Frederick Co, MD - Equity JS-14

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity JS-14

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JS-14; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA T2936, Loc 2-70-10-14 dated 1834]

Estate of Joseph JOHNSON Joseph JOHNSON (will 20 Jul 1806; 4 Aug 1806) w/ Catharine (d/ Jan 1835) and 8 children, - Thomas JOHNSON, d/ bef Jan 1835, leaving son ...Alexander JOHNSON - Ohio or Indiana - Joseph JOHNSON, d/ bef Jan 1835, leaving daughter ...Sarah Ann JOHNSON, now w/o Absalom JOHNSON - John JOHNSON - Ohio - Alexander JOHNSON - Ohio - Elizabeth JOHNSON - Nancy JOHNSON, now w/o John SHRYOCK - Kentucky - Jacob JOHNSON - Indiana - Phebe JOHNSON, now w/o Christopher MICHAEL - Virginia father - Thomas JOHNSON brother - Thomas JOHNSON Executors were sons, Thomas and Joseph, now both deceased. Witnesses: Joseph MILLER, Robert JOHNSON, George MAIN. Land - Widow's dower consisted of 40 acre tract (where John CARIG? lived) and mountain tract of 20 acres. Trustee was John SIFFORD; on 18 Apr 1835 at the tavern of Francis RICHMOND in Middle Town, sale made to George SUMMERS for the 40 acres at $1,300; to Thomas R. JOHNSON for the 20 acres at $107.40. Each 1/8 share was $164.42; finalized 19 Aug 1835.
Bank of Westminster vs John C. COCKEY Estate - Petition to Revoke Will and Sell Real Estate to Settle Debt John C. COCKEY d/ 1826 (will 27 Oct 1826; 22 Dec 1826), leaving widow - Mary and 4 minor children, - Richard COCKEY - Edward COCKEY - Mary Jane COCKEY - John C. COCKEY Executors were Joshua COCKEY and Dr. William WILLIS. Witnesses: Isaac SHRIVER, Joshua COCKEY, Jacob SHRIVER. Land - 2-story Brick House and Lot in Westminster (from Sheriff Thomas W. MORGAN to Frederick A. SCHLEY and Mary COLEGATE in 1825); - Lot #5, 1/4 acre, part of "Timber Ridge" on Main Street in Westminster from Abdiel E. MAGERS (w/ Ruth) in 1824. - Lot #47, 1/4 acre, part of "Resurvey on Timber Ridge" in town of New London, from Peter MATHIAS (w/ Sarah) in 1818 (previously from John MATHIAS and Jacob MATHIAS, exec/of John MATHIAS); adjoins lots of Jacob GROVE and heirs of James McHAFFIE. Slaves - negro boy EPHRAIM, negro woman FANNY and her two children, GEORGE and MARIA (serves til age 35) The widow has since married Joshua COCKEY (one of the executors). Guardian was Ephraim CRUMBAKER; trustee was John FISHER, esquire. In Nov 1832, trustee was unable to obtain any bids or obtain a private sale; he then sold the property to Joshua COCKEY at $3,000; proceeds short, paid $.21 on the dollar; finalized 14 Feb 1835.
33-47 - LITTLE, STONESIFER, LEDIG - Nov 1831
Estate of Jacob LITTLE Jacob LITTLE/LITTEL d/ Oct 1819 (will 15 Sep 1819; 28 Oct 1819) widow - Mary (d/ 10 Aug 1822) and 9 children, - Henry LITTLE - John LITTLE - Jacob LITTLE - Andrew LITTLE - Daniel/David LITTLE - Cornelius LITTLE - George LITTLE - Catharine w/o John STONSIFER - Mary LITTLE, now w/o Henry LEDIG Executors were William COGHLAN, John YINGLING Sr, Christian BOWER, none of which were able to fulfill the duties. Witnesses: Jacob FEESER Jr, David YINGLING, Jacob YINGLING Sr. Land - "Bells' Choice" and "McGuire's Neglect", 122+ acres Trustee was Peter HULL who posted bond along with Michael FROCK; sale made to George LITTLE at $951.57; legacies paid after debts; finalized 10 Dec 1834.
Estate of John SAYLOR John SAYLOR d/ 15 Apr 1829 (will 1 Apr 1829; 15 Apr 1829), leaving widow - Elizabeth and 6 children, - Henry SAYLOR - Emanuel SAYLOR - Sarah SAYLOR - Mary WOOD, now w/o Charles WOOD - Ezra SAYLOR, a minor - George SAYLOR, a minor Executors were Elizabeth SAYLER and Joseph WOOD. Witnesses: William GRIMES, John W. PORTER, George SHANK. Land - 101+ acres from Daniel BOWERS. Acting as Prochien Ami for Ezra and George was John MILLER; guardian was John D. CRUMBAUGH. Trustees were Joseph WOOD and Elizabeth SAYLER; sale made on 28 Oct 1833 to Daniel M. KEMP at $5,050.12, but petition made to substitute John MILLER as buyer; legacies paid; finalized 13 Feb 1834.
63-76 - BURKHART, COST, LYNN, BISER - Jan 1835
Henry COST vs Estate of John BURKHART John BURKHART/BURCKHART d/o Nov 1834 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 5 minor children, - William Thomas BURKHART - John Wesley BURKHART - Ezra George Washington BURKHART - Emanuel Hiram BURKHART - Elizabeth M.A.C. BURKHART Administrator was Henry COST and also held mortgage for debts owed to George WILLIARD by Burkhart. Land - House and Lot #31 in New Town/Trap Town (now Jefferson) from Ann LYNN/LINN in 1826, subject to life estate for Ann. Guardian was G.C. BISER; trustee was Sebastian RAMSBURGH Sr; sale held on 31 Jan 1835, going to Henry COST at $300; proceeds were short; finalized 1 Aug 1835.
Henry WARRING vs Estate of Peter TINGSTRUM Henry WARRING, then of Montgomery County, sold part of his Frederick County land to Peter TINGSTRUM, but total payment was never received. Peter TINGSTRUM d/ Sep 1830 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine and 5 children, - Charlotte w/o Aquilla RICKETTS - DC - Peter TINGSTRUM - Frederick TINGSTRUM, a minor - Mary Ann TINGSTRUM, a minor - Catharine TINGSTRUM, a minor Administrator was Benjamin A. CUNNINGHAM. Land - part of "New Brenen", 10 acres, adjoins land of Charles CARROLL (of Carrolton). Guardian was the mother, Catharine TINGSTRUM; trustee was Benjamin CUNNINGHAM; sale made to Frank HOUPER/HARPER at $190; proceeds short, paid $.12 on the dollar; finalized 3 Sep 1835.
