilla ESWORTHY, Nathan ESWORTHY and Samuel SHIPLEY (previously conveyed by Joseph W. ESWORTHY to Catharine ESWORTHY in 1850); adjoined land of Abraham STONER. Property was located about 4 miles east of Frederick, near Linganore Mills and adjoined the farms of John HOUCK; had log house and good spring near the house and fruit trees. Testimony from Alpheus W. MARRIOT revealed the Michael BALTZELL, Justice of the Peace, died about 1860. Thomas BARRY testified to identifying the signature of Martha ESWORTHY. Trustee for the sale was Charles W. ROSS; on 5 Dec 1863, public sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick, high bidder was William L. LARE at $342. Proceeds went to complainants. Closed 20 Feb 1864.
Elias DELAUDER vs Catharine DELAUDER & Others Peter DELAUDER d/ 20 Oct 1861 intestate widow - Catharine s/ James C. DELAUDER, a minor s/ Charles L. DELAUDER, a minor d/ Martha E. DELAUDER, a minor d/ Sarah J. DELAUDER, a minor d/ Kate E. DELAUDER, a minor d/ Josephine E. DELAUDER, a minor, now dec'd Administrator was Elias DELAUDER with Jacob YOUNG of D. and Christian HARSHMAN as sureties. Land - part of tract "Pleasant Hill", in Beallsville (pronounced Bells ville) a field with barnyard and lot north of barn and south part of field on west side of road with water rights to the spring by KAILER; on east side of road leading from Beallsville to Myersville. Agreement of Sep 1860 was made for sale of land from David KAILOR and w/ Mary Ann; however, no conveyance was made. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from David KAILOR who gave the date of death of Peter DELAUDER and stated that one of the six or seven children of the deceased had died since the filing of the petition. George HARSHMAN also testified and stated that Josephine was the child now deceased; Samson KINNA, Michael H. HALLER and John DERR testified only to aspects of the property. Trustee for the sale was Elias DELAUDER; on 3 Oct 1863, sale was held in Beallsville, but not receiving a sufficient bid, later sold it at private sale to Henry UNFERGAGH at $1,550. Distribution: court costs, $245.53 - Catharine DELAUDER, in lieu of dower, $206.66 - Elias DELAUDER, expenses paid, $655.22 - Daniel PALMER, his claim, $142.04 - Elias DELAUDER, his claim, $170.76 - Elias DELAUDER, his claim, $128.79 Closed 26 Feb 1864.
Valerius EBERT & Others vs Catharine THOMAS & Others John Casper FRITCHIE d/ 13 Nov 1849 (Will written 9 Nov 1849) widow - Barbara d/ 18 Dec 1862 sis/ Maria B. RITCHIE's heirs - (1/4) ..........William CAREY (died since John C. Fritchie) -----------w/ Ophelia - all live in Greenbrier Co, Virginia ---------------James H. C. CAREY ---------------Henrietta H. CAREY ---------------Louisa A. C. CAREY, a minor ---------------Sallie M. CAREY, a minor ---------------Willie Ann CAREY, a minor ..........Robert CAREY, dec'd - Ohio ..........Cyrus CAREY, dec'd- Ohio ..........John M. B. CAREY - Ohio ..........Eleanor w/o Henry C. BRISH - Ohio ..........Eliza wid/o Platt BURCH - Ohio ..........Fannie w/o George KUMP - Ohio ..........George G. RITCHIE - Ohio sis/ Rebecca EBERT's heirs (w/o John EBERT) (1/4) ..........Benjamin EBERT ..........Valerius EBERT ..........John M. EBERT ..........Augustus F. EBERT d/ 5 Nov 1836 ..........William EBERT - Georgetown, DC ..........Anna w/o Jacob RAMSBURG - Georgetown, DC half sis/ Catharine THOMAS (1/2 of 1/4) ..........William R. THOMAS half sis/ Susanna BUCKEY (1/2 of 1/4) d/ 1 Jul 1861 in Harpers Ferry, Jefferson Co, VA/WV ..........Ann w/o Jacob CROUL, now in Massachusetts ..........John BUCKEY -Harpers Ferry, VA/WV ..........Mary w/o William WENSEL - Harpers Ferry, VA/WV ..........Catharine w/o Ambrose INGMAN - Hagerstown, Washington Co, MD ..........Matilda w/o Dennis SNOOK - Jefferson, Frederick Co, MD half sis/ Louisa LEAVY, dec'd ..........William LEAVY half bro/ Frederick HAWSER, dec'd ..........Ann Sophia WICHOFF ..........Marian HAWSER ..........Almilda HAWSER wife's bro/ Henry HAWSER ..........Margaret WATKINS ..........George HAWSER wife's niece - Catharine HANSHEW - Frederick city - (1/4) --------------------Fritchie HANSHEW --------------------George HANSHEW - Ellen STANLY (raised in their home) - Henrietta/Harriet YONOR (previously lived in Baltimore, but lived with them the past several years) SLAVE - negro Henry JONES (to be freed per Will, 30 days after the death of Barbara FRITCHIE, the widow) - also house where Henry lived on South St in "Bentz' Addition to Frederick" and $150. (Henry d/ Feb 1857, before Barbara FRITCHIE, and never received the money or the house. Per testimony of Catharine THOMAS, he left no widow or children or blood relatives; and was brought to the Fritchie's house when about 10 or 11. Daniel SPRINGER testified Henry came to the Fritchies in Feb 1814.) (not everybody listed here was in the Will) Exec/ Dr. Albert RITCHIE (upon his death 16 Jan 1858, John RITCHIE and Albert RITCHIE became execs of his estate; however, they transferred the Trust for John C. RITCHIE to Benjamin, Valerius and John M. EBERT. Witnesses: J. SCHRINER, Daniel SPRINGER and Jacob ENGELBRECHT. Land - Half of Lot #344 and House on Patrick St in Frederick city, from Thomas and Mary SPRINGER in 1833; ran back to Carroll Creek. - East half of Lot #344, from Louis MEDTART, trustee of Daniel HAUER, dec'd, in 1832; lot runs back to Carroll Creek. - West half of Lot #343, from Nicholas TURBITT and w/Nancy in 1838; lot runs back to Carroll Creek; had gunsmith shop. - Lot & House on South St in Frederick city, part of "Long Acre" which was part of "Taskers Chance", from Joshua DILL and w/Mary in 1834; near Pampell's Foundry and then occupied by Henry FUNK; (this was supposed to go to Henry JONES per the Will). Testimony was heard from Catharine THOMAS, Harriet YONER and Daniel SPRINGER. Appointed trustee was Valerius EBERT with Hugh McALEER as surety. On 3 Oct 1863, sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick, high bidders were: - Hugh McALEER for the Springer lot at $700 - William ADAM for the Medtart lot at $700 - Benjamin EBERT for the Turbutt lot at $655 - the Dill lot wasn't able to be sold then, but later was sold at private sale to George METZGER at $250 Distribution of $2,379.77; court costs, $296.86 - Maria B. RITCHIE's heirs, each rec'd $77 & $19.56 .....Wm CAREY's heirs, to Valerius EBERT, adm .....John M. CAREY .....Eliza BUSH(?) .....Elenor BRISH .....George G. RITCHIE .....Fanny KUMPP - Rebecca EBERT's heirs, each rec'd $92.40 & $23.48 .....Benjamin EBERT .....Valerius EBERT .....John M. EBERT .....William EBERT .....Ann RAMSBURG - Catharine HANSHEW, $462.02 - Catharine THOMAS, $231.01 - Susanna BUCKEY's heirs, $231.01 to Valerius EBERT as adm - Ophelia CARY, in lieu of dower, 1/8 of 1/6 of 1/2, $2.44 - Wm. Cary's children, each rec'd $3.42 Closed 2 Mar 1864.
300-301 - BLESSING, GRIMES, PETERS - May 1864
William C. GRIMES & Lydia A. BLESSING (exec/of George BLESSING, dec'd) Supplemental of BGF-3, 467 - Petition for Title On 17 Apr 1858, George BLESSING, trustee, sold 110 acres to William C. GRIMES at $700 and proceeds were distributed. Grimes has paid the amount, deducting his proportion of proceeds by a loan from George BLESSING which he secured by mortgage to BLESSING, but mortgage has been lost or he died without conveyance and deed cannot be secured without it. Lewis PETERS was appointed trustee for conveyance. Closed 26 May 1864.
