Frederick Co, MD - Equity JS-13

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity JS-13

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JS-13; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA T2936, Loc 2-70-10-13 dated 1834]

1-15 - MEYERLY, HOPPE - Jun 1833
Estate of Jacob MEYERLY Jacob MEYERLY d/ 9 Aug 1830 intestate d/ Rachel w/o John Henry HOPPIE/HOPPE s/ George MEYERLY s/ Rheuben MEYERLY, a minor s/ Jacob MEYERLY, a minor s/ Lewis MEYERLY, a minor d/ Mary Jane MEYERLY, a minor d/ Susanna MEYERLY, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Brother's Agreement", 122 acres, from David GIMAN/GEIMAN (w/ Elizabeth) in 1830 (previously from Henry BLACK, trustee of Peter EARTHER, dec'd, to David GIMAN); next to land of John STEVENSON and on NW side of public road leading from Taney Town to Frederick Town, in Piney Creek area. Administrator was John H. HOPPIE. Guardian and trustee was John H. HOPPE. On 1 Nov 1832, sale was made to Eve MYERLY at $400, subject to the widow's dower. Creditors were paid $.43 on the dollar; closed 11 Dec 1833.
16-27 - HART, LIGGETT, MARSHALL, PENN - Jun 1830
Richard H. MARSHALL, administrator deboris non of the estate of Thomas BEATTY, dec'd vs Estate of William HART Executor was John RITCHIE who sold real estate to Samuel GRIMES who later filed for insolvency. William HART had signed as security on Grimes' note, so was also indebted to John RITCHIE (as executor). Hart died and Thomas CARLTON was his administrator. William HART d/ intestate widow - Sarah Ann and 4 minor children, - Elvina HART - Alexander HART - Alphonia HART - Dove HART Land - Lots #27, 28, 29, 31 in Creagers Town, from Benjamin PENN (w/ Anna) in 1812 (conveyed to Penn by his brother Joseph PENN). Guardian was James LIGGETT; trustee was Richard H. MARSHALL. On 25 Jun 1831, sale was made to Jacob SHORB at $501, subject to the widow's dower. Debts were paid; closed 16 Jan 1834.
Estate of Jacob TROXELL Jacob TROXELL, tanner d/ intestate widow - Catharine and 6 children - Eliza w/o Michael WISE/WEISE - Mary Ann (a minor) w/o John A. DAVIS - Catharine TROXELL, a minor - Samuel TROXELL, a minor - William TROXELL, a minor - Amanda TROXELL, a minor Land - "Carrollsburg", 40+ acres, from Josiah EMMIT (w/ Abigail) in 1818, bordered by Sam's Creek and lands of heirs of Francis GILLMYER, John SMITH and John TROXELL. - "Resurvey on Harris' Delight", 134+ acres, in Sam's Creek Hundred, from John TROXALL (w/ Elizabeth) of Emmitsburgh in 1822; and second resurvey on "Williams Pleasure", 32 acres; also "Carrollsburgh", 18+ acres; all tracts are adjoining. - "Carrollsburg", 4 acres, on west end of Emmitsburgh, from Abraham WELTY (w/ Eleanor) in 1829; adjoins lands of heirs of Patrick LOWE on the west, John HARBAUGH (formerly Charles ROBINSON) on the north, and waggon road on the south. Guardian was George M. EICHELBERGER; trustee was Lewis MOTTER. On 12 Oct 1833, sale was made to George GROVER for 4 acres at $210; to Catharine TROXELL (the widow) for a back lot in Emmitsburg of 4+ acres at $350; to Isaac BAUGHER for 50 acres of mountain land at $85. On 22 Oct 1833, private sale made to Sebastian WEISE and Peter WEISE for the farm of 225 acres with a merchant mill and other improvements at $6,500. On 9 Dec 1833, George M. EICHELBERGER testified he had known the widow for some years and she was 42 years old and in good health; she was granted 1/8, $857. Each 1/6 share was $999.83; closed 23 Dec 1833.
Estate of Frederick BOYERS Caspar BOYERS d/ 23 Dec 1793 intestate widow - Catharine (d/ 14 Feb 1810 intestate) s/ Frederick BOYERS * s/ Gabriel BOYERS d/ Susan LOVEALL, widow - Baltimore County d/ Eliza Barbara w/o Adam FEASER d/ Catharine ARTER, widow - Ohio d/ Elizabeth w/o David LEAMON - KY s/ Jacob BOYERS Sr - KY s/ David BOYERS - Baltimore County ===== Frederick BOYERS * d/ 26 Feb 1815 intestate widow - Barbara (recently died) and children, - John BOYERS - David BOYERS - Catharine BOYERS - Jacob BOYERS - Mary BOYERS, a minor and w/o Owen BANKERT Land - "Brown's Vexation", 49 acres, from William STANSBURY to Caspar BOYERS, dec'd father of Frederick, in 1791. - "Cool Spring" and "Valleys and Hills, Toms and Wills", 82+ acres, from Peter ERB to Catharine BOYERS, mother of Frederick, in 1795. - "James Choice", 50 acres, from John BAUMGARDNER to Catharine BOYERS in 1795. Frederick bought out the interests of his siblings but conveyances were not done. Guardian was J. Henry HOPPE; trustee was Jacob MATTHIAS. On 28 Mar 1833, sale was made to J. Henry HOPPE for the 171 surveyed acres at $2,334.15. Each 1/5 share to Frederick BOYERS children was $439.12 (David BOYERS share went to Andrew ANGEL; closed 6 Jan 1834.
59-80 - FOGLE, LOCK, BAKER - Oct 1832
Brooke BAKER, friend of FOGLE children - Sale of Real Estate Henry FOGLE d/ 1820 (will 11 Nov 1816; 10 Apr 1820) widow - Mary s/ John FOGLE s/ Matthias FOGLE * d/ Mary LOCK s/ William FOGLE, a minor d/ Nancy FOGLE, a minor Land - "Fat Mutton Enlarged", 234 acres, with dwelling house, spring house, new stable, dying house with baskets and garden and pastures - (use to wife during her widowhood, then to son William, except 95 acres to daughter Nancy). - "Resurvey on Cooper's Alley", 132 acres, from Frederick BARRICK (w/ Mary) in 1805, previously known as "Hoyle's Adventure" and "Rockey Mill", lies next to Israel's Creek and land of Daniel LUDWICK (to him from William HYDER and part from Christian HUFFERT) - (to son John) - "Fogle's Defence", 95 acres, by land warrant from "Resurvey on Cooper's Alley", 90 acres, (to William GOODMAN in 1764), "Rockey Mill", 5 acres, (to Andrew SMITH in 1755), next to "Wood's Mill Land" (to Joseph WOOD in 1787), "Sandy Spring" (surveyed for Caspar CREAGER in 1761), "Resurvey on Cooper's Alley" (to Mathias LINK from William GOODMAN in 1770), "Elers Correction Resurveyed" (resurveyed for Conrad EILER in 1794), "Andrew's Delight" (to Andrew FOGLE in 1762) (to son Matthias) - 90 acres on seven tracts, - (to daughter Mary) Executors were the sons. Witnesses: John STONER, Jacob STONER and John GARBER. ======== Mathias FOGLE * d/ intestate s/ David FOGLE, a minor s/ Peter FOGLE, a minor d/ Catharine FOGLE, a minor Land - "Fogle's Defence", 95 acres, (from his father by will), except 7 acres sold to Conrad ILER; located 1 1/2 miles NE of Woodsborough, bordering Israel's Creek and lands of Jacob HYDER and George LOCK. Guardian was Benjamin SMITH; trustee was Brooke BAKER. Sale was made for the remaining 88 acres to George LOCK, farmer near Woodsboro, at $1,501.28. Each 1/3 share was $464.48; closed 17 Jul 1834.