Nicholas HALL Sr. d/ Jan 1820 (will), leaving children, - Elizabeth PITTS (d/ 20 Jan 1820), leaving, ...Nicholas Hall PITTS ...John L. PITTS ...Ann Maria PITTS, now w/o Thomas C. BRASHEAR ...Thomas G. PITTS ...Charles H. PITTS, a minor ...William PITTS, a minor - Ann SHIPLEY - _________ HALL, dec'd - his children, ...John Henry HALL ...Nicholas HALL, a minor Land - Lots #9, 10, 11, 12 in New Market and back Lots #76, 77, 78, 79, 80 in New Market; 2 acres. Guardian was Edward L. LYNCH; trustee was N.H. PITTS; private sale made on 6 Aug 1835 to Caleb OGBORN at $71; daughter and grandchildren given legacies; finalized 10 Sep 1835. (see JS-10, 566-579 for additional data on his will and other Equity Case)
99-112 - BAKER, ROUTZANG, HARBAUGH - Feb 1835
Conrad BAKER vs Jacob BAKER and others Jacob BAKER d/ 1833 intestate, leaving widow - Hannah and 6 minor chldren, - Mary Ann BAKER - Elizabeth BAKER - Susanna BAKER - Catharine BAKER - Philip BAKER - Jacob BAKER Administrator was John BAKER. Land - "Content", "Weymans Cheges", "Resurvey on Waymans Chages" and "Nicholas Content"; totaling 124 acres; from Christian RAMSBURG, and John COBLENTZ, exec/of George BOWLUS in 1829. Guardian was Joseph ROUTZANG; trustee was John BAKER; farm was divided with 78 3/4 acres purchased by Conrad BAKER at $38/acre, and 43 1/4 acres purchased by Henry HARBAUGH at $$61.15/acre. After debts, each 1/6 share was $562.40; nothing is mentioned about the widow in the sale or disbursements; finalized 29 Aug 1835.
112-128 - HALLER, KOONTZ - Feb 1835
David BOYD, Valentine BRUNNER, creditors vs Estate of John HALLER John HALLER d/ 21 Sep 1832 intestate, leaving widow - Mary and minor daughter, - Mary M. HALLER Administrator was Daniel HALLER. Land - Brick House and Lot #12 in the "Addition to Frederick Town" called Bentz Town on the south side of Patrick Street, from Peter HALLER Sr. (w/ Magdalina) in 1822 (occupied by Peter HALLER and conveyed to him by Richard ENGLISH in 1816) (mortgage); - Lot #12 (with same description) from Peter HALLER Sr. to John HALLER and Peter HALLER Jr.(latter now dec'd). Guardian and trustee was Godfrey KOONTZ; in Mar 1835, private sale made to Daniel HALLER for the house and lot in Bentz Town at $600. The widow Mary stated she was 37 years of age and her health was bad; she received 2/15 in lieu of her dower rights, $71.24. Proceeds were short, paid $76.78 on the dollar; finalized 27 Aug 1835.
Basil D. STEVENSON vs Joshua STEVENSON - Foreclosure Joshua STEVENSON owed a debt to John F. WILLSON and asked Basil D. STEVENSON of Baltimore County to be a surety along with Thomas HAMMOND and Henry STEVENSON and thereby made a deed of mortgage to his three sureties. In 1834, Joshua STEVENSON deeded 111 acres of the mortgaged property to Priscilla HAMMOND and believes he conveyed the residue of the said property to Thomas HAMMOND in trust. Willson is still due monies. Land - "Hope for the Best", "Look", "Sandy Creek" and "Walnut Ridge", 415 acres; lies next to land of Abraham JONES. Trustee was Thomas HAMMOND who divided the property into parcels in hopes of a more profitable sale; then sold at private sale to Michale BALDNER for 60+ acres (mine field lot) at $,571.86; to Nathan C. HAMMOND for 107+ acres (homestead lot) at $24/acre and also for 119? acres (raw ground lot) at $16/acre, both parcels totaling $4,477.17; to Daniel SWEADNER for 37+ acres (tobacco ground lot) at $40.25/acre or $1,575.41; to Abraham JONES for 37+ acres lying adjacent to the raw ground lot and lands of Abraham JONES at $20/acre. The total amount of sales was $8,177.81; finalized 30 May 1835.
Estate of Thomas RADCLIFF Henry PRATHER of Macoupin Co, IL was married to Elizabeth, a d/o Thomas RADCLIFF. Elizabeth (Radcliff) PRATHER d/ 13 Oct 1835, w/o issue. Trustee, William RADCLIFF sold remaining parcels of Thomas RADCLIFF's estate: to John RINE? for 126 acres at private sale on 13 Sep 1836 at $1,000; to Frederick BROWN for 114+ acres at $1,600. Henry PRATHER was petitioning for his wife's share of this and previous sales since she died after her father. Distributions of Thomas RADCLIFFE's Estate: - Joseph RADCLIFFE - Upton RADCLIFFE - William RADCLIFFE - Sarah RADCLIFFE, now w/o Jessee H. ELLIOTT - Mary RADCLIFFE, now w/o Seth FISHER - Joshua RADCLIFFE, dec'd - his children, ...Mary RADCLIFFE ...Sarah RADCLIFFE ...Harriet RADCLIFFE ...Thomas RADCLIFFE Virginia Louden County Office presented that per the Family Bible, Ann TAYLOR, now Ann M. RATCLIFF was born 6 Feb 1804 (or possibly 1814), she being the widow of Joshua RADCLIFFE who received 2/13 of 1/6, $63.63. At least in these parcels, there was nothing distributed to Henry Prather; finalized 3 Nov 1836.
152-166 - LIDIE, McELFRESH, HOFF - Oct 1833
John H. McELFRESH and Joseph M. PALMER vs Jacob LIDIE and w/ Sarah - Foreclosure Land - 80+ acres, (previously to Abraham HOFF by Joseph M. PALMER, trustee in 1830). Trustee was John H. McELFRESH; sale was made to Henry FUNDENBERG at $520.80 on 12 Apr 1834 at the tavern of John DILL; but petition was made to court by him because Jacob LIDIE was refusing to give up possession of the property. An Injunction was then served on Lidie by Thomas GURLEY, a deputy of Mahlon TALBOTT, Sheriff on 11 Aug 1834. Notes to Adam SNOOK was paid and half of note paid to McElfresh; finalized 31 Mar 1836.
