Frederick Co, MD - Equity JS-12

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity Court Abstracts - Liber JS-12

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JS-12; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA T2936, Loc 2-70-10-12)

David BOWLUS, next friend of Richard RIDGELY and Joshua RIDGELY, minor children of Samuel RIDGELY, dec'd Isaac RIDGELY of Washington County d/ (will 5 May 1791; 21 Dec 1796) widow - Elizabeth d/ long before 1833 to Samuel RIDGELY (s/o Richard RIDGELY) after death of wife, Samuel to receive lands. SLAVE - negro girl POLL (to bro/ Richard RIDGELY) Executors were wife and brother; witnesses: Samuel TOMPLIN, Harman COBELLANBY, John HESSONG. Samuel RIDGELY of Richard, d/ intestate, leaving widow - Charlotte, now w/o Alexander SIERS of Allegany County s/ Richard RIDGELY s/ Joshua RIDGELY Land - "Resurvey on Ridgely's Rest", 55+ acres (in Frederick County). Appointed guardian was Horatio G. ONEILL; trustee was David BOWLUS; on 29 Jan 1833, sale made to Jacob RIDGELY at $832.50. Petition made by Thomas POWELL, exec/of Samuel TEMPLIN, for monies due from Ridgely to Templin. In Sep 1833, both Samuel TEMPLIN and Samuel RIDGELY had been dead for 12 years. Petition also made by George CURFMAN - on 24 Jun 1811, he was an orphan with James SHAWEN as his guardian having Daniel SHAWEN and Samuel RIDGELY bonded as sureties. James SHAWEN had possession of the orphan's property and in 1820, the orphan obtained age 21 and the remaining balance of $165.73 bonded for him was due him from James SHAWEN who has not paid him. He obtained a judgement against James and Daniel SHAWEN and Joshua RIDGELY as adm/of Samuel RIDGELY but still has not received his money and both of the Shawens are now insolvent. Distribution was made without any deduction for the additional petitions, 1/2 share each to Joshua and Richard RIDGELY, $375.54; finalized 3 Oct 1833.
11-19 - DERR, COVER, RICHENBAUGH - Oct 1831
Rachel COVER vs Abraham S. DERR Abraham S. DERR was indebted to Rachel COVER but has refused to pay his debt. In addition, he is continually cutting down timber and selling it off, decreasing the value of his mortgaged property. Injunction was obtained to prevent Derr from removing any more timber. Land - "The World's Wonder", 119 acres, on South Mountain and south bank of Friend's Creek, next to "Carolina" and "Jarland's Eye"; - "The Orchard", 22+ acres, in Union Town (belongs to heirs of Everhart COVER). Trustee was Samuel BAUMGARDNER; on 25 Nov 1833, sale made to Henry RICHENBAUGH at $327; proceeds short.
Dr. William TYLER vs Peter CURFMAN Estate Peter CURFMAN d/ 1832 intestate, leaving 5 children, - Rebecca w/o David BUSH - Samuel CURFMAN, a minor - William CURFMAN, a minor - George CURFMAN, a minor - Susanna CURFMAN, a minor Land - House and land, "Hedge Hog", 2 acres; and "Resurvey on Turn Stile" and "Hill in the Middle", <1 acre (previously to Andrew HEDGE from Henry LEATHERMAN in 1805), from Thomas CARLTON (w/Mary) in 1818. Administrators and trustees were Thomas CARLTON and David BUSH; guardian was William BEAM; sale made on 13 Mar 1833 to Abraham BITZENBERGER at $933.50; proceeds short, paid $.16 on the dollar; finalized 8 Aug 1833.
Sarah BAER, exec/of George BAER vs Joseph HERRING Estate George BAER, dec'd (will 5 Sep 1830; 5 Oct 1830), leaving w/ Sarah (their house and lot on Market Street in Frederick) Witnesses: Michael BALTZELL, John OTT and Cyrus MANTZ. As executrix of George BAER, Sarah BAER sold a brick tenement and Lot, fronting Market Street in Frederick, to Joseph HERRING but monies are still due. Joseph HERRING died with a will, but will was witnessed by only two people instead of three; he left 9 siblings, sis/ Sarah BAER - later, w/o Charles BRENGLE bro/ George HERRING bro/ John HERRING bro/ Lewis HERRING bro/ Jacob HERRING bro/ Henry HERRING sis/ Catharine HART, later w/o Benjamin C. BLACKSTONE sis/ Margaret HERRING, later w/o Aquilla BAILES sis/ Elizabeth TITLOW, dec'd - her 3 children, ......Patrick TITLOW, a minor ......Isaac TITLOW, a minor ......Catharine TITLOW, a minor Guardian was David F. SCHAEFFER; trustee was William J. ROSS; on 14 Apr 1832, sale made to Peter DEGRANGE at $683.25; each 1/9 share was $27.42; finalized 27 Jun 1833.
Henry KAHLER vs Jacob DARE/DERR Estate Jacob DARE/DERR* d/ Feb 1831 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine and one daughter, - Catharine w/o George EADER - Ohio Administrator was Henry KAHLER. Land - House and Lot in Frederick Town. Trustee was Henry KELLY; on 16 Feb 1832, sale made to John W. MILLER at $581; proceeds short, paid $.59 on the dollar; finalized 28 Jun 1832. * Name was spelled both ways throughout the records.
Brooke BAKER and Jacob BARRICK vs Catharine BARRICK Catharine BARRICK, dec'd (will 12 Mar 1831; 31 Oct 1831) (will declared null and void because only attested by two witnesses per Act of 1798, Chapter 101, Section 4) her 9 children as listed in petition, - Samuel BARRICK (sold his interest to Brooke BAKER for $50) - Jacob BARRICK - Solomon BARRICK - John BARRICK - Peter BARRICK - Elizabeth BARRICK - Nancy/Ann (Barrick) w/o Francis SHAW - Christian BARRICK, a minor - Phebe JONES, dec'd - her 2 children, .....Catharine JONES, a minor .....Sophia JONES, a minor Land - Lot #35 on tract "Woodstown", in Woodsborough. Guardian was Nelson POE; trustee was L.P.W. BALCH; on 7 Feb 1833, at tavern of Francis SHAW in Woodsborough, sale made to John BARRICK at $600 but then Solomon ZIMMERMAN was substituted as purchaser with consent of John BARRICK. Each 1/9 share was $58.28; finalized 10 May 1833.
