Frederick Co, MD - Equity JS-10

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity Court Abstracts - Liber JS-10

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JS-10; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA T2936, Loc 2-70-10-10)

Frederick NUSZ, Samuel HERGESHINIER and w/ Catharine, and Elizabeth ORTNER vs Bean L. PIGMAN - Title John ORTNER d/ 1820 intestate, leaving widow - Sophia and 3 minor children, - Ann Rebecca ORTNER - Henrietta ORTNER - Elizabeth ORTNER and leaving sisters and brothers (as tenants-in-common), sis/ Elizabeth ORTNER sis/ Catharine ORTNER w/o Samuel HERGESHEINIER bro/ Jacob ORTNER and w/ Margaret bro/ Samuel ORTNER, d/ bet 1820-1830 intestate, unmarried & w/out issue sis/ Mary (Ortner) SPANGLER and w/o William STANSBERRY (d/ bef Nov 1827 w/out issue) Land - East Half of Lot #223 in Frederick City on Fifth Street Property obtained in 1824 from Equity Court Decree of suit John GUN et al vs John Curry Cunningham GUN and others, property had belonged to Margaret BRUNNER, dec'd; was sold by trustee, Bean L. PIGMAN in 1820 to Mary ORTNER, later Mary SPANGLER, who afterwards sold the West half to John ORTNER; she died without having obtained a deed from the trustee. Samuel's interests will be equally divided among the 4 remaining siblings since he has no wife or children. Jacob conveyed his interest to Frederick NUSZ as are Catharine and her husband. Guardian was Alexander M. SHERRITT; trustee was George B. SHOPE. Sophia released her dower rights in the East half of the Lot. Sale made to Joshua DILL for $301. On 11 Mar 1831, George B. SHOPE testified he was acquainted with Sophia ORTNER and she was about 32 years old and frequently complains of indisposition; she received 2/15 of the 1/4 share, $8.49; each 1/4 share was $62.69; finalized 24 Mar 1831.
Michael IGLEHART, creditor vs Thomas DAVIS Estate Thomas DAVIS d/ abt 1823, leaving widow - Martha and 4 minor children, - James Hyrum DAVIS - Elizabeth Drusilla DAVIS - Gilbert DAVIS - John Quincey DAVIS Administrator was Luke DAVIS. Land - Lot #3 of "The Right of Man", 19 acres, from Charles A. HARVEY and w/ Sarah (Dean) (divided among the heirs of Catharine DEAN and previously belonged to Joseph RATCLIFF). Charles A. HARVEY assigned his claim of the note from Davis to Michael IGLEHART. Guardian was Thomas DUVALL; trustee was Francis THOMAS; sale made on 9 Oct 1830 to William WILCOXEN for $285. On 8 NOv 1830, after the widow released her dower, Luke DAVIS testified she was about 26 years old and not very healthy; she received 1/7, $4.95; each 1/4 share was $7.42; finalized on 14 Apr 1831.
Edward L. BOTELER vs Samuel BOST Edward BOTELER Sr. d/ (will 21 Feb 1818; 31 Aug 1818), leaving 8 children, - Henry BOTELER - Arthur BOTELER, dec'd (has 9 minor children) - Edward L. BOTELER - Sarah w/o Robinson EASTBURN - Susanna w/o John R. MAGRUDER - Elizabeth w/o Frederick SLAGLE - Anne w/o Charles CUNNINGHAM - Catharine BOTELER, later w/o Isaac GRIFFITH - Elias BOTELER - his child .....Elias BOTELER (5 shillings only) SLAVES - Negro men, ISAAC, TOM; - Negro boy, JOHN RANDOLPH (to s/ Edward) - Negro women BETT, VIOLET and her child LAWSON; Negro boy, PHIL (to d/ Catharine) Land - "Thrasher's Chance" (has family burying ground, 30' sq); "Childrens Chance", 3 1/2 acres lying West of Frederick to Lucketts Ferry Road on Potomack River (has his dwelling house and is given to d/ Catharine); - Remainder of "Childrens Chance" and "Fielderia", 201 acres near New Town (Trap Town, better known as Jefferson); - part of "Taskers Chance", 1 acre; "Childrens Chance", 4 acres; five Lots in "New Freedom"; Lots #32, 33 of "Fielderia", 29 acres, from John NELSON, esquire as trustee for heirs of Ludwick HERRING. Witnesses to will: Patrick McGILL, James TORRANCE, Presley WARFIELD In 1818, Edward L. BOTELER, as exec/of Edward BOTELER, sold 201 acres to Samuel BOST for $75/acre, on which bond was assigned to Edward L. BOTELER, Robinson EASTBURN, John R. MAGRUDER, Frederick SLAGLE, Charles CUNNINGHAM, Henry BOTELER and Catharine BOTELER. Samuel BOST later became insolvent and Edward L. relinquished the executorship. Trustee was Joseph M. PALMER; sale held at M.E. BARTGIS' Tavern in Frederick Town on 4 Dec 1828, high bidder being George WILLIARD for $20/acre; proceeds short, monies given to executor; finalized 10 Dec 1829.
Abraham DERR Estate Abraham DERR d/ 11 May 1829 intestate, leaving 8 children, (name listed as Abraham TAR in deed) - Abraham L. DERR - Henry DERR - John DERR - Mactalanah (Magdalena) w/o Peter DAHOFF - Lydia w/o Jacob GOLLY - Rachel w/o George MIKESELL - Elizabeth, widow of Peter RUDOLPH - Ohio - Jacob DERR, dec'd - his minor children, .....Sarah DERR .....Elizabeth DERR .....Lydia DERR ,,,,,Israel DERR Land - 139 acres, near Union Town; - "Elory", 105 acres, from Joshua Earp (w/ Eleanor) in 1802, (resurveyed for Valentine BAIST in 1767 which was a resurvey on "Resurvey on Friendship granted him by patent in Jan 1765), lies next to lands of Henry SELLS and Christian STOUFFER; - and part "Elory Co__ed", 20 acres, from Christian STOUFFER (w/ Catharine in 1804 (previously from Joshua EARP to Jonathan DAVIS); - "Empty Cupboard", 4 acres, from Conrad STULLER (w/ Catharine) in 1806, and 10 more acres of same tract by Bear Branch, a draft of Pipe Creek in 1802. In 1815,land indenture for "Addition to Empty Cupboard" and "Resurvey on Locust Neck" and "The Crooked Rounds", 69 3/4 acres (by survey), from Henry STULLER and Conrad STULLER as executors (by the 18 Jul 1810 Will of Ulrick STULLER). In 1809, land indenture for 110 acres (where Adam GRABER now resides and next to lands of Abraham DERR) from Samuel YOUNG (w/ Elizabeth) (conveyed to Young by John HULL SR, ex/of Henry SELL in 1807). Guardian was Francis BRENGLE; trustee was James RAYMOND to sell land located in Taney Town area; in Oct 1830, sale made to Peter BABYLON for the farm of 103 acres at $6.25/acre; sale to Jacob GOLLY and Peter HALBASTADT for the 70 acre farm at $9/acre; sale to John HILDEBRIDLE for the 140 acre farm at $10/acre; totaling $2,673.25; each 1/8 share was $315.63; finalized 14 Apr 1831.