John COYER & Others vs Lemuel PRINCE & Mary E. PRINCE Supplemental of WBT-1, 483 Petition of John George LINN for Title On 19 Dec 1845, sale was approved and Gideon BANTZ was trustee. Public sale was held 14 Feb 1846 with sales to: - Warner KAUFMAN (w/ Harriet Ann) for Lot #4; however, deed was listed as Lot #1 in error. (Lot #1 was sold to HANSHEW & MARKEY.) KAUFMAN sold Lot #4 to Henry LORENTZ (w/ Catharine) who then sold it to John HANSHEW & David J. MARKEY; they then sold it to George DERTZBAUGH (w/ Catharine) who died (with a Will) before receiving the deed. On 21 Nov 1856, John G. LINN purchased the disputed lot from Catharine DERTZBAUGH and paid all monies and request court assistance in conveyance of correct deed; Gideon BANTZ then being deceased. Catharine DERTZBAUGH (wid/of George DERTZBAUGH) d/ intestate d/ Catharine w/o Daniel DERR d/ Margaret w/o Henry L. ZEIGLER d/ Mary Ann wid/o Joshua YOUNG s/ John W. DERTZBAUGH s/ George W. DERTZBAUGH d/ Christina R. w/o John W. DUVALL Land - Lot #4 on north side of West Third St in Fredericktown Grayson EICHELBERGER was appointed trustee for the conveyance. Closed 21 Oct 1863.
Samuel T. BRENGLE vs Joseph G. MILLER & Daniel GETZENDANNER Jr. Private Trust A mortgage by Samuel T. BRENGLE and w/ Madora to Joseph G. MILLER and Daniel GETZENDANNER Jr.; public sale on 25 Apr 1863 at the City Hotel in Frederick went to Madora BRENGLE at $1,100 in cash. Land - parts of Lots #227 & 228 on east side of North Market St in "Addition to Fredericktown"; from Lewis LOGUE and w/ Mary in May 1857. Property has 2-story brick house in front and 1-story in the rear. Distribution of $1,100; court costs, $97.55 - Daniel GETZENDANNER Jr, 88% of claim, $501.22 - Joseph G. MILLER, 88% of claim, $501.22 Closed 18 Dec 1863.
Allen G. QUYNN & J. Alfred RITTER vs John KOONTZ & Margaret KOONTZ Foreclosure & Sale On 11 Jan 1864, public sale was made from the United States Hotel in Frederick; but since no sufficient bid was received, private sale was later made to Lemuel MARKS at $1,250. Petition of John H. KOONTZ and Charles F. KOONTZ, minor children of Henry KOONTZ, dec'd, by Elias L. DELASHMUTT, their guardian, and Margaret C. KOONTZ, wid/of Henry KOONTZ, dec'd, then age 26. In 1854 part of the mortgaged premises was conveyed to Henry KOONTZ, the father and husband of the new petitioners. Distribution of $1,250; court costs, $126.56 - QUYNN & RITTER, their claim, $675.17 - Margaret C. KOONTZ, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7 or $64.04 - John H. KOONTZ, son, $112.11 (to his guardian) - Charles F. KOONTZ, son, $112.11 (to his guardian) Closed 19 Mar 1864.
David LEWIS & Others vs Ezra BROWN & Others Hiram BROWN d/ Apr 1861 intestate without children sis/ Hannah w/o David LEWIS sis/ Delilah BROWN - Ogle Co, Illinois sis/ Elizabeth wid/o John BENCHOFF - Ogle Co, Illinois bro/ Ezra BROWN sis/ Sophia, dec'd w/o George RICE ..........Hannah RICE, a minor ..........Mary RICE, a minor ..........Delilah RICE, a minor bro/ Jefferson BROWN, a minor sis/ Catharine M. BROWN, a minor bro/ George BROWN, a minor Land - "Three Tracts Altogether", 40 acres; to Hiram BROWN and Ezra BROWN from William D. BROWN and w/ Mary in 1857; adjoined lands of Henry BUHRMAN and Abraham TOMS. - "Williams Defence", Lot #20, 16 acres; to Hiram BROWN and Ezra BROWN from trustees, William TOMS, Abraham TOMS, Samuel TOMS and William D. BROWN, by Equity Court case against John T. ROBERTSON and w/ Hannah in 1855; adjoined Lot #19 belonging to Solomon TOMS and Lot #21 to John FESSLER. On 31 May 1858, agreement was made for Ezra to purchase Hiram's half interest in the first mentioned property. On 30 Oct 1862, Testimony was heard from Henry BROWN and William D. BROWN, the latter being appointed as guardian to the minors and also as trustee for the sale with surety as Yost HARBAUGH. On 10 Jan 1863, sale was made to Ezra BROWN for the 1/2 share of the first mentioned tract at $378. The second tract was sold to Benjamin OSWALD at $107.60. Total sales, $485.60. Distribution of balance of $269.63 - each siblings 1/8 share, $33.70 (Sophia's husband received $10.54 and each of her children received $7.73.) Closed 1 Jul 1864.
William E. STANSBURY vs Jacob CRONISE & wife Deed of Mortgage to William STANSBURY of Baltimore County by Jacob CRONISE and w/ Catharine to insure payment due him issued by the 1839 Will of William ABBOTT of Baltimore City. Payment to Stansbury was never made in the allotted time. The money was lent to William H. V. CRONISE at the request of Elizabeth ABBOTT, wid/of William ABBOTT, and of Mary O. G. CRONISE, w/o William H. V. CRONISE Land - "New Market Plains", Lot #1, 2 acres, (part of real estate of Elizabeth PITTS, dec'd, exec/ Nicholas H. PITTS); situated on north side of Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road; also part situated on south side of Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road and on north side of Bush Creek. Trustees were Thomas S. ALEXANDER and William P. PRESTON of Baltimore city. The entire interest was transferred to John CLARK of Baltimore city, he having purchase their entire interest in said property - signed by Wm. E. STANSBURY, trustee; Wm. H. V. CRONISE; M. O. G. CRONISE, E. B. ABBOTT on 16 Apr 1860.
John CLARK vs Titus CRONISE & Others The previous petition was transferred from high court to Equity Court and is still pending. William E. STANSBURY, William H. V. CRONISE and w/ Mary O. G. conveyed all their interest to John CLARK in 1860. In Sep of that year, Jacob CRONISE and w/ Catharine conveyed a deed to Jacob Stoll CRONISE. John Jacob FRISBEY of Baltimore City filed a suit against Jacob and Catharine CRONISE for payment of another mortgage; trustee for that was John S. McCOLLAH, but in 1851, J. J. SPEED was substituted as trustee. Speed sold the mortgaged premises to John M. HARMAN, but afterwards, David REINHART was substituted as purchaser and deed was conveyed on 2 July 1852. REINHART and w/ Jane Rebecca conveyed said lands to Titus V. CRONISE on 2 Jul 1853 which Titus mortgaged to John H. UMSTEAD. Henry C. DALLETT Jr. was said to be a witness in Titus stating his debts. Jacob CRONISE and w/ Catharine are now both deceased. J. Stoll CRONICE, Titus CRONICE, John H. UMSTEAD and Henry C. DALLETT Jr. are all non-residents of Maryland. William E. STANSBURY of Baltimore County, trustee under the Will of William ABBOTT dated 30 Aug 1839, and William H. V. CRONICE of California and w/ Mary O. G. conveyed deed to John CLARK of Baltimore City. Land - "New Market Plains", Lot #1 & 2, 3 acres, known as 'Monrovia Depot', near the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road which has a 2-story weatherboard house, stable, ice house, store and warehouse with adjacent grounds and outbuildings; (previously from Nicholas H. PITTS as executor of Elizabeth PITTS in 1832). It is located 10 miles from Frederick and 1 mile from New Market. Testimony was heard from William LOWE and James M. HARDING. Trustee was John S. McCULLOH with surety as John J. FRISBEY; however, Joseph J. SPEED was substituted as trustee in Oct 1848 with surety as S. H. TAGART. Sale was held Jun 1852, high bidder was John M. HARMAN for the Monrovia Depot at $685; however, mortgages of over $7,000 was still owed. Petition was filed to substitute David REINHART as purchaser in place of John M. HARMAN; petition was granted. In Feb 1863, subpeonas were issued to Elizabeth B. ABBOTT and Mary O. G. CRONICE of Baltimore City. New trustees were appointed, Charles W. RIDGELY and William J. ROSS. On 24 Oct 1863, sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick, high bidder was: - Louis F. DIETRICK and Jacob S. CRONICE for "New Market Plains" at $7,000. Distribution: court costs, $427.84 - John CLARK, his first lien, $4,300.92 - John H. UMSTEAD, second lien, $2,271.24 Closed 19 Dec 1863.