Estate of Thomas MULLENIX - Sale of Real Estate Thomas MULLENIX Sr. of Anne Arundel County, d/ May 1810 (will written 16 Mar 1810), leaving widow - Elizabeth and 9 children, - Robert MULLENIX - Charles MULLENIX, now dec'd (widow, Elizabeth) - his children, ...Joshua MULLENIX - Anne Arundel County ...Asbury MULLENIX - Anne Arundel County ...Amelia MULLENIX w/o Thomas FLEMING - PA ...Charlton/Charlotte MULLENIX, a minor - Anne Arundel County ...Jessee MULLENIX, a minor - Anne Arundel County ...Eleanor MULLENIX, a minor - Anne Arundel County ...Elizabeth MULLENIX, a minor - Anne Arundel County ...Jason MULLENIX, a minor - Anne Arundel County ...Thomas MULLENIX, a minor - Anne Arundel County ...Caroline MULLENIX, a minor - Anne Arundel County ...RhodeAnn MULLENIX, a minor - Anne Arundel County ...Andrew Jackson MULLENIX, a minor - Anne Arundel County - Thomas MULLENIX - Anne Arundel County - Rebecca MULLENIX w/o Joseph MOALSWORTH, both dec'd - her children, ...George MOALSWORTH - Anne Arundel County ...Harriet MOALSWORTH w/o Edward CHAMBERS - Ohio ...Elie MOALSWORTH - Anne Arundel County ...Samuel MOALSWORTH - PA ...James MOALSWORTH - Ohio ...Nancy MOALSWORTH wid/o John FLEMING - Anne Arundel County ...Henrietta MOALSWORTH - PA - Aria/Ary MULLENIX w/o John WADE, both dec'd - her child, ...Upton WADE - Anne Arundel County - Nancy MULLENIX w/o Joseph WEST - Achsah/Knackey MULLENIX wid/o ______ CHAMBERS - Anne Arundel County - Eleanor MULLENIX wid/o Henry CLARY - Ohio - Elizabeth MULLENIX w/o John BIDDLE - PA SLAVES - HENNY, POLL, NICK and FREDERICK (Nick to go to Charles and Thomas; the others to go to his six daughters) (Grandchildren not listed in will) Executor was son Charles; witnesses: Warfield TODD, Benjamin CLARY and Daniel CLARY. Land - "Pretty Sally", 267 acres (less the 60 acres to son, Robert) willed to wife and then divided amongst the other 8 children after her death, leaving 207 acres; from Joshua WADDINGTON, merchant of New York in 1795. (Charles and Thomas were given land in Anne Arundel County.) The widow died "many years ago"; Knackey was declared a lunatic and Thomas (younger) is her trustee. Guardian was Henry BUZZARD for the Mullenix minors; trustee was John H. McELFRESH; on 8 Aut 1835, sale made at house of George DIXON of Ridgeville, to Anthony KIMMELL at $2.14/acre, $444.05. On 12 May 1834 in Baltimore County, Henry WAYMAN testified that Charles' widow, Elizabeth, was 35 years of age; she received 2/15 of 1/8, $6.29, in lieu of her dower. Each 1/8 part was $46.43; finalized 21 Jan 1836.
188-204 - HARBAUGH, FLAUTT, GETTY, HAGMAN - May 1833
Jacob HARBAUGH and Henry HARBAUGH vs George FLAUTT - Foreclosure Land - "Buck Range", 144 acres. The Harbaughs also obtained an injunction against Flautt to prevent him from cutting timber and selling it which would result in decreased value of the property. Trustee was James RAYMOND; on 10 Oct 1835, private sale made to Abraham STONER at $850. Payment was made to a judgement of James GETTY for use of William HAGMAN with only $112 remaining; finalized 8 Feb 1836.
Daniel HALLER vs Estate of Peter HALLER Jr. Peter HALLER Jr. d/ Sep 1831 intestate, unmarried, w/o issue, thereby leaving his siblings, bro/ George HALLER bro/ John HALLER, now dec'd - widow/ Mary - his child, .......Mary HALLER, a minor abt 9 years old sis/ Mary (d/ since Sep 1831) w/o Edward EADER - her child, .......George EADER, a minor abt 4 years old bro/ Daniel HALLER bro/ Samuel HALLER bro/ Joseph HALLER sis/ Elizabeth HALLER bro/ Ezra HALLER sis/ Catharine HALLER bro/ David HALLER, a minor Land - parts of Lots #15, 16, 17, 18 in Frederick Town, from Philip LOWE and John M. LOWE (w/ Barbara) in 1828; lies next to lots of Jacob ROADS, John WINEMILLER and John KUNKLE, and north to Carroll Creek (part was reserved for Philip LOWE)(previously to John M. LOWE from John MANTZ in 1815). - Lot #21 in Bentz' "Addition to Frederick Town", 42'x380', from Ezra BENTZ and Henry BENTZ in 1821; fronts Patrick Street; lies next to lot George BENTZ' heirs (to him from his father, Jacob BENTZ, dec'd). At the time of Peter's death, he was guardian of Samuel HALLER, a heir of Stephen BRUNNER; Daniel is now his guardian and also administrator of the estate of his now deceased brother, John HALLER. Guardian was Edward SHRIVER; trustee was William SCHLEY; on 6 Apr 1835, sale made to David HANE for Lot #21 at $1,007; to Daniel HALLER for the unimproved Lot at $135. John GITTINGER petitioned as a creditor. Both the widow and widower listed above chose to realese their dower/curtesy rights and receive their share awarded by the court. On 7 Jul 1835, testimony was given by Christopher MEYER that Mary, widow of John HALLER, was 37 years of age and in tolerable health, she received 2/15 of 1/10, $11.39; On 20 Jul 1835, testimony was given by William EADER that Edward EADER was 33 years of age and in general good health, he received 2/5 of 1/10, $34.19. After creditors and guardian ship were paid, each 1/10 share was $85.48; finalized 18 May 1836.