Michael BLESSING, Lewis MOTTER, Jacob ADELSPERGER and Isaac BAUGHER, creditors vs Michael DORSEY Estate Michael DORSEY d/ 18__ intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 8 children, - Frederick DORSEY - Mary Anne DORSEY w/o James LOVE - Elizabeth w/o Joseph SMITH - John DORSEY, a minor but of age by Feb 1829 - Henry DORSEY, a minor but of age by Feb 1829 - Michael DORSEY, a minor - Owen DORSEY, a minor - Harriet DORSEY, a minor Land - "Jacob's Neglect", 11 acres, from John BLACK (w/ Catharine) in 1816, lies next to "Michael's Fancy" and "Resurvey on Black Forrest"; and "Resurvey on Poplar Spring", 15 1/2 acres, lies on South Mountain (also from John BLACK in same deed). - "The Havenor?" and "Creager's Schuler?", 23 acres from William M. BEALL Jr, Sheriff, in 1820 writ of fieri facias decreed in 1819 against Henry WELLER, Daniel WELLER and John CREEGER of Lawrence for judgements to Samuel OGLE, signed by Andrew SMITH and John LEATHERMAN, gentlemen justices of the peace. Guardian was John ROW; trustee was Samuel BOMBGARDNER; on 7 Nov 1829, sale made to John DORSEY for home place at $275; sale to Jacob BOLLER for one of the mountain lots at $25.06; sale to Daniel SEAS? for mountain lot at $30.50; total sales $330.56; proceeds short, paid $.14 on the dollar; finalized 7 May 1821.
108-117 - STICKEL, NELSON - Jan 1831
Thomas CARLTON and Mathias E. BARTGIS vs George STICKEL Estate George STICKEL d/ 1830, leaving widow - Sarah and 3 minor children, - Ann Mary STICKEL - Solomon STICKEL - Joseph STICKEL Land - Lot #113 (30'x393') and house in Frederick Town (George's 2/7 undivided shares from Thomas STICKLE in 1826). Guardian was Sarah STICKEL; trustee was Madison NELSON; sale made to William STICKEL for $185 subject to the widow's dower; proceeds short; finalized 29 Jul 1831.
Christian BARRICK Estate Christian BARRICK d/ 3 Jul 1819 (will 28 Jun 1819; 26 Jul 1819) widow - Catharine and 10 children (not named in will) - Mary McCUTCHIN (house and lot in Woodsbury) - Phoebe JONES, dec'd w/o Raphael JONES - their children, .....Catharine Ann JONES, a minor .....Sophia JONES, a minor - Jacob BARRICK - Chambersburg, PA - Solomon BARRICK - John BARRICK - Samuel BARRICK - Ann w/o Francis SHAW, she a minor - Peter BARRICK, a minor - Elizabeth BARRICK, a minor - Christian BARRICK, a minor SLAVES - male GEORGE and female NELLY (to wife) Executors were widow, son, Jacob BARRICK and son-in-law Raphael JONES; witnesses: William GRIMES Jr, Jacob CRAMER and H. STALEY. Land - 198 acres and Wood Lot of 9+ acres in Hills of Liberty, John BARRICK sold his interest to Catharine BARRICK in 1827. Catharine BARRICK and Raphael JONES were trustees; private sale made after failed public sales to Peter H. ROUSS for $40/acre with a survey to be made; Josua STEVENSON and Joseph L. WAGNER were high bidders for the wood lot at $200 in Jun 1831; each 1/10 was $780.49; finalized 20 Jul 1831.
138-153 - MILES, HAYS, NELSON, FISH, KEPHART - Feb 1829
James BEALL, adm/of John BENSON, creditor vs Greenberry MILES Estate GREENBERRY MILES d/ 1826 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth (later w/o Hilleary HAYS) and 2 minor children, - John Thomas MILES - Catharine MILES Administrators were Elisha NELSON and Elizabeth MILES. Land - "Jedburgh Forrest", "Resurvey on Jedburgh Forrest" and "Partnership", 274 acres, near the Potomac River and forks of the road leading to Nolands Ferry and the mouth of the Monocacy and next to Isaac McPHERSON, from Bean L. PIGMAN, Esquire, as trustee for John B. FISH, dec'd (in case of John HUGHES as adm/of John M. BEATTY vs John FISH and others) in 1828 (to children of Greenberry since he was dec'd). Guardian was John JARBOE; trustees were Elisha NELSON and Joseph M. PALMER; on 23 Sep 1829, sale made to George KEPHART for $2740; each child received $102.69; finalized 10 Sep 1830.
153-180 - HITESHEW, etc - Jul 1829
William CURRY, creditor vs Isaac HITESHEW Estate Isaac HITESHEW d/ Feb 1829 Intestate, leaving widow - Johannah/Hannah and 4 minor children, - Ephraim HITESHEW - Charles HITESHEW - Clementine HITESHEW - Westley HITESHEW Land - 4 Lots in Union Town on "The Orchard", 8+ acres, from Abraham CLEMENTS (w/ Catharine) in 1821; previously part from John KURTZ and part from Doctor Charles HUBBS in 1813 (to Hubbs from Rudolph SWITZER in 1811) (part laid off for school lot); lies on east side of lot conveyed to Daniel ZOLLICKOFFER from Abraham CLEMENS for a road or alley. Much of the lot is taken up by the Hagers Town Turnpike; 3rd Lot previously to Abraham CLEMENTS from Henry STOUFFER and Jonathan DAVIS as exec/of Christian STOUFFER in 1815; 4th Lot on "Carolinas Pleasant Retreat", previously to Abraham CLEMENS from Daniel ZOLLICKOFFER. - Lot in Uniontown on "The Orchard", in two parts, from Solomon FOUTZ in 1822. Administrator and trustee was Israel BENTLEY; sale on 16 Jan 1830 to - Lot 1, 3/4 acre to John M. FERGUSON for $42.25 - Lot 2, 1/2 acre to John M. FERGUSON for $32.25 - Lot 3, 1/2 acre to Isaac APPLER for $31 - Lot 4, 1/2 acre to Isac APPLER for $30 - Lot 4, 3/4+ acre to John M. FERGUSON for #113.68 - Lower Lot, 1/2+ acre to Daniel ZOLLICKOFFER for $25.75 - Triangular Lot, 1/2 acre to Israel SWARTZBAUGH for $45 - Lot w/ Blacksmith Shop to John ROBERTS for $215 Totals $534.43; widow received 1/7 before creditors, $65.34; proceeds short, creditors paid $.62 on the dollar. By Feb 1831, William CURRY died and motion was made to omit his claim; finalized 18 Aug 1831.
183-191 - WISE, SLAVES, McDEVITT - Feb 1831
Francis B. JAMISON and John B. PURSELL vs James McDEVITT - Title In 1827, Joseph WISE and others filed a complaint against Peter WISE and others for the sale of the real estate of Joseph WISE, dec'd, and obtained a decree in Mar 1828 with James McDEVITT appointed as trustee. Trustee sold same to Michael D. EGAN and John F. McGARY for $7,000. On 9 Dec 1829, John F. McGARY, surviving joint tenant of Michael D. EGAN, dec'd, conveyed real estate and personal property to Francis B. JAMISON and John B. PURSELL for $10,000. On 11 Dec 1829, Deed/Sale was certified in New York City, County of New York and State of New York by John F. McGERRY. Land - 406 acres SLAVES - 6 Negro men, ABRAHAM, NACE, BARNEY, PETER, DANIEL and LEWIS; - 10 Negro women, MARY HENRIETTA, PRUDENCE, CATHERINE, RACHEL, MARY, ELIZABETH, ANN, MARIA, CECILIA and MONICA. Trustee to convey deed was James McDEVITT; finalized 8 Sep 1831.