Samuel ZEAST and David BOWLUS vs John HESSON Estate John HESSONG d/ 1831 intestate, leaving 10 children, - Margaret HESSONG w/o George NEFF - Drucilla HESSONG w/o Joshua SNIDER - Mary HESSONG w/o Joseph MINICK - Catharine HESSONG - John HESSONG, a minor - Elizabeth HESSONG, a minor - Sarah Ann HESSONG, a minor - Maria HESSONG, a minor - Mahala HESSONG, a minor - Ezra HESSONG, a minor Administrator was David BOWLUS. Land - "Resurvey on Johnson's Level", 51+ acres, from Shadrach HEDGES (w/ Mary), s/o Charles HEDGES, dec'd, in 1796. - another part of same tract (30 acres) from Frederick BISER (w/ Margaret) in 1811 (previously to Biser from William JOHNSON, an exec/of John JOHNSON) and with exception to the house and 1+ acre, being the life estate as dower rights, to Margaret, the widow of John JOHNSON; lies next to Adam MAIN's part. Guardian was Doctor Jacob BAER; trustee was John SIFFORD; sale held 18 Aug 1832 at tavern of Francis RICHMOND in Middletown; to John BISER for 30+ acres at $1,464; to Francis RICHMOND for 51 acres at $1,507.50; totaling $2,971.50. Each 1/10 share was $202.23; finalized on 10 Jan 1833. Note - Hessong also spelled as Hesson
78-89 - DUVALL, SLAVES - Sep 1832
Daniel DUVALL and Casper MANTZ vs Thomas DUVALL Charles BENTZ d/ intestate Dr. William TYLER and Dr. William WATERS practiced medicine under the firm name of Drs. Tyler & Waters. Thomas DUVALL signed over his real estate and personal property in trust to Daniel DUVALL for the benefit of Thomas' creditors. Daniel sold off the personal property but has been unsuccessful in selling the real estate; he requests someone else be chosen for trustee to sell the real estate so he may be able to bid on it. Land - 170 acres, part from Thomas DEAN in 1828; part from Gilbert DAVIS and w/ Elizabeth in 1828; part from Ephraim DAVIS in 1828; part from Daniel DUVALL, as trustee of Equity #902 (and adm/of Charles BENTZ, dec'd), but not yet conveyed (part is reserved for Baltimore & Ohio Railroad). SLAVES - negro man LLOYD, age about 21; negro woman ALLEY, age about 40. Plummer IJAMS Sr. was appointed as new trustee; on 20 Oct 1832, sale made to Daniel DUVALL at $1,881.90; proceeds about 20% short.
89-102 - SMITH, SHAFER - May 1831
William SMITH and Mary Magdalena SMITH vs George SMITH Estate George SMITH d/ Mar 1820 (will 25 Feb 1820; 18 Mar 1820) widow - Mary Magdalena and 8 children, - Sally SMITH - Charles SMITH - Anthony SMITH - Andrew SMITH - Susanna SMITH - Llydia SMITH - Catharine SMITH - Christena SMITH Executor was brother, Philip SMITH (but d/ 15 Apr 1828). Witnesses: Brooke BAKER, William SMITH and William ANDERS. The only surviving children in May 1831 were: - Anthony SMITH - Charles SMITH (step son of Mary Magdalena) - Andrew SMITH (youngest son, turned 21 on 30 Apr 1831) - Llydia SMITH, a minor - Catharine SMITH, a minor Land - "Smith's Good Will" and "Luckey Discovery", 209 acres The widow purchased Charles' interests; the widow and brother Philip, as executor, sold 15+ acres of "Luckey Discovery" to William SMITH, but it was not conveyed before Philip's death. Guardian was Noah A. SHAFER; trustee was L.P.W. BALCH; on 11 Jun 1831, sale made to the widow at $836 ($600 was due her from the estate per the will); each 1/5 share was $31.27; finalized 31 Jan 1833.
Peter GEIGER and John LAMBERT Jr. vs Isaiah PEARCE Josiah PEARCE d/ intestate, leaving 9 children, - Isaiah PEARCE - Josiah/Joseph PEARCE - John PEARCH - Sarah w/o George SMELSER - Nancy/Ann w/o George MILLER - Ellen/Eleanor w/o Lewis ENGLEMAN - Elizabeth PEARCE, a minor - Mary PEARCE, a minor - Matilda PEARCE, a minor Administrator was Isaiah PEARCE. Land - "Stevenson's Lot", 32+ acres from John SMELSER in 1819. Guardian of Mary and Matilda was John PEARCE; Isaiah was Elizabeth's guardian. Trustee was Jeremiah CURREY; on 1 Sep 1832, sale made to George SMELSER at $800; each 1/9 share was $23.43; finalized 10 Jan 1833.
Martin GELSINGER vs Jacob DUSING Estate Jacob DUSING/DUSINGER/TUSING Jr. d/ 1829 intestate, leaving 4 minor children, - Catharine DUSING - Daniel DUSING - Susannah DUSING - Jacob DUSING Administrator was John SHROYER. Land - "All Sienes", "More Stones Added" and "Honesty Best Policy", 140 acres from Jacob TUSING/TOOSINGER SR. in 1824; lies next to land of Henry DUSING. Guardian was Noah A. SHAFER; trustee was L.P.W. BALCH; on 29 Aug 1832, sale made to Jacob MUMMA at $161, subject to the widow's dower rights. It was discovered 35 acres had been sold off before Jacob's death, leaving 105 acres. Each 1/4 share was $11.93; finalized 31 Jan 1833.
George ZIMMERMAN Estate Jacob CRIST d/ aft 1788 intestate, leaving 6 children, - Henry CRIST - Cathrine (minor) w/o Tobias BUTLER Jr. - Jacob CRIST, a minor - Elizabeth CRIST, a minor - Mary CRIST, a minor - Philip CRIST, a minor Land - "Hardest Fend Off", 402 acres w/ large brick dwelling, grist mill and other buildings and largely cultivated; - "Fountain Low", 215 acres - "Nantucket", 2 acres - "Piney Grove", 143 acres, in Kittoctin Mountains. - 2 Lotts, #77 and #78 (has large brick dwelling) in Creagerstown Commission to assess Crist's lands consisted of Thomas BEATTY, John RAMSBURG, John BRUNER, Jeremiah BROWNING and Thomas LILLY. In 1795, much of the land was sold to Isaac RICHARDSON who in turn sold part to Henry DARKIS who sold to Peter STILLY who sold to Christopher ORNDORFF who sold to George ZIMMERMAN. George ZIMMERMAN, dec'd (will 27 Feb 1824; 14 Sep 1824) w/ Elizabeth and 10 children, - John P. ZIMMERMAN - Maria Catharine ZIMMERMAN, now w/o Martin EICHELBERGER - George Thomas ZIMMERMAN - William Michael ZIMMERMAN - Lilly Ann ZIMMERMAN - Jacob Alexander ZIMMERMAN - Samuel ZIMMERMAN (dec'd ?) - Calvin ZIMMERMAN, a minor - James Absalom ZIMMERMAN, a minor - Hiram ZIMMERMAN (dec'd ?) (Spouses not shown in will as children were then minors.) Land - "Hardest Fend Off", 242 acres, from estate of Jacob CRIST in 1804; - "Resurvey on Fountain Low", 4+ acres; - "Woods Design" and "Den of Wolves", 89+ acres from Frederick William SHRIVER (w/ Elizabeth) in 1803 (previously to Shriver from William Murdoch BEALL and Elisha BEALL in 1790) (one acre on south side of Hunting Creek was reserved for Shriver's mill dam); and also "Resurvey on Den of Wolves", 11 acres; - "Resurvey on Isles Mountain", 2+ acres from Jacob BRANDENBURGH (w/ Catharine) in 1820; - "Two Brothers", 128 acres from Thomas DRAPER (w/ Mary) in 1817; - Lot #10 of "The Mountain Tract", 60 acres, from Mathias SHROOP (w/ Barbara) in 1810 (previously to him from George CALVERT). SLAVES - but not named Executors were wife and son John. Witnesses: Michael ZIMMERMAN, James WERDLE and John WALKER. Real Estate was to be sold 8 years after his death, long overdue. The widow had renounced her executorship; John also renounced in Dec 1832 (probably so he would be able to purchase the real estate at a public sale). (Note - If a sibling chose to take the estate before a sale, he/she was required to pay the other siblings their share of the value of the estate over a period of time, eldest to be paid first. Each sibling, by birth [eldest to youngest] were given the opportunity; when all decline, property is sold. If purchased at a sale, their only debt is payment of sales amount and are not liable for any sibling payments as each sibling will receive an equal share of the proceeds of the sale after any and all debts.) Trustee was Martin EICHELBERGER; on 5 Feb 1833, sale made to John P. ZIMMERMAN for first four listed tracts at $9,683.40; to George ZIMMERMAN for the latter two tracts at $3,130.70; total sales $12,815. Each 1/8 share was $1,367.29 (Samuel and Hiram were not included); finalized 9 May 1833.