Peter G. SCHLOSSER vs Elizabeth McCORMICK & Others George McCORMICK d/ April 1862, intestate widow - Elizabeth d/ Mary Ann McCORMICK d/ Sophia McCORMICK w/o (Andrew) Reuben MOLER d/ Catharine Ann McCORMICK w/o Philip H. CLEM s/ George William McCORMICK & w/ Margaret (TANEY)(?) - Union Bridge, Carroll Co, MD d/ Lavinia McCORMICK d/ Jane Rebecca McCORMICK w/o Isaiah BARRICK d/ Harriet A. McCORMICK, a minor d/ Anna E. McCORMICK, a minor Administrator was Richard HARPER with sureties as G. S. GROSHON and Charles F. KELLER. Land - "Laurel Hill", 1/2 of Lot #4, 15 acres, a mountain lot; and "Laurel Hill", 1/2 of Lot #4, 19 acres, a mountain lot and "Turkey Manor", Lot #1, 17 acres, from Michael ROBERTS and w/ Mary C. in 1862 (previously from Daniel RAMSBURG, trustee of John RAMSBURG, dec'd, to William OTT in 1848; and from OTT to the ROBERTS in 1859). Peter G. SCHLOSSER was listed as executor of George SCHLOSSER with records of many payments due to George SCHLOSSER. Richard HARPER was a co-signer with George McCORMICK on one of those notes. Guardian was Dennis SCHOLL; testimony was heard from Richard HARPER who was appointed as trustee for the sale with sureties as Michael ROBERTS and Charles F. KELLER. On 18 Apr 1863, public sale was held in Lewistown, high bidders were: - John L. LITTLE for Lot #1 at $134.46 - William BELL for Lot #4 at $282.90 - William W. HAFFNER for 15 acres at $71.44 Total sales, $488.80. Distribution: court costs, $144 - Peter G. SCHLOSSER, claims in part, $98.46, $210.90, $35.44. Closed 3 Oct 1863
Elizabeth FREY vs John A. LYNCH Petition for Dower Jonathan FREY d/ 1 Jul 1863 widow - Elizabeth (There was no data provided on whether or not there were any children since the petition was only for dower.) Land - "Resurvey on Bealls Addition", 117 acres, from Daniel MAUGANS and w/ Mary; lies on public road. - also "Weavers Last Renewal", 1 acre, (lies next to Abraham MAUGINS part of "Bealls Addition". (Beall pronounced as Bell) Jonathan FREY filed for insolvency in June 1863 with appointed trustee as John A. LYNCH. Testimony was heard from Jacob YOUNG of D. who testified the Freys were married for 40-50 years. Commission to lay out dower land was William METZGAR, Jacob LUDY, Samuel MAUGINS, Lawrence EASTERDAY and Samuel BRANDENBURG which equalled 28 acres; Henry MARKIN was chain carrier. (plat shown) Land was divided into three lots: - Lot #1, 56+ acres, w/sawmill, 2-story springhouse that is used as a dwelling (this lot adjoins the public road) - Lot #2 (subject to widow's life estate), 28+ acres w/ house - Lot #3, 33+ acres, w/ Switzer barn, apple orchard and spring Located about a mile and a half from the village of Wolfsville and near the county road leading to Smithsburg. On 12 Dec 1863, John H. LYNCH, trustee for the sale of insolvent petitioner, Jonathan FREY, held a sale at the City Hotel in Frederick, high bidders were: - Ephraim FREY for Lot #1 at $841.21 - Ephraim FREY for Lot #3 at $503.50 - Henry FREY for Lot #2 at $283 Distribution of $644.47; court costs, $217.65 - Enoch FREY (30%) for 1st mortgage, $179.22 - Samuel WISEMAN for 2nd lien, $247.60 Closed 22 Apr 1864.
Rufus W. DEVILBISS et al by Adam W. DEVILBISS, their next friend vs Rufus W. DEVILBISS et al Maranda O. DEVILBISS d/ abt Oct 1863 intestate wid/of George W. DEVILBISS s/ Rufus W. DEVILBISS, a minor s/ Henry Clay DEVILBISS, a minor s/ George A. DEVILBISS, a minor d/ Ann M. DEVILBISS, a minor Land - parts of "Addition to Whiskey Ridge" and "Resurvey on Dearbought" and "Venus", 1+ acre, 1/2 from Charles T. DUVALL and w/ Susanna and the other half, "Addition to Whiskey Ridge" and "Resurvey on Dearbought" and "Friendship" from Maranda's aunt, Barbara DEVILBISS by her Will. Property has a small log house. Adam W. DEVILBISS was the children's uncle. Guardian appointed was Joseph WOOD. Testimony was heard from Henry NELSON who claims he was an uncle of Miranda and her neighbor during her lifetime. Also testifying was Elisha NELSON. Trustee was Adam W. DEVLBISS with sale held on 5 Feb 1864; high bidder was Adam NUSBAUM at $526. Distribution: court costs, $119.57 - each child's 1/4 share, $101.60 Closed 21 Apr 1864.
403-412 - LUNG, SWITZER - Apr 1863
Israel SWITZER vs Thomas LUNG - Foreclosure Land - "Hammonds Strife", "The Resurvey on Williams Neglect" and "The Resurvey on Hard Quarters" (to Israel SWITZER from Henry REPP), 25 acres; mortgaged by Thomas LUNG to Israel SWITZER. Property located near Herring's Mills, adjoining lands of Samuel REPP, Mr FOGLE; consists of 1 1/2 story frame dwelling with stable and good well near the door and orchard. Testimony was heard from John D. SWITZER of Carroll County who was appointed as trustee for the sale with sureties as George W. DEVILBISS and Henry HAWK. Sale was held 2 Jan 1864 in Johnsville on said property, with high bidder as William H. FOGLE at $652. Distribution of $217.33; court costs, $72.90 - Israel SWITZER, partial mortgage, $144.43 2nd Distribution of $445.70; court costs, $54.08 - Israel SWITZER, balance due, $391.62 Closed 1 Aug 1864.
Ephraim W. STONER, adm/of D. B. N. of Magdalena STONER and exec/of Rebecca STONER vs William SNYDER & Others On 9 Apr 1856, Deed of Mortgage was made by William SNYDER and w/ Rebecca to Magdalena STONER and Rebecca STONER, the latter two now deceased. Magdalena STONER died in Jan 1861 leaving a Will and appointing Samuel GARBER of I. as her executor. Garber since died and Ephraim W. STONER was appointed executor in his place. Rebecca STONER died on 22 Dec 1860 leaving a Will and appointing Ephraim W. STONER as executor and sureties as David STONER and John KINZER. Land - "Millwright's Design", "Friendship" and "Come By Chance", 14 acres; lies along road from Paul Haugh's church to Franklin's Tavern and by John GARBER's part of "Friendship"; (previously to David STONER Sr from John ENGEL in 1830). The latter tract adjoined land of heirs of David ROOP. The third parcel on "Addition to Millwright Design" descended into west side of the Beaver Dam branch and adjoined land of Samuel CHASE. Property is situated a quarter mile from Repp's Mill and about two miles northeast of Johnsville with a 2-story stone house, barn, and other buildings; also had a log house on east side of property, then in the occupancy of William EBBERTS. William SNYDER/SNIDER sold the land to Lewis BAKER, but didn't convey it because money was still due. William & Rebecca SNYDER have since moved to Shafersville, near Poplar Spring in Howard County. Lewis BAKER d/ abt 1862 in Virginia, intestate s/ John Wesley BAKER, a minor - Middleburg, Carroll County d/ Sarah C. BAKER, a minor - Middleburg, Carroll County s/ Benjamin F. BAKER, a minor Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON. Testimony was heard from Benjamin ECKER and John S. REPP. Ephraim W. STONER was appointed trustee for the sale. After two failed public sales, private sale was made to Evan OGLE at $500. Distribution: court costs, $151.22 - Ephraim W. STONER, for Magdalena STONER, $348.78 Closed 9 May 1864.