191-212 - MARKEY, MORGAN, KOLB, GARNHART - Jul 1829
Jacob WEIST, John SCHISSLER and other creditors vs Frederick MARKEY Estate Frederick MARKEY d/ 1827 intestate, leaving widow - Eliza/Elizabeth and 3 minor children, - John MARKEY - Catharine MARKEY - Matilda MARKEY Land - Lot #110 in Frederick Town from David MARKEY in 1818; - also an interest in Lot #310 in Frederick Town from Samuel BARNES as trustee. Guardian was Eliza MARKEY; trustee was Madison NELSON; the widow released her dower rights in Lot #110 but retained them in Lot #310. On 20 Jan 1830, sale of Lot #110 to Thomas W. MORGAN for $916 (widow rec'd 1/7 in lieu of dower); on 8 Apr 1830, sale of Lot #310 went to William KOLB Jr. for $540, subject to dower rights. Catharine GARNHART, widow, also received 1/9 in lieu of her dower in Lot #310. Proceeds were short, paid $.36 on the dollar; finalized 10 Sep 1830.
Jacob STONER Estate Jacob STONER d/ intestate, leaving 6 children, - John STONER - Susanna STONER - Mary w/o Daniel SELL - Esther w/o Christian ECKER - Nancy SHOEMAKER, widow - Deborah SHOEMAKER, dec'd - her 5 children, .....Jacob SHOEMAKER .....Sarah w/o Peter BAUMGARTNER .....Esther w/o Daniel MARING .....Amy SHOEMAKER, a minor .....Daniel SHOEMAKER, a minor Land - 144 acres from John SHRYER who died w/out conveying deed. In 1778 agreement, Jacob STONER lived in York Co, PA, both Stoner and Shryer were farmers. - " Goose Quarter", 32+ acres; "Good Luck", 43+ acres; "Frenchman's Purchase", 24 acres; from Henry HARSHBERGER in 1785. Guardian was James M. SHELMAN; on 1 Nov 1831; trustee was Sterling GALT; sale made to Susanna STONER for $6,107.32; each 1/6 share was $978.19; finalized 19 Jan 1832.
Samuel DEVILBISS of John vs Jacob CRIST Estate In 1823, George HOUCK, assignee of Richard POTTS, obtained a judgement against Jacob CRIST which Samuel DEVILBISS of John paid for him and Jacob CRIST was never able to repay. Jacob CRIST d/ 1829 intestate, leaving widow - Lydia and 6 minor children - Mary Catherine E. CRIST - Eliza Ann CRIST - Abarillo CRIST - Harriet Sophia CRIST - Evaline CRIST - Josephina Jane CRIST Land - "End of Trouble", 70 acres, with mill race, lies on north branch of Fishing Creek, from Jacob GEESA/GESEY (w/ Susanna) in 1819. Jacob CRIST conveyed several parcels to William BARNARD, Henry GEDUTTIG and Jacob WACHTER, leaving only 30 acres. Guardian was Jacob D. SHRYACK; trustee was John H. McELFRESH; on 30 Apr 1831, sale held at house of Mathias E. BARTGIS in Frederick where Samuel DEVILBISS of John became the high bidder for $382.50. On 5 Aug 1831, Elie NORRIS? testified the widow was about 38 years old; she rec'd 2/15 ($$43.82) in lieu of her dower; proceeds short; finalized 22 Sep 1831.
235-251 - REESE, DURBIN, READ, SLAVES, ROOP - Oct 1830
DURBINS and Christian ROYER vs John and David REESE - Sale of Real Estate Andrew REESE d/ 1822 (will 13 Oct 1820;21 Mar 1822) widow - Elizabeth (d/ bef Oct 1830) and children, - Andrew REESE (d/ bef Oct 1830), leaving ...widow - Rebecca and sons, .....John REESE .....David REESE - Elizabeth w/o William DURBIN - Catharine REESE w/o Nicholas DURBIN Plantation where George READ now lives given to wife and lots in Westminster, stocks, notes, bonds and money. SLAVES - negro woman POLL (to wife) - RICHARD, LOUISA, SALL, JACK, CHARLES, ANN (to children, Andrew, Elizabeth and Catharine) - to set free at age 38 after wife's death, to be sold and divided amongst Andrew, Elizabeth and Catharine. - to son Andrew, home plantation "Hollow Rock" and land in Baltimore County "Rochester", stock, furniture, etc. Executors were son Andrew and son-in-law, William DURBIN; witnesses: Joshua COCKEY, Geroge REED, Richard COCKEY. Land - 'REID's Farm', 200 acres, for $305 from Thomas GURLEY, trustee of William DURBIN to Nicholas DURBIN in 1830 (1/3 part was willed to wife of William DURBIN by her father, Andrew REESE). - "Friendship", "Gists Ambition", "Iron Intention", "Resurvey on Lime Pitt", contigious to each other, 220 acres; lies next to land of Daniel STONESIFER and "Bonds Meadow Enlarged" and Michael EVERHART's land, George BOCK's and Philip FRANKFORTER's; conveyed to Christian ROYER from William DURBIN, surviving exec/of Andrew REESE in 1830. Guardian was David ROOP; trustee was Col. William DURBIN; on 12 Feb 1831, sale made to David ROOP for $126 for 'residue'; title was granted for previous purchase of Christian ROYER. The widow Rebecca petitioned for her 1/3 dower calling David CASSELL, the adm/of Andrew REESE (Jr.). On 18 Sep 1831, William DURBIN testified Rebecca was 26-27 years old and healthy. The daughters' 1/3 share was $858.96 each; Rebecca, the widow, got 1/3 of the 1/3 siblings' share, $286.31, as did her sons; finalized 10 Nov 1831.
J.R. MAGRUDER and Henry YOUNG vs Doctor Lewis CREAGER Estate Lewis CREAGER d/ 1829 (will 25 Feb 1829; 6 Mar 1829) widow - Susanna and 3 children, - Rebecca Eleanor (d/ aft Feb 1829) w/o Newton BURKHART/BURKITT - William Haner CREAGER, a minor - Mary Catherine CREAGER, a minor Provision for son william should continue medical studies so he can aid and protect his mother and afflicted sisters. Executor was Jacob COBLENTZ; witnesses: F. RICHMOND, Henry HERRING, Jacob ALEXANDER. Land - House and Lots #2 and 3 in Middle Town, next to the Lutheran Congregation - also another Lot in Middle Town, next to the head of a spring and alley from George TITLOW in 1825. Guardian was Susan CREAGER; trustee was Joshua PALMER; on 19 Nov 1829, sale made to Doctor Jacob COBLENTZ for $1,150.25 subject to the widow's dower rights; proceeds short; finalized 8 Sep 1831.