John JACKSON vs Reuben JACKSON, Henry JACKSON & Others on Petition Equity# 1359 filed 19 Mar 1834 - Henry JACKSON died c17 Jan 1813/1833, intestate, leaving children - John JACKSON - Reuben JACKSON - TN - Henry JACKSON - PA - Samuel JACKSON - OH - Mary JACKSON, now w/o Jacob LAFEVER - OH - Rebecca JACKSON, now w/o Michael ICENAGLE/ISNAGLE - Jacob JACKSON - Catharine JACKSON, now w/o Samuel MYERS - William JACKSON Land - "No Whiskey", 14 acres; "Chestnut Hill", 36 acres, conveyed Alexander OGLE [Fred Co Land Rec WR-13, 599 in 1795]; was part of "Resurvey of Monocacy Manor", on the East side of Monocacy River near the sixth line of "Good Luck" granted to Henry ULICKHAM?. Icenagles transferred their share to John in 1826 [land JS-27, 234-236. Petition to sell real estate and divide proceeds equally as land cannot be divided equally. Court action needed because some parties live out of state. Trustee was Mason PARSONS; on 7 Aug 1834, total real estate sold to John JACKSON at $521; finalized 26 Dec 1834.
Caspar MANTZ vs Luke DAVIS and others Gilbert DAVIS d/ 4 Oct 1830 (will 20 Jul 1830; 11 Oct 1830) w/ Elizabeth s/ Luke DAVIS d/ Amelia INGMAN s/ Ephraim DAVIS d/ Elizabeth w/o Samuel B. LEWIS s/ James DAVIS - Washington County s/ Thomas DAVIS, dec'd ....James H. DAVIS, a minor ....Drusilla E. DAVIS, a minor ....Gilbert DAVIS, a minor ....John Quincy Adams DAVIS, a minor Land - "The Rights of Man", 139+ acres, on north bank of Bush Creek and allotted to heirs of Susannah DAVIS, dec'd - Joseph DAVIS - Walter DAVIS - Mary CANNON, dec'd - her minor children, ...Willilam CANNON - Ohio ...Grace CANNON - Ohio ...Catharine CANNON - Ohio ...Noah CANNON - Catharine DAVIS w/o George KEPHART - Denton DAVIS, a minor - Ohio are heirs of Joseph RATCLIFF, dec'd. and mortgaged to Caspar MANTZ in 1828. Executors were wife and son Luke. Witnesses: James SUMMERS, William WILCOXEN and Thomas DUVALL. The wife renounced the duties and requested her son-in-law, Samuel B. LEWIS, act as administrator. Guardian was Henry BARNES; trustee was John H. McELFRESH. On 29 Sep 1832 at the Mill of Plummer IJAMS, sale was made to John MONTGOMERY Sr. at $1,623.08. The widow received 2/19, $157.51, in lieu of her dower. Proceeds were short of claims; closed 15 Nov 1834.
Estate of Jacob HARBAUGH Jacob HARBAUGH d/ 1 May 1817 intestate - 10 children s/ Jacob HARBAUGH d/ Mary, widow of Henry SHRIVER s/ Henry HARBAUGH s/ Elias HARBAUGH d/ Margaret w/o Henry SNIDER - PA s/ John HARBAUGH - PA s/ George HARBAUGH - PA d/ Catharine HARBAUGH s/ Yost HARBAUGH, dec'd ....Mary Ann w/o George DOFFLER ....Elizabeth KOLB - PA ....Juliana w/o John EVERHART - Ohio ....Margaret HARBAUGH - PA ....Catharine HARBAUGH ....Daniel HARBAUGH, a minor d/ Susannah HOOVER, dec'd ....Sophia w/o John PEPPLE ....Catharine WELLER, dec'd -------Nathanial WELLER -------Julianna WELLER, a minor ....Daniel HOOVER, dec'd -------Jacob HOOVER, a minor - PA -------John HOOVER, a minor - PA -------Susanna HOOVER, a minor - PA -------Mary Ann HOOVER, a minor - PA ....Rachel w/o Peter KELLENBERGER - Ohio ....Margaret w/o Jacob ROUZENBERGER - PA Land - "Sugar Tree Valley", "Addition to Sugar Tree Valley", "Second Addition to Sugar Tree Valley" and "Enterprize", 359 acres of woodland, a few miles from Emmitsburgh, from Samuel POULTNEY in 1811. On 27 Aug 1834, George FLAUTT testified Catharine HARBAUGH, d/o Jacob HARBAUGH, dec'd, has been for the last 29 years and from her birth and now been non compasmentis, what is commonly known as a lunatic, and wholly incapable of taking care of herself. William J. ROSS was appointed as guardian for Catharine and also for Daniel HARBAUGH and Juliana WELLER. Trustee was James RAYMOND; property was divided into lots for public sale. Sales made to - Henry HARBAUGH for Lot #1 of 68 acres at $343.75 - Joseph BAUGHER for remaining five lots of 293 acres at $1,015.65. Petition was made to include Isaac BAUGHER as a co-purchaser along with Joseph BAUGHER. Each 1/10 share was $124.17; closed 10 Oct 1833.
Estate of Jacob FIRESTONE Jacob FIRESTONE, mill wright, d/ abt 1830 intestate widow - Mary (d/ 1 Dec 1832) and children - Joshua FIRESTONE - David FIRESTONE - John FIRESTONE - George FIRESTONE (b/ 31 Jan 1812) - Henry FIRESTONE, a minor - Frederick FIRESTONE, a minor Land - "Chestnut Levels", 8 acres, from John BOYER, paper miller of Washington County (w/ Mary Ann); lies next to "Hedges Delight", "Yellow Spring", "Chestnut Ridge" and land of Henry FOX and Nicholas ZIMMERMAN's part of "The Paper Factory". Guardian was David F. SCHAEFFER; trustee was Frederick FEAGA. Sale made to George FIRESTONE at $497. Each 1/6 share was $73.54; closed 14 Aug 1834.
147-160 - PHILLIPS, KNAUFF, THOMAS - Dec 1823
Estate of Jason PHILLIPS Jason PHILLIPS d/ intestate widow - Nancy and 5 children, - Deborah M. w/o Jacob KNAUFF - Diana PHILLIPS - Greenberry PHILLIPS, a minor - Elizabeth PHILLIPS, a minor - Mary PHILLIPS, a minor Land - parts of "Welch Tract", "Gundon Delight", "Jedburgh Forrest", "Black Acre", "Griffith's Choice", "Chargeable", "Chisholm's Chance", "Chisholm's Addition", from Nicholas CLOPPER in 1817; (previously from John Stone MARLOW to Clopper in 1813; and "Green Fields" to Clopper from Elizabeth and Samuel DAWSON in 1806); lies on west bank of the Monocacy River; a total of 295 acres. Guardian and trustee was Noah PHILLIPS. Public sale was held at the tavern of William MICHAEL in Frederick with Otho THOMAS being the high bidder at $3,404.30. The widow received 1/9, $358.47; after debts, each 1/5 share was $67.84; closed 12 Dec 1834.
Estate of Jacob MICHAEL Sr. Jacob MICHAEL Sr. d/ Aug 1824 intestate widow - Sarah and 5 children d/ Catharine MICHAEL w/o John S. HOWARD d/ Barbara MICHAEL w/o Henry CONRAD - Muskingum Co, Ohio s/ Geisbert MICHAEL d/ Rebecca MICHAEL w/o Samuel M. HUNTER - Muskingum Co, Ohio s/ Jacob MICHAEL, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Flag Pond", 140+ acres, from John MICHAEL, brother (w/ Debora), and Barbara MICHAEL, mother, in 1810, (previously to Andrew MICHAEL from Thomas DUCKETT in 1786). Jacob MICHAEL and John MICHAEL were brothers and John sold his share from his father Andrew's will of 1796. Property adjoined Thomas JOHNSON's part. Guardian was Daniel KEMP; trustee was John S. HOWARD. On 26 Jun 1834, sale was made to John C. OSBORN for the 136 1/4 acres at $3,304.06. The widow received 1/9, $348.78; each 1/5 share was $558.05; closed 20 Aug 1834.