428-442 - GROSSNICKLE, BOWLUS, CLINE - Aug 1863
Peter GROSSNICKLE & Mahlon GROSSNICKLE, exec/of John GROSSNICKLE vs Louisa C. GROSSNICKLE & Tilghman GROSSNICKLE John GROSSNICKLE Sr died 5 Jan 1863 with a Will designating Peter and Mahlon GROSSNICKLE as his executors; sureties were Daniel HARSHMAN, Jonathan GROSSNICKLE and John H. BITTLE. Land - "The Two Sons", 36+ acres, sold to John GROSSNICKLE Jr by his father John GROSSNICKLE Sr & w/ Mary in 1855. Monies were to be paid by Jr within six months of the death of his father; however, he died before his father. Land lies on NW side of road leading from Smithsburg to Wolfsville and near the road from Wolfsville to Frederick, on west side of Catoctin Creek and by John CLINE's Lot; exception is school house lot. School house lot is shown on Lot #2; church lot is opposite Lot #1 on Wolfsville Road; all three lots are between Wolfsville Road and "Frederick Road". Sale ad reads in part - 'Timber lots about 3 miles NE of Myersville near the Tunker Church'. s/ John GROSSNICKLE Jr d/ 21 Nov 1858 ....w/ Mary - Jackson District, Frederick County ....d/ Louisa Catharine GROSSNICKLE, a minor ....s/ Tilghman F. GROSSNICKLE, a minor Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON. Testimony was heard from William METZGER, George LEATHERMAN and Mary GROSSNICKLE, the widow of Jr. Also testifying was William H. H. HAGAR who testified regarding verification of signatures. Trustee was Mary GROSSNICKLE. Sale was held on 20 Feb 1864 in front of Upton BUHRMAN's store in Myersville; high bidders were: - William H. BOWLUS for Lot #1, 10+ acres, at $741.84 - Lawson CLINE for Lot #2, 14+ acres, at $1,054.62 - Philip CLINE for Lot #3, 9+ acres, at $584.25 Total sales, $2,380.71. Distribution: court costs $212.84 - Mary GROSSNICKLE, the widow, 1/7 or $309.70 - Peter & Mahlon GROSSNICKLE, in part payment, $1,859.17 Closed 9 May 1864.
Fredericktown Savings vs Ann Maria BROCKE et al Supplemental of ES-4, 296 Ignatius BROCKE died with a Will, leaving widow - Ann Maria s/ Francis J. BROCKE d/ Catharine w/o Joseph WESTENDORFF s/ John Peter BROCKE s/ William BROCKE s/ Theodore BROCKE s/ Peter BROCKE s/ Charles BROCKE Will left $150 each to sons Theodore and Peter with balance to be divided amongst the children from a sale. Jacob LEILICH was trustee for the sale after the widow's death, sold and settled the estate; however, he is now holding balance of money from trust for the widow. Distribution: $271.67; court costs, $24.92 - Theodore BROCKE, in part of legacy, $123.37 - Peter BROCKE, in part of legacy, $123.37 Closed 10 May 1864.
444-449 - SHAWEN, MEHRLING, THOMAS, CRUM - Jan 1864
Ezra M. THOMAS and Dr. George W. CRUM, trustees of Samuel T. SHAWEN and wife Trustees listed above sold the mortgaged real estate of Samuel T. SHAWEN (now dec'd) and w/ Mary on 2 Jan 1864 at Centreville to John Nicholas MEHRLING for $700. Land - Lot in Centreville with 2-story log house, back building, smokehouse, stable, well, fruit orchard; adjoining lots of David HALE, Joseph SHAWEN and heirs of William Cost JOHNSON. The widow claimed she was in weakened condition, can't read and was forced to sign the mortgage against her will; she asks to have dower; however, she later withdrew that objection. Distribution of $700; court costs, $106.30 - Frederick Savings, mortgage claim, $253.50 - Mary SHAWEN, widow, 1/8 in lieu of dower, $48.28 Balance went to multiple creditors. Closed 14 May 1864.
Ignatius BROWN vs Phebe A. BROWN & Others John BROWN of Wm. d/ abt 1857 intestate d/ Phebe A. BROWN s/ Talmon J. BROWN, a minor d/ Mary E. BROWN, a minor s/ Charles W. J. BROWN, a minor s/ Uriah W. BROWN, a minor d/ Hannah S. BROWN, a minor Land - "Good Luck Altogether", 2 lots, 12 1/2 acres, from William TOMS and w/ Mary in 1854; next to tract "Separation". - "Fox Range", 66 acres, to William BROWN Sr from James GILLINGHAM and George ELLIOTT in 1862 (Brown sold this to his son John BROWN, but died before land was conveyed from Gillingham and Elliott; however Grayson EICHELBERGER, their administrator, has received approval to convey said land to John BROWN). Administrator was Ignatious BROWN with sureties as John KRISE and William BUHRMAN. Guardian was Jacob TOMS Jr. Testimony was heard from William TOMS. Trustee for the sale was Ignatius BROWN; sale on 18 Feb 1864, high bidders were: - Elizabeth BROWN for the home place of 21+ acres at $921 The remainder was divided into five lots: - Samuel PRIOR for Lot #1, 12 acres, at $260.37 - Daniel BROWN for Lot #2, 14 acres, at $104.67 - John M. SLEASMAN for Lot #3, 13 acres, at $407.55 - Samuel PRIOR for Lot #4, 10 acres, at $231.44 - John BLICKENSTAFF for Lot #5, 15 acres, at $196.50 Total sales, $2,121.53. Distribution: court costs, $208.52 - Ignatius BROWN, claims for payments made, $501.40 - each child's 1/6 share, $235.26 Closed 21 Apr 1864.
William LOWMAN & Others vs John CROCKETT & Others John H. BECRAFT d/ abt 1 Aug 1863 intestate, unmarried sis/ Mahala w/o William LOWMAN sis/ Mary w/o John CROCKETT - Montgomery County sis/ Minerva w/o Henry STEVENSON - Missouri sis/ Delilah w/o Thomas BLOWHORN - Howard County sis/ Julia BECRAFT, dec'd ......Ethalinda w/o Thomas HARRIS - Howard County Land - "Cherry Grove", House & Lot from Henry BUSSARD of Carroll County in 1861 (to Bussard from Richard VANSANT and w/ Rebecca in 1860). House was 2-story frame with kitchen attached and fine well near the door with fruit trees on 1/2 acre. William P. ANDERSON was trustee for the sale; on 26 Mar 1864, sale was held in Mount Airy in Carroll County; high bidder was: - William T. DUVALL at $550 Distribution: court costs, $121.26 - each 1/5 share to sisters, $85.74 Closed 24 May 1864.
Charles MILLER, George & Sophia SOMERS and Others vs Eva C. MILLER & Others John MILLER d/ Nov 1861 intestate widow - Eve Catharine s/ Charles MILLER d/ Sophia w/o George SOMERS s/ Frederick MILLER - Pennsylvania s/ John MILLER and w/ Mary - Washington County s/ Christian MILLER and w/ Susan s/ Henry MILLER and w/ Mary Jane s/ Jacob MILLER and w/ Susan - Pennsylvania s/ Isaac MILLER and w/ Mary Jane d/ Lydia Ann MILLER s/ Ezra MILLER and w/ Julianna s/ Samuel MILLER - Pennsylvania d/ Caroline MILLER s/ Simon P. MILLER and w/ Sarah Jane Land - "Marys Delight", 168 acres, in Harbaugh Valley, from Armor BIGHAM and w/Eliza for 208 acres in 1842, but 40 acres were conveyed to Frederick MILLER; (was resurveyed for Jacob HARBAUGH of Jacob in 1819 for 966 acres); located on west side of road leading from the saw mill on said premises, then occupied by Armor BIGHAM to house of Jacob HARBAUGH and next to tracts "Carolina", "World's Wonder" and "Hazard". Exception was for house and one acre reserved for Joseph HARBAUGH and w/ Susan. The sale ad stated the farm was one and a half miles east of Sabillasville, joining lands of Hiram HARBAUGH, Ephraim HARBAUGH, Sanford HARBAUGH and others with a good 2-story log house, a large elegant Switzer barn, wagon shed, other out buildings, orchard, never-failing spring convenient to the house and small stream running through the meadow. The small farm had a log house and stabling with a good spring of water near the house, 10 acres cleared and balance set in white oak and other timber. Charles MILLER was then living on the property. - 25 acres, from Hiram HARBAUGH and w/Ann M. in 1863. On 28 Sep 1863, Lewis CRAWFORD made oath regarding the widow, Eve Catharine MILLER, and stated she was 72 years old and her health was tolerable. Trustee for the sale was Lewis CRAWFORD; on 12 Mar 1864, sale was held in Sabillasville; high bidders were: - Charles MILLER for farm of 129 acres at $3,346.57 - Frederick MILLER for small farm of 44 acres at $1,312.75 John Miller was administrator and petitioned for his overpayment of expenses. Distribution of $4,659.33; court costs, $302.10 - Catharine MILLER, widow, 1/10 or $435.72 - John MILLER, adm, for expenses, $133.97 - each 1/13 child's share, $291.34 Closed 18 May 1964.