Henry GRAFF Estate - Sale of Real Estate Henry GRAFF, dec'd (will 9 Oct 1821; 12 Feb 1824), leaving 5 children from 1st marriage, - Mary w/o John MARTIN - Joseph GRAFF - Rebecca GRAFF - Catharine w/o George FLACK - Elizabeth, dec'd - her children (not named) (gave them plantation "Graff's Content", 130 acres and 1/2 of "Timber Plenty", 154 acres) 2nd wife and widow - Elizabeth (1/3 of "Rich Level") and 6 children, - Elie GRAFF and w/ Amanda - Jeremiah GRAFF - Delilah w/o Benjamin BIGGS - Henry GRAFF (d/ bef Sep 1829 intestate, single & under 21) - Dorcus GRAFF, a minor son - Sarah GRAFF, a minor (age 16 on 18 Jul 1829) (gave them "Rich Level" and 1/2 of "Timber Plenty") SLAVE - negro man JACK; negro woman BETT Executors: son Eli and son's friend, George M. EICHELBERGER. Witnesses: William SHIELDS, Philip KEILHOLTZ and James TAYLOR. (spouses of second set of children not listed in will) Land to resolve - "Rich Level", 210+ acres, from Casper RICE (w/ Mary) in 1795, next to Monocacy River and tracts "The Fish Dam", "Resurvey on Benjamin's Good Luck" (originally to Benjamin BIGGS in 1762) and Christian THOMAS's part of "Rich Level"; - and mountain tract "Timber Plenty" Appointed to divide "Timber Plenty" was Christian HARMAN, Conrad WILHIDE and Jacob WELLER, B.S.; surveyor was Jacob FIROR, chain carriers were Godfrey SEISS and Jacob EYLER. Guardian was the mother; trustee was Elie GRAFF; in 1830, sale made to the widow for 30 acres with a small house and blacksmith shop at $800; on 7 Feb 1831, he sold the residue of the farm on the Monocacy of 182 acres at private sale to Christian WHITMORE at $3,277.80 (5 acres had previously been sold to Mathias ZACHARIAS before 1824). On 24 Dec 1829, mountain lot was sold at private sale to Jacob FIROR at $300. On 28 Aug 1832, David KEPHART testified the widow was 62 years old and her health tolerable; she was allowed 1/9 in lieu of her dower, $463.38; each 1/5 for the younger set of children was $741.41; finalized 1 Nov 1832.
Benjamin PRICE, adm/o Susannah HEFFNER vs Jacob HEFFNER Estate Jacob HEFFNER/HAFFNER, dec'd (will) widow - Rebecca and two children, - William Walter HEFFNER - Samuel HEFFNER Executor was Samuel POOLE. Susannah HAFFNER, dec'd (will 3 Aug 1827; 29 Oct 1827) leaving children, - Elizabeth HAFFNER - Appolonia HAFFNER - Catharine w/o William JULIAN and her heirs - Anna BARTGIS and her heirs - (Unnamed) NAYLOR - her sons .....William NAYLOR .....Augustus NAYLOR - Benjamin HAFFNER Executrix was Appolonia HAFFNER; Witnesses: Joseph SMITH, John MEASELL. Land - Lots #3 (24 acres) and #7 (26 acres) on "Resurvey on Havener's Fancy"*; - "Anoiler", lying north of Fulling Mill Race, now owned by Jonathan KEMP and Isaac DERN, from Jonathan KEMP and Isaac DERN (w/ Catharine) in 1821 (previously belonging to Daniel MATHIAS). - part "Tasker's Chance", 22+ acres, from William GOLDSBOROUGH (w/ Sarah) in 1825. - "Resurvey on Havener's Fancy" (conveyed by Michael HEFFNER, s/o Frederick, to Peter ENGLE in 1794) and next to lands of Daniel MATHEWS; "Valversheim" (from Peter ENGLE to Frederick HEFFNER, s/o Frederick) and "Bull Frog"; totals 18 acres, all contiguous, from John RENNER (w/ Llydia) and Jacob RENNER in 1816 to Jacob HEFFNER, s/o Jacob Frederick HEFFNER; lies on branch of Tuscarora Creek. (This was the home place of Jacob and Rebecca HEFFNER and became the part laid out as her dower.) * Deed of Partition in 1815 conveyed Catharine's share to Jacob and listed John, Jacob, George, Frederick, Joseph, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Appolonia and Maria HAFFNER as heirs of Jacob HAFFNER. Jacob HEFFNER is said to have received monies from John CRONISE for the use of Susannah HEFFNER. Guardian was L.P.W. BALCH; trustee was Benjamin PRICE; the several buyers were Samuel POOLE (Walter POOLE as security); Benjamin Franklin BARTGIS was high bidder with Elizabeth HEFFNER as security but she was not approved, resold to Joseph P. FLEMING (with Walter POOLE as security) (specific properties not given). An injunction was brought against Benjamin Franklin BARTGIS to prevent him from continuing to remove the timber from the part of "Tasker's Chance" that was purchased by Fleming. Proceeds were short, paid $.59 on the dollar; finalized 4 Oct 1833.
George Peter WILE Estate George Peter WILE d/ 8 May 1832 (will 30 Aug 1830; 22 May 1832) widow - Magdalene and 7 children, - Catharine w/o Jacob BRANDENBURGH - Susannah w/o John SEIS - her daughter, .....Mariah ZEIGLER - George WILE, dec'd (widow Hannah) - his 8 children, .....Mary Ann w/o Elie MILLER .....Jacob WILE .....Samuel WILE, d/ intestate, no issue .....Peter WILE, a minor .....Frederick WILE, a minor .....George WILE, a minor .....Sophia WILE, a minor .....John Henry WILE, a minor - William WILE - Peter WILE - Jacob WILE, dec'd (widow Catharine) - his 3 children, .....John WILE, a minor .....Elizabeth WILE, a minor .....Jacob WILE, a minor - Elizabeth w/o John COBLENTZ Will gave 50 acres to the widow/children of George where they lived; 5 acres to Susannah; 1/2 acre as burying ground for the neighborhood. Executors: son, William WILE and John COBLENTZ; Witnesses: George TITLOW, other name not readable. Land - "Resurvey on Wile's Ending", 158 acres, by patent in 1810. Guardian of Peter, Frederick and Sophia WILE was David BOWLUS; guardian for George and John Henry was Hannah WILE, their mother; guardian for Jacob's children was Catharine WILE, their mother. The executors were the trustees; sale made to George ROUTZAHN at $7,928.17. In Jan 1832, Magdalene WILE renounced her interest in proceeds of sale. Each 1/7 share was $1,139.51; finalized 21 Jan 1833.