Estate of Christian KUHN Sr. Christian KUHN Sr. d/ Spring 1830 (will 14 Sep 1828; codicil 5 Apr 1830; filed 19 Apr 1830) s/ Henry KUHN - Washington County s/ Christian KUHN s/ Solomon KUHN s/ George KUHN s/ Joseph KUHN s/ Peter KUHN s/ William KUHN d/ Sarah KUHN, now w/o Joseph FAVORITE d/ Mary, dec'd w/o George FLACK - Out of State ....Lewis William FLACK, a minor ....Magdalena FLACK, a minor ....Delia FLACK, a minor s/ Jeremiah KUHN, a minor SLAVE - negro man TOM (to d/ Sarah; but codicil changed this and stated he was to be sold for 12 years, then to be set free) Executor was Zebulon KUHN (who renounced); Administrator was George KUHN. Witnesses were Joseph CYPHER, Isaac LATE and Zebulon KUHN. Witnesses for codicil were same except Henry PROTZMAN replaced Isaac LATE. Guardian was Frederick OTT; trustee was George KUHN. On 3 Feb 1831, house and lot in Creagerstown were sold to Zacharias ANDERS at $85; on 25 Mar 1833, private sale was made to William BIGGS for 346 acres at $5,100. Henry, Peter and Christian each received $150, the rest also received $150 plus 1/7 share of the balance, $637.39; closed 11 Sep 1833.
Estate of Christopher STULL Christopher STULL d/ Mar 1832 widow - Mary and 11 children - Elizabeth w/o John HUMERICK - Mary w/o Henry STEINER - Ohio - Catharine w/o John SIX - Margaret wo William MILLER - John STULL - Jacob STULL - Magdalena w/o Abraham GROSHON - Joseph STULL - Susanna STULL - Christena STULL, a minor - Christian STULL, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Locust Thicket", 108+ acres, resurveyed in Aug 1831 with 108 acres acres to each - John STULL and Christopher STULL; lies along Monocacy River. Guardian was William C. RUSSELL; trustee was William BIGGS, esquire. Sale went to Samuel WILHIDE at $20.04/acre, subject to the widow's dower. Each 1/11 share was $184.83; finalized 4 Sep 1834.
Francis HENRY and John S. MURRAY vs Heirs of George WENTZ George WENTZ d/ 1833 intestate, leaving widow - Rachel s/ George W. WENTZ, a minor Administrator was Jacob REESE. Land - "Kelly's Range" and "Bond's Meadows Enlarged", 50 acres; 18 acres were sold in several plots before George's death, leaving 32 acres. Guardian was Jacob MATHIAS; trustee was Jacob REESE. Sale was advertised in the Hanover Gazette and the Carroltonian. On 26 Aug 1833, sale was made to - William WILLIS for 2 front Lots, #7 and 8, 1 acre each, at $162; - David GEIMAN for Lots #9, 10, 11 and 12, each 1 acre, $209.75; - Jacob MATHIAS for a wood lot of 60 acres at $471; - George WIANT for a 1/2 acre plot at $41; - William EVANS for Lot #4, 3/4 acre, at $45; - Rachel WENTZ for Lot #8, a middle lot of 1 acre; Lot #11, a front lot of 1 1/4 acre; Lot #9, a back lot of 1 1/4 acre; Lot #10, a back lot of 2+ acres; Lot#12, a back lot of 1 acre; Lot #13, a back lot of 1 acre; Lot #14, a back lot of 1 acre; and Lot #25, a back lot of 2+ acres, with house, at $1,433.63. - David GEIMAN for Lots #12 and 13, 1/2 acre each at $122.25 (at private sale). The total sales were $2,387.63. Distributions: The widow received 1/8, $280.68; creditors paid $.88 on the dollar; finalized 11 Sep 1834.
Baugher & Company vs John S. ROWE and others Baugher & Company was formed by Isaac BAUGHER and Joseph BAUGHER. Frederick ROWE d/ Mar 1833 intestate, leaving s/ John Lewis ROWE s/ George Frederick ROWE, a minor s/ William Thomas ROWE, a minor s/ James Madison ROWE, a minor d/ Ann Louisa ROWE, a minor s/ Isaiah Richard Francis ROWE, a minor d/ Mary Jane ROWE, a minor d/ Susanna Maria ROWE, a minor s/ Jefferson Lafayette ROWE, a minor Land - Lot #16 of "Shield's Addition to Emmitsburgh", with house, on main street leading to Baltimore, from Joseph HUGHES (w/ Mary) in 1811. Administrator was Samuel BAUMGARDNER. Guardian was Martin WHITMORE; trustee was Samuel BAUMGARDNER. Sale made to Baugher & Company for $375; creditors paid $.41 on the dollar; finalized 12 Jun 1834.
David MURRELL vs Estate of John MURRELL Jr. John MURRELL Jr, dec'd, of Allegany County (will 29 Sep 1828; 14 Jan 1829) bro/ Hugh MURRELL - his 5 children - all Philadelphia, PA .......David R. MURRELL (Spring Garden District of Philadelphia) .......Mary Ann w/o Stephen B. COMBS (age 28 in Sep 1833) (she & baby both died in childbirth) .......Rebecca MURRELL .......Louisa MURRELL, a minor .......Ellen MURRELL, a minor Executor was Brice W. HOWARD. Witnesses: Frederick FECHTIG, Jacob FECHTIG, Levi HILLEARY. Land - Lots #21, 22, 55 and 56 in Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD, from Upton BRUCE (w/ Sarah) of Baltimore in 1817; lies on west side of Mill Creek. - 1/2 of Lot #209 in Cumberland, from George RIZER (w/ Margaret) (s/o Martin RIZER) of Allegany County in 1817 (previously from Thomas BEALL (s/o Samuel BEALL) to David HOFFMAN Sr. in 1805); begins at NW corner of Mechanicks and Bedford Streets, along Mechanic Street to Mill Race, then to Bedford Street to beginning. Guardian was Cornelius S. SMITH; trustee was William J. ROSS. On 26 Sep 1833, sale was made to - Jonathan BUTLER for 1/2 of Lot #209 at $1,000. Distributions: Stephen B. COMBS received 3/7 of 1/5, $77.71, as his curtesy share as widower; each of the other 1/4 remaining shares were $217.22, but Rebecca and Louisa purchased David's share. On 26 Apr 1834, the 4 lots were sold to Peter HOFFMAN at $140 at private sale. Distribution of this was in same fractions as last distribution. Finalized 3 Jul 1834.
246-257 - WOLFE, BOYLE, SWOPE, PFOUTZ, LIND - Feb 1832
John SWOPE and John Brooke BOYLE vs George WOLFE Daniel BOYLE died Dec 1830 with a will, naming John B. BOYLE and John SWOPE as his executors. At the time of his death, he held a mortgage on George WOLFE (w/ Barbara). Land - "Terra Rubra", 151+ acres. (Survey showed 145 acres, 19 perches.) The executors were the trustees who sold the property at $13/acre to John PFOUTZ, survey to determine actual acreage. John LIND (his now deceased wife, Barbara) petitioned the court for debts due him from George WOLFE and also against Wolfe as security for P. KUHNS. Executors of Boyle received their claim as did Lind; residue went to George WOLFE, $142.10. Finalized 30 Jul 1834.