Asa SWOMLEY vs William W. OGBORN & Others Caleb OGBORN d/ Mar 1863 intestate widow - Elizabeth s/ William W. OGBORN (adm/of father's estate) s/ Ephraim OGBORN d/ Ann OGBORN d/ Elizabeth OGBORN wid/o John FARQUHAR d/ Maria OGBORN, dec'd w/o Joseph FARQUHAR .....Susanna FARQUHAR, a minor .....Charles FARQUHAR, a minor .....Ann E. FARQUHAR, a minor Land - House and Lot #28 in Plummer's part of New Market to Asa SWOMLEY and Caleb OGBORN from Jesse W. RINE and w/ Lucy A. in 1857. Located opposite Samuel POULTNEY's lots. Previously to the Rines from Cornelius CLAY and w/ Ann in 1851. The sale ad stated the house was large and had a wagonmaker's shop, stable and other buildings; listed next-door neighbors as Jesse HAYNES and Elizabeth HAMMOND. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from Isaac RUSSELL who stated Elias MOUNT then lived on said property. Joseph FARQUHAR and Elias MOUNT also testified. Trustee was William W. OGBORN. Sale was held on 31 Mar 1964, high bidder was Thomas U. LEASE at $1,125. Distribution: court costs, $161.30 - Asa SWOMLEY, 1/2, $481.82 - each 1/5 child's share, $96.36 Closed 2 Jun 1864
Otho W. TRUNDLE vs Joseph N. CHISWELL Otho W. TRUNDLE was indebted to John WHITE of B. of Montgomery County, Benjamin F. WHITE of Montgomery County, Otho THOMAS, Henry GROSS, William H. SMITH and Dr. William BREWER of Montgomery County. For the benefit of these creditors, he made a deed of trust to Joseph N. CHISWELL. Otho has now paid all of the dates and the deed of trust should now be void with Otho regaining title to the property. However, Henry GROSS died intestate with administrator Charles GROSS. William H. SMITH died Aug 1863 with a Will and made Mary E. Smith his executrix. Land - Farm, Lots # 1 & 2, 202 acres, near Point of Rocks; from David TRUNDLE of Otho in 1857 (part of division of real estate of John BRUNER Jr, dec'd). - also Lot #3, 120 acres, Dr. William BREWER also died 10 Oct 1861 with a Will, executor was John BREWER, both then living in Montgomery County. Court appoved that deed was to be conveyed by Joseph N. CHISWELL to Otho W. TRUNDLE for said land. Closed 30 Sep 1864.
William STONER vs Mary E. ANGEL & Wm. D. ANGEL David ANGEL d/ Dec 1862 intestate widow - Mary E. s/ William D. ANGEL, a minor Administrator was William STONER with sureties as Abraham FISCHER Jr and John REIFSNIDER. Land - "Addition", 2 acres, on road from Linganore Creek, near Thornton POOLE's residence, to Old Annapolis Road; conveyed from William STONER. Guardian was Thomas GORSUCH. Testimony was heard from Levi BLACK who claimed he had known the parties for six years. Trustee was Adam W. DEVILBISS; sale was held 5 Feb 1864, high bidder was Anthony Z. KIMMEL at $654. Distribution: court costs, $146.58 - William STONER, $300.20 - Mary E. ANGEL, widow's 1/7, $29.60 - balance to numerous creditors. Closed 16 Jun 1864.
Abraham Jones DOWNEY & Basil D. DOWNEY vs James A. DOWNEY & Others Basil D. DOWNEY d/ Jul 1861 intestate - Tuscarawas Co, Ohio widow - Elizabeth S. - Tuscarawas Co, Ohio s/ Abraham Jones DOWNEY - Tuscarawas Co, Ohio s/ Basil D. DOWNEY (Jr) - Tuscarawas Co, Ohio s/ James A. DOWNEY, a minor - Tuscarawas Co, Ohio d/ Cordelia D. DOWNEY, a minor d/ Ida DOWNEY, a minor - Tuscarawas Co, Ohio Land - "Addition to Whiskey Ridge", "Hope for the Best" and "Walnut Ridge", 174 acres, from Joseph SLINGLUFF and w/Elizabeth of Tuscarawas Co, Ohio in 1855. Property was located two miles south of Libertytown, on road leading to New Market; adjoining lands of Dawson V. HAMMOND, heirs of Lydia DOWNEY, Daniel SWEADNER, Samuel COLLINS and Adam NUSBAUM. Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON; testimony was heard from Francis S. JONES and Edward JONES. Francis S. JONES also testified that the widow, Elizabeth S. DOWNEY was 47 years old and her general health was good. (Jan 20, 1864) Trustee was Francis S. JONES; sale was held 26 Mar 1864; high bidder was Abner C. DEVILBISS at $6,940.75. Distribution: court costs, $393.78 - Elizabeth DOWNEY, widow, $818.37 - each child's 1/5 share, $1,145.72 Closed 25 Jun 1864.
520-532 - WALKER, STOUFFER, TODD, DUVALL - Jan 1864
Petition of Jacob WALKER, guardian of Rebecca J. WALKER & Others Samuel D. WALKER d/ autumn 1863 intestate in Baltimore city w/ Rebecca B. WALKER d/ c1861 d/ Rebecca T. WALKER, a minor - Baltimore city d/ Mary A. WALKER, a minor - Taneytown, Carroll County s/ William H. C. WALKER, a minor d/ Ella B. WALKER, a minor - Baltimore city Land - House & 33 acres with brick grain and grist mill, known as the Grape Creek Mills situated on Israel Creek, 3 miles west of Walkersville, adjoining lands of Ephhraim CREAGER, Simon STAUFFER and Daniel BURRIER. There was a frame 2-story house with back building, log barn, a dairy; also a story and a half brick mill with a pair of burrs and a pair of choppers. There was also a miller's house built of log, a 3-acre apple orchard with 4 fenced fields. Jacob WALKER was guardian of the minor children. Court appointed Joseph W. S. CARTY as guardian for the real estate settlement. Testimony was heard from John STOUFFER and William H. TODD. Trustee for the sale was Jacob WALKER; sale was held 13 Apr 1864 at the Dill House in Frederick; high bidder was Zelophehad DUVALL at $3,560. Distribution: court costs, $233.99 - each child's 1/4 share, $831.50 Closed 2 Jul 1864.