Adam SHANK as prochien ami for minors vs Charles P. GRAZE Estate Charles P. GRAZE d/ 1828 intestate, leaving widow - Susannah - now residing in Montgomery Co, Ohio and 3 minor children also residing in Montgomery Co, OHio - David GRAZE - Maria GRAZE - Elizabeth GRAZE Land - "Timber Land", 4 acres, with spring rights, from Frederick STEMBEL Sr. (w/ Esther) in 1816, presently being rented. Commission of Daniel BUZZARD, Peter SHANK and William MICHAEL, gentlemen of the state of Ohio to appoint a guardian for said infants (minors). Guardian was David BUZZARD; trustee was Adam SHANK; on 16 Feb 1832, sale made to John KELLER for $237, free of dower; widow rec'd 2/17, $23.13; each child, $57.83; finalized 7 Jun 1832.
277-318 - STEINER, BIRELY, etc - Jul 1829
Daniel HOFFMAN, David WHITEFORD and John HOFFMAN, trading as Daniel Hoffman and Co.; and David RADDOCK and Joseph RADDOCK vs Stephen STEINER Estate Stephen STEINER d/ 5 Sep 1829 intestate, in Frederick Town widow - Elizabeth and 2 children, - Daniel STEINER - Frederick B. STEINER, a minor Administrator was John NELSON. Land - "Long Acre" from Jacob SHELLMAN (w/ Catharine) in 1807 (and conveyed to Shellman from Jacob BENTZ in 1798); located on North side of street leading through Bentz Town to Middle Town, adjoins "Taskers Chance". - In 1815, from George REMSBERG Sr. (w/ Catharine); 2 Lots;* Lot in "Long Acre", 1+ acre, (being part of tract "Taskers Chance", adjoining Bentz Town, from George REMSBERG Sr (w/ Catharine) in 1815 (and to Remsberg from Thomas TAYLOR in 1798); located on North side of South Street; - "Long Acre", 108 sq perches, on North side of South Street in Frederick Town, from George BENTZ (w/ Elizabeth) in 1799 (inherited from his father's will); next to lot of George REMSPERGER's lot (to him from Andrew RINEHART), Jacob SHELLMAN's lot and SE side of main road leading from town to Hagerstown; - "Long Acre", 2+ acres, on SW side of Frederick Town from George REMSBERG (w/ Catharine) in 1809. - Lot #238 in Frederick Town, on North side of Fifth St and West side of Market Street, from Frederick STONER (w/ Margaret) in 1815 (and to Stoner from John CRONISE Sr. in 1803; also two additional lots, #225 and #226 (49'x125'), fronting Market St (to Stoner from Peter BRUNNER Jr. in 1803). Guardian was Elizabeth STEINER; widow released her dower rights in all properties except the dwelling and garden occupied as their home. Trustee was John NELSON; to John MARKALL for 4 3/4 acres at $750.75, but transferred to Peter MANTZ; to George WISSINGER for 1+ acre at $156.75; to Joshua DILL for 1 5/8 acre at $199.87; to Gideon BANTZ for 5 1/2 acres at $691.40; to Joseph HARGESHEIMER for lot fronting 225 1/2 feet on Patrick Street extended at $112 but requested Andrew HEIM be reported as purchaser; to George M. EICHELBERGER for lot fronting 52 1/2 feet on Patrick Street extended at $391; to Daniel STEINER for Lot fronting 151 1/2 feet on Patrick Street extended at $880; to Robert ROACH for Lot (no description given) at $2,625; to Elizabeth STEINER for the home dwelling with dower encumbrance at $2,105; to Frederick STONER Jr. for house and lot at $605, but he did not meet with terms so may be resold later; to Henry KELLY (undisclosed property) at $245; to Jacob ROW for Lot fronting 62 feet on Fifth Street at $102; total sales (excluding Frederick STONER Jr's) was $8,258.77 in Dec 1829. In Feb 1830, Valentine BIRELY testified he knew the widow and that she was about 40 years old and in good health; she was allowed 1/8 of net proceeds in lieu of her dower. Property which was sold to Frederick STONER Jr. was resold to Daniel KOLB for $620. One of the creditors was Samuel DEVILBISS of John who was the ex/of John DEVILBISS of Casper. Proceeds were short, paid $.74 on the dollar; some of the claims were protested and the accounting redone, then providing each son a share of $43.47; finalized 26 Oct 1831. ========================= pages 282 and 283 missing, 284*285 duplicated instead =========================
319-330 - SCHISSLER, MANTZ - Feb 1832
Margaret SCHISSLER vs Jacob SCHISSLER Estate - Sale of Real Estate Jacob SCHISSLER d/ intestate, leaving widow (unnamed and has since died) and 3 children, - Adam SCHISSLER, since died intestate, no issue - John SCHISSLER, d/ c1830 intestate, leaving ...widow - Catharine and 2 minor sons, .....Hiram SCHISSLER .....John A. SCHISSLER - Margaret SCHISSLER Land - Lot #15 of "Resurvey on Locust Level", 15+ acres, conveyed from William COOK, esquire of Baltimore City and Benjamin DULANY of Alexander, Virginia in 1801 (Benjamin DULANY and Rebecca DULANY of Rhode Island, she widow of Daniel DULANY, were Daniel DULANY's executors); lies next to "The Meadows" and is on the Baltimore Road. Jacob SCHISSLER owned other land on which his heirs lived but this was was separate from the others and sale was desired to supplement the heirs. Guardian was the children's mother; trustee was Thomas C. WORTHINGTON; on 10 May 1832, sale made to Casper MANTZ at $853.47; daughter Margaret rec'd $390.62 as her half and the widow Catharine rec'd 2/15 of the other half, $52.18 in lieu of her dower; Hiram and John A. each rec'd $169.27; finalized 21 Jun 1832