Estate of Ludwick SHARRER Ludwick SHARRER d/ intestate, leaving 8 children, s/ John SHARRER d/ Mary SHARRER w/o Christian MOCK s/ Henry SHARRER s/ Jacob SHARRER s/ George SHARRER (d/ after father, intestate) .....Elizabeth SHARRER w/o Daniel BOBBLIN .....Emanuel SHARRER, a minor s/ William SHARRER d/ Elizabeth SHARRER w/o Patrick BURK d/ Catharine SHARRER w/o John KEHN Land - House and Lot #41 in Taney Town, from Valentine NULL (w/ Rachel) in 1803, with ground rent to the heirs of Jacob GOOD. Guardian was Patrick BURK; trustee was William B. GWINN. On 15 Jun 1833, sale was made to Jacob SENSE at $120; but he was unable to comply with the terms. On 12 Jul 1833, sale was made to Nicholas FRINGER Sr. at private sale for $120. Each 1/8 share was $6.07; finalized 19 Jun 1834.
Daniel BUCKEY and Elisha HOWARD, exec/of Dorcas HOWARD vs Estate of Isaac McPHERSON Dorcas HOWARD d/ (will 7 Mar 1826; 21 Mar 1826) s/ Elisha HOWARD d/ Elizabeth w/o Jacob MEIXELL d/ Dorcas HALLER d/ Ann HOWARD gr-dau/ Rebecca D.H. AYERS gr-son/ George William Howard HIBB SLAVES - negro boy PETER (to son Elisha) - negro man HENRY; negro woman LUCKEY; negro woman RACHEL; (last three to be freed upon her death and each given $20). - negro man MATHEW (to be freed 6 years after her death) Executors as listed above. Witnesses: Somerset R. WATERS, George SNOUFFER, Samuel DUTROW. Land - "New Breman", 112 acres, from Mathew BROWN (w/ Elizabeth) in 1824, (to Brown from Edward HARRIS of Baltimore in 1810); lies along the Monocacy River; (next to "Gant's Garden" from Abraham TOW to John KOONTZ in 1787); which the executors sold to Isaac McPHERSON of Baltimore city at $750 in 1826. Isaac McPHERSON d/ intestate, leaving widow - Esther and 11 children, d/ Jane McPHERSON w/o William GILLINGHAM - Baltimore County d/ Elizabeth McPHERSON w/o Jonathan JANNY - Alexandria, DC d/ Ann McPHERSON w/o Nathaniel C.B. WHITAKER - Baltimore County d/ Esther McPHERSON - Baltimore County d/ Mary McPHERSON - Baltimore County s/ William McPHERSON - Baltimore County d/ Martha McPHERSON - Baltimore County d/ Hannah McPHERSON - Baltimore County d/ Llydia McPHERSON - Baltimore County d/ Sarah McPHERSON - Baltimore County s/ Isaac McPHERSON, a minor - Baltimore County Administrators were the widow and David HOFFMAN, esquire. Guardian was Neilson POE; trustee was William J. ROSS. In Sep, sale was made to John HASSELBACK at $510. The administrators were reimbursed for part of the notes they paid; but proceeds were short. Finalized 10 Nov 1834.
Estate of John Nicholas DELL John Nicholas DELL/DILL, dec'd (will 1 Feb 1815; 27 Mar 1815) widow - Eve Dorothy (d/ 1832) and 9 children, s/ Peter DELL d/ intestate, his children .....Juliet DELL .....Harriet w/o David UHLER .....Matilda M. DELL .....John K. DELL .....Washington DELL, a minor s/ John DELL d/ intestate, no issue d/ Mary Magdalena w/o John McCLAIN s/ David DELL d/ intestate, his 10 children .....Lloyd DELL .....John DELL .....Peter DELL .....William DELL .....Jacob DELL .....Eve D. DELL .....Rachel DELL .....Fannetty DELL .....Mary w/o Francis CURREN/CARSON .....David DELL, a minor s/ Adam DELL s/ Jacob DELL s/ Nicholas DELL d/ Llydia w/o John BAXTER/BASTLER d/ Anna w/o Peter KNIGHT Executor was son John. Witnesses: Thomas COOK, George RONFMANN and Edward STEVENSON. Land - "York Company's Defence", but now called "Resurvey on Father's Gift", 60 acres, from Stephen WINCHESTER of Fredericksburg, VA in 1807. Guardian was David UHLER; trustee was George WARFIELD, esquire. On 21 Oct 1833, sale was made of 43 3/4 acres, near Nichodemus' Mill, was sold to Simon KILER at $215.88. Each 1/8 share was $21.11; finalized 11 Feb 1835.
John B. PURCELL and Francis JAMISON vs Joachim ELDER, et al - Title In Feb 1824, Aloysius ELDER (now dec'd) made an agreement to sell land to Nicholas MEYERS at $20/acre. Meyers transferred the sale to Michael D. EGAN and John F. McGERRY, principalities of Mount Saint Mary's Seminary, as joint tenants with the approval of Elder. Land - "Pleasant Levels", 87+ acres; adjoins land of Jacob ADLESPERGER and his blacksmith shop. In Dec 1829, after Michael D. EGAN died, John F. McGERRY, of New York City, transferred the land to John B. PURCELL and Francis JAMISON (still principalities of same); rental was to Rev. John DUBOIS. He also transferred personal property, including SLAVES - 6 negro men - ABRAHAM, NACE, BARNEY, PETER, DANIEL LEWIS - 10 negro women - MARY, HENRIETTA, PRUDENCE, CATHARINE, RACHEL, MARY ELIZABETH, ANN MARIA, CECELIA, MONICA Aloysius ELDER d/ 11 Sep 1827 intestate, leaving widow - Mary and 11 children s/ Justinian ELDER - Out of State d/ Ann (Elder) w/o William MURPHY d/ Matilda (Elder) w/o William McATEE - Out of State s/ Lewis ELDER d/ Mary (Elder) w/o James KEEPERS - Out of State s/ Joachin ELDER s/ William P. ELDER d/ Ann Eliza (Elder) w/o Daniel BURK d/ Sophia (Elder) w/o William CAHILL d/ Mary P. ELDER, a minor d/ Ann K. ELDER, a minor Guardian was Felix B. TANEY. Testimony was heard from William MOONEY, Henry G. WATERS and William PARSONS. Title transfer was granted to the complainants and John SHORB was appointed trustee for minors to convey the deed. Finalized 23 Dec 1833.
Joshua ADLESPERGER - vs Estate of Jacob RIDENOUR In 1823, Jacob RIDENOUR, landowner, was indebted to George HARMAN for $243.37 1/2 cents and made a mortgage to him. Jacob RIDENOUR d/ Jan 1826 intestate, leaving widow - Cathroota/Gertruda (HARRISON?) and 9 children s/ John RIDENOUR d/ Catharine (Ridenour) w/o John BUTLER s/ Henry RIDENOUR, a minor d/ Sophia RIDENOUR, a minor s/ Jacob RIDENOUR, a minor s/ Charles RIDENOUR, a minor s/ Andrew RIDENOUR, a minor s/ George RIDENOUR, a minor s/ William RIDENOUR, a minor In 1829, George HARMAN petitioned for insolvency and Joshua ADELSPERGER became his trustee. Land - "Thereabouts" and mountain tracts (from William GERNAND to Ridenour in 1819); adjoins lands of Jacob WELLER, Daniel ROUZER, George FREEZE and James CROCKETT. Ridenour had also included all his personal property including a turner's lay with tools and chissels, planes, carpenter tools and joiners tools. Guardian was Martin ROUZER in 1830; trustee was Jacob ADDLESPERGER. On 20 Nov 1830, sale was made in Mechanics Town to Joseph KUHN at $65.50, free of dower. The widow received 2/17, $3.84; Adlesperger received the balance, $28.84; finalized 21 Aug 1834.