George TROXELL Estate Peter TROXELL, dec'd (will 15 Dec 1798; 7 Feb 1799) widow - Magdalena and 8 children, - Frederick TROXELL (plantation of home place, 207 acres) - George TROXELL (plantation next to John CRABBS, 200 acres) - John TROXELL - Barbara MARTIN - Jacob TROXELL - Peter TROXELL (house & lot in Emmitsburgh, 10 acres) - Magdalena COON - Elizabeth CRISE Executors were sons, Jacob TROXELL and Peter CRISE; witnesses: William EMMIT, Henrietta EMMITT and Ferdinand SAYS. Land - "Good Wife", 44 acres; "Caroline", 66 acres; to be divided among sons, Jacob, Peter, George and Frederick; agreement between them in 1802 had division made of four lots by survey done by Christian SMITH; George had Lot #1, 27+ acres; Peter had Lot #2, 27+ acres; Jacob had Lot #3, 27+ acres; and Frederick with Lot #4, 27+ acres. George TROXELL d/ 22 Aug 1832 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 7 children, - Mary SMITH - Barbara TROXELL - Jemima TROXELL - Joanna w/o William GRASON - Joshua TROXELL, a minor - George William TROXELL, a minor - Joseph Peter TROXELL, a minor Administrator was Frederick CRABBS. Land - Lot #3 of "Buck Forrest", 235+ acres, now in occupancy of Jacob BANKER, from Peter WALTER (w/ Margaret) in 1827, on main road to Emmitsburgh and next to "Mitchells Fancy", a small island in Beaver Dam Creek and "Beaver Dam Level" (in two parts); - "Resurvey on Digges Lot", 70+ acres, (farm where deceased lived), from John WHITMORE (w/ Sarah) in 1811 (deed of mortgage 1807); - 200 acres, plantation next to John CRABBS; - 27+ acres of mountain land; - "Enlargement", 16 acres of mountain land lying near Mount Saint Mary's Seminary; agreement made in 1827 to divide land, giving George 16 acres and Rev. Michael D.B. EGAN and Rev. John F. McGERRY 22 acres; - "Saint Mary's Valley", 14 acres of mountain land (from estate of John TROXELL Sr. and not yet conveyed). Guardian was Neilson POE; trustee was Lewis MOTTER; on 28 Dec 1832, sale made to Jacob WINEBRENNER for 227 acres at $7,501; "Buck Forest" sold at $2,515 and "Saint Mary's Valley" at $315.50 to John WALTER; "Enlargement" sold to John SEIS? of Philip for $51.50; part of "Good Wife" and "Caroline", 27 acres, sold to Sisters of Charity of the House of St. Joseph's for $349.99; total sales, $10,732.99, free of dower. Elizabeth, the widow, received 2/17 in lieu of her dower, $1,215.97; each 1/7 share was $1,302.83; finalized 7 Feb 1833.
Philip SIX Estate Philip SIX d/ 1830 intestate, leaving 11 children, - George SIX - John SIX - Elizabeth w/o Michael HARDMAN - Margaret w/o Benjamin WHITMORE - Mary w/o Elijah CURRENS - Henry SIX - Philip SIX - Agnes w/o Thomas FINIGAN - Isabella w/o James ECKIS - Maria SIX, a minor - Sarah SIX, a minor Land - "Addition to Brook's Discovery on the Rich Lands", 23+ acres, from Thomas JONES Jr. (w/ Elizabeth) in 1828, next to "Peggy's and Molly's Delight". Guardian was Thomas JONES; trustee was Jacob ZUMBRUM; on 20 Sep 1832, sale made to Thomas OHLER for $400; after creditors were paid, each 1/11 share was $13.53; finalized 7 Feb 1833.
241-254 - HULL, WARNER, BAKER - Jan 1831
William BAKER, creditor vs John HULL Estate John HULL d/ 1828 intestate, no issue, leaving widow - Rachel (Rachel WARNER in 1832) and 6 siblings, bro/ Andrew HULL bro/ Christian HULL - Out of State bro/ Jacob HULL bro/ Abraham HULL bro/ Henry HULL - Out of State sis/ Catharine BAKER, dec'd - her 4 children, .......Daniel BAKER, a minor .......John BAKER, a minor .......Henry BAKER, a minor .......Andrew Hull BAKER, a minor Administrator was Peter HULL. Guardian was Henry BAKER, appointed at the house of William BAKER. Trustee was Peter HULL; on 20 Mar 1832, sale made to Abraham HULL for $1,300, free of dower. On 22 Jul 1832, Peter HULL testified the widow, Rachel, was born 21 Aug 1794 and is in good health; she received 2/15, $157.35; proceeds short, paid $.55 on the dollar; finalized 9 Mar 1833.
254-266 - FUSS, HANN, ZUMBRUM - Aug 1832
John FUSS Jr. Estate John FUSS Jr. d/ 1824 intestate, leaving widow - Mary (now w/o Peter HANN) and 3 children, - Delilah FUSS, a minor - Nathaniel FUSS, a minor - John FUSS, a minor Guardian filing the petition for them was Jacob ZUMBRUM. Land - "Resurvey on Carolina", 14+ acres, from Stephen WINCHESTER to John FUSS Sr. (w/ Catharine) who then conveyed it to Daniel FUSS in 1797 who then conveyed it to John FUSS Jr. in 1824. - "Addition to Brook's Discovery on the Rich Lands", 97+ acres, from Daniel FUSS (w/ Catharine) in 1824, next to Samuel FARGUSON's part (from Abraham HAYTER), Abraham SHOEMAKER's land (from Christian RIFE) and by land of Christian RIFE (from James HOLLIDAY) - also 2nd part of 141 acres (to John CLABAUGH in 1798). In Nov 1832, Thomas JONES was appointed guardian; trustee was Jacob ZUMBRUM; on 1 Feb 1833, sale made to George Adam OHLER for the farm at $1,402; the next day, the 14 acres were sold to John GRABILL at $111.50. On 12 Feb 1833, Abraham LICHTENWALTER testified the widow, Mary FUSS, now w/o Peter HANN, was 34 years old on 14 Dec 1832 and appears to be in considerable good health; she received 2/15, $182.57; each 1/3 share was $395.59; finalized 21 Mar 1833.