Elias R. STOTTLEMYER & Joseph STOTTLEMYER of D. vs Absolam FORREST & Others Jeremiah FORREST d/ Dec 1857 intestate s/ Absolam FORREST s/ Jacob FORREST and w/ Margaret - Missouri s/ Jeremiah B. FORREST s/ Hanson R. FORREST (died before his father) .....William H. FORREST, a minor - Ohio .....Thomas J. FORREST, a minor - Ohio d/ Vashti Ann FORREST d/ Henrietta FORREST d/ Mary FORREST, dec'd w/o John FULTZ .....Catharine FULTZ w/o Daniel STOTTLEMYER (of N.) d/ Julianna FORREST (died before her father) .....Ann Rebecca FORREST w/o Denton KUHN Land - "Murdocks Inheritance", 142 acres, to Jeremiah FORREST, Solomon FORREST and Owen FORREST by Richard POTTS in 1818 (patented to William MURDOCK in 1796). (1) Owen conveyed his share to Jeremiah in 1827. (2) - "Murdocks Inheritance", 94 acres, from Solomon FORREST and w/ Elizabeth in 1835. (5) - "Foxes Chase", 25 acres, from Overton HARNE (w/Susannah) in 1831; and also from them was 43 acres of same tract in 1834. (3&4) - "Racoon Walk", 10 acres, from Daniel BARKMAN and w/ Catharine in 1839. (6) - "Three Mill Seats" and "Hearts Delight", 19 acres , from David LOHR and Mary BIDLE in 1863. Land adjoins "Foxes Chase". (7) - "Pumpkin Hall", 7 acres, from Wilson HAYS in 1854. Land adjoins "Foxes Chase". (8) Total was 248 acres. Catharine & Daniel STOTTLEMYER of N. conveyed their share to Elias R. STOTTLEMYER and Joseph STOTTLEMYER of D. in 1863. Petition was filed by Denton KUHN and w/ Ann Rebecca on 30 May 1863, stating that Ann Rebecca was the illegitmate daughter of Juliana FORREST, a deceased daughter of Jeremiah FORREST, and should be included. Trustee was Jeremiah C. FORREST; sale was held on 27 Feb 1864 at Hiram MULLEN's store in Wolfsville; high bidders were: - Absolam FORREST for the 'home farm', 95 acres, (3,4,7,8), at $1,726.85; located 3 miles north of Wolfsville and 5 miles south of Smithburg, adjoining land of James O. EASTERDAY, Samuel FORREST and Hiram WOLF. - Denton KUHN for the small farm, 10 acres (6), at $277.25 Land in Exhibit (5) above was divided into lots - Henry C. HAYS for Lot 1 (10 acres) at $90.18 - Daniel STOTTLEMYER for Lots 2&3 (21 acres) at $271.97 - George U. W. HURLEY for Lots 4&5 (26 acres) at $247.81 - Hiram H. MULLEN for Lot 6 (12 acres) at $114.63 - Henry C. HAYS for Lot 7&8 (22 acres) at $283.94 Total sales, $3,012.66. Distribution: court costs, $290.71 - each child's 1/7 share, $388.85 The court ruled that Juliana's daughter was not considered an heir and was excluded from any share. Daniel and Catharine STOTTLEMYER's share went to their assignees, Elias R. & Joseph STOTTLEMYER. Closed 13 Jun 1864.
David CARLIN & w/ Mary vs William CARLIN & Others Thomas CARLIN d/ 19 Apr 1860 intestate s/ David CARLIN and w/ Mary d/ Mary A. wid/o Caspar YOST s/ John CARLIN and w/ Maria - Montgomery County s/ James CARLIN and w/ Catharine s/ Joseph CARLIN and w/ Sarah s/ Thomas CARLIN Jr, dec'd .......Franklin J. CARLIN .......Sarah w/o Joseph H. KUHN - Adams Co, PA .......Annie CARLIN .......Cecelia w/o Jacob COLEMAN .......William CARLIN, a minor .......Philomelia CARLIN, a minor s/ William CARLIN, dec'd .......Thomas CARLIN Jr and w/ Isabella - DC .......Anna w/o Dennis T. MURPHY .......Margaret EDMONSTON, dec'd ----------Charles W. EDMONSTON, a minor - Georgetown, DC ----------Cora M. EDMONSTON, a minor - Georgetown, DC ----------Richard T. EDMONSTON, a minor - Georgetown, DC ----------Decius W. EDMONSTON, a minor - Georgetown, DC Land - Home and part of Lots 207-211 on west side of Market St in Frederick city; from James RICE (w/ Catharine) in 1813 (to Rice from George BARRICK in 1799). House was a 2-story weather board with 8 rooms, 1 1/2 story log back building, brick smoke house and a log turner's shop. Testimony was heard from John BENDER, Henry KEHLER, George RICE, Rachel Ann MILES (the latter two testifying to Margaret EDMONSTON's children. Trustee was James CARLIN. On 28 May, 1864, sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick, high bidder was John CARLIN of Montgomery Co, MD at $1,325. Distribution: court costs, $219.83 - each child's 1/7 share, $157.88 Closed 16 Sep 1864.
Hanson T. GREEN and w/ Ann C. vs Meleeanna V. CRIST Joseph CRIST d/ Feb 1862 (Will written 14 Jan 1862) d/ Mrs. Margaret CHILCOTE .....Mary Virginia CHILCOTE, a minor .....Elizabeth Cecelia CHILCOTE, a minor .....Richard Thomas CHILCOTE, a minor d/ Ann Cecelia CRIST w/o Hanson T. GREEN d/ Meleeanna Virginia CRIST, a minor (The two sisters, Ann and Meleeanna, were to receive the farm; however, if both died without issue, then the oldest sister's children were to have the farm, Mrs. CHILCOTE's children. Land - "Rip Shin" (or "Ripskin)), 109 acre farm in Creagerstown on the Monocacy River; from John HOLLENBERGER, trustee, of Washington County, to Michael ISNAGLE and w/ Eliza Ann in 1856; however, Joseph CRIST was substituted as buyer. Property adjoined lands of John DEVILBISS, John P. STOTEL and George SCHLOSSER. (Previously conveyed by George PECKINBAUGH and w/ Martha V., and George BECKENBAUGH, E. M. BARTHOLOW and Tideman HULL, executors of Valentine SHRYOCK, to Elizabeth HOLLENBERGER in 1850.) Land was located two miles NE of Utica Mills, with a log dwelling, Switzer barn, stone blacksmith shop, orchard and excellent spring convenient to the dwelling, with a small stream running through the entire farm. A portion of the tract was originally Monocacy Bottom land. Abraham J. MYERS was then residing on the property. Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON; testimony was heard on 27 Nov 1863, from Thomas GORSUCH, Thomas M. CHILCOTE (who testified to month and year of Joseph CRIST's death) Guardian for the CHILCOTE children was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Trustee for the sale was Thomas GORSUCH; sale was held on 3 Mar 1864 at the Dill House in Frederick; high bidder was - Jacob FOX at $1,907.50 Distribution: court costs, $217.81 - Ann C. GREEN, 1/2 or $844.84 - Meleeanna CRIST, 1/2 or $844.84 Closed 21 Jul 1864.
Eli SMITH and George L. SMITH - On Petition George SMITH Jr, dec'd (Will written 6 Sep 1817, filed 28 Oct 1817) widow - Barbara (recently died) s/ Eli SMITH d/ Margaret BEAM, dec'd .....Theodore T. BEAM .....Lewis H. BEAM .....Albert S. BEAM .....George P. BEAM .....Samuel Z. BEAM .....James K. BEAM .....Hester Ann BEAM d/ Lydia Ann HELLMAN d/ Catharine "Kitty" Ann KEEFER d/ Mary Magdaline MORITZ s/ George L. SMITH (evidently the child wife was pregnant with at the time of the Will) Exec/ Lewis MOTTER (d/ 1836) Witnesses: John TROXEL, Jacob DORNMER, Frederick OTT Land - House and Lot #17 in "Shields Addition to Emmitsburg" (Originally, house and lot was purchased as joint sale with Frederick OTT.) (Purchased for Smith's wife and children by executor Lewis MOTTER from John WALTER (w/ Catharine in 1818.) - 10 acre Lot (in two parts), from John M. BAYARD - 1/2 of Lot in Bruceville, in partnership with Charles BEGHAM Court appointed Eli SMITH and George L. SMITH as trustees to settle the estate. On 13 Jun 1864, sale was made to Margaret J. SMITH at $625. Distribution of sale and rents, $734.88 - court costs, $119.73 - each 1/6 child's share, $102.52 Closed 1 Sep 1864.