322-328 - TROXELL, MOTTER, GROVER, WEISE - Sep 1833
Lewis MOTTER vs John TROXELL Jacob TROXELL, now deceased, executor of estate of John TROXELL, sold two lots to John TROXELL. Since the death of Jacob TROXELL, Lewis MOTTER was made trustee to complete the duties of executorship, but John TROXELL had not paid all of the monies. Land - 30+ acres in two lots. Trustee was Lewis MOTTER. On 26 Dec 1833, sale made to - George GROVER and Michael WEISE for 10 acres of mountain land at $8.25/acre; and for 20+ acres at $15/acre. Total sales $391.87 1/2 cents. The trustee maintained $373.49 from the proceeds; closed 3 Mar 1834.
Estate of Samuel SINGER Samuel SINGER, dec'd (will 22 Apr 1818; 11 Aug 1818) widow - Hanna (d/ bef Apr 1833) and 10 children s/ John SINGER s/ Samuel SINGER s/ Jacob SINGER, now dec'd ...w/ Eve and 6 children ......Mary SINGER w/o John OTT ......Jacob SINGER, a minor ......Jeremiah SINGER, a minor ......Elizabeth SINGER, a minor ......Susannah SINGER, a minor ......Sarah SINGER, a minor d/ Susannah (Singer), dec'd w/o John EIGENBRODE d/ Catharine (Singer), dec'd w/o John BLACK ......William BLACK ......Elizabeth BLACK ......John BLACK, a minor ......Mary, a minor ......Henry, a minor d/ Elizabeth (Singer), dec'd w/o Andrew YOUNG d/ Mary (Singer), dec'd w/o Mathias ZACHARIAS ......Joseph ZACHARIAS, a minor ......Mary Ann (Zacharias), a minor and w/o Mathias ZACHARIAS d/ Scharlet SINGER s/ Frederick SINGER s/ George SINGER (died unmarried) Land - "Stoney Hill" and "Resurvey on Stoney Hill", 131 acres. Executor was Jacob SINGER. Witnesses: Benjamin BIGGS, Henry GRAFF, James BECKET. Trustee was Frederick SINGER. After two failed public sales, private sale was made to John SINGER at $1,490 on 17 Jan 1834. Distributions: after legacies were paid, each 1/9 share was $87.72 (son George left no heirs). Eve SINGER (widow of Jacob) received 1/3 of the $100 legacy and 1/3 of the 1/9 share; small claim of Jacob's was paid to Nathaniel GREASON and Sterling GALT; each of Jacob's children received 1/6 of 1/9 share and 1/6 of the balance of the legacy, $19.06. The shares of deceased Catharine and Mary went to their husbands. Finalized 30 Jun 1834.
Abraham JONES, trustee - Petition to Sell Real Estate On 8 May 1830, Dennis SOLLERS was found to be a lunatic by an inquisition under a writ De Lunatici Inquisende Those testifying were: Abraham JONES, George OVELMAN, Daniel YANTIS, Archibald ETZLER, Thomas CARR, John LUGENBEEL, Basil JONES, Abelard STEVENSON, Abdiel UNKEFER, Joseph L. WAGNER, Daniel GALLAHER, Joel WOOD, John JONES, Abner CAMPBELL, Daniel SWEADNER, Solomon GLESSAN and John SHANK. Abraham JONES was appointed as Sollers' trustee and SOLLERS was greatly in debt. Land - "Usher's Freehold", Lot #2, 194 acres, in Liberty Town (from Alexander SLAYMAKER in 1823); next to land of James MUMFORD, Adam DEVILBISS and tract "Dear Bought". - "Mount Felicity", 82 acres (from Thomas GIST and w/ Harriet in 1824); near a tobacco house. - "Mount Felicity", 15 acres, from Vachel W. DORSEY (w/ Elizabeth) in 1823 (previously from will of Basil DORSEY to Arthur DORSEY with Vachel being heir of Arthur); lies on east side of road leading from New Market to Liberty Town. - "Greyhound Forrest", 250 acres in Baltimore County (from Robert STRANGE in 1817 for one moriety; and from William FRENCH in 1817 for the other moriety). - House and Lot in New Market (from John DORSEY and w/ Maria in 1820, but deed was made to Sabritt SOLLERS, brother of Dennis, because of suggestion of lunacy), with yearly ground rent to Nicholas HALL; lies on the south side of Main St, between Jesse WRIGHT and Isaac DAVIS. Lands not yet paid for - - 191 acres, from Joseph ROOPE, now dec'd - 97 acres, adjoining the previous tract, from Vachel DORSEY and Thomas GIST. SLAVES - negro boy OWEN (sold to Basil NORRIS at $275); - negro girl HANNAH (sold to William MORRISON at $100). Personal property included old iron whiskey barrels and old plaster barrels, shingles and wind mill. Dennis SOLLERS' family sis/ Sarah TROTTER, widow, age 60 bro/ Sabritt SOLLERS, age 58 bro/ Basil SOLLERS, age 56 sis/ Mary LONG, widow, age 54 sis/ Adrianna (Sollers) (now dec'd) ---- 1st h/ Tobias STANSBURRY, dec'd ............s/ Nathaniel STANSBURRY, age 25 ............d/ Sarah, age 23 w/o Edward GORSAGE ---- 2nd h/ John GORSAGE (GORSUCH?) In Aug 1830, Dennis SOLLERS had been committed to a hospital near Baltimore. Trustee was still Abraham JONES; sales were made to - David DEVILBISS for 194 acres at $5,626 - Sabritt SOLLERS for 97 acres at $3,419.25 - Reuben FALCONER for house and lot in New Market at $230 at private sale Total sales for personal and real estate, $12,775.43. After debts were paid, there remained $680.89. Dennis SOLLERS died abt Jan 1831, having previously made a will with his brother, Sabritt SOLLERS as executor. Case closed 22 Sep 1831.
364-373 - McMULLEN, McELFRESH, RUDDACK - Jun 1833
David J. RUDDACK vs Charles P. McMULLEN and John H. McELFRESH Charles P. McMULLEN, being indebted, gave a deed of trust to John H. McELFRESH for all his groceries, liquors, wines, hardware and store furniture, his house and all personal property except bedding and family wearing apparel, in trust to sell for him and satisfy his creditors. Land - stone house in Frederick Town McElfresh holds the balance of proceeds, not yet distributed. Creditors were paid a portion of the $984.15, but total debts were $2,526.66.
Elihu H. ROCKWELL vs Jacob THOMAS - Foreclosure Land - "Mackey's Luck", Lot #15, 26+ acres, (from Samuel STAUFFER to Abraham STONER in 1813). Trustee was Chester COLEMAN. On 3 Jan 1834, sale was made to Elihu H. ROCKWELL at #301. Rockwell received $261.38 of his $488.85; closed 16 Mar 1835.
Thomas RITCHIE, Mary OTT, et al - Petition for Title Thomas BEATTY, dec'd (will 28 Dec 1810; codicil 16 Jul 1815) leaving the following heirs (relationships not given) - Thomas RITCHIE - Mary OTT - Ann (Beatty), dec'd w/o Joseph SIMMES - Henrietta w/o William PARKINSON - John BEATTY, dec'd - Thomas A.C. BEATTY, dec'd - Jane E.C. (Beatty) w/o John D. SCOTT - Eleanor H. (Beatty) w/o Basil BRAWNER Executor was John RITCHIE who sold land to Abraham GROSHON. Land - Lots #133 thru #140, 2+ acres, in Creagers Town on the east side of North Street. - "Town Tract", 65+ acres, from John RITCHIE to Elias GROSHON of Abraham in 1818, runs to Front Street in Creagers Town. Since then, John RITCHIE died; Abraham GROSHON also died, leaving his sole heir as Elias A. GROSHON who has since paid the balance due. Trustee was Richard H. MARSHALL to consumate the contract and convey deed to Elias A. GROSHON. Case closed 26 Jun 1834.