Abraham STONER Estate Abraham STONER d/ Nov 1830 intestate, leaving 7 children, - Ellen w/o John STOUFFER - Samuel STONER - Mary STONER, a minor (age 21 by 15 Nov 1831) - John STONER, a minor - Ezra STONER, a minor - Sophia STONER, a minor - Abraham STONER, a minor Land - "Dulaney's Lot", "Mistake Rectified", "Middle Plantation", and "The Plow", totalling 262+ acres, from John STONER in 1813, lies next to lands of Susanna BEATTY, William BEATTY, James BEATTY, David EADER and main road leading from WILLIAM's Ferry to Liberty Town; also by land of William GILLMORE (from William BEATTY) and next to tract "Venture and Luck" - exception is 1/4 acre of "Middle Plantation" which John STONER conveyed to Sebastian GRAFF, Nicholas BRENGLE and others in 1812. - "Dulaney's Lot", 40 acres, from Nathan RAITT (w/ Margaret) in 1819, lies at SE corner of Captain Samuel COCKS' part and by lands of Adam MEYERS, Jacob CRAMER. - part "The Plow", 60 perches, from Jacob CRAMER (w/ Catharine) in 1817. - "Middle Plantation", 114 acres, from John BRENGLE (w/ Elizabeth) in 1806, lies next to Michael MOSSITTER's land (from John Stephen HALL) and John HUGHES's land and by "Wet Time" (to Jacob LEESE Sr. from Thomas BEATTY in 1797), Linganore Creek and land of Philip JACOB and the road by Conrad KELLER's. Guardian was John WALKER; trustee was John STOUFFER; sale of 191 acres, where decedent lived and where Mr. BONER presently resides, to Ezra SMITH at $9,555; Lots #7 (11+ acres), 8 (9+ acres), 9 (8 acres) to Ezra SMITH at $581.22; Lot #1 (11 acres) to John NEWPORT at $211.75; Lot #6 (11+ acres) to Haines DIXON at private sale for $295.31; total sales $10,643.30, still leaving some lands yet to be sold. Other lands later sold at private sale were: Lot #5 (11+ acres) to Edward BOOZE at $220; Lot #2 (10+ acres) to John NEWPORT at $150; Lot #3 (13 acres) to Michael KERNS at $325; Lot #4 (12+ acres) also? to Micahel KERNS? at $220; totaling $915 added to the previous total equals $11,558.30. Each 1/7 share was $1,587.18. In October, additional sales made to James ESWORTHY, part Lot #2, 38 acres, at $304; additional 1/7 distribution was $127.27 each; finalized 3 Apr 1833.
Christian COST Estate Christian COST, dec'd (will 23 Sep 1820; 11 Jun 1822) widow - Mary Ann (now w/o James TORRANCE) and 5 children, - Ann Rebecca COST - Jacob Alexander COST, a minor - Drucilla COST, d/ aft Apr 1822 intestate, a minor w/out issue - Catharine S. COST, a minor - Serena COST, a minor Executrix was the widow; witnesses: Patrick McGILL, William HILLIARY and Lewis FULMEN. Codicil written 23 Apr 1822, granting equal parts to wife and children, not just the children. Witnesses: Patrick McGILL, Jacob THOMAS Jr., Frederick HEMP. Trustee was James TORRANCE; in Apr 1832, sale made to Thomas JOHNSON of William for 60 acres at $2,970. In May 1833, private sale made to John SIMMONS at $300 for SLAVES - - negro woman ELIZA, abt 30; and her son, BIL, abt 5; and her daughter, MARY JANE, abt 2, who is a cripple; and her infant daughter, AMANDA, abt 14 months old. Each 1/5 share (4 children and widow) was $969.94; finalized 1 Aug 1833.
Simon KILER, Frederick PROUGH, creditors vs Tobias MOORE Estate Tobias MOORE of Tobias, d/ Jun 1831 (will 11 Feb 1831; 13 Jun 1831) widow - Elizabeth and 7 children, - William MOORE - Out of State - Elizabeth w/o Daniel HAINES - Catharine MOORE - John MOORE - Christian/Christopher MOORE - Out of State - Henry MOORE - Out of State - Margaret w/o _____ KAUFMAN, dec'd and granddaughter - Susannah LESCALETT Executor was son, John MOORE; witnesses: Abner BAILE, John MURRAY and E.L. CRAWFORD. Land - Lots #22, 23 of "Legh CASTLE, 157 acres, from Samuel CHASE (the elder), James CLARK, Joseph I. G. BEND and John WEATHERBURN of Baltimore County, gentlemen trustees for Ligh HOSKINS, master, in 1808. After the executor renounced the duties, Abraham BAILE was appointed as administrator and was also appointed as trustee to sell amount of real estate needed to pay off the debts. On 7 Jan 1833, sale made to Jacob SNADER for 65 acres at $865.86. On 10 Jul 1833, William DURBIN testified the widow MOORE is more than 75 years old; she received 1/10 in lieu of her dower, $76.91; finalized 25 Jul 1833.
Philip FINK Sr. Estate Philip FINK Sr. d/ 26 Dec 1832 intestate, leaving 7 children, - Mary w/o George BAER - Samuel FINK - Susannah w/o Benjamin RODRICK - Philip FINK - Solomon FINK - John P. FINK - Elizabeth, dec'd w/o John BURKITT - their 2 children, ....Lewis Henry BURKITT, a minor ....Mary Ann BURKITT, a minor Land - "Fink's Purchase", 5+ acres, from Thomas VAN SWEARINGER in 1791, of special warrant for 15+ acres obtained by Thomas in 1790, due him by assignment from Joseph SWEARINGER of special warrant to Joseph in 1789 for definiency in resurvey. Thomas assigned it to Philip FINK Jr. for a patent. Land lies next to "Honesty Best" from John TUCKER in 1771, "Kemp's Long Meadow" and "Horse Neck". - "Fielderia Manor", 3+ acres, from Philip FINK Sr. (w/ Elizabeth) to Jr. in 1799, next to "Friend's Good Will". - "Friend's Good Will", 1+ acre, from Henry BURKITT in 1811. - "Kemps Long Meadow", 150 acres, from George WINE in 1803, next to Philip FOGLE's part. Guardian was Benjamin ROUTZAHN; trustee was Solomon FINK; sale made to Daniel BISER for 165 acres at $9,700.35 (Jacob FLOOK bidded for Biser); each 1/7 share was $1,297.34; finalized 6 Jun 1833.
David WAGNER, Abraham PEPPEL, et al - Sale of Real Estate John WAGNER Sr, dec'd (will written 7 Mar 1807; codicil 7 Jun 1808), leaving widow - Mary (now dec'd) and 11 children, - David WAGNER - Elizabeth w/o Abraham PEPPEL - Jacob WAGNER - John WAGNER Jr, dec'd, leaving widow and children, ...Ann WAGNER, a minor ...Agnes WAGNER, a minor ...William WAGNER, a minor ...Rachel WAGNER, a minor ...Richard WAGNER, a minor ...Dorothea WAGNER, a minor - Susan, dec'd w/o William WORMAN - their children, ...Julia WORMAN, a minor ...Andrew WORMAN, a minor ...Barbara WORMAN, a minor ...Maximus WORMAN, a minor - Nancy, dec'd w/o John STEVENSON - their child, ...William STEVENSON - Mary Catharine, dec'd w/o Isaac LYON - their children, ...Adrianne LYON, a minor ...James Madison LYON, a minor ...Olivia LYON, a minor ...George Washington LYON, a minor ...Mary LYON, a minor ...Sarah LYON, a minor ...Thomas Jefferson LYON, a minor - Sarah WAGNER, dec'd and unmarried - Rachel WEISTLING, a widow - Dorothea, dec'd w/o Conrad SHAEFFER - their child, ...Noah A. SHAEFFER - Abraham WAGNER, dec'd and unmarried SLAVES - negro man, JOE; negro women, HAGAR, HARRIET and LIDDY Executors were widow and son, John. Witnesses: Abraham CRAPSTER, Robert CUMMING, George OVELMAN; (Henry WINDROOD in place of Crapster on codicil). Trustee was David WAGNER; on 6 Dec 1832, lot was sold to Rachel WIESTLING at $1.440; each 1/9 was $147.48.