Estate of Peter CRABLE (CRAPELL, GRABILL?) Peter CRABLE d/ 1791 (will 24 Dec 1790; 10 Oct 1791), leaving children, - Jacob CRABLE - Elizabeth CRABLE - Rachael CRABLE, now w/o Richard HARDIN, both dec'd - her children, ...Ezra HARDIN - Ohio ...Sophia HARDIN - Ohio ...Harriet M. HARDIN w/o Franklin SHAW - Ohio ...Elizabeth HARDIN w/o Abraham P. KELLPATRICK - Ohio ...Anna (d/ bef her mother) w/o John CARNAHAN - her children - Ohio ...---Albert H. CARNAHAN, a minor ...---Richard W. CARNAHAN, a minor ...Caroline HARDIN (d/ aft her mother) w/o Thomas CULTER - her children - Ohio ...---William H. CULTER, a minor ...---Caroline L. CULTER, a minor ...---Harriet E. CULTER, a minor ...---Richard A. CULTER, a minor ...---Mary S. CULTER, a minor - Margaret CRABLE Monies due from John NEILL. Land - House and Lot #100 in Frederick City; adjoins East side of Michael KOLB's low and the home of Peter CRABLE. Executor was son-in-law, Richard HARDIN; witnesses: Joseph DOLL, Michael KOLB Jr., Peter SMITH. In Dec 1835, John MILLER testified Richard HARDIN had resided in Frederick County about 25 years ago and moved to Ohio and he has heard he is now dead; his only remembered the youngest child, Elizabeth HARDIN. Another witness was George BALTZELL who claimed to know Peter CRABLE and where he lived until his death in his home in Frederick City, where his two daughters, Margaret and Elizabeth now live. Trustee was Madison NELSON; on 31 Dec 1835, sale of 3/4 of the lot was sold to Patrick DONNALLY at $650; each 1/3 share was $194.39; Thomas COULTER received as his curtesty share 3/8 of 1/6, $12.14 before his children each received $4.04; finalized 7 Apr 1836.
Thomas BOTELER of Washington County, uncle and prochien ami for BOTELER minors vs Estate of Lingan BOTELER Lingan BOTELER d/ 13 Oct 1829 intestate, leaving widow - Sarah and 8 minor children, - Mary BOTELER - Martha P. BOTELER w/o Henry BOTELER - Thomas A. BOTELER - Lingan BOTELER - Eliza Ann BOTELER - Sarah E. BOTELER - William H. BOTELER - Jacob Henry BOTELER Land - "Resurvey on Merry Land", "Paynes Delight" and "Hawkins Merry Peep A Day", 339 acres in Frederick County (one undivided moriety of share was conveyed by Josiah CRAMPTON (w/ Ann) of Washington County in 1817; and another undivided moriety under bond of conveyance from Samuel PHILPOTT who was invested to Francis HAMILTON.) Previously conveyed to Crampton by Erasmus GARROTT, Trustee for John P. GARROTT in 1817 and to him from John PHILPOTT in 1810; lies along the Potomack River. Tracts of 91 acres and 12 acres were laid out for the widow's dower. Guardian was the mother, Sarah E. BOTELER; trustee was Henry BOTELER; on 5 Jan 1833, sale made to Perry HILLIARY for 207 acres at $5,103.84. Richard JOHNSON of William petitioned for the funds owed by Lingan BOTELER as guardian of Benjamin A. PHILPOTT of Washington County, so granted. Proceeds were slightly short, paid $.90 on the dollar; finalized 24 Apr 1834.
Elihu H. ROCKWELL vs Estate of Pascal BEAUMONT - Foreclosure Pascal BEAUMONT d/ intestate, leaving widow - Susan and 4 minor children, - Isaac Plummer BEAUMONT - Joseph Thomas BEAUMONT - John Alexander BEAUMONT - Elizabeth Miller BEAUMONT Administrator was John G. BAYNE. Land - 34+ acres, from Abraham STONER on 1818. Guardian was Neilson POE; trustee was Chester COLEMAN; sale was made to Elihu H. ROCKWELL $305, subject to the widow's dower; finalized Mar 1835.
Estate of Edward BOOSE - Sale of Real Estate Edward BOOZE, dec'd (will 21 Jul 1832; 4 Sep 1832), leaving widow - Dinah and 6 children, - Mason BOOZE - John BOOZE - Charles BOOZE ($1 only) - Edward BOOZE, a minor - Catharine BOOZE, a minor - Mary Ann/Ann Mariah BOOZE, a minor Upon wife's death, property to be sold and divided among 5 children, Charles excluded. Executor was Mason BOOZE; witnesses: T.W. JOHNSON, Michael MORRISON and Susan BEAUMONT. Land - from John STOUFFER, trustee for Abraham STONER. Guardian was Samuel TYLER; trustee was Samuel STEVENSON; on 13 Sep 1835, sale made to John NEWPORT at $280. After debts were paid, the 5 minor children each received only $.52; finalized 7 Apr 1836.