William SHOEMAKER Heirs vs William FERGUSON Heirs - Sale of Real Estate William FERGUSON d/ Aug 1821 intestate, w/o issue leaving his 8 siblings, bro/ John FERGUSON, dec'd - his 7 children in Tennessee .....Elizabeth w/o Francis HODGE .....Mary w/o Robert ALLEN .....Jane w/o Jonathan PARAGRAFT .....Esther w/o Robert ORR .....Martha w/o John ALEXANDER .....Susan w/o William ROGERS/RODGERS .....John FERGUSON sis/ Esther, dec'd w/o James ANDERS - her 8 children in TENNESSEE .....Samuel ANDERS .....Henry ANDERS .....John ANDERS .....Alexander ANDERS .....Elizabeth w/o ______ PERRYMAN .....Nancy w/o Elijah MAYNER .....Margaret ANDERS .....Esther ANDERS bro/ Henry FURGUSON, dec'd - his 12 children in Kentucky .....Samuel FURGUSON .....John FURGUSON .....William FURGUSON .....Thomas FURGUSON .....James FURGUSON .....Henry FURGUSON .....Elizabeth FURGUSON .....Jane FURGUSON .....Sarah FURGUSON .....Nancy FURGUSON .....Hugh FURGUSON .....Margaret FURGUSON sis/ Mary, dec'd w/o William PAXTON, dec'd - her 5 children in Ohio .....Samuel PAXTON .....William PAXTON .....Elizabeth w/o William McCOMB .....Sarah w/o John SHAW .....Hannah w/o John MORE/MOORE bro/ Hugh FERGUSON, dec'd - his 12 children in Ohio .....Margaret w/o John STIDD/STEDD .....Sarah w/o Alexander MORRISON .....Esther FERGUSON .....John FERGUSON .....Nancy FERGUSON .....Mary FERGUSON .....Eliza Ann FERGUSON .....Jane FERGUSON .....Elizabeth w/o Charles URTING .....William FERGUSON .....Jane FERGUSON .....Hugh FERGUSON bro/ Samuel FERGUSON & w/ Mary Ann - Sevier Co, Tennessee bro/ James FERGUSON - Tennessee sis/ Margaret w/o John CLABAUGH - Tennessee Administrator was William SHOEMAKER; Samuel FERGUSON, by power of attorney to Charles CLABAUGH, had his share sold to Adam LICHTENWALTER; James FERGUSON and Margaret CLABAUGH sold their interests to William SHOEMAKER, giving him a 2/8 share. William SHOEMAKER d/ before Oct 1828, leaving widow - Ann/Nancy and 7 children, - Jacob SHOEMAKER - Sally w/o Peter BAUMGARTNER - Washington County - Daniel SHOEMAKER, a minor - William SHOEMAKER, a minor - Hetty SHOEMAKER, a minor - Amy SHOEMAKER, a minor - Susan SHOEMAKER, a minor Land - "Addition to Brooks Discovery on the Rich Lands", 105 acres; lies next to lands of William PAXTON (to him from Samuel FERGUSON SR, dec'd, in 1789), John McCALEB, Daniel FUSS and William SHOEMAKER with John CLABAUGH as tenant in 1822; from Hugh FERGUSON of Ohio Co, Virginia in 1802 for 5 pounds current money, through attorney William BRACKENRIDGE of Frederick Co, MD. Guardian was Abraham NULL. On 5 Mar 1829, Abraham LICHTENWALTER testified James ANDERS, widower of Esther, was between 75-80 years old; he rec'd 3/10, the curtesy share of his dec'd wife. Trustee was Abraham LICHENWALTER; sale made on 5 Nov 1829 to David KEPHART Jr. at $1,012; each 1/8 share was $113.17; finalized 19 Nov 1831.
347-361 - SMITH, FOUT, BRILY, MOTTER, SCHOLL - Jul 1831
George SMITH Heirs vs Sophia FOUT Estate - Sale of Real Estate Sophia FOUT (d/ May 1831 intestate) w/o Marcey BRILY w/o issue, leaving the trust of real estate to the children of George SMITH per Jacob FOUT's 1804 will (her father). In 1826, Marcy sold said real estate to George SMITH, but deed was never conveyed. George SMITH Sr.'s 7 children, - George SMITH - Ezra SMITH - Mary Ann w/o John T. MOTTER - Christian SMITH, a minor - Jacob SMITH, a minor - William SMITH, a minor - Ann SMITH, a minor Land - "Rockey Creek", 105 acres, from Sophia FOUT in 1821 for $5 (to her from her father, Jacob FOUT). Guardian was George SMITH, the father; trustee was George SMITH Jr.; on 11 Feb 1832 at the tavern of Nicholas TURBUTTS, sale made to Daniel SCHOLL at $6,615; each 1/7 share was $908.29; finalized 26 Apr 1832.
Christopher MICHAEL vs Daniel BOYER Estate - Foreclosure Daniel BOYER d/ Mar 1830 intestate, leaving widow - Christiana and children, - Peter BOYER - Daniel BOYER, Jr. - Elizabeth BOYER - Lydia BOYER, a minor (was 21 by 4 Aug 1831) - Susan BOYER, a minor - Mary BOYER, a minor - Jonathan BOYER, a minor Land - 8-10 acres w/ Stone Merchant Mill, small House and Stable by Articles of Agreement from Christopher MICHAEL in Jan 1829 (notes received by MICHAEL from John STALEY and Joseph STALEY). The property had been part of Christopher MICHAEL's Plantation and lay next to Philip BAER's Plantation, and road leading from Frederick to Green Castle and David FUNK's dwelling. Administrator was George BLESSING; guardian was the mother; trustee was William SCHLEY; on 17 Aug 1821, sale made to Daniel BRANDENBURG at $2,260. On 26 Sep 1831, John GROSSNICKEL testified the widow would be 51 next Oct 5th; she to receive 2/17 before creditors in lieu of her dower, $249.90. Several notes were owed to Grossnickels as well as to Daniel BLICKENSTAFF as guardian to Robert FULLER, Abraham FULLER and Martha FULLER; proceeds short, paid $.48 on the dollar; finalized 27 Mar 1832.
Lawrence BOWER vs Daniel HOCKENSMITH Daniel HOCKENSMITH d/ 1830 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 4 minor children, - Levi HOCKENSMITH - Jemima HOCKENSMITH - Joanna HOCKENSMITH - Tobias HOCKENSMITH Administrator was Isaac ROWE. Land - "Cattail Branch", 75 acres, and "Addition to Brooks Discovery on the Rich Lands", 32 acres, from Lawrence OHLER in 1827 with Lawrence BOWER and Michael SLUSS as securities on debt; Bower was also security for another note to Thomas FREAM in 1828. Guardian was Michael SLUSS; trustee was Isaac ROWE; on 21 Jan 1831, sale made to Richard McDERMIT at $1,000, subject to the widow's dower rights; each child rec'd $60.01; finalized 7 Jun 1832.
396-420 - McKALEB, HENDRICKS, HAINES - Jul 1830
John McKALEB vs Nathan HENDRICKS and Daniel HAINES Land - Lots owned by Nathan HENDRICKS, adjoining Bruceville, near Big Pipe Creek (previously from William P. FARQUHAR and Hugh SHAW and others) with Grist Mill and Saw Mill and machinery and Tavern House, Miller's House, Cooper's House, Shop and Stables; - "Hazel Valley", "Resurvey on Small Beginning", "Hazel Valley" and "Resurvey on Forrest", 192 acres, owned by Daniel HAINES (of Tunker religious denomination), on Sam's Creek and adjoining lands of Solomon SHEPHERD. John McKALEB obtained a judgement against Nathan HENDRICKS and Daniel HAINES on a Deed of Mortgage. Witnesses were: John RIGNEY, esq (sheriff from 1827-1830) and Isaac DERN. Trustee was William SCHLEY; on 10 Sep 1831 (2nd attempt), sale made to Samuel HAINES Sr. at $4,400 for the lots, tavern and mills, etc; and also to him at $3,330 for the 192 acre farm; after debts paid, Daniel HAINES received $1,362.84, the balance of the proceeds as security of Nathan HENDRICKS; finalized 27 Mar 1832.