325-336 - GAVER, JOY, MAGRUDER - Aug 1831
Edward L. BOTELER and Elias MAGRUDER, admin/of John Regin MAGRUDER and John McNEAL vs Stephen JOY STEPHEN JOY gave bond as guardian for Mary Ann Catharine GAVER and Wilhelmina GAVER (children of Henry GAVER), with John R. MAGRUDER, John POFFENBERGER and Martha JOHNSON and John McNEAL as securities. Joy gave deed of mortgage to John McNEAL and John R. MAGRUDER; John POFFENBERGER is now deceased and died insolvent and Martha JOHNSON is also insolvent, leaving the orators with the whole responsibility. John Regin MAGRUDER is now deceased and Edward L. BOTELER and Elias MAGRUDER are his administrators. Stephen JOY did not perform his duties as guardian according to the intention and has been displaced as guardian. A.T.H. DUVALL was appointed as his replacement on 2 Mar 1831, but Joy is still holding the money and property of the minors. Petition to sell Joy's mortgaged property to obtain payment to petitioners. Land - "Johnson's Land Enlarged", "Johnson's Thicketts", "Second Chance", 1 1/2 acre. Trustee was Joseph M. PALMER; sale held on 30 Mar 1833 at the tavern of Francis RICHMOND in Middletown with high bid going to John K. JOHNSON at $451; proceeds were short; finalized 8 Aug 1833.
Ezra BENTZ and Henry BENTZ - Petition for Sale of Real Estate Jacob BENTZ, dec'd (will filed 29 Dec 1785), leaving d/ Barbara BENTZ d/ Catharine w/o Jacob SHELLMAN d/ Elizabeth BENTZ d/ Margaret BENTZ ---- Margaret BENTZ, dec'd (will 21 Jan 1804), leaving d/ Barbara widow of David BRISH d/ Elizabeth BENTZ sons-in-law - George BENTZ - Jacob BENTZ - Jacob SHELLMAN - Henry LINE Witnesses: Henry BAER, Jacob BRUNNER, George HAUER ---- Elizabeth BENTZ d/ 13 Oct 1827 (will 13 Oct 1827, 19 Oct 1827), leaving sis/ Barbara BRISH d/ 6 Sep 1832 bro/ George BENTZ, dec'd - his 5 children .......Ezra BENTZ .......Henry BENTZ .......Margaret BENTZ (d/ abt Sep 1833) .......Harriet BENTZ .......Elizabeth BENTZ w/o William HEYSER - PA sis/ Catharine SHELLMAN, dec'd - her 3 children, .......Catharine w/o George HAUER .......William SHELLMAN .......Jacob SHELLMAN Jr. sis/ Margaret LINE, dec'd - her children, .......Jacob LINES - VA .......George LINES - KY .......Elizabeth LINES w/o Adam HEYSER - KY .......Catharine LINES w/o George REYNELS - VA .......Daniel LINES, since died, leaving son, .......---Henry LINES, a minor - VA SLAVE - negro girl, MARIA (to be freed upon Elizabeth's death) Executor was John FRITCHIE. Witnesses: David SCHAEFFER, John EBBERT, George HAUER. ---- Land - 1/2 part of Brick House and Lot in Frederick Town, 2 acres, (conveyed to Margaret BENTZ [widow of Jacob BENTZ] by George BENTZ in 1787 which had been willed to George by his father). Margaret BENTZ willed the property to Elizabeth BENTZ and Barbara BRISH as tenants in common; lies on north side of main road leading from Conococheague to Baltimore Town and adjoins lot of Samuel NIXENDORFF and between the main road and Carroll Creek. - 1/4 part of triangular lot lying on south side of the Great Road leading from Conococheague to Frederick Town, fronting 100 feet. - 1/4 part of 4 Lots lying contiguous to John WALTZER/BALTZER and the Ole Town line in Frederick Town. The 1/4 shares were devised to Barbara BRISH, Catharine SHELLMAN, Elizabeth BENTZ and Margaret BENTZ as tenants in common by the will of Jacob BENTZ Trustee was George HAUER; on 12 Oct 1833, sale made to Casper CLINE for the 1/2 interest in House and Lot at $1,010; sale of 1/4 part of 4 Lots to Jacob HART at $127; sale of 1/4 part of triangular lot to Jacob SHELLMAN at $135; total sales $1,272. Each 1/3 share was $387.54; finalized 10 Dec 1833.
Estate of Mary Magdalena MARKELL Catharine BAYER, dec'd (will 12 Oct 1807), leaving d/ Magdalena w/o William MARKELL grandchildren - - John RIGGS - William RIGGS - George RIGGS - Elizabeth w/o William JENKINS - Susannah RIGGS - Maria GATES (to her d/ Rebecca GATES) - Harriet SHIVEL - Mary Ann SHIVEL Executor was George BENTZ. Witnesses: Christopher HOLLER, John REICH, Lawrence BRENGLE ---- Land - House and part of Lots #177 and 178 in Frederick Town, lies on west side of Market Street and south side of South Street; half was willed to Mary Magdalena MARKELL and the other half was willed to John RIGGS and William RIGGS. - 1/2 part of 3 Lots, #298, 315, 326, 50 acres each, westward of Fort Cumberland in Allegany County, MD. These lots were sold, because of nonpayment of taxes, by the tax collector to Mary Magdalena MARKELL in 1824 for $2.41. Mary Magdalena MARKELL d/ Sep 1832 intestate, leaving - John MARKELL - Jacob MARKELL - Samuel MARKELL - George MARKELL - Out of State - William MARKELL - Out of State - Charlotte w/o _____ MAULSBY - Out of State Trustee was Samuel MARKELL; on 6 Jun 1833, sale made to Jacob MARKELL for Frederick Town property, $855; and Allegany County property $45; total sales $900. Distribution to the Markell siblings although William did not receive a share of the Frederick property; explanation not given; finalized 6 Jan 1834.
Estate of Leonard GAVIERE / GAWYER Leonard GAVIERE d/ many years since, intestate, leaving 3 children, - John GAVIERE - George GAVIERE, d/ intestate, leaving son, ...William GAVIERE, a minor - Catharine WINNULL, d/ intestate, leaving 3 children, ...John WINNULL, a minor - Allegany County ...Mary Ann WINNULL, a minor - Allegany County ...Anna WINNULL, a minor - Allegany County Land - Lot #133, acres, in Frederick Town, conveyed by Jacob WEAST/WEIST (w/ Eve Catharine) in 1795, lying on the north side of Third Street and next to the lot formerly owned by Conrad ROAD. Guardian was Noah A. SHAFFER; trustee was Thomas CARLTON; on 4 Aug 1832, sale made to Lawrence DOYLE at $595. John WINNULL, husband of the deceased Catharine, waived his curtesy rights and stated he was 37 years old and in good health; he received 2/15 of 1/3. Each 1/3 share was $176.87; finalized 4 Jan 1833.