Nathaniel GREASON and Sterling GALT, exec/of William GREASON SR. - on Petition William MORELAND, dec'd (will - info and dates not given) widow - Mary Margaret (no children) Administrator was Robert ANNAN. Land - "Black Walnut Bottom", 5 acres, from Jacob EVERSOLE (w/ Catharine) in 1821, between MORELAND's house and Tom's Creek. - "Carrollsburg", 55+ acres, (by Lot #19), part in Adams Co, PA and part in Frederick Co, MD, from Dr. Robert L. ANNAN (w/ Mary) and William EMMIT, esquire (w/ Susan) in 1813. - "Carrollsburg", Lot #19, 10 acres, from John LATCHEW/LATCHEN (w/ Mary) in 1814 (previously owned by James YOUNG, dec'd). - "Shields Adventure" and "Carolina", 10 acres, from Peter NELSON (w/ Eleanor) in 1811; next to "Black Walnut Bottom". - Lot on South Mountain, 19 acres, from George GROVER (w/ Mary) in 1827; near waters of Francis Creek, adjoining lands of Frederick CRABBS, Joseph C. SCHULTZ. Legacies paid to - SLAVE - for benefit of negro SAM, $533.33 - James CRAIGG, $266.66 (probably father of the others) - Robert CRAIGG, $487.18 - Thomas CRAIGG, $487.18 - James CRAIGG, $487.18 - Patrick CRAIGG, $487.18 - Samuel CRAIGG, $487.18 Trustee was Robert ANNAN. On 5 Oct 1833, sales were made to - Robert CROOKS, Morelands Town, 25 acres adjoining town and 19 acres of mountain land at $1,175. - John CLARK for lands along PA line, 55+ acres w/ improvements, being the balance of the real estate, at $751. Total sales, $1,926. After debts were paid, the widow received $194.03; closed 10 Apr 1834.
Estate of Daniel HOUSE Daniel HOUSE d/ intestate, leaving widow - Tabitha and 11 children, s/ William HOUSE s/ Andrew HOUSE s/ Levi HOUSE d/ Mary (House) w/o William RICE s/ Nelson HOUSE d/ Ann (House) w/o William BEALL d/ Sarah (House) w/o James E. WOOD d/ Rebecca HOUSE d/ Maranda HOUSE s/ John HOUSE (d/ aft his father) ......Elizabeth HOUSE, a minor ......John HOUSE, a minor ......Mahala HOUSE, a minor d/ Rachel (House) w/o Jacob EASTERDAY, both dec'd ......Daniel EASTERDAY, a minor ......Sarah EASTERDAY, a minor ......William EASTERDAY, a minor Land - Lot #8, 80+ acres, parts of "The Upper End of Long Bottom", "More Bad Than Good" and "Resurvey on Long Bottom", and part of original tract "Wine" and "Little Scrap", surveyed for Daniel HOUSE on 19 Nov 1793; lies by mouth of Edward/Neddy MARLOW's lane and "Resurvey on Masons Folly". Daniel had been in possession of the lands for more than 30 years. In Dec 1829, the widow (now Tabitha NYSEWANGER), Andrew, Rebecca and Maranda HOUSE all conveyed their interests to William HOUSE of Daniel and James WOOD in 1829 for love and affection. Guardian was Joseph HARRISON as well as trustee. Sale was held on 22 Sep 1832 at the tavern of Francis RICHMOND in Middle Town whereby William HOUSE became high bidder at $40. Distributions not shown; closed 14 Feb 1833.
Estate of John KOONTZ Land - 202 acres, near waters of Silver Run; next to lands of Nicholas DILL, John DOTTER, Jacob FEESER, Nicholas BAYCHTELL and Conrad SHILLING. Deeded to John KOONTZ in 1808 from heirs of Henry and Fronica KOONTZ, dec'd s/ Jacob KOONTZ and w/ Mary - Baltimore City s/ Henry KOONTZ and w/ Margaret d/ Catharine (Koontz) w/o John GROFF s/ George KOONTZ and w/ Esther d/ Ann Maria STUDY s/ Abraham KOONTZ/KUNTZ and w/ Catharine - Adams Co, PA Executors of Fronica's will were John and George KOONTZ. John KOONTZ, dec'd (will 4 May 1818) widow - Magdalena (d/ abt 15 Apr 1833) and 9 children, s/ Samuel KOONTZ s/ John KOONTZ s/ David KOONTZ d/ Polly (Koontz) w/o Jacob STUDY s/ Benjamin KOONTZ d/ Elizabeth KOONTZ s/ Henry KOONTZ, a minor d/ Matilda KOONTZ, a minor s/ George KOONTZ, a minor No executor named. Witnesses were Christian BROWER, Nicholas DILL and James EDWARDS. Guardian was L.P.W. BALCH; trustee was John BAUMGARDNER. On 29 Nov 1834, sale was made to Benjamin STONESIFER at $11.50/acre; survey netted 188+ acres; total sales was $2,167.89. Each 1/9 was $227.13. Closed on 12 Feb 1835.
422-443 - DUTROW, BECKENBAUGH, WINKS, THOMAS - abt Feb 1834
Jacob DUTROW, et al - Estate of John DUTROW John DUTROW d/ 15 Jun 1831 intestate, leaving widow - Mary and 7 children - Samuel DUTROW - Mary (Dutrow) w/o Benjamin DUTROW - Catharine (Dutrow) w/o John BECKENBAUGH - Mahala (Dutrow) w/o Joshua WINKS - David DUTROW - Jacob DUTROW - Margaret (Dutrow), dec'd w/o Levin THOMAS .....John B. THOMAS .....Edward THOMAS .....Jacob D. THOMAS .....Otho THOMAS .....Mary E. THOMAS Land - "Foxes Hole", "Smith's Mistake Rectified", "Valentine's Retirement", "Resurvey on Turkey Range", "Mad George", "Barn Secured", "Resurvey on Chevey Chase", "Resurvey on Mantzsylvania", "Foxes Hole Enlarged", "Union of Nine"; totaling 290+ acres; from Jacob BOWLUS (w/ Margaret) in 1821; lies next to land of George YEASTS. ("Foxes Hole Enlarged" was from Joseph SWEARINGEN and George MESSERLY (w/ Mary) in 1822; next to land of George NEFF.) ("Union of Nine" was from Robert JOHNSON Sr (w/ Bethany) in 1822.) All the siblings and the widow conveyed their interests to brother Jacob except the deceased Margaret. Guardian was Levin THOMAS. Trustee was Samuel DUTROW; on 12 Jan 1835, the 1/7 share was sold at $1,428.02 for farm land and $148.18 for mountain land. Buyer not listed, but probably was Jacob DUTROW since he owned the other 6/7. Each of Margaret's children received $288.75. Closed on 25 Feb 1835.