John H. COOKERLY vs John H.O. BOYLE et al John HUGHES of Locust Level, d/ 20 Oct 1831 (his will, written 26 Apr 1830 and filed 3 Dec 1831, gave lands to James HUGHES and provided if James died w/out issue, the lands to revert back to the descendants of his sisters by their 1st husbands, 2/3 to sons, 1/3 to daughters, with his namesakes receiving an extra $500) bro/ James HUGHES - Louisville, KY - d/ 5 Nov 1832 intestate, w/o issue sis/ Dorcas COOKERLY - her children ...John Hughes COOKERLY ...Grafton F. COOKERLY, a minor ...James W. COOKERLY, a minor ...Elizabeth COOKERLY, a minor sis/ Rhoda (now Rhody COOPER) - her children (was wid/of James O'BOYLE d/ bef Dec 1834) ...John Hughes O'BOYLE - Indiana ...James O'BOYLE- Indiana ...Perry O'BOYLE, a minor ...Harriet O'BOYLE, a minor (b/ 20 Sep or Oct 1819) & w/o John W. PIFER (m/ 20 Dec 1834) sis/ Charlotte w/o Enos SCHELL sis/ ________ BEATTY - her child, ...Cornelia Ann BEATTY, a minor sis/ Harriet FLEMING - her children ...Sarah Ann FLEMING, a minor and w/o John H. HALL ...Randolph FLEMING, a minor ...Catharine FLEMING, a minor ...Mary FLEMING, a minor (d/ 12 Feb 1833) sis/ Catharine KELLER - her children ...Charles John KELLER, a minor ...Dewitt Clinton KELLER ...Eugenia KELLER ...Elizabeth KELLER, a minor bro/ John HUGHES, dec'd - his children, ...Levi HUGHES ...Laura HUGHES ...Julia HUGHES ...James HUGHES Executor was brother James; witnesses: John RIGNEY, Levi DAVIS, A. CAMPBELL and Mahlon TALBOTT. Land - Lot #25 of "Resurvey on Locust Level", 73 acres, from Richard POTTS, trustee from heirs of Levi HUGHES, Otho W. HUGHES and Green G. HUGHES (previously owned by Levi HUGHES), lying 1 mile south of Frederick; also 11 acres of same tract from Michael MARQUORT/MARKWORT (w/ Ann) to John and James HUGHES in 1805 (previously to Marquort by William COOK of Baltimore and Benjamin DULANEY of Alexandria, Virginia in 1801). - Lot #21 of "Resurvey on Locust Level", an undivided share from David LEVY Jr. (w/ Mary Anne) in 1805 (previously owned by Daniel DULANEY, esquire, deceased, of Baltimore. - Lot #3 of "Middle Plantation", 50 acres, to Levi HUGHES from Eleanor POTTS, exec/of Richard POTTS in 1820. Partnership between brothers, James HUGHES of Baltimore and John HUGHES, listed lands "Locust Level", "Partnership", "Jedburgh Forrest" and "Middle Plantation"; - lot "Upton Court" in Baltimore County from Edmond CURTIS and William WATERHOUSE; - "Federal Hill" in Howards Addition to Baltimore Town from David POTTER; - Lot in Western part from William SLIDER. John and James HUGHES were merchants in Baltimore. Guardian was Jacob BRENGLE; trustee was John H. McELFRESH; on 6 Jul 1833, sale made to Michael BYRNE for 11+ acres at $2,450 but transferred to James FITZ PATRICK. On 3 Aug 1833, sale held at tavern of Margaret MICHAEL in Frederick, going to John LAYMAN for 73 acres at $2,737.50 Nicholas H. PITTS purchased Sarah (Fleming) and John H. Hall's share at a sheriff's sale by judgement. Charlotte and Enos SCHELL petitioned for a share but will established shares to go the the children of his sisters, not to his sisters. The distributions were made and finalized 18 Aug 1836.
317-332 - GOLDSBOROUGH, DUCKET, BRIEN - Apr 1829
John McPHERSON and John BRIEN vs Peter EICHELBERGER and Heirs of William GOLDSBOROUGH The Sheriff sold the equity of Peter EICHELBERGER to William GOLDSBOROUGH in 1823. William GOLDSBOROUGH d/ intestate, leaving children, - Edward Y. GOLDSBOROUGH - Nicholas W. GOLDSBOROUGH - Charles H. GOLDSBORO - Catharine GOLDSBORO w/o Thomas DUCKET - Leander W. GOLDSBORO Land - Lots #1 and 37 in Lewis Town (to Eichelberger from Thomas DRAPER in 1817), with Grist Mill and other buildings. Trustee was Robert O. BRIEN; on 21 NOv 1829, sale made to John McPHERSON and John BRIEN at $1,000; proceeds short; finalized 19 Mar 1831.
Henry NELSON and Nathan NELSON, exec/of Elisha NELSON vs Estate of Michael MEALEY - Foreclosure Michael MEALEY d/ (will 15 Apr 1834; 25 Jan 1835), leaving widow - Elizabeth (d/ abt 1835) and 7 children, - Francis T. MEALEY - William M. MEALEY - Milton MEALEY - Harriet M. MEALY w/o Charles ARTHUR - Edward M. MEALEY - Michael MEALEY, a minor - Mary Ellen MEALEY, a minor Executor was wife who later renounced it, reassigning duties to son Willaim. Witnesses: James SMITH, Basil SHRINER, William H. NELSON. Land - "Drummine", 2+ acres, near New London, from Elisha NELSON in 1827 (previously to Elisha NELSON from Burgess NELSON Jr.). Elisha NELSON, dec'd (will 26 Jan 1835; 3 Feb 1835) widow - Asena SLAVES - negro boy EPHRAIM (to serve 25 years after Nelson's death, then to be freed) - negro girl KIT (to serve 30 years after Nelson's death, then to be freed) - negro man DENNIS (to be manumitted and set free and $50) - negro man FRANK (to serve 12 years after Nelson's death, then to be freed) - negro boy STEPHEN (to serve 20 years after Nelson's death, then to be freed) bro/ Robert NELSON bro/ Benjamin NELSON bro/ Henry NELSON bro/ Nathan NELSON sis/ Matilda DEVILBISS sis/ Maria MENSER sis/ Maranda OWINGS sis/ Sophia CLARY Exec/ brothers Henry and Nathan; will was presented by George RINER who wrote the will for Elisha and stated he (Elisha) died about the time the witnesses entered the room. Guardian was William MEALEY; trustee was Nathan NELSON; on 7 Mar 1836, sale made to Ely BUCKEY at $445; after debts, each of the Mealey children received $10.09; finalized 2 Feb 1837.
360-371 - FINK, AHALT, FLOOK, GROVE - Oct 1831
Samuel AHALT as prochien ami of FINK children - Sale of Real Estate Samuel FINK d/ Jul 1833, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 6 minor children, - Reuben FINK - John FINK - Samuel FINK - Ann Rebecca FINK - Jacob FINK - Elizabeth FINK Land - "Near the Spot", "Near the Nable", "Bubbly", "Fielderia", 81+ acres, from David SLIFER and Jacob SLIFER in 1833 (some parts previously conveyed to John SLIFER from David ARNOLD in 1811); also, Lot #47, "Good Fare". Guardian was Jacob FLOOK of John; trustee was Samuel AHALT who was also a brother to Elizabeth FINK, the widow of Samuel. On 29 May 1835, Ahalt testified the widow was 35 years of age. On 2 Apr 1835, sale was made to Daniel GROVE at $2,592, free of the widow's dower; she received 2/15, $328.21; each 1/6 share was $288.98; finalized 2 Jun 1836.