Daniel GITTINGER vs Estate of John GITTINGER John GETTINGER/GITTINGER d/ 1828 intestate, leaving widow - Margaret and 7 children, - Daniel GITTINGER - George GITTINGER - Catharine GITTINGER w/o John HOLTZ - Elizabeth GITTINGER w/o Nicholas HOLTZ - Maria GITTINGER (d/ May 1829) w/o George KETROW - their son, ...Alfred KETROW, a minor - Susan GITTINGER, a minor - William GITTINGER, a minor Land - tract "Hill in the Middle", "Hedge Hog" and "Resurvey on Turnstile", 137+ acres, from Andrew Hedge and w/ Juliana in 1810 (previously from Henry LEATHERMAN to Andrew HEDGE and Juliana LEATHERMAN, now w/o Andrew in 1805), on road from Creagerstown to Frederick Town; - "Resurvey on Haveners Fancy" and "Anwiler", 58+ acres, by George HEFFNER (w/ Elizabeth), Jacob HEFFNER (Lot #7), Benjamin HEFFNER and Walter POOLE (w/ Margaret) (from their father, Jacob Frederick HEFFNER in 11 undivided shares to John, Jacob (Lot #7), George (Lot #6), Frederick, Joseph, Benjamin (Lot #8), Elizabeth, Appolonia, Mary, Catharine and Ann, per his will); but John GITTINGER sold a portion of it leaving only 58 acres. George HEFFNER sold his interest 1818 and had moved to Montgomery Co, Ohio. Guardian was Neilson POE; trustees were George GITTINGER and Daniel GITTINGER; on 21 Jan 1833, sale was made of 137 acres to Nicholas HOLTZ of Jacob at $8,768. On 11 Feb 1833, sale of the 58 acres went to John MILLER at $150. The widow received 1/9, $1,096.99; each 1/7 share was $1,253.71; George KETROW received 2/5 of 1/7, $501.48; finalized 29 Apr 1833.
Rebecca MEYERS, a lunatic, by Noah WORMAN, her trustee vs Estate of Andrew MEYERS Peter MEYERS, dec'd (will 22 Feb 1814; 21 Mar 1814), leaving widow - Magdalena and 8 children, - Jacob MEYERS (part of Plantation where he then lived, conveyed by John MESSLER and David RINEHART) - Andrew MEYERS (Home Plantation) - Catharine WORMAN - Elizabeth MEYERS - Julianne MEYERS - Mary MEYERS - Susan MEYERS - Rebecca MEYERS Land - Land also in Adams Co, PA and Ohio. Wife and son Andrew were executors; witnesses: William DURBIN Jr, John NICHODEMUS, Adam MEYERS. Andrew MEYERS died 1 Oct 1822 intestate, w/out issue, leaving siblings, sis/ Susanna w/o David BAILE sis/ Elizabeth w/o Michael CARLE - PA bro/ Jacob MEYERS sis/ Catharine w/o Noah WORMAN sis/ Julianna, dec'd w/o _____ HOKE - PA sis/ Rebecca MEYERS (Mary MEYERS died before Nov 1817; but she is not mentioned in this segment) Magdalena, widow of Peter is now deceased. Thomas BOND, admin/of Andrew MEYERS, died 4 Oct 1827. Elijah BOND was then appointed as administrator. Land - Home Farm, 42 acres, (conveyed to Andrew thru his father Peter's will (previously to Peter MEYERS from Frederick MEYERS in 1811. - "Resurvey on Hawkins Chance", 177 acres; - "Fells' Retirement", 4+ acres; - "Who'd Have Thought It", 2+ acres. Testimony of PA residency for Elizabeth and Julianna was testified by Helpher CRAWMER on 12 Feb 1831. Trustees were Frederick A. SCHLEY and Madison NELSON; sale went to Abraham BAILE for the total 245+ acres at $60.55 1/2/per acre, totaling $14,851.11. It was reported that Jacob MEYERS died about May 1833, before he received any portion of the monies due him; admin/of Jacob on 3 Nov 1834 was Norman Noah MEYERS. Trustees for Michael and Elizabeth CARLE of Heidleburg Twp, York Co, PA were George SWOPE and George FRYSINGER of Hanover Borough, York Co, PA (Elizabeth was still living). Trustees acting for the benefit of the creditors of the Carles. Each 1/6 share was $1,738.57 and $1,445.10; finalized 29 Nov 1833.
420-440 - JOHNSON - Jan 1831
Thomas W. JOHNSON, creditor vs John JOHNSON, dec'd (will written 10 Mar 1815), leaving s/ Joseph W. JOHNSON (w/ Elizabeth M.) s/ William JOHNSON Joseph W. JOHNSON sold his part of estate to Fayette JOHNSON in 1825. Fayette JOHNSON d/ Sep 1829 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine and 5 children, - Thomas C. JOHNSON, a minor - Arthur JOHNSON, a minor - Henry Adolphus JOHNSON, a minor - James William JOHNSON, a minor - Oliver JOHNSON, a minor Administrators were Catharine JOHNSON and Milton JOHNSON. Land - Lot #1 of "Resurvey on Flag Pond" and "Mountain Fields", 275 acres; next to land of William JOHNSON (from Thomas JOHNSON in 1790), "Addition to Carrollton", and Andrew MICHAEL's part of "Resurvey on Flag Pond"; - "Hook's Conclusion", 52+ acres, (from James S. HOOK to Joseph W. JOHNSON in 1817; part was conveyed to James A. JOHNSON and Milton JOHNSON). Guardian was Catharine JOHNSON; trustee was Milton JOHNSON. The widow's dower was laid out in plots of 60 acres and 25 acres. Sale was made to Catharine JOHNSON at $20.31/per acre with Joseph W. JOHNSON and James A. JOHNSON as securities. Each 1/5 share was $661.26; finalized 25 Jul 1833.
David WINTERS and George WINTERS Jr - Estates of John and George WINTER In 1824, George WINTERS and John WINTERS (Jr.) purchased from Moses SHAW, Jacob YON, Peter SHRINER and David KEPHART, commissioners assigned to divide real estate of John WINTERS, dec'd, father of George and John. John WINTERS (Jr.) died unmarried, with a 1829 will, Isaac SENTZ as executor. His siblings - sis/ Susanna w/o George HESS sis/ Elizabeth w/o George WILHELM - VA sis/ Mary w/o Jonathan C. DAVIS sis/ Catharine w/o Jacob SENTZ bro/ Jacob WINTERS - Preble Co, Ohio bro/ Joseph WINTERS bro/ George WINTERS, dec'd George WINTERS d/ bef 1830 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and children, - David WINTERS - George WINTERS Jr - Mary Ann WINTERS, a minor - Ann Elizabeth WINTERS, a minor - Juliana WINTERS, a minor - Stephen WINTERS, a minor - Isaac WINTERS, a minor - Levi WINTERS, a minor - Reuben WINTERS, a minor - Susanna WINTERS, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Six Originals", 52 acres; "Brazilton's Neighbour", 2 acres. Dower for the widow of George was surveyed and laid off along Haines Road; then sale was made for the remainder to William ENGLEMAN at $3,702. John's half distribution was 1/7 of 1/2 to his siblings, $251.21; George's half distribution was 1/10 of the remainder amongst his children, $276.34; finalized Jan 1833. (pages 447 & 453 are missing online)
460-469 - CRONISE, McNEILL, TODD - May 1832
Simon CRONISE Estate Simon CRONISE d/ 1829 intestate, leaving d/ Mary w/o Francis A. McNEILL d/ Caroline G. CRONISE, a minor Land - "Seven Bits", 70 acres; from Jacob CRONISE (w/ Catharine) in 1822; along Main road leading from Frederick Town to Creagerstown and by Fishing Creek. - "The End of Trouble", 1 3/4 acre, from John GROSNICKLE (w/ Mary) in 1825. Guardian was L.P.W. BALCH; trustee was Mary GEBHART; sale made to William TODD at $8,000 and proceeds divided between the two daughters; finalized 5 Sep 1833.