David SCHLESSINGER, creditor vs Richard HARPER, Charles F. KELLER, execs/of Jacob KELLER, dec'd Jacob KELLER, Fredericktown, d/ Mar 1850 (Will written 15 Mar 1848; filed 26 Mar 1850) widow - Catharine d/ Ann Sophia KELLER (d/ 1864) w/o Richard HARPER .....Charlotte C. HARPER, a minor and w/o Dennis R. SNOOK .....Richard H. HARPER, a minor d/ Ann E. KELLER, dec'd w/o James M. HARKEY/HARLEY, no issue s/ Benjamin H. KELLER - Alexandria, DC/VA s/ Frederick H. KELLER (dec'd) and w/ Mary (SMALL) .....Jane Sophia KELLER, a minor .....Bernard Matthias KELLER, a minor .....Samuel KELLER, a minor d/ Caroline M. KELLER w/o Henry E. HANSHEW s/ Charles F. KELLER - Out of State s/ Jacob A. KELLER s/ Henry Muhlenberg KELLER (died since his father, unmarried, no issue) Execs/ widow, son-in-law Richard HARPER, sons, Benjamin, Charles and Frederick, son-in-law Henry E. HANSHEW; all renounced except Charles and Richard. Witnesses: John FESSLER, Isaac WISONG, J. M. HARDING Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Richard HARPER and George HOSKINS, the latter being appointed as trustee for the sale of the property. On 14 Jun 1864, sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick, high bidders were: - John J. SIM and Edward SIM for 2-story brick House & Lot on Market St in Frederick, adjoining Sim's Livery stable on the south and the bridge over Carroll Creek on the north at $1,215 - John H. SIM for the 1 1/2-story weatherboard House & Lot at the Rail Road Depot in Frederick on the south side of Rail Road opposite Philip PYFER's Coalyard at $550 Total sales, $1,765. Distribution: court costs, $306.66 - George METZGER, $425.81 - David SCHLESSINGER, $137.10 - Anna MOTTER, $895.43 Closed 8 Oct 1864.
Eleanora M. COOPER by her next friend, Godfrey KOONTZ vs Abraham T. ADAMS & Others Valentine ADAMS, dec'd (Will written 29 Oct 1859) widow - Sarah s/ William H. H. ADAMS * s/ Abraham ADAMS d/ Sarah SHANK d/ Valietta WEAGLEY d/ Jeannetta NELSON d/ Fanny ADAMS gr-d - Minesota COOPER SLAVES - negro girl LOTTY (slave for life), to wife; - negro boy LEWIS (slave for life), to son William Exec/ son William Witnesses: L. RAMSBURG, Daniel H. ROHR, William J. ROSS =========== William H. H. ADAMS* d/ Dec 1862 intestate, never married bro/ Abraham Thomas ADAMS & w/ Sarah Ann KEMP - Covington, KY sis/ Sarah Ann R. w/o John P. SHANK - Washington County sis/ Valetia S. T. wid/o James R. WEAGLEY (d/ 1864) - Baltimore County sis/ Jeannetta M. w/o John H. NELSON sis/ Fanny E. C. ADAMS sis/ Eleanora M. COOPER (d/ 1854-1855) .......Eleanora Minnesota COOPER, a minor (abt 11 or 12) - Minnesota Land - "Resurvey on Locust Level", 140 acres, from Will of his father, Valentine ADAMS; on road from Frederick to Buckeystown, 2 miles south of Frederick, adjoining lands of George MARKELL, Esq. It had a 2-story brick house, barn, stable, carriage house, wagon shed, smoke house and other out buildings including a large quarter for servants detached from the house. It had two pumps of water, one near the house and the other near the barn. Testimony was heard from Christian THOMAS and William REICH. Trustees for the sale were Fanny E. C. ADAMS and John H. NELSON, with sureties as Henry NELSON and David O. THOMAS. On 6 Mar 1863, sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick, high bidder was Michael W. FOUT at $12,410.15 with $100 per year to be paid to Mrs. Sarah ADAMS during her lifetime. Fout later sold said property to John H. NELSON. Fanny ADAMS filed a petition for the repayment of a loan to William by Abner C. DEVILBISS for $900 which was assigned to Fanny and other bills as Fanny was administrator of William's estate. Distribution of $12,410.15: court costs, $596.88 - Fanny ADAMS for Frederick Savings, $660.65 - Fanny ADAMS for Abner C. DEVILBISS, $981 - Frederick County Bank, $317.50 - Frederick Savings, $522.35 - John H. NELSON, claim, $57.18 - each 1/6 share to siblings, $1,545.76 Closed 28 Oct 1864.
637-639 - WOLFE - Sep 1864
John WOLFE - on Petition John WOLFE Sr, dec'd (Will written 11 May 1853) s/ John WOLFE (Jr) s/ William Nicholas WOLFE Land - "Ivy Church", 100 acres, and "Resurvey on Crowels Good Will", 12 acres; next to lands of Henry REPP Jr and Warfield SIMPSON. After payments were made by the sons, deeds were to be made dividing the land between the two sons; however, William Nicholas WOLFE conveyed his interest to his brother John, but died before a conveyance was made. On 19 Sep 1864, John KINZER was made trustee to convey said land to John WOLFE.
640-659 - FITZHUGH, STOKES, HATCHER - Jan 1863
Central Bank of Frederick & Sophia FITZHUGH vs Benjamin G. FITZHUGH & Others Mrs Sophia FITZHUGH conveyed property to William STOKES and held a mortgage from him. Stokes sold said land to Benjamin G. FITZHUGH. William STOKES was not then a resident of Maryland. Petition of Sophia STOKES, w/o William STOKES, filed by her father, Benjamin G. FITZHUGH; she requests dower in payment as she didn't sign deed from William STOKES to Benjamin G. FITZHUGH, but wishes land to be sold free of emcumbrances. Her husband was then in California (15 Aug 1864). Land - Farm, 200 acres, adjoining Catoctin Furnace on the east and then occupied by E. P. HATCHER, Esq. There was a 2-story stone house and stable. On 10 Sep 1864, sale was held at Catoctin Furnace, high bidder was Edwin P. HATCHER at $5,000. After creditors were paid, Sophia FITZHUGH received $1,696.02 in part of her claim. Closed 29 Nov 1864.
Michael H. HALLER & w/ Charlotte vs Catharine HAMILTON & Others Woodward EVITT, dec'd (Will written) s/ George W. EVITT d/ Catharine M. HAMILTON, widow .....Woodward A. HAMILTON (d/ 15 Mar 1854) & w/ Catharine --------Catharine HAMILTON w/o Samuel Leonard MEDCALFE --------Glovinia HAMILTON w/o George MEDCALFE --------John W. HAMILTON --------Georgeanna HAMILTON, a minor, w/o John SIX --------Ellen HAMILTON, a minor --------Lucretia HAMILTON, a minor .....Catharine HAMILTON w/o Ephraim DOYLE (abandoned wife) .....Ann M. HAMILTON w/o George W. JACOBS .....John HAMILTON & w/ Eliza Ellen .....Louisa Penelope HAMILTON w/o Reuben Nelson PLUMMER .....Permelia Eliza HAMILTON w/o Thomas H. WEBB .....Mary J. HAMILTON w/o John L. O'HARA d/ Mary NICHOLS s/ Joseph EVITT Land - "Matree" and "Give and Take", 149 acres, East of Monocacy River - to son George, land north of Plankston's Branch - to daughter Catharine, land south of Plankston's Branch; and the use of the north end of the lot given to daughter Mary NICHOLS, together with the Smith shop, fronting Church Street, then occupied by David SPRENGLE. - to son Joseph, in trust for education and maintenance of his children, use of house fronting Patrick Street in Frederick, then in occupancy of Stockton & Stokes as a stage office, and ground in the rear running back to Church Street to brick house fronting Church St, then occupied by Geoge W. SHARP as a printing office. The land to Catharine HAMILTON was petitioned to be sold. Woodward HAMILTON & wife, Louisa & R. Nelson PLUMMER, and Permelia & Thomas H. WEBB, all conveyed their interests to Joshua DILL. Mary & John L. O'HARA sold their interest to her brother John HAMILTON; John conveyed his now 2/7 interests to Alpheus W. MARRIOTT and George HOSKINS by mortgage on note to Washington SMITH. The daughter Catharine M. HAMILTON and Ann & George W. JACOBS conveyed her shares to Michael H. HALLER (w/ Charlotte). Guardian was Thomas L. McLEAN; testimony was heard from A. P. KESSLER who testified that Catharine DOYLE and Ann M. JACOBS both died between Dec 1862 and Jan 1863. Also testifying was Seth H. NICHOLS who stated Catharine HAMILTON, the daughter, was his aunt who is very old, and her husband has been dead for many years. Catharine HOOPER, the former wife of Woodward HAMILTON, also testified to the death date of her husband and names of children and husband of Georgeanna. Trustee for the sale was George HOSKINS with sureties as M. H. HALLER and Thomas HALLER. Sale was held on 9 Apr 1862 at the Dill House; high bidder was: - Francis MARKELL for 149 acres at $4,196.50. Distribution: court costs, $329.48 - 1/8 or $483.37 to .....Joshua DILL, grantee of Reuben N. PLUMMER & wife .....Joshua DILL, grantee of Woodward A. HAMILTON .....Catharine DOYLE .....Michael HALLER, grantee of George W. JACOBS & wife .....George HOSKINS & Alpheus W. MARRIOT, mortgages of John HAMILTON (2/8) .....Joshua DILL, grantee of Thomas H. WEBB & wife .....Michael HALLER, grantee of Catharine HAMILTON Closed 22 Oct 1863.