Estate of Charles HOWARD Charles HOWARD d/ 20 Apr 1824 intestate widow - Elizabeth d/ 19 Apr 1834 s/ Thomas H. HOWARD s/ Edward HOWARD s/ Grafton HOWARD - VA s/ Isaac HOWARD d/ Mary HOWARD d/ Elizabeth (Howard) w/o William PLUMMER d/ Ellen/Eleanor (Howard) w/o John DARBY d/ Anna (Howard), dec'd w/o Elie HOUSE .....Elizabeth HOUSE .....Elie HOUSE Jr, a minor d/ Martha (Howard) (d/ bef Apr 1834) w/o Basil SIMPSON .....Charles SIMPSON, a minor .....Joanah SIMPSON, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Locust Level", 24 acres, from Samuel DUVALL (w/ Priscilla Ann) in 1797 (to Duvall from Daniel DULANEY, Esquire, in 1796); lies on east bank of Monocacy River and next to "Rockey Springs". - "Nothing Left", 65 acres, from Samuel DUVALL (w/ Priscilla Ann) in 1803 (to Duvall from Thomas JOHNSON, Esquire, in 1804). - "Long Slipe", 12+ acres, from Thomas BEATTY (w/ Jane) in 1795; next to "Timber Plenty". ===== Edward HALL, dec'd (will 19 Aug 1783; 21 Apr 1785) niece - Elizabeth HALL d/o William HALL (bro/of Edward) nephew - Edward HALL, then a minor (godson) niece - Sophia DUVALL d/o Marsh Mareen DUVALL SLAVES - negro CATE and two of her children, PETER and POLL (to Elizabeth Hall for life) - negro RACHEL (to Sophia Duvall for life) - negroes SALL and GEORGE (to godson and nephew, Edward Hall for life) Elizabeth received the home plantation lying westward of the Long Branch. Sophia received the plantation from Iron PLUMMER and land eastward of the low grounds of Long Branch; and also the codicil property, "Walnut Bottom", 50 acres, from Philip HAMMOND. Executors were brother William HALL and Samuel DUVALL of William. Witnesses: Richard SHECKEL, Joseph CROMWELL, John BEATTY. Witnesses for Codicil on 7 Mar 1785 - Priscilla Ann DUVALL, William SEAMER and George DENT. Elizabeth's Land - "The Three Springs" and "Resurvey on Wild Cat Hill"; which she inherited from her Uncle Edward HALL. A resurvey was done on lands owned by both of the Howards, "Charles and Elizabeth", 375 1/2 acres; except for "Nothing Left", 65 acres; totaling 440 acres. The Darbys transferred Ellen's share to Thomas. Guardian was Horatio G. ONEILL. Trustee was Edward HOWARD. On 21 Mar 1835, at the tavern of John DILL in Frederick Town, sale was made to Thomas H. HOWARD for "Charles and Elizabeth", actual survey 378 1/2 acres, at $5,961.37; to William PLUMMER for "Nothing Left", 66 acres, at $1,048.41. Each 1/9 share, $743.40; Basil SIMPSON was allowed 3/17, $56.20, as curtesy share of his wife's share before distribution to her children. Closed on 9 Jun 1835. Note - Normally, when one dies, the estate is divided amongst the children. If one of the children dies after the parent, a dower or curtesy share goes to the spouse of that child. If the child died before the parent, the share is divided evenly among the children of that child and no dower or curtesy share is given to the spouse of the child.
464-482 - HAINES, DEVILBISS, EVANS, NAILL - Oct 1835
Estate of David HAINES David HAINES d/ 1821 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine (now w/o David EVANS) and 7 children d/ Mary Ann (Haines) w/o Thomas DEVILLBISS s/ Samuel HAINES - Ohio s/ William HAINES - Out West s/ James HAINES, a minor - Ohio s/ Michael HAINES, a minor s/ Charles HAINES, a minor d/ Sarah Ann HAINES, a minor Land - "Leigh Castle", Lot #9, 72 acres, and Lot #14, 101 acres, from Michael HAINES in 1813; except part sold by Michael to Philip WANSILLER, next to "Robert's Cave". - "Leigh Castle", Lot #12, 141 acres, from Archibald BARNES in 1815, next to "Hull Range", "Brothers Inheritance", "John's Lookout" and "Dorsey's Mill Frog". Total remaining, 146 acres, with dwelling house, grist mill, saw mill, other outhouses and wood lot of 38 acres, farm lying 7 miles from Liberty on Sam's Creek, near Alexander WARFIELD's Mill, in occupancy of David EVANS. Guardian was Horatio G. ONEAL; trustee was James RAYMOND. On 28 Mar 1835, sale was made to David EVANS for the plantation at $1,465; to Thomas DEVILBISS for the woodland of 40+ acres at $372.12. On 2 May 1835, David W. NAILL testified he had been acquainted with Catharine EVANS, previously the widow of David HAINES, and she was 50 years of age, of good firm constitution and in good health; she received 2/17, $196.31, in lieu of her dower. Each 1/7 share was $210.33; closed on 15 May 1835.
Caspar MANTZ vs Jonathan GEISBERT - Foreclosure Land - "Friendship", 209 acres, to Jonathan GEISBERT from Roger JOHNSON in 1823. Trustee was John H. McELFRESH. On 4 Oct 1834, sale was made to Frederick WELTY at $2,749.68; however, Henry SHYROCK had bid higher but, not being able to make cash payment, claimed he would bring his two brothers to Frederick Town to be securities. Shyrock did not comply in the designated time, but did later comply and was then the high bidder at $2,932.98. Closed 7 Jan 1835.
495-508 - STEINER, HEIM - Jan 1834
Estate of Elizabeth STEINER Elizabeth STEINER d/ Apr 1833 intestate (w/o of Henry STEINER Sr) s/ Henry STEINER s/ Christian STEINER d/ Charity STEINER s/ Ezra STEINER, dec'd .....Margaret Elizabeth STEINER, a minor .....William STEINER, a minor .....Charity STEINER, a minor .....Mary Ann Cecelia STEINER, a minor s/ Jacob STEINER, dec'd .....Elizabeth STEINER, a minor Land - 1/2 of Lot #5 in Frederick Town on Patrick St, with free use of well and pump, to Christian STEINER (s/o Elizabeth) from Andrew HEIM (w/ Mary) in 1827, for use of his mother in trust. Property located on left of main road leading to Conococheaque. (Previoulsy to Heim from Jacob BRUNNER in 1822.) Guardian was L.P.W. BALCH; trustee was Henry STEINER. On 18 Apr 1835, sale made to Christian STEINER at $800. Proceeds were slightly short of debts; closed 18 Jun 1835.
508-522 - LINTON, SLAVE, McPHERSON, MANTZ - Nov 1831
Caspar MANTZ vs Edward LINTON and others Rachel LINTON, dec'd widow of Benjamin LINTON (will 1 May 1829; 23 May 1830) s/ Edward LINTON .....Thomas Otho LINTON (youngest son), a minor SLAVES - negro man ABRAHAM (to son Edward for 5 years, then set free) Real estate to grandson, to be placed in hands of son until grandson is of age. Witnesses: Sadox FOWLER, Singleton PURDY, Edward KNOTT. Land - "Altogether", 127+ acres, mortgaged to Francis MANTZ in 1821; from Thomas JOHNSON to Benjamin LINTON in 1806, then left to wife Rachel by Benjamin's will dated 16 Dec 1820. On 30 May 1823, Caspar MANTZ became administrator for the estate of Francis MANTZ, dec'd. Guardian was Singleton BURGEE; trustee was John H. McELFRESH. On 14 Feb 1835, at the tavern of John DILL in Frederick, sale was made to John McPHERSON at $447.12. After the mortgage was paid, the grandson received $132.05; closed on 20 Aug 1835.
George SIX vs George CRABBS George CRABBS d/ 1810 (will 26 Feb 1810; 24 Apr 1810) widow - Margaret (now dec'd) s/ John CRABBS d/ intestate (blacksmith tools) .....George CRABBS .....Jacob CRABBS .....Frederick CRABBS .....Elizabeth (Crabbs) w/o James TODD .....Llydia (Crabbs) w/o William STULTZ .....Rachel (Crabbs) w/o John Waltz/Westly WALKER - Baltimore Co .....Mary (Crabbs), dec'd w/o Jacob ROOT ---------John ROOT, a minor .....Louisa CRABBS, a minor d/ Margaret (Crabbs) HARRIS d/ Elizabeth (Crabbs) w/o George STRONG - Ohio grandson - George SIX (still) Real estate to wife, then divided equally in four parts. Executor was John CRABBS (now dec'd; his administrator was George CRABBS). Witnesses: Henry SPALDING, Thomas MAXWELL, Henry ELDER. Land - "Brook's Discovery on the Rich Lands", 150 acres, on the SE side of Monocacy Creek and by "Epping Forrest"; and "Addition to Brook's Discovery on the Rich Lands", 50 acres, in the middle of a spring of water between house of Samuel BROWN and where James PETTIT lived; to Benjamin LEACH and George CRABBS from Thomas McCUNE and w/ Mary and Samuel McCUNE and w/ Elizabeth, heirs (daughters) of Samuel BROWN in 1796. A division of land between Benjamin LEACH and George CRABBS was made between Leach's house and Joseph HAY's and by Andrew WHITE's. Each had 102+ acres, but fence boundary gave Leach 113 and Crabbs 91. George SIX, the grandson, purchased the interests of the other children of George CRABBS; he asks the court to appoint a trustee to transfer title to him rather than sell the estate. Guardian was George CRABBS; trustee was Jacob ZUMBRUM to make transfer of the deed to George SIX; closed 17 Jan 1833.