371-383 - LATE, OTIS, FOUT, CONRAD - Jun 1835
John LATE of Rappahnock Co, VA vs Mary Ann Catharine OTIS, et al Michael LATE Sr, dec'd (will, extract only given), leaving children, - Catharine LATE (lands and money) - Jacob LATE - Michael LATE Jr Land - 3 Lots in Frederick Town, between 4th and 5th streets Mary Ann Catharine LATE d/ 7 Oct 1833 intestate, w/o issue, leaving 4 siblings, bro/ John LATE - Rappahnock Co, VA bro/ Michael LATE Jr, dec'd - his children, ......Mary Ann Catharine (Late) w/o William OTIS - Massachusetts ......Ann Maria LATE, a minor (age 21 in Oct 1835) ......Margaret Catharine LATE, a minor ......Ann Rebecca LATE, a minor bro/ Jacob LATE, dec'd - his children, ......John David LATE ......Mary Ann (Late) w/o Lewis FOUT ......George LATE, a minor sis/ Mary CONRAD, dec'd w/o Henry CONRAD, dec'd - her only child, ......Henry CONRAD - Ohio Guardian was Maria LATE; trustee was John H. McELFRESH; on 12 Dec 1835, sale made to John OTT at $428; each 1/4 share was $91.61; finalized on 11 Feb 1836.
Valentine NICHODEMUS vs WILLSONs - Petition to Sell Richard COALE d/ 22 Jul 1834 (will 6 Jul 1833), leaving 3 grandchildren, - Ann Matilda WILLSON - Edward F. WILLSON, a minor - Charles B. WILLSON, a minor Land - 150 acres (from George MURDOCK to Dennis D. HOWARD and by him to COALE) (was 265 acres, but sold 50 acres to Richard C. WILLSON and 35 acres to Captain John DUTROW). Ann M. WILLSON sold her share to Valentine NICHODEMUS. Guardian was Ephraim RICHMOND; trustee was William COALE; private sale was made to Valentine NICHODEMUS at $35/acre; each 1/3 share was $1,635.42; finalized 21 Jan 1836.
Francis HENRY, Henry BRUCE and William FISCHER vs Perry G. ENSEY In 1834, Perry/Peregine G. ENSEY (w/ Rebecca) was indebted to Francis HENRY, a partner of Bruce and Fischer firm. Land - "Bonds Meadow Enlarged", 1 acre; and Lot of same tract, 1/2 acre, from William GRUMBINE and on road leading from Westminster to Petersburgh (Littlestown). The Enseys had mortgaged their property to Joshua SMITH Jr, a security for note to Peter SHOEMAKER. Trustee was Joshua SMITH; on 22 Oct 1836, sale made to Jacob REESE at $336; debts paid and finalized 9 May 1837.
Jacob FEISER vs Adam FEISER et al - Contract of Purchase Adam FEISER/FIESER d/ Jan 1834 intestate, leaving 11 children, - Adam FEISER - John FEISER - Out of State - Jacob FEISER - David FEISER - George FEISER - Out of State - Henry FEISER - Catharine (Feiser) w/o John EARHART - Elizabeth (Feiser) w/o Jonathan STANNER - Polly (Feiser) w/o Nathan STANNER - Sally (Feiser) w/o Samuel STONSIFER - Susan (Feiser), dec'd w/o Samuel GEATTING - Out of State her 3 minor children, ...Jacob GEATTING ...David GEATTING ...Susan GEATTING Administrators were Adam and Henry FEISER. An 1810 land indenture from Stephen SCHOLL (w/ Ann Maria) to his son, Philip SCHOLL, for land where Philip then resided (conveyed to Stephen in 1800 by Andrew SHRIVER for 100 acres). An 1825 land indenture from William SLYDER, exec/of Stephen SCHOLL, to Adam FEISER for 10 acres of "Ohio" for $1, next to land from Henry GILBERT to Stephen SCHOLL. Adam FEISER also purchased Philip SCHOLL's 100 acres at a public auction from a sheriff's sale on a judgment by William SLYDER against Philip SCHOLL. Land - 110 acres Trustee was John H. HOPPE to convey deed to Jacob FEISER; finalized Oct 1834.
415-433 - SNAUFFER, MILLER, THOMAS - abt Oct 1834
Michael SNAUFFER vs Elizabeth SNAUFFER et al - Title Auditor's Report by John NELSON, trustee, indicates he sold the property of Jonathan MILLER, dec'd, on 13 Jun 1829 of 306 acres to George SNOUFFER, Michael SNOUFFER and Mary Ann MILLER at public sale for $4,605.30. Land - "Resurvey on Foxes Hall", 306 acres, lies on the Monocacy, divided into two sections, 115 3/4 acres (George's) and 188 3/4 acres (Michael's) (actual survey reduced the original acreage). George SNOUFFER d/ 1831, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 6 minor children, - Sarah E. SNOUFFER - William H. SNOUFFER - George W. SNOUFFER - Archibald T. SNOUFFER - John B. SNOUFFER - Benjamin J. SNOUFFER Michael had purchased Mary Ann's interest before the death of George. Because George died and his interest now belongs to his widow and minor children, court ruling needs to be obtained to be granted a deed for his portion of the previously divided land (Michael was living on his portion and George's family was still living on George's portion which had been previously surveyed and divided by Horatio G. ONEAL. Michael SNOUFFER (w/ Caroline E.) has already issued a deed to the heirs of George SNOUFFER for their portion. Guardian was Otho THOMAS; trustee was John Henry HOPPE to convey deed to Michael SNOUFFER for part of the above tract as per agreement between him and George SNOUFFER (relationship not given), clear of widow's dower; finalized 22 Jan 1835.
Christian HOOVER, exec/of Paul SEISS vs Jacob SEISS Jacob SEISS was indebted to Benjamin SEISS and Daniel SEISS, exec/of George SEISS from an 1819 note with Paul SEISS as security. To protect the interest of Paul, Jacob conveyed a deed of mortgage to Paul in 1830 and Paul has since made the payments but has not been reimbursed by Jacob who has since moved out of state. Land - Lot #20 in Graceham (east of Thurmont). Paul SEISS, dec'd (will 18 Jun 1834; 2 Jul 1834) widow - Maria Magdalene and bro/ John Jacob SEISS bro/ Godfried SEISS bro/ George SEISS, dec'd - his children sis/ Mary EGGERT, dec'd - her children also - to John NAGLE of Sabillesville in Harbaugh's Valley - $50 exec/ Christian HOOVER, miller, residing on Owen's Creek. witnesses: Wm. B. PITTINGER, Permien/Permenia R. HARRY, Isaac R. HARRY. Will was received from Rev. Samuel REINEKE. Trustee was Christian HOOVER; on 18 Jun 1836, sale made to William G. BLAIR at $372. Soon after, Christian HOOVER died and then Wm. B. PITTINGER became trustee. Proceeds were slightly short; finalized 1 Jun 1837.