685-700 - COVELL, BARNS, WOOD - Dec 1863
Lydia COVELL vs John COVELL & Others Joshua COVELL d/ Oct 1863 intestate widow - Lydia s/ John COVELL & w/ Mary A. BARNS d/ Catharine Jane w/o George H. WOOD d/ Elizabeth Ann COVELL s/ Joshua L. COVELL, a minor Land - "Middle Plantation", 38 acres, from Henry LEASE & w/ Elizabeth; less 6 acres conveyed to John COVELL in 1860; conveyed to Joshua COVELL by Adolphus FEARHAKE, trustee of Henry THOMPSON, dec'd. Lydia COVELL was administrator with sureties as Anthony BEAR and Jacob C. SPONSELLER. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from Anthony BAER. Dower land of 10 acres was laid off for the widow. Closed 4 May 1864.
Dr. Eldred W. MOBBERLY, creditor vs Lydia COVELL & Others Most of the same information from pages 685-700 were repeated here, except this case is to settle with the creditors on the Estate of Joshua COVELL. Guardian for his minor son was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testifying was Anthony BEAR who testified that Joshua COVELL died in November 1863; however, other testimony from the previous case stated he died the end of October. Anthony appeared to be a neighbor and Dr. MOBBERLY was the physician for Joshua COVELL. John HOUCK also testified. Trustee for the sale was John HOUCK. Sale was made to Richard POTTS, Esquire, for the 31 acres, subject to the widow's dower, at $640. Distribution: court costs, $219.99 - E. W. MOBBERLY, claims, $163.61 - each 1/4 share to the children, $64.10 Closed 3 Jan 1865
David REINHART & Others - On Petition Walter FUNDERBERG, dec'd (Will written 20 May 1778) widow - Catharine Gave neighbors Joel WRIGHT and Allen FARQUHAR Jr. his estate in trust for land to be divided into three parts to three youngest sons, - Walter FUNDERBERG (Jr) - David FUNDERBERG - Noah FUNDERBERG Other children mentioned in Will - Lazarus FUNDERBERG - Daniel FUNDERBERG - Walter FUNDERBERG - David FUNDERBERG* - Noah FUNDERBERG - Leah FUNDERBERG - Elizabeth FUNDERBERG - Sallome FUNDERBERG - Rachael FUNDERBERG - Esther FUNDERBERG Land - two miles from Johnsville; was listed as being in Harveys Borough, Holly Gains Forrest and listed as tracts "Black Walnut Bottom" and "Walter's Bottom"; next to tract "Whiskey Spring" and "Resurvey on Spring Garden". (Noah FUNDERBERG's part was later sold to George W. ETZLER; Walter FUNDERBERG's part was sold to Isaac PFOUTZ.) ===== David FUNDERBERG* (Will written 16 Nov 1829) ...w/ Catharine (d/ Apr or May 1864) bro/ Walter FUNDERBERG (Jr) ........s/ Daniel FUNDERBERG (excepted from Will) ........s/ Henry FUNDERBERG, dec'd -----------Ann w/o Ephraim L. BROWN -----------Julia, dec'd w/o George H. JOHNSON ------------------leaving an unnamed son ........d/ Susan FUNDERBERG w/o Henry CRONISE ........d/ Maria FUNDERBERG, dec'd w/o Mr McBRIDE (children's names unknown) sis/ Catharine w/o Jacob CRONISE, both dec'd .......Jane R. CRONISE w/o David REINHART .......Catharine CRONISE .......Maria CRONISE wid/o William G. SHIPLEY .......Eliza CRONISE w/o Henry DIETRICK, both dec'd ------------John H. DIETRICK ------------Lewis F. DIETRICK ------------Eddington DIETRICK .......Martha CRONISE w/o John H. HARMAN, both dec'd -------------------John HARMAN -------------------William HARMAN -------------------Fanny HARMAN ........Jacob L. CRONISE - New York City ........William H. V. CRONISE ........Titus CRONISE bro/ Noah FUNDERBERG, dec'd ........Jacob FUNDERBERG ........Sarah FUNDERBERG ........Catharine FUNDERBERG ........Hitty FUNDERBERG ........Rachel FUNDERBERG ........Eliza FUNDERBERG bro/ Lazarus FUNDERBERG, dec'd ........John FUNDERBERG, dec'd ........Sally FUNDERBERG, dec'd ........Phoebe FUNDERBERG, dec'd ........Elizabeth FUNDERBERG, dec'd sis/ Elizabeth w/o Daniel HARTSOOK, both dec'd (children's names unknown) bro/ Daniel FUNDERBERG (excepted from Will) sis/ Rachel FUNDERBERG (excepted from Will) sis/ Sally FUNDERBERG (excepted from Will) sis/ Esther FUNDERBERG (then dec'd) Execs/ John G. STRAWSBERGER and Suratt D. WARFIELD, (both of whom died before the widow). Witnesses: David KLING, abraham ENGLE and Samuel RHODES. David REINHART (a German Baptist) was appointed trustee with sureties as Lewis G. DETRICK and Joseph WOOD; sale was held 17 Oct 1864, high bidder was: - George FOGLE for tract "Resurvey on Seven Originals", 86 acres, at $4,396.51. Property had 2-story stone house and log barn. Distribution: court costs, $549.54 (included wall to be built around graveyard and tombstones) - Ann BROWN, 1/2 of 1/4 of 1/4, $120.21 - Julia JOHNSON, 1/2 of 1/4 of 1/4, $120.21 - Jane R. REINHART, 1/8 of 1/4 of 1/4, $30.05 - Catharine CRONISE, 1/8 of 1/4 of 1/4, $30.05 - Maria SHIPLEY, 1/8 of 1/4 of 1/4, $30.05 - Jacob CRONICE, 1/8 of 1/4 of 1/4, $30.05 - Wm. H. V. CRONISE, 1/8 of 1/4 of 1/4, $30.05 - Titus CRONISE, 1/8 of 1/4 of 1/4, $30.05 - John H. DETRICK, 1/3 of 1/8 of 1/4 of 1/4, $10.01 - Lewis F. DETRICK, 1/3 of 1/8 of 1/4 of 1/4, $10.01 - Eddington DETRICK, 1/3 of 1/8 of 1/4 of 1/4, $10.01 - John HARMAN, 1/3 of 1/8 of 1/4 of 1/4, $10.01 - William HARMAN, 1/3 of 1/8 of 1/4 of 1/4, $10.01 - Fanny HARMAN, 1/3 of 1/8 of 1/4 of 1/4, $10.01 - Susan CRONISE, 1/4 of 1/4, $240.43 - Maria McBRIDE's children, 1/4 of 1/4, $240.43 - Jacob FUNDERBERG, 1/6 of 1/4, $160.29 - Sarah FUNDERBERG, 1/6 of 1/4, $160.29 - Catharine FUNDERBERG, 1/6 of 1/4, $160.29 - Hetty FUNDERBERG, 1/6 of 1/4, $160.29 - Rachel FUNDERBERG, 1/6 of 1/4, $160.29 - Eliza FUNDERBERG, 1/6 of 1/4, $160.29 - John FUNDERBERG, 1/4 of 1/4, $240.43 - Sally FUNDERBERG, 1/4 of 1/4, $240.43 - Phoebe FUNDERBERG, 1/4 of 1/4, $240.43 - Elizabeth FUNDERBERG, 1/4 of 1/4, $240.43 - Elizabeth HARTSOCK's heirs, 1/4, $961.74 Closed 5 Jan 1865. ================== The End of JWLC-1 ==================

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