Estate of Magdalena MEYERS Magdalena MEYERS d/ 1829 intestate d/ Catharine w/o Noah WORMAN d/ Julianna w/o _____ HOOK/HOKE - PA d/ Susanna w/o Michael BAIL d/ Elizabeth w/o Michael CARLE d/ Rebecca MEYERS (Lunatic; Noah WORMAN guardian) s/ Jacob MEYERS .....Mary (MEYERS) CRAWL, dec'd --------Mary Ann CRAWL, a minor .....John MEYERS, a minor .....Jesse MEYERS, a minor .....Rachel MEYERS, a minor .....Westley MEYERS, a minor .....Mary Ann MEYERS, a minor Elijah BOND represented the minor children of Jacob MEYERS. Land - as tenants in common with Noah WORMAN - - "Lynburg", 123 acres;located on East side of a hill near the Saw Pit Branch, a draught of Little Pipe Creek, by "Breeches" and land of Tobias GARDNER and Adam ZOLLMAN and by "Pretty Betty". - "Resurvey on Small Beginning", 56+ acres; by land of Adam ZOLLMAN from Edward DORSEY of John in 1774. - "Resurvey on William's Neglect", 2+ acres; totals 182 acres, from Jacob MEYERS in 1827. Guardian was Elijah BOND; he was also trustee. On 23 Aug 1834, sale was made to Noah WORMAN at $5,142.97. Each 1/6 share was $819.43; closed 18 May 1835.
Estate of Frederick KELLER Conrad KELLER d/ 1822 intestate w/ Elizabeth s/ Frederick KELLER, only child (d/ 29 Mar 1832) .....Charles John KELLER, a minor .....Dewit Clinton KELLER, a minor .....Eugenia KELLER, a minor .....Elizabeth KELLER, a minor Land - 115 acres from Thomas GANTT, esquire of Prince George's County in 1794 (confiscated British property of Henry ADDISON, sold in 1782 to John HARRISON as Lot #2, who sold it to Joseph SIMM and Thomas GANTT in 1786). In 1796, Conrad KELLER (w/ Elizabeth) sold 4 acres to Abraham EADER, blacksmith. - "Addison's Choice, 24+ acres, to Frederick from Jacob BRENGLE in 1831; - "Addison's Choice", 5+ acres, from Charles SALMON, merchant of Baltimore (w/ Eliza Ann) in 1825; - "Benvenue", Lot #3, 59 acres, from Richard POTTS, trustee for heirs of Levi HUGHES in 1827, lies on west side of Monocacy River and between river and lot of Baltimore and Frederick Town Turnpike company; - 1+ acres (1/8 undivided part of 10 acres) from James HUGHES, exec/of John HUGHES, in 1832, on south side of Baltimore and Hagerstown Turnpike and 2 miles east of Frederick Town and opposite the White Tavern now owned by Dorcas COOKERLY; - 1+ acres (1/8 undivided part) from Enos SCHELL in 1832 (to Schell from John GLISSAN, trustee, in 1826); also (1/8 undivided part of 10 acres) on south side of Baltimore and Frederick Turnpike, directly opposite Mrs. COOKERLY's White Tavern (was alloted to Charlotte SCHOLL, w/o Enos SCHOLL and d/o Levi HUGHES). Total acreage owned by Frederick KELLER was 202 acres. Guardian was Jacob BRENGLE; trustee was Jonathan EADER. On 19 Nov 1834 at the tavern of John DILL in Frederick Town, sale was made to Joseph STAUFFER for the home where the widow had resided, containing 140 acres at $3,815.02; to Catharine KELLER for 59 acres, where she then resided, at $767; to Philip REICH for 3+ acres on south side of B&H Turnpike at $130. Total sales were $4,712.02. After debts were paid, each 1/4 share was $884.58; closed 12 May 1835.
Evan CARMACK, Samuel CARMACK and Edward BUCKEY vs George HILTERBRIDLE and Edward SALMON George HILDEBRIDLE (w/ Mary Ann) became mortgaged to Evan CARMACK, Samuel CARMACK and Edward BUCKEY. George later filed for insolvency, making deed of trust to his trustee, Edward SALMON, to resolve his debts. The mortgage did not get recorded in the allotted time, so petition was made to have it recorded and so granted on 3 Mar 1834. Land - Lot in Frederick Town
John McPherson BRIEN and others vs Griffin TAYLOR John BRIEN d/ 1834 intestate s/ John McPherson BRIEN s/ Henry A. BRIEN s/ Robert C. BRIEN .....Luke Tiernan BRIEN Administrator was John McPHERSON and guardians of Luke were Henry V. SOMERVILLE and Luke TIERNAN. Land - "Archadia", 676 acres. Administrator contracted to sell the real estate to Griffin TAYLOR for $38,000. John McPHERSON was made trustee to make deed and mortgage to Griffin TAYLOR; closed 5 Jan 1835.
595-604 - SMITH, POWDER, SHREEVES - Jan 1836
Andrew POWDER vs Robert SMITH - Foreclosure Land - "Resurvey on Bedford", 1/2 of Lot #10 and 1/2 of Lot #11, 1/4 acre, on the plat of "Winter's Addition to Westminster", on Main Street to Winter Alley. The 1833 mortgage was witnessed by Joshua SMITH Jr and Jacob POWDER Jr. By Jan 1836, Robert SMITH was said to have moved Out of State. In May 1836, Mary Ann SMITH relinquished any dower in the property. Trustee was Isaac POWDER. On 1 Aug 1836, sale was made to William SHREEVES at $901.50. Funds were slightly short; closed 24 Sep 1836.
Ann AYTAN vs William JOHNSON and others William H. DORSEY of Montgomery County d/ intestate leaving heirs, - Maria A. DAVIS w/o William JOHNSON - William J. DORSEY and w/ Susan R. (ROBINSON) Sometime after the death of William H. DORSEY, the parties agreed to a division of the lands in Montgomery County: the farm where John D. CLARKE resided was assigned to Maria A. JOHNSON and William J. DORSEY who took possession and maintained it for some time. Later, they agreed to a division in two equal parts. Maria and William Johnson lived in Frederick County and were anxious to sell their portion. In 1832, Ann AYTAN, of Montgomery County, agreed to purchase the land, signed a contract, paid part of the money and took possession of the land. She has since paid all the money but has not received a deed. Maria A. JOHNSON d/ bef Dec 1833 leaving 4 children, all under 14 d/ Anna Maria JOHNSON s/ William Ross JOHNSON d/ Catharine Ross JOHNSON d/ Juliana Johns JOHNSON ===== William J. DORSEY d/ bef Dec 1833 widow - Susan R. and 2 minor children, d/ Anna Maria DORSEY d/ Lavinia DORSEY Guardian was Robert E. DORSEY. William JOHNSON was made trustee to convey deed for his children to Ann AYTAN; closed 26 Dec 1833. ============== The End ==============

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