George THOMAS vs Joseph L. SMITH, Elizabeth THOMAS and John McPHERSON Joseph L. SMITH was indebted by mortgage to George THOMAS of Henry and also to John McPHERSON, one of the notes paid to Elizabeth THOMAS. Land - 260 acres, from will (HS-3, 594) of Joseph L. SMITH's father, Joseph SMITH, where Joseph L. SMITH and Edward HOWARD then resided. Another tract of 100 acres on Catoctin Mountain was included in a mortgage to McPHERSON. Trustee was William ROSS; on 29 Dec 1836, sale made to James GIDDINGS for 360 acres at $10,800. McPHERSON was paid and Thomas received $1,959.99 out of the $2,213.26 owed him; finalized 16 Mar 1837.
Estate of Abraham WILLIARD Devalt WILLIARD, dec'd (will 26 Sep 1808; 21 Oct 1808) widow - Elizabeth and 5 children, - Jacob WILLIARD (5 children to receive 105 acres of "Camp's/Kemp's Long Meadow") - his 5 children, ...Elizabeth WILLIARD ...Mary WILLIARD ...Eichlana WILLIARD ...Devalt WILLIARD ...Jacob WILLIARD Jr. - John WILLIARD (394 acres w/ brother Abraham) - Abraham WILLIARD* (394 acres w/ brother John) - Mary LEMON (2 Thousand pounds money) - Peter WILLIARD, dec'd - his illegitimate daughter ...Mary (50 pounds when age 16) d/o Elizabeth CEPNER Executors were sons, John and Abraham; witnesses: Abraham LEMASTER, George KOST, Daniel BISER and Elias WILLIARD. Land - "Madam's Defeat", 321 acres. - "Resurvey on Kemp's Long Meadow", 73 acres, 105 acres. Abraham WILLIARD d/ 17 Jul 1817 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine and 6 children, - Elizabeth (Williard) wid/o Thomas RICE - Peter WILLIARD d/ Nov 1826 intestate - his family, ...- widow - Martha (now w/o Isaac RENN) ...Reuben WILLIARD (died after his father, single, no issue) ...George Washington WILLIARD, a minor ...Abraham Peter WILLIARD, a minor - Daniel WILLIARD - Dewalt WILLIARD - Mary Ann (Williard) w/o William GROVE - Sarah Ann WILLIARD, a minor Land - "Madam's Defeat". - "Resurvey on Kemp's Long Meadow". - "Resurvey on House's New Design", 116 perches, from John HOUSE in 1801. - "If I Don't Keep All, I'll Keep Some", 123+ acres, from Jacob BERGESSER in 1800, lies next to "Fieldera", "Fieldem Manor", "Anchor and Hope", "Below the Nipple and Bubby", "House's New Design" and "Kemp's Long Meadow". totaling 321 acres. The first two tracts were from the will of Abraham's father, devised jointly with his brother John. In 1818, the court laid out 106 acres for the widow's dower for Catharine. Guardian was Christian GETZENDANNER. Testimony was heard from Daniel S. BISER and John FINK in Dec 1836. Trustee was Dewalt WILLIARD; on 18 Feb 1837, sale made to William GROVE for 200 acres at $8,825; to Catharine WILLIARD for 14 acres at $689.50; totals $9,514.50. On 29 Mar, 1837, Perry RIE__ Sr. testified he was acquainted with Martha, the widow of Peter WILLIARD and now the w/o Jacob (Isaac?) RENN, and claims she is about 31 years old and in good health; she was awarded 1/7 of Peter's share, $217.62. Each 1/6 share was $1,523.33; finalized 9 May 1837.
497-533 - CARLTON, BRENGLE, FOX - Feb 1836
Mary CARLTON vs L. A. BROUGH, exec/of Thomas CARLTON, et al - Petition for Dower Lands Thomas CARLTON d/ 28 Oct 1835 (will 19 Sep 1835; 20 Nov 1835) widow - Mary and 3 children, - Eliza CARLTON - Rebecca (Carlton) w/o Lewis BRENGLE - William CARLTON, a minor Executor was Lewis BRENGLE; witnesses: George HOUCK, Christian STEINER, David F. SCHAEFFER. Codicil for mother-in-law, Mrs. Elizabeth FOX on 20 Nov 1835; witnessed by Perry RICE and David F. SCHAEFFER. Land - "Hill in the Middle", 1+ acre, from John GROSHEN (w/ Mary) in 1832 (to Groshen by Frederick BAKER in 1830), next to "Cronises Chance". - "Hill in the Middle", 23+ acres, from Jacob FAIR/FARE (w/ Mary) of Miami Co, Ohio in 1834 (to him from Thomas CARLTON in 1818), next to lands conveyed to Carlton from Peter WOLF and Henry LEATHERMAN and land of John MILLER of George. - "Hill in the Middle", 13+ acres, from George GEDULTIG (w/ Catharine) in 1816 (part to Gedultig from Andrew HEDGES and part to Gedultig from Abraham SHRIVER in 1816). - "Hill in the Middle", 28+ acres, from Abraham SHRIVER (w/ Margaret) in 1818. - "Resurvey on Turnstile" and "Mount Vernon" from John YOUNG (w/ Elizabeth), Frederick YOUNG (w/ Lydia), Elizabeth SHOOK and h/ Jacob SHOOK in 1827 (to Jacob YOUNG from Samuel BRENGLE Jr. in 1798); and part "Hill in the Middle" (to them from Henry LEATHERMAN in 1807). - "Hill in the Middle", 6+ acres, from Peter GRAVER(w/ Margaret) in 1815. - "Hedge Hog" and "Resurvey on Turnstile" from Henry LEATHERMAN (w/ Margaret) in 1815, next to "Hill in the Middle". - Lot #207 in Frederick Town from John SPONSELLER, John McDONALD and David F. SCHAEFFER, exec/of Catharine KELLER (her will 15 Dec 1823) in 1827, on Fourth Street next to lot of Lewis WELTZHEIMER and Market Street on the north side (to Keller from John GEPHART in 1810). - Lots #199 thru 206 on Market Street in Frederick Town, beginning at NE corner of Perry RICE's lot, from Winchester CLINGAN (w/ Sophia) and Edward KOONTZ (w/ Rebecca). In Feb 1836, Mary B. BRENGLE testified she saw Mary and Thomas CARLTON married by Rev. M. WAGNER about 28 years ago in a house on the west side of North Market Street in Frederick Town. Guardian was Lewis BRENGLE; widow's dower (1/3) was platted and laid out by Lewis RAMSBURG, Gidean BANTZ, Abraham KEMP, Jacob KELLER and Samuel CARMACK, the commmission assigned; finalized 15 Mar 1836.