421-449 - GARROTT, JAMISON - Jan 1818
Edward GARROTT vs Joseph GARROTT Estate Joseph GARROTT d/ 30 Jun 1816 intestate, leaving widow - Anne and 3 children, - William GARROTT, a minor - Francis GARROTT, a minor - Maria GARROTT, a minor Administrator and guardian was Anne GARROTT. Land - 300-400 acres Trustee was Edward GARROTT; on 7 Dec 1818, sale made for 171 acres at $3,799 (purchaser's name not given); sold to Baker JAMISON at $30.25/acre for 100 acres; and to Erasmus GARROTT at $10.91/ acre for 71 acres. The widow received 2/13, before creditors, in lieu of her dower. In Jul 1826, James TORRANCE and Joshua PALMER petitioned the court because their debts have still not been paid; they request the balance of the estate be sold. On 4 Sep 1826, sale made to William GARROTT at $1,057.92 for 192 acres, subject to widow's dower rights. In Jan 1827, Patrick McGILL petitioned the court, stating the sale amount was below market value and if he had been there, he would have paid $.70 per acre more and asks the bidding be reopened. In Feb 1827, Torrance and Palmer petitioned the court charging the trustee with neglect because the resale had not yet been done; sale made on 14 May 1827 to William GARROTT at $2,054.40; widow to recieve 1/8 share; proceeds still short, paid $.93 on the dollar. In Aug 1827, Peter MILLER Jr. petitioned the court for his debt in the name of Thomas BOTELER; audit resubmitted paying creditors $.85 on the dollar; finalized 17 Jul 1828.
449-470 - WARRENFELS, MARKER, MEAZLE - Jul 1830
John DOUB/TOUP, creditor vs Jacob WARRENFELZ (Jr.) Estate Jacab WARRENFELS, dec'd (will 10 Mar 1806; 10 Oct 1827) widow - Hannah and 11 children, - Jacob WARRENFELS - John WARRENFELS - Philip WARRENFELS - Catherine WARRENFELS and her daughter, ....Barbara - Hannah WARRENFELS - Mary WARRENFELS - Peter WARRENFELS - Elizabeth WARRENFELS - Christina WARRENFELS - Magdalena WARRENFELS - Susannah WARRENFELS Gave tract "Three Brothers" (home place) to wife and to get 1/3 if she chooses to sell it with balance divided equally amongst children; to son Jacob, "Caty's Memordandum", 132 acres, with payments. He sold a tract "Hard Purchase", 167+ acres, in Mifflin Co, PA to William DEBZELL, deed to be made upon final payment. Executor was Joseph MILLER; witnesses: Michael FIARE, Stophel SUMMERS and William TOMS. Jacob WARRENFELZ (of Jacob) d/ Aug 1829 intestate, leaving widow - Mary Ann and 9 children, - Jacob WARRENFELZ - Peter WARRENFELZ - Polly WARRENFELZ w/o Peter MARKER - John WARRENFELZ, a minor - Elizabeth WARRENFELZ, a minor - Peggy WARRENFELZ, a minor - Charlotte WARRENFELZ, a minor - Joshua WARRENFELZ, a minor - Hezekiah WARRENFELZ, a minor Administrator was Jacob WARRENFELZ; petition requested Jacob MEAZLE be administrator. Land - "Caty's Memorandum", 102 acres; "Three Brothers", 39+ acres; "Much Grumbling", 2+ acres, from Martin SPOON of Washington Co, PA in 1800, next to land of Daniel GAVER. Guardian and trustee was L.P.W. BALCH; on 23 Oct 1830, sale made to Jacob WARRENFELTZ, s/o deceased, at $545 for the 102 acres, subject to dower; on 4 Dec 1830, sale was made to Daniel BLICKENSTAFF at $48 for the 39+ acres and $35 for the two acres. The widow received 2/17 in lieu of her dower on the smaller tracts; but retained 1/3 of the larger homesite as her dower right; proceeds short, paid $.84 on the dollar; finalized 3 May 1832. (pages 466-467 missing online which shows the sales)
Jacob HOLLINGER vs John BLACK - Foreclosure In 1822, John BLACK made mortgage to Jacob BOHN with 8 bills which he assigned to Jacob HOLLINGER of Frederick Co, PA; later, Black claimed to have transferred 5 of them to Henry JOUTZ of Pennsylvania. Land - Lot, 1+ acre, in "Carrollsburg" on Main Street of Shields Addition to town of Emmittsburgh. Trustee was William SCHLEY; sale made on 8 Aug 1831 to Thomas CARLTON, esquire, at $900. Peter WHITMER of Frederick Co, PA petitioned the court, stating Henry JOUTZ was now living in Ohio, and 5 of the notes were assigned now to Whitmer, one of which he had obtained a judgement against Black in Frederick Co, MD court and asks they be added to the suit. Proceeds were short and all their claims were paid $.31 on the dollar; finalized 14 Jun 1832. (Note - There is no Frederick Co, PA, but it was stated that way in the records.)
Farmers and Mechanics Bank of Frederick vs Joseph PENN Joseph PENN d/ intestate, leaving 9 siblings, bro/ Benjamin PENN bro/ Elijah PENN sis/ Nancy w/o George RICHARDS sis/ Rebecca w/o William THRASHER sis/ Achsah w/o Joshua PIGMAN sis/ Nelly w/o Richard TUCKER sis/ Mary w/o John RICHARDS sis/ Rhoda MOLEN, dec'd - her children, .....Sophia w/o James PRATHER .....Rachel LENHAM .....Grafton MOLEN .....Joseph Penn MOLEN .....Achsah w/o William HITCH .....Ann w/o Eli WHARTON .....Sarah MOLEN sis/ Elizabeth, dec'd w/o Nathaniel HINES - Ohio .....Alexander HINES - Ohio .....Eliza w/o Peter CASSAT - Ohio .....Harriet HINES - Ohio .....THERCY HINES - Ohio .....John W. HINES - VA .....Nelson HINES - MD Administrator was Abraham JONES. Land - "Dukes Woods", 1/2 undivided share of Lots #3 (previously to Metcalfe from John CRAPSTER in 1814) and #4 (previously to Metcalfe from Abraham CRAPSTER in 1811) in Liberty (on south side of Main St), lies on draught of Linganore called Piney Run, from Rachel METCALFE (to Joseph PENN and Nathan ENGLAND) in 1824 with yearly rent to Richard COALE. Trustee was Abraham JONES; on 7 Apr 1832, sale to Dr. Richard DORSEY at $735; proceeds short, paid $.39 on the dollar. Some payments were made as Penn being adm/of Christian SMITH because he had collected monies for him before his death but had not yet distributed them; finalized 13 Sep 1832. ===================================== pages 498 thru 551 are missing online =====================================
David FLOOK vs John FLOOK Estate - Petition to Sell John FLOOK, the Elder d/ Sep 1827 intestate, leaving widow - Margaretta and 8 children, - John FLOOK - Ohio - Jacob FLOOK - David FLOOK - Catharine w/o Jacob MILLER - Sally w/o David CARTSDARFUER - Margaret w/o Lewis RODRUCK - Mary, dec'd w/o Frederick DOUB - their child, ...Lydia w/o Philip BENTZ - KY - Henry FLOOK, dec'd - his 7 minor children, ...Mary Ann FLOOK ...Rebecca FLOOK ...John FLOOK ...Elizabeth FLOOK ...Henry FLOOK, the Younger ...Sarah FLOOK ...Lawson FLOOK Administrator was Jacob FLOOK. Land - "The Blooming", 112 acres, inherited from his father. - "Resurvey on Tom's Gift", 120 acres, from John KARN (w/ Magdalena) in 1791, next to Leonard STURM's land (to Sturm from Harman YOST). - "I Hope It's Well Done", 22 acres, on main road leading from Middletown to Sharpsburg, next to Peter HUTZELL's. from Solomon BOYER (w/ Mary) in 1814. David FLOOK claimed the widow had an autercuptial contract (prenuptial agreement) in anticipation of the expected wedding and had retained all her property she had before her marriage; the widow denied this and claimed she had $600 and it was used by her husband, part for an advance to son Henry possibly. She also stated the items she has were purchased by her through the administrator. (This seems to indicate Margaretta may have been a second wife and probably not the mother to the children listed or at least not the mother of all of them.) David also claimed there were loans from a few of the siblings and claimed his deceased brother Henry had one and that his children should be prevented from anything until the claim was resolved. Sally sold her share to Jacob. Guardian was Thomas CASTLE; trustee was David FLOOK; on 9 Oct 1830, sales made to: - Henry MICHAEL for 93+ acres at $2,574.69. - James H. FISH for the Saw Mill and land at $1,001. - Henry McDUEL for ________ at $1,146.50. The plat shows the widow's part of 18 acres of which she did receive, and 102 acres to Jacob FLOOK on "The Blooming"; however, the other property is the one which equals 120 acres. There are no plots shown for the other parcels and there was no listing for the sale to Jacob. Perhaps the new deeds would clarify this. Total sales were $4,722.19; Each 1/8 share was $727.26; Henry's children each received $80.26.