William R. SANDERSON vs William FLANIGAN, et al Land - "The Force Put", 124 acres; "Resurvey on Miller's Chance", 1+ acre and 1+ acre; conveyed to John FLANIGAN and James FLANIGAN from John GEASEY as exec/of William BROWNING in his 1827 will. John FLANIGAN d/ Nov 1832 intestate, leaving 8 children, - William FLANIGAN - Michael/Malachi FLANIGAN - Mary w/o Arthur KING - Nancy w/o Ezra GEDULTIG - James FLANIGAN (one of the mortgagees) - John FLANIGAN - Margaret FLANIGAN, a minor - Peter FLANIGAN, a minor Administrators were William FLANIGAN and Ezra GEDULTIG. Guardian was Ezra GEDULTIG; Margaret turned 21 by Oct 1832. Trustee was Thomas CARLTON; on 12 Feb 1833, sale made to John STULL at $705 who resold it to John GEASEY and James STEVENS; after debts were paid, each 1/8 share was $9.93; finalized 14 Dec 1833.
Estate of William PLAINE William PLAINE of Liberty Town d/ 1790 in Berks Co, PA at the house of brother-in-law, Jacob SMELSER in Union Twp; his mother was Mary RICHARDS, dec'd sis/ Catharine (d/ Sep 1830) w/o Joseph DOTSON - their 3 children, .......Mary w/o John BRIGHTWELL .......Daniel DOTSON .......Rebecca w/o Henry SHINGLE, both dec'd - their 9 children, .......--Mary PHILIPS .......--Rebecca Philips FISHER .......--William SHINGLE .......--Elizabeth WILLHOWER .......--Catharine SHINGLE .......--Esther MURRAY .......--Susanna FISHER .......--Ann EVANS .......--Sarah SHINGLE sis/ Hester/Esther w/o James ARBUCKLE, both dec'd - their 2 children, .......Mary ARBUCKLE w/o Frederick PHILMON - their 3 children, .......--William PHILMON .......--Maria PHILMON .......--Esther PHILMON .......John ARBUCKLE, dec'd - his 2 children, .......--James ARBUCKLE - PA .......--Esther ARBUCKLE - PA bro/ David PLAINE, dec'd - his 7 children, .......Jacob PLAINE - Ohio .......Sarah w/o Jacob STEM - Ohio .......David PLAINE .......Daniel PLAINE .......William PLAINE .......Jonathan PLAINE .......Ann CRUMBAKER Will written 4 Jun 1888; filed 16 Aug 1788; executors were John BRIGHTWELL and David RINEHART; witnesses: Joseph WILLIARD, Abraham BROWER, Thomas PANEY. Land - "Duke's Woods", 8+ acres and 1+ acres; from Joseph DODSON/DOTSON (w/ Catharine) in 1886, adjoins Liberty Town; next to land of David PLAINE. Trustee was David PLAINE, land divided into 8 lots; on 29 Jun 1833, sale made for Lot #1 to Henry BAKER at $106 Lot #2 to Abraham JONES at $55 Lot #3 to Abraham JONES at $40 Lot #4 to Abraham JONES at $26 Lot #5 to Lydia WOOD at $51.50 Lot #6 to George OVELMAN at $121 Lot #7 to George OVELMAN at $100 Lot #8 to George OVELMAN at $80 David PLAINE's siblings objected to the division of lots, claiming greater value would have been to sell as one tract; court set sale aside to be resold as one plot. It was resold and went to Abraham JONES for $982; each 1/3 share was $292.53; finalized 12 Sep 1833.
Estate of George Ludwick KESSELRING George Ludwick KESSELRING d/ 20 Aug 1817 intestate, leaving 15 children, - Devalt KESSELRING - John KESSELRING - Michael KESSELRING - Lewis KESSELRING - Frederick KESSELRING, died unmarried - Wendel KESSELRING - _______ KESSELRING, died unmarried - Sophia KESSELRING - Magdalena w/o Ludwick RUMMEL, both dec'd ...children's names unknown - Susanna, dec'd w/o Solomon BUZZARD ...she had 3 children, unnamed - Catharine w/o John HALES? - Mary w/o John LITTLE - Barbara w/o Daniel ZEIGER - Rebecca w/o George BAUGHER - Elizabeth (d/ c1806) w/o Elias CROSBY - Louisiana ...they had a son who died before 1815 as did his father Petition to distribute monies, previously reserved for the Crosbys, to remaining descendants, since word received indicates all are deceased; so granted.
503-515 - SMITH, MILLER, BABYLON, GALLION - Jun 1833
Estate of Solomon SMITH Solomon SMITH d/ 1827 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 8 children, - Lydia w/o Solomon MILLER - Rachel (d/ bet 1827-1833) w/o John BABYLON - their child, ...Amanda BABYLON, a minor - Catharine SMITH, , a minor and now w/o same John BABYLON - Mary SMITH, a minor - Hannah SMITH, a minor - Barbara SMITH, a minor - Elizabeth SMITH, a minor - Susanna SMITH, a minor Land - "Mollys Fancy", 80+ acres, inherited from the will of William SMITH dated 22 Jun 1833. Guardian for Catharine and Amanda Babylon was John Babylon, guardian for the other children was Mrs. Elizabeth SMITH, their mother; trustee was Jacob MATHIAS. On 19 Aug 1833, sale made to John P. GALLION at $1,187.37; the widow was granted 2/17 share in lieu of her dower, $128.43; John BABYLON was allowed 6/15 in lieu of his curtesy right from Rachel's share, $48.16; each 1/8 share was $120.41; finalized on 25 Jan 1834.
John ARNOLD vs Estate of John WILLIARD - Title Land - "Discontentment", 138 acres, conveyed to John ARNOLD from George WARNER (Christena) in 1825; and mortgaged to John WILLIARD, John SHAFER and William JARBOE; lies next to "Hard to Find", "Barrel" (5 acres of the 143 acres was conveyed to George FREESE by David ARNOLD). John WILLIARD, the Elder d/ Apr 1831, leaving children - John WILLIARD - Henry WILLIARD - Catharine WILLIARD w/o Otho HARLEY - George WILLIARD, a minor - Ezra WILLIARD, a minor - Rosanna WILLIARD, a minor Guardian was Henry SHAFER; trustee was John H. McELFRESH to convey deed.
Peter SMITH vs Estate of Stacy EATER Susanna EATER (ADTER/ADER) d/ many years ago intestate, leaving only child, d/ Stacy EATER who d/ Mar 1835 (Will 9 Mar 1835, 3 Apr 1835) lists Stacy's - Aunt Kitty SMITH - Sophia STEEL her executor was John GLISAN Sr. witnesses: Al BARNEY, Daniel ROOT, John W. DORSEY. Land - Lot #119 and half of Lot #118 of "Dukes Woods" in Liberty on south side of Main Street, lying on draught of Linganore called Piney Run; conveyed by Philip SMITH Sr. (w/ Mary) in 1813 to Susanna EATER. Trustee was John GLISAN; on 12 Mar 1836, sale made to Catharine LAWSON, a free coloured woman, at $103; finalized 2 Feb 1837. ============== The End ==============

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