Joshua WINKS vs Heirs of John DUTTERER - Title John DUTTERER/DUTROW/DUTTERO d/ intestate, leaving widow - Mary and 7 children, - Samuel DUTTERER and w/ Elizabeth Ann - David DUTTERER and w/ Margaret - Jacob DUTTERER and w/ Cornelia - Polly DUTTERER w/o Benjamin DUTTERER - Mahaliah DUTTERER w/o Joshua WINKS - Margaret DUTTERER, now dec'd and w/o Levin THOMAS - her 5 children, ...John THOMAS, a minor ...Ellen THOMAS, a minor ...Edward THOMAS, a minor ...Jacob THOMAS, a minor ...Otho THOMAS, a minor - Catharine DUTTERER w/o John BECKENBAUGH - Ohio Land - 1/2 of Brick Grist Mill, Saw Mill, machinery and 5 acres on "Wattson's Wellfare" from George BOWLUS (w/ Catharine) in 1825, lies on Catoctin Creek. The Mill and acreage was sold to Joshua WINKS by the other heirs who, in turn, had a contract to sell it to Israel RAMSBURG. Since then, one of the heirs has died and there are now minor children, hindering the title conveyance to Winks. Guardian was Nelson POE; court appoved issuance of deed to Joshua WINKS with Levin THOMAS to sign as guardian for his minor children; finalized 16 Jul 1835.
Estate of Philip KILLIAN/GILLION - Petition to Sell Philip KILLIAN d/ several years ago, intestate, leaving 4 children, - Susanna, now w/o Edward McMECKIN - Mary Ann, now w/o William Ent SALTER - Philip KILLIAN - Edward KILLIAN, a minor Land - Lot in Frederick Town on South Street along Mechanic Street and next to Michael MARGARET, from Baker JOHNSON (w/ Catharine) in 1809. Testimony heard by Horatio WATERS, Ezra DILL. Guardian was George SALMON; trustee was Joshua DILL; sale made to Philip KILLIAN at $370; each 1/4 share was $77.17; finalized 8 May 1837.
David H. SMITH, Ann SULTER vs Heirs of George SULTER - Petition to Sell George SULTER d/ 1825 intestate, leaving 6 daughters, - Ann SULTER - Catharine SULTER - Elizabeth w/o Daniel WILLIARD - Sarah w/o George W. HARRIS - Mary w/o Thomas NOTTINGHAM - Margaret (d/ abt 1833) w/o Christian KUHN (d/ winter 1835) ...- their 5 minor children, ...George KUHN ...Catharine KUHN ...Elizabeth KUHN ...William KUHN ...James KUHN Land - House and Lot #21 in Middletown from Conrad CRONE in 1798. David H. SMITH purchased the interests from Catharine, Elizabeth, Sarah and Mary. Guardian was George BOWLUS; testimony was heard from George BOWLUS; John ALEXANDER, age 31; George TITLOW, age 45; Doctor Jacob COBLENTZ, age 41; Jacob HOFFMAN, age 45. Trustee was George BOWLUS; sale made to David H. SMITH at $560; each 1/6 share was $85.58; finalized 6 Oct 1836.
James J. McKUHAN vs Estate of George McKUHAN - Petition to Sell George McKUHAN d/ some yrs past, intestate, leaving widow - Jane and 9 children, - James J. McKUHAN - Samuel L. McKUHAN - Joseph G. McKUHAN - Elizabeth McKUHAN - George W. McKUHAN - John McKUHAN and w/ Mary A. - Cumberland Co, PA - Martha McKUHAN w/o Joseph MINNICK - Franklin Co, PA - Benjamin McKUHAN, a minor - Susan McKUHAN, a minor Land - "Carrollsburg", 160 acres; "Black Walnut Bottom", 40 acres; "Caroline", 39+ acres; from John COOPER in 1819 (which he obtained from James Cooper's Estate). James bought all the interests of his siblings who were of age. Guardian was John AGNEW; trustee was George WINTER; on 10 Dec 1836, sale made to James J. McKUHAN at $5,200. On 7 Mar 1837, Joshua MOTTER stated Jane McKUHAN, the widow, was about 55 years of age; she received 1/9 before distributions, $577.77; each 1/9 share was $489.40; finalized 15 Jun 1837.
Abraham WAMPLER vs Magdalena WINTER In 1824, Andrew REESE and William DURBIN sold a lot to Magdalena WINTER who was indebted to Abraham WAMPLER for $55. Andrew REESE is now deceased and William DURBIN is his executor. Land - Lot# 8 in "Winter's Addition to Westminster", 1/4 acre, on Main Street and extending 198 feet back to Covanant Alley. Trustee was Abraham WAMPLER; sale made to Amos LIGHTNER at $300; other judgements were pending; final distribution not shown; final date, 16 Mar 1837.
601-614 - QUYNN, HALLER, GOMBER - Feb 1836
Estate of Mary QUYNN - Petition to Sell Mary QUYNN d/ 9 May 1835 intestate, leaving 4 children, - Casper QUYNN - Allen QUYNN - Catharine (Quynn) w/o Joseph HALLER, both dec'd ...- their 3 minor daughters, ...Mary E. HALLER ...Sarah C. HALLER ...Sophia M. HALLER - William QUYNN, dec'd - his 2 minor daughters, ...Mary C. QUYNN ...Louisa J. QUYNN Catharine and Joseph Haller and William QUYNN died before Mary QUYNN. Land - 1/2 of Lot# 37 in Frederick Town; (purchased at auction by Chancery Decree for payment of debts of Allen QUYNN Jr, dec'd in 1806); next to lots of Peter MANTZ, and Thomas HICKSON (to him from George & Christopher BURKHART) on Patrick Street. Guardian was Charles A. GOMBER; trustee was Allen QUYNN; on 12 Mar 1836, sale made to Casper QUYNN at $1,800; each 1/4 share was $422.53; finalized 14 Apr 1836. ============== The End ==============

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