Casper MANTZ vs Daniel HAUER Estate Daniel HAUER d/ 1831 intestate, leaving widow - Ann Catherine HAUER and 7 children, - George HAUER - Catharine w/o George BAER - Elizabeth w/o Jacob ROHR - Susan CREEGER, widow - Rebecca HAUER - Mary SPRINGER, dec'd - her 6 children, .....Daniel SPRINGER .....Catharine w/o William PERRY/PARRY/PEARRE .....Mary SPRINGER .....Thomas SPRINGER .....Rebecca SPRINGER, a minor .....Jane SPRINGER, a minor - Nicholas HAUER, dec'd - his child, .....Susan Rebecca HAUER Administrators were son, George, and Thomas SPRINGER who was then the guardian. Land - Lots in Frederick Town; Alley is called Public Street, Lots #3, 4, 5 on there; also Lots 67, 68, 69, but can't determine which lot number goes with which property. Lot# 344 was home of Nicholas HAUER and Daniel obtained it from Nicholas' estate thru George BAER as acting trustee. - House & Lot on NW corner of Patrick & Public Sts where George BAER resides. (Hauer purchased from debt sale of Baer in 1822) - 2 Houses & Lot on NE corner of Patrick & Public Sts, now occupied by Samuel CARMACK; other is on East side of Public St, now occupied by Jacob ROHR. These also include house & lot of George HAUER but is exempted. - House & Lot on Patrick St where Daniel SPRINGER resides. - Vacant Lot adjoining last two mentioned. - 1/2 Lot adjacent to last property mentioned on SE side of Patrick St along Carroll's Creek, being West half of Lot #342; Other half belongs to Thomas W. MORGAN and Daniel HAUER's Heirs where George HOFFMAN resides in an old frame house. Guardian was Nelson POE; trustee was Lewis MEDTART; on 25 Mar 1832, sales made to: 1- House & Lot on Patrick St - West part, a Hatter's Shop, to Daniel SPRINGER at $660; East part, a 2-story house at private sale to Mrs. Catharine HAUER at $1,200. 2- Vacant lot on Patrick St at private sale to: West part to Dr. Thomas SPRINGER at $185; East part to John FRITCHIE at $230. 3- Lot on Patrick St w/ frame house adjoing Morgan's place to Nicholas TURBUTT at $550. 4- House & Lot on East side of Public St to Jacob ROHR at $1,100. 5- Lot, 24' on Public St adjoing George HAUER's place to George HAUER at $505. On 22 Mar 1832, sale made to: 6- Lot on NW corner of Patrick and Public to Basil NORRIS at $4,400. On 3 Apr 1832, sale made to: 7- 2-Story Brick House & Lot on Patrick & Public by private sale to Samuel CARMACK and Jacob MARKLE at $4,500. Total sales were $13,330, free of widow's dower. On 24 May 1832, John C. FRITCHIE and Henry BAER testified they had known Ann Catharine HAUER, the widow, for 30 years and believe she is between 80-90 years old and healthy for being so old; she received 1/10 in lieu of her dower, $1,308.63. Each 1/7 share was $181.63; finalized 9 Aug 1832.
Nicholas HALL Sr. Estate - Division of Real Estate Nicholas HALL SR., dec'd (will 9 May 1820; 9 Jan 1821) leaving children, - Elizabeth PITTS, now dec'd - her children, .....Nicholas Hall PITTS .....John L. PITTS .....Anna Maria w/o Thomas C. BRASHEAR .....Thomas G. PITTS, a minor .....Charles H. PITTS, a minor .....William PITTS, a minor - Anna w/o Thomas C. SHIPLEY - (unnamed son) HALL- his children .....John Henry HALL .....Nicholas HALL, a minor .....Elizabeth Jane HALL .....Martha Ann HALL bro/ John S. HALL (all property during his life now in Nicholas' possession which was conveyed to him by his brother, John S. HALL; after his death, to be sold and divided in three parts to 2 daughters and grandsons of dec'd son. SLAVES - negro boy BEN (to grandson Nicholas Hall SHIPLEY), to serve until Dec 1, 1839, then to be set free; - negro boy WILLIAM (to grandson Nicholas HALL), to serve until 1 Dec 1840, then to be set free; - negro girl CHARITY (to granddaughter Elizabeth Jane HALL), to serve until 1 Dec 1838, then to be set free and the children born of her during her servitude to be set free at the following ages, males at 31 and females at 25; but if granddaughter dies w/out issue, then they all to be sold and the proceeds divided among the grandchildren, John Henry HALL, Nicholas HALL and the children of his 2 daughters. - negro girl BETTY (sister of Charity) (to granddaughter Martha Ann HALL), to serve until 1 Dec 1840, then to be set free and any children she has during her servitude, the same as for Charity's children. - to manumit and set free - PHILIP and PETER, immediately upon Nicholas' death - NACE and w/ AELSEY - free on 1 Dec 1827 - NED and w/ PHOEBE - free on 1 Dec 1829 - TOM and w/ JANE - free on 1 Dec 1831 - MILLY - free on 1 Dec 1828 - HENRY - free on 1 Dec 1836 - REZIN - free on 1 Dec 1842 - MARY - free on 1 Dec 1838 - SOLOMON - free on 1 Dec 1846 - HARRIETT - free on 1 Dec 1843 - LEMUEL - free on 1 Dec 1848 - ISAAC - free on 1 Dec 1850 - CHARLES - free on 1 Dec 1847 - NELSON - free on 1 Dec 1850 - issue of female SLAVES born after making of his will and during time of servitude shall be free - males at 31 years and females at 25 years. Agreement between Mrs. Jane MACKELFRESH (grandmother of dec'd son's children) and Nicholas HALL Sr. provided he would take care of the grandsons and she would take care of the granddaughters. The leased lots in New Market he left to be divided in 3 equal parts to Elizabeth PITTS, Anna SHIPLEY and grandchilden, John H. and Nicholas HALL. John H. HALL conveyed his interest to Nicholas PITTS. Guardians to grandsons were Doctor Belt BRASHEAR, Charles MACKELFRESH and Thomas C. SHIPLEY. - Executors of will were John PITTS and w/ Elizabeth, Thomas C. SHIPLEY and w/ Anne; - Witnesses: Belt BRASHEAR, Henry STIER, Gerard COWMAN, John PANCOAST. In 1793, Nicholas HALL (of Anne Arundel County) leased to William BALLINGER, Lot #23, a front lot on the north side of Main Street and Lot #90, a back lot, in New Market, for a term of 99 years. Guardian appointed was E.W. MOBBERLY; divided by 19 Dec 1831.
579-590 - WILLSON, UNKEFER, JONES - Feb 1831
Abraham JONES vs Richard A. WILLSON and w/ Ann M. WILLSON - Foreclosure Ann M. WILLSON d/ Aug 1830 intestate, leaving husband - Richard A. WILLSON and 4 minor children, - Richard C. WILLSON - Ann M. WILLSON - Edward F. WILLSON - Charles B. WILLSON Land - Lot #43 on north side of Main Street and 1/2 of Lot #42 with buildings in Liberty Town. Guardian was Abdiel UNKEFER; trustee was John JONES; private sale made to Abraham JONES at $1,225; amount was sufficient to cover debt; trustee waived his fee; finalized 30 Aug 1832.
591-599 - WARTTMAN, HAUGH, McALEER, COALE - Jul 1830
John McALEER, creditor vs John M. WARTTMAN Estate John Michael WARTTMAN d/ 27 Jan 1829 intestate, leaving bro/ Michael WARTTMAN - Ohio Land - "Linked Together", 23 acres w/ house in Woodsborough from William HAUGH (w/ Barbara) in 1828 (to William from Jacob HAUGH in 1818). Trustee was James M. COALE; after failed public sale, private sale made to John McALEER at $60; finalized Oct 1831.
599-611 - JACOBS, WELSH, NELSON - Jan 1833
Vachel W. WELSH as next friend for his son, Joel WELSH Joel JACOBS d/ intestate, leaving widow - Rachel and only child, - Elizabeth (now dec'd) w/o Vachel W. WELSH - her child, .....Joel WELSH, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Drunkards Not Mistaken", 75 acres. Dower rights claimed by widow, Rachel JACOBS. Guardian was Madison NELSON, esquire; trustee was Vachel W. WELSH; on 16 Feb 1833, sale made to John WILLIARD for the newly surveyed 71 acres, 2 roods, and 32 perches at $2,877.64. The widow rec'd 1/8 in lieu of her dower, $345.87; the balance of $2,386.14 - interest earnings to go to Vachel as 'curtesy' rights and monies to Joel upon death of Vachel; finalized 6 May 1833. (pages 606-607 missing online)
David LONG vs John ERB Estate and Samuel LONG Estate John ERB d/ intestate, leaving heirs, - John ERB - Jacob ERB - Charles ERB - Peter ERB (of John) - Elizabeth w/o Peter MYERS - Nancy w/o Isaac BANKER - Mary w/o Henry HYENS/HYEUS - Adams Co, PA - Catherine w/o George WILL - Shenandoah Co, VA John ERB and Peter ERB made mortgage to Ludwick SWITZER in 1794 (in PA in 1829) which he later assigned to Christian BOWER which was later assigned to Andrew SHRIVER. In 1812, it was assigned to David LONG and Samuel LONG (now dec'd) and in 1814, David assigned his interest to Samuel; but Samuel still owed Shriver money and David and Samuel LONG (of Jacob) were sureties. Land - "Smiths Lot", "Easters Industry", "Cabin Ridge" with contiguous vacancy; 141 acres. Samuel LONG (of Philip) d/ bef Aug 1816 intestate, leaving 2 minor children, - Sarah LONG - PA - John LONG - PA Administrator was Samuel SWOPE of PA in Aug 1816. Trustee was Andrew SHRIVER Jr.; on 27 Jul, sale made to James HURD at $1.061.25; Shriver and David LONG rec'd payment; finalized 12 Nov 1831.
John CRABBS Estate John CRABBS d/ 1829 intestate, leaving widow - Mary and 8 children, - George CRABBS - Jacob CRABBS and w/ Sarah - Frederick CRABBS - Rachel w/o John W. WALKER - Elizabeth w/o James TODD - Lidea w/o William STULTZ - Mary w/o Jacob ROOT - Louisa CRABBS, a minor In 1830, Jacob conveyed his interest to George. Land - "Resurvey on Brothers Agreement", 6 acres from David KEPHART (w/ Margaret) in 1812. - "Resurvey on Logidous Amendment", 84 acres; and "Resurvey on Brothers Agreement", less than 1 acre from Valentine BOWERSOCKS (w/ Christina) in 1812. - "Retirement Corrected", 7+ acres, (to John WHITEHILL from Peter HINER in 1810); "Bedford" and "Logidous Amendment" and "Resurvey on Brothers Agreement", 200 acres (to John WHITEHILL from Jacob STIMMELL, Henry STIMMELL, Barbara HITESHEW, Daniel SAWYER, Elizabeth SAWYER, John SUMPRONE, Catherine SUMPRONE, Robert STEWART and Mary STEWART, heirs of Jacob STIMMELL in 1810) - from William M. BEALL Jr, sheriff, for Fieri Facias against John WHITEHILL, Henry STOUFFER and Baltzer SHOUP (judgement to Jacob STIMMELL) in 1819. - "Amendment" and "Logidous Amendment", 75 acres w/ Grist Mill, Barns and Stables, from Roger BROOKE and William JONES, exec/of Benedict PATE in 1806 (to John CRABBS Jr.). Home property located on Big Pipe Crek, about 3 miles from Union Town. Guardian was the mother; trustee was Frederick CRABBS; on 30 Mar 1832, sales made subject to widow's dower rights, to George CRABBS for 75 acres w/ Flour Mill and other buildings at $3,375, and also 209 acres (Whitehills) at $9.05/acre; and to David SNIDER for 100 acres at $17.20/acre. Each 1/8 share was $788.57; finalized 17 Dec 1832.
647-655 - SHARRER, BABYLON, MAUS, GARVER - Feb 1833
Andrew SHARER Estate Andrew SHARER d/ 1827 (will 3 Jan 1826; 15 May 1827) widow - Magdalena and no issue (Relationshop not given here) to Mary SHARRER w/o George SHARRER, dec'd - their children, .....Eliza SHARRER, now w/o Daniel BABYLON .....Emanuel SHARRER, a minor Debars other relations from obtaining any claim. Exec/ John GARBER; witnesses: James MARK, _________ and John NICODEMUS. Land - "Durbins Mistake", 10 acres. Guardian was John MAUS; trustee was John BAUMGARDNER; on 27 May 1833, private sale made to Michael GARVER at $400; each 1/3 to Mary, Eliza and Emanuel was $118.58 (Magdalena relinquished her share for the benefit of the others; finalized 27 Jun 1833. ================ The End ================

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